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punning: Pitched Good Bali but
Was Poorly Supported.
a C*UUIoB on the Field—Portland Wins
From Spokane Easily—League
Meeting Next Monday.
Bzar "North weat.lj California.
as ii „ i*!ri -s
Cicxa. I.l} «li Clubs. 2|* ! o
H r rjH I*
Portland ~ |l3|U M> IjOs Aage'es...U ir>i 587
tpsksne jHl.ij. .'>lS 'an Jose j2»;-»vj 6t»
tittle •!-»;!».. Francisco. '.>B3
National League.
fctrn """'I 1-^
Brooklyn |2il3i.639i|New Vork llHiiy, . m
CHicstfO -415j it)* LouisTiiie. 17^.469
CißCinnatl |2a17|..'61 Washington ... H.at »«9
Htkborx |2l iOj Louis 121itJ.316
OfTelan l. Jiajl-_SU Baltimore |10,^.2T8
Western l eague.
Bflwsakee. !17 9j.6s4j|Omalia Ill[H|~lß
Colarabus. m 9 6-il Minneapolis.... wi«.391
Triedo. II i2l.%>i,Kort Wayno.... *-;iej.3<io
StßHts City. .. 1112|. .V»f Iniliannpolis. ~\ 4ji~l. 190
Tscoma won from the home team yes
terfay in a game that was remarkable only
for the unexpected happenings in it.
Seattle had the unlucky end through most
cf the game and was practically beaten by
ta unfortunate accident in the first in-
ning. Hernon and Langc, while running
fort fly ball, crashed into each other, and
both were knocked senseless, allowing
three runs to come in. The make-up that
the Se»ttles presented was a badly patched
up one, with four men playing outot po
rtion. Owing to the absence of Laroque,
Abner Fowell came in to second base.
GiliUand was assigned to left field and did
effective work in contributing to defeat by
his muff of an easy liy. Lohbeck was be
hind the bat, Lange playing center field
tod Minnehan first base. For seven in
nings the visitors had everything their
own way and the chances for a shut-jut
were good, but in the eighth and ninth
Powell's cripples took an astonishing
ipurtthat all but pulled the game out and
nearly scared Billy Work's crowd out of
their boots.
McGinnis was announced on the score
cards to do the pitching, but WHS not feel
ing well, and Dunning was put in. He
pitched an excellent game under trying
circumstances, and but for the poor sup
port behind him would have shut his op
ponents out. Lohbeck backed him up
fairly well, but showed up weak in throw
ing. Reliable Gil Hatfield contributed a
couple of errors, contrary to his usual cus
tom. With the stick the team again
•howed up weak, although there was some
mprovement. Willie Lange got his eye
on the ball again and cracked our a couple
of (ingles at opportune points. Hatfield's
hit also came in at the right time.
For Tacoma Borchers pitched a beauti
ful game for seven innings, allowing but
three hits, without a run. Then he lost
control of the bail, and with the aid of
some very shaky catching by Cody, nearly
lost the game. During that short time he
gave six bases on balls, made two wild
pitches and was touched up for three sin
gles. The field back of him did its work
well, but for the most part it was on easy
chances. Both of "Chuck" Lauer's assists
were clever bits of work, and Billy Work
made a nice throw to the plate in time to
cut off a run. At the bat Route! iff e made
the best showing with three singles, Good
enough coming next with a pair of the
•ame kind.
The chilly weather kept the attendance
down to a very small number and the
faithful few present preserved a gloomy
•ilence through most of the slow, uninter
esting game. When, however, the team
they wanted to win made its Garrison fin
ish, the "rooters" in the stands woke
luddenly to life and began to howl with
vigor enough for a crowd of ten times its
number. Lon Knight returned from Ta
coma to succeed March and umpired
fairly well.
After the first three Seattle batsmen had
been retired Tacoma started in on her
lucky inning. Owny Patton opened with a
grounder to Hatfield, whose wide throw
pulled Minnehan'a foot off first base.
