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The Seattle post-intelligencer. [volume] (Seattle, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1914, December 23, 1888, Image 3

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Brilliant B»1I <-iv*n by the
Kniirht" «f Pvthiiu*.
Col* fialaea' Iteeeptlow—Klnderjcar
teo Saetal— .Mu»!ral Heeital
Other H.irlil Kveat*.
TV' social worl#l J* bestirring Itself, and
tbe 'rlits of coming event* brine* a
pjggird cxpft'- M i'M to the eye of belie and ;
dars**' worn oat by the ennui created by
tb#* monotony of the but three or fmr
veck« Intermingled with the merry f*ra>
Christina* be! is and the Jefow sound'of
Sew Yiv'f Pf-" *« the dr*amy sigh of
o i4aifbl waltz and the tinkie of goblet
. with goblet.
levitations to the Grand Amy ball to
Kexi-enin Torn Venm Haii,
nt'.iby Stevens Pott, No. I. hare been •
Tsif car !« are artistically goiter*
ai>. being of wedding Bristol beard. cabi- I
tct tittf border* of whieit are oraa- •
nested by vignettes of tie corps badges'
w red on a fe»d of tinted blue; ihe card •
itself being whlla in order lo < *mbiae the
getfooa I colore. The lavitttioa read* a* j
Yourself and ladies are cordially invited ;
to stten-i a Grand Anay bail. Taenia/
even in;. December#, I-4S*. at Torn Verein
Hall. tJeattl -TKvgjs-i Porr. Ko. I.
Card* admittinggentleman and ladici,|L|
The programmes will also be of elegant i
drshrn. the intermission for Uie ban?u< f
feeiutf r»-pr«nt*d hyakettie on a ewtap
fie, the netn-ni being take a fr.m the re
verse siae of ttic regie of the Grand Army •
badge if wiM be of iubr-st to rea*l the
folio* ring short history of the various corps
badges ia u-»*
Oa the rtver*'; ride of the star of the
Grand Army bad?* * r " stamped in miiiJa
tare. twenty-six badgee repr* seating the
tweuty-lou- army «*ni ** and toe signal and
engineer corps At tne !«*t national en
rsrapraent the badge of Sheridan's cavalry
w«* adapted H id * committee appointed f
tesecd a t.n c- for the Tbffteeatu eoi>i. j
fh« Bheridau badge wa* the same a* that
heme by siiertdnn «n hi# headquarter
iu bi* great farupalgus, and «»- a, weli I
knoua as ti« c»over l -af of the cieeoud 1
(Mac rock >, Malted? croee of tkc Kifihj
(Warn t» - . nn i the Gn-'-k rrmn of
«*th(Wrig;it ») d>rpe that composed the ,
igbring fc»rce »»f itte Army of the t*atoma<r.
Tho »tsrf*n;ii! «J: vi..ion* «»f eorp?* were j
mrenentt:'! by <Ji?Tv-rent t*oU>red badge*;!!
II,: fir-' dl*. i*iou, ted; t : ft-eonJ ft
wbift. T ; « ihifd, Diu?; an', *he f> nrtfa, I
gnen. i i'- f»adcc at tb« Ktftcetith oorp* a
ll,n *i * i• a <artrS.i^'«-UiX «rUn "40h
rotind« marked oo it; aud while here, J
t%-i yea** Oett. rt*iafod ir-*
oiisin An Iri»brnan to tb«- f
«»n - mixed op with th«* Mwfen of
*j»wth : • ri*. who t»> know to
wha* «Jorp* he t><'!<mged. He replied. '*The j
Fifteentii " "Where t* your was !
demand»- ?. IV lri<h»aan 'lapped his |
band on it J* reilefdg»* K>a and replied wi?h \
rea iy *i' * Thie ia m*- ba»iice, be jabers— \
40 round".'* The acorn of the Fourteenth
com* wa» adoj.ted t«» rcpreseut the
rations on which the lived while
beh-ague>"*'d In < Til" arrow
of tt" Seventeenth {Mcfbenwo'iiJ €orp*
wan e Ito i pi ■nt ;• * Mi'n' i
end director of the of the f
The church fair he.d at the Armory
Wtdncxday hwt, under Iho ma'.agem-n!
#»f the ladies of the lad lea of tin* First
Pt>'»hyt«r!*ti church, pnivfd a very lac
ce»*ful affair. The evening** entertain ;
men; wa* < ■ »sld«'rably heightened by the
service* rendered by the "fetk Muter*" «
and "Teak 8r05.." whose unique "get up" '
and fao i<fo4ni'iiiK nonsensi* alltfes ex
citcl ?!." mirth of *fe present.
The former Included the follow-
Joe young ladle*. members of the
First Presbyterian ehurch con g negation:
Mi*s <*Ulis, Mi*a Sutherland, Mi*s Cass,
Mis* rhUhnip. Mi»» lJavtd*«»n. M s* J one*.
Miss Mills. Miss Morse and Min England,
whose co«t nines to be of »» very
44 pi<jned** character, iif»t to s|»**nk of th--
sew ii acre three-corner lota worn &.« head
gear by each. The bevy of nine lalle*
Mere supj»osed for the nonce to represent
old maid* jut arrived fgom Alssk*. with
carpet ha? In haud, evidencing ail the
frailties of |HKir, unprotected fe- !
ina'« •> Mother <•*»• »*e melodies Were
warbled until th-' audience exhausted
the performer* with encore*, and. on their ;
disappearance from Mm stftgu* a praam)
bus* of conversation anav imoßf the ni
(iivace, who were Immediately huvhed into
quiet bi the entrance o I id oorit-be
hin'-aifd iu • * t th • re- ently vacated
platf«»tm This was * m-unine surprise
pref«er*d by the l*>\* ..f the eitngregatioti,
who. all nnk't'iwu to their fa r slaters, or
ganixed s 'Teak company, and i
w«re actually on the stage ready
to per farm t !iir«- an von outside J
their own die In-* of the pi«u.
Mi'-sb, MaedonsM, 11 »•:»•?. (*••.*», K mii »'r,
Woodsrd, Htni h and Cantalu Young were
the rall»*lrels who fairh rap!tr-d tb
ir«n>dwill of those assembled by the mclo
die* retch red,and reflatedeut ore* greeted
their efforts. Among tl»< booth* were
noticed an t©e cream presided o\ • r l»y Mrv
Capt, tiilntot*; n Japanese »-H. ;
In Mm. Austin, Mr* Dickinson a: <i
KauUolph. a fancy-war -'all nt'etided
by Mr*. Htutluum k, MWhitney •
aud Miss F.mma Atkins; af a i
candy emporium iu wh; n the toot I - »me '
deltca* i » were -old • Mi•*«- •- l>avtd.-<<n,
11 Min II ti and Mill*. The w.i» fin
tiugiy 4-losed by a generoi* *1 ;• *.? h -«h1
thing-, which were mad at I ti» • umu
ipjM'tlzlug by their being ai r.«-d b> th»»
In ou the mippcr ««>mmltt I'hene
wen* Mr*. MiMa. Mrf. tinilaj '•
Pulton and Mm McOnHh
Wr»lt"A*. UK. ITAL.
