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The Seattle post-intelligencer. [volume] (Seattle, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1914, December 18, 1888, Image 3

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gfimain" SUrted on Their Way
to Pennsylxani*.
two Attorney* Kaeort the Body
f.rt-Rw»l»tln»» of the Bar
Tb e Seatt'e Bar Aa*ociatlon held a meet
ing is the di«trict marl room at 1 p. m.
ftacdav for tbe purpoae of adopting eu!o
-•lsti- and aympathetic resolutions In
■emoT of ,b " •*"' 'b'ef Jn«tiee Charles
gdß«n<! Boy I* Vice President C. H.
H**f»r<>. ,n «*"°* ,h e object of tbe
section* r PObe feelingly and eloquently.
The president of the bar association. ex-
Cbief JvUet Orange Jvoin, wa* unable
to atfnd. being absent from the city.
Et ' bief J»»t!ee Kog*r H. Greene moved
tbe appointment of a committee to prepare
aoitaMe resolution*. The chair appointed
Meaarv K. f* <ire»-ne. J B Metcalfe. Eben
gaiflh.J. H. I-ewiaand K. Ji. Alhertaoo.
On Mr. P P r*rrol! a'ating that it wai
the intention of Mr*. Boyle to bare tbe re
wain» of the Sate chief justice leave by
gleamer rhat night. ao a* to be placed on
the train at Tacoma In the morning, the
jollowin* committee to accompanr them
wax appointed P. P. Carroll. J. B. Met
ra ;» E F Ii T *tn», B J Tal'mao c. »
Banford. W H. White. K H. i.reene, H. F
Jonaa. '-co. Hyde Pre.ton, J H Lewis.
Hijur Moran. Sheriff Cochrane and I>i*
trict Clerk U-dgerwnod.
The --hair aelectwl Mesara ' irang« '
W. It Andrew* and K B Albertaou to pre
acnt rr»>>intlon* on I Me f J notice B»tyle'« !
4eam at the neit me»tinir of the diatrfct j
conrt. and * motion ■*» al*o carried that
Tier Prr-Mdent flanford t>re*ent re~)| jtlon«
at tnc next nertion of the anpremc court
A de«irethat the cbamher* occupied by
Chief Jn*tlce B->yle be appropriately j
dr*p"'l. ***expre«ied by the bar.
J|e**r« W. I> W<iod. P. P. Carroll and J.
T. Ko:j*!d w*r.- a;.pointer] to confer with
the bereaved family a* to their de«!rc u>
have a proper mcort to accompany the rc
main» and M'» Bovle and ion. Pdrar, to
miontown. Pa On their report Memo* J. !
T. Ronald and J. B. I>ewla were aelectod a*
»arh eacort.
The followlne reaolntiona In memoriam
were then prenented and nnanimoualj
WKFBUI, The Hon. Cbarlea E. Boyle,
chii-f jnatio of Waahiacton and rrald*Mt
Jad*e of the third Judicial dial rict departed
thl» life at on the IMb day of tie
rem ber. tfctl; and.
WiiEK(«>. Chief J'Htlce hoyle qna!lfl"d
for aa:d "Ti'-e on tbe 22d dav of Noveml»er
inns, and haii not compleU*d a month of
•erric* therein at the time of hi« death: '
WHERE A~. He RAMC here from the state
of Pennsylvania, ou severance of life
lonir aaaocistions and relinquishment of
large sud lucrative law practice in order
to tunme tbo high and responsible duties
Mid ofl)< ' of chief justice and
WnaatAt, During the brief iucumticncv
of the oflloe he won the esteem, regard
and confidence of the t>er and of the
genera! public. and
WMBUEA*, He leavea a wife and family
Kridtea with gran and nmMMI grief
and loas. only two of whom accompanied
him to thin territory, which he affection
aiely aspired to make tbe happy, pros
nerou* home of them alt in the Bear
future: be it. by the member* of the bar of
Seattle a»**-mhled at the court house,
Rttolrtd, 1. That the tad and unexpected
death of rhlef Justice Boyle deeply
•hocked and grieved the entire com
2. The people of Washington Territory
hare bv hi* death suffered the loss of a
learned, able, upright and dignified thief
Just ire of their supreme court; and the
people of the Third judicial district arc
especial y afflicted by their loat of one who
gave high promise that he would prove an
admirable trial judge and a judicious con
•srvator of their rights
8. That the people of Seattle are sud
denly deprived of an honored citizen
whose beaming and character had gained
their respect ahd confidence.
i. Thar hit bereaved widow and chil
dren have lost a loving, noble husband
and father; and that to them we faspact*
fully tender the assurance of onr profound
6. That a copy of these proceedings lie
duly presented to the bereaved family of
our late, ehb f justice.
At 10 o'clock Sunday night the escort
committee met at the Occidental hotel,
and proceeded In a body to Hhorey's un
dertaking establishment. where the re
remain* had lieon embalmed an I made
ready for shipment The body was her
metically sealed in a handsome black
broadcloth covered casket, with silver
trimming* Kn graved upon the coffin plate
was the following simple inscription
KO»n Februarv I, KV»
Died December IS, is**
A c*rU-tc* w*. tii* n formc 1 »n<] iirtx rt '!
t'i! t. the O RAN 'l'M'k Thu com rnlttfv
»a» »ci <ito|'«liir'l hy Mr J H lt*lr<!. rpi;
l«l«r of thp l'nltr.l »!«!<•« liml oflt<-»- *n aid
frlmd of the chief Juttlc*. *u-J Wveral
oMbc b.» fnriirim, ft* »t
--lordly* tfer%* met on the boat by Mr*. Boyle
and Mr Kovle. Jr At Ta<oma a *?.»p »f a
v» r\ few mlnutfs «»» ut*'lf, an-) the re
mains were transferred to the Nortbe'n
Pacific train r» ady to contiune on ibelr
wsjr East. The committee of ten offl. i«i*.
ami private ritixena, then t<»ok farewell of
Mr*. iloyle and Kdgar and left them to
make their ud journey with the body, and
with llesars. Ronald and Lewis, the escort
The Steamer Walla tt alia Arrlvea
In Vary Quick Time.
The steamgr Walla Walla, Capt. D. O.
Blackburn, arrived In port yea terday
morning, shortly after 9 o'clock. The de
parturc from Francisco wan made Frt
da* moralng at 10 o'clock, and the entire
passage from wharf to wharf waa made io
about 71 hoar*. ThU is said to be the
quickest time taado yet. Captain Black
burn claim* thatthe through run can
ma<!»* l>\ the Walla Walla in 70 honr* With
9Vtcrowding. This la in treat measure
doe to the great facilities of the steamer
for handling freight, there bung seven
hoUtine winches ah<*ard.