Goodenough hunted the bad right down
the chalk line toward first and I eat
it out. Then Cartwright drove a
long tiy to right center. Both
lange and Hernon m;ide for it at
fall speed, and ns each reached out his
hands to gather .n the bail they came to
gether with terrific force. The shock
threw both of them on their backs and
they lay stretched out insensible for fully
ten seconds. Meantime the Tacoma run
ners scampered around the bases and
three runs crossed the plate before the
ball could be fielded in. The two injured
fielders soon recovered consciousness and
the application of cold water put them on
their feet, but both carried aching heads
for the rest of the day. After the excite
ttent over the accident died down Work
struck out. Routcliffe hit sate over second,
hut Sippi died out to Lange and Lauer to
Shut-out ball followed for the next three
innings, although Seattle came very close
to a run in the third. With two men out
andHatfi«»id on second, Willie Lange hit
•afc to right tield. Gil made a hard run
and adosperai" slide for the plate but was
cut off bv Work's quick return of the ball.
In the liftii a couple of hits and some
wretched ball plaving alter two hands
were out. allowed tacoma to double her
Billy Work hit for two bases to center,
•nd went to third on Routcliffe's single
over short. Sippi was given a base on
halls. Tnen Lauer hit an easy fiv right at
Ciililand. who made a rank muff, and be
fore he could field the ball in, Work. Rout
diffp an 1 Sippi had scored. Mike < ody
•bded the inning by striking out, and Ta
coma did not see the plate again.
In the eighth Powell's lads surprised
•verybody bv counting three runs with
Bothers' assistance. After Irwin had
tlied out 11 Cartw right. Dunnine was sent
to first on hall*. Hatfield hit safe to left.
Powell was p:ven :i hase on balls, and the
Ws were a'.i occupied. A passed ball by
Cody sco.-ed Dunning. Willie Lang struck
•it. Minnehan and Hernon were both
to first on balls, and Hatfield was
ferced home. Powell scored 011 a wild
fitch. There were still two men on bases
when Giluland struck out.
Iu the ninth the dash for the lead was
kert Up. L ■bheek hit safe between third
short. Irwin was given a base on
ba .« an.i both men were advanced abase
•« a passed ball. Dunning struck out.
Hattieid w.i* presented with a ba«e on
Powell hi; to Borchers and forced
out Lohbeck at the plat-. Willie Lange
fame up with a hard drive over second,
which Goodentv.ieh fumbled, both Irwin
* n d Hattieid scoring. Powell went to
third an t Lange took second on the throw
!n - A hit would tie and perhaps win the
but th<' best Danny Minnehaneonld
do wa* an easy 2 rounder to Borchers. Ihe
pitcher fumbled even this, but man
to gather up ilie bail ui time to thro#
The official score? 1 the game *
Hatfield, as A »-B. r.o. a. r.
fow.u, 2b . ; I 2 1 0 0 1 1 2
Laoge, cf ? 1 ® 0 0 1 2 0
Minnehan lb i n ? ® ® * ® ®
Hen,on, r , » 0 1« 2 1
OHUUnd, l i I ° n * ® ® 3 ® 1
kohhcck.c.. j n ? 2 0 0 0 1
Irwin, 3b. ? ? 1 ® 0 3 * 1
l>unulng, p * } ® ® 2 3 1 1
*' p 3 1 0 0 o 2 3 0
TOUU - 2 , »~5~6~0~0 24 13~7
Patton, aa A ? Bf ? ay. f.B. r.o. a. r.
<• Y" a
wofrvf* «'■■■ s } i i
ss; i s
n0r0um,,...., „ „ J ° » » j
ToUU 34 6 8 1 1 27 "9 "3
Base hiti 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 2-5
Tiicoma I %\°®« n l 1»-f 6
Base hito ••■•••••• 3 0 0 0 3 0 0 0 6
M»e nits 2 2 012010 •-»
h«n t« b . Me l hlt r Work - l>onble plays—Mlnne-
Biuea ftn*h B 'n n ,n r to Sippl to Cartwrigbt.
Bwla from 1 r tr w. DuunUlg 2 - Borciiers 9.
Bwhe i in *. hlt b X P itche 'i ball*—By
Korcher. l. b'ru'k out-By Dunning 5, Borcb
wild I, y l, Cody 2,
of » " or(:h «« Time
Mrf Baxter. ln, P'«-Mr. kmght. Scorer-
The Home Team Hit Consecutively and
the \ taitora Bunched Their Krrors.
