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UIAM A postal war.
§ofeetor Bontelle Released by
Jadge Han ford.
Far tic aa to the Tern Started UM
Sraable— Writ of Haboaa Corpaa
-Seat of the Coarta.
fata* C. Boutelle, poetoffice In* pec tor, wbo
«MMK*ted at Kalama on a charge of assault
pg aK-PMtmaater Chambers, of Kalama, was
before Judge Haaford la the United
UM court, yesterday in pursuance of habeas
auiyas proceedings instituted on hie beha.f by
jaatact United States Attorney Kiefer.
ffcacsselaan lnterastiag one, and (trew out
af a dispute between Postmaster C. F. cmith
get ex-Postmaster Clarence Chambers as to
: jgMi tn eatitled to the Kalama office, Cham
fcHi claiming that Smith's appointment was not
valid, as it was signed by Wanamaker, whereas
IttSi'l is now poetmsater genera-. It is also said
the trouble waa deeper-seated. The town
af Ealama la aituated on a hillside, and a wide
gnat divides it into two parts. This street is
lliow the Level ol the sidewalks, and it is
ptfmedtbaS the celebrated Ealama postoffice
fght grow out of rivalry between the two di
ifcions o( the town. Be this as it may, on
Ikrch 18 Mr. Bon telle prooaeded to Kalama, act
■pg under instructions to turn over the office to
«Hitb. was rsslsted by Chambers, arrested and
laid in custody by tbe sheriff of Cowlitsoounty,
eating under a warrant issued by Justice of the
The esse was called In tbe United States court
tftcfeiock yesterday and the release of the
|dsoner was resisted by Attorney A. H. Imus,
agpessating Chambers, and Prosecuting Attor
gcy Roes,of Cowlits county, appearing for the
aMa la the absence of both the United Btatcs
ahsrasy and his assiatant Judge Hanford de
atacad that he was prepared to decide the case
aSfcant argument. But if the counsel desired
they night offer arguments against the granting
af ttewrft.
Bias submitted an argument in favor of hie
ftattsa, proceeding on the supposition that
ckeabers was the postmaster and that Boutelle
lei bo right U> Interfere with him. To
gkaogtfeen hla argument be oontended that
might have committed murder instead
at sssaolt and battery and then sued out a writ
aflsbsas corpus, intimating that under those
afMastsacee the circuit judge would have no
)aria4i«tieu ( but that the matter would be for
•a state courts. In rendering his decision
Judge Haaford pointed out to Attorney Ross bis
Mistake in assuming that Chambers was post
■aata*also quoting from the supreme court de
attsa in the esse of Kagle, who killed Terry,
Jades Plaid's assailant. In certain particulars
fesaaM that tbe caaea were similar and under
ftacircumstances he considered it his duty to
Mlssse tbe prisoner from further custody.
After his release Inspector Boutelle took a
triple Lake Washington and dined at the Occl
taatal. where he is stopping. Mr. Boutelle, who
has hseo a reildeut of the Pacific coast for over
tueaty years, but wbo is a native ol Maine, and
Esther to Congressman Boutelle, of that state,
apsed lo give a Post-1 ntklligencib reporter a
hfctsry of hie experiences at Kalama, particu
larly as all published reports had b.-en incom
fists, aad betioe some a hat misleading. He
OB March 18 I received telegraphic Instruc
tions to proceed to Kalama and turn over tha
sostoffl-e to the newly appointed postmaster,
C, F. drnith, as the former postmaster, Cinreore
Chaaihsrs, refused to recognise Smith's creden
tials. About 8 pm. Saturday, in com
mas? with Smith, who took along his
: tMamission, United States Commissioner
Isfahan and W l>. Close. deputy
iterif of Cowliis county, I went to the store la
*bir!i the i»»tr ffi< e is kept, where we fouud a
tegs crowd assembled. The po«tof}ice was
: iliiit, and a young man named Cbesley was
i palsied out to me aa assistant postmaster. I
Mtu'vd my commission aud demanded that
uaofioa be turned over to Postmaster Smith.
Mr Ckesley informed ma that Chambers lived
ttisa aulas out ol town, aud that he (Cbeslev)
<M 141 wish to assume tha respousibility of
taraiug over the ofll<*« in hi* abaenca Chealey
I* - ?- however, that Chambers would be on hand
• atte'clock in the morning. At the appointed
Batnext morning, accompanied by the above-
MSiiened gontlemeu, I made a second demand
totbesame affect 1 also produced my creden
ttsls, consisting of a commission dated Febru
ary 2, WC. aigned by Johu Wanamaker, poat
asMer general. Mr. Chambera passed the cre
toabais to a person present, whom 1 afterwarda
•staad was named Itnus. saying: "The sain*
e!4 signature." Upon insisting that my d fl
aw!* be complied with. Chambers replied:"!
