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It Provokes a Contest Among
Negroes for a Saloon.
flS>nisi of rire-Dsmn Victim* Claim
Damages— An Amorous Conductor
—A Suit for Heal Estate.
Hr.tiee of contest of a peculiar will waa filed
In ths probate department of the superior court
yecterJay by * rank Hartley Jones, attorney for
this heirs of Mrs. Mary E. Thompson, late owner
oi tte JJ:nn«haha saioon, at 31 j Jackson street,
|n this city, and of other real estate at Butte,
M-mt. wil * a " ft ' ed weeks ago by
H. yi. Stokes, bartender at the saloon, who ap
plied to he appointed sole executor. It reads as
OAKLAND Cal Nov 2& 1532
Dictated by Miry E. » n uapsou. To whom it
Bsay coaceru—l, Mary E. Tnompeon after due
eeQ«id*rat ;r >n and in a present state of mind do
bereor dsclare t* at R. W. Stokes will have fuil
control of all my claims that he has been to lue
* hnsiwnJ and a frien 1 «nd in nun I place all
eoafideoce and uy the law of God and man I
declare him ia ray stead. I Mary E. Thorns-son
btvr fall power to give away nU personal affect*
real estate or other property in my name to a
Ch nee. R Stote> the only one on earth I
tfcini is entitled to my affection and respect.
I theref' re dec.are bin my choice. I have no
lewrmitid relations. None that I care »o in
herit any of my gains left behind. I Mary E
Thompson have two children living a boy
Jt hnne, IS a g;ri Maggie 17th. the eirl I
bsve not seen nor do I know that she lives or
not bill the boy hns teen around me going on
three year*, lie has never respecte 1 mi es a
rn'th<;r but has caused rau mucli trouble.
Therefore I don't caro that be be allowed any
thing only stated. R. W. Stones will control
bv busiut-ss the saloon Si 9 J-.cuson street. lie
wtl pay all bills and rec<jii't the same in Lis
name. He w.il be a lminiitrator without bonds
•nd claim al. personal effect' oi mine. Hut if
th'i saloon i-> »o.d if inu-t rcq. re t;:e signature
ol Ui»; b «y, Whose share will fcos«>) and hall the
retnalnd r to my :i .gnt'>r Masgie and the
other half to Stoic*, li it :f t:«e -a.oon is so.d
for debt tlw remainder will be divided in tures
pa s, alt three reee ring tbe same. At this I
tx mv h'ind and witness by Mary x Thompson
oa ttiii oi Nov. in tne year of our Lord
at 4;30 m the afternoon. Aiamedacounty, Cala.
The petition alleges that Mary Thompson diel
at Oakland, Cai., separated lrou) her friends
*od rciu long, and was cared for and under the
influence of stokes; that tho will was drawn
op bv him, an 1 that she was unduly influenced
by him to tiie detriment of her ch.idruu; that
fitokes had beu a bartender in her saloon and
manned her property for her. A special ad
m< ii*trator is applied for, iva otherwise Strikes
luigat dispose of the property now lu ins
possession The boy reierred to is said to bo
almost 25 yeari old, and is employed at the
saloon. Ihe whereabouts of the girl are un
known, b it every exertiou is being made to find
hi-r. All the par'-iei to the cuse are negroes.
In addition to her real estate Mary Thompson
owae J a a-orse end carriage, considerable jew
elry sad has rea-ly money on deposit, so that,
althocgn the petition alleges that she is worth
only it will prove to <*» nearer $20,000.
gait to Sst Ail<l« Judgment I'nder Fore-
Closure on Vslualile Property.
An equity suit was commenced before Judge
Langley yesterday by A. E. McEachern against
William Brackott and several o.hor defendants
to have a judgment in foreclosure proceedings
against the plaintiff set aside.
The property in question is situated in Pon
tius addition. and the plaintiff claims title by a
dsed of William Brackett executed to him ou
Jfovsnber 22,1883, for in cash and a note for
|3W. which was secured by a purchase money
mortgage upon the property for that amount.
The p.aiutiff further claims that Brackett agreed
With him not to enforce pavm nt withoutYoa
•ofable notice to the plaintiff, and that, relying
spon this agreement, ho left the city on Decern
b*r I, ISKt, after leaving his address with Brack
et'- He says that iu 18-St one Brantigan Bought
to foreclose a mortgage on thla property,
bat, although the plaintiff was a defendant
In that action, no process was served
upon him. no notice was received of the pend
ency of the action until December 20. IRsS, and
•i soon as he did know of it he brought this
action. Yet iu this foreclosure suit a judgment
for f." •'> y> was rendered by default against him,
snd the land was sold by the sheriff for t!7",i.90.
Tue plaintiff hays that a pa;>er purporting to be
a general demurrer of the defendants wait filed
by Burke <& Rasin, but this was without the
knowledge and consent of tho plaintiff, nor
were Burke it Ruin bis attorneys. In conclu
shti ttie plaintiff alleges that the defendants,
J O. Brautigan and wife, John Leury, O. C,
Pliinuey. William Brackett and George Kin
ncar knew that plaintiff was not served with
notice of tho suit, although they knew the
plaintiff"s place of abode.
