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One Daj's Occurrences in
Oamt.ltra Eliminated from OljßipU
Health lupwllos on rnset
Ntantl Steamers.
Tscoiia, Dee. 3.~At the conference
between the Library Association and
the council committee tonight little
was accomplished, owing to ihe ab
sence of Mayor Drum and Council
man Ulli*. The proposition that will
be submitted to the council by the Li
brary Association will be. howerer,
■bout the following That the city ap
propriate SI3OO a year for the support
of the library, and in return the mayor
to be a perpetual member of the board
of trustee*, and the council to elect
three trustees annuallyfrom their num
ber . Ihe board to < <>n»i-tof nine mem
bers the majority always resting with
the »s-ociau«n In order to prevent it
becoming a political foot-balf.
The body of James L. Kayne was
brought to this city from gamier
Sunday Biornine. Kayne met his
death by falling through the Northern
Pacific bridge across the Puyaiiop
river, Bear Suinner, Friday night.
Ooroner McCoy deemed an Inquest
nnncceiMary. The identity of the
deceased is unknown, but he is sup
posed to belong in Kan-as City.
Itain poured down in torrents yes
terday without cessation. The lucky
posse-son of umbrellas gripped them
with an 'it'll- lje-a-co!d-day-when-I
leave tbis-anywhere " look." Jo-eph
Doyle ami Frank Carroll didn't have
any. Yet ihey longed for protection
from the cruel elements, and pasting
(Jen bprague's residence one of the
nseful articles of choice silk with a
gold tipped handle, such as the gen
eral H wont to carry, caught their eve,
resting on the porch. A few nimble
stein, » hurried retreat and the gen
eral's gem was sheltering their wicked
heads. The loss was soon discovered,
the police notified, ami a few
hours afterward the thieves were in
jail. This morning Justice .-enter
lined them 920 and costs which Iteing
unable to pay they were committed
The judge afterwards said there was
no line too heavy to make the punl-ii
rnent fit the crime for stealing an uin
hrellion a wetdav, to which opinion
his hearers cordially as-ente.t Justice
Benter bound over W. K McKenzle,
charged with larcency of jewelry, in
the sum of |fioo. He was allowed to
go on a deposit of S3OO cash.
F. E. Byles, who Itired a team from
oiK'fUWe and re'uriied it to another,
was dtschargod with a reprimand.
Ffank Daley and Charles Emerson
apuri'tieiided for the burglary of Kim
ball Itros'. store were held in the sum
of 111*10 e.^gii.
Annie Legge of Puyallup filed a
eomplaint praying for a divorce from
her liusband. Geo, Legge, for non
aapport, and asks leave to resume her
maiden name of Annie Thomas.
C. M Wilierir sues Jos Buchtel ct
al to recover |2900 paid by plaiutiir as
indorser of defendants' notes.
W 11. Pritchard vs. John if. Stearns
and «'has. I>. Wescox, is an action to
compel defendants to transfer to
plaintiff lota ti and 7. in blot k 1712. in
accordance with a written agreement
In the matter of the estate of A. 1!.
Olds, deceased, Frederick T. Olds ami
Edward Hill petition that Irene J.
Olds, wife of the deceased, be appelat
ed admini-tratri*. The e-tate is esti
mated at SSOOO, ail in i>ersonal prop
IN <>K!(KItM .
John Doe was arrested this after
noon for picking up and running off
with a $lO gold piece which a guest of
Uie house had dropped.
Justice Lawrence fined five disrepu
table woiueti arrested Sunday niglil
$l. r > and costs each.
Equestrians <in Eleventh street I«•-
twcen Pacific avenue and A -treet an>
asking how long the hiiiw that has
Uiil ill the mi,ldle of the street for U
days n going to l>e allowed to remain.
A report current on the street- ttiu
the It orlti, a weekly paper, had sus
pended publication in unfounded.
Blye Wants to I 1.-ad (lullty to Man.
slaughter Other l uurt New..
WALLA Wnia.He, .! In the Hive
ca-o his attorneys submitted a propo
sal that the prisoner plead giultv of
manslaughter in killing IVter Mo'riti.
y *hat sentence on both charges may
be made at the same time In case this
is nut accepted argument on a motion
tor a new trial will t.e ma.le. The
matter w ill lie di-posed of ill the uioru
The receipts of the Catholic fair that
Clo-eil Saturday night amounted to
more than I *» — A much jtrcntfr >'im
than ever before, imiicatin# l«etter
tunc,* ht'rr than ever Iwtfore
Marker, the man shot at Waliula a
tow days while attempting toenter
• residence. :s in «„ precaiious a con
dition at the ho-piial that his hi, i
despaimi of.
Saturday C. C McCoy sold a one
•txth interest In the I.iitle Pittsburg
rlai ~m ar .-spar!a, Or,, to Cooper and
rcuumck of this , ity, tor *.Vjooea. h
A -tanlin£ re\ela ion in the l>avi*
murder ca*e i-. probable in the next 4*
Hon. itafns Mallory of Portland is
her.' on legal business.
The marriage of tlziie Justice and
Thomas MaiudUin is announced to
lakr |»i.ne ev*»:.ini:.
rhH afternoon Stn'riif took
Jr«m the jail t> ihe pe dtentiarv the
prisoneis *entrnc«d in'c urt
th- morning Allard Mei-ier horse
■tedlne. one year. Sandv Fore-t
grand l irc. Ny, taree year-. J. Wilker
•on \ W. ft, s uiuond and I'.i r \\
Itani-, ea h thrre years, f <)r Imnlari.
Th« following were sentence I to n„.
Jail ticogre S'.aagh'er, hor e tealing
»n n.ontii-; t. w.ud Vatle. cat tie
►tediiu;, i,m,. month» John C atl' i
assault, un u\
OLlMI»l% MMs
Th«» C'lljr l.i|Utv(l li) Kl*r|rltllj
(••uiMvra Uoutril.
gtWM.Pw. l-Bi 11 mm imam
All v. . i c»> :n t.. .. iv u I
oYI , k And M| {V.:\nWA i N J \
«rw»r and K ! !».• < i' \
lio|{'. >.mt Kt-rjfuxm mi l A - A -
tiM. Iviilllf . | |ie ( s .»(». . ( j,j
n 1 •" 1 «r. *. rr lilt' • tltr •,
»«-■:. a'i.i thr t • Irt |I ' i.'lr, !••
ht*»rii *• I. ui ,„r imp m, i:*>ii. It i«
|tr> ' ' « thai tin* v; ti>url m.I
not c mlinur longer lh»n l<» .1-
>->*>iikk» ouuti> . rr.
AS'il i: , r , w rrr „„ Saturday
•u : >- str;iUv vi.trwl t'i Urive Uiaii
«'.V >' • ■ M N««r >n<l M.t.riU,.:
mm, i » t llirir-i«*i-artur«-
"«W to U,.- f ac t tlu!
1"' ■ > :i«T*rv probUMc
■«« lh« ir oj f4i.ot]v
TUB K! Kv TRIO 14<4HT>
A|t»tn tin. . ;ty can «{ M i*
U)«i>ti|v |t|»rr m ->.>3tti«, »rrn W ,>),
>»*'<•« t.n liir ■ l*wt tigtii..
Thr rlrt t'i.- sen* put tn nt^-ra
I S 1. .l\ ! •: t , . (1,
MUiUvlkm >■( t'.f Ihtiti,
•Ili'H *lft> ! (thi- !, ■ r>< r«i ti lil
•»*'» «-n» -Ir.t >•! * !«•» vim ;• .
