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Theater Crowded
0t Both Evenings.
I m M a >lll lll—ml Weak, Mmmr OH
JftmrlMa Beta, la the Cm«~
IHut I» < omlng.
(/THIKO quite aa
good, generally
speaking. aa the
r> of
"Fsast" has been
put oo at the Third
Avenue theater for
some time li ran
the whole Sfrt.
and there was a
new and large au
dience every night.
This might be takes
aa an evidence thai
there arc no friends
Ilk" the old frisndL
- like the old friends.
+0 "Ihaat " ao matter by whom pro*
, gMsd. to eld even to threadbarenesa Bet
m wsre oW friends In the company,
M l(l CM* possibly may have bad soma-
Mgftado with the tact that the interest
H gas play lasted for a whole weak.
Mk Via Hat tie Roes, the Marguerite,
Albert Hosmer. the Faust, are weli-
Mava taMsa'O theatergoer*, and ao are
Hwds Isle and Francis Netaon. and
9M*r<*k TJader The latter is so close
art ssrsful a student of dramatic puesl
gla sad so conscientious In everything
agMWU, that (he city has In a mrag
M adopted him. believes that he via
Mtr do great things and a name
HI mo will be proud to have aascdated
gg| A* name of the city. Then there
ggg Battle Foley. She la always Hattle
Mga the stags. no matter however she
Mr k* HMulsed. but she is. too. one d
Hs M*** capable anors that the city la
IMaftMr acquainted with. Even those
IM ear* unable to see her in "Faust"
gßfeg the past week can reedUy Imagine
H# Mil She filled the part of Martha and
MH before undiscovered humor she
out In the garden scene. And It
bia SO derogation to the general excel
baee of the represnntMlon that the eg-
Hbass of Mih» Foley in this small part
gw to cull for special comment
fte svetrt of the week was. of course.
Til hail the Bailor" at the Seattle It
garf da Friday evening for two -Ights
40f. sad Hr. Henderson must have felt
Aat ks had made a mistake in no; ar-
Mgtag (or a full week here, as last night
Mm vers many people unable to buy a |
Ml Hr the reason that every seat waa :
Htalr Aa to the production,
Mr* I* little to be said, beyond the whole-
MM {set tha* It waa what it pretsnded to i
tk «kM) I* something worth chronicling,
ft* taautlful scenic effeots. the cunningly
IttMlJ cloud scapes, dissolving and
HlMWlt With the play, and aH the won-
IMS transformations that have won so
Ml fame for "Slnbad." were shown
kn At tor the company and cborua. the
MM Seattle, which la comvara
flniy lan*, was much crowded, and no
Mk Wvy of girls, as to numl>ers. beauty
0 laarfulnsss has been seen on thoae
tarts Hr Many a day. The performance
SM mAM, the audlsni'e laughed tUI
Mr artad and laughed aMtln. and H is
fKIMUbr pleasant to note that this ex
•M MMpany did a great business.
Bains Arr*a|sd for
It Worthy Purpose,
lit MP philanthropic ladle* of Beat
da I* Mtoee untiring energy th*
MkMtal hospital owe* Ita Inception,
jiwrtfc gKceea and general prominence,
mififeltt work In the same charitable
MMfc Staking to enlarge Its Held of uae-
MMMaaong the more helples* of human
INH BMRely, poor children, by nddtng
s wast assded children's free ward to
tke ffsamt general hospital. To do thla
HNMftilly snd In order to spread Ihe
tasadal burden of the undertaking over
m kfft a territory as possible the Indies
We* decided to give tsro benefit perform
aaoas at the TTilrd avenue theater May
! RMi ML th* proceeds to be devoted spe
aaty to th* establishing of such a free
Oiriß't ward
It order to get away from the beaten
|*Ui af benefit entertainments the tact
the ladles was brought Into re<julsl-
Ika and a decision was reached that the
. Martalnment shouM be novel, unique and
Mgtaal, In other words, something new.
tpssthlng that would not only give full
Was (or the price of admission, but some-
Msg that should reflect credit upon ths
Wis* and every person In any wav In
fcmtsd In th* performance. To thla and
•• •anajienient of the affair wan place<l
fc tha han U of Prof. H. T. WhMlffy axil
w Own** I). StHFan, and they finally
•H»«d a performance In three brilliant
rtf that will preeent a eerie* of wtmder
keletdoaropir fairy acene*. The bene
ll Win* tn th# inteieat of poor children*
ktMd«cnn"l tittln* and appropriate that
«tadr<*n of tender yeari ahould nlve their
•nrtcaa for theae repreaentatlona, and
•beat of the brljrhteat end handaomeat
Mtflrlt and hove of thin city have readU
*Haeed thenteelve* In the Immls of Prof.
lyy to h«* moulded and drilled Into
tNlr respective parta. with the more tai
nted one* In the lead. In character
«tne». dancea and tableaux. In order to
•»** the artiatic eucce* of the entire
The entertainment with the*e 200 chit
on will i># tllvUlfil Into three part*.
