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Kauv of the Rioter* Identified
by. Witneswe*.
nr I'raseratlon Has Xot Tet C«m>
plrted Its tahors- < •mtlnnanre
OhJ»rt«d to.
Material witnwwea not baring yet
irrT ed from Newcastle to te-ti'y in
Ox no t esse- iminst Frank Terrace
Coontv < ommi»sioner Wilkea,
•]) one case* «* re ' ontimied yesterday
M,,: the <•***"' 'Bernard Malar
kev Dare Wortey, James C«x, J. Mc-
j T j r Kelly Kamsey. Robert Wood*
404 Hartley Conroy were taken up
btfot* Jo**' 0 * -lonen at 10 a. m. Some
.Urtlin* testin "J»y wan firm, partic
oUrlr the ftatement o( I>we lyn
j„rn that on the day of the Hot
Count* 1 Commissioner Wilkes ka<i a
denDJoh" of whisky in the crowd
which went make the attack at
Coal Crtek.
The following were the witneMet
twon: in behalf of the prosecution,
tritb their testimony in brief:
President J. L. Hughes, of the Min
m - I'ni'in Haw Dare Worley and B.
Malarkey at Newcastle on the day of
the riot. They were the firat to strike
me Tbe assault wax on the platform
Malarkey yelled,"There goeatwoof the
, of b referring to myself and
Ralph Lowery. Malarkey struck me
on the head and Cox assaulted yie
twice. Yes, there is not a rery friend
ly feeling l>etween the Miners' Union
and the Knight* of Labor, owing to
the aggressive and dictatorial spirit
■bown by tbe latter.
I)a*id Dobson, member of the
Miners' Union: Heard a mob scream
ing, -hm>ting and howling. HMr Hart
ley Conroy on top of the slope, f'on
roy cried "Shoot the son of a b
10 I ran liebind a stump. About 50
or AO men, I should judge, were with
Oonroy. This occurred some time be
fore 7 a. m. Merer had any trouble
»ith I onroy l>efore. Some one struck
me with a rock.
Ralph I<owery Wait attacked by a
crowd and struck on the head with
butt 'if u gun. Did not «ee Worley
Bernard Mfilarkey was in the crowd
which made the in-aulton me. Haw
the notices [MMted about the mines
stating that work was to lie stopped.
Thomas Dobson: First saw the
trouble at Coal Creek Heard a man
calling for help. That was tbe tirst
warning I hud A crowd of 7.> or 100
men were advancing toward the en
trant- of the mine when they wen
baited. Malarkey. Cox, Wood anil
Conrov were in the crowd. The crowd
was made up mostly of men from
Oilman and McAllister. Haw the
trouble at Newcastle at the depot plat
form, one man being down and an
Other kicking him.
Peter Kehoe Haw the men coming
back from Coal Creek to Newcastle
Wo.iil and Worlev came toward me
shouting. "Get out of here you a of
b- or we'll lix you."
Llewellyn Jones. First thing un
usual I miW was when I was going t<>
work and on my way to Coal Creek
A crowd Of 60 or 75 men were yelling
and -hooting lielore daylight Haw
Cox. Wood*. Kamsey and Wilkes in
the crowd, Wilke- having a demijohn
of whiskv which he was trying to hide
behind liiin and Woods carrying a
gun Committees from the fCnignt
of I.tbor and Hie Miners' Union had a
conference at Coal Creek. Delegates
from the Miners' Union were William
Penman. John Vartv and Nicholas
Hoffman. Knight-of Labor commit
tee refused to let the Miners' Union
proceed to work and made threats
Ves, Wilkes had a demijohn of whis
ky. Saw two men abusing a man.
whoi . 1 suplsi-e I wis my father,
at Newest! c, but who proved
tii lie Hal|ih Lowery. Cox.
Malarkey and Woods **-rc
in the crowd. Woods or-'ere .ne to
go home. It wa- H little after tp.l'i# a
near a- I could tell, when the crowd
went t'i Newcastle, and they were
■hooting ami making a great noise.
Mrs. Cook- Was coming down the
track with SI try Ann .lone.s when I
saw three men throwing stones a'.
Llewellyn Jones 1 threw my shawl
over Jones' bead. Win. Ku.-ton, the
murdered man. was pointing a gun at
hi. and Wood- hid a hit; Club Mal
arkey and <Jox were also there After
they -topped throwing stones there
w»- time more shooting.
David Morgan: Also saw crowd.
They «erc yellin • likea lot oflndian-.
The lir-t tlnnif he heard was a man
crying, "Help! boys, help!" Some of
the crowd threatened that the rojw
would lie cut when the lir-t man went
down the shaft in a cage
Foreman Duncan Hi.hanan: l.eft
my house about ii _iito go to work.
Shortly afterward I met Mr. Dobson
who wanted me to go hack. I walked
back and met »even men who halted
me. Thev AaVed me where ! was go
ing. and ! told them, an.l asked them
in return if that wa* all. They sml
ye-, and I went up t«> Co il Creek,
they gointr down W\n met hv a
crowd at oo<l Creek. Saw Wilkes,
Conroy and Tom M darkey. I said.
"Go >.f morning. Malarkey!** *'(»ood
Morning, bos*!'' was replied,
then Malarkey called me a bad
name an«i said 'to hack!"
He hit me with a gun and Bol> Wood#
aj&tulted !«ie in the MIIIC way . and the
crowd drove me ha. k l*id not v ec
Dave Worley nor Jim C» .v Did see
Conrov. 11 wan a'«o'it 10 minutes t«» 7.
Have known Conrov aUcat three year*
Am positive ( saw him He wa* stand
ing toward the rear <»t the crowd. He
w<i not doing anything when 1 saw
him 1 ha l not vet got to the hunk
cr* where the union men were, hut
went there afterwardaand told the nun
not to do any thuu*. Wa« prevented
by the-c m 'n ir<»m going to work.
