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rot XXIV„ NO. 32.
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factory to have
them nmde to order.
We moafaetore all
kiad* of white,
colon"! and fancy
805 Front Street
I The
| Massachusetts
Mutual Life
Insurance Company
if Spf^fteld, Milk
F. A- VIW. Manager,
HV4U "tolls? Balldftsf.
SKATTLK. - - - wjkmm.
Korcltiet in Fine Needlework.
tstaa* deW»» for •tempi.is- Vail
lias Kiifmi flnflsr Milt
•sn klMe! Rains. rtssts sad OH
nowa W rite for cstalofee.
Teihoea MS.
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f 1 Jt V^ijsil' l
H» SpseUlM. «<j«?um"lss mo/to to order In s«y
•Sis aad sdjustsd <>« i tburau«lilf irt»BtlAc priif
Sls aa nextiijr rdabliahnrat
(basM »h«e an sroond If necessary,
•aaanwi e*<-h osrt; i.isr es»#. "w trout Nftei.
Stasia WW,
Ulr.ll Blwk to 714 Frost Stmt
Sullivan Bioek, Near Cherry.
Th«r« in *<«« neeil of paying
rant whan y»««» ran build under
v moh ad van*
MONEY , titgfoui tor ma
\T J b» we nreofler.
firvvv in * to hom—
»r.> r.3 huUdera. It ia
PER CENT. olianea of
v . i» 1 (flMine to
s ierurn a huiiii'. .% ...
• vatt'in, etr;>i l#»i»t ■clioolii, j»«»
W' " " ' 1 " * «'Uy or grtulw
frL"\r '■ 'ax#n to j> it v
**•' J »•»»•-! only » ton
i UVVrrrof i uUnuto.' ritlti
( (V*om the <
!li»«t t ho purl le-
RIDE. \ wlara of our
) ol!k»r. ...
J*met VMaon. Manager,
Shirts Made to Order
They are mueh bettor
I In everf way. A per
fect tit trmranteed.
SShii-t Makcts,
if H A TS
•uil j<rir'« all ri*hu
[tl Rasa CM* h
t?<Xl i ront St.
/cobsekX /gloves\
I! ~ MB ~ \ -***-
\iShirt Waists! ) I lata! Laee! )
I w. p.
l & &co * <&
! ■5Kr.!5? 4C
i muvMcom tirmn turn.
5 i. t c. mal
? I® All Btylss. -
;■ Lo»« Black tatta Ladles' aitk Mitts, 25®,
'Cmtat $L Bf. 7;* m 4 |loix
. Short Bin Mk N>LB Aoa*** roa Toe
; Corset. |L£l Ttas Kid Uiotu, latest
>tlaek Satern High Bast Disss wVu."* \ h attention
l«rsa Cenet. loaf waist, fLM. Is out snpertufstoek ©I
K>a«eo Silk. KSBOtBS whale-
was, for titamr star. w 1 nfW
6/W redu«nlna In C, B Car. I ll'lAl
eet4-Pr»m tin to »L«. IZOO to I. ill if A
iL«J, ll.jQ to fLA liiltm
\ SHIRTWAISTS. Latest Novelties in Irish Point nil
- a „ , _ Point ds Genes, ia»ntt» sad rnut,
_J5f? Wee o* **• »■ bl.fl sad white. E«e<irisla tn alt
Sates ta, Swiss Milk*, to plain. flsured widths, Biaek sad Whits rhaatlMy.
sad c? aaasatilaa. Prices, Iron 50 coats Hand-Run spenub, Lses Flouaciaas
«*B«, aad Drapery Neu.
CAPITAL PAID UP. • - 0000,000.
« 'Ana PresisoeL joa w. ran 1 iia seamary,
Sactfman-Phillips Investment Co.
Of Saattle, Wash.
Bsnkare and Elnanolal Agents. Oflora Ssaelal Oppottsalllaa
tor the hale Investment of CanitsL
! Fresh Lot Just Received.