The Walla Walla left >an Francisco with
S3 » a f in passengers and ,vj steerage. bcatdes
1161 1 * ton# of freight. The passengers
were destined a* follow* Victoria, H. V ,
9 cabin and A steerage Port Townsetid, 1-
cabin and '»steerasv. Heattle, 23 aabtn at d
15 otcgragv. Tact'm*. 8 cabin and 25 steer
age. The freight was conafgned a* fol
lows Victoria. 101 ton*, Tort T\>wnsend,
too too*; M2 t«»n»; Tatoma, 'iSO
tons, Vanconver. H ltittif tons. The
steamer left for Taeouia at 7 o'clock yea
terday evening
Kkad Tiir. Cood Kl*f The ladic* of
the First Presbyterian t'hnrch will give an
entertainment Wednesday evening, Pa
Cumber 19 at the Armory. I'nlon street, t«e
twten Thir J and Fourth A New Kugland
•tipper will t-• served frt>m t W u» *?C
o'clock. immediately followed by a con
cert of rar • tn*.i*ica! numbers. Tha dts in
gn >bed Peak sisters hare been induced, in
Mridfrittw of a vt-v agtraroffaat
amount, to remain orer. and will anpear
In concert coatamo to delight the heart of
a Seattle aadiem v In the t*sar will be
found many K-autsf'i! and useful articles
for the i lidava. You arc cordially in
sited to t*» i and br'ng all your
friend'. \dm«*ion, cents A popular
baud will fnrtiuh vbotce music.
Oar imrapuM* Koortmciit of handker
chiefs i* worth* »»f your inspection Tok
las. >.nc-rmau A Co,
Tub* color*, four for 20 cents at liraham
A ton'*
Suitable lti r >:ma» gift* Handkerchief*,
we are hcadouartt r*. lok la*, singvrinan
A to.
\ 'am Tanuon 1 a* opene«| th«> New
Ar.ait', u «»i*»i »t.t. an t «til be pleased
in welcome hts old patrv>na
Saita>) cift llandaome ta
ble an l • le U>ar«i *. arf* if deairvd made
to on!e T kla*, Sio <e r mat» A* o
8n iah!.' i lifi 'Miaa t»recent Handsome
** km* < a.. . tun viock Tok •», Magtr
■su c«.
Chri»tfaaa di»p'ay of men's
*(!■) evf?nw:« a'tt Mar Clothing
,tv> !al street
Free fun f.»r the In order t«* »how
o*r SM-f u f,»- tb« eral patr*o-age
SXtsnucd I«I \\> we w vre-eut a priut:ng
K^s.i : ,kr f typ»*. ear.u, «tc , with every
113 boy «. *.s;t i N •ff r i> ot»cu to Jau
•S'T i*t. Kl! i A K »benbr-«
T>n cvr.t» bnx* a One initial handker
®witf at the Star C i tht i Ho;tae. JUnCoos
mereia itre^t.
AlmfWesa Mtm Two hnwdrcl men s
at> th > week at I' 50 KUne A
No»>enr* ;
N*w !a« c *earfs. Chester i leafy
N>w tatMita fotai rnwj
New r • Sma Cheafvr Clt ary
- s a kit c .*• keta for Chr:*tma* Tok.as,
ratar- 4 Co.
Kj<tgUo« «f - Christmas Tv^k-
> og» rman A Co.
vw r a ►* 1 a* % diTN t f re»n Usn an
2*eety authoH«e4 agents tu S*sttie fur
*»u ;
Vr« CbiMrva'a
aprx -• % a Msrcbase, greatly under
vaiur* i : e«ter<!* eary
Fit* fu:, ■, r t>„. w ih nw ti*
■°J'« Ml » MCMai *T»tl» • t»r!utiet
irV- - tjff. KA
. I Hv.ain* J. hrt.. I» all
u J . yU» K..M A
wo**abe rg.
4:;a«1iU!; k»-r%-h»ef*.han<!» w#-
l T es»bi>)}j?efed. Cbeafior CK arv
k plu»he» Cho*'.er Claary.
tte - New aiik plash s» i tester Ctearj.
CStlSrea Crj lor Pticltr't Cutorit
Captain Polite Might Ban OwM
Half of iMltl*.
' aptalu Polite, of tbe .hip Sparua. M*
ha* been 'ngag-d la e<mM erui*i»g for tlx
las* » Tew*. *BM veaterday, In converw
tion with a PotT ImuKUcu repor-er
that Brattle 1* the BOX wonderful city b«
ever aaw He U era phatic la d-Marlng
Seattle", growth. for the lan are fear* to
be tbe most rapid he ha* erer known. Fie
wen whw the Q*m»b City
wa* only a mill aplt. with one mill—Y<~
tar-*, the only aizn of lifc the ( , w
frioted shore. Xow. her
thr/nged with euergetic buaiaeaa m-'n ap.'
pear in hi- eye* to he a noai marveloaa
traaaformation from tbe quiet that nr.-,
T ««*2 amoo* ibe thick ly studded piaV
which covered bill and ravtoe wi'h n an
1^2115, * 5^ n The captain is
eiceedlngly *ore on one aotnt. that i> ,
J" to ■**««
propmy When be firat aaw the atte „<
- "»br, I CTuld hav* parehaaed half the
jwwDt lovniite for « »fr« «noi. '
Bpart*n with a reg-e-fn]
tremor in hia voice, aa be «tirr»d up the to
bacco quid from iu reattng place, hv the
roil of bU toafu# **l
*<' of th*
£**r*r>XkC mm who eot*-r tb!» port, thml
o* *txl e i« boood to be, by all 044«. the 1 mem
m aad most important city north of Han
F raariaco."
Improvement* It Int»n<l« to Make
on ft« Plat la W««t
In answer to t «>n a* to wtai im
pror<m*Bt* th« Boston eompanj intend*
to make In W*t Mr Herman
Chapia. repreftentatire of th* company,
yesterday nai'l
"Tbe poller of oar company u to im
prove all of oar property Iter*? aa fiat as
possible, as everyone ran see from what
we have already done wltboor property on
Second street, pi** street, and In Qt>e*u
Anne town. At present we hare placed on
the market ahottl one tbirJ of the entire
Boston company piat of West JVattle at
rerj low prices. A fitat portion of tbe
proceeds of this sski** will be expended in
clearing off tbe entire y at and improving
tbe streets. When all is cleared aud the
streets are in rood condition, we expect to
'nske a second «aie «>f another portion of
the lots at abont don Me tbe prv-sent prices,
after which we will make more sulwtanUni
improvements in the way of onii<ltnc. etc..
and expect others who buy to improve as
well as ourselves, and I hare no doabt but
in due time we will have our street rail
ways and ail other conveniences there."
Dr. E. A. Jones of Portland Is in Seattle
oa business
Capt. (\ Sebrce of Portland. lighthouse
inspector, is ia tbe city.
Mr. Louis Tarpley of M'em, Of., is visit
ing relatives la the city.
Mr. F B. Croathwaite of Washington. O.
D.,ts paying tbe Queen City a buaiaess
Messrs. Daniel Jones and Howard Baker
left last night for Chicago on a several
weeks' business trip.
Cant. P. B. Johnson, editor of the Walla
Walla L'mion, and wife, are at tbe Occi
dental. They will start for home today
Mrs. H. J. Cross, who has been making an
extended stay with her son, D W Cross,
left last night for ber bom* in Ki Paso,
Mr. and Mr*. Jacob Furth left Sunday
aight for California They will speud a
portion of a month's visit with their
daughter at Oakland.
Mr. A. B. Loveioy, a business man of
large experience, from Big Rapids. Mich ,
ha* come to Seattle, and Is PO favorably im
pretaed that he wlil locate here.