The delendants contend that no loss has been
proved to have been suffered ■by the plaintiff
Above tho value of the mortgagi, that there fs
no reason to set n.-ide the judicial stile, and that
the plaintiff ha> been guilty of negligence in
notbringing his action sooner.
Relative* of Itonlyn Miners Sue the
Company— Nearly ftIiOO.OUO Claimed.
Ten suits hare been brought in the United
Itstci circuit court against the Northern Pacific
Company to recover claims amounting m
the aggregate to |J7.t,000 by the widows and
relatives of Mime of the victims of the terrible
explosion at the company's mines at K>>slyn
l*»t Msy. The plaintiff in each case has ti ed a
motion that the suit be removed from here to
Tsrorua ior trial, which will probably be
granted. Ihe names of those bringing suit and
ths ros;ective amounts claimed are as follows:
M. Keen, fMflO': Sadie Spotts, Jt?>.000; K. Dun
•t«u. | p. Msrdman, I • "0; Anna Earlaud
•ou. t.m.ry 1. II .g ie. *3 .-XL I- Ijojti*. 139,0C0;
B. Paln:«r, E. |.j\o A Alt of the
a >v« are either w:d s of inu victims of the
di'sstct or iuen.Nsrs o. tho r immediate families.
The complaint sets forth that the explosion
caused by the of the coal dust
jMnpoay la allowing lt< d uaptad cjal to accu
mulate in the mine, owing to a .ack of proper fa
cilities for ventilating by a.r shafts from the
lower levels. It is also clamed tnat the lamps
•applied L" the company were of an unsafe and
dangerous pattern and that the company lacked
proper hoisting apparatus or nieuus by which
theemph res ou.d escape qutckly t > the sur
and that th«* company had. Just he ore the
•xp'ostou, re 4 iir«d certain of Its employee to
work in a evel which bad been vacant or un
worked lor a space of over two week* without
taking proper pre: autious to ascertain whether
ft*ds; ip had collected, or da:n;>eniug or wot
tiai iid* a the dust. It is also alleged that the
•D'npanv had failed to employ, for some time
prior to the complaint, a capable and competent
taanagor or superintendent.
A. F flu, who is as sated w>th Stratton.
I**' : <& ' Man as counsel for the plaintiffs,
**;.! u r dav : "These suits iv«:« brought by
tho w ir some member of the famUy Ue-
Pri: lew; up ■: the deal miners for th«ir sup
Hia Attentions t<> » I'assenger Cause a
• 15.000 H imijje suit.
?n«t *»> r tun yesterday by Mr«. K I. Smith
•»-. .;;st i. o ' .uon Pac ?.» H »..vvay Companr to
Hoover I! '.."0 Jsiaact* I ?r having i «<ia made
*■'* J 1,,f aaiuroat aiieuuon* of one o'
it* conductors
The {. i "t (T *tate« the, wtraveling upon
■° ' ■ • r id It m 1' rtlsnd t'.> I'enre',
«* beca-.ie .!!. par-y < r , »c :ngr obliged to -it
•?*.. I.to ii.k ,t : -Jo:-, w ultj ou hrr way ttcnu
ketile to J. j :I r.»n»t«iiie;ic« of thie ll!-
r»-i »<■v so .-ol in 1 e down on tier at-at.
Sue anyi thst tr-o cvulv :>r of the trs.a,
~ or 1,1 <»'•• t.ou, addressed'
to au ttnpr >; «r way. leaned <.v«r
her la nn nianusr au 1 remarked
ttat "i;o ha 1 nerer seen n woman
doubled ..p :.k tf *
Tint » ir . s - 3 ;tor r, w,n«*» «ea ,1 t>.-nr ir.o '
pia.ti'.iff i«st«4 the conductor to pruron her I
* **tk and that theren un Ute conductor ; »
» t .• er a-d c. reeled tue
P"f- rto ,k v u;> at»rt• !r ' •
! ; rter w:i* tr.ua •- : ?<?1, »he i»r». ;
y?' '' ' ''■■■■■ 1 his offensive attentions, I
tt' -.r,' jk r ax.'J ( <\r v :aa:; :er ;.»- : #
hsr,a:d-< rp.te of h«-r resistance kissed : ~r. !
»het. »•«•; in itiy ;©:i ti:- car an i ;>r •• i
y* l * * berth a fuUaaa sleeper, where she I
-t . ' ;.0 • i',r ;. . » OT e m-
Mltisia: 1 toe h tmiial HI and ahame that |
R*' 1 ' • plaintiff. asidsrs that j
Jj * ®' u *■' in ihe sn:ou!;t t'i j
i'*!ay lu t« nlo. ->|>encer Cave.
