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Wedding Furnish the Chief
Interest of the Week.
TFC*ss VarriafM Ja Om Day-Tks A»-
nafsaiMta by the Laws Tenia
fisrare—OUsr Isslal Vslsa
Y M E S EA L affairs
took up a lar*e share
of attention last
Week. Three were
performed on Thurs
day nlffht by tne Rer.
D. C. Garrett, of St.
Mark's P. F.. church.
That of Mr. Tracy
H. Robertson toM»«s
Relfe. though the
quietest and prettiest
of bosoe weddings,
«llof much interest, owing to the wide
» qnaintanr:e*hip and great popularity of
t;i« contracting parties. Th# wedding of
ItspmentaUre Albert I. Adams and Miss
J-»-ttineier *u a.«o quiet, but of interest to
p *arge cm ie of friends. Trmlty Parish
at the grounds of Grace hospital,
vraa a complete success. Lawn tennis
fo&tters are taking mora definite shape, as
will be seen today, and the popular games
promise to attract a good deal of attention
t»;is season, horially speaking, tha Mans
t:< ld engagement was also a great success,
t?=e audiences being both Urge and brii
h&nt. Detailed notices follow:
Trial!? Church's H«rlal.
The moat successful annual fathering
ever held in Trinity pariah took |»lace at
Grace hoapital on Thursday evening.
Kirly in I**2 Dr. Wat son first propounded
the idea of a church institution in .Seattle,
lie vaa moved by the deaue to accomplish
for bia own city, to which he haa always
been loyal, a amail beginning towards ex
tension of the church's work, for he saw
'I scornk the recipient of the patronage
\ roughtout by the then new bishop of
Washington. As a result of persevering
endeavor the property known as Grace
hospital stands today as the pioneer insti
tute of the Episcopal church in Seattle
nrsd King county, Being stiU without en
dowment sufficient to sustain it the pres-
use aa a ciergv house haa the approval
<.f it a constituency. Trinity parish and
Grace hospital have been identical in in
terest and have absorbed some of the best
years of Dr. Watson's life. Last Thursday
tbuwed his parish rapidly regaining the
lo«ees caused by the great fire and by the
division of territory made necessary by
«he creation of two new parishes, St. Clem
ent's and St. Marks'. A happy crowd
Mied the ground floor of the building,
which is located in the favored region
known as "The Kill", where beautiful
homes abound, everything conspiring to
make this fifteenth anniversary memorable
both for good cheer and good fellowship.
The muaicale was enjoyed by many listen
era. Members of the vestal choir and
Mrs. Anderson and Mr. Frank At*
l>ni gave the vocal numbers and
the Rev. aod Mrs. C. E. Roberta and
Miss Moore the instrumental selections.
The First regiment orchestra, with Mr.
ferry West as leader, also played. Re
freshments were served in the large dining
r'v>m. The committee was Mrs. E. W.
Sankman, Mra. W. I>. Farr, Mrs. M.
f'tjuire. Miss Ilaller, Miss Anns Snarling,
Mra. C. Percival Converse, Mrs. John
* xifellow, Mra. T. Baiue, Mrs. G. N.
M -ore, Mr. H. R. Talcott, Mr. J. Edward
J yer. Mr. Earnest Wurtels, Mr. Paulson
*;td Mr. William Farr, jr. Among the
F iests present was Rev. John Morris, a
venerable presbyter, who has the
1 • nor of l>eing one of the small number of
I'H who are Fellows of the Royal Institute
''f British Architects. Others present
v ' f, re: Rev. J. 11. and Mrs. Forrest Bell,
f ev. S. U. S. tiray, ot East Sound; Rev. V.
'• l<*f*y, of Tacoma; Uev. and Mrs.
J t nea Cheat, Uev. and Mra. C. E. Roberta,
Hon. and Mrs. J. 11. Mdiraw, Miss Mc
ti'sw, Mi'« Me Naught. Dr. and Mrs.
Montgomery Russell, the Misses Russell,
of Philadelphia; Mrs. Aiden, Dr. and Mrs.
«> A. Reich, Mr. and Mrs. ii. E Holmes,
t'te Misses Monies, Dr. Sarah A. Kendall,
M*. and Mrs. W. A. Uiaon, Miss Riaon,
M . and Mrs. A. Anderson, Mr. and Mrs.
I F. Blaine, Mr. AgasMz, of Agasaix,
J' Co
l.awn Tonnle MSttora.
The lawn tennis tournament under the
»« ispices of the >eattle Field Club, for the
M irrtott challenge cups four doubles ar.d
tbe Carter cttp for singles, will be held on
the grounds of the Olympic I.awn Tennis
* in. Twelfth and Madison streets, Satur
<'.iv, June 17. beginning promptly at 10 30
« m. Medals will be awarded to the win
r.«?s of the tournament. The winners will
h!iO have the privilege of playing the
VTaent holders of the cups (vit.: Messrs.
•'•orjro Atkinson and 11. F. Meserve,
doiblea, and Mr. J. C. Anderson, singles)
< !» the aiternoon «>f Monday. June l'>. The
? i es of the I'nite l States Lawn Tennis
Association will govern the play. Matches
wi?lb«be*t two in thri«© aets, excepting
5 the imais and championship, which
ill !>e he-»t three in live. Vdvantage (issues
* > Ibe plav*d throatfhout. The entrance
f. <-• will !•* fl for each competitor In ea< - h
< - iit The committee in • !iar?»» HI. I c -n
--* "t. of 0. \\ Saunders, Charles Power atid
U Marriott. Kntries w.th fee roust be
i ide on or before Juno t\ with t'haries
) *er. secretary of the tournament rom
r.i.ttse. w: ««<* «,jTh-* ia In the Boston block
\ ne« ci>i!> lei* !hvt» forme 1 in this city
t* play a! ky ati>l Harrison street*,
t'■ ■ it ■» name htu t»een given to it ve;.
'' ':e f r»t wdl I* p.ayed tomorrow
; cht l'he fo!low compose tl.e chib:
-Mr. John A. Wfcftltof, Mr. J* Una kahn,
Mr. John A I ark Mr. (tcorge Park. Mr.
J fin B. IVunr, Mr, John v K rehand.
Mr H,* Hinwii \lr. Frank Skinner
c -I t Nar.es 11. il \rp.-r,
i:<lr*. Cule'a Kr,r ( ,|t.>» t« Mt».
' The reception «.v«-'» bv >t « John C.
< oU on 1 .! iav ;wm 4 to • ; it . r rvs:-
a, nee. No. T i R msU street, in h - ;M; . .
Mm Kichard Mansfield, wa« -% tn An:
The gowns of '.he « -uen « re
unusually bright and attractive, and ti e
adorations of the room* e\ et»tt ->na. : v
.!' icate and artistic. \e.»>w *-i,i *
v e-e the prevailing colors in t'se Mr or
* i 1 pink and white with empire e:Te.-t« in
i • dining-room. In this roo:a r* .o
<i-ndrons and flowering" hawtfu>r:i *?rr
v »se 1 »n great profusion and in
i lutital piriinli and festoons. Mrs.
* e wa* **» »te-.l in receiving and enter
s» mti< fc«r K vi c»ts by Mn Mansfield an 1
Mr*. Monti.; w<-ry Kussell, Mra Mansott
J Back Mr». A K MaeCulsky, Mr*,
i«corse II 11. . r -.. Mrs. Oharlaa Henry
* arke. Mr'. » urn as T Tyler. Mr*.
S-st u» Bratncrd. Mr. Uavjd Kel».-c*,
M's. rh.'i'.:as *n K««• t and Mrs.
v i arl-s 1 H.i i «<>rving the
is*4re»hmeu'.a M *» W ts.: f e. i>! Ta»
c *.:ia; M •>* M -s lvWo fe and
M ss About one bun .red and
i »rolpcvt were j resent.