Wrti fllntlnet from the other. The flret
%Itt r*»f.r v. , . :, f ., f "Mvlntf Wh!«t."
J* #feon«l the fairy aoenea of "Revel# of
<■« Queen of May." and the last the K«r
*** of all vutinns.
"Ihißg whlat" will the frame ef
Played with lovely little boya and
iWa Fifty- taro children will rfpreaent
fifty-two cards. will come the
•ifcfc of <hr ear<la, ahlojt will Introduce
*' t**'>tlfut l«all«*t. will ct>m#» the
•wftlin* of the rartl*. th«« cut wnd tha
•tl an.l th«» play.
•d Arthur Cole, who
•• beat timv for th«» carda, and who.
the d«%|. aa a joker, la thrown wit
•r park Ka« h trlek will N* followed
a fancy lanee. inaVinjr thlrt»H»n dla
*wt fan, y dan-«•« l» irinx the thirteen
*** a ell th#» lateat ao, l*»ty dancea will
**Jntrtvljeed f->r the edidmtlon of the
Thf pHyera In the llvltif whlat
J® h** I>ora Serwt, Mta* Atwivwl. Carrie
!r»n» > mpaou. The dence tha
••jMrtU |>erf<>rmed by Cyril Bt«venion,
J"** Freaton. Martha KaufTman and
jjlie The danv# of the .tacka
f2!Li hT Tr>m Warren Haa tie.
OHver and Char lee rmott He
there will t>e earloue other ;*re<-
JTBrunt « n .i Introduce! by th«
q'wera »n I other »*ar*la. alto
maktnr a r\*m of prvtty animated
. k ,: ir»
"The lf , h , q M ,, w ,„
rwli:o» , VArt. ir of «in*in« and dftno
.«i »fci,-h a,%me t0i0... will be
W ,1L ,n * V * IVn* i*hrl|W will
'he *») v. n. t r>d w!U lie in 'ftlry
I™"®*' ' jn .» the , ffeots will J
■w-Uitv . , , Th<l wt „
a o ; ■ ' ta" ' , v -rvmlitv* the
•* f 'vrv attendant*. :o
*™*" ! by « fvtry t< •< ival and Janoe.
onr (irraiMl.
~ l,r ' •of the season. will
71 r ' r " " • -cil *t the Third
y-.Tv"* > ■' <■ slM'flt of V»ll-i>a
1. ** N : - name is * familiar
tk.' » '* ' v "1 •*. wh,-r»vfr
■» K:>.-t;,s j, w«tV
—. " > **v s'ter »la> nukt
p*<ra». „ h!m , B f * Ulf
* f thetn. "And the rtl
w> "'" f •■'• 'er ' is from "Tti«
Hr \ ' * *' ' >»■ '» of other*
»* !r * " * '• ;*«ttoo our moo*
iIl. k. ■"**' "* Nn«r !M and Mft.id* at
k, j***™ °* !■»* ■ f aoltrx A 4 an trtor
. .s, » «rsues'. almlrt: mv. »o
*•* •" vl » <
|U - ••' " Mr NotOes has Ibe «.r:
W . , * ' ' * iJ :hl; I'** l <* - ?v#
* r *. >.i»
«ad Wwadth of Imagtoattoa ere
r»m*rk 4 bU. Th.re n la kh
**t"eordtii»rr demand upon dw sertstbll-
L. • tb * to booesry and ■■■
iJT" w«. rot th * tal "» »' ron *
HBIm -Sr.N»* to mippcrtrt i>r his
P*w<T and ta!eat«<j wife. Dolly Noblea.
ff* OWB •■««* concur Dolly K>
" ■ *•* only * very bea.ttful •'man,
" but she » a BMMt fln
{*]"" •etreaa. a delightful camri.-HM.
Uunoc the ~ftK*f-rrr-r.: the foik wine
Pjaya will be r»»o. the bill being ~hal*ed
J? 1 " **eh week, -rtrr Monday and
TTluraday sir hi, u follow* \prll Rto
■**J!. "A Son of Th-spi." Mir J to «.
