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The Seattle post-intelligencer. [volume] (Seattle, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1914, July 26, 1896, Image 12

Image and text provided by Washington State Library; Olympia, WA

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Vtom m Btfakto* by the
fme of Om'i E*t*rt.
«fco Ortl««• Tiilta.
JSkJSSm <nj*' *f3Tin
sist W**m. them ltd? o«r wit*
• turn *> fhrnr mpprwrutm*** far tfco
, but *l*e o3U» nfvMM
4«?«r»&oo to tbo iwt* «* tbo
«flko fcor. _
Xm «M» Imw* • fundni— fat
«*otK*W #tl own* pf*f«r th» piquant
Otyl# with Piffle mOm ats<i U.;#;
tthcM ull » tIH» <-j**n>Tr Wi*; 1 !#!! vitk oe»Ct
£M#«ri** on bar toflu form, and a fa#
«woy look IP bm oyaa Tfcora aro «noaf
vorWCoM trpen •>«»• typo* oaofc of Whi-h
•oOnor or U**r sto affinttr «a mo*
ft<y*fte «f owfo «Aaltr ftM Om* caS<V
jhirn nr €»• <wh«« liMlaooa I* *«n. an<V
»N« p**l* Imvt* nothlo* «• «o but o*»*
mm *iw«hor'» •o«i«tr «w* «*M*r tbo *>*«*»•
tto* of mnti — Mo* fb«t wrmrr m rtn~'.*e
gtrt t* mefm&y or At hiK. •»ow«4iy,
Mftklftff h*r affinity, feu! oh# win ourolr
Mm * <fetmr tftM tf «h« rom abort
*Htn A ptiHR Who I* ffMonililr con-
ftemwwe %rm 9km oid *a*io*, that
"haadadno w a* fcanrtooroo dooa." It ia
MTtata* tMt (b*t firvt hnw*w!9(» fct
autsnwr rwort* ar« m*d* mor« by <n>r
mtr4 apfiaiiTan - - than by Iho mw+*>i
taMr }ov%K« diapoatttoa of tit*
Star |«iurt) "ist-flp." thwofora, 1» of
tfr *art> to§#»rtam>* to <hm air! who wanta
4b enjoy th« admiration of th« auounar
(MA In 111 i aooloty *h* >• thrown than
Jft her oaeadkty for adajrttn* b*r*»if to
toa aovtroaoMmt or * dniaaatie lU*.
Thar* ar* aomo tlria who or* nwtirral
Xfptm of on* rind ar anofhor, and th<N»«
•MM <#• *n(l to eenseet toa tort, «**-
V#op IhniMi' a* to *te« attm*- in tb«ir
#*M irartWf Un**- ®wa3* Bernhardt,
te tnwtamco. la a "rood mmp!*" of th*
«nd Haaoma atjrta that look* th* b*»t
In fltlnguic 4mport*o; a™* ah* 1* al«o an
ecgeopl* of woman wi.o »%-*o up to
tor bwt Uf!<w and I* truo to Ti*r atyie la
jjifrr ptrtlcOiAr tfho wtl! not uo* it
pilar is Whltah ah* I* corof»noa to wear
d»wna tauultad to har atyt*.
•Phi* parClauiar atylo. by tho way, it
going to b* aatcaortinaiy f>udWor«abio tha
uliafrtg mwoii, It 1® th» brat
•u&od to tho larro waMbr which hav* at
lift trttrophoA pnror tho tradition* of tbo
Mltnl Prottoh court* and tho mod.
