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Hon. H. L. Yesler SHI* Two Busi
ness Lot* for 985,000.
■•iTokn'i Fro»t StrfM Rolldlac-
Pioneer Blo«k-»w Hotel mod
Ptrllioß-lwaak'i Brick.
Hod. IF. I- Yesler yeaterday sold to
Mewf- J- M. Thompson. Fred E. Sander
ao<l George SI. Boman two kMa on tbe
KWtiitMt corner of feouih Second wnir+l and j
Yealer avenue, tbe consideration being
s**>.ooo. The terra* of tbe sale were a ea»h
payment of rr.'OO and tbe payment of the
remainder on February t, ***. wben po«
session will be tamed orer to tbe par
cbas<r? It is understood that Messrs.
Thompson. Bon an and Hanifcr were rt-a«' y
U> take possession at present. bat
Mr. Yesler preferred to retain tbe
property and tbe accruing rental* for an
other year.
It is the intention of the pnrehiitn, who
it is well kuov:a are the principal owner*
of the Lake Washington cable cara, to erect
« substantial brick btuMiog on their prop
erty. when they Mooire possession. for
rent*; and for the offices of the cable car
company. Their plan* as yet are not fally
natureo. but the characteristic enterprise
and public spirit of (he*e gentlemen i* an
\h«- assurance otedtd that tbe- itraetan -
wiT; »*; a <:ne one and :t» keeping milk tb«
and want* ot the *-}ty.
The two lotaaold t>y Mr. Ye*!er are a pan
•f hi* original donation land taken
up by hfa 37 y«*r« ago. The ;<>;* hare re
mained in hi« po«%e*»!on tfrtinee Tfeey
ar<- m present w<<;i,u->i > v fir* wooden
buildings—the lak« Union Kurnitnre atore
the Wi.v>n»f n house. th«- < "tiieago house
and two CUotat wa*h ho;j»e«. Tbe Rmt of
the*e atrnetam wa* trwted Dearly 20 yecn>
ago, and wan originally uwd a* a
livery stable. A* the property ha*
been owned by Mr. Ye*>r ever *inee
a eornparatire statement with flgiirwof
it* appreciation in value dnrin* 37
yea?* eari not be made. When Mr. Yesier
made tbe original plat of the claim. yean
aito. he sold one lot on the eorner oramHt
to Mr. C. Terry for fl-00. TV» property
ic aow oeenpied by the new Korn bWI,
and in »tiil owned bv the Terry heir*.
Tht* sale I* tbe large*? that has taken
place in battle in I»v:«.
The new Yetler building ha* been
named and will hereafter be known ai the
Iloneer block in honor of th*- old and
honored r>-*identa at Keattle and Puget
6or*ud, not the lea«t prominent of whom IK
H«>b. H. L Yealer, the builder of the block.
The commencement of work ha* been de
layed on account of the uncertainty re
Klinjt tbe establishment of grad»* no ad
at sti«et*. hut now that The Council
nai acted definitely the work wiii go
ahead and begin this week. The tenant* will
move out immediately. The out-story
buildings on the Inside of the location of
the t-iork will be torn down while th»* two
■tory rtructure now on the corner will be
moved into their pla<-es. where the? will
remain until the la*? half of the new block
i* begun.
Next year, when Mr, Yesler receives the
final payment ou >it* Yeslcr avenue lots,
iiold yesterday, he will begin the work on
the last half of the buiMimr Mr. J. I>.
Lowman, manager for Mr Yeiler, stated
last Bight that no more of his realty will be
Mr. A. B. Hoi yoke advertise* Uiis morn
ing for bid!t for the excavation of his lot
oa the southeast corner of Front and
Spring streets, preparatory to the erection
latnoo of a tour-story brick with base
ment. Messrs. Bird A Dornbach are now
drawing the detail plan* of the brick,
which will have a basement of stone, *u- i
mounted by a super structure of pressed
brick with stone trimming*. The building
will front 60 feet on the street and will be
120 feet deep. It will contain two store- j
rooms, and the second «tory will probably
be one large room for use for whole sale
purjtoses. The upper stories will b»> de
vou-d to offices, The building will be
finely fitted with iron bracings inside and
ont, and will be heated by steam and
lighted by eleetrlefty. The sp«-ci Scat ions
will he complete within two weeks, and
bid* for construct'-m will then be asked
for. Work will aegiti probably in four '
weeks, and nrill ba finished inside ;»f four
and a half months. The co.-t will likely
reach *: -0,000
Architect Fisher is engage! iu drawing
plans for a terrace of residences that lor
elaborateness of fluish, design and accom
modation are to eclipse anything of the
kind yet built in battle. The!- are to be
ereeted by Mr. J. (3. rienrry, on the corker
of Third and merry, fronting Third, and
So limit is placed on the cost of their con- :
at ruction The terrace will number four
bou*■«. with a total frontage of 120 feet
The dwelling-, will Is- three-storied, the
fir«t being brii k and the other* Wtwsd, iu
the unique txua|> of irrhlhD- !
turo • -.» !HU.:h in vi.v in ih.- :urge Eastern
cities. The dwelling* will be heated by j
hot water aud lighted by electricity, and
uaeh will contain about twelve room>. No
pal:i« »vill be aparsd in their finish, aud
tt'mgh work *i!i begin as stH>n a« trie
t!»ns are drawn, six or seven months will
oe occupied In their ctyistructiuu.
The Seattle Constru- ttou » outpany has
made arrangements for a serifs of elabcr
ate Improvements and innovations to be
made at the lake end of the cable car line.
A flue two-story hotel and a broad |*viilou
Wilt be erected, and 10 acres south of the
power house will be laid bff iu walks, w Ilk
shrubbery, grass, llowers aud the accom
pauviug rustic atid arlw>r adornment*. The i
work wlil Ik' started immediately, and will ;
be finished in time ro »<-commodate the !
summer tourist travel. The park will be a
a thing of !-ea ity and no e\|>eus< will lie
spared iu fitting it up. The coat will be
mau> thousands of dollars.
The contract for the coettr iction of the
new Swank building in North Seattle wlli
be signed at Bird A Oorubach'S office to
morrow, J. F McDonald A Co. being the
contractor*, I'he bulldhir. to t>c located at
the corner of Front and Hell streets In
North Seattle, is to cost » it,ooo. The build
ing ha« been ;!escrH»ed in these columns
H K1.1.0. ('EMTKAL. IIE1.LO!
Mupt. Armstrong I'romiacs to Im
prove the Telephone Serslee.
Mr. W. P. Armstrong, auperintondent of
the Kunset Telephone Telegraph Company
in tliis city, seen yesterday in regard
to the telephone service iu Seattle and
what was to Ih' done to improve it. Mr.
Armstrong explained that he came here
on January _■ ■ for the einrvss purpose of
maklug such changes aud improvements
as would tend to Improve the service.
At the headu'iarter* of the company In
s«ii t rmu i». «> it »«.« known thai the ser
lice was bad and Armstrong wa* fully con
versant with the same fart. Thecorn pany
propose* both t«> enlarge aa<l improve tne
system. U ready a larjjf order tm- twea
forwarded Kast for telephones, *o that ail
who t»v«.l thi'tii will t«* *uppiie<l within a
very short time. The trouble ha* been
principally tliu- to the fact that at the
headquarter* it was not fully r>-*h><-d how
fast cattle has been lncrr*»!u; ia *;*<■ au<t
finportau.-e until very recently
•■What Jo you propo*.> tn do Immediate
ly. Mr. Armstrong. to improve ttse tele
phone service* '
"One of the first ta«k« will be to inspect
•very telrphoue In town an>l to idftto «■*» h
In 6r*t class tntr. The nest thins will be
the rcbuiUllug of the Hue on * omnftti*!
stiver New |w>!e< and new wire# wtil be
Ntadtutiil tor the old ones. Then the
wires are to l»e examiued au>l put iu first
cla*s shape ail over the town. '
"lu the tvatral office we have one of the
lat, >st iwoiMv.id au<! best rveelrin* tmar i*
extant. It l>*< t*H>a lu m«' only a month
an.t the empioy- ■> have it>>t »• „ usr.l '<>
it, hut a* soon au they are th oroughly
familiar with it I think a great impro*e
nivßt w ill tie noticed.