* Mac of the F-»»rt» " May 4 to I. "For
K»v»to« fjot, •• May * to LL "From Sir*
«o Sob.- Hay II to U. "The Phoer.ix."
week of May 17. "Rip Van W'okle"
The play ;h»y open la. "A Sor. af Th»»-
pia." la one of those no-* pastoral comedy
dramas. which gilnm every one. It la
a piay within a play. It telle how at the
beg. ~<niejr of !h« ctril war a young actor,
William Goodall by nam* fall* in love
•Kh the daughter of a rick backer. Tha
banker lakes a strong liking to the young
•on of Thespu. and gives him a place In
his bank aa an assistant. on a years pro
bation. If that ptnod ia passed with cred
"• 'he actor Is to wed the banker's daugh
-I,r It happens, however, that as the year
ia drawing to an end. the actor Is Impli
cated is * number of forgeries, of which
of course, he Is entirely innocent. llfi>
MMjMJiaa already secretly married tha
MftON NOBr.Eft
daughter, and when the banker charges
Him with Ingratitude and treachery, ha
think* the reference la made to hla secret
marriage. and confesses. Thla confes
sion aiao lead* the daughter to believe
that he haa committed the crime which
h«r father haa charged him wit. She
leave* him. while he, broken-hearted and
friendless Jolna the army, goon after
• daughter la born to the younc
"Wire. Klghteen years elapse. and
•ha actor haa rlaen to the rank of
colonel, out ai the cloae of the war. ha
return* to the stage. and become* what la
known an a "palmy-day tragedian." Later
•a he meets hla daughter, and In a repre
sentation of one of hie own play* at a
■■mil country town, both father and
daughter play parte The mother la
Among the gueat*. and naturally a recog
nition. aa wall aa reconciliation, takea
place. The working out of this scene la
one of the prettiest bit* of n-allsm and
ideality that la to be found In any modern
drama. It la. In fact, one of the moat
•triklng stage picture* ever conceived by
• writer of play* Aa the actor. Ooodall,
Mr. Noblea haa a aplendld part, and hla
charming wife will alao be aeen to excel
lent advantage aa hU daughter In the
play. All the other characters are good,
and will be acted by the members of Mr.
Noblea' clever company, among whom are
the following artlat*: Anita firldger.
Orace Pierre, Carrie A. Long. rioy Bal-
Unger. George Montscrrut. Charles Da
vie*. Oeorge Fullerlon. Willie B. Wright.
George Forrest. A. Gordon-ftoblnow, Will
iam Brewer. Wylget Thayer. Osborn
Vaughan, Elmer BulTham.
There will h« no performance In the
auditorium thla week, tonight being the
laat performance.
"Fatl«t" for the last Tim'.
The last opportunity to see "Fault" at
the Third Avenue theater is tonight, and
thuae who have not seen It should cer
tainly attend tonight. It Is superbly
played by the Hoamer-Itoas company and
tnagnlllcrntly staged It I* safe to say
that never hu "Faust" been better staged
In this city than !t la at the Third Avenue
thaater. The scenic and electrical effect*
are superb. Albert Hosmer as Mcphlsto
and Harriet Roes as Marguerite render
their lines with rare Intelligence, ar.d have
certainly ma le a deep and lasting Impres
sion here. Their supporting company la
also excellent.
In the auditorium a clever performance
Is also (riven, a specialty programme. The
Hl* brothers, Berry and Billy, are great
favcrltea. The coster songs of Berry have
made the h.t of the week. The Montrose
listers Ir their dainty songs and dancea
are nightly encored, as Is also Ed West
ward In h's baritone solo*. The audito
rium will be cloH'd next week.
Along the ->ath that «k!rt» tha wood
The three wend their way.
Pleased w th their thoughts, each other - *
Frsns Hlmmel's latest roundelay.
The morning's work, a new-found
theme, their brrtkfast and th*
summer day.
One's a soprano, lightly frocked
In cool white muslin, that Just shows
Her brown «!lk stocking*, eayly clocked.
Plump arms and elbows tipped with
And frills of petticoats and fhlnjjs. and
outlines as the warm wind blows.
Beside her a slim, arractous boy
Hastens to mend her tresses' fall.
And d'es her favor to enjoy.
And dies for reclame and recall
At Paris and St Petersburg. Vienna
and St. James'* Hall.
The third's a Polish pianist
With big engagements everywhere,
A light henrt are! sn Iron wrist.
And shocks and shoals of yellow hair.
And rtr<ers that can trill on sixth* and
till beginners with Impair.
The three musi. 'ans stroll along
And pill 'k the ears of ripened vim.
