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H« Appreciates the Or*<ritT of
tbr Hitnation.
» I.uthern Hepehilea* J'arty Clay
Blaine Co»»j>ar«4—Whjr
l|i roa Keed Knllsted.
Aaputa (<ia.) Chronicle.
The Chrtmide never has shared in
that feeling of apprehension that the
South would be the object of a re pre*
lire policy under General Harrison's
administration. We hare fteen noth
ing in General Harrison's upeecbe* to
isdica>e -u< ba re uit. nor <lo we de
tect in his probaole <ie«ire to call Mr.
Blaine to ti:e prtmierihip. an adver«e
itel:: g agaii.-t any w.-tion.
When such a i>l'x>dy-»hirt orran a»
the 1 incinn.it! GautU repudiate!" the
Fnraker-' han<iter pian of anew rei-mi
rtnicti'.n, we do not ee that the ra<li
w] element of the HepuUtcao partv
can hare any inilo»rice in thecoun-tel*
<>f a rotivrrifire admini-tration.
The New York Jfrrnld make* haste
toa-*ure the people of ihe N>uth that
there is litifci aii'.e for anxiety tu this
direction. The llnald holds that
General Harrison is bound to repre
sent the comn."ti cense of the Ameri
can people. "It is the general Terdict."
jars the llfrald, "that the fatnre is
worth more than the pa«t."
Ex-Oorernor Bullock, in an inter
rle* thi- morning in the (JwonicU,
doe" not belie re that <>enera! Harrison
will -have a distinctive "Southern
policy;" certainly not a -ectional
pol'c. v
To secure expre«sion from the
pre-iiieiit-elect on -übjects which are
now nearest ihe Southern people, the
f3iror.iV/? addretse i a communication
to Indianapolis la-t week, to which
tbe following reply has been received:
"Editors Augusta Chrcnielt— Your
letter of Nov 10 has been received. I
jo not feel that I can comply with
vour invitation to write something
upon what is commonly called 'the
Southern (pie-<ti<in,' for publication in
your pstier. I have declined all over
ture- ol the c«.rre»pondents here to
submit to any interview or to outline
anv policies What 1 have said dur
ing the campaign is acces-ible to you.
when an appropriate time comes, I
shal not hesitate to expreas such
views as I hold, und shall hold all my
view - subject to modification upon
further consideration. Very truly
yonr-, iIKXjAMis H*«kiso«."
Memphis Avalanche.
It is with no small degree of satis
(action tli.it the Amtanche presents it*
readers to-day with the verbatim copy
of a letter from General Harrison,
kindlv furnlsbe i U" bv the recipient,
who is pleased with the course we
have pursued and who think« it con
lirni- the predit tion- we have made a
to the policy of the incoming adminis
tration towards tbe South:
IsimnsPoi.i-. Iml., Nov. 11. WW.
C<>l. .1 W. Jetlersr.n. Memphis,
Tann. —My Dear Sir: Your kind let
ter of Nov 'ih.i- l«>en received and 1
am glad to know that the of the
election brought satisfaction to an
army comrade living in the (^outh.
I notice « hat you say about the sit
uation there and assure you that I ap
preciate its gravity and have the mo-t
sincere de-ire to Da informed, both a"
to men and all'airs in the Houth
Ido most sincerely desire to pro
mote the general good of our whole
people without reference to state
line-, and 1 -hall be glad to have the
friendly advice and co-operation of the
law-abiding and conserva'lve people
of all the states. Very truly your-,
It i- significant of hi- intentions that
he acknowledge the "gravity of tlie
lituntion," ami ttint be , e ire- to"pro
mote the general gtssl of the whole
people « itbout reference to state
line ," and that he »ishes the co-oper
ation of the "law-abiding and conser
vative" ilas»
t« WsliHUtie shown that a solid
United stale is the oon for which
the Drnmertcy has pllil so ri -t a
price, w ell may the South re a tent
with the bargain The nation can
never attain it-full stature until the
la-l vestige of -i i tional hate has been
swept away.
SOUTHERN liKl'l Bt.ll'\> I"4»tTV.
How tiriif rnl flnrrt««*n < an II«iIl«l I |»
a rrolrrllvf i'nrtj tu IHr- Nuolh.
New York Time*.
In the dispatch from fndlanapolia
that we published yesterday morning
there was an extract from the Journal
of that city tHat may he taken n* tlie
view* of the president elect. so far a*
he ha* formed them, upon hi* policy
toward the South. It i* true thai the
Jmmutl disclaim* for it< article anv
official or eeml-official character, hut
tlie?«• are k<kml reasons for thinking
that it would not have lieen published
had not the editor l>elieved tnat it was
in substantial iicconl with the opinion
tiflfr. H»rri-on The *lllll of the a*
tlcle wa* that Mr. Harrison will under
take to rail to hi* support men of in
fluence in the Southern state* l who are
in sympathy with him n* to the pro
tecti n policy of the national govern
ment. He hup*.* to lind a considerable
nutnl»er of the-c among tho-e who
have heretofore at ted with the Demo
CTNti'- party. In other word*, he will
seek to organiz a Southern Republi
can party on the basis of protection.
The fir-1 c mment suggested by th!-*
fort*- of \f r Harrison'* l policy is
thai, v that poll- v l»e carried out.
there will l*» no end to the Southern i
que-tion. and that, to matter by what
uon«-t mean* it may l>e atUiined.
Would Wa • ♦ citM-d and unmixed a»!
van are. rhe « trv instrumentality
aval'a hie for Mr. Harrison in the or
ganixation of a Southern Republican
partv i* hi* power of appointment to
the federal servt c. In the nature of
the case. the representatives of tlie ad
ministration in that region will he it
appointee- who will praeti utllv hoM
Out only the ofli ial commi-*i«n* of
the lovcrniu'rit til the |M>litical corn-
Mission* o the head of the Repubbcan
party. They men not be * bo*-es" in
the objectionable -ense of the term
They need n« t t »ke any undue part in
U»e manrtpt ment i party affair* Hut
fhev will b rep eutative* of tin
•dmini>t ation !>< e their char
ater and r? .j»i»» will inevitably
tflford tho 1-e t ant! no t ohviou
ttean« o; JudgiMg . f the character ami
pnk»-e ft tl.e tti itit>tration. Thi*
wng the ca-« imil the c»»n iition* %rr
Jery uii'eret i j■>. the "o :th from what
they are m !|>, V.nl, u• • pi iin that
■r. I! »rri- i. . . !:■• \, p- innkr any !
