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of an Attorney Fee
| Almost Causes Blows.
Remove Firemen-Two tjm-
WEpmr Wlveo Want Divorce-How
if: jurors is tbe case of Fred H.
mjfctfsoo vs. C. P. Ooaa grew so aoisy
Jjijpair dsiiberetieos tost Thursday night
ISgt the bailiff and sight jailer wars
mEmgti to threaten them to order to pro
:;S fuiet. Atom midnight tbe jurymen
: ;.JSn engaged to such a windy mar of
fKpftt tbat U Mimil to the watchers
■mapi* tbe room and to the Murphy
: 'W? th * roof eMsrt house
mil be blown off. After tbe warning
quieted somewhat and eased
by singing "Home, Sweet
The effect of the song seemed
'Hflprve been salutary, for a verdict was
ißjjjtfkad in the coarse of an hour.
J§PM reason far the racket, which at
Ettna promised to develop Into a
SpglHtown fight. Is to he foond in the
! EiM;t)r fit one of the jurymen to the
who, It «»ena«. "got even" for
testimony given In a case two or
||g)pß years ago. Peterson sued for 8150
pflprßeys f<e to the ease la which he se
i g|Md judgment for Doe* against tbe city,
j|gH (be successful litigant denied even
Ippflag employed an attorney mid refused
I# mT ths fee or any part of It Tbe
pptr ***** ? to & on the first ballot in
piper of allowing the fall otahn, hot the
i-dffe&jo* was too strong and hammered
m» amount down to H7.50. Tbe verdict
£ MP tpoced yesterday morning.
llwartnnr l*«s> Separation From Allseed
I iidutliul Mwehande.
§| -Shsresa Musata, whose husband to said
■ H be ne aWe-bodied miner, has brought
ippiging abandonment dating from
Hpirch. IM3, while they were Uvlng at
SpirtaAeid. B. C. They srara married ni
N T., December 15, UK, and
Plpva two children. Msry and Angelise,
reapeotiveiy I yeare aad 10 months
tprt 1 year snd 4 months. Mrs. Mussta
:'|pM for the custody of the children. The
Mrs. Musata says tbat a few months
after tbs desertion ahe received a letter
(Mm him mailed from some post-office In
lea Angdea county, the name of which
gn has forgotten.
p r ||ary E. Ouratn alao applied for divorce,
tlhrging that her husband, Edward
bad been guilty of desertion, non
r iggport and cruel aad inhuman treat-
Bbe aaya tbat on October 16. mi,
|K struck and beat her so that tfhe was
Apatly injured and lamed, and afterward
pKndoned her, leaving no <trace of hts
- IStrMabouts. They wers married in this
gb 6»ptember I, lt9l, but have no cbll-
Itfrtl 1 "" 1 Exceed Assets by #«.IS-Ko
C roditom Named.
fhaC. *■ Clothing company, doing busl>
Ban Ml W Front etrset, yesterday made
la isl|iin«ni for the benefit of credltora
tto astigflawnt was made kn pursuance
if a motetio* adopted February 15, its®.
a«| atari *s assignee Samuel Rosen
laif, V some responsible person who
nay fc* selected by tbs president of the
eoijaratwn." No list of creditors to in
shMhd la the articles of assignment, but
t*t faiiowlng statement to made;
IbitteshM 18.500 M
tStn nmvable l 1.923 80
Cbta Da v ..1 it Co I,SCO CO
But accounts 316 56
Hxtws and furniture..... I.MI Si
»i» «
- lAbAtlm-
aWmwtfs 15.074 12
iKSi payable 75
feeen of liaUhitle* f 2 18
Tfce president of the corporation Is
itaies Helchenfeachy who assisted la the
Mjur.mtnt of the Famous fire losa
N*w to sumpnml Firemen Inherent in
lht» fomralsaltmer*.
The chief of the fire department haa no
£>*tf to suspend a aubordlnate and at
- tte jams time stop his pay. The fore
iaia* h» practically the effect of a ruling
, k T Judss Humes yesterday In the case of
? Oecrge vc the city. Berry hill
I' #9cd for 13 l-J days' back pay from noon
p ; April l?, 18M. to the end of the month,
4»on.ntin g to 931.50. He waa paid 138.W,
demanded the full salary of JT rt .
Julie Humes instructed the jury to And
fcr BeiryhiU, if ii appeared that at all
Htm he was willing to work. The court
I tlut the power of removal and atop
of pxy was Inherent in the board of
trf commissioners, and could not be dele
fatei tu the chief of the department. Tha
Jwy remlert 1 a verdict *f or Berry MIL
The re4*on f*>r llerryhlll's removal waa
t&rft he abuse 1 a horas.
light «>f the Murphy Jury Favored
Evtrvmn Penalty of tho I jiw
The sentiment of the Jury toward James
Murphy. i>>.» convicted murderer of Thjl
b»*«, is » own by t'«<i first ballot. The
&ry stood eight for murder in the first
<**ree. tao fur «r.u>\ler in the seeon 1 rfe
| *?»e, and two for acquittal. Hew long
• *«i» J wi* maintained (luring the
>n»i©nired #t.t.»lon of forty-two hours is
*oi taaain but at any rate the convtc
- tioe of murder in tha second degree is a
ppMapfomiae verd-kt.
