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The Seattle post-intelligencer. [volume] (Seattle, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1914, May 14, 1889, Image 3

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MBPWBfI/W iiwi* *i <N
EAktf the poorest tax-
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Maahleh tbe wwi-
oetiOed to three
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er > l ' i^Psß^^^BT^6ll P defaattog iheea-1
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P^;?.' yiMMmKgKgt toMcrou*. r |
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' ra« Mloat:
- lkat all American j
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frnWTOHF 1 "* c ow tint I
the katdta of tho ;
Mie lohaWtaata ~{
«bat aae. who ahatl <
in tbeir tatoatfoaa to >
w-ootba f#a«w |
tbe «pai« act'
HBRMRMK«IM)aai afx aaaiti anr - ;
9KP ibeUea, aad who' aban i
la tho lettiuftj •
ia next
at aoy election la |
: ytmmmr auma raaaacra.
ciactiuii aiwa at the |
eiecdon dtotrictcuat-1
Tbird aad Fourth <
Jadfn,*a B w!
ISnE--SeSsee ea tho aorttkky
(Tarter areaaa), «• the «a«t Itqr
aa laa aaajh S_the <i»
" WMMMWMHBjiiad oo tho north by ;
K^MWIHMMBBinatte IBebtkatfeat. [
. "IBWHwiilMiMwla - atraat and oo tba
■•" nj|HraHHMMK ptulaf piace. Brow us (
ifIHIM •wawaiieet, between Spring !
m IgtHWer. JleJaon Cbiifterg; |
~■ aad f. 1. Bornt,
i oa tba north bv
eNwtrtw 6^ U 'b* '
: 'T P««a. namaoa'a atore;}
OHrfaiiiri 1 ***» k M !
rt^toaUictut !
k< / 'MWMHWktwB? >W»aa no' Bakery'
P : MwPWi 12*«< end Benoad atraeta;
- *■ K. Joasa !
W\ ilJft Kft on tho aotth by
am take Union, on th»- !
r •' jPI W y'l* •»<> Howartl itfeet, o«
rn : It l»»ftatreet, au»t on tb«» wett 1
I !ly9|W6wthe city boundary ; jell j
JEMpOWta hon*o; in.peuor, Irat;
0. Hiurkky aad Wal
•T;'- I
»9»as 09 votrtmi.
••Swateieailis o'clock In tbe e renin?.
he reqaired to clow
e. Kellogg,^loape'
. p k*rtci~ Morgan Morgaas,
7 | mfi. Mgaoad, o*o. w. Tit'betts, oilman.
| _ , aaaocaattc cakdidstx*.
JgjM "ftWstriet- Richard Jeff, I. c.
t>isttiet- l> K Dune. George
R- Andrews. M.
D**rtct-W. U. White, W, L
i STAt<nA«U>.
motto is: "Preserve the
people-.the echooland tide
t SP**!!^ ,l,uft s are creatsres of the
-' ®ast be controled by tbe
[: *** *«W COUNTY Ht ILUINOIt.
£** * h »* *«ght he t sed
p, •• Whs Yeles Today.
Aadsrson,- a middle aired Swede
"■etenmitted to the county Jail
March 13, to serrc
' days for selling liquor to la
IfftSLl? from the Jall to the
apon the recommendation
: '"lsma Ji r **»<«. who "atrd te the
3L f eommlmioners that be
• ff" «• *ery few days If left ia the
r *rncd from reliable
*wers»n waa cvnncnitted to tbe
; Bad iSkiLV 1 erfor When first put be
meters he waa hale and hearty, but
SLT??* has so com
h.s h< a th that h* is now
jUUSiy * Serioas pulmonary «»m«
all probability t au*e
«>f a few week*
***** Turm °<*
todte to day at 13 99 p. n,
| f i^^SnSikto 5 ali piQ * ed * oJ *' r - •* «
fcroke hfr lnvg at the
13 o c * o< t *> i atgtxt
Wwßߣ£3P&* ,lt J«f*«day afteraooa tted
for M W Manh and Miaa
I |T?'r <stw - •»<Seattle.
piJgPfnt,« petty latveav thtef, waa ar-
KlMkii!!, *to Jen f %*u in bla twa
r Shaafiaa late laat atght
la the Merrttt-Caik;sa
iMBI agmv>U-ad ca»e»aa!l la. Tbe
*tll tender a derUion la
»**«* eerea prteuem ia the
■Hgi2r M * p **'«• Ttse <ait waa aever
»«* thaa tea
BiisL < 2l? w y triad la
iß'Tn today for p» fa
*w !txsrx Mra. saydwr'a
■ **'* tl>e fe«y.
ha* roaa««e*(l
fe : M IS. . fca f*a ; w>tie«iio« of • l <acioea
*** legtUaiate per?
£ ra«»« h will aitet toaior
mi t» p. m,;t!«»ad «f thl*
••r ' trt ' - 5 >«*ty onitouaeed.
% liS?VV. 1 Kt»er» nntted la maul
Bwt»in aad Marxrai>t llaff. of
ai * l ' toward (%»*sa aad
«f titaH.u yeaterday.
t' aV-*t u aad 13 yearn r*
flQhf* lai»at.aof theeottatr Jaai.
k < f proper art* naaeu uta
with haadeaed omaiaala
"ttJSK trntoSliSrSLm -m

iimCgß SfSZtt^S'STi
./iff,■'■ Sits, ggs i-ga*-'
syp *ne«. aad «oie 139 fro at tho
jyasra t* ida^gsjs
wf UHS wSMIt ftjpplifilltl tfi fill ?Ko
SfiSS? io "" ,mi ta » «H AA
*» to tl>s ******* b*
J<*m Deagal aad Jaraea w*»fc <&«,.
