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The Seattle post-intelligencer. [volume] (Seattle, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1914, December 29, 1888, Image 1

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To Buy Them.
Fnyritory to a change of t/a*ineas, the
iott rt *b»ek of the leading bookstore of
the North Pacific 1* offered fyr a few
iay« st
Eastern Wholesale Prices
Wot only tbU, but more. Oar book slock
will bt- literally MK-'lficcd, In hundred* of
cam * books being sold for
Than They Cost Us.
Thin *toek roust got rid of, and the
public now have the opportunlt v to
PROFIT 111 1)1 K LOSS.
Those who com flr*t will have the great
est choiee. So favorable ait opportunity
never before was offered here to get hooka.
Opera and Field Glasses,
Gold Pens, Compasses,
Cards and Pacific
Coast Diaries
for 1889,
Will al*o 1 © M>'d at runlnouil ylow price c
TfKI front HI Hfattlc.
W M\r
NO i>Ti:in>T.
This Property is Offered
To-Day i'or the First
I'lIU 1>!
sum.Si-"in. -s-joo.
AMI *450
per lot, to Uhh< ion.
TERMs >nehal! cash batan <■ m one
The*. lot* 111 it m..«t renltwl au.l >le
Arable pan „ f
an thru* *n elegant xivm of th»* m» nu
«** r*:U'N \(tmim.t« R >tt
jjw thv ,•t ?\ on >lO mlnutr* walk
Uw ferry Umiin*
Secure a Hue While lie
Prices are Low.
Pay No Interest While the
Price is Advancing.
Rn Minj:. tVmnu-rri*! rtivrt.
tfeftltie, or
; V>.«m K C<Mal Block.
Who are Looking for a Location.
UIITE i Iffill'S
For farther particulars. apply to
Hear d? Dexter Norton's Bank.
North Yakima l« centrally located on the
main line of the .Northern Pacific railroad,
In one of the richest portion* of Eastern
Nine targe and fertile valleys are tribu
tary to It.
The Yakima Valley is the
Garden of Waihinslon Territory
Ami the great Northwest-
Farming lands and towu property are
Immigrant* and In re# tor* should inves
tigate the Yakima conntry before locating
or ittvvating.
A small Investment here will bring rirh
For information call on or write to
iieal Estate Ag«nt*.
Sterling Silverware, Etc.
all new goo pa.
At Claries Nate's Old Stand,
srKcri.ttvjßs, \KP
The well known llnW-aM e»tate. original
»ite . f IX VNH \. 101 a. re", two aide* fn.w
Ktralaiwt. fniiilt on lake Washington.
tO) < « f h
Two ■:« cornr' In North Se
attle. ItjOO.
Two '.ot* read* (or bti'Mlftft. rJOiISG. wtth
• 1 fruit trw and Sawn, one block from
Jacksou *tree*. 91MO. vmi t. raw.
Call and see list of hou*ea.
Oppo«;:e B?»ton Black
Engravings ind
Will sell by jublie asrtion at their
Num. urXT to Arthur on bote?. 00
mrreial rtreet, 00 CATt'RDAY the JSMh
SUM, at ip. ra. and Tom uw follow In*
Fifty nil paiiitiuff* l.Vi Hue alesraphs. all
««r» M vttteav.Bf* loHWtioß nM
A complct* line of Knsli«h Tweeda and L»-
«lie«"r»»lor Hnilinsn lor rtrwt and
prwtiml wear.
.Tet*, Punt rmmtfriet*, Galloonn, Peiwian Bands,
Fancy Braids, etc., for
Wool Hosiery.
Jt'rom the jpiule* in Wool to the tine«t quality ot
Cashmere. -An elegant 1 in»- of
.All the* Durable Maken of
Silk, Wool and Merino Underwear
In All Sizw.
621 and 623 Front Street,
J. Fi-bth. Caahier PBKit Sound Nat'nl Bank
H. G. »ravri. Strove, Hainea <fc McMirken, w /% __
Attorneys. •
A. B. WYX»A*T, Stewart & Holme* Dr*f Co. -.Vfty*
Da. T. T. Ml*. R, Minor A i>*wson, Physt- « jttflO''
J. P. IloYT.Manr r I>. notion A Co..Banker* *
B. Bron.4Co..Mcht.« »
M. I). RALt-Altr\Prv«i<l.m Stilt'.f Hardware _lV\^T
Com pan v. _ xa
H. H. I.«vt- Timer. Emrl. A Lewta. O*
El-Oov. E. P. Fkrry, Vice-President Pugt? O T
Sound National Bank. •
Removed to 629 Front Street, foot of Cherry. <JAw
Are cordially invited to fall at the office of
Eshelman, Llewellyn & Co.,
F< j.r: 111«•>: iii.uter 1 f this wonderful country to mail to their Eastern friend".
We have some of tho Choicest Property in all parts of tho City,
which we will be pleased to show Intending Purchasers.
\\Y quote tin- following des. r ption of Uio scenery a< seen from West Se
uttl" from si: nrii. te in tlic* San Krai., i-ro Journal of ("omuierce:
Our :-eiitlle Hiiiid', hi- t n:-1 will par.ion a *tranprr within their irate- of
fer >; thi.« fcrutiiitoti ni;\ ir. !:.!». lake an exceptional interest in the trulv
tua,mi(!< eitl -urromitiinfr- of thi- eoniing "West Knd" and must run the ri-k
of NriitK eon*i.:< re.; "pushing" in our praise hy some. ant I "cheeky" in our
HONpl a.lvsce I other-. We inu>l excuse MMMtfM b]r Wyfaf IkMM
have in.«|*s t« .i thi .. i-; from Alaska to the Mexican hortler. We have -een
tU<- sun ri-e on the \lj ai;*i have revelled in the beautle- of I.ucerne from the
sin it of |: . i. we have felt the soft influence of the Mediterranean and de
lighted in the e.i-1 letriiiireii bank* of the ijlorion- lUiine. We have sought
out and admin *1 the fit:. -1 -cet:er\ of the 01.l World and the New. hut from
no one soot have we ever Icen so impres ei with the Uauty of the landscape
a« with that viewed front the tahie land of West Seattle. It i< sitnplv unique.
<>n one side of you the majestic Kaitiier pointu lii> hoarv crest into the very
heavens Alone in his grandeur, like a very god, hi- mas-ive front of 14.(4*4
feet seem* to dwarf into pigmie« the surrounuing mountains that would el>e
be giants. In front of ye'; Mount liaker. another white and glistening mon
ster, though some hundred mile- or so away, thrusts himself upon vour
vision, whilst right anil left of you the Cascade and the Oh tuple range- form
a background of he nio-t exquisite mouldings tha the mind of man can con
ceive, wild and rurir. d in their outline and ewi changeful in their soft nn.l
glorious tint- ' * • ' • Through this pro|wrty will pass the Seattle A
Southern H. K., wl :eh will at or.ee lie rapidly pushed to completion With a
depot ch'-e handy to the ftrrv -lip. tin either side will extend wharves and
warehouse- factories and stores.
Great Sale of I landkerehiefs at
10 12'j. 15. 20 and 25 cents;
Also Fine Quality in Proportion.
