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Confttrietion Will Be Begin
Within Three Weeks.
n* LiM b> be Completed te Moo
toean« by tbe Middle nt Sep
A rraagetaen •« were yexterday perfected
for tn«c»>rat> p'ioa of the railroad of the
Pvrt gonad 4c Gray'# Harbor Company
from the western terminus of the pretest
mad, at Summit, to Mouteaaao, a aistance
of twenty miles. A party of fourteen sur
ve? ore. under the personal charge of Mr.
J. K. Marpb y.the c 5 ul e-tglaeer.bcgsja work
Monday, and Mjeet lo fioixii the •arrey
and lofnilon of the route inaide of three
The roate now projected by the Pn«et
goaod &. Oray'x Harbor road will < xtesd
from a point in section li, towraxhip 13,
MMOB eoanty, at toe lower entrance to
Little Pkookuia bay, to Kamtlcbe. and
thence to .SumaiH xtatlon: tbenee to Elma,
abont one and a balf tailea from the Cbc
haU* river,and down acroea the Satxop to
Moateaano aad the Cbehalix. The road it
now eompkted and is operation from the
eastern oa UUie Sknckaa bay
to Sammlt, a distance of fiftaea mile*.
Kamihe, while It hax be«rn the fmnlao*
of operation* on the road, will be aban
doned. and the real term-r.us. will be fire
■Uleweaat, the road being already com
pleted to that point. Tbe reason for the
exteniton of tbe road iatbat de«» Nt
aela can not reach Kamllcbe. and tbey
can tbe actttal term max. the name for
wrbk: v ba# not yet been given.
At aooa a* the warvey hi cocmi eted
active conatraction of the road aill be be
gan, and it is confidently exported tfcat
cat* will be running into Montesano by
.September lMh. The route from Summit
•txtlor. to Montewauo It a very tf anibie c>c«--
and contain* bat about four mik* that
are at all difficult of eonstrurtfoa. 1 re#ti<-
work for a toul length of one mile wrtil
nave to be bailt on each tide of the ;4et*op
river, aad tbe stream proper will be
crowed by a (tf agio xpau bridge 1® feet In
Tne people of Mon»esano have doaated
to the companp seventy acre* of land » a
the Chehalix river, that will be used ior
tbe «onstrm tkm of terminal aud storage
warehouses, aad a depot A plat of grt>nad,
400x4M feet, withla the boundaries of the
city, has been turned over to tbe compeuy
ami upon this will be cofcatructed tbe
Montexauo depot A sieavabeat. caUed
tbe Moatesaao, wh'ch baa been under
courae of construction for sonsc time, has
been launched, aad her machinery placed
In poslUoo. It was bailt by the Graj'a
Harbor Mill company, whose stockholders
are the members c f the Pacific Pine Lam
ber oompaay. The boat will be operated
on tl»e Cbehalls between Montesanoand
points on (iray's Harbor. It will run as
far as Peteraon'a point, on the south of
ttray'a Harbor.whieb it I*espected to sak#
a popular auramer reacrt. Tltere is said to
be bete the finest ocean beach of any place
ia the northwest.
The rolling stock of the new road will be
ordered without delay, and every aupli
ance that will insure prompt and efficient
passenger and freight service will be pro
vided. That part of the road which ia
now completed baa been built excellently
and tbe remainder will be constructed in
as substantial a manner. The road, which
fs standard gsuge, la already provided with
three locomotives, a combination paste o
gar coach and a number of freight aud Hat
cars. Whan the road i* finished the run
from Puget Hound to Montesano will be
made ia two hoars.
"The completion of this road." said Mr.
If. O. ftrnve, the attorney for tbe compa
ny, last night, "wrill develop a country
that ia of very fertile resources and will
open up tbe Gray's harbor region, which
has heretofore been attainable on land
only by one of tiu- worn road* ever trav
eled The trade of the Che halls aud Graf's
harbor countries ta already vary large, a'no
It will be macb larger. It Is now con
trolled entirely In Portlaud and ftan Fran
cisco, but It will come to Paget sound.
That city which establishes steamboat
connection with the eastern terminax of
the road will get the trade. 1 suppose It
will be Seattle."
A fishing Match Makes K *4 for
A suit that to all appearances is brought
moru In jest than in earnest waa filed ia
Justice Miller's court last evening.
G. W. i#ancy and E. F. lilaine appear as
plaintilfk and W. L. Russet and I». A. Mc-
Kenzle as co-defendant*. R. H. J. Penny
father and J. Boyd Tallmau are attorneys
for the plaintiff and as a cause for action
complain of the defendants as follows:
That on or about June 80, ism*, the said
day being a secular day of that month, the
said plaintiffs, together with Vance 11.
Faber, Charles Frascli, R. H. Mclntire and
Johu Doe, were lawfully engag»d la the
p**»':eful oeeuiMttlon of catching fmb st tin
town of Redmond, ta King Couniv, and to
stimulate the said person* (n their said
employment and to benefit the general
public Lv placing In the 1 xrket a bounti
ful supply of fresh brook trout- the mar
kets as to brook trout being at said date iu
a depleted condition—the following
arrangement was then and there entered
into, to wit Kaclt of said persons was to
place in tba bauda of the said Vance H.
Falier the sum of fI, the aggregate amount
of said sums to be paid to the person of said
prrcouswho during the said day should
catch, by hook and line, the largest nam
ber c f brook trout, aad that said defendant,
t». A. McKensie, was to act as judge in all
disputes between said persons; that each
of -aid persoaa placed in the hands of
Vance 11. Kaht-r the sum of 11, which, to
gether wtth the amount to be contributed
by said Vance H. Faber, aggregated the
sam of $K
That at the close of the day, on tbe re
turn of Mid v« r*otj« from the work of
catching ft«b. the said plaintiff. K K.
Maim. placed before the aaid Judge >dne
brook trout, the day's catch of the said
plaintiff. and the said defendant, W. L.
M *e! t placed before the said Judge bine
fish, aald defendant * catch, all which fi*h
of «aid defendant Russet, *»ld judge then
an-i there declared to brook trout, and
each ■ f the re*? of said persons placing be
fore the judge a lew number of brook
trout Kaidjndgo awarded to said plaint iff.
K. P. illaiue, ont of the motion pieced In
the handa of the said Vance ft. l-aber the
»um of H. at»d a like »umoutof *atd
money* wax awarded by said indue to Mid
defendant Rtiswl, which said sum* were
afterward paid bv said Vance H, Faben to
said plaintiff K. r. Maine and *aid defend
ant lUtMei.
That oa the first day of Jaly, i'vss, the
plaintiffs learned for tbe AM time that one
i»f t'-f said nine fishes placed- before said
Jud«e as defendant Rt:*sel'« catch for «alit
dav was not a brook tront, but was in fact
a chub, a species «■ f C&h m far like In re
srinhlanre lo a brook trout tnat only the
Wi»! skillfnl piscatory mui distinguish be
tween said specie* of fish.