"•W. visited the Pu*«t SoundlSm
52* ta aa al-
VMMtoaiwitt Ota vat-teader, who picked
op a hammer aad cracked both of them
over tho head. tkistWMS two tbe vat
tesder gat a drakfray, and today ali tbieo
*SU appear a. deftadiau la tSit jetticH
OMfL ' "••
Twodraakaa men tot into a dlapnto
witktbeJapaoeacproyrLrtor of
nMtaaraatoeSoothliecoed ttr*a>,yeater
dar f orer the price of tbeir dtaaera: Ono
the face
«lf* **»atteg and a bloody bar
wfM BOfde m wtoffl. Tb® ro«Vef wonod
«SS. ctmc * Tced &B«a ta
Proposed Plan for an Imraigra-
tkm Bar«UL
A gala at Uto O. K. * It.-Lottar
rroaa taaatar Xtolpfc.
Tbe ngalat weakly aiaating <4 thaßoarH
of Trade waa haid yeaterday ia the oOoe
of Secretary KitHnger. George B. Adair
ta tin ebair.
Mr. Jeaaings, wbo waa appointed aa the
Board, of Trade'a repreaentaUre toaet with
K. t. Wittier, repraaantatire of tho Cham
ber of Ooanaofoe, made a retbal report of
what had been done Is the ImaUgratioa
borean matter. Ail who bad diaeaaeed tho
project faroted it. Mr. Janniaga, kowarer,
bad aot felt aotborixed aader tho lnatrae-
Uou» glTen him. to enter into a coatract
with Mr. Wittier, the rapreeeatatire of the
Chamber of ConaMtce. Tbe matter af
pzoridiug fanda to aastain tbe bareaa had
boaa tboroaghly talked np by tharepre
aaatatlvea erf the two bodies, aad tt was
their opinion that the lands for the main
tenoara of the bataaa akoald aot ho pro
| Tided by the Board of Trade aad the
I Chamhar <rf Com ateree, bed rather by mar
chaala sad dtinaa geacrally. Thla was
; becsaaa the work of the hoard woaid beae
tftaU the raetdeata of Seattle. A
form of eabacriptioa accompanied the re-
I port aad Mr. Janniaga waa aatborized to
! »olicit aabacrlptloaa for tho maintenanre
of the beard from aterchaata, bnaineas
men aed othera.
Onlnioaa differed n to the employment
of a pamsaent board mana
gar at a aalary. Home thoagbt that the eec
ratary of tho Chamber of Commerce ahoulri
be me manager of the bareaa. The mat
ter was laid orer to ieara what is the opin
ioaof tbe Chamber of Comim rm- m tfte
araasaas POX thu SOC*I>,
Becretary Klttlnger reported that he had,
i la aceordaaco with iustrwetions from the
board, adverttsed ia tho Fortlaad and Baa
Fraadaco papers for Ghe purpose of learn
lag what ateaaaert, to ply between this city
aad lower Hound points, could be pur
ehasod for. la reply to tbece advertise
ment be bad received about u dozen let
tew. A Portland man offered to sell an
almost aew steamboat for *30.006, aad to
taki half the stork. Mr. Datard, of San
t ranfiwo, wbo Is one ot the principal
Owners in tho company operating the
Olide and other steamers, offered to nil a
boat at a nominal figure and Co take one
half of the stock. Toe letters, on motion
of A. B. Ktewart. were referred to a com
mittee which will report at a future meet
Chairman Adair said ha had a complaint
to make retarding the way the Oregon
Railroad and Navigation Company oper
ates the steamer Idaho. Tbe company
teamed to be operating the steamer in
favor of Portland and against Seattle, in
aamuch a* the Idaho waa permitted to
mad at several points when coming to
Seattle from P&rtUnd. but is not allowed
to land when going from Seattle to l*ort
land. This was a manifest injustice to
Seattle, as no freight can be delivered to
aut of the-war ports, such as bare nodi
reft commankaUon with this city. Ou
the last trip the steamer brought only fifty
tons from Tort! and and stopped at inter
mediate landings to discharge. On the
retara trip she carried SCO tons of freight
and made no landings. It was urged that
Seattle waa entitled to as much, if not
more, privU ge than Portland, aa this city
furnished most of the freight.
It waa suggested that tf better service
was aot secured that Beattle merchants
cease patronising the vessel. As a com
promise measure, however, the chairman
waa authorised to write to tbe officials of
the O R- A N. Company, at Portland, to
learn if Seattle could aot he placed on au
equal footing with Portland.
The following letter from Senator J. N
Dolph, of Oregon, waa uext read
Salt rs*m tarn, CaL. Mar 10, ISB9.
To the President of the Board of Trade.
Ssattle. W. T .—Hear Str: lam directed by
the Nmate committee on relation* wltn
Canada to inform yon that the committee
will he atTecuna about tbe atth last. and
Seattle some later day, and desire to re
ceive there the statements of some mem
bers of Jour hoard of Tiadeidentified with
the business Interests of Puget sound, as to
the character and extent of the trade be
tweeaWaahiagtoa territory and British Sol
u m hia, and aa to the effect of the compeU
turn of the taoadian Pacific Railroad Com
paay and ita oonnectinar steamship l<aa,
ap. n tbe American transportation com
panies, and in regard to other questions
germane to the subject to he examined by
the committee—vis. Oar relauons with
Canada. Will yoa please communicate
with me. addressing me at Portland before
May i*. and giving me, it convenient, the
name* of tartlea who can make tbe state
meats which we desire. J. N. DOLPH.
It was explained that as the interstate
rommhuon holds that a foreign railroad
company that receive* freight in one city
la th« Cnltod Hate* and delivers Hin aa
other, though tbe goods pass through a for
elgn country, is amenah** to tbe law* of
tbe Taited states, tbe Senatorial commit
tee ia Inqulrina into this matter. It wilt
he the board's peltry t# oppose tbe ruling
of tbe interstate commlsaion before tbe
ftenatotial committee when it arrive* here
May 14 Senator Dolph a letter waa referred
to Mr*»r* Adair, Kittinger and Jenaiaga.
AU the Stock of the board of Trade baa
been *utwcribed for and the articles of ia
corporation w ere signed. The name of W,
H Puntpbrey was substituted tor t".
Miicsesiß'-urporekH-. the Setter being ah
sent from the city.