Ths a«*| ri«h'« Rati
«»n Friday evenmg she Seattle stag C .iN
laake's hall. T..i» bail r'osad w \i has
rv-en a moat en joyate * inter season {
jiKrt (Tin# by (fin dak fhe f<v.U<»:: g
a v iia oJLctrs: Mr. Wui Isg.a, C. H. &,
VV T. Tinto. assistant C. H. S.; Mr. S.
Gtjtchell. R S.: Mr. J. Satteriee. financial
»?i*. Mr. D. ilrKiv, fi. if. The bail of
Friday n.gbt was opened byagrand march
let by the floor manager, Mr. EJ Hrnag.
Dznctag followel untii twe.ve o'clock.
WNen C. H. 8. lagl.a led ike way to the
henquet bail, where a good supper wa# en
joyed. After speeches the company re
tcirned to the ballroom and continued
dancing until aa early hoar. Tha com
mttee of arrangements *u Mr. J. £»t
tei-lee, Mr. E. Green, Mr. G. Snyder. *Mr.
J. Wiison and Mr. W. Uflii. The fol
lowing were present: Mm Emma Gyse,
Msss Agnes Potta, Mite Marie Burdick,
M'w Ne.li* H >use. Mi« Nellie Neareli,
Mm Kate Field, Mns Maud Holden, Miss
K.tue Matson, Mias Joeepnine Matson,
Miss Flossie Nelson, Miss Lottie Morr.s,
M ss Mamie Morris, Miss S.ater. Mss*
M iit-1 Pease, Miss Jennie Inrus. Miss
Maud Filer, Mias Lottie Gore, Miss EH a
Alexander. Miss Lixxie Alexander, Mlsa
Essie Kinney. Miss Oiive Smith, Misa
Ei-la Pease, Misa Kittie Quinn, Mias Aiiie
I'V);, M>ss Mabel Sheetian, Miss McAn
d-fss, Miss Maggie Morse, Miss Belle
H lines, Mits Majone Curtis, Misa Laura
M .iter. Miss Aihe Alger, Miss Etta
Sohneil. The chauerones were: Mrs. Dr.
Nj>bie, Mrs. Rosa. Mrs. Whittaker. Mrs.
Miller, Mrs. bheaban, Mr*. Brockway,
Mrs. Armstrong and Mrs. Spsuiding. The
gentlemen present were: Mayor Leander
Miller, Mr. Ira Rank, Mr. Gregory. Mr.
Harry Harris, Mr. York Barring
t<jn, Mr. Smith, Mr. A. W. Ilein-
Mr. Harry Kennedy, Mr. Chester
Giores, Mr. A. C. Prigge, Mr. F. Acker,
Mr. U Michel. Mr. George Fitxhenry, Mr.
C'larles Suter. Mr. 11. W. Richardson. Mr.
Cnarles It. Ilines, Mr. Durbie, Mr. Rufca
Isarticjr, Mr. Charles Simpson, Mr. George
Saw, Mr. Reuben Altine, Mr. Whittaker,
Mr. Ames, Mr. Albert)-, Mr. D. Alexander,
Mr. J. Alexander, Mr. William Barrie,
Mr. A. Crawford, Mr. J. Gabriel, Mr. X.
GtHchell, Mr. E. Greene, Mr. E. Hering,
Mr. S. Hall, Mr. S. Humes, Mr. Wiil In
£ vis, Mr. Charles Johnston, Mr. J. Reilly,
Mr. J. A, Siw, Mr. McCowan, Mr. D. Mc-
Kay, Mr. R Ross, Mr. J. P. Saiterlee,
Mr. G. Snyder, Mr. Tom Tinto, Mr. J.
Turabuli, Mr. Jim Wilson and Mr. W.
Miss McKissejr's Raselt
The programme has been prepared for
the concert and benefit to be given for
Miss Marguerite McKinney on Wednesday
right at the Seattle theater. As will be
sven, it includes the bc3t Seattle talent
and also Mr. Robert Newell, of Tacoma. a*
pupil of Alvah Giover Salmon. Miss Mc-
Kinney is one of the Ladies' Musicai Club
and one of ita representatives at Chicago
en June 23, the day set aside for Seattle at
the World's fair. The selebtion of Miss
McKinney is a deserved tribute, and the
fueling is general that she will justify the
choice and do credit to Seattle and heraelf.
Her soprano is of great range and sweet
ness and of perfect timbre, and one that is
very pleasing. She leaves next Sunday
tiight for Chicago. The programme for
Wednesday's concert is as follows:
Chorus— M Rose Walts'' M. Peasehel
I.vliea' Musical Club.
Violin solo- Mazurka deConcert.- Ovlde Musln
Dr. M. White Frederick.
Vocal solo—"Spring Tide" Beeher
Mist Marguerite McKinney.
Apollo Quartette Selected
Messrs. Wsroer, Boyer, Saunders, Blbo.
ilarltone solo—"A fcong of the Desert and I"
Herman Julicb.
f<i) Prelude Edousrd Srhutt
Piano solo 1 b< NarctaauaC'WaterS.eues' )Nenn
<{c) "I-a Flleu*e" Raff
Robert Newell, of Tacoma.
Vami >ai a "Sweet Mignonette" Tours
lb) "Onefepriu* Morning"...Serin
M.aa Marguerite McKinney.
Whistling solo Selected
Mi*» Hamilton.
"The Water Nymph" Rubinstein
Mtas -pencer and Chorua.
De Frank'in Palmer Accompanist
Choru*—Mr-. A. V. Bell. Mfi EAg.eaon, Mr*.
C ark, Mia* M< Kinney. Mra. Maurice Me-
Mleken, Mrs. G. K M. Pratt, Mra. George
Meacham. MWa Young, Mra. Corwiu a. Khan*,
Mr». H. W. Mille', Mlaa O.ive Miller, Mra. W. U.
White. Mr*. W'illard, Mra. W. Gbimw, Mlaa
Miss Saxtnn'a Recital.
Miss Margaret Saxton's dramatic and
musical recital at Plymouth church on
Wednesday nitcht drew a cultured and ap
prt-riative audience. Miss Saxton's pro
gramme was one of the first order and her
own renditions of "Jeptha's Daughter,"
'by Nathaniel Parker Willis, and of the
trial scene from "Henry VIII." were well
received. The programme was a long one
but all the numbers were well selected
and given. It was as follows:
offertolre (D) Wely
, W. Martiua.
•I) Seattle . John R. Foster
(6i Jcptba'* luugbter . N. P. Willis
Mlaa Marguerite Baxtoo.
Arla~"() I'atadiao." (I'Atricain) Meyerbeer
Aloys Werner.
Masourka (iodard
"(be Christening" . K. T. Corbett
M.»s Marguerite .-axioii.
"Wfcan tho Heart is Young ' I'udley Buck
Mra, ti. 1 rank "eair.an.
"If 1 Could but *ee Her" Selfert
"Bloasotna < los« at Eee" Abt
Metara. Werner, llojer. *aundera and B!b«>.
Organ --Introduction tbird act "l»beugrin"
w. M*rt.ua.
"Fear Ye Not. O Isar.' Dudley Buck
Ht-rrmaun Julicb.
"Trial of Catharine of Aragon" (Henry
VIII) .. >ba*espeare
M:« Marguerite !>*xton.
?a) "Ac den t"teru oer Weaer".. Prvxel
lb) "it was a l>r«-arn".. Robya
Aloys Warner.
