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Plus Drawn for a Magnificent
It. Architectural Appearance aad
Interior Aernmmadatlona—
Hefght ami Dimensions.
The plan", submitted by the archi
ll. Fisher A Clark, for the new H.
L. Ye«ler bail ing, to be located at the
eorner of Front and James streeta,
have been accepted. They will be
completed in about isi* week". A pic
tare of the elevation is now on exhibi
tion at Low man'a.
This six-story building is to l»e one
of the finest in the country. It wilj
be the largest north of Han Francisco,
standing on tiie ground 115 by 115 feet,
and to he 175 feet high to the top of
the dagsUrt. In points of excellence
and accommodations it will excel con
siderably m u y buildings wbici hare
been erected in large Eastern cities for
the past few years. It will 1* of the
modern composite style of architec
ture. with tower, with an orioel
and with circular bay windows
running up from the firH storv
to the roof. 'I he exterior will 1*
of brick—not nre«sed brick—stone and
terra rot la. The trimnimgs are to be
principally of terracotta. F.xperience
bus taught that pressed brick will not
stand the salt air atmosphere of the
coast. The lower story will be of blue
gray rock-faced ashlar, with magnifi
cent French plate windows, and a large
arched entrance on Front street,
IS feet wide by \H high. \
banking room and offices will
hare the main entrance with a flight
of ♦ i :ht steps at the angle, corner
Front and lames streets. An arcbed
entrance will aUo tie on Jaoie* «treet.
All the columns of these three en
trances. or t*> put it more correct! v,
the jamb-, are to be in half-relief, in
grouped columns of gray granite Im
mediately over the mam entrance is
to I* a group of four arched windows,
and above that an oriel will extend
for the next three, stories. All the
windows on the fifth story are to be
arched after the Romanesque style.
On the sixth story the windows will
lie square, with terra cotta columns
between, and the roof cornice
aliove will be of terra cotta and iron.
Fire main pila«tets on Front street
will extend all the way up. The two
round-cornered pilasters running up
from the main entrance to the tower
will be of rock faced stone. A circular
bay-window will hang over the earner
bank entrance and extend up to the
roof, making the corner of the build
ing round, anil a similar bay-window
will hang over the Jameg street en
Exclusive of the stores in the first
story and the basement, there will be
IHS rooms in the building. The base
ment will be divided up to accommo
date the stores while the apparatus
for the electric light plant, steam heat
ing and eievator machinery will he
located in the rear. There will be
three store front" on Front street and
twoon James. The bank will have a
frontjge on liotb struts. The French
Slate glass to be u-cd will lie the
irgestin this city. Two elevators are
to ne running to accommodate the
tenants and vi itors, and the building
will be lighted by its om plant of in
candescent lights anil heated from top
to bottom with steam. The low pres
sure gravity of steam heating will be
The building will stand 95 feet from
sidewalk to top of cornice. The tower
will be 34 feet high. Following will be
the heighti of the respective stories:
First, IK feet; second, 15; third. 12;
fourth, fifth and xix'h, each, II feet.
This will undoubtedly lie one of the
best buildings in point of architec
tural beauty, genuine utility and ex
cellence of accommodations north of
Han Francisco, and the architects are
not limited for money. The interior
construction will l»eof steel or iron, and
this fine corner-block will be us near
fireproof as can be.
The Bullet 1s Not Vet Extracted froiu
Ills Leg.
The fugitive prisoner, shot in the
leg by Officer Hanna. Saturday night,
hud his wound dressed by l>rs.
Holmes and Shaw. It appears that
through a misunderstanding en the
part of the (xillre oHirer who conveyed
the injured man to the hospital, med
ical assistance was not procured earlier,
owing to negligence in not telephoning
the duly appointed medical ollicer of
the hospital. I)r Kagleson. The bui
lt t has not yet lieen extracted from
the left. "1)4 unless inflammation sti
rervcnes the wound is not dangerous,
tis not known as yet whether both
hones of the leg are broken or that
only one of them, the tibia, is shat
The man, who originally gave his
name as Smith, is properly called
Fwayne, and from all that can be
learned has much of the genus
"tough" in his make up.
The I'ostolMee finally Keiuove* to
the Boston Hlork
The work of removal of the postotlice
into the new quarters in the Boston
block liegan yesterday afternoon and
was (inished early this morning The
change was intended some time since,
but has been delayed by additional
improvements in the new furniture
and appliances.
It is not likelv that mail can lie dis
tribute! from the new quarters before
10 this morning.
Postmaster l.yon requests all who
wish their mail to have patience and
it will Ik- given them in time.
UNION OMENTA. Seattle Typo
graphical I'nion No. 'JW?. at its regular
mect'ligSunday afternoon, elected the
following officers, to serve for the
ensuing regular term of six months:
Presid-nt. <ieo. Biggins; vice-presi
dent, Frank Walsh; secretary and
treasurer, A. II Ulain; recording
secretary K. Heard ; Iwiard of direc
tors, ('has K. Carroll. W Miller and
Kd Roland; sergeant at-nrms E. K
Vail. Messrs. Carroll, Middleton, t\
l'rosch anil Kspey were chosen the
regular standing committee to consult
with the Central I.abor I'nion
Additional Local on Bth Page.
