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Several Coses of Smallpox at
rtmucmokßooir« CAXAL.
Mr*fh to WMe Ante. MMI T»WB
Ul« are a Utopia la
the ■srfcet.
TACOWA, Jan. 51.- A boot Christmas
• man employed in Page's shingle
mill, Buckley, wert to Seattle, and
shout 10 days after his fttam was
broken oat all over with a rash, bat as
he was not serioosly ill no doctor wa*
called, send be recovered. Just after
he had recovered a 3-year-old child of
s man named Dougherty, where the
man had boarded, was taken sick, and
on Dr. K F, Pitts, of Buckley, being
called in, he stated he thought the
child waa suffering from smallpox.
Dr. Miller, health officer of OILS city,
was in and pronounced the cue
umaUpox and traced the contagion to
the former man, whose name could
not be ascertained.
MiUer made further inquiries, result
ing is finding another man at Page's
shingle mill also suffering from vario
loid, and others sickening Dr. MeCov,
county health officer, wiil go to Buck
ley Saturday and make arrangements
for a thorough quarantine.
The ftaieM* «f Bofcwrt I'own*
VMlklr K«t«rsi.
TACOMA, Jan. Sl.—lnstigation WM
made to-day into the case of Robert
Young, who died yesterday morning
in tbe city jail, after baring been re
moved from tbe steamer North Pa
cific, It now appear* that be and
Charles Wilson, woo took an overdose
of laudanum at Gig Harbor, are one
and the same person. Young came
se» Gig Harbor in hope of becoming
mate of tbe bark Eugenie, and is nap
powd to have taken an overdose of
laudanum to relieve hi* pain, as he
was ill at tue time. Coroner McCoy
yesterday gave a* the etM of deaUi
uremic poisoning. b«t has to-day or
dered an inquest, whi> b will take
C" ce to-morrow morning as soon a.*
nece sary witnesses arrive from
Gig Harbor.
During the month of January 1031
instruments have been recorded In the
office of the county au itor. The
considerations named in tbe deeds for
tbe month amount to within a trifle
of two million dollars.
Auditor Huggin%is9iied 27 marriage
license* during tbe month.
In tbe district clerk's office 73 per
sons made declaration* of intention to
become citizen* of the United States,
Justice IJiwrence paid over to the
city treasurer to-day #SOO, the amount
of tbe tines collected by him during
tbe ruonth of January. This is the
largest amount ever paid over by any
justice of the peace in Taeoroa.
The bank clearances amount
ed to $32,064.03, making a total for tbe
month of January of f 1,90H.853.80.
Two plats of additions to Tacoma
were filed to-day. One was Ashton's
first addition, filed by James M. Ash
ton ; the other tbe Central Park addi
tion filed by James M. Asbton, John
A. Parker and Pbiiip Metxier ami
Mr. Allta Leave* for Washington
Mr. Bits Improved.
WALLA WALLA, Jan. 31.- John 11.
Allen left this morning for Washing
ton, stopping a dav at Spokane Falls.
I'hilip Rita's condition is somewhat
improved this morning.
Articles of incorporation of the
Wallula Water Motive Power Co.
were filed this morning. Incorj<ora
tors: Frank Goodman, Joseph Mer
chant G. Camming*. K. A. Reed and
K. G. Cummings.
The llaker «V l«>ver bank, which ha*
been in existence since 187 j, closed its
business to-night and will open in the
morning as the Maker-Hover National
bank. J. F. Boyer is president, H. E.
Johnson cashier, F. D. Hover and A.
J. Johnson, jr., retaining important
positions therein.
This morning. Corporal Riley of
Troop K and Jack Wdliams had a'tight
in a saloon, in which Riley received a
nix-inch cut across the right breast.
Williams escaped. Itilev is in the hos
Frank Fiiber, the first clerk of the
penitentiary commission, who last
summer suddenly disappeared, has
been heard from at Salt Lake, where,
it is said, he married a wealthy
Wednesday a savings bank was or
ganized at Pendleton with $1<*),000
capital. I>. I*. Thompson, J. H. Haley
and L. L. McArthur are tiie incorpor
J. K. Miller, a prominent citizen of
Oentervllle, Or., died Wednesday of
This morning Byron Mci'all, em
ployed on the Huitt road, while scuf
fling in a car, fell, breaking his right
K. K kleber, an old resident, is very
Hon. 11. B Isaacs has just returned
from San Francisco. He is enthusias
tic over the success of the electrical
power appliances in practical opera
tion there. He said our proj»o*ed
street car system will adopt the elec
tric motor.
The water company will lay live
miles additional eight-inch mains the
coming spring.
l"he Ele-trU Light and Bower Com
pany organimi last spring have pur
chased machinery and will shortly
commence Ihe erection of proper
works. I'hey also propose running an
•electric street railway. C. B. I lop
kin*, of Colfax, now here, projected
the enterprise.
In a few day* a passenger coach will
be attached to the freight leaving at 3
p. at. daily, thus giving »wo afternoon
opportunities to make close Northern
Bat ihc connections at Waliula.
Saturday there will be another mass
meeting of farmers and citizen* in
terested in railroad exten-ian from this
A staring and Joni ah i'tai, well
known busmen men, have leased the
lUndaley building. near Hunt'* pr..-
P o **' -tat ton. and will ojien
«n agricultural implement business,
Tbi iviorolnc 11. P. Isaacs sold the
Pari tic uuU«, located here, to K, f
t»l Omp)n City, for
Ihf O. K A N. >o, have ordered
tin* ruciio!) of t?U r«?w
lour of llifin l'.)>*Ure'> r* (or mountain
work, the pnuimed great increase ;n
biMrtrw drmwwtiivg additional power.
the rail* on the hue between here
and I endieton will be rrpli.-cti t v u
ne*» -tee! track. The schedule time of
U»f »>. 11* S in»*nwr train* was
j?H r*M»ol to «in Si*»*ir
The people of I w ston will shortly
mterviaw Mr H; it relative to etto'i
won of the »ti*d (here
J»tr#et l»i|>r..trmrnt«. \r» mill
- OWl*»rj,
Ou*fn, Jan. .11. The policy of the
•U * city government regarding publv
improvements wa- outlined bv one of
the coemiltnen iast night. Sat 1 he,
i itrtng the coming summer we r»i\>-
to '(tiprove the -!re*'ts aftd other
w -t ,>eaaitfy the city to a m,irvek»*.a
"-" V, . s>rtu " the Uios-back-'
Un.ughl |%»t - iin.er that we expended
more than w«« prudent in public im
ihs our nork U>i wi% %>nlv a
r s ; 1U ; ! The ptant ,a
tten oi bu atnc With the opeains
M spring *f*ii Win ofwratkm« and
•hallcertainty « \j* ttuany UK» s*and«
«k uiMitn d- s the -tu-unter The
city equate wsll receive our *«entv,n
at on e an>i -« ver*i hundt«si dt>Uai»
Will he eipeeded on that, it wtUbe
grade ! and »tai«*e»s fthrobherv and
iloerers |4*nte.) ?nd grave! wilkv laid
ooi Bdoic tk H mMfteß
will be scarcely a street in the city bat
what wiil receive it* share of improve
ment. I to give croake** and
mosebsck* a fair warning, » that in
t«t titer 4o oot want to bve « o®* of
tIKBMt proepeitoas awl h*nd«ra>e
cities on tM tout they can have time
to emigrate to IKHM other locality.