Cross-examined JSaw and
said, "Good morning.*' He didn't re
turn the sal* Cition. Neither Wilke
nor Conroy assaulted me. The other
men, ex cpt tho-e I named, who
touched no- I don't know Am not a
metuU ot cither Miner * Tnion or
of I. »N»r.
JtHin l\i! d>n was called and gave
aU'Ut the same testimony he gave
in th.' Terrace t H e. adding the follow
ing Hear t sluH>ting by the crowd
coming over *he hill from the chapel
When [ tin* i it» get hack to Newcastle
tbe t*row«l met me, t'vin to sti»j» inc.
tn.i ConroN md Tom Malarkey crie«l
Out. • ||*l- Ci-n "V ordered 'he me:-.
• *at •' l»i i not >ee Bernard
Mclvcr. UameV or Wo ni.
1*; n*»t g. [ to Coal Cr«ek that »ia>
Was on nn wav to give word
the nun at Coal Creek when
® kad to turn hack, and these
»lired on me I swear it was Con
r°i 1 "H\\ A\ Newcastle MW Torn
arkey ami the »oan who g»>t killed I
g i:, V,- at SeacastJe we feit
lM| j
examinml Men were about]
lior'jo from me when they tired i
me. Comd h
e atuo i • the other-*. He was
*w - ..t t«e third man fr*»m mo.
Jatne« t'arrington: l ive at New
and run an engine c »nn» c:e i |
•tth th.« nr.: c near the h.'iter ho
t:.e rbance nt Keweestie •
Wtiuv hoaruttig hon-e \+l ween 620 ,
•ad ii tut.« »jt» t.. work, a voting pumj •
WMug with me While going tl i»g
ocin-v roid the K»y -aw men ■
JJputing; "al'out four or five men. ;
Toey halted tie I toy and 1 told ,
to Irt the hoy go. ami they
r 4 ' Thf re was footing at Coal 1
Saw Hashes «>! the pi>to4s.
nien di! g\ p tow ards tite >l*»|*e.
■Jt were ,-r ierrd back Sa* both,
ke< w..d Cos roy. Ye-. lam
Jj*'* J- C< \ ~p the n»ad let ween Coar
2*ek and Newcastle. He walked
me p.«rt of the way. Saw
lUniH Nt the ett*l of the ware
when the train came in. Did
! htiii engaged in riotoue c*>n
uet Koiwrt Woods also. He
* fun. Saw a group of men con-
ferrinjr tether at CoaJ Cmk, and not
far itHui another grotJp.
Cro<w-exsntined: Saw Con pry at
nearly 7a. m. Co tiki not be mistake::
a» to ■ onroy.
The pro»ec>iti -n informed the court
that that »a< all the »itn«"*e. at pre>
ent. Ju*tioe Jonei «*id snbprtna.
"*'l oeen iitMied for »ix or seven more
witness. Constable Callwrfl ,**l
they woili arrive on a »pe- U1 train at
B p.m. Th«- ilefense objeetei to a
further continianr-e. The prosecution
*a»d it wanted to ret the committee of
three from the Miners' t'nion which
conferred with • -imilar committee
from the Knight- of i.*bor at Coal
treek, and fctan* tw al oan e--*Tjtul
wlines". It would be able to prove
th v of tli « '•<> ronußittoe
V . tt '* committee from th«-
K nitrfjt* of I,«br>r refuel to
22! f"]" wo ' k •"'l threatened them
wsth bodily violence If they attempted
rS° *° wcrt *
Tb«jlef«ijt e*re an elaborate ex
planation of what rftJiv
not. referring to an Alabama decision
to that threats in themselTe*
would not constitute an essential of
riot, and that what the pro-ecution
was really trying to prove was con
-.piracy, while riot wa. the charee
J native Jones. however. granted a con
tinuance of the case until 9 p m to
* *•*•«»» *»f«-Blower Caught by
the Seattle Folic*.
Captain Ihifield. of the Tacoma
police, has been in Seattle looking for
the burglar or burglars who Mew o|*n
the safe of Watson A Olds' Souring
mill at Taroma last Sunday night, and
yesterday, Police Officer Ben Thomp
son, armed with a description of the
supposed depredator, aire-ted a tramp
named Tom Burton near the depot.
Burton had a portable tinker's outfit,
and a nondescript collection of articles
to be used for various purpose*. These
wp re deposited in Justice Hoderl*erg's
Among them was a diary kept by
Burton in his own rude, illiterate
style It contained several names and
addresses, among tbem that of Frank
Korre»t of tbia city. According to
Burton * entrw* be ha* been in Chica
go, Portland, Walla Walla and Taco
ma, and came from Tv»ma onlv re
cently, He mu«t have been a «boe
mnker at one time, as the
little book contains a list of shoe
maker * tool*. He has lieen in
"ospilels" several times, and e«pected
to get work from Indian Charley
Whatcom. A mvstery i* contained
in the entry: "folow 'up main strete
to Cherry turn hup fer*t ally to rile
and ferst utares to right hand side."
Finally the diary closes witli the pa
thetic ap|>eal: "i am broke i ain
luking for werk let me hav ten sent*
to get sumthing to eat."
Burton hail another outfit romingon
the Fleetwood. Capt. Dutield will take
him to Tacoma to-dav.
A t'olored VClavator Hojr Arretted
for Taking a Chock.
Police Officer Cover arrested the col
ored elevator boy of the Ye-ler block,
C-ollins, yesterday, on a complaint
made by Pr. Jor«lan. Some boys in
tbe building, who are »aid
to have n grudge against
the elevator boy told the doctor
that they saw him stealing some of
the doctor's mail. It was developed
that the colored boy took a check for
s2ti l>elonging to the doctor to a bank;
whether to get it cashed or to leave it
there in not fully ascertained. The
elevator boy's story is that
he found it In the elevator, and left it
at the bank to be returned to the doc
tor. After the boys told the doctor
about him, Collins threatened to beat
I»r. Jordan -wore to a complaint
charging <\>Mins with disorderly
conduct, nn ! In dice Soderbcrg fined
hint . u»e fine !>eing paid
by his father. Collins said
tbe boys who accused him
:ire always meddling w th the elevator,
and he was trying to stop them. He
did save the life of tbe bov Flanni*ran,
recently,by stopping tjie elevator quick
ly when some mischievous youngsters
had pulled the? cable to start the ele
vator. As it was young Fiannigan
was very badly injured, his head Ih*-
ing caught bet ween the elevator and
tbe doorway.
