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The Seattle post-intelligencer. [volume] (Seattle, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1914, January 02, 1889, Image 5

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iur • R T Riwky srd J. I. HawSey
are roßectofs of ttw potr-tsntaLU
«c>- lilt for city drtlltSkm. No etM
ha* iiitlwdty Rw««y frrci rab-
CJebera't Miutf*?
*CHOOI. I rUTirifATK*.
The Atl»r»#y Cieueral l>r» |bc
Wfanli.jf of lh# Stittft#*.
In an*wer to ar; in'j liry from Becre~
ttry L. K. Fo;fan»bee of the
boasd of education, a* to the grants g
of wttu<; it ciAn<i f iiiik/7)
to applicant* f»m the norma! 'i< part-
Bier' »of ' ther in*?itntiorts of learn
ing a-* Well a« fr**m that of the t*r iter
sity of Washington. AtiomCy-4 ierseral
Metcalfe hi* g; e: the following open
ion, which ftphins itself.
Hon. L. K. Foliar* OlymplflL W.
T,~ >ir I have the Inwior 'o tep'y to
vour favor <>f *hi- dale relative the the
con-tru -tkm to re filled upon •ac
tion 2d of the set ei t|rj# , $ *♦ an art to
amei the common *>■ Ikk»! law of I lie
Territory of Washington, approved
fpii. i, ami have to *a'T:
The statute commit- t'» Um
tion of the board of examination, the
power. To i*• tie certificate* without
examination to graduate* o? the nor
mal department of the ITuiverftitv of
Washington Territory or to any appd
cant [»re?«ntinf a certificate of like
grade «ued iri this or any other «tafe
or territory. ,
There occur* to me that there i» but
one que-tion which can aii ein con
structing that part of the section <\i
the act and that In, should any appli
cant presenting a certificate of " like
gra-> Issued in tbi* or any oiber
state or territory be entitle ! to a cer
tificate ?
I doubt if any would arise only
upon the term 'like grade," and It
Occur* to me that thi* mibt be con
strued to mean that any grad sate of ,
the normal department of any institu- !
tion «»f learning, who ha* received a
like course of inttructioa ami who i*
alike qualified by attch normal depar*-
stent, h entitled in the discretion of
the t«oard of examination to a certifi-1
rate Your obedient servant,
J. B. MRT« alfe, ;
Attorney 4 *eneral. |
HACK nsi'W C«Lirilll>iM
Ttir i>durti««ti \V«#rks forty Areom
pi UN Thflr Ml**loa.
Mr and Mri J. N. Thom|wm ind
Mr and Mrs. Fred Y. sender returned
Monday morning from S.tn Fr
Me—r>. Thompson and Sander went
to report to certain interested («rtifi
in Sin Franci c<» the profit that
bad i*-en made in the preliminary
work for the proposed r»luction
work . The report wa entirely aati*-
factor >.
Mr Thomp on states that Seattle
and Puget Round are attracting a
great amount of attention amongst
ban Francisco capitalist* an I they
are more than ready to invent
in alm»*t any enterprise tb»t is pro
posed for the Northwest. Illustrative
of the confidence Stn Fran-i cans
have in Seattle and K«ng countv i- the
fart -hat Mr. Jacob Furth. cashier «»f
the Ptiget Hound National Bank, wh »
is in the Hay City has suereeded in
pla« ing 160,00f> of King county bond*
at the low rate of 5 per cent., and
|l.V».ono of Seattle school di drict bond*
at ♦> per cent.
Mr. <>eorge M. Boman and wife.who
accompanied the pcrtvto *-an Fran
cisco. did not return but remained to
visit iriendj* a short time.
I ■ • !!d H'.MV and other have
fiie«l a plat of Pro- ps*ct Terrace a ddi
tioii ctuapri-ing the M» sth three
quarters of the cadhulf of (lie south
ea t \ airier of tlie southeast quarter
of -»■ tion t*»A *dp 21 north, range
ie i « This u i formerly known as
tin* 1 > rr- « i -tit>»'i<,/ V .U. X\
and \\ of th • S#«a tie If-me
*t»*a«i A--oaatn»n live s-re tra< ■* it
is bounded on the north hv i. iter
street, on the »« *t by I* tinier trert,
and'>it the south ' y
and extends eastward lial a M<> k
lieyond Baker street, Walnut an i
Che-tnut streets •ro it eat a*'d v%e*t
and l.akevifW and Baker north * «1
south. There are -i\ block-* of It i -i*
each. ami three halt hioi'k of M-vrti
iota each.
M K V. I * f \V ATM M ACH |Nf. H v The
hark Melro-e arrived in port ye ti-rday
with a cargo c»f cement ami wih the
machinery of Uu new marine way
She is now Unloaling the i ent'at
Scott'- wharf, and will »•»■! n • the
machinery on the l»rv l>ocl Com
pany's new wh «rf \|t>»r M«>ran
stated yesterday that the *ork o con
struct ion on the w «y? w. \ . . «;»•»
ously forward The Melruseail; lire
New.- i-tle coal hack to San Krai u
Fish* r. of thfl steam s *h<M»ner !,« >,
whu h was re< entlv ruivtk in Foit
hay on h» r w iv down from
Alaska, i> itt the citv\ p ji h.t-»• p
plian< , i for (thipnir*nt t•» \la-ka to t
tempt to raise the I he plan i* to
sink about and att,!- h t'i« m
to U »* -unken ve -cL «n\l raine her by
aid « the harrels. Mr. h : her Will i*
turn tc» \la-ka on the next trip «*f the
\V. • II in S«. ITT-: fhe draw
ing »f the ehe-fd Parisian
with tmiM -\n*x att . hment. w,i*
hu|»* rintende<i nt the <lold»n II «'e
Bazaar by Mr. t»e*». M Van
lK»r« iin the j-tr cm ol a at»m ♦■r of
lick**- {.older- A lfttiegi-l « *•* Min*i
foldtii and allowt**i to dra\% n ie tu k* t
from the rc-»t. lit* ti t«-t
drawn »a* S<». 27Tti Who holda it ?