The chapel of Uh» University wa-» v*
f I Friday aftertnam with friend* of the
*ehooi, Mint eapeeiaily iriih fnenda arid
relativen of th« atitdellts to the department
of nuuir, who ww# to pariici) In a
musical ri-cital. The departm ut I* In
thaw of M>a« Julia l~ Chamberliu and
rsmerday'a entertainment certain I > re
fluted great cradlt on her a* an Instructor
and np»u her pupita aa careful and Indus
trknts stmienb The following programme
wa* remit" d i the most *ati«fa» t«»ry man*
aer, uiaiA of the uu;ul» rs rwcltrfuK «n
•'lianee of the Fairie*". Fowler
Callle Gillette. May Clohcey, Helen,
Jennie and Birdie HeiiiFuling.
"Leaf from the Ppray**. Mejf
Km ma Jone*.
"U Trovatorc Verdi
Mattu- F»«lti.
*'l> » Your I.lui - Heart Millard
Hlamshe Mill*.
M Pulot,ai»e, N'■».?" Chop4n
Mim Chamheriln.
"> • ' Ml,'!" Hiette Agile* Nt whall
**Faa»?. in. Uounod
Mn> « i I eey and I'aUie liMctte.
'Concert IVdka Arbuekle
Mr W«fu**r.
**Coia« U here the 11 !;«•<■ Jflooto.*
tranche M;"-. K t aH* dev. ,\ ft t'ule
and C i Ward.
"UPetih* Tavabonr". David
Mr. Allen.
' fret, xtalio t* ' Morris
M Cbamberlin.
"wwr. Bt m' i*.\. Him ' Male Chorus
b" diifn-aH to ch<toae fron the
lyramMiv a* ri'Uany one nuiobcr
Hi.- vutw |r < »■• than the other*.
The aadiemln ttad ■ ;ou>' iationa of
l"wal. mm -i, .1 to U'.i»r the tlmt lanoUr
*'■< u :«e* played on two p;
- «■ (• «ut fitl "i lance of tne
v' • ! M- W«..K r
*>sa tl >ii \!le« on Us'' violin,
t&1 uf th«- \ ;« s -..5 i otrumental aelec
« • *- ( M •». ' Ui\ the other young
p tr'- mco rvn 1 red their part*
•*", erjd irti»< usiuUtakaMe native ud
•stmweil At pa.n*takiug preparation.
KK ■ .T t-VtllU* lIAIJ
TJ. ntiu.i. •. i tf iv, u vit - Km«ht» of
fl? ! « »«• «• ' llm»'9-
,u> : •>* xsit M! (ii k'-i
««!>•. ~. »< - .. About kv'
* ,• |,|, . „. ; „ s , .. ~ ,
WW «n 1,.t . , „ , tt . wh, „. „• ;!
.h«rj., t <* !i n ! »r. ill*,;.
»*' K-.uht- IV f. « v N . I
.. .•.«>. .«r> •»*
I,?; > > i <•<
•"hi!-.. - II : r ll .
SV»T- « ' : irKt-rtMinw
•' '• t > i .. w, u
V*.• -'• n«. - ii - - ...
; V ,*!.-• !. ,;i.
£-. l 'V" -1 ■ - ■■■ ' \.t t! .. m«t».
; 1 •> t - .- >. •
, J . Mtt« J\ t r HHm»,
J* : '' * : -v: /
K ; «:••• .v : 'a;r^.
w' "' M •
a ' " 1 *
« .J«u v KiJitfbtS Wrn* IQ4<x*|y
t ... . v ! by
J«.:T ' *, ;• '-«.#! « in rr.
■ . , . *:'y h, V .-It
" 4 It »■;»• v. VI AS {:!:■: U" "• 1
t!v"' - X k r >-*U TiU ,* r u • -
», . « nanee.<or <
Bif, 'J ' V" «T- «. «!«>
U, tl ; i ' " * aitii a ma^u'neeat
s&u K .r,\ ( * ■
IWe« K . ~ "*'■
ikr t.:, , , yji »m»:' ««•:• i'*
J, • " 4 i »i,» AA* Itß' .
sr.;,: ;
Av.,:' : ; ..
COcs e an*! w
" ! 1 llmi.;
kt. ' ' ; " »t> -t ■
a:--. ", " 1 a * l»>i*e
an ■ *>
■M" <ie
*"• * ,-sw - ttrtnu wT-u-U rv
itvK;*' i' * r -prawd'rf
*•>'!. * " ? >V
t: f , • l " ■ eaiui'litnvsit tu
tiui j - ;s f* • V-tiiV
» ' "* ' i"d .
*** «£> I. ly ? l -v J * '
, warr" w»l'-™bw aw! MD'-rre >-t|>re»»ion« of
' ' •"-*•«« »hi»h «e»* teeiiactj- r»aw»«
h? Coi. ffaine*. The Is fcs» t^p'.r
«po*e ia highly vrmi of the
o.'irtMj *nd hntthefiy tjirpathv .htrva
him by ike Mr KaizV» an-1 Ku'<B<> «f
; Pitbiu in Sea Tork ***t» lixfinr t;,» brnr
of hi* adrrtwitr. A mnirisc «ih form.
| with by the aiesnberi of the Seattie
•iiTi.kni that their Ireartr tcenki le-ifn:r
lomarM ia vrftinc to E*«tera
Vrethreu •-knowl- 'r'B* the ;es«iliTe
; of the k',:i.itw-« .i,.,wu Co! J
i <'. while in their mH>t
• BtrmrnT xntCEkQirrxs r**Tr.
A vrrr IfclereatiiMf event of the t*»;
*;-k w«« • Mrthdar party (Urn by Jfi«,
Aiire Ari/3er*r.n. ace<! C ;«a». to her
e»>«paoior.s *" the klndTxatetj on
Miwbrtwees -"UP-* au.J
irr M;« v.,n hatjo aai Hr* T miio«m
re »en- ;.ei-*e«t to eaj,))r tiu, 4rUchifnl
: !•'< !o>y-e:jeekrri. listie
!«>»». The ifThed little lr
rired kwiweeti 1 and 2 o eloek p m
•od aftta* tfte retaaiader of ti» afternoon
!B the Ta'iou* kiadernieo aiatt and
»"ay. with whleh their juji/at merrimea:
«»<f S*>i«ht~r ke;/t t«ce. Between 3
«ad « p. m the Lille f >!k» iat d >wn to a
da.aty ef>i;*ti^ n< to wiijrb they did amir
The kindergarten wa> |.r»vi r
w,tb . i;«|IMM and the wort
Alice «f upi»4 a plan
*i»» A.ire til the rw.ipi.-tit of tome pretty
guta ironi her c</mpaui<>::.*
„ *?'" * [at inrited rue«N wet.- Uiw
Pattic Harrinrtna, Mi« I. Nieiwta,
Mtat Oeus?Tl*e Pro«-h. Mim <,ret<hen Ha«-
sard. Mb* Mabel Mi.-.e-, Mi M Maid Ja
j eota, M.-« Ktba Mi.. Mabel Chi then,
aad ilftrn Balli'lav M'Mtrken. Ai!en
! Parker, Bodtey < ampWll. Kalphaod
| Archie De\oe and Wtill* Xkkok
The following I* an txfmrt from a recent
t«U'-r f the JmtmaU paMiahed ia
ReMefei, i>ak«vrn
" M. (». Myers r\aa diapoeetl *<i th<- balance
of the lar*e »;oek of g«iod<i which - ha*
'>ee*i la-tlmg at knock down pnee», to Alex
ander Miller. Jfr. and Mr#. Myer« expect
to I<»sre Rcdfield this month u eatalwh ;
their residence a< letltk f Waibiiitt<Ni T- r
rttorr. M'. Myer* wk;i»:a ietJt of lata
i eity i»a* been an tntcnfuiftc *nd pnbltc
»r>iritt«i mat', «lway« r» ady u> do bia |«rt
of the Wfrrk in any public oudertakhig in
the interest o| the *ity. Aii'i la ao--ai
aflalr* Mr*. wilt b. greiaf< ia
lSedfi-.'ld We tru*t that prosperity and
, happtoam ?r«t* aceoan«ay t< rn wtiarever
j their tot may through iiie
Total number pupile Mlroiie*:
i „„ . No. reaiatered, new pnptl* boysS.