- ''• -tl rneys aaU! yester:a>- j
*• »-s iu ii. o c^ae
had been let by agreement of counsel for Mon
day night, January 23, at 7 o'clock in the even
ing. It was not set for thi* week, as Spencer*®
attorney, James Kefer, ii a United States com
missioner, and said that he bad important busi
ness on hand and not prepare bis argu
ment before next week. On this showing Judse
±Mng.v? set the c«4c for Monday evening. "As
far as we are personally concerned," seid Mr.
Lindsay, who is one ol Mr. Gordon's attorneys,
"we have no objaction to the deiay as long as
Spencer is doing our work for us. The case is
set for the eveaing, and every one will have an
opportunity to attend."
He Bars the Mortgage Is a Fraud.
Medlay sued 6her«ff Woolery in the
superior court yesterday to obtain possession of
slol worth of persona l , property which he
Ciauns i# wrongfully withheld from him, and
for $260 damages for its detention. The property
consists of the stock ol a grocery store at 417
Pike street, and the plaintiff claims that the
sheriff took the property and *till holds"it by
virtua of a chattel mortgage made by R, B»
Robertson to J. \V. Fiikins. The puiint ff add*
that this mortgage is fraudulent and void as
against him and does not include any of the
property owned and cla.ined by this piaintilE
Court Notes.
Judges Humes and Osborn both adjournei
their courts e.ir.y yesterday.
M. Sweeney and Fred Seephus were acquitted
on a charge of grand larceny yesterday.
A verdict for $121.35 in favor of H. J. Ken
neston against B. F. Hosteller was *ct aside by
Judge Ilumes.
The Great Northern condemnation *uit, which
was to have been heard today, has been con
tinued to January Id.
Allan McCollock, a Canadian, and John
Dvryer. an Irishman, were admitted to citizen
ship by Judge yesterday.
»w Snit# Filed.
The followiug new cases were filed in the
county clerk's office yesterday;
Alma A. Matthew* vs. 11. C. Maddocks and
wife—Action to recover S2JO for false imprison
Mary E. Southard va. E iwin F. Atwood et aL
—Action to foreclose mortgage and recover
LaunaL Byers TS. Eroatu* H. Bvers—Suit for
divorce for uon-support.
Mrs. E L. bmith vs. Union Pacific Railroad
Company—Action to recover $15,000 ior personal
W .iiam Medley vs. J. 11. Woolery—Suit to re
cover po»se-i*ion of persona, property and ior
s2.v> damages for its detention.
R 1. feabin vs. J T. bteeie—Action to recover
a promissory note.
THE 15 1.Ol'TER.
JU'MKS, j.
Btato vs. Chinaman tsu-Defendant pleads
not guilty.
stat ■ yr. Thomas Riley et al.—Court ordered
exhibits to bo returned to F. Spangenberg.
State vs. lidward T. Merrtain—Grand larceny;
continued t > January SO.
State vs. Edward T. Merriam—Assault with
deadly weapon; continued to January 20.
vs. M. Sweeney and Fred
Grand larceuy; defendants acquitted.
LEY. t.
Estate of Charles H. Custer—Proof of publica
tion of notice to creditor-*.
I.EY, ,T.
Q. O. Halleret al. vs. R. C. Pollett et al.—Mo
tion to strike case from calendar denied; hear
ing continued to January 24.
K izabc-th Kirkland vs. W. C. Kirkland—De
fault; granted.
Redanee Loan and Trust Co. vs. Daniel
Schne.der et al.—Portions 01 aiswer stricken.
French <& ht. George vs. P. A. Pulvereral.—
Demurrer of Alice S. Hill; sustained.
The stare of Washington on information of
no is W. Gordon vs. u. B. Bpnwr—Hearing
set for Moo lav. January 2.1, lsv;3, at 7 p. tn.
A. E. McEach rn vs. W'il.iam Brackett et al.—
Action for ascitic performance.
Peter Lambert vs. John Fountain—Judgment
by default for S&<LB2 signe 1.
Herman steitiman vs. D. Hamm et al.—Con
tinued to February 2.
Seattle <fc Montana Ry. Co. v . the State of
Washington et al.—C ntinned to January la.
Seattle tV Montana Ry. Co. vs. C. & P. S. Ry.
Co.—Continued to January 19.
aeaitle Montana Ry. Ca vs. C. & P. & Rr.
Co.—Continued to January 19.
Sarah E. Ciark vs. Stewart C. Munson et u*.—
Judgment by default for $2,000.
Allau McCollock, native of Canada, and John
Dwyer, native of Ireland, admitted to citiEon
11. J. Ken ties ton vs. B. F. Hostetter—Verdict
for plaintiff for 1121.35; verdict *et aside.
A Backslider Goes to Jail, Loaded With
Heretical Liquor an<l Poetry.
W. E. Morreli was arrested Monday evening
by Officer L. B. Pierce for drunkenness. Mor
reli was found sitting on the curbstone at the
corner of -Seventh and W'eller streets in a thor
oughly helpless condition. He was given ac
commodation for the night in the city jail.