"It ta »jr hoaeat. earn eat intention to
improve the aervire. and. therefore. 1 de
•Ire that all eon pi at sit# will come direct
tom< *o that lean rem<Nly the®. I will,
therefore, feel obliged to all rlti '#»• who
will teil in* of any trouble they ma> have
with their telephon. < I<an be reached
from itofr p m by teleohone la my oßfe
in the Korn Waefc. l.< .ie-« dsrectrd to me
there will receive attention, and I will he
oa hand to receive those w v io *.rv to call
for the pnrpos« of complain:*.
"There are now *>*> t« ; « i.U'ite> :u t.* us
thi* e;tv rhe «*iiar»rt > $ • mouti. to»
feaafneas house* aiul It <) month for
residence* Ttw swi'chinir ;* <l->ae free of
charge 'i'herv are on'.y tw ■ other < ,?;«- It
the United >;at>'» where telephone* are a*
rhea; . .lifnc are Taooma an-! kanaa* >
In New York and Itovtou teb>ue* .. »;
fioai |.w year In Wsfi :t' e
e«»t !*»s» |wr year. In I. t'.an {thechanre
is t»0 pt-r year for thc'aae of the tefop&om
au.l >c« nt* f r each twitch. >« >»• #-t
•rrv ii'e \» i S'a]i. f -.i* that J,*** u.»t 'mti!*
Its being s*»r, Therefore f* the :nr.-n
tion to improve the arrvb-e mvmu h:t ar
there wtr, b«» n«> ;.«*• < an»e for compUu:;',
\ Ml -iKMENTH.
Oltoiu.t\ MiN*T*«l - Fbe !a«o ;>
Kia misKtrela make their appearand m
»*i*a;! ,at Kr> v - i>j>era lsc ;«• *.< n*. rr- »
nigtr The eorjt>ai!y i* on.t*'* !of e«-
e*l a : »•» » •«} ba- a r:tie »p: *ti. \
exrhat *»• »». - "\ erowdi*>l •••;•• $• .
the f»evrsia Mit.-lreia In*' and a t -n
nine «;• ecaa wa* aporod. lb- tro,t» i«
»*f c< aetoe co". r< 1 t«<ot>l#i and
in featarea wer»> tsi ,s n . • e
auperior manv of the nom* t>re ! v at;- .«
o»ni;<a e* ai; *b have • »■■■■. oi, ;> n
>aat *< The ;>«rt »»> t-r»- «
a?id iatrodu c l raaay « vu ;»
tha' kt ;>; tt;r' a't-i ■ i»■in a r*>ar
A b :» are sia' e to fcappr; a 1; s y
time, aud it i» v*e 1 to be f r
th as. Kvery family afc< a:<i \«p a bott e
<»! iM.tar.;' ,a the hot.x' a- aU
tim t ». :t .« wor-h it* » c.jrM in r«>!d : r
cur:*. *.* a:• l<rut*< f>. o- : ».-r a an' »kto
aiseua. s<>td by Sea art A. Ho!ak«t I>?ug
*o>. wbv>ie*a 1 eafout*
Death «f O. W. rnk«r at the Poor
'«■ Mmrm P—lxt.
The funeral of O. W Frake- took plac*
feateniay from toe undertaking establish
ment of Croat A Co, Mr. F raker died at
toe poor farm of genera! debility. on Fri
day afternoon. It will be remember**
that hi* wife died several mouth* visce.
By theae jotnt eerommres seven children
are -phaoed »b<* a*?» i*nr<- <~,ta 2 ro
1« year*. Three are at the Prfkiai' Rome
and :b«- outer four at the poor farts, a#
Mr. Praker *a» enareiy destitute uj«
aaember* of the Free Methodist ehtm-b of
which be wa# a mmtat, a »e the rinfor
tnuar* man dweat bortal in the eea^ery
: »Z n *t. b I 2*£ L *** Mr >f
Mated daring toe funeral ceremony
. V . T J u^U^ m " t ti* died
at the Provideae* Hoapltai on Friday ai*h:
" d P.T?* * l j* 9 andertakin* e«eb&a
2*2* 25!,* f ° *m brought
to the bon»ita! two or three dars '.v
< hariea Anderson. who sMed that the airjt
manjiad ©outraged typhoid ferer white
ta S**" l * Ai Peterson
waa deiiriosss a»i the time he was ia the
hospiuu and dad without ra
ttonai. nothio* wi» learned of hit friends
w««m'n^ V T w ? authorities
woo.d ace to hear from toe frieada of th
7*.i! £ J 10 ®* wh * ! disposition
to make of the body.
.J*Z. A 2* w /»b*t3 fjraJe (colored; died at
toe Windsor house at 2 o'clock yesterday
of typhoid feter The remains
will be shipped to Oiympl* at 1 38 to-day
f for interment there. Deceased wa* aged
about a year*.
Tfce Northern Pwffi« Inaugurates a
Monetary Innovation.
The Erst land tax the Northern Pacific
Railroad Company ha* erer paid ia K'ub
ingtoa Territory waataraedoserloCoaaty
Treasurer Frank A. Pontius yesterday.
Heretofore the company ba« only paid a
certain per cent on Its earnings to
the territorial auditor, who has appor
j ttoacd the amount anions the several
counties. This year Treasurer Pontius pre
paid a statement of the twrnceni on toe
lands of Kiu« county and presented it to
P. .M Imdley, toe Northern Pacific land
eommUsic.ser. Tbi» *tat»racat nhowed the
valuation of the company"* land to be
imW aad the tax thereon f 16,47iW.
Yesterday John H Mitchell. Jr., attorney
for toe Northern Pacific, appeared at the
county treasury aad paid 17,-MI.U of the
tas. Tbl* amount was nedpted for by
Treasurer Pontius aud placed to the credit
of toe fcevt-ral tcuds at follow* County.
aehool «rw territorial. |'..7iz,is; road, »7;rr.06;
road and bridg*, mUitia and iad,
relief. <iM aft: *peciaJ aehool. H73_>. The
company will probably j«ay toe balance of
Ixfi'M.m next Thurada).
i ounty Treaaurer Poatiu* ai«o received
#i.« f ooo yeaterday upon the Kbool boada
negotiated aome time ago by Mr. Jacob
Kurth. Trieite bond* were issued to pro
vide lor payment of warrant* ouutanuing
ou the construction of toe Hixtb »treet and
.x.mth Heattle nchool building*. A ca!l for
liie warrant* will I* rnad.- at once, aud in
terest on them will ceaae from the date of
; toe call.
They Crawled Out of the Baicmeßt
of III* Clancy (Infilling.
During Use session of the court • amall
room in the basement of the Clancy build
ing. ou Washington street near Sooth see
ond, has been utilised as a prison by Unit
ed States Marshal Hamilton. Yesterday at
4 o'clock there were 4'» prisoner* in this im
provised jail and in half an hour after there
were only 43. In the in«-rfm two prison
ers, Ban Lundy and William Brown, had
taken advantage of the confusion lncfdcnt
to the serving of supper to make their es
rape. though then* were two guard* in the
room. They entered the water closet
and a !«>ard was torn off. either
by themselves or a Confederate
outside. Through the opening thus made
they got into the alley nest to the Standard
theater aud from there it was au easy mat
ter to get into the street.
Ben. l.undy was arrested on the sloop
Emerald in Fort Uiscovery t>ay, on January
10 for attempting to smuggle Chinese aud
opium into the territory. William Brown
was under arrest for having soid liquor to
The prison from whir U the man cm hi >1
i* a miserable place. In It wera crowded
4i» whites aud Chinese, and the sir is as
foul as It I* possible lo conceive. The men
when they lie down on the straw furnished
almost entirely cove# the floor It is said
that vermin abound* among them owing
to the poor facilities offered for washing
the Inmate and their cl<>th<*».
"«oxe T« THE irRIMOS."
Two Oroeera *«II Out anil Lritvs
Mounting Creditors.
