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The Seattle post-intelligencer. [volume] (Seattle, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1914, January 01, 1891, Image 6

Image and text provided by Washington State Library; Olympia, WA

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J. WiesUing, row of three tenement*, two
story fm, Market and Klixabeth J I 2,40°
Andrew Jackaon, dwlg,two-story fmwitb
bk basement, Yeaier and Yakima. ....... «,«*>
J. F. Ronald, dwlg, two-story fm, Yakima
and Main •••*•• — " wo
Charles N. Evan*, dwlg, one-story fm,
Temple and Main® 1,000
M. Kringei, dwlg, one-anda-balf -story
fm, Pearl ♦wvv— 800
Jos. Bennett, dwlg, erne and a-haif story
Im, Buah rod Orange .......■
E. E. W illiama, dwl?. oneftory fm, Alton Sm
John R. Oakley,dwlg, one-story fin, Alton M)
James Kelly, dwlg, one-story Im, Greta
nr Yeaier '
n P. Bennett, dwlg, two-atory fm, Green
and Yeaier •
Unknown,dwlg,on»-story »m. »» JUU
Dwlg, one-and-a-half-story fm, Green
nr Yeaier •• ■ -• •••■ 2,w
F. I. Blodgett, dwlg, two-atory fm, Yeaier
and Green . • .... 2,700
D. O'Hara, double tenement, two-atory fm,
Rainier and Eaton ...... 8,700
£. A. Cook, dwlg, two-atory fm, *ameloca
tion 2#w
Mr. Modlne, dwlg, one-story fm, Eaton
and Rainier , Mgg
Jamea B. Howe, dwlg, one-atory fm, I/*"
Dwlg. two-story fm, Wyckoff and Eaton. 1,300
Mr. Anderaon,dwlg, two-atory fm, Yakima
and Superior 2f**>
Mrs. P. Morris, dwlg, one-atory fm, Drexel 000
C. A. White, dwlg, two-story fm with brick
Sophia and Rainier .... or"®
J* A. HeinwrlDig, dwlg, two-story fm,
Lake View and Sophia 2, £!5
F. Brooks, dwlg, two-story fm, Wyckoff .. -/W0
Erixon & Luker, double tenement, one
fctory fm, lake View and Superior I.W
La Salle & Field, dwlg, two-atory fm 2,-flO
Dwlg, two-and-a-half-story fm, Yeslcr
and Wyckoff . 2,500
John Wiley, add to dwlg, one story fm,
Wyckoff 125
Fred Rontendorf, dwlg, one-atory fm,
Wyckoff ... <25
John Thomscn, dwlg, one-atory fm, Wyek
ofl' <2-'
Schoolhouse, one-story fm, Wyckoff. 7io
Mr. McMillan, dwlg, two-story fm,Wyckoff 2,-TOO
E. H. Randall, dwljr, two-st«ry fm, Drexel 1,300
Frank Combs, dwlg, one-atory frame,
Wyckoff 500
Charles Caldwell, dwls, one-and-a-half
«tory fm, Wyckoff nr Milwaukee. 700
Dailey &Son, dwlg. onc-and-a-bali-story
fm, Clarence nr Milwaukee 000
Ermt Bradbury, dwlg, one-and-a-balf
atory fm, Clarence nr Milwaukee 1,400
R. Stutaman, dwlg, one-and-a half-story
fm, Milwaukee and Aldine 150
51. A. Gray, dwlg,one-story fm, Euclid 125
William North up, dwlg, one-atory fm,
Euclid 250
Alexander Tinker, dwlg, one-and-a-half
stoiy fm, Ijikedale avenue. 400
F. C. Jewell, dwlg,one-anda-half-atory
fm, Lakcdale ave... 1,100
Mr*. Etta L'lln, dwlg, one-and-a-half-story
fm, Lakedale 600
Tbom«s Harden, add to dwlg, two-story
fm, Clarence 3,000
White Bros, dwlg, two-story fm. Jackson
and Yakima *OO
str. Cole, store bldg, two-story fm, Jack
son and Alton 2,500
E. Johnson, dwlg, one-and-a-balf-itory fm,
Euclid 200
W. H. Clark, dwlg, one-and-a-balf-atory
fm, Euclid 250
Hans Anderaon, dwlg, one-story fm,
Euclid 150
W. B. Gulllford, dwlg, one-story fm, Eu
elid 110
John Ritchie, dwlg, two-story fm, Lake
dale ave 700
sfcNamara A Grady, double tenement,
two-story fm, Alton nr Jackson.. 1,800
A. J. Mayer,dwelliug, two-story fm, Yak
ima nr King 1,100
D. 8. Kelly. aoiibl* tenement, two-story
fm, Yakima and Jackson 4,500
A. Pratt, store-bldg, two-story fm, Jack
son aud Yakima 1,400
Dwelling, two-story fm. Mme location . SOO
W. H. Jackson, dwlg, one-story fm, Green
and Florence 275
Lawrence Engle, two dwlgs, one-and-a
half «tory fm, name location 1,000
C. F. Stevens, dwlg, two-story fn>, Weller
and Rai.iier 000
Dwlg, one-story fm, same location 100
John Jones, dwelling, one-story frame,
Yakima nr Weller 450
Mrs. T. Goueher, dwlg, one-story fm,
Alton nr 2 C 0
I«vy Wfntermute, Impa on dwlg, two
story fm. Rainier nr Chestnut 400
C. A. weed, dwlg,ou«-story fm, Yakima nr
Chestnut 500
Florence Donaghue, dwlg, one-story fm,
Green 150
Patrick Lavan, dwlg, one-story fm, Green
and Prince a*)
Thomas Gaffney, dwlg, two-story fm,
Green nr Prince 2.50
Charles Hawky, dwelling, two-story fm,
same location .. 300
A. D. Steele, dwlg, one-story fm, Irving
and Green 50
H. M. Corrlngton, dwlg, one-and-a-half
story fm, same location 100
Unknown, dwlg, one-story fm, same loca
tion 100
Thou. E. Davis, dwlg, one-story fm, Chest
nut and Yakima 250
E. K. Uug, dwlg, one-story fm, Rainier
and Chestnut 850
Mr. Smith, dwlg, two-story fm, Irving and
Bush 500
Ole Olson, dwlg, one-story fm, same loca
tion 450
F. J. Middleton.dwlg,one-and-a-half-story
fm, same location .. 400
C. u. Carrington, dwlg, one-story fm,
Irving aud Green 100
Mrs. Emma Johnson, dwlg, one-story fm,
K*me location 100
Mathew Urany, dwlg, one-story fm, Day.. 200
H. ftchweera. add to dwlg, oue-and-a-half
story fm, Day JOO
Mr Morey, dwfa, one-story fm, Day 3>o
Fred Brand, dwlg, one-story fm. Day 100
R. J. Johnson, dwlg, two-story fm, Irving. 1,000
\V. R. McK night, dwlg, one-atory fm,
Irving aud Bush 500
Robert Hagan, dwlg, one-and-a-half-story
fin, Irving nr Market 300
D. Forbes, dwlg, one story fm, same loca
tion ... 350
Peter Jacknon, store bldg, two-story fm,
Irving nr Market 1,150
W. p. Curwile, dwlg, one-atory fm, nr Irv
ing and Market SOO
Edward Johnson, dwlc. one-storv fm.
ru wniu juuuwiu. uwig, UUVBIUT/ fin,
same location 'JOO
Albert Prase, dwlg, one and a half story
fm, Fontenelle and Taylor COO
(H-oree Cessna, dwlg, one-story fm, Wil
ford nr Ptomming 230
Richard Lindsey. dwlg, one-and-a-haH
story fm, same location 400
F.mmott & Isaacson, dwlg, one-story fm,
Irviugave 300
William Herth. add to dwlg, two-story fm,
Ir\ing ave nr Market .. &00
Mike Antonie, dwlr, one story fm, Flem
tuing and Rush 850
Mr*. A. N.Ceis, dwlg, one and a-baW story
fm. Hemming and Bush 200
Colc*i>n Flaherty, dwlg, one and a half
story fm. Hemming jV^O
Henry Guard, add to dwlg, one-storv fm,
Flemmlng JOO
C. J. Anderson.dwlg, one-and-a-half-story
fm, Fontenelle and Taylor SOO
F. Keller, dwlg, one-storv fm, Thirtv-first
and Fine.. 200
, Bt. Boniface German Catholicehnreh, one*
story fm with basement for parsonage,
Frederick Hnd Thirtieth 1,:X)0
F. Devolie, dwlg. one-story fm. nr Bush... ;x»
Fnkuown, three dwlss,one story fm.same
location 250
Martin Bechel, dw!;r, one and a half story
fm, Flcmiuluc and Bush 500
Fred Hilton, dwlg, one and a half story
fm, Yakima and uavittson 400
Osear Hilton, dwlg, one story fm, Yakima
nr liavidson . . joo
Charles O. F. Otis, dwlg, one-and-a half
story fm. Green 400
Sam-tel Wray, dwlg, two-story im. Green. 1,500
V alter hweetmau. dwlg, one-story fm,
Yakima 400
H. Keller, dwlg, one story fm, Thlrtv
tirst and Piue... iy)
James Sturteon, dwlg, oae and a half
story fm, Rainier 400
8. J. Fitts. dwie. one-story fm. Rainier.,.. i*)
Mrs. P. C. Hawkins, dwlg, one-and a half
story fm, Lake View and Walnut I,SX)
E. E. Kellogg, dwlg, two-story fm,
Yakima and Walnut. 700
Gcorce James, dwlg, one-story fm, Y'akima
and Davidson. go
C. Coble, dwlg, one and •-half story fm,
W'a»hiugton mv« 4,y*
3. F Winston, dwlg, one-storv fm. Baker 500
W B. Sharp, dwlg, one and a-half story
fm. Baker. , TOO
K. 1„ Lov, dwlg, one-story fm. Lake View s»
G. W* Bogle, dwlg, two-storv fm, Lake
Visw lt * v
J. W Fitts. dwlg, one storv fm. Rainier. 250
Owen Duffy. dwlg, two-storv fm. Penn SfiO
J. A Morris, imps on dwlg, oue story fm,
Chestnut and Rainier S*)
Fnkoown, dwlg. one-story fm, lake View i.*)
E. W". Phiipott,dwlg. oneetory fm, Wash
ington ave " 200
John Scott, dwlg, on* story fm. Sherman
ave .. 900
C. A. Johnson, dwlg, one story fm. Sher
man ave
W. R. Adams, dwlg, two-storv fm 2,000
Puig, one-story fm. Lake View and
W'eller ... 2f»
Fi known, dn't oneand-onehalf story
fm, v\eller ana lj»ve View ... .
