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Flaal Report of the Territorial
(frand Jarv.
Three ladtctmaU For Perjary
Heary Fines in Gambling
Cases—Co art Note*.
Tbe Febniary term of tbe 41strict coart
for tbe Third Judicial district adjourned
last evening at # odocfc, after baring been
is aesaton 95 jndic'a! day*.
In thi» brief time a great amount of
ban]nest bad been dispatched. At tbe
opeuiu< of tbe term Judg»> Burke an
nounced hi* intention of clearing tbe
over-crowded county Jail of tbe large
number of prisoner* confined there. if
possible, and be would do-.btless bare
succeeded in this bad ft aot been lor tbe
Wickersham trial, which consumed eight
day* of valuable tJaie. Aa it i*. a raw
amouat of criminal business has beendls
poted of. aod the county tail in now large
enough to hold comfortably the residu* of
of prisoners left after ?h* convictions and
acquittals of tbe term*.
Judge Barkft leaves to-morrow for (firm
Via to preside a: the adjourned term of tbe
supreme court, end will return to Seattle
next Saturday and owriTeo*- district eonrt
a* ? a e»., to wind ap nniSoiahed b'.;*in>-iw
of tbe term.
Tb- following Monday U tbe time set
for con renin* district '-our* at WiuUcom
It la D<jt yet t f»own whether Judge Kurkc
will p»«aidc at that session or not. Bia
resignation has already been forwarded to
Washingttm, and will be handed to Presi
dent Harrison next Tueaday. Whether :t
will be accepted at osce or not remains to
be seen, and agon that dapendft tbe bold
lag of court at Whatcom with Jidc* B-irke
upon the beach.
or.4KX> ji. r v RgK.rr.
At H o'clock last evening tbe territorial
grand lury brought ia it* final report and
snbmloed it to the court, aa follow*
T'> ifts. 7%rtmnt Burko, < Mrf of the
TerriUifj nf H r a»himgt»». t •
We, tfc* grand jury, respectfully
report to your Honor that we have investi
gated all cftise* tliat hav-- conn to our
iaowltHlge. exc-pt sach a< were <•? Minor
imi><>rtance and had not been brought to
the attention of the justices' courts. Ail
matters coming to us from the justices'
courts ijave i>een carefnily investigaic-i
and passed upon by us. Wa hare exam
ined witnesses on the part of the terri
tory. and have returned "a true bill ' in «2
In a large number of the r a»c* where we
have not returned a tree bin uo
were to be ebuined, and we were oblie-d
to return litem <u> such on that account.
In onr opinion the justice* of the peace
sbonid take tn secure the attend
aaee of the prosecuting witaes»e», at kast
before the grand Jury, at the time of tfte
preliminary (tearing except in eases
where a manifest hardship wtmld be Im
posed by doing so.
There are now con J tied in the county
SI 71 person*. From the record# of the
1 we team that there ba» been an aver
ait'iof 9a |*-r*ou< confined therein Carina
the pest winter and fall, and there were '►*>
at one time. We most emphatically Insist
that the >-*».;«• of humanity and deoennr
require* that immediate stepasnould be
taiten to provide suitable quartet*. fo**o»e
confinement of persons flatbed with
&rim>\ We are aware that the great num
ber of criminals of all classes who are com
Ing to oar legality render* this problem
more difficult than It otherwise would be
but we are also aware that public- safety,
from a sanitary point of view »« well a*
Otherwise, demand* that thla evil be sup
We have made careful examination into
the disturbance* lately arising a* Newea*
tie, aud wherever we have found that a
crime has been committed, we have re
tarned a true bill against the person, or
persons, perpetrating the <rime, wherever
there was <tt7!lf*leu! evidepre to charge
such persons.
In the case of Albert iabaU, recently the
subject of mob law at Oilman, we have en
flcsvored to obtain evident sufficient to
disclose the guilty part ies, but were unable
to do so. garb % iolallen* of the law should
be severely dealt with, and we regret that
onr investigation did not enable us to as
certain and iudiet rh»>«? who were guilty
of this crime.
We have visited the county farm and
found everything in order and as it should
be, so far a* we were able to sec. The ae
comtnodations are not sufficient {or th<
large number of inmates and this should
t>e u subject of immediate consideration
by tlie board of county commissioners
Wo haVe personally and by examination
of the proper anthorttbs, investigated the
preseut sanitary cotuiition of the city of
Seattle, and wt* find (hat irumediate and
extensive measures should be taken t.y
tbase in authority, to provide a enitabi -
stweragv and gart age system. The ue«d
of sueh a system a? this time cauuot be
We desire to express our appreciation of
the able manner lu which sheriff Coch
rane htt aeoq Bitted himst'if in the dis
charje of hi* duties toward* the persons
eoafliH'd. under existiug circnmsianoe*.
lb the prosecuting attorney, J. T. Kou
aid and his able assistant, Wf desire to ex
press onr thanks for the assistance ren
dered to us grand juror*, aud the untiring
teal they have manifested lu endeavoring
to present each and ev>-ry <-a»e in it* full
ness. Believing that the interests of this
terriuirv and the people of this district ate
and will 1* subserved so long as they are
guarded by the .">ulo .-i eye and good adjt
ment of Your Honor, we sincerely hope
that we may continue to receive the ser
vices of Your Honor a* thief justiii until
such time at U-ast as the coming in of the
new state shall necessitate the reorgamt
ing of the Judiciary. Respectfully «efc
Foreman of tbn tirand Jury.
W. L PATTIjmjS. ( ierk.
t"KATTLE. Mareh t,
TKK O&KaUKtt fasts.
The gambling cases were called up at 2
o'clock yesterday afternoon, the lime set
for sentencing those that bad pleaded
guilty. By their attorney a motion for
arrest of judgment was catered la each
can* and upon the motion being overruled
kv the court, notice* of appeal were given.
Judge Burke then lined the gambler* att
follows. Henry Foster, E. W. Way,
#62«; Thus. II Daley, »£»; Ed Uuthrie. 1829;
J. E. UrifTtn. ftSJO H. Taylor. |.»«. fhos.
Tllden |330; H. it Thompson, »I 20; E. C.
Huntley, |l2O. Pending tne appeal Judge
Burke n\od the bond# of owners of places,
who were fined fMO, at Hoop, and of tne
dealers, who wens fined fiW, at IMA. Bonds
were furnished iu each instance, the sure
tie* being repaired to show that they were
owners of re alt v to the full amount in
which they 'qualified in each Instance.
Edward KcUey, axaiust whom an indict
incut for fondm ling a bunko came had
been found. w*# arralguwl, »nd he was al
lowed to the May tern of court to triead.
np'R furnishing bonds in the sum of IJMJ.
J. F. MoDouold was fined f.<>o upon his
plea of g»Ult v of a p'.ttve where
gamhllni? had been carrud on.
There arc four iiuttctmeuts against
Clanoey, who, as soon as he return# from
Portland, will he repaired to jtive IV* l
bond* In each case.
ru*ij» TAIK *BOT T UA*! US*.
Sheriff Cochrane was called mlo court
and *«ked what be had done with t>»<«
gambling tools and implements coudemne«l
the day before.
"I br.rniH.l them, sor," fepiied the aheriff
in his richeet Ceitic, as he pointed ?oth«-
window through which could t* seen the
smoke arising from fcMt worth of tramb
lin( paraphernalia that was being immo
lated on the funeral pyre of justice.
"That'a right," #*id his honor with an
approving uod. The court then took o<va
«ou to deliver the following • • >** upon
fambhn* and the necessity of iu being
auppreased fcv the city officials
••The r»?cv>ri« of the court at this term
A \ SMtdaaltth that many of the aa
Soous in this city are really gambling
boi»e« w!,er»' ca-uVtiiit o.f :f».e \crv *vor»!
sort i« }>errnitt«si to be curried on, and
really mul' # p#rt of tho bttsioe«s of tboae
saloons. Tt>e »ao*t effective method of
deaiiuc aith such places ic for the Com
mon Council promptly to revoke th« is
cenw» d every .=i.Us'U keeper who i<
shown by th%« re«-,>rd of this term to bavi
kept a gambling bouse !n his saloon, or u»
bling theri* When the proof is made
t»'«aiu and c!ea.* and coßtitutn, A* It ha*
fc-e-i by tfuiNAHtlot thi* Ipnti of court.
that the «*ltwa S» but (nctfcer nauie for *
gambling den, it btvomes the U-«a2 duty
of ;he proper authorities. without further
deiay. tu every such nw to revoke ihe u
«v>u Iwu'e la thi* way an eflteetlvr
blow may N- given la the gambling carried
<sa !a tM eltr. tnd to no other w■> ran it
b«- rfVtmilj ek«rk«4. I «t«M, therv
fore, call the attention of the r«nBMB
Council of the etty to thi* matter, ud sag
ge*t that ißVedlaftQ steps i* uun to re
voke the lipase of ait »«■ U taloOD »«•]>
er* dR.t rvfu*- tbetn any UcfiM in the fix
ture This course would strike at the root
of the evil ami do more to repre** cam
kliug la thi* rity thau anything ei?e that
eats be done "
At the evening aessioa Jndgv Rurke
?«K>k nervwD again to call tii* attention of
the t'ity Council to the utgvscy of remok
ins licensee ©f a'i mlooni in wh.'ch gam
hi nc has been earned or.