ate you to my attorney," moaning Irnus,
vtesa decis»ioi> was that my commission WHS
tt isvalid di" ument, aud that 1 lacked author
kr; that who. 1 presented any documents
by Hissell, the preaent postmaster geu-
M, tbe office would be turned over, and not
»tii then. Upon this 1 withdrew, took the
tets and proceeded to tnts c.ty to advise with
salted otates Attorney Winston. Alter con
isltatu)u with hiiu and upon receipt of another
Jtsfifsm from th- mapector in charge at s-au
MBCisco, reiterating the command to turn
war the office. 1 returned to Kaiania. After de
••sdlng the p<>stoi',ic* property in the presence
*1 Postmaster Smith, Kaianan and Close, and
Miac again refused, I attempted to remove
JL whereupon U»e «*»isunt postmaster called
w the |<e«''e officers of the town, who
vitateued to arrest lue aud lock ma
Wlf 1 did not desist. At this time both Cham
•mead his assistant hud hold of mo. Judge
S».st>a:i and fmith wire hustled out of tha
waning and the fact of Close being deputy
•sriffsaved him from assault. In tho tnenn
sas the body ol the store had Ailed with an ex
aaa crowd of residents, Seeing that we were
•ttmuabered, slid believing discretion the bet
tefurtoi vai .r, we made an honorable rot rest,
Mleit tbe postofßce m possession of the un
aeioi holder*. The tatter anticipating another
■has during tha night, tore up the lower half
wthe pls'iorm, lending to tho side entrance of
J#* postoffl a. «i. that In c-.se of invasion the at
•eking tarty would have ia'.leu into a bole
Mout ten Ib»>i in •:e;>lh. Up ui collecting our
■sttsied forces, an i alter c cisultstiou, a wat
fcitft>rt!:e srrtkt of Chancers was issued by
*6Ued Ma'estv-mm;s> tn-r Kalanau.aiid placed
Rta«baud. t>i >he. :ff Watsoa tor service. The
laardaciJel that as CUainOer* was not likely
aranaeav it would be time enough t4> serve
«a the next morning, as it was tneu a:ter 10
At it n'ciock tbe following morning, t'io
West hsvmg boen made, thd case was ca.led
y** ' n:t» I -taiea l otntnlßs oner Knlahau. la
a* m«s:.i,;i,- u warrant had be< n served on me,
ly Justice ol the Ivare Hell, ou a charg-3
pestrrel ! y ot.e I'rn v, a ;>sa<e otficer who had
■ssa part :u the rat the night before, cbarg
aim.i wuh coitiurlting assault aud Oattery on
attempting to tase possession
■ Uis oltiiv. Bitlti cases were continued
w»aty-iou- hours, C amnara beiag held iu SIOO
aaJ i-t <. lie 11 bcidu g me in the same
•wnt. Out releasing me on mv own re
•gWAUice. 1 ' ji. a reivipt of a telepram
v-a t■>. Win*ton. directing me to order
i'. • dea\#rei to new postoihce,
■* ti.su.bers faction, w.'io had found out :U .t
r;" '■ -•< • ' .it withheld the
*•«»?•, tin p, ; Ufa were and mail
««tibu.»a luit the » tn;c, sum-u I. red at d;S-
P"" 0 tun.ed over t;e pes;, it: e j roj erty
•ttv.aaieh I m tu"»de' : v. r dto >milh Mine
■•"ha ha> b«va p.%tmsster la tact as well as
sauia, liianext .iay I >tli ca«es were con*
-ted, that ol ( s iiburs u it . Mondsv, Marcii
toiue ui.t . t e iS»th, my Ik rid being
pwi to li.«. In the iu-.-a itlnia a deputy
wam Sta'.es i: nr«h-.l a . es'wd «>n tf.a sceue
£Rsvi>«"! Mat'.lies, t ni- . a.-e to i>e tr ed befaro
<PBlt»l pU e- -s.ouvrat laeoutat -!a\.
s., la»t :. - . t.i »;ia out a wr.t of
J*as eorpu* he'or. J,i-i.e lla ford, my b,.iida
2*u rv i from i tir resuouaibi;-
teu, ''* ' Hi " i r>,: J rt ' them until
t; " I! *»« called U> !provTs.otiS Of the
rrtard: < ► h matters Kiadiug
ZTZ' 1 t -do a* I ici.i 'e i, r stead
<•' » c-urt, :ere ea i C.e sureties
25 04 '- ng t• a ery. 1 stayed la Kaiania
■•'Wi.'t t ( i,>f t u o lit t Jd ed lifXt
wUre., S H>n 1 rearrasitM .. D ,
(j,™ a»»a ... a l battery preleriet t.v
'* l st.r» .a being rendered by
a ' ttases attorney to sie out
!».» ,w°" c- i 44. a 1 rvce.ved a
•wJi* 1 .,* >»<»•• :d down
1 t nrxt iyr. 1 t.ie i a -o .rai. id
SSK'Vr - ■
•aiJPt";. 1 r «* "d to g.ve ha - ., or taao any
K Blk , " tH to. >,uinae C.e ca>e until
• • fnrst.gii.at I nighty
*tit. ii? I*"' bo -emaoded to the
- ch "" t" • lUr
tto*.., ' r * ' ■ -,s 1 k- t w!::s county to
ilu "■ \* 1 ' 3 >,ru
' . :• *• » enUPf. y
•aatf. . ». aa my comaita
ha t '' s tr.«
44rr s h* '-.Ut'l A tboigh my
N«v t : r " f Ut • K . ; h «» l 7",
' • • ». ■' H it»* .<■. 1 have
•«M»y Ua *■* Vl " > ,u
'Jteiii,: | ri.ey r seamed c.<nsi ler
,>:f l! ■* matter, a. d explained
aol u „. , lu i lT
♦ atchav. <•» i.jtd a ei -p.»u I a advice
™ > H■ • ri. <t.
%«a«# .w ' ** ,1 - lo PWtt the tnter
*' rr " > bad a <«. itn g.H>d iaith
kvi y. v||ia»>a-l SO Iml could Sot
Ufallr fQish proewdlßfi. bat had to n>k«
■OHM show ol resisting the granting of Um writ.
A Bad Mas rails to Keeapo Paalahasoat
by Hafceae Corpaa.