J**' imprr>« i up. n |>uMu i>pi i«n in
that action, i! n>t -ilrol a- (ii< ap
iiien hiiihl fvputatian,
•liflu irn- r.ij v i-,' t'w.re (h*' -U«-
P^ct- 1 ri *»f ; thf'r t for
fmolanir t ..f In the
1 p in. lit \ M r !lar
2« «i 1!i..1 ■i■ .if !ii< r tumor: ii
*' l Whf tr • .1 , fl.ljsJ, 1.. ,ii«.
■**»»jrv. ti ,• i|, „ril.-r to «>Trrt
poJiti ili' J.i, ..ti.il through |
"•"•r V|,|uj; I:,I, tc ivc to
™'''"li,> « i on r'li n>. Tli-H c«i,
C k- th.' .11l *ikl SO .1
i»r t!,c i ..iintr
W t !h.'i,.l it i : 't' p»svi '\l,,
S»t hy cb mi!.. |! . .. . Mr I
""" O'i. nv, I 11. , I m . , U,,, uWio.n I
tSJf* *i b»vr \ ~r <|| IX'I-1»I >on
Si"?-* :h " \ N»rtH |
Vf r ' l! ' ». 1 •««= ~ I. . r Mm. I
kS" ■' hl Tii'i.-h> Tl'« rf « a «lef :
pr..tr. t , t . th ,.„
f *'"* s theii» ;j «i in Al thamaandj
2r." h, r h • P a.-t I--to
T " ' l,l '«»«. r (r• .1 lt,.p
£ PV'v \\>o, • out nt ,
2JSJ lh!i,k « >• p ,■><•■ .it
_ P« IT 1, to n-tnitt CO tl • I t-lt-l
(.-UTtriiii «t t ltiII.• r n r.nt
»'» r» t* .i i t ■:> ftft t -t
•» me.i to , •I• I, f"f t r
.i-i"' 1 " on '' ,! * '"''l'll *
FW>>cti»# p, w. , ,f th. i,„| ,tnc« ~(
'"'Uhtr.u wt t » >rr. If. I; n
rt Al ' f tr * . Uic <• .ti nrp it
tt. * 1 ' « <•»'"■ "
»nd «\trn: ~f |h« itut i*-
P° n which t e p o'cctlve tariff
»» a i<irdeti. Thi» is a tact to which
a very c m-j ieraMe and «o ri _
stantly ineHMHtng of nianr
factiirar" nave l*tn awakiotr. ami thi
n timber was preaUr advanced rforn?
the recmt can va-». There wa« * Terr
remarkable gain |n the anti-tariff vote
In the manufacturing centers of n>n
nfacturing sUtes. ar.fi this i- recog
nised by saeh confirmed protectionist*
as Mr. -herinan. of Ohio. The argu
ment for the reduction of th- tarisf i
no longer what it on-* was. That re
duction is now needed, not to enable
»J« to buy abroad. h<jt to *ell ahr;*'!
not to promote profit tble import <. hat
more profitable export*. Wba«e-ver
gain the .Sooth may lend to the prate.
tirmist <»u -e. there a »tr- >:? ter.dci
cv to a sTf» ter «r>in for -ariff reform in
the North and Wen. With the
portienment on the crnens of IS9O. we
look to ee the latter can e the
"trooper. and if in the meantime the
•olid South shall hare Wo forever
broken by the «U' ce l * of a ReptlUiraiv
protection)-1 party in ->me of the
Honthem «tat* 9« > murh »b« better
CUeaf* Times.
The triking parallel between toe
career of ( lav and tbe career of Blaine,
which has often l«en pointed out. Is
rendered more complete bv the event
of the Ith in-t. Tbe defeat of (lav by
Polk in 1944 left him -till ambitioa*
for the presidency, still anxious that
opportunity shnnl t again be aifor led
him to make the race. When the
Whig convention met four years later,
the convention, greatly to <"* la y'■* cha
grin. turned for its candidate to Zacb
arv Tavlor. thea fresh from th« fields
of Mexico. In the e'ection
which followed, Taylor was tri
umphant. just as bv the election of
Harrison the Republican party is re
stored to the power it !o*t nnderthe
candidacy of Blaine. More politic
than (Tay. who gave vent to feelings
of chagrin and bittcrnes-. Blaine was
an out-poken champion of Harrison.
< lar remained in the -enate until his
death. The similarity of public ser
vice and general career between the«e
men will he rounded out if. instead of
taking the place in the administration
which be can command, be shall ar
range to return to the seaate there to
pass the remainder of an exi-tence
which hi* physical appearance indi
cate' as not likely to !« prolonged be
yond an ordinary -enatorial term.
Blaine, like Clay, is destined to
attain the presidency.
Hi-tory has a carious way of repeat
ing itself. In IMO tbe Whig*, having
elected Harrison, looked with conii
dence to a long career of< party control
just a- with the return »i their party
■ n llWt the Democrats counted on con
tinued a«i?endency. In the electoral
college Harri ott had 2Tt electoral
vote- acuinst Van Buren's 00, and the
majority of the popular vote «i< with
hint Four years later Polk • arrisd
Isith the p-ipuisr and the electoral
vote, and the Whigs went outto regain
power four > esr* later only to 10-«e it
again when I'ierc.; was chosen presi
dent. The Republican party may r.o*
fancy that it his come to -tay. But
the readine-- with which • hati?e» may
l»e made has ju.«t l>een illustrates! in
one of many -uch elections.
Their Ifunttng -VI by
Iteed to ICuiitt.
York Tribau*.
General Harrison is to» much if a
■tudent and ha - always Iteen too basy
in hi i profes-ion to excel aa a sports
man, but he is an excellent companion
on a -porting trip. The Rev. Mvron
Reed, formerly pastor of <iener.il Har
ri on 'a church, is a might. hunter
anil an exjiert fisherman. and he and
the general u-ed to mrke many excur
siorta together in former days. After
returning from one sil'h expedition,
Mr. Reed told a i-reit many storie
aliout their, or ra'her his prowe-s. and
he was even heirtle- eno ..-h to give
his preei e opinion c.i G. t .al ll irri
sou as a hunter. "The general isn't
much «f a -hot," said tiic reverend
sportsman, "but then 1 can bring
down *" >V game and lie makes a
ini .htv retriever." The Ameri
can people seem t> «?ree with Mr.