Ttt *om« of the Yakima pot*for
«*it> Vy J. A HatfUld
Comforter*. Cktry
Price our new pluthew. Clear?,
Fanrv MiPpcmlcr* for ChrUtma* DUp'ay
nexi Saturday ereniu* Tokla*. t'iofer-
Kin & Co.
Umbrellas for fhrMmaa Grand dlaplay
uext -atu-iiay txening Trtltf. Finger
man A Co.
Blauketa. CbfiWr Cletr)f.
Napkin*. Cheater Cieary.
Com forte re. Oboater Clrirjr.
Mew d<*ka. (.hMtor Cieary.
Sow dre** goml.v Cheater ( letry.
Lore curtain nrU; btf j»ale. Cieary,
I'lnab aa'e. Chwlrr ("Icanr.
A grand display of Chratma* good* K\
htbatou next >atur«lay cTtttiuf Toklaa,
fUngermau A Co.
Ribbon*. Cheater Cieary.
Hig aa'.r of * Ire a** g«w*«la. Cheater Cieary
Saatern c«>n prices: eu>aka. Clewry
kUbbor« Cheater Cieary.
Cheater Cieary
*at!w>. Cheater C«ary
ahtar lawn embroidered handker
oki. fi. Cheater Cieary
Brewery for aa'e, Crawford A Conorer.
Dan'.ar hat", atlk an<! felt Grand dia
play next Saturday evening. Tokla*.
Singer man A Co
Fan« y atlk diap'at next hatnrday even-
Toklaa, Mngerman A Co
Come au«i aee our display neat Saturday
etemng Toklav wtig«ro»an ACo
lUaplav of Chr»tmas gooda uext
daveTenin*; loklaa. tflugermau ACo
Children cry lor Ptuhir' Cutorli
Walla W»u» Arris,. frM
'VrtaM !■ 73 Hnn.
The stearor WaJla WalU arrived
yesterday morning a little after 10
o'clock, beating all prerioo* records
between .S*n Francisco and Kettlle by
sewal hoar*. The fa-te«t ime e**r
made before is laid to have be*n that
of the Queen of the Pacific, which
after the usoai two »u,ps at Victoria
and Port Townsend, arrived in this
city at S in the afternoon. *5 hoar* oat
from Ban Francisco. The Wa!!a
Walla sailed u usual from the Bay
City at »a. m Friday, , Bi / t
V lctona at 7 :.K) .Sunday evening. She
wa* aided nearly all the w 4 y up
the coaxt by a strong soo eat
wind. hh« did not, however, break
the record between these joint-, the
quicker time i*ing two bouri faater.
Km her stop at Victoria wa< of oni»
J" ".our* duration, and ber Ma / at
fort Town«endcorre«pon<tingly short,
so «he was enabled to make unu-aallr
quick time to f-eatt*
It is exper-ted that hereafter much
■aster time than heretofore will t<e
made between the .Soun.l ami San
Francisco. The Walla Wall.! has a
brand-new propeller, and the Umatilla
na-* been Heanei and some re
pair* have been made, and >he is now
able to accomplish easily from 13vc to
14 knota per boar. Hbebvl one orivo
wrowieii with Sound »teauirr«i on h«-r
last trip up, and she *howed snrpri»-
in£ spe**d— -*o mmh *o, Indeed, that it
is not likely she will be challenged for
a race arain.
Forre-1 ve-terday ordered
the 1000 additional feet of hose for the
fire department.
A marriage license was granted yes
terday for l.ars 8. Herberg and iliss
Annie T. Fresvold.
T. H. 'aim of this city has lieen ap
pointed lieutenant and aid-de-camp on
the »tafT of Oar. Bempie
Mrs. DePrans class in Christian sci
ence will meet in Odd Fel ows' hall.
Rcimg building, at 2 p. m.
A gang of workmen and a piledr:ver
are at work re-piling the bridge ju>t
north of the large warehouses.
There will be a regular meeting of
the members of the Real Estate Ex
change in their rooms this evening
at 7 .30. *
The addres* of Rev. I. 1). Driver at
the opera bouse tiundav afternoon at
* o'clock was attended by a large
The Jap, "Thomas Mitchell." was
Jiven 75 days in jail for cutting Indian
ohnny with a hatchet Saturday
J. E. McEarchen hasl>een appointed
aeent of the Seattle. Lake Hbore &.
Eastern at Oilman, vice J. C. Thomp
son, resigned.
J>r. O. P, Baker, of Kali City, was
registered yesterday. He was born in
Pennsylvania, and graduated at
Keokuk, la., in 1870.
Louis Johnson, a patient at Provi
dence hospital died Sunday night, and
was buried yesterday from Cross A
Co.'s establishment.
Sunday night's 10:30 train did not
arrive until 3 o'clock. It was delayed
at Htnck by the non-arrival of the
Northern Pacific overland.
Tho Seattle Medical and Surgical
institute has been incorporated with
$20,000 capital stock, and W B.
Hrengle and F Noble incorporators.
The plat of the lieautiful piece of
land at West Seattle purchased last
spring by the Boston company, will
be tiled in the Auditor's otlice within
a few days.
