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The Seattle post-intelligencer. [volume] (Seattle, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1914, November 01, 1889, Image 5

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K f niß«r MilN to He Isuiit
f y 4 r NiiHion B»jr.
| L # filt' I'srfci Is Ke C'omwfsretl
E.„, o reki antl CsßftsM
aetore Hprlag.
s ..ays work will be
P fje G«?r-"tion of a large iron
y rr.ili n»ar Salmon bar in
- t n'o v eattle. This enter
r r km Madly one of the
• ever rstabtslied here, t#
pSV inn of Mr. James t'art-
Pv .",. js.-an-ifar'-.rer
t* i s lO who bsi associated
v . sceeral >ron manufactnrers
w*. -f V . mit-itown and PiUs
. •{«}>•■ i are now on the wav
r|T, Mr. William Hsinswortb. tbe
'acttref *bo roctatfr came here
K^ t:U rr, sad a number of local cap
s > -zcly interested in the
She.- mi:i
EJTiV p t ws«k tb* lewier* in this
ta:-ie atioti for thefr
Iyh has rieen found, and tbe
L ,r i ready ♦<"> cow«en«t active
( H D. biiuu, who bas taken
of it.rest in the location of
P. v--:- i .ri-iti-try at Seattle, was
L Tt , . - iiy in reference to the plans
gentlemen." said Mr. CJiimen,
L ; it, Mr t'artwrigbt and his asso
*ei<s ted a site for the rolling
addition to tbe City of
L *hr*!i comprises all tbe land in
«|fj ljS* bet wean Bml tli t cove and
Lg - m the tract selected consists
p,- : f teres on the Salmon bay side of
jar." is compose<l of prscticsi
g;l jfcsii men from Young»Vown, 0.,
Sims Pa., and they propose to
Kite the manufacture of merchant
,18. sw*i and to establish works of
fee' rspar.ty to »upp;y the tradeot
lta-» Pa-she Northwest. They pro
tv < ts> "i>ff the erection of the works
us t* !hr i»ian< <an l<e drawn and tbe
|ir? pared, wblcb will probably take
lue three weeks. Tbe men are
r !»•'<• »■;•! the mt»n*y is'l A
M(; . rit of the stock of tbe company
|#et. taken by -cattle capitalists, ami 1
gMsnd tlut tbe amount of stock of-
I b»?e could hare been placed twice
|r.!.. *J. Hunt has been largely in-
Bccisi in securing tbe location of these
k* » tht* city. Tbe Pittsburg and
parties are well Known to tbe
w- of ftilman's addition. In their
if tmsjness tbe reputations of these
Irwin are second to none in ibe conn-
Tbey are all gentiemsii havine from
tr ui thirty years successful ex peri
w tbe ii anufsctura oi mercbmit iron
"Ik amount of capital employed *t
jltslitf t «H tinn of the work* will be at
pit - ■ *»i. ami Uif parties interested
Im\ ir able to put in a* raucL more
KBa. ** the development of the business
If n> '*■ The roll* aud other nn
fe»r <** v already hern elected in the
ip: h>4, the «lt« having been chosen,
* -be telegraphed fur itumeotalely.
Its. ninety dav* from the time 'he
|»»w drawn and the grounds are pre-
W, the trade of the Pacific* North* ft
ite supplied from the Seattle rolling
Tlw wofk* *: i at first employ upwards
JBftcicn, whiih number wi!l be rapidly
im*ed fc» uieet the requirements of the
•ffcr the manufacture of merchant steel
iworki will u«# },a«tern or imported in
■ asd valet, and for tin* manufa< fire of
vchsnt iron, pig-iron anil wrought scrap
n eill he u*d, When the Ksrk I and, or
M*ar work* are estabiiahwd. ail thew raw
will lie mad* in the I'uget sound
Mm, ami f have no doubt that Mich
utit siil be established here within a
Nrffrnithis time, IM the rolling mills
8 iwkf a profitable market tor the <>ut-
Kt * test furnace*
•All of the element* necessary to the
Mnfactcre of iron and He*«eiuer uteel
m with a thf* limit* of km* county. Owr
Mere* in bn«>}ualmie pass are r<\ ial to
|»be*t l«ake Superior ore*, our limestone
id the best quality and we have coking
Nlehkfe will answer eery well for smeil
V The hoe of the heaule, l«ake rihore A
bv i railroad i* t»o* built to within
J»k*n an>! one-half utile? of Uir nuneJt t
B* relerrr-i to and can be completed to
li p- ; t*».ir «MO»?4M t:w.e ;»» tin
i» not at all di thru it.
rT&e f*tsbli hment of the Kataiewrtk
jtoti at ta;man park and the new rolling
pti uu the opp»itf or southerly fide of
pa.)t> bay, are undoubtedly the pioneer*
| Jaaktng this an iron manufacturing
|M*? >*f the tir*t magnitude,"
Pkfcer manufacture* are proj>o*ed to br
IN to the** worts, and will draw slid
iw* to them. Fir instance, a arte boit
Iw . . of \t> <»
Kfcotts to e*tat»lish work* hw but will
It •,.!»«• uutd he can f;»*t the materials
ten which to uianufat tnre in ths* n» :gh-
Hrk>*>4. 1 t.en there a whole nest of
Ifce Industrie , dependent upon the mm
l?.pH thai only aaiting for the corn p. c
&no! tbfm wurk* to come here.
iH'tik t t(kt\(. t ntttl.tMl Mi NT.
la •' *>tr>»> t'a. k«r •<> »l*rt a tiram h
Rueltit-** li> «c*il!r.