Thi* sentiment m rooet heartily en-
Homed by the IHre citisens of this dty,
who ate determined to keep up the
present remarkaMe prosperity of the
A new snwraili will at «r*ee be con
structed by part** in this city, Vt as
si«t in supplying the local demand for
>raikhns purposes. Not a great am&unt
of building Is being done at present,
bat scores of people are patting in
their order* now to that their m&tmai
may be ready as *»o® as spring >pens,
and from present appearances 00 lean
than fifty residences and basinets
block* will be in 09am of construction
within the next two months. The
new sawmill will lie located on the
west side near the mill of Pierce A Co.
and work on the same will be begun
at once.
The brick yards are also pushed
with orders which they are scarcely
able to fill.
Heretofore transfers of real estate
have been confined mostly to outside
property, but within the last two days
some very important inside transfers
have been made and many more are
on the tapis. Several gentlemen from
Tacorn a and Seattle invested quite
heavily in Olympia realty yesterday.
Mrs. R. W. Ostrander died v ester
aay, at the age of Hf7 years, after a long
and painful illness. Mr*. Ostrander
was the mother of Capt. Wm. Mc-
Mickinofthi* city and Mr. Levi W.
Ostrander of Puyaiiup. Her remains
will be taken to Mantonrille, Minn.,
accompanied bv Mr. 1.. W. Ostrander.
Mr. Oliver Shead of Seatco, late su
perintender)t of the territorial peniten
tiary. is very dangerously ill.
*Mrs A. K. Young,* wife of County
Commissioner Young, died at her
home on Black River, yesterday, ana
her remains were interred in Odd Fel
lows' <emetery near this city to-day.
Mr*. VouitK many friends in this
city, who are profoundly grieved at
her death.
The Odd Fellows are constructing an
addition to the rear of their temple, to
he used for lodge purpose*, which,
when complete, will add another
thousand dollar* to tbe value of their
The Gurney cab system is now in
operation in this city, tbe cabs having
arrived last night.
The lee Plant Arrive*--l'ni<*n City,
on Hood's Canal.
PORTTOWVSKNI*, Jan. 31.- The much
talked of ice plant arrived yesterday
upon tbe steam scbooner Signal, ft
was expected two weeks ago. Tbe
proprietors are new men from Wood
land, Cal., and have purchased this
new and complete vl&nt for $24,000. It
ha« a capacity of 3D tons per day, and
will thus be able to furnish all the ice
required by the fishing schooners that
make this city their headquarters.
Formerly they had to go direct either
toTacomaor Seattle for immediate
shipment, and many times found that
there was no ice 'at either of these
places, thus making it a very unsafe
venture. Now they can have no more
fear upon that score, and accordingly
tbe whole fleet will again begin their
cruises after the speckled and luscious
halibut and cod.
Much excitement, was caused here
yesterday by the rumer that tbe Port
Townsend Southern railroad syndi
cate had purchased .the townsite and
some 1500 acres in and around I'nion
City, at the head of Hood's canal,
and many in town who own property
in that vicinity were very much
pleased, as it means an increase in
values|in that location. T'nion City is
from its location a very fine place'for
a division station, as it is about <©
miles from this city, and, situated as
it is upon the water, has facilities for
shipping, also a commanding location
for the establishing of several branch
roads, one east into Kitsap county
and one west into Mason-county. It
is undoubtedly the intention of the
railroad projectors to make thjs one
of their principal stations along the
route, and th-y show considerable
conlidence in of the road
by their continual purchases along the
Rev. I). T. Carnahan has returned
from an extensive trip through the
East, and rejmrts much inquiry about
Washington Territory in the different
localities he has visited.
Building In Lynden—The Sawmills
Strained to the t'tmoat.
Lymhx. Jan. »).—The follow
ing buildings a-e now under
construction: I>r. W right, «ot'
tage; Mr. Birdsell. dwelling;
8. Bradley, meat market; I*. 15. Ran
dolph, grocery and hardware store;
Isaac Lanning, hotel, two and a half
stories; Mr. Helm's dwelling, and
lumber on the grouttd for h large office
for Or. Wilbur.
Heal estate is changing hands at
good figures, mostly residence lots and
small tract*.
Our two sawmills are unable to sup
ply orders. One of them is running
night and day.
One of our greatest needs at the
present is a good tin-smith and to the
right one there is no better opening on
Biuret Sound.
Mr. McC allock will, we understand,
*oon commence the erection of a sash
anil door factory.
The Normal school has an attend
ance of ai»out »»'» scholars this term,
mostly from outside points.
The Xooksack still lies at the bot
tom of the river. It is not known
what they intend to do with her. Mr.
Schootf, her owner, has gone to Seattle
on business.
The river is very l ;»w. and the Edith
has a hard time in getting vp.
Messrs. Hall A i'arker are raiting
lumber from the upper mill to Se
home and Whatcom, and the Forties
Bros, from Shonk A Robinson's
mill to the same parties. Three
hundred thousand feet went down the
past week. Thus the mighty boom
on B>ay depends on Lyn
den, tor if it were not for our mills
they could r.ot builcu and as it is they
only get enough to make them hun
gry for taore.
Th*>«r arr Crackling Time*-- IS uitri-
inn* and luinl Sales
_tt Bati'vV, Jan Sl.—The ele* trie
Sicht plant for the Bennett saw null at
\\ hrteom has arrived, and will be
placed in position immediately. The
city may i*» lighted bv the *atue plant.
A «ie*s« pile <1 river i* now engaged
»-> building Ih\rteenth street from
Whatcom to Sehome, and la-t night
the city council ordered live more
•tree L* improved and planked.
At Sebome Klk street j< being
planked and Holly street will be im
proved next. Tbe-<e treets will con
nect the two n.»n* Contract* are al
ready let for the erection of buildings
to i.!l ihe gap let ween the towns
The three railroad companies on the
Bay are em ploy tag a laige number of
men preparatory to active construe-
tiori in the eariv spring
Tin «jt> •.<. «o crowded that it it dif
ti-cult to end re-hlcnte or Itotel
eoeom«n«>datk>ns. JH'tw itli-tindiut* the
Urge nunJ*r of buiklingv Iwmg
erected. The I traliaiy M'.il Company
and <tevt-ri! out>ide tiul!- are fOrnish*
the lumter
it is ihit the Bennett Coin
» '• ATV :r lar.d in Co ;
tere«>v «►{ the Manitoba, and the privsei*
they are pacing f<»r land eertainlv
Ji'ssify the br.fef
M*OKt?iK tlA*» NO
The l a*t I'ttltM IH«rhir(r.l Only
Five ('»•»> Altftrthrr.
