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Seattle Entertains Several
Noted Visitors.
Urs. Charles H. Klttinger's Laneheon—
luday.Rcbool Plcale to Alkl Point—
Weddings—Personal Motes.
pressloa of Se
attle hospitality. Mr. W. X. Bailey snvo a din-
JUT at the Chamber of Coamcru at which
Mr. Childs and the gentlemen of his party
vera met by a number of gentlemen, and
Mrs. Erastus Uralnerd gave * luncheon at tho
Rainier hotel In honor of Mr*. ChUds and the
ladies of her party. Besides the*o private at
tentions tho citizens of general!v paid
their respects to Mr. Child# at a public re
ception gives at the f fcamber of Commerce
On Wednesday a large number of tho members
of the National Editorial Association were here
and the city again played the part of host as
wall as tUe limited time of the stay of the visit
ors allowed. On Thursday a large delegation of
tha Mechanical Engineers' Association came
and viewed the city, going away the next day
after receiving polite attentions. In the matter
of private entertainment the city was lively.
The Evening Musical Club and the Ladle*"
Musical Club e*ch gave concerts. On Monday
three classes from tho Sunday school of Fly
mouth church gave a plcalo at Alki Point. On
Tuesday evening a concert was given by the
Epworth Jong no of Trinity M. E. church
at Queen Anne town. On Wednesday the
officers of the National Guard gave a banquet at
the Chamber of Commerce to the officers of the
United States man-of-war Ranger. On Thurs
day evening Mr. Daniel Kelleher gave a party
the opportunity of seeing Richard Mansfield in
"A Parisian Romance." On the same evening
the Jewish young men of the olty gave a hop
at the Laurel Sha<le, Lake Washington. <'u
Wednesday evening the Young People's Fra
ternity of the Unltarfhn church gave
Its last hop of the season at
Kanke's hall. On Friday afternoon Mrs.
Charles H. Kittinger gave a luncheon to a num
ber of her friends. During several days of the
week the Church of the Saercd Heart gave a fair
Which proved a success. These and other
pleasant affairs made the past week move mer
rily for all who indulge in aoclal pleasure*. An
unusual degrea of interest Is now centering
around the close of tho publio schools. The
commencement day of the High school will bo
made memorable by the most interesting exer
cises evef given in the public schools of Seattle.
Tho latter part of July a large party
will repeat the pleasure of last year at the Col
man camp , and In cruising on bok.'d the yacht
Cyrene. The party will be gone about two
weeas. During the past week there were sev
eral yachting parties on the Sound and it is
needless to state that they were of an enjovaable
nature. Preparations are golug on steadily for
the great musical festival which will be given
here QU June M and 2&. The choruses are
being practised and the event will be notable in
the musical affairs of the city.
Lsillst' Mssiosl Clnb Concert.
On Friday afternoon the Ladies' Musical Club
gave a ooncert (or associate members which
was largely attended. The programme was
under charge of Miss Henrietta Hamilton. It
proved eujoyable to all who graced the occasion
with their presence. Miss Louise Hayden ap
peared before the club for the first time, and
made a favorable Impression by the clover man
ner in which she played two charming selec
tion!. Miss Barager, the vooaliat, also made
her first appearanoe, and in two vocal solos re
vealed that she had a pleasant voice which she
used to advantage. The other numbers were
also well rendered. Following ii the pro
Gipay chorua...... . Schumann
t*uies of the elfcb.
strinv trfn {"Puerto Real. Juarrani
* trio.. j.. op<mTby Lattice"
Mrs. Braoons, Mr. Herald, Miss Hamilton.
Veal aolo ("DiQui Soavl" Doniaettl
} "Dreams" ,*....fetrelczki
Miss Compton.
riaiin anin l"Momeut Musicale".Mosikowski
«iauo aoio.. {..Berceuse" Barrille
Miss Lmii«w Hayden.
Vocal trio—"Evening" Lucontoni
Mrs. llawlev, Mr*. King, Miss McKinney.
I'-S'lu l'
Miss Barager.
Chorus—"ljut Nl«ht" Kjerulf
Ladies of the club.
Those present were: Mrs. A. B. Stewart, Mrs,
FA. Churchill, Mrs. King, Mrs. Boyd, Mrs. J.
K. II ay den, Mrs. W. I* Gtiizam, Mrs. E. C. Neu
felder, Mrs. James Leddy, Mrs. J. A. Hatfield,
Mrs. Beach, Mis. T. M. Daulton, Mrs. Bracons,
Mrs. Lauron Indole, Mra. G. E. M. Pratt, Mrs.
Higgins, Mrs. <<oorge F. Meacham, Mrs. R. T.
71 am-ley, Mrs. R. W. Emmons, Mrs. L. B. Sted
iuita, Mrs. 11. 11. Dearborn, Mrs.
John Parkinson, Mrs. Yeaton, Mrs.
11. E. Holmes, Mrs. Duncan, Mrs. Wing,
Mrs. Walsh, Mrs. E. W. Ruff, Miss Beach, Miss
Anna Beach, Miss Potvin, Miss Gazsam,
Miss Louise Hoyden. Mfss McLollan, Miss Mc-
Kenuy, Miss liraee Piper, Miss Hamilton, Miss
Manna, Miss Buck, Misses Barager, Miss Ruff,
Miss Compton, Miss McGraw and Miss Calhoun.
Tho Evening Musical Club.
On Monday evening, at Pettis' Chamhres de
Musfque. the Bveniug Musical Club gave the
fifteenth concert since the organisation of that
body. The programme was arranged under the
Mrs. William M. Hilton ami Miss F.
E. Hamilton. Among the features of the pro
gramme wm tho ait her paring of Miss Lulu
Friend, tho vocal work of Miss Coman and tho
improvising of Profv.*sor C. E. Roberts. The
other numbers on the following programme
vtro rendered well, and al. ion Hired to secure
great applause:
Tianoaolo !<«>"*» Noon" Ooddard
J lano 50.0... r& r M o ,<euo" Schu;x>rt
Mr. Kvivt t-i C. Moore.
N««iro soj'ra' oso o '■ 1 e Dove" Arditl
Miss Frances Ferguson.
Flute obiigato Professor Rr.lph Arthur
gitlier siilu—' souvenir de Reicheubal.'. ...
..Joseph SehetTel
Miss 1 ulu Frleud.
Duct for two W(o "0 Sslutaus". ... .Millard
aop<-H" .i ft "Where the Spring".. Abt
Mrs. JamesK. 1 rtera-id Mra. v> flliaro K. Miller,
llano solo—lmpromptu extemporisation on
airs given by audience
l'rofessor 0. E. Roberts
Soprano s >lo—"1 s Fic :r d' Mp" Wlkerlin
Mrs. MeAipiiie.
Quitar solo—"May . in .Gsrrnnn sir
V •« VrA! k t'ummins
lleaso soprauo > D*v Dream".A StreUtki
Miss Fawn Coman.
Violin'" .stir- froievtor Lauger.
Flat* trio—Si le .i is I ,i "ft olio"... .Rossini
M<>ss-s. A*i ..nr. Baxter and fchfppsn.
Soprano solo— rv. •:«" Louis Grsigh
Mrs. r. P. Hardin.
I>oubl* quartette—t-ereuade, "tio>d Night"..
Masdame* Porter. Burwe'd and Uimaan -Misses
Ruff, Comau, l'oweit. M. Kurt and Hyde.
An Keening of Music.