IKPK tlltl fOtt nut: n\ .
it Vlill be retaeratwred by &•.*><• who
h*m:d or real tho te»tia*ooy ia the W.r-ker
shaet tH.a?lhat two of the wttaewea, V-mw*
Sa> » i May >--nith. ->i Va \»eia J
to iMTing accompanied >44le Bout
nera t-l K F Kadebansh t > the *ce kept
b; .tWuadtr MeiM't-, a -* r ':'<■■s oat of
Tir-'B*, ami rniataonl.v tsv« a a* *h--
H* «•*■* hot;*-. M. *\* i
aiv ••> ! s •<u ' > x .»?! - % { «»■
itittciv that he bad men Ra&ebaafa and
the rr( ta hi* fcoa*e :»r^eth«».
Mr K*- - rfcaKfh afterwards |>RKt-i
a 'onota*t«« a'iht. and the «\>
4euee >•? xiy>-*o three witn*-**** tbeiob'
a»»i:s:ii : ti;« palpable •prea-aae* of pr;
;urr On Frrday tne gra:.-<l cry tttenwl
iadU-ti ■t -» against U««- ! iv-.t itls gi'i? !"or
P* fiwtj*. *»'* lyt «!ervia« an mii<t!ar.i.t was
WH)B>i *.<r*iav: :,«r th« mate
risa.-iC'-, Ine • ••- ' . wv?e i-roiig'».!
tnmtmnm* yestenfay morning spent a
teach fmaL They wwte arraigned at
the mortttttx mm/toa aod were fires ant!!
next Saturday to plead. ll»y were k
teased nron ntrognizaa*** of Jobs A.
■toa*. R. at. ibaaaoo sad John Robissos,
in (Jm-kkb of *VS»eaeb
Tbe warrant fee aneet «u
telegraphed to tbe sheriff of Snoboartah
cossty yesterdwy B*ornjag. and be ««
*5 -TMiiorru.h. where be sow
Hw*, and btosght to Besttle is tbe even
ing. Hi* r*mdi wee* placed at «3«», and
as be «*aid ikk famish s turtle* at present,
be fM turned ortt to Et<» sheriff. wfco v U
aatborfri»d u» arwe?t bond* Whenever be
could famish them •
It ia snderstood that a strong effon wiU
be Blade ft* the May tara of to hare
tbeae case# transferred toy change of venae
CoL J. C. Haioea yeaterdaj Csed and
argued afeotkm for a new trial is tbe eaae
of Ira Rommel, who wa» tried before
indge Jonet and coavlcted of aaaaslt with
i?. ? , to ec-mmii robbery on one John
Mkfcalftoa » I«r. «*o. Eridenoe
tendin* to abow that Hnmmel ws tem
p««siy laaane from «a««asire cigarefte
taofcfng at tbe time that be committed tbe
and labored nnder a rooatant fear
of being attar-ked, and, therefore, carried
a revolver waa eif at tin? trifti.
the motion for a new trial wa* baaed on
these groaada. Jnd gr. Bsrke took the
anocon coder adviaement nntli next Sat
BABSA» coarra rao<rcsMs<M.
Frank O'Brien and Jim Jardfse. alias
Rnaieli, were releaaed from tbe county jail
lart erenlng upon writ* of habwaa corpaa.
O'Brtea waa committed to aw«u tbe action
of tbe grand jary, on a charge of robbing a
drunken mam is Claacjr'a saloon a toot two
aeo Jar>t'.ne waa held «a a charge
<»f rape ailege<l to have been committed at
ro'w|uaU!it«!. The eomsuHUac ma«r r»>.
In eaeb i:t«taate failed to aead a transcript
of the preliminary hearing to the diatrict
ooart. and. a* the caae* could not be
properijr br'»a?bt efor« tbe grand Jnrr.
tbe diatrfc? attorney mored tbe confirma
tion of tbe writ j,
Tbe CniU-'l .*■ rater# ease a*aiii*t Charlea
for selling iiqaor to Indiana,
waa yetterday diap:>*ed of by the attorney
for defendant entering a T«fea of nolle COB
tendre. Vogelaang. it will be remembered,
left to Victoria « >me time ai*<». faring bia
bondaasen in tbe inrch. By tbia piea.
which mean* that the defendant baa
aothing to aay, hit houdamen are exoner
ate! vym parment of the tine of }.<o and
cr»ta amonnting to MO impoaed by tbe
ti&Axo tvnr co*fu*K!rr*t».
The territorial grand jury at the concis
ion of ita labor* Last evening waa com
mended for ita efficient, fearleaa and teal
ou* work in the warmest terms by Jadge
Knrke. The fearlea*neaa of the jury in ex
aminiric into mattera that bare hitherto
been avoided by grand juriea waa ialJ*
commended, and hia honor thanked tbe
jnroraon behalf of King county, and the
Suhiic for tbe manner is which they had
!«char|{ed their dutlct.
I>»-« larationa of intention have oeen fiUd
with tbe clerk of the court by Walter
Beaie. Richard s. Eeekie, of Great Britain
and Ireland; Aug Soetway. of Beigiam;
Bennie J. Worthmier, of oermany.
Jame# McJjevitt, who waa indicted for
atealinjj a hog from Frank I>olan, of Toll,
la*t Kcbruary, furnished bonds in the sum
of t>»> for hia appearance at the May term.
Tiie Oregon in:pro vm« nt Comt>any baa
action againat the Mechanic's
Mili Company to recover the aum of
USSR ;:"J for K'Kd* and merchandiae.
I'uUllr Ouentiotio That Are lieiog
CnniidrrMi Hy It.
"Ibe committee on public buildings and
grounds will make a report recommending
a plan for the contraction of a city jail
and asking that plans be called for," said
Councilman Dnrie, yesterday. "The jail
will be built upon the triangalar piece of
property on Yesier avenue, Just b?!ow
Fifth street, recently pnrchascd by tbe
city. Tbe lot Ilea many feet below the ea
tabliahed grade of the street, and the
achema ta to make tbe jail tbe foundation
of the proposed city hall.
It will Iw necessary to reconstruct the
grade bulwark on both Yesier avenue and
Fifth street, awl at least two of the wall*
of the jail can be made from the bul
wark. This bulwark aau be coaatnuted of
stone, and when it is bnllt again*t the
street it will prove a aufficieat barrier for
containing the dirt of the street on one
side and restraining the prisoner* <>u th.
other The need of the jail ' • urgent, and
I think we ahouid begin ;t- construction
"The suggestion for the city to await un
til the <n»born bequest becomes available 1
deem an unwise one. By the terms of the
Osl*»ru wili the tlirec trustees, Charles
Marnier*in, Charles Mt Ituuaid aud Kben
Osliom.have the use of the revenues of the
estate as long as they live, and they need
not release it to the eity until they choose.
They are not apt to do that without sutfi
ileni consideration, and i think that if
the trustees can not be induced to give i;
up the city bad better go ahead with the
construction of the Jail and the city hall
without Mania? on the trustees to die or
give up the property of their own volition.
Tilg OAKJUOg S. J«
•We have called for plans for a garbage
scow." said another councilman. "It Is
the intention of the council to build ooe
at first, and, if It work* satisfactorily, then
construct another. We wtll probably call
for contract*by the year for some one to
operate the scow in removing the garbage
out Into the Sound."
A M vrr eu or *• arac-s
"It Is doubtless a matter of surprise to
the people of settle that au many of the
principal properly owner* should have
failed to comply with the terms of a very
reaaouable auJ humane ordinance, and re
fused to construct fire escapes on some of
the principal building* of the city. It may
tie an not J nce<l as die IN tent ion of the
Council to prosecute all these offender*
and it may be announced further as the
purpose of the Council to proaecute theaj
tor every day they fail to comply with the
ordinance. Complaints will be made
against tbem day by day, and they w ill be
held to answer day by day until the law is
obeyed. "
County OAclsii Prepares! to tirsrt
Their Snrrs«son To-morrow.