Portland, June 2.—[Special.]— The story
of t >Jay's game is easily told. Portland's
cons -'jtive hitting and the bunching of
ppolCMe's errors is all there is to be said.
I ortland made four of its hits in the sec
ond, and the other six in the third. Three
of Spokane's error* were also made in the
thiid. In the fifth inning, as it was rain
ing and it looked as if the game would Le
interrupted, the Portland players deliber
ately struck out so as to insure live innings
being played. Three of Spokane's seven
hits were made in the last inning. The
result of today's parae puts Portland in
lirst place. The game postponed from the
last series will be played tomorrow. The
. .. A.B. R. B.H. S.H. S.B. P.O. A. *.
Stenzel, lb. 6 0 o 0 1 9 0 0
White, us 5 1100210
(»eorge, r.f 51101000
Burns, c. I 42 2 00200
derrick. 2b 42200440
Baldwin, c 4 0 1 0 0 7 2 0
Darrah, 3t> 42101211
I eiper, I.L 4 110 110 1
Mains, p. 4 o 1 1 l 0 2 0
Totals 37 9 10 1 ~5 27 10 ~2
A.B. R. B.H. S.H. S.B. P.O. A. R.
Cllne, cf. 3 0 l o 0 0 0 0
Strauss, c 30100400
Polberaus, r.f. 40000110
Beard, ss 4 0 0 0 0 2 3 2
Klopf, 2b. 41200321
Marr, lb A3b 2 2 1 0 0 9 0 0
Dalrympie, r. fdclb. 40200300
K.-eder, 3b 4 0 0 0 0 2 2 3
Howder*, l.f 10000100
Reccius, p 40000251
Totals. 32 3 7 0 0 27 13 7
Portland 0 3 6 0 0 0 0 0 0-9
Spokane 0 1000000 2—3
Runs earned—Portland 4, Spokane 1. Two
base hits—Burns, Werrick. Doub.e plays—Pol
heuius and Beard, Keoder untKsisted/Reeder,
Klopf and Marr. Based on balls—By Mains 2.
Hit by pitcuer—Strauss, Mt«rr. Struck out—By
Mains 5, by Reccius 3. Passed bail—Straus-.
Wild pitch—Maius. Time of game—l:43.
Seattle Will Make it Hard Fight With
NeOlnnli Pitching.
The Seattle and Tacoma teams will this
afternoon play off the game postponed at
Tacoma's last visit here. The game which
rain prevented on Wednesday will likely
be played off on Sunday, 011 which day the
present intention of the home manage
ment is to have two names. Powell's team
will be in better shape this aft-rnoon, and
a good game of bail may be expected.
McGinnis will do the pitching, which in
sures that this department will be well
cared for.
For the visitors Griffith will probably do
the box work, although Cross may be put
in. riay will be called at 3:30. The make
up will be:
Seattle. Position. Taroma.
McGinnis Pitcher .lirntith
Loobeek Catcher f>peer
Minnehan First base Cartwright
Lnroque Second bnse Sirpi
Irwin Tnird base Lauer
Hatlield Shortstop '. Pntion
Powoll I/eft lleld Routcliff*
I-I age Center tield....Goodenouch
HerLon Ripht field Work
Ball Team at Port Madison.
A baseball team to be known as the
Stars has L« ?n organized at the Port Mad
ison Indiau reservation and has issued a
challenge to play any club on Puget sound
for money. The new team will play 011
June 19 at Port Blakeley. Clubs wishing
to reply to the challenge are requested to
address the manager, H. S. Alfred, at
Port Madison.
A Leaine Meeting Next Monday.
PORTLANP, June 2.—[Special.]—A special
meeting of the Pacitic Northwest Base
ball League will be held at Seattle Mon
National League Games.
WASHINGTON CITY, June !—Knell gave
Cleveland too many bases on balls. Wash
ington 6, hits ".errors 2; Cleveland 7, hits 3,
errors 3. Batteriej—Knell and Miiligan,
Davies. Cuppv and Ziinraer.