Yesterday afternoon, on peUtioa of Thomas
Boyum through a writ of habeee corpaa. Judge
Langiey in tbj superior court was asked to re
laeee Patrick Burke, who has been confined la
tbe county Jail on the charge of petit larceny
since December 19 ot last year. Tha judge
denied tbe petition and remanded tha prieoner
to the custody of the sheriff of King county,
end Burke will be compelled to remain In Jail
until six months have expired or ha can give a
good and sufficient bond in tha cum of 9200.
Melvin G. Wins lock, deputy prosecuting attor
ney. represented the state, and W. B. Tyler and
Ph.lip White represented the petitlonar.
On December 19, 1892, Patrick Burke pleaded
guilty to the charge of petit larceny, wsa fined
9zb and coats, and required to enter into a bond
of 93)0 to insure bis good behavior, and In de
fault to suffer imprisonment ia the county
Jail for elx months.
On behalf of their elient, tha defendent's
counsel contended that tbe law allowing thie
was unconstitutional, that tha fine aad impris
onment, la default of the good behavior bond,
made two puuishmente for tbe same offense,
end that the law as applied ia this case was al
together unreasonable and excessive.
Mr. Winstock, on behalf of tbe state, traced
the objects and purposes of the famous writ of
habeas corpus and the creation of the courts of
this commonwealth, defined their powers, and
submitted that the legislature had reeled this
power in the courts for the purpoee of prevent
ing the future commission of crime. He also
explained the difference between a double
jeopardy for the same offsnse aad diflfcreat parts
of the same sentence. The state oontended
also that tbe burden of showing any change la
the sentence was upon the defendant, as tbe re
turn of the sheriff on Its face was proper aad
Judge Langley's charge was clear and ex
plicit He declared the act constitutional;
that the petitioner or defendant had been com
mitted regularly and legally, and that he would
neither pronounce upon the wisdom or ability
of tbe legislature or the clemency or modera
tion of the Judge who Inflicted the esntence,
but ia view ot the law, aad bsslag his judgment
upon what wee before him, be felt compelled to
deny the petition, and an order waa signed re
manding the prisoner back to tbe oouaty jail to
serve out his sentence.
This is the first time that the question has
been decided in the superior court of this
county and its sffect will tend to make chronic
offenders have a wholesome reepect for the ad
ministration of justice in Seattle.
She Claims That He Has Defraaded
Her of Valuable Baal Bstate.
Tbe close relations between connubial felicity
and community property, with variations as to
which party holds title, are illustrated in a suit
brought yesterday in the superior court by
Mary Steele to set aaide conveyances of real es
tate executed by her to her husband David H.
Mra. Steele's storv, aa Mt forth In tha com
plaint, is eutatantially M follows: She claim*
to bar* owned on July 6. 1892, one-fourth of
loto 1 and 2, of block 90, in D. 8. Maynard's p'.at,
consisting of property 120 feet deep, vitb a
frontage ol 90 feet on Yesler avenue; alao all of
lots, block 20, in A. A. I*enny'a addition* and
that tbe value or thla property waa 920,000. Be
aides thla, aba ssys that she aim owued 922,000
worth of real eaiate In Butte, Mont, and that
the property In both place* ia community.
Ou July 5, while raiding in thla city, aha
claima that her husband came on to aae her,
and represented that ha and hie two partner*
owned a valuable mine near Butt* City; that If
abe would give him a deed to her in tare* tin the
property he could control 9?5,000 to sink the
mine; that aa soon as tbe mine had been sunk
to a depth ol thirty-iour feet be waa to receive
♦20,000 in cash, which amouut ha would Imme
diately send to her to be loaned out at intereat
here; then they would all go to the World's fair.
Mow Mra. Steele claima that abe ia unakilled in
tbe law, and believiug he; husband and relying
upon hia representations, abe deeded to her
husband all ber Intereat in tha property here
aud Montana without receiving any consldera
tlon for the tranafer. Dla representations are
declared to be wholly false, and to have been
made to Mrs. Steele for tbe purpoee of deceiving
her and getting possesion of her property. To
leave no doubt that this waa his intention. It la
averred that aa soon as he obtained tbe deeda be
abused and 111-treated her, and threatened to
shoot and kill ber, adding that he bad her now
just where he wanted her; that he would eell
all of ber property and that aha ahould not get a
cent, lie was generous enough, however, it ia
claimed, to agree to allow ber a monthly allow
ance of 940 in place of the 9122 which aha had
received from rent*. Mr*. Steele states that ahe
is 52 years of age; that she has no means of sup
port, and beg* that the deeda executed bv her to
her husband be set aside.
Northern Paciflo Snatalaod In Kafuaing
to Accapt Cat Kata Tickata.
Chas. K. Monroa vs. tha Northarn Pacific Rail
way Company, a case involving tha rigbta of a
purchaser of a uon-tranafarabla ticket, waa de
cided by a Jury in Judge Oaborn'a court In favor
of the railway company yoaterday.
Monroa claimed that In October, 15.91, he
bought a ticket in Spokane, duly laauad by the
company, which entitled bim to a paaaage
from that city to Tacoma, but that ha waa
wrougfully aud violently put off tha train at
Pro'aer, whereby ha was bruised and wounded,
suffered iu his bruinea* interests and reputation,
and wa* subjected to grave lndignltle*, all of
which injured him, ha said, to thaeztantof
The company's answer to tbls waa that Mon
roe offered a ticket which was not sold to him
by any authorised agent of the company, bill by
a "scalper" or ticket broker, and which by ita
very terms was non-tranaferable, but waa lia
ble to be taken tip by the conductor if preaented
by any other psreou than the oue whose name
was signed to it; and it waa expreesed on the
ticket that in auch esse the person presenting it
would he charged full fare.