Ir di kirl.S; total
Average »amber belonging
| Average daily attendance
f i Average daily absenee
t KAM p,?r cetlt attendance
oj»h»' i So n-maialn* at ekiae of month
I ti *k m Ko. of ca*e*of tardinee* .
I '' ' ! Vo <*n» of eftrpr>ral fielaml
r cr • . No. of t a*ea of «anpen«ioa
irk in I &"*>"*• fa which there wan no ta
fcereral dnrlng the month Central *«*hor
mittna i K A Sbumwav. Mi<* O.
MleaCatherine F. t'heatty I>enny
I I—llra. r. K Wick*** P.
th'- Hea'tle Juvenile Opera C.»mpanT
Will give a reprr*eats:nn of "Patience"
on the evening of De nber i» i:> Krye'ft
opera honae. Tue cast of characters
. aorttaied ha%*e already appeared iu a
' former Uaue.
Mrs. M M Und*ley and daughter* Mr*.
Mary Wnemau, r«-► ntly of iariab>. < *l.,
and fom»er!y of r atfi-. hare r 'nrned to
tlie Queen city. Two war* were in
' California bnt the ladir* have eoneladed
that there '* no place like -attie. Mr*,
j Wi«rmaa will shortly he joined by Mr.
Wiaeman whi» i» at present eat aged in the
real e*iate baaioe** in Jae>nT>j.
Mr. John <»un of Woodslf* ilntaHo ar
, riv« iin >* il« » »ral <l r- * 170. and after
!«>okifi< over th" F . was HI favor
abl>- impreiot«d with the <i«een t ity and
; t;<e *urh«uu<. ilia country that he a- f%*n'c-l a
: poidtlon on the Booh<mi'*h and left for
Hnohnm!*h laat Tuesday. Mr. Gun i« a
| friend of Mr. U W. Ciark. clerk in Lanc'»
• drug etore. Both *»»• natives <if the *aaie
< Ity. Mr tinn ftr»i intended K>'ia« u>» aii
fornia, but decided t) rvmain on the
Mr. <;»•*». Hv te i'rt-ftau hat guiil to I'Nrrt
[ land and will return Monday.
Mr t A. -trau? a:>. IM f VV \ P.*t*T+ arp
-[•endtug a few day* at Yaneouver, W. T.
( apt. and Mra WtMHi'a t'aper Wed
ding Fer«onal.
OLYNrtA, Dee. 22.
i Leaf Tbur day i v.folrH wa* tfaie first au
nlv>-r»ary t»f tlw carriage of t'apL and
Mr*. Atex.Wrvid, and tl»e «K*ca*ion r. » **tv»*d
the rect*gnili«n it deserved. Although
they have res'ded In thi* • itv only one
y<-ar, the hnet of friends tlie-. Lave made
( during that time, atfe*t their great popu
laritjr and the enteem In whlth they arc
held by the people of thi* city. The rap
tain and hi* estimable wife have el- rant
' apartments In the Cu*hras:j re*'denoe on
i.'oinnib;H stre»*t and in th -*e their snesK
: were riflit royally entertained ou Thursday
ev<*nlnf. t'anis and ganu-s were the |>rin
«'lt>al attracuon*, being interspersed wxth a
delicious wedding f **' During the cv» n
Inc ».'apt. and Mr- %ren» n- united in
i » ace. M - \ I • \vn toay petforn
ti»e ceremony, an ! hcartv \* r • th • con-
KratulatliUlK they r «*e;»ed from thcae pres
.nt it wa* very iate when the guest* took
their departure hav «ng wlnbed their
entertain- rs very many repetitions of tnc t
• eftslon. Tf»o*ie pretttTit wert* Mayor and
Mr A . A. If. t'haail»er*, Mr. and Mea. A P.
Knv rs. Mr and Mr* V K LsU-rec. Mr*. A.
1» Whitney, Mrs. h i:a Inn ir. Mr*. li. «>p
t»euheimer. Mi** \nna C miioHy, Miss
Mury Burket\ Mi** Cameron. Mi-* Floy
Mi** Suhe MartaO'S. Ms* Add*
iiiirntrfcter Mr. 'tei». A William*. Mr <\
N*. Hatch. Mr. Ou*, Harri-. Mr Ja«
K-a v.Mr Fred Whitney. Mr Th• al. Mr.
i tidley M«M»re. Mr. Frank M. Oowcy and
Mr Um t. Mula •
; e'iarity ba'i. viven under the an*
lilfps <«f tV* ! a ?..•«' K 'i»'f » i«'| U»!
TtiUr i.»v im k■•iitm in « »lUM«' ia hail, wa*
w« li af:« ndit«l at« 3
mi! w•' ut A de!i< i »'Js luu« h wit 1
dnrlutf the evei'tna a«t»| nothinc wa» i« ft
tr.don,- by thr )adi«atn ntak< tl« bait a
complete *n«vr»». the v»n-ir «<• fur
nlabed • 1 Mestni Mar«>tt*> Itros. JL ('•»., of
Tho vtrfotu Monday f ar*'maklna
extenai%e rrei-aratloii* f»»r i hrs-tina* fes
tlvftle*. The Epifteopaltari*. not lavtnx a
. rbuN'l) In wbb n to meet, will
thf tn Ta i»k;« hall. All t «* othvr
«choo» Ulll o<eupy their r«»j>eelive
• hurehfs.
Mr i". 11. Ayer v»h% Its Seattle durtisjf the
Hon. T. H « waa InTaromaon
W. In'—!ay.
Judge J I' Hoyt vl ?••. at?le was in the
eitv on AN edit* *« la
• apt. W m Mt-Mh ke:i pawj a pi»rtlon « f
the week In down Sound eif* *.
Mr*. J din \ McK i'fle, of Yelm, viaited
friend* in ll,t» rii; dttrin* th« wwit.