IT - 1 of tbehrmof Mctratm
lr» , butrher* tnd o vuem of iarge pork
Wiir.#; establishment* in <"hi-a:*>t and
Wtfv". * i v.if ' t\ tor the purpose of
fci* iiig ih»- isttle on a iarge
kur <tn>! op»'(j:ng a b-ar.- h t tabitshment
I S'«tt T>< a n port*; yeeteitiae, he
I hsre l<een in S<-s!tj« tmt a v*t I
ii» ;v ,fc!..r -t ajth tbe piat-e that '.n fu-
I >4tali »all »t my home. 1 tr.tend
►Ring a larr<- e»tahUshmet»t in joy
I* Iwr* a::..i will enter the cMtle
hew* l on a large scale I have been
i c th«> * f.iation »jt Wt*kinjtkm a»d
te' a> t*jf irtth the csti!»< i>»srket
(Ik* , U «e t'ntil nett spring t wiil
ar v . * < >»- cattle, bvit in the
K ' • • «\t y. *? I «hali vair.jp to K*<t
fs«ats;e iV the pto«}w t3 for the future
lit I «r t . , I,'h ■ »e.»ot t* **! i. \ irtl
,l *< »' the rontideare ti at I have tn
kt-i'. r » , i J trli MI wsthin si*
. i I : hav* invested or fcSO,»
wis | foprf< r here.
« IHtKt It «»H«i
S*n ~f | liilirr Ort»«n» a t hnwh
t.rfi.tHiOlutt l«*H»at.
A ' .A« ''gan red U*t rvrmn*
I• ► v > . I atht-ran.*. n»J*f tier K.
" %mrr'_ *rut to Seattle U*! itt
js*< *y t. gf.n«>rai r«'unrii of the Lutheran
in \Uf'- * The were
■tJ s' r rr u*h LuthetMl church i*n
Nrth atreef, Wttseen l*ik» S'vd Pine
Net» a* i nwtswi |-er*on» »ign*d the-sr
■ftf* to th» •t> r h rv> A for: ai rail
p »«kie lo tie* kiemto taw- the
■b s« rsa»; o ' t»rti "er* were elected a*'ol
• r v.-, y tm t»\ Keeve* ch irian
I*'' «s» - ivdtn
'-*r. l.v.«and
. G. Faegre, trustees: A. V. Paulson secre
tary and C. O. A*paa» treasurer.
Tbe dufdi expect to «tvure tbe tut of
t'ie like street hail for « plac* of wonhiy.
and unti! they do to vfii osc tbe isetdiifa
Lutheran '-hureb. I«t gnrenlag «m tb«
•<72.1 anniversary of the commeaee-rxent of
the Reformatio**, which tu marked by
*he act of I.ntber in n*. ;ng tbe ntnetv -fsfth
the-is to tbe "Jock- of the cfe arch. A Refor
mation festival will be beta In tbe cbureh
««xt Sunday at 1! a. m in honor of tbe
I let. K*erer's residence is at Job® and
Mo-itke itrMin.
Ofkrert Ktee<e4~Tlte Nearly Ciw
At a raeelifrsj of the stockholders of tbe
£ea>lie-Tacr«ma Electric Lallrotid Company,
tn tbe office of John Arthur yesterday, tbe
folio wing officer* were esected : President.
« hariea H. f-.tneb. tica-presldent. Ed
srard L. Scamit; secretary, H.
Kendall; fcreaaorar, .levant F. Thompson.
Mr. Krenrb. the president of tbe com
pany. i« ti<**-president and msnaarer of the
> armera* and Merchant* bank of -laugh
ter : and *he rtee-pre-ideni. Mr. Scarritt, is
prr-adaotof tbe Washington National hank,
of Tacausa Tbe secretary. Sir. Han da?!, it
an eat.anker and merebaat of Grand Rap
ids. Mich ,of which city be was formerly
mayor : and tbe treasurer of tbe company,
Hon. I, F. Thompson, of hsjmner, ii a
*enaV»r-elect from Pierce county, and ia
also pfe*;dent of a bank at Slaughter.