Mr, Paul d'Heirrv returned yester
day from a trip to Whatcom.
Mr. J. F. Berry, agent for the Katie
Putnam company, is in the city.
Mr. (\ II Ballard..t prominent min
ing man of Cortconully, is in the city^
Uor. I>. I) Campl»eli. pastor of Abp
Kir-t Methodist church, is
Mr. W. H. PaTy, late city edijor on
the Salem SttUeJtnan, arrivesi in the
city last night.
1 aptain and Mrs. J. A. Hatfield
have gone to Haii Francisco on a vi-it,
and will return about the 20th instant.
Mr. Ilcnrv ('. Both well, treasurer of
01 JV county. 111., i* in the city the
gne-t of his brother, Mr. James KJ
Both wet I. I
Mr. Carroll Hemmeck, clerk in \MV
ticket oltice of the Paget Sound Sh»t*.
has been promoted to the j»os!thm of
assistant cashier.
Mr. and Mrs. 11. H. Pea*e, who have
been in San Jo>e. Cat., f*»r "Otne little
time, expect to locate i»erman«ntly in
Seattle m the near future.
Mr A. Ford, hotel proprieU>r and
the owner of -cveral logging camps at
Mount Vernon, arrivetl in this city
yesterday, on hi> way t-> the K »st.
Mr*. S. R, Kra-der let la*t night for
Portland, and will return February I.
Mr. find Mr*. wi'l then take
up permanent residence in thi- cit \
Mr. J. Parkinson, an architect, late
oi Nap* City. t ha-< a»rive«t in tht
citv, and i* detenu me Ito lot"ate here,
lie will k«» ha« k to California tonight
and return to Seattle as a> he
can settle up hi - affairs.
BKK* I 1 IM.
l>r. J. I- York * ill lecture at Frye v
opera-ho ue Sunday evening, Jm «try
It. -it 7:'9>. on i%*unnon Sense.*'
Mr-. Sarah S. Stet>on, widow St the
late A. K. Ste son, applied t«» the pro
bate court yesterday for letter* o* ad
John Sedin uie*i at Provi leiu c Ito -
pitul la>t night of tv photd ptieunioni«.
The funeral will i ike place from Cro ; >
A. Co. to-day *t 2 p. in.
The *teamer Wilmington will leave
Hatfield's * barf tor San Kri
dav ut 11 o'clock « a; t J A
HatfkMi, Ye-les* whirl, nt
The following dl*l>atcU wa« received
Wctlttesiiav night "Uvture inM>t »e
tieferrc i My wife i* «langerou>ly i i
anil I cann l* .»vi*.
H av.HTov
Ucnry Urotlu nn ht- for .
tiivurV from hi" wife rhere-a on
complaint o' desertion. I hev were
ti*rried in Fieri* county on Decern
ior X On -. «c
» leges*. she de erted him.
r \sskm)KK usrs.
Oregon it California P.i*sed Med
ford W Wile, Mr>. McDonald,
M>< Snvtlor, James Gould. L J. Pat
ndge. F Halnetsje, B Rhoade*. >
\! 1 W Winter. F A.
t reelin. 1,. fhalhamer. C.J. Smith, C.
A. Plaii'Uier. J Kilgen. A J.
Kenton. A N i ro >»• an » wife, W. 1
litiM- A McKent e. l> Brown, \V P.
Kol>irw»n ana wife. H F. Parks, J. .V
Alien. Mrs. Charles Bo iwell and 27
( au yon imagine *u» a :nuui that will
tr.sk* * uaturvd prr**»u »o i«*rTf»h.
»«*J cranky a*
i>;tton*ne»«* Then- is DO rcflpou whatever
why anyone »ht*ai>i suffer from in«ncv»-
tion. dyspepsia, i**rpid J«*rr a:» 4 !«••• of ap
{Htitr.vMU It. Henley's l»andeht«u Tunic,
whUheti-r* iwp ktwm* tan crrra n cur*,
cau U» *o canity •h'iißfd s;e«arl A.
Uoune« DnisCow, wbi.2taal« agvuU.
Jobn H illi« Swafford SkifflnOff
in the Old Way.
Br was tss >» Live—A Let
tee tfcat kiplains His
Y«st«ti«y afternoon J. W. S»*ffbrd
tO!i i mittod »oic-,te at lie HarUrtt bou-«
t.niw In tb« rooming
at 11:» hw»fr,»r<t ippUel for
U4girif. *uting at tb< time tk*t
h- was suffering int*ti«e jwjn
tn lii* abdomen. After sitting in the
<HRo? by the fire a tew nwuiectx be
MKliienjy *k«d to be coodurted to his
room. He ha>i registered himaelf as
J #bs* W. HaafToni. teihng the propri
etor be would pay him at ai-ont t
o clock, when he cxpectevi to obtain
•on* foods from afrteml at the Brans
wick botei He wan aligned to room
No. 2», and asked to be <-a]led at 2:30
p. ru
flwiAfd wa< awakened at that time
by the proprietor, who found hi at in
bed in a half-conscious state. He
remarked that he would not
get up at present. but
would arite after awhile. About 330
o dock, loud scream* and groan* were
heard emanating from Swaffor.i's
room, ("poo Mr Bartlett's entrance
Mwafford asked to have a doctor called
at once, stating that be wat suffering
from poi»on. which he bad -wallowed.
Dr Noble having been hastily called
asked him what be hail taken.'
"Strychnine," was the answer.