Opera Hlook, Front strrct.
Any one pureha-.ng tl worth, or over. i» entitled to a ticket In the ra.«e. worth til)
The Jraw :• t will take t-laee Jaii'.an 1. at <• • >Ii»KN KI LE BAZ.VAR.au.!
wilt tv managed b> a rMSittct of ttrket-hotdens
■ca mm a
• AGtNTS FOR W.T. & B.C.
Banquet of Tariff Re
formers in Boston.
The Preai«ient. Speaker Cariiile and
Sacretary Fairehild lnalat on No
Bo«ro5t. Dec. 2*—-The annoal tanqnet
of the Maaaac htiKietts Tariff Reform
t»x»k p!ace at the Hotel Vendoase this
•▼eaiog The prioclpa! gnrat of the even
in* vraa "Secretary of the Treaanry Fair
chiid Hon. W. T. Huasci; presided and ia
the opening speech said the leathering was
n»>t one of interested capitalists to rejoice
over a political victory, bnt a gathering in
the interest of the propagation of a great
political and economic reform. A letter
was then real from President Clereland,
a* folk>w«.
Me**r*. Sherman, /fair, oad other*. €jm
m titer, am exceedingly aorrv
that i cannot be |ment at the annua! din
ner of the Massachusetts Tariff Reform
; League cii the 2Mb iast. This is merely a
i formal and common expression of regret,
I but it truly indicates how much I should
j enjoy aertuv the members of yoar league
j and i.ow y:a*l I *h««u *1 be to express in
I j*-rson HIT appreciation oft heir important
in the cause to wni*-h I am earnest
ly aUachtd, aud to act nowledge at the
ttnw time their freqafiit and encouraging
manifestations of t»er*onal ftieitdlineae.
i know. too. that it would be profita
ble and
for a brief period within the inspiring in
[ fluence of the atmosphere •nrroer.ding pa
TRT'VIIC and UP*,. ifi*h men banded together
in the Interests of their fellow-country meu
| and derated TO the work of tariff reform.
This reform sp{>ear* to be as far reach in g
iu its purpOMS a* the destiny of our coun
try. and as broad iu its benefits OH the we!-
! fare of our entire people. It is because thy
efforts of its advocate* are not discr«-dtted
by any sordid motives that they are able,
boldly and confidently, to attack the
stronghold* of felfi*hne>.s and greed. <>ur
institutions were constructed iu purity of
purpose and : llMtty. lheir op
eration is adjusted to the touch ot national
virtue and patriotism, and their results
under such guidance must be tbw prosper*
ity aud happiness of the pebple; and «o
long as the advocates of tariff
reform appreciate the sentiments
iu whirh our institutions bad their
origin, so long as they apprehend the
forces whioh alone can guide their opera
tion, so long a> tb«>,iu a spirit of true
patriotism are consecrated to the service
of their country, their temporary defeat
being no discouragement; it but proves
the stubbornness «»f the efforts of com
bined selfishness. aud discloses how far
the jteople have been led astray aud how
grea: is the necessity of redouhjed efforts
in their behalf. To lose faith in the intel
ligence of the people Is to surreuder ani
abandon the struggle to arouse their intel
ligence and free it from darkness and de
Then? is assurance of speedy and com
plete vietorv. In the track of reforms are
often found the dead hopes of pioneers
ami the despair of those who fail iu the
march, but there will be ne:ther despair
or dead h«p< s In the path of tariff reform,
nor shall its piouecra fail to reach the
heizhts. Holding fast their faiths and re
ject! ns: every alluring overture aud every
deceptive compromise which would betrav
their sacred trust*, they themselves shall
regain and restore the patr m >uy of their
countrymen freed from the trespass of
grasping encroachment*and safely secured
! by the genfu* of American justice aud
'equality. Yours truly,
The President's health" was then drank
Secretary Fairchild wa* thenlntroduced,
and !u the course of his speech said the
election bad by no means decided 'lie
question of the tariff and tariff reform,
'ihe record of theeanvasnbring> high hopes
for the future. We lost only iu those places
| where the tniu>l was dotuinated by pas
sion, where partisanship and blind prrju
[ dice of race and section overcame l>enevo
lenee and lore for a whole country. The
| tariff should be settled and removed for
j ever from the domain of politics, for it
not only disturbs business, but preveuts
| the simple purpose of universal benefi
cence, for which alone our government is
fitted. It «•« nvtrts our legislative
halls into scenes of barter between con
tiictiag interests, where wrangles over
means to enable uir:i to get more and still
more money from our citizens becomes the
chief characteristic of the peoples repre
setatlvcs ll«»w can this question be set
tied" The sta ement of the modern pro
tcctive tariff shoa?» it can be settled. It
euuld even be embodied in the constitu
tion. We have but to provide that no ar
tides which ean be prod need ©r made in
this countrv shall IK* imported or that they
shall bo subj cted to a duty of, say 1000
percent, ad valorem. This would settle
the question and remove it forever
from politics. Th:s settlement, however,
can only be had after the principle iu
volv ed has beeu held naked before the
people and unproved by an overwhelming
majority. This question has not yet been
presented to the people, and the blame of
its uou-preseutraent re*ts with those busi
ness men and manufacturers who ware
active in the late campaign and who will
now complain thai your agitation tends to
disturb that which for their interest oaght
be settled. We are told that this modern
tariff idea is i>opular in some Southern
state* aud that the party who advoeates it
will so<'!» b.- strengthene<l by
their support. Thi* may or may
not be t r If auy of those **ates can be
ga.n - i am r an argument fairly made it
must be remt^inhered that many a Norih
e n man must be released for broader
thought aud that the exrhait?* thus made
may b? of advantage to the great cause we
call our own.
Representative Fitch, of New York, said
| Prvfideiit Cleveland's message ha« voiced
the pnuoiplf« held by many leading Re
. nabltran*. letters of regret were read
t from secretary Kndicott President Hyde
of Bowdoin college, Carl Sehurz, and
i other*, also the following from speaker
| Carlisle
Speaker Carlisle expressed his regret at
not being able to be present, aud added
"Ciu!-r the dttum*tiiiirs a.i I can do is
to «eud you assurance of my wannest sym
pathy with * very » ffhrt that m-.y be made
to advance the people's cave in the strug
gle now gain* on between the fitends of
industrial freedom and the beneliHarict of
industrial slavery Thi* struggle ha> Just
commeneed ;n this country, and thoue
who delnde tVemselvea with the hope that
it wiii be atiandoned before the triumph
over wrong, are simply augmenting the
wr.'ght of the Mow that will inevitably
fail upon them in future This '<« not
a threat. but a friendly wanting:. Tue bi«
tiotj of all mtenaf for n~r-e»sary S »-':al
or politic reforms show* tha' they grow
more radical bjr «<py»naition and May, an !
j'. w«*n'd be wi.**- and patriotic <»n the part
rf our opponent* to the ioe%:*
able a:. 1 a e<> to reaaonaMe d»-man»l*
n»»w rather than be faired to a«*cept harder
terma The n*»|Mnittbliity fr>r
eontmaed urifT acitatiou will re»t tokdy
mu tho-e who rt-aftonablv oppoae it. Tht*>
aiin e can stop the airltation or confine It
within reaaoiabie flprouad by propt ton
ct a»ion.« to the demaada of the pmrile.