PHILADELPHIA, June 2.—The Phillies hit
hard and timely. Philadelphia 7. hits 9,
errors 1; Chicago 1, hits 6, errors 1. Bat
teries —Carsey and Clement", Luby and
NEW YORK, June 2.—The Giants work
w<n superior all around. New \ork 1,
hits 12, errors 3; Pittsburg 4. hits 10, errors
ti. Batteries—Crane and Fields; Camp
and Mack.
BROOKLYN, June 2. -Today's game was
exciting. Brooklyn's hitting was more
effective. Brooklyn 1, hits 11, errors -,
Louisville 5, hits «. errors 6. Batteries-
Haddock ami Con Daily; Viau and Dow«e.
BOSTON, June 2.—Today's game was
roost interesting for sharp fielding and
hitting. Boston 6, hits 11; St. Louis ~
hits 10, errors 2. Batteries-Stevens,
Clarkson, Gauxel aad Bennett; C.leasun
and Buckley.
BALTIMORE. June 2.—Cobb batted out a
victory. Baltimore 2, hits 5, errors 3; Cin
cinnati 1, hits 7. errors 2. Batteries -Cobb
andCunson; Mullane and M. Murphy.
Western League (Sanies.
CHICAGO, June 2.—Western League
games today were:
At Fort Wayne-Fort Wayne-Toledo
game postponed owing to rain.
At Kansas City—Kansas City 5, Omaha ■.
At Indianapolis—lndianaoo.is 4, Col
umbus 3.
California League Games.
SAN JOSE, June 2. -San Francisco 7, Pan
J< SAN FRANCISCO, June 2.-Los Angeles 10,
Oakland 9.
Salem Kares.
SALEM Or., Jure .V-The Oregon Breeds
~1 (1 ... , r ti-iK »print; race meeting tegau tin*
afternoon. Snmmanes:
Ttirec-quarter inile ds.b-Crc'one won. Altus
FCOOT:CI. Heilo third. irrse, i t Mount +&c
--22* paee-Blouae vo«. t.puin Moant »ec
lonl.Zephry third w «ami* *
Quarter mile dash-Keouica w> • •
I ittle lister third. Time v
S;.°»tVot-BeUe 6. won, Hamlin *ec.»uJ. Fe>:
The Epsom Grand Prise Bare.
I« P . IX 2.—Th? Kr»ora grand prUe ws<
won ui J. iiaiisj's coi; Iks U>ver. Prince
P I I I I I I 111 ~~—j
| H««aH i Wfcrm. vw , P „ Fr.»kH.»ford. HAXFORD & STEWART, "*•
H. A. Kaser. Bee. and TreM. fSuccp»vjrs to Hunfbrf & Keacii],
I TTI • * t Specialties of large lines in any nne of the foMowinr companies: In#. Co. of North
-t 1 ire Insurance America of Philadelphia, Hartford of Hartfard. Phoenix of London.
u.i. rD »,,-.»• v ... „ , HoWharn of London. Palatine of Manchester. Western of Toronto. Amerl-
HALLKR BLOCK. N. W cor. Co.AM- can #f NEW York. KLNTAL A>D MARMK INSCRA.NCE up.'ll I'O.lc.;#; furuKti»il
b!a an<l Second Streets. on application
j 111 " ' ! ' s
j_ Fire Insnranee Company wholesale sealers in BgAl AJ || i\VE3T«EXT3. J
Of San Francisco. HaV, UTaUi aiKl Jbeed Ken tad, Kent* Collected, TUM
i D. K. BICKELS, Agent, Warehouses-Corner West and L"ni* ! solicited < fflces—^lijfl-eiO^^MhTnKton
BAILKY BIULDINO, venity svestv l'.ak»r's Whart block. Kntra-.re. 703 Kront street. P.O. •
Orer Western Cnlm Telegraph Ce. Telepuoae lag j Box 133. Telephone 7U7.
i_ 821 SECOND ST., SKATTT.E. -
j— Importer Fourth of July Fire- The tames of booaee here given are aa
works and Flats, On Hand N.->w. reference for the bene*t of merchants an * B. B. DEARBORN. 207 ChPFPr
WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. * nd "* boU4es —~
111 i ■ ' i
~~ _ > ALL & liUiJoKLL, Bailey Building. corner Cherey anl
~ Investment Brokers. grain ovMMiisioN Second Streets, Cherry Street | —*
~~ ' Member* S. F. Pfodace Fxchfiige. entrance.