InMj •••! talaa," /tr.<»> Ter*l
Mr- •. Frank heaman. .V<>rs Werner, and Her
mauu Julicb.
Organ solo—"Largo" . Vo'.kmar
w. Martiua
The I adieu' Muelral Clnh.
The fiftieth musica'e of the Ladies'
Musical Club of :»e.stwe was given at
Pettis' rhambers yesterday. The pro-
Kramme, though «liort, « vs Rood from be
gmmng to end. It was n* follows:
"Oh, 1 .itner Boy. Mv o«u' iitorie I. Oseood
Mi,s !*p«n -vr
Impromptus, Op. «>. Noa. I and 4 t
.... INM s-r.utert
M » K. Kage. bard.
[V aii'tl lUrr i; |
Mr». .Maurice MeMirken.
Wtilllsi s.*io -I'a'ia" Ardit*
M .%• ltavu.il«>u,
W» uin \ flit Mo*>eowakl
M ,*» » >ilh >!ia, Mia* A'W:u«, Mr*. W Lite,
M;*a Ueacb.
This is the last entertainment for this
seaaon. The *ummer intermission w;ll
l.i*t tili .-ep*.»:.:'>er. w ich will t»e the beifin-
t, e ciul ■< third season. The n»xt
matter of interrit to the organisation
ia the concert and l>esie::t to Miaa M >
K nney on Wed tie* :ay n.ght. Miss M<n
K.nrey ia vjnc of the e'.ub antl also one of
i!«-e-,-resen'.a:ive* at • i.ca*o on June 2X
l'he tuU .i»t of representatives of the c.ub
h ' e \| ect to t-»ke | .vrt < n Seattle day at
the Snir is a* iollows Missl'otVin,piano;
Mr« K I'atterikin. orsran; Mrs. U. A f.
K%>-he»tcr ai i M M Ktnney, sorran. s
rtiora* M *s McKinney. Mrs. A. V. Bel!,
Mra il \\ Emmons. Mrs. A. B. Stewart,
Mra. \V. M Wiiita. Mrs. «i. K M. Pratt.
Mr*. A. B Stewart Will also read a fije;
on t.iat occasion.
Hr*. fnhi>»rfc FnlrrUtn* Chtalnuqusnt
Tt.a >eattle Caaatamjua Aiumnl en
joyed a p*r..«ant evening at the res.-ien a
of their president. Mr*. Anna !>. Fish
back. MonJar evening. An hear sas
•pent in p.ann.ng how they cou.d l>e of
assistance at tn« s.mmer assembly ta
J*ly. in help-.ng forward the Chautsu ;-..a
l.iterary NK-ISI Circle n >rk. It was de
«Ubi to fiV« a banquet at Ho:«:
Chactauqua the awmi:,* aiter Com
mencement da». to the nri members from
class "W, After a dainty tea, th %se
present adjoiif ed to meet agaia soon to
perfect other p.an*. Th,>*e present were
V;»s Mary E. Hyde, class >„*, Mrs. il.
li. Amca, Mr. Dtxtar iiorum, Mr. aui
/T -
Mrs. J. W. Fairbank. Haas *M; Mr. Fred
W. Morris. Mrs. E. M. Waishew. class '88;
Mrs. H. A. Raaer, claas 'B7; Mrs. O. O.
Denny, Mrs. M. E. Abrams, Mr. and Mrs.
W. H. Reeves. Miss Mmta Foster. Misa
Nora Denny, ciaas '88; Mrs. E. H. Denny,
Mrs. Abbie D. Bow. claaa *®; Mrs. L. A.
Treen, Mm Acnie D. Fish back, claas *9O.
Mr. Carle's BtrtMay.
Mr. Jf. A. Carle celebrated his IMb
birthday on Satardar, May 27, at the
bouse of hit father. Mr. Thomas J. Carle.
The day was made the occasion of quits a
"send off." A supper was given to a num
ber of friends, and speech-making and
general good humor prevailed. Those
present were: Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Carle,
Mrs. Lombard, Mrs. Giddlngs, Mrs.
Smith, Mrs. Cooper, Mr. Caldwell, Prof.
Davison. Miss Belle Hood, Mr. B. W.
Case, Miss Mag trie Pearae, Mr. Chester
Morse. Miss Pearl Case, Miss Li!lie Cad
worth, Miss Mamie Williams. Mr. Fred
Duffy. Miss Daisy Giddinga, Mr. Ed Her
mit. Miss Acnes Potts, Mr. John Satterlee,
Miss Ella Pease. Mr. Samner Lombard,
Miss Etta Alsxander, Miss Litzis Casper,
Mr. George Allen and Miss Rose Lombard.
Mis* HSBM* Pleaie.
Moss Belle Humes gave a picnic party on
Decoration day at Woodland park. Those
present were: Miss Ada Long, Miss ftosie
Caldwell, Miss Eva Burlmgame, Miss
Blanche Kelly, Miss Katie Metts, Miss
Malls Sheehan. Miss Annie McAndrews,
Miss Laura Wallace. Miss B. Jones, Miss
May Procter, Miss Kste Fields, Miss Ada
Davis, Miss Lottie Gore, Mr. Sim Barrett,
Mr. John Wheeler, Mr. Rupert Ailain,
Mr. Biias Hal!, Mr. James Keily, Mr.
Cbsrles Johnson, Mr. Wsldo Richardson,
Mr. 0. DeMers. Mr. Robert Brinker, Mr.
Ham Humes, Mr. Cbsrles Dignan, Mr.
William Delano. Mr. Jess Keisey, Mr.
Jerry Hadley. Mr. George Hadley, Mr.
Chris Dow, Mr. John Gabrisl, Mr. Ed
Gilbert, Mr. Harry Rockwell, Mr. James
Quinn and Mr. Warren Lewis. ,
Aa fvcßlat Party.
A happy party of neighbors and friends
assembled at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
George W. Kumner, No. Lake street,
on Tuesday evening. Games, music, a tine
lunch and sociability, free and nncontined,
made the evening pass pleasantly. Among
those present were: Mr. and Mrs. G. W.
Kummer, Miss R. G. Kummer, Miss Josie
Robinson, Miss Bessie Glascock, Mr. and
Mrs. 3. Archibald, Mr. and Mrs. L. Rce,
Mrs. A. Beckingham, Mr. and Mrs. C. B.
Beeson. Mr. Harry Hunt, Mr. William
Hunt, Miss Kittie Wat sou, Miss M. Glas
cock, Mis* Minnie Peboeus, Miss Anns
Phillips, Mr. T. H. Osborne, Mrs. L. M.
Woods, Mr. A. L. Woods, Mr. Charles
Beckingham, Mr. J. Beckingham, Mr. A.
E. Barre, Mr. Frank Schmidt, Mr. and
Mrs. R. Schmidt, Mr. J. H. Walker, Mr. J.
W. Godwin, Mr. Fred Kummer and Mr.
George Kummer.
lolly Lodge's Social.
Unity Lodge. No. 90, Knights of Pythias,
gave its regular monthly social at their
hall in the Walls Walls addition last
week. Among thoss present were: Mr.
and Mrs. D. G. Gleason. Mr. snd Mrs. H.
D. Wheeler, Mr. snd Mrs. J. A. Robbins,
Mr. snd Mrs. Z. F. Hickmsn, Mr«. E. E.
Cook. Miss Cook, Mr. G. E. Yew, Mr. and
Mrs. E. M. Culbertson, Mr. J. F. Brewer,
Mr. G. J. Cansler, Mr. J. R. Lonswav, Mr.
and Mrs. C. C. Migrath, Mr. snd Mrs. D.