t\\*r**Vi Lo^a.—Andrew the
Iwh rtnan who siifiered by Mon -v
night > tire, -»t ite"« that his lose* wi I
aiuotint t*> He hatl a nmn^r
«>f •. *h ami other in the
buiidi g at the tiine. afkd they were
ent: • > deatr«»yed. Mr.t'a . '-r v <
al>n tnst there wa" n*> tire «:. »tever
abo r hi pn iiii-c- previt-u* to the
con?) rat <«n
V # k 1"^» I' » >lr lln hen of
the red ctat'* firm of Wh te %% Co.,
beloti - the cr»- .it of making the fir-^t
:• • •• II , r IM \t | 'M
a. t !«• Mary I. M r . Ilu^hea
con ; fI • tr of two ! t j»«
W« >«', it to Mr. .* O. v; !e IV*wen
N- a tih---rei< the titan who nun'.e a
aahr - 12
♦ <! . x {. >i.Litis llaviil 1
Mf t \ ro :cht tiit a-;asn-t
FVi: x! : . \\ I>af • a T --1 the W * -?•-i; i:
ton MiJ Co . t < . ;»• t SJT - i" s fo-,
tea* f v. . hi- 1 ev.:tl «•
uj • ■ i i>r' I > a a.-h* tr, -h
and 1 t^alai|\
\p Or Ma' - J ' u\\ )■-
term ..«-»«•- ... ♦ ••
J" 1 ■V a ' -
eta *, ..«• . rain 1
Wwl bat t ivh m«i wttb id fflVrpiti *»i ■ i
»», «h- h a f-
OHi ->S KIDS* ji \. * •. '
Of t a 1 *%, -
' *•«' "' *•" . t at
j T itrKK i
" s « • -v H »lairc D?«i < orau-
H n - » ,
to iMM'* l.oa* narked down to !t>
Che«? f <1» *ry.
Tt"> »a this week st Cl»e«t r r'ear>
- v »' 1 ' a'i wo ' ■'» t!»r |
•a - c t• r i'i an
" . n•W .- " '• »» ■ ; • . . ' WIS
vm « •• r
f«: c\ velveta *i a:k «i «!» w« Che*
«er i'Vir»
** M : '!ar inernJr c *a- ' »•
expr. ir. >.-a \ »o '*ir» •«* < «>r. v "
<Hi- I5M.*;, anott • *a' v\ , • s :•
a*l f. r j :: ■«»•. - me- fßsait A « v
t ave a - \ if «?» ' a--- *< »
win ' » T v anp- tfe«-» -h? t inv. » - h
J" ! v |4 >. , r.-ay - ' ea-pft
oepArtmrut. Stmcert.jaa A Co.
Thr •Ji", of ' • C • ' ft ' : •
*a*kiU down t«- Ctea-er v leafy.
The Balloon ASO>IJM«B Fails for
Wftßt of
Oplnm leisure - a«lt »c«'r,«t the
C'ttf —Tt»e
f«r CU«ai}»«igh.
The annonncen;ent in *e ter»lav
morning's that Fr i Van Tas
sell would attempt a halinonaacwa ioii
a:»d parachute tump yesterday after
no*m t*.ok
wbarvei to «URM« the eTent. \
did atten»i t the hat
he didn't ta&*e jt. That iO, he rttahed
j y
tempting to find a ..tv>
pc ? r gas inv> hi* biil «ou The air
midline was finaliv taken to the gaa
two-inch * tja» at'athed
The intlati »a t*roeeede>i very -lowly,
and it began t*9 look a* If the balloon
ild r.ot U filled that cay when
S:iperintendei4t PetiMt id Van Ta*
to eii he w<»uld allow a number of men
to ' limb on t >j>of the big gv» re-ervoir.
to a--i*t the pre-«» ire, And consequent
ly P» filhng »>f :he ba.'!o«>n.
About hfty men and eovs dimbe«i <m
U>p of the reservoir, but they got to
•w uifling, and were >iriiren 00 by the
*>upennasxfedent. It beingevi»ient that
th** bail-ion cou d not l>e ir rt ite<l. the
attempt was given up for the clay.
Meantime the crowd on the harbor
from had sutfere'l no diminution.
The ocean dock wa* crowded with
people ami the coal bunker- were pre
empted by a large number who hau an
idea that they oould - ee th* a«cen ton
better from a height The crowd
*mu*ed it»elf while waititig in watch
ing for the alleged eclipse and in
ing "sI-nature 1 remarks about the
non-appearanot of Van Ta—ell and hia
balloon. A boatman in the harior
who attempted t/> walk front one end
of hi* craft to the *.ther and who fell
overboard afforded some variety to
tbe moiiotonv. The fellow got out
again all right. An enterprising real
etate dealer improved the »iptw»rtun
itv of advertising pw»pertv he ha I for
*nle. and he < bartered a «mall
to run lip and down before a demon
strative audience with a flaring sign
ported in a con-picuou* j>l.ue on the
ooat. When word was t«> the
waiting that the balloon vouid
not a-t etid, their patien e was pretty
Prof . Van Tas*ei can h trdl v be
blamed for the fail.ire of the ascen
sion. He has now made arrange
ment" for a sufficient -nnply «»f gav
and he announce* that will p».-i
lively ntake his a-cen*ion and para
ch te jump to-day, unless it i' pour
ing down rain. Toe time set i- one
o'clock, ami the place i* the harbor.
The -tart will 1* made from Ye ler'*
( lutoin* Officer lluger CintU 100
of the llrii{.
X seixurt of 100 pound" of opium
was ma*ie by Customs Officer ECuger
in the rear of Mason'* pawn shop
on South Second street, lietween
Washington and Main streets, late last
nLht. < apt. linger ha*.i kept a
harp fook-out all day Monday,
having suspectetl some smuggling
operation*, and had stayed on wut h
until a m. New Year's morning, lie
h id noticed several j»er *«'ti- a- tingmya
'erjously and finally tracked them t-i
the place menu -netl. Stationing Fo
lice O.licer.s Milngan and Van Ness at
the front entrance, he proceeded
through an alley to the hack
«i »r f and, being admitted, he fo 2nd
five men there, lie made t!»«-m hold
up their ham is and aearciie « them,
hut hndir.g nothing on them to justify
au pkion he let them go.