"Th" r**awlt of the rontett in which we
art- ennurrd i* not in the Watt doahtfal,
and nba th*. eri!a of which wt complain
are resnoved, whieh are not at all j r«>fsah]c.
thr axitation ahuuld iro ngrht on with iu
creaaed visor and f<»rce until the puMic
j jdinnetit and couacU ure refuaa to Jwtify
or coodonf theaa. Nothing haa ret oc
curred to weaktmour faith in the joctiee
<»f <sitr ran* or to abate our eou
fldeaee in it* ultimate *uccr««.
A >:n*r'e drfrat. areu if it bad
been sustained on the real merit# of the
eo©trr»v« r*y. onftot not to diwouraife u»
SK' J I ' cause i« ioat kmjt a* it haaa
atagk? earn* *t ad\<M*ate amot.f the pcr»ple.
M.wtbau .ntellijieni, patrtocic
Amtm a: *■ r.avr attested th.-ir fidelity to
the < a'j.»e of rev« nnc n-forrn, under rir-
CQBitati'f* well calru au-d to te»t the sin
cerity of their opinions, aiid they will
neither dea* rt standard hoc make
with the « oemy until a: las: aabatantiai
justice is doue
Senator feller Trli» *!arri««»n U hat
to I So— speculating "S III* \ islt
out ot-toura ci*i% r at the re»i
deuce of ttie pr» yident «U-ct to-«*ay was
Smat.-r lleary M Triitr, of Ookrado cx
tecretary of ii»tert«»r under President
Arthur, senator Tel er ar-ised ta the ctty
.a*t ui<ht. aa*i was the ua«-s* of < 0.. an;l
Mrs S IL Ki/-k!«. H- had a U*oc pr.vate
ta.-k with «he prraiden'-elect ta.* moraln?.
and left the «its aljo-tlv after noon lhere
i* o»nsJtier*f .tr fpecu'sirion as to what
betweea the ifturra' and P'-* visitor,
and especially a-» to whai wa» tha *
particular R<:m<'oo. In an intereUrw just
prior to caHintf upon the pre»i«ieat
the **?;aU>r f«:d be the tan ft re
forta hi 1 would pa** the a nata not
thaa Jaaoarj 22 or Ue did aot believe
ifct rtraueid be au extra wtasioo of eoa-,
S eufardins: *Jhe talk ai*j«t feeaaior MHcfa
ell of Qiiyai as a p«*aibla.>.
TVller «*:•! "He cake a rerj- rv>!
cabinet o»ver. but I do aos koou that h
de»ire* .Ufi * j«*;tioa. 1 lurr b*«>! of
no rffort lo nr*e kin. I doubt Kb. wouU
le«Te the «ena.v. There won;d be nothiac
in tb* war of hi»an-eptancv. If be ahould
be appointed fcia s».vew-r lo Ute «enate
*«w be a iirwithe Oregon W
iaiatwe ia R<t>;»Ki:*axi The «ei>at-r
thought iaa: otie or* rabiaet olßeer wo*»ld
eerta:Eir cvtma fna Uw Weat He atated
that he expected to exprvo hi» tiento
the presided elect on political matter., bat
he aaould not nr*v the appointment of an*
man. He tkoclil, however. IcM him * hat
he thought aWu! «oto« mcti
In reapouae to a <jaery aa to whether the
K publi, an member, of the *-oate were
not generally of the opinion that Blaine
•k.xiid be in the cabinet, .-«nator teller re
tJ:e4. "Tfcerv ia a diviaion of opinion.
Blainea friends think that be will kexeere
tary of Hate, but there are other, who
thtak hia appointment mieht not be advia
Two convicting opinion* exist to-tttfht
among local politicians as to the senator's
<abine! raxfeftioa* and recommendation*
to the prv*id*?nt-ele< r. One is that he ctnw
to advocate Blaine's appointment on the
zrvands of party h»rm»»OT and another
that he advise*! against Blame rnterinc
? Lc cabinet. The real truth as to what, it
anything, the senator said on this point it
known only to himself and tien. Harrison.
Front a gtntlcman who la we 1 a<lvi.<*»d in
New York politic* it is iearned that Sena
tor Teller la an anle nt supporter of ex-
Senator Piatt, and this fact being est ah
lished it seems probable he *poke several
good words for Piatt.
Then 1 wetv a large number of other
v\"aitor» during the afternoon and evening,
who tame simply t.» pay their respects.
>erv-rai were from intsoif
Among other ©nt-of t»*wn visitors were
«<Y.»£re4sineu WiiiJ*. of Ken»n ky. au-i
ex-Jadpe Holt, «.f Loatoriilr. ! : :> nu<it'i
Hood that tbf x tame to thv ctu;*iuer
ation ui ttradi«v'» uaaie far • <*al»iii»:{ port
A a amusing incid* at occu rml this after
noon, wheu a little girl c*;U*i on the tien
cral, and. flnaing him alone. said she
wanted hi in to hrlp her "win lh? prile.
Tiie general was rather paz&icd una! she
handed him a paj» r which he t}uiekh
saw *»« a printed blank sn -h as has bent
circulated by newspapers, offering a r»riz**
for the per ton who would fiii out thereou
a correet list of tren. Harrison's eabiuct by
a g.ven date. The *eneral returned the
paper to the child, saying he was sorry he
roald not heip her. and adding that he*did
not kuow nearly &K ranch about the aiatter
as gome of the newspaper gentlemen. The
little girl went away apparently great lv
Little Doubt that a Site Near Seattle
Will lie Chosen.
WASHINGTON. Dee. 2A.— The naval com
mission apiHilnted by Secretary Whitney
to select a site for a new nary yard on the
Pacific Coast provided for by congress at
the last session, will leave for San Fran
cisco to-morrow moruiug. The commis
sion has practically decided to locate the
yard on l*uget x>uud and a sile near Seat
tie, W. T.,wiil likely be selected.
| 7o l-'tirbid I'rlvat* Light* aud IIuoj?*.
(iray'i* Harbor Light.
| WASHINGTON. Dee. 2S.—Tlfc annual re
port of the lighthouse l*oard to the secre
tary of the treasury wa* to-day made puh
: lie: The board renews the recommenda
tion that proper steps l>c taken to prohibit
the establishment or maintenance of pri
vate lights aud buo\s on navigable waters
of the I'nited States, and that provisiou be
made to euable it to establish iuexpeu«dve
aud teraiH>rary lights in cases of exigency
and pending action of congress. The
board recommends that appropriations be
made for the establishment of lighthouse
depotsin the ninth, fourteenth, fifteenth
and sixteenth districts. Attention is called
to the hampered couditiou iu which the
t<oard is left by the provision of the law
which requires it to a'-cept the lowest bid
to do the work for which bid* were adver
Used, no matter how unli: the bidder or
how impossible it mav be for him to d<»
good work; provided he can ghe g*H»d
bonds, and i! is recommended that this
auction of the revised statutes making
this reflation be modified. It Is submit
ted that proper steps should be takeu
to ottfain legislation to enforce
the rcgulatious of the board requiring
bridges aver the navigable waters *o be
lighted. The board repeats the recom
mendation that a new bui'din* be pro
vided for quarters for The li*ht hou*e
board, but. reduces its estimate from s£o,-
000 to UIO.OUO for thi# purpose.