C. 11. llankson of Newcastle died at
Providence hospital Saturday night,
and will be buried to-day at 2 p. ni.
from Shorey A Co.'s undertaking es
Seats for the Boston Qiintette Club
convert, on Thursday evening of this
week, may lie res* rved by any one to
day at the Seattle Pharmacy, cottier
Front and Marion streets.
V I.Jgar Boyle, son of Chief Jus
tice Boyle, has accepted a deputv
clerkship with Clerk of Courts Vv. B.
1-edgerwood, and taken hold of tne
books like an old attorney.
The three lodges of Good Templats
in this city will give a joint so i.il at
Pythian hall Wednesday evening. An
| enjoyable sot ial and literary pro
' pram me has been prepared.
| George E. Anderson, a sailor, fell
I down stairs at the Chicago lodging
\ hou«e yesterday morning and frac
; tured the patella of one of hi* knees.
i He was removed to Grace hospital.
The Ladies' Belief Society de-ire to
add the names of Mr I*. Wickstrom
and Mr. Oeo. 15 Kittinger to the list
of contributors to the orphan's home
fund. The former donated $o and the
latter SO.
The man, "Owen M Jones," as he
represented hitn-elf to ltees P Daniels,
in the recent crooked real r-taU- game,
was held in SIOOO bonds by Justice
Jones yesterday to appear before the
grand jury.
The basket social which the Woman's
Home society intended to give on Fri
day evening, has tieen postponed until
New Year's eve. The reason lor this
fs that so many other socials are lo
occur now
The revival services at Battery street
M K. church. North Seattle, tlie t>a i
week were of great interes'. Over ;i
were converted. The pastor, Hev. K.
W. Lov, will be assisted ibis week by
Mr«. Molloyof Port Townsend.
An Italian uamed Thom Perendi
was yestenlay sent up for ISO days for
beating his mistress, Angeline Coin
ualetti. He had been trafficking in
her virtue, according to the testimony
given, and had lived with her for two
C. 1. l>avis filed a copy of the arti
cles of incorporation of tbe Italian
Construction company with Auditor
Wood yesterday. It s capital stock i->
to I* sb>,ooo. "and the incorporators
are <«. I) Cheales, P. Ferrart and
Tranquil Ouawoni.
Col. L). B. Bush, of Portland, was
registered at the Occidental yesterday
II Steinmann. the architect, leaves
this morning lor Portland, to be gone
several days
Mr C. Brown field, of Boy, Pierce
county, is in the city visiting his son
and old friends.
Mrs Tate and Miss Tate, of Albany,
Oregon, are visiting the family of I*r.
O. Willis Price of this city.
Mr and Mrs. A. C. Anderson are
home from a four months' lour
through the Eastern -tates and Cali
United fcsiate*» Marshal Hamilton f
came in from Spokane Kail* Uto >e*
tcrday afternoon. end started at once
to atteml court at Olympia
Mr Alfred Snvder haa retimed to
his home in Uii- city from a - *
months' to Klinir» N He is
slightly iniprove*i in health.
All Chruiilc. Nrnrrtui a»»d Special
DIaMIM Skillfully Treated.
I)r K O. Johnaon. who reeently apent
eight mouth* in the principal b«*p.;a a
aud I.l'lsnn medical luatitatian* of N« *
York City iuvraUftauag the hm' recent
diacoveriea in medicine and aurgerv. hav
ing resumed practice In Soattle, i* pre
pared to treat ail claaaea of c».rone
u»« adie«. aach a* liver complaint, d*a
n.«-.a rh« ninat»»6i. all affection* of the
Ben, heart and lama. *1 skm and
blood dlatoae*. all ailments arlatug from
a weakened ner* us ayatem. a., recla!
daeaa* a. all genitourinary dlaeaaea, and
alldtaeaae* peculiar to wom-n, accorling
to the latent and m<«t imerged methyl#
Consultation free Charge* rooderaee
Offtoe, ruims :• ■') and 60, New Yctler b.o< k.
11l 11 atreet
Handkerchief* Chwur Cieary
F1 anuria Cheater Clearv
Real lace handkerchief diap'ay uext
Saturday evening Tokia*. tiiugtnnaß
1 Co.
The papering in Graham A Pan ton a
now atore tn the Boaten B.ock is attractlag
mack attention It la a Bw wort of art
Ail parfie* deainog fine papering. either in
Llncruata. Walton or Ja:-antav lea:her.
ahonla call aud get the;- p-nca.
ChlMrw crj for Pucwr'i Cutorli
1081 AT TK UST.
Enterprise* Tkat Seattle Mifkt
H»« Seemd.
n ' *«sal mf Capital UM A((r*-
*»'« »««o,aoow.