Afterwsrd O > « r H urer went back
and kx»*' » v»»»-r the plate agam. not
leiitg fttdv snti-he*: with the re
siilta of hi« former ar h He
then found the opium This
wars conveyed to the building by three
men in t\\.» trips There i* no -us
picion on Mr. Ma-on. as the otticer
thinks the men simp y used hi- p a e
fir convenience until an opportunity
fioald preaent it-elf to allow them to
uet t!»e urug away.
MhrrilT CiivhrM* ol»J«rl« lo 11»«"
ilouk aiul I mldrr liiilnl iiip.
A little while ago the city to
l»uf up a one- tory buil».in# /or the
hook and ladder com |UMiy between the
court-bout* • anil the county j »il Mon
ti tv <\ 11. liatiford, on twhtlf of Sbef
i I Cochrane. for a temporary
restraining: order to enjoin Contractor
K\. Warner and the u'v from pro
din# with the work. Chief Juatice
Bu ke -Ucbned to :e the order
to the »« t or I.H-7 which
• Ho* th» j matter to be tietl up far I
'\e-ir. b the i*«ued an order to *how
i ! »• whv the city botdd not be eti
ioine I, and the hearing (or Wed
ttc *day.
T;.e reason f«*r thene tftjon<-t : on pro
ceeding** i* that such a building n* the
city c ntemplate* wotil«l allow jM»r om
to *ta' <1 upon the r of an s toiumuni
« ate with the prisoner* confined in the
jailv«r.t. which at present i* sur
rounded with a blurb board fence.
aN OIIM i urn ni ksohknon.
I'hr «•« u I a " Shiuiitg"
I i •'rjtllr
The «cli j*?*#* of the *ui». advertised to
take plme ye ter» y afternoon, can
hardly l*e called a grand Hucce**, so
fa .at li-a t.ai fugeY Hound t c« n
cerncd. Korone *hiti£. the -kv wa«
ju-t sufficiently oeerci-t t > prevent
any observation beyond the n ere fact
that tl-ere wt* a «iini:?iutior» n the
antou* t of light emitted y O d i*ol.
For at) tha r a numtn r . f am ked
gl<**e< writ bmnirht i«*to re.jut*iti«»n,
and the p*«-ag® o? he tn o» a«--o-s
the f v e « t the > sn Tio»e i. though iu
i-ttmtlv and mi«atn arton y.
Abo t J oV'iv k th" S«-;*t?e Electric
Company w i- th > «r l : u! t n • gh
to turn or) h tuH hi*.-i t of i wht. h it it
w a* hardly neede i
KOI M) TO I* I I KN*IU Ki.lt
The Kin; • nrlrgalios l.efl
ThU Murßinf.
The delegaton to K ■.•••.-' to
tie frt.i # eh<HHl con re* i. *n. «• siJe* ted to
learv on tbi* ni«»ntin.>H train
*'.'d .. the fid owing: M ivor It > »rt
Mo an, H F l*:iri** • v j .;r J.
V. lb t,<\l! II n?o-v,(. -V ! »r.O,
i . . * Oelhaa, . R 8 Otteae,
C. Ilntnt N tic » \V. fibttcfs -. \N U
r r r-< !» the li t fu'iii he*l b> f av' r
Nf r*n la*t eveniit-r. Tt«eou p'f ment
r K?' «<» n tv !>. n t
•it ther proheiblfr that wtie» s Kllm^
• h rewehfrl, thete w;il K* a tul.
»i< l« ira*i n.
it--* i.otruut v-'Wr.' » i *t«»n ht
■ rt*>e *>i jwitK- «»«* » •"•I face
> If j»'«r farr t* r dOf «i»*»i-urn d,
) \.-t »i.»far»u •** a* '« ha •« j»'W»
» . • « ih» '->!■ k *n f l It v,
] i'ar-1* »i> wdi tv t eofert >1 »ke
* •*• ' ' it w : m.*t Hifv tT
m . m • f "• t»'.e ■% an irv
. < r» - .* - • > *
■%*! «t Hu>imt-a* l>r*i»j < t>inj«nf,Wl»«*ti*
\ mt*.
l» a i ter* nt Watch our
a t T« » *« >infVT?nai JL <'o
if ttn pa • T" 1 a do lan
a a * «'i t. Naatifwl
Vatn-rn» K nr A R***-:»s»»rn
" l«"n -S Tut< itic laef. II Mtt
Meal t* » ton»trr«*t.
T l ; \ t»»i «vf \V ®n-t :rc«« e«**ia
•ritd<Jo«oh>T , t at tf?r «iir Chcatrr
» mrr
w*! {• r the Mtt «frk. it will
mvi* *% •; T«4tlaa» ;ifer?iia» Jt Ca
re *aJa of facey
tat s«i ClNMter * V r*ry.
is, |! vV |1 Ml -t pr«l »»lk velvrt* a-I
»'ki 1•! wa to 0« .a> art \ or ♦ o e
I'lh Nir i'beater i 'kary.
**»<"' "f « bipltlc Kee, far tb*
Tear IMS.
j F ;D5r is tbfr *nritl»i r-port of
1 hapi* a Titonus Em of the !*»•
rneu •• Friend Seiciety of New York, to
tfc* ><oa;.J #y imtwi of Use Seattle «o
cifty. The hoard i« b>;io«j; Chair
man, R. s. Greene. ««.-rrtary. S. P.
Borweil; trn*tee«. t>r. W<-ed Cap*.
* r "l . VT. VSmL G. F<rkhar<t
N?2T»ber *A ttrrice* hei !. a<i; .l
->itjr j*il. ■!'; i>n -hip, 2. Vi -
it» uMe. to Alpf*. Wtl: to *irk
rooma and b»ar 4.V t>»
Grace #■ Arerstfr attend
ance at our roe»-tinjr of *ilor*. 14 ;
ri-eo f«»r prayer*. TT*:
- on*. f*« . eonvmvton* of sailori, !fi; j
?4ciafl to total i' liMinf, *7l.