Ttia' defendants were a! tb«» time of the
decision of said judge wholly unaware
that one of said nine fishes of defendant
Ruwal, vas a chub; that said judge. at the
time of *ald decision, well knew that one
of said nine fishes, the catch of *aid de
fendant Rnascl was a chub: that, in coi
lusion with aald defendant Kuail, and In
fraud of the right* of *aid plaintiffs, and
for the sum of one-half the money t«> be
received by said defendant Rusael. wltlcb
was to (to to said judge in payment of hi*
«ald decision, said Judge made said de
That tbe said plaintiff, Yaney, being de
flclent in the art of anghng, end the said
plaintiff, K. F. Hlainc. t.-ing without the
ii. ct Hjary money to pay one dollar into tbe
hai i« t f »aid Vance H. Fat*r a* aforeeaid,
and as a coadit'ioa of a U»aa of »l by »*: J
Vaucv to said Rlatne, said plaiutitSV pooled
the.i s*ue« in saiu teoneya with die nn
de-standins that one half of the money*
that might be won by cither should be tbe
property of the other.
That by reamm <jf the premise* afore
•aid pialntitTV have suffered damage in the
sum of »4. no part of which ha* been paid,
etc.; that the sa; i defendant, Kim, !•»
make fruitless any Judgment that might
he rendered against iut» in this art ton. has
Mtd.'euiy departed the urrftarvof Wash*
ittttoa, and any other than a joist Judg
ment against aaid defendant* will be
worthies* to said plain tiffs
Wherefore, plaintiff* pray for a joint and
•«?\eral lodgment be entered against said
defendant* tor the sum of fi and aftornev*
fee of »io, together with tdsi&tigV cost* in
Ule acttou.
While the suit on it* face i* notkinc
■or* than a practical kdte or an tflirt of
the plaintiffs to turn the tables on the de
fendant* for an old loke. a lively trial will
probably result in the justice a twit, and
the case ma* cost the defeated party mass*
dotlars in coats.
•krrac K.»ui«<nts for the Ceiebratiou
of th* Otvasii'it.
Adjutant T. >harpe. UtttitMt J, A.
Ha:;' i and l.icuteaant K. C. Wiuhburu,
thv fr*im the First regiment
recently app»«nted h> take charge of the
•rratuewenu for the celebration of the
<*nt*! nial anniversarr of the inaurar*
uon«i! prvaidettt aaltington. met yeater
«ar, uut decided to ha', e a diras |<arade.
fe\ ;cw by tiorentor II:'- «. t" Moore, and a
Tw er i sH>a and t*all at the armory «;j the
•vi-tiii-g of April ai<ih. lr.vi!ation* u»
•tt»:uhave U-cu extended to Brigadier
wmtral t'nrry and staff, <4 Falls.
*ni„ Ad)utant-Oeaaenal It. ti. o Brieu, of
WjV'a. Company t'., of !'*<»*, w;th
'<* batiA, end t'ompany it . of Port h.akely,
•re expected to be pre scut.
« *** further arranjfed to ha\r the
"•i d of recently itr the
regiment f.»ma , !e pre*ente«l to the
by tiovcrccr Mysore at tbc efcwe
Uh review
After the foilowiug
. artfade who w*J5 act as a receptioa
ta i ttee on tbe Cveniag of thecekhra
uon, the ai>n?«i!tte«f *«£• urncd < olot c.
ji >.• Maine*. Ueutcßatt Ct»fc !»ei s. *
w i ?■ A < 1 wrchili, C»«(aia
»• J Fife, * aptaln f i. r wIhZS s;; .i
Wt.'!et;aa» l„ E. Dawson. r
**• Cl|f X«Hjr Ovyrimrf of T*«
lM|Xftaßt fUMtkMrfM.
Mayae Marts and Gmm&mm TmsU
narrowly escaped an accidea'-d de**h yes
lerday snoraing at the new dry dock BOW
feeing coaatn>c?ed for the Drr®>»ek
aad Shipbuilding Co., of whit* they are
n»sb«», on it* tirt« fiatx.
They bad gooe fcrwn to obacrms tbe HO
gress of tbe work sad were wftaediag oa
the outer Miff- of the -lock. watefefga the
bo(«Ciag of t bore ;roa cylinder wbiia «■>
to be pat 1B position to form on* rt the
concrete pi~» The MTJlader hod Seen
raised to the reqafartre height aad Kwunr
arwind to (he place into which it *u to be
lowered when one of tbe guy 'oaiaaof the
derrick broke. allowing the tall to
topple orer. Bolb geaUetaes were met
:y In line with the here falling Umber
aad for* moment ft looked u if there wit
""T»y which they oooid eseap*. Mr.
Dnrie wax the fim to act aad jumped over
Jbe «*M« of the dock, eaooalsg the chance
of drewaiag to the «nnct» of being
noshed to death. While falling beeaugbt
J***®* £** >»au«Sng over the edge of the
dock aad hang onto it. He reasoned sua-
JfOded by Iberope abo'H two feet above
the water anil ae wo pul>d up bv »he
laborers. uainjured.
MsyorMoran dil aot escape to luckily.
BeiagsUgnti? dsaf be did not few the
Bob* made by the falling mot or tbe erica
of warning from the workmen until it was
too late for him to follow Mr. Iwte's ex
ample, ao he stepped back a* far as be
««atd and eaetped be fag mashed under
the timber* by a hair* ' read*fa. Hi# left
■hoaSder eii-i »:de were bra:*d by the
timber*, tad * two-foot boxwood rale ia
bit hip pocket www broken lata a dozen
A workman oa the dock, who WM also
dangerously noar the line of the failing
timber*, made a M| leap front the dock
i nto the water, and ww fabatf out afier
the exrltemeat was over without an* In
jury except a thorough ducking.
It wax a very narrow w*pe for ail thre»*,
astbey would bare ail been crushed to
df*tb by tbe timo*- bad they not moved
oat of the way ID the nick of time.
Waahlngtoa'a Claim Agent oa a Visit
to Seattle
Captain John Muilaa, ctaim xj-ent at the
national capital tor California, Oregon,
Nevada and Washiagtoa. was yesterday a:
the Occidental. Captain Mnlian was many
years ago a resident of Prtgs-t -sound hav
tag been here la the £ftiet.
"Witboat a doubt there will be two large
cities in Waxnlngton." said Capt. Mallan
yesterday. "One will be > a«: of the moan
tains, atui It will be spokane p slis. The
Souod i ities have every advantage, lnas
macfa ss it is only a question of lime when
they will be starting commercial point*
for tbe.Sandwich Islands, the tiamoan la
lauds, Australia and China"
Captain Mallaa has a brother in the
navy named Dennis W. Maitan, who com
manded the Nipslc, which waa wrecked ia
tae recent hurricane in Apia harbor. Sa
moa It will be remembered that tbe Nip
siewssthn oniy American vessel in the
■Nitnosn waters at the time that escaped.
Commander Mnllaa was one of Admiral
Farragut's lieutenant*. Captain Mnlian
atatr* that his brother baa a very high
opinion of tbe Samoana, and that they are
very friendly to the Americans in thoae
islands. In reference to the value of the
Samoa Islands the captain thought them
most valuable aa a coaling station, inas
much cw they are midway between tbe
Sandwich Islands and Australia
Captain Mullans visit to Seattle was one
for pleasure only. He dined with Gov.