Per Bait, - 32c 19 ( )-ponnd sack, - $2.75
Ho. llS|Wa*t Marios COOPER & LEVY,
fitrwl. Grocers.
IM-fUr* {lfforalrd Dinner Hct 4 0 7. SO
IM-rtm (Uvllauil 4k Co. Dinner H«U 40.00
It-flrr* IWaralfil Chamber 9clt 4.00
Plan* Lm*. PtlUhurt Harner. rnoiplftr 6 OO
DcroraUd i ihad* to match, central draught burner S.OO
I'erreipnMitlai rvdurtluni on alt other line*.
OetMtatalMaek. "THE FIATE FBOXT." Nrond and Tn!n AT.
M f Aa InnrtM Lln« of
\ ■ From 93.&0 Upwards.
TIM UtMt IHTP»i AND to*& Com* In and «M them.
M*U onlem wtil ror*:\r careful *o<l
722 Front
Watches, Diamonds,
Jewelry, Etc., Etc.
Tfc« Celebrated r»t«k. PMllipp® A C«. ©«■•▼» Watch**.
ggngjp ROOFING
.'- rapart m 4 Kooflaf V*i«rUl.
Aftsta FOR TIT* "AMIN« OrMM."
WWDSQ399BB GttT OA t fll Kft 1117 FRONT STREEL
jl aflTi IX > YOU KNOW?
■Sr Til VT oor :n# n *** * »tw *ui!)M U
II TH VT * * <M < lTf , v ruil ,m
II r J Til \T W >n* »•;* vli
riITIZENS of the District of Columbia have
- no vote for national officers, bnt they
all can Tote for Adams' Pepsin Tutti-Frutti
as a preserver of the cogitation.
Betvm of German Election
Show Gains by Socialists.
letallotiir Will Be Seeessarj la
More Than One-Tbird of District*.
iMerttea Have tart Orsaad—The
Gorerasseat Mill Hopes ta Gala—
The IsflUh Csaaeas Varan ArM
tratlea ta lateiwttaaal Dlspates.
Bsstrir, Jons 17.—At 2 o'clock this
morning returns have been received from
220 out of the 37? electoral districts. In
ninety-eight districts candidates have been
elected; in 122 second ballots will
be necessary. The National Liberals.
Conservatives aad Clericals are holding
their own. The Rich&er Radicals remstn
far behind. Of the ninety-eight deputies
already elected forty-two are counted for
the bill and fifty-six against it. The gov
ernment rained two more new seats and
lost one oid one sines the last report.
Bran*, Jon* !'x —The most conspic
uous two features of today'* returns
bar* been the continued reports of
the Social Democratic fains and
Ricbterist' losses. Early this morning
moat of the news came from the city con
stituencies and tbe list of opposition
deputies grew rspidly. This afternoon,
howffr, tbe dispatches from the agricul
tural districts revealed the other side of
the page. From all that can be learned
it ia reasonably sate to conclude that the
government has certainly lost nothing by
tbe dissolution sad probably von a little.
Election returns from the agricultural
districts and small cities come in slowly,
and the new seats are likely to change
hands in these, The government candi
dates appear to bsva lost slightly where
yesterdsy's balloting resulted in elections,
but in 100 to Lis districts, in which second
ballots seem assured. Use government has
exceptional opportunities to win, espe
cially where the contestants are Radical
Unionists, who opposed the army bill in
the last reicbstag, but who will support it
in the next, if somewhat modi tied. The
National Liberals claim that they will not
loae more than two seats instead of ten,
as predicted, giving tiaem thirty-eight, The
Richter Liberate will have about the aame,
their failure to .draw opposition votes
being the mast surprising feature of tbe
election. The Social Democrats claim
sixty seats, about the number accredited
to them before election. The Conserva
tives and Free Conservatives are likely to
hold their own. Among those elected
were: Von Levetzow, Independent, who
is favorable to tbe army bill and was pres
ident of tbe last reichstag; Weidentcld,
Clerical, defeating Ton Schorlenstein;
Alst, leader of the Dissident Clericals, who
favors the army bill.