COB. OF YESLER AVENUS AM FROM ST. _ , OATS A Also - A = rnt " Tar *••»<"«* A *ency
ConilrnmenU Solicited. Companies.
ko<Ts Curio second, P. H. Corabt' Preslden
Latonia Park Races.
Cincinnati, June 2.—The treck today was
slow. The race* after the secoud wore run in
therein. Summuries:
Slx iiirlongs—John Berkeley won, Vision sec
ond, Oret- hina third. Time. 1:1j^.
Mile— Yo lainbien won, Anna second, Natalie
tbird. Time, 1:43^.
Free handicap, seven furlongs—'Yale '9l won,
Dolly McCone secoud, Mary Macowan tbird.
Time, 1
Five ftir.ongs—lngomar won. Roslyn second,
Cempher Lex third. 1 ime 1:04
Five furlonifs—Linger won, .rilveria second,
Deception third. Time, I:o6*^.
Morris Park Racea.
Mobris Park, June 2. Summaries:
Five and a half furlongs—Correction won,
Rutland second. Fairy third. Time. 1:05^.
N'ine furlongs--Masterlode won. Reckon sec
ond, Lepanto third. Time. 1:55.
Five iurlongs—Friez won, Hesperus second,
Perrier Jute third. Time. \:o\%.
furloncs— King Cadmus won, Julien sec
ond. ShellOark third. Tim 1 ?, 1:12.
Mile and one turlongs—Vorkville Belle won,
Madrid secoud, Ada Blue third. Time, 1:56J L A-
Mile—Gertie D. won. Cynosure second, Tom
Tough third. Time, 1:41' j.
St. Louis Races,
St. Lodis, June 2.—The track was in fair con
dition. Summaries:
Six furlonss—Corinne won, Relief second,
Brownlow third. Time, l:18 1 4.
Seven and a half furlongs—Bopesp won, Tom
Kelly second, Bettv Badger third. Time, 1:88.
Seven and a half furlongs—Verge d'Or won,
Jugurtha second. Wnlter third. Time, 1:38.
Six furlongs—D'iy Maker won, Nathan Frank
second, Burt Jordan third. Time, 1:04.
Mile—Pennyroyal won, Adrienue second,
Hoodlum third. Time, 1:17.
Chicago Races.
CHICAGO, June 2.—The track was slow. Sum
Five furlongs—Freelight won, Miss Rosa sec
ond, Mik* Sherly third. Time, 1:23' 4.
Seven furlongs—i'ratlier won. Mepbisto, sec
ond, Woolman third. Time, I:OS>4.
Mile aud one-s'xtecnth—Blue Banner won,
Profligate secoud. Ed Bell tbird. Time, 2:23.
Five furlongs—Oliver won, Eiitb Belmont
second, Lnlallie third. Time, 1:26.
Five furlongs—TimbTland won, Johnny
Greener second. Shiloh third. Time, I:l9*^.
Jackson-Slavin Fight In Parliament.
LONDON, June 2.—ln the commons today
Wilford Lawson asked whether proceed
ings would be taken against the abettors
of the Jackson-Siavtn fight. The home
secretary replied that he had recom
mended that the public prosecutor see if
he could find material justifying prose
cuting the managers of the fight. The
contest had not occurred with the cog
nizance of the police.
Brief Taroma New*.
TACOMA, June 2.— [Special,]—The eighty
new coke ovens being built at Wilkeson
will be ready for use in about three weeks.
The output of the new ovens will be fifty
tons per day. The demand for coke is in
At an open meeting held tonight at Ger
mania hall, Judge Frank Allyn spoke on
the "Growth of Labor Legislation," Frank
lin K. Lane on "The Cause of the People,"
and Albert E. Joeb on "The Triumph of
James McNaught, general counsel of the
Northern Pacific, was in the city today en
route to the East.
Dr. E. F. Miles, formerly house physician
at the Fannie Paddock hospital, is dan
gerously i sick with consumption at his
ranch in the town of Muck.