IKhl» n«- * u>utt> >1 *.rr-<!y
fruiitr«« ><i !■ r 1»» *tmt ' - wt»i
•rill \>r*- i ;n rfiw . • l a
Ui.it >UHi «.-• U :.»r« Mi.,, ,
lb# s f " ho <■«-- arr *ujn i» ui-!,;
MS *ilh ciwir; 4 * th <« grv~a!iv
tb*i{ «m«irAtui>. V: t ht
inter «•>;;<* , } outfit tn<i Main
•llttl' hw rboin|khta A
Jlvti K i lain 5 v- tfceir
over the busiest portion of tba city,
miking it a very attractive tfo t.
THE rrrr *»wt(.
The Olympta CoUagiate Institute
ijegan its second terni to-day. having
in attendance art?T 13# atudent*, rapre
-enting 17 roaitin in tfc«. territory.
PrtMdat Foliuv>bee ittlfi that be a
t-ositave the enrollment will he mneh
larger before the ckno of the year
There are 400 student* en' !led in the
public schools of the city, with the
alter,ii»nce constantly in«; casing. The
pubiic school buildings are entirely in
adequate for the want.* of the city,
which »ill soon be compelled to en
large the prefer) t school buildings or
r oiutruct new one. The latter course
will probably he adopted.
Lart Saturday erening a man who
was passing the store of G. 80.-enthal.
oi> -erred a blanket which was among
the arti< les pla. Ed in of the store
for an a: vert, semen t. and evidently
anticipating the coldness of the ap
proacning night, he sought to replen
i-h hit bed covering by appropriating
the blanket to his use. He was at
oßce pursued and arrested by Officer
McClelland and lodged in the block
house where he remained until this
morning, wben he was taken before
Ju-tice Keady and fined $35 and costs,
in default of which he will be boarded
at the county's eipense for a few days.
Mes»r». Told a* & Kaufman are to
day moving into their new store room
in the new William* block.
Capt Wm. Mi Micken has recovered
from his recent severe attack of ill
Mr. J. W. Kanklne, timber inspector
for the N. P. R. K. Co., is in the city.
OLTariA, Dec. l.—Tbe capitol
grounds now pre-en t a very beautiful
appearance, the result of much hard
labor and considerable money, which
has been expended in their improve
ment during the last few months.
The last legislature made an appropri
ation of 1500 for improving the
grounds and to this the city council
of this city added its contribution of
|2SO for the «anie purpose, all of which
h.t" been put to excellent use by Secre
tary Owing*.
work ha-- been suspended on the
new Episcopal church building and
will probably not be re-umed until
next spring. The contractor thinks it
would not be good policy to continue
the outride wood work Auring the wet
1 luring the last month there were
88 instruments tiled for record in the
county auditor's office. Of this num
ber 27 were warranty deeds, the aggre
gate consideration 01 which was $.V>,-
443, or an average of $3053 44.
Major J. A. Hayden has purchased
from Thos. Pratber and others lots 7
and lof block 8, and lots 1 and 2of
block !), this city, paying, therefor
('apt Wm. McMicken has been quite
ill during the past few days, the re
sult of an attack of indigestion.
Mr. Krank Hanford of Seattle is in
the city to-day. having visited Nis
qually yesterday.
Gov Semple left for the East this
morning, to be gone aliout a month.
During his absence the business ol his
otllc. wi.l In- transacted by M:-- Aver,
while Secretary Owings will be acting
Mrs. James Tar!.ell this morning
left for the East, where she will remain
during the winter for the benefit of
her health
ri he following corporations have liled
their articles with Secretary Owings:
Snohomish Water Company of Sno
homish City; capital stock, 125,000;
trustees, < .' A. Mis-imer and F. M
Blackmail. Us objects are to con
struct and operate a system of water
works in and for the town of Snoho
The Salmon Bay Shingle Company
of Seattle; capital stock. $15.0U0; trus
tees, A. W. (fight, John Willard and
Arthur N. Kiirgs. It is organized to
transact all kinds of business pertain
ing t<> the manufacture, purchase and
sale of shingles and lumber.
Skagit Coal <Sc Transportation com
pany of Tacoma; capital stock, $1,000,-
000." Trustees, Nelson Bennett, Ed
ward M Wilson, E. 1.. Cougill. T. C.
Sears, T L. Stiles of Ta onia; Samuel
E I.arabie and Charles X. l.arrabee of
Montana. Its objects are to acquire
and develop coal lands, the manufac
ture and sale of coke, the acquisition
of iron and other mineral deposits,
the working and -ale of the same, the
con-traction and operation of rail and
tramways, tin? acquisition of timber
und timiier lands; to build and operate
water craft, conduct wharves, ware
houses, etc.
The Coupevllle Water company of
Conpeville, VV.T.; capital stock. |IOOO.
Trustees, J. K. Goodwin. J. 1!. Ribbey
and Thomas Cranney. Its object Is to
supply the town of Conpeville with
water for domestic purposes.
The Swedish Christian Mission of
Spokane Falls also tiled articles.
satisfaction llii'r Haines' Acquittal
Precaution Against Smallpox-
PORT Towssium. Dec. 5.- Much sat
isfaction was expressed yesterday on
receipt of the I*. KT-INI'FLLIGKXCK.K
containing the news of the acquittal
of t'«L J, t'. Maine- Col. Haines has
many warm friends in this city, and
although the result of his trial wa
fully anticipated, the news of his
triumph was received with great
lasrtCTlOK ol lf-sorM|> •TKAMCRK.
The city health officer. Dr. Harri
son, has been instructed by the city
council to inspect all iws-enger steam
ers from Seattle ami Tacotns. as a
precaution against the smallpox. It
Is expected that the council will make
application to the -urgeon-genersl of
the territory to have tins service jier
formed by ihe government health oth
• er. thus savin- the expense to the
The installation of the li. v. David
Camahan. is pastor of the Fir-' l'res
bvterian church of this citv. took
pile- yesterday. Services ware held
morning and evening at Red Men's
hull, conducted by the Jtev J A.
Ilanriaof New the Rev
II Vernon Rice, of Irondale. The
morning sern on was delivered In-
Key J N Penis ■ i pastor o" the M
K church of this city,and the evening
s.-rmon ' tie Rev. II V. Rice.
Kv client mu-ic was ren.iereii by a
large If if. la'iier the etti ent direc
tor-hip of Proi. W. J Melville
Th« dissatisfaction with the -ervi. es
of the fort Town-end Electric Right
Co. is men tins; dailv or rat' cr
j i igfctiy. It l- rep tried that a nuiulier
jof local capitalist-will soon (petition
i ihe council for a franchise for another
j company.
i.erman ship Henriette arrived this
; morning alter an unusuallv long pas--
a,re of t# .lays from San Pedro ishe
wa- under charter to Uud w heat at
; Tacoi a. but her charter expired Is
fore her arrival. Mie ,s j, -eek inr
■i ■ tin ■ . :agen.. t
Ihe lloltlnt I.ale flyer.
ow c IV. I.—The new tioMen
«».»t-' Ul. the train whi h i" to run
t«elweefi Omaha an«! Fran.'mo ; n
'*» hour*, n akinjf one roun>t trip ea< h
wet-k, l»:t thw c'tv for Omaha thi*
afteni.x»!», hearing » number of promi
i ient citsie: - ra;iroa4 n \ r-ent.ttivev
•t«- it h a train of
sleeping car- m.i a.l ningtar. an.i ha>
an other noveltir* a r*h« p
imti) for kttdie-* an*! irentte
■ u»en The i* !ieate<ii throughout
hv from the locomotive, aiul
t ichte l by electricity.
T-» M < »lhfr
Fiv*cuoo. Dec hi *
F»»r fair Heather in the
-it rain in the wou-m
P*>rt.v>n *m*l» ahifttnjf to aomheHy;
r« \ri} stationary For
\Va»btn£t «n Tenitory rain in the
•e-t#rn fair * rather, folio ved
M ratn
M. i. W.Hni iwad.
Waait V l I Dec. .V Ju<ire Kob
eri «» Warden tiuxl late Uvnt|mt ai
I'rotidftjc* )hi»piUi
Two CkIMM Bl(kUW«rt Klllo*-
BlMkulltr HtIMV.