Considerable surprise was manifested in
commercial cirele* ye« eruay when It was
learued fhat (he grocery firm of Uobltc-oa
A Mitchell had sold out on Friday night to
L. A. Mt-I.aue, for fXHiO, This firm has
been iu the grocery business on South
Eighth street, uear the Urant street bridge,
since last Julv. For several mouths the
Mils were paid promptly, and the credit of
tile firm was good. For the past thirty
days, however, the firm ha* been buying
heavily, but on various excuses has put off
the paying of the bills until their liabilities
amounted to about #.«*> Then the sale
was made to !„ A. McLaue. Nothing has
been seen of either Koblnson or Mitchell
since Friday, and the presumption is that
they have "gone to the springs." Among
the victims are jfebwabacher A Co., Chil
berg A Co., Capt. J. A. Hatfield.. Coiemau
A Boyd, and others,
H.ere is considerable do=ibt a» to the
legality of the sale of Kobiuson A Mitchell s
stock to L A. McLane, as It Is alleged that
It was consummated tor the purpose of de
frauding the creditors. Therefore the
matter has been placed In the hands of the
Ihtard of Trade, who will thoroughly in
vestigate it.
lltime Fire Ins Co.—telephone 169.
l>r. Xttrk gives his lecture ou "Evolution
at Krye * opera house th«» eveuing Ad
mission. 10 cents.
! The offices iu the Yesler bailding lately
vacated by the IT. s. land office will be t»c
cupled by Attorneys t'arr A I*restou.
At their meeting Jast night the I'atriot
Onlerof Hon*of America decided to hold
a parade on Washington's birthday.
Robert Abrams contributed f:»X> and
Thomif Brengan lis to the building fund
jof the Youug Men's Christian Ass.wtation
i will leave Monday eve
ning for Walla Walla with the prisoners
sentenced to the penitentiary by Judge
I Burke in the iistrk t court yesterday.
St i- said that the Olympian wiii In*
| pdaced cu the Alaska route on June Ist.
This is abaut the time of the year when
the ri.K-Kl tUie ef tourist travel sew In
toward* the laud of the midnight san.
Lawrencv Booth has been appointed
guardian of the estate of Ethel and Helen
Wright, minor heirs of Albert Wright, d<
ceased, by the probate court, lit* bond*
are fixed at t-hJOV.
Yesterday was one of the hud oat days so
far this year In the county auditor's office
The number of instruments tiled for record
reached which is within 10 of the high
water mark, and there were also a uumber
of cancellations.
A ma*» ineettn* will be held in the
opera h»u*e this afternoon at i o'clock, in
which the Y. M. A. will cooperate in
tb<- service. Maaon 1.-ONK will ad<lreM the
met*tin* A cordial invitation :• extended
to all to S* present.
\ i'rrday the chief of police Nerval no
lice* on li citizens to at>ate nuisance*
whtch rtk on their premise* on the city
front. The turtle* receiving the notlfie*
t ton* prom!*i-it to abate them within the
time granted them 38 day*.
The t'auadiau faciflc Navigation com
puir, it ti laid ia *teamh,»at circle*. h*\ e
purchased another boat. I? to the inten
tion to run the bolt tn conjunction with
the frontier. The traffic has grow nso that
the Premier I* uttahie to properly hau>l!e it.
i„oto in t'ahie Um addition are selling
rapidly; there are only two left. This
property Is near Jackson street, and that
part of the city U receivfne a p* at build
ins impetus. Parties desiring lot* tn this
\ U Unity call early at our < Sice. H H. l*cwr
born A I'omsnereiai. corner J a k son
V' !_ samne!,«>f the We«t S!i »re, ,* in
town ft on I'ortiani
Rev. P. C. IfetiSer and ««>n \\ '' aru of i
Saiesa, frt., ar* iu the city.
Mr W. I>. Tyler, of The Tacoeia h>-tel.
!a« n\a, |«sd Seatt;e a Syiac i :*it r
day. ,
Mr I). Charlton, a*K.*tant c ncral pa*
MU(vr areat of the N»nihem J'aciac, *u
in ti'w a yvterday
t'ouaty Treaauwr hstiwt little son,
Frank, who ha* be«a wriowiy ill *ith ty■
phold fever, i» improving and is now coa
».«t «»f .Sautter. i
M* Ktlmaad O. iiaiM. btif brathtr of 1
*!r, i 1. t oaover. of the firm of t raw for,}
A Co'.,vi\er. arrived here oa Friday evsnsng
from lowa Mr Itaird will a-*»* sate biui
*•-■ f »:t!s tae Krtn of ('rawford A t i«nov*t.
Mr t i L Tern, aa*i»*ai!t eaahiero? the
l*ii»vt »,.•)- ,5 Sa*.:onai t<ar,k. arj'l M<\ How- '
ardLews* arj.S family, who have beta ao- '
;.*ur»:a< ,u >aa Fran -mm Kir the paaJ few '
months, tvaie retnnst-d. Mra Terry '
dot tiot rrtnrn wi:b the peaty, i
arid will »:*v in <*au Fsaaei«r»» i«*r a '
mouth ye:, Mr strw chii.Jren.who 1
w< r\? ■ V-i., *a-« 4 from theeSbctaof J*• i hoid '
fever nhti; Uu-> : % >ft isere, are a» r***, a* :
tt.-any tfcaahiu<toa Terrttory appu-*. the ;
» hat.ge of climate hav =s j.?-. a'. * '*>* !u*B;<.d I
vtreyoti K!»Jm * Tea »> }.nt up m air ; chs
t;:; buu». whica jweavrve intact st» f»xu
Uar m«>i:v-itra; Fu dincttoa* i
fw p?vparing the ha eaa. Jj i
las kagr It i» alao put up lu b»rm. i
a e*-aceutxated extract. Yoar i»
aut ;.v>riird t«» refuti i {&« noory, if i
Kidocy Tea Jaw nut <1 > what :• claUaod I i
U* it, s»!d by Mewa.-; x Uoltncs Drag Co..
a fcoloa.** areata.
Jadgp Burke Fits tbe Punishment
lo tbe Crime.
Htghwaymaa Wakk Go** l> Far
Tvthaftan »• Wtefcerabaaa
CM* F—ty—d.
Yesterday waa sentence daT fa tbe dia-
At 10 o'clock sheriff Cochrane,
with a *»ron* guard. escorted IS coa-ricfed
felon* Into tbe court room to hare Jalge
Bark? :«*. sentence upon them John
Wekb, tbe highwayman convicted of as
sault wttb intent to murder Policeman
sick Kanaa. led tbe pronation. Hia act
ing wa* not qa.te so consummate aa on tbe
day of tbe trial, yet he kept up tne pretense
of insanity aisd refused to comprehend tbe
lustration* of tbe guard to take a «e*t un
til t-e waa washed down into it. Then fol
lowed the ioog file of leas notorioaa crimi
nals, who were too weak in mind to simu
late insanity and whose crimen were of too
commonplace a nature to entitle tbcta to
any great degree of public attention,
sure runs roa k«6U>t.
Harry Diamond, the burglar, wa* tbe
first to receive sentence.
"I want my seatea-e postponed. ao I can
prove my innocence." said the prisoner.
"Yon hare had a fair trial and the ver
diet of the jury i« that yon are guilty of
burglary," responded hia honor, "tne sent
ence of tbe court, therefore, ia that you be
confined In the penitentiary at Y.alla
Waila for nine year* at hard labor."
When John Welch waa called upon to
stand up there was no answer. Tbe bold
highwayman sat mute and unresponsive ia
hi* chair, and looked straight ahead, aa if
oblivious to tbe mandate of the court,
irneriff Cochrane stepped orer to him and
lifted him to his feel, and motioned him
towards tbe bar The prisoner turned with
his back to the judge and commenced ar
guing with tbe sheriff about a rum of
money he claimed had been taken eway
from him when he was lodged in jaiL
■seeing that the prisoner would sot par at
tention, Judge Burke proceeded with' tbe
"John Welch." said he, "you hare been
eonricted of assault with intent to mur
der. You bare endeavored to make the
court and jury believe that you arc in
sane, but the jury did not think vou in
sane. and neither do I. I further believe
that you fully comprehend what! am now
saying to you. notwithstanding yosr
seeming abstraction. The sentence of the
court is that you be confined in the peni
tentiary at Walla Walla for the period of
U year*, at hard labor." A simple motion
of the sheriff was all that was required to
intimate to Welch that he could sit down
wben tbe sentence wa* concluded, which
be did with such alacrity aa to show that
the sentence of the court had exerted a
salutory affect upon his understanding.