W. Robinson, Mr. snd Mrs. H. N. Swart
wood, Mr. O. M. Bnyder, Mrs.W.H. Snyder,
Mr. Maguire, Mr. Kincaid, Mr. Byerly,
MV. and Mrs. William Gritman, Mr. J. S.
Towle, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Bird, Mr. and
Mrs. I. S. Hsrisn snd Mr. and Mrs. C. L
Ia Honor of Mlaa Mayor*
Miss Lily Meyer, of Sen Francisco, wee
the guest of honor at a little boating party
given on Lake Washington on Sunday
last. The party sailed by the steamer La
tona, and arriving at Newcastle landing
partook of an elegant lunch served by the
girls of the party. After lunch the boat
proceeded on its course around Mercer
island and lauded at Yesler avenue. The
party consisted of Miss Lily Meyer, Miss
Sarah Gottstein, Miss Sadie Cohen, Misa
Kosa Davis, Miss Jennie Rosenthal, Miss
Henrietta Wolf, Miss I.ulu Friend,
Miss Beckie Schoenfeld, Miss Ida Qott*
stein, Mr. Ike Gottstein, Mr. A. E. Kalter,
Mr. Samuel Brown, Mr. L. V. Urunbaum,
Mr. Lon Abrahams, Mr. Is. Schoenfeld,
Mr. WiUiain Gottstein and Mr. and Mrs.
I. Brown.
A Family Reunion.
Miss Amy E. Cndien, Miss Gertrude A.
Cadien. Master Harry S. Cadien and Mas
ter Frederick W. Cadien, sons and
daughters of Mr. A. M. Cadien. of 206
East street, arrived by the steamer Walls
Walla on Sunday, May 2*. Masters Harry
and Frederick Cadien have been putting
in their time for the last few years st
Laurel Hall Military college, San Mateo,
Cal., and will probably finish their educa
tion on the Sound. Miss Amy snd Miss
tiertrude Cadien have been for the last
three years students at Mills college and
seminary, Oakland, Cal., from which Miss
Amy graduated this year. Miss Gertrude
will probably return to finish the course.
Calvary Church Modal.
A delightful social wa.« eiven on Wednes
day evening at Calvary Presbyterian
church, comer of Market and King streets,
under the auspices of the Ladies' Aid
Society of the church. A large attend
ance was present. The social features
were enlivened by a programme which in
cluded H soio by Mi«s K. Hollo way. given
in a rich contralto voire. She was heartily
encored. M:*JJ Martin also entertained
the company with two readings, which
w«re w»>il received, and Mr. McMicken
sang with fine effect, Miss Kerr playing
the accompaniment. Refreshments were
served by tne ladies.
A Mghtrap Snrlal ot tiraea Chareh.
The Epwortti Leagueof Grace Methodist
church j:ave a ••nightcap" social at the
church Friday evening, which proved a
successful affair in every respect. A very
Urge crowd was present. A short literarv
and musical programme was given by the
league. Among the features worthy of
note wer# » solo by Mis* Dunn; trio by
Miss Bump. Miss I»unn and Miss Brown
field; a duet by Miss Hmgsly and Miss
Drane, and recitations by Mtss Bunca and
M»« Martin. After the programme caps
were disposed of. and the "matemg" called
forth much mirth. refreshment* were
served, and a grand social time enj iyed.
Mr. Conk's Rtrthda, Rememhtrcd.
A birth lay pa-ty was given in honor of
H. S. took at his home. 101.%', Madison
street Friday evening. Dinner *"as served
at f and lunch later in the evening. The
parlor and dining room were decorated
handsomely with roses, rinks and rhodo
dendrons. Those preset were: Mr. and
Mrs. Harry Collin*. Mrs. Stewart Ricker
soa. Mrs. M E. Baxter. M:ss >a.-*h li.
Robertson, M « Marv C. A. Robertson
Mr. W lllam < >Hine. Mr. Burton Collins!
Mr 1. F. Muriock and Mr Tortus Baxter.
l'bsslaui|Bt Matter*.
The Ja*emA»y />. lft j f or
month has just :.een issued by the secre
tary ard contains items of interest to
those who purpose participating in the
summer school or to take aivantaga of
t * opoortunity for an outsat.
A banquet and tirecian toasts c!os?d the
c.r< .e year of the Columbian Circle. Mr.
J ' .•> ri.n prwkbi v* r the cs-uncU,
which WAS "lireek v*. Fartsariaa." It was
voted one of the beat me*ting» of these*.
»os. Mr. J. W. k auhanfc piwided at um
b«aq«t The programme in las* Son*
day'* Pon-lsTSu:ci9cn was carried out
and the circle adjourned to the first
Wednesday in September, when it will re
organize for the new Roman year.
There will be an excursion to the rhodo
dendron field* near Sidney, Kitsap
county, on Tuesday, under the auspices of
the Ladies' Aid Society of the First
Methodist Episcopal Church. The steamer
Ellis will leave Washington street dock at
• o'clock, returning in the evening. A
general invitation is extended to all who
wish a pleasant day's outing. All par
ticipants will be expected to take their
lunch basketa, as several hours will be
spent in the rhododendron fields.
The Goldea Bale Clrele'e 8 octal.
The members of the Golden Rule Circle,
an organisation of young people, gave a
bazaar social at the residence of Mr. and
Mrs. N. M. Freeman, on Cambridge ave
nue, Brooklyn, Friday evening. About
sixty members were present. A fine pro
gramme was rendered by the different
members. Mr*. W. L. Lynn and Miss
Spencer assisted the young folks in their
efforts to make the affair a success. The
social netted the young folka a neat sum
for use in their benevolent work.
Vise Carrey Batertataa.
Miss Maud Currey entertained a few of
her friends at the home of her sister, Mrs.
D. H. McMullen, Ko. 511 Light street, on
Friday evening. The parlors were prettily
decorated with ferns and flowers. Those
p-esent were: Miss Maud Currey, Miss
Minnie McMullen, Miss Belle Mason, Miss
Jennie Cooper. Mrs. D. H. McMullen. Mr.
Harry Van Houten, Mr. James Forehand,
Mr. Ed James, Mr. Jesse James and Mr.
C. Dorr.
Farewell to Mr. Bebertaea.
On Tuesday evening the Aldine Club
gave a farewell entertainment in honor of
its popular member, Mr. Tracy H. Robert
son, who on the following night became a
benedict. The festivities included a box
party ani a supper. The participants
were: Mr. D. T. Cross, Mr. Daniel Gib*
bons, Mr. W. C. Keith. Mr. F. B. Inger
soil and Mr. D. G. Inverarity.
Mee Haghoa Kotertalas.
On Tuesday, Msy 30, Miss Dora Hughes
entertained a lew friends at her home. 2122
Fourth street. Whist, music and refresh
ments were enjoyed. Those present were:
Mrs. Wiiiiams, Miss A. Read. Miss Esther
Williams, Miss Edith Williams, Miss
Emiiy Williams, Capt. C. L. Davies and
Mr. Etmer Gardner.
Mrs. Loach.
Mrs. W. L. Steinweg, of North Yakima,
is the guest of Mrs. A. W. Engie. A
luncheon was given in her bouor by Mrs,
Engle on Friday. Those present were:
Mrs. W. E. Boone, Miss Mary A. Slocum,
of Syracuse, N. Y.; Mrs. David Kellogg
and Miss Charlotte Ualler.
Tli« KaffctkiatMh Meats*
The Kafleeklatsch met on Monday at
Mrs. C. T. Conover's. Those present were:
Miss Struve, Mrs. David C. Garrett, Mrs,
John P. Fay, Miss Wiestling, Mrs. A. M.
Brookes, Miss Yoong, Miss More and Mrs.