The Tacoma Association of Congrega
tional Churches and Ministers will meet
June 14.
George H. Zimmerman, a barber, was
knocked down and severely injured today
by a cable car while trying to save his
black terrier doc. The dog was killed by
being run overbv the car, Zimmerman be
ing knocked out of the way.
A Mississippi valley lumber journal says
Edward P. Ferry, of Utah, who recently
organized a company for the purpose of
establishing a large sawmill here, and also
to operate the Mason County Central rail
road, is being treated for a mental disorder
at a California asylum.
Money in the Treasury.
WASHINGTON CITY, June 2. —A statement
prepared at the treasury department shows
that there was a net increase of $G43,7K5 in
the circulation during the month of May
and net increase of $7,910,008 in the money
and bullion in the treasury during the
same period.
Compliment to a Tacomit Young Woman.
TACOHA, June 2. [Special.]—Tomorrow Rich
ard Munstield will present "Prince K»rl" as a
matinee at tho Tacoma theater He will do this
as <» compliment to Miss Post, daughter of L. E.
Post, who is president of the company which
owns the theater biding. only once before in
his career as an actor has Mr. Munsiie'.d compli
mented any person by presenting a play d'invi
latiou. That was In Washington City when he
played in compliment to Mrs. Lorraine, Presi
dent and Mrs. Harrisom, among other promi
nent people b»inz present.
the«> and evpry kindred disease arming
from impure blood successfully treated by
that never-failing and be>t of all tonics asd
Rooks on Blood and Skin \
Diseases fro*.
Printed testimonials sent on
application. Address
i* Swift Specific Co., Yy*
Fropr;«!or» of Hi* Afn *3,1
ML V«jraon L as.
Any Suit in Our Window.
This Great
Special Sale
Lasts Only Four Days, j
A Chance to Buy a Suit Worth
$lB or S2O for 810
Gr. J. M.
RftSWC 8.8.
Pullman Sleeping Car#, Elegant Day Covha*
and flne«t Palace Pining Oars between Seattle, St.
rani an J Chicago without change Connection?
tor all puluts lu the Cm tad Stales and Canada.
Taking effect April 3.
For St. Paul an J East—2:ss and 11 00 pm.
to. Portland and South—9 :25 a. m.. 8:43 p. m.
For «Hymr>ia—9:2s a m and 2.55 p. m.
For Mi>n:<.>«a'io and uray's Hnrbor—9:2s a. m.
For i a coma ai. 1 local —?:of>, 9:25 a. m, 12:01
2:55, 5:30, 8:45 and 11:»0 p. m
From st Paul and East—ll:3o a. m. anl 11:25
p. in
i- rom Portland and South—s:os p. m and 1:10
a in.
From Olyinpia—ll :S0 a. ra. an t505 p m.
Fr.'.w Mi>nt«Mno and Uray's art»or—6:oS p. m.
From la. oma and Local —'5:43 an ill :3 J a in.,
2.45, s :o>, 8:00, 11:25 p. m. and 1:10 a. m.
For rates, routes anl other Information call on of
A. D. CHARLTON. A*st. Oen. Pa«*. Agt.,
121 First st., i'oruand. Or.
1. A. N ADR *TT, General Agent. City Ticket Office,
c -n- r Yesler avenae and Commercial street.
Barn Gilman Coa
Foot of Madison St. —Telephone 113.
l uol of Clsr S*re«t—Telephone 57.
404 Buke ltiiUdiU< : XeUyhoae 1««,
The Northern Pacific Rail
road Co. will make a rate of
860.00 to Minneapolis and re
turn. first-class, for Republi
can National Convention, and
$70.00 to Chicago and return
for the Democratic National
Convention. Please call for
further information at city
ticket office.
General Agent.
crMon to O. C. Shor.y <Sc Co..
Undtriakan, Corner Thiril aud
Columbia. Telephoii# No. 13.
Co.. Funeral Director* on l Km- j
ba tuer., >To. W. 113 Front »tr«»t, i
Lennra. Seattle, Wa.h. Tel- i
•phone No. ii 37. I
OK- xjajr. ■ ■ ......