John McGratb, William Hawthorne and
Frank Conner were each given two year*
In tile penitentiary to r receiving stolen
fowds knowingly. A p!ea was set uj> by
(awtborre'e attorney that the stolen
property rewired by his client was only
valued at |lO, and be sboold therefore
have a light sentence, but the %court held
him equally guilty with his accomplices.
Richard Coulter, the dapper young man
who was convicted oi burglarizing Bode' -
tailoring establishment, insisted that he
wa« as innocent as a child, and pleaded
for mercy. The air of bravado he had worn
daring his trial was gone, and he trembled
likes leaf as he abjectly entreated the
court to be lenient with him. He was given
■even years In the i«enifentiary.
George Watson, a 16 rear-old boy, pleaded
Kilty to burglary, and asked the court to
lenieut with him. The judge sal a it
was doubly unpleasant to pa»s -cnienee
upon a youth. but it was the boy's own ac
tions that had made it necessary that sen
tencc should be imposed. He wonld make
the sentence light, however, in the hope
that the boy would mend his ways and try
to lead an honest life after his release.
The sentence was the minimum term al
lowed by law, one vear
Cbarles Parker, the boy who with the es
caped liare Worley. stole IP**) worth of
jewelry, money and other ratable* from
Mrs. Aaok't museum la*t fall, was also let
off with one year in the penitentiary be
cause of his youth and prerlous good
J. H. Fred, who attempted to kill his
sweetheart. Miss Til ford, wa* sentenced to
si s yean in the penitentiary.
I- fmbeau. who Mole a watch from Prof.
Reader, received a sentence of six years'
Imprisonment in the penitentiary.
i.j Hong, the Chinaman who robbed
Powell's logging camp of *.v«o in money
last summer, was given five years lit the
Henreleh Michel, the brute who beat his
wife and then threatened to shoot her, was
given 1> montns in the penitentiary. He
wept when the sentence was aunounced.
Ah liin ws« given one year in the peni
tentiary for a.- -vault with intent to murder.
Clarence Siseldon and Richard Mills, the
two juvenile larccnista, were given a good
talking to and were then committed to the
county farm. Judgment lu their case* is
•■imply »tupeudcd, and they will be s>-ut to
the penitentiary if they do not keep out of
trouble in the future.
Nicholas July wa« *ent to the eouutv jail
for 30 days iur as«au!t and battery "upon
hi« wife.
Frank Henderson, convicted of obtain
ing money under fals<- pretense*, was not
sentenced, a motion for a new trial being
under consideration.
Indian John, for simple assault, was giv
eu .K) days in the county jail.
James (ialvin. who stole Peter Lee's
wati h, was let ofT with a fine of SM.
Marry smith, convicted of petty larceny,
wax given t-0 days in the county jail.
The »euteace of John Williams, convict
ed of burglary, was postponed, pending ar
gument on the motion f. r a new trial.
The tr'-al of C. B. Collins for sodomy was
taken up at the tnoruing session. Judge
R'lrk* having overruled the objection to
evidence being introduced made bv the
attorneys for the defendant late Friday
afternoon. The trial coasumed nearly the
whole day and was sickening in its dis
gustine details Judge Burke instructed
the jury that as the code provided no pun
ishiaeut for the crime allegi*d to have
been committed, and it would t>o useless
to return a verdict finding the defendant
guilty. They coald only return two ver
dicts. not guilty or cuilty of
simple assault. The jury after be
ing out a few moments returned
a verdict of acquittal. wa* not be
cau-e Hie prosecution had failed to prove
the jcuil! of the defendant beyond doubt,
but bceaase it was folly to convict a man
of a crime for which the law had provided
no punishment, aud because it would be
• travesty upon justice to find a man who
ha«i committed so a crime (guilty
of «im;-e as-anlt. The attorneys for Col
lins, realising the strong feeling prevalent
in the eonimuuity against hits. \ery widely
asked the judge to make an order re-com
mitting him to the county Jail for a few
TUe trial of Probate Juigc Wiekersham,
s»f Tacoma, will be taken up Monde? morn
ing, an 1 will probably continue three days.
Evidence of a startling nature, implicating
several well known residents of Tacoma. is
promised A long array of counsel will ap
pear on both sides, and the numl«er of wit
nesses already *u bp mead is raid to be
ortr IJO.
lH?c'aratit»ns of intentiou to become citi
sens of the United states were filed with
the clerk of the court br R. M. Mitchell.
Thoma* Downing, R. C. Pennington, Ben
iamin T. Cooper, of <ireat Bntaiu and Ire
land. Knud Jas person of Denmark: Mco
lay Olaen of Norway and Sweden.
iWmprr, Keogh £ Davit-. a firm doing
luting* at St Paui. Minnesota, hare
brought action against W. I_ Kusaell to re
cover 11157 OS lor merchandise ao!d to de-j
fandaat, and | :70 36 on tiro nromissnry
note* delivered by the defendant to the
P lain tiff.
The hrariojt of the «mtrormj between
t: . Columbia Canning Company and It*
eraditnta via* eoattaaed to February 23.
(Joritsn Kroa . the Wrll Kiinun Tail
or#, '•tart a I?ranch In Seattle.
eveaiag a reporter win paaaiag the
commodiona »row at *l2 Front »trwt. «kn
he r*{» t>d IWci 'io-Wan. of the weil
kaowa raerviiaat uU!.>r::ijj :lrm ofOordaa
p na*.
"*!i« an* yoa doing in Seattle. Mr. Oor-}
dat:' a*ked c •»- reporter.
'"Why, I sb fitting iif thi* atore in the
ta e ■ gaat »t> e juv-tdc. and will have
a grand opent n* o-\ next Saturday night.
On the »helvc« will be *ome of the finest
aooleo pw!« lajriaable, wuieb will t«
wade up at San Frtacww
""Hero are now «ome » tailors oominc
fr--m "*an Franc m o who have been «pecial
ly »• ucaged tor ?h..« »to»e One of the beat
cut'r r> ir. Franei*co haa heer> *e« i:re*i.
and I f*-el <t* , .r l»*at that we will be able to
tnra «-u" eoe>*i- that w. 1 h# a «urpri>«* to
the ; aH'ir. *>• intend to k» •p a laixe Ifae
af the 4o» if of fc>mm gvayd*. which we
lapirt direct from Furope through the
*au Franc: custom hi :* A* we par
eha*e ;hl**«-I<\»i« iu Mfel apantitiea, and
take fa's adiatstajre of the market by pay
inK ca*-fa down. pe»>p:e art* at the
pric*-* we can rrsai.-? «ttt> o«t of Sue im
ported sood* for The f>ahUe i» cordial ly
ia\ ito«i To atteivi < ur o;«nicg
A rood >.i.«e*;-*oa w*.f> on appetiteaad *
c »o? ar-»« t tf i* ■ tie of th« «#r*•! - >4
pef»-t !«e*'*h. if y<m arv km tpint d, ir
ri-afc e, b ll'-ou* or b*w an irmjular app
. i: -ntn>ahiH* you i*T ail means t*»
take pr. Uealey '* L'aadeii-Hi Toirr. It
*UI make a ' w m«:i cf veu Soldi.y
- ? -« art a Hc sb i. Jmtoj: Co., wUo.c*ale
ag> at*.
Seattle post-intelligencer, sttxdaw February 17, im.
A Thres Msaths' Trip 1> th« la-
This forenoon Mr. J. T. Eshelsaaa aad
wile will leave oa a three tcomhr tocr
fa the Ease ia the interest of Waafeiagtoa
Territory aad Seattie la fiaeraL sad the
firm of Esbelmac 4 Lieweilyn ia par
The journey wiE be threes* New York.