R. C. Washburn.
Mrs. Gait's Laacheoa. s
Mrs. J. R. Gait gave delightful luncheon
at her home on Eleventh street Thursday.
Those present were: Mrs. Erastus Brain*
erd. Mrs. David Kellogg, Mrs. M.F.Backas,
Mrs. A. H. Anderson and Mrs. John P.
•t. Wlalfred'a CammtMcmcat-
The commencement of St. Winifred's
school will take place tomorrow night.
Three students will be graduated, Miss Kate
McGraw and Miss Edith Duckett.o'Seattle,
and Miss Jessie Arney, of Kent. The fol
lowing programme has been arranged:
Duet—"Hungarian Sketch" Volkmann
MIM B. Cbeal, Mr. Willi* Myers.
Solo—"Memory" Mendelssohn
Mia* Fergusaon.
Solo—"Dorothy Mmnet" Smith
Mi ha Boyd.
Chorus—"The Child'* Complaint" Neviu
Preparatory and primary departments.
Trial seene from the "Merchant ol Venice:"
Duke Mian Duckett
Antonio Miss Auaien
Bassanlo Mf«s Libby
Gratiano Miss N tiger, t
ehy.oek Mix Hunt
Nerls*s :..Mis» McNaugbt
Portia Miis McGraw
Concerto—"B flat" Mosart
MissMyets; second piano. Miss B. Cbeal.
Chorus—"Bridal song" Wagner
solo—"Slumber Sons" Schumann
MIIS Aruey.
Concert*—"D Minor" Mosart
Misa Duckett; second piano, Miss B. CheaL
"Aiico in Wonderland" Lewis Carroll
•• Ine Mock Turtle" Miaa Gardoa
"Alice" ... Miaa MacCoiaky
"The Grrpaoa" Miss Harrington
Solo—"Octave Etude ' kullak
Miaa Bollnk.
Chorus—"The Minuet"
. Primary Department
Solo—"lmprompu" Schubert
Miaa Dhckett.
Concerts —"C Minor" Beethoven
Miss & Cneal; aecond piano. Miss Boluik.
Quartet—"Krelachuta," Meter
Misses Duckett, Hoi ink, Arney and Myers.
IHatributiou ol medals and diploma* by Kav
tieorge Herbert Watson, D.D., and Rev. David
Clairborne Garrett
IV hit worth Collogo Commaocomaat
At Sumner on Wednesday evening oc
curred the commencement exercises of
Whitworth college. The following pro
gramme was well rendered:
Prayer ... Rev. Dr. Alison. Di D
Valse Briilante J. Cerugon
Smie Meada
Sa.ntatory—l„*tin.. Mary I* Patch
E«»ajr— "Haste Make* Waato". Rema B Talnadsre
E«*ay—"Commercial Law" J K. Pugb
ol Mermaid*" Splndler
Annie Maiony.
Oration—"Progre** of the Pacific States *
Charles Brooks
Easay—"A <i<v>d Education" .Aired Smith
Recitation—"Troub.e in the Amen Corner".
Maud Barrett
Solo—"The (»oM heater" A. Ks~. lregger
I'rof. E D. Swessr-
KeciUt.on—"Kugg.ces Dinner Party"
E*aa»— "The KrTe< t* of Foreign Immigration
on Dor ("ml xstion" Harry iMrander
Recitation—"Advantage* ol a Collegiate
Education " .. May :«tewart
Solo—"ttouleriul Image" Auto etreleskl
Maud Barrett.
Oration—"Pnrj>o«e In lite" Charle*Spinning
Recitation-"J lmmte Butler and tb* Owl" .
.. .. ... .1* W. Boatwlck
Recitation— * The Wueh* l>au«hter" ....
Violin solo—"sounds Krom H<>me"
.. Rena Talmadge
Eatajr—"Have a Pur{»oee" Sorts Meade
E*a*v—"Athretiea" ...George Gre*g
Ker.tatlon—-Tbi. Tamias". ..Jeannette l«owcey
"I'aeift* Opinion" *ed;e Payna
"The Last Smile" ..Wolienbaupi
Edltn Meade.
Presentation of niatbeiaatlea: prisv ..
Benediction . He* D. M. Davenport
I>r. Whitwnrth, of Seattle, presented the
mathematical prires to Miss Rena Tal
rnadse, Charles French and Fred Whit
"The Mikado," by School roplla.
* The Mikalo" wlh be presented at the
new Seattle theater on the I9'.h or 20tb of
this rnmth. The cast will be as fallows:
Yum Yum Miaa Hatdee Gasch
Mill Slug. . .... Mle» Etna Wittier
Peep Bo . . .V'.. Mis- Gertrad* Ci»rk
kauafca " \la*. Huff<ar.i»
Naafct Poob ... Mr. Bert Wimama
Ko Ko .*.**.* .. Mr. Edward GamMe
Pooh Bah. .. ..*. * ,r - frank At&ln*
Mikado .. . Mr Philip \ahu.n
Pish Tush M' W. W.
There wiU be hfty girls and thirty-two
boys, students of the high school, who
will constitute an effective chorus. A
S'-juad of sn«*en of the Hijfh School cadets
wiilgiro a Zouave dnll when Ko Ko makes
his entrance in the first act, under the
command of Cspt. MJSS- The fan, hoop,
sash and tambourine drills are ail making
headway. Everything, bar accidents, will
be in good form on Monday, June ISn Ihe
costume* are thoeeuaed by the.oid Carieton
Opera Company. The orchestra will cam
ber from twelve to fifteen pieces. Prof.
Langer being the leaner. The perform*
ance will be under the immediate direction
of XL Sherman Sharpe. Edwgrd Gamble,
who takes the part of Ko Ko, performed
in that roie five years ago in a juvenile
troape in San Francisco. He will add
greatly to the caste.
Seattle Female College Cemaaeaeeaaeat.
The exercises of the graduating class at
the Seattle Female coiiece at Ravenna will
be given on Wednesday at 2:30 p. m. The
Messrs. Denny have given a reduced rate
by their Third street line to the park. The
followingprogramme has been prepared:
"Taanhauaer" (eight hands) Wa*ner-B*r*
Mis* Xoym, Mis* Been. Mia Aahworth and
Mia* Steiner.
Invocation .
Nocture* ("Kia Sonuneruaehtatrauro")
Mm Ash worth.
Kasay— M The Pewer e< Will"
lit** Clara 6~>phia Carrie
Bong—Selected Mr*. WiUUm MUl*r
Essay—"ln Every Bock of M«rt>ie T. ere Is
aVcaua" Miss Anni* C. Hutchcon
Banjo and guitar (election
Miss Grace N©y*s, Mia* Zola Jenkins,
Mis a Maud Sterner, Miss Marion Ran*
McDonald. Mli At c* Back tier, Mias
K.sie Ferrell Miss Margaret Aahworth.
Essay—"ttavenna". ..Misa Ada Chapman Waik*l
*• 'Ti* I Alone Can 1 ell" Dei«S
Mr. Prank AUina.
Sonata op. 31, Na 3 (Allegro, menuetto, trio,
praato) ..Beethoven
Miss Soyea.
Conferring at degreas with piessntatloa ad
dress I»r. Alexander Alison
"Fauat Duo' Goanod-Bonawiu
Miss Xoyea and Mlaa Aahworth.
Bobert*oa-Be Ife.
The quietest and prettiest of home wed
dings was that of Mr. Tracy H. Robertson
and Miss Blanche Relfe, which took place
at the home of the bride 1 * parents, Mr.
and Mrs. W. 8. Relfe, on Thursday even
ing. The ceremony took place at 7
p. ml, Rev. D. C. Garrett being
the ofiiciat:ng clergyman. Just six
teen persons, including Mr. and
Mrs. Garrett witnessed the ceremony.