Squire last evening and will leave Seattle
to-day, on hi* way East
ture of Mrs. Mllier on artistic and easy
dtess will be delivered to-morrow night at
Frye'x opera house. Much interest has
been excited here, particularly amongst
the ladns, over the appearance of Mrs.
Miller, and abe will doubtless be greeted
by a large audience. In the course of a
lor-g account of he second lecture la
Portland, the ftrrgonian says "It waa >2O
when Mrs. Mllier. attired In a neat-fitting
evening dress, with train, stepped upon
the piatform. She with an elasticity
of step and a natural grace that few stage
women ever acquire. There seemed to be
rhythm in her every movement. The gist
of Mrs. Miller's talk was in tbe main a re
petition of ber Monday lecture. Seeing so
many gentlemen present, she stated that
the lecture won Id be addressed to them
principally. Her reason for beitrg so
partial to the sterner aex was, the said, to
satisfy their eunosity and to teach them
something that they ought to know.
She spoke at some length upon the rela
tions of dress to health and physiological
development She explained, and to a
certain exteut demonstrated, tbe eflbctx of
the different garments on the shape »f the
body aud the fuuetiona ol the Interna:
organs. 'The great idea.' she said, "la for
a woman to dress as abe ia sh«f<*<a.' Speak
ing of the Corset she said tiud the only
way xhe could Induce wotnea uot to wear
it was by convincing them that it was
artistically wrong. Women care more for
artistic beauty and perfection than for
health and physiological development.
No man, with the exception of a few scat
tering dudes, would be such a fool as to
weigh himself dowu from the hips. Before
closing thia par*, of her lecture. Mrs, Mtller
enjoined all tbe gentlemen present to go
home and speak to their wives about dieva.
Hhe also made the startling prediction that
the time would come whed women would
again wear dresses even as abort as up to
the Luces, both for comfort and conve
nience and artlatlc efffcet."
Mumimohii yiiHTrrTK CUB.—The
t<uebec TcUgram aaya of tbta organization
to appear here Saturday night: "Useless
tosav that Mr Ryan again starta his con
certs wtth a prosperous career, and like
good wine need no buab.' It will suffice
to say that the standard of the exceptional
excellence of that club is not oniy fully
maintained, but even increased, wind un
surpassed in style displayed by these
artist*' marvellously fascinating bow,
which waa the comment of music admirers
an*? dlHettauti, who had gathered at the
Acadetny of Masic last evening. The ad
uantage of hearing auch nerformance of
beautiful music so artistically rendered
was Incalculable. This combination of
artistic skill produced the most memorable
re Wits, and we may add that la the hands
of auch performers comment ou their exe
cution is altogether superfluous. Mr. Kyau
then introduced a ucw prima donna to the
pabilc, his prepossessing daughter. Miss
Alice Ryau pro<S«c ed a good Impression
upon the audience, if we judge from the
applause with which she waa received."
It ltK VITI KS>.
A plat of Meyers' First Additi >i/to Ra
V"Uisa springs was S!».h! with the/ooenty
auditor yesterday. /
The dispatch announcing thy appoint
ment of Major i H. Harden, or Olympia.
a* receiver of the Seattle land office, wa*
uot confirmed yesterday.
Alexander Anderson was brought from
the southern i«art of the county last night
to nerve fifty eight davs in the county jail
tor selling spirituous 4 uor to Indians.
An elaborate mnsieal programme in
being prepared by the pastor and menjgier*
of the choir of the First l*reabyyrian
church, on Third street, for a specs tJ soug
service new Sunday evening /
A nuncr of the sinking of the «eamer
George E. Starr la r>ee«ption pass Was cir
culated here yesterday It appears to have
leached Tecoma also, for a dispatch wa*
re»-ei vtd from that place last night asking
ai<oat It. Then was no foundation to the
Police t'aptaai I'cer found a t year old
boy, who said his name was •Sa , «y' on
the *m*t yesterday morning. He was
taken care of by officer Webster until af
ten toon, when his father, who is foremau
of the Ivnuy water worka. came around tn
c'alra him.
The funeral of Mrs Kelly, who died
tWKji; (T««in(. aited M years, of pneu
monia, t>x>k plar* yesterday trota the resi
dcnce of har family, corner of Pine and
Secood streets. The body was burial is
Masonic «ea»r»« ry. Re*, (i, H. *at»»m
WM tflr officiating Clergyman.
The remain*of Arthur Staaley, whodied
ia (hi* city April tf, were baried fnirnuv
under the ausrleea of the LmpA«rA«n I
aud Kigyers' Union. from the undertaking
Mt.on of •> C- Shorty A Co. Re*. John K
I>amoti oflrMld at the «ra»e. The body
was iatnwl In Ma*>mc cetaetery.
Margatettc IV W ttt has iwatmeaecd
action in the disiri't cvitrt against her
husband, John H DtWilt, for a divorce.
The* were married at January
■«*. ins . arsd. according to the complaint of
Mrs lie Witt. her husband deserted and
abandoned her in the follow tag April.
Pan! Rucker, ci\*tl «Mlt>eer. started oat
yesterday morals* with a complete s«r-
V< \ inj?%a.fty to make a topv><raphi»ral »ar
eey of the utiaurveyed part of King counts
Tiiis work is done for tne pwrposo of mak
■rs a maples map showing the forma
tioa of the couiitrj.'aad t» the flr>t saner
msda of ai«*ut one-third of the county
MMto <•; laMtyoMiN hare been filed
in the -e*e of the county auditor by the
Seattle Saving* Rank. The incorporators
arct. W R. tin flit fa, of Lawmtfa, Kan.
and I- H (Vitntb and X. H Foote. of
>«a?tie. who will (mo a* trustees until the
Srst tegular m>-eUng if stoegbaldera.
whteh will be hetd en the first Mondar in
July. The eat>ital at»«ck t» placed at <«&.-
IB .*Oo»iiar<« of each.
str Edwin Kvrry. <J Miel j**a. ;a at the
Mrs. Lucy A Predion left last fitaiaj on
an extended t'astrm trip.
Mr. and Mr«». «Wv Ik left ye*
terdav for Wit»:nston, Dei. h/ old b.»ete.
Thee wlUfcwaiNwiit aeverai wjtks.
M r K. I- *\ the aw
fr-w of Uaana A Mct v re|C<?y, of CoUax,
w *%h.. was in the en* ye«t *<;a'.
Mr. £<twan! Snyder daughter, Jul a.
Ka* 'it. I t, lef; -*r- bight fogtbetr
bonu- ia the Juaat Mr. atsjder has ta
eea*ed a tswvdi-nafcjg ats«ntt ia tils «:v,
an>i will. »a ail return t>
fttaitla ia the star fu'isre.
rhLMrfH <Y? for RuWs I'astero
S«wg of latere* Gathered From
Loral Sources.
Tba rretaa fiffUn-Court BUwde tx
K itaap— Daaaaged Baeerde Ca
bla Road Krtndea.
Arts* x FromrK.—gberifT John M.
Heasier, of Prcsao couaty.
arrived lam. ereairg with a requisition
ftmm '»ov. Waterman for Hegh Oallsher,
amwed here by ex-Chief Mltcbe.L
sheriff Hensley was »«en by a repwtcr.