On Wednesday evening Mr. and Mrs O. W.
l.vneh save a mnsu-ale for the benefit of l*ri,> r
Congregational chun-U. The reoepti- n ro —is
were prettily decorated w.fh ferns and fi>w o rs,
gud no effort bad been spared to make the occa
sion one of delightful entertainment for thi
guests. Theevenii:# wm devoted to the r<"i
%lon of the following programme, alter which
duinty refreshments were served:
piauo solo Miss N -bio
psjft—'Violin-piano. .Professor Dahl. Mrs. 1 l v uv
j>uei — ! Guitar . .Professor Theil, M *s Msgitir.is
Recitation Mr*. K - . st >u
Puet—Pi*no.,,» Miss Lynch. Mrs iv Puy
Hong Mra. *s.,ry
Guitar solo 1 rofes r rhe.'.
M.ss Nn'.iln «as at;- ng the retvnt musical
gra luatee of the I uivsrsity, and the manner in
vbtch she exe-'-ted her selection Teft.vts much
grwlil upon the v . uiy lady's abilHv. The vioiin
■elections of Prolesior DaM wore greatly ap-
That be is aa arti-t of rare merit ;*
shown by the sweet strains that tie caits firth
laira his instrameiit. II s execution is t v.
Ot Mrs Dtfsy. ore !-..u .* >a but once to her
piaylng to coni Uld* t »t s:,e s- a Sr.isheu ptas
ist," H«u touch is tiuub e yck «.v**4
her manic that which reaches one's heart. Both
Mlm Elva Lynch and Miss Maglnnis acquitted
themselves with credit Mr*. Story'* name
upon a programme is a guarantee of sweet sing
ing. Her rendition of "Madeline'' and "Annie
Laurie" won deterred applause. Mrs. Keanl
ston's recitation was ably given. Professor
Theil's guitar solo. the "Soldier's Farewell,"
was wonderfully swtct.
Picnle for Sasdsjr-Mc'aool Scholars.
On Monday afternoon Dr. and Mrs. E. C. Kil
bourne and Mr. L. J. Colmaii took their clashes
in the Sunday-school of Plymouth Congrega
tional church on a picnic to A'ki point. At 2
o'clock the party boarded the steamer Mystic
and were taken to the pleasure place, 'lhe
afternoon was spent in baseball, two games
being played, and tennis. When these
sports were over lunch was much en
joyed. In the evening all gathered
around the camptire and sang until deepening
shadows warnod the party that It was time to
be on the homeward Journey. The ev<*n» was
thoroughly enjoyed and the teachers were given
a vote of thanks for the great plea«ure they had
afTfer&od their pupils. Among those present
were the following: Dr. aad Mrs. E. C. Kll
boarue, Mr. L> J. (Jolman, Miss Banks, Miss Koee
Hegardt, Miss Grace Orr. Mi>s Alice Orr,
Miss Sophie Frye, Miss Hertie Frya,
Mlm LlUie MaitUnd, Miss Ldwards, Miss Ger
trude Hubbard, Miss Nellie Hubbard, Miss Jen
nie Ho!brook, Miss May l unks. Miss Enras
Banks Mi*s lmogene Peck, Miss Min
nie Peck, Mis* Jesjie reck, Miss
George, Miss Amy George. Miss Ella
Dug*an, Miss Bennett, Mi»s Thompson,
Miss Bessie Burweil, Miss Jennie Houghton,
Miss Clara Bigelow, Miss Ida Burweil, Mis#
Wlnfleld, Miss Clara Hough, Miss McDonald,
Miss Alice Baker, Miss Hughes, Miss Helen Pen
field, Miss Callle Gilletio, Miss Helen
Gillette, Miss Gilbert, Miss Lovoll, Miss
Spauldlng, Mr. Turner, Mr. Taylor,
Mr. Stoddard, L. J. Coleman's class,
Mr. Clarence Edwards, Mr. C. ljeon Mears, Mr.
Perrv, Mr. Mark George. Mr. Roy Ballard, Mr.
Clark Peck, Mr. Elting, Dr. H. C. Leonhardt, Mr.
Krause, Mr. Williams, Mr. W. B. Burleigh, Mr.
Leo Dudley, Mr. B. Williams, Mr. D. S. Ktnuey,
Mr. A. S. Burweil, Mr. George Column, Mr. W. B.
Hutchinson, Mr. Will Doug&n, Mr. Lee Willard,
Mr. Hawley and Mr. Chapman.
Unitarian Fraternity's Hop.
IOSG the
cv(jnU that
made the oast
week a plegfc
ant ooesooia'-
ly ware the
visits of sev
eral notable
guests. Mr.
6««ff« W,
Chi Ids and
party were
here on Tups
day, and won?
entertained In
a manner that
gave them a
favorable im-
The hop given by the Young People's Frater
nity of the First Unitarian church at Ranke'a
hall, on the night of Wednesday last, was their
last for the season, and in some respects the
most enjoyable of the scries. A notable cir
cumstance was the presence. In uni
form, of a number of officers of
the United States steamship Ranger
and of the First regiment, N. O. W. These par
ties, being given by a church society, are of
course always informal, though much dancing
and pleasure is always crowded into the hours
between 9 and 12 p. m. It is at or about this
latter hour that they generally break up, though
in this interval on the night in question thir
teen dances and a number of "extras" were
given. Among those present were Lieutenant
Commander Nichols, commanding United States
steamship Ranger; Paymaster Arines, U. 8. N.;
Lieutenant Wyckoff, IT. S. N.; Ensign Colo
U. 8. N.; Colonel Joseph Green, First regiment,
N. G. W.; Lieutenant-Colonel Paul d'Heirry,
First regiment; Captain L. S. Booth, Firat regi
ment; Lieutenant F. L. Stinfon, First regiment,
and Adjutant Charles Esplin, jr., Mr. Jo
seph Phippen, Rev. W. G. Eliot, jr.,
Mrs. M. C. Aitkin, Miss Aitkin, Mr. and Mrs.
Warren P. Skillings, Mr. and Mi's. Frank Clay
ton, Mr. A. Thurston Heydon, the Misses Fisken,
Miss Marsh, Miss \Vin«or, Mrs. C. E. Jirav, Mrs.
11. L Pierce, Dr. R. W. Schceule, Mrs. Crocket,
Miss Crocker, Mr. A. S. Chandler, the Misses
Ayerst, Mr. Daniel Gibbons, Miss Ament, Miss
Gasoh, Miss Crawford, Miss Sullivan, Mr. and
Mrs. J. 1L Calvert, Dr. E. W. Young, Miss Allen,
Miss Jones, Miss Letcher, Miss Kunsie, Miss
Pratt, Mr. and Mra A vorv, Mrs. L. 1L Griffith
audJMr. F. B. Jngarsoll.
Social at Lanrel Shade Pavilion.
Under the direction of Mr. Ualph A. Schoen
feld and Mr. Fred Frankenberg a very fine social
affair was given ou Thursday eveniug at Laurol
Shade pavilion on Lake Washington. Dancing
and a fine supper comprised the pleasures of the
evening, and were thoroughly enjoyed by all
present. Following is a list of the guests: Mr.
and Mrs. Manlieimer, Mr. and Mrs. Fortlouis,
Mr. and Mrs. L Mayer, Mr and Mrs. Samuel
Rosenberg, Mr. and Mrs. £. Rosenberg, Mr. and
Mrs. L Bchoenfeld, Mr. and Mrs. L Korn, Mr.
and Mrs. M. Korn, Mr. and Mrs. L. Stock, Mr.
and Mrs. J. Lesser, Mr. and Mrs. L Rosenthal,
Mr. and Mrs. S. Blum, Mr. aad Mrs. A. L. Cohen,
Mr. and Mrs. M. GolUteia, Mr. and Mrs. K.