Mr<* tr R:h ; <»n ' l ib. led by
jjp 4 'ari ar : aide<i by ihe i«-
iA the W ' T. I'., to whom we
have been deeply for a h.«ii
to hold our bethel -ervv-e* up to the
month ot September, ami fW> were
converted. Tract® di.«:ribute»i. 1353;
Bfbie-*, 11; Tt»tamenK 31. Seamen
cared for during the year, 41. in firare
h») piUj. 57. T>eatli«. 2; by accident,
2. I'rea-he«i in rarioa* churche*. 13;
i'rote-tant Methtxii-t, 2: Fir-t M E
church, 4; Battery Street. 3: Free
Meth*xii>t. 2; Second Bapti-t, 2.
It we add 4»» to the number of -hip*
and ve#«e!» jriven in the t\*gri Smin4
Mmgmtime, which doe« not account for
Jantiary nor December, we have of
•*agotng mseb a total of S3l. If etch
ve***el carries a ♦ rew of 12, which i- a
low estimate, it givea u- a total. *ayinjt
nothing of our local trafhc, of 3f#72 *ei
men. At the lowest estimate we hare
24 and 50»X) men who fre«iuent our fair
Q :een <'ity each year. an«l thi* num
ber j® growing
What *nali we do for them to meet
their mora! and spiritual want* ?
>h*ll they ift the future, in the j»a«t.
U* uncared for ? Shall the*e, among
all the incoming crowd*, Vie left out in
the cold ? We have a water-front of
from *even to eight mile* extent. I*
:here not in all tbi* extended water
front a place that some benevolent
mail or woman will give u*, a* a New
Year's donation, on which to build or
moor n bethel, afloat or ashore ? Or
would not *ome one lean? u-* a pla<*e
at a moderate rental, w} ere we could
build a neat little mariner** church,
with a reading room in front where
feaien might *it daring their hotira
on nhore a where thev would Ije
made to feel at home, and welcome at
aii ti oe-, and also to wor*i>ip in on
tlie <* ftbbath " I have, ft»r the la t three
inorsth- . jght for a pace of that
liiad. hu\ have failed, and I am. Mr.
B ..t4»r. in h<»|w of reaching a great
many more ear* through the column*
of your pat»er than I could po*-iblv
r-a< hby inquiry. K-pecially
tlo we hope in thi« way to reach the
hf»n«»ral»le t!»e mayor of Seattle and
our city father**, in hope that thev may
lie able to >e- ure to us **ome place at
the foot of one of the streets near the
"hipping for this most worthy pur
Thanking the citizen- of Seattle for
their kindne** during the f»a-t year,
and al-<» the f»a»tor* of the various
churches for their sympathy and co
operation. also the Uuiie* of the \V
T. I for the free n*e of their hall,
while ther had it. ami the pres* ft»r
kindly giving our notices a place in
thei' "paper-*, I !«eg t*> remain, yours,
in rh/istian laU>r for the sailors of
Chaplain ofSeamen'f Frimd Society.
Mr I) A Farwell, the eomnii«*-ion
merchant. receive<l on Christmas a
ffold-headed ri»»nv cue trom hi-* son.
F. I». Farwell of Portland.
The aewinx of Trinity <»ui!d
will meet at the ehurch room* this
afternoon at J Ail member* of the
Guild are requested to attend.
\«si*tmt Tnite 1 Stat ' District At
torney M inday ha- re iveti the » in
tuis«ion from pre>i.tent to Chici Jtis
t: e liurke, It is a very p etentious
Mrs. Dohertv of Buck lev,
Pierce count v. die-l on I>eceml»er
and WHS horied Mon ia . at to a. m.
from Pr«»Yi.lence chajtel. She wa
The left lep of an inmate of the p«>or
farm named Sullivan w;i* amputateil
vr-t •?■!•»% by l>octor* Willard ar-d
t>aw-on. Sullivan was very
afTticte«i *ith aneurism and it b doubt
ful if he recover-.
The Seattle. I.ake Shore A Eastern
il«av Company ha* just received a
new offi e--tie f«»r the u-e of An ua
Allen It weighs «>T **» pounds ami:
the lareest of the kind ever brought
into Washington.
An »ti«r Ur«l »»v#r Which Utl
f»tloi) Itu* ISrfun.
A di pute has uri-en over the pro
prietor-hip of an oy-ter < I;dm. in
which Peter \Vi« k trom c laims t » lie
the true owner, and <\ 11. Kit'in er
claims (Ki-i-r-sion by -qnatter** rights.
Mr Wic kstrorn says Mr. Kittinger has
jtsmped his claim
Mr Kittinger hu- applied t<» Chief
Ju-ti e Burke for an «»rtier to yhow
» lu-e. nttd th** order has been serve*]
up n Mr. Wick-trom t<» prove V»y
fiat right he holds the oyster claim.
It **s anln ipate I th it there would he
M'-sne trouble over the matter last
night, but nu'hing sermu- developed.
rASHKNOKR lists.
Oreif'»n «V **aJ ! r-. • Passed Med
fhrd: Jas. Mitchell, tie*-. II Webb,
K M MeDougall Miller »Tl.| wife,
11 A Ma • J Smith. Mr.. r,t'M.
nlt gs \ ¥ l'< I ind « (s, 4 hi*. W
he anii wi t\i' .1 Norton A I.ondon,
f i: Perman, Jan He tr. B Wet ::r 4 .
Mr* H F. Bali, ami >«*. «i t la--.
Pa*-setig'-rs per Premier from Van
etiuvcr Mr- I J 1-1 ne. .Inmes
Mit'dte 1, Mrs t'ole >an, Mamie <'.»e
oaan. Ag**es Coleman A. K«t-s. J hn
nie * *aliagher Wm t'rouch. J.l'ro 'rh,
I>. Oouch Hannah Ilev, Knnjr Jas.