Adjourned, to meet again on Monday
Tkt biit* pimee letter. fV« **t
Ml rate
Mr. P. B. CornweH ta in town, ea mate
lor Mk«wf.
Mr. W. B Pan tar. <d la at
the occidental
Mr* M. K. 0w»c« retanad from a
month* *fcrtl with Portland fn.-ada y eater
Ms*a Kami Vac Arthur, of tatatt. J* tn
the e:ty. the gneat of her awter, Mr* 800.
; M Crawford
Mr. H, }. White. the farmer. and fasuSy.
kn }«<4di«; to Ctucaio t» U' ar«tat lor
aeveral «e*-ka.
Mr U O Phelpa. Tfc<*-p?**ld«t»t of the
Mot:tana hettona! bank, « Helena. w ta
a tUAi,
rafted Jstele* Menha! Haas!, too #**» So
« Port tb* nacnd thi* a«trvi«| to aeii a huge
Sot of (oaOx'a'.ed opinio
Mr C. F MHUr a et*ti eflStaeer of *a»
rratt»l»«x)» » ta o© a *t«rt to sis
ruutla bthku t. Uii tt, <-a^
Mr. WUkaai Blake aad family aed M«.
«&* : ioa fur arrived fnwa tfceit former
, borae in Indiana. and arecuewa of Mr. W
!K. *t;rtotr, ewer Voider. IWf wW teaaaia
Ik o*aB«.
CbMra Cry fcr Ouiea
—• m
.£pm- *****
jj2 2* , e £^5 ee< *
»n *«. % tad left ttw^weml2^^^|
thefir two
*!*# twenty tut erer ttt to af tbe
oat of tl« hold of tfet Ai'w
began tofodawn the declivity ata taar
fat ate of speed. T-Trr ilw iilaaieii
fatted taektadKltmof tk« nhooh
to find tbn the <»M* mm goa^Keim
Which is operated by tba
' w tiw Hifflrwunf »« mil
Juaiwlsea tbe ear
a* rack, the nm Am track brakes we-d
MnMr vtft peat Telocity. It is «.!*«■■«
thattf this kdaot been done ttfS
weald have rue HT Ok* tntek m late
AeAnuHlmMfla AM earner, aad that
* number would have been killed,
etdoatlfc, « jfr. aad
QWttd ir. cLyworth. Mrs. » <|(
heldfactß*eyearoldnatiterfaigS tan
•ad »M thnwa off with great -fntaara uu
t ®"»« aad etraek wtthherface
ud cheat down. Aima Watgeaer, herald.
wuflem M bin
wbleb U mm aerious * M?OM
aadthe force rolled him tatayfeet Sis
aafcle wa» badly sprained.
Albert B. Oi» eras hurt about the breast
bft aot seriously. Then on tbe right side
»* ear vera aot hart as they rctaiaod
P. Mitten. J. P. ud
•traitonweru naaeul aad attended to
IIM laiuSMtf tbooe who awn kail
Mr Wsggeaeraad family arrived La tba
«*> ,Sunday, having lately own* from
Cbadron, Dawes eoanty, Nebraska. Ma
Waggenerwwa natiTe of Mimouri.aged
Had tt aotboea for her deration
im eariot for her child, the might ham
tothaaor aad neaped io}ory.
Coroaer Smart proceeded to the K«U of
the accident, bat a* it wa« Sunday be poet
poaed the holding of tho iaqoaat antil
yeeterday. ~ ; *" H * 1
(St coaoiota'a IXQCSST.
Tba laqoeat waa hold yeaterday fore
aeoau ihe principal taatluoay waa given
by i. F. McKay. It waa sahataoUally as
Coroaer—What la yonr baalaom?
Answer Asaiataat aaaodataadoat of
Front street cable road.
Wen yea oat tao read last sight whea the
lady was thrown off aad kilted*
Yea; I waa grippiag on tba ear myself at
the tlaa. I waa raaniag a relief at t
What Ume waa it when that occnrredT
I think about & *45.
anmatimnr em "" m Wuit lis * < rt P »»P«
Why, aot aa a general thing- Bometlmes
It might slip oo the rope a Utile bit
Wei), if it tlipa oa tbe rope, will it ran
Yes; tbe car wlil tamp ahoad.
lamp prttty quickly, too?
Yea, air.
Yon did not know thla lady?
\u, sir, t did not. I jaat saw bar on the
When waa she sitting on tbe ear?
She wax sittiag to my left band, just
back of ate, orer my shoulder, on the aide
Did It throw her very bard?
1 could not say. Of courK, at the tiro#
she was thrown fram the CAT I wit ptjiuc
atriot attention to the car to get it tuoaaa
the curve. We had ieft the stralaht track.
I roulil sot watch alt the ptMesim.
In your opinion, do you think that lady
■truck pretty bard, or do you think she
waa hurt before she left the car or after
That I could not say.
Well, in your opinion?
Weil, la my opinion, I don't think ahe
waa hart until ahe left the "v, because
there was nobody hart that atai. on the ear
that I saw.
Do you think the car waa nr ~lug ao
faat that the lady could not stay on it?
She eon id have «*W on if aba bad had
hold. Of course, thaw that did hold on
staid on the car.
Them waa plant/ of passengers on that
Yea, I should judge there waa between
fifteen and twenty; could not tell the ex
act number. 7 '
They nill remained on the car*
Yw, a great many were on the car whan
the car stopped. Of courae, the ioaunt the
Mr mopped, they all Jumped off and rae
back where ahe waa thrown off.
You still acknowledge that the grip will
al:t> somcUm«*t.*
Well, aa a general thine, tt might atart
ahead a hula, and we pullhaeh oa tt and
atop It,
You mean the trip will alip and let the
ear runr
No, air, not if yoa hare got hold of the
TO W eJiftoa t 70a hare to get off and reach
the rope sometimes?
Yes, where we let go to get arowod the
curve. There ia a place where yoa haTe to
let go to get around a curve; then when
yoa get around, you bare to pick up the
rope again.