Gottatein, Mr. and Mrj. Jake Klein, Mr. and
Mrs. J. Kahu, Rev. and Mrs A Brown, Miss E.
Koen, Miss Koala Davis, Miss Barah (iottstein,
Miss G. Gottstein, Misa Jennie Rosenthal, Miss
Gussie Schultz, Miss Ht-nnie Wolfe, Miss
Schli-issinger, Miss Oppenbeimer, Miss Cohen,
Mr. Sam Brown, Mr. I. Brown, Mr. Dave Etteu
sou, Mr. Abrain Bt teuton, Mr. Joa Greenabaum,
Mr. M. Schulta, Mr. Schot-nfeld, Mr. I. Bux
buuin, Mr. L. Plecbner, Mr. L. A brains, Mr. F.
W. Klerskl, Mr. M. Rngelield, Mr. Portenuese,
Mr. 1. Gottstein, Mr. Kalter, Mr. David Davis,
Mr. I'aul Beekman, Mr. Ab<« Stern, Mr. L. Gott
stein, Mr. Fred Frankenb«rg aud Mr. Ralph
The officers of the First regiment, National
Guard, gave a banquet to the officers of the
United states warship Hanger on Wednes
day evening at the Chamber of
Commerce. The United States naval officers
were met at the wharf by a delegation consist
ing of Captain Booth and Lieutenant Charles
Esplin, jr., and escorted to the Armory. There
they inspected B's company room and were
saluted by E company, fifty strong,
drawn up in line. They were
then escorted to the Chamber of
commerce where all sat down to a bauquet. For
two hours viands were discussed and speeches
made. Among those who made appropri
ate remarks were Lieutenant C. B. Wyckoff,
Lieutenant Stevens, En*ign Co!e, Ensign Arm,
Lieutenant-Colonel I'aul d'Heirry, Captaius
Booth and lugrahum and Lieutenant Charles
Esplln, Jr. In addition to these there were present
Colonel Joseph Green, Surgeon-Major L. R.
Dawson, Lieutenant Herman Chapin, Lieuten
ant F. I* Stinson and Lieutenant S.aum. The
evening was enjoyable, and was wound up by
the entire party adjourning to K.mke's hall,
the dance of tho Young People's Frater
nity of the Unitarian church wua iu progress.
IHagnothfan I.tterary Society.
The Dla»;nothirtn Literary Society held its
thirteenth regular meeting in room 8 of the T.
T. Minor school, with M is Lillian Reynolds
presiding. The following programme was ren
dered :
Recitation—"Poor Voter on Election Day"..
Mr. Bailey Lipsky
Composition— {, The Hippojiotamus"
Mr. George Fredericks
Composition—"TheSwallow :
M ,ss Flien Morrison
Recitation—"Lines to a Water-fowl".. .
. Miss Ilda Thedinga
Composition—"Dress 1* Net the Man"
Miss Laura Cade
Recitation—"The Soldier's Dream"
Miss Ella Alexander
Composition—"Australia" ...Mi** AllieDabuey
Recitation—'"The Legend of Brxgen*."
Composition Mi*a Lizzie R--ck
Recitatl' U Mis* Olga I'rcst
Compos tiou. .. .Miss l> ea Boyd
Keeling 'diss »irao« Thompson
Debate— "R- ?o. T *-vf. That there .» more to be a l
mlred in the ieauties of art than in na
ture. ' Affirmative, M m Mattie Hock and
Mr. Robert llivlwln; negntive, Miss Addic
Waiteand Mr. Edward Garrott
Kainicr Ssralnsrr Reception.
The Misses Cochran gavg aselect reception at
Rainier seminary, Sixth and spring streets, on
Friday evening. The affair was given in honor
of the pup.ls of the school. The following
cuests were present: Mi>s Evelyn Graves, M;cj
Fi.inia Hall. Miss Ju'.ia Kennedy, Miss Jnlia
s:ewart. Miss Jennie Hammond, Mi.-s Etta
Stetson. Miss Marion Canfield, Mi*s Laura Can
fleid, Miss Elaine Han ford Miss J«>s.e Hanford,
Miss Helen McNaught, M «s lA>nise Hayden,
M.f-s Silonia Furth, M.si Helen Jer.ner. Miss
Augusta Gottstem, Miss Mafsjl Miss
Grace Proctor, Miss Ste.la Jacobs, Miss Josio
1 ee.le. Miss Florence M'inroe, M.ss Lita Kin
near, Mr. 1). C. Kennedy, Mr. Samuel Stewart,
Mr. Harry Frederick. Mr. Frank Frederick. Mr.
Fred Baxter, Mr. Clayton Crawford. Mr. Louis
H. Mr. Bert Graves, Mr. Albert T.iwne. Mr.
Hort ,i Kay, Mr. Richie Kifcuear, Mr. Charles
Hammond. Sir. It. Borchette, ln'r. L. Br wn, Mr.
Herbert W .ilisms. Mr. ChsrUs Scurry, Mr. Har
den and Mr, Shipley.
Mr. and Mrs. Ka.scr's Parties.
Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Rase: ?ave two small but
elega-.t parties on Wednesday and Thursday
eve-.ing-. at I', t .* rts. ieuce on str-sct.
I>. wl.ist was ono attract.ou. The ar
rar.cef.cat of p...,y r rs is, rjovel and interesting.
Score csrd* presented to t. gu«ts determined
partner*, and siere decorstci with roses, psuuies
a::d pretty s«csi clovers r t > correspoud with the
<? swer pieces ol the .i.rtere it tables. A delicious
supjs?r was ■«er*td. after ahich jxr zes were
Snaivie-, vobtitiaig of w-Lity vkiua kbd j ■
Banquet to Naval Officers.
anese fans. Thoae present were: Mr. end Mrs.
JL F. Wittier, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Trowbridge,
Mr. aad Mr*. David Gilmore, Mr. aad Mrs. Fred
H. Peterson, M». and Mrs. Sleighter, Mr. end
Mrs. Bayer, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Bogardus, Mr.
and Mrs. McCullough. Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Steele. Mrs. R. J. Ely. Mrs. Welsh, Miss Eicb
ards, Mr. Twitmyre, Mr. Ely and M*. Gebhardt
>'stlfs Hons sf California.
Ameag the notable events of lest year was
the celebration of the admission of CaiMdria
into the tJnio* by a banquet given bf the Seat
tle parlor of U» Native Sons of California. It
is propoetd to repeat the success of last year by
giving a similar banquet this year,
and to that end the president, Mr. Herbert
W. Taylor, has appointed the following com
mittee on arrangements: Mr. B. F. Geldwater,
chairman; Mr. John O. Niggle, Mr. Arthur
Buck, Mr. George M. golloway, Mr. W. B. Tyler,
Mr. Paul d Heixry, Mr. Clarenoe D. Alexander,
Mr. H. W. Taylor, Mr. E. W. Mud
gett, Mr. Harry W. Carroll, Mr. J. W,
Porter, and among the older pioneers Major W.
V. Kinebart, Mr. A. F. Bell. Mr. L. F. Compton,
Mr. T. M. Reed. Jr., and Mr. T. H. Caun.
Epworth League Cntertstanfst.