Break Into odd* and ends of m ng
And fnock tha wood with Slegfrlrd's
And fill the air with Qlu<k. arl fill the
tweeded tourist'- soul with *corn.
The Polish genlu* lag* behind.
And. with s«ne poppies in his hard.
Pick* out the string* and wood and wind
Of an imaginary band:
Unchanie l that for once h!« men obey
his !*at and understand.
The charming cantatrlca rv. Une*
And rests s moment a here she sees
ller . haieau's roof that hotly shinea
Arall the lusky summer treea.
At ! fans her*elf. half shuts her eyca,
and smooths the frock s'>-Hit her
The tr*.-!- >:* bojr In *t hfr feet.
And * shs his s-ourw** w'th hi* rhftoc*:
liii 7i »r* ».x>b tr.f l tn h<si»;
Th* :.ur ■»! )nif« * fariout «;»»<*.
Mo.S «» h « cul i-- Nwk tr■■**, on.
»t*l ifttn up * ;ir»>w fir J"r»nc«.
-AltxV BMnlQ'
i*n# «*n T ■«(> rj»r
T!>1« 1» th» oft T«»r A w»^t
ktv>wn > '■.■ t k' ~' -rnAn rnxlx
an tnvtUkti"» -• '•all j;**r. • r»r\ • h«nniac
*\iun« U-tv tr yui*vn Asm town
WVo l*w ' for a h» Mud «S«
It "too n~ ■■ i T!»s-!i<-r B*fr Slw'a
»;<*rk'v e v-,« pur* v> full
of lif» :!**: 1 «fr**l «Sif wUi 'pop.' "
KtooMon lil I»rr Itvx-k
fUmtrior will Inn Arilnjrloß
.'fv-lt S>inl»T. April X »t I! 4. m r»t jrp
tn« »l«o-rt « c »l* k fA?* Now •« m«
nm« to *** in th* Jr»
l'han* f"tlw *
T?!«> »«* <*t » W!>aj.••».• m» *- -»;i
--*r.: wiiluf:*>» «**rt * •»" ,n-»» Kr«t>
ft! ru>l ft t»t!l» of f»rn s» nkl Jnw
M.vm "lA W>!*kv l! B»r «« ■ <!>*--
l«r*« hill Morr. Hunt A Co., M*
far UM I'ftUic u«l
Am* En Fiy'i Wuderinirs
Oner Three Continent*.
Wmmilii Baee Fmoitsd Her With
**«• or Admlistloa-Aa Ad-
Trainr* In Mnlro.
"I have ha i lay share of traveling." saM
Anna Eva Fay to the Po»t-lntell.gencrr
reporter, "ird at the close of my present
season 1 may retire aid enjoy rest, which
la sunn thing t have heard much about, but
never experienced. Blr.ce my eleventh year
I have been eorstarttly before the public,
and there are few places of any importance
la America or Europr which I hive not Vis
She appeared as if she needed the rest
ah» talked about, for her ulcnder flgure and
delicate features were no* indicative of
physical robustness But the has never
been seriously 111. she said. 8h» simply
craves a rest b<-1« it be something
new—Just as a cWld is ever yearning fo»
fresh experience
There are few more lnterest'ng conversa
tionalists than Anna Eva Fa.v. because
there are few persona who hare tnveled
so esieogir: ; , are to observant, and have
met so many distinguished people. She
made her debet la l»ndon at the age »f
IS. where she appeared at the queen's
concert rooms. Hanover square, before the
queen, the Prince and Princess of Wale*
and the Duke of Edinburgh, all of whom
treated her with marked C.RT-.S of cordial
ity and kindness. She subsequently met
the princess frequently at the Danish court
In Copenhagen. She spent considerable
time at the court of the Daniah king, and
did not have to go through the ueual for
malities to obtain an audience.
At the court of Russia she was also a
favorite. When she ftrat met the preeent
cxar he was a little fellow. She
spent a year and nine months In Russia
and gave seventy-*!* perf rminces In many
of the different palace*, the last beltig at
the home of the 'lrani Duke Schewolief.
Of course, permission had to be obtained
from the minister of police before she
could give an exhibition at any of the pal
ace*. King Oscar of Sweden presented
Slisa Fly with a handsome gold
a.-vpro; riately inscribed, and a valuable
diamond pendant. This monarch, in her
oplni >n. Is a very accomplished man. He
Is a lover of th» art 3 atid a painter, is well
versed In music, and enjoys many Ameri
can national (tame*. He is very popular
and much beloved by his subjects.