Agitating the need of more new
building! ha* «et a great mas; citi
zens interested in the future develop
ment of Seattle to IbinVing. and it U
not now nnasual to real estate men.
property owners and arthiracti roiun
t.irily o!>r.ng suggestion* an to what
isnproTfrncntt are po*«ib!e in the fu
ture growth of the city. How many
c«psiaii-ti and buiine** men have
come here within the la-t year or ivo.
intending to embark in ho*ine99 ren
tare-* whi.*h would materially add to the
growth of the city, thus enhancing
thevalne of property and increasing
the amount of bullae** to he
acted, have been turned awav because
there were no building* to be*obtained
- not eron office-room for rent? Take
the case of a Tacoma wh<*le«a!e gro
cery firm at present The concern
came to .Seattle fir*t. intending to lo
cate her?. They couldn't find a build
ng. mt they went to Tacoma, and
•ere near depot at the up-
per end of that city and on
a triangular piece of land on
Tacoina avenue they have stocked
a three-story building with a large
wholesale grocery business worth
•everal thousand dollars, and which
will probably develop into some tens of
thousands of dollar worth of business
before long. Thev found a building,
which they couldn't have secured
here. Haley, a wholesale druggist of
Milwaukee came here with $75.1 M)
capital to start a wholesale
drugs plant—couldn't find a
building. Stewart, a wholesale and
retail druggist of Minneapolis,
*it h 160 000 capital, went away from
!»eattle di-appointed. BOM, a well
known hotel man of Haiiey. Idaho,
wa- anxious to come here witbslo.ooo,
but he had to look el-e*here, for the
reason that there were no suitable
buddings here. And there have been
numberless inquiries made for rooms
for small 'tore-, room", and offices, to
receive the ar.-wer that none were to
be found. Parties coming here to
locate are met with the same difficulty
when -eeking houses ta rent. To sum
it up. the influx of people and capital
is large, but accommodations are
A well-known architect firm, Fisher
4 Clark, were annoyed to death almost
by inquiries for ro..ra in the Moses
korn liuilding, until finally they were
compelled to refu-e to show the plans.
Thi» same firm has proved hy the
following li-t of enterpri-es which Se
attle has failed to secure, what great
and pressing nee<l there is 'or new
buildings. They submit the following
list of concerns, with the capital thev
represent, which have come here to lo
bate and have been compelled to -eek
elsewhere for accommodations:
Oae Chicago hardware ho me tjO.Ouo
One Chicago dry goods and carpet
homo 20.000
One Milwaukee dry goods and car
pet house 2> 000
Oue New York boot and shoe house 40 000
One Milwaukee wholesale ilrucgis; 7>,000
One ludiauapolis clothing house
aud factory 50,000
Oue Chicago clothing house aud
factory f.0,000
One flrstelass hotel man from
Haiisy, Idaho .10,000
And this represents only the people
I with capital who have made inquiries
of this particular firm. Fisher A > lark
have all the names an 4 addresses and
will be pleased to give them to anv-,
body who has the least doubt left of
the urgent necessity for new build- j
j >ngs.
j AKoiti r.it Dibectoev. —The public 1
j will lie pleased to learn that R. L. Polk
' A Co. are about to issue an exclusive
directory of Seattle and King county. ■
The compilation of directories having
been their sole business for the l ast
twenty years, they are enabled to cm
plov competent and experienced men
i ontinuously, and include among their
publication- directories of Minneapo
lis St. Paul, Duluth, Detroit, Grand
i Rapid-, Toronto. Indianapolis, Atlan
' ta, and Portland. Or. Their patrons
take no ri«k ol hiving delivered to
them in:u urate and unsati-factorv
works. The printing and binding will
ail be done in this city. The liberal
patronage already secured from the
representative firms of the city is am
ple a-surance ihat the publishers en
joy the confidence of the Im-inesa com- |
> munity. and that their directory will
1 be all that it is represented to be
j complete in its information, hand
i sonify printed and bound in cloth, a
credit to the city, anil a valuable ad
vertisement through its circulation
I abroad The public would do well to
. *ee thst their order bears the name of
I K I. Polk A Co.
MiurriMi NOTES.
The steamer Alki. of San Francisco,
'ailed Sunday morning for Portland,
Or., with limfl tons of FrankUn coal.
The steamer Walla Watla brought
from San Francisco the following pas
senger" : Seattle, 2."> cabin and .'SI steer
age, Tacoma, 12 cabin and 4 steerage;
Port Townsend. »i cabin; Victoria. B.
10 cabin and 7 steerage Her Seat
tle freight amounted to 1.M 1 , tons gen
eral merchandise.
The tug Rainier is on the Colman
do* k for repairs She will receive a
general overhauling, in which a new
wheel, new brass sleeve on the stern
gearing, and a new crank pin will be
placed Her pumps, also, will be reno
vate 1
Ucsn rim RfSKtivrp SKATS.— That
the concert on Thursday evening by
{the famous Boston Q lintette Club
\ will bring forth fully as Urge and
j fashionable an audience a-* ever gath
ered within the o|>era house may be
be-t deduced from this fact: Nine
o'. lock ve-terdav morning was the
hour fixed by Mr. Stevens for the
opening of the box-sheet for the sale
I of reserved seat* to suWs. ribers only.
At * o'cloi k the line had commenced
to form. At the hour set there was a
throng of individuals completely till
ing the spacious quarters of the Seat
t'e Pharmacy and extending out on
! the pavement. This semi-cir 'le of
scat-seekers was not materially dimin
l-hed tintil the hour of 11, by whi b
time mo-t of the subscribers had come
to the front, making the diagram look
"distinctly <lotted. a phrase, by the
wav, mo-i dulcet to the ear of a the
atrical manager. The box sheet was
reserved all day according to promise
for subscribers only. To-day those
who »ere not on the subsbription list
can -eck their fortune in the matter
I of reserved seats.