Planing mill, two-Mory fm. lumber sheds,
planking. ete.. Rainier and Prinee £,<-»•*»
F ljirs- n, shed, fm. same location.. 200
J. F, Si hertser. dwlg, one-story fm. Lake
Wa»Mngten foot Washington
Fiikm wn. dwlg, one-story fm. same loca
tion . . ... so
Jno. A Peebles, dwlg, one-storv fts. Park
avenue...... . 400
Jno. H. Pritobard. two dwlg?, one-story
fm.Wellernr Lake View I,®oo
Mclctyre B«».. boat-house. two-story fm,
Isktf Wavhinrton f«©t Yealer l r noo
R. w Riddetl, a« Is. one-story fm. l,tke
Wast ington nr Tester 200
v *-ir* -i Morris, dwlg, one-story fm, lute
W nshingtcm nr Yeslet .
t nkuowQ, dwlg, one story fm, same loca
tor* ... . UX)
G. 5 Joh neon, boat-house, two story fm,
locetioo 300
Mrs. Winnie Thomas, store blag, two-story
tm. Pnoc* cx Rainier ....77.
<ieoTps El«ey. dwlg, two-story fm, Clarence 4 1,500
Mrs. Junius Ro hestcr. three double tene
mentay two fitnry fm, nr \ ester a\ c. 9,000
J. W. McDonald, store bldg, fia,
Jaekaon and Taylor -•••-• v/wO
Three dwlga, two-story Im, Taylor nr
Jackaoa * V "
W. c. Washington, dwlg, one-atory /in,
Pbelps nr Decatur -■ ■ - 1*
John Cornelaon, dwlg, one-story Im, Dc
cutnr and Bucklas ... .
Mr. Jobnxon.dwlg, one-story fm, Maasllloo
nr Pbelps ™
Mr. Harper, dwlg, one-story fm, Masaillon
nrl'h.lpt ■ 700
John Redick, dwla, one-and-a-half-atory
fm, Chootand MdxtD : 700
Unknown, dwlg, two-story fm, nr Cnoot
«nd McUne ••••
John Kill, dwlg, one-atory fm, Maaalllon 300
August Bachman, dwlg, one-and-a-balf
story fm, Maaslllon 1,000
Madison street Cable Railway Company,
water tower, bk and fm, nr power-house,
Madison 1,200
citv of Seattle adds to pumping-bouse,
etc., fro, Lake Washington.. .. 25,000
J. Hawlev, dwlg, two-story fm, Hyde and
Edes 1,500
C. Owlds, dwlg, one-story frame, Florence «SJO
North of Depot Street.
Herman Keltnar, <k>uble tenement, two
»torv fm S,OOO
Dwlg, one-story fm, Republican and
Marion • 200
John Dow, dwlg, two-story fm, Republi
can and Marlon .... 2,000
J. A. Lebean. dwlg, one-story fm, Leary... LSO
Angus W. Young, dwlg, one-story fm,
Leary ft°o
Sundee Bros., dwlg, two-story fm, Leary.. 7J>
Frank B. Ball, dwlg, one and-one-half
story fm, Law. ...
Thomas Lough, dwlg, one-story fm, Law.. 4 >0
J. C. Peterson, dwlg, two-story fm, Smith. 8,000
Joseph Kudderbaru, dwlg, two-story fm,
Beach 1,100
Trinity M. E. church, parsonage, two-story
fm, Victor nr Olympic 2,000
P. O'Shaughnessy, dwlg, two-atory im,
Banner ur High . 3,000
Wiiiiara Phillips, dwlg, two-story fm,
Olympic nr Ann 2,000
J. S. Marble, dwlg, two-etory fm, Elliott
nr Sehott 3,500
Rev. C. J. 1 .arson, dwlg, two-story fm,
Ann and Elliott 2,800
H. L. Denny, dwlg, two-story fm, Victor
nr Mercer. 2,500
S. E. Daria, dwlg, two-story fm, Republi
can nr Victor 2,000
Mr. Bremset, dwlg, two-story fm, Victor
and Republican 1,100
F. *ichult«, dwlg, one-story fm, Victor nr
Harriaon . . 100
Misa Torbergson, dwlg, one-story
fm, Vlctor n r Harriaon 60
Cnknown, shop, one-atory fm, water
front foot Thomas 1,000
Dr. 8. W. Carpenter, dwlg, two-story fm,
Banner ana Mercer 2,000
Mrs. M. Starkey. dwlg, two-atory fm,
Light and Republican .. 1,000
H. (iormeley. dwlg, two-story fm. Light
and Republican 2,500
Mrs. Sar»h Steves, dwlg, two-story fm,
Light and Republican 3,800
Row of three tenements, two-story fm,
same locjition 5,000
W. H. Harmon, two-story frame, Republi
can nr Light 2,500
Mrs. A. Goldstine, double tenement, two-
ou/iy un, nninson HUU iveuvuvmy o r jw
Wm. H. Hughes, row of three tenementa,
two-story lm, Temperance nr Harrison.. 4,500
D. O'Leary, two dwlgs, two-etory fm,Tem
perance and John 4,000
James A. Hall, dwlg, two-story fm, Depot
and Temperance 1,200
O. Schiilestad, two dwlgs, two-story fnx,
Banner and Harrison 3,000
E. S. Burnell, add to dwlg, one-story fm,
Temperance and Mercer 150
S. 6. McLear., hotel, four-story fm, Depot
and Poplar 9,000
Mrs. Mary Calkins, dwlg, one-story fm,
Warren nr Depot 785
Second Advent church, one-story fm, War
ren and Depot 350
L. B. Young, dwlg, two-story fm, Warren
and Harrison. .. 2,200
Wilton «ic McAuslan, dwlg, two-story fm,
Harrison and Warren 1,650
William Denny, dwlg, two-story fm, Har
rison aud Warren 1,000
Methodist Protestant church, one-story
fm, Warren and Republican 7,000
Parsonage, one-and-a-hali'-story fm, same
location. 1,500
Stewart Keenan, dwlg, one-and-one-half
story fm, Tracy 800
Mrs. Mary Cohus, dwlg, one-story fm,
Crocket 500
Barn, one-story fm, same location 200
J. E. Fletcher, dwlg, one story fm, Elliott
nr West. 600
Benjamin Pauley, dwlg, one-story fm,
White 200
L. G. McFarlane, dwlg, two-story fm, Light
nr Bradley 2,500
G. W. Scott, dwlg, two-story fm, Bradley
and Victory 2,500
L. B. Andrews, dwlg, three-story fm, Swim
and Marion 10,000
W. W. Swank, dwlg, two-story fm, Marion
and Second 3,000
Mrs. Fanuie Crocker, dwlg, one-story fm,
Marlon ur Second I r ioo
Robert Porter, dwlg, one-story fm, Elliott. soo
O. L. Dearborn, dwlg, one-ana-a-half-story
fm, Oak nr High 500
R. J. Graham, dwlg, two-story fm, Pros
pect and Warren 8,000
Miles Galliher, dwlg, two-story fm, Ken
tucky and High.. 6,000
Mrs. A. Goldstine, dwlg. one-story fm,
Kentucky and Valley 2,500
H. C. Burke, dwlg, two-story fm, Thomas
nr Kentucky 5,000
Trinity Methodist Episcopal church, one
story fm, Kentucky nr Thomas 1,000
J. Whitehead, two dwlgs, two-story fm,
Mercer and Ash 3,000
J. F. McLaughlin, dwlg, one-story fm, Ash
and Thomas 150
James Ajos, dwlg, two-story fm, Highnr
Oak 1,000
O. P. Borseth, dwlg, one-and-a-half-story
fm, Oak and Valley 300
J. L Spotts, dwlg, one-story fm, Valley
and Oak . 400
Daniel Baglcy, dwlg, two-story fm, Oak
nr High 1,100
R. Haskell, dwlg, two-story fm, Thomas
and Poplar . 1,200
A. D. Austin, dwlg, two-story fm, Thomas
and Poplar 2.500
Dwlg. two-story fm, same location 2,000
David Graham, dwlg, two-story fm, Oak
aud Thomas 1,300
Dwlg, two-story fm, same location 2,uno
Dr. J. D Morris, two dwlgs, two-story fm. 5/jOO
Two dwlgs, two-story im, all on Oak and
Thomas .. 4,000
Two-dwlgs, two-story fm, Asb and
Thomas 3,500
Joseph Daoust. dwlg, one-and-a-half-story
fm, Ash aud Harrison 1,700
Dr. A. Devoe, dwlg, two-story fm with bk
foundation, Oak and Thomas . .... 1,500
W. W. Swank, row of six tenements, two
story fm. Poplar and John 9,000
George M. Runkle, dwlg, two-and-a-half
atory, fm with bk foundation, Poplar nr
Htirri.sou 900
C. C. Reynolds, dwlg, two-story fm l,k)0
More bldg. two-story fm, both on
Poplar and Harrison 2,000
Thomas Engleker, row of three teuementa,
two-storv (in, Bos and Thomas 2,500
Peter Nehrbaas, dwlg, two-story fm, Box
nr Thomas 2,000
Unknown, row of three tenements, two
story fm. Box and John 2,000
A. Crook, dwlg, two-story fm, Box and
John .. 1,500
W. L. Green, dwlg, two-story fm, Box and
l*pot 2,200
John Nestor, double tenement, two-story
fm, Ash nr Harrison S,OOO
J. T. Cady, dwlg, one and-one-half-storv
fm, Farngut and Willow 1,500
Th'mas Hopkins, add to dwlg, oue-story
fm, Farragut and Willow 1 <0
B. N. Mcintosh, dwlg, two-story fm. Pox
and Thomas 2 000
R. C. Gates, store bldg, two-story fm, Box
and Mereer 1 jqq
Mr. Ames, dwlg, two-storv fm, Willow
and Mercer 1500
William Wagner, dwlg, two-story fm with '
bk foundation. Willow nr Mercer 1,0110
Dwlg. two-story fm, same location ..... 1 500
C. J. brust, dwlg, two-story fm, Willow nr
High 1,200
John Spencer, two dwlgs, two-storv fm,
Hishand Willow 2 600
David 1-aushurg, add to dwlg, one-story
im. Willow 50
M. F. Yo inga, dwlg. two-storv fm. Willow
nr Depot 400
B. F. Hell, two dw'tgs. one-story fm, John
ur Willow 7(H)
Alexander Williamson, dwlg, two-storv
fm. WiUow nr Thomas 1,800
Harry Daaiels, two-story fm, Harrison and "
Willow 2,000
William Anderson. dw!g. two-storv* fm
with bk foundation, Willow and Harri
*on ... 135Q
S. Kbcrt. dwlg, one-story fm. Willow and
Republican . .... sc©
John F.kstrand, dwlg. one and a-half-story
fm. Republican nr Birch " Imo
A. E. 11auser, dwlg, two-story fm. Thomas
and Lombard I.SOO
B. A. Anderson, imps on store bldg, two
storv fm. Depot and Willow
August Schone, row of four tenements,
two-story fm. Birch and John 7 MB
Wm. Good, dw lg, two-story fm with bk
foundation. Birch and John 1 4<X)
Baru, oue»*nd» -halt-#lory im, some loca
tion ijQ
J. A Gresham, dwlg, two-story fm, L&ke
ur Thomas jmq
Dwig. one and-a half-story fm. same lo
cation «flo
Dr Hall, two dwlgj, two-story fm. Lake nr
Thomas 2.4<X)
Frvo Mecklenburg, dwlg, two-story fm,
tjikeand Birch . .. .