**#t«r.!»y the twl<-e-convietcl nun spent
is» t'lfic 4! the Jail He ha* stocd
strain sell. The punishment 1* fixed
!'a u*f at fr » n t«*n to twenty years"
at hard labor.
* *artner«Htp that never fait#—that be
the jw\€Te--!ve housekeeper and
•• Priet's Baking Powder.
I """"I «»f ( <>rnmlsf.|,.ner« ami tom
I * b \ur cf J o'clock this t afternoon
I <im * f ?t »* meetingr of th*
I r^ St! "' 4 ' si* the county com
[• ut tte « indtcati>ns *re that
fy,u - t 8 of the cocfarenoe will not
>.hs«;p matern.iy to a change of
tn matter of the treasurvship
| had des'.red to
a special meeting of <th* board for
; *dne>l>y. so ;h„t the commisaioners
offl'sa y meet tre ootnmittee. but
lsforme<l by ProsKatiflg AUar
th»; u wa* very doubtful tf a
P*«lng *uM W*l!y t>e calied up*>n such
: The Isw cal!s for "du#
?* t " > **h i h Mr. !!.u£i* think* requtre*
I * *a»; ten day#.
I, « W,*", , t f \!tn»ham*.
*Se yt*'«liy signed an or-
that |;M dua Philip Abra
!***» from ti* Alrahaai* virocerjr cota-
* *«*■« inl data, Md directing
fy* Bl -. tejuaetton aiyaed fcy Mc«
-J~* # ™ Abrahams to »• «f dto
ff ™* ' M W WIS tSM merits of
.T_ ra,t ««etost 36s«j» Jess
~ r,UMun * ess bs beard M also filed.
J" * <*• •Wttestton of Chas.
y «w restitution of ite ywaun
wawi'icd by the Km, the receiver «u
• rtK W to vacate by Wednesday neewf»g
MeGne, Use Wtfc - Has Verr
lon fj,„ '
Thomas McOee, the wtfe-eiasber. after
•II bis fits of pretended Insanity sad
slothful faablta, !«cm4 to excite sym
psthy, tt last has gorfS came Cor com
ptotet. His ores have become diseased,
and are aow eery painful. one of tbeta.
to which poo bas formed, troubling bin
greatly. The jail was fadiiru no place
for a man in bis condition. and yesterday
SioGeo was removed to tbo poor farm,
where ho can ho given treatment. Hot
spptlaaces ara necessary to alleviate the
pais. and tt la probabto an eceUst wtU
ho called upon to operate on the convict's
The Japanese Murder Trial Set.
Tbfe case of the state against the three
Jspnasse, Xenshiro Aoki, flatow Todbl
aad Jim Nakamura, charged with tbe
murder of a countryman named Mayeda,
or "Japanese Charley.** a ear Jflbburn last
August, was yesterday set on Judge
Humes' calendar for March U. The de
lay in bringing the case Into court attisP
to have been due to tbe fact that John
Fairfield, attorney for tbe accused men,
has been unavoidably sfesent in Boston
on private business. It is understood tbat
las will return the present week and be
on hand at tbe trial.
Fighting for Fremont Water Front.
A strip of land Sxltt feet on tbe Lake
Union water front at Fremont 1s s bone
of contention In tbe superior court. It *a
claimed by John Newman, who haa
brought an action for restitution of prem
ises and 1800 damages against B. F. Day.
Newman Claims to own a dwelling house,
shed and a float, and says tbat February
14 Day took unlawful and forcible posses
sion of the premises, at the ssme time
tearing down a feme enclosing the tract.
New Kuite Filed.
In the superior count yesßerdsy new
suits were begun as fcttows:
Benjamin Pundt we. R. M. Crawford at
al -Promissary nrtte aad mortgage. H,l».
J dim New-man v*. B. F. Day—Restitu
tion of real property and double dam
ages, 1300.
Theresa Musaita vs Ferdinand Musata—
A F. Buster vs Samuel BlaSr—Services,
R H. Winters, piam.tf.ff and appellant,
vi Jacob Deust. defendant, and Cameron
A ASbenfeltor, garnWhees, respondeawe-
Appeeft from justice court, H0C.90.
Mary E. Curalo vs JOdward Curato-
Mary C. De atelgikw vs. O. H. Reed et
Si. — PronndWKwy note and martgsge, 2,500.
A C. Miller v*. DssKel Msiwney—
TranecrJlpt Cr-*m justice court, 523.«0.
JL. Charles Nevilto vs. I. C. Ellis et at
—lVonkss<iry not* and mortgage, 81.120.
Wnshtngton Natkeal BulSdkig L<aa<n gc
Inveeeowmrt. Aeeoclntlon vs. Martin O.
Peterson e* al.—Primsßwnry note and
moiHgagv, 8&00.
Surely nothing but their cheapness could
Induce the public to experiment with ques
tionable baking powders at the risk of
health and comfort when the facts prove
tbat they have a perfectly pure and
thorougly reliable powder In Dr. Price s
It stands supreme.
Courts amd Public Offices.