What for?"
* 4 Oh, I am tired of living,"
Br. Noble found that the man was
too far gone to be able to do anything
for him.
After some convulsion*, during
which the man >utlered terrible agony,
he drew his la-*t breath ami lay back
on his pillow dead.
A tattle of strychnine half full was
found under the Wd, where the suicide
had thrown it. His body and few ef
fects were taken charge of by the cor
oner, and as soon as his rela'ives can
lie heard from the inquest will beheld.
The suicide was a native of Ken
tucky and 35 years of age and a car
penter bv trade. His full name was
John Willis Hwafiord. He has been
on the Sound for some time and wa
la«»t employed at Thomas Johnson's
-awmillat North Seattle.
The man i* given an excellent repu
tation by Mrs. 8. A. Johnson of Ellens
burgh. in whose house he had roomed
for some time. Mrs. Johnson is now
on a vi-it to this city. Swsfford had
borrowed her gold watch, chain, and
ring, and had pawned tbe former for
$5, nevertheless Mrs, Johnson is of the
opinion that Hwaflbitl was suffering
from a temporary tit of insanity, when
he took the poison, and that he fully
intended to return the jewelry. He
had intimated that he would take his
life several times and had also written
the following- which has been obtained
from Mrs. Johnson:
Whatcom, W. T.. Jau. 1,13*9.
Mr*, s. A. Jnhn*on, Fllen*hur.jh. If. T. —
To-day ends my life. lam too unhappy to
1 have led a miserable life. 1 pawned
jrour watch InSeatt'e, and I will send yon
tomethine to keep a« a memento. I will
be buned here. I have a friend that I wiil
leave a letter for tu mv room, and uill di
rect him what to do with my body. When
in the other woild 1 will visit you. Good
bve and God biets you and pity ine. Your
distracted friend,
P. B.—l send you the check for the
watch, and you can have Mr. Johnson get
it for you.
Tell the broker the whole thiug and 1
think he will give you the watch. When
iu tbe other world I will help you "If 1 can
Swafford also wrote to William
Gillson of North Seattle on January
1 that be intended taking his life, but
assigned no immediate cause for it.
He had borrowed several small sums
of money from different in
Seattle, and had not repaid any of
Mr*. Johnson, in company with a
Post-I.ntxlliuknc fb reporter, recog
nized the U>dy at the morgue la-t
evening, and stated that he had told
her that he had a married lister
name I Mrs. Laura A. Bradford living
on Batterv street in North Seattle,
ami also a brother, a l>r. James Swat
ford, who resides somewhere in
British Columbia. No cause can be
assigned for the deed, except that
Swaflord was financially embarrassed,
and had worried .wid brooded himself
into a morose mental condition.
Jfrmla lUf»rdH at the* ,\ndlt»r'i
| Office VfMtrday.
Real estate tramartlona from January 1.
IHS9, to date. 1341,9*2* U. Tht re were fH«d
for record yesterday 27 deeds, the consider
atious agzr« stlm* fJUS. an avtrafe of
|.v>S. Follow \4 Is the list a* furnished by
* Wood AL Osborue, ab-tractors of title:
H. I. Ye«ler to A, T Van de Meter, lota 8
aixl 4. blk i. Yesder''a tlr*t add r„ Kent. 1500.
A. A. Nlckeram to A. K Nlekeraon, lot
11. blk 5, lota 7 and H, blk 8. Bona' second
jjud. I«03.
r w I> Hal lard to f l* Stoue, fr lot* 1 and
I 12, b k >. and fr lot* 1 and 12, blk 87, Lake
! I'uion add. f 1
[ I'. U. to 11 W Foster, * l j »\t l 4 see 15 and
J lot* 1 and 2. -**4, tp 23 u. r4 *.
1 T S. to 11 W. Foster, w S** '« w
IS ~w *4 *° l ' Ti *P D * r * e
I P. 8. to ('. I'. Stone, lot 3, sec 12, tp 23 l), r
| t; s. to C. r. Stone, n tac SI, tp
i 24 n, r * e.
• A ». to M K Rosea, lota Hto 11.
blk 7. Motor Line add. 1-00.
N. PKU. to Robert Wi agate. ne ne l i
aec y tp .0 u. r 6e, 1120.
<i W. Yaney to J K. Simiaon, lot 6, blk
12, BIKCIUV'I aup, $37.».
Geo. F. Kavrr.ond to 11. R. Raymond,
lot* J, 2. 3. blk U>. S A. Hell's Heir* -d. $1
»» K. Raymond tot.#. 1. Ravm«»nd. ne
nar *«'<*. 12, tp ur, 4 *•, $1 00
MiU iirfe Hauler to A. x* Pratt, lot I.', blk.
j Jackson street add, ♦!
j AW Pratt to S 1 Jia • nee, tat 13. blk. 6,
j Ja« k<ou »trei t add, #L7OQ.
J L ('. ttiiman to J. T Duffy, lot* 1 tot*,
blk. H, Burkes 2d, fI.TOO
F M, Jones to JoUu T. i'HifTv. lota IS, 14,
l.\. blk. 19, 1 vv il and U. blk. '.J, (ill
mau's add, |*V«OO
W Toarnaeud to A S. Msrab, lot 7, blk 5,
First add. West battle. lS'o.
R. M Ku'ire to Job?. Wiustrop, lots 8 to f
j 17, bk 4, S'-uthern Pacific add. I7o*.
M K Am«-i to T (Joldsteiu, * lot 6, blk '
j R, Win. BeN'a fifth add »Toi>
4 A H. Mauuinx t»» i ha* S. t'a iy, lot 24, '
»« ; k WfiilQ A Maun nc, Weat Svatt.e, }
\ Hn*o Smith to ti. W Yanry et al, s S '
j «»'*»; of ii w *iof *r ' 4 «<C IS. tp 21 n, r3 v,
• taw.