Jaror—W hat ia the oaae of a car tbat rune
away from tbe grip?
Weil, that would be a hard matter to an
awe*. Now, in this ease, I felt the ear glee
a sudden »urt ahead. I palled bank on
the lever, and the rope waa gone. I
jumped for my brakca the first Using. I
turned around and looked at my foot
brake. 1 saw my conductor was steading
right on it. Unsteady J a raped to eaten
the track brake aad pull St back, but the
ear waa under aueh headway pat every -
thin* »Hj»r*d. and we cosid not atop it
Ordinarily yoa are able to atop the car
with the brake?
Yea. «wdittarity, aniens It gwtt started like
that did there.
The wheel brake works on the wheels?
Yea sir.
Juror—Ton don't go down hill without
having hold of the cable?
Answer —No sir.
for what reason did you lose thecabls?
Th st is where the mystery fa. for some
reason or other tb* cable got oat of the
grip in coming over the bc»w of the bill.
Af we got over the brow of the hi«l th* car
made a slip ahead. 1 palled back to
tighten oa It, hat found it was gone. 1
thought it had »i; ( fed a llttla.
You dou'v ever wso the cable?
That is somethiag 1 aaver * new before.
Have yoa seen that grip sinee*
Yes, ta* grip is on the car there; It csa
<'<indnk»H did yoa find the grip l»?
I fonnd the grip in good rendition it
looked as though the rope bsd drawn
through,and marked it where the rope bad
tlra w i* thncmsb,
Ptd yoa examine the brakes after the
Y*», *ir.
What condition were theyr
5 found the tr«< k brake uxl the rvat of
the rar ail rioht.
Ju good working order alt the way
Yea. *lr. v
We* there DothS&c wrong «tth it* grip
that yon couid »e« f
Kothiug wnm *1«» it* grip that I coo'd
•**. After we got off everythlag «u ell
fl Mlu» Lottie V Pool testified that me car
wm fotag at an unsuneliy high rate «l
apeeo.aod Fred Ms tea, another witawa
thoujbl lis®car trarelea dewa the Ma at
tbr rate of tweoty aulee aa hoar.
J K !*WJtii*rf«r tfcosght the frtwn
loat ovutr.il of the ear. and aaid it trar»l*d
at aa uaaauaUy high rate a* ape«d. i-yle
B Stewart nnaisuiier teatimooy.
W. C. tlbue»teed, the oondaetor, oattihe
raud the testtmooy of Mr, McKay. the
raaTOW** or Tit* BCtaa*a.
* S5 Wagoner. huscaud of -<e *le
unlit u-«JBrd aa folk»*»
that Jadv wa* aillad «!> at the «m*»r
of Beeoad Ptoer
1 W Aiu.
Yoahare ridden*on th« ea« h«e f«-
ha*< *o« not?
I tode ap oa thai same Use la the fore
p.! yoe «UnV that eaifwat raaaiaifißtwre
rapidly thaw it rtk«tld mar
Vaa. I w«3 di* ««ti4 Uart »'• »a* »•»*
altv« uiihoat coatnM
Yott uudarrtead hew theav frt? <*;* are
WeU. fea
B)oy«*»h««hthey Wthefrip. « whas
wa» ftem M the car waan.»^a|rbejood.
Wttem tldalt itmnwalif?
w*ik f ttmm net «i 9 A* i9«in to
baa-fl sa tk* bmrk ef At
srttb yaw hi baad*
Ifft sir. "t- :■■ K. . ■<
aStSTsS^L?*" penMO ,a,Dp oi
Ibsypesedto teak at tba fca»die«.bat
fflsrs?fflsrsr^ai u y;
(taadlng cesrand 1 looked at Ms f»«, I
was loosing st the bandies, and in a sheet
ttaMlsaw tbebaH flv forward, and then
1 saw this getienaa {Mr. MeKayi tasks
two or three attempts to grip it and ssits,
Usrery Usse Tbea b«. <* sotws other per
so» t raanot iqt iraltlTtlj sat ikilwi In
getting hold 9th* lever sad tofngtag ft
brake*. •-
Wss anybody heated behind yoa, or were
yon sgaißNt tbe back o? the seat?
1 was near tbe end.
Do yoo kaow whether UMara was any one
bet wean yoa aad tbe Uck of the rear seat*
Ky ia that there was not I
I omdlhßK afl^KKwHHL>MßaHlHl^Mib*''i^Sw-'. ••' ■ - ,p if
"win wo% w fccuff,
ft. Mr. Moore—Explain agate wbers the
ebtldsee were at this titae. Did yon bava
charge of one of theai*
Answer—No, Mr. there la osm »ors
statement that t woald like to make, teat
bafate descendiag tba MlMde there, 1 says
to say wfie, Yeobad bettar bold faat Mtr,
rthmjrted to throw her left hand over tbe
hoAof the rant. In order to catch bold aa I
bad- Before abe had accomplished that
Ota ear mended tbe curve, and aba wss
throwa off.
She did net attempt to do that nntll Jnat
yea reartie<l the cnrseT
WaU, it was done la bfew seeooda, tbe
whole aMr. She grabbed tbe little boy
«P«a her lap, and threw
her left hand fbtr*.
Yon bnagoa with yoor right arm*
Yes, sir.
Did abe hate bar right arm aroandthe
little one waen she w«t off?
Yea, Ae bed him in her tight arm.
Ceatd yon really say that herlntentlon
wee to turn bold oftbe tittle one next to
ypoT Don't yon think that waa the ebjeet?
she threw one arm aronnd one child and
tbe other atonnd tba other?
No ; her back was to tbe oth« child, tbe
oldest one.
Didn't abe throw her right arm aroend
the oldest child?
No s'r, it was tba yoanest one.
What «se did she make of her ri|bt am?
She held the yoangest child tn it.
Itbonght tba yonngcet child was be
tween yov and ber?
Re was. bat she grabbed it with the
right hand aad sat it en her knee and at
tbe mbo time threw tbe left over the back
of tba seat.