Meed in the !:itler part of this e-ti
mate, inasmuch n* they h.tye just
i bo-en I'enj.iiiitn Harri-on to "bring
back" the national government to its
| former high plane.
The tUsv. M yron W. K*ed left the
Kir-t Presbyterian church of Indian
apoli* some yours ago to accept a » all
j from Denver, Col.. ami there are -otne
t>eople who think that Plymouth
« hur« h mule a great mi-t afce ; n not
tailing him to *ur«'ced Mr. lleecher.
In temperament Mr. lteed is the
furthest remove from the im
p f«4oR(NI orator who brought fame to
Plymouth pulpit, hut friend* iut
tli.it tie i*ag»nius for at! that. Hi*
intimacy with <#en. II irri-on i* not
his only claim to di*tim turn. and he
ha* a remarkable faculty for attract
ing all chi*se* »»f people. He wai a
Uwver am! a soluier before becoming
a minister, ami he knows how ordi
nary men feci -mi think. The cir
cumstances attending hi* enlistment
he ha* frequently related him*elf with
a quiet laugh He was addre-sing a
great "war meeting'* up in Michigan
early in Vv war. ind lift Ml* a fervent
appeal for volunt<»er* ts help put down
the rel»eUion. "Why don*t you go
yourself?" shouted one old fellow
from the back of the hall, and the
speaker was for a moment m nplus-ed
I didn't know vxliit to -ay,'' Mr.
Heed - i' i in telling" tlie -t »ry, "but I
knew I had to -ay something, for the
audience plainly sympathised with my
impu «nt <jue-turner. and -o I
answered that I wa - gi>ing." And the
next day he wound up his business
ami went He came out of the war
with the rank of colonrl.
Mnt-li Went to (tie Kepufcltean* in
Jeraey, l»ul It Alfto lleiprd
Ihe Prinoerats.
Trenton Bpeeial.
lUith parties have tieen following the
trad of the rr*»hibition vote ever since
election. For some reason the vote
disappeared. When the returns came
in there were very tew ballot. ft>r Clin
ton li Ftsk Two year* ago Fi*k had
n« arly votes Lit year, when
there w a- nothing important at -take,
the Prohibition vote \\.s* ver\ large
It was Tt*X> in i*M. It<ou!dn tbethat
Fi-k wa* going to fall I* hind or only
e«|ual>t. John*- vote. H*k i*a Jer ey*-
mati. and ha- beret <f re been very
popular All the polite tan* hg\iretl on
vot* s The fui return* show
that F» k did not receive in the
entire *tate. Ho h*J I'.MO) vote*
than he had in 1 am: oniv evceede 1
St. John*.* rc -ortl by a » w hundred.
It wa* evident, a th Mi.t and b'. ■ ; ?r.-«
pfedirted, that the I* » ; n had
g»>ne lift piet*es. But what became t»t
tl>e wre-'k ?
The KepuWicana ct>t m -t t f the
Prtkhibititin v«»te, *ut the IVmo rit*
rt re »an un«*xpec"ed v largt» - •»a e.
It ha« been * ppo-tu that the IV.' i
bit ion it* in Jersey tame n<sirlv
altogether from the Republi- aus.
Ihi- i* t't t ><«». an I a -tidy of
the vote for four yean shows i:
Hatntx k h%«i. in ror-.d number*. J**'
plur -iity t « thi* state in 1 •*■.*■» There
w.t* n 1* ohihiPofft i "Wet to *pe«k or.
The l*rt»hi' iron: t* ct-t lea- u»i:> \\.-
oiit vote- *n the Coded M tft in fvvi
In l*sj C'ewlan i h id «<»> v plural tv *fi
n lt >t lohn*i e wa*
It the Pwfthi*;tron»»t* ha I all come
from the Ke ii»Ji an ranks, or neariv
all. C4eveland v - p? Ira itT would have
!»een much g»t"»trr. In I^* ; . when
Fi -k :td vote -. Robert > (lieene,
tie l»emoe »tt'* can i«ia*e for torer
nor, h*. «.n»\ v " 1 >ra! Tv If a v «*t
pr\»|s>rt* : on of Yi k'* wtaiortjon bad
. o e frx : the Kep-inlican-*. «ireen
ho ?.i h h i « t»i rality ot at :ea-i
l-.OGDor I 'HI Thi* tear the Prft*hi
biti »n v te on » • fn*ra abut 30,000
t«» If the i »-t Of tt had rove to
the Uep thHrwns, Marri on wo-.jld have
had -everal thou-arni plural.ty. de
«t> t»* the I*eu o ra!;c gains on a** ount
ol the liquor m* v n*s oppi«rt ui K*~ei.
Ilutison and Pt**aic conntie- Hu*
C ♦ veUn i s» 1 ir tty this
l* as lar-e a t»ree - •aa two years
ago T'l* -how* that the IVmocrd*
got a conaider.sbia proportk>n of the
Prohibition vote
rHSgf v -VT " 4 jp* - • --* •. ■ *es ; - -
cr '-
The wii„ |« Likely u be
the « of the «Ut<
IV«a an Letter
Ti»e bn-r of the White Hon*e for
the next tour year* will not ft bsg Be*
Harn-on, twit little Ben. The latter is
Jhe Pre«iiient-ei*ct's grandson, and he
i* l only 18 old, a ;Hue-eyed,
ligfat-hai red and round-cheeked yeuag-
Mer, who le«n a striking ruwi
mance to hi> rrandfatb-r Lit tie
Wen i« the mm of Robert McKee and
Mrs. Mamie Harrison M Kee. Mr.
M'-Keei- is the boot and
*'*■' ** the -on of ooe of
the wealthiest men in Indianapolis.
W hen be won *leti. Ha;rw»n> daugh
ter lie WJ" allowed to msrry her only
on the «un-iiti.>a that the voting pe->pfe
; make their h'im» ' with the
H irrixma. ami this explains why
they ail have li T<si tOfpetcHT in the
general ! hoa«e at No. Wt Delaware
Baoy Ben ba« f r -<in«e time been
the boss of the Delaware street man
•ior He has a sfnn* hold on the
heart of bis grandfather, and there
are people in lmii3nat<o:is wk<> will
tell vou that if Baby I'en could talk
plainly and sheuld "express a desire
to have (Jran ;pa Bert reman in the
1100-ier capital andljotgoto Wa-hi:ig
ton it ail. the chan e« would be to
one that the general would do a» the
baby «aid and sacrifi-e the Bre»: iency
of the I'niteij States for the sake of
ptea'ina the boy, in who* happiness
be is so deeply interested. I.iftle Ben
does jli-1 a- he f>le».<es. and bis grand
father will not permit anybody to in
terfere with him when he is doing it
He sit* next h:« grandpa at the table,
and hammers this plates with hi« «poon
and tries to -wa'Sow bones, and
flotige' hi« pink little lingers into
every di«h from which the genera! eat<.