The literary branch of the Epworth League of
Trinity Methodist Episcopal ohorch met last
Taee4*y evening aud rendered the following
excellent programme:
Recitation Mr. Clayton Williamson
Vocal sole. Miss Mwtie King
Recitation. Mist Bertha Ford
Vocal solo Miss Lizzie Morrison
Five-minute speech .Mr. A. <5. Linn
Banjo solo Mr. Henry Pearson
Reci tet10n...... Miss Gallaher
Vocal 5010... Miss Morrison
Recitation ......Miss Gertie Calhonn
Vocal 5010..... .? Mi-s M. M. Moss
Recitation A Mr. A. G. t^op
Flve-mluute speech Mr. F. & Pearson
Picnic at R*vnaa Park.
A picnic was given at Ravenna park on Holi
day by Mine Degnan and the Missea Jacob*.' The
party was chaperoned by Mra. Hortie Trotter.
The affair vu very charming, and the lunch
waa excellent Those present Were: Miss Dora
Jacob*, Uln Pearl Degnan, Miss Stella Jacobs,
Miss Lizzie Manning, Miss Addle DoyTte, Miss
M'ttide Townsend, Miss Gertie Moore, Miss Etta
Allen, Miss Mamie Chamberlain, Miss Jennie
Van Amrlnge, Mr. Wank Kelsey, Mr. Charles
Barthrop, Mr. Mark Means, Mr. John Carter,
Mr. Amos Cramer, Mi. Lester Riley, Mr. J. KicL
crts and Mr. Josh Wright.
Mr. Kelleher'n Theater Fsrtf.
Mr. Daniel Kelleher, who will shortly take an
important trip to Syracuse, N. Y., gave a theater
party on Thursday evening to see Mr. Richard
Mansfield in "A Parisian Roman oc."
After tbe play waa over the party
adjourned to tho residence of Mr. and Mra F. S.
Do Wolfe and enjoyed sunpsr. Mr. Kelloher's
guest* were: Mr. and Mrs. F. ft. De Wolfe, Mr.
and Mra <1 H. Kittlnger, Mr. and Mrs. C. F.
Whittlesey, Miss De Wolfe, Miss Josephine De
Wolfe, Miss Emery, Mr. H. B. Pomeroy, Mr.
Bernard Pelly, Mr. G. Meado Emory and Mr.
Jere Wheelwright.
Complimentary Excursion to Victoria.
Final arrangements have been completed for
the complkneutary excursion to Victoria to be
given to all tbe teachers of the public schools
and tbe pupils of the High school on Thursday
of this wee a. The steamer City of Seattle has
been chartered for the occasion, and will leave
Seattle with tho party at 7 o'clock in the morn
ing, arriving at Victoria at noon. Seven hours
will be spent in Victoria. The steamer leaving
there at 7 o'clock in the evening will arrive here
in time to take the midnight cars home. The
First Regiment band will accompany the ex
Leacht Park Daneing Clnb.
On next Thursday evening the Leach! Park
Dancing Clnb will give the second social hop of
its series at the pavilion on the lake. The affair
will be under the bent auspices and will be en
joyable in every reject. The following com
mittees have been Reception com
mittee: Mr. J. M. Hensman, Mr. L. D. Crow;
floor committee, Mr. J. M. Kessler, Mr. 11. A.
ttavage, Mr. Charles Li res ley, Mr. A. B. Boss;
committee of arrangements, Mr. J. M. Kessler,
Mr 11. W. Woodin, Mr. C. Livosley and Mr. IL
B. Boss.
Mr. H. O. Thomas' Theater Party.
On Friday evening Mr. H. D. Thomas, jr.,
gave a theater party to see M& Richard Mana»
field In hia play of "Beau BrummelL" In the
party were Mra. A. B. Stewart, Misa Sheaie,
Miss Relfe, Mr. Thomas, Mr. Gibbon and Mr.
Emory. After the play the party went to the
Chamber of Commerce, where a very pretty
supper was served. Very haudsome corsage
bouquets of roses were presented to the ladies
and boutounlerea to the gentlemen.
The Organ Fond Circle.
Ths Organ Fund Circle of Plymouth Congre
gational church met on Wednesday evening At
the residence of Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Crandall,
So. 416 Union street. A report was read on the .
progress of the work, alter which games and re
freshments filled out the remainder of the
evening. Mr. and Mrs. Crandall did all In their
power to make the circle happy, and their efforts
were crowned with success. The circle is doing
excellent work.
A Cruise on the "Wave."
The steam yacht Wave returned to Seattle on
Monday night with a party that since Saturday
afternoon had been having an enjoyable time
cruising about the Sound. Those in the party
were: Mr. J. Loring W hitting ton, Mr. Frank
A. Bell, Mr. R. M. Palmer, Mr. H. B. Poineroy,
Mr. C. M. Austin. Mr. J. B. Oberteulifer, Mr. IL
3. Coleman, Mr. W. O. Came and Mr. Warren P,
Organ and Harp Concert.
The new pipe organ of the Flymouth Congre
gational ohurch will be inaugurated on the
evening of Tuesday, June 14, with an organ re
cital by the celebrated pipe organist, George W.
Morgan, of New York city. The entertainment
will include several harp solos by Miss Maud
Morgan, who is the leading harp artist of this
Ths Classic Culture Club.
Tho Classic Culture Club met with Mrs.
Frank P. Lewis on Friday afternoon. It was in
tended to hold the meeting at Madrona park,
but the weather prevented. Those present
were. Mrs. R. G. Ely, Mrs. E. F. Wittier, Mrs.
Eugene Bogar lus, Mrs. Mitchell, Mrs. Baser
and Mrs. F. P. Lewis.
Young People's Society.
On Wednesday evening the Young People's
Society of Christian Endeavor of Plymouth Con
gregational church held a meeting and elected
the following committee to nominate officers
that will be elected next Sunday: Mr. I* 0. Col
man. Miss luiogene Pock and Miss Mary Mc-
Chat of Society.
Mr. A. B. Stewart has returned from his trip to
Mr. And Mrs. Samuel I* Crawford have gone
to Minneapolis.
Mrs. <*. W. Sprague, of Port Towaseud, was In
the city Tuesday.
Mrs. Howard W. Baker Is enjoying the de
lights of Chicago society.
Miss Van Wyck, of San Francisco, is visiting
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Peters.
Mr. und Mrs. D. 11. Giltu&n are enjoying them
selves iu Washington Citv.
>!i>s Julia L. Chamherlin returned from her
visit to Victoria on Thursday.
Miss Tillie E. Brown, of Sheldon, la., is Tlsit
ir.g her cousin, Mra A. K. Groenus.
Mrs. Charles H. K-.ttin.-er gave a lnncheon to
a few friends on Thursday afternoon.
Mrs. J. P. H >vt, wite of Judge Hoytofthe
supreme court of the state, has gone East.
Miss Garzam, of Mobile, Ala. sister of Mr. W.
1- G.az*am, is receiving much s.xiai attention.
Mr. and Mrs. Harold OgJen and Miss Alien, of
Olympia, are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Au
Mr. and Mrs. M P. Benton have moved into
their new heme on Renton hfil, Joy street, near
Mrs. John C. Cole, who has |>-een on a trip
through Southern California, returned to Seat
tle last week.
Miss Mary A. IV it ret will arrive in Seattle to
morrow. she is the sister of Mrs. Muneon and
Mr. Frank A. Peltret.
Miss Lotta Osborn, one of Seattle's most f&sci
nat-ng young ladies, has been visiting Mra L
Kati 'tt Port Townsend.