Mr. <*barleft I), iiarfleld vl»ite«l Taeoma
la»t R'ludav, return iujt Monday eeeitlug.
lien. II <« O'flrien weut d<»*ra t > atile
on Thnr* lay to attend b» ntUUia tu»iiu •**.
Mrs. \\ ••.' " •k« n } J la«t ?n;j lay
» th |\ir:!and f..« u«!-. v • * return -d home
on Monda>
ii i M , of ehali- •.« iutv, •
paaae »through ti»tf ntj ?a»t Tue#da> on Ui»
w» loik-attle
Mr. Y. V WilVion ha* returiud/pon his
\t*;i to Ka:--rts. having absent f*»r
f« nr «.. k».
Mr. and Mr*. V K Ayer*» hav t.ii;
aeverai day* with f > >■ s in t? u. , r
liCtted !ii>u»e Hi
lion. John F. a:id Mr* a-» ' M-
Frank M t*»»w<" r - : .•» » .i . i*. aid
lasttfumlay n»«tat. x ' ;mcr t • went e«u
F»i ay.
Mr. V. F Ifolton, afler an aWaee of
**Yera< m«~>nth* m iii= ra>u rn vat« » baft
retnmvd heme. Me rep* r » an cxuviflei) ]
enjoyaide time.
Mr and Mr*. Tl > !■: drauv. W i!
Kneeland and Fd. Caih. w. all |*r<uaUfreat
» Ma"'»« e» n;it>. -aere tin? city
tfUAui I'-.c wwk
Mr C. Woodruff of the
;«ot»uiar "tlMptf I la IMm • • i N.t
taand*, ' wo* iu « .* l'i-» lay. Hut
broken K k i* rapidly gtitfag better.
Jennie Voe. * and hrr en *. M.*-
' t '.jv •of * ,*•r?tn t■ etty .a*t
Tut**la>. M.*x J, us «Sl. remain with
y d Vol $ fv»r *»me f nat\
The fan * y of M F. I! Alien, ehb f
elv ta for it»o • r genrrw!'* ofie e, l.a*
arr;«v4 and will u- na:a pt-riuanently* I*
ii-i d. .v • ■: "• Jam • •>. a rv^
d«. u ou Main htn *i-
Mr. Ira Kneela d retttrm- i last >a'«r»lay !
fr ian eai !» d ?»]■»'.: « u dhold fr.< .; i»
in Maine JVi.irtohi* departure for thl>
terri uk-* .o « i ;■•>»*! jc«mi*•> h
aiaau t i> m a H'-vl hum m
to appre* .*:«• I't:#-* t >eua<; wta her.
Mr. Mark K. Itaed, formerly of th!« fit*.
js uott i t* vh! u . mitirQt in llakland.
•a; , whv ■ . r :. '* the r >?-. :■ |«n
r • f n- * ; b»a f. keeper fo» * arye piekiv
facioiy. Hi* >nauy fn«it*<* in Uita eity are
aiwav!» plea* d to 10-ar of iki» yuev^eaa
Mr vieo. il K. «: r and b ide have r e- i
turned from ii Ea>teru weddin# trip,
( a? :a i a! < ••? t ■*.« n ii .» and a:\-
uow tt d tivH :» to h<>- « keeplnc m ti»nr
• .>. , ;x ». ivinf Mr. F< i » Ei r
i »i't at » catvr ii}ton hta dutlts a*
w rvi kmarttr.
Mr. A i> • o«'. a, the newly elected** hu '
ma ; of iii Artu> j«.»t la th:* .
eity baa been a waiJiil Uw city for {
v u. ;> M a'r, ha ..»* previous y r**»ided
j.u Mttin >•* li £« numb* rof jea** br
e*d i '.ST' x ,f> r 6;*»n>;bk' ©f Chitf .
Ufa :« «!-• "fc -v uf t e vvyor iCJ.eral. j
ut . iider tbv in-iooCTAtic adiainiarntion
U- *a* i ».icp* ;'ed t • *r*p ilovi a and oat
ta t-r er to room f*»r a Iknmtntt. IIr;
-:i»- * i; of »•* u f fkrk
ui :h < rrttoria 1 * MerrUry'» ll*- .
• AN aSway- fakea an setiv# iutere*' tu ■
•ira-. I Ar-i»» at! t at ! i •r»*• et
"f !« x CH»*t in maku .. him ).-» twfljiuaadir '
It a wei. de»ef»td * ciaplimenr
> c ta Ue aearfa. Cirtry.
>'t w > k heaiery iheater Cicary.
ProzrM" of the Nitional Goard
l'rotcr»»« l„ nf
latrnit Iu flnnltgui ta Cu
•Hi TV Xrw Bri|>4l«r.
A P. farrr, will
•AMJaw er»tam*.".S of tb« brigmte an ih.-
6nt Xoadtf la Juiarj (in l arrjtl *
■ *
r»ir.fl h'wmr at ■ bfare. tad
caeuov «oi4:tr. <sb»<r<jaeßtSf h« became
identified alth toe BMlkmal gsart ot Col
«ra»Jo, wh«r» he suit r«U chame* ta
a* ia the Uxly of the ftiard Imiiaf ' »eti
eraii'Bfrr » Mrs of «»<*, th* frieads of
the Rational nai"! o? Wasijiagf .n laay
look U>t treat imjwovejaentt to <mr ciUzea
The retiring officers of the national
guard are deserving the thank* of the citi
zen soldiery for the tireless manner in
which they have labored for the eanae.
Their work of reorganization and bringing
military system out of checa. was not an
ea»y or a pleasant taak, save ia the self
consciousness of love's labor well done.
Their unremitting work leaves the incom
ing brigadier general on a solid founda
tion for hi« two year*' ta-k. To Gen 'ieo.
I» Hill *aad Adjutant (i*?u jai K •*.
O'Brien the national guard owe a debt of
gratitu I-
The laws and regulation* governing
th* sadoftll Guard will be ready
for distribution iu a few day*.
The regulation* adopted by the mid art
board are exhaustive in their character,
and ereexpe< u-d to fully uieetallthe re
<t«kiremenia of the service. Upon the i*«u
--atH-6 of regulations the <iuard will be
pHance with tae 'Vsode.**
ASI Ihe asiform for the National Guard
ave t>e«a ae-cepte 1 and dellfirred to the
#cpecttve companies. Ar a recent meet
uig of the
a elite ! :othe amount of in favor ef
th * Petti bone Manufacturing t'ompany of
a!»*?». <-»h 1 ie:i* t- . '. ;
< ■ ■■ - K. • *!: d - 1. \ r» *ri
lassti have arrived at bea-hjuarter* ia
O mpia, and w»ii «-• ah at such
tin t« «5 the c-wamanders inay
An opiaf -n of th-> judge advocate general
regard! ug the status SSKI dutiea . 1 offh ers
and eoidter* of the state tr«K»pa In relation
to the suppression of rlo*». has been pub
lished for the information and gotera
'tn-nt ••t th • New Ham;- Ire NVionai
<»usr-f. The law U<| i /ted and exjx«unded,
the conclusion* being summ* 1 up as fol
"l Take orde * only fr- ra the civil a?i
thortrieadulv to i?sue 'hem, or
from the civil auiboritxes itudcr whom
the • may plaae you
•**2. Be sura that a riot as defined by
statute exist*, and that the rioter* have
been duly ordered to disperse before you
ta««* a« tiv<* measnres against tb-.- mob.