Miss Fay apent eight years on her laat
European trip, the summer of being
passed In Norway and Sweden She made
her way up as far as the North Cape and
saw the famous midnight sun. At Bergtrn
she visited the home of Ole Bull, the Nor
weg an violinist, and crossed from there
to the domains of the cxar. spending some
time en route in Lapland and Finland.
From St. Petersburg Miss Fay made her
way back to PaH*. her favorite stopping
place, appearing at alt the large cities in
Germany. "Part* is the only place In
which to live. I would rather spend Ave
years there than a lifetime anywhere
else." la what she said of it. Bhe then
made her way into Spain by way of rest,
and appeared In Madrid. Barcelona and
other Spanish cities. While In Greece she
was the recipient of a locket set with
pearls. Inclosing a lock of hair of the
queen, who gave It to her. Austria and
Italy also showered favors on her.
"The most wonderful man I ever met."
says Hiss Fay. "Is Bismarck. He at
tended one of my exhibitions at the Stadt
theater In Berlin, and after the perform
ance called on me behind the curtain. The
Stadt la the largest theater In Germany,
and on this occasion every aeat in the
bouse waa sold but one, which the mana
ger afterward presented to me. aaylng it
was the Orst time such a thine ever oc
"I waa In Brussels." contlned Miss Fay.
"when Boulangcr shot himself on the
grave of his mistress. I saw htm two
hours before the tragic end. He was ap
parently happy." She also recalled the
fact that she was In Vienna at the time
the Grand Duke Rudolph stabbed his
mist reus and shot himself.
"Which of the European countries do
you like best?" Miss Kay was asked.
"Russia," was the prompt reply "Much
as has been written and sai l aaalnst the
Russian government, I consider It the best
of any on the old continent. There is no
other oountrv on earth where the govern
ment Is so closely in touch w:th the peo
ple. The anarchists and nihilists have
proved such a disturbing element that the
government has been forceu to adopt
measures which to the average observer
may appear oppressive. When the sltua-
tloo I* ftrulyxwl. how'Tpr, «r.i th* !ru«
« *»<- of »ff*!r» is oomprrh'rj'lr-l. on* c«n
iv ji ftppiaui the wcnrt»rful system of
viftUiK* by the Bu«sUts.«. t
»m tf the op rlvn thftt If our pjvernm. rt
*o; S aiopt Km> of he polife merhodai
of 1:-: ~ -1» it woaUd bo Vt ter fthle to han
il> or m »!.« *rvl r».iu *» crime And «ien
ycu h-ir me sa> that. Jrwu must not f ir
e- that 1 am im Amirl~ar. fr-m heal to
«r 1 love my oouatry 3ue* as much
as any >e an lov# It. Hu: Ido no* al
low my !>a:rto;:»m So run aw,ty with my
r*a*>r r me to ftll tha' :» c»xl and
opeß my »y. « :o aU that is .* i n other
ocur'r:*« ! have real Mr Krr.nftn's
stories ■* r-a an i I know that
mtaeh Urtansn is pr»otio«d there, bat
tbers are %-tr'u?*. e* lus:y*ly Hae*..ar.
whh'h ««> a i • k way toward maa.r.jt up
for the MUvA4i Vfeo '.S-"
T>!d ro<j ever ' a*« any exp<rieno« with
the Russ:an pol^cwT"
"NiV any t' was -jnplewMßt. Tfce S*:e
Gen HreisSer who was chief <rf poihre ftt
St I*»»er»b-jrir. y i®» very ndi inter
sated in mr wor:. >tvrr performaa-e. » O .i
srws ft r-«-<*: ai'-sjjftnt at my exhibi
tion* H# *■« otsw irf the most re
mark at!« m»« I e*e» tr. '.. and thai
il aayins a <od dew!. He gained
fame '•» ar o.«<-jtw in*.-ru>» town,
an.! hi* s?irewlre*» «t>d *r.-»I p<ra..nw_
t »ur»«* were >.«hiv prtsod by ;be oawr.
whjw <MO»t*nt rutar .fta he was Grvsft
*r kaew mi J s:m. ■ IT, betaeea the pews
ftot tad Um im w«ma iM Urn wws w
lues, nn nn nn
Wed. Li, DS, Cs.
I trot ittnttin li ftfAt fling.
25c, 35c, 50c.
rs4«r aft* >sa«f«Ma »f IA«
lated. One night he arrested the Grand
Duke Glad etna, brother of the csar, ami a
distinguished party, including his wife,
for creating a disturbance in a cafe. The
cxar applauded Gresher's action, and ban
ished Gladema and his wife to Paria for
their misconduct."