Messrs. G. M. Cbenowltb and W H Bur
bage, young business men lately of Ari
zona. who are looking for a location ou the
Sound, weut on down Sound la*t night
Messrs. George W. Gray and son, George
B , aud Prof. G. A. Peebles, well known
rwsidea!* of Sacra, Or , spent Sunday in
Seattle, and went on down to Wua!< om
that uight.
Mr. Julius C. Smith, of the First National
bank at Suohomoth, has rea.gned and will
remove to Seattle, to enter tutotbe real
estate buaae»» with his brother. Mr. V.
Hugo Smith
Mr W. W Newlin, who went back to
Sew York In November, experts to apeud
Christ ma* with his mother and bro'ber at
Fort Worth, Texas He will return to
Seattle immediately after.
« •ft IA M Garrison, who has been down
for some time with an attack of typhoid
fever, made his 6rst appearance on the
street yesterday. He (lined aboard tbe
ship Ivanhoe with t'apt Carter.
Mr M M Hart, agent of the POST INTEI
LIGEN< EE at Walla Walla, is In tbe city.
He will return to morrow morning : i com
pauy with his daughter, Mr* hi la I.a
rountaiuc cf this city, who goes on a sev
eral months' visit.
Kx. Governor Wataou C. Squire retarned
yesterday from his Eastern trip After at
tendance ui*on the llain< a trial at Auburn,
he weut to New York. Remaining there a
short time, he vUlted Boston and then
relatives tu Hum, N Y. On his wav home
be slopped in Ohio to see bis parents, and
then came on to Seattle
HHEV i rir.s
A marriage license wa» issued for Frank
i atnpbeil aud Miss Agnes Richards vester
The 111,000 ;roa bridge at Fall City has
been approved and accepted by the county
The for the masquerade earn
val Christmas eve are espeeled to arrive
from Ntn Francisco on Ihuraday
The sale of reserved ses's for Katie Put
MMB'fl reaMMßaranas here Fridsy tjight will
U gitt Wednesday morning at the neattle
Mr. Greeuwaid. of San Francisco, father
of Mrs. E Lobe, has presented to hi* three
rear old grand daughter a magnificent
lIOMO Stelnway piano
Mrs. Cora Shatsel. wife of t has. Shatzel,
died 712 lk»Uth Kubth street, yeaterdav
morning, of dropsy The funeral takvs
place to morrow at 11 a m
A p^omiaent *awmill man said yesterday
; that ib- rep >rt tt at the mt Is of the Bound
Inland to snut down on De« emb *r Zl nntil
: a ter New Year's, f »r repair?, is not true.
The tw.» Chinee gir ? s arres'el by the
j custom house Inspectors for unlawful y
landing in the Uniuni States, eave s:t-w hail
: each for their appearancenex*. Wedue«day.
The will of iHiuiel Pierce, of Maise river,
waa filed yesterday He leaves ht« $J)00
farm to his daughter Stella, sp|»ointiug her
executrix A petition fnun a nephew.
Fred A Hanson, stales tbst the daughter is
only 11 veara old.
Display of Chrlatmaa Goods at the
Golden Ktile lias«ar
Va'lttv, t»ey say, is the spice of life,
an I It w«>uld certainly seen that the life
of evi-n the mo«t c*>n«nm wate misan
:hr »i e co ild be mvie hapbr a #a k
t >rough the ti dden Ku:o Hafs«r, t.O
Fn>nt street, and an fa«pe<-tiOtt of the
aatoo sblog vartftjr of ChriMma* g\Mt«is ou
«lt*p'ay there It would b* 1 ahao'ntely im
! mun:b : e Ut attempt to enumerate the
article* that are tfterc but the* luelade
i everything from a jampiocjack »o a
from a penny srniatle ti» an oil
t»aintit»g. from a lady's dressing ' v aa«» to a
1 train of car*, from an fmnortrd music bo*
'to an ripre«« waron Tbe *tock t» moat
| ta«»tlv arranged, and the arooe is crow4ed
' dailv with an arrav of customer* who are
'• laving in a *to*»k of holidav pre*» nt«. and
who cannot fail to flud jast what they
The W r.dnw df»p!ay* of the Hax\a r are
part cularly wettv In oie a*« ry
I bandaome and oomp- tr ladv'« 4tr*ntnft
• raw imported from t'anathat wtU N- rivet:
!no Janaarv ! to the holder o# the o kv
ticket that ia drawn front the nun b*-
• Riven To evert ruatnmtr who parch***
I irnodt to tiM amount of SI and ur*a-.i-
The caae eoai 9JOO Abmo£ the art if ;«•» in
the other window tt a rare out* table
m »unt* d on b?a«a.
M- J Romarefw* wauapr and partner in
the firm of K Lobe A to .of iht* Bataar.
wtil leave abort*? for Europe whet he *ti!
I paM'haae fr.-m the facwrfea direct »b* b- «t
and 'arrest atork "f aoveitiea, toy a. eb .
ever brought to S attle.
Chriatmaa carda and holidat b»«okt at \
f skt n A Co , oppoailr new malo(R< r. are
umxjua.ed m aa*ieM ai> 1 i-r «Y.
lecc* BJood Imnrit-r. tt jrr* Cherry
jCough Svrwp, Iktp Itop val tMI,
] Liver PiUa, Hem (kmti Mte. and
i B« er* Celebraud Kerned tea for aaio a; 1
«arratttr<i b« HtfbrmK*! ACo Be Mica A
' Co.. Dr.bba A A»n. and A Co.
Tleketa ran be obtained on ft. I- S A E
{ R R. to Frranot *tatfoa, iK-noy A Ho*t
! addition. i►- leu cent* ap*>'.* to 11
' Griffith e » a. Oen.Jrutal b««* k.
| SKATTU, IVe 14. 1S».
( V tfVwel'. S-c flume F;re Inau*
• a..r Co of s. at:.r— Dtaß >ta We desdre
Jto th*k v'*a f"t ?tv p"\>mptvow ia han t
; ltt -*r fitwito pav ent of the
'ae-' of >'»u" t«» u*v ied by u* c>vennr
our hu. ' ;n S•%U >» •'«»« ap>. Y- U
are brat to ani l»»e •ettUmmt ia err
| taiuU
►P< > A «I>WAEOS
Fr\*b v *- «ari A H met Dms
[ CO.
. \r- jv- • %, u< • -f i
»!a «ik. ' N * gi*-U ■:«rked I. 0.
t »i i n a ked doaa tf II » T» k
| lav > ncarman A Co
. r'#> *»r o'sia* a?t'n*
j the *%rl ! * *\» «* ••-•» de iv-re.*
i L «• if «le»:rrd ToAlaa >*n
.» • A Co.
«• - c.m •* .Vr net* wrek * ew-«« a"
»ar ... crt:' > u I. ki»*. Stofermaa A
! Co.
. I.ir.»:a4« noeei::«*a. Urabian A Daa'.toa
! CfeiUres trj Iw Cuwu
Tbomu Barke is Hamed by the
Seattle Bar A***i«tlon.
■«a*rltl DlaptitM la President
Cleveland lr|l. f His ia u
"*•* Appotntaaent.