The compauy also asserted thst as tha train
waa approachiug Proaser Monroe offered this
ticket to the conductor and that it was taken up
by him aud tbe full fare demauded of bim. It
admitted thst he put off wben he re.used
to pay. but denied tbnt any uarea«onab'e or ex
cessive violence was used. The jury took this
view of the case, snd brought iu a verdict lor
the company.
The Slat* Trlws to Hold Selected School
Th« opposition of th* st«t« to the claim* of M.
M. <jreuli«h, Ohsr.ee Kedßsld and
N. C. Had cr, coal declarants, and Frsuk Potis,
Olisr'ea Mathowaou and Neil Hue, pre-emption
dfcciaraafs. for land in township:;;) north. range
5 east, tjitiK southeast 01 Nookssrk Oity, in
Whatcom county, vu hcarl iu the United
Statea land office yesterday raor.litis. All the
c.ml declarants' claims except that of Hadley
»wre d»»njU-cd, stid h;» wa» continued to May
X'J Tho t iaitna ol the pre-emption claimants re
mained unchanged. Tus state claims the iand
as selected for acieatiuc scUool purposes ou
la the afternoon S. T. Stavsas, s tfrat>er claim
ait, introduced testimony asraiust Alfred Dsns
more. the pre emptor of ons-hslf ot tfcs south
esst ijnarisr of section 13. township north,
n::ite 6 east, in r-nohom.sh couuty, iiesr the
, ior lu fork of the s>uila*uemi«n rtrer. The suit
' i- » i oiiy to determine the rhsrsotsr of the laud.
; Witnefsss for the contestant were examined
j y«»terdsy, and toe ca»e will probably laat sua.*
; l:.aw.
. Stokes After Calving I'p a Legacy Loses
die Other I*l um.
R. W stokes, who had been barkeeper for
! the late Mary Tfc mpson. the wsatcy negreas
whodisdin t informs isat autumn, and who
: was left about hall her property under her will,
fc.is met with nothing tut m.siorluns in the
F.rst the will w*« contested by the heirs. then
it was admitted to imbate, but to prove It snd
a.-'t a« eiec ;tor h« had t*» re riijmah ail claima
cuder it. Faially be n»»* sppoiuled executor
i-:: March IT, Out yesterday Ms appointment
wa* revoked by Ir'.lure to procure hoads ioi
*• 000.
tie will thus lake nothing st all. aui as ad
ministrator w.tii w»U auiiexed wul be ap
The Ksraittr taa Morrow Money.
An order wa» signed by Judge I ancley yeater
-1 dist, ou application of the bondholders of ths
! V* ashing ton t»»iuhera Railway * <>ni;acy, direct.
! iogO M .Shea's, the rvce:r«:r, to pay y.!0,711*S
j owe.} by the company for int*rs*t on Northern
S Pacific contracts and for ia.w aud taxes. To
' terauck pajuiswi Ute rscwitar vss
■ntbwM to tim BotM to UM National Bank
of Commerce or to the Vint National bank for
•unuidTißMd. These notM 'art to boar 1# per
orau interest ud to rua lor six ssouths, with
privlisge of renewal, and aa collateral security
Northern Pacific contracts numbered 5,161, 5,362
and ara to be essigned to tb« Ualn
laveator Falls to Aaawsr far As*
saalt—His SaroUee Suffer.
Dr. Hannibal Mills, who shot Barkeeper Ol
eeo, of the Occidental aalooa, failed to appear
before Judge HumeS whea his case was called
yesterday, aad his bond, on which P. I* Lillie
and H. L bheflsr are sureties, was forfaited. A
bench warrant was issued for his arrest
Perhapa tbe doctor will re-lmburse his safe
ties with his oslebrated checks oa the Perpetual
Motion Bank, t>ayable after the World's fair.
Tee ting the Ditsh Law.
The preliminary heartag on motions end ob
jections In Patrick Hares and others' appeal
from orders of the county commissioners con
cerning the Sloan ditch, rendered by the board
on February 28, will be held before Judge Oe
born April 4. The grounde of appeal to voire
the constitutionality of the ditch law, the suffi
ciency of original petition and proceedings
thereon, as well as the assessment of damages
end apportionment of benefits.
New Salts FUed.
The following new cases were filed in tbe office
of tbe clerk of the superior court yesterday:
Mary Steele vs. David H. Steele—Action to set
aside eonveyannse.
George Charles worth and wife va Kate Walsh
—Action to have mortgage lien cancelled of
Louisa King va Joseph H. King—Suit for a.
Andrew H. Parks va Klin Parka—Suit for a
George Mcßae vs. K C. Slorab—Action to re
cover $326 SO on a promissory note.
Ksjsa Johnson va John Johnson—Action for
a divorce.
Courts aad Coaaty Oflßeea.
A motion was filed in the superior court yes
terday to dismiss the suit for libel brought by
Hugh Hume egainst tbe Press-Times Publishing
Company for irregularity in service of summons.
J. U. White is circulating another petition to
the boerd of county commissioners for the loca
tion and construction of another ditch, cover
ing substantially tbe same territory as tbe J. H.
White ditch, which was diapossd of last Satur
day on Bengstorff and Askam's appeaL
Pat Mullen and Dan Campbell, committed by
Justice Ward of Port Gamble for assaulting non
union sailors, were released from the county
Jsil yesterday on bonda of 91,900 each, npod
which Lymaa W. Bonney aad George M. Stewart
are sureties. .