♦ Jam** P. G)e«u»«»u to E. E Phil pot, w 10
!««n - n 9Vf of • • 1 4. »e • «!, tp 23 n, r
f 4 e, |T2 v
j A »t »u «l '> J •» Newa»»n et a! . lota 1
Jat d . blk 10, a«»binirton add . 1.00.
K J. J • •« to 11 Ruata r . l-art lots n an ! j
k Mk <• Burkr . ».lU. M.-.V
r. J 1. K (Mu).tel ct »!.. p«rt lots,
. anilh. h!k «. f i-ke', »W.
It J 1 »is:. To o»» M <r. lot»2,SaKd]
14. bi% ■ f. rf. • ! *ifU» ••Id. "
\ J •■> K. I '.Ot» 3.1
' i. ;> aud 6, Mk 4. Motor l m\ J.rtl
111 KI4I. «>F \>MK IIOt>\LA.
Servlrea Comlwinl at thf €*ath«-lle
4 hureh Vrairrday %ftr
The lasl rites over the remain* of the
child Annie lsodal.i were held in the
Roman lathoii' church yesterday
afternoon, at ! » o'etak, the ob-e
--quie* being conducted lit the Kev.
father I>enienri. Nit* tbsdanding
the inclemency of the weather. a large
n'iml>er were pn -ent to participate in
the wrvice*. many of them twine la
ities who had beheld the beautiful face
of the dead Kirl while the body la> at
t>e undertaker*". A great many per
-ons tailed at the e>tahii*h
ment of Cross .t Co. at 2
o'clock thinking that the funeral
wa-to be held there, and were much
t isappointed on learning their nits
The untimely death ot the innocent
child etotted i"be pity and reyneta of
manv a » ranger, and the calm.-e
--raphic features, uli-team* with an al
mo<t -uparnatural lu>t«r, broscht
to the eyes sf many » mother
wb© »ie*til tbem. A number who
wanes -ed ti>« funeral cereaxT®* f l
ioved the cortege to the Catholic,
T%» 4«t*r»ey-Croerat I pon lb* Of
ftee «f I'romttißC
In the wont oi » communication to I
Hon. N. H, Ovbi|», tvnitsriil jecre-
Urt, Attomfj Metcalfe bv
rendered the following opinion as to
the proper construction of the several
statate* of Washington that affect the
off ire# of district attorney
In nrpSy to ?ij« ronmani ration of K m.
C. K. |>fPiefatic*»Hon»«fT forTaium
b»a county, w. T-, tn.'«no{ date iHfctmbrr
36.1 M» with tbe eo4orwaen! of juar of
ww thereat:. hearing dare I»ecfmber 3.
WM. aad itfrrwl to this *»#(*, I btrr u»
•*» lam of the opinion isal Ur tfcwrs
tern of ofßre it governed by tbe renerai
tenure of «3k« net. 'StitiH An act to pre
t«Tibe the tenare of ©flke of Wasniogton
Terrttofy," ipprorrt Feb 4, IW—and thai
bit tita of olwt bc-gan on the first Bfondtv
of March, im7, and endt the flnt Monday :
of March.
Tfce apparent eoni!iet between thtt art
and tbe aet entitled "An act relative to
protecting a«orn»vs. defining their dnUet ,
and fixing their compensation,' approved
Feb. 4. L*tf. it in my opinion reconciled
when tne art relating to attor
neyt, approved Sot. 2*, I*B3. it real in con
junction with said fin: mentioned sets.
t'noer tbe act of li*S. tar eouutiet of Col !
ain Ma. <iarseid and Atottn censpo»ed a
and by tbat act were entitled
to a pruaccotiag attomty. and tbe term of
office of thi» officer and other ptotecntine
ofhreni. elected tn ISM. waa alon? aflvcted '
by attorney"! act of ISW,
and tbuae to be elected after its pamac*.
Tbe teeood act hereinbefore mentioned,
relating to pruterntinx atorney, created
new district*, and prorided tbat those
prr>«ecntinf officers tbontd be elected in
mote new dUtricU. at*l Columbia county f
wa« then made a §ubdistrict entitled to
elect a attorney, and the term
of oAee of this officer, in my opinion, is
fixed by the provisions of tbe general ten
ureof office act.
1 assume that Mr. Dorr was elected at the I
ceoera! election held in November. 18*\ ■
to Oil tbe position of prosecuting attorney
in the sub-district thus created. vU: Col
umbia county. Section of the aet pro
▼ided tbat "prosecuting attorney! hereto
fore elected and now exercising the duties
of the office of prosecuting attorney.(t. e., ;
those elected in IHM), should hold their
offices until the second Monday in Janu
ary, IW7, and unttl their successors were
elected and Qualified, making no change
in tbe term of office from that provided for
in the law of 14K*.
The second section of the tenure of office
sud cited is as follows "Alt district.
conut f and precinct officers hereafter to bd
elected in this territory iu i>ursuanceof
law shall hold their c»ffices for the term of
two years trom and after the first Monday
of Mtrch next succeeding their election,
and until their successor* are elected and
Mr. Dorr's election did not
take place until uine months after the
parage of the act, and my conclusion is
tbat his term of office it controlled thereby.
Tbe former act relative to the prosecuting
attorneys had reference to and fixed the
term of office o/ the inrumbrats of *aid ojfic*.«
at that ti mr.
3 B METCALFE. Attorney General.
H H. N. Owti«(is, Secretary, olympia
Katii: I't'TSAM.—A return fan veil
engagement will be played by this fa
vorite actress at Frye's opera house
next Wednesday. Thursday and Fri
day evenings. The cast will comprise
three of tbe l>e<»f plavs in Miss Put
nam's rej»ertoire. 'lhe actress sails
with her company to Australia next
Cm WISE Thirsting f»»r Bi/>ot»—j
A row occur re t among the Chinese
along South Third street early yester
day morning, aliout some money. Ah
Lin pulled a revolver and shot at Kou.