He will not «it anywhere eicept l»* ide
the general during meal time, and he
know* that the general's pre«ence at
the table mean- that his tiny mighti
ness mu't be obercil in every wi«h and
that his swav la every bit a< great
there as is that of royal Alfonso of
Spain in the grand palace at Madrid.
Little Ben is real cute. He knows
when to tvrannixe over the house
hold and when to quietly submit to
papa's and mamma's decree* It is
only when grandpa i« areund that he
assert- his de-poti-m, ai d then he
does it in a manner that is onmi-taha
ble. As soon as he -ees grandpa com
ing up the walk from hi- office at 5
o'clock or so in tbe afternoon. Baby
Ben «et< up a shout of joy. and from
that time forward the h-iu-e i-* hi*
Gen Harrison and Mrs. Harrison
have taken charge of the baby from
the »err betriunitig. ami they are so
entho-ua-tieally wrapped up in it that
they have permitted l ot one night to
pass since nabv wis b «rn without hav
ing posses-lon of it. The n'ght when it
was away from them was the night of
Gen. Harrion'- nomination. Hun
dreds of jieople called >t the hou«e to
tender their congratulation*, ami there
were noisy delegation* and noisier
brass binds in anii around the house
the whoie night. o the old folk
thought il would be better to send
lUfc. I'x • i Tortus neighU»r'-. where
he would have a chance to pet some
-!eep The excitement niui noi-e oc
curred en a Monday night. Tue uy
morning Mr McKee went over
to pet the babv, anil, having
returned, was walking up and down
the back yard with tbe l>ov in hn
arm*, when he w.f astonished t • hear
a secoa<l-story window of the Harri
son house open, and looking up he
»aw Gen. and Mrs. Harrison's heads
out of the window.
"1 »av, Roliert, what are von doing
down there with that babv the Gen
eral shouted. "Don't vo i knoWenough
to bring rum up here? We want to
see him."
"Yes, Robert, brim: him up to his
grandmother," saiil Mr*. Hsrri-on.
And the father of the b.y had to
march right up-t iirs ami surrender
him to the old folk -
Any afternoon during the p-i«t
spring, and up to the time when
the unties of the i-amptign In
cline -o numerous that the Gen
eral was obliged to neglect his pet
somewhat, <ien. Harri-on could have
Iwen seen sitting on the >ne -leu* of
his residence playing with his Ijitle
grandson. If ne was nut playing with
him he was wheeling him up and
down the block in his little carrinue. or
he was carrying him in his anus in the
vard. ■-•Hue of General Harrison's
friends. who him nur- ng the
ba'iy. said a slight abdominal promi
nence which marked bis figure made a
nice projection for baby to rest ujKin,
and it looked as if nature hail *up
piied the prominence to - that p irpo-e.
% North t arntinft Republtean !>•-
•erlbeii lh« >lei!tod* of thf Ofmo
New York Tr:*mn«\
Secretary Harris of the Ntrth Caro
lina sta'e Rep blican committer, and
several other North Oarolinians were
in Washington vesterilav, an 1 from
conversation* with theiu a Tribune cor
respondent learned *ome of tl:r tneth
i>d* employe 1 by Democrats to *up
pra-* the real vote of tt;e state at tlie
recent election and give it to Cleveland
and "reform." when it rightfully lie
longed to t»en. Harri*on. It was e**i
tnated that there would !>e an in rea e-l
Kepublican vote in th«.» state and in
tiie white districts, where the voters
were allowed to depo-it their ballot*
an»l the -ame were properly counted,
the results showed the correct
ness of the Kepublican state
committee's estimate In the
portion of the state we-t of t<»
the Tennessee line t) . re were l»«rge
llepubtican ami it i* stated that
20.W»ex-<\»nfederate -oldiers voted for
• Jetieral Harri-on. In the •black"
countie-. all of which were heavily Ke
pultlican. the raliijr with the
ap|H»intment of the inspector* t f
ele. ton Ihe Democrat- 1..« d two;
the Kepublican* were entitled to the
same number, awd the registrar was a
Democrat. The Ktpultlic in -tate com
mittee re- <»mmended and
substantial men for appointment t .
repre*ent it. but it* re ommendation*
were entire.v ignored and ignorat;t
ami weak men, for the ni »-t
part, who couhl not rea l or w.ite,
were appointe«l the state
at the suggestion o tfje D« n ox r.itic
-tate cotamittee, and i mpelled by,
threats to -crvc
In HaHfat county, in th>» Second
congressional tii trict. an arrangement
was tua e t » vote the vl.ito - and bl.t
in alternate hour*. Whe i the white**
came up they were vote the registra
tion It t* we;" alpha *t; ,»liv arranged
a* t » fa»*>l late matt- r-. an i there
wa* •ot the delay; t» it when
the biuck** tarn* ct:.u* they were
i t- irred K • • I balk rues.
-I w ..«••» t.. *»;h . • r , tot re ce
J*Ot) b!ac*i» wot o ihi not depart
tbeir ball'd-. In one t*>wn.*hip iti thi*
itt-t t- t the oi't-ina-' on book* 1
were to-t A ond >t t va* made up
b\ eie. tin ay. .aid ii t.e name*
were there. !>•:t when the v tes came
l»e cuun e<t. tui* township wa*
thrown o.t There n no uo li-t that
the l" 'k- were pu tlv lost. >n«»w
ing the v t « \ t;.e township
wvulu !>e throw n out.
