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The Seattle post-intelligencer. [volume] (Seattle, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1914, December 29, 1888, Image 3

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the common council
a to Mw>t the s»va!
ITidentrK «' r C.™«n»r<-l»I HrMt
itewrrace *»tMr»-!l» *al-»««a
»ar R.nMnrM.
11 the tt>*Ha! meetin* of tbe "rttr rotjij
ell la»t ni*b». Mar«r M»ran <«l!e<i tbe at
Snt'.n 'be roanril lolk? r*e«.t
So!m.-..t of th. nara! nation *mm\»
EU. .tid ln(..rm.-d tba mmrlt that tbat
*vLL lM ton wa- fipwted to I* hen-abo*!
jTaw 1> H-«<!vi»d the apwrtfttmeat
ifai-Mnci t" a-t wit', thee*»a»tttee«
2 tbe i>f.a.'rt o( trail- »a-i chamber of com
and rtfet 'be when is
Zrrixr'* (ID rofinriiman Ofee:i'» a»*itloo.
iirtmraltte- an «« for that pan**"-
fcTtbe»ajor. ea«Mta(«f Meaani. IVarle.
(iKtv. and Joaea.
ro*»t*nat cxarrr
Tbe nilllM'ttrr on »tre»t» made the fol
t-L'n- report oo tbe of widening
atreelten feet on each aide:
Tocr f.jmrolttee to whom waa referred
<h» «etitloJi» lo widen I'nmmerrai «re*t
MB Pt oo rarh aide and to widen the
in.? in bioek ►. Matnard a »>!ar. tweatr
aSaa ea'h aide, thereby #*teadio« Front
.tr~i >o Wa«hiniU»n atraet, be* to report
Jh»> «« O'artilT (otnroend ►ltber of tbe
ir„ T ,,*. 1 iaiproretreata, and wunM r udij
J*roroia»nd aor prartleal pian to ar<-«,n>
Sliah "Wb deaf red imi-roTfaießla. I«t to
Soademn and appropriate tbe aa
wrti!i.,!»ed lor a'ial'l nweaaiiate the ei
Mnditore of a larre ««ra of money fro« a
find <hleh ran Illy afford to apare anrb
An r>rdtoaore haa been a«r*e«v-d pro
blbltlnK the ereetloa of boiMlnta bevmtd
aVoe « feet from the renter tin- of fo to
lerrial alreat. and that whene»er atry
Thane'- of *rade he made In b«;ld>r*a oe
eaDTin* aald r.,ud< mned atripa tbat It be
eoaapaiaorr to more them ba/ k to tbe new
•tree' line. But thl« <-an only l»> done by
atatua'. ronaent of the property ownera
and an ordinance eoold not be en
for re'l
The only praetiral flat, tliat preterit a
itaalf to roar <ommitlee la that tbe
r V Bwnrr. in aaid district dooata to
{be atreet anrh a »trip of land a> ran be
Mned tiixtn by all SboaM there be any
l»od or lot «o •Tiial! that tbe 10 feet wonid
tn an ai tnal damafte. let appraiaera be
eboaeu and tbe damat'- eat I mated and
to tbe diatrlct benrflted by tb*
fSTns' T *. JOKES.
,n * D * F. J. BUKJte
ft,, r. port waa ri-eetie<: and piaoed on
file, oitbont any further action beln*
takrn upon It.
WilEbK BAI/XU*' l *MiLL got UK.
On tbo petit ion ol Prank rianey for*
llnuor licfliv for a ••loon on Urmut «trvct.
at the head ef the hat. th<- commltlw on
UceuM and re»eti»e repo'ted ■« follow.
The* oinmou round! at a meeting held
on September'.il. I»*. dvelered
regardinf liqaor liren»e« lot** That in
the future u« Hcenaea be ttra#ted in the
reiid'iife portion of tb«' city. "«r'»tto
ontlfliii- part. wUere e«tra f«> ice «i;rretl
lance would be r. M ulr.d in i .nut-quonee of
i?r*ntiuK «uch llreun -
lm co-dance with UiU policy, which
yonr commute® thinkO»a wi« «mh\ W;
r»conr.niend that Um pettlton of rrank
Ctauey t* rejected ...
Tiii" report w«» atloptcd on a vote of 'to
1 Mr M. lx.na d akin* »»" »otm*
Kain.t thin ai ttoti. Mr. t ian.r, before the
volt* was t* en, « xp.Ained thAt he bad
gone *oconsiderable expense in »i*ingup
hit .aloou. and bad paid hi» lictnw under
the advlif of tin-'NT clcik to fo ahead
and "it koald *»• all right." Ke.idaa th.re
werf t#o other raloOU* tbefe atrecdy, am!
e*tra tmlire aurreillaii' e would !>•_ unnoc. «-
Ka'% liM roiir< 1, on motion of « ounci.
roan Durie. who from the firnt nrou*ly (»
now .1 the f rantinK of the Mrenae. ordered
that t ie vWU |»aid t>> Mr. t Jaucy be refuud
ed to him.
Councilman M< iJonaid auggeetedtheap
point mut of some one man. under If 1)
bonds, to tup sewt rr*, br u* b*
by the l •bile in the feea to »» ree. ived for
such • rriees. and to have tht- ex.lusive
privilege The mayor. until U»« natter
wkh hurt her explaued, wa* of the opinion
that Mich actiou wouM five one man *
moo poly of the r.ualnea*. «t was ex
plained >*tl»r*i*torily that In most e*tlea a
•ewer commlaaioner wa« (jmployro, ah
thAt h * the matter stood At wrwul the
tappert aometimea *lld more Injury than
benefit. The matter wm finally eft with
the • unmttfeo * ii streets andaewcrt And
the (it Attorney.
fßort>AKo >Tmtn Uiviln.
Itepuly Clerk JYrrf . who »a» setiDK in
the a» *. in' ' . «»rre*t. nuhmlttrd the
foU<>\< »i \»n»t»ose«l for street liu
pr. >v•t I- ut *% 1 i\i rv A«1
For •>fwi»th »!n « t improvement*. MA«li
noil t" Mill; «'»>«* of iiu|ir«>v<-uH'Kt»
raid VV; i!H»n A <»o*ilrt > . < "titrA<
ton SIS,HU
I'ai.l Albr t litri r, • «ir'«
feet U.D 30
Paid John O. ■Hmrry. »arvcy«».'»
Uh I n 8 s
Paid 11. K«AmlxtFit, raining »lde
waik a»
Paid AdvertUinv. 'A 90
lutert *t Merited »• -0
iK.OO? :»'•
|jrri »»M»d*'d rniUi
Tot a) Amount to i* k rai«ed li ■ .^
Amount deflrft W«'
Tenth ptrvet improv*"r" it>. -«-mea to
Brtmdway. »o»t «-f improremtut-
Pal i P. A J M W**ul*•». 1
tractor* IH.>2
Pald \U>m Gardner 147?,#
'• J. 4t. urrv *>*
" AdverttnitiiT l,}
\rcru« d intere»f ~\ ■
12,18K } *j
Utt projXAM'd * < mill*
Total to be raised 112,1fi
Exr*>* * ul
Sou'h Kiareuth strtn-i lmpr*i v emeu^>ard
i»f impTOT* mciitk
Paid fI»H A Rltebie, eoutfaetorA *7, d 0
PhM Mbrotifartiuer. ...