He said Yea, I came aa after Gaiiaher.
who left rather amideaiy aboa* Jaaaarr
* He was arre«;ed on Jaaaarr 'M at
PreaaaClty for aaaaalting and robbing a
c hinaman named Ah Hong. Tbe charge
oi as**i;r: was not presaad, bat he was held
Ul answer fedas* the grand jarv upon the
robbery efcsrye with botxis fixed at 9m.
His attorney faraiahed the reqaixite bonds
aad he was released only to leave the
eoaaty without notify Sag ax I wiU ieave
f<t Oiympia on the mi>rtr',ztf train for the
parpoee of sec art ag the neceseary warrant
gw» *« governor, and I will leave for
California with any prisoner on Friday, bat
jHWibly I may wait for the next steamer,
a* it ia macfa safer to go that way with a
Com XT PotT MXMSO*.—Jadge Han
ford returned yesterday morning from
Port Madison, having completed tbe April
terra of court there the evening before.
The term only occupied two days aad the
rriacioal buxineaw Irougbt before Ida
honor was the nata rail ration of alleaa
.'adge Han ford wifi be ia chambers every
day tbix week and wrill hear arguments
a»d make dtcwioos la several important
eases. Next Moaday be wrill go to Mount
y*raon to bold the April term. There is
but a small docket there aad be will re
turn to Seattle by the middle of tbe week
and will rental a here until the third Mon
day ia May, when court convenes at Sno
homish. where a large number of criminal
and civil caae* will be tried. On the last
Monday In May court wrill again convene
in Seattle and the Snohomish term wrill
thereforv be abridged to tne week.
BXCCSDS Bxi>j.y InJuaxD.—Clerk Led-
Ki rwood, of tbe district caurt, yesterday
discovered that tbe contents of one of tbe
vaults 1a his office were badly damaged by
mildew. The vault, which la tbe last one
built in the office. Is the receptacle for ex
hibits. records and papers of the court
watch are not in daily use, but which are,
nevertheless, of gnat value. The vault,
which la tbe new one bailt to supplement
the old one. ia faulty in construction, aad
not even the great pains of Clerk Ledger
wood in preserving tbe records of his
oftce could save them from being
badty damaged by the mould. Tbe safe is
unfit for farther use. aad it wrill hardly
pay to remodel it unless tbe county build
mg question is defeated at the forthcom
ing election
Foa THE CoiwvEjmos.— The Republican
central committee, through its chairman,
Mr. G. G. Lyon, has issued a call for Re
publican district conventions to be held in
the several distrietf Into which tbe terri
tory has been divided on May 7. for the
purpose of nominating candidates to tbe
coastitntional convention meets at
Olympia July 4. In accordance with tbe
call Mr. R. B. Albertson, chairman of the
Republican county committee, wax yester
day engaged in formulating a call for the
primarv election, to be held oa May 1,
throughout the county, for tbe purpose of
selecting delegates to the district con
STOLE A BOTTLE or Manias E.—^Yester
day morning a woman named Mary Gard
ner, whose home is in East Seattle, went
into Kellogg's drugstore and while the
cicrk wax otherwise engaged took a bottle
of liver regulator from the counter and
alipped It into her pocket Mr. Kellogg
aa Mr her and made her return the medicine
ax she was leaving tbe store. He then
turned her over to a passing police officer,
who took her before Justice Miller. She
clidmed she had simply picked the bottle
up to in'iaire about Its priee, bat tbe fact
th at she bad slipped it into her pocket was
against her aua she was fined (10, which
amount she secured and paid by borrow-
In? from friends.
THE LtBKtKY BALL.—ladies interested
in the preposition to establish a public
lilmtry, are requested to meet at 2:30
o'clock this afternoon in the parlor of the
Occidental hotel. The special business in
hand Is to arranpe for the ball whicb will
be given next week. It is uot desired to
lit*!* * • meeting to these who have here
•oiwte takau an active part In the work,
but all who are willing to astist will be
welcome, it will be a good time for those
who may wish to join in this excellent
movement, but who have not yet attended
this mcetiags, to come in and join tbe so
Sttinmau is drawing the plans for the
stands of the new baseball grounds on
Jackson and Fourteenth street*. They will
hare a seating capacity of 2,100 people
; There will be a roof over a space sufficient
fot TOO people, Club room*, toilet rooms,
etc.. will be provided, and the entire
grounds will be furnished in a convenient
mnnuer. A board feme, nine feet high,
will tnclose the ground", which will be
Wv'tO feet in dimension*. Inasmuch as
th-» i>ssehall season is at han-1, the work
will be rushed forward as rapidly as pos
i of the Front Street Cable Company held a
: meeting yesterday afternoon, and dis
cussed the projected extension of the
cable road from the present terminus at
th« power house in North Seattle. The
general expression was that au extension
should be made, but the exact location of
the line was not determined HJKJO. The
trustees will to-day go overfeasable routes,
both north and east, from the powerhouse,
and. if possible, come to au early conclu
i sit HI as to what to do.
Dot Whit* Victoria.—Sheriff J. H.
Met; raw ha* received positive assurances
thut Bob White, who did the shooting at
th»; price-fight melee of a week aso San
day. ha* made b s crape to Victoria and i*
therefore out of the reach of proce»<L It U
; not probable that any effo-t w. 1 he made
to brittle him hack as the men he shot have
auhouueed that the; will not prosecute
Fie«*«itlap of the I.abor Conven
tion Held U«t Might.
In pursuance to a rail issued on April
10 by the Western Central Union of Seattle
t« tbe different labor organization* in this
vicinity to assemble at Turner hail on
Wudnosday evening, for tbe purpose of
selecting delegates to represent the labor
ing men in the constitutional convention,
a meeting was held last nlgbt in Turner
hail at • o'clock. Delegates from ail tbe
lalior organization* in Seattle, including
longshoremen, locomotive engineer*.
K nights of Labor, moulders, hod carrier*,
pltaatereri, tailors, printer*, carpenters.
Mi!«aa*e. clear maker*, painter*, brick
Uier* and lather* were present.
Mr. C. H Carroll, president of the West
ern Central Labor I'nlon, called the con
vention to order and announced the ob
j*ct of the meeting. Mr. 1!. I, of the
printers' union, was selected to preside,
and Me*«r* O'ltrien and l>re*?*e. Knights
of I-abor, were elected wManw.
A committee on credentials, consisting
of five delegates representing different or
gaidratlons, examined the credentiala of
the m-vera I delcgaiea, forty-four in nnm
ber, an J reporte<l them all correct.
K tn>tian wa« made by a printerikhflti,
on b«-Half of hi* organisation. that the
convention adjourn without nom
delegate to the constitutional convention,
ah 1 wait until after the Republican and
IHsmocraUc roomtiotii elect their dele
fate*, and if the candidates selected by
either of these parties are agreeable to the
latoria? men. the convention indorae
them , if not, to put their own candidates
in the field.
t osaiderable discussion was occasioned
by this motion. many contending that the
convention was called for the \ nrpoae of
electing delegate#. and that thee
should he elected. They said they did
not- wast to be the tail of any
political party'* ki?e, and that the
convention of labor men was strmg
eawugh to pnt a ticket of in own in the
field After a half hoar's discussion, how
ex er. the motion was carried.