Mrs. L. <i. Haviland. row of three tene
sr.t ius, tW(»ti ry fm. Lombard and John s.i>X}
J. I,von, add to dw Lg, two-story fm, Lom
bard and John ........ 1000
L Kassmusaen, dwlg. two-story fm, Farm
and John.
D. v.r*haiii,dwlg, one storr fm. Farm and
John .
W a Flindall. imps on «tore bldg. three
story fm. Depot aud Farm Iv©
T. H. Km fcman, dwlg, two-storv fm. John
*nd\me «,y*>
J. P. Nelson, dwlg, two-*tory to. Bircb
ami llnrrixm .... $ 1,300
Dwlg, two -tory fm,suuiu location .. ><*
F. W. Lfiytou, dwlg. one and one-balf
storv fm. Dexter ur Harrison .. . . 1,2 m
Mr. Moore, double tenement, two-story
fm, iK-xter nr Thomas 3,00 C
Julius Htall. dwlg, one-story fm, Dexter
and Harrison IOC
Patrick Gallagher, dwlg, two-*tory fm,
Dexter nr Thomas BKX
Ofcar Eri'kson, dwlg. two-and-a-half
story fm, Thomas and Lombard 1,00 (
Leslie Maxwell, dwlg, two-story fm, High
and Lombard 1,70G
Dwlg one and a-balfotory fm, Farm
and Hizh 1,000
F. M. McCombs, dwlg, two-story fm, Val
ley and Farm 1,800
Double tenement, two-story fm, same lo
cation 2,900
Taylor Bros., barn, one-story fm, nr Harri
son and Orion.. 2)0
W. Taylor, add to dwlg, two-itory fm,
Orion and ihomas 800
; H. F. Heuss, dwlg, two-story fm, Orion nr
Thomas g^oo
Barn, two-story fm, same location 100
Bert Ibland, dwlg, two-story fm, Orango
• and Garfield .... 1,000
William C. Bowen, dwlg, two-story fm,
Lombard and Pro-pect 1,000
Miss Larson and Mrs Hlllstad, dwlg, two
story fm, Lombard nr Hiich 1,130
W 8. Freeman, dwlg, two-story fm, Lom
bard and High. 2,500
Dwlg, two-story fm. High and Lombard.
Baru, one-story fm, same location .. 2QO
Unknown, double tenement, one-story fm,
Republican and Orion 500
A. L. Brand, dwlg, one-story fm, Orange
and James ISO
E. J. Gould, dwlg, one-and a-balf-story fm,
Orantfe. 500
J. F. Pike, dwlg, two-story fm, Lincoln
and Blaine 2,'"TO
C. C. Adams, two dwlgs, two-story fm, St.
Jacob and Blaine l.fiOO
James King, dwlg, one-story fm, St Jacob
and Blaine .. yjO
Larson Bros., dwlg, one-story fm, Orange
and Garfield 250
E. Olson, dwlg, two-story fm, Farm and
Farragut 600
H. W. Jones, double tenement, two-story
fm, Lombard and Paine 2,000
C. P. Adams, dwlg, two-story fm, Paine nr
Lombard 800
F. A. Moore, dwlg, one-story fm, Lombard
and Paine 600
J. D. Smith, dwlg, two-story fm, Knob and
Gurtield 2,500
John F. Jones, dwlg, two-story fm, nr
Knob and Gurtield 1,000
Geoige Palmer, add to dwlg, one-story fm,
nr Orange and James 50
J. 8. Mtigg&, barn, one-and-a-half-story fm,
Dexter 100
M. A. Snyder, barn, one-and-a-half-story
fm, Dexter. • 80
H. Meckleson, add to dwlg, two-story fm,
Dexter 110
P. R. Suga, add to dwlg, one-story fm,
Farm 60
O. E. Ringdahl, dwle, one-and-a-half-story
fm, Dexter and Pratt 900
Barn, one-story fm, same location 60
Erik Wicklund, dwlg, one-a half-story fm,
Farm nr Pratt 1,000
T. B. Rainey, dwlg, two-story fm, Harvard
Harrison 3^oo
K. C. Ward, dwlg, two-story fm, Harvard
nr Harrison <,OOO
George K. Beede, pavilion, one-story fm.. 12,000
Pleasure housrs and other imp, Madison,
Lake Washington 9,000
Beattle Base Ball Club, grand stand, fm,
Madison ur Lake Washington 1,000
Tourville Bros., two dwlgs, one-story fm,
Carrie and Lewis 1,500
J. H. Hawley, dwlg, two-story fm, Boule
vard 1,2^0
1 nion Water Co., shed, fm. Boulevard 140
A. Johnson, dwlg, two-story fm, Dexter
and Blaine 500
James Riffe, dwlg, one-and-a-balf-itory
fm. Dexter and Blaine 900
Jacob Friedlander, add to dwlg, two-story
fm, Dexter nr Blaine 1,000
John Hester, dwlg, one-story fm, Dexter
and Blaine . 450
Charles Hchuck, dwlg, one-story fm, Rol
lin ur Harrison. 600
Charles Lilley, two dwlgs, one-story fm,
Rollin nr Harrison 1,500
J. R. Taylor, dwlg, one-story fm, Rollin
nr Harrison 600
Western Mill Co., planing mill, two-story
fm 2,500
Warehouse, two-story fm 800
Barn, two-story fm 1,000
Imp other bldgs, location Mercer and
Bismarck 1,200
Walter Graham, double tenement, two
itory fm, Rollin and Filbert 1,500
J. C. Thompson, double tenement, two
story fm, Rollin nr John 1,500
John Friedhoff, dwlg, one-and-a-half-story
fm, Bismarck and John ... TOO
Unknown, dwlg, one-story fm, Bismarck
nr John 400
James Ellis, dwlg, three-story fm, Bis
marck nr John 4,000
D. McLean, dwlg, one-story fm, Rollin and
John 200
Andrew Hanson, dwlg, one-story fm,
Moltke nr Harrison 400
S. F. Tickuor, dwlg, one-story fm, Moltko
and Thomas 500
J. M. Quigley, dwlg, one-story fm, Moltko
and Depot 1,0(10
William Baunton, store, one story, fm. ... 500
Double tenement, two-story fm 2,500
Born, one-story fm, all cor Rollin and
John 50
Mr. Hilauf, tenement, three-story fm,
Rollin and John 1,800
J. P. I.awreuee, dwlg, two-story fm, Pro
hibition and Sixth 2,750
R. Ka-omushen. dwlg,
fm, Sixth and Prohibition 250
E. E. Rothwell, dwlg, one-story fm, Sixth
and Prohibition 150
Edward Dwyer, add to dwlg, one-story fm,
Prohibition and Sixth 200
S. H. Reynolds, dwlg, one-story fm, Moltke
and Republican.... 125
Dr. O. G. Root, double tenement, two
story fm, Moltke and Harrison 1,400
George W. Alc-xauder, imp on dwlg, two
story fm, Prohibition and Thomas 400
W.J. add to dwlg, two-story fm,
Prohibition and Thomas 700
J. C. Franson, dwlg, one-and-a-half-story
fm, Fifth and Rook 600
Nels Anderson, dwlg, one-story fm, Fifth
and Rook 60
S. N. Soranson, dwlg, one-and-one-half
story, fm. Prohibitiou and Fifth 600
, H. E. Fredricksou, dwlg, one-story fm,
Prohibition and Fifth 1,000
J. B. Mosettc, two dwlgs, one-story fm,
Fifth and Rook 1,300
Mrs. M. A. Morse, dwlg, two-story fm, Lin
coln aud Second 4,000
James Baxter, dwlg, two-story fm, Lincoln
and Second .. .. 2,000
James Baxter, dwlg. two-story fm, same
location i,600
Patrick Walsh, dwlg, two-story fm, Prohi
bition 2,300
T. M. Cranney, add to dwlg, one-storv fm,
Prohibitiou . ... . 75
W. J D 'Ugherty, dwlg, two-story fm, Pro
bibitiouand Thomas 2.000
Dwlst, two-story fm, same location 2,0u0
Dw Ig, one-story fm, same location 4UO
J. Goulett, two dwlgs, one-story fm. Rook
and sixth 1,000
J. Brower, dwlg, one-story fm, Lincoln nr
Sixth 800
E. K. Smith, dwlg, one-story fm, Lincoln. 70
T. T. Newman, dwlg, one-story fm, Lin
coln aud Harrison 125
A. C. Netsou, dwlg, one-story fm, Lincoln
and Harrison l t )0
Mr. Green, dwlg, one-story fm, Lincoln nr
Harrison 75
M. D. B.ilt'our, dwlg, one-storv fm, Lin
coln nr Harrison 300
W. H. Bow, two dwlgs, one-story fm,
Fountain aud Fiaine 2,000
M. Clericus, hotel, two-story fm, Almv and
Elaine 3,000
D. Conrov, dwlg, one-story fm, Almy and
Albert 650
R. Dam us, dwlg, two-story fm, Almv and
Albert 7,-yO
I A. Schultz, dwlg, one-story fm, Lincoln nr
iiransre 100
; Mills and Randall, dwlg, two-etory fm,
Grange nr Lincoln 800
A. Mcintosh, row of three dw'.gs, one-and-
one-half-story dwlg, fm, Sixth and Rook 2,{00
P. H. FeliU, one-story fm, Aloha and
Elaine 425
Andrew Grimset, dwlg, two-story fmj
EUine nud Aloha 1,500
Martin Vivian, two dwlgs, one-storv fm,
Elaine and Aloha » joq
Captain W. H Clough,two-story fm, Foun
tain nr Elaine 2,200
George W. Fitield. dwlg, two-story fm, "
Fountain and Elaine 2,200
John Herring. dwlg, two-story fm, Foun
tain and Elaine 2£oo
S. W. Clark, double tenement, two-story