"Dkl you make money while la Rus
sia ?"
"I never failed to make money any
where," was the answer, and there waa
Just a tinge of pride In the tone. "In Rus
sia. however, the public entertainer has
much to contend with that Is unknown
elsewhere. Everything goes through the
hands of the police In Russia, and you
must secure permission from the police
before you can give any kind of an enter
tainment. The printed announcementa
and programmes, before being displayed,
must bear the official stamp and signa
ture of rhe chief of police, and it was in
his stamping capacity that I first met
Ores her. Posters, show bills and litho
graphs are a'.most unknown In Russia,
ami ihe sight of my comparatively mod eat
posters attracted Immense rhrong*.
"In the city of Winiw and In many
other pjaces the receipts of public enter
tainments are tai"l W per cent for char-
It?. AH the tidies* are stamped and r«f
red by the chief of poli-e or hjs deputy.
ar-1 as s O'clock the rtty collector con>es
an t rake* off tO j«* cent, of the )rro«s re
ceipt*. I nis.le money In Russia !e-au»
m ■ entertairjroent fs) a -mplet* wowelty.
ar.d rhe people were W'.liir? to pay fancy
I ri>- s fir the prtnieire of wiuieantng it."
TVrhaps the only cool re cation she exer
received, she ray*, was In Monterey. M"i
--' o. Or, the mornlwr aft.-r her flrM per
formance at*- wat honored by a vtatr fr*n»
a Meaican official who toM her that her
pr-c-n » waa no lorjrer desired ; r M»x:oo.
»"•! reformed her thai the -rain left that
<* ' at Ip. m M.«« Kay a: 1 h.%- company
to. k 'ha: train arvt shoe* *he ixtmt of Mex
ico from their shoe* T- » oc irrert sev
eral years ajro and was o-ca«;,»vl by the
fanatical i«r» In which they hel! her.
.'-cßslne her in leajr-ts with hi* sataat
majesty. I
< lerer Anna Fva Par.
The fair Maha'ma, A- -A f? va Fay.
be«pn* a 'hree nights' er.» ir»« -ni at the
Seattle theater tomorrow ev-er-c*. •*>
nv re attractive enter-.alrmeni for Ihosa
*no Wish Kmply to be am'aed. or morn
Ir.trceaur* for tkoss w; > wart to its
s-'tre' Mr* about whjch t.v \ oar. after
wards tfur.k ami «»ir.k a 'ime/haa
b«a presented la this city for many
sauG'jv*. Aii I'iimh im c a* a r«#ca-
Miss Fay
Wi l Present
Her Weird,
And Amusing
Including Her
Latest Oriental
The day.of "eirc * the m«««ement h.ve P asW; the public demands the opinion of othsr. rerardiiur eaterlainmenU offered
them, this is strictly right; therefore Miss Fay seeds no stronfor indorsements than those *hs leceives from
all who hare witnessed her wooderfal entertainment.
Telegram—That occult sci
ence, or what passes current
for It, has a subtle attrac
tion for the human mind,
was demonstrated by the nu
merical and intellectual
strength of the audience thai
witnessed Anna Eva Fay'a
most remarkable exhibition
last evening. The "fair Ma
hatm»" mystified everybody.
Such an unusual entertain
ment and such an apparently
supernatural display of pow
ers were never before wit
nessed here. She does many
things that are unexplained,
and some of them h*ve a
tendency to make one'# flesh
Mtoed In the large audiences before whom
Rile appears, and are mystified and de
lighted. Miss Fay la known all over the
clvilixed world, and also In secluded parts
that have not felt the beneficial hand of
Christianity and education. Miss Anna
Kva !-'a\ the fair Mahatma. will no .lout>t
make aa great a furore In this city as she
does In every city she vialta.
She has recently returned from an ex
tensive tour througb Europe. Asia and
India, bringing with her the results of
her study and research while in the land
of the East India fakirs and the home
of the learned Mabatmas.
Of Miss Fay's performance there Is
mere of Interest and mere of fascination
than attends the ordinary attractions of
this kind, both because of Miss Fay's
well-known powers, ar.d, again, because
of her recent and highly successful tour
of the Old World, where she was received
with the most marked sices of favor by
th>* fa van is of England's metropolis.
Of Miss Fay's power and ability there
Is no room for doubt, no opportunity for
question. The things that she does are
but little, if any, short of the miraculous.
Thure Is, and perhaps always will be a
%ast amount of idle curiosity In perform
ances of this nature, which are always of
the deepest Interest to those who desire
their curiosity'aroused, and who like to
be mystified.