Paid John 0. cn urry tT$ 00
Ad\ ' *it>K
Accrued inter* '!. 'X>' 4»
Amoll nt wllliht Id t*» i*oiuj» eta
greet §HII
Tt»*al 1v717 14
Uvy mills 435
\ui« •,«??!> be ral*«*d |S,7Ji it
Exre* 7 61
Jw', :*r\ c. Mfv.ltt'- . irrr.uth.j? p titi t*
of J i ♦ xt«ni ft«r rv'hale of %<t --u al ia.\« •»
aatd. if It U a>< ottalr'd Ihnf :he property
is outU'dc the city Adopt- tS
Sit. . rre"tmn»-tnlit»if pet jtion of ft. M
IIaL •' r« f r 5 oins . VN Wow *tr t
fr*>»s» l> ot to M* r* er »ttvt f a'»'» eondnu
DAtit of <ueh : ort; >»s of block I*. Itell'i
fifth ndditiou, a* may I** neif>*«ry.
S'•• t"«, (fravtins of Jame»
Can'.i to miiTv hai'dtnc Adoptt d.
FV i-l W» r. ttrautitor p•« -o.to
L W t to * atop- a
In*, eortter of Cft»>rry attd S« roud ptre* ta
Ad. • > '
The city attorney mhniitt *! an
aanee. ?;■« dfiei' d hv th» i tonne:l at its
ia«* •
Otllt * avtuti ouildii'K* witbi Ih> t-.et ot
s> n 'stomak' r «-.-nne< : tiou« withia
•i■ •. der j *.t- of a? * of t• to
SIOO 1 i*i rv K-i •••»{>:» it i-iT- 4 *«• hi re
- rn» to «M«npU with tiic
or»lii- i • the ortVndef hUa i h*» lined not
lew i .a i |.<) nor more than |1"0 per wo k.
The iH'»er» *,v . uaaoioiotialy,
«nd» r» !• < n-loi . f the ruU-t, and imrae
ds»* h »• r*»%ed l> th.i niAvor
l lr K v -urii •ha t mi objection that
to;n ■ • .•« >, e»j#e iAlly in that of the
Bath N'r» « : n«*t r . •% • nl iU- im
• t«» t;mk proper Mimt ot'oa. tin
k«* t!i pr.unvr* «vii'd b.ATv the
|»?!v f *•. t oir on*
thro . h the pro .- -v ofet .cr fn raon.-. «< ►
h» t » ( huh : w»th aome more fea«lh>
rr Tiftowa.
Fr -M oin«oti .v K;*her t«» tut new rtoor
in V i i .• Wa'h;u«rto:i >:rert.
Be#- - i rii ! t«» fire and

1 ' -VI !* I >, ler .: a! . for • --adinc and
wio :i\ i v irn t. f, u\ l! r»4>t »tn *'
to I't - . j s\ m < r 1 oith Hreel. :
Krt. : towuni « on »tr.o*.
Fto?n tsmbert Maaib, of the Boca j
M' - t .»f half * -ar'A lle« n»e
OA i n r • £ i||ee Ut
th*' |> ] ;iiM\l - »ill I Tit k bUiiJilit.
Gtior '
r tA. P A •*« r-ioti for >-r»' , . I "aion to
JW '' i f-n-'i' ..••% in ! .bn Idiuf on
i»v, • i?t « ? f , ew*-d to flrt-and *awr
CO S ".- • v. Ult v t ;• «; r(o StH.
• v " u « h p k tk. for th vaca
l ; ou «■? i'lo-at *tr»vt Committee on
•fr < i«,
fr • i. -i V B-o and I ut'.er,
far j< rm «Moti to put rn k foundation nu
• a< Mw.'k .on \Va»' n r
%? 'h ' «»• m ittee on Pre and vrat r.
I> o \ !. »rt, for a M'wcr In
b-o i K. H « : ; ftn A d»"o:i «»fA.nv ;
|w\»vid* d t-wner* put eener in At their own
exj». \
vTUb'n x&ttts<>
•t-'i it • f • r t ■* i.' t" out e
At • ■» ar of the 4*a ai «u Pa itie
•1 • ( ntcUaiai tj an
'T ' • ha»e • eynn Mr thai
Jjv u part nent vro.» r. -i 4 a Mr. M
a* di>p?ay f Mm'*
li'-'V" ' ill i ,r - x t
* »f fine *s'.k nmlreliaa
« K . «• »v
K« v* . . a k« ( » -ft rCU mrw
v k . kerr' t»and tuu®er# in ever*
widf, «■. . ■ 7 , Kline Jk K« >vnlM-ry
.K . j. , , r • crand Xv •« »««,
?''•* . , «.!'« A:>-i t»*•*'>
1 * ' T; «>»! sTtl«v vv*Vt r dUiplayed
> kiiif ;a« k'n evere *bade» from
▼I Pto the tineei. KUue A U«*aeuftent.
Cbiid.-ea crj Jar Pitecer's Cisiaru
Major Hilton's Work Cmtain it
tb. BiJ.a Tkntn.
Toere TO more than tbe liu Igtttnt
In lut Sarr? u4tnw «Ue i Major llHot
taikod to last rreatof ia the kijoa theatre,
and ib»« be *« (brooch with fa la
r*l«' »sea. a *rja ncmbrt of nea, sot
too well dreao**. W with tb* U*kt at tap*
In «Se»r eyea. went forward to be the *aS
>«ts of tb* rruttitat'i ptsyera and toe at
teat pleadSufa of the earnest Sadie*
of the W r. j c . Am***
these *ai est* man who bad bees
an inveterate droakard. and to b!a> >u
>h<»wa that "Wboaoeor belie.etb oa the
*on. hash everlasting Hfe." Br believed
"a the .-ton, be MS 4. and how bla ere*
twntbfeaed when Hilton lapw!
MM that if b« fealiv beUeved on Jtmma be
• bath everla.tlo* Hfe " Wbea Use thewfre
wa« empct.:. tbe treat rvanfeiltt to •.»
ner* and te*p-t»n«e sxnor-,. f in Cbria
nans. t/wk tub man *o a restaurant and
If"*-t.a<! hfr> , u<l with >imrrasl
J*"J «nd a breakfast for tbe dav
Tbta wee i&<lrrd "*l+*ug tfce word.' tnd it
of lb? fart that ODII yes
terday »f «mor>ri, the majir averted u
*he Bible meeting ia the
rim M t Cburrfc. the text, " Br ye 4<«n
of the word tiM oof bear*-* a«!jr."
NMBIU, the Wp*r whom Eliaha rleansed
by roaatiui Bf him to dtp stvn um** ia
the Jordan, or rtthw, who «u clranso-d by
f»a>ijinii with the prophet?' command,
ww the subject of last Hlfkt't
was w» show the *erv •irnr'lr:?* of
CKids requirement foe salvar>oe Said
the speaker •* Haman nstsre is
the t«m» new u then If <»od
were lo command the peopie of -«eauie
fo and dip timet lo rh» Columbia,
upon the assurance tbae tb»y would he
•aved. tb* wo^lehere, like Naamau. would
protest: 'What, haven't we Pusvt Bo*a4,
aad i»o*t it fail of water. and Isn't the
water much better aad ' leaner than Tha?
of tbe Columbia*' That was Seaman •
answer. uatil his wn«at ask*»d him
What, my master, if the l4»rd ft*4 efcosrn
s*»m» hiN thing* Then bin e»w were
opened. Now. all God a*t« of wan is that
he believe on the Sou."