FALte. Jan. .'lt.—Quarait
tine on the pe-thourte *i> raised to
dav. the U>t »;;.ai!(k:\ patient h«v-ng
been discharged ale * cays ag«>. Ki
travagant otatemenU regarttmc the
» -ea.»e were sent *m!.. The total nv.m-
her of rase* was five, ci which two
died. John Sestor. former* of Min
nesota. the last patient at the pes*-
hoose. speaks in high tens* of the
treatment received. The city i» en
tirelT free from the pestilence, which
was brought here two months ago by
a traveler from Portland.
■«rd*r to Jmr4mm Taltojr, Or.
WALLA WALLA, Jan. 31.—Monday
in Jordan Vailey a fight occurred be
tween Wm. Hughes and C. O. Nelson,
residents of Pilot Rock, resulting in
the death of Seison H ugbes was
drank. Nelson i* a Swede.lnduatri
ous and inoffensive.
>iy<a< Kiiosftlss, Uw Time Fiaad
■arise Expired.
PoituTO, Jan. 31.— -A special ses
sion of the I'nited States circuit court
was called thi- afternoon for the pur
pose of disposing of some matters per
taining to the ~ celebrated Holladav
case. The time which the court al
lowed Joe Holladay and ' ieerge Weid
ier to redeem the property will expire
at 12 o'clock to-night. A strong effort
has been made to raise the money
necessary to do this, but ineffectually.
Their attorney made a motion and
argots! the same before Judge Deady
this afternoon, asking for an extension
of 'JO days of the time in which to>re
deem the estate. This the judge re
fused to grant, so if the money Is not
obtained by 12 o'clock to-night the
property will remain in possession of
Nelson Bennett? and Larrabee Bros.
There is no possibility of the money
beinfc raised.
He Vu Net Arrested, and Has Be-
toned to Spokane.
POKTHSD, Jan. 31.—William Ash-1
ton, who came here from Spokane
Falls, .returned home as the
Clice did not seem to want Sim. He
t his address here, so that if hi«
presence should ever be desired in |
connection with the Csnningham i
murder he could be communicated
with, but it is not likely that he will'
be sent for. A.*bton is about one of
the last men whom anyone would sus- ■
pect of being capable of committing a
crime, to say nothing of beine an ac- j
cessory to murder.
Gambler Thomas XcGrath. sf Port
land, Threaten* Chief t'arnsh.
PORTLAND, Jan. 31,—Thomas Mc-
Grath, a gambler, who threatened the
life of Chief of Police Parrish to-day,
was piaced under S2OOO bonds to keep
the peace. MeGrath will likely linger
in prison a very long time, because it
is uoubtiul whether there is a man in
Portland willing to take any chances
on him. He has served one term in
the Washington Territory peniten
tiary for killing a man. He bad ex
pressed a determination to Jake tbe
law into his own hands and wipe Par
ish off tbe face of the earth.
The Oceanic'* Rough Voyage.
SAT? FRANCISCO, Jan. 31.— The Occi
dental it Oriental .Steamship Com-
Saoy's streamer Oceanic. 2:5 days from
long Kong and 14V* day- from Yoko
homa, arrived this morning, bringing
10 cabin. 7 Japanese and 2" Chinese
steerage passengers. Tbe Chinese
passengers are bound as follows: One
lor San Francisco, 13 for Panama, and
six for Havana. The captain of the
Oceanic reports having exj>erienced
very rough weather during his trip,
and his vessel received slight damages
from heavy seas.
ChtaeM Murder Trial.
PORTLAND, Jan. 31.— This morning
Chee Gong, one of the trio charged
with the murder of Lee Yik on the
night of the 9th of November. 1887,
was taken before Judge Stearns to
stand a second trial, on a decision by
the supreme court. The defense is re
presented by Ward McAllister of San
Francisco and C. E. S. Wood. The
prosecution is being conducted bv Dis
trict Attorney McGinn, Hon. llufus
Mallory and ex-Gov. Woods.
A Foundling in a Hallway.
PORTLAND, Jan. 31. —This morning
aitout <i o'clock Mrs. Trega<kis, who
keeps a lodging house at the corner of
First and Salmon streets, found a
male baby lying in the hall at the
head of the landing. In the folds of
the embroidered snawl in which the
foundling was wrapt the following
note was discovered: ''Be good to my
baby, oh, God! lie good to mv babv,
is the prayer of « heart-broken
Seven Tuna cf Opium.
San Fkascisoo, Jan. 31.— One of the
largest opium consignments received
here arrival to-day. Rosario Co. of
Hong Kong consigned to Alfred Borel
£ Co. 350 cases of prepared opium.
Each rase *eighs 11 pounds, so that
14,350 pounds were received. A duty
of $lO per pound has lieen levied,
which will make the total duty $143.-
! 500.
Heme Queer Thing* Which Mine-
ralogists Dlicnrrred in I'tah.
Boston Trail script.
Included in the mineral resources of
I tab. apart from its precious metals
are deposits of alum, some recently
discovered veins of which are IS inches
thick and several hundred feet in
length, of dazzling whiteness and
great purity. Beds of nitre are also
found .sufficiently pure to readily fuse
them when thrown on hot coals." Ozo
kerite or natural mineral wax, a rarity
el-ewhere. is found here in iarge quan
tities. It is aii, acid and waterproof,
and can be used for imparting
these qualities to other substances.
As an insulator it is said
to be perfect, and would
doubtless be fount a superior insulat
ing material for electrical appliances.
It could also be adopted as the base
for a cheap yet desirable paving ma
terial and for indurating piles and
posts to prevent decay. A somewhat
similar discovery is giNonite, found, on
analy.si . to contain about >o per cent,
of carbon and asphalt in pure form.
Of the latter a vein lias been dis
covered three feet wide and over a
mile in length—a supply that-, if
worked. would be found almost inex
haustible. As is now well-known, the
til real Salt l.akei- an immense limitless
magazine of salt, that can be readily
obtained in any desired quantity !>>
the simple process of evaporation.
From this lake vast quantities of sul
phate of soda arc also secured, blown
on shore at certain temperatures by
the winds where hundreds of tons arc
often pile. 1 up in a single night, that
can i»e utilized in the cheap produc
tion of sal soda and carbonate of soda.
-» • ■■
The »tory of Irrltutl
At the leeinnini of the war in 17*>;5
the national debt of Ireland w •* SU,-
liro.t**); in ISI7, when the two ex
chequer* were consolidated. it had
been rai-ed to sCSs.•*«>,!**•. Over-pop
ulation. an increase of rent* under
competition. wholesale evictions and
heart)?-- coercion each followed, and
the-e were supplemented by periodic
famine*, the last of which, in 1*47.
shook English opinion and -tarte 1 the
cru-ade that has ever since been
waged with the object of undoing the
wrongs of centuries oi oppression,
fraud and plunder. The condition o:
Ireland may hav»» slowly "improved"
>ince that tune; but if so, it i* becais-e
emigration has reduced the popula
tion to little tsaore than half * hat it
once wt*. Strange "improvement"'
that! At the bottom nothing essen
tial has changed.

At thf> Wagner
fsnriinysoe Free Plfas.