S? M St. Jea:t I» H XJ \r
thur. N Ne •mi, I S L**VlH! « John
< *i| '•-il. K A v tle «»rd.Th' - H es.
Wm. I.«»rd f T \ekerm »ti. Mr- Veker
;• r V J M< Damald Si ! I Poafla*.
Mr- r |» irU-. r Waldron.Ci Wil
l:am>, t»e*> J«»nes.
We J! attention t « the alr*Tti«e-
Titetil of the ll»r'-or T»»w»i«ite
I'oTt.panv, who hare j'»-t oni|«'et«*d
tij .ii arrangement* to place uj »>n th *
i:» 5rK• • the fir-t flit of the i?\ of
Sh;p Ihf'*'. which ha* her« to ore
be«*'> I T Kht Vt rv '*v »r* -lv t • t e
t '• : r « pii :• >h i Ifar'w r
a!! t x rn!v *? t that Un !
» • !'.> a I• re .?• ■; 'v-t,«js fit ,
K £ •'.» »a?« *>,*j lin a
: tre l 1: <* th* iVitiCM'HI) to
» m v b# tfrran! tIH» hei.tofihl*
-:: it of J-i <n «l<* h»i i Th* rail
r'»a*i« iro-r i»u 5 ,in« a*u| i h tvn
tm»|>,ate *e* t<*ri"g *: Shi -ii r 4 H»r w ii
in the nar ft : e n>»kr tier t*',«* only
rivAi of in the North w«*~t.
PtTMIs detirnji lo a» ill til**'i»»» ,v« -
v.' Ml •:••. r. « | •.- r* .!; t. I«« I: do
1 to « ill on Mr <• \V » arrV!.
a#er t for t nr \ m ,\\. i? otlice
n-'■ 17 i: ! - I*
Can y»*>: imt tt *•.-• ■» mm* wflt
ro*k»> a . »-• ♦ •*•«»!.
itiwi! fM.I * tnt*-r> «t ■ »1 era kv a* l*i!
Oli» T •«- • •> • r«*M» *; Vr.' why
•or »r ♦ »h«*>r I *ur7rT f- xr i c- »t>mi.
<|v*j«<-r*»*4. tar M i'*.-r *•».! <-« . f «;>,*•'* f
» H<»n*e ** I** »«!«*!<•>.» T«>ui-. h
<\« rv mi"- i* * r r**in rv m■, t*'
*<» »*»•. v *«h f a »*-! -t» **rt A Hv»!m >
I»rujr Co«ai*in . Whokwi'e Awnu.
K' f #*> «. itMk* \ »UI > '* *•; tfc
f».a n t-a< I »*•:?• lo tea; * »itt *?.(t V>»:« i
•i>opr yan« m» K-**- • »»■-nc
V. ymri »We Ea»l , » h -t \ the
Mir « * f
2V all inwlfWrk <lf»ai tbt tti-'.
Cl»*»rr C» *ry.
•jfH*. * «•»»♦!. 4>Jnrh. 4r? a» trooda* th
Mk> f C
l»V . table in-n. te -a « hetur
l*it «ty.
T» • a- 'on a f r- wi'l hib «»r
! t »• ••:ch« ar * ioki a, s.Bt. rmao
A Co.
J.*v m «♦<*' tci •*—the Ch *ttr
C'.va y
of tfe«» Day Gratraily
Obsentd in
*•* YEAR*# €AU»-AB HiiUrka] Trio
- X»tere«ift«t Ea<r«rt»es at the
Y. M- C. A. Rati!.
The iadie* of Seattle did not make
| any formal aßßOtt&ecmm- that hey
I would receive caliers on New Year"*
1 day. hut nevertheless nearly all of
th**m were 'it home" to their irientii,
ev»n if ai aaifual had
been made to entertain tiieia. A large
callers avazie*i themsdvea
of the general of bu-incs* and
visite-i their frie«*ds. Among tlie
mtmber was that time-honored trio,
ex-Mayor H. L Yesler, Mr. Kailey
Oataert and Mr. M. H. Haddocks,
whose custom is ha* been on even
New Year'* day for the pa*t 17 suc
cessive years to join force> and ntake
the routtds together. Formerly the
three werealrfe to induce all their lady
friends by g* ing from house to h» u<e
on foo*. But in later times the in
creasing dignity of the occasion and
the large*- territory to be traverse*!,
and. perhap*. the weight of added
years, rendered it necessary to procure
other mean* of conveyance. Yester
day the trio had a four-m
--harwl. with the usual accompaniments
of liveried coachman and footman,
and the swell they cut more than dis
counted all attempt* of younger rivals.
The New Year's t ails <>f Me*»*.rs. Yes
ler, C»a?rert ami Maddock* have be
come event* in the annual history of
Seattle. Long may they live to con
tinue them.
The uav wa* made the occasion of
great hospitality by the Y. M. C. A .
and from 1 p. ru. until late in the
evening the ladies' auxiliary enter
tained the numerous callers with a
generou" New Year * spread. <>ver
-fTi visitor-to the Y. M. C. A were
th i- receive!.
In the evening an appropriate mu
sical programme was rendered.supple
mented with an exhibition of gymnas
tic- Secretary Carter was the m.:<ter
of ceremonies and carried the pro
gramme through with great success.
The audience wa- *«> large tliat hardlv
standing ro m was left in the build
ing. The hall was very prettily decor
ate* 1 with fe*toons and wreath-* of
evergreen and holly.
The programme wa? opened with a
duet, "We're Homeward I'o :n i." bv
M laa Cora Claraon and Mr. M Spvoot*
aceomtmuicd by Mis* Wilder, at the
prtno. Mr. J. A. Kell »gg then recited
Ti c Organ < • rinder," and M» --rs.
Fisher, Smith, Henderson and Wo I
w«r 1 gave as a quartette the famiUiar
"Who Kile*! Cock ltol«n?" They
were heartily encored, and responded
with a humorous "colored" melody.
Mrs. S. A. Panting was called upon,
for a solo, and her vocal effort so cap
tured the audience that she was
oh iged ?<> to an encore with !