Today ia the last <Uqt of March fend tomorrow
Is the Isst day to pay taxee before they become
delinquent Since Monday tax receipta have
been heavy, amounting to 919,6t>4.63 that have
been paid personally, besides large amounts re
ceived through the mall. The dally receipts
have been aa follows: Monday, 92,659.15; Tues
day, 92,446 l 11; Wednesday, 98,279.55, and Thurs
day, 16,280.02.
•cr»ton cotJ»T— equity department—lako-
E. J. Bryant vs. Hattla Bryant—Default of de
fendant: signed.
Ellen Ward vs. Frank H. Ward—Decree; signed.
L. Fleiachuer et aL va. Olaf Ahlgren—Default
and judgment; signed.'
Louiaa King va Joseph King—Order for serv
ice by publication; aigned.
Colliua Broe. vs. A. J. Smoke at al.—Order for
new trial; signed; hearing set for April Ift. XS93.
George Charlaeworth va. Kate Walsh—Decree
John Bo rat at aL va. Kate Borat at al.—Default
of Kate Borst; aigned.
Application of Patrick Burke for writ of
habeas corpus; denied.
W. T. Wick ware vs. Washington Southern
Railway Company—Order granting permission
to receiver to borrow money and authorising
bim to assign Northern Paciflo contracts as ee
Nellie M. scurry vs. City of Seattle—Settle
ment of statement of facta; aigned.
Seattle National Bank vs. Seattle Terminal
Elevator and Railway Company—Jury waived
and findings for plaintiff for amount of notee,
intereet and attorney'a fees.
Seattle 6 Montana Railway Company vs.
Cbauncey W. Griggs at aL—Continued to
April L
A. strauae et aL vs. John Stlch—Record ex
punged and confession of judgment entered.
R. M. Crawford et aL vs. John Mlchaelson—
Order of default and judgment; aigned.
Charles E. Monroe vs. Northern Paciflo Rail
way Company—Verdict for defendant
surxßioa court—criminal dbpaktkbnt—
State of Washington vs. Hannibal Mllla—As
sault with deadly weapon; defendant failed to
appear; bond for 9500 with Frank L LiUie
ana H. U Scheffer, surtles, deolared forfeited;
bench warrant iasuod.
State vs. George Manifold—Case ordered to be
H. C. Donald vs. Harriet Donald—Depoaltion
of deiendant published; divorce gran tea.
Estate of Mary E. Thompson—Appointment
of K. W. Stokes ss administrator; revoked.
Harry King Haa tha Matter of TaUag
Her Voder Advisement.
The report circulated yeeterday to tho effect
that pretty Martha Conradt, of San Francisco,
and Harry King, of Seattle, would be married
immediately seems to have been tha creation of
a vivid imagination.
"1 cannot give you any decided answer," said
Harry King last evening in response to an in
quiry as to tbe report that all was arranged
satisfactorily and the marriage would take placo
"There Is no reason for secrecy in this matter
and if Miss Conrsdt and myself sro married duo
notice will be given. The report in the after
noon paper given a* coming from Mr. Wiudal I
know nothing of aud he has talked on hla own
At this point Mra. King joined in the conver
sation aud said that ao far aa Mr. Coaradt hav
ing given bis consent all wa* summed up in hia
interview the uigf.t of his arrivsl. She thought
that her reistiou to llarry King should give her
some ssy in the matter, snd she should certainly
not agree to the marriage until avarytbtug was
W hen asked if Miss Conradt wa* at tha bousa
Mrs. king inclined ber bead and said ths young
lady could be seeu if ahe so desired. This
courtesy was so unexpected and seldom met
with by the reporter that ha thought ha must
have beard incorrectly aud was about to ask an
other question when Mra. King called in tha
young aly in question and presented her.
In San Francisco Miaa Conradt wa* couaidered
a charming young aiy, aud report haa not
bel:ed her personal appearance in the leaat She
has aparkllng dark eyes, a clear complexion
and dresae* modestly iu black. A* a conversa
tions.lst the young lady would ba considered
more than ordinary.
"I do not enjoy having my name in the papers
so she »aid, "but I suppose it must be
endured. I caunot give any information re
garding my proposed marriage with Mr. Kiug.
That ii a question time alone can settle."
Mr. Windai who, according to general opin
ion, would have liked to marry Mies Conradt,
but, according to his own statement, has only a
fatherly reijaru for bur. spent yesterday look.ng
over tha city. He was talkat.ve, and related
Borne «>f his many love affairs, out of which, aa
well as business Venturas, ba always cama out
tiood FruU.T at Battery Street Church.
At the Buttery »!re*t Mothodl«t church a spe
cial service wilt jo held this evening comm*m<>
rat.ve of Good Friday. An adlraas will ba
delivered by tha pastor, altar which the lord's
Supper will to administer**!. A very hearty
invitation is esieud«»d to all rhriaiian people ja
this pari of the city to join tn this serrico.
Notice of meeting •>.' »!ate board of dental ar
amlncr*. Notice i» hereby given that tha (lata
board of deuta, examiners will in-.-et in rvcuiar
*e»»i<>a according to law at Olympia, Wash., on
tha terocd Jay o! May. A. D. I*9l, at a. tn.
at the oi the *•< r«?Ury, corner of Fiftn and
Maiu iirtcti. P. 11. Cwlyta, D. D. b., htci«ury
of tha board.