There will be two meettnya at the Hijoa
on Monday, one at 3 p. rn and one at 7 S©
p. m. There will alao be a Hibie r-ad aif
at tbe Firat M. K. cbareh at l» I ™ to
day and another meatlnx at tie Bij .n to
fteattle Wants Her Full Delegation
at Ellansbargh.
Pursuant to the call iwaed by Chair
man II L Tesler of the statehood dele
gates and alternates, who were appointed
to attend the admission convention to be
held at KUensbnrgh next Thursday, a meet
ing was held at 3 o'clock yesterday after
noon In the council chauler. Tlie object
of the meeting was to secure a full attend
ance of the Seattle delegation at the con
vention. In tho absence of W. R
Andrews.Hon. T. J. Humes was "<«ade seen
tary, and »>ae disenssbm waa had r»wpert
iue who would be likely to go to the
It was thought advlsaVe to appoint
Messrs. Robert Mor«n and «J. O. Hailer a
committe- to go uAth*- seteral •teleeat» > s
and flu<i out who would eo and who won d
not b-' able t.», v i m <n» ■ •
latts r. to set u rt * '• a' to -.l* thefi
places. This committee will a<so eo to
thr railroads and endeavor tofet re*!u< ed
raU-s. as on similar *>rcasfoiis. v»e: on**
fare f*»r u»th ways. They will rfpirt a: a
meeting to be held at Z p. m. Monday.
Final Mooey Pot I p and Arrange
Hirnts All (-oinplrte.
The much talked of wrest hue "ontest be
btwecn Jaraes II Faulkner and Peter
Schumacher takes place at Turn Verein
hall t4»-uight. Arrangements were ful y
completed yesterday, when both Hchu
macher an 1 Fsulkuer dep*si'ed in this
nth«* remaining slM)eachas stak»-s.
maaiug s2Soa>lde.
The match, it nay IK* stated arain. is
mixed—on** fad Orareo-Roman and one
fall catch as < u r ch-ran. Tue dual larat
Shall be in tbe styl - a« tb«* winner
of the shorter ol the t»o previous falls de
cide- rhe rules governing 4-ach s\le of
wreatllne make psrtieu ar pr«»vialo
aeaiusT fouls Tw«» shoulders on the
iloor at the time constitute a fall
The wrestle will undoubtedly bo witnessed
by a large crowd.
rK!t«oN 11,.
Mr. Thoma« Kwim; left 'A«t for
Portland, to tie foaa ja-Teral day a
Mr. E. s EothcbUA. of the A P. Hotaline
Company. P.»rt!aad t la at the Oerldental.
Fx Mayor A M. Cannon, of ftpnkaue
Ka!1«. na» ret(lftered u r the IHridental
hotel y i-aterday.
Mr. i>*nlel *V. Itaa# left ia*t night f«»r hi.«
f»»ruier hotn«* in .-ao-m, t>r., and will he'
gone nevenl week*.
Mr J H. Iloadiey, an pert nt en dent of the
S-attla K duet inn tfto:k», lo«'k »a#i nocht's
train f«»r rtan Praueieco.
Mr. tlrorije M. Bowman, of Pnrtland.who
hAx heen a <ew ilav> In Beattie.
return-«J hom«* by 3a>t ul|ht'i tn u.
Mr jE M Donald, peesidestof UMle
attl«\ Lake a Eaat»*fti railaav, left
fo- Port .'AIld I'll in", i: !(fht*» t »2U. lie will
hi' gone A few dayami bosine**.
Mr. <i-o T. M..r». propriety# of the
Wear St'Atth?« Aui»*-rt rvturned to tb«* city
y«ater«lAy. B< And Mr* Myera jaid a
•hort v i"it to frienda lu th#- Knit, Abd tv
turned a fea da>tA£>>to Port and, where
Mr* My.ra i* at pn wn! »-opplt:jf.
ItH K\ I t IKv
Itlir.i I I I r.-y.
tiood barber wanted at the Bon Too bar
l»er aho|». ou Wa*h n on atreet.
The Chicago 1 ,au<l Company ha« ahfpncd
it* of the N * for h» Ship Hiibor
towuftite t«« M uul Vvruon for record.
Taking advantiu£ of unprece Vnt'dly
low the N»ok-dore of «». l>afie* A Co.
rr«i»«!t-d wttb j vr.»u* ali cay jetfer
day, and w»l probably be more crowded
to day. * ir«fiKiße eloainf-oat aaie ia lu
pro# r eta there.
Ih«* afeam*r Gao. E surr we*t ow to
M\m' tannery, at Wot fc-iltit, yi'Hf nj»v
Mil l Brought o\er U.-0 t»arr< !a of ••It «al
m it ft»r *Mpment <na 'hi* Northern 1*»« itit
raliroad to B-J«tu», Ma*«.
the following have declared their In
», in » ti. iMfW Am<"H*n cttlavu*
Boj iinm WiK tie, K K Duff, Jftm«
Kviui and J< AOPTI TOBKIIIIN))), aie aur
)«eta uf tier *"d t'i.ri*t lvt«r
Jt> uivu. a?<» of l»e . *rk. Arthur Seliaa :
',' ii r *»f Austria, and Wilham Nalhanaon t i ,
Ku*a;a. q m
MillM'lM) NtHE*.
The Kdith U * T«iu »»u her old ro«!e.
Hit? atrtmrr A)ki U>"k •'«' IvXV tuna of
N » .■ e <>ai for !'• i <ar'y thi*
Tin* t>rt - (iertnania ** i« .1 for M I Fran
v i- • > \* «- erday trenioi wttb I W tun* of
B H k l>ian»Ottd coal.
The -baaier Ft r>jda!c a-: ved tn Pon
(MID Xanaimo y»f' r<tav «;tta a <argo of
ox' 1 *! fur the *«» com pan >.
Thp CmatiHa tat' d fur San !
K-nn :»♦*% • \ • i: >■< a :«b 11 cabin
: gvr«". 4- alcerage and M tuna of,
merchant)**. * « fkfi t«• t<»»" *»f *! Her
freight f: m utht-r port* amount**! to Co
totia Amo ik hvr frvun >at tie were
4^.'»aek* of • s-a. i.' I **. tw*» < ar--a«>«
of »hiug]ea an 1 a q&aatity of ntmber.
A If. Mannia* A*' hrct.r a«c<t the
littie *t amer To'o. a.id the ail: t*- «••»! \.y ,
trial <»*.npanj ?«» carry r>.*— . •* u*
fn»tn Whit* vt Miiuu.ijt, .* 4»Witlun to Wwt
jkc iUearlawn"handker Mrf« Han4t> **tif
!y ej»kro:dere<!. Cbesur «"h »r^
4.H—Srw iot Ciik |i!nal*e*; aU r«»lorf
Clfter Clt-ary.
lu-kv B'ooi Pnr.tt *<*•*».• « -rr
"vrur. <** rro|*?i*ai " 1. i
Uver Vu *. IWi' t«ern>a:i -a v« . »
tM'-t rat 'd Retn» t}>« a -1 "
>t;TH ,!< d hy >?aahn»aeli A * ; 4 » A
r'o Ik * .'. Son. Mini k Jk v *
N* w •v ,-ea;f9. Che*% r CU«rj
I.ad:«and » •:'» >*a!«i a*
Jane* * amfAell't* Plant »tf- « t.