The ru-h for seats i* not only com
plimentary to the an'i- ipated artist*,
nut an attest a" uelt that art in any
sphere goes not a-lx s girng in Seattle.
Great sa'e; table Mnen*. Cieary
Sale of kocdery. Cheater Clear*.
New trim mi nfa. Chester Cieary
Price •ur flannels. Cheater t'leiary.
ft. a aulendid white a~)<ivad Cieary.
Wooleu . ery. Chester Cieary
Shaw la. Ckeater Cieary.
TVwela. Chester Cieary
Wo are for everything in
Chnatraas c<M>ta. \ gra-jd uext
Sat unlay, iok a*. jgerroau ACo
Two car!v«ila • f thoee celebrated Yakfma
potaloca at J A HatSrld'a.
Kee?« Blood Purifler. Begr* Cherry
Conch 8* rap. B»ega Tropical Oil. Br eg*
l.iwr Pi la, iegga German Salvo, aud
Urge* Crleiraud Remediet for *aie aud
war ran ted by WaabrotN-k A Co.. Bamea A
Co . D-ibb* A Son. aud Compstou A Co
j KoChrtattaa* present o>a *1 be more ac
, ' cop table man a Ko-'ak camera. kra them
- at Stewart A lioime* t»rug a
I P.aes wanted for prea* room. Pe*T-IWTKL
UC'KVv ga wfloe.
. j camera* at Stewart A Holme*
. Drug Co.'a.
I ' CklMna erj w Puciir'i C*jU:U
■»» i mUH ik m« ot
"r. C. P. Stone, of Seattle, wbo hu
been making a twomorths' Tint to
the Eastern states, wrote a letter to
this office from Chicago, under date of
for. J6, in Use coar* of which he
"I tkail >tart to Seattle IV-eniber
Mh. and with me will go eieht or ten
peopJe representing three or four fan
die*, all with means and influence,
with a riew of making Sea tie their
future home. 1 met Captain Roe<ier,
of Betlingham Bay. vesterday. at Ver
million. Ohio He will start for home
about the listh of December. Although
a rood Democrat, be is mightily
eta«ed with the e'ectioo wal'*. as be
lieves in protection and desires the
admis-ion of Washington into the
I'nion of »ui*<
Frank Matthias is staying a few
weeks in Chicago but will "soon go to
New Orleans to spend the win'er He
now claims Pennsylvania for his home,
but may visit the I'acific coast another
In tbe last three months I have
traveled over the whole country norh
of Mason & Dixon''* line, and from
what I have seen and heard, I am sore
the travel to Washington territory
another feason will tie double what it
lia- been any two ye«trs previous. Near
ly everyone seems to have taken a sud
den interest in the Puget Sound coun
try. and nearly all de-ire to vi-it it,
either for piea-ure or to settle perma
1 am invited to different residence
nearly every evening to meet neigh
bor-, and friends in the rc-pective lo
calities. who a-semlile tsometimes fill
ing the house) for the purpose of gain
ing reliable information in regard to
tbe northwest. Nearly all ot them
evince the greatest desire to visit and
locate in that promising country, and
to have a t>an<i in developing its bound
less resources. Yours, etc.,
Deeds Recorded at the Auditor's
"flee Yesterday.
From January 1, IS*#, real estate trans
actions in Kicg county aggregate $15,057.-
46*2 k6. The number of deeds recorded
4 yesterday was 21. and the total amount
$14,4*6, au average of *>?» *O. Following
is the list furnished by Wood A Csborn, ab
stractorsof title.
A. R Pinekney to T. Metdag. fractional
i lot 14 of Wright's add. to West Seattle. $75.
M. J Wright to H. Watson, lots 1,2 and 3,
blk 80, Denny A Hoyt's add., $625.
j Gbantauqua Assembly to E H. Go ranch,
lot 6. bit 27, Cbatrauqtia beach, S4O.
O. H. Heiibrou to E A. Strait, lots 15
• and 16, blk B, Phinney's add.. S6OO
KA. fci'root to J. Gibbon. Jr., nnd Int
in lots a, 10,17 aud 18, blk A, Phinney 's
add.. sl«X>.
L. H Bobbins to M. O'Meara, lot 1. blk 4,
In Burke's Second add., S6OO.
W. B Browu to M. O'Meara, lot 1, blk 4,
; !n Burke's Second add.. SSO.
M. Clericua to F. Ewald. lot 3 blk 8,
Dt*wet's add , S2OO
F Hockbrun to W. Chisholm, lot 11, blk
<3O, D. T. Penny's Park add. to North
. Seattle. $650.
B. F Briggs to Hall A Paulson Furniture
! company, part of sec 19, tp 24 n. Rle, on
i Dnwamish river, sl.
Hall A Paulson Furniture company to O.
i W. Baron et al., piece of ground in sec 19,
tp 2* n, r 3 c, on Dnwamish lives, $4500.
| A. J. Johnson to J. H. Dannaidson, lots
1 aud 2, blk 2, Motor Line add.. SIOO.