fm, Howard nr Depot .. 6.000
Fred add to dwlg, two-story
fm, Howard ur Depot 1,000
Wwtson Spencer, two awlgs, one-ftory fm,
Harrison ur Howard 2,C00
W. s. Lane, two dwlgs, two-storv fm,
Albert nr Fiith. 4 000
Dwlg, one-and-a-half story fm, same lo
cation - 1,300
Jen>en i Koch, two dwlgs, two-story fm,
Albert and >mh
E M<>ody, dwlg, two-and-a-half story fm,
L»ke nr Filbert I^SOO
L. sohiem.ina, dwlg, one-story fm. Lake
nr Mercer.
Gcorse Muster, row of five dwlgs, on<^
si<>ry im. Fiith and Howard 1,500
J. Selvy. row of six dwlgs, two-story fm,
Fifth and Harrison . S4OO
Cbarle* Stakes, dwig,one-story fm,Grange
and Lincoln 359
Frsnk Labounty, dwelg, two-storv fm.
Grange »nd Lincoln 2,500
J. O. -nuth.dwig, two-Story im. Elaine and
Grange I,OM
A John«'">n, double tenement, two-story
fm. Albert and Aloha 2^oo
Mrs. Emma louradsen. two dwlgs, one
ss< ry fm, Jj«ke nr Men-er I,SOO
Mrs. P. A. Knox, store bidg, two-story fm,
Depot and Howard 8.500
E. F. Drake, double tenement, one and-a
--_ half-story fm. Albert nr Third L*oo
F. C. Vi alker, dwlg, two-story fm, Albert
and Third
A. C. Bowman, dwlg, two-slory im, Albert
aad Harris ju 3 t ogg
L W. Ent». dwl*, one-and-a-haH-rtory fm,
Albert and Harrison liM#
Jose A ?oii, dwlg, threc-storv fm, Albert
and Harrison 1,600
Olaf Hogau, dwlg, one-story fm, Lake nr
Filbert ......... 700
C. W. Longnin, add to dwlg, one-etory fm,
Hall nr Harrison. 50
Pilgrim Congregational charch, add to
parsonage, two-story fm. Hall nr Harri
son 800
Livingston <fc Burn#, dwlg, two-story fm,
Hail nr Harrison BAO
C. A. Bprigga, dwlg, one-and-a-half story
fm, Albert and Depot 450
M. J. Lute, do ible tenement, two-story fm,
Albert and Second 3,000
T. P. Dyer, twodwlgs,one-and a-half-atory
fm, Albert and Second. S^VJO
H. F. Compton, dwlg, one-story fm, Mary
near Harrisou "50
H. V. B. Bean, dwlg, oae-story fm, Mary
and Third. 2,700
William S«chs, dwlg, two-story fm, Ever
ett and Third ... 1,600
Chris Puach, dwlg, two-story fm, Everett
and Third 1,000
Fred Cords, dwlg, one-story fm, Everett
ur Third .7 750
H. Benke, dwlg, one-story fm, Everett
nr Harrison 800
Thomas B. Morrlnsey, two d wigs, one-story
fin, Everett and Harrison 1/500
C. G. Bradner, dwlg, two-story fm, Everett
and Oak 2,800
Joshua Audett, dwlg, two-story fm with
stone foundation, Marv and Hillside 5,000
V. Hugo Smith, dwlg, two-story fm with
stone foundation, Mary and Hillside.... 2,fi00
Dwlg, two-story fm, Mary and Oak 2/jOO
Barn, one-story fm, same location 150
W. French, dwlg, two-stofy fm, Mary and
Harrison 1,600
J. H. Kuuzie, dwlg, two-story fm. Chest
nut and Harrison 4,400
Charles W. Wright, dwlg, two-story fm,
Chestnut and Harrison 4,500
Seattle Trust Corn (.any, water tower, 70 ft
high, fm, Broadway'nr Fifth BOO
M. Bullette. dwlg, two-story fm, Broad
way and Sixth 1,000
Frank Whltmore, imps on dwlg, one-and
one-half-story fm, Broadway and Sixth.. 150
Frank Smith, dwig, two-story fm, Euclid.. 2,000
G. A. Hermann, dwlg, one-story fm, Lib
erty ur Harrison 100
Charles McNeill, dwlg, one-story fm,
Broadway ur Harrison 125
Mrs. H. A. Piockuey, dwlg, two-story fm,
Broadway and Depot 1,000
Mrs. Mary (iri wold, dwlg, one-and-one
half storv fm. Bancroft aud Broadway..., 1,000
Frank Hollenburg, dwlg, one-story fm,
Brondw uy and Depot 700
Robert Stanford, dwlg, one-story fm,
Chestnut ur Harrison 1,000
F. I. Rieketson, dwlg, one-and-a-half-story
fm, Jones and Republican 2,500
Mrs. E. M. Walthew, dwlg, two story fm,
Mitchell and Mercer 1,650
Mr. Layman, dwlg, oue-story fm, nr Frank
and Harris >n 1,000
Pi trick Flynu, dwlg, two-story fm, Liberty
aud Harrison 400
Unknown, dwlg, two-story fm, Liberty and
Harrison 1,500
C. C. Appling, dwlg, one-story fm, Broad
way ur Harrison 125
W. T. Walker, dwlg, one-story fm, Broad
way nr Harrison 100
John turnout, dt üblc tenement, two-story
fm, Hyde aud Depot .. 2,500
W. K. Fuller, dwlg, one-story fm, Chest
nut and Depot . . 1,500
E. A. Starr, dwlg, one-story fm, Mitchell
and Jones 800
Mr. Devin, dwlg, one-and-one-half story
fm, Frank ur Harrison 1,200
F. Burrows, dwlg, oue-story fm, Frank
and Harrison 500
Mrs. Charlotte Krencer, dwlg, two-story
fm, Frank and Harrison 1,800
C. O. Brluley, dwlg, two-story fm, Frank
and Harrison 2,000
Reea P. Daniels, dwlg, two-story fm, Tem
j>erancc and Bruoley 5,000
Women's Home, three-and-a-half-story bk
and fm. Poplar ur Mercer 10,000
C. C. Bagley, dwlg, two-story fm, High and
Ash . 1,300
Mrs. L A. Thompson, dwlg, two-story fm,
Elliott nr Swim 3,000
Gustave Falk, dwlg, one-story fm, Romj
and Talbot 400
J. R. Andrews, dwlg, one-story fm, Chest
nut and Talbot. 550
R. M. Crawford, dwlg, one-story fm, Chest
nut und Talbot 0,000
B. O'Hara, dwlg, one-and-a-half-story im,
Hyde nr Talbot. 2,800
George Hartig, dwlg, two-story fm, Hyde
nr Talbot 3,000
John E. Bigelow, dwlg,oue-story fm, Hyde
and Depot 2,000
Thomas Brvnes, dwlg, two-story fm, Madi
son and Rose 5,000
Wood house Bros, store, two-story fm,
Madison and Randolph 2,800
Barn, one-and-a-half-story fm, same lo-
cution .. 200
John Parkinson, dwlg, two-story fm, Madi
son and Rose ... . 5,000
Mrs. Stetson, dwlg, two-story fm, Joy and
Madison 3,000
W. o. Car.ie, dwlg, one-and-a-half-story
fm, Joy nr Blak ;ly . 2,300
M. McMackin, dwlg, two-story fm, Joy nr
Blakely 7.500
H. L. Rochelle, dwlg, two-story fm, Ran
dolph aud Gould 1,300
P. Clausen, dwlg, one-story fm, Gould
and Randolph .. 100
Gust Olson, dwlg, one-story fm, Randolph
and Gould .... 250
J.O. Johnson, dwlg, one-story fm. Ran
dolph and Gould 800
Henry Detmar, dwlg, one-story fm, Ran
dolph and Gould 225
H. J. Blaise, row of three tenements, tw o
story fm, oould nr Rose 3,000
B. Marshall, dwlg, two-story fm with bk
ba»ement. Rose and Gould. 250
E. H. Shnmway, add to dwlg, one-story
fm, Madison and Randolph 400
Unknown, row of three tenements, two
story fm, Randolph and Blakelv 3,000
Henry Peterson, store bldg, two-story fm,
Madison and Blakelv .. 4,000
Mrs. Margaret Hyatt, awlg, one-story fm,
Jones nr Blakely 450
John West, dwlg, one-story fm, Randolph
nr Blakely 700
Dwlj:, one-story fm, same location 450
James it. Chi>bolm. dwlg, one-story fm,
Divlson and Broadway . 400
Unknowu, Imp on four dwlgs, one-story
fm, Broadway nr Division 750
Unknowu, barn, one-story fm, Division ur
Broadway 100
Hiram Runnels, dwlg, two-story fm, Madi
son nr Kenny 1,500
Dwlr, two-story fm with bk foundation,
Randolph and Blakely 2,300
Barn, one-etory fm, and other out-build
ins, same location ...» 400
Mr. Hamlin, dwlg, one-story fm, Kenny nr
Madison 700
M. Stewart, three store bldgs, two-story fm
Madison and Natches. 4,500
Robert Slllman, dwlg, one story fm,
Natches nr Depot 800
James Weaverling, add to dwlg, one-and
one-half-storv fm, Natches nr Depot 700
W. F. Selick, dwlg, oue-story fm, Natches
nr Dep0t...... 600
A. G. Peterson, dwlg, two-story fm,
Natches nr Depot 1,000
Wheeler &. dwlg, two-storv fm,
Hyde aud John. 1,500
John Drummerliouse, dwlg, one-and a
half story fm, John and Natches 800
0. P. Egun, dwlg, two-story fm, nr
Depot and Natches 2to
Unknown, dwlg, one-story fm, Depot nr
Natches 5OO
Dwlg. oue-story fm, same location 70a
George Winehart, dwlg, two-story fm,Wil.