The elections, as far as Berlin was
concerned, can be considered almost a
complete triumph kft fee. Socialist party.
Not only hare thetr To;es enormously in
creased since the last elections, but the
proportion of votes between the Radicals
and Social Democrats is such, except in
one ward, that the Radicals practically
have no chance in the second ballots. In
Berlin it is estimated that nearly 80 per
cent, of the electors recorded their votes,
and out of a total of 3T4.010 registered, the
Socialists obtained 152.000, an increase of
nearly one-fifth over the election of I£9o,
Although in the provinces the Socialists
have not been so uniformly successful as
in Berlin, yet the returns are eminently
satisfactory to them, and the results of the
second ballots will undoubtedly mean, as
predicted, great accessions to the Socialist
strength in the reichstag.
The only unfair maneuver, which mijrht
be described as a hit below the belt at the
government. was the action of the Krma
Zfititng , which in the morning published
what it declared to be the term* of Rus
sia's counter proposals lor a treaty of com
merce. These alleged proposals were cal
culated to create the greatest alarm in the
country districts, embodying everything
likeiy to prejudice the (ierman agrarian
interests, and the Krruz Zritunff based on
them a violent attack on the government,
whose cowardice, it ssid, had been taken
advantage of by Russia to make these
almost insulting proposals, which, if ac
cepted, would mean nothing but ruin for
the tierman agricultural interests. The
official organ, the Rrickmtis*ioer, and the
semi-official Surd Deutsche ZeiJuny, in the
evening hastened to pablish emphatic de
nial*. but the mischief had been done, and
the Krru: Zsituny't object gained in hav
ing the fictitious proposals telegraphed
throughout the country, where they un
doubtedly had a material influence ou the
farmers' choice of candidates.
At 10 o'clock this evening the returns
may be summarised thus: In I«Jodistricts
from which reports hav« been received &
deputies were elected, and m the remain
ing *1 new ballots wili b« necessary. Of
the deputies elected 3B wiil vote with the
government snd against it. The parties
working with the government lost three
seats to the opposition, parties working
against the government ended the matter
by losing the same number of seats to
friends of the army bill. The Conserva
tives elected 17 deputies. Social Itomorrats
Clericals 2, Radical Unionists 1, Free
Conservative* 4, Poles 8. l>em»crats 5,
Anti-Semites 3, Independents 2, (iovern
ment Clericals I and National Liberals 2.
The most interesting feature reported un
til now is probably the gains of the Social
Democrats and the Radical Unionists.
Several small election riota were re
ported today from the provinces. In
Strassburg last night shortly after the poll
»as announced the Socialists began parad
ing the streets and shouting foe their can
didate. They refused to disperse, when
the police attacked them. Many of the
rioters cheered for France. The military
eventually broke up the procession and
arrested eight men. Nobody was injured.
li Keatlingen, Wurtemberg. the police
arrest* 1 n.any Social Wrnocrats, who at
tacked the posice station.
In itrueuberg the Socialists rioted
through tne streets. The police dispersed
them with drawn sabers and arrested the
lea ier*. In this city the police arrested
H "rr I.andauer. an anarchist editor, on the
I charge of inciting not.
English rsaaaat Adapt* s KMOISIISS
to «fca«
I -MH- JJ. Jase W. —In the commons to
night W R. Cremer, member for Sho"»-
d.t.h. n;.>ved that the house, having
learned that the United States conere**
had authorised the president to conclude
i treaties ot arbitration, eipreaael tfie hop*
, that the government would open negoiia
. t.woa With « view to refer ail dii&cuiues to
arbitrators. Bt. Hon. John Labbock
weoadtd ths motion. Gaiitoat sug
gested a modification of the molaticn by
substituting the words:
Thst the commons, cordially aympatlrilaf
Wtth ths pnrposs la view, hope* tsst her
najesQr'airc>rerßß*eat will lead resdr otvopcrs-
to the foreran*at of the Catted ftairs
The premier reviewed the history of the
arbitration increment, and after touching
on his own idea of a central tribunal with
great powers, concluded with an eloquent
appeal for the moderation of claims as ths
most effectire means of preserring peace.