Then she did not attempt to bold tin
sir, be wee behind, abe could not see
If abe bed aat aronnd as people ordi
narily sit, tbea be would have been on her
right hand side. Aa 1 anderstand It she
wss tamed slightly aronnd toward yon,
and she pioked tbe smaller child np with
tbe right band and pat ft cm bar knee.
And attempted to throw her left hand
over tbe seal ea yonrs was, but did not
succeed in doing so. la that tbe idea?
Yea, before she accomplished that tbe
ear went around tbe curve.
Mr. Moore—When she undertook to pat
her band over tbeside she did it Instantly.
Sbe'accom oiished It as soon aa posalble af
tar you fori nd the car wss going faster
Mr. Haines—She had not her arm over
tbe side?
No, air; not enough to grasp hold.
So at the time of the accident *be had
the smaller child with her right arm
around it. and her left arm waa in the act
of fretting hold of the aide, but did not suc
ceed in doing aa?
Tea, sir.
VXkMCT or in JVBY.
The Jury returned the following vetdiet:
We, the Jurors impaneled to inoutro
into the cause of tee death of Sopbronla H.
Waagener. find that she came to her death
by failing from a cable car near the corner
of B*<xmd ami Fine streets, on account of
the gripman losing; control of the ear and
the car gaining such speed as to throw her
from the ear, thereby causing her death.
J.T. Hold**,
H JoKtt,
1. V. Van BaocxuN,
J. C. Bautaix, \
awi W. H. Whit*.
FisKßUait or us*. wacqsxxx.
The funeral of Mrs. Waggener took
place at 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon
from Cross & Co'*. Kind ladies had
dressed the remains neatly for the
funeral and adorned the eottn with
flowers. the parlor* were thronged with
ladies who desired to look at the face of
the mother who had sacrificed h-rself in
an effort to sure her children. There was
scarcely e dry eye in the assemblage when
the funeral services were over and the
body war placed in the bean*.
The ejection tatn piaet today. Turn out
amt tote.
Ho Secures Bondsmen, Itunnaua
Being Out of Dsngsr.
IFeter Baumuu, who was shot in the face
by Mortu Choyaskf, the polish carpenter,
last Friday evening, was pronounced out
of danger yesterday morning by his sur
geen, Dr E. L. smith Prosecuung Attor
ney New.in thereupon caused a complaint
to be drawn np in Justice Miller's court,
charging Morftz Choynski with the crime
of to?jcurd«f.
lAt 2 o'clock in the afternoon Choynski
was taken from the county Jail to Justice
Miller's court by Deputy Sheriff Woolcry.
He waa dressed, aa usual, in the garb of a
Journeyman workman,and oely those who
knew him and the facta of his crime could
tell be was In the enftody of an officer. Ou
!the way to the courtroom his workman's
eye caught sight of the handsome miniature
ship in Xvllocg's store window, and his
. toce lit up with pleasure aa he called his
custodisn's attention to It. la the court
j room he was cool and taciturn, canfining
hi* conversation entirely to bis counsel,
Etwu Smith.
The com plaint wm sworn toby Deputy
Sheriff aoo the warroet handed to
htm to serve, but Juatiee Miller thought
that the officer wss disqualified from mak
ing servtoe In a case where he was com
pUinant, so Chief Buwertle'.d waa given
the warrant to serve.
Attorney Smith waited the reading of
the warrant to his client, and then waived
the right to a preliminary bearing for him.
JntUce Miller th< reupon placedChoynakl's
bond at k'.O9W, which sum Mr. .smith said
his e,ie.it would bare no trouble about
Twa geßtlemeu who had volunteered to
go on the bona faiM to put In an appear
aaw*, so the prisoner suggested that be had
better «•> back to jsul anUl bis friendsCOßk*
around to bail him out Ho was taken
hack to the Jail, and faring the afternoon
one of his bondsmen. Atex Alien, appeared
and qualified. The outer bondsman. F. A.
fiuwain*. will probably qualify this morn
tot, and the Polish carpenter can then re
turn to his shop At a late hour laat
Blsbt Baaman's condition was my favor
Th» KoaldesMS* of Mr. John Koynolds
in Xsrtk Bssttls Burned.
The residence of John Beyuolda, at the
career of Bell sad Fifth streets, waa Warned
at 4 o'clock yesterday morning.
The fire started from some unknown
cause In an out-bense dttacbed from the
residence except by a latum aod could
have been cheeked when first discovered
with a tew buckets of wster. Unlor
t nately there was no pressure on the
mains and before water could be htaught
the bouse was enveloped ta gasnca.
The department responded to«tioi«n.
but no plug could be tewed wtcbtn five
block* and on* Hue of hose wus all that
cvuSd be laid from the nearest plog. a: the
cornet ®# Front and Bell streets wbere
«ar-ae No. I wus art. s**er*l seettoas of
bo* fctsra and the hc-aat was meariy d«s
tfvied befrw wirt#r was thrown.
The bouse had !¥e"e»ti,r been buEt hf
Mr. Iteecoldsuta eest sf ©v<sr fajtt". ond
1 wo* Ctmred by tußOfuner Tfcc fw>-
. uiitau we* oavsd In qttfmt em^tto.
!f.iw is tho utM so ass PNuiSsi's OiUfM
| Jhßttvfc sfl Ism
TWJB iaHiß^ar*
£2tll l^ tß '*
i Wait fkflg ,II - - -
■■. #inplßi mnMH s
*9>mA*mrele^^^^^^^KM of
fcaae. U w
aetnjbwit tocctellM
I At fl» crossing
Atelph tW
teheb with by two
I bonse. Ot tea of htm was j
, bis daoshirr. the Jullaa ;
j fame, *MA in «£■»
eoate of gfenck
the vehicle Totllne*,
: Mi' feet mjgSM
bit neck. Other »
S«tia a j
IffTlttMl «( MiiMßd, :
Strange tor^^^^^Hp C r escaped
sertocn badly ;
smashed, hot wrrioof iy
rMa ot
: age, end Bevm
well dtfKdtint he
. wore bad C >i p.