New rthUw*. Cheater Ciaary.
Sew dr*"» pooda i eary.
New handkerebfefr < leary.
A terrih'e fa« rifiea. Two hundred
J;. (•*«-• « H' - ttlii» week at K :n • A f
Uu -. nlw-np.
Kri >1 vmtinn a* Stewart A II 4iue» i'r ,*
N A Infants rv»U'*. i'!ear-.
IT »:r »:ik handker. ii.efa Chester .
C'hr;-" jtfi< .-'l «it\ r Mid fa S
«v* grau *:lk. v* a-"*u T ed no! to j»ul«. fr»> k
or Mf t :»r i» auy.aiT. ki*>. Siogermaa AiN» >
. ' s. T*. kla<, Hnfernau A* -»
Sc"- v?- x i -nu f# bo tie t«eef. fl. Stiir !
>!« «t Ma: k ?. i 4nm» a»l:« xt.
*.' u!c U< la 4 e»" a.i.l ireut»' * Ik hat 1
X« -We aU t toatiy under ■
Chester c leary.
♦!k*-r» Ui-?» f«»r the m:''. •:» He '
hrfojfi, t Use ha aoie of a • ** )* :.
..• • *ij!**»« ir r . v.rtf. [»•» »;.tetu{
a- Cheter t.*ary.
N« H table a arfK. Ctearr.
M .;»« \ '> }>*•!«! i! >«• « t'« • «i»* : «ran
* : «v Tru*t «" > 'ue+ * »
M ■ < n»imr.' a »
th* W- » ' lx i ar* \ . jw;.l bifia b
iiiTivr ;nterr*t Januarr 1.
Pat wen » a - the Sar t i>thiftc
H«"iv . -■#* Coamer» »a' «teeet
K : > >. h F .:U. MORFV>'K SN :•
t>- a . k Mtiu> J ma % rute and hand
n-»t>e |.4i-t-ru*. aR? nhrrjr.
A*svnj>hn»e the dollar*
bny« a airieriv a!S w»w:,t »nit: Uan'.ifa
{■altera». K. »*« &
Caildrea crj far ?ucftcr * Ci&iorit
Tb«- Idaho Xsk<* Troak!* f«r tbe
Htjr of Soatf !P.
larbor*Matter H.jl Forcibly
»•««• 'b» OMrartlH fraft-Tk*
Idah. 't Captain Arretted.
Tbeaiip at the wharf,
•here the ateaaenr Idaho aatoada t.«
frrttht. waa the aoewi of as occ—eaee
TWUrdar ifJrfwwt, whirh »af iewt ta
cott*;4arahle 1 iUgatioo. The ferry-boat
City of ■vaftla left her ailp at the tod of
Mala street, is the aom r*. for a trip
aer«w« the bay. awl. aa reenmiag at 1
o'eSoek ia tha afternoon, tha estraaee to
?be ferry porket via found fetorked by the
Idaho Capt Tota Darta* of the iatter
lal. wa* reqnetted to mora hit «rearner
ont Muto allow by the ferry. He
refnsed to 4o «o. when the harbormaetef.
Hamuel w. Royt. wai notified and «oon
aapeare-J He aUo ordered Captain DavU
to bar-k tha Idaho, to aa to permit the
ferry boat to poaa . bat no ctepa were taken
by the eaptaln or hi* crew to ebarge tha
poaition of the reeae!.
The Harbortaaater then boarded the
Idaho: and. as»li*e<l by others
who accompanied him foe the pnr
poae. palled the steamer out by £ran«
<yf a wlnd!a». It appears thai the Idaho
had rery Ilitla »*eam oa at the tira*-. to
tha* This wa-» the only w»y to rhance her
Hon. Captain Par;* was plared B
mrreat by order of tbe barb»*ma*Ur. and
'■ Captain Brtcgs accompanied him to Jastire
J<»r»es - roart. where he was ralra«o>l on his
own reroffi !*ai»ea. No time aas *at f«r
The heariua of the rase, as no
ha*! th«n made by Harbormaster
Bo«t, aho wa* enracrd In rieariag the
rtjphlof way obstructed by the Idaho.
Sitae consider the aetion of the harbor
master ill* eat. on th* ground U.at he bad
no llcenfte to boar«l a ve»s*'i at her
a»d take her in charge: hat oth
ers consider this view errors eon*.
«bea ihe fart is horae In miud
tha? tba tpa«'o ocrnpted by the Idaho i*
withla the corporate limit*, heme, in fart
the » ou'luastioa of street an \ under
rnaninpai eoutro!. Had the Idaho beeu
oat in stream, or only fire feet, or one
foot avtsi la the • Oregon ImproTementCo.'w
; 'lork. then the harbor ras>t. r roald not
bsee boanled her Its ofßdal capacity with
out a t'niied States license.
it is said that that the artion of Mr H »yt
ia based on sections Mo. 6 and No. 9 of city
I ardinaiire N*». WCi. which read
rtec. 6. The inasu-r or oth« r person in
cbaree of any vess-*l or other water r-aft.
in the corporate limits of the city of rv
and briue ;u a to prevent or
; iuterf* re «ith the iuv*oring or pa**acr «>f
■ >?bt-r vessels or aater t-raf . from any |>art
of the barb »r to any other i«art thereof,
sbal . w: ru r*-«|nJred -<r directed by the
aarbormsaier. f.»r hwiih rhau«e th j>o«i
tton of such v»-sa»d or »-tber water rraft t.»
surh i iai-e a« may br direct**! by the bar
tj»ormaster. Any master or o her p«*r>ou
iiitf lillMfli of aay res-el or otbCV war* r
erait who shall fsil or re!use to forthwith
thau>c>' tbe (M*sition of the same, when
'lire led by the ha. bormaater MI to do. as
provide*! t»y this shall t»e deemed
enilfy *»f a luiseieraesnor, and. upon coo
vlctn.M thereof, shall be punished b> a fine
in suy sum not exceeding tits) or by its
I nvjumeui for aay tune not exceeding «
da vs.
!> • 9. Whenever the master or any
person in chare* of any vrss< 1, *ir
other water craft, in the harbor of the city
of beatt e, si.ail fail *or to coange
the |*o«iti«»u of sarb vessel or other water
rriUT. a* directed by the harbormaster,
ia a<'rordau< r with i«e provisions ui this
ordinance. It shall he the duty ei the
harbormaster to forthwith bard su *h
vrss l or «»ther water craft, with »u« h
ss» stauee a% tiiav uei es>ary, aud to
charier tbe pnsi'ion of sueh vesael or
water « raft, a- had been directed by him,
aud the rxp« use of changing the
jiosliiou of su« h vessel or other
*»ur crsft mat be recovered
from the w aster or owner *>f such vessel <»r
►tiicr water « raft, by a suit in the nam*, of
tha city :n any court of competent Jnri«
dic*i«»a Any y>erv»n interfering with or
' otatructinc it» any way the tisrhormastcr
ii» the performance of ais dilict, as pro
vidr*l in Ibis section, shail be deemed
! euilty t>f a uil-dcmean«ir, aud upon ron
-1 virtion then of shall be t'juisb «1 b« a fine
; in a sum not exre**ding or by impris
onment f'-ra time no: exceeding SO days.