The resolution, as amended by Gladstone,
was unanimously adopted.
Siamese Atrocities.
P*K», Jnne ML—The under secretary for
the colonies received a telerr*m this even
ing, d.tted at Monsocn on June IVsaying:
The Sismese standsrla oeeiiprm* the post ot
Camoua betrayed as. Sna ti» j Frtach rseMlenU
abandoned their put and returned to Meaoog.
escorted by lsapertor (.rofarin. On srriTlttc at
Ken whim In-peeler Grofursn tweame sick, and
the mandsrta Immediately sarroaaded the la*
■peetor's houss with a ran* os hismaia, who
murdered fourteen astire soldiers. The man
darin hi mas If shot tirocarta, who lsy heiplsss
ta bed.
Dtsastrsss Magastae txplaales.
Anict*. June 16. —The gorernment pow
der magazine, a few miles from this city,
exploded today and twenty persons, in
cluding officers and soldiers, were killed
and great damage dona to surrounding
property. The crown prince has gone to
the scene to aid the sufferers. The finsn
cial loss is estimated at 3,000,000 franca.
The magazine was located at Scaramanga.
A Giadatoslas Defeated.
Lurno*. June Ml—An election in Lin
lithgow yesterday for a successor ta a
G lad a ton ian resulted in the reduction o!
the government's majority by the election
of a Conservative.
Serlsg Sea Arbitration. -
PARIS, June 14—Sir Richard Webster, of
the counsel for Great Britain, today con
tinued his argument before the Bering sea
tribunal of arbitration.
Ss Banks Have Yet Applied for These—
The Gala In Gold deserve.
Nrw YORK. June 16.—Tbe clearing house
loan committee met this morning, but did
not issue any certificates. After the meet
ing the members of the committee de
clined to rive any information as to
whether any applications had been re
ceived for loan certificates. As a matter
of fact no certificates could 1* issued to
d«T. because there has not been time for
the directors of any bank to meet and
authorize the necessary application to be
msde therefor. It is not known yet
whether any bank desires to take out cer
tificates. The loan committee, however,
will meet again tomorrow. The ac
tion of the Clearing House Associa
tion in deciding to issue loan cer
tificates is . warmly commended on
erery hand today, and it is conceded
that the announcement of their resolu
tions had a beneficial effect. There waa a
alight tailing ott la the shipments of cur*
rency. It is estimated that the amount
fell a good deal short of f 1.00U.000t The
demand for currency had tbe effect of in
creasing tbe amount ot free gold in the
treasury, and the amount last night ex
ceeded Cr2.000.000, which is a gain of more
than $2,000,000 over last week. But for the
fact that the treasury had to pay out large
aums for pensions, it would show a large
galh fn legal tender which has been re
ceived from banks for currency.
PHILADELPHIA, June ML—Pursuant to
the authority granted by the clearing
house committee, that association began
today the issuance of loan certificstes
bearing B per cent, interest to such banks
as require them. It could not be learned
whether any banks took advantage of the
authority, but as the actton is mainly in
the nature of a precaution against future
stringency' it is not believed that any
loans were asked.
the la New a Visitor Incognito sad Free
From Oflkltl Obligation. f
New YORK. June 16.—The Infanta Kula>
lia and rarty. somewhat tired with all
the sight-seeing and entertainment pro
vided for them in the West, arrived in this
city at 8:15 o'clock this evening. The
trip from Niagara Falls was made without
any startling incident. A crowd gathered
to meet the princess, and J. B. t'eballos,
who placed his house at the disposal of the
infanta, was on hand to receive her and
had carriages at the door. The princess
and party entered the carriages at once
and were driven to Ccballos' residence.