"win* to tbe etsbarraolai: Mate of JJU
ration in Waabißftoo, tbe Beast!* Ear Aa
wy-i«ioa decided "o art promptly i a the
raatt'r. and to make an effort to have the
*oeee*aor of the late Chief Jim ice Boyle
appointed from tbi* territorr. AccordtOK
ly In pnrroaac- to the call iaaatd at the
*»»dar meeting, the UK amoclatton wa*
called to order by Preaident Orange Jacoba.
ye*terday at 1 p m. In tbe covrt room,
and the name of Hon Thoraaa Bork» wa*
br'ioght Bp for tbe honor.
In explanation of Judge Bnrke'a candi
dacy It might be well to atate here that the
matter wa* flr*t prrtented to him funda?
afternoon A delegation of attornera wait
ed upon him. then, and proposed it to bin.
.lodge Barke powtiviiy decline.) to ailow
the ue of hi* nam*, and tbe delegation
Jelt without aatiafaction Member* of tbe
bar then eoomllrd together and canva<«cd
tbe aitoation Tbery could not unite upoq
any other local Democrat, and, of coarae,
came to the unanimous conclusion that
Preafdent Cleveland would bardiv be like
\J to arnd tbe name of a good Waabingron
Republicaa to the «enate. ao the name of
H-u B. U -harr«e!n. of Walla Walla, wa*
mentioned- The Heattio bar, however
«• a difficulty in the war of Mr
Meia'a nomination, in that, aa the new
chief jnatsce mast alau be the re»iden*
Judge of th* third judicial district, and if a
aeloction were to be made from thia terri
tory, they would prefer nome man who wa*
already a reaident of thia diairict So in i
tbia dilemma thev concluded to repeat the
propoa'tioa to Judge Barke.
A motion w*» therefore preaented at'
yeaterday't meeting by Col. J. C. Hainea.
receiving tbe aecond of Vice
P-eaident ilanfor !. the aen*e of ,
which wa* that the Pr**iden: 1
be memorialized to All aa aoon aa poaaihie
tb» vacancy earned by the death of Judge
Boyle, that he aelect hia aucce**or from the
Third judicial d.strict ar.d that Hon.
Thomaa Burke ia the ananimoua choice of
the bar of geattie. Xo aooncr waa Judge
Barke a name mentioned than the motion
waa carried unaaini'malr. and Ex Chief
Justice Soger Greene aud Hon H G :
strove wers appointed a com
mittee to ascertain from Judge
Burke whether he would occupy 1
the position of it abould be tendered to i
him. Tbe committee labored with Mr. I
Burke, and aa a result reported that be
wonid. It was understood that Judge I
Karke would accept the office only on con
dition that be tie allowed to tender hia res
ignation by March 4, Ids*.
A committee consisting of Messrs. R. R
Greene, C. H. Hanford, and W. If. White,
was chosen to draft the memorial to Presi
dent Cleveland and Attorney General Gar
land. The memorial was presented as fol
lows, and immediately wired to Washing
To the president of the United State*
and the honorable attorney -general, Ws*h
ington. D C : The Seattle Bar Association
respectfully and unanimously recommend
the immediate appointment of Hon. Tbos
Burke to be chief justice and represent
that immediate action is exceedingly im
portant. that owing to the suceeasive
deaths of chief justices wo judicial bus;
ness has been done In the district since
last Juue that there is a great accurou'.a
tion of buslnesa at Seattle, and more than
100 criminal cases awaiting trial;
that the supreme court convenes
January 7th, and owing to the
constitution of the court no business from
the Fir*t,Second and Fourth districts can be
dune without a chief justice: that this dis
trlct has much admiralty and other busi
ne<s peculiar to i: which can be best dt*
Bitched by a resident appointee, that
urke ha* been twice probate judge, twice
Democratic candidate for coagrm, stand*
among the first a* lawyer, as Democrat and
as citizen, and if appointed he will accept
and enter Immediately on discharge of the
duties of the office.
President Bar Association.
JOHN ARTHUR. Secretary
This was endorsed by the United States
district attorney, as follows;
The facts are as above st forth. Judge
Burke is eminently qualified to fill the po
sition. <*overnment Interests require ac
tion by the supreme court at the January
term which cannot otherwi*** be bad.
4 United State* Attorney.
Mr. White moved that in the event of
Hon Thomas Burke's nomination by the
president, tbe president of the Seattle Bar
Association, Judge Jacob*, immediatelv
teiegraph to Senator* J. N. Doiph and J H
Mitchell of Oregon to nse their influence
to have his appointment confirmed before
cong ess takes the ho'idav recess.
Viee President Hanford called attention
to the action of *be Bar Association Sun
day appointing Messrs. Ronald aud Lewis
s committee to escort the remains of Judge
Bo vie to Uaiontown. Pena.. and «tated
, that a loau of 9600 had been secured to de
fray expenses of conveyiug the remains,
aud had lies banded to the escort A
committee consisting of C. If. Hanford.
Judge John P Hoyi and Attorney General
Metcalfe, was accordingly appointed to
raise subscriptions :«»liquidate the loan.
1 I. H Turner was elected a member of the
association, which then adjourned
The following telegram was received
from Judge Allyn of Tscoms >csterday
TAGOHA W T. TK'C. 17. IKS-* —To John
Arthur, J R Metcalfe and J C Ha:ue«. S«-
attle: Just arrived on delayed train. Shall
cooperate with you in any manner you
may suggest relative to Judge IV.vie * de
Secretary Arthur of tbe Bar Association
replied ttia* all arrangements had been
concluded, and nothing further was to be
eone: also that the association had reeon
mended Judge Burke.
(lanaen'a * plead Id Stock of Jsselry,
Watches, Silverware. Etc.
A very handsome Jot of gold beaded
canes placed in s esse in the entrsnce to
Albert Hansen's jewe-ry store, ia tbe Yes
ler-Leary block Front str et. bss excited
the admiration of all pa**ers-by for several
dsys, snd has led to inquiry a* to what
there we* wtthin. The many who eukr
are iuvarsably delighted by the rich pro
fusion of all manner of jewelry, watches,
silverware, etc., to be found there. Mr
Hansen has a moat elegant st<»ck
of novelt'-e«, consisting of initial ring*,
and initial cuff buttons, with and without
diamond*, lockets a d charms, mounted
«Uh aud without diamonds in artistic de-
SI.TS; ladles'and g tits' due gold wsctbes
iih elecaut engraving and inlaid w«»rk.
diamond braceUta. >a< e pin«. earring* and
m pins; ladles and gents' gold watch
chains in sll designs; sn elegant assort
inert of gold headed cane* ladies' and
gents' gold-beaded umbrellas: Lemsire s
celebrated opera-glasses, in j*earl and other
fancy eases solid silver and silver-pia?ed
ware. French msrble clock*, sod clocks of
the !«'*t American mannfa*?ure.
Mr Hao'en has a's.i a T ry large assort
ment *d b*<>se diamonds snd disraond
mountii g«. He does his viwn diamond
work, si the shortest notice.
Nit* Ca*l*. The prompt meaaurea
alo.de I for ?h? pretention of the spread
of »ma p x in th'.§ cit* seem to hare been
ent-iviy r!T> c ua\ *o na new ctn have de
v« i p* *1 cncc M »nda*. December 10. an l
th«- pwl-booM i* «*vtjpied »>y bnt niue
|tft*it U• • TTJe»» Who *o* a* IMifATT
ofßc* r« ♦ x«m ne «lery boat and train that
com* • »b. ithl will continue to do eo nntll
a'<l danger of iprt»<i of iht D liw
' Suitable Cori«tmas p-v«'nt«- smyrna
i ru«» 1 k!a«. Siup-rman A Co.