The estimate* for general appropriations
amount to The estimates for
special appropriations amount to fci.lo7,
MO. Among the i'ems are the following.
Completing the ptdestal of the statue of
Liberty, Sew York aarbor. $o0.000; depot
for the ninth district. £<0,009: tender for
the eleventh district >- -.=■»' - • fe-.'v.-
reef light. ( aliforuia. fjOO.OuO: Heiceta
head light, Orecon. fsO.QOO; Columbia river
light, Oregon, *w).O0O; Gray's iiarbor light.
W&shiugton Territory, fW.OUO.
Teat Trip of (lie \>tnUu»-Tlis
1 harleston Nearly Completed.
PHILADELPHIA, I»ec.The new dyna
mite ormi«er V«tßrlo<, waich left Cramp'*
«»hip}ard yntenlty for Ikliwurv liny, there
to bare a test of speed, returned to the
sbipxard at 1 o'clock this afternoon. The
course in the bay where toe trial wa* made
was rea< hed last evening be/are dark, and
although the wind was blowing a sale, the
ma heavy au<i other disad van takeout con
dltioua. the contractors eonelu led to have
the trial before dark. The course of two
miles nan made in fire minutes
and M secouds, three secouds faaUr
than the time ftxed by the lioard
as requisite to a rate of JO
knots. Auother run was made in
6 minute* 21 seconds, which was 2i see
onds over the titne. The v* **el then an
chort-d off John light ail night, and this
morning another trial wai made. During
the run. however, one of the lur pu?rp
levers broke. aad the la*t half *not wa»
ran with only one engine. The time made
wa>o minute* Ift seconds, and tee trial wss
then abandoue«| and the Vesuvius re
turned to the city. Heavier air pump lev
er* will be provided and snoihtr trial
made a* sooa as they are fitted, probably
on Thnrsdav next. The home power de
veloped at the time the air-pump broke
tva* iJ H)
WASHINGTON, Pec. JR— lrving M -cott.
president of the Caion Iron Works of Sau
Francisco. was at the navy department to
day sn conference with different bureaus
aud oflcri in regard to the condition* un
der wftich the steam trial trip of the cruiser
Charleston shall be conducts. The ac
eeptan« e of tn»* vtssel by the government
wUI depend Upon the luttwiof thi* trial
Oe*tt said the vessel will be for the
feat in about six weeks. The Charleston »»
the first vessel of the new navy constru; ted
oa the Pa ifie r«»ast. and intem*t
is manift »ted by uavai officers in regard to
her speed and construction
The Porto lUran« w ere Kight.
WashijK'TOK, I>ec. ~ s ~it i* leuroed at
the department «>l ataf- that the 'a* of
tbebn* Joaefa **ain*t the fepaaMh *ov
ernmeut, for ?nd cn.ties ft'W"! !*• • * V4 '
l**eu imposed by nistom* o#cer» of Port««
Kico. ha* been nad.-r i jv»satfcation alpee
Ju v I*7. and sii.ce that tiw'. It is *
the department has beeu endearoriof U* i
im or a remittance of the fine tMt narf
tacea pia* «d on the UMPeI. The Spanish ,
i«w< acaintit smu**iinf eaota » a provision
that if a rcMei cornea into a bpaui*h port
«ith lew flip «»n btiarvi than her
show* *he will be I sable to a fine of W» for ,
evtr packageßriaaiaf Thisshps maai
feat mentioned » !*"'«-/ of r<,rll ,
•tart-h th*' cotiid not tw found. and ,
a hue of W" wa* . accordingly i
levied on her It U the ea.'oo» to
remit the liar if a reaaor.able txrwtt can
he given b«t to thi« ia»e the miwmg pack
age. could not by aav explanation be
counted for. <>»« defen< < wan advanced
<fc»i the good. bed been put by miwake oa
the be'k J.fcpSiU'. which !»y neit to the
Mmet* in New York. tm» the department
uj*>u investigating the «*•
tje J.wepam. sad no corn rtggrb oo boert
.... that trip. auJ did not :»y c "' j® ®j>®
' Jo-fa in ioediu*. In ro 7"f' n,l ;,°7
of She officer! of '.be Jo»efa admitted that
the mi>takc may h*re t**n camed -r
,areie». receipting for good*- In v ' r *
the failure of the .hip to «pi*ln thc
v cce of the |4K'ka*'« the depart lien,
couid »ee l»o aruaad on which to i-aa»- a
own! wish tb< Spauiah cviatom. office
and the cue hat been 'lfpped.
A I'lorkj (Kir»c» Pulicnun.
t fit *..0. Dee. 3«-I-o; fera*u Lake
B«rke. liter beiog »h»* 'h'« "mee '
wounded to-nigh- o't tk"' to bm
Mwiiani. Tboma. BeynoUl.. • t-richmakcr.
and brought h m .lowa with two *
One of KevnoM. »bota w..uhde,l » Mrr
Wiyiama, bat no: *er,oj«v'. Offiraf ®arke
•i«.J »*en • • :«.ied to »rre»; Mr« * il.<»m»
Ln-bautd -tt • eharpe of wife ie-niag
KejuoMU l«»l been antstiut bewTily Me
: h J a »!•"«■ «*«»-' I s "*' f
Dons aad w
tCHMAiiiS. while the ;-.!:ce3lM with hU
barfc tamed «a» kc*« tiwt at ».l.ia«t»
dour. Ke*uoid» may ret. The al
leged wlie twatef gave bim*. >t u{.
911.i 00 for a • «'t. i
W ».hi»gT' *. Dee. a.-Senator »-aolorl
»oi<l w-aa* to Mnie; * of Fraaklto.
1.. , Wtaitisg «vit b\ EiertkMWW. «*! »f
(£-£« v ifc«.ufwi Wn to
» afcd to be tlw htgiwat jseer f*d fur
. wean lax cot in Xmrfr*- Thi« Wl« »
faU^brother M Iwo that ba>. teen wonh ,
to at fo«r je»I« «
Pete .laekson Knocks Out
•loe McAuliffe.
The Lone-Armed Atilnlian tt»ttm
ih* Big CaHfornian A Ho tit a*
Ilr I'lautt-'SI K»«ndi.
Sax Frocctsco, Dec. A The long
talked af fight between Joe McAnlitfV of
Saa Francisco, champion heavy weight of
the Pacific Coast, and reier Jwkaon, ro'-
orei champion fn.m Au.traiia, took place
at the gymna*!nra of the California Ath
letic CI ah, to- nitbt. Interest wa* iatenai-
Sed from belief that Jack«on wai more
evenly tnatehrd with than aay
man whom the hitter had met of late, and
also from the fact that the California Ath*
letk* Clnb had backt 1 the wiener of this
match to fight any man in the world, a
purse of K4CO having t becn put up for that
purpose. Betting had beeu brisk during
the week. McAUtfflT? being the favorite.