This included the families of both con
tracting parties, the members of Mr.
Robertson's bachelor household and a few
very close friends. The house was beauti
fully decorated with ferns and pqtted
plants. Mr. Linn Relfe, brother of
the bride, was best man, and Miss
Genevieve Relfe, the bride's sister,
was maid of honor. The ceremony
was unusually impressive and beautiful,
everything seeming to contribute to the
solemnity and dignity of the occasion. A
reception followed. The invited guests were:
Gov. Eugene Semple, Mr. and Mrs. J. W.
Filkins, Mr. and M>*s. G. A. C. Rochester,
Senator and Mrs, W. R. Forrest, Mr. and
Mrs. Jerome Catlin, Mr. and Mrs. Charles
D. Stimson, Mr. and Mrs. George B. Kit
tinger, Mr. and Mrs. Seth W. Clark, Mr.
and Mrs. Francis A. Bell, Mr. and Mrs.W.
H. Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Ballard,
Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Ronald, Mr. and Mrs.
W. G. Ronald. Mr.'and Mrs. Jacob Furtb,
Mr. and Mrs. Horace C. Henry, Mr. and
Mrs. R. B. Albertson, Mr. and Mrs. C. L.
Hibbard, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Joslyn,
Mr. and Mrs. EL B. Burwell, Mr. and Mrs.
T. M. Daulton, Mr. and Mrs. James Leddy,
Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Whittlesey, Mr.
and Mrs. Job P. Lyon, Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Seaman, Capt. and Mrs. F.
8. DeWolfe, Mr. and Mrs. Stewart
Smith, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Wiestling, Mr.
and Mrs. F. B. Wiestling, Hon. and Mrs.
C. L. Webb, Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Blaine,
Judge and Mrt. A. H. Foote. Rev. and
Mrs. D. C. Garrett, Rev. and Mrs. J. Cheat,
Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Berrill, Mr. and Mrs.
F. L. Fehren, Judge and Mrs. W. H.
Brinker, Mr. add Mrs. Henry Fuhr
man, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Green,
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M*. Green. Mr. and
Mrs. Henry W. Brooke, Maj. and Mrs. J.
R. Hayden, Mr. and Mrs. T. P. Dyer. Mr.
and Mrs. E. W. Ruff, Col. and Mrs. C. M.
Sheafe, Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Wittier, Mr.
and Mrs. W. R. Bentley, Mr. and Mrs. E.
L. San ford, Dr. and Mrs. Henry Yandell,
Mr. and Mrs. Lauron Ingel*. Mr. and Mrs.
D Gilmour, Mr. and Mrs. N. H Latimer,
Mr. and Mrs. Ainsley Peine, Gen. and Mrs.
C. W. Turner, Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Mc-
Ewan, Mr. and Mrs, E. L. Terry,
Mrs. D. W. K. Baxter, Mrs.
Prewett, Miss Struve, Miss Col
lins, Miss Munday, Miss Potvin, Miss
Baxter. Miss Marsh, Miss Berry, Miss
Compton, Misses Prewett, Miss Meern,
Misses Cheat, Miss Clark, Miss Spencer,
Misa Ruff. Mis* Dibb!e. Misses Miller,
Miss de Wolfe, Miss Hunt, Miss Furth,
Miss Filkins, Miss Foote, Miss Wiestling,
Misa Semple, Miss Brown, Mr. F. 11. In
gersoll, Mr. Daniel (Abbons, Mr. D. T.
Cross, Mr. W. C. Keitli, Mr. Fred
Bausman, Mr. Daniel Keileher, Mr. G.
Meade Emory, Mr. J. 11. Wheelwright,
Col. James Hamilton Lewis. Mr. D. G. In
verarity, Mr. C. F. Munday, Mr. P. D.
Richardson, Mr. G. F. Fay, Mr. J. D. Hoge,
Mr. J. A.. Jackson, Mr. F. J. Church, Dr.
F. H. Palmer. Mr. T. S. Haller, Mr.
F. B. G. Berry, Mr. Alfred Berry,
Mr. G. A. Burch, Mr. J. U Warner. Mr.
J. P. Oberteuffer, Mr. J. R. Hayden, jr.,
Mr. C. B. Hills, Mr. Gilbert B. Smith,
Mr. W. S. Hutchcraft, Mr. Fred K. Struve,
Mr. A. V. Randall. Mr. J. C. Whitlock,
Mr. F. J. Aikens, Mr. J. Loring Whitting
ton and Mr. A. K. Fisken.
I**ars« • Hcsketb-
On Thursday evening at • p. m. Miss
Katie 0. Hoktth and Mr. Albert J. P«r»
were united in marriage at the residence
of the groom's parents, 415 Everett street.
Rev. D. C.Garrett officiating. The house
was tastefully decorated with ferns, dog
wood, honeysuckles and wild columbine.
The bride was attired in a dainty dress of
cream serge and silk lace and cairied bridal
roses. The bridesmaids were attired in
tan Henrietta, adorned with damask
roses. Mr. Brackett W. Case acted as
best mail and Miss Blanche Lester as
maid of honor. The groomsman was Mr.
Chester W. Morse and the bridesmaid Miss
Mary A. Pearse. Among those invited
were: liev. and Mrs. D. C, Garrett, Mr.
and Mrs. G. L. Case, Mr. and Mrs. J. J.
Knoff. Mr. and Mrs. J. (tough. Mr. and-
Mrs. J. J. Putraw. Mr. and Mrs. H. lou
der, Mr. and Mrs. E. Godtng, Mr. and Mrs.
J. J. Madman. Mr. and Mrs. B. Fairbanks,
Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Ames, Mr, and Mrs.
Thomson, Mr. and Mrs. A. Maitland, Mr
and Mrs. G. M. Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. J.
F. Miller, Mr. and Mrs. George Farweil,
Mr. and Mr*. H. E. Jones, Mr. and Mrs.
E. Roland. Mr. and Mrs. H. Leland. .Mr.
and Mrs. Harry Gibb, Mr. and Mra. W. T.
Fearse. Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Bojn«all. Mr.
and Mrs. J. Bonnsail, Mr. and Mrs. 8. B.
Woodsum, Mr. an i Mrs.. William IVarie,
Mrs. A. Kirkpatrick, Mrs. R. L. Lester,
Mrs. Q. M. Kellogg, Mrs. Barton. Miss
Corrinne B. Leland, Mtss Rose Brown.
Miss Fannie Kirkpatrick. M;*s Pearl Case,
Miss Florence Skinner, M ss Ella Ruther
ford, M ss Alice Aliiston. Mtsa May Kel
logg, Mtss R'tee I»mbard, Mtss Etta Lit
tle. Miss B.anche lister. Miss Mary Ann
Pearse, Mm Msegie Pearte. Rsv. A. L
Barker, Mr. T. B. Morriaey. Mr. R. P. M.
Kelly, Mr. B. W Case, Mr. W. C. Morse,
Mr. S. J. Lombard. Mr. Jackson Garrett,
Mr. N. A. Carle. Mr. E. B. Skinner, Mr.
Harry Kirkpatrtck, Mr. E K rkpatr.ck.
Mr. J. B. White, Mr. Fwi Besing, Mr.
Geor*e Ford. Mr. J. C. Rose. Mr. Philip
Little. Mr. A. A. Barre. Mr. Rirhard
Pearse, Mr. «>eorre Pearse, Mr. Harold
Pearse, Mr. W. E-sria Git.b and Mr. J.C.
Pearse, qt Milwaukee, Wia.
A 4 MM- »*itoMl»r.
