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Eastern Men Take Charge of
KJectric Railways.
J*ew Officers for tbe Coco! Hated Lines
-toil Kx press Paekaga
Hill at Spokane.
There St a n«« deal in tbe management of tbe
Seattle Ccnsoiit ated Street Company,
and one wfciclt may have a far-reaching in
fluence upon tb« street railway system of this
city. This company owns and operates tne
Seoond street e.» ctric line and its brancbe*. and
I* oaeof tbe raos t prosperous street railways in
the city. At tfc a annual stock holders' meeting,
held iast iio ndt .y, »a almost clean sweep w»s
made of tbe oi«l directors o'f tbe company, V,
Hugo rtaith bslx g tbe only one of tae old - ard
re-elected and th<>se retiring otmg L- H.GriStb,
JX T. Decoy, J F. Hale, J. E. pjrter, Gvorge
Kinnear, and JL C. Kilbourne. Tne new board
is composed of Jacob Furtb. Wiiliam I>- Wood,
F. T. Blunck,'of Dareopvrt, la.; V. Hugo Smith,
A. Dunn, F. Fonda, of .Ne* York city, and C. H.
Clark, of Kansas City.
Yesterday tbe trustees met and elected the
following officer*: President, F. T. Biunca;
vice president, /Mob Forth; secretary, V. H .go
Pmitb; treasurer, K. II- Spencer; auditor, A.
Dinn; iteneraJ euperintendent, C. fc. Clark.
Tbe offloe ol general manager las txseu
is.'.e 1.
Mr. B unck, th-5 new president, is a wealthy
capitalist of J>a*t ;nport, la., aud the iarKf'tia
diTidml stockbo.'der in tne company, ile ba»
ree.ded in Daret pc-rt for thirty five years and
was formerly mat a«c-r of a large flourlni* mill
th?re. He is a director In seTeral financial and
Ejan'ifacttirirjj? ins titutiona of that city and one
o' iti ;:j<.»st pror: inent citiz<n«. I -r sevcrai
months jiatt be £ai l>ten aojourning in Europe
with his fa.ally, aad be haa brought tbem with
hix-i to t. .s city. He wi;i remain here two or
three mouths and perhaps I'.urer F. Fonda,
one of trie new directors, ia a New Vork tanker.
i\ o. 4,iark is an expert electric railway man
% :.o comet here from K&nsas City, where be
was general superintendent of one of the street
railway systems of that city. He formerly held
a - lailor po?:t.on in Augusta, <m. He is an
p»rt riv.. electrician aal
enred s'rett railway manager, bwides be.ng a
gir'fi all-around bufiiie-* man. While Mr.
ar-cepu the jvisitioa erf genera' superintendent
of tiic Coaaoiidated company, his real misaion
here i» to nn--.e a>: «xtiert exam aation of the
eatire street railway situation in tais
city. No oth«r city .n the country
• of its sis* baa so large a street
railway mneage as Seattle. Iho num'w of
iniies - f «'ng!« trac* now r. mounts to llh, an 4
» -rernl ~i:-rision» are .n contemplation, a* well
a* <iijy i'unjney'fc ;»roposel new line to Wood
land par*. 1 ie result of build.ng so rnsny
lines is tnat none are earning dividends, while
severs! are r inning at a loss. The money in
vented in these roads is very largo'y local capi
ta:, and the situation it such that the investors
are unable to luiiie a turn of this rn nev nir aro
the street rail way securities avai able for b. r
rowing purposes. Mr. '"ark's task, study
ing the situation, will ba to suggeat some
method of operating the lines of tae various
companies in tMs city on a more economical
basis, with a view to getting matters in such
shape that outside capital will be interested in
these enterprise*, thereby releasing a great deal
o? iocsl capita', needed for investment in other
leal en let prises.
The old management of the Consolidated be
came weary ol trying to soive the problem. I*
li. Griffith. the l-.rrfest local stockholder, some
time ago tried to effect a consolidation of the
Varioua companies, but they could not agree
upon a satisfactory basis, and the matter was
dropped. The Eastern stockholders were then
invited to try the:r hand at managing the prop
erty, with the renUit stated. There has been no
change of ownership of the stock. Mr. Griffith
still retaining his holding-*, as do l>r. E. C. KU
bourne and others of the old board, some of
whom, however, held only nominal amounts ot
the stock.
Mr. Blunch said last night:
No, we do not Intend to make any radical
change m the policy of the company. We in
tend merely to find the most economical method
of operating our road, 1 here are so many dnss
hers mat tae business is very mueb cut up, and
if the policy of building more roads Ik continued
it must surely result in a deterioration of the
splendid street car service this <jty now enjoys.
There are more than enough luit-s here now,
and th»* city has enough street railway mileage
for a city of 4)0,000 inhabitant*. As far ai ex
tensions are concerned, we shall not make any
tb«t are not fully warranted by t m neeeaaitiea
of tbe situation. We have a franchise lor the
line from Fremont to Mallard, but F do not an JW
whether we shall build itor not yet.
Instead of Going to Arllngion, Kflievrd
to He Hound for Chirugo.
A package containing >490, which was deliv
ered lo the Northern Pacific Eipress Company
t>y a business msn ia this city ou Monday after
llOOH forshipmer.t to Arlington, has mysteriously
disappeared aud has thereby caused much per
turbation among the employes. It is not be
lieved to have 1-een stolen, but it Is tho :g..t to
have K'»ne by some mischance into the wrong
car and to b.' now on the way to Chicago.
The money, a.'lin bii»«, was received by one
of the e.erks In tae up town office, sealed in an
envelope an l sunt wah other matter V> this de
pot. Oliver .1 I.inumg, the agent at the depot,
»avs ltd J U'.'t v »m .• iat ■ h.s possession, aji 1 all
ira'-e ol it «.is ;o-t fr >m the time it iraa put
in the wa.-on to g > the depot. All the cletkj
have since t>e< n »«*ar":bing high and low for it,
but without success.