A l%«*al Katate < a»f \Tlilih i:rln^«
I*l* the IJueatloa.
A < a*o of eonaidtrable interest to real
ealate mya before Ju»tice Soderheiv'a eourt
tin kuit of
Axainat Habd Neteon t.f collect a
M-oinmi»»;ou upon the *Aie of Mne Ma in
Ibe "old tramaa)" ravine. Mr. Campbell'
claims thAt on November 19 Mr. Nelaon
entered into an oiin-ement with him, by
whieh Mr. Campbell to find a pur
rha»tr for Mr. Nelaon'a property up*>n con
dttton that Mr. Nelson should receive SIUK>
► for hia land, and Mr. <'anjpbell what sur- i
ulua he e*>uld make He accord
► inniy ae urvd a purchaser who
« agreed to give Ill'O, of which *u>u
aou.d he Kpi't t-aab. although he was able
ij to pav tlie mtlrf amount if neceaaary. tin
liu* irther i.auti Mr Neiaon contended that
> he a, i> vt l" aj#ll «r not h*a than 11>00, of
whioil at leaat, MA* to be eaah,
and was to bA*e All he
t ov.r the Ji.iX) eonsideratu»;i.
, k^W*.* 1 .!;-- the-a-' an U went
e juth*- jury retired to wr* "t e
w ththc.ase. Tuey rejK>rt« d about mid
nlaht ihey eould not aeree, a* "aome
i w»re for the p aimifT and wune for the
" ' di f- U'tant. ' * > the foreman put it.
Then tame up the qneatiou a.« to •
r ; whether the jaitice Could infract the
jury. K P.« arroi'. attorney for the {datn
rtf, p:. • -!id against any instruction,
i np»>o t < hLTt und that the codf i.Ad omit-
J ted to make a provision a lowing * justice
um'ru ti:.„ a j ir>. Mr. \rthur for tin de
fen** submitted thAt it wa# a question
' upon wli •.i lot iniud wa.> not at ail
dear. a-:d although tnt» code contained
a Keuen! praviaioit which nught five the
justice thAt |>oaer. yei aoine courts had
i held 'hAt a Justice * fntwera must t-e ex
p:t >.« lv de a red, aud :t tl.t jury ihould re
turn a \erdict a. -dine to tae m-tmc- i
% tions.it mi*rh! not he h Id va id by the
higher courts. The geuerai provision re
- ; ferriMl t«» Allows the justice the »me }h>v»
' era And line of pnx rtiure as t? e judge* of
[ dlairlet courts, w here the code has omitted
to make the « xj>re«» provision. And it waa
upon th.s thAt Mr boderbers was Abo dto !
iu*trn t r; e jury and eoiujtei it tt» return a
verdh t eitht r pro or coa.
JOli;> AI I # T\ 11*: I.ICIT V
rr«u''!c Between the Miinnsprn of
thv Sunday Standard.
The nsAuagcrs of the :y -'an-i-irj '
have had dilfi< u!ty with one another, and
Thursday night the trouble t!, veloped into
a row at the Orphc-tim M B. Goo*lkilid <
aul<ae«|\u ntly hAd Cyrue A. l»Ake Aud
Smith ttariu arretted by Officers Far aher
ai«l lla!>i.Bc, upon warrants Mr. I'»Ake
for bt .'js rtf .k au 1 disorderly, and Mr j
•*v\» f<>r thrvAteniMg to kill Mr. tiavin's
ast «i! \r- • -mi-sed by Jnatica Staler
| h> r%, antl Mr. pake wht» secured a change j
.. !o : ~ t- t Jus' e Jiu.ea' court, w ill have ,
a bearing to-day.
i r trvnb'o *--f»m* * • J»e that M p . Co»od
j vtrt ?• i » v ake Mr. l«ake pall ont of
1. a-.«l. vi. vt -s. ;»ak»- i*
at \ at to Wik>' Mr «N«k;!!tl pull «mt, to
xi t M- <Av n it? Mr o.«»ik!nd has ef ,
: Mr liu* • 1130 for his interest, b.tt
i«j»k ' -a. - :.e i« in the p ant la the t x
Dtt. o sGk»jctid,—chief JutUca Burke '
• .a' >ii upon h.* first divorce case yet*
te'Uav Af'.ern«HSß» planting a ilacree of til
'' - l »la:x •' fr • 1 • r htti ,
aud John t ilarr"';i. 1 i>e nniiuke<i pa r
* : ar •: a i >:>* ia. a. t*r . ill lSv . !
a-:d I.ai '* • • - d• t: Eiiens-'mrgb rue j
> arnt ahowa jiiat re hti- and, who'
• v t appear, wa* smiltv of «rr» a* cruelty
Ito and Uirea e . d to
• ''! • « 11 u
, s. ",oA*tt v n-r 1 * ad deutis
j Vsico .st Cversley of Engiaad, la dead. i
\ - (alii i'iake *■ • Mt iu liarn;- •
si* re. Kngiand. Friday moming.
Jl U-'omAQ A Co. furniture deaVn of 1
V-. ade't :.a, hav fat let*. Lrabilitiea.
| |X-.0.000. a**' t". 175,
Boot awn SHOE iwn. —FIm itodi! of
and shtK*« atr-oat -:-et'U ;
? a- t". r-t, hard ft. s e\t aud »
grosnd In denraNc tone ]
i u. /or I. • r« wf rid. on v- r
We u' ou as r t v and attra r \ * f,ir
rv • w*-ek ureihre as aud haadk et fa
; k .*«. **.t'S -». an a Co.
? 4> •* k e'ntkhe*. Ckeater C'eary.
I.k -N«w s k v «.J*hra. CheaUW i arv f
1i,,-. *. no ' Wit t evvry lin suit we
: i • s » print jeg wr«>. taker.
?\» • iiic inar CkMaing House.
k .et A Kos» t.berg
N' W underwear. C'^art.
|- ■. • «• . »; * ti»d the Star «
•? «• •. m A*-or*nßen?uu<unailed a
. r os pnrs-s and ptT'ty style* >u t«oy*'
h-t yenttw,' t . ::ir g attract atteatlca
» t? \r: they Are a er. Kline »L Hoatn
New *at.: * f C^eAry.
New tow I a Chester CleAry.