Th r latter tipped the beams at -SO ponu<L«,
while .tack**»n weightd a little over
MeAttUffe sU>Oii feet and Jackson «
feet I'* Jaeksoo had a l*«le advantage iu
t.ne reach. Utram Umk was referee. Kar
aey Fariey and Joe Bower* were Me
Anion's seconds, and Ssna i-"it*pa?rick and
To:a ilesdows to«»k care of Jack^>n.
Time calie! at and the men
wen? groeted with enthusiaMn as
utered the They sparred can
tloaily for an opetiiwr. when M<*AulitTe
led off with hi* right and < au<ht Jackson
on tne ear. some h*»t iudghtiag followed
both iu this and the second numii, and
there were several clinches
Jackson struck McAnlifffe on the ear,
causing It to bleed Sereral heavy blows
were dealt in the next two roun<!«. Jack
sou generally grttiuK ti»« letter of it.
In the fifth and sixth rounds be forced
McAnlitTo agaic&t the rope# a number of
times and oaahed the California boy
aroitiid the ring at a lively pa though
doing little damage. The men maintained
ihe utmost good humor aud would *uiile
wheuerer adra srus gained by either.
Jack*on apparently directed his blows to
McAulirtVs wind aud succeeded in getting
in several heavy ones on the ribs.
In the * i!'h rewind McAnliflfc catght
Jaek*on on the neck. which caused him to
slip to tfce floor. McAulitfe was beginning
to i>uff up. while Jackson looked none the
They did but little work till the four
t tilth round, when Jackson caught Mc
Auliffeon chin and in the throat,knocking
him against the ropes and following it up
by several bod? blows.
In the eighteenth Jackson seat him
lightly to the floor w ith one in the ribs, and
getting hini «p forced him In the corner,
pouudhiK him in the heal uametvlfally,
and the call of time saved him from a
From the eighth to the twenty-second
round Jackson forced the big man all
around the ring. McAuliffe dolo? little but
attempting to defend himself. In the
twenty secon i Jackson hit him K blow
whiah brought him over the ropes, and iu
the twenty third lauded several blows on
tH • mouth, which caused the blood to
flow freely.
In the tweuty fourth Jtekton rot Mr
Auliffe again in the corner aud dealt him
three terrific blows, the last catching him
in the month aud knocking him out.
Jacksoa was declared the winner amid
great enthusiasm.
Arabs Still Watching Suakfm —/au
slbar Mlaslonariea Xaf#.
SrAKtM, Dec. 2«.-~<ien. <» recti fell, at the
head of a Welsh regimeut of t'arahryaud
Soudau se troops, made a*re«*onnolsnancc
four miles into the interior this momiun
A few rvt>eli on camels were acen in the
distance, but retired on the approach of
Greenfell's force. After filling up the j
rebel we!ls the force n tnmed tw Suakim
ZAN7.tr.AR, Dee. 18 —-Newstsreceived.that
the missionaries st Urambo, Mpwampwa
aud Mi>oia are ►afe. The iiermans at
Mpwampwa fortified the summit of a hill, j
They have cue cannon.
iA»M>os, Dec. 2#.--The f\»*f and j 1
hare leader* to-day jtistifyiug an attack on
iiandoub. It is believed this is a govern
mcnt move for the purpom* of preparing
the public for a ficht in Eeypt shortly.
LOJSPOS. Dec. Js. - The Standard's corre
sjM»a<iea: at /auz.ltar says Arahs from
the interior report that the king has been i
ii t<»"ed :-> h;«« brother If the i* I
true blmin Pasha may he able to rcai'h the I
coast. *
Millionaire Kdson .%dam«* Will
SAJS FRA*CIS<O Dec. 2A—The will of
E*ison Adams, the debased Oak laud capi
talist, wa* Med for probate to day. It de
ciar! s the pr<»)»erty ct>m»on property, and
directs that it l»e distributed between thu
widow. Hannah Jones Adams, Jnlia
Prether. a daughter, and Edson F aud
John r Adatns, sop", and appoint* the
widow and E iaon K. A lams e** v cnb»r*,
without bonds or Interference o? court.
Mr* Adam* ami Kdson K petitiou f«»r
letters, ai etrinK the estate to be in Ala
meda. Napa. <'o»»tra < «»sta and Hnmboldt
counties. Cat. I'matiila c*»nnty. Or., aud
in Aru«>na. and «»f A probable value of be
tween 12.0U0.000 and |-Uioo,<M).
A California Sch»oaer Lsat.
-AS FRASCIWO. Df. > News was re
ceived today of the total loss *-f the
schooner Mary Swan, whb h Mt this port
for Ens».nada, Mexico. N'ovem'* r .'d. with
a cargo of merchandise. T:> ■ vessel wa*
bcaried at -aato Domingo, Lower t ali
foruia to save the life of the crew, a* she
was lllllßg with water and a storm earning
op. The wreck was sold for f-00. The
vessel was valued at fWX). three eighths
Southern Pacific Taxe* l aid.
Dec. JK.-Tax"* of the
I Bovthern Pacific company for -9.
' amounting tosi»2l.<T# 70 were \ t» d In o the
state trcasurv to-day. It took tio- tnsainr
er'a force several hour* to canst the
money, which wa> contained in sacks of
I'JO.OOO each. The eoin «(»«into be treaa
j ury at an opportune tim *. Everything
ngaiust tt»e general fund now payable
rifTited Railroad In Chicago.
CBICAOO. I>ee. 'JR. —The first right-of-way
j granted to an elevated road in Chicago
was voted tonight by the eity council to
the company for a line east n« d
west through the city on lake street The
vote va* :t» to v a majority indicating that
the ordinance w ;'T probably Hand, even if
vetoed bv th»- mayor. It Is provided that
fares sha 1 be 4 rents.
Death of an Army oWeer.
PESDirro*. Dec. 2*. —rapt. M. t o'Brfea,
H troop, Heci.wl l aealry. died nere t!il«
morning after an ilinew of oo» week, of
| He had brought a deta-h
--ro»-Rt of recr«it» from the K*«l for rort
Walia Wai a. ard wa« on hit return home
when taken ill. The boiy will t* for
wardcl to Jefßraon bwrra. k»- where he «>■
«'Et:one<! and tti« faatily resided.
I)f«irurllrf Klre la Manitoba.
DgLohaiKE. Man.. Dee. -S.—Tbe
nea» portion of the town wu boraod thin
morning The fire «arted io a room above
-«nden A MeKinnle t *tof« and. although
ai! the people turned oat to check the
darned. »wh headway bad been r«m«l
that great low waited. The I-jw l e»tl
mated at about I3.*l.lAK'
A W hole l'..mia«»lly Arreated.