'•**». Endeavor honestly au»i coueciee
tlo'iily to execute the onlem of the civil
oficew a c.jrling to their true intent an«t
in 4 i nu-. but ir the carrying them out
w<»ml<l unnecessarily imperil the safety «d
your eonimaad. or if In the attempt s«> exe
eute them voiirtr»K»p* safety is im|«erlled
act as your military judgment dictates.
**l. Allow t:'» interference witii tue mill
tat at:-! mowmetit of
the troops."
ihNa*i >nal titiard of the M'atoard and
lake stat» - are unu-uaUy plea*ed with Maj
O a. 5» 'hofteM • r» coiameudatiou a* to the
traiulug of citixeu soldiers ia heavy ieuu
drill, and that in addition t > the r< trviar
oft.* era now detailed for the Inspection of
miiitia at state camps, officers l e
t«» the spet.'iflc ta«k of Instmctinf in the
u*i «»f ii- avy anili ry »aeh portions of the
tuiiiria a* may be orfftulxed f. r that pur
Col. John It. Baird, pre•• nt receiver of
the c attle land office, wa* f e many years
ideutifl«d with the National (lUtrd »,f
«»-tinria and lervt d one term very efdeieiitly
a* adjntani general «»f the state. Col. Hasrd
la a most enthusiastic guardminau and un
affable gentleman
There ar': *•« rtain classes of men in
this a* well a* vther communltir* who
think it particularly smart to deride the
etlteieucy ol the National iiuard. Unfor
tunately a number of ar»- veterans
of toe late war. No American citizen will
f«»r a moment underrate or belittle tiie in
estimaWe sftrviecs who so nobiy fought
for the preservation of the I'nlou. Their
record is a part of the hUtory of ail that is
patriotic in warfare. Yet many of them
rave short incmorit« and like th' old
play goer can see nu;hiug of any a* count
in tiic efforts ot the present age. Previous
to th# war the eltlsen saddlery was little
m-»rcthan a Fourth of July or holiday
body, but frotn its were recruited
t.»me of the m *t eflleien? an«t di«tin
v i officer* of the volunteer army,
i:* regim-.nts a! v n diMjmt on and
furmed the nucleus ar-rtiiid which clus
tv. r d the great I'tdotj trmy. To-day it i*
admirably equipped, thorougly disciplined
ai.d far better re pared for a'tife service.
Will the veteran admit that kls son and ,
su< are '»ss patrifdu* and able than
he ' If he does, th«*n from hi> standpoint,
hti the race degenerated and hi* profreny
fallen h* low the standard of manhood of
the sixties
The proinoth-u of « . Curry leave*
the iu'-j or generalship ant Üboi
ougt. *o'di» ran ian « : »r Willi th» mean*
and inclination to better th* condftiouof
the Sa?i<-:ial Guard should till thi* ap
pointment. rules- th in*|H or genera!
th'i oughiv under-aud* h* dnths. and
wiil give the time »<» ills* hare* them, he
v* HI prove more o! an it jury to the
than an ornament t'p.i: his elfe** de
largely th ••• tleieuey, condition a i
homage neons !i« #« of the guard. Tt»" fact
»«. t!;e power, 1 restii ate
the re*ponsfiity t-» <>W.' th" service 5-,j
makin-.* *t*fT and on ihe
. » r hand n nmi sasa rL ft.. a»M ep' a
s*aff app*»i .ttii-.- Nt unl- - • he has tne t.-< t.
nh-al ku«>wle»lge re-juire<i »-.f hi* Mtfou
and i*> willing to give the tim»- requirtd t.«
impart tUal knowledge to hi» suboxdi .
rinsT nsoiMCvr.
t'.». i» v%il» e've their seeoad annual t>al3
at the Armor on Moudav t reuiiy,
berM. t'nderCaptain Kelloitir. ('•> i» ha%
reached an eiivtaoK rark anhoic the com
pastes o f
»' »n - «"ed tba* the colors tor the Fir*r
n c niout t«* pr» ntcd on the o« «-a*ioi.
G< oeral Carry's isit lo Bat tie. which w ill |
!>«• atft»»Ji the time of bin aftft«nu>T»j; the atar
of hit office. The occasion < oukl be mad>
ap!ca*a;it a«d a profitable cme !.o of!o r<-
av i nst !> ad'ke
First Regiment arw>r? stoi-k Is on a
boom. Tb« ? who donated toward* th«-
acheine of bii'Mlua the new arm my mriw
tind that their l-r-a<l« a»! upon the wah n
Nrtn;'" :n a n venue i the -have of int. rent
that »sa* <ra'»: nc to the pr%i*n«»ter« of
the* :>* pri'e e* it is i>; a«an' to the hohier*
*,f atoek.
( ap'ain Hn*a»';»eek «.f Co. Ji. Yaneou
\ : r. haft tendered his rrati«>n tf# the
eonim«nder in chief. Hl* aneceaa <r ha.«
not yet Kh«»i ehoa* n.
CompanM of luMtna \* in a highly
pr. aperoua condition frorr amldtary pednt
. The rompati v baa a targe mem- \
U-fthi} . mad« t;i»4 i very promia u« mate
rJa\ an-d ta orttrared by rhr«-e r*e»'4 cut
'i.en w. ■» **•' ail oct a*»<»ti» «ho* themselse*
» i\« 'O t'<e dutieft of the hour The eom
' an I ha« recently Iwa with a:i
. t ''a; by the Tae via t'ham:ft-rof
i r« ai.d a no have an excellent
ha? 1. ha= !a niely uniformed, made ap of
n< 5 t mjH»ranly detaehed from company j
terv ice.
Cant. Joseph Grecti of Company B.
- at- •. i* having hi> comnaay
'•••*:»e , y lifted np. Nit of
majd. and of exxjU aite design. «-»wt
. . v. I- iu« p i in «ft»*ition
li.. - i.incauater t*a :on will ademi »
th- .a' rich earpeta will g*-ace th«. **>«*?
w ii.lv ? > rrweal penchant of the b.#»»
wti: ' r rat iI y an elegant jdano. Ii •
< o • > aill bt j:>*!ly prtmd of their new
k, company, CaplaJo K. M. Carf, i>
eoTtain*> a popular inatitntlcm, judging
f .•?»;!• faet t « a arc* nu.i.ber «d bvp'i '
anbatv a«a; »u? to U' sworn iu. i*tv»-
v> mpanv ha* now about tta foil eomple
nu sit« fnu n. who are doing earnest duty
in their dii.f
Tb n turn * ; < !. Haim > fcs< ad ' d a
ue# impe.ua ' • the F»r*t. Fbe feel i
juatlx pn : i of t- • ir conucan ler and dur- :
: a' I *--'! e duj j f- el Ik- ..i»-i
--r".rath-. any ..cw work. a*aited his
return, p-' aidior thr*j«gh ihe
street* through r a*u and mu i to gr»-*t tb<*
» » •{ ur-'ti hi* first ian>i:ng ni • Queen
i'.iy. * epiadv el* arly t'a h < the
t •»« ration that thouid est** between j
i.rToft. •* *»n t enllated men. Wit*>ie:r it •
w«"e tevhnuwl cduca!- u<> a par rial fail j
e®o&Kt> IENT.