F. P. Harlow, the ag>.nt in this city, scouts
tae idea tat it has been stolen, and explain* its
«3i.-ap;>earan«~e t!:i:»:
1!.« package coming in late other f«ckages
were ; up-.it it w let! •• wax was »*..1 l wann
ai. lit •fi -st-> the under side of a *Chloago or
Otn ar Eastern MekS|S At the depot t.'iu
» 'sster hirtttar is iir»t » r;e«l out of the pile f..r
li e«ar \ tr i i;, sad t if money packages lor
Ka-t:iu • • }it a the through safe, then the
n.tltr ;-r In aa and -. it hern poiuta .s sorte i
Oat for UM ■ 1 > tram, and laat oi a.l the mailer
b>r the N >rin over t-.e Ut« shore road is sorted
Ottt. *«a fr the way
• ' ' <i b •p. Urt r litlngtoo could not ba
lowad aod tlMsupposition i» in a. it !s*t- : g •
sn'«l, t .n p.it-ssifi., :: it siurk to the bottom of
another portage •> and i»r tne East and is now
to tbe tbroagli sale, wbteh will not reach < :ii
«'•«? ' ' Friday, when we will iua.u whetuar
it la there or u-.t
Tim l«rea* Northfrn l'.irt* I.eave f«»r tlia
Coatt T (»« lay.
Jaa. I>. i~|-ee -ii. J President
H U - l«l i ir, en route to t*;e « oaat troiu .-t.
1 nui. arr vt-1 in ihi» «;tv iate tonight. Me«i i»
l'r-»:.ie.,i K.: , oi the <>* •»■ Northern, the party
c if .i'j H . W l» <>rover, jjonera. «u
--lfitor of thft.ri.it Norvaorn: I'yrua tteiUtij*
ton. of .-* i'»s:i, \>«kteru attorney <-1 the r<>ad;
N. I>. Miiier. » htof euK.u« -r; Johu ti. Mooro, of
the New Yora tati* c t uurt of Mooro A
»-i - h!c>: A ta':t«. >'■ • art:n>y & i {•:.«,
N s. .* \ » ;' r ->k»*r , », i .-irai mI. j i cy, fct'i rttt!.
o: tiie Mitiueap ».ia It »-t ' oi.i, a , K N . hoia,
(I New York, itcritny oi tlin liriif Nodhoni
rai ai 'i B'.'VETA. othtr SE::T .uuietl. f.:e
puty will nauia «v«r in ttie city (omortow,
lva> tnit tor the W e»t i'..' r*i» -.
The Spokane -a;?. "The jo.'.rner
t»» (icattte wai .-u ma te :n d» v .ij;ut, ttia train
Moppiof at nixht, a<!d arrivtcc at sea:t.« next
thu.i.tay. lie lr •*«.' act *» the l n
the *w iti h ac». ever the t'ascaOr. h. . .t ie ;u
lor tue largetl ahara oi attaatio.n 1: .» j,r~-
•licte.i that the wiilreutait. i i-eatt;.< t w >
«iav* t relnrntng t<> s»i>oaa:>e about t:»e m. tj.e of
iiaii mk
a Snmpluoui Coach.
V e comfort at:d ii.x :rv of r.-t; : roa 1 tr.■»ve,:; u
t« ijeitit; conatautly tn>*r«a<e»l. at' l the sic-i « i
r.t.iiv m th.s .i.reitiou fa» ot i nin.te by t. e
K rtbwe»tcrti l;sie by t ie construction of a
lianJ»on.t) rorap-trttii-ut a.ccfiuc car t;a u-.l
T:>E bienbenu. I*. :* the I >UK-.- B I i .tUman coach
In the wort.i, be ng *e>e:ttv x eet 'o:;g. k:; A
r.»*t O.T thr j ;ph t;.e ve-t:? i-e l
wa< the paaaeager eaters a paa»a»:cw*y,
•mi. tuT!.i»i({ M UM right, t;n la a cbtraiiai
U- t'it 'r »it'. * p ii*h car.vst. the -'o. >r whi h
bltn l* Wth tbat ott o Ptt uca ' t a.-h al.:e
it the pH.te a>aa* * .tidowa 4» a t iatered
ac it, a!t«l iheae can a! t; c-' t ho ti* ;*• rri.e i '.n a
r. e I: to a it i li. a«• ruer i» a ii nhitiet
»i-t with tn i rora, *uit a • at a ha> ,e Irowi a
111 a: J rcvea a a Ti!i»ri w.th all
♦• et »|»piia.)Cea • lit tlit an>t tilt" «at»r
•a- ai«a, and U.e «« n»t re'urua to lia ordinal
» the va Ur i oihii, .» a pow-.riui pa»
r ! ,ai) iv -:t-r, vi ho h j. vma >.ui.laut Jht t. r r• -• 1 ■
lug, aaU ;!.• »a.-i ate CK>te:ed wttli a deucata
fcrc-"»cSe-S plash. each room be.og of a different
color. Tn.scar maie Its original tr.p on tfis
nigat of Jta uary 6 to Cbicass.
Telephone OfStikil on t Tour.
A party of to.epbose cf!l ..a.». consstiag of
John J. -atm. prnUent c; tee Tele
phone Company, of Saa Francisco: Jona L*»-
renre, geoera> snp«r:nttn Jent o: the same com
pany at Portiaod; J. H. Thatcher, runszer of
tie Or*?:-a 7e.»rh">ne C: mtsny at Port.and;
' H. Hopkins. general manager of Use in'snd
Telepkots Company at Spokane, ws-e .a tae
ety y ester isv oa a flying trip cf iotpKUOo.