Honey was freeiy \i-e i the IVmo
cruttc ?atj«»uu tiMomittie having
frown ao t the tit-eat
the r* psf toi -v. : r Kan-um. ["here
were ,e . . mCa t- n-t i. iut
Only for -tale and eo.untv tdficers, ;
i o!i« havi. i e.»n «5 -■oft- »*d U aring
t' «• : a: ■ e « ' t
T)i»* liotaih «>' t e tr . i" |«e:>« rated
»n th t .rt>ina, when lu. v made
known, will show h « « rate are ;
the t- .•> t it 'a*e ;n th- ir !
endeavors t * keep it in the IHvnocratic
co umn. am- *ii* a»ttini h thox* He
ptiW»c-»!i* wh » haee iK.*t I *»ked into
the im «11• ro; lb- rea . o. a
jor.tv that c u u iy l-e canne«i.
Why -ani t*er«;i ry Harris. "*we
con Id afor ; to et the !»•••' rat - -tt 1 ti
10,000 vote -. and then have carrie a the
»»ta?e for H-irrifcon by a maj«»}ty of
13 OTO. but they counted us out by t?=e
it»ost bifetaced framl*. ami hare
gjv-n the electoral vote t<» t'ieve an .
HotVitfc tii»>ilH all fse :r,t kerv
and fr «.id. the Ke. ua i an» t -h -e
n*ei '<er- t»: co:*gres*. natatlv, Che,*t
h im in tti* Second, Krower in the Fi?ih
an Kaa? tin the Snath di*tria*t* The
Fourteenthtiiatrici»wbich t» a w repre-
sented bv Nichob. is kwt. hot there is
a gain of one to the Republicans over
tbe present delegation ia rungre*"
Tbe most remarkable chance was in
the Eierenth district, where Johnst n.
the (reseat rep-es»r.trfive. was de
f'aiad by Ewar ij, Repufaucac i.wbo ha.*
a major:* of 1 00. At tbe ia«t coci
gse-»ional eiectioa Johnston had a
majority of 4,740, and not only has
thi* been wiped out, but Ewart ha
l*en elected by the majority statfi
above. The c:-trict is coßpwiiV
"white" counties. There *as a strong
effort made to coant in Simmon
< ftemorrat! in tbe Sec..»d di*tric*. but
it is now out of the hands of tbe
c }unty boards, and the state canvass
ing ;«-*rd cannot avoid returning
Cheatham. It ha« long been claimed
by Republic**, that North Carolina
belonged to them ia a fair Section,
and the -tatements made by Mr. Har
ris and tbe other* now here prove con
clusively that this claim is well found
ed. Had there been a fair election,
the Repu'ilicans would not only have
carried the state for Harri-on. but
would have elected their state ticket
and a majority of tlie legislature by a
good majority.
OORBOViI lioprrtt. TTOKDa.
OwifU'i Excfatiie Fears N*Tr»a
bla U the Sokth Thrwagh Re)*ut>-
lirao Success.
AtUata Special t» tbe Ciieago Hera.d.
Gov. John B. <>ordon was inaugu
rate! for his second term to-day. In
his address he said:
"I will not undertake to predict the
policy that will be |mrsned toward the
Sonth. My conviction is that rto over
vhdming or crushing calamity will
liefall onr people. 1 cannot !*iiere
that alienation and strife is to be the
la-tin? heritsge from an unhappy war,
notwithstanding the melancholy fact
that some of the leaders of the* suc
cessful part*. with great a Mlitie* and
in high places, seek year by year to
e-trang* the sections and embroil the
rices. I i!o not believe that the return
of the Republican party to power in
this e ra of pro-fienty and peaot means
the enactment of force bill* and the
enslavement of the states. Passion
may cry aloud for federal intervention
in the a.Tair* of 'tates. but the omnip
otent fiat of a lofty patrioti-m which
sways the li«arts of the Ameri
can people. will surely con
demn it. If there is any principle
oi government dearer' than all.
others to American freemen it is the
independence, equality, and freedom 1
of the state". Vi hen the independence
and equality of the state- are broken
down the republic falls. 1 canm>t
doubt that there are men in hisb
plaies whose misjudgment of the
Southern tie >pie >'r whose sectional
bias would lead them to the very
threshold of revolutionary and des
tructive legi-latioii But in the I gbt
of public »*ntiiiiei.t. :<s illustrated bv
thr cordial reunion of both armies at j
<>ettv«burg and el-e* here, with peace
arnl pro»peritv cheering alike both
Southern and Northern borne- with
the ties of social intercour-s multiply
ing and strengthening. wi:h Northern
prodU' ts in the hands of Southern
consumers, and Northern money in
(Southern Ixinds, r.iflroads, mills and
mines, wi h both material interest and
I>oli'i.-al li berty at stake, how can we
doubt that i-ondemnation by the L'Tea'
conservative masses of our Northern
lountrymen would cau-e even the
moat incon-i lerate of leaders to turn
from the brink oi such u precipice?
The day has long since pas-ed when
thr American people can calmlv con
template thr destruction of this Union
by destroying the equality of the
st ites that compose it. '
KeptiUlican Vreum and (ien- Harrison.
New York Mail and KipreM.
However mticii they uiay differ npon
tlie question of the historic epi « op tte.
the mode of hapti-rn. the orthodoxy
or heterodoxy of the *'pr<»Hation after
death" hypothesis, the editors of the
religious weeklies tbi« week are prac
tically unanimous in their expressions
of opinion concerning the result of the
election of Nov. While deploring
t!»e increase of bet'ing, thev declare
the campaignjast closed to bare been
"clean in comparison with many oth
er"..-." Jhoe of them that alio wed
their column* to be used prior to elec
tion for partisan appeals now devote
equal space t«» emttation, contempla
tion or exhortation, a** the case may
be; h»it there HOIK* thing tint they afl
do. v.i.: rejoice because of the Chris
tian character tbuth public and pri
r.ite) of the pre-i tent -elect. The
Christian Enquirer may be t ited as a
specimen o: all. It nays: Everyone
w ill rejoi. e that General Harmon i- a
Christian whose consi tent devout
tiess has lieen abundantly manifest
through all his life, and neither ic
nored nor forgotten am'd the activi
ties of political position."
Even tho«c intemperate' Thnnk-the-
Lord-I-am-not-as-that-man" who harp
upon one string and declare (but do
not believe) that the Kepublican party
i* the slave and pliant too! of the
*«doon interests of the land,even these
have the candor to acknowledge that
tieneral Harrison is a Christian -t-ttc*-
msn and above reproach.