S'i taMe preaen'«-<»ent«*
,net ku»a-. the banner stock, lokl f.Sinc
; erman A Co.
K »r «t\ *■ * of hat* ra'-l at Duaiap'*
; afeoev, Tok'a-. S'nreriran A C«.
S'jt'aMe ChrUtma* prr vu?»- ITrobrel'as:
me have them. Toklaa. Plnc> rman ACo
Rvert !'>«?: ap k hat free of
i harcv at Tok **. e ' tterman a Co'a
[ Twenty five r» .r* btiv« n pa r of knee
; pan*» at Kliae A 1 K<»euberf*»
Xni«-« banraii.a Te- p•' rant real*t
«vfTc *» •» tbr«? P'Vf r. ba>a a bif
Ih»* ■ »nt at Kl:ae A R» .* UN *tc a
Fat men « toita a* the Sar C
fla<i«r,WC'Maner : .a *rrer-T
K' Dc ato! P.- <c . v =er.'n era \ni» d
I plav of a:en'» fiae dr»a» taits and orer
r vai" :• tht? * xtcasite eeer di>peered
in ?*» att-e.
?wv.Hirs •»' !?eof fi ••• » k ~ imbre*'as
j at)S HO K
J ! 4 «ret't«* * '»w ««til find :h»- ? ar Ctotbfoc
U.4IV- ho raf a*-or:u*ent ac- att rd. am!
I oar Uia pr-rra af*d prei'v »t\lr» ■»
i >v« » co hirjr afart atteMion
i *•: <*-Ov.-they are nets K »a a
j berf
Ke W bSaws, «-ter C 'eary
Kew lire -a • -v*!* Ceary.
j tew fcac :kerehJe?a t*!«ary
ISt w naderwear C*-ary.
C Clear*
C eary
i New taMe covera. 4 !eary.
New tah'eefarJa C eart
\ i &ee>rt the-ter\ try
J: oi." aiik har;l%«rvL t%. vf;aater
CU arv
,4?« waa'e' f sr ' -Ma-rr>arn,
New eloaka Cbe»ler v"!eary
Naa ho i*»'at aor*!'.** Cbaater bleary
CliWrw cry fw Pttckcr' Cuwrit
i ' ~
axotiu tTinmr.
**• Prtw «f Liahcr Waa Di«c.n.<
at tfcw wilsm'i llMtltg
Mr. D. Christopher, ac-ovataat of the
O-egoa ImpenTeaect Ca.'« mill, ui) yes
tenla*. respecting a rmrrmert made a lew
days ago to a Pw l»muin»a« reporter
concerning the meeting held recently by
mill-owners in the city to Sx the price of
'"There certainly wat such a meetiag.
and u there are two side* to every ques
tion, and that rem already have had o»e. it
I« only fair that the ©Cher shoul-d be given
The Oregon Improvement Company, previ
ous to the meeting, had made it a
to aiiow cash rebates.
smonnUnf to about fl per MOO feer. on
Inrye fontxarta The W«tern mill, it
rukm. the Commercial mill, aad the
A P.jf? Mill Co were represented «t
the meetiav rrferred to. ae were also the
Kent mill and thit mill I m*teif repre- ,
•eared the interests ©f the OrafUNi Im
proreraent Co. and was supported by T J. ,
Mliner, taper?nteadent of the CoJambia
4 Paget Sonnd rai!rr«d We in faror
of aa ail round rot of fl per 1000 feet, and
the proposition wa» placed before the
meetfiif The representatiT«-s of three !
firt!-mentioned aiiht ifrouty ohje Ted tfl
any redneti.jn. ahiie the Kent mill P«»k
the tame Tiew at we did. While co a:
tempt wa« made by the f«>naer to raise the
present price, they m«3st assuredly ran
counter to the adoption of the redaction
by a«.
"Of coarse it is ant of the qnestion to
*npMja* that any one mill can as?>ri tc
coerce the majruity: as. if we attempt to
lower prices without the coornrrenee of
tb- others, a foolish system of retaliation
would to mediately be adopted, w thereby
the Inmber market of Seattle would ae de
moralized. Lumber jo>t now will no?
bear ertensive cats, and we tbiak It better
to ;-reserve price* a* hereP>foce, rather
than mo our mill at a lost. When the lar
ter contingency seems Ineritahlc we will
shut the mill down. Our motto is to make
money, net to lose it."
Brilliant I>i*pla; Made by X. Chtl
i »o«, Front Street.
| The fine ftore of S. Cbi!ber* JL San, on
Front fttreet. was tilled all day yesterday
by an eajfer and interested throng. from
whom, every now and then, one conid bear
•och exclamation* an," >b. isn't it perfectly
lovely"' "Jan look here, dear; what a
( baamr" *' That is just what I have been
looking for. If it not elefrant " and many
others which have slipped the reporter"»
memory. The plea«ed expression* wh;rh
were uttered so freely bad their origin in
the panoramic display of a rare assortment
; of holiday frifu skillfully placed by prac
ticed hands in window, on shelf and
j counter.
Many a wistful eye was turned to a
magnificent Parisian rase of mammoth
proportions, manufactured at the "Rouxe
j ville," Paris, France. The vase is a master
pieee of art of bonis XIV period, in rich
j fold ormolu with roya! Mae in the fore
ground. having a beautiful medallion
flgnre paiuting on one side, and a rich
I floral medallion on the reverse. This gem
in decorative art is of special selection,
and «as executed by the foremost pottery
artist* and :s pronounced by critics to be
I the handsomest of this season's importa
tions. ft is borne on a finely carted figure
of a N'abian slave in ebony and is worth
The eye was next caught by an almost
| infinite variety of vases in genuine Royal
: Worcester, 'iobelin tap»-*trv, Hungarian
• moss. Bohemian enamelled and beaded,
I fine porcelain decorated, and beautiful
satin tint designs. As one viewed the long
; shelves on which these handsome articles
were ranged in rich confusion, the sen*a
tions produced were extremely pleasing,
tioged. perhaps, with the regret that the
pocketbook would not permit of such lav
ish expenditure as to secure ihem all.
There were exceedingly fine specimens
of busts, unique vases, ana ravth
j ologi' al fiifures in antioue ivory
calculated to tempi the lover of articles of
vert a: a brilliant collection of irenuine
cut. imported glassware in Rraxiiian, Rus
sian, hobnail, strawberry, prism and other
j patterns; sets of after dinner cofTae* in
i cases of all makes and designs in rhiua
and porcelain, hand painted and printed;
. also tea and dinner sets perfectly ravish- 1
init to the eye of the connoisseur. Oscar
Wilde himself on viewing this line would
have been obliged to tbank the godde>s of
I art that the spirit of Philistinism is rapidly
: disappearing from the land.