Penasyiraais. New Jersey. Maryland.
Maine. New Hampshire, Vermont. Massa
chusetts. Rhode Island and roosecocat.
Particaiar attest!..a will be paid to Sew
York. Boston, Philadelphia. Baltimore and
other large cities
Mr Rshelman aad bis wifr jßiead to par
ttopaie ia the festivities incident to the
insugaration of President Earr.soa ia
Wsakiagton. D C., on the 4th of March.
It is also their intention to attend the cen
tennial of the iaaagtirstioi; of the father
of oo? country, George W ashiagtoa. oa the
3>th of April, at Philadelphia
In all these places Mr Eshelman will
distribute a total erf SOO,OOO pieces of lite
rature descriptive of Washington Territory,
and Seattle and its environ meats. The
•Seattle Catechism. "Brother Jonathan
aad the Tr.ree <ireat Cities of Mod*ra
Times—Seattle. London and New York"—
maps and other publications will be among
the printed matter distributed. There will
also be posters, hangers, dodgers, handbills
and fiyers ad infinitum. Mr. Efchefraaa ex
pects to do effective work among the count
ies* thousands who will gather at the in
spiration cri president Harrison. Mr.
Esheltnan expects to return in about three
Complete lades to Iks Code sad
Session Laws Pnbllshvd.
The last session of the legislature of
Washington authorised the compilation
and publication of a complete index to the
; code of Washington and to tbe *es»ion
; lairs enacted by the territorial legislature
at the sessions of
gether with all tbe laws remaining in force
at the time of the adoption of the code.
The publication of this index having
been delayed, owing to the vast amount of
work incident to its compilation, has at
last been completed and Auditor Wood
j yesterday received C? copies of the book
for distribution among the county officers
and justices of the peace.
; Thia index will be received as a boon bv
those who have to make frequent refer
encea to tbe laws of Washington. The in
dex published with the code is worthless
forafi practical purposes and as many
; amandmen's to the laws are contained in
the laws of the sessions subsequent to the
adoption of the it has required a great
deal of research to determine whether a
law was in force or had been amended or
Auditor Wood has commenced distribat
i lag the indexes to the various officers en
titled to receive them.
The Old Story of Misplaced C onfi
dence Told Again.
J. E. Fitzgerald, evidently a laboring
man, arrived in town last night from Ta
coma with a woe begone look in his eyes,
* and immediately reported to the police
that be had been robbed of *IOO and a
watch. Fitzgerald stated that he arrived
in Seattle about two weeks ago, coining
from down the Sound. He had been here
but a short time when he fell in with a
man who gave the name of "Charlie Hor
, ingtou." Charlie an«l Fitzgerald were soon
excellent friends. With a few soothing
words Fitzgerald was Suduced to give his
friead his watch and his money {*100! to
j place in a safe.
The next day Charlie left for Tacoma, of
which fact Fitzgerald was not apprised
for several days. Whea he learned of his
, friends" departure he followed him toTa
coma. They met. aad Charlie said it was
all right, and tbe poor dupe believed such
jto be the fact, on Friday Horington dis
j appeared from Tacoma, leaving word for
his friend thsthe had gone back to Seattle,
f Yesterday FitzfieraJd came to this city, aad
after satisfying himself that Horiagton
| was not ht-re he reported his loss to the
Commencing February 17. lv-9. nntil fur
ther notice, Sunday trains will depart and
I arrive as follows
For Keltb. connecting Arrive.
*»»ths teamer a' Ua
; lon bay v» a.in. 930 a.m.
1 For Eilee water and in
termediate point* 1000 am. 11:00 am.
For Vesler,connecting
with steam'r for lake
\\ Hohiugtoti points 200 p.m. 8:30 p.m.
For Snohomish and in
termediate points 4:00 p.m. 8:05 ».m.
Commutation tick-Is for familv use at
reduced rates, also increased facilities for
travel Iwjaeea Seattle and suburban
points. For rates and time card apply to
asciit foot of Columbia street or to the nil
designed. W. J. JENNINGS,
«i. F. .* P. A.
A large invoice of the celebrated Royal
Worcester corsets has just been received by
Toklas, Kiugerman A Co., who are tbe only
agents in Seattle for these goods. These
corsets have a world-wide fame and are
acknowledged to have the finest shape and
to be the most comfortable corset in the
world. Prices run all the way from *1 to
The California Insurance Company of
San Francisco is prepared to insure tags
and other vessels at lower rates and upon
i better <*onditions than heretofore. Before
• insuring with any other compaav or re
newing your present policies, call upon
The National Building. lx>an and Pro
tective I'nion is the only hmlding and
: loan association in the United States who*.'
whose share* p+tilivly mature in fter yrar*.
The popularity of its plan Si attested by
the fart that 1687 shares of stock of other
national a<«uol«tkrai were voluntarily
transferred to the National Build inf. Loan
and Protective I uton during the j>a»t
days in Washington Territory alone. < all
or write for descriptive circulars. E. J
Meagher, assistant general agent, .No. IJO
James street, comer Second.
New dre«* Bilks, Chester Cleary.
Christy hats. Diraock & Chearty.
Spuria! "ale of domestic remnant* at the
•>ati Francisco store this week.
Christy hat*. I'imock A Cheasty.
New good* daily arriving Chester
New Seersuckers. Chester Cleary.
French all-wool draw good* worth tl '£>
now offered at the .-an Francisco store for
The Pacific Coast Detective Agency's
offices are in the I'nion Mock, where the.v
are prepared to handle all work iniru«red
to their care. Kooms 1" and IH. A J.
I.ucms A. Co.
Christy hats. Dimock A cheasty.
New India silk*. Cheater Cleary.
New alpaeaa. Chester Cleary.
A*k your grocer for Mar Brand California
New Sicilian luster*. Chester Cleary
Look out for our grand opening of the
world renowned Duniap hat*. Tokla.*,
St ngerm an A Co.
New sateens. Chester Cleary.
New kid gloves. Chester Cleary.
Silk hats Ironed free of charge at the -an
Francisco store.
Fifty cent chemises, handsomely
trimmed. Chester Cleary.
Star Brand California Flour makes the
lightest and whitest bread.
New corsets. Chester Cleary.
Important so steamboat and nulroaJ
men. Oar new bine heavyweight suits,
eyelet batton*. guaranteed all wool and
fast color, are offered for 117 x> per suit by
Twkias, Singvrman A Co.
New Sarah si'ks. Chester < leary.
-ale of table linens. Chester Ckary.
Fine china tea seta for |9 a: N. Chllberg
A Son's.
New hosiery Chester Cleary.
Just arrived. Oar elegant wide wale
suits, sprinsr style, three-buttsm frock suk
lined. It will pay yon to Inspect them
Tokia*. singerman 4 Co.
New shirting percales just ot>eued.
Cheater Cleary
Fifty-cent *> inch drap de alma. all wool.
C heater C leary.
Tbos P. Freeman. landscape gardener.
Second. bet. Cedar and C-ay. North Seattle.
New dresa .goods. Chester C eary.
Tea cent fine-check nainsook. i h ester
c leary.
Call and see oar slater woolen mill ek»th
finished faanel sails. both fonck and sack
Tofcias. S;neersaan Jt Co.
New s:lk lustres and Sicfuaas. Chester
Prist* ia <iir>j tool*. ('Sorter Clttfj.
h« amifai decorated dinner *et for I'J a:
N tMi berg A Bon «.
Ni w giagham*. < kMcr < '.tar?.
One dollar niehtrown*: h*n>l*-nx»]j
tnainstd with embroider?. Chester deary.
Ptmuively tfce cheapest Wit ia the <:=?y.
my *VO Sot c»si Mir.-#irvet cahie Uoesn Ve»-
>r'« 8«t addition, t*auas» &>rlfel,
i >-axiom -a,
Ttn-cent rone?#; tnooali dies. Chester
>*h of < 'tw*« OATT.
Kmbroidvr* «a't« < Cieary.