Wanted, Men and Women
To know tliai Richard IXL headache and
nauraigia tatieu atl>r 1 a quiet and per la. a cura
of every variety of h»adach« and r*ve imma
diste re lef from •ulFuiuc in-aU ueura-gic affec
tions. For sale by a.i druggist*.
la 1893
All ro*d« lead to Chicago. TTte rhlragtt, Mil
wmtev ASu Paul raj.way leads the van. fcx
cursion rata* u> i&t World's imr.
ladiaa. go to i. J. Wlttwar. 413 Front •treat
and fcave your Ca.r vropariy attaadad to.
i»ui AL CUkXsIAL sail contain* no iUsa.
R. H. Calligan the Next Super
intendent of Water Works.
Unaalasoas Paterae la atloa of the Board
of Psblie Works—Fablte later
eats Demand a Change.
Today W. E. Wilton la auperintendent of the
water worka; tomorrow it is mora than prob
able R. H. Call 1 gan will be. Yeaterday Mr. Cat*
llgan and Mr. J. M. Colman spent some time at
the pumping station at Lake Washington, as
they have done for many days, and in tbe after
noon they were joined by Commiasiooer Yaa
Mr. Wilaon will be aaked this morning to ten
der bis reaignation, to be handed in at the meet
ing of the board of publie worka in the after*
doon, and if he refuae, the office will be de
clared vacant and Robert H. Cat llgan elected to
take his place.
The immediate causa is not made known. Tbe
members of the board give Mr. Wilson credit for
industry and for a deal re to do his beat, but they
bare come to the conciuaion that the beat in
tereata of tbe dty require a change of manage
ment Tbe members am unanimously of the
opinion that as they are under bonds they can
not be controlled by merely political considera
tions. Tbere Is no imputation whatever upon
Mr. Wilson's integrity; but tbe board has ar
rived at tbe opinion that his previous experi
ence was not of such a character aa to specially
fit him for the office of superintendent of water
Other members of tbe government who have
been consulted on the subject have come to the
same conclusion and the board feels aatlafied
that neither the executive nor legislative body
will fail to endorse its action.
At one time Alderman Ingrain was talked of
for tbe position, but he was not a candidate.
Mr. Ceillgan Is tbe member of tbe bouae of
delegatea from the Fourth ward. He has been
a member of tbe city council eeveral times, and
waa at one time street commiaaioner. He wes
also a member of tbe freeholders' convention
which drafted the present city charter. He has
been a reeident of tbe Sound for many years,
most of which were spent in Seattle. He Is the
owner of considerable property, and is a me
chanical engineer of considerable experience.
It was for this reason that be waa Invited to ac
company Mr. Colman in his examination of the
Tbe trouble baa been brewing some time, and
oulminated upon the diacovery tbat Mr. Wilaon
had purchased without the knowledge or au
thority of- the board about 917,000 worth of pipe
beyond the quantity contracted for.
In Auguat last an ordinance waa pasaed by the
city council authorising a contract between the
city and the Northwestern Supply Company, of
Portland, for the purchase of 1,000 tone of water
pipe at $35.50 per ton, the company repreaeuting
that the price of the pipe waa 942 usually, but
they had a quantity on band they would sell at
the reduoed price. The contract called for the
purchase of 1,000 tons only, but required tbe
company, if more were ordered, to aupply It at
the aame price.
That quantity waa taken at a coat of 935,500, of
which 916,000 waa paid, and it waa assumed that
aa there waa 930,000 in tbe water fund, the par
meat of the balance of 919,500 would atlll leave
a margin. Now the diacovery la made tbat Wil
aon ordered 476 tons more at an additional coot
of 916,898. Tbe resnlt ia that the fund will be
overdrawn by 96,396, whfeh moat be borrowed
from another fund.
It was resolved, as there were seven car loads
lying at the depot not to aecept them, but later
still another discovery was made, namely, tbat
Wilson bad taken aome 10-inch pipe from nearly
all, if not all, of the cars, so that tbe entire con
signment had been "accepted."
The board very politely exoneratee Mr. Wilson
from any other charge than bad Judgment, but
firmly requeeta bis resignation.
Protest of the Master Plumbers
Against Abolishing It.
The Seattle Master Plumbers' Association, by
I. & McLellan and Frank Gordon, have eent in a
memorial to tbe board of aldermen against
abolishing the office of* aewer inspector. It
atatea that the aewer Inspector's duty ia such
that it la lmpoaaible to diapense with him with
out leaving aewer maiua in danger of having
bolea out in them and possibly obstructed by
careless conneotiona being mads. They atate
further that an asalatant will be needed when
the Lake Union aewer ia completed. They eon
alder that the Hon. P. B. M. Miller has been
mlaln formed.
The Commercial Aewt says that San Francisco
la not by any meaua the only large port in the
world where there Is a large fleet of ships laid
up awaiting engagements. Report* from all
sections of the globe show that in almost every
port there is a large amount of tonnsre lvlnsr
This beautiful baby boy, the BOU of Geo.
B. and Janetta Harris, Webster, lod., is
one of thousands completely cared by the
CmccßA RCMKDIU of a torturing and dis
figuring skin disease, after many doctors
and remedies had wholly failed. The mar
velous cures daily performed by these
great remedies hare astonished all familiar
with them. None but mothers realixehow
these little ones suffer when their tender
skins are literally on fire with itching and
burning ectemaa and other itching scaly,
blotchy and pimply skin and scalp dis
eases. To know that a single application
of the CcTicrßA REMEDIES will anord in
stant relief, permit rest and sleep, and
point to a permanent anl economical
(because most speedy) cure, and not to use
them, lg to fail In your daty. Parents,
think of the mental and physical suffering
to be endured in years to come from neg
lected akin, scalp and blood diseases.