A u«* fui X:? aa preaent :» alaraya Ar
• pre. tAted ** t < i«r grv at tiae of 4 -ix uia
t «'Ats at.d >esta a Ei.ae A
:i aenkrrf.
i Cbildrts Cry Ur fudar't Castorta
T3te Fo«t rxTKJU'vm ra extract the
l»coi'i»aa aett T-eeiat Bomief
to tfte aaUaa of tfcactie for the tumue
meat of tfce aaaea of those who will re
e*i re ttKtr friend, o> Kew Tear r asdl tk*
piaee ae whieh "oyra howae ' will ha fcrpL
iS Man baaded «r ae -t fa Mm I
o'elo. k Monday niybt will be pwbtUhMl
C»T. Rt lf«uik <>T*rT!*t—A
wrflao 3a»ed *afro«t Eriekaam. has raed
the Spriof HUI Water Coaapoay for t€'
kaa', orertiaae la abovt two yews' atr -
*lre at 29 eesta per hoar. Erickaoo waa a »
b T As<er I' r the nosapaar. e;:^ST' 't he «*:>«.
in faae. i"*, bot as the o«r»«t e'.ai<a«.
to Septeaabrr. asd he BM.V a Eu?s<.«mcda .
of e*ery 'er tn ! nate* of overtime he
to be a' work. The roratsuty contend* tbat
aa hi a «urk a* a biaMer ua.t
af'er other men h»l qait work,
to eaar<> bla to set h:a pawder and b!ar
far next day. it waa cri(ir.a:iy Rndervtood
taat lie vaa'opot in tbai extra time v
cordi»f;.v. Ow the other hand Ert>k»»n
rla mi tbat tbe compan-- aarreed to pay
him for tee overtime It leaves Justice
Suderberj at »ea a l<>ar^ther
Grounded In Salsm Harbor.
Sew York !ta, I*e. 12,
The steamar Yakima Bar. which
grounded while entering -aleni har
t*or, Oregon, will, it is thought, be
<aved without much damage.
Deeds HerortM at ths Auditor's
Ofllee Yeaterdaj.
Rea! estate transactions from January
I. IM, to date are 15.715,142 « There
were filed for record yesterday 96 deeds,
the considerations aggregating M8.6iA.50, an
average of Following is the list as
furnished by Wood A Osborne, abstractors
of title
C. H *baw to Harry W Cary. lot I*, block
I, tsn'h Haven add to West Seattle. f?00.
J H. ktng>iurff to Charles O'Connor,
lots '* and 4, block 5, HenestorfTs add to
K. W. Me* iy to Henry Irvine, lots 11 and
12. SomerYllle, SIOO
J C. Mitche 1 u>J. F Reif. lota 1 and 1,
b!«n k T. Mercer addition to .Seattle. SJISO.
N A. Hau*»er to Jacob I>by. lot 3, block
190. I» T Denny's Lfth add. raw.
f*. B. iHumberre to Kdwari Brady, part
of w» t uf ne» 4 se<* 16. tp r4e, 19 acres,
H J White ft Julia F Whitehead. Jots 1
at d Mock 3*, l». T. Denny's third add.
A L. Rorhcrford to J W. Borst, lets 5, 6.
7, #, i and 10. block 8, Fail City,s2t4«.
N N. Barrett to J. C. Soyes. lot 2, block
?£>. Oilman's add. s:;'4.
N. V Barrett to Swmuel Elliot, iotl. block
29. Gilman's add. $ <jo
E. Hrsdv to Watson II Brown, und l , of
II.« •sinw' jof na* t AM tp .r4 c,
t . > A. to Clifford M Dunhsm, w' a of
sw 1 4 sac 4. tp rse. *o acrea.
Capt. C. Williams, to Dwight L. Moody,
lots 11 aud 12. bl*N k 1», IJ. Kinntar> add,
.**. t«ree;i Wra II \\«m»*l, w : a of >w 1 %
Sec 4. tp 2a. r 4 e. Hi s «. $ JiCt>
Wm. D Wood to 11. I- listts, blksSand
r ». ami n ! » of bik If Wood's cireeu Lake
I'a'k awld. $-tsO,
\% m. l> Wood to James P. Ludlow, blks
2 and 4, and a l , of bik 1. Wood's Greeu
Lake Park add, S2OOO.
J A Kees t» R. C. Washburn, und %of
sw» 4 f f sec t» 28, r7 e, &4JO.
K Blewett to Henry Wat«on, lots 2 and 3,
bik >7. Denny & Hoy fa add, I.Ou.
W. f. L Sth Co. to C. Carter, lots 15
snd 16, bik 7, first piat W. S. L. *fc I. Co.,
J. K Bums t<» Thomas brackets, lot
bik SI. law s second add. fU.
V Hugo Smith et a! to w Weissman, lots
1 and 2. bik 5, Sw P. add to West Seattle,
P. Brown to Amos Hurst, lot 5. bik 4rt,
D. T. Denny's third ad-i, 9975.
NK. Ryther to Franklin Klliott. lots 4
and 5, bik 21, I! !>. add, $5200
A. P Mitten to Jessie K. Wallis, iotss
ami 6. bik 4, Potut add to West Seattle,
K Blewftt to J. W Alrxa. lot :\ b'k 38.
Dfun* A Hoyt'x add. 11^0.
H. Wbitt- to Martin Lnvold. lot*aiid 10. '
Wk f>. White <v ManuiDji'a add.. West Scat
til", >. 00 T
M J HJnrkleytoP C. Koum, lot ft, bl S.
Hinckley'* *up'l |»lat of Hinckley's add to |
Seattle. |3\)o.
ti. Kiunear to*Mra. A. A. Jam#*s. lota V
arid 14. bl If. <i. Kimiear** add. fiOOO. «
K <» Fa> gre t • fhorra* Adatm. Jot 1. b!
j. Fa fgn • add to Wwl Heatt »\ |2OOL
Ps Anefmblv to I: l!<»:Toki'. lot 13,
bl Chautartijua bearh. ?!'•
M.I! c'arkt.H* M <init b part of ne ! 4i
art . . tp 2,V r 5 c. «! a its. fMK).
E K-«*w«'t to H. Have*, lot 9,1>! 44. Den
' n> A flort'i add, fl'O.
K «i Fa«*rr. •.< p. \nd»r-on, ]«■? H, bl 1. i
Fa** err'* l*? add t" »" *vattl«\ IJ. '
K.tl Fat Mm* to J»d.' F»r<u o». l««t IT.;' i
1. Faegn '* Ist add to We*t Seattle, |22.».
K li. Faeffre U> Haa»* 4 F.xdcn. let 11*, bl
1. lit add to V\.-s' -♦ -att!♦-.
H M H>»«kin*"U to E < Vau Mcer, lot
bl 7, Ij»We I'aloji add. 1400.
J. V. lloTt t»i A - -a* rave, lots 2 and
. bl T>, He'd and Ivfiuy'- 1-t add, SIC\OO.
St. I'atrick lfa« lirett Ht«ro. J
Fore*t and stream.
While discussing venomous reptiles
it will perhap- not K* o it place to
add a little information wbich seem*
to me remarkable, and whit h will be ■
in*W" to nearlv all w ( o live ea-t «f the
mountain*. \Vhen I arrived on Puget •
So iittl 1 wax informed that there were
ueither .*erpent«. injects,
nor plan's on the shorn* or i-lan*»s of
the Sound. Having never seen a place
rntirely <iev< i«i of poi>onois animal ;
or vegetable life I wa* r.tther inclined
to doubt t.'.c a- erti 't). though a*«ure<i
by many old settlers, as well a> new. 1
that • »*h the e:wv However, a
care* il investigation since then ha*
convinced me tha* it is true. In all (
mv hunting and ii hirp expeditions I
have never seen a !>perimen < i n »i~on-t
oiii reptile>, insect. »r plant, f notice
an entire ab*en e of both |«is)n oak .
and ivy. which I have hereto ore CM-'*
co mteci wherever 1 have been. A
fur a* I can learn, uh.it I have -ail in '
r« > \Tt\ t• r. :'« tSo 11!« i aI-'» holds tr-ie (
of Ml the count:y lying we*t of the '
< 'atc&de range.
r»eo|» Creek Kali*.