Frederick Knutson, of Norway, was ad
mi ted to cUlxe-iyU:p yes:<?rday by Judge
Cu born.
Charles Neville yesterday brought fore
closure proceedings against I. C. and
Eva EH!* on a 81.000 promissory note se
cured by mortgage.
E. B. Palmer was yesterday appointed
guardian ad litem for Bert A., Veta M.,
Raymond, Ethellnd and J. Gardner vs.
John F. Brewer eta 4.
In the superior court yesterday Ben
jamin Pundt sued R. M. Crawford on an
11,100 promissory note secured by mort
gage on lots In Crawford's addition.
Marriage lioenaea were tswuod yester
day for Edward R. Bondhelm and Laura.
A. Bradford, both of Seattle; Terence
L:aton and Mary E. Harn. both of Orlllia.
Th** ua»» oC tha state vs. George
MMdom, the colored waiter at the
Rainier-Grand hotel who returned a
"Josh" with a pistol ehot, haa been net
for neat Monday In Judge Humes' court.
An appraisement of the estate of Ev
erett P., Pearl K. and Fay E. Swank,
filed In the probate court yesterday, shows
real property valwd at J3.0-M. Thomas
A. Gambia waa appointed guardian ad
J. D. Lowman yesterday recovered a
Judgment for SlfS.jO from Joseph Hoes
lech. The case was tried before Judse
Osborn and a Jury. A verdict was
reached In s.x minutes after tha case
waa given to the jury.
Articles of incorp*>rai. *a were filed yes
terday for the'Seat.le Press-Time* Com
pany. Incorporator*. J. 11. VVooiery. F.
A. Twichell and .1. B. Jaffrtes; capital
stock. 130,000; object, newspaper
and job printing bu^r.^s"?.
l>avid A. Mitchell was yesterday ap
pointed guardian of Robert Mcßunn-y
Mitchell, and I>*rwai MolVoio Mitchell,
m nom, in orier to exchange a ttU(9
p«>!iey in the Mutual Life Insurance
Company of New York, for a K.sot) poll;/.
In the suj<erlor court yesterday Mnry
C. IVs StsUfuer aued G. 11. J;eed and
wtfa to enforce payment of a
promissory note cx *eute I May 12, >B9!.
and secured by n. vigage on lots 7. *,
9 and ift. block S&. BeU'a liars' Bee
end addition.
A. F. Bunker in the superior eour:
yesterday sued Samuel Blair on a J3VXI
claim for services at the rate of fl» a
month on defendant's coai mine at Cedar
Mountain during: the latter part of IMS.
Ho also s*ie* for IST.SO on an assigned
clafm for labor by E, VC. Bunker.
S dsoot eertHlcttM were issued yester
day to the successful applicants before
the board of examiners last week. It
transpires th»t Prof. J. H. Collon was
not the only 4MW entitled to a first grada
certificate. Ifls record was surpasses! by
thfct of M;ss Kittla L. Quinn. who se
cured 811 credits out of a possible lt»>X
Mi** Quinn, however. I# not eligible to
the first grade, as ah# ha* never had tha
experience of teaching.
The Gordon Hardware Company has
assigned «j book account*, a mounting t»
py n, tn the Ft rat national hank of
this city, and also mortgaged to the bank
»?* real and persona! property. The In
struments were executed February », and
wero fll*d for record with the ooun'y
audtww yewt«rday. The real estate mor
rag* cover* the following property: Four
V>ta tn nailer's a iditkw. one lot in Thad
llanford * addJUws. acreage property 2a
«ection If. a*. *» • ,n
* : * res tn CtalkMaa county, forty acres in
Whatcom county and n id #e 1-4 n« 1-4
•ec X *\ 4; mm 1-4 nw Id, «w * 8, I
(Island county) The chattel mortgage
«***«» oil the stack u4 fixtures te the
***** tt «7 and Mi Front street. Tbe
mortgagee tev* km |fna to oecun
Cowr aniMiouuij notes aggregating R
January % MK *,«». October S. MM.
two aotea, Md for «ua».
« _______
'•% Wuaiaa yesterday act eases for
trial as follows:
State n. Musauwsa. asm alt with deadly
weapon—Monday, March A
Stam w. MatMsn assaalt-Monday.
Marah A
Bsate vs. ZcnsUn st al., murder—Moa
4ay, March u.
Orand Army OBren Oppose Joint Msui
nttneat of State Instlfntioaa.
The council of admtolstration of the
Onnd Army of the Republic for the
department of Washington and Alaska
« h iwwlig In this city yesterday, at
which Depart rdent Commander John
N. Scott presided, declared its opposi
tion to the proposed consolidation of
the management of tbe Soldier** Home
with tbat of all other state institutions.
The reeoiutkme read m follows:
"Whereas, A proposition to pending
la oar state legislature for the aoneoli
gation by legislative enactment of the
sever*! boards of management of our
several state Intltutlons of a benevo
lent, educational sad penal character.