The papers tn the large cities of Ameri
ca speak in the highest terms of her. and
She will no doubt be greeted by large and
fashionable audiences at her approaching
er.Kagement tn this city.
Mi** Fay Is truly a womler. and stems
to create no little excitement In every city
she visits, and causes no end of specula
tion as to how she manatee* to produca
such won<i*rful results In all her experi
ments, and in her (treat Oriental sensa
tion. called "Somnolency."
No explanation is given of the forces
which produce the desired results, and the
audience Is allowed to furnish Its own ex
planation of the stranire phenomenon.
Jd;*s Kay is conceded to be the most re
markable of modern Mahatmas. and she
■will present an entertainment that for In
terest. novelty, wonderment and amuse
ment will tar surpans any ever given by
Hermann or Keller.
If Anna Kva Fay had lived a century
or two ago and performed arueh marvelous
tricks and "things" as she does now, she
would have been deemed a witch and
burned at the stake. And yet what she
does tc-iay far surpasses in wonder what
the greatest witches did in those days.
And people nowadays like to witness such
manifestations, if one- can Judge from the
(Treat crowds that attend Miss Fay's per
formances. In short, any one who want*
to be amused merely, or ar.y one who
wants to see something- to study about
can net afford to miss seeing Miss Fay
The best proof of the satisfaction she
(rives the public is the many re-turn dates
•he plays, and managers of theaters
would not book her for a return engage
ment unless she was a financial success,
and she wouldn't tw* a financial success if
th.» Throngs of people didn't go to see her,
and so many wouMn't go if she didn't pre
sent a performance worthy of their tima
and money.
State of Ohio. Cltjr of Toledo. Lucas Coun
ty. ss.
Frank J Cheney make* oath that be
Is the senior partner of the firm of F.
J Cheney A Co.. doing business in the
City of Toledo, County and State afore
said and that sai ! rirro wld pay the sum
of ONF. HVNDRED DOLLAR* for each
and evr-ry case of Catarrh that cann-.t oe
cured by the use of Hall's <" , # s arT h Cure.
Sworn to before m- and subscribed in
rr.v presence this €th «iay of Deceml«er, A.
(Seal) A. W. OLKASAV,
Notary Public
Ha'l's Catarrh Cure is taken internally
sn i acts dtrertiy on the blt-»l and mucous
surf a "4 of the system Sen! for testi
monials. free. F. J. CHENEY A Co-
Toledo. O.
Bc.: 1 by Drugg'sts Tsc.
Hail s Fam.ly Plus are the best.
Closing Out Sale.
Every Article Seduced.
ft t SCHiDE. Fb't Frf*t 520 Seeosd k
BOjnilT * STEWART. r®<l«rtali«r».
Parian, f »»r »f Tkird t«Um*
bi» Mrrcti. feaUlfl. UMbikglvo. Ttit
»hiit»» U»
Three Nights, Commencing Tomorrow.
The Wonder of the Nineteenth Centnrv.
Poet—Tou can think and
debate, and even then you
cannot fathom the mysteri
ous exhibition of Anna Eva
News—Miss Fay Is moat de
cidedly the greatest wonder
of the nineteenth century.
Times—No one has ever cr*.
ated the furore In Denver
that Miss Fay has.
Republican—There are but
few marvels in the world,
but Miss Anna Eva Fay Is
apparently THE marvel of
Times—Whatever Somno
lency is It's a "good thing"
and destined to arouse an im
mense Interest everywhere.
Oregonlan—The perform
ance by Anna Eva Fay last j
nlcht at the Park theater, of
•ccult science and somno
lency was tn every way mysti
fying and enjoyable. There
was a very large audience
In attendance, and wonder
and surprise were everywhere
manifest. Miss Fay is a won
derful woman, whatever her
power may be, and la well
worth a visit.
Theater again crowded last
night by a thoroughly mysti
fied lot of people. Some have
attended all feur of her per
formances and are as much
In the dark as ever.
At Ranke's Hall.
Otc Night Oily, Thursday, April 3 1 ), 189(1
The Giboiao Pictures!
ADvI.-Sl >.«. Mc.
Championship Season
Opens May 1.
Y. M. C.
Admission 25c.
Sunday Gaines at Madison
Street Grounds.
Chronicle—The most mar
velous performance ever seen
In Frisco.
Examiner—Every spectator
is sure to be amauxl at Miss
Fay's wonderful entertain
Call—Miss Fay seems to
know what Is inside a man'*
body and brain without the
aid of the cathode ray.