POBTLASD. Dec. 3.—A bloody sboofc
ins affray occurred in Chinatown San
day afternoon. Folly 39 Chinamen
were engaged in the fight, and about
30 -hots were fired. The shooting was
kept up about fire minute". Wben
firing ceased four Chine->e were found
seriously wounded. Later a fifth was
found under the stage of the Chinese
theater. Two hare »;nce died and the
three others will probably die. The
name- of the wounded men are:
Mah Bin?. Ah Lonf, Ah Sue. Wong
Chung and Lup Yick. Mah Bing died
shortly after being taken to the police
station, and Ah S le at 9.30 p. m. Sun
day. All the parties to the fracas were
members of two rival secret -•ieties,
the Hop Sing Ton? and Bow Leong
Tong, and are among the lowest and
naoet worthless type- of humanity.
Ah Yee, Lee liang, Ching Ah Yew.
Yank Cew and Ah Sing were arrested
and jailed on suspicion of having been
implicated in the row; also. Pon Long,
who is a prominent merchant, and has
a white wife and six children.
Now that people in the interior are
satisfied that the reports about small
pox here were exaggerated, normal
travel to this city has i*en resumed.
During the pas week the fact was no
ticeable. but more so to-day, when the
trains were crowded with country m<jj
chant" and others.
C. H. Mclsaac, defendant with J.
D VSen in the Murray blackmail
case, is in Coicago. He left the city
without permission from the prose
cuting attorney. The case ha" been
postponed from time to time on ac
count of his absence. It is under
stood that if he does not put in his
appearance very soon the district at
torney-proposes having him brought
back on an indictment now on tile
against him.
Cjrrns A. Dolph to-dav resigned his
position as a director in the Oregon
transcontinental Cumpany, ami lion.
Joseph Simon wa* elected in his place.
From private dispatches received
here to-day it i" learned that the chief
justice of the inited States supreme
court will render a decision in the ca-e
of theOregonian Railroad Co. (limited)
TS the 0. K. & N. ('».. in which a
million dollars is involved,on January
7th. Edwrrc Roberts, an M. P. of
Scotland, will be present.
A. P. Milton and wife, J. M. E.
Alkin.-on Frank Kelly, W. i\ Dam,
J. K. Jean*. W. T. Capen, Mrs D.
Blakenrv. J. Cubb, Miss A. Cull, of
Seattle are in the city.
Three Chicago Judge* I'artlclpate
In Appointing a Itecelver.
CHICAGO Dec. .'{.—This afternoon
Judge Tuley of the superior court
is,ued a rule on Judge I'rendergast of
the county court, forbidding him to
proceed to appoint a re< fiver for the
bankrupt firm of Lindauer Pros. &
Co., clothiers. Judge Prendergast
held that Judge Tuley had no jurisdic
tion in the premi-es, and proceeded to
appoint a receiver. Judge Prender
gast named Michael J. Schweisthal,
cashier of the International bank, as
The matter was further complicated
this afternoon by the action of Judge
Morton, who on petition of the attor
neys for the insolvents and several
New York creditors, appointed Ber
nard Kuppenheiuier receiver for the
failed tirm. It is said the petition of
these creditors was part of a plan to
outwit Judge Prendergast, and they
certainly now have the best of the
matter, as Receiver Kup]ienheinier
took iH>H-es?ion of the property to
night liefore Assignee Schwefsthal put
in an ap|>earance. According to J u«lge
Tuley s rule, Judge Prendergast must
explain his action to-morrow.
TO St'K Tit I-" KNKIHTf).
Kij.rlleil Ollleer Harry Will Begin
Criminal l'roceedlnga
EAST SAGINAW, Mich., Dec. 3.—ln
an interview Thomas B. Barry says he
is about to commence legal proceed
ings at Philadelphia against the
Knights of Labor, through its officers,
for defamation of character and al
jeged expulsion. He placed the case
in a hands of his attorneys Saturday
for criminal action in the United
States court against John W.Haves,
secretary and treasurer of the Knights
of Labor, for violation of the postal
laws in sending Barry a letter on
which appeared "expelled, O. E. B."
Oregon Short Rine—Passed Hunt
ington: S. Enplander, Charles Mc-
Iverv and wife, J Foster, S. Hope, H.
K. Ma-uti, 10. .1. Holmes, and 40 sec
ond-class pas-engera.
Oregon A California—Passed Med
ford: IS. Isaacs and wife. Mrs. Teal.
Mi-s Witcheiiheimer, Mrs. Keam. F.
Oldridge and wife. 1,. Simon. ('. I.ein
enwehcr. W C. I'abh, .). H. Leaven
sent. M. I>. Ballard, R. .1. Courtright,
Wm. Mann, Mrs. Howe. J. K Kugels.
W. IV Simpson, and 2!) second-class.
The Transcontinental Tariff.
Niw YOKK, Dec. 3.—Commissioner
Kink said to-day that with the excep
tion of a few details all matters con
nected with the tixing of freight rates
bad been practically settled.
A Washington Territory Colony
CiiicAdo, Dec. 3. -The Washington
Territory colony of Chicago was
organized to-night, for the purpose of
buying and improving a tract of land
to be selected hereafter in Wa-hingtou
Territory near Tacoma. Ihe capital
slock is to be SIO,OOO divided into t>oo
<«arfl*lrl County.
Allen ,v»l. Voorhees 41', Crecne 0.
Curry M 9. Hunt t.'tt.
Mil. Butler 455.
Joint Representative-W. S. Oli
phant(K)7. Jas. !*etlgt'r«rood 591.
Joint r<>un«t!nian I>. T. Welch
4'.*7, M. M. (rod man 476.
Prosecuting Attorney —W. N. NofiT
sin»:er *»<>. M F Go*e t»ls.
(No county ticket returns in.)
Allen L'sO. Voorhees 289.
t'nrry :!!(., Hunt i-io
O'Brien ns», Butler 272.
Joint Councilman- E It. Hyde 2<)o.
Ja» Monaghan 310.
Joint Representative- C. E. Ijt'irh
ton 17!'. C 11. Mi Millan 3WS.
Prosecuting Attorney -W. C. Jones
325. I'. D. Mickel 252. '
Sheriff—G. B. Ide )Wf». W. H. Walt
ers 201.
Andi'or .las. O'Neil 3%'. D. Gal
ucio 3"f>.
Probate Judge J. M. Rewley 2.'s r i
J. It Slater32o."
Assessor «i. B. Idc .TPSi. W. 11.
Walters 171.
Treasurer-J. Rickey 315. J. 11.
Young 2»Vi.
Surveyor J M Bewley 352.
S hooj S ■, p* P.J N'iven
.1-1 Mr- II Auhin AW
Coroner C. IVHudder 255. A. P.
TrunneN 2:tl.
I'onnni-- oners -E Way land 252 R
v Cnderhill 2s|. .1 II Hostetter
S. H Msnlv 271. E. C Thomas 352. «».
I'-elknap 271.
Okan* (a..
Allen .112 Voorhee« 2-|s.
t urrv 310. Hunt 815
O'Brien *lt, Butler ?tt
Prosecuting A'tornev—W C. Jones
N. P D Mickel 22>
loint Councilman—E. B. Hyde
Ja'i e- Monaghan 3ttl
Joirit Representative—C. F. I.augh
ton "v i I; McMillan 174.
Col STt rt. KFV.
~r C. It. Rash 2! i. F. M. Raum
'•her... R. Allison 3.»; p. Perkins
20 S
Trea-urer -<i P. Mulkahv 2W, E
C. ill.
Probate Judge- C. 11. Ballard ,T2s. C.
WI'COI 221
E W Ree T72. li.
W Hurley 221, <" Johnson It! W.