The collection of lamj*s exhibited by N.
rhiiberg son far excels anything of the
kind that has ever appeared in the Queen
City There were banquet lamp- and
piano lamps, serviceable for hall and
-ibrsrv use. with adjustable column
capable of rai«ins? the light to a heisht of
six feet from the base, with bowls of oxi
dised silver, solid brass, and colored glass,
the shades being of ebaitc tinted silk with
fringe, in some cases trimmed with lace
In addition, there ws« a crest variety of
standing iarai* with aoHd bras* bowls, and
, beautifully hand pain ted porcelain and
bowl#. The>e, taken in connection
\ with the other disp'a>s, were worthy
the compliment—"sweetness and light."
t Fine chamber sets iu china and porcelain
; and whit#* granite completed the most
Imminent appearing articles in in the
• eorgfOtl* display. Visitors, however,
must not to take a peep at the
pretty satin glass flower baskets of all de
sign* aud tints, nor will the children
omit to glauc>* a; the French bisque
figures, nor at the line of deinh canines
which look out from one of the dark re
cessea of a shelf, where they «eem to
keep watch over the fair* treasurer
The stesraer A noon It-ft this port Tester*
day raoruiug for Alaska.
The appr«»ach to me Ocean dock, on the
north sfde. i« Ixiug partially repiankt-d
and strengthened by the driving of new
The hark Fresno was reported outside
; Cape Flattery eight day* aco an*l nothing
has been heard of her since. It is snp
posed that adverse wiuds have carried the
( bark oat of her course.
DEATH or L U BROYLK*. —Mr. v\ P
t Boyd, of this city, is Ic receipt o' informa
j tion of the death, at Denver. Col., '.ast Fri
dav. of his friend and former partner V-
I H. Hroyles. well known in Seattle. Mr.
Broylea left h*re several months since f«»r
'California in hopes of beu«»fi!;n* his
I health. From then.- h* w« nt to Colorado,
j but the climate of that state was not more
beneficial to him Mr. Broyles »a« aged
about 3t-\ and ba>i many warm friends In
Seattle, t. ho will lean: of bis death with
r*-*ret. The remain* have been taken to
Chieo, Cal., for interment,
GOOD DBTsmrs Wot a.—By a clever
piece of detective work Chief Mitchell ar
rested Lloyd Wilt in front of the Arlington
yesterday afternoon, on a meagre descrip
tion Wilt is charged with stealing about
' 130 from a logger at Jamison's camp near
Port 'iambic, and he wili be held until
identified. The Tacoma burglar. Fat
Welch, was taken over yesterday after
' noon.
W G. Latime-, county treasurer elect, for
9100.000 was filed with the auditor yeater
rtav. Hi« sureties are John P. Hoyt, Amos
Brown, George Kinnear, Fred E teader,
Dexter Horton. A. A. Denny, D T. Dennv.
W V K:nrbart. Joseph Morrison and N H.
• Latimer
ACT QtricaLv.—For a very few days SO
acrts of choice West Seattle water front
will be offered in a lump for S2O 000. This
piece adjoins the Tract t>urehasM yesterday
by the C awford & Coaertr pooi at the
same figure See A M. Pioekney st oace.
West Seattle Pool-— a 1! subacribersto
tbe Crawford A Conorer West Seattle pool
wiil please be at *.he firm's office at 2 p. ta.
today sharp The part* will leate by
steamer at 2 10 to inspect the land
Fiokt j-thkitt Pricks.—Crawford A Con
orer do not prosai«e that they now
quote on Front street property will rale for
mora than two week* They have for sale
ever* lot on the street which is iu the mar
j Ww bah* cioaka. Cieary.
ladies'. Mi«»s and chtidr*?)* h«: very
, handauctr. mitabie f.<r Cfan»tmaa jifu.
| To«)a*. Sinseraaa 4i'»
I F»a.— H>>w we welcome an examination
. of ih.s «t.«-»: th.r* t» n«jtan»thiii|t I ke it
• Iti the *«t Tok'a». giocerauo AOo.
The latest styles of Danlap's stiff and 1
»ilk hats at Tok'as. Siafermen k Co.
St k mnffl-rs >oerery
shade. a' -V. We. 75c, K :ur A Rosen berf
4.* —New lot »k pi as .as, ail eolora.
j Cheaper Cktiy.
A it s*:a. yo* say. Yea, honest pride,
and it is u<- to »»wn it. We have the
• «ock <1 ci *sks aad arapsta tbiscity !
our Q'.* are superior to any . '-eer* gar
P en; warrautcO. Toklas. spaceman 4
: Ca.
A more *asf» follrrtira of r*< for
n< nvr t-o\» iLau f be Star Clothi f H -n*e
dispaytuf La* ne*» r brea *eeo
I aeci% - »»- ** u?«, »r. 7 < :«k"~s tbe ebosee
a !rt ».* «.< atiract.se aty es. fcaiic A
'S. notice W;th esery I: • at »e
f-'Srnt rut a print'sf prrs» uker.
• iTi«e, rtr , at :be .®tar Cksdklac Bom
K ae 4b Ho»» übenf
•m#*k •£ jackets. esers »V.a«le. fi»m
14 np to Ihe fii.est. Kline A E»wet>berf
' k i ••» ■a. Jeraey XorV in ti,
■ a u rs k »• U ts raa? * -• tite and band
|sxepa :. r»s Klme 4k Eoseabrrf
Ci'Ht ta> Is* es and fen's' s harl
t -rt.e's We b. nsM a:M freaii? a.*4*r
Cb eater CSrwry.
Kaadkereblefs for tr« ssi'l ae. We
b» of an iwpon* r'a
tL« smetcetdrlresoa iwias atitaked
*a low as Ckeex- Cl^wrr
CUMnb t« Ptiettfj Cuam
vw» *» w»»cfcaa.
She sM for datum.
<tec <a Ci« ik
What *• had Chfldswn.
Astonishing tlx pe.-pie Tec do] trt
bays a st-ietH a'l » ol sa!t: laaatfa:
patterns Kla - * Soa nb-'t
Those who want the newest goods la
Wirt «*ts. handti train boj-n.
etc.. sboald call sad see "w Inir uoou
at A. rukea * Co. opposite new postoffl -e.
A mefni Xou jwm 1* i «iit •t»-
pwHiiwl; tee o*r frftt line «f ehitrbillt
eoafa acd Tests »: $* Aad flO. Kline A
Xtsw btnrai&t in glor**. Xm*« be*
Cip* la tr« olen ja* ke*t Xmu t«rraic«
fan-ry r-nti' fsratahicfr foods. Kboe 4
Absolutely Pure.
This Powde i Bettr ranea. A mtrrel of
pun ty. strength and whoiesomeness. Morv
economical than the ordinary kindt and
cannot be told in competition with the ma:-
titnde of low test. snort weight. alum or
phosphate powder*. Sold only ia cant.
ROYAL BAKING POWUBBCO., 10b Wall street.
New York. sp'Jfdwyl
Gifts for the Millions
Of Magnificent Goods Suit
able for presents.
At their splendid new rooms next to
the Arlington Hotel. Commercial St ,
will sell by public auction, commenc
ing 011
Monday. Dec. 17. at 3 aid 7 p E.,
And every day for one week the fol
lowing magnificent goods: Plash
Toilet an ! Manicure ■Set-', Dressing
Cx*es. Work Boxes, Writing Desks,
shaving Sets. Bisque Ornament* of
the best, Chinaware unequalled. Silver
Tea Sets of the best, Silver Plated
Knives and Fork-. Silver Castors. Sil
ver mugs. Magnificent Dolls. Accord
eons, Concertinas, Oil Paintings by
some of America's best artis's. In
spection invited. Sale each day at 3
and 7 p. m., commencing Monday,
17th ins'. Seats for lad>e- provided.