AK«e»it minde'l i>aseb*U player u- a
crashing chord tiearlv lifts him ori In-
M*atH-"t«oo«l |»lay'' And then,
ceichfag an irtcrr'-cative glance from
Mrs, Querterrest. he add*. "! I beff
your pardon* What i- the -core'*
Do roa ever bare palaa ia the bat k J
It >•!<! 'i. attf ;ai to tbrsnuv*
doo twait; Jeaji aredansren na. Mpthe
dsea*»e la the bod a«4 aave your beeitb
a: i il<vtor'» t«I • % few dv.-. . a I pre
>« b ; Hnitht * Ptonaae a»4 s»are v- 's
health, ewmfort and tapjv a«w-, !»osd by
Stewart A Hclmen !>rug « ,
Austria Mourning the Dead
Crown Prinee.
The Freoefa Pr*ml«r bUksU* Hi*
Aati-B«BlttCtr Polley—Pfceip*
Leaves ffagfawil
Vicrii, Jan. 31. Prince Rudolf
died in bed after a fatiguing day">
hunting of heart disease, the cardiac
wall? being rupture-i. The body ar
rived on a special royal train from
Baden this afternoon. " Large crowds
at the station and along the route to
the Hofburg doffed their hats and
showed ererr mark of deepest sorrow.
The coffin "was draped in telret and
embroidered with a gold cross. The
bier «t» drawn bv six horse* and fol
lowed by Prince llohenlobe-Schilling
fuTst. grand master of the imperial
household, the court chaplain and
other officers, with guard > at each
side. The remains rest in the depart
ment of the deceased in the Hot burg.
The papers will print mourning edi
tions and extol the dead prince's vir
LOXDOS, Jan. 31.—A1l the papers
comment on the death of Prince Ku
dolf. The general opinion is that it
will not affect the Austrian policy.
The precincts of the Hofburg were
densely thronged to-day by silent
crowds. The emperor passed" a sleep
less night. Tbis morning the crown
princess placed the first wreath upon
the coffin. Afterwards her daughter,
the Archduchess Elizabeth, brought a
wreath of moss-roses entwined with
white ribbons. Herr Tisza. Hunga
rian premier, arrived to-day.
Losno*, Jan. 31.—The" Prince of
Wales arrived in London to-day and
immediately went to the Austrian em
bassy to offer condolence. Ex-Em
press Eugenie also visited the embassy,
besides many of the cabmet ministers
and diplomatic representatives.
PARIS, Jan. 31. —It is stated here
that the Austrian crown prince was
shot by the husband of a lady who
was staying at Meyerling chateau.
YITSNA, Jan. sl.—The AVn Frie
Pro*« has been confiscate*! for pub
lishing a report that the crown prince
was shot at Meyerling.
* VIESBA, Jan. 3e.—lt has been offici
ally announced that Archduke Charles
Louis, the Emperor's brother is now
heir to the throne.
Inhuman Treatment of William
O'Brien by Prison Officials.
DUBLIN, Jan. 31. —William O'Brien
was lodged in Clonmel jail to-dav to
undergo his four months' sentence.
He refused to remove his clothing and
don prison garb. The warders did it
by force after a fierce struggle. His
beard was shaved oft'in the same way.
The struggle so exhausted hiin that
the warder* thought he was going to
die and summoned a physician.
It is stated that O'Brien was severe
ly injured in the body during the
struggle with the warders, and he is
still much prostrated. He wears only
a shirt, refusing to put on prison garb.
Pt HLiN, Jan. 31.— John O'Connor
and Thomas Condon, members of par
liament for Tipperary, were to-day
sentenced to imprisonment for four
months without hard labor for incit
ing tenants not to pay rent.
DUBLIN, Jan. 31. —The Freeman's Jour
nal publishes a sworn declaration by
Thomas O'Connor, who testified be
fore the Parnell commission that he
received money from Harrington for
moonlight raids, to the effect that his
evidence was utterly false and given
under pressure.
Confidence Voted in the Government
Kest riot ion of Suffrage*
PARIS, Jan. 31.—1n the chamber to
day Jouvencal interpellated the gov
ernment regarding the measures it in
tended to take to arrest the progress
ot Boulangism. The government
ought to defend it-elf from the attacks
of slanderers.
Premier Floquet, before replying,
asked leave to introduce a bill re-estab
lishing the tcru/in (Tarrotvilsnement sys
tem of elections.
Deputy D'Ornano, Bonapartist, ex
claimed: "The only possible issue is
dissolution of the chamber!"
Cazzaux, member of the right, asked
leave to speak on a matter of urgency.
The president decided that the house
must hear Floquet Great confasion
Floquet held that the establishment
of the iVarrendinement sys
tem would in no way assail universal
suffrage. The government did not
think measures ought to be taken
against liberty of the press, but were
bound to legislate against those seek
ing to overturn the republic. Existing
laws dealing with hostile combinations
were inadequate. The government
would propose frerh measures for the
repression of attempts against the
security of the state Universal suf
frage had become the tool of all sorts
of commercial combinations, through
syndicates operating through paid
bands of agitators.
Cassagnac reproached Floquet with
attacking universal suffrage, and said
it was now the right upon whom fell
the duty of defending suffrage against
the government. "Universal suf
frage commands; it must be obeyed.''
Dissolution had practically l>een made
the test word. The situation for the
ministry could be summed up in the
phrase. * ,
Hubbard demandedthat the govern
ment proceed against Boiilanger with
acts, not words.
Floquet replied that it was unneces
sary to form that idea—of a dictator
Viter a prolonged aud animated de
bate Montant presented a motion that
the hou-e. confident in the firmness of
the gnvernment, passes to the order of
the day. The motion was accepted
by the government and adopted—3oo
to 200.
Boulanger did not appear in the
chamber during the debate.
Gen. I,t>giilm« CxiKiurriiiK ttsjti—
frivtlffm Fittiwjf 0««t.
Nr» YORK, Jan. 31.—The Havtian
legation this afternoon received an
o!ti sal cable dispatch dated Port au
Prime, the 27th inst.. announcing
that 11e following insurgent
had <• ■uj !«1 by the troc.p* of
President Legitime: Yalliere, lfcr
iche, Saint Michael-, Marmalade and
Grande Saline.
\V v*nisoros. Jan. 1. - Preston,
Martian minister, has informed the
se- reUry of state that -everal res-els
are being idled out at New Yo'k for
an expedition against liavti, and the
matter was referred to the treasury
department. with the result that the
Co Lie Tof customs at New York wan
specially instructed to see that no vio
lations of 'he neutrality law* are com
mit ted at that port.
Kisinarrh'a Hat* Taken
i'«nM>>«lita <>f Apia.
Acivlawp, Jan. 3!. Advices from
>at-• a -tate that German officials
h«..r c , that all vessels ar
riving there will be searched for ar
ticles contraband of war. They have
suppressed the >amuan Times. \ pas
senger on the British steamer Wainai,
who visited Mataafa * camp, was
placed unuer arrest, but was >ubs«-
qner.tiv reiea>«sl in compliance with a
demand of the British A
proclamation has been i«-ued pla« ng
the Apia force nnder the «mer
man consul.
M.ilaafa 4 foiloaer- number OlXiO.
They are strongly intrenched and
other Smmoma* mn rapidly joining
them. Upon the axriral of the steamer
Rich mood she vas boarded end
searched by German*.
ll* Sails tmr Tenaut Amid Csglhk
LOSDOS. Jan. 31—Minister Phelps
saitod for the United States to-day.