> .-•»>. \V. f S.. :«uai>«rs:h, W. T..
>. s,'y if frost '.»>t ba*iae«
- ."y V t » "e H:. >t *a2rv-<l.
Kaak t ;• Beo. B. saij** A Co..
Fjenbrtiiderlee Ckary,
Additional Ural «n Hishth Fa£<\
Tbe Proposed Ordißinre Km
latiwr Oil Wtrcfcaana.
CsiadUMß Dart* asd Bam Spmk
of Its Provisions- From
!>nnac« Slas^poiaL
"Tbe Ef««tj of taking some action in
regard to tbe proper storag* of oil bad be
come so preseingly sppareat that aa ordi
nance, which makes provl&ion for tbe
proper disposal of combcstibiea, was in
troduced at tbe Council meeting Friday
sight. said Mr. D E. Dane. chairman of
the Council rcmmittee oa &re and water
yesterday, "The city sad to do either one
of two things—g:> into tbe storage business
itself rc others to do su. Tbe first
method seemed to me unwise, for two rea
son •: It would have been usurpation of
the business rights of private individuals,
and it would have added to the coat cf coal
oil. IValers in oil, petroleum, etc.. natur
ally desire to control their own busi
ness, and 1 am quite certain that
had aa attempt been made to
Metrics unduJ) the privileges of one or two
of them, notably the standard Ou Com
pany, by tbe parage of an ordinance re
quiring them to place their stores in the
hands of the city, they would have with
drawn their business from the citv. The
business arrangements of the Standard and
Eagle oil companies are now satisfactory
to the public, and all that is necessary now
is to require them to render their ware
h oases as trw from danger of fire as poesi
bie. The manager of the standard oil
warehouse has told rue that he u entirely
satisfied with the requirements of the pro
posed ordinance, and that be will comply
with them by constructing a safe bnildisg
further from the harbor.
"It will not be necessary for me to make
any extended explanation of the provis
ions of the ordinance, for a perusal of the
sections will, I think, convince everyone
of their reasonableness and wisdom."
"The ordinance proposed by Councilman
Durie seems to me to be the best for all
parties that could have been suggested."'
said Councilman Bums.
"It was laid over for one week to ascer
tain what the sentiment of the public is.
I am satisfied it will be found unanimous
in its favor for the reason that its require
ments are reasonable and sensible, and
there are no unusual provisions attai hed
to It
"As ss sbstract insurance proposition, a
warehouse or barn for the storage of hay.
is mach more dangerous to surrouuding
property than aa oil warehouse. The basis
of insurarik-e rates for a brick structure of
the former kiad is 2JS per cent., and for a
wooden building 350 per cent. The rate
oa Drick hay warehouses is 3 per cent, and
for a wooden building 6 per cent
"Buildings adjacent to oit,store bouses
made of brick have l 4 per cent, added to
their basis,rate for a 10- foot exposure, and
I>er cent for a wooden warehouse; and the
additienal rate for a 10 foot exposure
from a hay bam of brick is per cent,
aud for a wooden bam is 1 2 per cent. Not
withstanding these rates! consider that
tbe danger from sn oil warehouse located
on the water front is much greater than
from a hay building, for the reason, well
understood here, that in case of fire the
burning oil running from the warehouse
would spread out over the harbor and
woald probably fire the whole water front.
Every one remembers the time when
Scbwabacher's oil warehouse, near the
Yesler wharf, burned four or five years
ago. The burning liquid ran down into
the water and quickly spread around
amongst the adjacent wharves. As it hap
pened, the tide was very low and the quan
tity of oil very small. or a
widespread and disastrous conflagration
must have ensued.
"Now, if oil warehouses are moved back
from the waterfront the calculations of in
surance adjusters oa the relative risks from
oil and hay warehouses will be without
this unconsidered element of danger, and
will be correct, Tbe rates of insurance
will be comparatively Jow. and the risk of
tire to adjoining buildings will be small. I
think Councilman Durie's ordinauce is a
wise one snd it should pass."
Result of the Kegular Ousrterly
Teachers* Examination.
County ik:hool Superintendent I. P. Rich
aad Miss Katherine F. Cbeasty, of the
board of examiners, yesterday completed
the work of passing on the papers sub-
I mitted by the applicants for teachers cer
t tifieatcs at the examination held on
Wednesday aud Thursday. Three of tbe
applicants who had previously held third
grade certificates failed to sec are the aver
age number of credits required for sec
ond grade certificate and as only one-third
grade certificate is allowed to be issued to
a teacher under the law. they wilj ifot be
allowed to teach this year.
To ware a first-grade certificate fbe ate
plicaut must have a standing of '.*o fa
grammar and arithmetic and WO credits or
over in all branches For a second (Trade a
standing o{ 75 in arithmetic and crura mar.
; aud an average of 750 credits !g required.
Kor the third grade a standiue oi 00 in
grammar and arithmetic, and 600 credits
J is necessary.
j The following were awarded certificates
: in the respective grades, upon the average
standing set after their names:
First grade—John Giblin. of Sunny dale,
950 credits.
Second Grade—J. P. Atkinson, of Seattle.
93*; Mr« I* M. Kennev, Fa!! City, *74, Miss
Ella Huff, Seattle, 868: J. A. Catbeart,
Slaughter, 852; !>avid Thomas, Franklin,
83#; Mrs. s. N. McNaughton, Tolt, &*>; A.
N. Adair, Soveltv. 761.
Third Grade—"Miss Lottie J. Kempster,
Seattle,B99; Mis* Lulu K. Huff, Seattle,®®;
Miss KmmaC. Kellogg. Seattle, 513; Charles
A. Giblin, Suanydale, 7W>: Miss L'ora Adidr.
Novelty, 7srt: Echuin ClaypoWo, Suuny
dale, 7;>0; Milt Roblson, Seattle. ~'li.
That's the ()u«»tloD-iVIII thai Navy
\ nrd i:« on Lake Washington.*
I The naval site < omminion accompanied
j by C. H. Kittinger took a coupe ride along
the shores of l.ake I'ulon yesterday. To
day the commission will rest and to-mor
row leave for Olympia. No expression
that would indicate their '•onelnsions as to
the t>e*t site escaped the lips of the com
mission. tint it was acknowledged that a
site witii fresh water had the advantage
over those not so favored.
It is almost certain that if the canal was
finished into Lake Washington, the navy
yard would be located there. The que*
tion uow is will the government go to the
fxnense of constructing the canal in order
to locate the yard on so desirable a site as
I.ake Washltiet.^n"
« <»i MITTKE TK v.—On Monday, aotae 'JO of
the bead«. of committees of the Y. M. C. A.
met at their hall and partook of a daintily
prepared collation. After tea. report#
trom the various departments of the work
were read, showing the progress made dur
ing the put month, which was extremely
gratifying. Noel H. Jacks.state secretary,
complimented tee assitciation on thevtfe
ciency nf the work and the enenty of the
workers, remarking on the Yokefellows'
Hand. Mr. Jack «aid it wa* the best of any
in the I'nited -rates, both in numbers,
unity and worker*.
DOCK Fumr:t> EXAMISBD.— -B. ( a®p
bell, freight agent, and
Johnson of the O. K. .% N. Co., were in
town yesterday, and ia company with
Miperintendent Mlinerof the Columbia &
IHijget SmaJ Railroad, examined critically
the dtn k facilities afforded the »». H & N.
Co. Messrs. Campbell and Johnson left for
Portland last evening.
WIN* 5
Absolutely Pure.
Tkj Powder teeer rrnr.t*. A nsarrei of
parry, srr< uirth «is-* who!i—wrtt M >r*
iwwbW than tie or i.tary ki&4i and
eonoot b< «*> l ks i at njeciuon with the aai
cro-i- «>f '• ■* %*■!«•*«* wf::' *. t!ia or
phot yowoara. swfcl <m.y ?b
k XA„ PA*. -* " ■■*&** ,ia» w«:: «:«**-
Stw V **'- *u WT !