St Iy!Cl«. Dee ■» -A upeeial
from omaha, a little town in the western
part of the Hale. »ay« The ne.ghhora of a
man named A M. < is tier »evere!> whipped
his for beat.nc hi* wife t>-<laf. Heaarore
oot a warrant u»4er whsfh the entire ma.e
poaalallon of the flare were arreted aa4
taken to tiree.ey < enler, where tha? will
tr tried.
<4ale 14* *>f a Hru»k«i Broker.
Sgw Yo«g. Dee. '3D -At l'' Hw«r<j
K*ne (iricht. 3® year* oia. a #•
No C'. Od«f atreet e<»»»itte4
! hi§ re» The C** *** exee»#;ee
drinking Height i» '« be a «»o of
of the raited fKato* »iai»'er to B »Ilai»d.
Carter Will Probably Win.
If i%*l sf'*ti«, f>ec- 2R.—Ur.W. T. Career
haa made tanrefs in h:i treat ai.-
Mtt-<nc oualeat tp ta 12 o'clock *o nMffct
Hr bas 11 0»<» larceta to make to-morrtrw to
w*a- ,
ro dai'a Westkar, Fair.
s iS F« k >.Dec. »->wdicaJ_i .:.. f'>r
.« hoar* for Oregon and t» a»hluglofc Tcr
rtort Kair weashar. fouowd in w-i h
we.tern<>reg..n by ral»; w.»e»,
A Kia# la I'awama Sharea.
pagss. l*c - fiaasaa eaua! »l.a; «
' >U»ed a; J. 2 - hijjher. _
A *ar t?a wa. retried m Orahl
Dak.. Friday, tat it» usarniln-'le wai
! oe«. <j««e B. Wlli OM, in baba
it «u.-uran .li c. ■-n. t ee.etl.ed apo» «*•
■' rfr-* '
A Manm with Arm, For Haiti
Overdue—Tk» Haytiea Kepabllc.
Niw Tons, IVC. Si— sapec-.iianjon ;arife
on the nartUmr exe&ante o\cr \tx
i blv fate of tfcr Sam an a. whic* left here for
Hayti and San Domingo November 2£
Nothing has toea heard of the xnwl sine*
tt became ra!m The >amana » departure
sra* signalised by a heated cootro*cr*v be
tween the Haitian ©oa*u) E l Himt and
the fiwto* Iwow otlVeial*. !'<*«<*»t claim
ed the \ ease) carried arms aint aamvn!
tion for ins arrets, and made strenuous
t(Mi to have tne trw*-! until the
cargo could be inspected « \i£h»c?or Ma
gone icfaaed to interfere, and the samaoa
November £*. Thf caatern cxvwi of
the I'nitrt States in the direct r»»ute of *,he
was vuited by one of rhc meat se
vete storms ever experienced It ia gener
ally bettered she ia Kc*t. The Samana is an
troa screw steamer. 54f» «rv»a» t«w«, and was
commanded by Capt Johu Jame*, with a
crrw of is,
?to DKVaxn roa iicdwjuty.
Wamunv.to*. I**. E-A to «lavd peai
ttv«Jy at the^irpartnu-nt of state, uimi no
arm an J far in.Uonitv ha* been made iu
the easa of the steamer ilav Hca U-pttMic
Morse. owner of the **«*•:, recrutlv re
quested Seere tar? Ravari to demand fcxi,-
OQO indemnity. Tlm aeeretarv informed
hira that there was no need o| haste. The
question of dama?* t an beat be determined
after the vessel arrive* «n New Y»r| where
the is due in a few davs.
Every towh Sh»nld Hawe a Pa bit*
Library and Muvruw.
WiiHis«;nm,l)«, flu—At the mvuin#
session of the Am«rtra:J lllstortrtl am>v
lion, H illini Clark R»{icr. f* .uvw in I'or
nell university, jva«i a upon Ameri
can trade resQlatioM before l?*'. Charlea
\S. Morriß. of Kerkelex ,;.i:n;tv
read a paper on "Th. History of Internal
j Improvements in Ohio." I'rof. li. Brown
(sowt v istaut secretary of the Kmithso
utan Institution, read a "pa:n>r upon -The
\ Riae and I.irm'atMu of a Historical My*
| taut.'* He sa«d that the boaud*
are Ltne between th«* library
■ and the museum. is neither straichi
m»r plain. £fce library is iaoe!
owful to the educated; the ro meant to
the educated and uuedsratd aiike. to the
mtsaes as well a* t«> the few, and it a
powerful s'ltnnlaut ot mteileetiiai aetiviw
? m either clan. The museum of Co-day t«
no loiffi a chance as*einh*acc of cur
ioaitiea, but rather of selected
with reference to their vaiue to ittVe-sti
ffttort or their po<*ibiiitie« for pnhiie
enlargement. The nmicaw of the future,
«aid the speaker, may b,* made one of the
chief ac>. ucie* *f eirlUsation. "1 hop • the
time wsll come when every town will
have U>th its public mu« »m an t if* pnb
j Ue library, each with a staff* of conuvtem
i men, mutually helpful and coutibnUn*
; largely to the intellectual life of tbe
j country.
Several interesting papers w»-re rad at
thf rioting (K>.«iuu ifn* evening. Oflb*er*
iof thv association h*r the coming year
u» re elected *» l«llo»s President, l Ja«
Kendall A<lam>; vleo wvsldeir. John
l>ay second rica pre»ideut, Wm. \V.
I Henry Herbert B. Adams, tairitary;
I treasurer. Clarence Wtnthrop ftowen exec
utive committee. in addition the a!>ove
named officer*, Cut herb >rd H. Hayes, tieo.
jl' Flatter, John W. Burtes. Washington
was selected a* the place for holding the
;tu xt annual meeting The time a 111 l*»
j Announced at a further date.
Tlit* Indian* ltetir*- A I.ong Carivan
of Settler*.
ST. LOCI*, I>ec. 21.—Latest advice* fmm
j the Indian Territory, received by let
!er from Oklahoma, state* that the IwUfta
j scouts reported ve*terday a* having driven
a tmmUrof settler* from their vriaros have
suddenly departed, the chief having re
ceived information from headquarter* that
hi» action wi* arbitrary and unauthorised.
: It is believed there will l»c no further In
! terference with the white*, who remain
I Tex., L*ae. A-OM htm
dred families with team* erotsed the South
Canadian river at Pureell, I. T . yesterday,
entering the Oklahoma country to settle
on claims near Purceil.
BT. IAHI*, Dee. A special frfitn Kan
»a»City *ay»Chief May* of the t'berokee*
is in that city for the pu ri»o«e of confer
ring with the pre«ideut of the < herokoe
Strip live Stoek AMociatiou In regard to a
contract for the Cherokee strip, the con
tract calling for tMO,Ox* a year for five
year*. While it is eminently *at!sfactory
to the Cherokee*, it has not been slatted
by them and will not be until every detail
1# carefully looked after. Chief May* I*
bitterly opposed to the opening of Okla
Ilurlington Kngineera to Mae fur
I'cace with Honor.