To-morrow the general turning over of
county offices takes place and local Demo
eratic offiee holders go out with Cleveland,
while Republicans take their place* about
the time that a Republican president is in
Ail day pesterday the forces at the vari
ons public offices were setting their house#
in «»rd«r for the new administration.
Countv Auditor Wood hs-t «\er>thing in
his officeto late at 15 o ,'!ork last night,
and wiH gr> ft« onuty A-tduor fofrt'»t with
a smile sod a clean record a! > o'clock
Wv morrow moniin< Sheriff Cochrane#
:«a' delinquent t» " report ha# been audited
and his deputtc jgre brought all the bus!
lies* up so that Sheriff Metir*w wtii have
none of his predecessor* unfinished work
to look after
Treasure Pontius ha* had enough work
for a dosea clerks in his offiee during the
past two week*, ani i« consequently some
what behind with hi# books. Tomorrow
morning will tSud hia record clear, how
ever, and Treasurer UUffl'-r will have
nothing bnt current buyae** to look after.
He can earn his salary doing that
The records of the prtdjate court were
clewed last nijiht Judge <Hbora will tate
his seat at 11 a. tr
ijwwor Quiitor wound up hia work a
good while ago, and A*-«»#sor Hortoa will
eomcee&ce on a cleun sheet,
Tbe other county officer* have but little
outside of their ttues and salaries to turn
over, but they will be thankfully received
by their *acce#*»irs
'•o«>itl»*»btta* , I'rtwutut to » tiood
ftisext A uiS
Mtn l ydia Thomp*v>n'» burle*>iwe <h>b»
5-an y ~re«e»t»-d 'Voiaxaba* ' for a farewell
:a*t night at Frye'n oj« ra henwtoafood
aiied aadienoe. The piee* i* a «r*t-<'sa*»
MBtdf, bnilt npoa the dmmitM
ee# »am>anittM the di*co*ery of
America by t hrintopher Coinibtt*.
~Cotaaab«a," a* giwn last night,
is frv from the ob)eeUooabJe parts of
"Feoeiope." i» better fitted to the roir.
pa:.?, and c.-st»equenUv t*:e better j>fO
uaetioa of the two.
Mr J B. KadcHffe a» the feoid bad man
Haia St.la. »eore*i the suet-em of the even
lug.bis »p«fia!tie*latfte«voad act V'ug
e«iA>?»>d seven Unse*. Mr >£arr a* Re
porta, toe « ,ty editor i t the Chippy Oltoppe
4:f - . »!*.i x»red a »atxv#». hi* Spats:*h
'«s»s. with dauee aec;tiaparuts«ttt, bet tig
tUrvo times.
v»a» av.-u-.ja v rlxaeiouv her im!tataoa*ot
the di-'rreut * of **»wdß«" t«einf v*ry
"f 'seiope *» c-vea at the aatiuee to
a cvK*d *i«*d house.
Mom Ve%» Krici. ttnUdtrig* to he
ttntlt is
Mr. tawron iage « ~d the firm of *hi a
a «'e . ;;«» pHftiaiw) tie t'luiuiaer ptvp
ert- *az\& fn« ob the eoraer
ef -xwith Hvat and .'arfca&o #tm ta,
?t*r and 'UP wiii
U< a ' • ere- t-oa th*-reoa of a
fcajNS*.-.a« f.jrr hriet. ft*
» he put wp t»s Mr. lageia aiU &«•
ti. » r a fMek :» c! »',.ns hat.' wmt
aa.i sr«& c»J?.:saa» *11) float en e. ath
.HSCW4-4 Kreet «r.d w.SI have a v«y omaSt-
pla>tla» froctoo the Brat story, and its
fW«Wf«teii» will be s&Bfiy. ft
ia exptebrf that coascrweos w-ffi begin at
aa early date.
Harms A. iHefctaan. who recently
purchased tie Eatnig property, at tbe cor
ner el Front and Virion street*, will
Awtiy fcegia tbe comtracties of a brick
wdidtng at tbe war of tielf pram briek.
Messrs Bam» ft Mckmas wui aim build
tb<* propoaed iMtttmaJ two stones on to
their present brick tbia *pring.
TV contract for tbe axesTs tios of the
sew Ysaier ballding ixaa bees let to
M«»r» Fn«sii»t taiberf. Work is to be
completed within 30 day*. The work of
teannig densn the bu Siding has aireads be
gun. tbe oid shanties in the rear of the
•tie hariag bees demolished.
Varinwa Not*a of latoreat Gathered
I poo the Wharrss.
The Ynma baa been si ghtly overhauled.
Budtong ia placing the machinery in hia
sew steamer.
Tbe Man- F. Feriey is "ring at the Cana
dian Pacific dock.
A farther addition to Use tish-drying
wharf is being built. .
Tbe addition to Harrington ft Smith's
wharf i* well «ndrr way.
The Alki left tor F»rt2and last nigh;
with 100u tons of coal.
Tbe I ran hoe is having stifteniag placed
is her bold preparatory to taking a load of
A sew ftbaf; was placed in tbe W. F.
Merwin on Tuesday ebe ia undergoing
complete repair*.
Tbe Mary E. (teuton brought five tons of
acrap-iron from Fort Madison yesterday for
Allznond A Philiipa. She ia to undergo
complete repairs.
The Tacoata ia still Mi Coiman'a wharf.
Her toiler* aod engine are being over
hauled for tbe purpoae of "increasing her
steam," aa her engineer expressed it
Clark ft Morrison are erecting a two
story floating boat-houae, the dimensions
of which are SOxsi feet, at the foot of Stet
son ft Poat'a wharf. Ib<: house- is being
built ia good substantia! manner, and of
the best material When completed h wili
be towed to a permanent location some
where between Yesier avenue and Smith's
The steamer Washington has been towed
sp from Port Ludlow, where she has been
lying undergoing repairs for tbe past three
months, Xew guards and bulwarks hare
been placed on her and new decks placed
in. A new bottom has been placed on her
also. She is lying at tbe north wing of
Yesler'a dock, where some of her wood
work has been fixed up and a coat of nalnt
being applied. Capt. Jackson has charge
of her.
The schooner C. H. White. Capt. Powers,
returned to this port yesterday at noon
time from her halibut endue, after an ab
aence of three weeks. Capt. Powers,
seen, said: -I hare been absent just three
weeks to the day, during which time I
taken but 3000 pounds of halibut This
amount, for tbe time that 1 was out. is
very small, bat then we hat poor weather
during the entire trip. We did moat of
our fishing off Flattery banks. I will
leare for another crnise just aa soon aa I
finish discharging and refitting."
The long looked for three-masted
schooner J. G. North arrived ia the harbor
at 2 o'clock veaterday morning, several
days overdue from San Francisco, which
place she left on the 11th of last month.
She anchored out ia the stream off Stetaon
ft Poata wbarf. When seen yesterday after
noon < aptain Nelson said "As soon as we
left San Francisco we experienced rough
weather, srith strong northwesterly win da.
This laned for several days when
it grew calm and for a while
we experienced nice weather. Again
the winds came up and stayed with as un
til Capt Flattery waa reached, 11 daya after
we left Bau Francisco. After a wait of five
daya off the straits we managed to get in.
During a calm day before yesterday, while
off Uungenness, we collided with the ship
Columbia Oar foretopmast was partly
carried away while our spars tore a huge
rent in the Columbia's ma.nsail. We wfll
take a load of Black Diamond coal and a
deck load for Alaska"
The steamer is dae here from
Alaska at noon to day.
Dr. York speaks on ' Freeihought and
Freethinkers" aud Prof. Mcftkin will re
cite at the opera house this evening at
7 3). Admisaios 10 cents.
Considerable complaint is heard from
the people residing in the region of Fifth
and Marion streets against the people who
t«errait their cattle and houses to roam at
{ will In that neighborhood.
The Gordon Hardware Coinpau vending
it n. -• .rj to use its entire bajlflmg for
. Las been obliged to have tenants
tase upw quarters. The Hume Fire Insur
ance Company has gone to the Keinlg
building on southeast corner Front and
Marion streets, beside Frye's Opera house.
The remain* of Mia* Ida Hogan. who
died on Tuesday last of typhoid puen
• tnonia at her parents' residence on Eighth
strict. near Lenora, will be buried at 1 »
o'clock this afternoon from Cross A Co.'#,
Kev. o. r. Uisiug officiating. The de
cease* was 22 years of *<e at the time of
{her demise.
Mis* Edith Burrurager leaves to day for
her home in «. dyixpia. s
Mr. Matt Bridge has accepted y
■ in the Catted states laud oflire.