Lung, and he al*o assaulted Ah Kow,
using Ah Kow up pretty badly, j
He drew a large dirk of
American make and would *
have drawn con-iderable Celestial
blood it Police Officer Ryan and Capt
Brigg* had not appeared promptly
and marched off the offender to the
lo« li-up. Yesterday Justice sodcrl»erg
held Ah Lin to awn t the action of the
grand iury. under SIOOO bonds, for the
charge of assault with intent to kill.
Jrwbir* Stork Flooded.—The jew
elry store of L. P. Smith Son. on
Front street, presented a sad appear
ance last night. The floor was Hooded
from one end to tbe other. The water
mains had been shut off for a few
hours during the afternoon, and sortie
one had gone to the tap in the rear of
the store to draw water, but as none
came, had evidently walked away
without shutting the faucet. It was
turned off a-s soon as discovered. No
damage except a thorough wetting of
the floor.
I>iki» in California, Mrs. Millard
Oroke, a resident of this city, died of
consumption a few days ago in San
Jose, Cat., where -he had gone for
her health She leaves a husband
and six children, who live on Pine
street, near Fourteenth. Her body
was expected la-t night, and will he
buried from Cro.v- k Co.'a undertaking
FOB WHATCOM.— Mr. ii. W. Lysle,
the popular cashier in the of
fice of Mr. \V. B. Spencer at the Puget
Sonntl shore depot, has resigned his
position to in tlie real c-tate
business at Whatcom. Mr. left
for liis new home last night \>ith the
best wishes of hi" tunny friends.
A vain in the ba« k often lead* to com
pleated diseases that are almost incurable.
Oregon Kidney Tea cur*-* the first and pre
vents the latter. It is purely
aud is warranted aud sold by Stewart d
Holmea Drug Co., wholesale aeents.
2f>c misses* vests—the sale, ("heater
Drive* In every department. Watch our
ad. Toklas, Siugerman &Co
Table linens and domestics will bciu our
drives; watch our ad. Toklas, Singermaa
A Co
iSc, all wool check dress goods, the sale.
Chester Cleary.
We will have drives in the ei.-ak depart
meut. See our daily ads. Tek'as, Slngvr
man <k Co.
:>c A lot of dreaving combs , your choice,
f*\ Chester Cleary.
iSeventeen pounds boiline beef, 11. Star
Meat Market. Columbia street.
..V. 40-inch, a'l wool dre** goods, the
♦•ale. Chester Cleary.
half wool dress goods, marked down
from l'» and 25e. Chester Cleary.
2.V fancy velvets marked down. Ches
ter Cleary.
The sale of bleached table linen
marked Chester Cleary
The sale-6c— lace curtain nets. Chester
Ticket* can be obtained on S. L. S. A E.
R. IL to Fremont station. Denny a Hoyt
addition. for ten cents. Apply to I. H
Griffith & Co.. Occidental block.
The sale—silk* and .ires* goods marled
down. Chester Cleary.
The sale thi* week at Chester deary's.
Ten pounds steak for sl. Star Meat Mar
ket, < olumbia street.
1>a 4 C, table linen, the sale. Chester
Ci« ary.
Ho«'sry ard underwear in our drives.
vra*< h oar a 4 Toklas, Stngerman & Co.
V, yard wide, heavy Englist calico, the
•ale. "i hester Cleary
Seventeen pounds corned beef Jor sl.
Star Meat Market, Columbia *treet.
Drives In the s'ioe department; watch
.<:r add from now uutil the 7th. Tokla?,
A Co.
So—t he salt—large to*oi» Chester
2>e Theoaie of far.ey velect, irarked
down to c. 4.'hester C!ear>.
11. f I Jf», $1 r «ii Striped silk velvets al!
marked down to aft-, a yard Your eho:ce
at ibe *a!e. Chester Cleary.
7*, c. A lot of V*. and dres* eoods
T*«arkt-d down at the saJe. ChesUr
Wateh our ad. for the next week, it wi!
»v«- you dollars. Toklas, Singerman A. Co.
5Ge.. T.V.. all wool. dress food#,
rkarkt-d down to Jjc. at the sale. Chester
The sale th's week at Chester Cleary.
10c child's hoae marked down to 10c.
Chester Cleary.
Ob Monday morning, January Tth. we
espect lo be 'ready to iun ,r i«« with
our utnal elearanr-e sale. Wateb oar daily
a<l. for prices. Toklas, Sjngrrman A Co.
25e. all wool. SO-inch, dress gooda, the
*ale ( he*»er Cleary.
We bar«- a dr.ve ia wkite and black fray
•kin m** They are the right thing, worth
IT. only 13 You may seo them la carpet
uef<ar '.aitut Toklas, Singerman A Ca
Work on Ob<* of Jad?t Bnrkt*#
Baildinsr* Iniler W»y.
for tike YesSer
Rls«k-Lsrgs Bailding on
Frost Street.
Work was ber*:n > e«enkr wi tbe
foundation of the new three-story
brick of Judge Thomas Burke, at the
comer of Maii<on and
Third *treet?. The pians for the
s-tructure, which hare jost been drawn
by Fishe*. the architect, show it to
be the neatest and most ornate in the
city. The corner of this building will
be adorned with a circular tower
w hose -pire rises above the ground 78
feet. There sriil be four storeroom*,
three on Marion an<l one on Third, on
the ground floor. The upper storiea
will be divided into suites of living
rootn«. The ground dimension* of
the brick are (nxCO feet. The work of
construction is in charge of Karkeek
Bros., and il is expected that it wiU be
finished by June 1. The cost will be
The ground plans of the new brick
to be erected by Capt. Darid Gimore,
of Seattle, and Wm. Kirman.of Walla
Walla, have been drawn, and work
trill be commenced next week on the
excavation, at the corner of Front and
University streets. It is proposed to
erect there a building of brick and
stone five stories in height on Front
and eight stones in the rear. The
structure will have a frontage of 120
feet and will be 110 feet deep. The i
store-rooms will be three in number
and will be in diuien.»ions 40x110 feet. !