Cures made in Infancy and childhood are
almost invariably permanent.
Pold everywhere. Price: Ccncnaa, 60 eta;
Boar. 25 eta.; KaeoLva>T. Sl.ua
Prepared by P TTKK Lara AMO ('natCiL Coa
roa«Ti<>!(, boston.
-Ail Ab< at the skia. Scalp and Ha<r. M 64 pagea,
300 ln»caa«a, mailed free.
Chronic Diseases a Specialty.
IV. E. Q. Johnson makes a spec alty of
all Chronic, Nervous and Special Diseases
Dyspepsia, Rheumatism. all diseases of the
Liver, the K.dnevs and the Lungs; Koctal
Diseases. Oemto-Vnnary D seases. all Skin
aad Biood Diseases; Diseases of Women,
ail forms of Nervous Debility, and ail
ailments arising lrem a Weakened Nervous
In addition to the latest and most im
proved mot bods of medication in "Chroma
l>:sea*M." Dr. Johnson is equipped with
the "Hoffman Van Houten b.eciro-Thera
peutic Cabinet," which enables htm to
perform prompt and permanent cares in
eaoee which could not be restored to health
nnder any other mode of treatment.
Offic* was ft, 6 And 7 Scheaeraan block,
caiuv ht9ai CW/i. batji*, W**^»
idle. The disengaged toooi(« of deep water
tmnli ia this port on fletotdiy, sot including
steamers, «u a little over M.OOO ton. Froa a
private letter received from Capt. Minna, of tbe
Britiab abip Leyderhorn, dated Calcutta, Febru
ary IS, it ia learned that at tbat time tbere was a
fleet of ships on the Hoo<hy with an aggregate
reflate red tonnage ol 90,090 tons, diaengaged.
The Leyderhorn was chartered toloedeoargo
of wheat and aeed for Hall direct
ROYAL CRYSTAL eelt is granulated.
The Union facile is the only tranaoonUnentaft
line running two through traina dally from the
North weat to Omah% Kanaaa City, at Louis and
Chicago and all paints Kail Modern, equip
ment, faat time and the heat of aerriea. Tiexet
ofllaa W Second atiaeC A. CL Msrtln. agenk
Ellistok, Mont, March 30.—{Special.}—Pse
sengera on Northern Pacific train Na 1:
T. L Darts. T. H. Burke, A. Frank. Mm
Rogers. J. Breevee and wile, A. E. Ehle, A. G.
Stan, J. B. Walker
A Fact
It is an established fact that die
only natural flavors in the market
Each flavor is made from the true
fruit, free from ethers, poisonous
oils and strong, rank taste. They
are natural flavors, obtained by a
new process, which gives the most
delicate and grateful taste. Insist
on having Dr. Price's. Substitutes
are often recommended because
they afford a better profit.
congregationAl i i | i i
•Half hoars with famous men and women, er the
queer experiences of a newapaper man."
XJila portraits of eighty noted mea and we men of
Personal experiences with politicians, generals
and judgra.
Millionaires and octogenarians Interviewed!
Edison's talk of the future ef invention.
Faoe to face chate with the great
Tickets, ROc: now on aale at Seattle Hardware
Co. and J. H. Calvert A Ca'a book atore.
\J Corner of Third and Madlaon Atresia
Week commencing Monday, Marcfi 37th.
First production tn Seattle of the rreatest of all
Scenic Mi'l iflrumti descriptive of English
Military life. In five acta,
Elegant and correct mili
tary uniforms' Kpeclal new scenery and
effecta, tncinding for the flrst time In ibis city
A MONSTER TANK containing
Ten Thousand Gallons of Real
New Faces! New Features' New A eta I
Chas. Col burn, F. W. Laker, t he Ounbars, Chas.
Levlne, The Little Oliver Children.
Price* aa uanal. Keats now oa sale at Theater
Box Office. Telephone Na 604.
Corner Third and Cherry Street*
JOHN W. HANNA. Lessee and Maaager,
Friday Evening, March SI, 1898,
Tbo Oreateat of ail CoroetUt,
| L-I- U- E-R-A-T-I-1 J-
Will appear In a Orand Concert given by (he
A sained by
Miss Ruby Bray, Contralto:
—And— ,
Mr. E. D. Crandall, Tenor.
Slg. I.lheratl will conduct the band In one num
ber. Those w tin haVt» never heard hlru on the cor
nel have no Idea of the pleasure tn atore for ihem.
Popular Prices—First fl'»or, SI; balcony, 75c;
gallery, reserved, 60c; gallery, 25c. Hvata on aaie
at Durant's Music •'tore, at the Theater and by the
cue cotters of the Band.
i\ J. W. H ANN A. Lessee and Managec.
Special Engagement.
The original Widow O'Brien, or
A large company of |Trans-Atlantic comedians.
Including the celearaled American dancing ktnga,
Also the famous English artist,
Prices: SI.OO, 79c, 60c, 25c. Seats oa sale at
theater bo* offlcet
Corner 1 hird and Cherry street*
JOHN W. HANNA, Leasee aad Manages.
Only appearance la SeaUle of the world's great
est humorist,
and America's favorite monoioglst,
In as Irresistibly funnv two happy hours* pr»
gramme of unrivaled wit, atad humor.
Prices: 25c, 60c, 75c and •1-00. Seats at
theater boa office
O Corner Third and Cherry streets.
JOHN W. HANNA, leasee aad Manager.
Fn«a,-e:nen: of
MR. E. H. iOrUtK.H.