Commander Davis said this evening that
his duties ended the moment the princess*
foot touched the platform, the nation be
ing no ionrer her host and the princess
being absolutely free from official obliga
tion of any kind. Commander Davis is at
the Hof!man house, where he will remain
until the princess sails for Europe on June
21. He said the princess returned from
Chicago much pleased with ail that had
been done for her.
tatna relators' I'mtrsliM.
Chicago. June I«.—The International
Typographical Union today tabled the
resolution conceding to the Pressmen's
Union and allied crafts delegates to the
meeting of the Federation of Labor. Five
thousand dollars was voted to the Childs-
Dresel home for improvements. Cau
cuses of the old districts reported
nominess for organi*ers and they
were ratified. Among them were:
J. L. Robinet, of Sacramento, Ca!. ; F. 8.
Pinneo. of Salt Lake, and C. K. Hawkes,
of Seattle. The nominations were also
ratitied for the new districts, and among
the organiiers selected are: F. 8. Pinneo,
of Salt Lake; J. L. Robinet. of Sacramento,
and C. E. Hawkes. of Seattla. Louisville.
Ky., was selected as ibe next p.ace of
Bows af tke Amerleu Revatattew.
Cmc»oo. June I&—A*tb® annual meet
ing of the National Society of lb* Son« of
the American Revolution today the con
stitutional amendment to oppose by moral
means the spread of anarchial ideas and
lawJesstieas was voted down. Theconren
iion tnen adopted resolutions defining the
objects of the society. The officers elected
trea. Husm Pwter. preil>»» Fraaiila Mar
p&y. •erreUry. F-Hoee, r«c«»*. '*•» Heary
iia*i(, hutoriaa; efc«p.aia. hu&op Cheawy.
Am»ns the Vice pre*identa are <*haun
cey M. Ihrpew and <*en. J. C. Breckin
ridge. _
SstlMtl R*»skll«tt
CHi' A..0, June I<l-The eiecatire com
mittee o! the National Republican League
went into secret ae»»i>>n again U*lay. and
is considering of organization. bj
a decisive eote the committee decided to
make Chicago its head«jcarters. >ecretary
A. H. Humphrey waa re-eiected in spite
of bis proteets, and waa finally induced to
accept, and he will remote from New \ork
to Chicago.
Aathat twaal r<;S* aad l*f : . *•*£"
vnr, h<c up. i«» c.v>*e out. #atu>a A tilaln, iD4
Matt secooJ street
p«st str# tellers ma* crseeers. It# toe
ttrx T. *. feasts CtoOuag Coaapawy.
Yerdant Dope Is Canght While
the Drug.
Sa4 Drowning of a Seres -Year-Old
Boy in Wbsteom Creek.
Portlaad L«harta« Mem WIU Aak the
'■•• Meat to Kaferee the Geary Set
-Traepe to KeaUa ea fayallap Bae>
* Tarawa, Jans to.—[Special.]—J. H.
Croft, of T acorn a, has been jailed on a
charge of smuggling opium. He is a green,
awkward chap, aad while denying that
nineteen two-pound opium packages be
long to him, admits that all the money he
has ia the world is iavested ia it, it being
worth nearly SIW. Chief of Police Jeffries,
of Faraltup, saw him take an empty trunk
into a lodging bouse there this morning,
and later he brought it out. roped se
curely. and bad it checked for Chehalia
He aroused Jeftriee' suspicion by being
anxioas about the trunk being forwarded,
lie asked sererat times il it would
surely go.
Jeffries wired to Tacoma for assistance
and cot oa tha train with Croft, who had
» ticket for Chehalia. At first the police
took him in charge, and after a tons search
found the trMk check inaide his drawers.
He dented that he had the check. Chief
!>eputy I'm ted States Marshal Bridges
took chars* of the case, and on finding
opium in tha trunk had Jeffries swear out
a warrant. Crolt claims that ha put bfty
pounds into the trunk, and intimates that
it was stolen on tha train. He wishes the
thieves had takan it aIL An effort is be
ing made to secure more opium, which is
supposed to be concealed at Paysllup.