The rooms on tbe ground floor in front
will be occupied by retail stores and
those in the rear will be utilized for
wholesale establishments. A pile
driver is already at work on the water ;
front, adjacent to the proposed build- '
ing, driving piles for a proposed wharf
to be used for the jobbing nouses.
Tbe building wilt be brick and stone
and will be of modern style of archi
tecture. Three of the store-rooms and .
a large portion of the basement are
already leased as are the entire first
two upper stories above Front street.
The work of exravation will
next week, and the foundation will be
immediately laid. The plans for the
superstructure are now being drawn
by Fisher The cost of the brick will
be about SIOO,OOO.
Over brick and 500,000 feet
of lumber will be used in tbe construc
tion of the new six-story building of
the Hon. 11. L. Ye-ler, at the corner
of Front ami James streets, opposite
the Occidental hotel. The tenants of
the buildings at present occupying the
site have t»een notified to vacate bv
February 1. and the work of demoli
tion of the old wooden structure* will
be inaugurated immediately there
Preliminary arrangements for the
commencement of work on the build
ing are maturing rapidly. The plans
are being laid in detail. The lumber
is being sawed and the contracts are
being let in the East for the rolled iron
and -teei work Estimates are also
being made on the terra-cotta work
Before the season is over Front sireet
will b«t adorned with the magnificent
edifice which was some time since de
scribed in detail in this paper. Its
counterpart will be built adjoining in
the season of '9O.
Mr. Charles Naher, the retired jew
eler, is about to begin the erection of
five terrace houses on the corner of
Yesler avenue and Seventh street.
T.ie design is modern ami the interior
of the houses will be finished in ele
gant fttyle and with the latest sanitary
Nasal Catarrh i.- probably one of the
most dhagreeable ailmeuts that a person
cau be afflicted with, if Dutard's Specific
is used wi<h a douche or even snutlVd up
the nose, according to directions, morning
and evening, a radical cure can iu most
cases be effected. Sold bv Stewart Si
Holmes Prug CO, wholesale agents,
Chauncey M. Depew is repott c d to
have -aid that John Sherman had n »t
anything to do with the nomination of
(ten. Harrison Now ring up John
Sherman's number and hear what he
ha* to say al>out Chauncev M. l>epew.
&AkiN c
Absolutely Pure.
This Powder aever varus. A marvel of
parity, strength and whoieaomeness. Mor*
de*nomical than the ordinary kinJs and
canuot be sold in competition with the mul
UUdci «>f :,»w teat,wort m •• *. alum or
phosphate powders. Sold only in cans.
Royal RaMwdh t 0., 10# Wall street.
N'ew York spOPdwyl
Brand of Spices
HG6 Front Strset«
Wanted, three good sale»men.
English Steel Hails
By "Melpomene," f-.ow Land
ing at Tacoma, a quantity ot the
best quality steel rails 40 ani
SO pounds per yard-for sale in
lota to suit.
For prices spplj to
tiiMi. A THRU; A- («.,
Tacoma. W. T.
Dry alder asd fir wood cut ajs>
ikdisd lengtk. Dry kindliag a spe
cialty. Coal delivered to any part of U»«
**tty. Orders reorived at Fr» ut street
or at yard ou Hopkins' woarf, foot of Seneea
It *MS In T. A RUMLL, Propr.etoa
Erwy tack aad
tansoess naa :a Swsrtie.
Invest Money
First CareMEfcr Eitaiat th« Following
O. A. A. t*cnV» plat. Lot T ha* a
Sfrfoot frontage on Front street and
tJB feet on seneca. whit* lot * front* se
feet on West street and i» feet oo a*neca.
These two lots carry riparian right*. and,
therefore. practically extend to deep water.
Even now tbrr? arr improvement? U*r rooe»
than an eighth of a mile on the prpe.-ty
: The following are Ae improvements. A
four-storr building. bringing in a
! moath. u* Sound Ice Works, paying
S3O a month K '»»*rwi rent. three wore large
bnildinra renting lor S3OO. t«ide a lane
wharf and Knei improvements bringing in
SIOO The monthly rental* at present ag
gregate $770, and when the present leases
expire this ran be greatly increased The
Price for a limited time is >IOI.OOO, one
fourth rash and balance on long time at 9
per rent.
Front and Madison. 60xlS feet, one of the
choicest corners on the street. It is cov
ered with good rent-paying stores. Price
* 0,000.
on the eact side of Front street between
Columbia and Marion This adjoins the
Drew lot recently sold by us. The lot it of
ered for two weeks onlv. at $.V.,0U0.
Front and like streets, full lot and im
proved. $40.C00.
of Front street, next to the comer of Pike.
This is tine property. On the lot is a
S7OOO residence which will command SIOO
araouth rent. *25,000. One fourth rash,
balance on long time at s per cent
wide «LFrout»treet between Pike *n<l Tine;
I'rivv. vlT.000: cith and balance *#u
too* Hmf at low interest.
ea*t corner of Front and Lenora strata.
There i* a good retltee, now occupied by
the owner. Terms: One--third cash aud the
balance in one ami two year* at 9 per ceut
ft i* the cheapest lot in the Mock, at sl2 000
*i*e ol Front street, between Virginia and
Ixnnffc: flO 000.
side of Front street, between Stewart ami
Virgiuia, Including a small bouse IIO.OCO
half rash.
FIFTH STREET '!;",, h r d
twenty feet square, faciug on both Fifth
and Sixth «treeU, between I'niou and I'ui
versity. There are four houses on Fifth
street and room for four more on Sixth
street. By building these the prwperty will
return I*4 per cent, per mouth in rents.
This is the cheapest thing in this list of
bargains, at teoo.
dred and twenty feet on Second street,
between Pike and line. This is the
cheapest property on the street, and is
offered for a limited time only, at IT'iOO
southwest corner of SpriHg aud Twelfth
streets. There is a frontage of lis feet on
Spring aud 130 on Twelfth; *3750
lots just off of Madison street; I3M#
ner Eighth and Mill street* (now Yesler
avenue), with i'JO feet front on Mill street;
I 3&00.