Rev. D. C. Garrott returned yesterday, and is
tbe guest of Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Brookes. Ii;«
wife and family are in Boston.
Mr aud Mrs. John B. Agen returned from
their Eastern trip Sunday, and will he "at home"
to th :r friends in their fine new reeliencs, c >r
nc* Fo'irtx nth and Seueca s'reets.
v H.li. formerly of Muscatiue. la., now
of Kansas . ty, t> Ti-itin? her brothers, C-iptaiu
t. A. and Dr. f. G. Hill, of this citv.*
Mr. . anus I aad ftunliv left lor their oM
A—s i4of« CAUJKd Mi ii.-k llkS**t'» iU
Mr. Taylor hag been here about a year, residing
during that time la Benton addition and on
Draxal avenue.
Dr. and Mrq. W. M. Hilton gave a charming
dinner party oa Friday evening in hoaor of
Captain T. F. of San Francisco.
Mr, Job V. Lyon and family hare gone to their
summer home at Brighton Beach, on Lake
Was&mgton, t6 raipaia until September.
Mr. and Mrt. Charles F. Fish back spent
Memorial day in Mount Vernon, where Mr.
Fishbaek delivered the Memorial day oration.
Rev. aad Jira. Wallace Nutting will enjoy a
vacation of six vre-ikn. They will leave in July
agd spend most of their ctme in New England.
I(r. Park, a brother of Mr. J. A. and
Mr. George H. Park, grrived from Illinois Sat
urday morning Mr. tiik will make Seattle his
future home.
Mra. ft. H. Whttehill, of Deer Lodge, Mont.,
who has been attending the general assembly
at rertland, arrived in the city last evening and
la the guest 01 Mra, Addison Smith, at
Fourth street.
Mr. and Mra Falkland MacKinnon, of Cen
tralia, Wis., who have been guests of Dr. and
Mrs. A. P. Mitten, durhig the past two weeks,
left for their home last Friday via San Francisco
and Salt Lake City.
Mr. Leonard Georges, of the music firm of
Sherman, Clay <Jt Co., of San Francisco, accom
panied by hja charming wife, are making a
short visit in the city. They are the guests of
Mr. aad tars. O. £. Pettis.
Min Jennie Turnbull, of Black Diamond,
eldest daughter oI Master Mechauio Alexander
Tumbull, left on Wednesday, June 1, to visit
friends and relatives of her former home in
California after an absence of six years. A num
ber of friends at the station wished her a pleas
ant journey.
P«tv< Social Evsnti.
The Young Men'* Institute will hold a meet
ing next Friday night for the purpose of elect
fag officers.
Mra. Frank P. Lewis will give a luncheon oa
Thursday afternoon at her borne, No. 601 Uni
versity street.
The executive commftteo of the Seattle Cotil
lion Club will hold a meeting tomorrow after
noon at the office of MT. A. P. Hill for the pur
pose of fixing the date of the June hop.
The Leschi Park Dancing Club will give an
other dance on Thursday evening at the pavil
ion on the lake. The music will be fine. Cars
Will rnn later than usual to accommodate tbe
The regular monthly meeting of the Seattle
Art League, for z&imbfers only, will take place
Thursday, June 30, at the Chamber of Com
merce. Members are expected to prepare some
new specimens of work to exhibit each month.
Mr. J. Edward Tibbetts and Misa Adelaide
Graaff were united in marrUge May 25, at 618
Filth street, where tbev both board.
A Flue Dramatic Performance by the
Good Templars.
On Thursday night tho members of Perse
verance Lodge, 1. O. G. T., performed "Ten
Nights in a Bar-Room," in a very acceptable man
ner to the large and select audience which as.
sembied in the opera-house. It was the best
acted amateur theatrical performance ever given
in Ballard, and the aotora and management de
serve great praise for the creditable manner in
which the play waa given to the public. The
scenery, tho costumes and the characters as
sumed were equal in merit to many professional
performances. The following is the cast of
Sample Swichel 13 E. Leader
Simon Slade t ...P. Philleanou*
Joe Morgan L N. Markle
Frank Slade...* H. M. Draper
Harvey Groen..... Manny
Mr. Roniaine *....(. Vernon
Willie Hammond Tom Shields
Mrs. Morgan Mrs. H. Manny
Mrs. Slade ...Mis* Dora Emerson
Mary Morgari Mis* Minnie Shield*
Mehitable Cartwrlght....... Miss Lena Emerson
Mr. H. E. Leader, Mr. Arthur Vernon, Mis*
Dora Emerson and Miss Lena Emerson were
the recipients of handsome bouquets, the gilt*
of an appreciative audience.
On neit Wednesday the Methodist Episcopal
church will give a panorama In the opera-honse.
On Tuesday Mr. and Mr*. C. H. Hebner leave
for Kingston, Wash,, where they will perma
nently reside. Mr* Hebner and hi* sons intend
to operate a shingle mill at Kingston.
The volunteer Are department held a Tery
successful ball last night in the opera-house.
The Roalyn Ball at Gilman.
Mr. J. H. Gibson, treasurer of the executive
coflamittae of the ball, given on Saturday, May
28, for the benefit of the Roslyn sufferers, which
was appointed by tha mayor and council of Oil
man, has forwarded the net proceeds, amount
ing to 1102.IX) to the Po»T-INT£i.LtoE!<CER fund.
To this will be added between |4O and |SO, sub
scriptions mad* by private individuals. The
mayor, members of the council and other town
oflioers, at a regular meeting held in the town
hall of Gilman, expressed their sincere and
hearty thanks to all who in any way contributed
to the ball. They sincerely thanked the mem
bers of the ladies' committee, who so kindly
and faithfully prepared and served the colla
tion, which was not the least of the many pleas
ing features of the occasion; to the young ladies
who so willingly and successfully solicited con
tributions of provisions, etc., and those who
liberally subscribed them; to the young men
who furnished the music and rendered othor in
valuable services; to those who patronized t*e
ball, and to all others who assisted in the j»
cess of the affair.
When night comes down to covar
The ploasaut hills and sea,
Then little children hover
About the mother's knee
Their childish griefs and pleasant
Fade with the fading sky.
And all their precious treasures
Dropt and forgotten lia
Close, eloso their forms she presses,
Kisses their weary eyes.
And mingles soft caresses
With heart-born lullabies.
80, wnen life's day Is ended,
Its Jops and sorrows o'er,
Ana when its visions splendid
Delight the heart no more.
Dear Mother Death enfolds us
In arms that soothe and bless,
And lulls us while she holds us
To sweet forgetfulnoa.
—George Horlon.
hotel a khivals.