G 7 *»? >;H'»k*ne F* .* ia a *?
i • r \ »p;* ir»;Uf :rj (br rr. 'H ,j:; J nn* »
uHi mmlug**} i« n\*k\ ; *a > *. c« ;
~t r<t r * *t»h M* r .•mmmmt
■, .< 1* of Wa:lsh;j-,: C 4 •\' « J
•la * " ''«<nuv wliccb w*.» »;* * v
Kof i>a*V>r». iaftrf t+ivnrt*- • 7rs
r:« :: e "had * r.ioat s>arn T tfi< .1 •• i - sou
at thr h*x:d> **f their bn»l r :> < i the * :rv
T ;*« MJ *itu.n ot tb« Kir*: raiment **>
i-!jce«l from tilt fat t X. a' a *' w*-« i»- j
« I • *r*K'te of>*. *r #**■ *>■ ]
t\ . W. hkt 4.- '. -in - him ha**» a ;
i\><a|MUi; of hit n-«4jf f » •
tiifUOd W jaWilWe. Witfcta ivtl fit am lu ;
I .; • • J;- ' ' . I'# •* t : • k» i ir? ••«»' - .
s'ait'iaß? *s *'l\K B» 50 >*e» %. *f c j
i> *'y fsVß'vi eof »i > «fura?'f*ft, i »vie< i
jj.nnwtof*, !rtMt«rt*naa «rj«l
a■ t- \ -Ur*\ for. kirmt \..ur V\ •
d*»ub» whether a oowwub- ia ibe rr<ti*f ;
•ervjee rt' iJd <!«> better »<* k lha-' ! *' I
A .-•VAi'f « e ImH a! W«rfk i
« i; |i si :e -' i TOO J-V ii . • • 1
■tad fitter «|'fK*«r*a<n? ia Jfeeli;
..!••; -'<* « '■ -It- • • I
i rtce -ar #ll b*e«iker hicf*. Cheater
!p*p £r - A, .- •
Beware of Frmut. »» mj nane »! tbe
peke are ttasped om tbe bct&tta «f all bi
adrertiaed *tMM before leaviiar U-» fa-torr.
wiiirh prefer: the wearer* ara-r »t h!tb
pdee* aw! inierioe p«i». If a dealer offer,
W. L. DiiTOHS tboo it a ndam) prv*.
«r «aj» be k»< them wltiwwt at acne aw!
frm «•»»<! n the battes. pit bin
lo« aa a (taod.
Tcic unij i-ail 13 hhw,
«au»>th iQjit.: . KO TACK" or WAX
niKKAD to hurt tbe fM, t-a>y a« band
MVdand A JI.L NoT KIP. .
W. L. DOCOijU- - H OE, the orixinal
an : only har ; .: «> nt-.l wt 'rt »* shoe. K<|tia:»
CQ*toi9-nade »iton frotn |«5 U> *4*.
L. ms p*>u< E .-HOE.
Railroad Men and Letter Carrier® ail wear
them, hroooth Su<i4« a« a Haad-cevred
»Swe. No Tark* »?r Wax Thread to hurt the
w. L. DOUOUUI » -HOE 1* ua«-
celSad for heavy wear. Beat Calf Shoe for
tb<- price.
V\ I. l>Oo€LAr 99.23 WORKING
MAN - !»IIOE IsUr bffrt i the world f.»r
loojtb wear; one pair eight to wear a mau
a year.
is the be*-: school shoe ia the world.
AH m»!t: in Co&frm Button and lace.
If not fohl by funr octler, writ*? W. 3L
TREK & HAYMOW, Agents.,,,
31$ Co* mere Lai street, cornel
lack«cn, Seattle. V» ; . T.
IH*-asTs of MEN and WOMi>
»ta«n oaalttlhr treated.
LOST SfANH»*>D, Serv.»u« aad Phy»« *
• iN-biirty. Vitality, A®., a
•V.akuoaa, S»ennat»:;.'r ".«*;*» lxn»of< r
kiu«rtro"ea. Gleet, svpfiilia, Prvmarnre f>e-
Mte W-a£?i«-*.s in Women, and all f n
tioaal Ih rang-, c.entntna: rurtilt from fO*' 1
fill {otlit ? or * xreaa iu after y ar*.
?'BIW£fiY iCidney, and Biad«n*r tron> «.
unman* Weak Ka> k, Gonorrhoea, - !
• CrrstitU, Varieorelc.J*f*< tare,«*e, ■ *
iv ana safely cared. No na**ecn« med* i
<iveu, nor Wrong iajectiooa wed. wl. • b
ihv atrfctnr%u i kargea reaaouat .v
UCounlii lH* ty, L<>*sof V .eor. •»
IBIIUVJ vgiit Emiflriona. r •
■ «p©Ddeacy- etc., ete., Ctxrei
YAH 111 Mill aafferiuf from Lae eff- f
lOUHu stil vwntb f£ f< '»i,> nr indlvr
:iox.a, ahoald avail themselvea >f oar tre*
1 meat, U*t boou «▼«* iaid at tne .*•
tar of s'lfffnas W caw;'; t
a positive cnr\ tn every caae
litfk-ified Sfa
.' natious of th blaiidjer, are <:&p*aied &? a
-u: OB eia;
t .tioa :he unnr • »«!iowct t d
. . s . •
. «; -(r ..a ..r ?«*W!»b to er-i •
r!l i< ; ci^Kficwt«
.; ■' *. *ie > »: m»n «. «iiati»e? fee ttaacot
f «r. *1 e tte von ! «'ag- of
Kaay die of tkto !!•-
i w. • *.xm»rart of ** a use. A rf vcf e*r*
• ; . ■ .«•■; . *e>* •rat-.ni nunsuM'l
,> ► .. 9a q. :p. a i t 1
\ r. -r -- • .> ; a"' ,r» v-!t «u at: t
. rcale-i at r c ,h» fcy <>v"»rr-.*s*»a«iew e.
» c .* «»to v « p*a
Cr. - M«
or Quia* :o Wtdletk.
'A..:-. . ■ ;• *;ii; S--<
. u»i. r...e tJitir !;fe- l<r At-k> r» EngMah
R<aied« !-"• eoa»oai| tion 1» an t'M.nw
■ . ore ( * For ttlc by A. b- js^irart.
1 dragjri.'- 1
Seattle. Lake Skt I Eastera Rj.
M. Iwft. ::n' will depart from aad
; arrire at Seastie as follows:
. Falla City, tjiimac.' Leare Arrire.
:fk>ho»»ish an-; war i
| rati.T.s'TMttrrtint{ - _ _
f at Colee Bay wish ;■•»»<* StSOpnt
!■ txoaft-v us LakcWa'h
WteacanJ w»F*» f B M, ,» „■«,.»
■Soohooiab aad war, .