; ner Fifth and Tcrra<v, |TSOO
I lota on Twelfth street, between Stewart and
Virginia, one block from Street cars. fMOO.
They are cleared and ready for building.
Their caab value to-dav is $:*)00.
and Wall streets, including three new
Im* room cottages. Fine location; s6*oo.
. the northwest corner of .spring and Sixth
streets, including a fine lar«e houae. This
» is beaatifal.property; flL',ooo. Satisfactory
corner Twelfth ami Mikado; f-MOO. Man
. niticeut view aud a bargain. Half rash and
I the balance in two years.
and well-located lot on the upper side of
i Ninth street next to the corner of Stewart;
to 11300 on Main,Washingtf»n, Jar-kson,
j Kiug and Lane streets, between Twelfth
and Fourteenth.
I uear the corner of Ja<-k»on and Green sts
1 on the cable road*, for fiooo
i Fifrh Addition, |1 >O.
| Three good lots near the reservoir. $3 0
I each.
Lots at sr-00 and $650.
I H'-O.
$•"0 and sooo.
A ft? 1? Q—<'noice 80acn* at Salmon
. 40or 80 scre&atsl;»o an acre. Owner ami*
' mouev at once and offers by far the cheAp-
I eat trad in that vicinity. Laud adjoining
in selling in lots.
A pDI'Q -Twenty acres near Lake
Washington almost direct
jly opposite Kirk'.and. at SIOO per acre Ber
j enty ac res adjoining sold some time ago for
$ L i.OOO.
comer Twelfth and Marion. $4,000.
j Two lots corner Eleventh and Cherr>,
! Virginia. 92,000.
| and U-ase of st re. $2,500
F.ne ewk of boots and shoes at coa*.
store building two stories and basement,
hard finished and feet of ground
TAMNPRV —Tanaery doing pr«»
* ***» Xv il al» X . ft table bu«i jess, with
! perpetlls! Iced to ma»:nttt« , ent aafer power.
; 10-r«K»m. hard fiuish< d residence. two acres
improved laud, fine orebard, etc.. for
s4ool' Water power is worth SIOOO tor any
"ori uf manufacturing.
PPfWPPV Brew* ry In *uccea*
■DlhEj VY JUii X . f|j; yp ratfon, with
j spleadid wa:tt and excellent location; for
I Forty »h»nn of the stork of the
1 Hill j! I aulvin Fami'nre Cocij*ny; for
! ,-s*jo. Pur value of S4.QM>
• hesrt of a hardwood timtwr belt, for $ ,U?0.
jor half inter*-t 13..00 Owner prefers to
stock, fixtures, supplies, 4am in creek, 12,
I ooo.ouo feet of timber. and contract for U*c*
for four years. s..,otv Owr bn mad
! enongh money and »a:-ts to retire
ia every jMWt of Kiuf,
Thttrttou. Soot <»iai»to, Skipil,
•!id kii*«|>rouute», including m«uy br
HOTB-The pneee we que" on Front
itrtet. ud other ehouc propertM*. »™ tor
a limited lime omlj, tad buyer* ihoald
bui ihit iamiad.
Wo oo net do»l U *aytlum« but oluaco
Fjmnul aid Eral fotaU Brokers.
iifcATTLZ. WAaHlJ>tiTos.
Wednesday, January 9th,
We will mike Taints swim in thi*
greatest bargain- whirlpool trrr krtown,
prices will be enonch to electrify
pocketbooks into life and make them
come here; and the only lament that
there will be is that the days are not
long enough. You will neTer see an-
other opportunity like it.
Ho Discoonts on Reiseei Goods
Trimmed Millinerv
1079 pieces ribbons reduced at 2)<c a
yard. You will find them on third
floor, center ai-le. take elevator
WILL nKorrxßKt) tin
In all colors. In point of price this
will simply exceed all hounds known
to the bargain, and border on eoiue
thing still more like giving away.
A clearing out in the Fancy Coods,
Buttons, Embroideries, Veilings,
Flouncing*, at less than half price
Hie prices at which Uie.se goods will
he'iuarked will insure the closing out
of all that is left in a few days. We
would like to hare you see our Chil
dren's Derby ribhed long stocking at
25c reduced from 50c.
3197 yards is the number of yards we
have in our store. They will be sold,
some at half price, and aboutone-quar
ter of the lot will go at 25c.
We will dear up our
If prices will do it. The floor must l>e
cleared out. In this department we
will make the deepest cut of all. In
grain Carpets. Our price will sell
them. Tapestry Carpets will be sold
at figures never thought of. Rugs
and Mats, Portiers, Lace and Satin
Curtains way down. Kvtry article
in the Thirteen Departments will 1*
overhauled. To buy in this unparal
leled sale of half-value prices is not a
payment, but an investment.
It will pay you to see the prices even
if you do not want one. We do not
want to carry the stock over. We have
tbe finnt show room on the Pacific
; oast, to thi< everybody concedes.
Sale, Wednesday Morning,
January 9.
lianas uktn »tock, and sinding
rary many lines somewhat broken up
in siaes, we wiU cull them oat and gi*»
oor patrons the benefit of a
Good. Bij* Redaction
There will be about
M or 400 Suits,
Of all sin's and style-, and it will well
repay anyone who has the ready
money to spare to inre-t in a good suit
now. even if they are not in imnie-iiate
want of it
We stiil hare a line assortment of
On hand, and ran suit any ta.-le
New lines, heavy I'sion Ca-simert, $2
per pair.
Asirican Coals and Vests,
lllaok and Brown, reduced to ft&
Big Reductions in the
These reduction sales are necessary
to keep our stock c lean, for nobody
wants to buy an odd suit unless it i*
very cheap, and by making them
We will get
RID <>*' THEM.
The firs* caller gets

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