Arlington Hotel Block.
Geo. F. FRY* Manager
Return of the Favorite.
In Her Own Original Comedy,
A Beautiful Picture of Southern
Mi». Putnam will introduce
Seats on sale at Seattle Pharmacy.
Second Annual Ball
First Regimental Armory,
DEC. 31, 1888,
MCSlC—Ftrst Reftment Baud.
G. A. R.
Tuesday Evening, Dec. 25.
d<4 W
t'ader the aarpiees of
Hinsonj No. 5. R. of P..
aemoey hall,
Mas.* ky Krof \ aacka > orehaata
la*i-atM>T!» ran be bad from aay »na-
C«ai ef Arraacaaaato ■* A l *
'A MrACi-kT
The fiist Regiment Armorj
Far Fair*. Balla aad EaMrt&U
CHAKLC? H. tirrrNOlß,
-fiRSBHr—-» >-» -
We an not bcemer* aad will not tea yo«
i»xiia stories. We handle aothing tent
choice properties and rondwes owbvsicew
Jtrictiy oa apprised b«»!am principles.
The follows u a partial Mat of the isrec
own w oftt for tiii»
Li>t» 7 and \ block D, A. A. IVnot » plat.
Lot T has a »foot frontage oa Fr-oct street
and I» feet oa Seaeca. wfciV lot S frctats S»
feet oo *(»! meet aad IX feet oo Seaera
These two Jots carry riparian right*, aad.
therefore, practically extead to deep water.
Even aow there are improvements Jor more
thaa an eighth of a mile oa the property.
The foOowfag axe the improvement?" A
foar-story bnildlnr briaging la »;« a
aoath. the Paget >- -and Xee Work*, paying
130 a month groand rent, three wore large
baildiags reatiag tor M», beside a large
wharf aad street improvements bringing ia
»IW. The monthly rental? at present u
gTegate I. .v. aad whea the present leases
expire this can be greatly increased The
price for a limited time is tiOO.OOO, one
fourth cash and halaae* 1 oa long time at R
FOR 590.000.
Full lot southeast corner Front aad
Marion ttreett. It is covered with a two
story brick block, which is so constructed
that more stories can be added, as desired.
FOR $62,000.
Northwest corner of Front aad Madisca,
OOxijo feet, one of the choicest corners oa
the street. It is coTered with good reat
payiog stores.
FOR 554.000.
One of the choicest lots aa Commercial
street, between Washiagioa aad Mill, 53
feet floatage by 130 feet deep, half cash,
balance at S per cent. This offer is limited
to a few days-
FOR 540,000.
Northeast corner of Front and Pike
streets, full lot and improved.
FOR *40.000.
Thirty-feet frontage by 130 deep on the
cast side of Front street, south of Marion
This property is ia the very heart of the
business center of the city, and is covered
with a good rent-paying bttsine&s house.
FOR 525.000.
Lot on the west side of Front street, next
to the corner of Pike. This is fine proper
ty. On the lot is a ITO» residence which
will command 1100 a mouth rent Terms
One fourth cash, balance on long time at *
per cent.
FOR 517.000-
Choice lot on the east side of Front street
between Pike and Pine; 17000 cash and
balance «n king time a! low interest
Forty acres of the choicest water front in
West Seattle. Owner wants money at
once. This we consider the bggest bar
gain now offering in West Seattle.
FOR 512.000.
Full lot at the southeast cornc; of Front
and Lcuora streets. There is a goo 4 resi
dence. now occupied by the owner. Terms.
One-third cash and the balance in one and
two years at 9 per cent. It is the cheapest
lot in the block.
FOR 512.000.
Two full lots at the northwest corner of
Spring and Sixth streets, ioilading a fiao
large honse. This is beautiful property.
Satisfactory terms.
FOTF 512.000.
Choice SO acres at Salmon bay Either 40
or X) acres at lir-0 an acre. Owner needs
monev at once and offer* by far the cheap
est tract in that viciaitjr. land adjoining
is selling iu lots.
Foil lot on the «sst side of Front street
between Stewart and Virginia, including a
small honse. Reasonable terms will be
Fine lot oa the cast»-J eof front street
between Vbjtsia ami Lenora.
A rare opportunity to in Test from |6M to
110,000 in an old established and profitable
sawmill and sash and door business. More
capital is needed to enlarge the works
and you can get iu ou the ground floor
FOR $9500.
One hundred and twenty feet square,
facing on both Fifth and £ixtfc *treeU, be
tween Union and University. There are
four houses ou Fifth street and nom for
four more on Sixth street. By building
these the property will return per cent
per month in rents. This is the cheapest
thing in this list of bargains.
Brewery in successful operation, wish
splendid water aud excellent location.
Fine tract of 40 seres saitable forplattiur,
north uf Lake t'nion. It lie. with a gentle
slope toward the lake and is partially
cleared. There ii a lot of money in It for
some one. All cash.
Forty acres corsering on the above de
scribed tract and not quite as good. Half
Tan aery doing profitable business, with
perpetual deed to magnificent wat%r power,
10room, hard finished residence, two acrea
Improved land, floe orchard, etc. Water
power is worth MOOO for any »r>rt of manu
FOR 53750.
Two lot, at the soathwest corner of
Spring and Twelfth streets. There is a
frontage ol 11? feet on Spring and 130 on
FOR 53500.
Fine lot. corner Etgh'h and Mia streets
(now Yesler avenue\ with 120 feet front oo
Mill street.
FOR 53300.
Block of eifrht lots just off of Madisr>n
street It is prt tty property and well worth
the price _
FOR 53000.
Klk botme and Won
upper a.le of Nii'k n-eet o.itto tbe cor
atr of Stewart. Ttsii i« a ra.b priee.
FOR 52400.
Bvav ud '.at o.roer Tmii'b ani Mikado.
X afm6;-eai rlcw .ad abaraain. rtaif caab
and the balance in two 5 ears.
Two See lots on Twelfth ttreet between
gtrwart an 4 Virf inia. rne bin* k f-onj street
rara TVT ar» cleared »ad read* lor koisd
ing. Tbair ca»b raise to day is fSWP
Twenty aerie# near Lake W aaVnctoa
almuat d!reell» ofp»«Jl-- Kirktand Sev
enty aerea adjoining «o!dfeme lirae aro {or
L«t» in Ttrrt'r f 'orth. Ttrry". ifb, Byn
-iirate, gtamtrtt, law s - » aec
oad. heir, ol farab A Beii'a second. T»r
ry*. «r»t. J C. Ui .V.ur «. H - a. Park,
lienny* lloTt'a, Me-reer"*, aara."i A Beli 1
and Crawford', adiitiooa
HOTK Tia jr-.tti wt q«c:t •» Froai
,Urrt. aad olier ckoice propertiea. ara for
a liaitcd use omly, and btjen ikoaid
bear tia ia «iad.
Ti do at>: deal ia acrtkiag ba: c.ko-xa
SstA'e **d Tlnaaeial Bfw4ers.
Take Ike tioffr
Front and Columbia St*.