U>. I£l Ji BK,
/ V 'rii.-T ANI> ATRI-T &OOS**
V ' Kor& i'aek. U,''
F. FRYE——Frop'r
Fekriarj IMh and 19th,
fiwia Minstrels,
HetJ*»4 by the Emperor of Use Minstrel
Billy Kersands,
Snpporad bv the Greater at all Trios,
And & Coterie of Colored Stars. Crsnd
street parade by the iieorgia Silver Comet
Seats os sale Tuesday at Seattle Phar
Tuesday. Wednesday and Tbarsday,
Feb. 19, 20 tod 21, 1889,
fader the auspices of the Ladies' Turner
Society, for tbe benefit of the Seattle Turn
Vt rein. It will be a grand, royal time far
everybody. Tickets, which cost '& cents,
entitle bearer to admission and a chance in
the grand drawing with the following
rinst Prize—One water front lot. No, 9,
block 7, Sander s addition to West Seattle:
value J-<OO.
Second Prize—Lot Sa IS, block 60, Bos
ton addition. West Seattle; value *3OO.
Third Prize— lot No. 16, block 3, South
ern Pacific addition: vaiue S2OO.
Fourth Prize—Lot in Sehome; value I JOO.
Fifth Prise-Lot No. 4. block 5, Kittin
ger's addition to Part Townsend; value SIOO. :
Aim twenty other valuable prizes will '
be distributed at this drawing, consisting
of elegant clock, value wholesale $25: tine
Cloaks. Apply for tickets at once to A. W.
Piper, Front st., uext to Freemason hall;'
A. Vahlbusch, IIS Cherry st.: A. Krug,
Queen City bakery, Jls Front street.
The festivities to conclude with a
GRAKD BALL, Feb. r2, ls-y, Washing-1
ton's Pirthday. Admission, including
ladies, *I.OO.
TICKETS, only 2.'*»
Grand Concert
Under the Aaipicet of
The Harmony Clnli
Greatest Musical Treat Ever ,
Given in Seattle. {
February 21. at 8 O elwk p. m.,!
AIMOI < Bslrosy 50
Box office open at Seattle Pharmacy
Thursday morning. (
To be given on the J
Silver Anniversary
Of the Order of
Knights of Pythias
Tuesday Evfuiiig, Feb. 10, *s9.
Bv Seattle Division No. 1, Uniform Rank,
K. of P
Admission to Armory. Si.OO.
February *2d, 1889,
Under the auspices of
Washington Camp No. 1, j
Tlckats admlttinc Osatlsman
aad Ladi— tI.OO. 1
Maison Doree,
Formerly fir* T. litter » Dining Parlor.
Wm-J Work. t>r*rr >r*«t unA lataa,
sunu, w. T.
Wltf be restarted by tfee aboire proprie
tor# a» * flrst-cIMM restaurant and kept
open aii day.
CATKEUfS A smiun.
Private dinner*. reception «, weddings,
ar.l picnie paru«-a pnwnpUy attended to a:
jß f »derate prioe*.
He he* to drew »per:el attention to ear
botae suede bread, roll*. and cakes, #«rved
at a»l Unset with tea, euflfee, chocolate, and
ice erwara#-
Board per week • •
Twenty one meal ticket - * '*
Twenty tickets for lascb only - 9 8
Transient Meait
Breakftttt <*
Uimrtrr . - - W
. raat kaow a es
We wlli be p<ea«ed to M« fid fctoyU a.-
«•*■'.! m new, and we guarantee a anS-e^***
**** ym n ALLADIO,
t JSZZSFSSS-**"-*-"
Whether yoa wish to make a large or
Is is good policy to bay aaSy choice prop
erty—something ttsat will be desirabie ia
good times or > *d times.
Handle nothing bat
Gilt-Edge Property,
Which they can conscientiously recom
mend. sad m the following list something
can be found to suit everyone's purse:
Front Street Property.
SIOO 000~ Lot fKiß| on Front
▼* w i vuu street, aad another sn
the rear facing oa West street Tbe** Jots
carry riparian rights and thus practically
extend to deep water. Oa tbe prepertv
are wharves, factories and baslceas
nouses which will rent for *IOOO a month.
Price, *100,000; one-fourth cash, balance
oa loag time.
t/c nnn w •« *** *a*t »r
Frsat street, ketwees Bsdt*
««■ sad Kprlss.
S3O 000 -Tb'rty oa the west
VWUjUUU side of Froat street, be
tween Madison aud Spriag.
JQS 000 _L<vt 00 lh,f «f
next the
t-orner of Pike. On the lot ia a *7OOO
residence. Price. *25.009: one-fourth cash,
balance on long time at > i*r cent.
o nnn~ Fiw sot m <-*»t side of
V]»IU,UUU Front street, between Vir
ginia and Leaora.
Commercial Street.
CC turret. - Pail
•ft oaiMerrlal aad Main strrets, iartad
iag the Arilartos hotel aaiMiag.
AAA—Fifty-three feet frontage on
MPUOjUyV commercial street. be
tween Yesler avenue and Wsshiagtou
Second Street.
$7 Soft~ Fort J" feet frontage on Sec
WI |WW ond street, near Pike; the
cheapest property oa the street.
Choice Building Los.
JfcQ Two lots facing on seventh
*J»O)Wvv street and two on Eighth,
between Jackson aad Mala.
ei l »* ,f hU>fk ® f •»* «»*». l
<J> I >UUU iwlaiii* two rorarrs, oa the
west sids af seintk street, sxteadiag
from Lessra to HI anr hard.
47 AAA—Two lots, southeast corner
Ij Wv Bell and Fourth streets; both
streets graded. UHs cleare d, lay
high, overlook the Sound, and coutain
small house and farm.
$7 000" T*°Lh° tl MtMr and
$6 000~k7° lotß con>er Xinlh auJ
(C Cnn _Two aaathwest csraer of
)3I3UU Msdlsoa aad Math.
nnn-Two lou southwest corner
S|, r ij !g and Twelfth street.
AAA—Two lota corner Eleventh
VTiVwU and Cherry.
dJO AAA—Northwest corner Ninth and
90,UUU Stewart, full lot
tfiQ AAA Full lot at the southeast cor-
S? v)vvv ner of Ninth and Stewart.
fIJO FIAA—Lot on mirth side of Main.
between Tenth and Eleventh
<fcO AAA—Southwest comer of Tenth
3>«>UUU ana Virginia.
Ail ftßA—Two lots on Moltkc street
near John.
7 °a southeast corner
▼L ) I O\J Broadway aad Barclay street,
I*l A Pin - Two lots in Van Itrocklin's
H»i|OuU addition.
Cl tnn ' ' omstork KnppleaiPß
-4>hOUU tal, adjoining klnartr'n, st
str>o<> sad
<til d. —T«o lots on Jackson street
*?■*•> uear Twelfth, at*l4>oeach.
& I /fin— s »«thra»t c«>ra«T Kentarkf
4>I4UU *nd Thomas streets, full Ist,
'i RA -3 ' ol '' on Washington, near
q>l,Ot)U Twelfth, *1350 to *I4OO.
(tl OKA* IjoU on Main near Twelfth
street, from Ili'S) to*lSso.
Cheaper Building Lots.
"J 200 corner in Nob hill.
|' n k Bismarck street, uear
fljl 1 A A—Two lots on Twelfth street,
▼ A ibetween Stewart and Vir
glnia, one block from street cars, *llOO
SBSO —Fine corner in Eastern addition.
SBSO Cho ' ct ' C(vru « r ou Madison
SBOO —Fine lot in Park additiou.
ssoo~|^ !Ot * addition, ;
QiAlrt _,he choicest lots In East
%t>OU\J park addition
Lot# in block 24, Bigelow's ad
V*>vV4itiou, tiax), corners, *:.-i'>.
dJO -Three of the choicest lots in
Crow a supplements! add., *750.
$250" Hil?OUln Mc< *' ivr * B "dJitioa.
$l5O PlijeUt lots in Miner's addition,
Houses and Lots.
$1 O nAn _ T wo lots at the north
west corner of Spriag
aud Sixth streets, including a fine resi
dence, *U,OOO.