; Malum , A«:»pa ><k»am
KTBrBBiJt T«JlT!!.«-
B 7 w atn # :06 am
To BaSard B 9:C> a as Il:« a as
wttkoMM iak>: B 1 30 p as 130pm
Washington *
"A" daily. -B" dally except **nJaT
Q*n. F. and P Agent.
Northern Pacific
Caaoads Division. Now Com
pleted. Making it tka Short
est. Bent and Q nick eat,
Tke Diaitig Car trae. The Direct Routt
So Delay*. Fastest Traius. Loweat Rate
to Chicago and a:', points East. Tickets
widtoal! prominent Points throajthout the
Ea«: ats'3 Son;beast. Ttiroaeh Puiimat:
Draw.'-iji Room lSeepiEK Cars. Re»erta
tions <-aa be swured in aJvaacv
To East Boa*< 4 Paasf «**!-«:
Be careful and do not make a mistake,
but be sure to take the
Nortleni Pacific Railroad,
And sec that your tirket reads rla this
Bne, -t. Paui or Minneapolis to avoid
changes and serious delays bt
•Cher routea
Through emigrant sleeping Cars run on
regular eiwea trains full length of the
iiae. Berths free. Lowest rates, q nick est
Ufntrsl Ofßre of ths < ompasj, So, t Wasu
inctoa ■!., Cortiaad, tirsgoa.
A. I>. CHARLTON, A«a't Qeo. Pin. Agt.
No. 2 Washington St., Portland, Or.
Ticket Agent, Seattle. Wharf.
Ticket Agent, Seattle.
Canadian Pacific
1 finest in the world,c* Mating of Luxurt
ous Sleeping Cars, bavin drawing, tmoi
ing and btth rooms; Co fortab!e anc
Clean Colonist Cars. with 09 Sleeping
Berths for holders of v.-con-Jf-ms}. tieaeU
; ami the most modem ft vie of day coach e*
Its Dining Car* a.;<l Hotel* provide th»
best quality of food in unlimited quantity
at reasonable ratv*.
The Variety aad Grandeur of Scenerj
along it» line is uuequaled, and in the d»'
tail* of track, traiu service, etc., nothing i>
; omitted that can add to the Safety an
| Cam fort of its patrons. All In ail, it give*
the beat and most servieahle liue of travel
whether for business or pleasure, betwet i
Portland, Tacoma, > attle, Victoria and a!
| Pacific Coast Points, aud Winnipeg, Min
iieajioiis. St, Paul, Chicago, St. Lou;*, Otu
wa, Toronto, Montreal, Boston, New York
and all Eastern Cities.
Throve It rtrkets ar* IsxiiedtoaU Prlnrip*
Point* in tlif I nite*l State*, (ar.»4a
aad Karope at Lowest Kates.
For detailed information apply to the foi
lowiug agents of the company:
C. <.«. McCORD,
Washington st., Portland, Oi
K. W. MCiIKNESS, Seattle. W. T
K. K. E1.1.15. Tacoma, W. T.
Uiatrict Freight and Passenger Agent,
Vancouver, H. C
Correspondence respectfully solicited.
Men Paciic Cmpj'i
•Quicker in time than any other route be
Seattle and San Francisco
\KKIVE IS 9AS FKASciM'u, 7:45 A. M
Through Time Forty-Eigbt Hours.
The Grand Scenic route of the Pacific Coas?
Tourist Sleeping Cars
For accommodation «>f < law na*sei
fers attached to KXI'REf> TRAINS.
For lic*eta and other information call ot;
Ticket Agent, St artle, W, T.
E. P. ROGER**,
*»v>L «n-w. Freight and Pa.«*. Aii-ut
K K' » hi.kr. Manaerr
Time Table Taking Effect Sunday,
December 8, 1888.
Leave Arrive.
.Southern an 1 Eastern* « , „ 0 «.
Exj-res*.. [ 3.~>a.ra. 9 topm
Sonth«.*rti and F.a.-tern» f .. _
X| a ; } -t«.4>p.m, 9.2.<a.m,
Seatt - and Tacosna/ _
K?eight s €^JOp.m.
Southern and Eastern mail carries Pull
man s!ee» er*.
General freight and Passenger Agent
T. J. Milnkk. Manager.
(Ml MRU A: PlilET S<H\l>
Time Table, Taking; Effect
Sunday, No«r. 11, 1833
Train* arrive and leave S<;atti»» aw f< '
Leave. Arri T(-
Newcastle and wan t „
tati.,i.* mixed) » fcuia.m
Franklin and way *ta » 7:00 a. m. *i:4& p. in
''•'loos* * 4;ocia. m.12 «*"> p. *r.
•Coal 3 ue ft, fa.10:40 p. m.
J A NADF At". G P. and P. Vgt
Fred E. Sander
r«ro»T an't Coaavtfrrlal *U
English Steel Hiiiis
By "Mjlpon-ene," nj- Land.'
iny at Tacoma, a o* tho
best quality rs ;i 40 »nd
50 pound ' fare; tor su'e in
lots to suit.
BiLTOti aTBRI , & <(>.,
Tafcms W. T.
JfrJOJI ii»:j r«»\: fff" ;
Dewier- a aa<l mar.*i?a * *Tf r- <-t a.l
ot Eoua<i mud |nv**- laaiW, iMtn, .
P«»** .'u.ez:' < etr .
We te« k-ave aaaona-. e r &f t' ?
He t£ we are u.nv is It-- to-v ■ >4C _
tet witTi • fail of > dry
awaLer. La u 2
j m«4c and iwiwl JWWJ j
atantiy on b«a4, Utmrlag I*" '®! l ' r
eulaMtvr Innuab. ! uu
' aottcfr Cail übl M yttr Imatiri
0. K. & N. co:s
' ' lor Tarcvma daaj. tu-K S«adav a:
I »«. m.. 1130 a. at. ao4« 4". p. at.
For Taeotna—suixiar* at 1 « a «u aad 4
p. m
1 *fa. jm***""* - •»«»< Snaday, at
Per OSympia—Daily. rri-. pt *aada-- ■;
1 30 a. s
Tr-aekiait at intermediate juinta an ali
Senile. Wkncon Rome
* 9 JK> ». Mooter*
Wednesdays and Fridays. Arrive*mftohmi.
****** *t 11 a. m Tue»days, Thnr*da* * and
fmturdmr*. Rc'amn c. % ate* Wha;o«.m a:
Ip. el Tamays and Thnrs.}ay« ra
a; Tim. ArHv«» a: atthf a: j
«. m. Wedi*e*dmj9 ami Fridavt acd on Son
dmr* *I+H2I 9 p. ».
LetvwWbtUHMi for Seßiiahro»»o Sat«r
<la?f *• ' p t:i Ut -« frmithmo.. for
JJ baTi Min bamrdara a;sp. m., a rri\ iar a(
w saltoa a*x>ut $ ik m
simci~Sfeaxarr laads at resular
jaiifiiti<» excej-? Oak H«rb(>r, Laa»oih r aini
U. S. Ma:! Steamer Hassaio
LeareaSeattle for Wbatroa anJ all waT
lati.j.uirs ,-mida-», ln»w:a\« and T*mra
da»»al Hp at. Arritcaat w :at«»nn Moo-
WtuDmltTi aih! Fridays at 5» ix in.