Members of the diplomatic corps and
others accompanied him to the rail
way station here, and he was attended
by the municipal authorities of South
ampton to the dock.
Toe country house of Henry White,
secretary of fee American legation, at
Ramsga'te. was burglarized last night,
and robbed of $35,000 worth of jew
Italian* on the Red SM Haw
Troable With Maw Neighbor*.
SraKiw, Jan. 31.—Atchinoff. leader
of the Russian colony on Adjurah
bay, ordered his followers to fire upon
the Italian gunboat if it came too near
shore. He declared he was acting in
accordance with government orders.
He also stated that another body of
3)0 Cossacks was coming. The colo
nists landed in full Cossack uniform.
England will Re Compelled to Build
a Mew Navy.
LOSDOS, Jan. 31.—The naval com
mittee appointed to inquire into the
late maneuvers, states that the sh ips,
with few exceptions, are unsuitable
for modern warfare, and that the ex
isting fleet is unfit to command the
seas against an enemy.
A Report of Hi* Death Received in
BERLIN, Jan. 31.—A cipher dispatch
announcing the death of the king of
Holland was received on the Berlin
bouEse to-day. No confimatory ad
vices have been received.
A Boy Elected King of Annim.
PARIS, Jan. 3L —The grand council
of Annam has elected Bemlay king.
He is a son of the former king. As
he is only 10 years of age a regency
has been established under Prince
Hwaidue. The French president has
been instructed to ratify the election
of Beiulay.
Canada'* Attitude in the Fisheries.
OTTAWA. Ont., Jan, 31.—The gover
nor-general opened parliament to-dav.
In his speech he said be regretted that
the fisheries treaty with the United
States was not ratified by the senate,
and said it only remained for Canada
to abide by the treaty of ISIB until a
satisfactory readjustment is made.
British Columbia Prosperous.
VICTORIA, B. C., Jan. 31.— The legis
lature was opened to-day with the
usual formalities. There was nothing
remarkable in the speech from the
throne, further thaw congratulations
on the prosperous year and the fact
that the receipts exceeded estimates.
Canadian Dry Gooda Firm Fails.
TORONTO, Ont., Jan. 31. J. W. Gale
<fc Co.,wholesale dry goods merchants,
have assigned. Liabilities are esti
mated at a quarter of a million, and
assets at not half that amount.
Afraid of Osman Digma.
LONDON, Jan 31.— Advices from Mas
sowah state that the Handab tribe
have asked Italian assistance against
a threatened attack by Osman Digma.
The Number in the Hospital is Now
Only 107.
A visit was made to the Providence
Hospital yesterday. It was learned
that there are 107 patients in the hos
pital at the present time, which is less
than the usual number. At times the
number run* up to 120. The number
of typhoid fever cases is decreasing,
and there are only about 12 at the
present time. A short time since the
number was much larger. There are
a few mild cases of pneumonia, caased
by the recent cold snap.
Among the patients is Samuel
Trimble, aged 77 years, who is dying
of old age. Mr. Trimble is a pioneer
and has resided for many years in the
vicinity of Port Blakelev,jwhere he has
numerous friends. His death is ex
pected at any moment.
Nick Haley, who jumped out of the
window of "the Penobscot House at
Snohomish, on Saturday last, and
broke his left leg in two places, is im
proving, and in a few weeks will be
able to leave the hs-pital.
Mr. Haley laughs heartily when he
tell- the story of his mishap. His
home is at Marysville, where he
has a young wife, to whom
he has been married about a year. A
week before the accident happened the
Haley household was blessed by the
arrival of an heir. There was great
joy over ihe event, and it wa- with the
greatest regret that Mr. Haley left
his home to attend to some business
at Snohomi>h. He was in constant
fear that something would happen to
his child wbne he was away. Finally
he reached Snohomish and put up for
the night at the Penobscot House,
and soon fell asleep. Soon after Mr.
Haley began to dream. He was at
home in his own house, and his
precious babe lay sleeping in
its mother's arms. Suddenly
thi« happy domestic scene was
rudely disturbed by the entrance of
two burly, ruffianly-looking men.
They pulled the sleeping infant from
its mother's arms and hurriedly left
the room. Thh was too much for the
father to stand. "I was determined,"
said Mr. Haley, ' that they should not
get away with tuy child, aud I got up
and hurried after them. I walked out
of the second story window in pursuit
of the fleeing kidnappers, and did not
know that I hail been dreaming until
1 found myself Iving on the ground,
with tuy leg broken in two places. It
was a most unpleasant awakening
from a dream." Mr. Haley bears his
misfortune philosophically.
Mrs. lkniala. who was blown up at
Gihuan by the dvnamitc fiend,Scbaef
i'er, is doing well, and will soon be
able to leave the hospital. Mr. Bod
ala. whose legs wa< broken by the
-auie explosion, is better, but it will
be some time before he entirely re
A prominent Seattle nhy«eian
stated yesterday that the public health
is greatly improved. There
are no epidemics of any
sort. In the fall there was con
siderable typhoid fevtr and the
maladv wa- epidemic. Now there are
bat a few ease* and the disease i~ of a
milder type. There are a few mild
cases of varioloid, of cour-e there are
some cold* which are incident to the
cold weather. Among the children
there are three or four cases of measles
"On the whole the public health is so
good in Seattle." said the doctor, "that
toe physicians are complaining of dull
Addition* to W>»t Seattle I'llml
With the Auditor,
Plats of ' Central Addition to We-t
Seattle" and of "Central Addition No.
2to West Seattle.'* were tiled for rec
ord in the office of the county auditor
yesterday, at the request of Llewellyn.
Ikxiff A Co.
Central Addition to West battle is
d< ribed a- covering ail of lots Nov.
I*l and 96 of the Wed Seattle 5-acre
tracts, except a strip WO f«et in width
off of the north end of said loi«. The
addition is divided into two bux ks,
each |of which is subdivided into i*
lot-*, SSxl'JO feet in size. Tbe-treet*
running east ami west are named Por
nev and Kattery -trert-, and those
running north and «ooth Seattle ave
nue and High stree;.
Central aodttaon No. 1 to West Seat
tle covers ail of lot No. of the West
Seattle Vacre tract* and is divided into
two bkv ks of 24 iot< each. The lot»
are 25x117 feat in ri*. Blanche stwet
runs afas»g the south side of »• addi
tion and fhiwaniish. Olytopiaand Cal
ifornia avenues ran from north to
south. __
REAL KSTATI transfers.
OMdi Recorded at tk« Alitor *
Oftr* I'NttnteT.
Reai estate transactions from January 1.
IS#,to date are $1.09*. 125 S7. There were filed
for record yesterday 3S deeds, the coonder
adocs aggregating $79.603, aa average of
tm Following Is the list as famished by
Wood £ Osborne. Abstractors of title:
W. E. McMillan to D. M. thanks, lota 7
and 9, blk €9, D. T. Denny'# Park add,
W. Wallace. Jr., to M. L Cavenangh. lots
21 and SS, blk 2, Starr add. s3Btk
P. WtekMrom to M. R. and D. S. Gallo
way, and K of King oyster claim. Elliott
bay, WW).