Cheney S**ntin*-I.
Deep Creek Fall* is experiencing a •
pktiKHMßil giMtli A gentleman .
tr.un I>tt!uth i> erecting a large eleva
tor. a Swkane company another. and
the railroad company another. A
large number of handsome
and ' omm Miiou- st »re buildings are
also being put up, and if report- art
true. the town is forcing r .p;. h
ahead. and it is the livHie-t and will
he the frtrge t pi- • lietween Daven
port and Cheney.
When Baby «u aick,
Wa gar* her C'astoria
WkfA ah* was a Child,
Slxe cried for Castoria.
Wk«a ahe became Jftiaa,
She clung to Castoria.
When she had Children,
She gave thrm C**:oria.
llandkcrohc f ra. feet To Ala*. linger J
man «fc Co.
Xmas banrains. People ran t »<; ■ ,
r.j!'er> k* the- V »*}'.s * {»;?•.
>.»'! ►«;? at Kifne A K< v n:-rg*».
Twenty fiver; :- - ' .<« a j»a:r of kue» 1
rant* a? Kline Koeeiibcnr*s
Trefousae kid coves, the l«art ia th*
world. rbk !a«. Stnjst .'man AC<
Brocaded si k handkerchief* for Christ- j
ma* r> A Co.
Ne* h- . .Ja v no\ :?.t* « e#*er 1 Vary.
New baby cloak*. CI- ary.
Xmas tarjrains in c'ov»-*. bar
}* iu w• * lea \m< ke'f Xwa» l<*reai? -
;i fancy gent* famstiinr g v K-.ne & J
Rouen Urg.
Sew tabhe rover*. ' leary.
Holiday display » f l a* :k- rr' eN. very
arT'«tic embroidery. Tokias,
,t Co.
On;v a few »>m<«klPS: >' at 14 To
aad I' 31" Tck.'S*. <l* german At u
Xk ' rf 11 * • ' • *
f*;;«. f«•? Cbriittuia* T««k'at,
Ten p»iiT;-ds steak U*e #L , ar M -at MA
k-».«'o:n - a ?.
Frf« iee f f theMa In order to show 1
;ir iptrrveialioß for tbe lifersl
eft is. UM t.» «*, we «sli pre.-* nl a t
a . .* !>[■«. 'ar - ■ * ' . ♦'• "'•
i sj:> #u:t.* Tto* r 1* Often HjJan!
«a - > l»t. Ki::*'- Jt K t«rn^?Tg.
vM tf t rurnfd ieef i r 11. .
star Market, Ooi: a >tr»*ft
► "i .'ket.- ao *e oi/ , ion s l.» A K
' R I; U» Fr» :u"T.t •'*' in, !»•>? : * A B-»»*
add ti u, f«*r ten Cent*. Apply to L. H
tinfS'h A Co.. t x v « • 'ai b'-«»ck.
vuvtnir given avray the band •
-otnrat tier s**n Tok'as, singtrcian j.
L*mhr« any qrrality and s *• »:th au>
k: I"f landlr free o? charge, j
Ti s ngennan A Co.
N-w ri hi a«n>. Cb* »>r C ieary
- i nnderwi-a' «'af,dreir- 4re»*e*
and apraat % 1 * pnrrhase, ervatiy utiOex
Tt.Qra Cueatar :»ear>.
F-«v fnn for xhv beys" With er*rv
smt T re> i g-atis a T>r>ntMßfl
prtss. arit, inker, tyj*. etc. Kline i#l
CalMrsa crj lit Pi:c**r' Cisioril

Absolutely Pure.
Thu Powder aeTer runt*. A earni of
panty.ttreaftb a»d Hon
ecoooeica' than the or'iaary cads aa.:
a a set be sold ia rsaatt. 'ln* with the si!
titade of low teat, abort weight, a aa or
phosphate twwdera feid oatr ia aaaa.
koTAI. Bant- Co . li» Wai". street.
Saw Tot* odPdwri
Wrestling Match!
Will take place between •
Of TACOMA. for
Match to <i fhii-th. At
Fourth and JetTersoii street*.
i>oors open at 7p. ic. Wrestling to com
mence a! 5.30 sharp.
General admission, 80c: reserved seats,
|1; a few Mage heats. |1 "0.
rader the auspices of
Monday, December 31.
Good music has been f nfrart'd.
GEO. F. Fitrs Manager
Thursday aud Friday. January 3 asd 4.
Tbe iii«'.!nciii-hoil Iri»h Cumcdlaa
and Vocalist,
Cnder mansirenient of C. W l)anlels
In Fred. Mar«oen's greatest of all
dr«:ca*. the
KKKItY (i(>W.
Played by him witl» unparal.eled «M
for eight <<>•—eut;v«- In nil th»*
principal eftit-a and leadiLg theatres in]
Amtr.ca. j
A comedy drama without equal, present
ing not only realistfc pictures of life and
Jove in t! Kr. t-aid I-fe t but anevery-day
day tale in every land.
Supported by th< talented yonnf leading
a»i a >\ii' b tiramalir Coxopany.
Iltl-H WIT. IKI-H 80NT.A
Prirci a, R -w-rr <1 *ra!« t« be ba»l
at the -tatfV P.'iarmary, thrw d« a a
rri<!av n'ab' the "HIMrS KHVE" wii!
)v p-i- u 1-1 axt Mr. Unr|>h; »;U !-itro
dticc ! .«s-»"AT «• n J.
Second Annua! Hall
First Regimental Armory,
DEC. 31, 1888.
JfCSir— Fir*t Reflmens Band.
Brand of' Spices.
' *UB t'-K OS YoCR TA»;.E OS
bark aed
*i—ii' ■ aaaa ia kaaitia.
They make a specialty of choice prop
erties. and conduct their bnaen oa ap
proved bas:nesa priocloaia. Tbe faUowlac
will dee aa idea of the character rf the
iarestmena ther oft;
7 has a «> foot frontage on Front street
and 138 feet on Seneca, wbi!e lot § fronts 6©
feet on West street snd 130 feet on Seneca.
The-* two lots tarry riparian rights, and.
th*refere. practically extend to deep water.
Even now there are improvements for more
than an eighth of s mile on the property.
The following are the improvements A
four-story building, bringing In f?4O a
month, the Puget Sound Ice Works, paying
S3O a month ground rent, three wore iarge
buildings renting for 4300 beside s large
wharf and street improvements bringing in
fIW. Tbe monthly rentals at present ag
gregate 1770. and when the present leases
expire this can be greatly increased. The
price for a limited time is SIOO,OOO. one
fourth cash and balance on long time at ft
per cent.
AAA—Northwest corner of Front
•PWfUUU HatlisiJU, 60x129 feet,
one of the choicest corners on the slroet.