They a-r vsd rare in tne morning and want on
to fnonamith and Everett, ret-ran r nere in tie
evening and tr.icicrdiancr at tne R« n:»r w::a
A. at C ark, manager o: tie ©unset Teiaphon©
and Te-egraph Cvmpeny here. Ihey 2eft for
Portland oa tne evening traiu. Mr. C.ark sail
tier *eemed to be very well pleaded with tna
coniit.oa in w.nlcn they fo ;nd erervth a?, c it
he did not ka'i» just their conclusions
wcuid ne untii tney seat out tbe.r report
The Heading Investigation.
Wa'hijgtos 41rr, Jan. 18 The unanimous
report of the i"pec.a. conn ".ea of tne hou«e
w.ica iii Test.pate 1 the c«a. corsbi .e
was submitted to the ho':*e today. It lecotn
moods a« a nseans of protecting independent
coai operator* ega.nst diacrimination that aa
Interstate cos meres .aw amendment be paanei
to meet the effect of the Greabam and Couase.*
man dcc.iioa'. and that tne long and snort haul
c;au*e» be m«da a:>pi.cable to ra:lroad»
form connecting lines. Tne committee was not
prepared to giTe an opinion as to tne .lability of
the roads investigated to punishment uader the
provisions of the anti-trust law, out feels justi
fied m saying that tae farts disclosed merit tbe
full consideration o; the .aw officers of t:.e gov
Effect of (lie Great Northern.
The New York Mail aid Krp'ftt sars: "The
completion of the Oreat Nortnern rai.road to ita
termiuus at Seattle mak»i» anew through
line 'lir-.ctly irom rt. Psnl to the Pacific coast,
wit:. u« terminus at tae great seaport city of
the Evergreen state. Tnis means much for the
Pacific C'.ast and j<arti«Miieriy for Seattle. There
are thofcc who predict for this city apeedy
rivslry cot oa.v with Portland, but also with
San I-ratiri»f-o itself. -TheGreat Northern now
proposes to ertabi:s!i a line of steamer* across
the ocean from Seattle, fcest of ali, the new
liae means a most apgnt*iv« and active com
petitor with the Canadian Pacific."
The Tiipels Arrives From Alaska.
Steamer City of Topeaa arrived in port from
Alaska last mg.it one day ahead of tine, she
brought no new* of special interest, but a p ea«-
ant trip wa< reported. Ihe weather was very
fair whea she !e:t up there. Bae had but little
freight. Among her passengers were Capt.
Msynard,of the United e tales steamer P.nta,
ana Collector of Customs Hatch, both on their
way to Washington ti'.y; Thomas Newell, the
J menu tn mng sing, aad bis family; J. J. Mc
'•ratb, proprietor o: the leading hotel in Juneau;
J«r I'Cktr, a merchant of Juneau, an J Capt.
Brighton, of Killisnoo.
I.ower Katxi on Furniture.
Ine Northern Pacific has issued a circular
stating that, taking effect on January '£•>, the
terminal commodity rates on unfinished
furniture a-! from machine or bench, uuuuished
in the white, would he reduced as follows:
Irom New York, from 11.4 > to f1.23; from Pitts
burg, from J1.38 to $1.17, from Detroit and Cin
cinnati, from fI.DO to si. 11; from Chicago, from
11.25 to 11.0 ft, irom Mississippi river, from $1.20
to s!.<>.•; iroxu Missouri river, from 11.13 to »
A I'ort Orchard Ktramer I.ine.
1 armiA, Jan. I"*.—[Special.]—Barlow & Co. ex
pect to commence active work on tne Port
Orchard dry dock ab<>ut February L Today the
steamboat line which will be operated in con
nection with this work, touching at Seattle,
Everett and Tacoma, was incorporated aa the
1 acomaT'ort Orchard Navigation Company, by
Byron i'.ariow, C. ». Burlow, L. K.
y> iliiam Abt> >tt and V\. (~ Rowland as trustees.
The capital sio< k is
liaiiroad Fouling Provision Kfjected.
IBHTNIJTON i'TTY, Jan. .v--The senate .iiter
st "te commerce committee, by a vote of six to
five, rejected the ranroad pooling provision of
the Cudom bill, and wi.l report the bill thus
Passenger l.ists.
KI.USTON. Mont., Jan. Is.—[cpecia!.]—North
ern i'acihc tram No. 1 ha» these passengers:
Mri John Murphy, William ftimmason, Mrs.
Cliunimon aud aursv, Mrs I. K." I*. Miliar and
child, Mrs. C. A. Br.»a.u water. Miss WilUen
liroaiwater, S. A. Ciilbcrtson and ivife, Mrs.
J. F auc.s Murphy, M ss Addie M irphv, L \V.
Peas, J. L Magee, E. liv .ms and wile, J. ii Per
kins aud iorty-twose: md-class.
Shipping Intelligence.
TATOOSH. Jan. 1« —"> p rn.—Cloudy; brisk
east wind. Passed in—tr K»w en aw, at 3 p. m.;
bark in t.>w of the Discovery, at 4 p. m.; a
schooner b.?ating in: shin Alex. G.hsou, British,
flying numbers M. D. J. R.; another ship and a
schooner a;e outs.de bound in.
N y. AH BAY. Jan. —.j p. m.—Cloudy; light
east wind.
EAST ( LALLAM. Jan. IS.—3 p. m.— Cloudy;
ligrit east wind.
PYPHT, Jan. 18.—5 p. m.— Cloudy; light east
PORT CRESCENT, Jan. 18.— 5 p. m.—Cloudy;
light southwest wind.
PORT AN<IE:.KS, Jan. IS.— 5 p. m.—Cloudy;
uorthesst w:nd.