CMU AOO. l>ec. 'SK. —A convention of loco
motive engineers representing the Brother
hood west of the Mis«i*tdppi commenced
its session here to day. There were numer
ous reports a* to the object of the gather
ias:. I'Ut the delegates declared the only
purpo**- in view was to eKtabiisb (lour
relation* brtwecn the euglneers lu the
Weal and >outhwe*t and aoltdifv a* much
aa posalble the organization It thai part of
tin* • ouiitr '] }.r «.»f th«-
meeting were secret. 1 here teem* to be
however, if out*!*!*- go«*ip < ouuto fur any
thing, little room for doubt that the real Iu
tentioQ of the movement In to de vine a new
tdau for a ramt»ai*ii iu t»ehalf of the Bur
lington striker*. The itep moat firoM,
appar» ntlv, in to have an entirely newrom
mitiee wait on the Burlington * officer*
and endeavor to come to a compromise if
possible. It Is possible the rommlttea ap
V>intel at the Richmond eonventiou mar
wait on the Burlington official* t<» norrow,
i A Colored liaticint Tarty In Vlr
!glnia -Narrowly Kseapea l>aath
l!Aiint«oMUCM t Va.. I>ec. 28—A dyaa
mite cartridge wa% placed the tarter
Hon*-, near Me<»aheysviiJe. In this conn
ty, Wedaeaday night. In which a party
of negroe* were having a dan<e, and e*-
nloded, almost totally destroying the
building and Injuring Araoa Moore aud
two women. Terrible loss of ilfe would
have happened if an alarm had not been
kiiven b> a man who MIW the cartridge and
recog nixed the dangrr. Moor*- and the
. two women, who had not time to e*rap«* t
were thrown with terrible force through
the building They cannot recover.
! Threat* of Ijorbing are freely indulged.
(test »rsd t«» the Tublle Domain.
. WAS MI KOTO*. Dee. >--<ora mission »r
; Btoe|ila|er, of the general land office ha*
rejected the claim of the state of Colorado
for land alerted by the *tate a* Indemnity
• for a school zrant by congress of twowt
| tioas that are included in an Indian reser
? vatlou. The «rWc:i<«tu, which are em-
I hraerd in certain ii»*a transmitted to the
j r •tnmieiaofr from local oAcera at Pue
j bio. iVadvilU* aud <*ienwcM«d Mprin*«,
l Col. Over Sn.W acre* of land The
ground of th«- rtjectiuo I* that the lands
werr all iu om body, whi< h la nc»t
n conformity with the a t of March 3,
j i«74, admitting Colorado into th»* Cuion.
Thi* a* t provide* that laud aejeeted a« ij»-
demnitv f<»r the k** of gran led school are-
I!IIBI snail be contlgu-u« lo the laud lost
| The rejected selections will h»- «üb)eeted to
1 •etticmeut and tntrv
-ffhn lirtght (ireatly Improved.
LoHbott, I He. JR—John Brijht Mt up lo
a etaur :»** HeelMntrd rlMtrtif
Kiw! fcopefwlly with fjrit<txS«, * f»**t whirh
■»*«■« ft penti»o«nt < naiif* fur th«
A •hell taM In * powder aituiw it
Vrn.ni. -.••!]». Fri<!af morniar. killing B
■ MMknand wounding maaj other*
Cattle and «ork la the Tetaa Panhandle
•re doing fairly. with «*erj pru«pe< t of
! coming «ut In good abape In the apriug.
A fox drlre V»k plmrt to ■*a**ma.'• fri
<S»r, In wbkh nearly «'«*> prrw>o».
■mi boy» participated (mly two fo*r»
were warMi tip, and both eaeaped
Ja»ea <jrm, of Wolcott, N V. who rat
bia wife'" throat and then M« own Thar,
•lay .»»< ai» d from hta watchtre. ..trained
a ray-.r and killed hima-lf
Mr. and Mr» Kata Power# w«* killed tf
a p.ot» Uland paaa»ngrr train, la < bicago.
Friday ■fternoua They were walking am
*ei" track, and were %lrue khy the eaj'Se
aad thrown »liel
rijah Hutiil »h'.t and killed M «
MlSian A'ltem *ii l then «hot blot**)! at
•'n». lu4 . rn.l»! rrrcißt- He had
brea saaitor. aad !■ reppoaed «h* bad
refuted an off- rml marrlaie
U C. < Alw.«d. "nited Matea t»p«ul at
4aa [wnni*. ban been 4kaM la dj»- .
(WT . (or fa: Hug 10 vroprttj arcMQt fur
money wbtrb came ioto bt» fmi'-t""
Tti- ™mor thai W B. *»»•« ** "► j
n tn ,.i of fonv»»Utf*d flruiug the
t.rc«i.:«n. Tof Um au*m»>h ttaliroad »'«;*- i
U;jT, and ink be wnn*<ty i.Mst
|T hettietou U Battwirl«ati»«l» druied
xemi-oSeiai deatai i* made la Paria of
the nnbliahed •'««*■»»: that the b«» ««
Tuo;» !>*» Mod a decree otderin<ail lot
flea H»fyf Ji
bMM Bstwetiswl Ffeoew*# if v**lj
dr*ire V» relate «&«*■
T«.> frrtebt U*ia» »n the Kwk Utaed
road eoiiided T!i*.p, Cot. «"»•
d«wrf!.Wi»« Vtb ffijine. hod
Kio- u.«t«nitj !»«„»"fa 'J
at d Injuria*
he inor 11 v. »■
—•-r"-. .
i'rado. the Spanish Fiend,
Beheaded in Pnris.
l»*lin(Hithfd French Artists. IVst*
and "avftftln !*peeU.
tors- AauerUau Kxeratlom.
P.vn»*, D*t. 21—Prtdo, Mu l murderer of
Marie AHfcnriat, Ms n>i*tr««>, «M jruiUo
tined this morning iw the Place de la
Roqaette. Ho wulwd a Arm demeanor
to the last. refused to confess and tier)inod
the services of a chaplain. An immense
crowd collected ou*»:de Ust night and re
mained until Prsdo had been executed.
The rabble spent the lima in ringing comic
*u»g» •»* suturing themselves In other
boWimts ways.
Prado »>pt w#II BBtil ft o'e let k. acd prt>-
. t«st> l hii inu-.tcenee of tile murder of
Msrte Auceatant to the last. He declaimed
against the iajastice of this wurhl. sod
♦ refused to disclose his roat uaouc. When
tha jailors tuipe to i Jawo his limbs be of
j feted no resistance. While they wore en
gaged In this oj* ration be shed one tear.
Ibe fctcfti «»f i?*<» K\;ilUi!ino sii]**arcd to
[ hypnotise hiiu.
I rado'* death was wititenscd by aoa ar
tiste* uew«j>s{irr me«, actor*. lawyer* and
' poiitieiaa« who itdtcnro suf
ficient u» obtain s 4mi*shm within the sen
try haanotiw flaw de ;a R«|tt*tte. in
Rfly »e<snii]ft Imnt hi« flr*t sp (tearsnee at
the prison fare his bkn-otng t>e*4 fay In
the t«ske*. in front of the sates of the
prison vth'Tt" the « Xtvution took place
WERE found * IT*VAP of men smong whom
were *c\>rai of IW moat d;sttugn?«fted
men iu Prauce. N. sr the iine of tlwiQft
the ijiwr aide of the |»ark stood Mount
Suliy *>! the iVim-die FVanCaltC. Near him
»w»t k Un '- 'Wf Welui, e** to Btttili *&-
vantage iu th< tt*v vouf W*
sppsrvl aee ugly nonsts'ssl af a lma<i
urooiea JKTsjjd ds»l »roKtK«.^t
shirt hail Utii
the to- a. snd shoulder*.