Including that of the Soldiers' Home,
into one. end,
"Whereas. The fiddlers' Home afore
said to peculiarly exceptional In Its mis
sion, Its character and its operations,
"Whereas, It must be conceded that
the character sad disposition of its
beneficiaries have their marked peculi
arities, resulting not only from ace and
decrepitude, but also from their vivid
recollect!on and keen appreciation of
the sacrifices made and disabilities in
curred that the nation might live and
popular government might not fail,
which can be more properly untf&a|pod
and appreciatively administered to by
those who have shared In the service
rendered, or at least, have made these
peculiarities their special study, and
"Whereas, The past administration
erf the Soldiers' Moms by the veteran
soldiers who have been uniformly, by
the law of custom, charged with its
duOes, has been conspicuously suc
cessful and exceptionally economical;
therefore, be it
"ReaoSved, By the council of ad
ministration of the department of
Washington and Alaska, G. A. R.. in
the name and behalf of tfcst department
of the Grand Army of Republic,
that we emphatically protest against
the incorporation of tho management
of the Soldiers' Home with that of the
other stata Institutions, and earnestly
recommend that its management be
continued in the future as it has been
in the past, under a distinct and sep
arate board, composed, so long as It
may be practicable In view of their ad
vancing age and accumulating intfirmi
tVas, of vetarun soldiers of the republic
whose practical experience peculiarly
fits them for administering to the wants
and idlosyncrsclea of their comrades.
"Resolved. That a copy of these reso
lutions be forwarded to the governor of
the state and also one to the lieutenant
governor and the speaker of the bouse
of representatives each for presenta
tion to the houses over which they re
spectively preside."
The time of the next state encamp
ment was fixed as to commence June 12
at Spokane and, as the department of
Idaho will be In session at Ceur d'Alene,
only forty miles distant, about the same
time, It 1a expected that there will be an
interchange of visits between the two
Week-Day Service* at Alison's Chnrch.
The first meeting of a week of regular
preaching services at the First Presby
terian church was held last evening.
The pastor. Dr. Alison, preached from
the text Matthew ix:l2: "They that be
whole need not a physician, but they that
be sick." He spoke of sin analogically
as a disease. He also sought to diagnose
it by discovering its general symptoms,
to-wlt: Lack of appetite' for spiritual
things and lack of desire for religious
work. He spoke al.*o of Jesus as "the
Great Physlcjsn" who always cures, and
urged tbos* to come who desire to be
cured of this malady of sin. Quit® a num
ber cams forward and offered themselves
for church membership on profession of
their faith. The attendance was large
and the interest manifested most en
couraging. The members of the Y. P.
S. C. E. agr aiding the pastor 1n the
work by occupying the front seats and
leading the cringing.
Dr. Alison wilt preach again this e\-en-"
ing. The services are from 9 to 9 p. m.,
in tb* large lecture room below the au
ditorium. Song service from 7:iS to 8
p. m.. and all are welcome.
All the Plnkertona m the land oouM not
detect a flaw in Dr. Price's Baking Tow
I-aiui Office XotM.
Phis of townsMfto 11 anrt 33 north,
ran«-e 10 east, -were i&efeed at t,he local
k&nd office jrwtwttf and fhe townships
w -"t be open for ftHrap Moraday, April 8.
The cas»» of Jobf> W. Haiwq vs. Louis
E. I»ar4ek. sr-vr-hrin*' the rorthiwe?* quar
trr erwtJ»we t quarter, section It. town
sbip 30 ncrt'a, rarwre 9 w«Nr, wher*-m rhe
Kx'ai renter an<l reoeiver d. mtrre<-1. hna
been renwr. led by -the gerswaJ office fcr
a new %a*r£nf.
T»w of AsrttAaa* I .find Com
nt.*s! w B>wors *o ottvej that part ctf
the er.try of Mary K a»s (Verge
m fcße in conflict wfh the horrrwrtesxl em
tries mod# by F. M&dsen for the we?*
half fcaitheajft quarter. an-I W C. BrevC*.
netwr for the «n#t half mr*the«At quar
ter. ant oast b*tf southeast quarter, sec
tion *. towrw£rt|p 27 north. ranee 8 mjh,
r»-»w o>mea final. a* no *4wr* action
te&s b*en ta.Xon by those interested.
Assistant l-ajvi OommUKoner Bcnr-fra
It*" asppiwwl *he a« Son of Regtjtter
OTV Se tn <#BB»kwin<g the oonteAt o? I sane
If»ancs.>n against the appUcatSon of J. A.
Boucher far k*M I* and 20. block 211. Ffcct
An*re?e#» <OW> Mat
S-irveeTr tlerseral VT«t*»n has calted for
-s-oposais for the survey of town
•fitrp 23 north, range i tn SnftVrm&A
Income Tax Business Is Active.
The tooaff internet nrreraj* offl~e h(v*
le»n overrun for several days past *fl»
periple tn*jrarti* about ti» income tax
»r-l IVp:.:r Co?3e«rtiW Okwon ha* been
kept b«*r>- owwwtef Qtserlee In mcani to
the law. No ssMffart*!!#* yet been ap
pyj**l! for thi* c*y, ami the wnrk ts
p-::wg up very fa*, but *o far ttoe
coßortor has kept wrth a. The re-
tun* are fwaning in r«r rwplJsy and the
office ta daily m receipt of vjuertee ftvro
outm.V' parties tn regard to flw» tmw.