"IfESSRS. RAND, McNALLY & CO., the well-known map pnV
lishers of Chicago, have just issued a new and complete
map of the world. It is a largre double wail map, & feet 6
inches by C feet 10 inches in size, mounted on rollers top
and bottom, and is corrected to date. On one side is a large
map of the United States and on the other a map of the
World, with separate maps of Norway and Sweden, the British
Isles and Germany, with marginal notes and references that
Rdd much to its yalue, and make this map one of the most
desirable ever issued. It is impossible to give an accurate
description of this map. It must be seen to be appreoiated«
f Descriptive and Historical Matter
Relating to the following named countriet
appears in the Hap of the World only.
Abyssinia ft Japan
Afghanistan ;j Kongo Free State
Algeria ; Korea
Argentine Republic Liberia
Australasian Colonies o Madagascar
Austria-Hungary '] Mexico
Belgium y Montenegro
Bolivia </ Morocco
rCr c i Brazil J Netherlands
| « Bulgaria J] Newfoundland
■M I , I Canada j> Nicaragua
k : ; Cape of Good Hope 7 Norway
j* J Chile ll Orange Free State
ft f China Paraguay
B « Colombia j Persia
g »J Costa Rica 7 Peru
£ | Cuba and Pnerta Rtoo j Fhillipine Islands
mM . § [J Denmark !j Portugal
CO f, j Dutch East Indies X Konmania
a t- |F Eeuador Russia
BfiTJPt f Salvador
- ftJHUS' pr r t Franee <> Santo Domingv
nH Wfi&S f * French Indo-China • Servia
Hgji/ i f!: Germany J Siam
TNk wSffi/r Jfj Great Britain ul Ireland ' Snntb American RepQVl
WW\ f I tit Greece v Spain
■J Guatemala } Sweden
® iMmiiIWBWP Guiana ; Switzerland
08 WWy/*# R Hawaii 0 United States
M(fwUft V •'{ Honduras o Uruguay
SB Bvwr ' India jj Venezuela
jißuuJj 1' Italy j; West Indies
O W i fEß ™ s ' m f#R THIS map is sia
I Has the exclusive right to use the
£*** Wnj j In the State of Washington, and all its sub
"H pwy, scriber#, old and uew, may take ad-
Wfti vantage of the following
ek premium offer.
Guaranteed or Money
a P of the World to Daily Sab
xm * scr^ers w^° f° r ma p» :::
gWjl|P { Map of the World to Daily Sub
pi ffl&j \ scribers, by mail, prepaid, :: : sl*2s
j Map of the World, postage prepaid,
| and W T eekly Post-Intelligencer
W/A one year, : : : : ; $2.50
PI Mw I Map of the World, postage prepaid,
mA and Weekly Post-Intelligencer
pj six months, ::::::::::: $2.60
■n f* o Mafs t# Select Fram.
j above described, the subscribers of the POST-INTSL
nt ligencer have an opportunity to secure NEELY'S
I % double wall map, political and historical chart. It
BSmZ/M j is the same size as the Map of THE WORLD, viz:
COT#/ 5 feet 6 inches by 3 feet 10 inches, and is also
Can Wnjfj I mounted ready to hang.
~ WMI * Neely's Map to Daily Subscribers
"13 f wlio call for map ' 5: ::: :: : 'i-W
SW& | Neely's Map to Daily Subscribers,
mm \ by mail, prepaid, :::::::: $1.25
Neely's Map, postage prepaid, and
2? ft ft j Weekly Post-Intelligencer one
*8 1 year ' :::::::::::::: ,3,5 °
mmW Neely's Map, postage prepaid, and
HI >■! WI i Weekly Post - Intelligencer six
•HI I'M ji months, $2.00
Parties Ordering Maps by Mail
fffiwvl X'A Should state plainly whether map of THE WORLD
i jto|y/ | /.1 j y or NEELY'S map is wanted. The above
prices are given only to subscribers
of this paper.
SPECIAL RATES will be given to any subscriber of thlf
paper who desires to secure both maps. Call or writo fol
terms. ,
AGENTS WANTED —Agents can make handsome profits t>J
canvassing for these maps. Write for terms and territory t«

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