Granger l«t P < M, I>onald :«>, F
A. l.am»den 211
Assessor H C Davis 38(2 R. Ma
lone «»i
Coroner J. R. Price 570, J. L. Ed
wards 175.
rwmetmtrU frwm Frrii Pag*.
carriers, and pro riding substitutes for
vacation* and holidays, and a limita
tion in the appropriation tor but eight
hoars' service per day, at a
! total cost for that service daring
the current fiscal year of about
i 17.0f®,000 of money, there has been
; provided for the cost of clerks in all
tho postoffices of the I'm ted States
but fo.SXf.OOO. The total increase of
free elivery offices for the current
yeaa will not exceed 40.
The act of congress approved July
24, 18S8. authorize, allowances for
rent, fuel and lights for first-cia-s
postofli :e.< as frequently <le*tanded by
the department. On the Ist of July,
lvv\ 1308 officers were al
igned to the third-class, and
under the operation of the exi-ting
law 80 additional offices were a--igned
to the third class from October 1. ISBS,
making the total number 19v». The
limitations of said act by wiiich the
niaxinium annual rent for an office of
the third class was tixed at JSOfl and
the maximum allowance for fuel and
lights at JiX) should, in my opinion, I*
rcpea;ed, as the he-t interests of the
service require discretionary authority
in the bead of the department to
tix this allowance, having regard
to local needs.
The postmaster-general calls atten
tion to the franking privilege and
recommends a revision of ttie law,
with penalties for it- violation. He
carefully reviews the statutes and
points out their want of uniiormity.
Following is his do ing paragrapti on
the subject: "If tue franking
privilege were abolished and a
regular allowance for the purcha.-e
of stamps made instead, every senator
ami member of the house of represen
tative- would be placed on an exact
equality. No one coulJ make use of
the mails beyond his own alio nance,
and no unauihrized person could make
use of the mails to forward unofficial
matter. The agricultural college, now
enjoying the franking privilege, might
be furnished through the department
of agriculture with free penalty envel
The post master-general calls atten
tion to the fact that the law repose- no
authority in anv official of the govern
ment to compel owners of railroads to
receive and carry the mails of the
United States, and savs it is in urgent
need of revision. He says puolic
opinion and sentiment are
the only forces to which the
department can now appeal to
secure improved mail facilities.
When amicab e negit ations fail, then
the only existing law providing an al
ternative in the case of the refusal of
any road not under contract with the
government to take mails, is for the
department to send them forward by
pony express.
Recommendation is alsofcyile that
at the termination of exis-,
tracts for the manufacture of" /*****
stamps, po-tal cards and s ar/1'"""
velopes. the government shall ja
work into its own hand*. fj-tcporl
After submitting through tc
various recommendation- rel.itijL-"''
the improvement of the details «
survive, the postmaster-general s*.
mil- the following of more general in
terest: A bill prepared by
this departmeat and reported favora
ably I>v the committees of both
houses, but not acted upon at the last
-es-ion, would provide a standard fixed
by the return showing the amount of
business transacted at each office
which would give the postmaster
general power to purchase sites
and erect permanent buildings for
postoiliee purpose-. I had the honor
to furnish committees with data show
ing that in my judgment sound busi
ness principles dictated such a policv.
and demonstrating that it would
be a measure of economy for
the government, by comparison with
the present system of lea-ing. From
my experience in the matter of mak
ing new leases, or renewing old, the
same led me to present the subject to
congress with much earnestness.
An Estimate of the Kipemei of the
WASHINGTON, Dec. 3. —The secretary
of the treasury has transmitted to
congress estimates of the ap; ropria
tion required for government service
for the fiscal year ending June :*>,
1890. They
which is $382,306 less than the esti
mates for 1889, and $4,530,511 more
than the appropriations for the cur
rent fiscal year. The estimates are a<
follows: "Legislative establishment.
$3,381,962; executive establishment,
$18,855,081; judicial establishment,
S4M.«jOO; foreign interior intercourse,
$1.947,. r 4> ! >; military establishment-,
$25 293,372; naval establishments,
1fJ2,025; Indian at1'air5,52,475,410; inci
sions, $81,758,7t>0; public work-, $21.-
201,909; postal service, $1,303,114;
miscellaneous, permanent
annual appropriation*,slß,©»l,ooij; to
tal. $323,467,488.
A Colorado Mob Heady for a I>ynrh
CANYON CITY, Col. Dec. 3.—George
Mitchell, who is charged with the mur
der of Charles R. McKain, near thi*
place, about a month ago, and who is
also charged with killing two other
men in this state, arrived here from
Denver this morning to >tand trial.
At this time (11:30 p. in. I several hun
dred citizens are on the Erects armed
with shot-guns and revolvers, deter
mined to take Mitchell from the jail
and lynch him. The sheriff's family
live in part of the iail ami the sheriff
is trying to keep the mob off on the
plea of having a very sick child
Should he sue red in keeping them off
to-night, the citizens say it i» only a
matter of time when th» v will get liim.
Harry Perdu, another murderer cou
tined in the «ame jail, will likely suffer
the same fate as Mit hell it the mob
gain> possession of the prisoner.*.
III* 1 4<nn»Hirn of foronto <* I* e thf
Oaritman a Royal deception
Toa< >T<», I >ec. 3. Four thousand
{■ersons gave O'Connor a re« eption
to-night that eclipsed the one given
to Hanlan on his return froin the
American centennial He was pre
sented with an address, a check for
SIOOO, an I a purse containing SMO in
gold A telegram conveying the
Governor-* Jeneral's congratulations
were read attd many prominent citi
zen" made speeches.
Fuurral of Halt McAllister.
S Favjicis- o, Dec.—The funeral
of the late Hall Mc Ai[i*t« r. the noted
I- i ; 100 kpi #oi •h • ~ ■
The remains weic interred in Lauret
Hill cemetery. All the superior
ear.rts, I nited States courts and the
sup:eme court were adjourned as a
mark of re*pe< t Among t l e pail
t»earers were the Inited State - Pistrict
Attorney. Judge Hoffman, John Mac
kay and lien. K. I). Keves.
A Itailruad sirik* Averted.
lUo-rrr, Cal., l»ec. 3 With refer
ence to the threatened strike of em
ployes of the Atlantic A Pacific
road, whose wages were affected by a
reduction O: 10 per cent., which wa-> to
go into ertect to-day. General superin
tendent Gaddts has given notice that
wages wi'.l continue as heretofore. The
reduction was existed to l»e volun
BA* HOT 800, PEE : -Arrived— mm
tr i>regt>u, Astoria, haiied—Ships Ivaahoe
aa.l Kate Daveajn-rt .Seattle hktn Kath«r
ine sudden, Tacoma. sh Kosc W c it. Port
Wiimioiton. I'ugctS .ual, bktn Fortianu.
watrr Hay
! *ar.-,i atr i".>»ta Kica. Nanaimo.
sh*v,h*i, Dec i Am\ed—Sanbesca,
HaKiog » mi.is. suite of Maine. Tacoma.
t K 'M IMA. I>ec. S.—Arrived—str Abys-
\ infouur
!»-, - -Mled—Meath.
1 SF. '.ESEAAL iiKuvttY.-
L>ou ra lvd at tha office at o'clock tfc-.s
mora: a« to say that it to I
promise wheu reaerai delivery wili be I
Of*a to-day. In the uew I
STILL OVT or bvsivkm.
Tk« Gamblers Are Afraid to Start
l p Tkelr Games.
The faro dealer, Jack W illiains, ap
pearoi before Justice ."-oderberg yes
terday afternoon, the complaint
agaiast him having this time been
made oat according to legal require
ments. He was held in ss<*> bonds to
appear before the grand jury when it
sits next Februarv. His -arctics are
Manager J. C. Xiion, of the A. P.