Bulletin-Over seven hun
dred turned last nipht, una
ble to obtain standing room.
Record—No one who seea
iliss Fay will regret time nor
money expended.
Post—The Impossible a pos
Iterj li«»ug U 1:1 J, Awnu'i IhynMiUtifi iahtr id iUtar. It
bfftrtd kf Ikt fkimiig Tmg kOnu
And Their Owb Company of PUy «r» in Mr. Nobles' Great
Comedy Drams,
A Pathetic and Rnallatlc, Phenomenally H nceaaful Drama.
Kerala r Prlcea—loc, »c, Mc. tOc and K>c. Ho* geata. 11.00. Telephone Pike k.
< 'omTri^K-!nn Friday, May lat—Mr. Koblea and hla company In "A If AM
Handicap Game.
Seattle League Club
Sooth Seattle Athletic Club
admission. tsc.
Third avkwe thevieh-
W M RUSSELL, Act In* Man agtr.
j mmt three performance*.
tLTO l! 0 M R iAfifUET BOSi
And their own Splendidly Equipped Com.
piny In a Hpe'ta'-uiar Prodnctloa of
Oo«lhe"» Imir. jrtal
Oo'-e wen never forgotten Sword* Mas-
Irs with «-!»''ricltr. Vi«ionx of wonder.
Kiowrr* bursting Into light. The weird
and aw«*ofne hrtxkm H>U*» rev«l* by
night. The rain of tiring Sre. A *fatld
electftcftl production.
ftegutar Fr.ru l<r. iOc. He. ¥)r and S9c.
jj H „. m.-xTX v April !#,
Th- Audit''*-t-*n- Mi* and Htx," "Ed
WMtwoai" Monirege WkMrn. !'j>-t»-l>ale
Vaudeville* A -T.iMion Wc. Auditorium
at 7:Jt
TiVOLI THEATER—'Th» only Sr*t-c!aaa
Vaudcvi I* entertainment gi*'» In !b«
city. The performance »HI ctinißfrict
with t:.e laughable act. "Irian Jn»t»«.-
Olio. Mm Joale Ml«* JuUa Win
ch* 11. Pyne Siater* Tarry Wtacbail.
Tro*t'l ft Even*. McCall ft King. th.
Great M«-l borne. felrti * lioothe. Don't
tell to w* fbla *h<»w. Admiaelon. Wt
rr * ae Ik ■«-<«> Second *nti Third oa
ViAtiwi mu—t. SWUK Wuk,
Written and Handed t* Mi«s Fly is
K.i«eo by a Trim p.
A isran.i rxponrnt of th* myatie art.
N>w'» !*>»■ work! ran equal hw", it iwni,
but wonderment a>r 3r°° depart,
A<-«»t«rtainmi'ninu*J withlifaaown drwma
Ever she bafries ih* most brilliant mind.
V*iniy ** *<* h« 041*1 to Had; 1'
A briiliam triumph *uch la her'a today.
> '
first of all wonderment*—Era Ffcy.
A crowded houaea with "Staodlnff Room*
X ou'll And wherever bar great nana I*
>o3k Present
K|M Tbmorrow
Will Witness a
/J3y Demonstration of
A Remarkable
i)on*t Miss
kajjsis an. MO.
Btir-S#m» people ray thera
I* nothing new under thi
amin, but we aay there ta, »»J
that la the wonderrul iwr
(onninca of Anna Kva Kay,
World—lf one anjoya a per
formanco hy Hrrrmapn or
Krtlw. that given by Mlaa
''"•X *lll Ittve »ven Kreatar
Journal—Her advance agent
told ua ahc «u almply won
derful: w* had our doubta,
but now, after wltm-aaln*
her pufornuuicts we freely
admit the agent w*a right,
for *h» la wonderful in the
atrongeat meaning of ' the
To follow Baeebtll OanM, between
and •
Champion Swordaman of the World,
Adnriulon. 3c, Including ball mum H
•word con teat.
Paul B. Ilyner. R«eldent Manager.
PRIDAY. MAY let. '
A ProdM. !1M <"-l't.rat»d Throughout tha
Lnilra Er.«il*ft Speak! World.
Uorm'rT Production of
Tore of magnificent acenery
World* of electrical (urprfae*.
Orrmtm of won4e r ful effect*
The treat of a lifeiima.
Tr>».- Uw,rto» II , ad balcony.
Ic ar i gallery, fee awl Cc.
MAMMAtmm, r+f.
H'OHTM iieiei 1 '" 1

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