Croft is evidently a dupe. He claims he
was to deliver the dope to another man st
Tacoma. He has been married less than a
•till at Work oa attver Ores—Manager
Bast's Opiates mm Stiver Qaastlas.
TACOMA, June l& —[Special.]— Manager
W. R Rust, of the Tacoma Smelting and
Retining Works, says:
feundsy or Moods? morning another stack
will be started up at tbe smelter. That will In
crease tbe amooat of on consumed daily to 100
tons. At present we are using one »tsck. which
use* about fifty tons daily. »by is this increase
being mads? Because of U»e large amount of
ore that is arriviaa. We are eettiag a large
amount from tbe Sloeaa country, which is a
good district. Ws also have 120,000 worth of ore
en route from Mexico. There is plenty of or* at
the present time.
Regarding silver coinage, Mr. Rost
Let the Sherman act be r*p*sl*d st once, say
in September, and to go Into affect ta January.
Let the prtee of silver t* run down to. sa? to
cents. 1 guess that will bring England and the
mat of thera arouud. Yes, iu tbe sseanUme in
would effect tha mines, but under the present
eoaditfeae Me agoay ta simply prolonged. 8*
long so we go on making gold out of ellverby
our method, the Untied States has got to pack
the silver of the world. Make tbe bluff at
rnnatog down silvar, and we will see what En
lish capital lata who own all tbe paper of the
Spanish-American «Ules wiil da Tbaee etstee
have no gold. They get our rold to pay their
Interest If we thut them off It will pinch the
English capitalists, aad they will be willing to
Join In a monetary eouferene* to gle* standing
to »llv*e. Lit tbe mine* shut down in tbe mean
time. It will not Uke long to bring the fellows
who am getting our gold totlmsif we arrange
not to give them any more. Tbe trouble now
is that silver la not money.
Be Wa* Shot ta ISM at aw Oreas lsla*4
tkartvarl-Dl**! nf Blssd rstssslsp
Port TowsSKft». June 16.—[Special.—
who was shot by Martin
Phiilips in December, on Orcas isl
and, died in the hospital at Victoria this
week oi blood poisoning, occasioned by
wounds received at the time of the shoot
ing. Graham and another young man
named Hall, accompanied by a crowd of
boys armed with a lot of tin cans, pro
reeded to serenade Phillips and his bride
on the night of their wedding. Phillip*
went to the door and fired two barrel* of
buckshot at tha crowd, killing Hall and
wounding two or three others.
Phillip* was tried in tbi* city the follow
ing March for murder and was acquitted.
Graham never did fully recover, a portion
of the bones decaying which nece»sitated
a surgical operation, and that brought
about blood poisoning. Phillips and his
family have since removed to Oregon.
Sestb Bssd Sews.
SorT* June 16 [Special.}—Tha
body of Andrew Hegstroin. who wss
drowned in attempting to swim ashore
from a capsiaed tish boat yesterday, has
not yet been found, though a thorough
search was instituted. It is generally be
lieved that the body ha* been swept out
into tbe bay. The remain* of I. i». Cook,
who was capsiaed with Hegstrom, and
died of exhaustion and cold, will be
ahipped to Seattle today for burial.
The assessments of property in the
county are about all made and there 1* now
about two months' work in footing them
up. Timber lands have been valued at
from fS to per acre, according to quality
of timber, proalmlty to waterways and
danger from fires. Improved farm lands
are nnis*l at |3S per acre and unimproved
at from fl« to |LS per acre, and grazing
land* at from $4 to 16. Some changes have
been made in the valuation of townsite
property previously assessed at boom fig
urea. The total valuation will be some
what less than last year.
Candida tee are anaiously awaiting the
first of Jnly, when it ia expected that the
South Bend deputy rollectorship. now
held by C. C. Dalton, will be awarded one
of the taitbfol by Collector Saunders. A.