Under the management of Mr. Daniel Frnhnaa
First aad only time here of his new comedy,
av MsssriatTt MKHISTOTOW,
to 4 wh eh recOiatlv ran three months at fee
Lyceum Uivcr. >t» lot*.
All scenery and appointment* same aa la >ew
rrire«: St M. SI 00, 75c toe, -sc. Sale alaeaia
at tatautf MI ofhea.
Man ur <umE
The general sentiment of persona who
carefully watch the coarse ot events and
are competent to draw conclusions there
from, is that Seattle is beginning an era of
greater growth and prosperity than it has
ever known before. Persons who have not
fall confidence in their own judgment
sbould get the riews of men in whose
opinions they have faith and act accord
We propoee to be in a position to supply
every legitimate demand that arises in
Seattle for real estate, and in this con sec
tion have considerable pleasure in an
nouacing that we are able to sell
On Madison street, within 16 minutes of
Front street, for from
Our specialties, as everr one knows, are
hish grade business and residence prop
erty. These iines comprise the balk of our
business and are what we hare the most
demand for.
But there are a good many people who
are not able to buy lots in Kenton Addi
tion and Squire Park, but still want to be
in a good neighborhood and within easy
reach of the business center—persons who
are not content to sro way outside of town
to get a home within their means and
spend from half an hour to an hour get
ting in and out and probably have the
annoyance of a transfer in the bargain.
Ordinarily the only property persons
with a small amount of money can buy is
so far out that thejr become discouraged at
the prospect of eyer getting a desirable
home, and continue to spend their money
for rent.
We don't handle wildcat property.
About every one in Beattle knows that
but we hare the best moderate-priced lots
eyer offered in this city and that, too, on
Uafan Stree;
The best street, with the best street car
line (double tracked) and the best street
car service in the city.
There is a car each way eyery four
minutes, and it only takes 16 minutes to
go down town or back.
You can liye there and go to and fro
without feeling that you are spending the
moit of your time on the street cars.
The Madison Street Cable Railway
Addition is on Madison street—not half a
mile away.
It is on both aides of the street and none
of the lots are more than a block away
from the cable line.
From a considerable portion of the
property there is a good view of Lake
Washington and the Cascade mountains.
You don't have to transfer to go to
Madison Street Cable Railway Addition.
It is on a direct car line and the fare is
a nickel.
Msdison street is the main artery to
Lake Washington.
This property is within a feir minutes'
walk of the lake, with all its amusement
and recreation features.
One important point is, you can
If you can only pay monthly Install
ments, do it that way. If you are of the
right sort and honestly want to secure a
home of your own or put your savings
into something that will make you some
thing, you can literally make your own
terms. If you make a protitable invest
ment through us pnce, we shall expect to
have you for a regular customer in the
Lots in Madison Street Cable Railway
Addition vary in size from 30 by feet
to 30 by 155 feet.
The title is as straight as a string, and
we give every purchaser aa abstract of
Just think of It I
Madison Street
For from f 250 to 14fX> on yonr own terms.
If this ia not supplying good property
within the reach of every man keeking a
home we can't till the bill, bnt we will
have the satisfaction of knowing that no
one el*a in Seattle can anything like equal
our offer.
Go and look at everything offered for
five miles around Seattle as "cheap iota"
and then take a look at this property. Jf
you honestiy want a homesite for a
modest snm you will there see your oppor
tunity. The more thoroughly you investi
gate the better will you realize what this
offer means.
If you don't know us make enquiries of
oar references. Tney are every bank and
business man in Seattle.
Investment Brokers,
22b, 227, 2£> Bailey buUdiufr
The Mad). 4 S. Ik
717-719-721-723 FROST SI
A large portion of the spe
cial decorations made for open
ing day will remain in place
throughout the week. Those
who were unable to attend the
opening will find enough still
on show to merit a visit this
Be sure that you select your
Easter Bonnet from our mag
nificent stock of Millinery. The
verdict of the thousands of
visitors to the department on
Wednesday was that this is
beyond doubt the most elegant
and perfect stock of Millinery
that has ever been displayed in
the city. It is up with the
latest fashions of the East and
embraces an unusually large
and elegant stock of Imported
Pattern Bonnets. The order
book is crowded with orders
and you must place yours to
day at the latest.
The perfect Dress Goods
stock of the state is spread out
upon the Big Store counters.
There is nothing lacking in
style, quality or price. We are
going to surprise you with the
greatest values that have ever
been offered in dress fabrics in
the city. Compare this stock
critically and carefully with
any that you may find in the
Northwest—it is the greatest
and best of all.
The MaeDongall k Soothwick Co.
Bargains in Furniture
Prices decidedly lower th*»
any other homo in
the city.
Second end University St*
a policy nr TR«
OurutMi **!■>• sateestM tries
••corid ftur.
C*»b lo*n vftiMa »fr«r tk'»4 yt.
Atsui rtivl-lenis Aftar first rear. •Ither to r*4»«e
premium* o* to hotmm tasa ranee
Pol.ri*# inrootaatabl* and n>a forfeitable
it yvu warn an .4»ai auotract utana anp.baMon tm
FORD ft WIXEMU Stale iitati,
201-206 Butler Block, Seattle, Wuh.
O ■r 1 kux N.r written *w«iytlo»e Q»ll»«lia
-/' V » T~p™>4 be hi« —Hl—n/,
f/VV Ml IB fUia hml IKWtt,
Mi. >«*< t.ftOO |Wf BNlMtil
W.V # VJ «'• u4 uHlnttito; mm we
«■ X *« kr&auf'.' awl Wa eB»
ssMses* i4MWauntn7.«MMblQ

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