It is covered with good rent paying stores.
tflCO AATjHine of the choicest lots
$ JOfUUU 0Q Commercial street, be
tween Washington and Mill, 53 feet front
age by 120 feet deep: half cash, balance
at S per cent. This offer Is limited to s few
nnft * orth "* corner of Front
iJr±U ? VAA/ aiw | me full lot
snd improved.
tfIAA AAA—Seventy threes^re«of West
»4>^C7 } &\J\J Seattle water front. Crgw
ford ACosover intend to organise a poo! to
purchase this traet.and those wishing to se
cure interests will please apply at the firm s
office. Since the recent developments this
is much the cheapest piece of land in West
Seattle, ami will doable in value within
sixty days.
djOC Ann-Lot on the weft side
Q f front street, next to the
corner of Pike. This is fine property.
On the lot is a S7OOO residence which
will command SIOO a month rent. Terms.
One-fourth cash, balance on long time at 8
per cent.
(11l f7 AAA—Choice lot on the east side
(pl ffUVU of Front gJre€l between
Pike and Pine. S7OOO cash and balance
en lone time at low interest.
(In A AAA—^Full lot at the south-
cast co.'ner of Front aad
Lenora streets. There is a go*> 4 resi
dence, now occupied by the owner. Terms.
One third cash and the balance in one aud
two years at 'J per cent. It is the cheapest
lot in the block.
(tn A AAA -1 hoict * seres st Salmon
bay. Either 40 or N)
acres at $l5O an acre. Owner needs
monev at once and offers by far the cheap
est tract in that vicinity, land adjoining
is selling in lots.
<Jjl A AAA—Two full lots at the north
W est corner of spring and
Sixth streets, including a f.se large
house. This is beautiful property. Satis
factory terms.
dn A AAA-Full lot on the east side
»Pi.V/jUUU c f Front street between
Stewart and Virginia, including a small
house. Reasonable terras will be made.
(JnA lot on the east side
lpxU)\/Uv/ 0 j front street, between
Virginia and tenora.
<t|Q Cnn-°" hundred and twenty
»PJ.JUU fect square, facing on
both Fifth and bixtb streets, be
tween Union and University. There are
fonr houses on Fifth street and room for
four more on Sixth street. By building
the** l the property will return I*4 per cent
per month in rent®. This is the cheapest
thins in this list of bargains.
(t*f7C Arj—Furty by one hnndred and
9* v/UU twenty feet on Seeond street*
between Pike and Pine. This is the
cheapest property on the street, and is
offered for a limited time only.
at cormr a ° d waji
iPUOUV/ Btreeti". Inclullug three new
kix-room cottages. Kiue location.
ft nwcr * ,n >-uecessful optr
»J>U JUU at Jon, with splendid water
and excellent location.
Fiue tract ot 40 acres
suitable for platting
of Lake Union. It lies with a gentle
slope toward the lake and i.i partially
elesred. There is a lot of money in It for
some one. All cash.
(JjcrjAA Forty arre* corr.t ring on the
fcP*Jv/V/v/ Above desi-ribad tract atid
not qnite as go<»d. Half ra»h.
<IM doing profitable
ipTl/UU H perpetual
deed to magnificent water power,
i<y room, hard finished residence, two acres
improved land, €ne orchanl. etc. Water
power is worth I4OCO for any sort of manu
(JjQnC n-Twu lot* at the aotlthwi-tt
SO/3U ro nirr of SpriH? an.! Twi
ntn'Cta. There ia a frontage of Jtet on
Spring and Twi-'fUi.
AqcriA Fine !ot, i -r.or Eisbth a:iJ
kpOOUU M.: • (bo»Y»'CT arc
nilf) *ll h 130 flit i.-o.it on Mill Jtrett.
(Jjq C A Aof o ght !■■!» Jn-t off
ipOOUU „r Madi""o »trt-et. It ia
pretty j.rojxT! v an t well worth Ibe prlc*.
tfjOpvAfV Siochoiw au I well located
kjKJvUU ~a the npj«r aile of
Matn u-tt to tbe corner «f Stewart.
Tbi* is a ca»h priee.
(TlQAnn I"' or, y aharta of the casual .
ipOUUU . 11.. <t Paulson |
rur*;!tire Coaipaiijr. Par ia!ue of ,
ijncfjf) » iJe 0<
ipZ'w/UU t ,:rtt, next to the
corner of CoV-sm'-ia. The view ia perfect
aa.l the lot a choice oae.
OTIA AA-H. > » I iotcorr-.'-r Twelfth
C<i4Uo "- 1 •»■>■'■> Murnlfi-eiil
1 e i .: Ila.f e«»h «ud the t«J
i'u<t ia two year».
A AA-two fine I ■'» Twelfth
OZTtUU - r-. r » •11 c ewari an I
• * •• «It fr-itii »!'•■•? ear*. Tta-jf
a. ready f.w -niidin*. Their
i a>ii val«e ia IAM).
$A An A—l ' : « near iJike » aah
ZUUU . . .i a ir.-~: ■..*>• tit opp.>
I ■. i:'. Hr- « a tjuituu*
, • umeago fc»rII.VOOU.
Jin" ■ , '»
ir*. ■ r> -ervotr.
nnn ; ' •» ** lbe e.irner
5i UUv» t ., u and Grivn street,, on
;i«e i able
i..:-. . Terr' 't -'h Terry'« f.fth, S. n
5; --rin . *. law « a roal. Birtc • fe
, :r» ■ : -«' a s H-r- «ee.i«d, Ter
•» ar ". J.' il •-M. ». II • klei a. Par*,
-v .v V rn r «, narah A Be.l »
an i I *foni's a »4Wons
no/ • ,*at; i'* in every part of tbe
, city at ffwsa f-W u fPA.OOft.
SOTS Tie jr-.cea we q:ate on Front
treft c.berfhoi-e pr:pertie». Are for
a : usitej iiaa« ct.y. Aid btyera »hoild
K*«.r 'Mi ia 3iia4.
We ..o aut deal ia A=ytliiAg to: ctoiae
f npertT.
At the Holiday time the question as to what would be appropriate
For* a Ohristmas Gift
We would suggest that no class of merchandise finds so much favor with ladies
or gentlemen as something to wear. Of these goods we exhibit the largest general
assortment in this country. Our facilities enable us to place before the public the
latest and most cesirable goods in the world.
Chilclron*!«i 1 limdlcerehiel N.
UentlomenV I lamlkerchiefs.
Cientis* IVeckAvenr.
Ladiew' 1 JreKwinff (>owns.
ClonltM and WrnpN,
:uttl HO.VH' I'"ii»e Niinpendei*M.
(icnts' Hterliny: Silver nnd Nntui-al Handle** 1 T mbi*elliiM.
Ladied* Eli'fjrant Kterlinu: Silver 11 unci lex I' inlirellaM,
Gents' Elegant Nmokinc JaoketN.
IlniHNl'ninted finiM.
Children'w Feather and Snlin r'<i>«fe£ r
Lntlies' Misxes* and Children's
Fnney and Molid Color Ho||H
Your Choice of 1000 Boys' Suits.
Your Choice of ICOO Youths' Suits.
Your Choice of 2000 Men's Suits.
Presents itself to many minds.

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