<jen. Wm. MeMicken of Olympia. is in
the city, the guest of his son, Mr. Maariee
(Jen. F. H. iamb, assistant superintend
ent of the Pacific Coast division of the
. We* torn Union Telegraph Company, is in
} the city.
Mr. John EL Keavis of the New York
H trrld, is in the city preparing articles on
the Northwest for his journal, and for the
magazine ' o« uopWQua.
Mr. I). At wood, a lumbcrtnan from Mil
waukee. Wis., has taken charge of the Ore
gon Improvement Comc»any'ssawmill. vice
Mr. D. Christopher resigned. «
Oregon A California—Passed Medford:
It. Thompson. |John sleUlgorn, J. Ander
son. C. A. Wheeler. U. F. Reynolds and
wife. J A. David. J. A. Webster and wife,
w. H. Sorthnp, F Everett. J. C. Britt, J.
H, Beard. E. M. Hanlen. I*. E. Griffith, J.
W. Burns. Thomas Devlne, Chester
Cleary, <J W Frwnk, D. J. Haddock. I
lirotherton. J. M. loiter. 7. W. Dodge and
wife, D. E. Rrowti, G. J, S mmons, J. M.
Xfou, 1- L. Ringsriall, K »j. Earnest and
wife. s. M. Voung, E. a Hough. J. it.
Moxley. Mrs, M S. smith, T W. Miller,
Sr». J A. iyogan, A. S. Foster, John Evans,
V. B. Clarke and 74 immigrants
A CtEvaa DODGK.—For several days one
of the Chinese prisoners confined in the
county jail has been acting iu a peculiar
manner He would rave and talk so inco
herent! v that ills ft How countrymen could
uot understand him, and he also insisted
on making aa armor for his back out of
the tin di*!;'*« from *hieh the prisoners
rat, Yesterday Sheriff Cochrane
brought a lauacy charge against the
Chinaman ia the probate court, and
had hire up for examination, when I ntted
-tatea Attorney White discovered that the
('ninaman was one of the number held for
being unlawfully in the t'nited States, and
promptly tjuaahed the proc<«dings. The
Chinaman's insanity was likely simulated
and bat a clever dodge to get out of jail
and into an asvluaa, from which he might
l«e iliscbarge-t in a few weeks, thereby out
witting the Cnited States and holding his
unlawful residence here.
TMK W. L «. Sr.w Maxsc.ga —Mr. Fred
(Iverbeek arrived from Portland yesterday
and wli! to-morrow assume charge of the
Western Cnion office in this city. Mr.
Overbeek wiil have a rather hard task in
filling the place vacated by Mr. Hnow. par
ticiiiarlv la \Xt9 matter of accounts In
which for promptness ami accuracy Mr.
Snow has always been rated At. But as Mr.
Overbeck has had some years of expert
ence as operator and manager of telegraph
offices, he i# doubtless competent to aw
smite the position. It is intended tn make
some improvements iu the office here bv
the addition of another day operator and
three more mess* ager boy#. It will be bnt
a short time when the quadruples now in
operation between >ac Francisco and Ta
coma, wi 1 be brought to Seattle.
The Cabl* Ro*».-Another *uct*mta\
trip «i> ma4t over the Front itmt Jul
yecterday, and «ow the wnMuyfoS'
siruct.ir* rett e«.«y wtth the mmviction
ttv«? their w.irk ha» been w II <tone. Mr.
J. U T&OBpKK), the pfffMettt of the ro*d.
to setia la hi* rooms in the Occidental
6-i;el!*!>t ever.!Ujr by a rtpresectAtive of
thU paper Hi mid "We are more than
with Use trial trij», in fart, we re
r#-il Ua# besnfeminentlv HKCtMfll i ars
w I ix* munlci; on Monday ciom:n«. b*J-.
t<ecu« saber, they wUlnot travel on arhednle
t:as<-. We e*p« v t to reaeh that al<ont tee
»tt< read of the oatam« week."
Mrucat. ax» liaAaa-ttc C1.f8.-The.-e is
fceia? ia Seattle a ran : ai and
Uramatir cSah. ahich has for it* Ultimate
I*irpo*e pcbiie tconthl* perU»ncaE.-e< in
the opera-hoaM durng ifcr *tvnng aad
•axataer It fc» «vn»poiw«J of the t»t*t .adie*
•nd genticiaen >f Seattle, aad i« nn4ar the
ttaaatp^meataf Mr*. Mattit- A. Bridge.
Oregon » t*ne of th« moat prwlaetive
state* ia the I'l.ioa. It* vast rait;era. re
gion» eoetAja silver, ropp«T, iron and
ml, !:«:a!taesi>. traeW of gra*tn* land.-
ssipimrt thousands of ■ aad sheep, aad
i:» rste.a*ive acn uitarai rtfMWKaiiK*
all she c< rrat* iti abuadaaee. the ?t*.d p»t
arre iieing fr. «oate in*taa«-e« tlte :arg«M ia
the worW. Jknoct th* n«efui aad va!u
alde prodTKWttf the W ebh«9» 6*»to may b«
Blest <!ted »>rejS>«» K;dt.»yTea wh.rh feaa
pe<>%-«- 1 » to thoamfed* ajfltcfcrd with
jain ia the hack ar»d iidnei diflSea'Staa it
i< pure!y el v-.-jr?:table •.hvjsjjw* ;i»*a and
c.c <-r fafia XM«i bj rßewart A Ultimo
firtig t" . arh»,-:emJe agvats.
liragii la*: ytar aqaim) £«•
ri>pean inciaSfTante,
He Ha* Sot Sold Oit to tb* North
ern Patifie.
CwttrsctlM U Btfta from Bntti»-
**»• Kaport A boat UM CBIM
1t become* iacarabeat on me u> doty
afcoat ooee erar month the statement
that I have *>l4 the Mttaghm Bar road,
aad the New Wtstsaiarter road to the
North era }*aeific,' said Mr. Eagea• Csm
field, to a reporter who called ayes him
yesterday a! b;» office in this city **f ue
raw the origin of the latest raaor to this
effect U the fact that we hare bees mak
ing some traffic arrangement* with the
Northern, aad that Mr. Charles T. Kiag. of
the Northern Paeifie. ha* been at New
We*rmin*ter wgrkiag oa eoastraction
with u*. Qui traasaction* with the North
era har?beea of tb? or!i nary feasißem
Batata, aad are nth a* we expect to make
with an Pacific road*. These
people who dart the report* of our deal
with the Northern probabjT forget the
well-kaowa fact that by it* charter the
Northern Pacific Railroad Company ha*
no power to baiid. operate or purchase a
braaclai line, aad that it* operation# ma«
beconfined aloae to it* own main r*>ad.
"Of coarse there U DO telling what might
happen.** added the seaator reeerauy.
"I sappoee if the Norther Pacific offered
as enongh money we would MS out to
them. It would be purely a busiaeat mat
ter: but I repeat that durine three year*
the Northern ha* made ao offer to as, nor
haw we to them.
"I cap tell you something that xaay be of
interest to the people of -eattle. Paring
the «everal weeks I have been inak -
Sag arrangements to raise money to begin
the <x>astruct:oa of the Bellingham bay i
road frt>m Seattle north. and I hive ererr
reason to think that my negotiations wit
be saeceasfal. Coasftraction wii! then be
Sis in Seattle inside of eight weeks.
"Many pe-->p.e have doubtieas wondered,
and many have inquired of me, whv wt
didn t begin the construction of theroid
from Seattle original:?-, iiuu-ad c! martins
ix.itb »tW!:*;cuowi at S«-w W.«;a;as
ter. The reasons are three. They are
Vint, A line frost New West mi ester t<>
Whatcom will be a paying institution in it
self; second, the people of New W<'*:K;Dl
ter have subscribed to as a ea*h fub*idy of
si;jj,WO and a land subsidy of #.i4,00§
more and freedom from taxation for &.!
years; third, thit portion of the road is
much easier to construct, inasmuch as
there is a total elevation of but 140
feet between BelHngham bay and
t'raser river. The construction for the
first 40 miles from Seattle presents many
difficulties, because right at the edge of
the city we will hare to dig a 300CV-foot
tunnel through Lake Union hill at a coat
of rxo.ouo.
"When our 48 miles from Sew West
minster to Whatcom are finished, we will
be able to bond the road for 11,000.08 a
This money could be used In the con
struction of the road from Seattle north;
but I have peferred not to wait until those
funds can be negotiated, which will be
next fall; but 1 nave been arranging to
borrow the money on other securities,
and, as I said before, I have every reason
to believe 1 will succeed."