[showing at that
;ttaw. Hewaetbe (nraPnt tam and
Iceves a wife, two so?s *ad * daughter to
mourn bit iw. ir^
Coroner Smart proceeded to the scene of
j the accident last evening wd empaneled
a Jury. After viewing tbe remains the 1&
[ quest wm adjourned until today at *
o'clock, wbeait wi!l bo name# at Sbore.r
* Co'a. fh* remains were brought to
Bborey's last evening. : t
Qttarrks Sew Ike Lake Shore
feiSt Baad to Be Opened.
Lowering the Cable Bostdway-The
Palmar Caatmat Let—Scarc
ity of Stone.
The discovery of a my large granite de
posit baa been mbde a tew miles distant
from the propeaed line of tbe Seattle, Lake
Shore A Eastern through the Cady paaa
A chance specimen of tbe granite wee aent
by 8. F. Cbombs of this city, to Rockland,
Maine, aad was there polished aad pro
nounced superior for building end monu
mental pnrposee to tba granite ef Maine.
In that ease, tbe granite is as fine aa any in
tbe United Statea. A company hi* already
been formed for the porpoaa of developing
quarries, aad, toaamtMh aa then ate vast
quantities of tba granite, ft la not at all
Improbable that a greet industry tn fur
nishing <ft building aad finishing stone
to the Northwest will shortly be inanga
Complaint aboat tbe scarcity of founda
tion stone is renewed, and work ou many,
if not all, tee baildings started In Sesttle
is much delayed thereby. Woe* on tbe
foundation of tbe Pioneer building was
shut down yesterday and ML Ranke. tbe
contractor, went to Whatcom to see if there
is not soma mtans by which be oan secure
an Immediate shipment of stnae to Seattle.
Of sOO tons of stone ordered for tblc build
ing a month since, but 14« have arrived.
It Is claimed by builders teat the delay is
occasioned net by lack of prooer mechtu
eryln the Cbuckanut quarry, but by tha
iu«ufßcitnt force at work there. Toe stone
wanted is rough building stone, and not
dimension stone. Tbe new Machinery
now being pot in la intended to provide
tbe latter. Contractors think if more mm
were placed at work more rubble stone
eoold be quarried, and the wants of the
builders better supplied.
g Mr. Fred E. Sander of the Lake Washing
fan cable line, has a large force ol men en
gaged in lower lag the roadway in plate*
wberu the road la propped op by means oaf
timbers, Jar the purpose of running the
line just u loot m possible so as to accom
modate the public. In about two day a the
road will cease operation* for perhaps two
weeks. The abut down nay not laat that
long, but will not be tor a longer period,
Duing this time the road will be lowered
in some nlooeo and in other* raised up.
Mr. Sanders is anxious to finish the work
in aa short a tiros as possible, so that the
Ctrons of the road may uot he too long
Ihe new baseball grounds on Jackson
street, at Fourteenth, are rapidly nearing
completion, and will be in readiness for
the games between the Scuttles and Stand
ards neat Saturday afternoon. The ground
is entirely cleared of atnmpa and leveled
off and tne seatiug stands are finished.
The roof will be placed on the grand stand
The foundation for the F.lttinger bat Id
lug on the comer of Washington and
South Second streets, is practically fin
ished, and the driser was yesterday en
gaged in driving a number of sites to in
close the sidewalk. The fnundfittamji|ihm
Bowman building adjoining
ished within a few days.
Bids for the construction
story bulling of Judge A. i
the northwest corner of
streets were opened yesterday
tract was awarded to 0.
|-s,V>l. Six bids were
contra* a will probably be *igi^^^H^^|
The ritcHm tate* phux
and *O6. HB9H
the i 3 year-old bey who wa^^^^^H
the last term of court tor arsu^^^^^HHß
has spent considerable
company with Emory GiancoU^^^HH|
old sou of a blind Italian or^^Hn
stood up and robbed two newt^^H^H(2
Newman and Freddie Brown,
years, respectively, who were^^^^^H
Poct IXTCLUOCKckk on the
Sunday morning. From the
took a* cents and from the latt^^^^^H
little newsboy* gathered a an^^^^^H
their own guild and broug^^H^^B
Juveaiia highwaymen to
them until OCcer Sullivan
rested them. Yesterday sffet^^^^H
Miller sent them to the
teen days each on a ' barge
eoiii! art. They had spent a
stolen money; but what
them was divided equally
victims. The newsboys wh^^^^^l
rapture put In claim* oi 10
fees, Md wtrs> »«ry iu 1 ,' ;l in
claim* were disallowed.
Br ecu. as Bocrd Ovica.—
lan and Edward Coberty,
8.C., burglars, were tskec
States Comroiskioner
afternoon, for a pi<e!!miß*n^^H^^Hj
the charge of bavin? «muggl^^^^^^|H
Jewelry, valued at iiOB,
Mates from Br:' imimbls^^^HH^B
waited examination and
to the custo4y of the United
in default of 41.300 bunds.
tftey are confined in the
tuey will likely be taken
meat prison ou Mt Nets'*
day* The witnesses in the
required to enter snto -ecogn^H^^^H|
each for tht ir appearance b^HVH
trict court on the flr*t day
hour yesterday morning
attempt was made by b«rt?aj^l^B^H|
ho*e* of Mr. J. R. McDon^^^^H^^B
Second and Pin* streets. AtM^HMfIHS
the servant girt, who »:<>,•••* ■! HHi
back rooms ou the groui^^HKJMKf
awakened by a noise at the
room. (letting up and
discovered a ataa in the
hole in the window casing.
the wpn'd b* burglar did
gtrl iu the least, and she
mended of him what hf^^PS_^3V
burglar departed
*■ Icace si most wrjH
attempt was meda to
The I HI sl^^BMpMiiy
Un. aa Indian cspuds
His sstesiou hssu wan
wmtk I
«t lh? '
lugthu end
as to &e state !
soM thorn to i
brtKUl This
i ered »e». when \
! i«M rt atic<a. ** ;
{eased Indian
h« etttwas
a Kfci*
j «s*a». T*mm*
I J"" "W la 1* J*tt.—Tbe tsro blgb
!* yotwftey. Jahn^]
- -* _ ".~g.. •
tot Ibn to
j wiil lie in jail until ooort usaeta.