11 A Two lots ou Sixth street.
H* lv|Vww three minuU-s' walk from
the Occidental hotel. On one lot is a
house that will rent for *M) a month,
price, *10,000; easy terms.
(t* 7 rtnrt—Fine honsv and lot corner
9 I |WUU Fifth and Terrace. *7,ot«.
(Jjc QAA -Lot < oruer Depot and Wall
VwtOUV streets, including thrw new
six room cottages. Fiae location. **»uo.
tfJO 4AA-l-ot and new seven room
house and »mall bam, cor
ner wf Harrison and Mary stret ts, near
the Depot street cable line and the elec
tric road, with a splendid view of tbe
city, the bartior, the mountains and lAke
I'uion. *'.'4oo.
Onrt-W>x6o feet comer Pin<? aad
Eleventh, with a seven
room, hard finished house and modern
conveniences, *iS6O
Acre Tracts.
<t?OA AAA Ten acres on the west side
SZU»UUU of tie la*e, *39.000. Every
tlng else la the vicinity is piatt#<l.
R Ann- Fifteen seres adjoining
kJ)l£/>UUU Minor's additioa at smith's
<lsl O choice acrea. at Kirk- '
SIaiUUU land with neart* half a
ill* of tae very best water front, at
fMJ aa acre,
tfn o nnn-< hoice so acres at salmon
bay. at *W>anacrs. Owner
needs money at oneee and offers by far tbe .
cheapest tract ; n that vicinity. Land ad-'
joumsng is selltng ia lots.
«rnn cleared aad aadrr>
,DUU 4ra's»S, as a curs»ry.
jast off of gsdisoa strrett T»r a week
•si jr.
Js Jk CAA Thirty acres north of Union
4>4iOUU bay near Yesler S Mill, at
<CoVinn cnty seres near Lake VN asb
iVUU mgtoa a.irii/st directly op-
Kirkiand, at *IOO per acre, sev
eatya\es adjoining so id sometime ago
for *I».W
QiQ AA/V Twenty acres near Klrkland,
*IOO per acre,
mi Q»7C -Xfenty-fiv* a# res near Kirk
sl«o/D iaW: a* IT;, an acre,
Business Chances.
(tjl f) AAA—F'ive V«w leass of the
i£i»UUU H»..- •, tat hotel at a r.ominal
Sgare; first-c-ta*» fnrswure for ISO rooms
and parlors bath r 'V--. asx.dry, etc..
for *U.OOO. Faruitars inrortb th.«.
6\rj Ann ■"•wa :i pavuig bnsl
s / »UUU s«M, n*;i !:s!»-?e«t, '
{hA cAn • •' • -s -••f *• *
S>Z»3UU - ahlie ball at Franklin,
fftf) nnn- < »•*•*» Interest In tn- Kail A
V" iUUU Famitare Factory.
(Q<zu/fcnJ<s dcrwLVi
NEW Tlal-Wi BLOCK—Take the sievator
—IN ALL - - %
j . > "V JB|
"If AN is more ar Ifis the slave ol circumstance, and this applies not only to
the individual, but tc» families of individuals as we see them in the rairiooa
nations of the earth. The aborigine of Africa is perforce a benighted savaf*
because nature tailed to make the dark continent accessible by a well indentai
coast line. The farmer, if he pleases, may sow his seed in winter snows, bat
it yields no return. He is hedged around by nature's law of season. The
average merchant. like tlie farmer, has his dull seasons as well as his Iwiay,
but the wide-awake business man is busy in all seasons. How to do this, hi
he question.
THE SAN FRANCISCO STORE does a large business la
the dull season by Forcing the Demand; Forcing it by
Reduced Prices, that bnn P out even the most parsimonious to
carry off the bargain* offered. Look at the List!
At 12^0—English suitings ...... Worth tO^e
At lf»aC— Dress poods in fancy checks . .. Worth 300
At T.V—42-inch, all wool dress goods, fancy checks Worth SI.OO
At 75c— Black brocade velvet Worth $2.80
At 50c— Fancy striped velvets Worth HOI
At SI.OO-Colored Moire silks ... Worth |l.7i
At 80c—Few ends summer silks Worth |I.OO
French Combination Suitings at Half Price.
At I.VOO--Black ami brown Newmarkets
At slo.oo Plush jackets
At#lß.oo—Plush Mo<lj*skas
At s39.oo—Plush coats...
At SIO.OO- Plush coats Worth $28.00
At s2.'«~Sea!*tte muffs.. Worth 13.00
Great Bargains in Fur Sets, Single Muffs and Tippets.
A Large Line is now offered, and attention ia drawn to
At $28.00 Monkey trimmed. Melton Newmarket
Worth (2.00
Trimmed Hats are offered at exceedingly low rates* while Birds
and Wing Trimmings are actually sold BCLOW COST. Ttopt
the truth of this by calling, and don't accept mora hefcrsay.
At f1.25--Ladies' felt hats and bonnets
At lik-- Fine imported timmtr foed> Worth fits
At 20c—Fine imported summer g-vnl* Wortll flOe
At sc—Dice-check gingham . ... .. . .... Worth 10e
At I'*'— Dice-check gingham, belter quality Wortll 18e
At 5c—400 yards white Ytwmite <tripe* ... Worth Ms
At. 10c each— Hath towelrt, 3i»xl7 i. Worth 12J^c
At $1.35 i>er dnztui- burst' size. ALL LINEN, buck towels Worth J&jOO
At $4.25 per pair—7% lb. 1(M white blankets Worth |KM)O
At $3.25 per pair—ll-4 eit« heavy wool blanket*. Worth S&Q9
At $2.2> per pair—lo-4 Pacific coast, gray wool blankets Worth HIIO
At $1.75 j»er pair -500 pail* gray, pink and tan twill blanket* .... Worth 82.60
COMFORTERS, full size, from 6Bc to $3.00 and upwards. llder
down quilts half price.
At 25c— Ladies' merino vesta and underwear Worth Ms
At 50c—Lsdies' merino vests aod underwear, finer quality Worth 7BS
At l?\c—Ladies' fancy itrlped hose Worth SQo
At 15c - Ladies' fall linixbcd hose lr« strips, -oUd color* .. Worth 28c
At 25c—-Children's French-ribbed hose, all sizes . .. —.... Worth-tOe
At 15e— Boy*' half wool hose Worth *J6c
Be sure and inquire for Muslin Underwear. Big Bargain#..
At |2J9— Ixmg-waisted P. I>. cors«st« Worth f3.ot
At |2.25-~Tbe C. I*. comfortable cornet Worth f&tt
At $2.00--Our fine-shape*! I. C. corset . Worth 13.00
At 25c- Ad ->dti lot of eomta ... Worth Wi
At 50c An odd lot of coi-et« Worth SI.BO
Bustles for all from So upwards.
At 50c—600 striped oveixhirti . . Worth 85s
At 11.00-tscotrh wool xbirts and drawers Worth fLIS
At 25c— Men's extra heavy woolen balf-bo«»e .. , Worth 800
T. S. A. Co- are solo agent* In Seattle for Or. Jaeger's Sanitary
Woolen Wear.
In business and working suits, part cotton and some aO
wool, there are 40 lines, ranging in price from $7.50
to SIB.OO.
Black dress suits, strictly all wool, diagonal and cork
screw worsted, <acks and cutaways from sls to S3O
per suit
Fine imported silk-mixed suits, both sacks and cuta
ways, all wool, from S2O to $35.
A fine line of Prince Albert Coats and Vests. In
Corkscrew, Piquot and Widewaie for a coat and
$22.50 to $27.50.
Our first installment of spring goods has arrived, and
we can show some very handsome Spring Overcoats
and New Styles in Trousers.
Our stock is still very complete, and we can show an
elegant assortment of all kinds of wearing apparel «
Ceuntry orders promptly attended to. Goods
exchanged, or money refunded.
Boys and Children's Suits at $2.50, $3.00, $3.50
and $4.00. No shoddy. The finest bargains now
offered in the ciiy in this line.
Columbia and Kront Sts.
Worth 122J0
Worth 100.00
Worth mot

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