ford and Depot 300
B. M. Bucklaud, dwlg, one-and-a-half
story fm, Wllford and Depot 900
F. Andrew, dwlg, two-storv fm, Windom. 1,000
Barn, two-story fm, same location 200
Mr*. A. Rickards, dwlg, one-story fm, Mo-
Lane . 400
Mrs. fnowden, dwlg, one-story fm, Me*
lj»ne 350
Ham, two-story fm.samc location. ... 100
T. Lvle, dwlg, one-story fm, nr Massilon
and Jones 1,600
VV. A. Hall, dwlg, two-story fm, Hyde and
John. . .. 1,600
N. 3. Anderson, two dwlgs, two-story fm,
Windom and Cascade 3,000
Hugh Feliu, dww, one-story fm, Lewis
aiid Madison 600
A. J. Bitter, <1 wig, one-story fm, Madison
and Cloverdale 1,200
Two dwlgs, two-storv fm, same loca
tion 3,000
Charles Reese, dwlg. one-story fm, Clover
dale and Madison 200
J. A. Dozier. dwlg. one-story fm, Windom. 300
Thomas Rock, dwlg, two-story fm, Win
dom. . 1,500
C. E. Patterson, dwlg. two-story fm,
Madison aud MeLain ... 1,000
\V Redev, dwlg, two-story fm, Madison nr
MeLan'e 900
Mr. Bntler, dwlg, two-story fm, Madison
nr McLane ... 1,000
John R. Lullivan, dwlg, two-story fm,
Carrie nr Madison 1,000
J. G. BUfce, dwlg, one-and-a-half-story
fm. Carrie and Lewis .. 1,350
J. Burke, dwig, one-story fm, Chester and
Madison ..... 400
George Tolockson, dwlg, OEe-story fm,
Ches'er and Madison 100
E. l>. Ben<ot!, *dd to dwlg, one-story fm,
Chester and M idisnn 50
Georee W Welter, dwlg, one-story fm, nr
MeLain and Madison. .. 230
Jot» d Berg, Ig, one-story fm, McLain nr
Madiaou 400
Victor Eri' kson. dwlg, one-story fm. Mc-
L»ne nr Madison 150
Luther >even»nce, dwlg. one-and-s-half
story fm. Mei-ane nr Mudison 600
A. Hemekin, two dwigs, one-story fm,
Arthur »iid Madison . . 650
Mr. Eriekson, dwlg, one-story fm, nrCss
cade and Madison . 100
Mr. begat, dwlg, one-story fm, nr Chester
and Madison 1,000
T. C. Collins, dwlg, two-story fm, ur Ches
ter and Madison _ i.,000
George Eidemiller, store, two-story fm,
Chester aud Madison 1,600
Unknown, dw-g, one-story fm, Massillon
nr Madison. .. 100
Miidisou street M. t. ehurth. add to dwlg,
one-story fm. Cioverdaie and Madison, f-00
Cbas. Woods, dwlg, two-story fm, McLane
and Madison. I^oo
J. Gonrley, dwlg, two-story fm, Minnie $ I*soo
J. H. Carr, Imps on dwlg, one-and-a-haM
story frame, Madison nr Cl >verdale l.iwj
Dwlg, two-story fra, nme location IrJ®
.Store bldg, two-story fm, same location.. -> J W
A. M. Towle. dw!g, one-story fm, Mawiloo UO
Edward Dalbridgc, dwlg, one-story fm,
M»ssillon. ... 100
Samuel McCallough, dwlg, one-story fm,
Mas-sillon «*>
Harry Watson, dwlg, one-story fm, Clover
dale nr Madison 1-200
T. VV. Steele, dwlg, one-story fm, Clover
dale nr Madison ••
Mott Berry, dwig, two-story fm, Clover*
dale, nr Madison I.OJJO
Imp on dwlg, same location. SCO
M. Steward, dwlg. one-and-a-half-story fm,
Cloverdale, nr M«d;son ITO
Leroy Korn, store, two-story fm, nr foot
Madison <SO
J. R. Rockenfield, store, two-story fm, nr
f< Ot Madison .. ... 300
I'rkuown, dwlg. one-storv fm, Carrie 3OO
Mr. eanbanm, dwlg, one-story fm, Decatur 100
Henry H ugbes, dwlg, one-story fm.Wil.-on Soo
L. C. Dabbet, dwlg, one-story fm, nr De
catur and Wilson 800
J. R. Wfkle, dwlg, one-story fm,nr Decatur
and Wilson 200
E. sjolsetb.dwlg, one-story fm, nr Decatur
and Wilson 150
W. H. White, dwljj, one-and-onc-balf-story
fm, Minnie, nr Alhambra SOO
Dwlg, two-story fm, same location 8,0(0
J. F. McCoy, dwlg. two story fra, Minnie.. I,'jOO
Thomas Taylor, awlg, two-story fm, Min
nie 1,700
Mrs. May L. Reynolds, dwlg, one-and-a
half story fm, East Washington 1,100
Captain L. A. Dyer, dw lg, one-and-a-half
storv- fm. East Washington 1,100
Washington Floral Company, one green
house . 800
And another green bouse nr foot
Madison SOO
R. 8. Clark, dwlg, two-storv fm, Depot and
Joy 5,000
Out buildings, same location 300
Mrs. E. Ballard, dwlg, tv.o-story fm, Joy
and L»er>ot 2,200
R. If. Genung, dwlg, two-story fm, Joy nr
. Depot 4,">00
W. A. Jennings, dwlg, two-story fm, Roso
ami Talbot 2,">00
W. H. Bartiett, dwlg, one-story fm, Madi
son and Lincoln 400
Mrs. Mary Humly, dwlg, one-story and a
hnlf fm, L«ike 600
Milton Roy, dwlg, one-and-a-half-story fm,
Joy . ... 200
Rev. D. J. Pierce, dwlg, two-story fm, Joy
nr Carrie 1,600
Mrs. P. Dumont, dwlg, two-story fm, with
bk foundation. Rose nr Depot 4,000
William Dailey, dwlg, one-and-a-half-story
fm, Rose nr Depot . 1 r "500
Dwlg, two-story fm, Rose nr Depot 2,000
Henry Van Asst.lt, dwlg, two-story fm,
with stone foundation. Rose nr Madison 4,000
Nettie Van Asselt, dwle, two-story fm,
R< se nr Madison 1,300
P. C. Richardson, dwlg, two-story fm, Hill
side 1,000
Columbia school bldg, two-story fm with
bk foundation, nr Frank and Carrie 20,500
William Reed, dwlg, two-story fm, Coryell
nr Harrison 900
F. <r. Cady, dwlg, two-story fm, Hvde nr
Harrison 400
8. R. Hurkness, dwlg, two-story fm, Hyde
nr H.irrison 950
Edward Conway, add to dwlg, one-story
fm, Harrison and Green 150
J. M. Hull, dwlg, two-story fm, Cedar and
Williams.. ... sfjo
Cook <& Waldo, dwlg, two-story fm, Frank-
Uo I^oo
H. C. Raymond, dwlg, two-story fm,
Franklin 1,900
C. C. McCorkle, dwlg, two-story fm, Lake
View 1,000
E. F. Drake, dwlg, two-story fm, Lake
View . . 1,000
Mrs. Jennie Miller, dwlg, one-storv fm,
Lake View . " 400
Seattle Steam Laundry, laundry bdlg, two
story frn, Lake View 2,000
Barn, one-and-one-half-story fm, same
location .. 200
A. Hubbard, dwlg, one-story fm, Indigo
nr Grace 400
Barn, one-story fm, samo location ... . SO
John A. statlord, dwlg, one-story fm, nr
Violet .... 500
P. M. Baker, dwlg, two-story fm, St. Law
„ rente 1,000
Z. r. Hickman, dwlg, one-story fm, St.
Lawrence 650