1. A Wold to A. Mozzio, lot 10. blk ?,
Englewoini. $l5O.
Manr J. Ross to W. R. and &A. Ross,
pt of se ?» of nw Mof sec 13. tp 25. r 3e,
L. Incells to A. J. Johnson, lots 5, 6. 7. «.
9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14, blk 53, Burke's sec
ond add, f>oo.
C. C. Calkin* to M. H Handsaker. 5-acre
tract No. 112, Maple Leaf add to Green
Lake circle, *OO.
Exeeator of estate of J. D. Reynolds, de
ceased. to A. L. Woolery, lots 1 and «. blk
17. Boreas add. valuable consideration.
J. H. Rengstorff to H. E. Holmes, lot ?,
blk 26, A. A. Denny s third add, $15,000.
Carrie M. Carr to Etta A. Carr, lot 3, blk
31, "Seactle Homestead" add. #2OOO.
H. White to J. T. Forrest, blk 2. Sander's
first add. West Seattle, fSOO.
H. White to J. T. Forrest, lot to. blk 10,
Sander's first add, West Seattle, 1800.
W. H. Brown to T. E. White, lota 1, 2, 3
and 4, blk 6. Second Motor Line add. S7OO.
W. 1. Brown to R. White, Ins 17,13 and
19, blk *>, Second Motor Line add, t<iCo.
M. L. Oavanaugh to T. GSeesen, lota .11
and 22. blk 2, Starr add. $250.
~8. W. Kd wards to J. W. Orcutt, lots 17,
is and 19. bik 5, Southern Pacific add. West
Seattle. t-W.
P. WsckstromtoE. E. O. llertim, lot 3,
blk 4. WSckstrora's add. We" Seattle, sl.
A. O. Benjamin t« B. L. Northap. J. W.
Mctiee aud Roger S. Greene, nnd % iut i n
277.00 at-rc* in tp 24, r 4 e, sl3*ooo.
J. Collins to G. H. Randall, tracts S3 and
86. of Seattle Home.»tead Association, iu
see 34, tp 2ft, r 4 e. ssoio.
H. White to Matt Sater. lot 39. blk 9,
White A Manning add to West Seattle, ?1«0.
H. White to K. G. Faegre, lota 35 aud 36,
blk 3. White & Manning's add to West Seat
tle, $350.
J- D. McDertnott toS. A. Sand back, lots 6
and 7, blk 86, Collins' add, 557 a.
J. H. Carr to W. M. Boynton, lots 6 and 7,
blk 1, Carr's add. J650.
R. K. McFadden to C. C. Calkins, tract
104, Maple I.eaf add. Green Lake circle,
D. T. Denny to C. Shephsrd. lot 6. blk SI,
I>- T. Denny's Park add to North Seattle,
R. C. Gates to R. D. Parker, fr lots 11
and 12, blk 66, Denny's Park add, kioOO.
M. F. M-irphv to Moore Land Co., lot 22,
btk."). Occident Heights add to West Seat
tie. 1100.
A. Hockerald to C, C. Calkins, lots 1.2,3.
4, h and f. in acre 3. and lots 1, 2, 3.4.
and 6in acre 4. and lots 1,2, 3,4,5 and 6
in acre 5. all in tract 15; also lot u in acre
5, tract 96. all In Maple add to Green
Jake circle. |6OO.
W. D. Wood to C. C. Calkins, undivided
'• of tract* C and F in Maple Leaf add to
Green Lake circle, 1500.
W. Rickeil to R. X. McFadden, tract 101,
Maple Leaf add to Greer. l.ake circle,
H. Wbite to L. E. Danes, lots 37, 39 and
40, blk 12, Sander's First add to West .Seat
tle, SSOO.
A. Gangloff to D. T. Denny, 5 acres, sl.
I>. T. Denny to A. Gangloif. 5 acres. Si.
C. Kutnley to C. Siinonelli, blk 3 and
other land in Ravenna Park, 11400.
T. V. Coffin C. Burnley, blka 1, 2 and
3 aud other land in Raven a' Park, <3500.
C. Rumley to E. E. Williams, lots 1 and
2. Ravenna Park, S2OOO.
H. L. M(Williams to R. P. Daniels, lots 9,
10,11.12.13,14, l». 16 and 17. blk 15, Madi
aon street add. *llsO.
During the month of January
County Auditor Wood issued licenses
to wed for the following named per
sons. The dates of issuance are oppo
site the names:
2—Walter J. Warren aud Minuie Kubach;
Peter Ran;as and Fannie Famahan.
3—J. W. Hooker and Lucy A. Robertson.
4—Daniel Webster aud Mary George.
5 Andrew Asuja aud Ann' Sofia Pawola.
Louis Kiev and Louisa Wieland.
9 —George Bird and Mary Catherie; John
F. Van Camp and Flora 1. Lmdsley.
11—Orlando W. Johnson and Blmina
Deuel; Frank Anteel and Annie Art
stain; O. F. Ewings and Carrie Gilbert.
12— Rvron P, Martin and Mamie Burke.
14 —William Carkeek and Meta Smith.
15—John F. Stull and Kllen L. Schneider:
P. H. McDonald aud Sarah A. Francis;
George W. Allsop and Liille Mailer.
16 —Jay I>. Van Btiren and Lucy E. Mun
son; A. J. lUakeK aud R. M. T. Atkin
17— E. L. Chesney and Mattle Adams.
19—William D. Rowlands and Maggie
23—Nils A. <iundcrson and Hanua Dahl
(juist; M. J. Poteet and Annie Ashlock.
24—Fred W. French and Fannie l.ocb-
23—Charles Hanson and Ida Van Der-
2»i—Thomas R. DeLanev and Alice E.
Bowman; Harry M. Reed aud Lottie L.
21*—Wllliara Krouse aud Annie Little
31—"Ihoina* Xesbitand Asenath E. Martin.
.1 unction City is Located on the l.ake
Shore Road.
The Junction City Land and Town
Company have incorporated with the
following board of incorporators:
Thomas F.Drew. James P. Gfcason
and Patrick O'Meara.
The capital stock of SI(>,OCO has all
been paid up. and articles of incorpor
ation will be filed with the auditor to
The object is to start a new town on
the Seattle, Lake Shore it East
ern railroad about twenty miles
northeast of this city, at the head
of Washington," and comprises
100 acres in the nw of sec 13. T
26. N.. K. E. A hotel to cost in the
neighbor hood of $3,000, will immedi
ately be started and actively pushed to
Several sites for manufacturing pur
poses have been sold on the batiks of
the stream which pa«ses through the
Mr. Thomas F. Drew, who is a late
arrival in Seattle *avs he expects to
have at least 500 residents in this new
town before July 1, 1889.
A Orrst Territory.