"l do not place any reliance in the (state
ment that the Ouioa Pacific railroad will
ran into Tacoma oTcr the track of the
Northern and probably into Seattle over
tbe Puget Sound Shore," soid Mi. T. H.
Tyndaie. president of the Puget Sound
Shore railroad yesterday. "It i« true that
for abont four yean there have been efforts
to unify the interests of the two transcon.
tfceaial routes, one of these attempt*
being the Joint lease of the road of the
Oregon Railway A Navigation Company;
but they have never Iteen successful,
though the two roads are yet very friendly
towards each other.
".Even if there were anything to the
statement about the Uniou Pacific lam
astonished that President Oakes should
have made the announcement so publicly.
That is not his usual custom."
l£«v. Mr. Mum la Keply to a Kecent
Publication Concerning Himself.
seattl*. March 2.
To the Editok Heforring to the article
in last Sunday 's issue headed "A Church
Militant," 1 wish to enter a denial in gen
eral and particular so far as they relate to
me. It Is Dot true that the trouble t-egan
or ended (unfortunately it is not ended) in
my napopulanty. It is not true that nine
ty members of the church do not want me
while but about ten outside of mv own
family do. I told the cturvh publicly that
howevtr it might be brought about, if the
majority coula be induced to vote ;a re
pudiate their contract with me. these was
not money enough in Seattle to indnce me
to preach for them. Sot until I became
convinced that a majority of those who
would vote, would so vote, did 1 tender my
resignation. That was the i'th or 10th of De
ce tVr. I dul not preach from tha*. time
until after the secession of about tb mem
bers, which ha* since increased some but
j not to the number of ninety. A minority
"f the church and not a majority attempted
to secure tiie resignation of the remaining
officers, and because they could not do so
elected what they called other officers and
left tbechnrch. Thereupon the offlcereaud
church together did what the scripture
commands, i. e..withdrew the fellowship of
the church from the offenders for heresy
and disorderly conduct, sre Tit iu, 10-11.
iud Thcss. in, 6. After this action 1 was
uuauimously chosen (>astor for one year
from the Ist of January last. The state
ment of my claim about employment is
garbled and false. lam deprived of my
pulpit by violent, illegal and um riptura!
conduct. The public have this over my
own signature. It js not a cowardly stab in
the dark as is the attack on me. Retpect
fuilv submitted to the candid public.
7b tV Editor: Accompanying the report
to the City Council for the month of Feb
ruary. of Justice Soderberg, in a statement
charging me in effect •.* ith being derelict
in my duty in not arrestieg the gamblers,
and having them tried under the city ordi
nance, thereby turning the fines collected
into tic city treasurer. He does not state
openly and ia a manly way that 1 am the
person at whom the thrust is made, but by
innuendo and insinuations—the vilest and
most cowardly nay in which one man can
assail the character of another, either in
public or private life. This statement cer
tainly cornea with very bad grace from a
see of the peace and police judge who
has b»H u in office for two years, aad only
discovers on the eve of his well-merited re
tirement that the citv has been wronged
out of a few dollars m the way of tine*.
The <joestiou now will naturally ariae in
the mind of every thinking man who reads
thi< article. Is soderberg a knave or a fool*
If. daring his incumbency of the office by
which he was elected by accident for twe
years, he did not know the city was being
wronged in this particular, he is a fool, if
on the other hand, he knew of it and did
not try to prevent it then he is a knave,
and has diagraced the position which he
lam inclined to take the last named
Tie w of the question. Time and acain have
I called his attention to the fact that dail*
eases were being tried ia his court as terri
torial cases which should ha /e been tned
undet our city ordinances, and the fines
turned into the city treasury The city of
Scera had arrested the prisoners, the city
wa> feeding them pending their trial, and
Sodertwg still persisted in making terri
torial cases of them, in some instances at
the suggestion of the arreatiag officer, that
he might get his two dollar* and twenty
cents witness fees. Now. let me ask. who
it his accideacy. Judge Soderberg, that ia
his righteous iadigaation be accuses me of
wronging the city" I will t*H yon in as
Wrw words as p«>*:ble who he is He is "the
seff-aame man who was indicted bv the
grand jury at the May tern of the district
court on five different couata of charging
illegal fe«e as justice of the peace, and he
could justly have been indicted en 40 more
for th ? sania ofieae- He is the same indi
vidual who was indicted by the aame
grand jury ior keeping a saloon and >elliag
whisky an Sun Jay. at the same holding
the petition of president of a temperance
He L* the same individual who accepted
O'Tooll and Handley aa boadsr-en ia the
rase Af»the Te-ritorv vs. Danielaoa aad
Fcrruwn, the two notorious gamblers
whatt Cart Willard arrested at the risk of
h'.s lift and by his acceptance of the*?
professional straw bondamen pemita Dan
,*.>n and Fergus*.n u» go »ih free
Thia is the rr.au who a»a*i'.a me fee not
it ng i«y duty towards the city. Well, a.l
i hart; to »ay so cotsclusioa is. that I am
sorry that he aat so fooi.ahly left himself
open to attack. I was ia hopes that the
laser >iav s of ht» official life might be spent
in peace, aad that he woald s:tk into that
oblivion which his coaduct as a public of-
Scial so justly meritA
Thanking yoa for the space al'owed me,
1 remits yours truly. J, c MITCHELL.
Mm Frtncvs V*a l>orya. wiow
wftn asic. >«at*d in th«#e roiuiaas oc
Wedawsday morata* last, «*s bera la
Kaiavia. New Ytvrfc. I**--?, ISiT, ttlTO
therefor*, at tfc* time Of <}«* th, a lißie
rr.wr tfcaa 71 ream «»*d. la her twenty
ftpM vp*r the wa» united in raantajpr with
M r E M. Van fiwM, * toM dt<asfc occnrwd
aU*ct t« jrar? Ac Shortly titer mar
riae* list ■" retarded » L* »*:.e
I Sit naif. where tftej .ttws uatTi
>•• *r» »j. •. »t wiis-b sitae th*f tecastv neai
den'x f Terrttejy
Mr* Vufirmi xu wmnniw a" fit* af?e
ef »txs«*a, a»4 i\tr Sftr flv* year* re
raai a*-tm ik?rot«»i and steeotMt /«!*»*« at
th»- S.*»tr
H#r .VusSvUh wa* aaf a oioak tat* * lilt :
s ? * flheetin# ew* i»a*. ait ataxias
-e strut. March i, ls>.!
far snte, tatui*-
wrrte* Her JM thooaha
WWMtf the cfcareh V*T|< tai7b«
hekttdiwKtwJttidiMNm herself.
laJteeywtw ten to iee, *fc* lenriariy
w*»k; oat the deptit o* i*r v-ar* thaxibi
«■*•« ft «e»«wu gilt toward iix
•* • 4n£ga« atarto®- She «a>
qaeeal? ia her kisiae**. in her
ifynTVtl—i„ BMXle* t la her claim*. aad
aiahty hi her »ac«it?. Tw® «aafhter»
aadooe muther mowrxtm. bet witls
thmaieaftfaer* remnemhmA who caaaot
withhold a tribal to her rare aobiHty.
Uahariaa service a: Pythiaa hail. Fry e»
Opem Ueese. at U a. ». *-naoa br the
V****, Be*. Ernest Smith. Sunday school
Genoa M. E. Chareh-A. L. Koeaek*.
mintoSer, ftiaday school t!!p a Service*
at* P- ml at the Scandinavian M. E rharrh
,on Filth, between Pike aad Pine. Ail are
for.tally invited to attend.
Tim German Reformed Ch arch—Seventh
««««, Mar Pine. U. Oraedei, pastor. Di
vine every Snadav at 11 a. as. and
*• sOß«ay adbool at W a. a.
Ad Germans, cordially inrited.
Scandinavian Bapttst Ch arch-Fourth
street, between Piae and Olive. Rev K
Kelson, pastor. Preaching at 11 a®. and
Tp. m. Young people * meettae Tnesdav
evening a! *> p. m. Prayer raeelfn? every
Thursday at 7:45 p. a
Ptyraoalh Congregational Charch—Sec
e»d street, tetween spring and Seneca.
Kev. H. t Bates, pastor. Preaching he
the pattor at 11 a as and 7 39 p. m. Sunda'v
whoa! at 12:3#, young people a meetiag «
»> 30 p. ra. Praye- meeting on Tbarsdav
evening at 7 30. rtraager* cordially wel
Trinity Parish-Re r. George Herbert
«*tson, rector. Cbim h on third street,
opposite coarT hoase Sunday before
Lent. Sunday school. 10 a. m. The Holy
at IMS a. m. Evensong at
.SXChapel, Second and Blanchard streets
Sunday school, 3p. a». Divine semc*
P m. Lent and Easter. A. D
Trinity Church. SeatUe. W. T-, order of
services: Ash Wednesdav, 11 a m other
week days excepting Saturdays! at 4.50 p.
m.. sandays. 11:15 a ra. aad 730 p.m.;
Holy Commaaioa. March It*. 24 aad Apnl
7at* a. m.; other Sundays at 1105 x. ra ;
alao March 25. (the Annunciation, ll a. m.