Kfturuiuc. ira»t § Whakx tn <«mo days a*
V 3 -1 p m.. imr.rit nr s» a*Tk n\r»i*ry
Tan:Miay* au4 SalunU .«=a: 2 m.
H. tn*uj. Mauafre-r
C. W. fiipi rlaii ndanl
A. u maxwell.
GeaL ha»«, auj Tic ket A|»!.
J. R. POLLEY, Local Asr< at,
Ci:y ihicll
W. S. & T. C( I.
O th-tw-.ro Seattle and Pott Towim-tid.
Fort Madison. Port <iamr.:t> ai.d Po?t L«d
fc-'W Returning—Leare port TowasenA
daiijr (except Sandaj; a! 9:30 a m.
Steamer Ehra Aadem*n leavea Seattle
Btii day, Tne»«iay and at 9 n. » ,
touching at Clinton, Coaperilie, 1" r salad v,
Deception, Aaacortet, <>aem* t>. Haraish.
R.an< hard. FairhaTen. Boiiincham an 1 se
aome. Returning—ljearfi Whateont Mon
daj s, Wednesdays and Fritlays a: T p. m.
Steamer City of Quince leaves Seattle for
La Conner Tuesday, Thursday and Satur
day at 7a. m., touching at way porta. He
turning: alternate days.
For freight and palace apply at com pa
ny'a office on Yesler'a W'uart.
GEO. s. JACOBS, Secretary.
Canadian Pacifis Hariiatioa Co.
L* It E M I E H
*""> UN"D SOUTH.
LTiTM- - KKi V K
Vancouver, Monday Townsend, Thursday
4c Ti.urs.la> 2p :n Mondav i» .50p i»
Towusend, Monday >att)e., Friday and
& Thursday II p m Tuesday a c
Seattle, Tuesday aud Tacoma, Fridav autf
Friday . * a ra Tuesday .io[a m
Tacoma, Tuesday A -«attie, Tuesday and
Friday 2:30 pm Friday 4.*) p m
Seattle. Wednesday Towuseud, Wedu friy
& Saturday. (, an. Saturday- £0 a m
rownaend, Wedn*d> Vancouver, Wednca-
A Saturday 10 a m day A s«tdy SSO p m
Wednesday* and Saturdays.
Tuesdays and Kridavs.
JOHN A. O'BKIKN, Master.
F. J. CHCRCH Agent at Seattle
John lavijto. .Unav'r. C. P. N. Co. LA.
Pacific Coast Steamship Co,
One of the
Of this company will l< ave ()«vait I>ock,
Seattle, every Friday a! o'clock p. m.
I (Pa«st'ugers received on board at b p. m.)
For Port Townsend, Victoria
Queen of the Pa. itic Nov. 9.
I matilla Nov. P», :*j, l>ee, 14, *>.
Walla Walla Nov. vs. !>••< . 7, Ji. Jan. 4.
Returning, stcamrrb l»ave San Franciato
t every Frida) at 9 o'clock a in.
Steamers leave a? above fortnightly for
Wraissei, Juuean, aitkaaml other Alaskan
ilaho H.t. XI, Jl.
Aueoa Nov. 13, Dec. 17, Jan. 14.
GOLI'UBIA Ai rriJKT snr\l> K. K. CO.
W. li. bl>tS. KR. Aeent.
l'ui!t-t SouutJ Stipt. Y. C. S. S. Co. r^eattle.
Between Seattle, Tacoma and Olyoipia
aud way porta; carrying passengers,
Northwestern and lis Fargo*s mail,
express aud faat freight
: Lv. 01ympia*.7 a. m. Lv. beat tie ..2.HQ p. m.
A r Tacoma .10 a. m Ar. Tacoma 4 00p.m.
Lv. Tacoma. 11 a m. Lv. Patron 4 #p. ra.
Ar. Seattle .1 p. tn. Ar. OlympiaT 30p. m.
•Leave Olympia dally, except Monday.
Thia ceat e r departs strictly on schedule
time; only boat making round trip on !?un
days; meal* on board
GEO. FOSTER, Agent. Seattle.
I'illHi V\\MIATI«.\ lilMl'lVV.
Henry Bailey
4 lip, ft an wood, Mt Vernon, Hterllgn
a.i termediate points every
ai»d WrHtneadsf.
F«»r freigbt or rat<*« appJvon l*>anl fleam- i
er or to Geo. H. Potter ag* nt
S T. DRXNT. Master.
rKin< \\\!wviru\ mnw.
Skagit Chief
ht :-a: } i«- l-Ji.i >. '"« i; **
. It,i »:. -'.nnroon, leOees*, 1
J.r-:Hsri. r ami K»fhc H*rb«r every
ar.'l Thnr««l.y.
Jor frvUi tor r»{< * ai-n!>' oti fx •! »Uam
,r. or to J. A. HATFIU D. Ajrrnf.
HIAriY i.AH> V. V».'■■:.
jC'arrj'iii? C. S. Ma)-J
I>*.\Seattiv for Fdranuii*. M'lkiiU'
Maryrvi!..' aiid BnohnmWi
For If-At or ::|»Jr«' 'XS
(»r at Y«kr wharf.
C. I». BROWS F.KJJ>. M.naipur
«i» ».1 11. I rrtt Atem*- iv aittf.
I KAVKS > WHARF K'fc lA_ .
i a C" aa. oiyMfJi ! ■: »i ■ >
, a.' re. c*«- Mnixia- w..;w*l«r •»» F" j
«. - Hi* j
a: 7 a a. eTeryT*t-*l» T^iwa l at!<l sal* |

Oflic-« !■» l<> Kent
In the BOSTON BLOCK »u<l tl»«
W«n Iw.tt'l act, {B"*»P «rty far j
aale ek<t>p. cl»e to KiRK-
LA?. 13 »r..: - WEST
JAM» -
We have just received some very pretty novelsi- - -- : table for
Xmas Presents!
Bargains in Black Silks.
Bargains in Colored Silks.
Bargains in Silk Dress Patterns.
Bargains in Dress Materials.
Bargains in Wool Dress Patterns.
Bargains in Fans and Gloves.
Bargains in Gents' Japanese Silk Handkerchiefs.
Bargains in Fancy Embroidered Handkerchiefs.
Bargains in Embroidered Linen Handkerchiefs.
Bargains in Ladies Handkerchiefs.
Bargains in . Silk Handkerchiefs.
Bargains in Childrens' Caps and Hoods.
Bargains in Cloaks.
Bargains in Ladies Scarfs and Fissnes.
Bargains in Silk Hosiery.
Bargains in Fancy Aprons.
Bargains in Purses and Bags.
Bargains in Hosiery and Shawls.
Bargains in Laces and Ribbons.
Bargains in Table Linen and Napkins.
Bargains in Table Cloths and Scarfs.
Bargains in Silks and Satins.
Bargains in Ladies' Silk Vests^
Our store will remain closed all day I uesday December 25 in order to ghre
our numerous employes an opportunity to enjoy their Christmas.
_ -y 00
New Cioods in all Departments

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