An «xc*e<lmffljr prettjr, though quiet,
wedding took place on Thursday, Jane 1,
1-W, at o'clock p. ic., at th« reaidanc* of
UM bwU • tooU»«r t Mis. Clara lamm b«u-
mater, on Ren ion hill, when the marriage
of Miss Clara Settmaier to Mr. Albert I.
Adams «|u celebrated. The bouse was
made beautiful with a profusion of white
roses that adorned mantels, tables and
cabinets.* Palms and feathery ferns were
arranged so as to form ideal entrances to
little bowers, while garlands of Solomon's
seal hung in festoons orer the niche in
which the bridal couple stood during
ceremony. Green vines wreathed the
lamps and mirrors and palms, potted
plants and dogwood decorated the hallway
and dining room. The bride was attired
in an empire gown of white bengaline,
edged at the throat and sleeves with
duchess lace. She carried a bunch of
bride's roses. Rev. D. C. Garrett, recto*-
of St. Mark's Episcopal church, performed
the ceremony. Among those present
were: Rev. Dr. and Mrs. D.C.Garrett,
Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Daulton. Mr. and Mrs.
H. E. Shields. Mr. and Mrs. SamuelS.
Carlisle, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Carson, Mr.
and Mrs. William L. Ellis, Mr. and Mrs.
Fred E. Sander, Mr. and Mrs. Lauron
In gels, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Boyd,
Mr. and Mra L. D. Brun#, Mr.
and Mrs. A. Dughuid, Mr. Claude
Htggins, Mr. Frank J. Fast*
Mr. and Mrs. Adams left the following day
on the steamer Walla Waila for California
for a visit of several weeks, after which
they will return and be "ai home" to their
friends at their apartments on Tenth
street, near Alder. The groom is a mem
ber of the legal profession. Mr. Adams is
a native of New York, having been born in
Livingston couuty. that state, September
21, 1865. He graduated from the Roches
ter university in ISB2 and five years later
came to this city, where he has lived ever
since. He served as chief clerk of the land
office until 1890, when he resigned and be
gan the active practice of his profession in
partnership with the present city comp
troller, J. M. Carson. Later he accepted
the nomination on the Republican ticket
iu the Fourth district for tne house of rep
resentatives and was elected by a good
majority. While in the legislature he
made a good record. He was the youngest
member of the legislature.
Bewnet t-Xel 1 Igaa.
Amid festoons of evergreens and bridal
blossoms a quiet wedding ceremony was
solemnized at the residence of the bride.
No. 1619 Madison street, at 8:15 p. to.,
Saturday. June 3,1593, by which Mrs. Rose
Neiligan became Mrs. George E. Bennett,
and the twain left on a brief trip Tacomt
ward, to be greeted by their fi-iends on
their return at th* place of the marriage.
Nathauiel G. House and Mra. Alice M.
Houae, of Springfield, wero next best
friends and witnesses, and Rev. John F.
Damon officiated. Before leaving a pleas
ant party enjoyed the hospitalities of a
well-ordered wedding aupper.
Perenaal Social Notes.
Mr. F. R. Van Tuyl la out on the strati again
after a lo.ig iilnesa
Miss Alice Toklas left on Friday for a two
months' visit to California
Mr. W. K Dennis, of Port Townaend, was la
the city several days last week.
Miu Gertrude Hanna baa returned from lnt
trip In Illlooia and th» World's fair.
Mra. F. Kurtsman. of Paaco, Is visiting bar
sister, Mrs. Jsmaa Henry, In this city.
Master Clayton Crawford, son of Mr. and Mrs.
9. & Crawford, left last night for Cbicaga
Mra. B. 11. Buttcrfietd has returned from Den
ver, where she has been to attend the funeral of
her sister.
Mrs. A. M. Young and daughter are visiting
Mrs. Annie Hrde, of Esfle Harbor, during tha
month of J una.
Mrs. W. c. Sutton and Mrs. J. P. Whitney left
Thursday for Orcaa island for a two weeks' visit
anon; friends.
Miss C. B. Hopkins, Mrsi R. 8. Stevens and
Mrs. C. a Hstfleid have gone to California on an
extended riait
Mr*. Philip Nili Ihtm tomorrow atoning (or
Chicago and Boston, «hm aba intends remain
ing several mouths.
Mr. Joeeph Schlumpf returned last night from
La Croaee, Mich., where ha haa been visiting tor
tbe past three week*.
Mr. and Mr*. Robert Cahlll, of Portland, who
h*ve been visitinr friend* In thta city, laft laat
uight for Hot Springs, it. C.
Miaa Lida Powell, daughtar of Mr*. J. H.
1-entry. will ba married on Wednesday night to
Mr. Jama* H. Hartshorn, of Mlnneapolia.
Mr*. W. g. Hartan ha* returned from a alx
month*' viatt to her former home at Zaneaviile,
0., taking in tbe World'e fair on the war
Mi*» Ferguson. of Seattle, aang at a Mar fe«»l
--val concert in Whntcora. Wedne<dny night, and
waa well apokon of by the RerrilU tbe next day.
('apt \V. H. Ballard laft on Priday for Oak
land, CaL, whera he will make • *bort visit
with Mr*. Ballard, wbo la spending the summer
Mr*. M. P. Benton, who haa been visiting in
Ban Franclwo and Sacramento, returned ye*ter
ci«y on the Vmatllla accompanied by ber cousin
Mrs. J. M. Maddux.
Mrs. W. W. Lambutb, Mr*. Ban Letcher and
Mr. Ben Letcher, Jr.. are hero from Kentucky,
visiting tba family of Mr. W. D. Lambutb, on
Carroll atreet. Lake Washington.
Masters Willie C. and D. K. Howard, Jr.. anna
of Mr. and Mn D. K. Howard, who ban been
attending school at tit Mary'e college, Oakland,
Cal., are home for their vacation.
Dr. and Mr*. M. Hayter, of Chicago, are In the
city visiting Dr. and Mrs. H. P. Smith at 1(M
Broadway. Or. Hayter will probably locate at
Dallas, Or., where be formerly lived.
Tbe Rev. 8. P. Wifson. pastor of Trfnlty Meth
odist Episcopal church, this city, ha* been re
cently honored with tbe degrea of Ph. D., con
ferred upon bim by the Wiley university, one of
tbe leading educational institutes of Texas.
Mr. O?orge P. Cotterill, of the city engineer's
office, with his wife and child, laft last night to
take in the Right Worthy Grand Lodge. I. O. G.
T., which sits at Dee Moinee, la., June 13 to 17.
11a goes, however, direct to Chicago to take In
tbe World's Temperance congresa, to which he
l< the representative of tbe Grand Lodge of
Washington. He wili *l*o visit bis old home at
Montclalr, N. J. A part* of Good Templars said
good bya to htm at the 10:25 train last night.
Bxearaton on the Mikado— Worknaen'a
Anniversary—straw berry Festival.
ETKBICTT. June I— [Special.}—On# of the
plessanteat social diversions of the week
was an excursion party on the steam
launch Mikado, given on Thursday even
ing. Mr. and Mrs. Daft and the
Misses Daft were the hosts of the evening
and they made it exceedingly pleasant.
The trip included a tri;> to the neighboring
islands and the Tulalip reservation.
Among the guests were Mr. and Mrs. J». S.
Grosscup, Mr. and Mrs. .Stephen Know!-
ton. Mr. and Mrs. C. 11. Taylor, Mr. and
Mrs. A. J. Agnew, Mr. and Mrs. C. P.
Moore. Mr and Mr*. C. I». Fratt. Mr. and
Mrs. S. 8. King. Mr. and Mrs. W. C. But
ler. Mr. and Mrs. Bailey, Mr. and Mrs.
Thomas Weir. Mrs. Augusta I'Jummer
Foster, Miss Foster, the Misses Knowlton.