Hotaling Co.. and Frank C. Halvor.
one of the proprietors of the Gem
saloon. Th« charge against him is
simply for dealing faro.
Strangers coming to Seattle yester
day, who had heard so much about
gambling litre would have been very
much surprised tr> see not a bank or
wheel running. The gamblers are not
going to have anv thing to do with a
busine-s which is not a sure thing,
and the way SherW Cochrane and
Pro ecuting " Attorney Ronald are
making a crusade against their craft
suds much more risk than that o' mere
chance to the dealing of faro and
whirling of roulette.
Messrs. Cochrane and Kona'd
were in private consultation in the
latter's office between 3 and 6 p. m.
ve-terdav afternoon, and it was prob
ably in connection with the gambling
que-tion. If they had made a tour of
the citv they would have had much
ciihcultv in finding a game running,
at any rate since noon save the old
national game of draw poker.
It seems that the gambling discov
ered by the authorities is through
complaints ma le by the women. A
wife complains becau-e her hu-band
has ri-ked and lost his earnings, and
likewise a mother. !>ecau?e her son is
always on the ragge.i-edge, no matter
what his wages may be. The women
generally obtain from their unfor
tunate husbands and sons where the
money has been lost, what were the
games, who were the dealers, and who
were witnesses.
It u hard to say now whether much
will be done further to shut tip the
gambling places until the grand jury
meets next February. Mr. Ronald is
of the opinion that it would be u-eless
to pro-ecute under the ci y ordinance,
and thinks more can lie done by hav
ing tbe grand jury indict the gamblers
a- nuisances under the territorial law.
An Arizona Cattleman Who la SI9OO
About 2:30 Sunday morning two
well-dressed gentlemen arou-ed Jus
tice Soderberg from deep slumber.
They wore white shirt* and clean col
lars bad clean, soft hands, and spark
led with diamonds and jewelry. One
of the men gavo his name as Robert
Johnsoe, said he was one of the John
son liros., bin cattle tuen of Araona,
and had been embezzled out of the
idas-like sum of IliMO. He made
. 'lit a complaint, secured a warrant
} *T* J '" instice and started after the
j nil l.wjk of •leteriuinup," with an aw
-1 he and his compw>n in his eve.
I?i "harper* were not to iK!btrnnl.
they had pine to Tacoiua. The
lie calle I them were Jo-eph Smith and
- fi"i y W ! ls , OM - "'s description was
li lv«. oned A v the justice to the
tele|v . * police, coupled with an in-
Tacom. * ! the men. Two
junction to CTfii message was
hours later a not
received that the two %i<J tlie
be found. Justice Soierberg jira
telephone chargts next m< r iing\*jJie
Now, the long and short of "'St*
whole story is this, according to-'
Johnson ami some others. He is a
gambler and wanted to "raise his
pile." "Colorado Joe" Farrell and
Harry Le Britain are gamblers, too.
All these men have a scheme
(O run a faro bank in the
Monarch saloon on Commercial
street. Johnson deposited SI9OO in
the safe of the St. Charles hotel, and
Farrell and Le Britain were to draw
on it, and for living expenses, too.
According to Johnson they did draw,
and drew heavily, so beavilv in fact
that in a few days the SI9OO was all
g»ne. Then he started to prosecute
them and simultaneously they liegan
to make themselves scarce.
THE itijou'S noons CLOSED.
Sheriff Cochrane Stopii a Thrilling:
Well, the Bijou theater is closed. It
is in the hands of a receiver ami that
receiver is .Sheriff Cochrane. While
the audience last » ight was in the ago
nizing throes of expectancy waiting
for the "Doom of the Road Agents" to
begin on the «ta#e the sheriff appeared
on the scene, but at the wrong end of
the house. He notified the proprietor,
James W. Smith, that pursuant to the
action of the courts in ttie case of
Smith vs. his creditors, he had as
sumed the receivership. The pro
ceeding- on the >tagc accordingly
cease! before the Montana brigand
was s»rung up in the gulch, and the
disappointed audience, somewhat
placated by getting its money back,
tiled out into the street. The trouble
arose out of a debt of about S2OO,
owed to Smith «& Graham.
it was stated late last night that
Moore. Hunt it Co. are the real owners
of the l-ijou since very recently and
that Wau eigh and Smith have been
simply running it as their managers.
m 9
Allen <•«»!* 737 1
Majority, Carry
7664, o*fttri«*n 7561
The election returns from all the
counties in Washington have been re
ceived and canvassed by the terrtorial
secretary. The total vote for territ >-
rial delegate is 46 3(8, of whi h Allen
received 26,2111, Voorhees and
Greene 1.147. Allen'-* plurality i*
therefore 7371. The pi ira'ity tor c'ur
rv for kigadier general i- 7?.W|, and
?<>r O'lSrieu. ndiiit int eneral, 7'sil.
Eleven Republican- undone Demo
crat have been elected t > the council,
and 2 ' Republicans and lour Penio
crat -to :he hou-e. The Republican
prosecuting attorney nurulter 11,
while the
A plat of the South Haven addition
to West Seattle was ided yeste r day,
covering the 10 acres heretofore de
scribed as the north of the north V.
of the northwest * 4 c>: the outaea t
of section 13, township 24 north, range
3 east. C M. Shsw and v\ife are the
owner . 1 hi- addition is ju-t south of
\ street, and between Hugo avenue on
the east and Ivp it uvenu * < n ?h
west It is divided up into live bio k
of 24 los each, !<>t- bavin.* n
east and we t of 25 feet by l'lO d»*e;
and the l«io< % k- di violet hy Vict -r,
Yancv. KusseU and McEn'ire avenuts
SI.ATTLF.. Dec. 3.
Today's arrivals of live stock wi-re
lar»re sml included N'.l head of ■•at ,
102 heal of sheep and SO bead of hogs
l>re--el beef, mutton ami pork have
declined half a cent per |« ind. Poul
try receipts wen- a!-o contidera' 1 .
and went off at quotations. Fifty-five
tons o: hay from White river were
landed at Baxter's wharf, to-day. by
the Fanny I-ake. A -hipment of 3?S
bale* of hops will he made to-morr *
morning, consigned a> follows;
New York Its bales
St. Louis Ui bale-
Cincinnati . -fit half a
Quotations on colored hups run 'rora
13t<16c. >eattledealers are inactive
RECEIPTS [)uri:i£ the last 4-hon
the merchandi-e and produce receipt
at Ihi-i port have been as follows:
l'>iget Sound Shore road. 24s ton-:
Columbia & Puget Sound railroad 10
t<>ns seatiie. l.ake Shore A Ea-tern
railway 520 tons. steamers—'Walla
Walla 454% tons, J. B. Libby ft tons.
Nellie tons. Henry Baiiey <> t ins,
tjumcy tons, Clara Itrown 2 ton
'■lide 8 tons. Munroe 1 ton. Total
receipts. 12775$ tons. Amonj the re
ceipt" were 2MO sacks (lon-. 00
sacas meal. Wf> sacks malt, 1376
sacks feed. »1 sacks rice. 99
sacks bean*. 2»> «acks onion.*,
<< sacks sweets. 457 «acks potato®-. 23
-acks cabbage. 7 sacks vegetab es. 285
barrels sugar, 10 half che-ts tel. 15
hose* rai-ins, 16 boves apple-. 2 crate
bacon. 2 ca-es comb honey. 10 tabs. 2
ca-es and 2 boxes batter. '>so case
cmnfd cove oyster*. 4 sack« Sound
ovsters. 1 bundle game, 23 bundle-*
poultry, 5 -aeks salt, 17 cases procer
ie<. 1-21 packages mcrcbanoi-e. 7 case*
cinAT-, Si barrels beer. 2 cases liquor.