The survey of tlw road U almost com
plete. ana a few day* mere will suffice to lo
cate the terrain*!* also.
r nttuflr* flfeniilinlri in Denuißfl-Th*
The new lock boxes, ;>¥l in number, were
put up in the postoffire yesterday, And the
sale of them bas begun In earnest. l"p to
4:15 O'clock yesterday 140 out of the -3flo
had been sold, and it it* expected that that
number will be doubled today.
Tbe new delivery system goes into efTe.-t
todar, unless -ometh.njr unforeseenshould
happen. Postmaster Hrooke* states that
In consequence of tbe change there may lie
some friction, but boj»e- to have everything
working smootblv within a fear days.
Live SUH'k tsaunukce.
Articles of incorporation of the Pacific
lure Stock Insurance Company of Seattle,
were hied yesterday in the county auditor's
The Incorporators are J. It. Metzler, J. It.
K. Irvin and J. V. I. Holbrook, all of Se
attle. The capital stc* kis SMO.OOf<, divided
Into I.OjO shares of 9loGearh, at par value.
The objects of the association are to carry*
on and do a genera! insurance business on
all kino* of live stock, to buy, sell, < wit,
lease and mortgage real estato and deal la
all kinds of personal property, and to loan
money on securities and to deal in all
clashes of bond*. The trustee are J. It.
Metzler, Irvin Holbrook, J. B. M*tzler,and
John Wallace, %ho are to hold office until
Work far the tjnftiry Ofllrrr.
Several places in the city that need at
tention have been reported to the sanitary
officer. Officer Jackson, one of the mounted
police, has reported that near the intersec
tion of Madt-on and It road war there are
-evefal (lead anitnala which «hould at once
iw carted away, as they are a menace to
the health of the ne»ght>orbood. Also on
Madison, a mi'e or so out, is a dead horse
requiring immediate attention.
Horses for the Vlrtotli ltares-
The Seattle horse* which are to take part
in the Victoria races w*t» shipped over
yesterday morning on the steamer Olym
pian. About a dozen animals were shipped
and fifteen or twenty local sporting men
who go to witness tbe races, accompanied
them. Ail of the horses are in excellent
trim, having been nil workeJ up to the day
l>efore departure. There will be two days'
racing, Saturday and Monday.
A *j<. Pl'Ri HAefc
of towels, nsi'k it:*, table Unei « lace curtains.
Jm; tn;sj*<rt»l rslne#, Cb«*fif>rClearv
Jo»t In «'he»ter riearv.
Of'KNlNti K*W G«»OrH.
l£> tti • *tisJ< s sliks and triniming* to
taatch. < beoter < iearv.
;<c. 10r VfC. < br*t»*r <'learv.
Th«- narrow gauge railroad which is to t*
built tr -m Ta«r«>ma to t»-*'tje ha» !*fii wmy«l
th'«vttgh lHe» M>•!:)«*>. a- 1 In tonnectii r»
with the "*eatti* *»-Bth»m and Canadian «ar
rwy*. which ;>»*« throaxh th« **m» point, ha*
**■'. th* »an*ea In a f*ver of *j«-< n!att.>n. and
l>r-.«prrt> ;« changrint handa at • ereat rate -
Ttu-vnm Krery Sumtinpi
EiocHt;. o*fy ent*riain«n<uit by Miaa Hlhhard
Cburebiil. Fr.dajr evening Nrtvtnh#r 1, at the
Fir«t rr«-shytef an «horrb, t>f"mi»e«. to he a
rer enjovabjp ••'iu-r<*!aii>t*at, a# »he !• * lady
atift ai*d p<e»aiug addrt I *. «> . U >»b>»
have hi sird her t« tify.
The reader* «»f th- f*tmlWTEV.;«*NCt:* will »*>
f>:*a*«<l to tearn that Mr Jhwm H I.ce, th- gr::~
v' >manl) and »i««oai|>ttMbed drue clerk who na*
h* • ; barge of the dr:* atom of Haven A « r>. »t
M.l i r..nt«tre*t tor * n»;al month*. i,.:*re>vu I
i t* v •••»««>■ ti» a<H • the m»Q&gr m»nt of Mr
Hawn - aew ami s rgaot dru* atore at the cor
ner of grtw«t and Pike in Judge Falmer%
handsome M;>ck
Alt anul boa*. i'lC. Detiraf Jb Taylor.
K bargain, All wool xrt*'* •*& iMk. i&c t*r
yard. "V» k a*. Waterman A (ft
• r,.f «t»- la- t '►utn the hat and e*f» 1 •»» go
to Chare* ttotdatetA. the hatter, second vtrtvt.
peer t«i(H-fc,
Ir-imena* triarh of '.as. at afcadea In ribbot.a.
ToaUa. gingemaa A « o
•"'k ; MHfkorrhiefa tViraf A Tayior.
The iari»«»t » ■» k f has* to wk*«from at
€bark« Mohisteta ». the hatter
A<i>ac**. colored. IS yard* wide at s<k*. To*
la* Siui- 'tiua A to.