Harin* t»d Cluunbciiain's Cough Beat
edy in my fa mi lv and found it to be a find*
diss article, I take pleasure in mrommend
in* it to agr fiifrti J. V. f otrrcs, Wert
Farorabk Sfcowi mg for the Last
Quarter of 1894
They Want a Fifteen Per Cent. Advance
of W«n» Which la ii nm il
Selling Coal at a Loss.
Titms R. Brown and John
H. Bryant, of the Sntilh Lake 3te>r« A
Kant em fail mad. yesterday filed the*
quarurty report wra the clerk of the
federal court. The report the earn
ing* tig maw, etc. of the road for the
three nonfta Odubar, Xwwixt and
December, ud aaakaa imaaanaua compari
sons. The figures tar the <hrea months
are aa Mom:
O auhM Gross earning* OMSLM; op
era*tn* expense* tS.M2.at; net eantftasp*
51.9».25; percentage of einenaw to gross
earning* OA
Novetatxr—Gross earning* 53.W7.97; op
erating expense* t17.7T5.45; net eamtag*
$033-57; percentage of expenses to groan
earning* M.S.
DeoenSber-Groas emuiug* tU.553.37; op
erating expense* tls£tkß4; net earning*
5.144-53; percentage of expeoaea to grcn
earning* 82.97.
Totals for three months—Gross earn
ing* SfIMSM; operating expenses, *«,-
a*.Si; net earning* tU.4OS.3S; percentage
of expenses to gross earnings. 81.891-1
Regardwg tramg>orta**on the receivers
say: "In October the log traffic declined,
but the lean was offset by the hauKng of
an tncaaaaed ounSber of Canadian Pacific
boxcar* which supply was adequate for
moving shingles and cedar lumber, and all
freight offered haa been promptly baa
The report stakes Out loaded oars ware
handled as ftritess;
This Last Quar.
Quar. Quar. In 18S.
Shingle cam . 1.M7 i,« 7 l.Stt
Owl cam 2,58 i,3» 2^133
Lag cam MR 2,4® 963
Lumber curs 308. 283 • ISi
Mecehanrkce cam— 983 753 1,(62
Meo&kaneous cam. .1,731 1,3 m SI
Totals 5.543 B.OTS 4,194
I/ads, west ....1,707 1.453 1,919
Laad* cast 7.335 *.«» 5.335
west.. .11.707 13,3 a 11,903
Passenger* east.... 11,238 13,061 13.413
TVfcaia 22,945 3S.SS H,®s
lioads were faoetved from and delivered
as follows:
RecM. Del'd.
Northern Pacific at SeaDtJe 1M 1,317
Great Northern at SeaXtie .878 115
N. P. & P. S. S. st WoodVe... 7 3
Everett * M. C. at Hartford J 41 W
Seattle A Northern at Sedro... 139 7
a B. i B. C. M Somas 4 7
Canadian Pacific at Sumua 43 254
TVXaUa ....711 2,171
"November 1," reada the report, "the
track force was largely reduced and <ihe
remaining men put on reduced dm* nine
hoars per day, during the winter.
Samuel Hill Says It WUI Retard the
State's Development.
Samuel Hill, of St. Paul, leaves today
over the Great Northern railroad for
Spokane, where he Will iitfeet the rest of
his party and accompany them East.
He was asked yesterday whether he wua
going to Olympla In regard to the rail
road bill now befor% the legislature and
answered with emphasis:
"No, I am opposed to lobbying. I have
been hers for some day* and while I
should have gone before any committee,
IX Invited, I can not go now." '
"What dp you think of the so-called
Helm bill reducing' railroad rates?"
"I think Is should be entitled a bill to.
'retard the development of Washington.'
You need men, money and railroads to
develop your state. How db you expect
to get the railroads? Oapltal can no longer
be secured to buiki short lines. In
vestors will not buy the bonds. The mis
fortunes which have overtaken the North
ern Pacific, Seattle, Lake Shore A East
ern. Union Pacific and Oregon Railway A
Navigation Company prove that present
freight rates, considering the volume of
businee* are not excessive. Speculative
railroad building ended with the panic of
"Where do ye u expect to enlist capital
for railroads unlese you allow them to
earn a reasonable interest on money ln
vssied? Are the people of Washington
prepared to put up the money? Is 5 per
cent, per annum on money invested too
much to earn? In the older stages the
Oreat Northern has always found its
friends among the common pe<op!e— among
the farmers. Air. J«me< J. Hill has dis
tributed 1200,000 worth of blooded stock
anions the farmers along the line of the
road. This year be is breeding Berk
shire pigs. Introducing blooded stock
helps the farmers, and they help the road.
Your farmers are Intelligent, and If the
legislature passes a law which injures
them this year the people will demand
It* repeal at the next session.
"Washington needa railway*. Wagon
roads cost money, are difficult to build,
and must be paid fter by local capital.
Unless you get outside capital your state
can't grow.
"I had hoped the adjustment of eur
national finances within the next year
would bring good ilmcs. Hostiaty to
capital may retard for some years your
development, buft ultimately your grea-t
resources will be recognized, and the
sooner your law maker* encourage Invest
ment* th* sooner hard times will cease."