Sir. Kenuedy. of the printers, moved s
thst the chair appoint a memlier from «
«.a<h r«|>reacnted to art as a :
oMttral committee during the campaign
The cftalr theu app«»!nted on that commit- J
tee Messrs. Jalian, Carbon, O'Krten. far-1
a*y. storey, Seisaaski, Eastman. Miller,«
Ka.-um, Bird, Hrown. Hale. Mitrray and
lUle. I
IbecoavenUon thea a4;<»umed, to meet J
at Use call of the central committee.
A full and elegant line of body Brussels.
rev. 1 need from >ls. to 1106 per yard.
Extra »3perb lagraius, full lsH4 cads. ■
resiurwd from We. to TSe.
Extra vaprr cot Jon warp Ingrain, re
dared from TV. to «oc.
>, spVn<i,d Use of best tapestry Brussels,;
Tvtvaoid from f 1.80 to 98r.
o. -.-.ake a «s«et salty of e»timatiac for >
carpet* and shade*, and guarantee first'
c ass srorkmaaahip a* the very ?oweat
pel c**, Tok.as. Htcrrsaaa «i Co.
J AiF.:v?n —A ha»d*i>ta<: iine of tidy
rsuga in nwtaf ;n Use taswt dclu-ate tbadwi ,
•i ew abadea of silk. Toglaa. fin*
emsaa Jk Ca
Mwer t»kaa , km* or short time. ti. E.
V Her a , Yi- i r artaae. Ocridiaaal
CfeiMrfy ( n for Pilrhcr's CatUrk
oosruitxo TR KAIDf.
**• r*llM Mm Actinly bgagrt
h Wlllu AnwU.
Acting Chief WlUwti mattwm* bis aM
oa houres «< prostitution yesterday od ar
rested the proprietors oftea such plana.
They *l3 Appeared before Justice Miliar
awl paid their tan. From this source
*M» wa» collected dura* the day. HAttie
Wilson is THE OO!T OOE Arrested so FAR that
H— n*wl 11 to pay and she arm be giren
a trial at 11 o clock thla morning. It it a
notorious fact thai the baa kept a how of
pniaUtaUea ia Beanie lor a kmc time aad
the officer* are confident the mm be con
ri«*e«t There are yet neeriy twenty war
tanta that haT« sot been set-red aad these
defendant* *1:1 be brooch t into eoart to
day. Tomorrow a new bau h of vurrantt
will be iasaed asd Cant Wiilard says that
before Saturday night he expects to have]
every establishment of this carer* in town !
contribute to the school fnad in the WAT
of tae*.
The public earning housea are not run
ning. alst<,u«fc private piaceaare said to
be in operation. Several ramblers have
left town and ethers taik ot lent lag If the
po department continues to maintain
Attitude toward them.
!s so little sneeu2atioa at to who
will be appointed ch frf of police by the
coancii at tta meeting Friday nicht. There
ia a «r»( belief that License officer But
lerfteld wtli be appointed, 'bmt he may en
tirely reorgau *e the department Mem
bers of the council win say they hare
made no choice. and aome intimate that a
dark-bora* candidate who baa not yet been
publicly mentioned for the place stands
the bmt chance.
Ea-Chief Mitchell has not yet prepared
the statement of the real reasons for his
removal, with wbich be ha# promised to
snrprire the public. He U said to be a ork
in* for a Federal appointment and hia late
removal is to all appearances swallowed
np by his mtere«t in a prospective place at
tfce public crih. Yeate«iav he decline*!
tnnviajt any statement of his intentions
toward the city council and said he didn't
propow showing bis tactics to his enemies.
Perwuw who claim to know aay that he has
retained an attorney and that a snit will
be filed in a few days to enjoin the city
from paying the salary attached to the
office of chief of polk*- to any one but
Ye*ler-L*-ary building. Mill street oppo
site Commercial street receives dep<*its ia
any tmouDt and allows interest thereon.
Board of trustees: Leigh 8. J. Hunt, Thom
as T. Minor, Edward B Downing, J. D.
Lowman. George H. Hellbron, David N.
Baiter, and Wm. Righter Fisher. Bank
open daily from 9 a.m. to 4 p. m.; Satur
days » a. m. to 1 p. m. and 7 p. m. to 9 p. m.
Raster cards at lx>wman A Han ford '*,
corner Front and Cherry.
Mc all-wool henriettas, latest shades.
Chester Clear?
Table linens. Chester Cleary.
Silks. We bought a lot greatly under
Talue; on aaie this week. Chester Cleary.
Black dress goods, jaat In: the latest.
Chester Cleary.
Hosiery; the largest assortment, direct
imjmrtaftion. Chester Cleary.
to head locals
II heavy white spreads. Chester Cleary.
Parasols, long handles. Chester Cleary.
Yancy, McEntire & Panting. 611 Second
street, have some choice acreage suitable
for platting. Call at once.
Towels; grand values. Chester Cleary.
Corsets, special values; price oar new
lines. Chester Cleary.
Lace curtain nets, big drives. Chester
Jerseys. Chester Cleary.
Six pair* full regular British hose for
91-00. Toklas, Singerman A Co.
75e night-gowns, handsomely trimmed.
Cheater cleary.
50c muslin garments, splendidly
trimmed Chester Cleary.
Our 91-00 derby bats, latest styles, re
duced to 91-90. Toklas. Singerman A Co.
New sateens. Chester Cleary.
Prop'r and Manager
Mrs. Miller IN Beautiful,
Witty and Logical.
Mr*. Miller will change costumes everr
tea minute*. I»rts#fs shown from fIOOO to
110 rain; day d;eaa.
Gentlemen cordially invited to An nip
Jenneaa-Miller'a lecture. bat will be re
quested to retire the Wst half honr.
Annie Jenneas Miller goes to London,
England, in jHne, under direction of Lady
Haberton, to leeinre. On her return to
America she will retire u> private life.
E\>ry school girl should hear and see
Annie Jeaneas Miller tell and ahow how to
stand, ait and walk.
Tickets on »ale at the Seattle Pharmacy.
GEO. F. FRYK -..Prop'r and Manager
Saturday. April 20.
Mendelssohn Quintette Club
Concert (ompaey,
of boston.
Solo Violin and Concert Master
Solo Violin
Solo Clarionet and Viola
Viola and Violoncello
1 ?©lo Violoncellist to His Majesty, She
Kin* of Hellan<i
Prima Dour* Soprmao.
rieats oa «*'.«• Thursday morning at the
Seattie Pharmacy. Doors open 7 1£; p«r
; forroance be«in» at b'.lS sharp.
Tader the aospices of
; Carpenters' Union, No. 351.
Saturday E?eniu Mav IP.
» C| *
( Ms* cby Prof. Vaschn's orchestra Ad
miss, or,, ioclodlae ladies. |L
<». w.
Kinrmnos anniversary.
} Dress pa~ad* review and precento&oa of
colara. Tm&eisg.
ffflrggaSB 8 rm/ ***
The character of
The following is the choicest list of prop
erty eter oft-red by aay firm ia Seattle,
and la well worth the careful attention of
SI7 Second
• »Vvv street, between Cniveraity
and Union, with large residence.