TOWSSESD, JstL I*^. —[.Special.]—Arrived
Br sh Formosa, seven days from Snn F'rancisco
for Whatcom, to load lumber for West coast.
sh C. F seven days from San Fran-
Cisco. at Coinox, to load coal for San Pedro.
>ai ed—Br sh British Commodore, from Ts-
Ciiina, for K.irope, losded with wheat.
\ ANcorvKu, B. (~ Jan. I^.—The Empress of
Japan arrived from Hongkong and Yokohama
at 9 o'clock this morning, with eighteen saloon
p issencers. 120 Chlne«e, forty-five of mail
and 2,list tons of cargo. Including 51'1 bales of
silk. She left Hongkong on December 23,
Shanghai at 3 a. m. on the 31st and Yokohama
on January f. at ;» p. m.: arrived at Victoria on
January 17 at 4p. m., and at Vancouver a: 9 a
m. on the Wh. Fine weather prevailed and the
trip wa* uneventful.
FRASCIOCO. Jan. IS.—Arrived—Str Sco*
tia, for'iray's harbor. Cleared—*»tr Rica,
for Nmsiuio. Departed— itr Willamette Val
ley, inr VfKjuiua 1 ay.
IIZARI», Ja a. IS.—Swibert, Philadelphia for
I'FN'iA, Jan. I*. Columbia. New Yoric.
FRFMKN, Jan. IS. 1I?1 igo'.and, HH timore.
Boamjt, Jan. I*.—Sbufconmoia, Hamburg.
ORK, Jaa. I*\ Majestic and
1. vtTj-oo!; Anchona, (Wa-pow
F'camer Fatrhaven went over to Port Blakeley
w.th .«>) «acka of potato-.*.
Weather forecast for twenty-fonr hours from $
iastiven ncr Ka:r; slightly warmer.
steamer Henry lUiley will prob&h y t>e taken
off the waya today and will be placed m the
; Miohotnish route .-it oac..\
j Following i» the re.ult of Alphcua Byem'
. loca: ueather observat. us f<>r the twenty !our
| hotiri prcclme .> ci'i\nrt la-t even in.: Max.*
' intan temperature, ut.nim.im. mean.
I raiuia'.i. Is. clear weather.
tint, frrvik i" ; «. tar.a* K-vea up command
jvt io ti.; B i -liter ;Him .ti ;.«T for ncar.y three
i ycara. He 0 >e> r>: ±u- w w:iat i«>!»t he wiu
j t.ikii charge of now. but ho Wii, undoubtedly be
j t«i .e b'.it a abort t n.v. j«»r r.e ;s rt r Ha one
o the beet tuttin.at tap: » na -n the > uud
Itiqniiy for a Mfaatug Man.
'' Toiler Hortou ye»te;-l-«v alter:t-mu received
! a tatter from D. 1- *m;th, of Fourteenth
*'.r.«!-t. W*Bi Or, inquiring the whereabout* of
'<"> .nm i Jt»»epb. whit wan iut h«*»r lof in
Uoßialea, tut.. November u.i» -■>. it \% att >-
he o lu■ .'.tie<i * .'.rale. t'-:t thv search i.'r
h« b -dv haa *«> ar proten utiaueceaafnl. He *
r:i e i a» * x teet t . about u.i year*,
ti.trk c«oup *xi. n atvi t . >%»: i timr, »iar* eve«,
o; <j ;r >ut tooth iui*»!tic, tu i or threeVarsoa
| :•» s'k o: hea.i l'he reior is o the c iroaer •» v
j tiavo c-een exa mined, bot re\ea. uo informal.on
ui to aucn a Titan.
Etftilnf Train «>n t.reat Northern.
i Vnd train daily, except Sunday, for po:ntt
In rib, at " p. t;» Paaaetigcr coach oa th:s
train P.t». on cattle a:i-i Kv«r«.:t.
11l I *<.♦.!
A i k!• a 1 '> t ... .he liiiu;o, M.'.-
i ; .lit .v >*. < * r* .%av *ihe\au 1 x
| Ci.rslv-a rate« to the \\ < r 1 > 'a r.
j l»r. J t ::c*".e J-<r>l*o •»» r vtvj f--;n the
| Tea r rwHtaw to Nile Itrpoait .. Ine
Unitpv '" ' tu *
Hi Ulily T - vv. Forhrtr/l,
boitom £.Oii* JcUpnom& j.
Prohis Tired of Being Called a
One-Idea Party.
The State Alliance Discmses Ita Great
Paat—Liberal as tbe Populists—
Anxious for an Organ.
The annua! meeting of the Washington St&'e
Prohibition A .:ance convened .a
Plyraouta Coneregat-onal cnuteh. B-i'.weea
thirty aud forty de.agates were present and har
mony wa* the order o! tne day. Resolutions
were adeptel ex;:e»»:ag the opinion that tr.e
nante I'rin.b t.oa ;» cot a good one to cater.
T V.ea. ani that the party baoull hare a us..y
After prayer by E. T. Eixa-ds. of the
Centralis Baptistco.leg?, Hon. Rjzer.-l Grceae,
presidest of the a.;:auc-e. del. verei a short a
dr>*s, review r.g the wnri done dur.ng the r*.«t
y.-tr. an 1 urging a eont.nuance o! unite! effort
in furtherance of the aims of theorganixattos.