\»;w t.iwt ii DaOraf A Tayio* 1 :• Sroai t
t has lea t<oi lutein la asrent (or K itui hata.
tr* >ac» m wen. Cb<wter Cleary.
luiKtw -»nt: of aoealuea. The !*•< «» J>lrec
totrv raehtnga Tofciaa, hiacennan A t'o
li%e. Tnrki'h t'heatwr t'leaiy.
Vat> t»yki v iticWuj". tnlt Itav-, Toalaa. *injtc
nsats A « 1 0.
All tII «a«h;i:< n>» ftsJ'tced to ?-« ;»er yat-t
T 'klat. ittufrmaa A I'O.
Mm ary ai*4»od* »eejr, fr*»4 *e tea »
Kftieadid attick of kit! g»o*w in ail reliable
osa.fa Tuktaa. Siujteman A t'o
Haod«om< »t at. kof lac--curtain* In »!■-c»ry
Tok I .-«a. riiaerrmai. A * o
Dtslu b*\ f*U in »ad
' T< *i»» ' atrrmM A 0«k
fiiii ontWflir. I'b*rt*f <
w r <-*rrv the artfteai «U'PB«' H flor?. To*.
I -^eemhrot* red bMsdicmlwebk ioka*. >.»#•
! rrtgatt A to.
(Ac w««H tMMBk C!w»!«
l«m#i •« liM* «rf M»'-t **?»«« la C'o%*.* »•, t
« »V lev *»- Murrm«» A To.
:* U>Mt M ItMtMi lit vidUll Tbi*
} }£«, tvesvroita A C*
Ni-w cloak* < s«»*<w »'i«art
\..n ';<♦ m TttkUa, >in**rw«: >v
(•(MlStocot xvurt <aa «ator» fr»» 2.V ap
*%:•»» iw4 a* maccmM A (Jdk
IS,« Ji rws» CJ»<p»t«r Chary.
l 4,*e« >t §**. i <rf kii Tok'M, &saf*r>
K:*B A Co
:■; n*« r»r I irk »lim» alt
I *«* i. »•. * *34 a«* a»r p**. Ac» tfurva
| c#f»wr I !«•!*
Th#y in *ia<J«
I »»a «•» t»> Arrnk it Tb*y tot w tkftt
frt« '-•!• i 4r<rt it Iwrftekh «.-,;«**
I . r>-"■ '* •»*;>' i»t#»art A fcikU. #• Ura*v-«»uk
! p#u*. H»r<.ia4 Cfc»*fy.
»,<. ». > i* (V i.Vi'Miis, *i Ma To*
S«* ;tß»fcr» .-** Ch»'«Wf 1 iff
] 01 »<• ♦»* '"I. »!'•'-< -•<••' -i "• * t*.
• '•ttiapi T««*> «« r»« a, Cm
), m 4 -hm m '.\ au «c-, >,*< r*r rar*
jft ik isc-<*»*a*a ACo
\»t f u> »«•#*»• cs*«#r Caai?
;• > •» * '*•«•* <a i •** • 'n«. :so.
fi'k a* > afvrtßar a Co,
l rwt«. * . < ir*ry
H* • m toII faA'a* fiaeer
B>au A «. **
ifr $.. '■ iv%fe»»a ra aoa »<«♦'■ -a *» ift a c«s
*f*. pmcuar. t:w t*n;f«.*r*n<?Rt,oS » *,!
r > • t erf *» aB 1 } tpsctai «w*t+. <
Uw *?«•' -•«•
fc ar?i • * « •'■• «• au . * '• • ■>
; <*> v *1 • Mi** *?* ■ »■ »i*-** «K V.***- t
* , . «». •«..»» »--• wa> »
> >r » a»> 4. ****** C>SI. .J,
C«.-»K,.lki vV.'-i : 4. i V i .Ui A
Bourns Kngaged Before Build-
iagra Are Erected.
°«« Thrm* Tk*uuid <»«** x«mu la
**» CompW-IM ud {«
C»«r»e »f fmtroetiM.
Office and storeroom rents in at
tbe present time are try high./ a tbe
completion of tbe new office WoeksAin
central portion of tbe city will t«. i
dttoe the rent# and * H r?e*U*
crowded coo anion of tbe
ent used for of& ees.
Every building that baa been completed
»mee the fire, aiid recently hundred* of
frame structures hare been turned ouL.
has been occupied before tbe piaster was
dry. There are lawyers, doctors, architects.
real estate dealers, insurance men, com
mission men and ail sorts of profemioui
men occupying out-of-the-way building*,
dug-osta and testa, who are constantly on
the lookout for tbe completion of new and
centrally located buildings. Tbe owner* of
cuiiidi'igs already finished. either frame or
brick, .n every part of tbe city, have had
no difficulty in renting U»eir olEvos and
storerooms for long terms and large rentals.
Tbe owners of new brick buildings now
in course qt construction are recalling
many inquiries for •>£• e room;, and many
oi tlie baiiaings which today at* hardly
above ground, are already rented, from
tide-water cedar to aeren-story attic.