Fa*k rso. tuHojf.-clark A Morrison will
***• « excursion this eratbu, weather
permitting, to tfceir friends and paboai.
2*g»2»jrfH rWo la boats which wKI be
* b ** t bytboYanm. .1 brass baad
wili tba r^ty.
-fJW' Wii'"iMMlttt be teroltead
elty. hm leased tbe te
EM Ara-tfusLMK
in v .*3H tee grounds 00
£a^!V^U£S'* u * , a "*»* a *
ft loots .aa though Chester Ckeary was
fag *» te*a bU store into a kid (tore
bouse, jadgfog by the bit kid dors de
. k» K bandies, sbon
yiieas w ritfat; ]nst La. Cbw^Cte2^
"•HiWMfMf.W.T, tor <to«iS
. i! Special attention
Itt« tba new route to tbe East, rla tbe
SiSn-S^iS^ Xhxioa p * oiflc: ® ffioe
ssaamaant Ches
•Ca V iCftf JF t T"
Jersey jackets. Chester Clsary.
New silk hosiery. Cbsster Cleary.
New silk gloves. Chester Cleary.
«L John's Lodge, Fellow Crafts tonight.
New oretonea Chester Cleary.
New mitts. Chester Cleary.
«lks, *rreat raloea Chester Cleary,
French china in all the new and desirable
shapes suitable for decorating and table
lc,2e, Be, tc.6c.oe, 7c, Sc. 9c, 10c. lie, lie,
i3c, 14c, We, 16c, 17e, JBc. li* 20c. A big Jot
ofembroldsries wortc doable at tbe salo.
vimwwf C^HHBfjr*-
6«e kid gloves. Chester Cieary.
60c and The kid gloves. Chester Cleary.
o P«chs» yoar tickets last at the Oregon
Short lino and Union Psciflo office, 116
Yssler aveane.
Now hosiery and underwear. Cheater
Agency p. CENTEMERJeC kid glovee;
new lot Just in. Chester Cleary.
Special drives in lace eurtaina. Cieary.
Ten cent embroidered handkerclfiefs.
„ Lowest rates to Missouri river aad points
teat, at Union Pacific railway offloe, 116
ester avenue.
tmß J??. underwe * r—our 600 rsfments are
splendidly trimmed. Chester Cleary.
P- Ceniemeri A Co. "s kid gloves. Just la
Chester Chary.
Poyer'sglovea,XXXonallty. Manufae
tared by Foster, Paul A Co. New Joe Chea
ter Cleary.
New hoalery. Chester Cleary.
Newsateens. Chester Cleary.
Children Cry for Pitcker's Oaistora
FRYE'S OPBRi 8018.
GEO. F. FKYB . ..Prop'r and tfknager.
The only proieaxional family oi
9 lu the world, iu their magnificent
0 entertainment,
1 Night in Auld Scotia;
Bieats on sale at Seattle Pharmacy
Bm. F. Fata Prop'r and Maztagsr
KTwo ightM Only.
Monday & Tuesday,
i May 13 & 11.
■sad Farewell Tour and Peaitively Lust
■ Appearance In Seattle of the world's
H Greatest tragic Actress,
■nder the management of Mr. FRABM
iIAWm. Supported by H« Own Spten
(did LegitiasaM Commuiy. producing
Monday Eveninf, Her Great Bo
mantle Mosteal Drama,
, dramatisation of Sir- Wolter ****'• "Ony
Mannwrfng " Oieen wtth all the origi
nal brteßt musK'. fraud eborusas
; tuslß magnif.-
cwnt production at the
Cukm Square Theatre.
ssw York Chsy
CBT BuarwrtJ
The Sublime Shakespoariss Tragedy,
triassi Naur. btßibtal
fXF-Mo Mmmnc* In
Seats on a*<« t*a»*ai at Seattla Phar
___ _____
m Miens or
oimautfi BY
TV real ctuu brokers who nsfer intesdinj?
pnn-hawro to c*rrv bank *tks bwbtt» r,«u>
» Seattle for information rejtardir it their
standing. *
S2OO" B3o f* ; L* wi VM in HcGtl
vr*s First addition at |3» a lot.
SMW-SftffS&fffiS" u *"
nNtt.'jsff"' -
S7B(h Loh f ' n Dep* "Owt. Bear it* in
W ttMeetlon with Broadway. Tbay
afford a mafautk-ent Yiew which ran never
BJ6™ ei#M * d
$1 1 tkm-iooa
f*»*Wh«w» mth of Jaekaon
•towt, near the lake.
sl. corner on Nob hill j
rtreet, near j
•1.280-%.- jsa»* - ijs£
Twelih and Fourteenth. to «ust
•1.800.J? on eleventh, near Stew j
$1 BOO"L i^, ? ob how# and Sao,
fUfejss wear*
Qwjen Ann# Ton®, Ml «*k. Another
lot In QumiAim Town km 11*100.
$9 W»Mlt acre* north
▼')W erf Queen Anne Town.
corner Eighth and
ftO QAft-Two lots tad Iw-nm
»a t Avv house, with furniture. two
blQck* from electric car line, 92J00; cmy
j||Q KAH-Full lot on the south Mi
xPZi,OUU of Columbia street, tttr
tfSO RfWV~ Desirable lot en Main, below
f«>WV EUnrenth.
JfcO KAft—Two new hard-finished, weil-
V«|WWU b,!]! seven-room houees on
Washington atreet near TWllflh;
<fc<> Kftfl Double comer, one block
9«|OW jroin Milt street.
Aft and five-room house or.
V«,OvU Lombard street, near John,
<&9 AAn-Blocks l? and 24, Arlington
vO,VUU llsights addition, at 3,000
AO OWV-Tkm lots, northwest corner
9d,4fiWT« (t itti and Weiler.
jfcQ five-acre tract south
9v|VUv of Madison street.