The < Wi/ml of Rich
mond, Va., in a mournful jeremiad,
deplores the triumph of the Kepuid;-
can party, confesses that the "-olid
South" i* breaking. say * Amen" to
Henry W. Grady's recent incendiary
call to a race conflict, but even it tail's
to discover a Haw in the character or
record of General Harrison, hence it
hold* its pe ;ce, which i« significant.
having been compelled to for
sake further fun at the e\|«en-e of
' hat," will, it pre
sume 1, some .iav aitempt t«» ri icuie
the presidents : Mother > Bible" and
Family Attar," but that they h ive
been intent factors in making him
what he is none wi I deny.
How tli»* ( Iftriai>«U !.«»• k
Washington Sj«e< ia to Baltimore American.
I're-Ment ('leveland and Mrs. Cleve
land attended divine service at the
1 irst Pre-bvteii»n church to-day f«*r
the xl time -inee the ele tion It
wa- Mr Cleveland'sl.rstappearance in
public life since his over* helmmg de
feat at the pdis. True, he attended
the Chamberlain-End icott wedding
la»t Tliur-day and hi> receptions have
been held is but toslay was
really the fir-t day tha he appeared
among the people. And -o it w «-.
doui tlr>s pardonable curiosity that
in i ;cetl the congreg iti«>n to almost
wh-illy neglect l'r Sunderland's ei
celWnt serti'«n and -tare y
at Mr Cleveland and his young wife
to M»e how they took their defeat. Mr.
• i veland ha- within the la«t two
weeks. His large, round and rather
he vy face ha« never had much em
pre> lvenc s There ha- always Uen
a M»rt of quiet *erent ? y. but it has
always been t?»e meaningles« calmness
of a duck |x>nd on a summer day.
To-day there was -tili the same air of
pi i.i e (-control, but lines have ap
peared arounsi the tlrm, larte mouth
that not even the presidential mus
tache cottl ihi ie. l>ut otherwu ehe
b well, and it mu-t be confer!
that he looke«! better dressed to-day
than he LH- been at the receptions
ji«t pr« ♦ i:.g the ele-* so- when he
Paired his tr end" Wednesday
after We nesdav by wearing an un
l ippy pa r of trousers, at )ca*t an
inch and a half t*s» short for him.
M - l itv. 1 and's face showed not the
slightest tr i» e of the bitter tii-ap:o r.t
meut »bicb >i.e mn>t reel ISo:h Mr.
Cfwlan'l **! m hi* wife foli«»we*i tr.e
-?rT i iM'loM'iy as though uncon*»
Oi the »!o-e -Vratiny thry were under
p <: sr. am! to'h j »ine«i in fringing t!*e
Tirini:> hjunm ** earnestly an*l fer
n-nth a- anv one in t e hou«e.
Tti«* KRhmt rr«t in tutlrallt.
Tl e Australian raent isbui!<!-
: t>r a lej e t»T \» ire nettn p M JU> n»iie
i.j l«r «:.v; e St-* ><> :t!» Wu\*< .f 1
Vi tfibUnd inorder to keep thejtek
r its t. ;t t> the Utter coin try A .*-
tr,»! .» v»yi '■s nor ie-n
}m r ye r «»» ke< p the
»h.ii *•« ki'own < ro*rt Un«i*. The
off* ri- il kept i;j> fIOO.CMv to ar.e
!: wi O w.i; \ rv» lire ottiething
w\d eitera«i JU* the pe>t<
An Off Wat 1 r Ump«ru««.
I • *s "M lf i\>*rter J«>orna
Hot a GtMlij Ki»k le'e»te«i
hut t.'i»* - i orery is that
can e rranuUctared irom wa*er
n tloni tVrvaitxiy this i« an year
for temperance.
Ve*4 cicrpsr*. »1 * corC
r.wdwayi c-oltwj to let.
flercatt xl.-l*. tl~ t o IX
Ka<:r>«d an. n. B 2V B Ja.
Getwtai always on baad.
Stag* ltae cf g rat lea. iacial.eg H bone*
and on lit. HM.
Meat Giarket aad half ta baiid
insr. well locatad. Will sed ebeap fjr
Two teeood-ciass '.o«hra« htwi. t roosas
ai.U > rwfiav weil fara-stiesl l>v to I IJOfIL
fttsuaranu. 13us to Huou.
Fn'aitare la are-rooßi house, near Cosa-
Berciai street. %£/). Rest tJA zaooth.
Frwit and cigar store. KJa.
Three-chair barbeT sbop: no rent; tM9.
Fioor wail tent, au; acew for brick or
Fine improved !s«on ranch. «<eek and
tools. MM
Ranch, 12 acres, cleared. 0 year
Ranch of JRO
fenced and seeded: Co acres pasture: with
farming implements and stock: Mum rear.
W. T. Employment Bureau,
WtthiagtdXi a*s»r CoMmcrdaL
MW VAXCOrVER. B. C 1 ' ' '
i Beware of Fnwl, h<p my ii»rae »n4 the
price a. r e stamj»e<l on the bottom of all my
».S\ertlM-41 »h.».n before If«viu«th<? factory,
whieh prot**ct the irearem aaainat biicta
Pfloei and iuf?rior 1? a dealer off er*
W. LDOUULABihuesat a reduced prN'e.
or *aj* he Las them without my name and
pruv stamf>*-d on the bottom, pat him
down as a fraud.
Tbe only calf SEAMLESS shoe,
i; .- de. NO TACKS or WAX
TURKAIi « • oirtthe feet, easy as hand
fee wed and WILL NoT RIP.
w. ! I>utH;LA- St MI OR. the original
and « *ily band-tewed welt 14 *hoe. Kquals
. a»tom ma te shoes costing from to ML
Railroad Men and Letter Carriers all n ear
tneta. Smooth inside a* a Hand Sewed
Shoe No Tacks or v\ ax Thread to hurt the
W. u DOUGLAS S?-50 SHOE is unex
eelled for heavy wear. Best Calf Shoe for
the price.
M V!f*s SHOE i* the Kst in the world for
io».eh wear: one pair ought to wear a mau
a J ear.
is the be*: School Shoe in the world.
All m&»!« in Congress, Button and lace.
If not sold bv vour dealer, write W. L.
TREKS &c ll\>>ln\l>. \mh. s^
& CO.'S
319 Commarcial street, comer
Jackson. Seattle. W. T.
All chronic l): Ha.-»> of MEN aad WOM&N
■u<-4*esafaily treated.
Lf'ST MANlJ«m>l'. Nervona aad Phjiira
I>ehiiity, Cxhaaan-I Vitality, isemiLa
Wt-afcn<.*s >i>ermatorrboea. *.