C. M. Busier, dwlg, two-story fm, l^kc
. View 350
John Rich, dwlg, one-story fm, Lake
View _ iso
8. S. Waldo, dwlg, two-story fm, Frank
lin .... 1,(500
A. B. Cook, dwlg, two-story fm, Frank
lin 1,600
8. W. Lovering, dwlg, two-story fm, Yel
low nr Grace. ... 1,000
William Lovering, dwlg, one-story fm,
Yellow nr Grace 1000
Rev. E. Hedeen, dwlg, two-story fm, Yel
low nr Grace .. 350
Gus Bergstedt, dwlg, two-story fm,Orange
and firacc SSO
J. B. Bangs, dwlg. one-story fm, Red and
Grace 600
Mr. Ferguson, dwlg, two-story fm, Yellow
nrfirace 1,000
C. E. Reynolds, dwlg, one-story fm, Yellow
nr Grace 200
John Stanton, dwlg, one-and-a-half-story
fm, Green nr Grace.. . I*oo
John B. Milier, dwlg, two-story fm with
bk basemeut, Violet nr Louisa 2,500
H. C. Parker, dwlg, one-and-a-half-story
fm, ludigo nr Louisa 1,000
Robert Abrams, dwlg, two-story fm with
stone foundation, nr Louisa and Red 6,500
Barn, two-story fm, same location 600
Cbtrle-t Palmleaf, dwlg, two-story fm,
Green nr Angle 600
A. R. Covering, dwlg, two-story fm, Yellow
nr Orace gOO
Charles Edwin, dwlg, one-story fm, Yellow
nr Grace 150
Mrs. Chapin, dwlg, two-story fm, Filth
and Wall S^IOO
School bid*, two-story fm with bk base
ment, Box and High 2-S.OOO
A. Devoe, dwlg, two-story fm 2,300
Two dwlg*, one-and-a-tialf-storv fm, Oak 'j.OuO
Edward Robertson, dwlg, two-story fm,
Oak and Thomas SOO
Mrs. Nettie Bailey, dwlg, two-story fm,
Prospect and Oak 2,000
West of Third Between Pike and Depot.
Denny hotel, five-story bk, stone and iron,
240x2-40, Second and Stewart; incom
plete; to cost ?;»0,000: expended to date 240,000
Bnoqualmie Mill Co., office and lumber
shed. on?-story fm, foot (.Ttv 500
R. J. Hiner, dwlg, two-story fm, foot
Clay ... .
G. Bixbv, dwlg, two-story fm, West and
Cedar 2 000
Dwlg, one-and-a-half-story fm. West and
Cedar ... 300
Day Bros., warehouse, one-story fm. °OO
Piling, planking and other bldg imp,
foot Vine 4,900
Pacific Manufacturing Co., dry kiln, one
story fm 200
Add to mill, two-story fm, foot Wall .!. 100
J.C. Gillespie, warehouse and lumber shed,
two-story fm, West nr Wail 500
H. Muller, dw!g, two-story fm, Water and
Wall 3,500
Dwlg, two-story fm, same location 1,500
Mrs. M. E. Hall, Brooklyn hotel, three
story fm. Battery and Water 5,000
Andrew Sinn>n, dwlg, two-story fm,
Bianchard nr Water.... 1,500
Unknown, dwlg, one-story fm, Bianchard
nr Water ... 150
Shepard, Henry & Co., warehouse, one
story fm, foot Church 500
Schwabacher Bros. 4 Co., warehouse, one
story fm. foot Union 1,000
F. 8. DeWolfe, dwlg, two-story fm, with
bk foundation. Third and Depot 6,000
Front Street Cable Co., add to power
house, two-story fm, Second and
Depot 5,000
Charles Hart, row of three tenements, two
story fm, Front and Cedar 3,300
C. C. Reynolds, row of three tenements,
two-storv fni, Second nr Clay . 4400
William Lapper, dwlg, one story fm, Sec
ond Clay iso
W. C. Heilbron. store bldg, fonr-story bk.
Front and Battery. ..." 65,000
Odd Fellows, store'bldg with hall above,
four-st-ory bk. Front *ud Batterv . .. 25,000
William Blackman, two double tenements,
two-story fm. Secoud and Bianchard .. 9,000
E. P. Buck, dwlg, one-story fm, Second
and Bianchard 1 400
O. L. Palmer, addition to dwlg, one-story '
fm. Second and fxmora. 500
Washington Wire Works, shop, one-story
fm. Second and Virginia 500
David Gilmore, row of five tenements,
two-story frn, with bk basement, second
and Stewart 16,000
Mrs. Merrick, st're bldg. three-story, bk
and fm. Water nr B ittery ... .. 1500
Drurgs-Hill, bus b!k, three and four stor- '
ies, brick, iron and cement, 4*xilo, West
and Walt 30,000
Leader Publishing Co., bus blk, one-story
stone and bk, 40x111, Front and Bat
tery . 11,500
Dr. smith, London hotel, three-story fm,
West foot Pike 15 000
Ea«rle oil & Refining Co., warehouse,
one-story bk, 50x60, Bell and West 2 r 500
East Seattle.
C. C. Calkins, six dwlgs, one-story fm 6,<y 0
Green-hou»e. fm 7 (J q
Electric light aud powcr-honse.one-story
fm, all on water front of Lake Washing
ton . g^VX)
Charles Workman, dwlg, two-storv fm .. 1,000
William Burt, dwlg. two-storv fm. 'soO
Putnam Gitteau, dwlg, one-and-a-half
story fm ,y«o
Piddfh k Bros., dwlg, three-storv fm 3,0-0
1- F. Menace, four owies, one-story fir. 4,000
J. D. McDermott, dwlg, one-and-a-half
story fin goo
Dr. Wevre. dwlg. one-story fm. .......... 4«)
J. W. Flood, dwlg. one-story fm SO
W. D. Clegg, dwig, one-story lm 4UU
Oscar Anderson, dwlg, one-and-one-half
storv fm 250
J. A. Williamson, dwlg, one-story fm 135
E. H. Kiibourne.dwlg, two-story fm
E. H. Kilbourne. dwig, two-story fa l; o
W. B. Woolsey, dwlg, two-story fm 1,500
I nknown, dwlg, two-story fm Too
Mi. Grant, dwig, one-story lm 400
John Hattman. dwlg, two-story fm......• $ L*® o
I Kirkland Land ana Improvement Co.,
wharf, office and warehouse, one-story n
fm. water front, foot Market 7," '.A
Dwlc, two-story bk, Richmond nr_FiWt.
Dwlg, one-and-one-half-story bk, Regent
nr Meet • -- -- OOT
l>w!g, one-and-one-half-story bk, Marion
nr Juanita ■ ■ •• • - 7*'
Dwlg, two-story fm, Richmond nr Flee.. !.•**»
Dwle, two-story fm, Main nr Juanita ..
Dwlg, two-story fm, Juanita and Marion <•*»
Dwig, two-story fm, Marion and Juanita <<A»
Mr. Duncan, add to barn, etc., two-story ___
f 3W
Edgar Robinson, dwlg. two-story fm 70»»
Barn, one-*nd-s-half-story fm jj*
J. J. Tompkins, dwlsr. two-story fm
Barn, two-story fm -
R. G. McKay, dwlg, one«tory fm
John C. Ogle, dwlg, two story im.. .. aw
Henry Morgan, dwlg, one-story fm, Or
chard nr Portland —•• • VXJ
Mr. Martin, dwlg, one-story fm, Piceadtlli
nr Orchard lUO
South Kirkland.