F Thornton,CSS Ranger St John Alexander, City
D Davenport. Helena W W Mish, Lebanon
G M Cossatt, New York L O Cerf, San Fran
D.J Medbury, do D O Guiifoil, Sno<jn&l
F B Giilmore, Omaha W H Reberts, Gek-na
T H stevens. Wash City R E Curry, do
A Hagerty, Snohomish LH Davis Jt w. Portind
W i' Hallingsworth, N Y W 11 Brinker, S Bend
C E Earl, Tacom* D W Craddock, Snohom
Al' Wright, do Hl> Edwards, Olympia
C M Sceley, do J W Troup, Nelson, B O
Mrs Haiterty, do C O Sweet, San Fran
C 8 Fogg, do J L Peorasoil, Mont Grst
L E Rice, do Geo Blake, do
WC Sampson, do TCrano&w, New Ulm
J C Patterson, do J K Livingston. las Crs
L Levy, Pt Ansolea R Clark A w, Tyrone
C fr»vine Aw.HollidaysbMiss E Crawford, do
J M We:r, Ireland " Miss E Isett, do
C M urcir rv, sin Fran W1) Perkins w, Bogtn
Mrs B Wilkinson, t'hil J C Martin, Chicago
C S Jones Jr w, uo E Allen, do
J M Berry, >t Louis D A Avery, Portland
J H Mellwlne, tlo F J Manning, do
A H Robertson. USS Rng P J Parks, do
1 North, Lansing Dr J S Ballard w, S F
R E Hot>per <fcw,fHnghm F K Brown, Olympia
K W t umraincs, snohm A H Gomel, Everett
V Calhone, La Conner H Bonersm, do
W O Fran kiln, San Fran 0 E Rese, do
AEWaite, do
A B Streeter, Vaacouv J M MacGregor, Vancou
Dr J s Bolhtr l A », 3 f j C Jones, San Fran
Jis stei.ger, Portian 1 P C Apidcgate, Portland
Jerry W helen, sac City Mrs M K Ames, do
J A W i:s(>a, Faixhsvea W E Jone*, St-home
s sin p<o;i, San Joso F W France, Buckley
A H Htrdimr, P rtlaad J Wells Jt w, Vancouver
E M M-.a- J. Viiioria J M Loomis. Snohomish
k 11 >sit.y, ( tr RH Bollinger. Pt Town
Dii Br. wn, Pt Town C J Koeford. San Fraa
H B Archibald, - Fran Z F Moody, Salem
, A >imp»on, ii.-ng jj T Kaw;i la, Tohyo, Jap
J E rh >ruas. City f W Eagles A w, Victor
C H Andrews, Virt r;a C K smith. Olympia
fX, ,' n '- ,I, J - ' utru.a R 1 Henderson. Yaaima
H B Krsii', Th- nia W N Wiiliams, Waatc m
0 « Clark, Pt Tow a send
thk aßLirsr.ro*.
w w 4 ftlUbui I' ' ,v , 01-'jy J B McMillan. Edison
s 'k--r. W J Ms zee, AaacTtea
CD Kennedy, W ash T W Hawkins, Boston
o*ti ? n Mra Geo Meßea,Vict ria
1 - u'V-''"' * Ka M;s» Emma Olson, do
* V H'«Ts*n. saraner A A Bailev, Pomona,Cal
? VV;B F J H Mwsuk, P. rtlud
s rJ" N S C Roberu &w, do
s C Bernard, V.cioria J F Klngstoadtw. do
r. i» a ' " Jwa D A Avery, do
1 k V " T Spkn Geo Harteman, S F
Jfha u.-pp, tuoaoialah itkZtea siaruajioa, E?rt
New Gowns Kept Out of View
by the Weather.
Picnic* sod Tennis—Mrs. Pinkerton'e
Charming Tea—May Pol* Dues
—Personal and Chat.
weather has not been any too agreeable lor even
that Of course, the greatest event of the wo£k
was the appearance of Mr. Richard Mansfield
in this city. It was the first time that he bad
ever been here, and it was the iirst time that
many bad seen him, and besides one of the
most delightful events of his visit was the
matinee d' invitation which was given on Fri
day afternoon, complimentary to Miss Po»t, in
which Mr. Mansfield appeared in "Prince Karl."
For Monday, of course, several Decoration day
parties had been formed to go to one place or
another, but the weather was not very favorable.
Pretty May Wedding*.
Miss Mary France* Da vies was married to Mr.
James Ashton Wednesday at 11:30 o'clock at St.
Luke's church. About 400 invitation* had been
*ent out and the church waa crowded by the Ta
coma friend* of the bride and groom. There was
an abundance of flower*. Mr. Jay Sedgwick and
Mr. A. M. Stewart were the ushers; Miss Dora
Young, of Victoria, B. C., the maid of honor,
and the bridesmaid* Mis* Kathleen McMa
hon, of Tacoma, niece of the groom, and Mis*
Lottie Davie*, siater of the bride. Mr.fAshton
was escorted into the church by his law part
ner, Mr. John H. Mitchell, jr., and Mis* Daviea
was accompanied by her father, Mr. D. T.
Dav ies, of Carbonado. The ceremony wa* per
formed by the Kev. Lemuel 11. Wells, rector of
Trinity Episcopal church. The bride's gown
was of whito brocade silk, with train, trimmed
wifh chifl'on and Southern jasseinine*. tulle
veil. She carried a bouquet of "bride" roses
and smilax. Mis* Young's gown wa* of white
poplin, with a talle veil. The bridesmaid*
weredresr>ed as shepherdesses, wearing gown*
of white China silk decorated with flowers, and
wide-brimmed hat* trimmed with field daisies.
They carried shepherd * crooks decorated with
flower* and smilax.
Wednesday evening, at the residence of Mr. 8.
B. Elder, on South K street, the marriage of his
daughter, Mi** Edna Elder, to Mr. <i. W. Fowler
was witnessed by a number of the friends of the
bride and groom. The parlors were prettily
decorated with Puritan rose* and daisies. The
wedding bell in the alcove wa* composed of
carnations and daisies, draped with festoons of
white ribbon*. A profusion of flowers, pure
white colore predominating, were banked on
either aide of the reces*. The marriage cere
mony wan performed by the Kev. W. F. Harper,
of the First Baptist church. Those present
were: Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Elder, Mr. C. A. Cav
ender, Mrs. Cavender, Miss Cavender, Mr. J. W.
Watkin*and Mr*. Watkin*, Mr. and Mrs. E. R.
Ray, Mr. and Mr*. K K. Roaling, Mr. Uribble,
Mrs. L A. Emerson, Mr. and Mr*. R. F. Weils,
Miß* Josephine Elder, Mr. Elms, Mr. A. L
Piper, Mr. E. S. King, Mr. M. M. Fowler, Mis*
Ada Fowler, Mr. E. S. King, Mr. J. J. Fowler,
Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Bate*.
Mrs. Flnkerton'a Charming T«».
On Thursday afternoon Mrs. Pinkerton gave a
moat charming tea at her home on North G
street There was a most beautiful display of
roses, different rosea being confined to different
rooms. Tha display was one of the handsomest
ever seen in this city. Mrs. Pinkerton waa as
sisted in receiving by Mrs. C. W. Griggs, Mrs.
Caldwell, Mrs. C. J. Kercher, Mrs. Tolt,Mrs. L. R.
Manning. Mrs. George Browne and Mrs.Watson
presided orcr the tea and coffee. Those who
assisted were: Miss Griggs, Mrs. T. O. Abbott,
Miss Fitch, Miss Ellinger, Miss Hart well. Miss
Bvss, Mi*s Hall, Miss Jessie Kershaw.
Among tliosa present were: Mrs. Galusha
Parsons, Mrs. L. B. Roys, Mrs. Alexander
Reed, Mrs. Edwards. Mrs. E. J. Jacobs, Mrs. H.
H. Holt, Miss Gertrude Holt, Mrs. Ciesar, of
Stateu Island; Mrs. Fitch, Mrs. E. N. Ouimette,
Mrs. Frank Clarke, Mrs. Eraser, Mrs. W. H.
Woodruff, Mrs. Calkins, Miss Calkins, Mrs.
Frank Allyn, Mrs. L. B. Lockwood, Mrs. Carden,
Mrs. Sumner, Mrs. Pritchard, Mrs. Townseud,
Mrs. Chester Thorne, Mrs. Hoxic, Mrs. Worden,
Mrs. W. Delprat, Mrs. J. M. Keen, Mrs. J. B.