Leaving cut tbe hotels and lodginr-
such as the Gilmore-Kirkland
fcuii i.ng, whsch haa 130 rooms rented ior a
hotel, and the multitude of buildings which
are to be occupied by the owners, the fol
lowing la a rough estimate of the number
of storerooms and officerooms whit b will
aoon be in use in the city:
The Occidental block is rented through
out. It has five stores, a bank, and two
large basements, and i*»-S offices.
KengstorfTs building, on Second street,
will have two storm and sixty-sis offices,
near.y all of which hav« been spoken for.
Tbe Halier budding's three stores and
two bank rooms are rem led. and a good
share of its sixty offices.
Judge Burke's building on Second street
will have room for three stores and 130
ofli **•. and although work of construction
i« bsrely under way he haa a large number
of applicants for rooms.
The Manhattan building will bare seven
stores and forty-lire offices, some of which
hare been rented.
I*e*ter Horton's building on Third street
is nearly all rented. It has room for eight
stores and 126 offices.
The Starr building on Front and Seneca
streets will bare sixty-six offices.
Horn's building is all rented. It baa
three stores and twenty-six offices.
The Terry- Kittinger building has its Ave
stores rented and its twenty-one offices
partly rented.
George B. Kittinger'* budding has two
stores and twenty-iour offit es, nearly ail
Monroe s building on Washington and
Heoond streets is all rented. It has twenty
four offices and six stores
Shauks A Mills' building on Jack«on
etreot has ninety-six rooms, partly rented.
The Kinnear building, on Main street,
will have about 100 offices, and the chances
are that all will be rented before comple
Engle A McElrov's building, on South
Third street, has about forty offices, partly
Fisher's building, on Pike and Third
streets, will have six stores, which are
rented, and sixty-eight office*.
The Phinney and Jones "Butler" build
ing is party rented. It will have 13* offices.
The Washington Territory Investment
Company's building is nearly all rented.
The Harri«burg building, with lt«> offices,
U almost entirely rented, although the brst
story is not built.
The Squtre Latinter building, on Cora
n erclal street, will hare al>out 100 offices
and three stores.
The Sullivan building has four store
rooms and nir.ety office*, many of which
are rented.
Boyd's building will hnvm thirty-si i of
shuerman# budding, on Cherry and
Front, has two storeroom# rented and
titty-eight offices.
The Fnktn block has three storerooms
and titty olhees, nearly all of which are en
The I'oncin building has two stores and
*eventytwo offices partly rented.
The Nkfe Deposit building will hare fifty
~KleinA l'»t>senk*erg'« three buildings are
partly rented. Their building on Second
street will hare ten storerooms and 140
orli e«, on Kroirt «treet thirty-eight offi<-e<»,
uti Washington four *tc<rea and thirty
The <>eorsre budding, on Matn atreet has
forty-vt* o:t:c«a and four -tores.
IVie N«>rdr :m's huildmg ha 1 * two store
rooms and twenty office*, all rented.
Tne Titimer building, on Front and Pike
streetv list tb*eo #t4ireroouaa, all rented,
and xeeenty-two office rooms, part of
which are iet.
I'he t'.dn an building wul hare ten
double ?«torerooma nearly all of which are
rented, and -13 olh es, which are al.-o
partly let.
The (totfstein buildinc. Front and Col
umhia. has its ba<etuent and fife --tore
rouuis .Ul rented, but Um* owners Uatc de
tern .:t«*i to keej> Uiesx eighty office rooms
until they are finished.
levy's boilding on Front, near I'nirer
sity, ha* 2 storetooms an i 4! oihees
Sjulre'a building in North Seattle, on
Front street, has 18offi«"e*.
Ihe Noyes budding, on Kront, between
Marion and Msmlisoji, has room for * mer
chants and 13? office-
The Hoiyoke building will hare room
for stores and »>0 offices.
Frye'a buitdmj:, on Front and Marion
*i n >ve r. l"* 1 stores and 40 offices.
The I'binrtey building, with 2aioreroi»ms
and S6 offi ee, and the Voider. Rtue Bazaar
buiiding, with ~ otß e* and 1 store, art:
partly rented.
The above list i« not con piete, but :t
«ho«« where oeer 3 >**> ofH.-e roowMt are
going to I* in a«h »rt time Perhaps in
the*e A rxwus 'here w;ll be half that
number of occ ifiattta, allo*ine two room*
lor each reiiter, lhss. it ia tho .ght will
aocorotmvfate the present demand f>»r
office*, bit for merchandise purposes the
robins i«*u;g construi ed *:. l be entirely
inadequate v> supply the present needs.