(rood Friday,9,l2 aad 3; devotions from
12 an til 3). Easter Even, Saturday ; ho!y
baptism, 4;SO p. m.. Infants baptised at an v
service. Easter l>ay. 'April 21): EarlV
Eucharist, *a. m.; matins. with 2d cele
bration. 11:15 a. ta.; children's service, i p.
ra. Confirmation Clasaea—Children, after
Friday service. 4-36; ad nits, sunday even
ings, 6:30.
Spiritualism—Service* Sunday at 11 a m.
ia Masonic hall on Front street,near James
street. All cordially invited.
Liberal Lectare—Dr. York, the orator,
speaks at Opera House this eveaing at 7.30,
oa "Modern Free Thought aad Free Think- 1
era. Prof. Meaitia. the elocutionist, will
recite aad siag. All are lavited.
Origin of the Dog.
The question of the origin of the dog
ha- recently been dheusaed bv Prof.
Nehring, who believes that *it has
descended from several still-surviving
species of wolves and jackals. The
latter animals can V* tamed, and j
many attempts to domesticate wolves i
have been successfully made in recent
times. Herr Rouge has so completely '
tamed a young wolf that it follow-,
him exactly as a dog might do.
When Baby wu sick.
We gave her Castorto
When she waa a Child,
She cried for Castoria.
When she became Miss,
She clung to Castoria. j
When abe had Children,
She gave them Castoria
Commencing Sunday, March 3d, IW,
trains will depart a* follows;
jiVBrRBAS trains:
Leave Colombia-street depot, stopping
at foot of Vine street, daily except Sun
day* at 6 :30 h. in.. 7::» a. m . 10 00 a ia..
12-05 p. m., 1 10 p. in., 1 p. m.. and 5:40
p. to.
.Sunday trains for Yesler. connecting
with boat for lAke Washington points
leave at 10 a. m. and 2.00 p. in.
For Suohoinish, oilman and intermediate
points daily, except Sundays, s:SG a. m.
and 4 10 p. m. For Falls City daily, except
Sundays, S :50 a. m. For Snohomish and
intermediate points Sundays * 50 a in.
Again the cowfl ieuce In Puget Sound
district ia shown by the recent establish
ment ia Seattle of an agency of one of
the largest loan eompaiiiea in the United
States. The Jarvis-Couklin Mortgage Trust j
Company of Sew York and Kansas City, i
with one and one half millions paid up
capital, has authorised James Both well to
act for them in placing loans. This corpo
ration ha* already loaned something more
than twenty millions of dollars in the
Middle states and now reaches out into ]
what they deem a safe and profitable
country in the Northwest Mr. R. B.
Conkliu, the enterprising secretary, is now
in the territory perfecting plans tor an ex
teniive loan business con lined to good city
property and improved farms
The annual entertainment of the Emmet
Club will be given at Turner hill Monday
evening, March 4, iu commemoration of
the birth and services of the martyr pa
triot, Robert Emmet to his country
The entertainment will consist of: j
Opening address by Hon. John Collins: ad
dress on the life and character of Robert j
Emmet, jy P. P. Carroll, songs, recitations, I
etc Doors open at 7:30. All well-wishers
far the cause of Ireiand and natural liber
ty are cordially Invited to secure in vita-1
tlons of J. R. Smith, at 8L« Front street
The attention of lovers of fine art is
called to Mrs. Wilder's ''Spanish Cavalier," i
upon Lincrosta Walton, now on exhibition
at Oraham A Daolton'a. This style of
paiuting is the first time introduced here
cy Mrs. Wilder. A limited numt>er of pu
pils will be received at her studio, room r>,
Ritterhoff Block, coruer Frout and Eagle
The California Insurance Company of
San Franclaeo is prepared to insure tugs
and other vessels at lower rates and upon |
better conditions than heretofore. Before
insuring with any other compaay or re- 1
newing ;our present policies, call upon
Tsylo* & Brass, Agents.
The immediate symptoms of dyspepsia
or indisestlon are a distressing sense of
weight, oppression and fulness in the
stomach, heartburn, loss of appetite, foul
breath, belching, flatulency, nausea, pain a
In the shoulders and breasts. Dr. Henley's
Dandelion Tonic promote* healthy diges
tion and removes all unhealthy symptoms,
sold by Stewart A Holmes Drag Co.. whole
sale agents.
New spring cheviot suits, sacks and
frocks, in grav, salt and pepper, and me
dium dar>. mixed The most fashionable
spring style, Toklas, -ingerman A Co.
Sale of remnants. Chester < leary.
Em broidery sale. < heater Cleary.
Ladies' white embroidered aprons, aew
eat styles, just received. Toklas. Si ager
mau A Co.
Clearance sale of hoots and shoes at Ab
ernethy's. 90S Front street
Embroideries. Chester Cleary.
Buttons. New tinea of pearl buttons,
metal bnttona, jet buttons sad crochet
buttons displayed. Just to hand. Toklas,
Singe rtnan 4 Co.
Tenant corsets; small sites. Chester
New dress silks. Chester Cleary.
New rwhings on display. Toklas. Sln
fferman Co.
New goods dally arriving. Chester
Sew Seersucker*. Chester Cleary.
Ladies' and children's spring hosiery.
The very richest assortment and the finest
variety ever offered in Seattle. We chal
lenge the coast to beat it Price# are ao
varied that ail can be suited and satisfied.
See grand display in corner window. Tok
las. Ssngermau A Co.
New India silk a Chester Cleary.
New alpacaa. Chester Cleary.
New Sicilian rasters. Cheater Cleary.
New sateens. Chester Cleary.
A splendid assortment of sew moire
sash ribbons ia all shades latest novel
lies. «aat received. Extra cheap. Tokia*.
Singerman A Co.
New kid gloves. Chester Cleary.
Flftyceut chemises. handsomely
trimmed. Cheater deary.
New corsetA Chester Cleary.
New Surah silks. Chester Cleary.
Call and examine our new line of silk
r.bUros in red. white and blue Toklas.
Singerman A Co.
rale of table Uaecs, Chester t kary.
New hosiery. C beater Cleary.
New shirting percales just opened.
Cheater Cleary.
ladles felt hats, newest shapes, redace-i
from fl to i«c. Toklas, Siagerm*, a & Co.
Fifty-cent 4b-:ach drap dc alma all w*i
Cheater Cleary.
ladies felt hats, fashionable «£,apes. re
duced from 12 to H.2.V T -kias, »;at>.-rjßan
A fa
Xew <2t«4f fool*. «" f*fT
Tea e*a* aa.fMoo*. Chcrfttr
Sew iilk 1 j*trw and rusT'.anf. Cfcwfltf
PTivrt £3 vires# oh<*s*f ClaaiT.
S<?w fiafhams. i aotrtilaiiy•
One dollar ■icht**?*M' fca*d*M»e;j
S& wilt Ck«ter Ctearr.
IUESSISGN xx Disensx.
Cfcartai Xackac.
Mfii* e ms ars»n* in the
bright [.'» 4t aborr nisrs
Bat f»2«o» mnj. the a*bt of
Or nutei oI ifeaae who iare Mm;
Bm tnmk n»e alter darkness &de«
Tfc«i earth iy fro* hia vision.
He ma the bowew of Parasite.
A»I w&maAar of th Ktntaai
He leans* from aa#ei» as bis side
Cnttam'% aa-fafi&orr,
Aa4 oaks ajsoa tin-5= faee to far*.
rthU«>i br their *K»rr
Bejtfawea, naKC's (treat fei«h prlea:.
Whew hearea bora taE-eie* capture
The taagled «keias of fcaraMß^
Aibl vea*e thcta into ra»t"J»»
Hears not tie wjiea o! hasaaa kind
Xor nooad of life and sao&og*
tfaperts o* the echMiaVhiHa,
Ko* nsoaa# of re«le* xym
kad vet in tikiKt of kis »ia3
Cat the throte and thunder
Wjabuaat hya» acd #oieaia chaat#,
aou lay# of lore tod voader.
Tho*, thooeh rv.en;;«r*> mar csow
Tb< of oar »»a*es.
I a racrtai spfctt 9y*tW«|w
Their barrier *ai ikteajw.