The report of tha ?iaeral agent and «tete
treasurer. Rev. E. B. e jtioa, wa- read and re
ferred to an auditing commute consisting of
W. H. Seymour, Mi*s Lucy Pratt and Rev. K. T.
Bunnell. The Snanc.al part of it reads:
Tae cash receipts for the year from ail sources
w?re as !o lows:
Payments on o.d stock notes 11, 50
On new stock .old 942 V)
Lu.iectioas, coatrihutioas, etc. •%> 47
Total cash receive! -tT
While tbe *xt>e:;«e bas been Oi this
sll6 is for Isadrrit sent cut two years ago that
remained unj ai l. We add as f'»r tne year
tbe fi j f.-i tew r o .>• to the (HM ca- . on
new eto-"k. and $1,568.*i0 on old sto ri. and $-liO 17
Ci «.h bv coilectio: s. and find t-ral re"eipt> to be
f total expense-", J*.|.;T.C: ba.ance in
favor o: the a»9oc at;oa of f->r the v-ar.
1 bcrv wa* a deficit oi tor 1 4 91, which re*
ma us unpaid.
Rev. R.r heri Bushel! then offered the 'ollcw
ing resolution, prefacing it with remarks very
complimentary to Rev. Mr. Sutton:
WHEREAS. Tne Rev. E. B. Sutton, stfttesgent
of th.s a...aace, hav ug during t:.e pa*t f'.ur
years by ni* untiring zeal, energy and ability
demonstrated bis especial fitness for tae posi
tion: be it therefore
liftoivd, TLat we hereby express our spnre
ctat.on oi hi:n and his service* by respectfully
requesting tbe board of directors of thi* alliance
to re-enga<t* him aa state agent, relieving surh
a course will bea advance the principles of
prohibition and the geaerai interests of tnis al
liance thougbout the state.
The resolution was seconded by Rev. l>r. Bag
ley «nd C. A. Salyer and adopted unanimously.
Jonas Busnell, C. A. tialyer and Mr*. Winslow
Lotka were appointed a committee on resoiu
The alliance then proceeded to the election of
officers lor the ensuing year, uud those serving
la-st year were unanimously re-elected, as fol
President, Hon. Roger S. Greene, of King
county; secretrry. H. N. Belt, of bposane: treas
urer, Everett .Smith, oi King; attorney, C. A.
ha Iyer, of Kine: board of director*, Jonas
Bushel, of King; Rev. J. Chaplin, of Thurston;
'•eorge W. Stewart, of Lrwis; John Robin, of
Cowlitz; Charles Gjddurd, of Clark; J. J. Ash
by, of Garfield; Rev. W. .S. Taylor, of Pierce;
Rev. Daniel Bugley, of King; Myron E. Car.ey,
of Whitman.
Rev. iUniel B«g;ey, Rev. Richard Bushel and
Mri<. Isabel singleton were appolntel a com
mittee to recommend names for vice presidents.
The committee submitted the following reso
; lu'.ions without recommendation, wcich were
presented by Rev. E. T. Trimble, of Centralis,
ion behaif of the tneaibirs of Centra!ia Woman's
j Christian Temperance Union, Centralis Young
Women's Christian Temperance Union, Cea
i trali* Lodge ol Independent Order of Good
S Templars, No. 22, and Centralia Prohibition
! C ub ;ii mass-meeting assembled:
Resolved, That we recommend the adoption of
some p.iin by which ail temperance orgatuzi
tions may be united in the worn. By this - .ve
do not mean the disbanding of anv organizi
tioa nor a change of work of any, but that there
maybe such a union formed a* sha 1 make of
the various organizations a united whole and
yet miiiiitsin the indiv.d>iai existence of eacn,
a union making of th« d fferent cort>s a com
pact army, the united strength of which may be
burled araiu'tl tha enemy.
ll'folvd. That it is our conviction that the
term r-»?ii »>ias applied to a political
; party s unfortunate, and we ask that ail Oi gani
! zations :or the adva 1 c.-ment of prohibition ex-
I preis t en»«e!ves on this subject.
I UmiV'l, l hat in our opiu.on the greatest need
' of tue probioitiou itauie in t! ii sta'o is a news-
I P per printed in th>. state and having a state cir
j culation, a paper that shall be in every sense a
i n< w-pa;-er, iiid hav j to the prohibition cause a
; « milar relation and give »u: port to
; tiiat of the principal t-'/litical pavers to the par
| ties they represent Jt is our opi io:i that the
estabiisnmetit of such an orsau la possible, and
i that the ert'ort should he made as soon as po.-si
; ble.
The indorsement of the re>olutions was dis
i cussed, each being considered separately. Rev.
! Mr. Titrable, A! Central a, wno presented them,
! advocated their adoption. W 4 th resr ird to
j changing the name of the Prohibition party, be
j sa.d he h.id b en a candidate lor judge in bis
j county, and h.s experience during the last cam
| paign was that the title of the party gave people
i unacquainted with its platform the idea that it
i was a partv with one idea—prohibition—and
' not broa 1 enough in its princip e> for a political
j organization. A large part of the campaign had
i been spent in trying to convince the people that
this was a mistake and that the party p!at:orm
! covered all the reform pnuciplas of tne People's
I party, and more too.
Var.ous amendments ware offered without be
i ing seconded, until Rvv. E. B. Sutton moved to
! substitute the word unfavorable for the word
unfortunate, which was carried.
With regard to the newspaper resolution, 11. E.
Kelsey, Jonas Bushell and Rev. Richard Bush
el! said that the idea of establishing a daily pa
per to advocate the Prohibition a use was imprac
ttcable.altnough it was certainly very desirable,
j Mr. Kelsey said be was often offended by the
sentiments of the secular press, but we must
i huve the news, and the best newspapers were
j the very ones which expressed these hostile
• sentiments.
| Rev. Mr. Trimble urged the great necessity of
i such an organ. During tbe last campaign the
| party had no means of reaching the voters or of
refu'ing the slanders of the opposition press.
| He had always impressed upon young people
j that they should read the pai.y papers a:.d aeep
| abreast of the t me.», but these very papers c >:i d
i not oe taken iuto aCnr.stian boufeao.d with >ut
! great danger of contaminnt tig the morals of the
young, lie considered that the secular pre»s
was subsidized by tne enemy.