Nothing was found upou hiui but a silver
quarter, a bit of poetry snd a certificate of grad
uation from a Keeley cure institute.
Morrell is a lumberman and ha* been about
this city for over two years. During this time
he has imbibed more or less freely, and this is
by no mean* the first time that Jaiier Noble has
seen him under tho influence of liquor before
he undertook the cure, but freely admits that
this is the'flrst time that he has been required
to carry him in on his back—no much for the
Keeiey institute. This is rather a hard hit on
the cure in this locality as the certificate is a
new one. than a month ago ha came
into the police statlou aud boasted that he had
entirely lost his craving for liquor, that he did
not care for it any more, and, in fac:, that the
smell of It gauged him and made him feel ill.
There is fctlli a loop hole of escape for Keeley,
for it is jun possible that it was merely sta till
ing liquor tnat produced last night's effect. It
is out justice to the police to add that tney re
gard this theory as visionary.
lis this as t may it is certain that his thoughts
were o svated to a certain degree, for the follow
ing literary gem, printed on the back ol a saloon
car l, was found ia his pos-e.-si"U waeu ar
Little drops of toddy
Little grains of spice
Don't they make a body
1 eel so awiul nice.
Why should the paper say, avoid
A drink's seductive wiles
And leave his pleasures uneujoyed
\\ hen even nature smiles.
M«u wants but little here below
The very thought is sad;
8..t when he wants a drink
iio wauts itaw.ui tad.
When the wino :s in tne bottle
Then t ,■ . i«. ■ : .« <»u the ro-e,
B» an ity : !, utie's empty
And tlie b,o :n is on the nose.
Nature's Surest Ally
If nature old not struggle aga::ist disease,
even in weakly constitution*, swilt indeed
W'>uld be the course o ama •! Jy to :ta fatal ter
mi'iatiou. Wlule nature thus struggles let us,
le*t worse befall us, hid her effort* with judi
cious medicinal he p. llxperience must Pe <-ur
guide in battles w:th disea-e, a. d that "'imnpt >
our feet" indicates Hastetter's ~tom,;cti Bitters
as a safe, tried and thorough ally of nature. 1
the blood bo infected with I :ie, if tne bowels
antl »tnr ach are- ti.act.ve, if tho aidn- >s fa.l to
e*i ol impur ties of whic . thty are the natural
otitict. a course of the Bitters is the surest re
liance of the sufferer, one, more «v«r, that is
•aucti' tied bv pro: .> n«.l i - i i ir«etnentaud u-e
lor nearly ha! a cent -y No American or
cigti remedy ha* earned greater dist, nctior. as a
remedy for and preventive t . chronic l:\er com
p a:nt, malar.a, < «a»t s .i« u. a daey and rheu
matic trou .e an 1 -ieb.lity.
To Improve the t liildres of liam.
Articles t)f iuC'.-r', »ere flljd in the
county auditor's ofli e f r tha .-up-eme \ tar of
tie Ancient Order of the Sons at. . !»• igliters o!
ilaiu. 'ihv mcoriairators are 'i t. >n..-.s i. i o;l«us,
«•.:. uel Burd.-tt and Sai te. .1 W. ght. The
ol jecta of the n are the c lu. atioa and
elevation o? the A : tau mv. n.--ntn.ly morally
and physical y, and also for life insurance
among its m nit ers.
Miiguersls Tonight.
The Seattle r>>. err nk wil. g.ro a masque
skate and a.l ton ght. Ska'.ng from 7 to 10;
dancing irom 10 '.nuil:jii. Admission,gente
!<■ t*at*t ladies cents: skat-s Noskaters
s. owed oa the fl *or unless en n\. q e
In IS'.U
Ail r>a Is lead to t Miaga The O icajo, M.l
--w vS. si Paii' rai.w.iy lt.-i'ls the v an. tlx
cursie-a rates to the \S< rld s a r
rt time col.atcral 1 ««• s. M. ney a'ways
rt-- .■• Loaning Company, r»".*n .:, starr-Bovd
!»o st forget tiie masquerade at t j nna to
u»uv»,.-y ie.«.pi>oae a^l
Kellogg: Produces the Record of
His Naturalization.
The Court Record* of Pierce County
Show He Wa* a Canadian and
Not Eligible for Uffica.
Gardner Kellogg yesterd*y produced docu
mentary evidence in supjort of the charges
wh.ch have been made as to the Ineligibility of
A. P.. Hunt for hi* present position as chief of
the fire department. Ho said on the subject in
an interview with A POST-INTELLIGENCER re
porter last night:
I have document* in my possession to prove
the stand I have t'sken in this matter. The first
of the<e was a statement such ns was obtained
from all the men on appointment. It sets fortu
birth, Hge, birthplace and citizenship, with in
structions for communicating wiih friends in
case of aieatmity or death in tho line of duty.