The American Artisan
Washington Territory, come* with sixteen
pasts <>t matter pertaining to the growth of
that Sonrishlnir oo<iti<ntal territory. Its
greateatdeveiopii!a* : take-. plfre since
ISBO. The |«>{>ui*r •. o'e f,-r Jvvi v. as 45. U v :
and by the usual method of average reck
oning, this would br ng the popnlatiou up.
approximating a quarter of a million of
people. The Usable property has been
assessed at * little more flan eighty-four
and a hail million dollar*. Manufactures
have t cbled within a tweive-moath: the
last census shows an increase of popula
tion of twenty per cent, within the last
year, the tide of immigration being uupsr
alieled during any previous y»;ar in
its history. Railroad building has been
extensive, and the future outlook is for an
extensive growth.
Iron In the ftlend
Boston Gazette.
A patent medicine vender in a coun
try vidage ti. dilating to a crowd
upon the wonderful efficiency of his
iron Miter*. " Wbv." said he "Steve
Jenkins had only taken the bitters one
*eew when he was *hoved into pri-on
for murder, and what does Steve do
it i>[fn a vein in hi- arm and Uike
iron enough oat ol hs# blood to make
a crowbar, with which he pried the
doors open and let himself out?
All Chronic. »r*ou* and Special
Itiaeaae* skillfully Treated.
: Dr. K. CI Johnaon. tb>i netnth sprat
eight ir.AOtn* :a tae ho*t>.ta * aad kadia g
!m«-i:cal institution* of Se«r York City ia
v**t;sattu< tlw> nst recta: dircorerie* ta
medKnae «itil surgery, banc* tMumrd
' pwtitt la Seattle, i* ifre:<*red u» mt all
] f'ln 011 Kfv.oif raaitd>e>, n=»eb as liver
c*»«jdaiat». Jy*i>«-fis i ®, rHeumattxm. all
i *ff-*c lions of ibe ki<l;;ey», heart *n4 lauo,
; aii skta and Uiand dt«i,*a*e*. ail ailraenta
i an*la* fr«*:n a weakt-aed uervnu* »y*t«m,
all rts lal disease*, aU grcito urlaary Ji»-
and ail 'Jsseases peculiar to womea.
acwrdtag to the Satentaad m.>*t impaired
■lhnda t onsuitaioos free t. aarge*
moderate < tftjee, come r Front a&d < herrjr
< orer fo* mat: 4, Han ford « »lorr
Heavy Increase of Basine** in Ike
Auditor's Office.
Metcalfe'* OptalM CkIMM Jf«r
*t«-The Land OBw.
Very few have Any idea how the
business of the county auditor's office
has increased during the past few
years, and more especially during the
past two years. A clerk in the office
yesterday remarked in the presence of
a reporter that the business has been
increasing at the rate of 10 per cent,
per month during the oast year, and
this statement, incredible as it may
seem, was folly borne out when the
reporter made an examination of the
The fee book, which had been
opened August 16,1888, with tiling So.
21,775. was hied yesterday, and a new
book was opened, with 27,517 as the
initial tiling number, showing that
5772 inrtrumenta bad been tiled for
record in the otftce in less than five
and a half months. During the month
of January 1400 instruments were
From July 25, ISM. when the county
records were first opened, to March 4,
18*7, when Mr. Wood became auditor,
40 volumes erf deeds had been record
ed. Yesterday deeds were recorded
in book So 71.'showing an increase of
31 volumes in two years, three-fourths
as many records of deeds in the past
two years as m the preceding 34 years.
Two books of chattel mortgages, two
of miscellaneous records, two of liens,
one of judgments one of articles of in
corporation. and two of marriage
licenses, have been filed during the
time of Mr. Wood's term.
Oouuty Auditor Wood is setting his
house in" order ready for moving out
of ortiee on the 4th day of March.
Fully ?i*),000 in county warrants that
have" remained in the 'auditor's hands
through the failure of the persons in
whose favor they were drawn to call
for them are being listed and checked
off, so that when the turning over of
the county records, book.-* and papers
to the incoming auditor takes place
they can be receipted for without de
lay." The books of record are aiso be
in'g indexed up to date, and when Mr.
Wood's last day in oilice conies he ex
pects to greet his successor with ever}'
line of work brought up to time.
Tlif* Attorney - General Think* It
Should Continue its Work.
In response to an inquiry made by
Territorial Auditor John Miller
Murphy, asking for information about
the duties of the code commission,
Attorney-tieneral J. It. Metcalfe ha"
prepared and forwarded his legal opin
ion. The attorney-general says the
code, according to section 3of the act
treating the commission, should be
fully prepared in written or printed
form lor submission to the next legis
If the session of the legislature
should have been held on the second
Monday in January. 18S0. the attor
ney-general holds that it would un
doubtedly have been necessary tor the
commission to have submitted as
much of it* work as had then been fin
ished to said legislative assembly on
the first day thereof.
In closing the attorney-general says:
"I, therefore, am led to*the conclusion
that the commission should continue
its work if unfinished, and that the
appropriation made for that purpose
is available for the payment of com
pensation of the commissioners and
clerk, and such other expenses as are
mentioned in the act; provided, that
in no case the compensation to each
commissioner does not exceed $1509;
the compensation to the clerk does not
exceed $1000; and the expenses for
stationery, etc., does not exceed the
sum of ISO."
The Occasion Celebrated In Seattle
With l>ne Eclat
Mayor Moran recently granted the
! Chinese residents of thi* city the priri
| lege of discharging tire-works within
j the city limits, between the hours of 5
| and 7 o'clock on the last of ths series
of days known as New Years, which
was yesterday. Accordingly all of the
| denizens of that portion of Seattle
j known as Chinatown, the center of
! which is the corner of Bouth Third
and Washington streets, availed them
j selves of the opportunity of welcoming
! the New Year in their own Mcuiltsr
style. After 5 o'clock last evening there
j burst forth a sound not unlike the rat
: tie of musketry. Chinatown, as seen
|by a Post-Intslmokncer mm, pre
'■ sented a weird scene. The
j streets were lined with laugb
' ing, howling celestial* setting ul?
I tire-crackers, whose explosion, with
! loud report, accompanied by bright
flashes, scattered torn and tattered
paper profusely about, ami soon the
streets looked like a stage after a
snow scene in some flashy melo
drama, only the paper was' not ex
actly white. The buildings were deco
rated in a fantastic manner with
lanterns, colored paper streamers,
and, in fact, every decorating device
known to the Chinese artisan. Dur
ing the two hour* of violent celebra
tion many Seattleitss visited the
j-ceneof action and wituessed the per
formance with evident satisfaction.
The New Year's celebration in this
city occupies but two aavs, while in
China it requires nearly \i days to do
the occasion full justice. The celebra
tion this year was a tritle more elab
orate than in former years, owing
possibly to the recent marriage of
Quong Sue, the youthful emperor of
i«ntm«M Being Impose*! 1 |»ou Abie
Hodted KctK»rt.
The able-bodied and heathy vag that
prefers to leg rather than work, has
occasion to trembie when he finds him
self in the Seattle police court docks,
lie gets no encouragement there. Jus
tice Soderberg ami Justice Jones have
joined hands with the police in ridding
the town of these worthless character*
to whom are, very proper!v. no doubt,
attributed the greater ntimber ot rob
beries an 1 other crimes that have of
late l>een committed in town.
There were four of thi-> class in
dock, two at each court, yesterday.