All three resolutions were, however, finally
! endorsed and the toliowing were also adopted:
MHKKESS, Wt believe in the mo?t perieet
unity of ar ion between ail wno are interested
I in the prohibition »i the liquor tr<.ihf; there
li-at we mv.te and urge the coatin
-I'i iii -u rat.on of eih force now in the fie.d
a 1 d ! • ti.s' en i we suggest a meeting of the rep
: r-'scntativen of the two «tato unions of tiie
Woin-ti' < iristiaa Temfn :ance l.*ai«n. the
j grand lodge of th« Independent • »rder of Good
lam jars, the state central committee o: the
l'ri'i... .* on \ .ii.nce, in order *o i ./iiiji-'r a p>.*r
fett unity ol actum aud effort ia the campaign
RiM' -ni, 1 ::st we leman 1 of the legislature
i;o» m a the rep ml of the present ..ce.i-e
taw : t..e enactment ol a »tate proiiibi
tlo>; a.V
li- o . • '.l, rhet wo giv* to the president and
b >ai.. i ."e. to.s a vote o; that. w« fjr tueir ev
i artf'i . iard.tiK' of the interests oi o.ir as
• a : . ."i .he past >ear.
j Beso'wti, i hat we hereby tender to our hon
°r •: - - : »:v. H N. Beit, our heartfelt sympa
thy in his o>ss o: tMMsltn, and earnestly hope and
p:ay that he nay .;a?f r. f ... and speedy reoov
i er''
h <■'<■■■{ lhat we untie ii: a<-k ng Prof. Trm
-1 «pd present to ia this evening hie
p.nip li.itea.i ti.e torceaid oir cause in t..e
/>.,) 1 ast the president and two members
of tin b a.-: ol directors be authorised to traoe
; act the t tisiso«e ol the ass iation, subject to
lire approval of the bourd of nrectors.
Ihe meeting then took & re ess until 7.30 p.
m . when H H. Kelsey occupied t.e chair. The
n p rts and accounts were found correct. The
■ • >:ni . ttee on nomi .alio ,s tor vise presidents
rifed the i.utowing nanus o: c.sud.oates,who
were chosen
K U Hidden, John Briscoe, Christ Carl-oti. A.
|' : ders, a F .raw. K. v. lireea. F. Fran< e.
} I) W Height, a K. F.«ig, ii. Darby, J Red
j ne.d and i. \ H rnethy
Tin* It row cry I'csl (omuinimtrd,
1 e of ail three of t;.e farmer hrew
i ig c :apai;:es :a the city w»s vt»;erday trans
'rrritd n t.* t* >eatt.e »i:d Malting C*».a
, psmy. the soaps orranised for the eonsoUda
! tn l i ! the t rewery ate rest* ,-i t:.e city. The
• ons.derations, or, mora properly, thesppraised
vs.ncs at w hicn the propertt s >»<. re lurne 1 over
* t..v ■ : so.uated * ■ :ui any. were Bay View
i < " ii-ii >'ti.|>aii;. J i atisscii-sweeuey
| ■■ i » ■i i ft:.; ii), 1.. i, u Albert Bra .n Brew
- s'sny, f * tA.. ILe dejd» were h.ed .a
the auditor a office.
Highest of all in Leavening Power — Latest U. S. Gov't Report
Kansas Legislative Deadlock to
Be Settled in Court.
Bat He Had to Buy a Popicllst Vote—
Brewer Mnrphy Elected —Mitchell
Ahead in Witconsiji.
To TT%k, Jan. 15.—The Populist* hare finally
decided to submit tie question oi tSie legality of
tae Populist bouse or/aaiait.on t.the supreme
court To th;s end the senate today
passed and seat to the fa >u& tue l--g
--iaiatire appropriation biiU The house will
pass it and the governor will fciijn- it. Tbe Ke
pubiicini will enjoin the treasurer from
making Bny payment# under; it, on the
ground that the Lili was no; fuis >ed ty
a iegaliy constitute 1 boass. Thus the
matter will Knaiiy get into court. The
two houi*e* are still meeting a opposite sides
of the nail, transacting consi uerso.e business
without interference with each otr-er, and .ate
this afternoon adjourned till- tomorrow,
business :a the senate is prac-:icaUy at a
standstill. GOT. Leweiliag fb aftarnoon
banded to an Aa*>c.iit> d i're-.s .eutative a
long statement giving nis reason recognii
ing the Populist home. it is that he be.ieved
tbe Populist house was legally organised and
the Republican house illegally (state
ment* are quoted as precedent* for tbe action.
Tae Republican members of tt:« legi-lature
met tonight. Aba lot WM twkoi; for United
states senator aai requited: ii -tiop Perkins,
the present >n:umbeut, 3J: Joseph W. Ady, 5);
Lueiea Park-jr, state senator, lj; no choice.
Anothe caucus will be held tomorrow night.
A Populist Sella His Vote *»rid Is Ex
posed by a Fellow Mtijiber.
Sacramento, Jan. 1». —Stephen M. White, of
L>s Angeles, was e.ected United States senator
today by the legislature by a lasy.ritv of two
votes. The two houses oi the leg.feature met in
joint tea-don shortly after 2 o'cir-ck. Then it
was discovered that McGowan, Republican as
semblyman from San Francisco, was m.smug.
The Republicans tried to delay t. c proceedings
until McGowan could be found a:«i brought in,
but were unsuccessful and the v :-te proceeded
without McGowan's absence being exp a.ned.