It appear* from the ofßctal records of the
World's fafr that Dr. Pric®'* Baking Pow
der wo* the highest award positively en
It* meri;*. Not only d'.d it surpass all
rivals, but it frtfhtenel the more pre
tentious of rhem from competition.
Demand From Gllman Haa Small
<hanee of **«ln* fi nutted.
-H* Seattt* A I">r* Company msy
h*v« n*w mnib'.a it* minm. The
tartar iram. thetr *****
crm. mt « 1» undrnwoc*! thaft, whs?*
th# mi—HIT * vrry *»***»• to be at
P**re *Vb *a twn, it a-fll under »j •"tr
ctttn«ra!w-*» cma*r* to an lnrrtw.
John H Bryant. tbft rwrtvw of tha
i iwiijanr *ra*ed I,u * »<«bt t!*rt as yet
t£»e nattar &ad nctt bw» brought to hi*
omrtal Irnoartedee. t*to»3«ii he IrttlmatM
that be expected U would be to ttve rert
f«w daya. "I bave Jswt returned frcrot
Pwiltal" be w*Jd, "anil tt y*t have xtnt
had an -jvportuirfty «o tec* «r*o b«*»*»-*
roarers at rhia end of «*»» Itna. If th«
d*nr*ir»d la mad* M wtU bo :*»poa«itf# to
front It Is the ffr* r>bw* I wouM rot,
•a rec«fcwe. bavw aa> pn*y* to do *>.
{fetch a matter wv«M ha*-* to'be bronstrt
to the a#tet***» <* «*>* 1 «rtak.
Vrwvver. that IT an Wvtwuw of *m»«
«u tMlatrfd uron ** th» i»& K w.ioiiJ
<m*r wmml tn rh# rtowinc do*no of the
"At prwer* the tr.'.fsea ara wr»r*Ka:
mly two trHu <wt a mn«« aai are
earrtfr* eiwmffb «*» thera
r vr« I tare been to' Portland eadrav
ortx* «» <la<S » irmrtw* tor ear ootfc Ml
mAufUntandia* the fisrt tbmt I
* B A«|wr than the prisiut mar
*•* xxtea my trip *« ansuocesof'Jt"*.
Wnaehro'* Xew Road OmaM
3 * a Francisco. Feb The board of
directora of the S*m Francisco A San
Joaquin Valley read company fceH their
® r » t mfcetloc tto afternoon u4 agreed
•poo CUas Spreckei*. W. F. Whit tier,
Charies Holbrook. John T. Doyle and E.
F. Preston as the Incorporators of t)M
cowipftay. The irtielM of tncorporation
* tf * completed and were sent to Sacra
mento tonight by A special nt»nitr
to be Wed Htk tba teiteury of state.
This done, the company will have legal
existence. Tomorrow or Wednesday the
director* wUI mw a pain and elect their
officers, ud then tba actual work of
launching the new railroad project will
heft a.
Th * Jr
•• They Deseeted Union.
!t * meeting held yesterday
afternoon the board of public work* !n
accordance with the city charter aa
M«»ded. assigned Its three members to
look after the various departments of
which the board has chars*, a* follows:
_^''* xana "- superintendent of strata
and sewers; L. B Youngs, superintendent
of the "rater department, and J. W. Van
Broeklta, superintendent of bufldl&g*
bridges and wharves.
A. W. Shaker, O. a Marble, WllKara
Johnson, a. Nomdge and F. A. Marrow
eent a communication to the board, in
whfeh they aaked for employment on the
Ctourh tunnel. The aaen are bricklayer*,
and when the city more than a year ago
refused to pay union wages they severed
their connecUona with the union In order
that they could continue in the employ
of the city. At that time they were work
ing at the Take Union tunnel. A* the
ttaaael neared completion City Engineer
Thomson, in accordance with authority
given him by the city council, put a new
force of men at work In the South tua
aek The Lake Union tunnel waa com
pleted several month* ago, and the men
(waned are now out of employment.
They say that some of them hare been
able to get some piece work at SI a day.
but to has not enabled them to support
their families. For that reason they pre
sented their petition to the board, asking
to be put to work on the South tunnel.
Mr. Butter field, foreman of the tunnel,
and City Engineer Thomson, the men
say, have refused to make any chancres
in the present tunnel force. The men
take the position that, as they severed
their affiliations with their union in order
to work at reduced sages for the city,
the latter should in return divide up the
work. %
The board referred the petition to the
superintendent of the water department
with instructions to look into it and make
a report.
dty Engineer Thomson said yesterday
of the petition: "The persons who signed
the petition, with one and possibly two
exceptions, had several months" work on
the Lake Union tunnel. I expected that
after the completion of the tunnel they
would continue at work on the sewers
then being constructed. They had beoo
employed by the foreman of the tunnel
and I never Interferxed wQh them. The
foreman of the South tunnel has a force
of men at work who were employed while
the men referred to were employed and I
have not lnter/Vrred with them."
A Mla|ng Girl From Everett.