It reads thus:
"A :ert liemis Hunt; captain; born Grand
Rapid*, Mich.. April 12, 1861: American citiaen;
resided in state fifteen month*, ia city same;
residence in department; began duty October
26,188' J. ITI cas-j of uiiabi.ity notify John Mc-
Far.ane, Mandamin, via sarn'a. Out."
The other is a transcript from the records of
Pierce county, certified by tne e'erk of thesu
l*nor court, setting fortu that Albert 15. Hunr,
a native ol Canada, had been natural:! d on Oc
tober 24, «14#2, by Judge Beverly. The paper
readß«exactly as follows:
"In the superior court of Pierce county, state
of Wa*tii!fgton. In the matter of the Applica
tion of Albert B. Hunt, an alien, to be onie a
citiien of the United .-tatea iu ojien court thi*
24t1 day of October, 1892," etc., etc.
Hunt declared in his statement to the court
thst be been a resident of tiie United States
three years prior to his majority and that he
had continuously resided iu the United Stau*
up to the pre.ent t.in*. Even this latter state
ment is not true. Hunt has only lived in the
Uuited State* since ISB9. Ho came from Petro
lia, Ontario. The fact that he gave his friend s
address a* Maiidamiu, Outario, wtiuld seem to
prove his alieu birth. Steps are being taken to
secure all documents ant documentary evi
dence from Canada and elsewhere to prove tne
falsity of his statements.
There is a fact in this connection worth men
tioning, though it reflects no discredit, as far as
I know, on thj chief, and that is that his appli
cation ior uatura.ix itiou is not signed by two
witnesses, as required by law.
City Will Employ All Idle Men at Wood
The wood yard to be conducted by the city
water department will be opened to day or to
morrow. Ita establishment first proposed
by the Bureau of Associates Cliarities as a
means of taking care of ail able-bodied men
who are seeking ai l and who are at the san.e
time w-liinz to work. Superintendent VViUon,
of the water department, at the suggestion of
the board of public works, took nun and tools
out yesterday to school section No. 16, near the
end of the Kaituer avenge ear liue,4>ut did not
flud wood euout'h to justify him in putting
them to work. 110 will make other arrange
ments today or tomorrow and the work.ofg.v
ing employment to able and willing men who
need it will soon be fairly under way. The city
will pay SO cents per cord for cutting, and, as a
fair average in good wool is two to three cords
per day, it will be seen that the men who take
this work ought to mate fair wages. The city
will furnish tools and pay iu checks every Sat
urday night.
Indian Pete In Hard Luck.
"Indian I'ete" was arrested on Saturday night
for being druuk and was shut up in the city
jaiL While there he took occasiou to beat John
Nelson, one of his fellow inmates, the remit
being a broken rib and several unassorted
bruises for the latter. His case came up yester
day, the aid of an interpreter being necessary.
Peter's gutturals, wlieu translated, conveyed
that he was entirely ignorant of the case, had
no recollection of it whatever. Judgo Glasgow
fined him f,», however, and Peter will stay in
jail for the statutory period.
Kitty Buckley Pays for lievenge.
Kitty Buckley pleaded guilty before Justice
Caldwell yesterday to the charge of assault and
battery preferred by Lizzie Bateman, the house
keeper of the Windsor hotel. The justice fined
the defendant The defendant had in the
meantime mttdo complaint against Mrs. Bate
man for using language that provoked an as
sault. In fixing Kitty's punishment the justice
took the complaint of the defendant into ac
count and made her punishment light. The
second case will be held under advisement
Building Permits.
Yesterday was an unusually busy day in the
building inspector's office. The following per
mits were granted:
Thomas W. Proech, two-story brick store,
Ninth, between James and Cherry, Jtl.OM.
G. H. Brown, one-story cottage, on Farm, be
tween McGraw and Wheeler, Si.VJ.
Thomas F. Fiynn, two-story dwelling, corner
of Twelfth and Addition streets, Jl,r>oo.
There were also several permits for repairs
Large Bond holders Wished It.
In regard to abolishing the sinking fund in
the Oregon Improvement t> per cent, bonds.
President Ktarbuck says: "The action of the
executive committee was taken at the request of
soma of the large holders of our bonds. We
have bought and turned into the sinking fund
about SsiX!,GOO o the first mortgages."
The Gale Clayed Havoc With Timber.
The heavy gale of Saturday and Sunday
amounted to almost a tornado in the Sno
qualmie pass country. Acres of fir timber in
the storm path is reported to be torn to the
ground. The old toll road, now county road, ia
completely obliterated in places.
The State I'rohl Alliance.
The annual meeting of the State Prohibition
alliance w ill be;in at tho Plymouth Congrega
tional church at 1:00 o'clock this afternoon,
Hon. Roger S. Greene, the president, in the
chair. A large attendance is expected from ail
parts of the stats.
Masque Carnival Saturday Night.
A delightful pastime is in etore lor masters
and mummers at Armory hall Saturday night.