S7ROQ~ F Ft?7 t ?L leet frontage on Sec
-9 I |vWV oed street, near Pike : the
cheapest property on the street.
SSO 000 ~ r *° aT eight lata
«9U,UW aaath af the barrel tectery.
rear Ma fhee Water street aad fear hate
water freataga, rarrytag rlparlaa righta.
$lO nOft- Lotl2 ' block 10 « D - T. and
V *vjwWw John Denny's addition, and
lot L block G, D. T. Denny's Water-Pront
addition, ttMQO for the two.
(R non-Lot with riparian righu in
%PV)VUV Northern Addition, adjoinins
Johnson's mllL
A Q f*AA~r*s fan lets northeast cer-
COoUU aer ef Sixth aad Madisea;
easy tens*.
sl9 fsnn~^ »by « feet, corner Third
9i« t UUV and Washington streets.
sinn Ann _Los fadntoa Front St.
91UU,UUy »ad another in the rear
facing on West street. Theae lots carry ripA
rian rights and extend to deep wnter. On
the property are wharves, factories and
baaineas boaaca which will rent for 91000 a
month. Price, 9100,000; one-fourth caah,
balance on long time.
OQR flAft— Lot on the west side of
<P4O,UuU Front street, next to the
corner of Pike. On the lot is a 17000 resi
dence. Price, 925,000; one-fourth cash, bal
ance on long time at 8 per cent.
ft ft fi AA/y-AELUiirros HOTEL- RAN
9UU,UUU let a* the soatftasst corner
tfUnerdil aad Main streets, taetadiag
Us hotel balldlag.
JtRQ AAA-Fifty-three feet frontage
903,UUU ou Commercial street, be
tween Yesler avenue and Washington
<fcK AAA-L°' southwest corner Jack
yviUvv son and Seventh streets.
$9 »7 CSV—Lot on cast side of Seventh,
<J»O, I Wv between Union and Univer
C9*nA-FoUlotonthe couth side of
*9 KAA" l)esirable ! °t on Main, below
S4,UUU Eleventh.
$2, IQQ-Northwest corner Eighth and
4»1 AAA -Two J °ts oa Bluff street, near
the corner of Victory, in
Queen Anne Town, 91G00 each.
$1,500-£;?,o!;*" BU '' sww "
ft 1 *>A A -I "®** ln •i** l isse Tswu at
(fcl ocn-Lotion Main and Wsshing-
tou streets, between Twelfth
and Fourteenth, 91.250 to 91,350.
SI2OO —Lotion Bismarck street, near
FLIL 1 AA~Tbfae lots northwest corner
IjlW Twelfth and Weller,9^.2oo.
$ 1 AAA -T}le balf of block 4,
▼ AfUUv Edtss Knight's addition (six
lots) 91000 each.
<2J7RA —lot lu Denny's East Park:
M> « OU cleared and fenced.
S6OO —Double corner on Nob Hill,
fIJOKA Tliree of the choicest lots in
▼"W Crown Supplemental add., 9750.
<JiOKA—Blocks 17 and 24, Arlington
Heights addition, at |3UOu each.
€OKA"" H,kit "block ia McCillvra's firnt
addition, 91500.
slsoi£B , aß. h t l a.*
£ WIA -!:ome °I the choicest lots in
vwU Northern Addition.
t&RK A~ Ijottln Hall's Addition, adjoin
leg Renton Addition.
fijl O nnn Two louat the northwest
H> A ijvvu corner of Spring and Sixtk
streets, including a fine residence, 912,000.
C^nnn— Half block of four lots includ
uuv ingtwo corners snd two good
houses on east side of Dexter street.
CC bundrad and twenty
VUjV/wU ft-et square and five-room
bouse, with large amount of small fruit, at
northeast corner Pine and Sixth streets.
tfJC hsrd finished
yD}vW house, and fine sightly lot
on east side of Fourth, between Spring and
6R 7KA-Choice residence and fuil
y", I O\J lot, comer Twelfth and line.
Msgnificent view and one of the best ar
ranged residences in the city.
fcFi KAA - double house,
H>cJ,t/UU corner Depot and Lombard
Cd and einht-room hard
finished house on King near
dJA A~G<hhl hou»e &nJ two lota,
northeast corner Twelfth and
s97nn-Si*t»tly lot and niw seven
▼*« vV/ room boust on upper side of
Tenth street, between Dearborn and
<l>Q Two and one-half lots at the
tPOUvU corner of Depot and Virginia
tfJO fiAA— Two new hard finished, weil
built aeven-room honse* on
Washington street near Twelfth;
d! 1 COD -?ou.-:oon house and fine,
sightly lot near Lake Union,
on the electric car line.
<2J 1 1 RA—Two lots and three-room
H*AjAt/v honse south of Jackson
street, near the lake.
(ton AfW— and one-half
9UU t UV/VJ ten* otl the rery northern
extremity oi Mercer island: the creSto of
East Seattle property, half cleared.
ttOA flflA -1615 acre* of water front
▼ «w,vvw on the west tide of Lake
(It) AAA-MO acre# near Juanita, par-
tially improved, »7.san acre.
SIO,OOO *"" °° al ' Uk *
&Q 1 QC\— Seventy-three acres snath of
H>«?,A4ts the city at fL£> an acre.
&A acres at simita"* Cove
withsa two blocks of the
railroad land.
$5 500""™"* trmrt Be * r J * ck<>a
d»0 AAA—Two and onohalf acre*
north of Queen Anne Town.
$2 Twenty acre* north of Green
fcQ AA~ Single acres in Day's acre gar
90UU den* north of Lake Union.
$5,000 ~s^r rei *° aaiof M^l#on
$5,000 £r.S^t wt ' oatii *' Jtek
AAA-Interest in a highly profita
9U,Uw bie manufacturing buaineae.
120.000- A «SNe» farm. 153 acr**
in ruin ration, every foot good land and
half baaver dus over s"*>oo worth of ma
chinery, several large bams, fMM hoaa*.
wei< fnrnished. good orchard, and every
thing complete, rtalea fma ti»e farm
amount to over |3oflC* annually.
(en REWARD in WOT case will be
V tfw paid by a* lor iatOTission nl
c.enl to convict aanoa* of datwyist onr
■igna on property,
C^<Z4X/^lJ ts C&/WVCV
NEW TEhiJER BLOCE-Taketfce elevator
/ i f. WiSJOXUTPS,
0. B. &N. cd
WW leare Saafile City Dock daCy, exaept
waehlng at all
■ad 4 p. a.
SttOlt, Wlittna t SealUit Iwu.
Leares teaeUe at 31 pv m. Sasdaya. Taaa
tea and Thwadays, Arrfrea at Whatcom
at U a a. Monlav» Wedneadaya aad Fri
dsg* BeCamlng. karea Whatcom at i p.
n». Monday a and Wednesdays and on Sat
urday at :a m. Arrives at Seattle at
* Taeadays aad Thursdays and on
Saturdays at About » p. m.
Bt ®am« land* at an reanlar landings
except Oak Harbor. La caauser and FT
Seattle for Whatcom aad all wa*!
landings Mondays, Wednesdays and Frs
daysaj Up m. Arrirea At Whatcom Tees
days. Thursdays and Saturdays at 5 p. m.