The Democrats, who had a totif of 59 votes,
voted soiidiv for White, as did Burse. n .n-parti
san, and Kiwns, Populist Tn.a esve White
the necessary S;Xty-one votes, but Breiz. Popu
iist from Alatneda, interrupted th-c count aad
created great exc.tement by c-jar:rin.f that
Reams' vote lor Wh te had been ~ bougnt aud
that Marion Cannon, Populist an-d Damociatic
congressman from the tixth district, had
bought it. Cannon, who was present, hotly
denied the charge anl called Bret-: a .iar. The
greatest confusion ensued, but 'ifter a time the
result of The vote was officially announced, as
follows: Totai ballots < t-.st, l»i>: to a
cnoice, GO; White, 61; Perkins, Rari., 12: Felton,
Rep., 11; Lard. Rep., 9; Widney, Fferp., 6; ('ator.
Pop., 7; Franks, Rep., 3; t -tee, Rap., 1; Reed,
Rep., ?; Preston. Rep., 1. Carlson &i San l>ie?o,
independent, votea lor Reed.
Bretz wan caLe i before the bar of the house
and his charges taken down in vcriting by the
chairman. White was then declared elected
United states senator and was esc£>rte J to the
platform, where he made a sueech. He referred
t > the charge male ty Bretz tbaj the Kearns
vote had been bought, aad s»:d so 7 far as it re
ferred to him elf ir was an unmitigated false
hood. He indorsed Kearns aad Cannon as men
of probity. White ?-aid the day ha J cocie for the
election of a senator by the people, and said he
would favor the enforcement of contracts by
transcontinental railway companies to the gov
ernment. He -a:d he would do his test |o carry
out the prineip.es oi the Democratic national
platform. After White's speech both houses
The >orth Dakota Senatorial Deadlock.
BifiMAJtrK. N. D., Jan. It—The j >;nt ballot for
United states (-euator today remised: Woerst
13, Casev 11, Kingman 8, smith S, Anderson 0,
Koche 24. Mnir IT, Satterlund 3, <jliver L On
the oenate roli-call White received IS, Felton 7,
Perkin« fi, WiiJney 2, Reed 2. Bard t Fran* L
The balloting continued. The third ballot re
sulted: Woerst 12, Ci-ey 12, Kingsian 7, smith
8. Anderson 10. Roche 23, Muir 23, -atterlund 3,
O iver 3. Roche is the Democratic iiominee and
Muir the Populist. Adjourned.
The Wyoming Governorship.
Cheyenne, Wyo., Jan. 18.—The'rival claims
of Secretary of State Barber, acting governor,
an l John E. Osborne, elected governor in No
vember, who went through t're fo:-n of qualify
ing and forcibly entered the stnte house on
December 2, has been passed en by the state
suprome court. It hold* that unier the provi
sions of the constitution Osbor?.e could not
qualify tin til the first Monday in January,
therefore. Barber was the legal gujeraor up to
that time.
The Nebraska Deadlock Continues.
Lincoln, Neb., Jan. 17.— When tfje legislature
met at 1100:1 in joint session to for United
-tates senator a hot partisan fight mrose over the
ruies governing the joint session. The trouble
finally eud.-land a ballot wis taken, with the
following result: Paddock. Kejrib.icaa, 33;
Towers, Popu ist, 2S; others scattering.
Senator Davis Ke-fclooted.
St Patl, Minn., Jan. Is.— Ser.aUjr C. K. Davis
was re-elected in joint session by t.';e legislature
today. D»v!* secure 1 blare-election t,y a bare
majority, having to votes out of the lt>» cast.
1/iwler, Democr it, had 49; Owen, Populist, 2J;
othets scattering.
The Wyoming Sen at o r»hl p.
Cheyenne. Jan. IS.—ln the senatorial contest
another combination has been i rmed. The
!.ve I'opull-ts now have a senatorial candidate
o: their own, William Brown. ->f Sneridaa
county, en out-and-out Democrat.
Senator <Juay lle-eleoiect.
Harrisri hg, Jan. is.—The two; branches of
the legislature met in joint set>sn si at noon to
rt a v arid formally ratified the e t t:ya ot senator
Q lay to succeed Mm-eif from Ma:-'h 4 next.
Senator < ockrell He-elected.
.'SFKERSON *. ity, Mo., Jan. Is — tn joiut ses
sion today tne legislature re-elected .• as
Cuited .-states senator by a total o: ICAJ to i 0 for
lii.ey, Republican.
>enator Hate Ke-Kleried.
Nashville. lean., Jan. Is. —in the joint
session ot tae legislature today t e re-election of
I nited states senator hate -tormal.y vie
For the Admission of I'tah.
Washington City, Jan. It—The-house com
••i c.n .-rr 'or e . «:t'- t v;-.r .•». »ias
Tbc only I'ure Cream i i Tartar Powder.—No Ammonia; No Alata.
Used in Millions of Homes—40 Years the Standards
0.-dereJ a :avor»b.e report on the bil'. eriabl.ng
Utah to form a constitution and «tate govern
ment an J ;o cs admittei law the Union.
Senator Hal*- Ue-elocted.
ACGC*TA, Me., Jan. IS.—-The election of Ea
;esr Hue to th* United state was oocSrmei .a
joint session 01 the legit atnre today.
Senator Hawley Ka-elect«d
HAP.TTO&D, Jan. 18 —ln Joint »ession TBE leg
i*;atu-e confirmed the election of Jotepi II aw
ley to the United states senate.
Brewer Mnrphy Elected Senator.
ALBANY, Jan. I<>.— Tbe LEGISLATURE in joint
session t-day lorma Iy eiected Edward Murpby,
jr.. United stttes senator.
Henry Cabot Lodge Elected Senator.
BOSTON, Jin. 18. —The legislature ;n joint ses
sion to.:ay formally elected Henry Lodge
United states senator.
Senator Mockbridge Ke-Elected.
LANSING. Mich., Jan. IX— The legislature ia
Joint session t day re-elected United state* sen
ator stoesbridge.