• I Sing Song For You." A duet
by MC-e* Roe and Hamlet was next
given, followed bv a piano solo hy |
Miss Shmeder. Then t»eorge W. j
Crane ap(ieareil with the en- 1
livet ing -«»ng. "To the Tunej
of the Light tiuitar." He was |
etithuiiiasti -ally encored and rei'iteri
the "lk>\ *s Composition on the Cow.**
us the boy grave it and wnbj*e<juentlv
a*« it w i- tran-lated by the too-much
educated pro?esM»r. M/.Crii epQ>ses ts
preat dra:i::iti« übilitr. other «i ;ar
tetfe was then presented. Me- r-.«'. R
B'>wmtn, <ieorge A. Oo!nian, 11. L.
Hale- and Lawrence Col in at; being
warmly re< e-.ve-i with "Pull Away,
My Boy- " and • ttttipelle i t«> give a-*
an encore * Three Little Kitten.-.
The entire audience then went down
stairs to tbe gy mnaMuni. where their
ta to- for the athletic were successful'
!v appealed to by tbe performance* of
Me-«!r K«d«ert e»pencer. C A Thorn
dyke, Ma\ Kxner, and Wm. O See-e
upon tbe spring- U»urd. parallel bar-,
vaulting bur, horizontal bar. the lad
der* and tbe Spanish ring-. and with
numerous tumbling freak-.
Mr. Spencer proved himself a thor
ough Olvmpian upon the -ringing
ring* ami was very much admired.
JffSw often do we hear our friend* say
jf>h. I am feeling i retty well. hut have a
plight pain In the !*• k that 1 suppose will
soon pa** away. ' Hut it dws not ps«s
away. No, not often. unless assisted by
some ifi*M 1 remedy. Pain in the back is
followed by ueakne««, tlu>: ing
of t «• body.ir m-ons and miiky discharges,
eruptions on th«- face and ntck.d zziness.
]ov« of appetite, general debility and
Bright'* dt*«-astt of the kidt eys. If vou
have any of these symptoms, «!«• not deiav.
but save time. nu»ne> at d h-'a:th by using
Oregon Kidney Tea It is a safe and speedy
remedy Stewart ** H« hne.*' Drug Com
pany. Wholesale Agents.
60r , TV*., ail wik»l. 4<Mn h dress e«»od«,
marked down to *iftc. at the sale Chester
The sa'e this week at Chester Cliarj 's.
T» # n poati !-s*eak for sl. Star Meat Ma--
ket, Columbia street.
Clearance sale Mon ?sy, January 7th. If
we nsn get rea«ly watch our ad. Tok'a-,
Sing«'rman«l Co.
Hosiery a d underwear iu oc.r drives;
wateh our al. Tekias. Bing<*rman A Co.
x ♦ nte*M» pounds corned be»'f i> r 11.
Star Meat Market, Columbia street.
Tickets cau be obtained on S. 1 S. A £
R to Fremont station. l>enn> »V Ho\ t
additmn, f-»r ten cents. \pply to H.
tiriffitb A *'Ol. Occidental bl •« k.
Priees in the s*i!>- department: snteb
onr add from now until the Tth. Tokla?,
Siiteerman & Co.
,V'—the sale—large toads. Chester
The sale of ribbons—lc p« r yard. Ches
ter C'eary.
MO i 11BRS
Castoria reotHitmended by phvsi
cians f r chiUiren teething. It f- a
purely v« cetabJe preparation; it* in
«jre«;ient" .«re publi-<i:ed around each
bottle it V plea ant to the t« '*> and
a •*"! »tel> harm>- It relieve?* • «n
--stipation. dat«« the bowel-.
patn, cure-* t.i i r rhcpa aioi wind
allays feveri-hn»-*. de-trovs worm*
and prevent- convulsions wiotbe- tb<
child A'.ci it refresh:iy ami natu
ral hieep. ( '>t««ri . i- the chiairen s
MLOa' ca, the ;nother's friend. 3. r » do <
15 «*ntw apl-hsiy
if: i p OQQ GOO that it v%r%
' , f**t to tny fi tLm
lArsi-- ' ®«J Mttb* b**»e tiua ibr» u*»
Ferry s Seeds
"»i -scC'jw."" *"*' r ini«4 U
"* Largest
rO Sttdsrren
\4r ft- ~ "fO 1 «»>• WorM.
r v >■»> = -<*
IM-. in : <* -ad
WVV 4 «l >*7 ' /J* ror ! BF©.
/ u r. = W fßff
J*,- * *-» .ta- - -.tn
£*r:i*rt CwlHswr ni /» » «•
v t* r*«?«-•*«■ »•»** <.«r
--«po r Uii:r»wM' A4lr«*
d M. FfRKV A <"D.. Detroit, MrCi
A v MY * v FRANK V I'KF - N
t ' i<iri.. p h®J tk* +■ !"»•• ■• hhj
k. t+ v \ hf fid n» w-«ft«ie».
In . ;• :N •• • ' • ' - i r.i h.«» '«,
tr • * i: I i«v #: t vhi : ■ h*m*T rt>!,
f r*« t ! v % * »' r •*« Hi' 3 hi* ?»?» • wbieh
a. • ".►-♦* i» M >
t*RK, K ttlti euunty, W T
N. t :t > -v
Kith t ?h*n itiA
ro«n %**
K)% ft»«*
«O Liu,
Prt' i,» .
t-r r-t ti-*ru
«•?*' sb«4n on rrt>«.«iT>i peitiltt.
''•'••* ••* » »-* *o 1, i • rr.'-u »ir<!