11»« I itnptrtri H u»* R< ii>( Mule M 'r»
('»M(artaklr- Tli» t»rill
rt>«« ratfcrr *t» iumOM »talr of
at ti»* rSf*m«n'* ju*/Ur»
m- ti»v. oor*aloi'«*i ty fwwtasati yutctßf
v;j MOWttfK* »r.<i *!<>*« E:*S)l *c.»a
,rt,)W 9P-* pat up in drooakk, *sfb
p fusi'.r d TiU> tfc# l*rt» p*r* rtsnmttg
from tb» Ufjrt ;» !!»<• »iial tiasi or
« aittn/ rcwm. W|h» ttw* *.»♦ »a raaxuag
will b* mora comfoftttbte
than th#T h*** Ttw rain W#»ines
- aukoa x*rr disafra*-
sbl*, a« s» cam# Uiroufb th# canvas wot
drrn ti*d frtur »sach »U ol U» h*i
a.r.fc. ibc U4«i ar* sAUtciijr »*;ucg :o;
their new and permanent quarters, when
each trials and tribolataoss will cease to he.
The f. renwu went thrwagh tbe daily dr i
yesterday, but they failed to beat tbe suae
tosde the previous day ia bitching up. Tbe
gray mare was being trained to come out
onder tbe harness and retire to tbe stall
at prompt calls.
Assistant.Chief fonder san! be bad re
ceived no further informal on about tbe
man who used bis name to *eii applications
f°r positions as Sremes. but be hope-J to
place him before long.
Th/oouaty jail now contains ten Tmted
zudei and fifty-two terrttor.il prisoners
Vlf you bare a vacant room and want to
met it without delay, advertise in tbe P 'sr-
Mcdannaban A OT>ay have coatpteted
tbesr contract for Oak street from
I>epot to Harrison.
Justice Rivers had before him 185 city
oases during October. Tbe tines coileeteif
amounted to 1&460 L
Mrs. Julia Ward Howe w?ll | this
eTening at the Cnttsnsn on "Is
Polite ijociety rolite'* M
The I'nirersity cadets now have hfty-two
men. :nc!nd ; ng officers, and appear in their
new uniforms a; regular drills.
K Root, a contractor, was arrested by
Officer Bowers yesterday afternoon for ob
structing a sidewalk. lie will answer to
J. H Kerrick has brought suit in the dis
trict court against 8. H. Seelye to foreclose
a chattel mortgage for $325 on a lot of saw*
milt machinery.
The managers of (trace bosp tttl would
be thankful if ladies baring
could be used for bandaging it
to tbe hospital.
The bar association of Seattle meets
Monday evening next tn tbe courthouse to
pats upon court rules as submitted by the
revising committee.
Chaplain R. htubbs, agent of the bean.an's
Friend tociety at Tacoma. is try in a to -e
--cure information concerning tbe where
abouts of Robert slater, a sailor, who bas
an estate in Glasgow, Scotland, coming to
him from bis deceased father.
Last night a man named Sapp, proprietor
of tbe State saloon, on Washington street,
got into a fracas with James Waish. a
young toujrh of Whitechapei. In which
James was treated to a black eye.
Officer Phillips arrested him.
County Commiasioner John Wooding
came in front Slaughter on county business
yesterday He report* that good progress
is being made itt building the large b ick
hotel at Slaughter, and that many other
improvements are well under war.
The undertakers complain that express
and truck teamsters frequently drire their
teams into the middle of funeral proces
sions. much to the annoyance of the
mourners, and at such times and places
where there is no need for so doiug.
One of the Seattle milk wagons ran away
yesterday afternoon on West street, near
Lenora a treet, and the cans of milk were
suddenly distributed on the Street without
order or ceremony. The team was cap
tured without further damage l»eing done.
Elocutionary entertainment by Mis»
Hibhard Churchill thi* evening, November
1, at the First Presbyterian chnrch, prom
ises to be a very enjoyable entertainment,
as she is a lady of rare gift and pleasing
address, as all who have heard her testify.
Numerous complaints were made yester
day by business men. because there was no
crossing orer Columbia street between the
landoffice and the building,
whereby they might e*< ape the mud and
not have to walk to the crossings at the
street corners.
In the probate court, yesterday. Justice
C. M. Rivers was appointed iruardian of
the estate of Valentine Wormve:"t, tbe Ger
man cooper who was committed to the in
sane asylum last week. His estate consists
of a small cooper shop in North Seattle and
other personal property, estimated to l>e
worth SSiX».
A "phonograph ?ociab!e'' will be held
this evening at the parsonage of ihe Tavlor
t'onjregationai rhureh, comer of Birch
and Thomas streets, North Seattle. All
areinvited. If you cannot sj»e&d the whole
evening, call an«i leave your voice in Ali
son's phonograph, which will be eihihited
for the first time in Heattle at this enter
Mr. A. C. Magnus, a Chicago hop-buyer,
is at the Russell.
Colonel J. 0. Haines returned yesterday
from Port To* a vend.
Colonel P. H. Winstrom, of Spokane
Falls, is at the KusseiL
Alexander Jjewis, of Lewis Center, Wash
ington, i* at the HnoqMimif.
Mr. Van fciuitli has taken a jKwition in
the Puget Sound National bank.