Mr. Cornwall, Mr. Co*. Mr. Dickermnn,
Mr. Eiemendorf, Mr. Foster, Mr. Montan
don, Mr. Nichola, Mr. I'earse, Mr. I'ome
roy. Mr. Taylor, Mr. Whitney and Mr.
A good time was enjoyed at the anni
versary entertainment and ball of the
I'nited Workmen. Dr. Htockwell pre
sided. An address of welcome was made
by W. Culver. The benertciarv features of
the order were elucidated by J. C. Mitch
ell A solo was sang by Nettie Sahlinger
and • piano selection was played by Nel
lie Liebendofer. The committees in charge
were: On reception—W. Culver, J. A.
Brue. A. A. Urodeck. C. Raymond, Dr. G.
W. Wil iam Bernbard. N. J.
J. Morrison and W. A. Tegmeier;
floor managers ll. Kahiinger, L. L.
Lioyd, J. M. . Rice, J. Coleman, M. L.
Isaacs. J. W. F*raser, I. O. Ottesrad, T. D.
Reeee. Among those present were Mr.
aad Mr*. Sahlinger, Mr. and Mrs. Cham
ber*. Mr. and Mrs. Alger, Mr. and Mr*.
Chandler, Mr. and Mrs. Brue, Dr. and
Mrs. Stockwell. Mr. and Mrs. Griffin, Mr.
UD Mr*. Craifue, Mrs. KWMJ, Mr. and
Mrs. Stoddard and dauthte .. I
1 Mrs. Rice. Mrs. Davit. J|
I Wainscot. Miss R v»nberg. *tW
Bast. Md'onkey, Elliott,
Linton. Ett eof Snohomish. WiiZl SM
an l Petersen and Messrs.
bendofer. O. B. Williams,
brose, Tegmeier, Draeie.
linger. Havevcroft, P. Shea, Sajfi
ton. Vennard, Allen. «.oerig,
Williams, Dr. Hanna. W.
§ A successful straw t>erry
given by the ladies of the
church on Decoration day,
| of the Baptist church followed
evening—minus the
be had in the market.
Miss Alice Hicks, of
Mrs. Webb.
Mrs. G. M. Osborn has
trip to Portland.
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Batter I
turned from the East after
Mr. and Mrs. C. I_ Haggard
to their old home in De Soto, h »J|
the World's fair.
Mrs. James M. Vernon will
hicsgo about July 1.
Mr. George S. Brown arrived
the East this week.
Rev. D. G. MacKinnon
shortly for North Yakima,
cepted a call to the Kpisctptf
Mrs. A. H. Gamel has gone It fcypl
home in Kentucky to spend
Mr. De Witt Mulford. of
been visiting his brother, Mr.
ford, for a week or so.
Mr. C. D. Sweeney spent Sttsdpfeafl
Mr. A. G. Kommeran enjojij
with Seattle friends on Sunday,
Messrs. Henry Shattuck. X. ft,
A. M. Farrah, Miss Loughsey,
lass and the Misses Roscoe, 0('8m2l
spent Sunday in Everett
lunch at the Hotel Moate Crlrtfc
Miss Emma Bronson was rimij
prise party on Thursday
teenth birthday. Those pcespl
Miss Nichols, Miss Black, Km *3
Miss Hal Porter, Miss CMf|rNrj3
Hathaway. Miss Mitcnallllfci *£9
Clark. Miss Everhard. Ih AauQu
Miss Lena Linton, Mr. TtSea Kt.l3
ders, Mr. Vernon, Mr. KSIMV, Mr, fcl
Manus, Mr. Hurley, Mr. MiUa, Mr. (3
ney, Mr. Mitchell, Mr. TitM, wij aB
Mr. and Mrs. C. H.
mish, spent Sunday in Eveistl 'I
Mrs. G. E. Woodruff and Mr MM
George Barteia leave for WitwsdMftiiip
World's fair on Saturday. |
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Plwatill
Sunday in Seattle. I
Mr. and Mrs. John Maeos,«f XM||||P
Mont., are visiting in the city, 1
Mrs. John Bakeman and Mm t|||
Bakeman, of Snohomish, vers theSS
of friends in Everett on Memorial I
Mr. W. E. Gaynor hat NtSrstSM
New York alter an a lit mot of eelflH
Mr. T. Edward Tuttle MM hoejlpe
week from the East. He tptat sopffl
in Boston and New York till! rip||iß
World's fair. f |
Rev. A. B. Basks, D. D., aai fIMB
have removed to their new hoatlMpfl
avenue. 1
Mr. D. S. Par* hurst and faajf
taken poteession of their new hPOTfIH
bay side, corner Grant and
Judge Delaney and Mrs. Dflfcgj|l
rived home on Saturday from
The judge haa been summoned tSjHH
on legal bnsinesa and will
next trip of the City of Topeka. f |
t Mr. John C. Burger left for aattA
trip this week. ■
Mr. Clarence W. Bowen. of tlflfl
York lmirptndtmi, spent I few fIH
Everett this week. 1
DM NOIHM Social Mailt 1 I
The sixth Demorest medal ipM
under the auspices of the W. CL T.
held in the town hall on
ing. A largo audience was
the programme as presented tP IPfcS
with interest. The six
whom was Miss Abbie Koittf*
acquitted themselves in t PNUMI.fljv
was satisfactory and pleasing
medal was awarded to
The following young people so* MHB
ver medals and in a short
pete for a gold medal: Miss Mtefljle
Miss Eva Flynn, Miss Allen, MS
row, Mr. Brown and Mr.
The empty bouses are beingfffflH
occupied by summer residents 4MB
count of the excellent location 4pM
great abundance of fruit I>ea MoiMHM
admirable place in which to
summer. _
The young people picnicked at CMP
qua on Saturday. After a bountUNM
in Shady Dell, an outdoor musietlflP
erary entertainment was gives, pj
was greatly enjoyed by ail presedO
following were in attendance: • pi
Finnell, Hanes, Iturrow, YounAjfl"
Fiynn, Miss Eva Flynn, Mat')*
Flynn, Miss Chesney, Miss MtyCHM
the Misses Cloudy, of Kent; MeiP*th
ney, Finnell, Hanes, Pigeos. Tit
Kreighbaum and Brown. Tkttt i
present from Chautauqua Mis M.
Pomeroy, Mr. and Mrs. J. (k BfPPt '
and Mrs. Lovering, and Mra MorpsV
V ash on, and Mr. and Mrs. winteM
ering, of Seattle.
The Kcmonjrl Concert
This famous company, which
Brattle the l*ith and 17th undpji*
pices of the Chautauqua LyeeuP IWJ
is meeting with remarkable soPM* ■
the evening of Decoration dtf IW
peared In Sacramento, and Iks
men to lUcotd-Vnintx says of wI.P
violinist in an extended notice:
As for Kemenyl, what icore DSS4 lljijj"
thi« «t>iunaiti «rt!it than h»* beesPPw*
pr«s»e4 la t «*• column*, first MS P
year* »fo. «n4 »c»u a littie over a WPP*£
lie wn»«l(»wn on the prorramuie UsMjK
only ttiree number', but tne eatbPiPßS
au<t«acs exscted from htm no less
act the violiD'.at gtintnl toe extNffWPP
deni pleaaure, reoo«nt*iriK the
critical tribute pal 4 to h*
Vanilla I O* i
Lemon I Of great i
2 ran "M EconomylwdwW
r°»«.W| nt>ofU(-i^e
and delicloualy as the
W. PrUfi DER'S^jJ
Brecon BloodPubM
—— il
k*;DNEv *.uvEP diseases, enrs.

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