Unknown, dwlg. one-story fm 125
C. W. Curtis, dwlg, onc-aud-a-hal-story
f m
Jus De Lorie, dwlg, one-story fm -■*>
Barn, one-story fm - -
George Kiug, dwig, one-and-a-half story
tm 2^
Barn, one-story fm ■*'
J. T. Montague, dwlg. twtvstory fm
R. J. Wiley, hotel, two-story fm, Piccadilll
John Fisher, blacksmith shop, one-story
fm, Piccadilll and Jersey, - L-J
John Fisher, livery barn, Jersey and
Piccadilll - 1/JOO
John King, hotel, two-story fm, Jersey
nr Piccadilll '<»
Wo Gow, laundry, one-story fm, Pic
cadiili I- 30
Charles Vance, dwlg, one-story fm, Morton
ur Portland •• 200
Thomas Cartwright, dwlg, one-story fm,
Orchard nr Poriiand • LX)
Mr. Page, store bldK, two-story fm. Bold
and. PiccadlUi ... I,HX)
Theodore Suter, store bldg, two-story fm,
Bold and Piccadilli 1,500
J. W. DeMott, hotel, two-etory fm, Bold
and Piccadilli
c. Beard, store bldg, Bold nr Piccadilli. -,• *)
Dwig, one-story fm, Henry nr Bold UoO
Dr. W. I). Bnchaii.in, dwlg, two-story fm,
Pici adilli tir Bold I.COO
J. W. Purberry, dwlg, one-and-one-half
story, Piccadilli nr Bold 750
French & Church, store bldg, two-story bk,
Market and Piccadilli 12,000
I'ilson & Timmerman, store bldg, two
story bk, Market A Piccadilll 2,500
Kirkland In vestment Co., store bldg, two
story bk. Market and Hccadilli »J>oo
W. P. Kitely, dwlg, two-story fm, Regent.. 2,000
Great Western Iro'j aud Steel works saw
mill, one-story fm 2,300
Tno dwlgs, one and a half-story fm
Other bldg. aud imp o,<W
George W. Coats, riwig. one-story fm, Fleet 700
Charles E. Cantiue, dwlg, oue-story fm,
Regent. 800
Stephen Niblock, dwlg, two-story fm, Park
ur Waverly. l/OO
James Guptill, dwlg, two-story fm, Wav
erly nr Park 3,000
George Evans, dwlg, two-story fm, Wav
erly nr Part 3,500
J. M. Sears, store bldg, two-story bk. Mar
ket and Piccadilli 18,000
Dr. New land, store bldg, two-story bk,
Market ai;d Piccadilli 3,000
Kirkland Lumber Co, adds to sawmill,
one-story fm 2,"<00
Boaruing-house.one-aud-a-balf-story fm, 1,100
Store, two-btorv fm, (all on the water
front foot Juanita) . 1,200
J. R. Hendricks, dwig, two-story bk, Main
nr Juanita 3r"ioo
Dwlg, two-story fm, Bold nr Park 750
fetore. one-story fm, Piccadilli nr Or
chard 250
Dwlg, one story fm, Piccadilll nr Or
chard 2-30
Mr. Haines, dwlg, one-and-a-half-story fm,
Monroe yOO
Baptist church, one-story fm, Henry nr
Piccadilll 1,800
D. P. Whitney, dwlg, oue-story fm 8«0
Dwlg, two-story Im 1,140
Barn, one-and-a-balf-story fm »)0
Mr. Tuttle, dwlg, one and-a ha If-story fm 63d
W. F. Peck, dwig, two-story fm I/100
H. C. Pfeil, dwlg, one-and-a-half-story fm 675
Julius Eldnrr, dwlg, one-story fm 250
George Foster, dwlg, oue-story fm 350
H. N. Butler, dwlg, oue-story fm 100
Theodore Olson, dwlg, oue-story fm 2-0
C. Erickson,dwlg,one-and-a-half story fm, 150
Orrin Freeman, dwlg, one-story im 200
T. P. Bell, dwlg, one-story fm 4j5
R. H. Bell, dwlg, one-story fm 80
F. J. Brown, dwlg, two-story fm 325
Seattle Ice Co., ice factory, two-story fm,
(burned down) 2,500
Dwlg, one story fm 600
Ravenna Park.
W. Wright Beck, dwlg, one-story fm 500
Seattle Flouring Mill Co., flour mill, four
story fm 5,200
Engine-house. one-story bk SO
w. \\. Beck, store, two-story fm HW
Office, one-story fm
Dwlg, two-story fm 5,000
W. H. McDonald, store, two-story fm 750
J. R. Kirjfcpatrick, dwlg, two-story fm
with bk foundation 3,000
Barn, one-and a-half-story fm 300
Charles Stanfield, dwlg, one-story fm It©
Mrs. Bald house, dwlg, two-story fm 200
John Be< k, dwlg, two-storv fm 3,0u0
Presbyterian church, onc-story fm 7,000
J. M. Waters, dwlg, two-story im ouo
J. Raymond, dwlg, one and a half-story
fm, Bismarck nr Boise 2,000
N. A. Bennett, dwlg, one-story fm, Bis
marck and Boise 800
B. E. Bennett, dwlg, two-story fm, East nr
Boise 1,000
Edward Schuburg, dwlg, one-story fm,
Gladstone nr Lincoln 150
Unknown, dwlg, one-and-a-half-story fm,
Kingsley nr Lin'oin .. 'JOO
A. J. Felmsley, dwlg, one-story fm, Ed
wards nrClecnson 100
J. W. Sm.th, dwlg, one-story fm, Edwards
nr Clemson 250
Ole Sven, dw'g, one-and-a-half-stcry fm,
Edwards nr Clemson 200
W. May, dwlg, one-and-a-half-story fm,
EUwar-is ni Clemson 150
H. Aldridge. dwig, one-and-a-half-story
fm, Edwar<*6 and Clemson. 125
Latona Land Co., burn, two-story fm, Spo
kaue foot Bismarck 800
Latona Mill Co., sash and door factory,
two-story fm 3,200
Engine house, one-story bk, Spokane
foot Gladstoue ... 970
8. P. Spa\sse, hotel, two-story fm, Spo
kane foot L>ig»n 2 500
Thomas Clausen, dwlg, one-story fm,Cloud
nr Boise
C. A. Steacerson, dwlg, one-story fm,
Cloud nr Liocoln 1%
O. P. Baker, dwlg, one-story fm, Cloud nr
Lincoln 350
F. J. Blanchard, dw!g, one-story fm, Boise
nr Gladstone 150
D. C. Wearer, dwlg, oaf-story fm, Logan *
and Lincoln 300
E. A. Cheney, dwlg, two-story fm, Logan
and Line oln 1 oqq
Dwlg, two-story fm, nr Kingslevand "
Lincoln ' 800
J. A. Moore, dwlg, one-story fm, Latona nr
Boise j-0
J. N. <v J. W. Eckels, store, two-storv fm,
Gladstone nr Worth GOO
D. 8. Berry, dwlg, two-stofry fm, Bismarck
nr Worth g^g
J. 11. KobUn, cigar factorv and dwig, two
story tm, Spokane foot Bismarck. ... i 000
Oman & MeAulay, store, two-story fin, '
Sp 'k.me toot Gladstone w)0
G. Vv. Rima, store, two-story fm, Latona ii'r
Spokane i oqq
J. A. Scott, dwlg, one-story fm, Gladstone '
nr Lincoln . .
Robert Douglas, dwig, two-storv fm, Glad".
stone ur Boise ,-q
Christian church, onc-story fm, (iladstone
nr Lincoln. ,
William Copestir-k, dwlg, one-story fm
Gladstone nr Boise '
H. Cowan, dwlg, two-story fm, Gladstone
nr Boise ,
W. Cowan, dwlg, one-story fm, Glidstone "
nr Boise «<
George Ursborn, d w!g, one-storv fm, Leddy
nrCiemsou ... «vu»
G. Rnusch, dwlg, one-story fm, Edwards
nr Lincoln
p - Pe Jerson, dwlg. one-and-a-half-story
fm, Ledd\ ur Lincoln.. . J)0
H K Jensor,dwlg. one-and-a-half-story
fin, Leddy and Lincoln .
Lfctona Ice Co., ice factory, two-storv fm
Spokane foot Bisman k ' " 1
F rcuiont.
Peter Wozawa?. dwl ? , one-story fm. nr
Section and tremona . 1V)
C. fe. dwl*. two-atory fm.kil
bourn ave and Lombard.. own
J. C. Roberts, dwlg, one-story fcnV*Kil
bourn avu nr Lombard , flYl
H Wood, dwijt. one-and-a-half story fm.
Corcell or Lombard * .v^
•W&SKSi <,wis - ~^ Vi - *»
A. J. Kifle. dwlff, one »tory fm, fr>mh«rr! «s5
I c. Pterin </wlg, onSind'-a-hSf .Sry
fm, Lnmh«r<J . '
John Fr- drtf k*on, dw'.g, one-and-a-half
story fm, Hi.liii.e
Ge..ree Newton, awig, one-story fm Hill
• ide
B , F Ray, dw!g, one-and-a-half-story f ra
Lombard. * J '
Dwlk. one-«tor>- f m . Hillside
LM. Stagg, dw'e, oucHrtory fm, Lombard' 7,»
fin, WiUlam
' n?B ***' ° r, ®'" tor7 lm ' w iUiaa 10 °
1 dwlg ' fm, William ur 130
'pearL* btH ' tWO^U>rT fm Blfcwett nr 900
TK aSST' dW,g ' ° DC Btory '
JS «d m ' Vera *>»' **
A V«m^ ,iliiP * ° n dwI * , ur 13
8. Wagner, dwlg, one-story f m , Kiiw.-uT*"
V. Fromm, add to dwlg, l
Vermont nr Kilbonrnc "-wory
M. W. Lovejov, dwlg, two story far t; Vl
moot nr Kllbourne...... Tw®
A. F. Tucker, dwlg. one-anri A |
fin. Vermont nr Kilbonrne.. ™
G. W. Carroll, dwlg, one^ator*''W- j
wood, nr Fremont * ~
J. NeHon, dwlg, one-story la. |
nr Fremont '^Wll
O. N.Soderooist, dwlg, one-storyfe. ;y I
vin and Maple ..I
M. Morris m, dwlg, two-rtorr fm'Tfii? 1
and Maple .... .... AlTt »
J. E. Nichols, dwlsr, two-story to n.i_ 1
man and Fremont
F. A. Bean, dwlg, two-story fm, H
aud Fremont
W. <i. Crocker, dwlg, one-story to*!*; Ml
ctt nr Aurora
Richard Hiodshurt, dwlg, r* "
Blewett nr Aurora
Mrs. Hilda pteumer, dwlg, one-st<»*"i« 1
Kilbourn nr Aurora. ' *
B. M. Bowman, dwlg, two-»torr fm.'a^L - >
man nr Bkwett _
C. D. Props, dwlg, one atory fm, 'lnr.i";
nr Kilb turn .