Gcmorrhoea.Gleet, sy j.nilia. Premature I e
cllne Vrakutw in Women, and all Fur
ti<»n« Deranvm* ntathat result from yoaU
ful follies or enni in after years.
I'.RIK A R V Kidnev. and Bladder tronhk a
t-ak Bar k . Gonorrfcrea <i':«t.
t'rystit.a. Varicoeele, strieture, et«-.. prora; t
ly aud aafeiv« wrvd. No nauaeoos medic:: e
given, nor strong injections aaed. whn.h
(«HV strlcturi t'harues r\-aM»nahie.
SI f H i' *y. I.o<«of Visor,demi:ai
U«SIH-S. Night Emiatnona, Ih
»7>onden<*y. etf.. et«., cured.
YflllNfi MVM suffering from the effects if
IVUfIU ntH ronthful follies or Indian
tfOßS, Should svail themselves of our |M •
went. th« (P«attst bo*>a ever laid at t&e • •
tar of suffering humanity Will e
a curt to every ease.
¥iddle-12ed Tl!t rt urewaaytwMitkrtd
natiot * of the ' a ider, a ompauir'i t * s
smarting or bwrning aeusanon. t>n exam. -
atlon the urine depoadta a Moment ard
amwtines alhsaen \* pt\n*-oL The cost r
vane# from a bright or reddi«h U> ever a
milky hue. the |«tient exi-rrivaees a w- ak
ening of the »yRt«-m in a manner he cannot
areoant for. Tlsia ia the second »ta«t of
weakness. Many die of this t:®-
uitv, igaoraot ■*( ranse. A ftrrfe#-! cun
and nealthy restora? on »raaranteed.
o#ff hncn ♦ % s.tic>KCi.: 6 Vj Sp.
m.: Sundays ato 12.
V n.—t • rw.»u» u. *- '« fuit •« n«v t
rreat*-«i *t thrlf *>« M . • v .-«»-• *i>ou J u*e.
ftfedieine* «i>«i v of* «e«i * * ***•' or
*>xv>*+** MW
Al>% Ufc 1«> MIITHikM.
Mm. 1r«;o«*9 ?«• f'u; cs> r»|». f>*r chil
•irea tcethit>«. !» the pr**p« ri&fi •»: .»» <»n»' of
thehec! female nur*e« i»l plijtirianibi
lbe Cwiled f£«**-a. *:* I h»» Wo for
fortt rear* with fatHiur by
miihooa of Mother* for :beir efaiMvca.
Purine the f>r»-**e«j» >( Irethinx »t» *»:ue :•
bt<tlfviil4e It Peliem tf.e ♦ htW from
j*.a. «*are* -Iy«e::ter> «lia'Tb**-a. jrrsp*
m* io th« bwfPWi* «r« » u<l code By riw
\ue faewit b w> tfce efctld it rvata th»* nor her.
p»v* if*- • turv-w!*
Seventh Street Tax Notice.
I « n th* dwtrict f~r+m e<l br Or
etnaner N« V "J9. to ifovitle f*»r the r*wlin*
of sirTfß'hitPw-t, fr in Mi*! hb itreet to
hater? #tr»*t tod o :i«*ru< tiiuf ai«iewWiki
on t>»*& *z4e« teem f, t§ tw»» <Jife acul pay
able a: tiie offer of :s* city treasurer All
taxoi aw; ja-J with.a
Of tfeo fr»tpßSne«tioa of thl« neCtre will
be Ue<*:are-i « t maiTy of
tier cwetwJded m l soior-* ai tea ef
10 per rent 'harceii
0 K. FORRBKT. City i lerk.
rim »i» «a:.die! Una awuea Vav Si. L9M
We beg to announce
that owing to the large
increase of onr business,
we haYe decided to dou
ble our stock of Type,
Presses and Material.
Building too small. We
have secured lease of a
three-story building, and
will occupy it entirely
about January 1 with
the only and complete
line of printers' supplies
in the Northwest.
REMEMBER, that you
can buy your type, ma
terial and machinery 10
to 20 per cent lower from
Palmer & Rey than any
other house in the trade.
Send for estimates and
specimen book to
'ft&'s"*: Portland. Or.
■ued on this *prr are f-<»m the founiry of
PAI.MKR A HtY, and the s*xne give en
tire MtflllCtiQß.
The Greatest Anti-Septic
Remedy Known.
The complete treat
i \ mcut coupri.*** the
. •I'arN.lU- S m«»ke
BALI 3J R«U"«n.i"!.ebel!a
v- f*»r Package." The
>rm»k. i'allla^for
*\ 'S mak* > a half gralluc
seneoal orricts
/SO |H «»T
'NEW I YORK a >'. a " I* r dirvc
\ J i t • n« 1l:i> we p. »•
' yV /
we have the most
i inexpensive reme
\y * dy on earth, and a
remedy free from complication*: ea*y to
u«e, and *» harmless that it can be admin-
InU'red to ttie fouutftt children with irn
pnnitv. Sent to any address upon receipt
of 13.
We append a few of the many thousand
umtoiictird test;m«»uSsl« we have inuorpw
session to »how that the 4t Carholie Smoke
Bali" haa met with and i* entitled to »»■
prtcfdmird tmrrr/t*. No medicine ever in
rented ha* become so papuiar. Over a mil
ion "Smoke Bail#." in use. and WT- HAVE
I had ulceration of the lungs. Used to
throw up cupsfnll of * tint and corruption,
often mixtd tnth bi-md. My h« a ? wa>
stopped up with a terrible eaw of c«t*rrh
I used the remedies a< cording to«lr -etion*
Smoke Ball and Debellaton, and in three
weeks' time wan as wt ii as ever I w.i«.
II *»< hikf.L. Market S . F
I wa« attacked with hav fe\»-r regularly
for -> years. Br»-a?fcinfc through t!> na H
peisage was an impoaaiWlity. I began to
use the Carbolic Ssoiok« Hall, and I am com
pletely cured. Sworn to C. HICKSON, M. I)
1 had what i« termed ea'arrh of the head
aad throat. I ased the "Carbolic Smoke
Ball," and it ly m 't'l n*.
ALsr.KT H ALL. 21 Kearney St.
Can add my te*titu« ny to ?b- efficacy of
"Carbolic Smoke Ball." It cured me of
severe cold and periodical headache. I ran
recommend it to anyone suffering from
head, throat or lung trouble.