They were all health v. ronost voting
fellows, who. if they "really waited to
do an honest day's work, could easily
Ket it, but who have adopted from
choice ti»e life of vagabonds and social
pariahs. They offered weak defenses,
but the evidence against them wa
conclusive, and they were promptly
given term* ranging from &> to :s&
day s each. During this time thev will
be required to earn their boanf and
lodging in the chain gang cleaning the
public streets.
A large number of this genu- homo
is now in the city having been driven
out of Port Town end and otber places
on the Sound. The will
make Heatite too hot to hold them and
will Jell them to "more on" as fast a*
they arrive.
i'r*-«lBptio», UunMUad Mtl Tim
i>er rUlm Kntrira Taken
Tht local i nile<i Sutes land in
domp qu:t« s large bmdn***. For tb«-
four months ending January 3l*t the
entries were &* follows:
Preemption enTrt«« kIB
entries * ZS
Timber entries r ™
t'oal land en trie* *
TOCai. ...... -mm. ■ i | 'JtKU
it w verv juu, h doubted if anv land
C° m,ry r V ! 'how aLke
ro]unle <* for :he *«m«
period. It metis how
Imds of Western WaahmU?T^ll%B
ing taken up by
**Wrin* ofwwSLSlill
land by those who will e^2*P^
prove, and make it
rose, cannot help bat add mmJWS
prosperity of j
the *<th d*y of April. ls&s
prise Publishing Company
ated in this city for t!ve "n ar j2*'
publishing a Democratic "
After a checkered career ofTLSSS f&
died from Lack of *npw»t r^w l S
quentiy there was considerate*
tson against the company for
amounts and to crown the
of the venture, the plant was
££? & 1
ply A Wheeler, in behS^w'-1
Hoibrook, began suit in the vJSiI;
States District Court a«! n i*Hl|
Seattle Enterprise PabHaW 1
panv. consisting of H. FjonL 1
fas Rochester and twentv-SE
to recover *9IJOL rhe 1
1*«- that W. R. LockarJ riSLI
judgment on December 8 1
defendant corporation. That-STi
judgment was on Januarv »
terred to the plaintiff That said*!!!"
poration iswholly insolvent. Whȣ
lor plaintiff prays that the
holders be joinUy orapelled toS
said judgment. "
ITS Woa Ftsisu*©.— The r - nMjL
conrt adjourned vesterday *tW
touching any business from eitherS
second or Third judicial district
with the exception of the celebriS
' Mission case, * which was the 1m
case argued before adjournment.
court has forged ahead and cJmmU
large number of cases from the de«W
ISfe ! h< ; P™' An
will be held sometime ia Fcbraarv h
announce decisions in -lumwvJ.
cases heard this term. "
AT PLYwarreCetmca.—ThemeeS.
ly reception to the Y. M. C. A.
be given by the young people «f A
Plymouth Church this evening at * *
o'clock. A grand programs* kaa
been prepared, and a pleasant tiu*k
assured. Participants in the taZ
gramme will be Mrs. Pantinr W
Stewart. Mbs Wilder. Miss Hou»k|
Miss Houghton and Misses Ksik**
and Messrs. Morgan. Crane. Ben&rT
son. Bowman and Dearborn TW
ladies will serve refreshments
Its sapexior excellence proves to nUhat j
of homes for more than a quarter . 1
turf. It is by the Uaited Ststs«®j* : ]
ernni'jnt. Endorsed by the heads «f
Great Universities as the
sad Most Health feL Dr. Priest Qj2M3l
B ski UK Powder does not contain A—MBP
Lime or Alum. Sold only In caat 1
Raw voac. CNICA-K). «T. IM #1
'Y ' 2BH WKKm
Plies United by Cottoa Riv
ets Cannot Separate^
Best Belt in the Wsrii
AGENTS, Jf'. -
si# i:
With irieetrlrSWMKM*-
M»r.T lor rjl{| •
lor to ail oth»r*, tad k
■■■-? • current vbieh CM be »- 2£ e fl|
vrunxT *ELT ■* ***
'■s WKAasa. This Bjxt w*a RfrDl
Kp* sositivelt cca*»»">««» rtaaT
> . inotliome Jterroa* IHtmitj, «TP
fc P*o® Hlii-umatwm,t>*»r«f »>*• rlffll
■ jktJ lb« Spi. B-jlm
• «Sr • anil Kidney*. »V=»*je W**k:
©=2j:H W>M, la>potency. L»ck Sdlliw
f.-i.; S«xnal Pome. ««■ f** '■y E^a£■
pajtu-ular* Mil cr *«ml • ft3|S
X ntjran for Soled »>- SjS^
hwisS let Stt.Ajd?»w■ • -»
319 CoatmtrcUl itrtei. «***•*
Jnckson, Beattl«» W.T. ;
Ai. chronic DtswiMA of MKJi aai
mceaotelbr trwded.
.aWT MANHOOD, Nervoaa **<'» i'ii?***
utility, Katuutated Vitality.
W.-akti. •*, •{•• ?• -atorrii'**,
(i<>n<>rrho*:*.,Gleet,jiypuilu, §
ella*. WrtkotM in women, and * J_2k"
tlnuai I »»'nujgv;neats that reauit f«HB y®3w •
fal or e.tc-v« la miter yeara.
lIBIHART Kldnev. Audi BJadder uwi «* |
up s nan i We<Jt Ba . j. o*>csrrti***» > *
Cry Utia, VwlwyYb , -tnctare,#tc.,^
Sand tafely cured. Nonwwwi nvaay,»*
Ten, nor »trou«r injection* «»». »
n* stricture. < h*rjrw re**w»ab»e.
HFBVOIJ'? Ability. La»»f Vffor.fi® . *•
S&KIUV3 Sight S»iat«©»*- **"
*p«>nilcncy, etc., ♦-«■., ca«d. .
fwiGMR sgaST.&j -1
Bona, should aval 1 theaweleat of oar t«*>■
meet. the createat boon erecisSd at ow, „ > "
tar of ««flfer»aK bumanity. «1S *■*»*"■
a TcdtiTc rare iu every c**c. . ■
tflMie-itid |« ~3
actiona of the bladder. aeec®: b *
aniaruuz or tMiruiux aen«atjo«; on **a* ! 'l
ac.ou the mist dcpoaiu a »f*
aocm-tirae* alow men t» preaeot The
taric# from a bright or reddiab to e?ira •
mi lhy b ««, the patlvn t cXV* r- " SBr f* *
entng of the ayttem ta a maaawstmll ■■
account for. Tbta ti the aeeww
aeiniaal w«akn««a. Many <ii« of uusasp
rultt, ignorant of iu final*- A r,jn - J
and Healthy rwt- -ration rßarann-J
--OSW hoar*.? a. m, to 3 ra « r " >;§
ra.: ,-fjndayst toft p. u.
K. 8.-rvmuw unabie to *i*M a* «■«.♦ •
treated at tbfrir homea by c» a-
Xedtetnea ar»d hiatnvHioK* ' m * f
'■fWW fV> -,Toi«irtOr. f»<v »* *
fcaud 2c tuuap tortiw Yoaag »» c *
Friend, or (huda te Wedlock

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