11 White to F. K Row. lots 31 and 32. blk
1. White A Maun lug's add. to West Seattle,
D T. I>euny to W. F. Richardson, lots 7
and «, blk s, D. T. Penny's Park add. to
North Seattle, SI3OO.
I E. Blewett to John Ptifter, lot 10, blk 15,
Denny A Hoyt's add., SIOO.
I Harrv White to Watsoif H. Brown, lots 1,
2, 8. 4. 17. 19. 21. 22. 23 and 24, blk 6. lot*
5 to 16 B, id blk 3, au 1 lot* sto 12 inclusive
in blk 2, all in Second Motor Line add.,
11 White to W. 11. Brown, lot 16, blk 5,
White A. Manning's add. to West Seattle.
J. H. Wallingford to J. C. Grason, se'* of
»w' 4 of se*4 see 17, tp 23. r4 e. 1800.
j W H to 51. Johnson, lots 9
| and 10, blk 13, Burke's second add. to city
of Seattle, SIOO.
West Seattle L. A I. Co. to M. Johnston,
lot 7, blk 13. first plat Wtst Seattle by West
Seattle I. A I. Co.. S9OO.
J l». McDermottto Otto Wolf, lots 7 and
8, blk 14, Denny A Hoyt's add., s.' 20.
Rich, .school superintendent of King
county, arrived in the city Sunday
from Newcastle. Mr. Rich resigned
his position as principal of the New
castle high school on October 13. and
now devotes his entire attention to
superintending the schools in the
county. Kxatuinution of teachers has
begun" and this occupies roost of his
time at present. Mr. Orville Moore,
formerly of Kenton, succeeds Mr.
Rich as principal of the Newcastle
school, and Miss Emily Esworth has
charge of the primary department.
VThen Baby waa tick.
We gave her Caatoria
When she waa a Child,
She cried for Caatoria.
When the became Miaa,
She clung to Caatoria.
When ahe had ChlMrea,
tUw gave litem Caatoria
Keery department full of ChrMrsas
good* A grsud display Saturday e*eu
iug. Tokias, BtngeriraD. A Co.
In buying, Chriatmas, buy something
useful as well as oruameutal. Toktas,
Siugerman A Co.
For the Sufferers Through (he
Lite Fire.
Wednesday, S p. m..
DEC. 6. 18M.
Entertainment consisting of Concert
Pieees by the
All talent and tbe nseof the Opera Honse
is contributed to the giwxl csnse N"W let
others si>ist bv their attendance or pur
chase of tickets, which are only
P. A All the snffk-rers not yet cabled
upon will please leave iheir names, a-1-
dr*** aud ex'ent of!« »s wi*h L Williams,
*>v Er.>ut street, st the eariie-t moment, so
as ti» complete nrce-sary arrangements.
Coder tbe auspices of
Harmonv Lodge, No. 5. K. of P..
Music by Prof Vamhn's orchestra
Invitations can be bad fro® any taeni
ber of the olire .
c— <.f
Ckildrti Cry for Pitcher's C«si»ri«
We aomaence each week with a aew
list 3f bargains. Oar (pedal offer for this
week la a
It m the choice*! aaoccapied comer m
U»«e street. beia* at the aorthwest corner of
Front and Pike It la the scent kio4 of
business property and is tbe I ait opportu
s-tT for rnviai a on this main
baaioeaa thoroughfare at a big bargain.
Houses an-: lota ia all part* of the city at
from np.
Choice bnildin* io*s in every qaartcr of
Seattle, ineladtu* several notable bargains.
Lota la Terry's fourth addition, between
tbe Mill aud Jackson streets cable r *J. a
from I'M to 11100. half rath These lots
are oolt 8»e minutes' walk from the Orel
dental hotel, and we have on'y aboa: half
a dozen left. Lots nearly a mile farther
oot are being sold at hither price*.
I/Ws also ia Terry's Fifth and syndicate
Ottljr a very few k>?s remain of the first
20 wbich we are goinr to sell ID this addi
ti«Q before advancing prices.
Forty scree of choice land on the north
side of Lake Union for $l5O an me re. !t ad
joins land for which S3OO an acre ha* been
refused. It la?« with a ireutle alow toward
tbe iake and oer took* tbe lako and
the city. It woald sell readily uow in lots
and wou'.d make a splendid addition.
Forty acres, a little further awav. at $125
an acre. It lays well and is rery cheap.
Five-acre tracts at 9150 an acre.
One hundred aod flftrfour acre* very
near Kirklaod atflOOperarre. Inrettirate
a .d tee if this it not half cheaper than any
thing in the vicinity.
Twenty acre! of choice water front on
tireen I-ake, a> deiirable as anything on
the lake, at 1250. Look into this. We hare
15 ai res very near the 'aka at WOO t>er acre.
The-e are the two greate&t bar*ains in that
Twenty acres near Lake Washington, op
posite Kirklaud, on the county road and
ike Seattle, Lake Shore & Kastern railway,
at 1100 per acre. We recommend it as a
Ten acres, with orchard, good buildings,
some stock and everything ready for liv
ing; near the bay; SISOO.