Iu front of the guillotine * tabard stuod
upright to the hettht of flv« fee; Aft
< Prado oearod the hu*rd * most drtsdful
| »eries of hief lent* foilowei t-aeh other
with the rapidity of lightuing The trem
bling sbta »Ut>pc«i Kuiir burl) men
I dreased in htakses of hiuo sud whila
atriped tu kinff. who hsd not been *een
before. »prsnK forwsrd, avtxod the c««>
demued tnsu. hurled him ouwsrd swatnat
the apright l«oard» fiaag th, nisei vet »pon
him sua by their weight bore the *tmf
qtiug vietim, (see dowmvsrd, to the too of
slow fdstform. The bo*rd uorkin!ona
»wirel sud rsu on rollers.
iu su iunsni.it hsd u»en wheeled for
wsrd nntil the net k wsa under the rlinten.
iuf knife. 1 >eibier, who had tttunt iike a
atone st th « risht of tfta guillotine during
SJI the terrible scene, now rssehed fur
ward sod fixed a woitden collar over the
t>sck of the prisouer's neck.
Then the knife wan frprnng and the
keen ateel »iruek the neck sa it might hare
cotluii d with s rubber rsrsprlng. It went
through, snd the tnad of l*rado lay in the
shavings below.
| Eseewtlon of Leuoi Mag. Chinese
Murderer. In Nan KiaucUeu.
Fa AN Cisco, I»ee. l<eo»g Hing wss
haaged m the county jail loday for tho
murder of hi* uncle nearly Iwo years ago
Darrig the past few days Hie condemned
mau ha>l exhibited a most stolid Indiffer
ence to his late, and mn ui< to within a
few hours of hi* execution would not ho
lieve that he wss to die. Ili* cell mates
were two fellow countrymen, and last]
night they made every effort to ImprtHM]
upon hi* mind the faet that this would ha*
M» la*t day on earth ,
The condemned chinaman arose earljr,
this morning and ate a hearty hrenkfartJ
He was ramoved to a cell i.ear the salioam
about * o'clock aud made a request to
left alone a few minutes, which wa* del
uled. He seemed to realise this uvrninjP
that he would have to die, but it did not
appear to cause him any auxirty what
ever. He refused to embrace the < hristian
religion and would hate nothing to say to
a priest who called upon him. Bat little
interest wan taken in the execution and
the crowd iu the jail was small
Leong Siug wa» led out of his cell at IS
o'clock, and in a fear minute* everything
was ready and the trap was *prung The
murderer died without a struggle
Tiir. ftCArrom AWAIT* Hl*.
raptor* of an Italian lirlgaad and
Mnrilnrrr In ( oMnMlimt.
Kit YOMK. DEE 2R. - Piotra DlAfrvo, an
Italian hrigan I who two )ear» ago mar
deeed the Marrjni* Quito Handatsl, while
robbing hl» bourn* at Torella, Italy, wan ar
retted to day h# one of Inftgector Byrnes'
men at Stamford, Ooan. and brought
here The scaffold awalta hi in Iu Italy.
The mu'dt-r of the Marquis of 3ande**f,
a venerable and philanthropic tioblemau.
noted f«r bfu#fl«ruw to rharilka. mad*? a
seuiation iu Italy Iu the summer of IM6
Urutiheii It ife M nrderer If anaed.
WmMtrKe, l>ee. 2A Webb Brandon,
wife murderer, wa« hanged this turning.
Ke diittiaptl great fortitude on the »mf
fold The parting between Krandon and
bit three children *»* afTeetlua in the e*-
trera-. Brandon killed hi* wife while be
waa drunk.
The llltnmlff Murder Trial.
KA* Phaficiaco. Dec JL- The defence in
the IHtamig morler ra*A «ic»sed today.
Th» case will lie arguad next Monday. l*r.
Bowers read tne Benhayon confemloo and
denied writing it.
A Louisiana Hanging.
fUrrsor.. la.. Dee "Fet" Overto*
wai hanged to-day for the launler ef Knok
Hersey April 17.
»» KCI IM mm ut IUL.HL
Premier Ftoqnet In reply declared bla
warmest approval of e»er« thlua that had
heea doae to asenlarlae tne schools The
repuM .he said, deal red lo free education
from all r. iigtous influence.
tfoqm-t'a speech wa* received with eo
thu«la*tl< appiause, and a motion to print
and p!a< ard it tlir»»ue»»o«t Krauce wa»
earrie-l by a rote of 2?fe tu IM.
In ♦pile of the adrice of the hadfflft
eommittee. lh«- vartoaa < redits which were
aup|>r»--»aed by the annate were relnatated,
including our of WW.fIW franca for pea
•ion- The tmdget will therefore go back
to thf senate
I >ra|** rat* Mtralta of th* "Tl*m'
for K»l«l«nra Acaluat raraallltea.
Drau*. I>»r. Si Th- fr~mamt Jumnal,
rrferr' og t<« the Paruell twqalry, *rt ta*
JW« Ml.'.Dfed the am' ant of rtldaoM
regarding outrage*. lu the hop* of a tent-
In* tf<ilmmir U» ju« If? tb« rtft»«««l
by Attortiry •»«!'••! th« W®*
iniraddfrw frrhnf that t to* rro<MM wm
from ami* r flu II r«iolv®4
upnu ft cl»ijw*r»t»* Kftmr lo rirtfifW lt>
tuoM. Wiib U>U tod ID *l*w H Iffi
ed.o to »br- ; too*-
*r*<l flbcrfcSM ftt Po«bW». Cot.,
ir..iu~- film to «• to ls*t>4i>* 1m *mij bf;
fen lb*- MUWNM
hia erldeure proved •*,£!
would he paid tIO.MS w'.thtn an ho«r •"* r
the (-lamination wa» (ontladed
Mwrtdaa plated teaww
for a Urn*. and wa» Oaallr ~~~*
.town If he «..al'l acom*•»£>»•
England Hher.daa ti-n p«IU»e » <to
'lined to aop-ar
an I a.«>i" I the a*«o' <ba» '•
»tse MriM to abare tha tale «f Jamaa
<'ftrey .
KIM Klot la »•?»<»•»•
mtninw »■ . pr*.,* JJJS2
! tattv brl-M-o • *>*«ji
dm.. >"*« i rSr..,srz
tivt whirh . ...I'd ta • •'JJ**.S ,2i
I;, » iW .w t .«» tMUr *•» «•* •«
i «» »"?°h tn *yj«
*!K»«tM.t. T.nVS**V»* **• »•{**»*
t- »««hi. V.M<i »-»«■•* r.rr^r
r • ••" 'U9K
:««.. -v.;:..•>:*£&» «|H
NO. 15

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