A man giving his name as T. McGrath
and his residence as Everett, reported to
Sergt. Sullivan at police headquarters
yesterday that Miss Blanche Johnson,
aged S3 years, took the evening train
from Everett February 18 for Seattle,
and that since then her friends had never
heard from her. She intended to visit
Louise Otto, who lives near the foot of
Pine street, on the water front. The
missing girl >a described as & feet 7 inches
tall, of fair complexion, light hair, blue
eyes and wore a blue dress. Her suck
had a fur collar. She would be apt to
aeek employment aa a chambermaid.
George H. Jones Is In Seattle.
The uneasiness which has prevailed at
Port Town send over the absence of Capt.
George H. Jones, a well-known attorney.
Is entirely uncalled for. Clerk Kennedy,
of the police, who Is a personal friend of
Jones, «w him on Flke street Saturday
evening. Mr. Jones said at that time
that business would detain him Is Seattle
uatll Monday.
The new vegetable shortening is
the most popular food product of
the day. Its use means good food,
good health and a goodly saving
in the end. Since the introduc
tion of Cottolene, lard has no
longer place in food or kitchen.
serves every purpose of lard, and
serves it without grease, odor or
indigestion. Those who have
given Cottolene a fair trial never
go back to lard. Be sure and get
the genuine. Don't let any dealer
palm off any of the many worth
ies* imitations on you.
®Bold in S and 5 pornd pail* by
ail (Tracer*.
| Th« N. K. Falrbink
| Company,
rr. Loria mm*
Excelsior Hair Tonic
hU M hair falling la U boors. O# lf rested f
kso«o «• earts to tester* cr»r *«ir tail* aetw-ei
to,or Witfeottt djra Afc«*B«*»y »wa Pnee IU
e*»d la *ea:t;e br aH ftrat-ca-s drsacssu. at
«&ot«Mie fc* Stewart a- Ho ses Drag w-atpanr.
Han Nmsbw. SFA
isSflNKrvaflßn wm ** T * faiy
ib meatus ast tao fe
eSs Sortaweet If r«* «**•
tb4-waeesr*Mtf ttH wita «Umm by U« oai»
Cfwltoctt u4 rmiMoim of*i«s*a oa tats Coast
7iSO front ttt fceattls, W m
For Pale, Worn-Out Folks.
No oi*e fSars airkittm who
use* P*tne*s Oelerr Compound. thsU
•owhrftil that m«k*s f^v
p*e wrt! No <m» iw«i tw pn»e or
IWIHUH, with srraX wim »*k)
impure fekxxi. if thev ui» this grand
strength-giver. Try it.
*• Oanli tk* Fmmh I»r. IMrrla at
Kotoi f»rOa«Wwk
On* of the nlfbnM and well known
Drs. Darrin has arrived in this etty, aed
ha* opened office* In Hate) Stevens, cor
ner Front and Marion street*, for a jrhort
time only, February 2d te March 1 for
the accommodation of the sfflJcted In this
vicinity, who cannot afford by their time
and business ;o visit them at their head
office, Hotsl Chllberg, Tacoma, where tfcsy
are permanently located.
Dr. Darrin makes a specialty of treat
in* by electricity all diseases of the eye.
ear. nos* or throat, catarrh, deafness,
bronchitis, la grippe. consumption, dys
pepsia. constipation, heart, liver and kid
ney diseases, and permanently cures ail
diseases of the genlte-urinary organs. in
either sex, such a* qrphills. blood taints,
scrofula, gonorrhoea, gleet, stricture, sem
inal weakness, spermatorrhoea, loss of
manhood, and loss of desire or sexual
power, ta man or woman.
All peculiar female troubles, irregular
menstruation, leucorrhoea, tiisplacem-nta.
etc.. are confidentially treated, as well as
all scute, chronic, private, and nervous
diseases, of whatever nature, If curable,
no case taken if not.
Dr. Darrin can be consulted free from
19 a. m. to 5 p. m.; evenings. 7 to i;
Sundays. Id a. m. to 3 p. m. Charges
low and reasonable, according to circum
stances and ability to pay.
Patients, can be cured at home after
one vlalt to the doctor's Office. Inquiries
answered. Circulars and question blanks
sent free. All business relations with
Dr. Darrin strictly confidential.
canoxic oisiams a sricuur
New Treatment for L«ag Diseases.
Dr. E. O. Johnson makes a specialty of
ail Nervous. Chronic and Special Dis
eases. including Dyspepsia. Kheumatism.
ail Diseases of the Liver, Kidneys, mtin
ami Blood. Qenito-Crtnary anJ Rectal
Diseases, and all Aliments ansing from
a Weakened Nervous System. As an
adjunct to the most improved methods of
medication in such cases Dr. Johnson has
the "Hoffman Van Houten Electro-Ther
apeutic Cabinet." which enables him to
give relief in cases that could not be re
lieved by other means.
As an accessory in treating Consump
tion and other Lung Diseases, he is
equipped with the "Improved Pneumatic
Cabinet." This mechanical device ex
pands the lungs, increases the breathing
capacity, thoroughly aerates the blood,
improves nutrition, and by its use rem
edies can be applied to every portion of
the lungs. It stops the cough, allays
fever, relieves pain and lessens the frs
quency of the pulse and respirations. It
is a "strictly scientific apparatus" and
assures to the patient greater benefits
than can otherwise be obtained.