Betaraing, it-area Whatcom Sandara, 1
Tuesdays and TharadAys at BJSO p. m. Ar- i
riree at Seattle Holidays, Wedne*Ura and i
FndAya At 2 p. m. I
B R. HARDING. Agent,
Steamer Fleetwood.
Setwwß Seattle, Turn, Olympia
Carrying pAsacugere Northwertern aad
Wells Fargo mai! and ezpresa, and fast!
Lr Olympia* 6 am. Lv Seattle 12 S0 p. m.
Ar Tmcoma » am. Ar Tacoaia 2JOp. m.
Lr Tacoma 93D am. Lr Tacoma 3.-00 p. m.
ArSeartleuaOam. Ar OlymptaOMp. m.
•LaareOlympiA daily, except Monday.
This steamer aeparta strictly on ached
time; only boat making roand trip on i
Sunday; meals on board.
GKO. FOSTER, Agent, Seattle.
February 12. isxa. »
Henry Bailey
I'p, Stanwood. Mt Vernon, Sterlign
and intermediate points every Saturday
tod Wednesday.
For freight or rates apply on board steam
er or to Geo. H. Foster, agent
leave ferry slip, foot of Main street, Se
attle. every two hours: 6-JO, 8:30, 10:90 a.
m.; 12:50, J 30, 4 30 p. m. Returning, leaves
West Seattle; 7:30, 10, Ua. m.; 2. 4, 6:10
P m- M. a BATES, Manager.
ooma, Olympia a>:d Big Skookum at 7
every Monday, Wednesday and Fri-
Retmraing. loaves Sheitoo, Big Skookum,
at 7 a. m. every Tuesday, Thursday and Sat
urday. |
Skagit Chief
for San Juan Islands, touhdng
at Clinton, Utsaladv, Stanwood, LaConner,
Friday Harbor and Becbe Harbor every
Sunday and Thursday.
For freight or rates apply on board steam
er, or to J. A. HATFIELD, Agent.
Time Table, Taking Effect
Sunday, March 31,1889.
Trains arrive and leave Seattle as fol
Leave. Arrive.
Newcastle and way* ~i n - _
stations (mixed) {««*-» lflop.m.
Franklin and wsy sta-» 7:00 a. m. 2:45 p. m
tions* .5 4:00 a m.11:46p.m.
•Coal > 3:08 p. m.50:40p. m.
F. A. HILL. Superintendent
Canadian Pacific Kayigatioi Ca
. UUVt- -iiuvi .
Vancouver, Monday Townsend, Thursday
A Thursday 2pm & Monday .9-JO p m
Townsend, Monday Seattle., Friday and
a Thursday 11pm Tuesday .'2:00 a k
Seattle, Tuesday and Tacoma, Friday and
Friday Bam Tuesday .. .10(a m
, .Kavs . A*Mim
Seatt midnight Townsend Sara
Tut i d Friday.; Whatcom .830 ara
Townseii 4sm'Roche Harl2 90p m
Whatcosn 930 a m Vancouver.pm
Roche Harbor.l pm,
The company reserves the right to
change the time table or places of call
without notice.
Wednesdays and Saturdays.
Tuesdays and Fridays.
JOHN A. O'BRIEN, Master.
F.W. PARKER. Agt, 118 Yeslerave
JOHN IBTTJW. Maatr. C. P. X. Co. LA
W. S. & T. CO.
Will leave YESLER'S DOCK for
every day, exoept aatardav at 1030 p.
m.; arrives at Port Townaend a «a. m.
Returning. leaves Port Townaend at 9 a.
m.; arrives at Seattle at S p. Da.
Going direct
earner WASHINGTON leave* Seattle at
• t>. m., (today*, Tatadays and There
daya for Whatcom and way porta, (except
La Conner and Pldalgo); arrives at What
com at Urn., next day. Returning, leave*
Whatcom at 7 p. m., Mondays, Wednesdays
and Fridays, arriving at Seattle 10 a. ra.,
next day.
GEO. a JACOBS, Secretary.
D. B. JACKSON. President.
(Carrying C. a Mail,)
Leave* Seattle for Edmanda, Muklltoo,
Maryrville and Saohoaaiah
Dally, except Hunday.
ror freight or pafaage inquire no board
or at Traler wharf.
dwammm H A rent tvttia.
922 Opera House Block,
Front Street, Seattle.
Dry alder axd fir wood cut ajtt
dedrod length. Dry kiadli** a spe
cialty. Ceal deilverod to aay part of fee
city. * Order* weelvad at VU> front atreet,
or at yard on Hopkins waarf. foot of Saoera
*mU*a* T. A RfSßEli.Proartetar
Corner Front and Tnion stress, os ear.'.e
liae. Immediately over Maiao* iKwee
mm LOCATE* aoo» it m an.
In Ml?* awl i
f Mbunurjom,
Northern Pacific
tu not
OmmmSm OiTiaSaa. If war Coat
>l—at, Malrtwg it tka Ikirt
•at. Beat amtl Qaiekasb
The Dinii* Car line. The Direct Soata
KolMayi Fastest Traiaa Lowe* Sam
£■*•»* Southeast. Thro*gh>iiamaui
Drawing Boom Sleeping Care, Bceem
Stooa «a be sececed iaschrtsee.
Men Pacific BailM,
yourticket reads ria thi»
line, St. Paal or Minneapolis to arold
«h«fnws! terkm * ****** «*a»eaed by
Threagh tourist Sleeping Can ran oo
tegular exyreas treina fall length of the
Ha& Bertha free. Loweat rates, quickest
"""J 1 —*a rf tha Cempaay. Ifl llrst
•U earner Waa*l»gt*a, Perttaad.
A. D CHABLTON, Ass't Gen. ha Agt
£ «m Street corner Waahtagtoa,
JrOru*nu, O*.
*.w lS£fi£ *£° uU P-s »- R- R-Depot.
A. UHXLBBBS, littal A cent.
Cor. Commercial and Tester ar., City.
io s*» fimui
ar war or th*
Sflite Facile Coipaan
TIE ir. sum SOtTE.
Quicker in time than any other rente b*»
Seattle and San Francisco
- jj^T*g* Arnjt DAILY AT ♦ P. M
Tlna|k Time Forij-Eight Boirs.
The Grand Scenic roate of the Pacific Cos*:
Twuist niiiplig Ckn
FOr aoeammodation of second claaa aaaar
gam attached to EXPRESS TRAOST
For tickets and other information call as: \
Ticket Agent, Seattle, W. T.
Aaaiat Gen. Freight Agent
B. KOKHXJU. Manager.
Pacific Coast Steamship Co,
Dispatch steamers from Seattle as fol
lows: FOR SAN FRANCISCO, via Port
Townsend and Victoria, at 6:00 p. m.
(passengers received on board at 500 p. m.)
on April », IS, 18, 23, 28, snd every five
days thereafter. FOR ALASKA: At 9 a m.
April 13,28, May IS, 28. June 12, 17,27, July
1.12,17,27, August 1.11. 16. 26. September
10 and 25. FROM SAN FRANCISC O, for
Victoria aad Puget Sound Ports: At 10
a. m. April 5,10,15. 20,25.90, and every five
days thereafter. Ticket office Seattle-
Columbia a Puget Sound railroad office.