Mrs. T. H. Kavanaugh an<l daughters, of
(Hyrapi*. are gue«ts at the fceagrare.
K*-Supreme Judge B. F. Oennison, of
Vancouver, is a guest at the BnoqtMimie.
Mr. and Mrs. 1.. V. Morse, of Omaha,
Neb., arrived in Seattle last week and are
at the riea«>antou.
Mr. and Mrs H. <1- Strnre. accompanied
by their daughter. Mis« Mary Struve, re
turned from Portland laj-t night.
Mr. A. D. (iarretson, Cieorge L. Joy.
Mr-. Joy, William Gordon and Mi** Anna
Gordon, a party of Sioux City tourists, are
at the Seagra**e.
Mr. V. C Van Ness the weil known in
surance lawyer of California, and a mem
ber of tiie firtu of tlacgin. Van Nen «t
Ihbbly, is in the cstv for a day only.
8. V, Boyle, a prominent lumberman of
Indianapoiiv is at the St-agrave. as are aKo
Mrs S. K. Waterman of Port Toansend,
and H. l«. Moody and wife, of Spokane
Mr. Garrettson a prominent banker end
real estate broker of .-toux City, an i a di
rector of the Sioux City A Oregon Miort
I.ine rat ■road. vi« in the cif\ yesterday.
He left her« last night far Tannia
Trratwrnt that C«r*» r«uUpttk»iV
Aeear4i»( t» tb« £*& franc.* « dallt^
• tv t- -a <5 ' >t< n>ti thai with
r retina It Is the o*w la raft*" prfiwi
i la /oft fa*
p»r*rr ar<» full 0# re^at<*•" untarv* <ks®-
ana ag n» , ®c*ey, sal *9 fSw pla> e
to their .art at car! frtsn £*s
FT*r;v-i».t:»'« te!', known "* Jf manicure.
Mm* ***• "J *W(r 1 tor >«k-t fc*! a we*i
Rrr&* h with retttupetk-ti, au>i
nertt loud bat caw f npp*l*:to» tha:
n< tba* *V>a w»r» out aa-i
fc« a* effrct, a:.! I was araia a ftiSsrrrr
»;U I Mat Joy * VtftttU*
| It ha* thoroughly rte I *wt
©B<a .if tit trs.vi «rs« n re of aSsm* *a» aa4
•a# in rsintijsia! d.*'n** feat <*B « ?b
UW a:-'. t>f J" « &■* ar-ar. ft
iksw #*? as* aa-i *"r«ry tiung with sar «&i
arrtvt. -s««J I •» tak
aj*44*liffcte«J. a: igS*il? it"
CtaKa K*-vts. Mas •tit*
I IX JK««rn* - y
Corrugated Iron
f>% *AiM RT
J. M.ifICHOLS & CO.,
. |1 t«lu«Hia Street.
Befeitaces—Every N«*k and Vastnet
mac ia seat£r&
—wrxaxß ar—
s<iu/fatJS Conovet
Tkis rist *r ill give as ;dj* et tit* ebarader of
the property wt haadse. If « decs am coa
ts la %ha* want we are snrs you uaa be
»tti-sd by catling at onroftcv amd exassiaistg oaf
cenp>iU list of property.
{OCA fyV\-Tb» tBos" de<:r*h>
tPo JV/»Uvv neat it tacnaae y«r->c| nroo
erey ever rft'red ea tSe PaeiSe
djAA AAA-T*> lott, IStV?, a? the soutfc-
U>*7U»Uuw «s«t eotwev of Front asd Seaaea
or tbe oside lot lor HO.CSO aad tna
coraar for K>O.OU?: terras
£ AAA—vue-ft.'fS intawst fc amasafae-
J (V/UU tnr ag btu.nes* paying 15.we per
aioiiih in dividends.
QOQ Hoa«e and two 'oa. ooruer
© A ORri""® IS fee* and new setea room
IpitoJU houMW Eighth street near Alter.
A AAA-Tw low- corner Hadtsoa and
4>IU»UUU sixta Streets.
®C CArt-Lo' corner Mad son and Ninth
kPv?»UUU Mreet* saxm;
tfjC AAA—two oi- at tb«* eon' Jaw-eat corner
OvJjUUU of Eighth iind >enera straets.
tfj A f) C A—Fine lot ou the e«-t *. le vi Sev
cßUi street, he; ween Caivemtv at A
ffjQ 7AA- Iflt on wr>t side of F fth n'reet,
between Le-tora and hian-hard.
tfJl C7AA Lot on Waautustoa nm near
tPil/UU Twelfth.
dj"l OAA-lot near Lake rnioT. eorner Bis
kpipavU marck and Th >atu cleared
aad graded.
tftr?C A "b«'fs ja»t off of Depot street, west
H>/ OU of Broadway,
<TKAA -Lo** west of Lake Union. aad
ipOUU P Weath.