(feQ 7Rn on *** side of Seventh,
9v* •OU between Union and Univer
4iA rtAA-Lot and eiKht room hard-On
f*|WU ished houae on King, near
(fei AAA—Cimxl house and two lota,
Vt t UUU northeast corner Twelth and
How< *
RAA-flw acre tracts south of
street, s•,*» *ud H. 500.
&A Cnn —Twenty seres of rich bottom
»*»wu land, with water-power, good
buildinn and ptenty of fruit, on the ->outi
ty road, hall a mile from a depot.
(fei •ytfWl—'Two lota corner of Twelfth
9 • Wand Columbia.
AC AfVA-bil southwest corner Jackson
fV|VW and Seventh street*
ftf% AAA— wilii riparian rights in
9v t VVV Northern addition, adjoin
lag Johnson's mill
A/V\ —One hundred and twenty
fO)VVV ft«t square and five-room
house, with large amount of small fruit,
at aoftheaot corner Pine and SUth streets.
Ac AAA Seven-room hard finished
9v,VVV bouse, and flue sightly k* on
east aide of Fourth, between Spring and
4&7 RRfl—Fort? test fronton on Bm>
ctmpxt ptopfltr oa UM (tract.
(nil lot* iwtheaat cor
|OwW n ,. r c f Hixth ami Madiaon;
ea») terms.
feA AAA-fotT nctv* worth o( Lake
>y,UUU Union.
(in AAA-Tw iota at the north
-9I£,VVV wwt eontrdSprlM ud
Sixth MM. Inolndlng * fine watdeoee
All) K/WV-ffiiti>) f«*t. corner Third
91«|UW tntl WaaWngtQß street*.
9IO,UUU MMI, bima Calm
•Sty «4 Onion, wtth targe reatdenoe.
fan AAft-At»«en(ua,Uoaera
fa cuiUT*tlou. every toot
good land and half bearer UM: over IM»
worth of machinery. aevtral Urr<- tarn*.
II.TOO bona. weU fnralafceit, food orchard,
aad everyUtißK complete. flalea from
the tarn mount to ow 9MOO an anally.
(BA AAA-PuU l«k«ck of eight lota
<PuU|VW s.*uh of the barrel factory.
Four let* face Wafer ««reet and four have
water frontage, i arryjup riparian rights,
OAR A/VV-Fali l»rf at ihe *oathea«
q>vv,vvv eoroer of Commercial and
Main «treet». including the Arlington hot*!
AqA ft/WV-Two iota at *oathf*M tor
jpBU,VvVf nercf Vroet aad Vwi
ctnrto, or the ronxrr »»il he «okJ for V' '*"
aad the inside for
the iw fating on Wast atreet Thaa
iota carry rtparian rlghta aad «d*ad to
4a«p water, o* the property are wharrea,
hMoriM and fcmtineea h >. ••»■•* which will
rent for 11,(M • mouth. l*riee, IWO.uee
oao-!oarti> caafa. Iwlaane on loot tua
©sr oS*-® Mid •eeew * tttadaoiße lith
o«T*p:i in color* trf the lx-rsi»j, miit
«bte tot trxmißf.. We *ta> h»v« tbem dom
up In tabt* Tcmtir to miii to your firtewk
Ea«u *»4 will jjadjy funxiah tbtm le *ll
who wish Ufccm #
&eal Eslak ud Fiaasfiai Men,;
■ J■* --.-zi v;-.-:
snr nua xLOGX~v*msk* ******
I .jib
I "" "" -r- . ' Jj"
? ' -KT : '
Offering the Greatest Bargj
Oor SIO.OO aDd $15.00 Spriag S
These suits are made up in
Tie Latest Styles in Plains, (kfc, Tweet
Come while the harvest last*. Parents,
HandanK SaNor SuHs Ite Wtek, iIMiUU
For hot weather* in many beautiful ihftdf
Kline & Rosenbei
MEN'S FURNlSHfflfifiw
£&&£* wfcU * -* -*
S ' - .^«ua J ior*io »U'T». ***>)*>* >l4 «w,.0 -jS
-Full QRHiniut tod .. • . - -
Also a full Uae of gent s furnishing goods of every dMtitflllß
■ : ££ ' .f-rSBW
•oa »«oobo wmr. oouomu*
— * " ■ i n T.,,1 .i. v..—. 1 irfuwi '.I
I Importers dsajy,, have now ou hajMl tea la*«ft.As J
yroCvfvwf riIMIIINIIIIy WlrilWSfVi IfvVif wiili
Chandlery, Flour, Food, May and Grain, Eaint> jj»ifcM|j
And alt klaAi of .■ ''2
Staple and Fancy Grocarii
V 'so Umo, Brick. WMta m*B fMjj|
and Ha/wfi and Mitchell Wagous. .. s^aj
Importers ,ni< Strictly Witrimis pislovti J
our PTteea with either Man Franatoe* m FmPtmA HMjM
Ll»» mailed
>QH WABAOHIW —Qtt. A OOU ttjjm
■o l.ir>ritrCX ±liVJ>loJlu3ly
MJU& oti&r XAIUMI tdf ■»* '^ipiisS
IPriiiting Compald
All kind! or >9b mi book WW* o f|i
API rvr> iukt
Consulting Mechanical Engineer and SIBNMj
I aa kinds of BMWfcanUa! structures. Wart: superintended WHMI IWGJWG
I Maaaa tsdioatad asd aUrratiaua amd mm
•siulaamtast of irtHe power. Wiamkaaii. atttps a»d «tt Mail ti mmgQKMM
and eold est «otn»is<don. Whoever mav be cote t«o
eoukt ts4lt to their iu«eff«t to eouault Wfc» him hafaa* fdMMf
A, SNrtls^agl—h.«ao«e
plch mwm
I Ois«»tiOS WftTCHiSj:.
I -$■ jL^L 0 £ H BIJ CKvf- r - £
- - -

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