A. J. Goddaro, add to dwlg, one-stwv'ihl' '
Aurora nr K lborn ... -«*y f»,
T. P. !«tory, dwlg, one itory fm, Aurora » 1
Kilboru ... m
C. J. Nordstrom, dwlg, one story to. An.'
rora nr Kiiborn *
Peter Larson, dwlg, one-story fa k, We*L *
land ur Kiiborn
N. N. F lad land, dwlg, one-story to. Bl*» *
ettnr Aurora. .. w
J. McDonald, dwlg, one story to, ftnnj *
nr Chatham . ***"
J. C. Smith, dwlg, two-story fm. Grand ni *
Frauklin . i»
Mr. Lives ley, two dwlgs, one-atorrf^'
Grind and Franklin. 77. ~
A. Pan Is ton, store, two-story to c.nnA
and franklin
Oscar Olfon, dwlg, one-story fm, Orandir
J. H. Hamlin, store, two-story fm! Anrwa *
ur Cornell t*
J. E. Covert, dwlg. one-and a baVf-ston
fm, nr Harrison and .. m
J. D. Clogston, dwlg. one story fm. HMH.
son and Woodland ... _
J. I- Anderson, dwlg,one-story fm,ar H«t
rison and Park m
Andrew Carlson, dwlg, one-story to. a*
Harrison and Park m
A. Hendrfekson, dwlg, two-story to, P«ifc
nr Harrison. M
O. C. Auburn, dwlg, two-story to, nrChii,
ham and Grand
E. T. White, dwlg, one-story fm, Lake or
Chatham ; m
Dwlg. one-anda-half-story to, Prosoeei
and Third «
E. < . Potter, dwlg, one story fm, Lakes*
Chatham a
A. M. Wheeler, imps on dwlg, Lake or I
Chatham «,
A. A. Fisher, imps on dwlg, Prospect and
Third «
Charles N'orberg, dwlg, one-story to,ar
Lake and Prospect
J. W, Rosen, add to dwlg, one-story to, or
Li>ke and Compton m
Charles ii'-utt, dwlg, one-and-a-half-siory
fm, Lake and Compton.... m
S. J. Cameron, dwlg, one-story to, Woo£
land nr Maple 25
Thomas Saunders, dwlsr, one-and-a-half.
st<jry fm, Woodland and Franklin £
D. I. Avery, dwlg,' ne-and-a-hali-storylm,
Woodland nr Franklin ... jg
George Grist, dwlg, one-story fm, Wood
land nr Franklin jg
M. M. Knupp ab;;rg, dwlg. one-and-a-half
etory fm, Diantha and Woodland .... a
Unknown, dwlg, oue-and-a-baifmtofy to.
Lake nr Lh.itnam H
W. Moran. dwlg, two-story fm,Lakaor
Woodland n
A. Chapman, dwlg, two-story fm, Etruirfa
nr Evanston g|
L. A. Grithth, store, one-story fm, Laktu
Ewing. H
L. H. Griffith, store bldg, one-story to,
LakenrKwinr. 4j*
Fremont Mill Co., hall, one-story fm, Bar*
tona nr Lake m\
Frank Zlc, store, one-story fm, Ewing nr
Lake «
W. K. Root, dwlg, one-and-a-half-story to,
Kilbourn nr Woodland W
W. Harvey, dwlg, one-story fm, nr Evas
lon und Florencia •
Mrs. Hamilton, dwlg, one-story to, nr
Evanston and Florencia I
John F. Peterson, dwlg, one-story to, nr
Evanston und Florencia- ft
J. Olson, dwlg, one story fm, nr Evanstoa
and Florencia ft
W. J. Bowen. dwlg, one-story fm, Lata
ave nr Woodland IX
J. C. Owen*, dwlg, three-atory fm, Lata
ave nr Woiodlund .... um
Samuel Young, dwlg, one-story fm.Evaas
ton ur Etruoia. tt
C. J. Kearney, dwlg. one-story fm, Evaaa
ton nr Etrubla 3
lon Johnson, dwlg, one-story fm, Darin
ur Evanston 2#
William Wiitningham. dwig,one-«tory to,
Darius nr Evanston ... M
Stephen Hastings, dwlg, two-atory to,
Etrubia ur Evanston. ... ®#
W. B. Brown, dwlg, one-story fm, ForeneU
nr Evanston ... ®
J. W. Long, dwlg. two-and-a-half-story
fm, Darius ur Evanston
Adoi<>h does, dwlg, two-story fm, Etrubia
ur Nye ®
J. H. Carter, dwlg, two-story fm, Florencia
nr Lombard *
J. hanber, dwlg, two-story fm, Floreneit
ur Nye •
A. Saeifraet, dwlg, two-story fm, Etnihia
nr Nye W*
Barn, one-storv fm, same location tt
Mrs. Meyers, dwlg, two-story fm, Erana
ton nr Cornell •
Samuel S<-ott, dwlg, two-story fm, Evan*
ton nr Kilbourn W
D. C. McC -rkle, dwlg, one-story fm, nr
Evanston and wrnell •
Unknown, green-house, fm, nr Blewett
and Lombard •
Chtirles Eiiston, dwlg, one-story fm, Blew*
ettnr Evanstou .. •• •
J. L. Gould, dwlg, one-story fm, Cornell
nr Lombard ™
Lake Union Presbyterian cbnreh, one
stery fm, Ki'bonrn nr Lombard
Willjam Kemape, dwlg, one-story fm, nr
Cornell and Lombard ... ■
D. shermau, dwl/r, oue-story fm, nr Cor
nell and Lombard ■
John Bergan. dwlg, one-story fm, nr
Cornell and Lombard -
Jamc-s Bulllvaut, dwlg, two-story fm, Ver
motit nr Maple ....... M"
J. Klibourne, dwlg, two-story fm, V*
m< nt nr Majile WJ
Barn, two-story fm, same location. . ■.■
Fred Carter, dwlg, one-aud-a-bttlf-story
fm, Bowman and Fremont
Edge water.
George Peck, dwlg, one-story fm, sf
Richards and Manhattan
Frederick Burdette.dwlg, one-story fm, nr
Richards and Mauhatt n *
F. W. Hoskins, dw.g, one-story fm, Ver
mont nr Chatham .. *'*
8. P. Tucker, dwlg, one-story fm, Hanson. ;•;*
11. F. Smith, dwlg. one-story fm, Hanson.
Thomas A. Low, dwlg, one-story fm, Ban- i
Alfredi Wooster, dwlg, two-story fm, Han- * 1
Adam Severance, dwlg, one-story fm, Ha*- jl
J. l.uwson, dwlg, one-story fm, nr Milton. 2UQI
B. English, dwlg, one-story fm. Elmer nr 1
Frank Furry, dwlg, one-and-a-half story J
Im, Elmer nr George "'I
G. W. StambouKh, dwlg, one-and-a-half I
story fm, Point nr George 1
J. M. Downs, dwlg, one-and-a-half story,
Luke and Section
Mifh;:el Day, dwlg, two-story fm, Elmernr ~
Section ...
John Wark ford, dwlg, onc-story fm.nr
mer and Luke ".'£3^l
Hiram Burnett, dwlg, two-story fm
bk foundation. Richards ur tieorge
F. P. f»mith, dwlg, oue-and-a-half-story
fm, Duy nr Bo se W
E. L. Mo ilton, dwig, one-and-a-half-story JmH
fm, William nr Boise hHH
Green Lake. 1
Rev. A. L. Parker, dwlg, two-story fm,
Boulevard .... 3,0000
Gcerge W. Webster, dwlg, two-story fm,
Lincoln ave
R.J, Dodds, dwlg, one-story fm,Canfield ■
Place M 4
B. F. Ball, dwlg, one-story fm, Ladd ave. I,2SXW
Fred J. Palmer, dwlg, one-story fm, Key
stone ave LWO
George Carter, dwlg, one-story fm, First
ave . 900
G. K. Coryell, dwlg, two-story fm, the
Terrace ... W
Judge T. A. McDonald, dwlg, two-story
frame. Boulevard .\OOO
L.Wilmot, dwlg, two-story fm, the Terrace 4.J00
A. J. Wells, dwlg, two-story fm, Boulevard 4,Jit)
Fred Keri, dwlg. two-story fm, Firat and
Wallincford aves 4/100
Dr. E. C. Ki bourne, dwlg, oue-and-a-half
story fm, Boulevard
Mrs. Sauev Dogroot, dwlg, one-story fm, 1
Eva nr Front ....
Jacob Wall, store, two-story fm, nr Front
and Eva 'OO
J. 8. Rowland, dwig, one-and-one-half
■tfiry im, Eva and Hrst 250
H. N. schvr»rdwood, dwlg. one-and-one
half-story frr>, Nellie and Lake View... . 400
Y. Kracht, dwisr, two-story tm. 2,OUlk
Schoolhouse, one-story fm, Front and 1
wood aofl
August Winherdt, dwlg, one-story fm, j
F/ont and Eva JM*
Gieen Ijike Mill Co.. sawmill, one story
fm, L ke front foot Eva ••
Boardiiig-house, one-story fm, Nellie. 300
Green Ele'trie Raiiway Co.,tar barn,
on'.- story fm, nr toot Eva 400
John Zolner, dwlg. one-story fm 100
F. J. Scoldfield, dwlg, one-story fm 130
J. H. Rice, dwlg, one-storv fm
J.P. Draper, dwlg. one-and a-half-story frn *OO
Barn, one-story fm i" l ®
John Murdock.dwlg. one-storv fm... 230
Wilford Bartlett, dwig, cue-stury fm 500
Barn, oue-and-a-half-story fm
T. Bartlett, dwlg, two-storv fm
Barn, oue-and a-hali story Im

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