$l.O 000 -T * O,lWir *^ 4 "*ter front lota
QOQ W4tCT lront tol in I?orthern • d<u "
$6,000 - Twenty acres north ofUuion hay.
<Cd' CAA—Ei'ee-'tcre tract south oi Jack«oa
street, suitable for |>:attinx.
KAO _s ' vt,u * n '' t>neijUarttr acres in
tfrtjOUU Sonth Seattle, thne acres in
$2 000~ Tweutr ItIW ae ** <ire * n
®OAA~ B,a!!e tract* In Day's Acre (iardena,
iJOUU north of lake t'nlon, and near tbe
line of the C»reen Lake electric road
■nn"D T fA Qf—Onc jcood wharf for a
X UJCw llXiiiOlj ~rm Oi years.
We still have a few choice lots in Henton Addi
tion, oa Madiwu strict, but they are so.ling
very rapidly.
(Qciu/foiJ& Ccjujue t
Real Estate aad Financial Broken,
Aoota 10, Hewda Building.
Will hold their initial meeting ou
; Saturday and Monday, HOY, 2,4
At their (•rounds.
Victoria, 13. C.,
t'nder the patron as* of hi# honor, the Ueater.-
an> Governor, on tfie o><a»!i<n oj th« vt*U of hi*
ex<*lU-nrT ixw-1 Stanley, Goveraor General ««f
Canada, wh«-n clotrm race* wIU tako place, with
j priJM* amouuOag to
Procramme*. containing full information,
•!»<> rwwl-rs, will be #e»u to aii point* on the
Niuiul. Lor further particular* apply to the
*«r«!tary. D. Jt. CAMI'BKI.L. I*. o. Hox r-0.
Taesday Ewiiif, Xottnber \
» P. X.. AT
ti hm:k hall
' Eminent arti»t« «0 participate Encourage
talent *»>t *n n>o irowneitr R»earn tickets
at Mewart &. ilolicet.
K«a«r*ed *aat». ni; Haleony, T.le;
(iallery. SOe.
Elocutionary Kntertaiiimeat
An Erenlnj; WHh Great Author*,
1:1 .OCt TIO> l^-T.
First Presbyterian Church
AclmifitKion C"t*.
Ti sf * v>iebrated Ijeetorer
Mrs. Julia Ward Howe
Wffl Lecture oa ti* atove »at;ert at tha
On St., Wt t 0."3 ant Plk*.
Friday Evenine, November 1
Lmsr* » 1 fenrts as * »rioc*.
T "k«*a a« *he
r.m< aa» t«»ik t hot® 1 .. f araer of render
it.; fr <k «' ttrceta rteaa W mam*' an 4 mi
way B- « a«.vir.®< , «Je<- ; aR lot sras«i.a«
f+ttr. ~ a«4 ee»»ef*;ai ■»?*» lutr* R- a:«<J fS-Ji
per *ia>
* AR-R
Cloaks, Wraps, Jackets
We have them in all grades. The latest fall and winter
styles. They fit like gloves; not too light, not too loose, just
Winter is almost here. Get something elegant and catch
ing for yourself and the misses. We can suit your taste and
your purse.
Nice Striped Ulster; il will wear; 85.G0.
Cfcifea's CMs; jut tie tiisj;
Newiartets, tta Dresy am! Tailor Fittiit ia CaielX S—O
Jersej Jacket, al! wool, Maci aai colors, ssl .00.
We also have all grades at equally reasonable prices, See
our shawls, wraps, etc.
Duni.ip sets the style for America in hats. We arc his
agents in Seattle. The latest fall and winter style in silk tiles
and stiff hats art; nobby and dressy. See them. In two qualities.
See Our Stiff * II at
Elegant line of children's hats and caps. Soft hats, Stet
son's finest grades. Save money by buying your hats ol us.
Ladies' Underwear and Hosiery
A stock that it is pleasing to examine»and overrunning with
bargains. Goods that will wear and will suit you. For price?
these will do for samples:
Scarlet all wool VESTS and PUIS. 85c each.
Extra heavy scarlet all wool VESTS and PANTS, $1 each
Black Cashmere HOSE, ribbed and plain, fast color, at 60c, 75c, $1
Cotton HOSE, fast color, plain and ribbed, from 25c up
Hundreds of other bargains which you should examine.
See our line of j>cerless black hose, fast color; e\en acids
have do effect on the color.
See our line of woolen fascinators, all colors, from 25c up.
Boots and Shoes
Our boot and Shoe department is one that always pleases.
The goods are those of best makes, and splendid wearers. We
cannot be touched on prices. Here are four samples ;
Ladies Finest French Kid Hand Turned Button Boot at $6 50
Ladies' Dongola Kid Button Boot: Splendid Article; $3.00.
Men's Finest Kinqaroo liid. Hand S«wd, $7 50.
Men i Domestic Calf, Goodyear Welt; Great Wearer; $3.50
And wc have all grades, up and down, at great reductions,
' We carry everything in this line.

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