The third annual masque carnival of the Mail
uras Society in Seattle will bu ushered in under
more favorable auspices than ever ! efore. The
society has i icrease l in membership since last
y«sr, aud it is the object of its president, Mr. B.
F. Goi: water, to bring it into greater prominence
ev«rv suoceedldg rear. The festivities wili par
take of uiauy of trio features which characterize
the i> nii.ar test *al iu New Orleans, nnd the
grand street parade especially, of after
noon, will be one of the most prominent. J.se
society offers ten nri/ a to the wearers of tho
m e.egant costumes, the most or,g:uai and
, the mo>t comical, an 1 tne>e will bo awarded by
promiuent c.tizjus wl.o have consented to act
as Judges. As there is a great deman i for cos
tumes, patrons are advued to ca.l earlv at
217, 21 s , Seattle block, c ri.er Third and Cherry,
w. ere a line assortment is offered on hire nt
reasonable rate*, 'iick its for lad tee and gentle
men, en masque, »1. 0 for each iudivldual;
epevtators, f each. ihes« can be seurel ia
advance at Hansen's, or at the box office,
Armory bail, - n th<i n ght of the ball.
, Matinee I'erformance of •••»*jd Pasha."
Th.a afternoon a sp.-cial matinee performance
of "Said Pa>.ia" wt.l be g.ven by the CalUoun
opera company at Cordray s f<_.r tho particular
conrecie .ee of lad.es. Ihe i-uccess attending
the op-en tug and last nights perkrmauee >i
this amusing »nd h:ghlv humorous opera is
rt ommen lat ion to warrant a packed
house. The presentation is a genuine tre*', (tn-l
■ hoiiid be witnessed this afternoon by every one
who can spare tho time. "Sa.d Pasha"
tonight an : throughout the week.
•'Lady of Lyons" Tonight.
A re.aar«.ablo fine au mace, considering tho
! long er.'igeiticu:, last night e: j.iyed tne per
fi-rn-in"c "Wauted" at the Seat ie theater, it
j is oca "f those construct; ins whh h show how
' much f a a tr.vaed c aij>a:iy can get out of
old material. It prorideaa laugh but dsn not
i n.l 't serious crit cisra. It is a farce in three
a> t- and lots no? call fur any p j.-titvi ar display
ol abtl.'v on tt.e part of Aubrey BouciMolt,
M:-s V.cr-y Bate s:i o- tfu:r colleagues
; W ;..,t th:y ha 1 tdo trie;- did fairly w,r>
hk t at e ,a*t of t .e v gag ment and tl.e eTer*
a:'..active "Lady of Lyons" will bi repeated
I F. xis latin i. r » tig. ' : tally's Mcx p.rand
l Extract of beef is a as of alfxidp.od_.cn -
Suffered Terribly. Doctor* aivd Medi
cine* L'selna*. Cured in F--»nr
Week* by Cutlcara.
I have a boy. fifteen years old. bom ft Fish kill,
portrait enclosed, wio had the ecxerta "> offensive
mat I could not stay in the room with Die
§poor boy sufiereS terribly.
His feet w»re legibly sore,
he couiti not w• ar >ny" sboes,
and bad therefure to star
home from »chool. When he
put on a p.»ir of dri «tocK:n<»>
in th« morning, ti-.ey would
I m one hour V» fatigrated with
moist'ire and verg
even in the weather.
The disease "e;rAn:to spread
over his bofly. estiu-iaily hi*
hands ana The
thumbs on both hij hands be
came stiff and as.useless as
two withered stieti of wood.
It would be us» iest for nie to
try to tell the sufferiDS this boy ei.d ir.-1. I t"ok
h.ou to two different doctors, bot'i gave i .m lots or
medicine, but all to no use. He ge v; worse. I
therefore despaired of ever having K m cured.
One dav I taw the great benefits promised to
who would u«e ft TICTBA RKMKUIK®. I went
ri«ht away to the Jru? srvie ana bouglS. them. I
mustconfe-s I hvl out Ittt'.e t'ai h ir. thsuL How
ever X u*ed tbem according to dire ti 1-is. an t to
day I say truthful y to ail the W.,TM. it'viiu wish to
punlisti it. that my sou is entirely c iS-d. thank
Oi>d and thanic the discoverers of Ot 11 j-m Kf«-
El»l rs. i hey cured him in !• >ur weens CH sound as
agolddoilar. JoIIN -A» vGrl,
Fish kill V illume, N. V.
Cuticura Eesolvent
The new Blood and Skin Pur;3*r. and
CUTICCHA, the sfreat Hk.n < ore. and -'UTICUHA.
SOAP, an exquisite "skin Beatitiiler. extirnaliv. ia.
stantly relieve and speedily cure v and
humor of tho skin, scalp and bloo ii w;tn loss of
hair, from Infancy to aye. from piiapi-s \i scrofula.
SOLD everywhere. I'rice, CI'TICDHA, S>»C. ; SOAP,
25c.; nesot.vcNT.fi. PIERARE i R>v thi I'OTTKS
Dsru AND * HKIIRCAI.CoRroRATtoi*, kost.m.