Senator Turple Re-Klected.
INDIANAPOLIS, lnd.\ Jan. I*.—The legislature
in joint sess.on today re-elected senator Turpie.
Tlie Montana Drsiilork Continues.
HELKNA, Moat., Jan. 14—There was no
change in the senatorial rote today.
The South tnl.
The south end of the city <eems to be taking a
new start,ia prosperity with the beginning of
the new year. The building activity is ruarkel;
new buildings are springing up on every hand.
The Reliaace Loan and Trust Company hare
made a sale of S-^,o>> worth of property in River
Park, which w9 understand i* made by Eastern
parties for an investment. A new shingle aud
sawmill has already commenced operations in
River Park, and the Duwamish Mi.l Company,
in Georgerown, is v»ry materially enlarging ita
capacity in order to supply the increasing de
mand of trade. The>-e mills are both located on
the Duwamlsb river, and are but the fore
runners of the vast manufacturing interests
that will in co distant day crowd the banks of
this river.
The State Labor Cougreas.
The Western Central Labor Union ne!d a brief
ses-ion last evening aud admitted de'egates
frira the stonecutters' Union. This is the first
time the stonecutter-! were represented in the
Central for ever two years. The delegate* from
the different unions retorted adversely ou the
proposition to send a delegation from each
union to a iabor congress to be held at Olympia
during the *ess.on of the legislature, as the gen
eral opinion was that the expense would be too
great. The idea of a representative meeting was
concurred in, but it was thought that not more
than four or live delegates from all the labor or
ganizations in the city would oe n . ceSsary. All
the unions could act in conjunction ia the se
lection of them.
Roicoe Warned Awitv From Snohomish.
Capt. J. H. Irvine, oJ Stauwood, was at the
Arlington la-t night on his way to Eiiengburg.
He had just learned of the action o: Representa
tive Kosc/0.-, or Snohomish county, in changing
his vote to Turner, and was so filled with in
aignati< n that he sent the following dispatch to
him: "if you don't stand by Alien, In my
opinion you can go East instead of coming tack
to Snohomish." '-He knows that nine-tenths of
the people oi Snoh-imisa county want Ailen re
e.ected," said Capt. Irvine, ' aud his desertion
oi Aiiea's cause is simp.y betraying the trust
confided in him by the people of our county. I
have a good mind to go over to Olympia myself
and do what I can to offset Ro-coe's desertion."
Knights Templar conclave tonight
T wo homestead an ! one cash entries were filed
at the United states land office yesterday.
Eleven davs more for cheap stoves at removal
sale. Loyhed Tinware ManufacturingComt-any.
Char.es O'Br.en was fined $•») in the municipal
court yesterday for ttealing an overcoat from
M. Cohn, en J -tckson street
Wor 1 w*s received in this city yesterday of
the serious il.ness of ex-Police Lieutenant Phil
Sullivan in Denver, Cola
Mike Foley ww arrested by Detective George
Cave yesterday afternoon on suspicion of steal
ing a cold glove buttoner that he was trying to
sell for "5 ceuU, whereas the real value is sev
eral dollars.
J. P. McCioud, the Lake Shore brakemaa who
was hurt at Boulevard Tuesday night, was
operated Ufon at Providence hospital yesterday
afternoon. The third and little toes of his left
foot were amputated.
Marriage certificates were issued yesterday for
Eric E. sjoland aud Treene V. Lindfors, of Se
attle; Wiil.am H. Overlock and Bertha M. Cox,
of Kent: Thomas 1. Peterson and Nicolini Mad
sen, John Cupecci and Clotiide Quagliotti, all of
The Sreboat made a run to West Seattle Tues
day morning ana put out a fire in an Indian
shack. The fog made it impossible to see the
character of the tire, and it was thought for a
time that it might be oue of the steamers tied up
at West seattie.
John Rob.Ttson was trying to sell a jack
plaae and a monkey wrench yesterday on Niuth
street, when Officer J. S. Slater asked him to ac
count for their possession. He failed, aud said:
••You might as well take me ia charge." The
otlieer complied, and he will be arraigned in tae
municipal court today.
R. B. Robertson is charged by Theodore R.
Neednam betore Justice t aldweli with selling
him his stock of tea at 417 Pike street when it
was subject to a mortgage, a ba:ance of $145
being due the Filkins Banking Company. Need
ham disclaims knowledge of the mortgage, but
Roberuon claims the sale was subject to it.
JuJga W. G. Bond returned from Olympia
Mr. aiid Mr*. I. N. Muwtll, of Whatcom, are
gue*ts of the Grand.
Capt. J. H. Thomas, or North Yakima, is a
guest at the Arlington.
Joseph Sweeney, of Friday Harbor, registered
yesterday at tlie Duler.
C'apr. J. H. Irv.ue ;* stopping at the Arlingtou
oa ais way to Ellenabnrg.
Mr. ar.d Mrs. W. I. Jiraeton, of Port Gamble,
registered tt tne Arlington.
(.apt. John B Lib bey. of Port Townsend, was
at the Occi lentai yesterday.
E. T. Young came over from Oiympia yester
da> and is stopping at the DiUer.
Mr. Wallace Mount aud Mr. Fred Jenkins, of
Spragie, Wash., were in the city Wednesday.
Chester Edwards, of spokane, came up from
O.y mpia yesterday aad is stopping at the Grand.
Mr. and Mrs. E. K. CI in gan. of Great Falle,
Mont, and Mr. aud Mrs. J. J. Kennedy, of Co
iumiia Fai.s, Mont., registered yesterday at the
A party of a ladies from Marysville. consisting
oi Mr*. T. P. Hopp. Mrs. J. S. Sine.air aud Mrs.
t\. S Anderson, made a short visit to tne city
▼esterdav and took dinner at the Occidental.
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