And with cejestJaJ recompense
Par harm and U>sa diurnal,
V «•!<!•» greater joy* than -Je»h affords
la of th" eternal
To bliad old Miitoa'i r*y!esß orbs
A Kfbs iiriw it frirea.
And de«i Beethoven hears the hvmas
And harmonies of heaven'
Win 6
Absolutely Pure.
Thla Powder nerer van ml Amimi o!
parity, strength and whoieaomenen. More
economical than the ordinary kinda and
cannot t e sold in competition with the mal
titude of low test, snort weight, alnm or
phoaphste powders. 3<a]d onlv in cana.
ROT ax. EjkJtijtft Fowaaa Co., 108 Wall street.
Mo* Tart. _ «r>29dwyl
lug tiismra
Sundav Excursion.
The Lake Washington
KIRK L A > r>
Will leave the Com { say's Wharf, Mil! ;
street, Lake Washington, at 9 a. m.,li
a m., 1 p. m. a;id * p. m. ior an excursion
arounc Lake Washington.
Fare, 25c. for the Round
-D. BRUMS, Secretary.
Maison Doree,
(Formerly Mrs. F. Baker s Dining Parlor.)
Weed Block, t omer Front and l alos.
Will b»» conducted by the above proprie
tors as a tirst-eles* restaurant and kept
open all day.
Private dinner*, reception*, weddings,
and picnic f-arties promptly attended to at
moderate prices.
We be# to draw special attention to our
home made bread, rolls, and cakes, served
at ail times with tea, coffee, chocolate, and
ice creams.
Board per week - - $7 00
Twenty-one meal ticket - * 800
Twenty tickets for lunch ooly • bZO
Transient Meals:
Breakfast 50
Lunch .... Sf»
Dinner • - - - 50
MEAL HOURS: Breakfast from T to 10
o'clock: lunch from U to 2: dinner from
4 SO to 7:SO. From 10 a m. toS p. m., an l
after sp m.. mea s served to ord-r.
Eiiflist Steel Rails
By "Melpomene," now Land
ing at Tacoma, a quantity of the
best quality steel ralls-dO and
50 pounds per yard-tor sale In
lots to suit.
For price* *ppiy to
BUM*. (ilTIIRIr: k 00.,
Tacoma. W T.
Oflter for «sle In «ot« to unit:
200 Sscki Early Row Potatoes.
1000 Sacks Pmtlmi Pototow.
300 Sacks BirWik Potatoes.
100 T«m Tiaiothy Hay.
100 Teas Tlaotky ssd Clover Hay
100 Tons Eastara Waaklsctra
Wild Hay. Ml Toas Wheat.
S Can lira a and Short* mixed.
20 tea Groaad and Rolled Barloy
Spokaae Mills Extra Flour.
EUaashargh Mill* Extra ITaar.
6000 Sacks Choioa Washiajctoa
Notice to Saloonkeepers.
I T TOOT itwaUon to section* :0 sad HI
of the Cod* of Washington. sad al»o to
•ecUon 1"• of orsliusofe No 916 of the oral
nsoce* of the city of Seattle. sod woola
sdvise jon one sod *ll to look them up
sad utady their pnm«ton»; s* from snd
sfter tt*> pabileatJou of th»« uesies sll per
sons is t>bf buflftfii fWUw
to minor*, or allowing them
to pis* *t SOT gsme uf cards, pool or <*her
csmh'.iti* (pa*. or permitting them to
loiter or rerasits abont s «siooe. wJU be
puoiKbed io accordance with the sections
sod ordinance above referred to-
Chief of Polite
< hsirßisn Health sod
Police ( oaalw-
neon, Msrrt. «. IM*. for the
tiooofs pstilkta for the Pacific 1 •*»;*
Constructs® Co, to be ; «ct. d «o end of
Jsckani: street, near Lake Wssfc.agt*>n.
The rlrht u served to reject »7 or aii
bid*, PISM and nwrtdcffgyg
st the cvfice of H. -TLiNM ANN,
aoea. March r*.h. im, for s r.o?e.
bwiWiuir ** Mr «rsn**r. Whatcom. t.
Tbe fcttjfdtos to '*• • • •- * *<
I iMMtrkidAiw'' *> i».
attrt'. fitonfceW scd paiE?*-r* * B *
Notice to Contractors.
BOS Will BE up *2
see*. Mawfc - M*». for s
t * hoaws to la krtWt *«
■ mst Stacker*- p«m > *«m w»* w«
<,«<* of H jTEINWA.KS. AMddMet.
Cen&Ut i
Water-Front Property.
•Ms thee Water street aad faar hate water
rtaataee, rarryias riparian rirht*.
tIA btock 10 « * and
f Xv,VW joha Deaay's addition, and
lot L Work 6.D. T. Penny's WaterFroot
addition. 110,000 for the !*n
Pront Street Property.
SIOO 000~ L< * hf!ai OH fw>at
AUU,UVU »twt. and another in
the rear facing oa West mwt These low
tarry riparian rights aad than practically
ektead to deep water. Oa the projeitr
are wharves. factories aad bn.vnesa
hoases which will rea? for 11000 a month.
Price, $100,000; one-fourth ca*h. balance
oa long time.
£XL nnf|-»«« w *•*» im* *r
>4O»UUU Kr»»t ,trMt. Ma4i
w« t*4 Sprla*.
S3O nnn ,e * l ° a *** *«*
vf OU,UUU «:dt' Of Front atrect, be
tween Madison ami Spring.
$25 OflO"!^ 1 00 tbe * Mt "4* <»J
s'AVtVVV Front street next to the
corner of Pike. On the lot to a 17000
PMidenre. Price. *i\ooo oae-fourth«ash
balance oa long time at s per eeat
ft i Ann-™ lo * * sui fla « *■*-
OiUiVVV dere*. on wi *i v }e of
Front, between Virginia and
£l9 KAA-by «0 f«*t. corner Third
SIZ,OUU *a,i Waa*in*u>n atm-ta
Commercial Street.
tCC f|fM|~ABLI!HIT»3t HOTKL - Kali
)D9tUUU tot at Ui» unw
•T ( awMrrtai a»4 Mb itmb, larta*
tax tfce Artiaytoa aotrl balMta*.
$53 fwi fnratofeon
9wtf t vvV Commercial street, be
tween Yesler avenue and Washington
Second Street.
fWI~ tee< frontage on Sec-
H» • |WVV on d street, near Pike: the
cheapest property on the street.
Madison Street.
$7,000~35u!? u ® ora#r v " Jl *° n * nd
tc Cnn Tw * »«Ui»Mt f#rwr of
)3'9UU ladlsoa sad Siatk.
Choice Building Lots.
$6,000~~k7 o iots coni<,r ?,iuUi •*"*
Malh * wt corner Jackson
▼ and Semth streets.
JtQ OAA—Three lot* northwest corner
Twelfth and Waller.
fIAA -: Northwest corner Ninth and
q>O,UUU Stewart, full lot.
nnn~ Fttll ,ot ,b « southeast cor
-4>O,UUU ncr of Ninth and Stewart.
$9 AAA-Southwwt corner of Tenth
and Virßlni*.
<fcl ffßfl -Two lota ou Moltkc street
tyI,OOV near John,
$1 7Krt~ l ' o, oa southeast corner
*P X. I UK/ Broadway and Barclay street,
tfcl ft KA—Two lots in Van Procklin's
9X»OUU addition.
<t I Cnn L°*» l " t oasterk Kapplrs**-
4>I'UUU tat, adjoining Ktwsi'i, at
4jl QCA-Li«i on Main and Wash;ug
kPl»ZJ vjvj t»>n street*, between Twelfth
and Fourteenth, tljtt to 61.360.
<tn ORfl Sartheast cora*r of Sl»th aad
Blaitrfcard. li«M. hit* ad
a Kin* for f 1.160. Lot n Mntk, fcetweea
nrhard aad Bell. $1,150.
Houses and Lots.
dSI O AOn _ Two Jots at the north-
V* west corner of Spring
and Sixth streets. including a fine resi
dence, $12,000.
tIA ft Aft—Two lots on Sixth utreet.
IV, WV three minutes' walk from
the Occidental hotel. On one lot is a
hotise that will rent for Stt a month;
price, 110,000: easy terms.
<fc7 nnO - Fine honse and lot corner
y»»W V Fifth and Terrace. 17,000.
Artrt~Two lota, southeast corner
M> « ,Vl/U Beii and Fourth streets both
streets rmded. Lot* are cleared. lay
high, overlook the £ouud, and contain
small house and barn.
4kfi RAO corner Depot and Wall
4>UiUvV atreets, including three new
ill-room cottages. Fine location. IOSJO.