We make a specialty of this line of busi
ness and have improved and unimproved
farms for sale, including several especial
bargains near Seattle. We recommend
particularly an eighty acre unimproved
tract of fine beaver-dam and maple
bottom at <-200; forty acres at half the
price; a first-class, partially improved 160-
aere farm, with buildings, etc., for S7OOO.
Furniture and low lease for two years of
good fourteen room lodging house for SI4OO.
We have the best investment for SIO.OUo
in rent paying property in the city
Two choice bull ling lots in Burke's Sec
ond addition for SSOO each.
8 » all farm or garden tract of 10 acres on
water front, Ijike Washington, improved
and on county mad, for S2OOO.
Brewery for sale, good water and good
location, $6750.
Tautiery with latest improved machinery,
two acres of improved land, splendid or
chard, a fine ten-room, hard tiuished resi
dence, a barn, and a {«erpetual deed to
magnificent water-power. Tanuery is on
liue of railroad aud on »a)t water, aud is in
successful operation. Price. S4OJO: part
cash. Water power isw irtb this.
For anything in this list or anything you
may want go to
Keal Estate a»il Financial Brokers,
Take the elevator.
G. A. R.
Tuesday Evening, Dec. 25.
Geo. r Java
Thursday Eveoißg, December 6.
THE r*«ots
S\ rrtißTEll BY
in One Grand Concert.
The above artis's are the very cream
of the cultured city of 80-tun's profes
sional mu-icul falent.
Bos sheet open", for subscribers
only Mondav morning at 9o'clock, at
tbe Seattle Pharmacy, corner Front
and Marion streets. After Monday
the bo* sheet will 1* open to the pub
lic peneraliy. same place. Tickets, in
cluding re-erved seats, $1
General admission at the door on
the nicht of the concert. down stairs.
sl, gallery, 30 cents.
Third Street Tax Notice.
(oon< Htn tbe dUtrict created by Or
ail. ftU'r No 93*. to provide for the ft •din*
of Tbiid rtreel, from Vi rmi to D*»pot
•treet, and ron*tmrting on boto
tides lbereof.it now due aud ptt»W« at
Ibe office of ihe city treasurer All taxe*
not |«ld with in
Of the fir«t pnbUettiOD of thi» •otiea wF.I
be rie- larrd delinqaeat. a penally of »» prr
cent ••Med. and interval at tbe rate of 10
City Clerk
Fir* pub!:talien of tkla notice. >ov 34
Papkr Brum, blank booe mant
factarer Prices lower than
euwet country or4rr% wliated. rryt»
Opvra Block, room• 9 as# Ik
Front ud Columbia Sts.
We Are Preparing far Ckristiis.
For This Week
Strong Attractions.
The Latest Hoielties
Are to be Found in
If you gee our Jackets and Long gar-
ments, in both plain and braided ef-
fects, in the new shades of ox blood,
wine, pigeon grey. royal blue and myr-
tle green, you cannot fail to find some-
thing that will proTeto be just what
you want.
The new Directoire Cloak in the
plain and stripe effects at $35 and up
Our Seal Plush Jackets, Cacques.
Wraps and Long Garments are all
made by men, workmen on regular
sealskin garments, ann are of superior
quality and finish.
Novelties just reeeiTed in Mixed
Colored Jersey Waista for winter wear
from $1.50 upwards.
New shapes and materials in Water-
proof Cloaks, including the Irish peas
ant style.
Home of the latest styles Broadcloth
Suiting in plain colors are in great de
maud, as they make up more styli-h
and effective than any other plain
weaves. We have them in all the new
colorings. We have three qualities of
them at $1.12%, $1.50 and $2.
A large variety of Fancy Border
Suitings in the new ombre and Per-
sian effects.
Piiestly Silk Warp Henriettas. This
is the strongest tiling we or any mer-
chant have to offer in Black Ilresi
Goods. They arc made in two shades.
They never vary in quality or color.
They never turn brown or pull in the
seams We warrant every yard, and
if not as represented we refund the
money- See that yon buy Priestley's.
Their trademark is varnished boards,
with Priestly's name on end of board
By Far tha Best Values Ever
100 pieces 10-inch Plush, all colors,
worth 75c, for 80c.
75 pieces ISMnch Plush, all colors,
worth sl. for t*)c
Art Embroidery
Aa elecant line of Trimmed Baskets,
Fancy Scrap Baskets, Broom Holders,
Ta|>er Backs. Fancy Jewel Cases and
the latent novelties for holiday gifU.
A larpe assortment of all kind* of
materials for Art Embroidery.
l.e-'wons jriveti and stamping done.
Tbe system of selling every article
at a small profit bat of a thoroughly
reliable qnallty, is a rmling principle of
this dm
Front and Columbia Sts
Frwit and Celumbia Sts.
i Important Sale
To secure room for holiday display
we are compelled to make an ahsolate
and early clearance of our surplus
stock of Blankets. Quilts and Comfort -
ab!es. To accomplish this Tesult the
following prices will go into effect
Monday morning and all this week
Our refr-Jar Blankets reduced
Our regular t- Blankets reduced to
Our regular $3.50 lUinket« reduced
to $2.50
Our regular $1 75 Blanket reduced
to $3.