IVfl !S4 •*>;{> l» iPff'-lU. S. udfßl* ■ki
rn *f»i fti ami Tiir Tft ft' *"9e »o«1 9t** 5
»> •: - ' r*tarr a * » <w<n* W J *. *' K<*-
ST OJI'l IVlft w
r*>:> .-- ft ok n»rr
«r tu**Mar Ir iw * »*>•», NUr
ft» A i BAM'K KT A 0., I*t
fXrtr-i. »*n Prbnnttt). « iu
FaTjxst' t —TV >. ittSe Jflvml* Op
. era wrf? r peat GilVrt and
>Swl3sva«*a ofera ' Frve's
;«era house
j an=se Saturday night wa* *ue
-1 w»«f*il and »o many wh<' did net have
| au .rtunuy ot seeing the j resenta
[tioi then have expressed • denre to
| »ee it that the minagers feel justified \
I in t4acsar the opera again beiore the j
j p-jM :-- The reeeipts of to-night's pa
| will pi toward tiring a <i:-
• rector arsd tua* »ta!ii:ng a permanent
[ mosteal org-. - uatiou comp »«ed of the
; r. • 'ix ers o: the J uveiaie Opera Cont-
Joitrn MrtKT —The appearance
0, the celebrated Iri«!i c »median atJ
Friday cv»:. r -. • hi* been for- •
-a %-d to with much interest, Joseph I
M. rj h has a < or.?:nental reputation i
as an !mper*«nater of Irish charac- j
ter-. The plays, * Shaan llh ie" and ;
■•Kerry are tvpical In*h meio- !
dramas in which Murphy, of course, •
is the prominent character.' He i* •
supporieti by a company of more than
»> :a! merit.
Fst raeo'* »a!t> at the 1 .othing
Hiaie. 2U6 Caaatereia! street
We will hare drlv«s« iu the cU>wk -tepwrt- j
ment See our daily a*l«. Tokias. SLnger -'
man A Co.
The mis ISo lacr curtain aeu. Chester j
The «a'*>—*ilk» and Jres«goodA marked ,
down. Caester CK-ary
Absolutely Pure.
Thii Powder never vanes. A marvel of
party,etretigt*. ami wfaoiusoiSPCM. Mora
aewnosnsoa] than the ortinary k:n«i* and
eas!i«*t W ia t»a»t«etick>Ti with the mal
ttwde of low tout, short weight, alnso or
pl)«Mi]>haU powders. Sold only la cans,
Rmyal Basis - * rowans Co., 108 Wall street
Sew York spWdwyl
Extra Performance.
will repeat the opera of
J A i> j.i
Usual Prices of Ad
<lio. F. Feyk Manager
Thursday *cd Friday. January 3 act! 4.
lhe distinguished Xri*h Comedian
and Vocalist,
I od» r maoaTement of C. . Daniels
j In Frr-d. Marsden's greatest of a l irifh J
I dnuaas, the
IvKKUV (;<>\v„
F'lajed brbi?nw : *H un parage led m -ce«s .
h<r eiel' 1 convent;ve s * ail the'
i p'iQcifNS. itu - and leaoing theatres in ;
i America.
Ac - nedv dran a without fqual. preaent- '
ing n«»t oxiiV realist c pictnnsof life and
; love in t je F' • s I !-»»•. but ant\ery day
! day tale in every land.
Snnport, by tb? tale yoang leading
* ' -
and a sn»«e b Orapasr.
j IV. -sa. :-s\ 1: - - !»• j:.- to be ?iad '
!at tbv Sesttle Pfcaraacy, three dais .a -
: Fridav night the SifAUN* .lIJt'E" Mil 1
:e pro hired, and Mr. MnrpLj *il! iatr> !
(hies hfsgT'-ti sr>n«.
Novelty. Beauty anJ Usefulness
•" *'" e
j|> *i|
**•< l 7 hig:.'T ar
/ t
y.tr »a - by
tfe# w A Ha,
and Mining Ea«iiaenaad
I>AIL>.OA: mimni.. water WORKS,
Ik -Jtrenih'ti b*»«-.-a *v and
:-a!nw- g.vcu "rwia.' att»«-
■: ,iTi ' i t *••(»#•?* or a^ * .cnrcred or
avbtfeutoii Hajia and n.a.t*.' trm*-
in«a. OiT'«T;*and b'». r>r.--.t»a«i«'ia.'tj.
r T..«rn»hlr i-Laia am) Trip* a!»a f» on Sand
■ >t m-.i» and «e. Tt«J»r iearr biort. tai
tk, W. T
JPIP*KXJHEUtNr*fiS—ETfty hack ta&&
au is Mnk
rhowraf lb* Character of ibt
(QawfcriJS &myi r fL
The* Cm! oaly in rhokt properties u>4
>*ve wlhi-at tcbtan of all k ni« *lhct«y
aknw They are rot booaerv, wiU not
bore y«ro with atteaUoos <,r make rxtnrt
eau: «;ate:nm:« If too like to do burl
aw# with *ueh peop.e, md what they
ssoo-ss? ia Adjt
▼ *Uvv 1 »,
the cable road».
- a < < ntral §eatt!e
Al/ UU 1 D *.ar the feMrtoir
OfUV-thoiee «i*»i»b'e c< ruerin Mer
yiAtJV ; aJ'liOon.
(JIQAAA— Twenty Lak*»Waah
ington almost direct] v omo
lute Kirk'and Seventy acrvn aborning
•old tow** lime for 115.000.
tOAnrt""^* 0 ® n '* *°t* on Twelfth
«;rw« hrtwern - wart and
Virginia, one block from street ran.
are cleared and ready for Holding. Their
cash value to-day if S3UGO.
<fcO>inn Howe and lot corner Twelfth
SZ*fUU and Mkitlo. Magnificent
view and a bargain. Half rash and the bal
ance in two year*.
(JjQC HA- 1 °* oa the we-! side of
K rfhth ftreet, next to the
corner of Columbia Tbe view is perfect
and the lot a choice one.
<fcOKnn-*^ T A>r> s H"i -Fine
JUU rock of boot* aud «h - **'< <»«t
Biore building two stories and hasfMßt.
hard flu'shed and feet of ground
in desirable location.
QQAAA— Forty shades if the « apital
OOUUVJ stock of th« Hall it Paulson
FSiraittire Company. Tar value oi 14,000.
<JlQAAA—\'i< hou«e and well located
OOUUU Sot ou the tipffr'r * <le of
Ninth street next to tbe corner of Stewart.