4»X> ca-e- lard. 5 barrels vinegar. 31
cans tallow. ;0 cases coal oil, 150 case*
powder, SI kegs nails. 15 bales woo!, 50
bundles hides, !*>t head cattle,t> head
horses. 1 calf, 30 head hogs, 102 head
-heep. 55 tons hay. an 1 1 carload ma
ple lumber.
SHIPMENTS—During tbe la-t 4?
hours goods and merchandi-e have
i-een shipped from Seattle to the sur
rounding country a- follows: Puiret
Sound Shore road. 44 tons; Columbia
Pneet Sounu railroad. 22 tin-; Seat
tle. Lake re A Ea-tern railway. 106
tons. Steamers —Glide 15*; tons.
Men roe 50 tons Clara Brown 4 tons,
Edith 30 tons. E'iia Ander-on 30 tons.
J. B. Libby 2 tons. Henry Bailey 28
tons, Augusta 2 tous. Grace I', tons.
Mountaineer t ton. Success 11, tons.
I Leif Ericksen 2 tons. lo!a " tons.
Sa n Fbascisco Pec. 3.—Wheat The
mark't open- very inactive and lower, on
account of forei*u advice*. From St 47 1 ,
to JIM is tbe rauK»r 'for shipping, thouga
litt eis offerlns. Options: Ba «r season;
$1 S»V buyer 1-ss. J1 ,W> S .
Baiiev—The market is barely sieady:
S2'sc for No. I feed is the top Option:
Buver season, 9,> ; V": buyer i-SSs, 85^c.
ijats—Prices are barely kept iu position,
as receipts are free; over lI.SOO centals ar
rived to day, raos'ly from Oregon. Some
shipments are being made to Australia.
So ('bannc in quotations.
Hops—The demand is nominal at old
Potatoes—Market quiet and stocks large:
receipts free; quotations remain un
butter— Fancy is firm at :"-y«4oc good to
choice, SOrtfcise.
Eggs are weaker: fresh ranch, jT'jC:
store lots, 30{i4&><\
No charters reported.
New York, Pec. S.—The stock market
wa* more active to-day than it has bevu for
many weeks, bnt it was weak and feverish
and declining throughout most of tbe day.
Tiler.' was little feature to the trading and
tbe market fiually closed fairly active and
about steady at something better than the
lowest prices.
Governments dull and steady.
New York, Dec. 3.—Mouey on call easy
at 2 1 2 <£3: last loan. 2? -. closed, offered 2.
Prime mercantile paper 4?v# S- Sterling
exchange dull and steady; J4 M' j for 60-
day bills; J4 SS'i for demand.
•Is (registered) .127'. I' a s 'coupons) .10S
4s (coupon*).. Pacific 6's IIS
4' 3 s (registered).lOS
Am Express .112 X. I*. Preferred „
Can Pacific.. . K l . Northwestern 104 > s
Can Southern, .il'j Orccou Impr'v 6s' a
Centrai Pacific.. ■- . Navigation. 92
Burlington. liV,., Transconti al.. a'
Del. A l.scka :>>?., Pacific Mail. .W ! ,
1 fiii 1' . Reading . 1 \
Lake ?liore i-tock Island
1.. <t Nashville . 67',
Mich, t'eutral
Mo. Pacific 7.\ r. H. Exj rc.ss 7.;'"
5 d ° s -^ Fai-go Kxpreat ISB
N. \.(,entral .10T l 4 Wtsteru Uuiou. 82 l +
SOT. Pacific .. 24
qa!er Wo eC- * i *~Hops—Easy and;
Coffee—Options ojxntMi irivsular an.i
-active, clof>e.i barely steadv: sales, 110 ".iO
inelwding To: Jan.,
W , ~* \ j b -> * l ;> SO; March,
lie 05;
weak and quiet; faircar», . ,' Ir fl
Sugar—itaw, quiet and firm ; .r ..
iog 5 3-16 c: centrifugal, 96 test, f'4Cia
refined held firmly on demand.
Copper—Nominal: Lake. Dec , JIT S5.
I. ad—Quiet and firm; domestic, $:! 75.
Tiu—Dull: closed steady: Straits, 122 20.
Petroleum opened steady at St; 1 jC, hut
gave way after the tir.t sales and declined
to 84^# f *. The market then turned and ad
vanced to W'iiC and closeil steady at st,s,c.
CHICAGO, Dec. 3.—Wheat—Closed easier;
cash $1 ol\, Jan. $l 03, May $1 os'..
Cora—Easy; cash 3i>c, Jau. .'is 3-'J6c,
May 37 lJvitie.
Oats—Steady; cash L's Jan. 28c, Mav
barley—Nothing d«»ing
Pork—Easy; cash sl3 Jan. sl3 82*;-;
Maysl3 77S-
Lard—9teady; ea*h $7 97U; Jan. $7 70f<|
7 72' 2 : May $7 s.Vftf7 >7S- *
CHICAGO, Doe. 3.—Cattle— Receipts, 14,-
000: alow ami a shale lower; choice beeves,
s■'<<&> 40; steer®, 7o; dockers and
feeders, $1 80($->; Texas steers, $2 40"ft3 40;
Western ranjr< r.«. $J "»0(«M 15.
Hogs—Receipts, 22.0U0; slow and 5 to loe
lower; mixed, $-*> 25; heavv, $ • l.Y»$
6 S5; light, «o logr> .Y>.
She**p—Ke«*eipts, 7000; steadv; natives,
$"«*! 7>; Wester?s. |3 30&3 sS; Texanc.
$2 6040.
A frreat display of handkerchiefs next
Saturday evening. To k las Hingerman
<)t Co.
Fans of every make au l <le-dgn. Display
next Saturday evening, roklas. Sinrerman
*& Co.
Neckwear for Christmas. Display next
Saturday evening. Toklas, Singer man
A Co.
Table linens. Chester Cleary.
Fur trimming. Chester Cleary.
Fur trimming. Chester Cleary.
; S. S. S.
jjgj=rmiag- - m
I* enUr- y a rc-etabl? i re;«aratfc>a cm
tata.n;; no Mercury. Potash, Arenlo, or oth< r
poLs'-nocjcubstal. u
II • I handreda e-iseaof rpithcli>
ma Caac rof ta© fikin, thoa;«ads cf
cf Eczema, Rood Ilamors and Skla
ar.-.l :-.;.aJrr> i ■ t tlx xumu! xof of Scrof
ula, niixxl Po<«o:i CJftil Eloxl Taint.
£T7:rrs r.rzcinc
r ; reflevoJ t!ioas&nds • f oavs of Men
r<» afid cf
CHATTAjeooos. T-**, JIJ-'O?*
,M.O ( .v. A tUllla. Ux (r ..tit-IM- Ml nil.
e uy j,ar:« r uw prc> a UJ c-..nf
J 'V 1 1 ~,x WW' l uintn m«?. I U -..11
t... 1-J : KH. t; r advice of a. <»! 'T. U! t
nvtfa/ 1 1 • i prtt.tly irn, r mt. 1. I a;.,!
L.i 1 >f*t ie medletne nn>l KKaUeontlnii • to<' »
sorntd lam WML I bcllwult i
aao.t aijcriect*u c. V mrstnity,
IXH:. 1*
ill W\At Su
CoLnairtA, R C., Jn'yl. tTB-Tbo Rwlft
.. Atiaata, Cia.- (jcaihutm ■ J v
a ua.iiTerfrwn muacuUtf rbeuiw
f -r two > a 1 ooukl ic« t no pemuuK \.i »
i:t*i fro i b j mtsl.ciuo iireftcibcsl l»y \i\t
j-ny i-a L. 1 r <■>< over a dozen bottle* of
>ou r s ». R,, well * s I« \rr
la rn, If -. lam Mire your m i ; »
cimd :ne .ir i ! l li l . a:ir
aa^erL.g£rainany U'nal Y ... j
lr - 1 -. O. K. Hi© s
Yr v \TrK ;r f. ; :Th »
, f <*• ■ pi 7 < UWU'mer* v» Jt r. f,i,
r 1 Wiia al •Uii*' toe t-km <U*ca»«-.