We will make a special dbpUr this
week of pod" imported and manu
factured expressly for the
(joods selected at {his tin t 1 can be
placed in our package department for
delivery on December 21th. if not re
quired earlier
We recommend an early examina
tion and selection to secure the advan
tages of complete assortments and to
avoid the crowds of late Christmas
Having made a specialty of Ostrich,
Gauze and Painter! Fans from the
very first makers, we are in a position
to show the RICHEST, NEWEST
at the lowest possible prices.
Fans for the evening.
Fans for brides.
Fans for the opera and theater.
Fans for visiting and reception pur
For Christinas Gifts.
The prepara'ions for the holiday
business hare been made on a most
extensive basis, and include ail the
classes of Gloves for ladies, gentle
men and children.
The latest and most correct styles of
Paris, Kid and Suede Gloves. The
Derby, for ladies and gentlemen.
Trafouse, the best glove in the world.
Embroidered Gloves for ladfcs, gen
tlemen and children.
The Ribbon Department
Will make a handsome exhibit of nov
elties in fancy articles, rich handbags
and card cases forming a special
New importation for the holidays.
Umbrellas in Natural Wood, Ivory.
Onyx. Crooodilite, Labrodite, Buck
horn and a variety of beautiful han
dles, many of which have no dupli
SPECIAL —Every metal handle um
brella engraved free of charge.
Fine French Needlework, French
Embroidered, French Batiste, French
Mourning Handkerchiefs. Al-o com
plete range of the most reliable Irish
Linen Handkerchiefs. India Silk Hand
kerchiefs, Silk Mull Colore*! Embroid
ered Handkerchief*. Real and Imita
tion Lace Handkerchiefs.
Duchessf and (Ilk Lit*.
Klouncinp, etc. Fancy Lace article*
and novelties. French Gauzes and
Crand Values in
Japaßw* Silk Smoking Jarfrk
This is the greatest innovation ever
made in prices of those rich-looking
Japanese Hilk Brooking Jackets, so
much sought after in holiday time,
and whirh sold last season for
We're the fir>i and only house to put
the price down. We have made the
price for this season at $4 75 and f&JK),
and they are going ever so rapidly.
The fine«t Christmas assortment
ever anybody >a*. and one which no
body should fail to *ee who contem
plates bupajr one. They are a very
acceptable gift.
Twtka »n<i Foor-in-Hand. Uie regu
lar 50 cent kind for 25c.
The Linen Department
Will exhibit a special importation of
Linen Novelties for tbe table ar.d rieb
ly Embroidered Towels, Scarfs, Sheets
and Pillow Covers. Al-o Real and
Rassia Down Quilts. Real Down Pil
lows, 1: and son; e! 5 cose re-1 »;U» t-ston,
richly eafcnUend. Real Down Bo'a
PUlows. covert wi:b piaitt Pongee,
wh.ch we wJI eabrokle: to order
Fiont and Columbia Sts.
Front and Columbia Sts.
Garments soM in the past now per
forming their duty; every article as
represented. We hare the only stock
outside of San Francisco on this <-oa«t.
Only one place where you can boy a
cloak or wrap. We have a full stock
of all the new style': a full stock of
seal ttlnsh jackets: a fu:l -uxk of seal
p!u«h Newmarkets. a full stock of seal
p!u-h wrap"; a full stock of cloth New
market* . a foil stock of cloth jackets;
forty styles children's and misses'
Hal Department.
We are the only authorized agent* of
the world-renownfil I»unlap hat*. Ac
knowledged the best in the world.
Silk. I*; stiff hat*, fV Also a full line
of J. R. Stetson A Co. of Philadelphia.
On Monday morning and daring
this month we will begin to unload all
of our winter millinery. The whole
stork of trimmed bonnets and hats to
lie marked down. commencing Mon
day morning.
Monday's Black—|l ■"*> to |3 SO As
state<l in our last «eek'a ad., we. or no
man liring. hare anything stronger to
offer than Priestly a black Henriettas,
they have no equal: every yard war
Bemnants of DM (ML
Our eutire lot o( odds and eeie,
which Imve accumulated all fall, wIH"
be offered Monday morning at about
one-half their value.
10c- Short lengths o( Press Ooods at
lOr, worth 20c.
l-'V Hiort lengths of Dress Hoods
at worth 'Jie.
16><r -hi rl le lgths of l>re*s floods
at 16.Hr. worm 30c.
16c- Short lengths of Press Goods at
35c that are worth all the war from
fOc to ft.
2V- Kemember Monday morning,
an<l as long as they la-t.
5c to sl.V—Furs on third floor, next
to cloak stock, take the elevator.
ft t<> s£->- For muffs and boas, beav
er muffs and boas, lym muff* and
boas, grebe muffs and boas.
$1 to $25 -One of the handsomest
presents you can send abroad a muff
and boa*.
—roa —
SOrtofA- Handbag*, endless *ari«t jr.
'Or to Purse*. Russianund Vraima
makes. In endle»s variety. leather
card rase*.
5r to sls- Kan* for Chrwtmaa. We
• ill rfmoif onr fan fork lo main floor
in ctnlir (or the conTenicnoa of
our patron*.
Fan tli-play neat Saturday
5c to 36c- Colored bordered band
kerrhi*f> from 3c to 35c. Plain
h*m--tilrbed from 7e»035c. Colored
bordered. t«o co!or*. from Ift; to 2V.
Fine co'ored bordered from 35c to
SOc. Hand-onie print, colored border,
from 3te to Tsc. Fine co'rrwi em
brfvi-lered. from 40c to 13 Fine «bite
embroidered, from 4ft* Sfc RraJ
lace bandkeri b el*, from $2 25 to sls.
Very tue acd »ber* French band
em brokieral handkerchief.*, from $3
to 16.
Front and Columbia St».
Front and Columbia Sts.
Clothing Dept.
Wf call attention (or the —r
holiday season to the "most unarakta
an<l useful present a man or boy cm
ware at Chrirtma- namely:
Suit of
Clot lies.
This you can procure of us, baring
an immense «Ux-k to «eleot from. an 4
knowing yoa are celling the lowest
cash price
In Sack Suits
Yon hare orer tines to select (ram.
ranging in price from f7.Sf to f» pas
In Cutaway Suits
One-button, three button and foaa
button, over 40 styles ol pattern* rang
ing at price from ft? to (.IS per aiul
Smooth Kerseys, Meltons, Wonted*
Chinchilla, and all other kinds, light,
medium and heavyweighU, all colon
and (lattem*. ranging HI piior from
flO to U0
Pea .Jackets & Vests
Kroiu s.h to $27 M>.
An especially fine line of
Odd Pants
From |1 to 10
I m»».
Soils in Knew Pant*, good and data
ble, from $1.60 to |l2
A really good little Overcoat I*
Pea JaekeU for K
Knee Pants, all wool, for |l. and
Jersey Suits
In 10 (liferent styles. Nobby and man.
In Boys' long Pant Butts there am
many bargains, and you have a great
variety to piek from, ranging in prtoa
from ft 80 lo SJO per »uit- teat, fan*
and vest
The Entire
Clothing Stock
Is Now Complete.
Thia uonttt i wil tmi it Wj
Bo our *drk* to. cal •Hy fll
gti fint tboiM.
Goods Exchangeable, or
Money Refunded.
Front and Cotombi* St*.

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