"How tot.'ure Skin !<isea»«-s. " 61
trations. and testimonials, mailed free 5
I>T \f i'l.E-s. black!iea>is, red. rouah. chapped
I»'l and lly skin cured L>y < rrirj-ws -OA K
ff fyar.d pains, back ach ■, n-.i kidneys,
and cliest r. Sieved
fcßKm in one minute by th-> f uticura
Antl-Palii Plaster. !"h« first ainl
' only instantaneous pain-kiUSi?piaster.
Resolutions Proposed to the
Chamber of Commerce.
Xo Be Started in a Short Time- -Senator
McCroslcey to Inspect Seattle'*
Elevator Facilities.
At the meeting of the trustees of the-Chamher
of Commerce yesterday a ietter was read from
the Houoluiu Chamber of Commerrn-j stating
that the proposed direct ly
steam with Seattle bss its wsrm approval and
that it had recommended the matter t<? the con
sideration of the Hawaiian government Mr.
Simpson, the projector of the line, reported
through President Gravos that he with
a cordial reception from business fcien and
officials in Honolulu and that tho char
tered would he put to ssrvies on the within
a short time.
A letter was received from Senator Jt. C. Mc-
of Whitman county, stating that he
would come to this cityjortiia purpose of in
specting the advantages of this port foe the loca
tion oi the lide water elevator of the farmers of
Eastern Washington at such time as should be
must convenient to the chamber, an* that he
would like to meet a committee of c;tizjus in
reference to the matter.
Maj. J. E. Hay den offered the following
resolution, which was.referred to a committee
coHsisting of Jacob Furth, Angus Mackintosh
aud A. P. Burwell:
WHKREAS, Seattle is in need of a sity hall
and tne Osborne estate holdSHn for the
city certain real property which may bi> sold for
the purpose of defraying one-half tli* cost of
such a hall; and ~
WHEKEAS, There is hardly in thr United
State's another city of the size, wealth ind busi
ne*s importance of Seattle which does not pos
sess a creditable municipal building: and
WHEREAS, The interests of >eattl« will be
greatly promoted thii year by the erection of a
Citv hail; be it therefore ;
JRttolved, That m the judgment of tha trustees
of tuo -tattle Chamber oi Commerce;the city
authorities should take immediate -steps to
utilize the Osborne gift by the construction of
a creditable building for municipal purposes.
Rrgolvci, I hat a enmmitt -e of lie ap
pointed to comer with the city authorities upon
this matter.
E H. Loyhel, H. M. Porter aud Cafet. F. A.
Hill appeared before the board, ami, alter stat
ing the prospects for tlio tinware manufactory
which they are organizing and the progress they
had made in obtaining subscripting to the
capital stock of the enterprise, asked that Secre
tary J. W. Dodge be instructed to assist hem m
organizing the company, which vra< granted.
Is It Worth
the Chance?
If you are sincere in ei-ccur
cging honest manufacturers in
giving you pure preparations
instesd of worthless on?s, at
fair instead of seemingly
cheap price, is it worts the
cn?.nce to purchase the
and one adulterated extracts
on the market instead of Dr.
Price's Delicious Flavoring
Extracts of Lemon, Orange,
Vanilla, etc., that impar; the
natural flavor of the fruity and
are endorsed for their parity,
strength and economy?
A trial of Dr. Price's Deli|ious
Flavoring Extracts will prove
a great movement toitirds
good eating, active digestion
and happy homes.
BY Alj S- I
In buying >
ask for the GERTS, LU.VBAFD & CO,
Chicago-Made Brushes, and insist oj* yet
ting them. See our name on the habile —
none other genuine, uur bru al-t the
Best !jade a "i Best Material
of any manufactured in this country.
(lerts, Lumbard & Co.,
11> j T
M|•| •< • •<; •
, - 11
| 11 j ;
*j*j* | • j •
Have you seen it ? If
not take the Grant Street
Electric Railway and
look at it, and I am
sure you will buy. Con
tract to grade the streets
i and lay sidewalks now
being let.
I 1 I
Will build you a house.
No grade taxes, no city !
" ' «/
taxes, and a street rail- !
way at your door.
Free Transportation
Title Perfect I
1 1 FRED E.
Yesler Avenue and Coi
meridl Street
ill 1 I*l * I I)
- ~ "
; r/^
i J L
I ' I
Nos. 717,719, 72 I and 723 Froat St.
Important Events This Day.
CJT f ) A large and elegant assortment of
UILIIO ( YARD j Figured India and Japanese Silks, re
duced from $1.25 and $1.50 to 50c a yard. Promptly on sale
at 9 o'clock.
J/0 (
ulljiik) ( YAKU j Colored Silk Rhadames, extra desirable
shades, reduced from $1.25 to 50c a yard.
1 Exquisite Patterns in Figured India
ulLliU \ YAKD j and Japanese Silks reduced from $2.50
to $1 a yard.