< v ' l ' r \. i. km Uio wuMattsat
I • acr t"«11 r K.-veraJ yean t/ tola A (Hi: Hon
a* I coulj rc»t tie p berself at all. 5..«» o»ul i
NUT tleepfruoa VM). DI Itching an<l »tin?ln"
of i.»« uta. The di-'a*w baCDo-1 ib*'Bk iiof
I'"") av*-Jciaas wr»o lr»»aUMt it. Her b«n»han 1
be«a. i anally plving bis wife Swiit'u hpe»-i c.
an 1 eomttienced i<» imiir*>Te »m «t ln-.-
mdarety, attd in a few v% «>sshe
par-. 1/ w.!L K be i» now a l:*artf 11*r
!,,2* i; J* l »'ty,wtta no trace of the aJßSetlja
Lfl - \ . J f. stArt,
t»ro ""Ist, Austin Avenue.
Treat 1* n .id in,l sk:-. I>.vxv<n^:nl
frpo. Tu™ ST.rr sr. cine Co. braver J,
ATUNIA. Ga.; Kcw Vork, TX BroadwaT-.
ri. UAXTEJi &, CO.
< Iftr for in iots to «ui!:
ViOO Sark* Early Rm, Potato® ..
HK)U Stcki P«erle«, Potato*.,
•OO Suck, Bnrbauk PuUtu«.
ltM» Tons Timothy Hay.
lOOTons Timota> lUidClorcr Hay
100 Ton. £ut*rn Washington
Wiid Hay. SO Ton. Wha .t.
2 Cars Bras and Short*, mixed.
£0 ton Ground and Roll ad ' arlay
Spokana Mills Extra Flour.
Ell«a»har(k Mills Extra Flour.
5000 Backs Choice Washington
Tie Half Has Not
Been Told!
Kooin« 4->, 4fi. 47 and 4S. new Ye-ler
block. Prescriptions and consultation
free. All letter- answered. Send for
free hook explanatory of the Histo
genetic Systam.
Hotki., i
rout Towostso, June 17. ISdS.i
Dr. J. Eugene Jordan —Hiar Sis.
1 write you this letter ingratitude for
curing me of my many (.sso&ses with
your HMitogenetic medicines. I was
taken down some six vearsago wiih
severe rheum iti-ra and lay for months
in bc<i, unabie to more. When able
to get out of bed I went to Fulton
Wells in Southern California, where I
got a little tetter, and then coming
I north again in a few months, was
take J down with rheumatic paralvsi-.
I went to the Marine hospital here at
IVrt Townsend, and lay in l>ed for two
months, but could get no relief. 1 was
sent to san Francisco to the German,
hospital, where I -tayed for lft month-'.
II months of which 1 was unable to
get out of bed, having the best of
doctors, who partly cured me, so
that I was able to leave the hospital
on crutclie* and bo to Bvron hot
-pring-, where l got worse and
and had to be packed on a wagon to
the station and taken back to the
German hospital again, where I
stayed for two or three months.
When again able to travel I went to
theSanowich I-lands by doctor's ad
vice. and lived there for seven months,
but got worse, although having two
of the be-t doctors on the iilnnd*. 1
again came to San Francisco and the
German hospital, where I stopped
over a month. I then tried Dr.
Weldon of Twenty-third and Mission
streets. San Francisco, who had the
most powerful galvanic battery made.
He tried the battery on my legs
with full force, but I could not feel it,
my limbs being so dead; but after a
week's trial I began to feel it. 1 was
with him for three or four months,
when 1 wa- able to come to Port
Townsend again; but still unable to
work. Last May, one year ago, I
was again taken down, unable to walk
or eat for 12 or 15 dats, and continu
ally vomiting. 1 was taken to the
Si-'ter*' hospital, Seattle, where I and
my friends expected me to die in a
week; but 1 was able to leave the
ho pital in three months, lioing ab!e to
walk feebly with two cane-. I then
heard of your wonderful cure- with
vour Histogenetic medicines. I con
sulted you and you told me vou could
cure me. I took your medicines ac
cording to directions, and in 24 houts
I felt the effect. My bowels grew
regular, which had not been for yearn;
also in one week ! could walk with
out any canes and I felt a new man.
I took your medicines for three
months, but 1 think your medicines
cured me in le-s .'jian one month.
_ » i- "* fn? rrr*» '.rti <«tvn 1
nave had about -1) doctors to attend
me, hut I have got more relief from
your Hi-togenetic medicine* than all
the medicines I have tried. I am
now entirely recovered and it's more
than a year, too, and I stay so.
Now, doctor, if you think my ca.-e is
worthy of the newspaper, please in
sert, as I should like other unfortu- '
nates to gain by using your medi- '
I There are hundreds of people here
I and all around this Sound who can
•' V . lg.the above statement,
' 'cal'h - Joit'V- !"i fIW A i;i—-
Paget Sound Pilot.
SEATTLE. NOV. 24, lS>-<.
Some eight months ngo I wa< taken
si.'k with what my doctor pronounced
bilious fever, and instead of recover
ing became very complicated. I had
con-tant attacks of chills, which would
lie followed by intense, consuming and
delirious fever, and wind up in pro
fuse perspiration. I grew verv weak;
could hardly stand up for a few mo
ments at a time without being ex
hausted. My hands and feet were
swelled and the pain was so intense
that 1 could not "land my hand being
touched, and they gradually grew
stitfand helpless, so that 1 could not
button my clothes. And to add to all
the misery my mind liecatne very
treacherous, so nt times I did unac
countable things. My appetite was
almost gone; could not !>car the
thought of meat, and lived on a little
bread and milk, principally. I saw
myself slipping away, and medicine
seemed to have no effect on mc. I
heard a great deal of good about Dr.
Jordan, particularly from my neigh
bor, Mr. S. B. Steven*, whom heeured
o> paralysis of two years'standing, and
Mr. Kdens, who was almost dead with
sciatica, and of many other ap|utreiitly
wonderful cures, ftut I must admit
having lieen rai-ed to the old-school
idea, it was a little dillicult for me to
give up the idea for something s > en
tirely new as a new system. But in
speaking with my old friend Dr. Cal
houn of La Conner, aliout it, he frank
ly and hone-tlv admitted to iueth.it
Dr. Jordan did perform cures w here
the re-t gave up as incurable, and lie
thought that there was no getting
around a fact. This more than any
thing else induced me to go to Seattle;
particularly as my doctor frankly ad
mitt* d that bis skill was at an end. 1
went to Dr. Jordan, and he told me
that be thought 1 would be sufficiently
recovered to go home in alio tit two
week*, and sent me to the tirace hos
pital, where I received kind treatment
at the hands of the >talf. In (wo
week-' time I have walked a mile with
out fatigue; eat and drink like a well
man; my lever and chill" and pains
and ache-i have vanished, and 1 am
now g ing home a happy man after
-ix months of suflering. I take with
ine the kindest sense of gnti ude for
the I Mitogenetic System of Medicine
and its author. H. A. BEKT
I took my littif girl to Dr. Jordan
last winter, She had n terrible hard
i imp o-. her right check, can*e<l l.v
running into a po-t while Aaatinjr, ft
a hard ( irrhn-. routing h< r in
tense p in, ami pronounce i incurable
by doctors. 1 tf.ive her Or Jordan's
medi me two month*. and the can
cer entliely disappeared She is l et
ter now than ever before i:i h» r life. I
know l>r. Jordan -aved her life, and I
i-on-ider it my tluly to write thi« ibat
others suffering may know where they
can be cured.
sth, let. Mill ami Washington sts.,
Seattle W. 1
Ci Kinin Yakima < <>., Aug. L't. "*M.
l>r. J Ki.i/tne Jordan, .Seattle. W.