Best, Mrs. A. B. Bull, Mrs. Stephen Holbrook,
Mi*s Holbrook, Mrs. W. I. Landell, Mrs. Stephen
Sears, Mrs. A. R. Zabriskie, Mrs. J. C. Brocktn
brough, Jr., Mrs. J. V. Barto, Mrs. C. W. Sey
Friday Afternoon Tea.
A tea was given at the bouse of Mrs. J. B. Best
on North I) street last Friday afternoon by Mrs.
G. W. Delprat, Mrs. J. M. Keen and Mrs. J. B.
Best. They were assisted in receiving by Miss
Paddock, and stood in the hall to receive the
guests, who were afterward served with tea,
cake, etc., by fair assistants. Great quantities
of roses were displayed downstairs and formed
the principal decoration!. Mrs. R. B.
Price presided at oue table and Mrs.
George Blauchard at 0110 end of an
other. Those who assisted were: Miss Griggs,
Miss Ellie Paddock, Miss Post, Miss Greene, of
Buffalo; Miss Evans, Mis* Calklus, Miss Bowen.
Among those present were: Mrs. Frank Clarke,
Mrs. Frank Allyn, Mrs. John Ferriss, Mrs. Hall,
Miss Hall, Mrs. E. N. Ouimette, Mrs. L. E. Post,
Miss Edmutids, Mrs. Sherman, Mrs. Stephen
Pears, Mrs. Fraser, Mrs. Stephen Holbrook, Miss
Holbrook. Mrs. Pritchard, Mrs. Townsend, Mrs.
J. S. Bogle, Miss Rusher, Mrs. Ciesar, Mrs.
Cieaar, of Statea Island; Mrs. L. B. Lockwood,
Missßuell, Mrs. George Browne, Mrs. Brisbine,
Mrs. C. W. Seymour, Miss Seymour, Miss Jessie
Seymour, Mrs. C. W. Griggs. Mrs. Calkins, Miss
Emllie Paddock, Mrs. Sumner, Mra Pinkerton,
Mrs. Boweu, Mrs. L. R. Manning.
Swelling the Organ Fond.
Thursday evening an entertainment was given
in Mason hall, Old Tacorna, for the benefit of
the organ fund of St. Luke's church. The plays,
**lci Ou Parle Francais" and "Poor Pillicoidy,"
were given, while some of the members of the
Glee Club sarg between the plays. The caste of
the plays was as follows, "Poor Pillicoddy"
which came first:
Mr. Pillicoddy Mr. C. W. Sevmour
Captain O'Scuttle Mr. J. MoElroy, U
Mrs. Pillicoddy Miss Paddock
Mrs. O scuttle Miss Rector
Sarah Biunt .Miss Seymour
ici oc TAKLE ituncais.
Mr. Spriggins Mr. F. B. Wright
Mr. Victor Du Bois Mr. Frederick Mottet
Major Ratlan Mr. J. McElrov, jr
Mrs. Snriggina. Miss Paddock
Angelina (her daughter! ...Miss Worden
Mrs. Ratlan. Miss Rector
Anna Maria. Miss Seymour
Sailed to Gig Harbor.
The members of the Whist Club went early
Monday evening on the Mocking Bird to Gig
harbor, enjoying a very pleasant trip, there
being singing and playing upon the guitar an j
banjo, and altogether, the time passed very de
lightfully. Among those composing the psrty
were: Miss Paddock, Miss Hartweil, Miss How
ell, Miss McDonald, Miss Holbrook. Miss Brown,
Miss Church, Miss Naples, Miss Shephard, Miss
Van Horn. Miss Boardman, Miss Hayden, Misa
Worden, M r s. Brnbine, Mr. and Mrs. Peter J -r
--dan. Mr. Foster, Huggiaa, Mr. Crassorj, Mr.
Simeon, Mr. Bridges, Mr. Hunt, Mr. Woodruff
Mr. Thompson, Mr. La F&rge, Mr. Wolf, Mr. Hoi
brook, Mr. see ley.
The Second Tenale Tea.
On Wednesday the second tennis tea of the
season was served at the Tennis club house, A
few brave ones braved the elements and played,
but the non-players wvr* In the majority!
Among those who served tea an that day were:
Mrs. Georre Browne, Mrs. Frank Aliyn, Miss
Caiilas, Mise Coo*. Auone those whopiayed
were: iit and *Lr». W. L Lande.i, C*ltins,
Miss Keown, Miss Seymour, Mrs. Robert
Amonf those present were: Mrs. L W. Ander
son, Mr. Perkins, Miss Little, Mr. K. 8. Hill, Mrs.
Edmund Rice, Miu Philip", of Olyjnpla, Miss
Rector, Miss Word en, Miss Plumtner, Mrs.
narry Hurley, Mr. J. McElray, jr., Mrs. W. D.
Relief Cwh Entertained.
Mrs. Line Thurston, of Edisoe, after the
Decoration day services at the cemetery enter
tained the Women's Belief Corpe, wnong those
present boing Mr. and Mrs. I>. G. Lovell, Miss
Loveil, Mr. and Mra. Bunn, Mr. and Mrs. But
ter, Mr. and Mrs. Bace, Mr. and Mi's. Sales, Mr.
and Mra Tomlinson, Mrs. Goddin*, Mrs. Irini
bfl, Mrs. Laughiin, Mra. Stanton Whitney, Mrs.
J. Laughiin, Mrs. A. D. Bariow, Mrs. Edwards,
Mra Jones, Mrs. McDonnell, Mrs. Collens, Mri.
Bradfleld, Mia. George, Mlse Thurston, Miss
Ethel Mattisoa, Miss Bertha Mattlson, MissCel
lens, Miss Bertha Collens.
TACOMA, June 4.
summer is
coming om
space, but the
warm sou re
mains mud
estiy in the
and those thin
gowns which
have been ov
erlooked and
altered, with a
view of their
soon being
Worn, are laid
back in their
resting place
in the trunks—
at any rate, for
'the present.
iTennis has
: been indulged
' in to a certain
extent, bat the
Ma; Pale Dsses.
On Monday afternoon and evening a May
was given in the Parish house, where the
May pole dance was given by seme children.
Later in the evening there was some general
dancing. Among those who were there in the
evening were: Miss Rector, Mr. J. McElroy, Jr.,
Mr. F. B. Wright, Miss Nan nits Harrington, Miss
Piumiaer, Mr. G. U Munn, Mr. A. D. Wright,
Mr. J. Lo B. Johnson, Mrs. Bigeiow, Miss Post
and Miss Greene.
Mr. Edgar \Vallace was in Seattle this last
Mr. W. H. Ftfe has gone to California for a
week or two.
Mr. C. W. Seymour returned from a fishing
trip on Tuesday.
Judjre end Mrs. L J. Lichtenberg, of Seattle,
were here Tuesday.
Mr. A. c!e P. Ay rani t expects to leave for the
East in a short time.
Mr. John Kangiey, manager of the Roslyn
coal mine has gone East.
Mrs. Frank L. Kuhn has been visiting friends
in Seattle for some day's.
The Rev. and Mr*. Reed, of Troy, N. Y., are the
guests of Mr. Edward L Salnuod.
Mr. aid Mrs. George W. Fowler will spend
their honeymoon at St. Paul and Chicago.