This is a cash price.
(tjQCfjn—fi .K'k of eieht lot* just off
|J)O JUU of Million *.tr*-*'t. It
pretty property and well worth tbe price.
,e I«t, corner K'ebth and
\J\J\J Mill stre > now Yesier ave
nue). with /JO feet front Oa Mill street.
SQ7RfV Twn ioTl * at southwest
&J I JU> < ro«r of Spriag hi.l Twelfth
streets. There is a frontage of feet ou
dpring and IJO ou Twelfth.
AAA Tannery doing profitable
iJiUUU buw less, with perpetual
deed to maguificent wa.'er j-oirer,
10ri»om, bard-finifhed residence, two acres
improved laud, fine orchard, etc. Water
power is worth S4OOO for any sort of manu
die A A A—Forty acres north of 1-ake
Union. It i» a spteill bar
gain. Half cash.
AA A- Fin*' trart of to acr»«
kJ)U\JUU suitable f..r pla'tin?, north
of Lake Union. It lies with a gentle
•lope toward the lake ana is partially
cleared. There i» a lot of money in It for
some one. All cash.
Brewery in succ* oj»er
»PUv/VJVj ation. with spleudid water
and excellent location.
A A—lx>t at corner Depot and Wail
SUOUU streets, including three new
fix room cottages. Fine location.
Forty by one hundred and
I O\J\J twenty fee! <>u Second *lreet,
between Pike and Pine. This i« the
cheapest property on the street, aud is
offered for a limited time only.
djQ CAfj Oi»e hundred And twenty
feet square, facing on
both Fifth snd Sixth streets. be
tweeo Union ami Cnlvcrfit*. There are
f.-'ir ) %' - - <-:s K:fth vt-retatid r "»m f««r
four more on Sixth street. Br building
the**- the property will n turn \\ j>er rent.
Per mon'h in r» nts. This is the cheapest
thing in this list of bargain?.
(tji n nnn _ ® , ' iip * ot <m * !>e , a>t K3, ' r
OXU»UUU of Front street, between
Virginia and Lenora.
0"1 A nnn-Fwll U»t on the vast side
•J)lv/|UUU of Front street between
Stewart »nd Virginia. Including a small
house. Reason able terms will be msde.
tfjl O AAA—< *0 arret at Salmon
SIZ,UUU Ih Ether 40 .r "0
acres at $l5O an acre. Owner needs
money at once and offeri by far »he cheap
*•**l tra'-t in thai vicinity. Laud adjoining
is selling in lots.
<tn A AAA—Tw-. full lot- st the north
iJMojUUU west corner of spring and
Sixth streets. imlndiug a fiae larse
house. Ths* is beautiful property. >atis
factory terms.
(Jul A AAA -y 't a' 'he south-
ea»t corner of Front and
lenora streets. Th re is a coo 4 resi
dence, nowoerupied by the owner. Term" *
One third cash an ! the bstance in one and
two year* at i 4 i**r cent. It is the cheapest
lot iu the block.
AAA—Choice lot on the ca*t side
I / »UUL» K- street
Pik*- a* d Fine. |?<w» cash and balance
wu long tJm- a? low Interest.
cjqc nnn i> ** ° u ti ** ,vt * i,je
iJ)aJiwU of Kr«-:»t street, next to the
corner of Pike. This h fine property.
On the k* is a S7OOO resident which
will command 1100 a month rent Terras:
One-foarth cash, balance on lone time at *
per cent.
A A AAA Northeast rof.«r of Fr*>ist
SfiU«UUUH ; 1 Pik- streets, full lot
and improved.
AAA -0»* " r * io: 'M's
»n ( •rnm'-r * sir■«t, b**-
tween W iun n and Mill, fr«<nf
a** by 1130 feet deet«: half cash. balance
at h jw»r cent. This offer i» limited to a few
AAA " A> '*■ f'-rrxrof Front
!J>OUfUUU a*•Ms l : » WxljO f* •*.
OTif of *hr cl o rffft eftrners *n the street
It is cover d with good rent paying stores.
T ha« s »4> f<>ot f: »n*su»- on Front str-et
and IJO b-* t on S« n«-ca, ahi'e lot .* front- 60
fe*«t on W » «treet and 130 fd-t on --en« ra
The—* ta » lo*s arrv riparian rights, «nd,
therefore, praet.i? a'iv extend to deen water.
Even now taere ar» improvements for mora
than an eighth of amtleonthe pro|»ertr.
T • foiija re ar • s*.»» lmi»«»v«*ments A
four k ton l.ui;dinar, t»rio«jne tn $349 a
!*! 4th, the Puge- S-ind lee Works, paying
» mot th g'«'aud r* nt. three tr.»re ?ar*e
h'rl-litMf renting for 000. braid* a ianca
w barf and street iraptovemetits britigtng in
f i>*< T; • monthl* T eiita?« at present a«-
sn IT 1 a*- T when the preseat lea«**«
e\' ire th : s h: x eiestiv >ncres«»"l. The
t-.-h for a .iir.ted time is 1100.000, oue
: ~ -i-h a. d balance on long time at S
per cent.
// •«ia T-rrj'« loßrth. Tt-rry'ii Bftb. i»ru
dir."'-. ■'■tm'r:!!, Uw " •>
of *'i A. }"» Tff
r*'» ilr»t. J.*'. IT y* T k.
Phib) v H " ! wirab A Brii »
■sU r-*,> <■>;<!'» nMßtai
(t :i .. • . in .rrrjr part of the
t'f at f-. ra |-J» in !»,«».
KOTE T-e pr.cet we q ioie on Front
(tmt. »nd other choice properties are for
a liieited t-.me oa'.y, ui borer* sioiid
bear tbu In misd.
We io act de&] im »BT*.h.ny bit choice
We will be Ready on or About January 7
As soon as stock-taking is finished, we will bejjin
Winter Goods
For the next twelvs months and you will
With something th.it will interest the old
and the young.
When you Flocked Here Morning, Noon
and Night for Your
We intend to give you

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