J. Ferrandini and Martin Schelderup seem
to think tliat the choice lie* between them,
and Schelderup ia aat collecting more sig
natures to his petition.
Tusfs to Bsaiatw «a Bweereattwa-
TACOHA, June 18.—[Special.}—Inasmuch
at the Puyallop reserratton bu been de
clared practically open by Jad*e Hanford's
decision, H cauaea the few Tacomans who
haee beard of it to rejoi«e. Capt C'an« a *
tef, of the Fourteenth infantry, howerer,
aaya tbe troop# wiit remain on tbe reserva
tion and prevent any depredation* ontil
Judge Hanf >rd'« derision baa (one up to
be United State* supreme court.
State U*4 C*aeleil«s>
OtrwrtA, June W.-[f ! ptci»i.}—The land
comia jeion. after a forenoon aeesten to
day, adjourned until 2 oVioc* Monday af
ternoon. Tbe committees to whtcb werw
referred tbe matters of formulating rule*
g .renting and regulating the aaie of tbe
aetrenl claeaee of lands provided for in the
new law reported progree*. beeerai i»y»
will be consumed ia tlie work of framing
these rules, and great care will "be exer
cised bv tae commissioner*. realizing aa
doth»t<« the perfection of tbm
ruies rwu to a great ttxtc at the etSciencjr
of the labors of the commission. Tht
amount of work that lies before the board
ia enormous. an«l the member* propose ex
erciser do* discretion In laying ita foun
dation. r he meeting of the deficiency board,
which wi:l be called on Auditor t'irimes*
return, will materially ard the work of the
commission by providing means for the
successful prosecution of its work, rend
in* the drafting of rules and regulations,
it is probable ttsat the board wili not refer
any questions to the attorney general,
deeming it beat to submit all such qttsn*
tions at one time.
"*• H»»«treH WorkißfMra Is r*Hlas4
Ask Kaf.reemesl at Law.
rntTi (in, June IH.—About .'«») people,
mostly laboring men. gathered last eeen
ins at Columbia hail in response to a call
issued by the organisation known as tha
Law and Order Legion and circulated ex
tensively in the form of handbills. reading;
The Chinese must so. A wast meeting u tutor
the nt the i*w istl onter legion Witt
he h«Ui *: roluroUs halt on Thursday rvtnlng.
Allsho»r»I» ltroroi using all !aw!«l IS«M
k» sscare the enforr-menl of the oeery exclusion
law art luTitet to he prsssat.
Resolutions were adopted declaring it to
be the sense of the meeting that the presi
dent be called on to enforce the (issry
Chinese exclusion act and pending Its en
forcement no Chinaman should be allowed
to land in this country.
Keerett Neva.
Rrgarrr, June 16.—{Special.]—'Tha ofltea
of assistant general manager of the Reerett
Land Company has recently been created,
and Emory S. Lyon has been appointed to
the position with headquarter* in Chicago,
the purpose being to promote the interests
of this city during the World s fair.
At the school election this week Oscar
Kea was re-elected director and C. H.
Born ton was elected clera.
At the of the flea department
the following officers were chosen: Presi
dent, James Humbly; secretary. F. J,
Wimperiy; treasurer. Thomas Maney.
Kucker Bros. have the large new ware
house about enclosed on their dock.
Ohief Engineer Montandon ia enlarging
the water aupply at l/owell for the Ereratt
water works. More springs are being
The Fountain Iron Works, Detroit, hare
prepared for shipment a triple expansion
marine engine for the new whaleback
steamer Everett, under construction at tha
works of the Pacific Steel Barge Company,
in this city. Ten cars will be requited to
transport the machinery to this city.