The Rer. W. C. MertMt has accepted a call to
the piwterate of the Snohomish Congregational
Mr. Henry Drum Is back from a tour of Okan
ogan county. He was accompanied by Mr.
Qeorge W. Boggs.
The ladies of Trinity church had a linen and
china sale at the parish house on Thursday
afternoon and evening.
Mr. a a Milligan left Thursday for Pittsburg.
Returning he will attend both the Minneapolis
and Chicago conventions.
Mr. W. H. Calkins and hie son, Mr. L D. Calk
ins, have gone to Minneapolis to attend tbe Re
publican national convention.
Owing to Mrs. Campbell's poor health. Judge
and Mrs. Fremont Campbell have gone to Cali
fornia for a brief pleasure trip.
Mrs. Mills and children left for their home on
Sunday, after a visit of several weeks at Mrs.
Mills' father's, Bishop Paddock's.
During the Rer. C. O. Brown's absence in
California the Rev. John Btanchard, of Webster
City, la., will fill the pulpit of the First Congre
gational church.
Mr. J. Wayland Clark, formerly publisher of
the Tacoiha Sunday Timet, was in the city thW
week from Fairbaven, where he is engaged in
the foundry business.
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. de Lamotta, of Philadelphia,
will visit Alaska before returning East. Mr.
de Lamotta represented the Philadelphia Ltdgtr
at the general Presbyterian assembly at Port
Miss Bertha Richards, a talented pianist of
this city, has won many admirers here lately by
her finished and artistic performances. Miss
Richards is an ardent admirer of Wagner and
Mr. R. C. Mors*, accompanied by his daugh
ters, Miss Morse and Miss Kate Morse, has re
turned from California. They will spend the
summer here. Mrs. Morse is in Chicago at
Miss Dagmer and Miss Beatrice Tisdaie have
returned from their visit to Los Angeles aad
Lower California Every locality of auy inter
est was visitod. Miss Beatrice Tisdaie stopped
over in Portland to visit friends there.
Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Reid have gone to Minne
apolis, where Mr. Reid will attend the Republi
can national convention and assist in handling
the press report of the Western Union Telegraph
Company. Mr. Reid is manager of the Tacoma
cttie .- of that company.
The Northern Pacific Rail
road Company will make a
rate of S7O to CHICAGO and
return for the Democratic
National Convention.
Tickets on sale Jnne 14,
15 and 16. Please call for
further information at City
Ticket Office.
General Agent
Seattle livery, Feed and Sale Stables.
. b< :? srht Md soHL Uvervr!«
' or h . !r ? K Morses sold on cotnrimsion. Horse*
boarded by the day week or mouth. All orders
for horses promptly filled. oratrs
Second and Spring St». Telephone 351.
Want ad*. when inserted in the
rOmxTELLTGENCBB bring „„' c !
return.. Largest eir.?Blatl<m guar-
More than a hundred thous
and dollars has been paid by
the Price Flavoring Extract
Co. for Vanilla Beans during
the past six months. The
largest quantity ever pur
chased in the same time by
any other manufacturer in
the world. The idea that
good Extract of Vanilla is
easily produced is so. absurd
as to be unworthy of notice.
Unless the best Mexican Va
nilla Beans are used, proper
ly cured, properly aged, and
the flaw properly extracted,
and allowed to stand at least
one year before offering for
sale, good extract of Vanilla
is an impossibility. Try Dr.
Price's Extract of Vanilla
and note its delicious flavor.
O. 11. HOI.COM B, Proprietor;
Thecontroversy arising from "thaM-^
criticism" of Bar. D». Briggi wbo fa*
been tried for heresy, will ehaago the
complexion of the "unchangeable"
In the very mature of things evfry >—> ||
device is pone to change, Prey,
should medicine h« the exception t« |£
rtfle? The Histdgeuetic system ie 4,
newest change and is head and
above the old and effete "systems," Hmb
you progressed mentally sufficients' fc
appreoiate a feet?
Spokaitb, Wash,, Jalylt, UKL
Dr. J. Eugene Jordan, Seattle With.
My Dear Doctor— This day I cove ts
you in an important matter and
you to attend to it at once. My gmag
daughter aged nine years had la grippe t
few months ago and although
is very weak, exceedingly nervous and has
slight attacks of St. Vitus' dance. W*««
very mach worried about it She osa
hardly cut meat at the table, her hattfe
and lingers tremble in trying to buttong*
shoes, etc. It is impossible for hsrfe n
to Seattle and I would like to know if y£
could treat her after the short above
cription. She is also very food of playta*
the piano and likes to read and to lean.
Every time she plays now a few
only or reads, she is utterly exhewted u4
must quit. Now what shpll we do aboet
that? Expecting answer by return mtSL
Yours truly,
Sremi, Wash.. March 14,
Dr. J. Ktagene Jordan, Seattle, Wash.
Dear Dr. Jordan—Your letter and nett.
cines for my wife received; thanks far
your promptness.
I was under the Impression that I wrote
you about my grand-daughter. She ia
perfectly well and had no relapse what
ever. Yours truly,
GMSWOLD, Wash., Jan. 28, UKL
Dr. J. Eugene Jordan, Seattle, Wash.
Dear Sir—l hare been taking yow msdi.
cines regular until about two week* ago.
I feel perfectly wellt my heart doat
trouble me any and I am getting as fat as
a pig. Some tell me that it was faith
cured me; I am very thankful for that
much faith. 1 remain jours respeotfull*,
Is ftt the residence of Ex-Maysv
Yesler, Third and James.
Consultation and prescription absolatalv
Send for free book explaining the fflita
genetic system.
CAUTION—The Histogenetie Medietas*
are sold in but one agency in each totra.
The label around the bottle bears the tit
lowing inscription: "Dr. J. Eugeae Jor
dan, Histogenetie Medicine." EitrjtHkm
devica in a fraud.
From Oar Own
Special Designs,
Three Floors, \ ~ ...
HOLYOKE BLOCK, \ \pof(|fl
1,020 Fruit St, ) oCdllie#
Pullna an Sleeping C hi, Elegant Day CotcM
and finest Palace Dining Can between Sea M**
Pattl an J Chicago without change. Cooa Mitel
far all point* la the Dotted States and fmtT
Taking affect April 3,
For Bt Paul and East—2:3s and 11 00 jx nfc
For Portland and South—P:Vs a. tn . 8:45 *
»°r Uijrnurta— 9:-5 am. aud 255 p. m.
For Monte-a-io and Cray's II » bar—tt:'.'s a. B-
For Tacoioa aud l ocal~7.lX). y;23 * n>» U*
2.55, 5:30, 8:45 aad ll:Vtf p. m.
From St. Paul and East—ll:3o * m. and lis®
p. m. .
l-rons Portland and South—s:os p- av *®d 1:1»
a ui.
From Oly mpla-11:30 a. m. an 1 5:05 p. m.
From Mont»*sano and urav VUiarlwr-S'-O* p »
From Tacurna and I.ocal—"<"is and 11
2:45, 5:05, S:(k>, 11:25 p. m. auu 1:10 a tu.
For met, rentaa Bad other information ••
A. D. CHARLTOS. Asat. Oen. Pa*. Agfc,
121 1 trat rortlaoA <*
L A. NADF. AtT. General Aeent. City Tu*®« O®JJ
c>rn<*r Yesler aveuue and Coiuiuervlal
Seaf.la. _
In Gilman M
rktail IITJXK
Foot of MadUon Bt-TelephiiM
*"oot of Clay Street Telepk****"
40# Burke BttiMi**. t TClepWA* *•*

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