HIMFRfHIFR Fifty ozen handsome
UiiiiiJliLillt IllLl 0 \ BACH j embroidered and hemstitch
ed and embroidered and scalloped Handkerchiefs at the choice
price of iSc each. None of these Handkerchiefs have been
sold at less than 25c.
Special Sale Goods Ready at 9 O'clock,
Golden Rule Bazaar!
j j | i pi i i j T~ In order to make room for our immense line
; ! of Spring Goo<is, we have concluded to give our
i patrons the benefit of *2O per cent ofT on any
„ A ~ _ Roods in the house, excepting counter goods.
/II PL'U PEYT ACP /II This is one of the great events, so don't miss it.
uU ull TWENTY PER CENT OFF on all goods in our
j Crockery, Notion or Toy Departments. We do
. . __ not p oo j 3 up, but you will find the same
jj j ! I I ! I old price on them, and you get the benefit of
♦ • • E. LOBE CO. • • •
TCos. 006 to 012 F"ront Street.
COON BRAND, - 20G. OR 2.00 DOZ.
A M VHKMh vn.
J comer Tiurd aud Ma-Psoa Straet*.
Wee* commenclnir Monday, January 18.
i The Representative Comic Opera Organization,
; With a ttrnns cmt of principal*. rarofnlly
chorus au<: augmented orchestra.
An ent'.re change of oovei?te». Special W«<1n««-
I <1 nv anil Saturday n.a*..i:etf«. Price* an us-ial.
a ou* on sal*? at thvater kutan Telephone
! 80S.
O Ttnr»i au<l t berry itrwti
J©H* W. Hanna. Ui»cs»nii M»nifW.
TONIGHT! N "Wednesday, Jan. 181 rTON'IOHT!
! i.'sKJUi - -Mom., r
i ToNl'illT'i I-ast Appearance (.TU.NIOHT!
j IV I I MR. At" BR ICY BOl( H'AULT | | |:
I - ;
: And Company. TM» BtnagMl E'lt.
-l iiK i.Ai>v 'iv ly
With (<«t': nr.es, Scenery, P.tc,
POPULAR PHI Ks JT. \ r.rtc, Tsc aaJ #1.90.
fceft.s oi sai-. at i heater.
Saturday Mfifht, Jan. 21,
A Souvenir Medal *lll be presented
to each lady present.
Muve by Wigaer'i Mrst Kesiment liand.
May now b« had at rouius
John W. Manna, John F. < ordray,
Albert Hansen, Dr. J. P. !< \eeuejr,
Hon. Mayor J. T. Konnl/t.
MOHT FLr. .\ N n ■'S I 1 M fc—liold watch. P*».
s< u'ed I.y Al'ert H .insert.
Btfl «r«uiNKl» <IIARACTER Elegant
tolistset. Bv Lm*| riiarm»< r
>l* > . < inlK'M, ■ HARM i . P.— Haviiand <teo»>.
ra'.ed t> <udo:r tet. Hjr N hwlc, \V..<»drufT A Co.
< i K N'TLK > t K N»M.
M >- ' fLK.\ '• I < i < 1' I l.uarn Knti
hiiit hat itn 1 case. Bv «;old«:ein llat <o.
bkst -t stain j r> (n a u.vt i kr-vso boi*
que: cigars. By B. P. Uoldwaier.
>! "»I < » Hawaii r.it P.I- scant *>!, v
i:-a 1«-1 Milt uinr.rc;:v By tiolden l^L-Clothln*
I'INUT cnSTI'Mi -I- IM.-,tnt silver bucirte. By
Albert Hansen. MOS [ < ')MJ« AL CHARAO
I£K-I'J pomid# ?I>i» French candy, ily Htary.
no ym*.
K.'NMT ens ,tmi I sir v I I .bert i! 2 cal. rlfla.
By lla'iiy A Hall. M'iSi < O.MIC Vl. < H.*RA(V
TKK—l'Htr tine slippers. Ry chlcacro Shoe stor*.
fIR A NT> f PRKf.T PAR A !>P. In fa , v at
Mp, m., January »'l (Wiati.er [.errnltt rnf>. I r»l
fluor iiiaiiak' (, r i..miit • v-,t» r supper
served. < r aid • »>iw Llglit KIT«» t*. Prtzne
on exhibition in winii <>t u -UMttin llat it,
»ron: Htre«>!. between ('n.erry a:id < olnmbi*
i JCIt; fei.S < »!«' A IJMISSION{
I n Mm r* #1.09
A Faraoiw
French ('lief
Once wrots: "The very sou! of
cooking is the stoc<-pot, and the
finest stoclt-pot is
Extract of i'cef."
(s»ni»l«e ui»!y with
f / s} ■ - wtt* ißntatbli
1/J -fl /'i: Ir-mr. v 1 *w|
~ ■ «.-T . tCf
tJ eww aotf
iJ»ie k.>iahv%.

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