■mkut'a National B*>k
TACO*.%, J tin* K«— [Special]—The di
rector* of tbe suspended Merchuto*
National bank have submitted to tha
depositor* » plan of liquidation, which
provides for th* assignment of claims
against tha bank to • trustee, say Nllioit
Bennett. In exchange for such assign*
ment it is proposed that depositor* shall
receive 30 per cent, of their claim in null
within nln*ty days, balance to ba paid in
four equal dividends of not less thftn 39
per cant. each. payable as rapidly as u
amount sufficient to make such dtatribu
tion can ba collected from remaining
assets, with interest at tha rata of 8 par
cent, per annum until paid. Th*ea will
be secured by a transfer to tha trustee of
all the aaaets of tha bank, together with
the equity of tha stockholders therein so
transferred to the trustee.
••Dundee" Bead's Yea tare Falls.
Po«ti.asp, June 16.— -A small institution
known as the Oregon and Washington
Mortftft Company, which «u lUrtod
some yftn ago by William Reid, knows
generally aa "Dundee" Keid, was cioeed
today under attachment to recover 11,174.
Reid himself pawed into insolvency some
time ago, and hi* mortgage company now
follow* him. The company did little
business and its liabilities are said to be
small. No statement has yet been made.
Keid left Portland some months ago and
is understood to be in London. Hit
failure is supposed to be due mainly to
speculative railway enterprises, the last of
which was an endeavor to build a road
from Astoria to Portland.
Brief Taroma News.
Tacojn, June ML— [Special.J. R. Ma*
gee. a laborer, who was probatily a resi
dent of Pinckney, Mich., was found dead
today. l*eath is supposed to have been
due to natural cause*.
H. E. Guthrie has been appointed re
ceiver of the Perkin* Specialty Company.
The Masonic conclave concludes tomor
row. It has been a success. During the
past year ninety-five members and two
new chapter* were aided to the Royal
Arch masons, who were in session today.
President Achilles, of the Tacoma clear
ing house, has snnounced his spproval of
the scheme of the New York clearing
house to issue clearing house certificates.
A B«y Pes*s*d In Whatcom Creek,
WntTt»*Jnne in (Special.] -Andrew
Johnson, the 7 year-old son of Henry
Johnson, an employe in the Cornwall mill,
was drowned today in Whatcom creek.
The boy was returning from school at 12
o'clock, and in cr<>ssitig n p'snk over the
creek hefeil in. Three men saw the acci
dent. but made no attempt to rescue the
lsd, claiming they were unable to awiro.
The body wa* recovered an hoar and a
half aflee. The creek at the point where
the drowning oeeurretl was only twenty
feet wide and ten feet deep.
Cspllst tssiniiHliis't '••oslarr.
01-YMMA. June 16.---Special.) Tha
capitoi commission will organize immedi
ately upon the rw'.urn of Male Auditor
Or me*. which will probably t<e some time
neit week. Applicants for the position of
secretary of the commission were numer»
ous, though the contest is supposed to be
between S. G. Woodruff, of OSympla;
Harvey T. Hannon, of the firm of t'raw
ford X Hannon. of Seattle. and Harry
Carroll, reading clerk of the last house of
11m Lianl ls<ti*s V*i4sr,
Wnikoi, June l*>. 'Special.) Th 4
murderer of luck Tuse. the Indian mar*
dered on the i.ummi reservation, ha* not
been located, though the Indian polio*
have r<een zea'.ou* in their endeavors to lo
cate the gniity partiea. The county u.
thorttte* nave not taken any action in tbm
state »syr«iss fssn Psslelans.
Ot-vwrtt, June I&—[Special.]—ln tba
ca*e of Samuel Wolff va. M. J. Madden el
a!., from Pierce county, the so pre ma
court today reversed the judgment of tha
lower eourt and remanded the cause, with
instructions to grant tha defendant s mo
tion for a aon-*Qit.
*»• Lsasest' Tlekswsf- Usts.
Psais. June 16.—Chariea de Lesseps haa
been granted a tieket-of-leave in accord*
aaos with the deciaion of the court of
caseation in his case. He will quit tha
hospital and prison forthwith.
Wssa sm sate; Its iw eMca tM. laH
OeiAlag CeespMty.

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