T., I'KtuMK: f wi-.b to express niy
Keartfelt th ink** f*»r the good we have
eri.ed from your wonderful Ilist..-
geiietic medicine-*. This i-> the truth
ami no hiu;; el»i-. My daughter has
f*eii fit k for the la-t live months, first
with one ami then with soother,
-he has i, greatly prostrated with
hroi.n- leniiiie ueakness ami kidnev
troub.e-. At timet it impossible
:t.in >-t l>r lier to urinate at ail. and
then with gri-it pain. I consulted R.
V. Pierre, o: lulla.o, N. Y. lie said
h' CO .Id >uie her, t<ut it would take a
lon • time and |ier~everan<e. We had
iven her nearly three bottle*. and
«iili no liettir if anything, getting
w»»rse ail ihe time. Ue had almost
-t»e: p ill hope-, of her recovery, and
■eth . ii,i tlic penalty, salt was
■ t running to the quickconsumption
that t.ik- so many lo ttir-ir grave*.
We f.a-i no t;nth in the Mitogenetic
-tem n.til we tried it. She has
uke.. it two weeks and it ha- re-tored
her h lie..! 11. I <;o feel thankful to
<io,i tij.st the and wonderful
medicine »a placed t*fore roe. 1
hAeby write these lacts >0 that other
- itieiirg ti inanity can he lelieved
b> the timely u-e of your treat medi
cal «• lence Your friend,
Mrs. m c. Taylor.
Wood chopper*. |i » r»cc.
Cotdwood contract* to I«v
sVrraat rirls. 130 to MO.
Ra:.road men. ti. C », %j je
General employment always oh
- iHrf. at
Stagei Un«of» ■t'ea. iacl«J iai U notv,
and outfit, I.TOimi *
Meat market and ball interest l u Lniia.
In*: well located. WUI sell ebeat> >»
casb. '
Two seeoad-c'.ajalodgini; home*,< ■
and 'JS rooms, well furnish J k>s>to 11 S
Restaurants. I.JOo to »loui
Furniture in Ave room hou<e, Dear Cob.
merciai street. MiO. Rem J_i month
Fruit ami ci«ar store, H-.i.
Three-chair barber shop; no renf vns
Floor wall tent, $.3: scow for brick
fine improved bottom ranch. *t.>ek
tools. J6O3C. M
Rancb, 12 acres, cleared. >\G year.
Ranch of JW »cr> a 90 acres bottom laod.
fenced and seeded; K acr. s p».iur»- JTu
iarmln? implements and stock: (3UX) xtm
W. T. Employment Bureau,
Washington st.> near Oo • - merriai.
I ritory of Washington, Third Jndiria]
District, ss. ™
; lu the district court holdini; terms at g
-1 attle.
No. saw—The United States of America,
vs. the Steamboat "J. It. Libbv," her ei
gine*, boilers, tackle.apparel anil furniture.
Whereas a libel of information bat b»ea
I filed in the above entitled court oo the
day of November, I)., ivw, by WilUaa
H. While, K-}.. Suited States attorney for
Washington Territory on behalf of the said
: United States again*! the steamboat J B.
Llbby and her engine*, boilers, tackle an
)>arel and fnrnitare. alleging in *nb*taM
as follows, viz:
That on. to-wlt: divers dav* and
between the first (Ist.) dav of April, A I)
ISW, and the twenty *eveuth C.Tth )'da* of
April, A. D . at theThir4 Judicial for
trlct of Washington Territory and withli
the jurisdiction of this coart, the MM
steamboat "J. B. Lihby" beinf thta
and there owned In whole, or in part, by a
citizen. or citizens of the said l.'nited Staha.
to the said attorney unknown, and beta*
then and there a steamboat of more than
one hundred (100) tons burden to-wif of
the burden of one hundred a>d two aid
twenty-five hundredths (IC2 I l'o)t.ininrt
And being then and there repaired by law
and by her certificate of i!isp.vtioa, to
carry aud have on lioard a full complement
of liceused officer* and full erew. conil*
Itig of one master and pilot, one mate, one
engineer and two crew, was then and then
u<> d and employed in the transportation
of passenger*, and did earn passenrerm
the navigable water* of the said t'wited
State.*, tow'! from i'ort Towasend !D
Washington Territory to Whatcom in Wash-
Ington Territory, and from Whatcom la
Washington Territory t> Port Tow men# la
W«shi ' r v r '''*ory, the said »tcar»twa» ,
not men and there car.,>, tig ... ri.«rf»f o»
board a full complement of officers and
crew a« required bv law and bvhersald
certificate of Inspection, to wit not thea
and there earning nor having on board
any person daly licensed n* master
and pilot or a* master or as pilot. And
being then and there in command of a per
son who was then and there not ds*
licensed to act as master and pilot or aa
maater or as pilot, contrary to the statu!*
In sneb case made and provided and
agai list the peace aud dignity of the*ald
United State*
By reason whereof, and by virtue of th«
statutes of the said Unit, d Stat.-*, th*
, owner or owner* of the said steamboat, be
ijJCK a vessel propelled on whole or in part
[b» *}tc«m. forfeited and became liable to
pay t»l ' h e "*id United State* the sum of
five Inift4«d dollars ((.'4O) for the payment
of which auift the said steamboat has be
come liable to be ?eiw<« v/A |> i ?n*.si
aealnst summarily by war of libel, and for
the recovery of which. thl* civil and mari
time cause 1* now instituted.
That all and singular tho premix * afar*-
•aid are true and within the admiralty *ad
maritime jurisdiction of the Uultcd State*
and of thl* honorable court.
Aud praying that the said steamboat
mav be condemned aud sold to pay th*
penalties aforesaid with costs.
Now therefore, in pursuance of the moot
tion under the seal of the said court, to m*
directed aud delivered, I do hereby give
public notice to all pcrnon- claiming th*
said steamboat, hereuglne*. boilers, tackle,
etc., or in any manaer Interested thi reia,
that they be and appear before the said
district court on Thursday, the Arth day of
December, A. D .JSs*. at 11 o'clock in the
forenoon of that day (provided the nam*
be a day of jurisdiction, otherwise on th*
next day of Jurisdiction thereafter) then
and there to interpoae their c<aini>andto
make their allegation* in that In-half.
Dated this Ist day of December, ISSS,
United State* Marshal for Washington Ter
W. H. White, U. 8. Att'y for Washington
Ter. and Proctor for Libellant
Civil and Mining Englueor* aid
topographical, bridge, sewerage snd
drainage engineering given special atten
tion. City property or lands •■nrveyedec
subdivided Maps and mechanical draw
ings. engrossing aud blue print*a specialty.
Township plats and maps always on hand
Rooms:« and 40, Yeiler-Learv block, Seat
tle, w T. login
Jn*t rvocivrd dirrot, imported fros J»T*n,
which will be unit] cheap. AfktoieeUmi.
1203, Kieetri<» light Unildicg, Front at
O. C. SHORtY St CO.,
Foot of Columbia tt., Seittle.
First-Class Private Mil
Ht», over Or»K gtote. Boenl by 4aj.
W"*'k or month! mi*
CROB3 & CO.,
IE liaise M,
Front mrret,
the uti<)«-ra'Kiu*<l has bc**n appointed
jraaniiau of the jm-m.»n and estate of Ern»
t La life by th« Probate Court of Kiof
county. AII affair* concern lu* Mid
or his prop- rty will l* attended to by »y«u
or I'etvrnou a. K«b» r. attorney*.
A W. PIPER, Guardian.
James Nt., opposite Otcides
tal Hotel, Seattle, W.T.
Nchool tXllcern
Will and the
The beat school desk la use. n ;l '® r c * r "
ealar and terras to A. J. STIfV tf>».
Pacific Coaal A(*at, Ctleaay, W T.

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