Surveyor-Gene ral, Cal i forn: a.
Carbolic Smoke Ball cared me «f asthma
SupL Western T.~niou Tel. Co., Indianapolia
it cured me of the worst kind of catarrh.
Geo. M F. NgwcoMß,
Bookkeeper 1., P «fc H- R.. Indianapolia
Bv OM- of a half &fn<>ke P.a.l 1 was cured
of catarrh. REV A. P. STOUT,
Author of Chronology of Christ's Life, and
other works, IndiananoUs.
The remedies, "Smoke Ball'* and "IV
bellatar. are f«»r sab- a! Me wart A Co.
KeUogg'a, land's and Basbronck's, Seattle
and at Stewart A Bna, and Bonnev », la
Price of Full Treatment, 33.00.
swr Aik your dragglat for It
Coupeville. Vlidb; Island. W. T.
Fall Term negins September
27, 1888.
Instruction Thorough.
Expenses Moderate.
Some changes hate r>een ma«l* in the
con«a of tear hers. A th«*n>urhlv comis*
tent music ber has been •ecur»-d, and
instrwetion will also be g;ven lu Patntinx
and Drawing.
For further information addreas C. E
NKWBEKItY.CospcviUe W. T. mmw
Lovers of Good Coffee
Hughes' Perfection By!
UROrKD TO OfcDK* 051.Y
HO6 Frost Str»«t- «»*
1 Y79Z/* v—'
T<* tMk? * eowrw til the sifcor
>ao4 «riiir>f. Pwwmawebiw or Ku
i*«-> Devwrtmrurt of the i-ILATTLI B. oi-
NfSft Col.liuE 1* ao<l errors*
cone «"••! •rod for rtrmlir. K*»-m*
•21 33 aal *. Unlaw BJork. Kront ftreet P.
O. bu* eJ ** r
Dressmiker freffl San Fracas.
Fir-t-c-i*«« fitliot »n i dr«!'i< f »*
r«n>- <.o«n-ce J
made up ».iU«?«ctM>n >.u*ran««*d
■arapMD tailor ml<» t» jrht. _
,w, Imb 10, Celoiul Black.
srrisra .raft-si:
CfIHH. KEftfcfaggUftGyr6
o. s. im™
Xs/vr™.'! | ' ~ Im>
••1/O HVS
nnr J>A:E orAßtsriip TH»i AKI MAM
FRAA Iv AKO!\K<)\, Sali'sinnn,
»*"■ Eockj 87-frS, Tnltr Keck.
A k fV\' >\W\X'^ > \V.\S\ w % >\SX
. to I CuMni cum (^OIK,
- fvgwcsor t« inj 1 9mm
I k.'.Vi Wotm». • «"• »'•*»" pfamcCuW **»-
< A. A:wfs*«, M D. I fe
Tm C**vaca Ctwrunr W8 futon A 1
T"Kr A HP r PT-TTr
Any tine j>urrb».«ins II worth, or nitr. ;» euUtlwJ to « tirkr! :o «h» r*v. worth )M.
The drawing will take r * r *' JariaarY 1, at The *iOi l>fc;N Rl' UK BAZAAR, and
will be raanarFd by a cummiVr* ot ticket boidera.
Consulting Mechanical Engineer and Surveyor.
I all kindsof merhanfral *trti»*ur«k Work -i I—l wl.» • •:* **— <v ?«»tm# tiur.
Steam eujfin*c Urftolwl aad altera! Bad t«w «rf «•<•* •««»!«% of foalav
leveUrnrcent of ifreai« r p.=wt-r. s:%-*mt*>at.a, «hi|»- and a!i k:nd« o? ma t>iie r •
and sold on commission. Whoever may be flrtfnc ato new pn't irf ' l ' * or Aiterationa
would find it to th»-ir interest to rousalt wi!h nirr. before eavrina ai>ou it. R»n*m
2A , Bailer's Bsork. Settle
Z. C. M I I, E S,
Naeeasser to Wa4«VM A lU#s , a»d Retail Dhlh l«
USEES, IftOk. Pllll.Oli l\l) llll\ STOVES.
Orders from the couutry solicited and satis/at tiuu raaranteed.
Give us a call ami look thmuah o*r iii.umnsf •Ux-k.
Mill street, cattle. W. T.
And all the latest smoker*' art • is. We Invite tbv and the trade In prereraj
to mil and examine «mr *ti* k and f»ricea.
113 Com in «• r«*i*% 1 * t r«*«* t • Neu t t Is*, W . T.
Abstracts of Land Titles,
Have the oldti»t raoe? r- .uMe wt of abatmrt Bookt In the county
Kooni* 3 and 4, Vedlfr-Ufry Katliltng
J. SCI (H A M,
Cftll b*for* bujlng In that line.
Foundry, Machine and Boiler Shops,
Corner Second, Jackson and Third streets, Seattle.
•I. M. PKiMi, * h
Semi-1 Orcein in,
IST. Oixil"berg <Sc Son,
ri:t »nd 71". FKONTfiTT.
Pharmacy Hall'
Northeast Corner Second and Columbia Streets,
HEATTLK. - - - VV. T.
d THI COIfTEART, flffc *S^rkAX fc %«.FN< T BmiKKHs MTVFt MOM
\ t *<>r? «• « !' • • * " gwwtt ma prgfOty wt iMIM%
%n<l the- j»rffor tbr fntiu* ik-ht taicfctcr *# wut . • y»t -i"«raj*«e
o*oo* whirl. may *» 'omit ! lb* ofc)»«( audi brw? *t li« *■•' -1 *•
iniwlfw Hi ■ Wririr.»fa imniiiT «x<:a*>T *.}.?.• -mr »irKt
*> h»T- »« . .'I v- «r »• U>» i« ■ litl •
etpiMl «f llMMitt Tfc»* i« th* <».. »«* itt*«r*u#* eomj*ji) u « wVL
p%rtJr» rvqsinac i&ntrm&t** Fire. !Jf»- or A' • a. «'. flwl it u their
*.!T&ot*jr*- Uftl! no «> si fmr *€< • < in th% Pwm Ia; 4*u. Fr ■'•* * r» #*H'
tbim i Hulij fICMM
And 9tt«r tm-riaa Hum 4m>i la M i»i« ian-iai'.'j «er»fr rr»nt «.4 Cherry.

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