Office, Scheiierman block. Cherry street,
near Front. Seattle, Wash.
• All OrauiiU. •
Avoid the Grip.
It's otter ytm an<t tb* mean* of escap
ing its pumilt mu« not be r>e«le<*te,v The
whol« system mil*! be barricaded turair.At
the enemy. In order to do this you should
consult your physician In wlwei you have
.-on-ftdeace. The next lnroortant step in to
have your prescription* filled by a reikible
drufripst. This we claim <o be, having
always made this a special feature of our
Car. Itcnd aad Colaaabla Itmta
Costs ¥
Nothing f
To tmlk tmlhs Po«U/s
--tolligmcor adrerfiela*
sMta. if yaw weal
prim Jm»t drop «
potiml to th la efflrr, or
Isfrphoae i*e. 7, aad
ha *Hff tmlL JTa chary•
/er r<r(a#
j Rates
4 Advice
Fischer Pianos
Will Last loofar th»a aay plans
isaia. Th«!r aa* 4«*!fn* lor eaaca
aoryaaa iir ptartona afforl Can
mat aaa tbma at oar aim*. ZL*
LJSQTOS as 4 othar makaa ala«.
Winter & Harper,
908 Vf«n4 St., Seattle, Waah.
WUfbei, Duwais, Jkwefry, Sartrure, Ek.
tola Araat far tit* C*iabrai*a
Patek,Philiippe & Co.
Inc'adior most approved
style* ii Imported jt : :
- Parisian
Pattern Suits
New and
717, 719, 721, 723
fit Front •«., x#ittl(i Wash.
Valss BlMk
This loacaed specialist, wsU knows bf his
loaa retldease sad eaoeeestal praettee oe ths
fadflo Ceeat, gaaraateea a prompt aad perfect
rare of every MM he undertake*
PR Iff TRFiTUPVT Imw who rati la
m&t lluill ALill psrsoo st officeea Friday
VniVt; up SI If yoa are troubled with Bight
IUt»U JIM stslssloa*. sxhsaatla* dials*.
I>imple«, t>a*hfuleeea, *ver«ion to atu
pl4oem>, de*poedeaey, lots cf energy, siaMUoa
sad aelf-eonfideaee, which deprive roa of rear
n>saM>«4 sad abeoluteiy aafft you far study,
tatsiasse or marriage ii you sra thus affile tod
you know ths esuas. Oat well sad be a mas.
setting backs aad kldasys, Irsqasnt paiafui
arlastloa aad »ed!ment ia arias, taipotsaey or
wsakaesa of ssxu*l organ*, aad oiaer uaMM
able alga* of nervoaa debility aad pre suture
dsesy. Many die ef this difficulty, ifsoraatof
tfte eaaaa, wbMb is the oeeead stage of seiaia*!
weakaesa. The west obetisate eaaaa at this
character treated with aalalliag eucsass.
PRIVATE Ptaassaa—tjieet, Goserrbore, laSass*
inllAll mstloaa.Disebs>gst.btrleterea, Weak*
aeeaof Orgea», Syphilis, Hydrocele, VsrliSSHs
sad kladrsd troubles eatekiy eared withaat
pats sad detestloa from baalaeec.
riTlßDD—Whleh poisons the breath, ataataek
tAI AftUU m 4 i uaff , la 4 tbewsy tor
Consumption, Throat, Liver, Rasrt, Ktdaer.
It.adder aad ail ceacuiutleasi aad loteraal
troubiss; si as fcaptare, Piles, rtaSals Meete*
far ia sd rases of say other laauiaiios ia flbs
BLOOD AND m ?ir%SSi , KkSS;
Taint*, Tamore. Tetter, lassie aad other
impurttlea of the blood thoroughly >radise»d.
leeviag the ayatast la a etreac, pare sad
beaithfal state.
i IIUK-" r#u coffering teem perrliteat
LAMM Headaehea. Poiafal Meaatraattoa,
laaeorrbcse or Whites, lateterebie Iteblaf, Dts
pleueiaaat of the Woaib, er say other Ostiess
>a« siisaeats paeultar to year eea, yea shea Id
eeoaalt Or. twseay without delay, letnn*
whda athasa (alt
WRITF Yaer trouklss If living away fraai the
"Wiltcay. Theesesds eared at basse bf
rnrreep'mdenoe sad by siedietae seat Mars
from observation. Book ea titled "UUIUi TO
HEALTH" aeat free to thosedasarthfa# their
Odies bears, ♦ to 12 a at, 2to i aad 7le •
p. m. ftnassya, 10 to IX a. m. ealy. Address
7U Prout at. Seattle, Wash.
Going to
The Yukon?
B« ran »n4 c«t amlf gml4a 1
to tt>« Yi.i<w Ww. Cattf U*
i ml on* Mieani*
miHal ib» rcoiirr. Mm
um ta Mail; Mktwtai OrMr
Ita'iatwf as 4 fnwm,
j 718 Front
— !
Work of All Kinds
** muf Urate wba» «U *<lM#
* plana hava faiiWl, tkroofl | —ill
•*aram"ad.l» Um Poa<- t»»ttl|nwt t
Rataa 1 ma* par vari Va ai tfta
Mind, tw I— 111 >»

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