AAA-Sevenrootn. hard finished
lJ>U|Uwv house, and fine sightly lot on
east ride of Fourth, between Spring and
7 firt-Choice residence and fa <1 let,
H>U t iOv corner Twelfth and Pine.
Magnificent view and one of the best ar
range*] residences in the city.
djA Cnn-"* «"» «»•* «v<vroom. hard
finished bouae, southwest
corner John and Rollin; very easy term*.
tO ArtA-bot and new seven-room
house and small barn, cor
ner of Harrison and Mary strata, near
the Depot street cable line and the elec
tric road, with a sj>!en-lid view of the
city, the harbor, the mountain* and Lake
Union. fcMGO.
Onfi * atl e-room houae in
tP4>£UU Eastern addition.
Cheaper Building Lots.
4M OAn T *""' ,i dl lets ta a kody
la Hicks' a44ittoa ti.tim rash:
a kargaia.
0Q nnn —Blocks 17 and 24, Arlington
H>O>UUU Heights addition, a: S3OOO
2QQ- Double comer in Sob hill.
& 1 OArt— f-ot on Btsmarek utreet. near
W*t«WV the lake.
*»7CA—Fine lot in Denny's £a»t Park;,
yI ou cleared and festcwi.
<l»7 Crt-Oae of the choieest lots in East
U> IWW Park addition.
in block 24. Bigetow's ad
VUVUa aoo. n00: comers, W3&.
-Three of the choicest lots is
H»«ov ( row* rupplemental add . S"SO
Mc*dlvra'a addition.
W«Ov tVM.
Acre Tracts.
*oe ArtA~ Forty acres 01 tbl ' be * i
SOU,Uvv water front hi We*t Seattle. ,
®OA AAA—-Ten acres on the w«t aide
IpZUiUUU of the lake, t»,000. Every
ting else in the vicinity is platted
dtin rtCA-Thirty-flve acre addition
si"iov)U W*«n Salmon Bay and
Smith sCove at t-V>o au acre,
jtl C AAA- Fifteen arrest adjoining
tpiOiUUU Minor's addition a: Smith'a
&Q 1 acres «ou»h o!
WW) *the cfty at tii"- an acre.
A Special Bargain.
Olympia Property.
KtMiiU * addition to Olympia. One of
the choicest pieces of property is the cap;
talcity.is being sold at recaarfcaMy low
prices by Mr. Kassoa la our ofßce.
Business Chances.
$7,000" tTJW* *hs^'i?te"r^.
A A A- Interest in a higbay pro«Ui-
JbOiUUU ble jaanofactnnng
Jo AAA" A MOeaintrreat in the Hall A
®6»UUw Paalao i Famitore Fecwsry.
|ca ftgwaßDia every ca*e *ikl fee
9dv pa.; iby as for information
' rr*t to convict persoas a# dej«rt»y>tsg oir
gign* on propf-nx.
SiEVTuN ADDITtO* will asfcaKf not
be on the market berore April I
(s<iwfcnJ£ (arum
rinanfial aii4 R<id l>r^k»r>.
4 * - I
The oddities of human nature <»ften present perplexing problems
to him who makes a study c*f them. A man misses the ©no opportun
ity to make life a success by -beer incredulity in hi? own good fortune
j when the favorable crisis foe decisive action appears. The future vft
have something better, something more clearly certain, be think*,and
*> the aaTe that only roils up once in the rawer of a lifetime passes,
the force of its onward movement Sorevwr lost to him whom it couht
hare Landed on a sire vantage point.
The thrifty and industrious housewife often misses a - plendid
chance of cutting down family expenses by a lack of promptitude in 'Si
taking advantage of low prices on the very articles which, if bought
later, will cost just double what is now asked for them. Bna ALSO
MS«TS THE omnrstrv ir sap r*tsy« TO cau. AT THK B*H Fa*?»«isco
STOKE FI EST. We wish to impress Hon all that the statement* made
in our advertising columns are true to the letter. Ourgoods have given
the utmost satisfaction to our jatrons in the past, and the large sales j
made in the dull season en boUien us to claim that no other house in'
our line on the Picific coast has offered more liberal reductions on
gnods in all departments. Certainly no competitor in Seattle has ap
proached us in the cptendid variety offerevi, while low values mark
etl on our good* are beyond competition. With St, Paul, we ask the
public to '-Provealt things." la tlus case proof can be furnished bjr
an tMME!>.'ATE tssnscnos of the following:
Muslin Underwear.
We oiw our en tire new line in Uus department at k»w 3rare*, and
are en aided to do m» through the punch -e of a vert heaw stock from
2ftc. Corse* Carers lor
35c. Chemise, trimmed with lace, for
II Night L>re*ses. laee-trimmi.Mi. for
75c. j
Ladies' and Children's Hose.
25c. Full-Finishes! Hose for
.'iOe. LadieV Black lisle-Thread Ho>* for
35c. I
25c. Children'# Host;, extra value, for
35c. Children's Ho*.', superior quality, for
The EM PRESS CORSET at s©c. i# the best rain® offer*! this ma- f
•on. See center window for display of Corsets and muslin underwear.
Special Bargains for Ladies.
The line* immediately fotlowing are extraordinary offering*, as wa
are closing them oi.t at nominal value? to escape carrying them ov«r
until next season.
i*X\ per yard. 54-in., All-Wool Mixed Suitings for
II per vard, 54-in., Assarts Holies' Cloth for - m
75c. per yard, s*-in., Cotton-and-Wool Suiting for ft
• %
12.50 per van! lilacli Brocade Velvet for *OC 811
♦1.50 per van! (full assortment) Watered 6:lk* for \OO
20c. per yard Lcdiej' Suitings for \
12* C. \
25c. per van! Ladies' Suitings for •
iejc. \
25c.per yard White Hemstitched and Colored lk»rder Hand- 1
kerchief* for
16c. MM
111.50 Ladies' Striped Newmarket, IwH-sleeved. full front, for
|7.50 Ladie»' Plain 1 leaver Cloth Newmarket for k. m
75<\ Ladies' Colored Cotton Flann*! Skirts, quilted bottom,
122 Ladies' Snow slake Sl.awls, ail wool, for
$11) Indies' Otter Shawls for
$10.50 Indies' Scotch Plain and Plaid Shawls, for
$8.50 I-adies Traveling Shawls, new style#, for
♦7 ladies' Double-Plaid Shawls, all wool, for
s,*?.,v> Ijidies' Curs*« Kid Buttoned Shoes, upper toe 3nd
common-sense, for /|
$2.50 M
$n Ladies' French Kid Hand-Turned Hhoew for . j p
$5.50 -3
|fi Indies' French Kid Shoe-* for
$2.25 and $2 Ladies' Shoes, in odd lots, for
|||g: 75c. i'^
Grranci Opening |
Ladies' Stylish Spring Suits,
Tbe«e Suit* have been made in our own dressmaking d«p*rtment,
i and ar*- mad* so tout they can be altered to fit any sue. We draw
special attention to the fact nhat these handsome suits ar» actually
sold at the *atne price that was asked for the material alone before
making up. This we guarantee, and an inspection of the aoito will
convince ladies that our statement Is correct to the letter. Pleaee caU
and take the elevator to the fourth floor, where you can see
An Flegaat Black Hlk for
An eitremely handsome evening dress in White Albatroes '*; th
Oriental trimmings, for HI
A Dark Green Aii Wool Bhoodah with Chenille trimmings, for^^
A Superb Gray India Twill. All Wool, trimmed with gray telvrt.
A fine Kboodah. all wool, in heliotrope, with Persian panels, tor • , 1
A < harming Sboodsh, ail wool, in heliotrope, with Chenille triia
icings, for
I A Black Albatross, with Oriental Panels, for
1 $26.
J A Navy Blue ghoodab. all wool. Chenille trimmings, for . ;|j
A P.rown All Wool Bbuudah, Chenille trimmings, tor §f
A Green Ail Wool Bhoodah. Chenille trimmings, tor JJJ,
I An Kle«raat Brwue All Wool India Twill with Velvet Km
Irotiered trimming*. tor
1 Handsome Half Mourning I>r«*s. with/gray striped border, tor
Magnificent Tan Cordorette, with Garnet Silk hir-ocked i'aoei and :
Waist Trimming*. for SjI(WL '^l
Styliab Invisible Plaid Walking Suit for
{» Xew arrival of Men's I ndserwfsai. siik Bated, in a variety r--JI
<jf os-ior* ■ bUstched >n niißd v-jlw*: and LUk> Thread.
va aitra, Unsliie of Ferry aw! do? 4 C*i >r* 1 Belbrggnne,
ha# jtjsl been reeved.

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