Killed with best grades of white cot
ton and full size.
50 dozen Kigired Comfortables at
Ssc each.
40 dozen Figured and Turkey Red
Comfortables at f 1.51.50 and $2.
Eiderdown Comfortables from
to *13.50.
We are showing a large assortment
of Carriage Robes and Horse Blankets
at#ery low prices.
We are displaying a large :ind varied
assortment of new designs in Fancy
French Flannel for Wrappers, Sae>i>ies.
etc. ;>0 pieces French Plaid Flannel
at 50c.
Silk Handkerchiefs
luy Now and Cet the Cream of
Our Assortment.
Laities intending to purchase Silk
Handkerchiefs for the holiday* will
find it to their advantage to make
Ibeir selections now, as the variety
will not last long, and they cannot be
obtained later on
We hove them in 100 or more styles,
ranging in price from 22c to $3.50
In T.inen Handkerchiefs as usual we
take the lead by a large majority. We
have Fancy Bordered Handkerchiefs
a low as 25c dozen. We show them
also at 35c dozen and .Vie doicu
In Embroidered Irish goods we «an
please the most fastidious from Ssc
each to SO.
An elegant assortment in Real
Dnchess Point from $2.26 each to sls.
Trimmed Hats and Bonnfts.
Trimmed Hats and Bonnets for
Christmas, embracing all our imported
model* and special exclusive designs.
Kound Hats and Turbans, Fancy
Feathers and Ornaments new every
Monday morning
Table Linens.
A tour through our Linen Depart
ment will reteal genuine bargains.
We oonsider a handsome table net of
Linens as acceptable a present as can
he offered for a Christina* gift.
25 fine Fringed Table Cloths, 3'A
yards long, with Napkins to match,
plain and eolored borders, new de
signs, at W SO.
Twelve fine Lunch l?ets Table Cloth*,
Sand 2% yards long, with Napkins
and Doylies to match, from IIP U ICS
Front and Columbia Sts.
Front and Columbia Sts.
Clothing Dept.
To those looking tor a trad. reliahli
lust of cloUit'4 &n ovtTwit. or an odd
pair of pants made by CUSTOM
TAILOKS, of lirst-vlass materia!, wttk
lining and trimmings to match wt
respectfully inrite to call upon us
We dislike newspaper "blowing:."
None more so. But we can truthfully
say thai no h>us« on the I'acifio Coast
carries a larger or liner selected stock
of Men's. Youths'. Hoys' ar.d Chil-
dren's Clothing than we do. and our
prices we guarantee to I* the lowest
For a good-fitting, all wool Casm-
mer Sack Suit you pay »l This for a
reliable business suit we call ipost rea-
sonable . and from that price up to sl4
we can gire you your choice of ovar
40 different lines At SIG per suit wa
sell a silk-mixed all wool worsted
lined with silk serge, any sum from 34
to 42 chest. aii«l » uattv and stylish
a suit as an? one want?. For th«
same price a Black Diagonal Worsted
All Wool Sack Hints
of the same goods $1 higher. We
could fill the paper with price*, hut it
would only tire you to read them all
and puule you to remember Call on
us and you will be politely shown oiti
Our Boys' and Children's stock is
now very complete, and we would
like to 'how them to the ladies. This
department is on the >-eeoiid floor,
reached by an elevator A comfort
able large room, with plenty of light,
and the lowest prises
IW I 1
Cental's Fnrnislini Ms.
Men's Merino fctriped Hbirtti and
Drawer*, winter weight. 80c. Men*
Moleskin Overshirts. SOc. Men's Kan-
cy French Tcrcalc Shirts,:i ocltar* and
1 pair cuff-. 75c and ft. These good*
are fast colors and good style. Men'*
English Merino Half Hose, 25c. Men'*
Natural Wool Mixed :Spair*sl. Urn's
Natural Wool Sanitary Silk, 60c. Over
MX) different patterns in Men's tin*
fcilk, gatin lined, bcarfs, ?sc. Ask for
the Arlington, the latest Soarf. !»
Mrn't rndcrwrar the -tock rcprcrenii
Ke*l*r'« hamiiuade Derby I'uderweaf,
natuial camel's hair. Australian wool.
lamb's wool, natural wool sjilieed seat.
Gents' Saxony wool shirt and drawer*.
Gents' Cashmere shirts and drawers.
Gents' Merino shirts and drawer*.
Gents' Balbriggan shirts and drawer*.
We represent thr I.irwnin Mills ia
Derbo «triped camel's hair sbirta »n4
draw*r> plain camel'# hair ahirts and
drawer*. Scarlet wool dwoble seat
drawers, gray Scotch wool double seai
drawer . Bwiu t'omle noiisbrinking
shirt" and drawer* iii plain, fancy and
Striped Dr. Jaeger • Stau.Ury Woolen
i-ystrm Company uuderwar for l»
dies, children aud m#i also cigbt
shirts and o»ershirts T. ,f A Co. are
*»'le agents for Seattle W T Bpe«»al
attention to mail order*
Front and Columbia Sta

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