GOOD A LI.. PERKINS a CO., Gen'l Agta.
No. 10 Marketttt., San Francisco. Cal.
Tims Tsblo Taking Effect Sunday,
March 11, ll—.
Leave. Arrive.
*«*•«( 5:10 a.m. 9:56pm
Southen, and fcsstemj , :35fcm
■f TfcoCKa ( ***» 5:30 p.m.
Southern and Eastern mail carries Pull
man sleepers.
Caoadiao Pacific
finest In the world, ca sitting of Luxuri
ous Sleeping Cars, ksvin drswing, smok
ing and bath rooms; Co fortable and
Clean Colonist Cars, with tee Sleepinf
Berths for holders of second class tickets,
and the most modern style of dsy coaches.
Its Dining Cars and Hotels provide th«
bestquality of food ln unlimited quantity
at reasonable rates.
The Variety and Qraadeur of Seeuen
along its linn is unoqualed, and in the de
tails of track, train service, etc., nothing Ji
omitted that can sdd to the Safety an
Comfort of its patrons. All In all. It gives
the best and most scrvfcable line of travel
whether for business or pleasure, bet wee:.
Portland. Tacoma, Seattle, Victoria and al
Pacific Coast Points, and Winaepcg, Mis
neapolis, St Paul, Chicago, St Louis, Otta
wa, Toronto, Montreal, Boston, New Tor*
and all Eastern Cities.
Tkraagb Tickets sre Issme- ta sB Prlscij*
Pelsts la Us Called States. Caaada
aad Karaps •* Lowest Kates.
For detailed information apply to tho fo -
lowing agents of the company :
6 Washington ct, Portland. Or
E. W. McGINNESS. Seattle. W. T.
E. E. ELUS, Tacoma, W. T.
District Freight said Psasenger Agent.
Vancouver, B. C.
Correspondence resneetfaUy solicited.
Moir": Sata Net Thread:!
And Lines, Netting, Seine*, Ponds and
Trap* of every dew riptiou Fish Hooks,
Line*, Twinea, etc.
617 Market Street. Haa Franctseo.
Sole Agent* for the Pacific Coast.
English Steel Rails
By "Melpomene," now Land*
Ing at Tacoma, a quantity of the
beet quality steel ralle-OO and
SO pounds per yard-for sale In
tots to suit.
For price* apply to
Tacoma. W. T.
The First Repent Armory
Far rain* Holla and Eatsrtala«
charleb xrmsoiK,
China, the tar
to «6 per pound. Rice, opium, «.k hand
kerchiefs and Japanese cheap.
Brick sMra. enrnrr Tb'.rd and WanbSacsen
rMt«fC«li><aui* St, *»««!».
Alt kinds of ©lank books anc
rulingste any pattern done at F.
Anthonys bookWndety, Opera
' at oek. at the lowest prices.
$ 8 MONEY $ $
*>. f |
v '- clothiers an do tmeinem tie wke money nd fame, ii ynwlbla. ThMfl •
wonderfully original pleceof in tor mat ten, isnt It? o®*** ,s tW*
■nybody erer saspected it, bat hatia* taken the jvsblie tbw tor into o«u umttll—,
we it*) that we are tm bmtr tt-nt with each other, la \»r Umimmt tlbmm «l>
way* of making money. Tb*a» I* to sacrifice every otiier (eaaMcnttoa fee AMtf
lacm la other worda, to follow the old Quaker's adKM tO Ml MM,
Make money, honestly If thou canst- anyhow, mako mowf."
The other, and right way, is not to allow a money consideration
to tempt pervarloation of truth or seduce honesty of pilnolpHh
*e«et tip a high moral «aii<lard when we ttnaatetKed bmrinew. an*! ■** fesya am
rwerred from It, aor do we intend to do *\ Y<«* rjay know what to expect whea y«m
oorae to examine oar
. . ' f::3
Wonderful Lozie
j 18
All Wool Cassimere Suits |
For men, ti»- we are oStrias a: : j
$lO, sl2. sls, $lB. S2O. $22 and $25.
We hare ao many stylet and colors ia sack and three and tow but toe rata war
©pring Suits I f
That it would take a whole puff* to d«tcribe them, Comc and tte them
*' •- .§ ' ■
• j j■ • • ife /I iijw
In thia <iej.ertir.eat we trill offer special berfaiaa, so thai every porch***? of *
new unit m*y tj**t hinueir to • new hat.
Men's Crushers. 50 els. Men's Derby Hats. sl. Men's Htiff
and Soft Hats In all the Popular Now Shapes and
Styles for $2, $2.50, and $3.
• • r-m
W« *re the tlreleae workers for trade, the mail eta of low prtce» < «ms> end be con
vince J that we ere deaerrine of your patronage
• 3
Kline & Rosenberg, |
m . •'
We Are Offering Special Inducement* This Week In
White and Fancy Shirts and Vests.
Corner of SECOND and COLUMBIA Street*, la Colonial Block, oppoctt* poatofllea.
Iron Founders and Machinists,
MiU an-1 rJtennboat Inrlcew*' aarciea. Imn, Br aaa and Grntper flpe ud Ylttt txgw,
Btwun and Water Grata o<x*la. Machine Bolti; c<m Set aad Lmm Berewat atesaß ami
Han* Ptnnpe: ROM I***lag TSD Wiite; CjDftdw and other Labricartn# Otto; MMHM
b«aslnt (or public and private banding*.
We have Use rnort complin pip* cetiin* and ttirwttn* maehlatrry norUi of lu
franciaco. Land and narine enitinea, and all k»nda of inaefclaery tmUt and fa
paired Wahave on haari and for u.!e low,aaeaod-hand esginea and Mjm.
gtf Mill arrw-t corner Railroad avettae. Po* toflto* box 46t,^nfc
Ordan from Uut cowtry toilelted and latlafaaOoa ffwHil
GHv# ua b oall and look our tmmenae atoolt.
Mill atraat. iaXUa, W« T. <
You can bur *l* moat of, lor tbe least men my, at
O. W. Lynch & Co'e,
117 Commercial Street, Seattle,
M' nmftjr
Stoves and. Tinware j
Call before bajrlaf |««4i ia Uat Uaa. . >
Printing Company,
SSLA.TTLB, W. 1?. , \
Ail ktada of a.ad J*b work J C!iLI T ««U ITMRT,
a ap«el»} t jr. I Ownalte fnglM law Ma L
IOWMAN & HANFOBD 8. * P. 00.,
SOU loom FOB
Hamk Hamlin |#jft§ H&P P&CX&Ki
muss, PJVfiBBn *
' Aad attuf a— Haaoti rtwaWm fn tnwrnwMmtt. <wwaa» '
lawman & mmmstitiomby & photus a, f
Afeart Sot tbe V#>*ix*wd
White, Standard and Davis Sewing Machines.
, Marfc:cet wid on 'aWllHWrti, mallet* regfittd, awrhit'* take® la wrtin lor wm :•
aw, ssar&lsea r*i«*ired. COkNJI: fKO-*T AXD CfIXUT Ml

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