«fn atajga. Th« waiat, or rathar tho dl-
VuJnri MR* hatw""& 6ho Bptxw 4 and low#*
ptfte «f <*r«fa draa*, wtH <**»•
m «0»r _/&* omptro toohlon, and tho
£*tM* ant MM «ro Viiumr adtofrora
fPjfca Mfta, o*p#-I*lty it. In
i&fittam to narahardtfa amotlonat ttmtn ro.
ttfjy bam a «j*wny, thoughtful. not-aIN
hara lOOk aV*it thom. Thl* anrt of a gtrl
mi til* ftoadtnartton to wor*, - -and thara
If M and to 4h* boaotihii thtn#* an ar«
Ifart or poot oaa ftUnle aVo-«t a ftii whwi
«n->« hl« lm«*lnaden #«t* Tho«*
gkia. <bf>ri<«w*, Who aro in" for
«hfli oort of a om owtdd do w«*l to pyt a
«eupi* of «oiolr* footM tn th*tr tnmlui,
aad to cultimto a ooft waw in Chooo
t«ndrlJ» wbloh do not eltnt t<rrtik*!y to
tontol** of to* would-bo n»*rttno on*.
SNcrhajM a dH* of Brownln# and »<*!>-
wauld bo wt»»U» ttyln# a* a conduotve to
th* far away oietroMioa, bat that i* aot
so tmpnrtan*
A vtvaniowi mala— <wul4 do well to
avoid this sty is, M 4b* WID bo «urs to <lo
something cMft of keeping with th# ©hsr
•oter At iiena tnawapielftig moment. #he
win ha safer fn ruffle# and Uee. for this
kind of rlil ta to do utuwpwoted
things and nobody !« »v»r shocked.
I'erhap* tt l» the fluffy fir!, too. who I*
«n«t smhrersalty popular. At lens* mieh
I* the r#«*ilt of •**»>• h-wjutrr on tho mih-
Jet among many types *f m«m. The
diaphanous Buttering maJ*in flnd« her
Wnv- Into the h«wrt* t>f s-holar* and wrtt
*tlok. and It doesn't m«tt»r much about
• welt or the Englteh load.
Moft m#n will (oil you In nonfldftnce that
t h*-y are afraid ©f the tailor-made
tftrt. She In toa sevarwty eorre- t and
#auSf}««M and they feal uncomfortable
gtfien »»b#'e about.
Toutif jmd Who ara fond of »part*,
utually H*a • ftri who ran participate
fb ttiefr aojnvroenta without Interfering
with them by th« d*«play of fena'ntn#
Ba3d • young Frlneeto* fellow who
■was quMtiongft about his tuits In sum
mar flfli' "T like a girt that la t>p-to»
datw—ona that can rM<* a Wfrr-'a, or a
htttwa, or awtm, or a'eer a boat."
Bttok a Sir] usually wears bU«*r gaits
with afetrt fronts and man. '«h t •*» a; 1
•ttintdftg rwiers Iter hair ts slwavs
aUoX, and U doesn't mtt»er niticbs bo »t
tha twndrlia <>n tha Bscs pi as, thooah if tha
look* ba naturally ouriy U la a great «d
--ran'aga •sp»«' r latly w*.en ov.n la out f >r
• salt
tn (*w>ril a ywwm eo!leg» m«n. w*io
has not !«arne<l to district hln-«»Sf *t;d
novtr-r thicks of being afraid of a girt.
t» IfkaTy to a st-m dng atrl w «h
a oerfiain "go" shoirt bar thit fannot >«a
a«*w <v a*o>l <n say other way than bv tha
use ef tha «?<uig phraaw*. The maiden,
tbeu, w%« has a f "dwa for a I • >'
leg* men—and what girl has net?—tf
Sha Is t»nt*dwnt that she -in e«rrj off
tbs part, wtll flf-d It advantageous to
au.'thrat® an !«!«•*»*? tn v> h"' a and a *.
herself to tha torture of stiff col
B:t fwtanatat* for tha b-t'trrflv ttiald
en who cwddn't !*■•* linnnnh tf sh«
tr ad. *ll cci'e*# -n»- ««e to? *• or"ng
fenrte. and there Is plenty of for
bar to eM«a without the *,vm«ipltabm•"-»r%
and tha fa; -hug costumes of bar # r
•porta wxnan.
Tha atrl who own ambofty the ~ e •.
let 1 a of a!i tbs r+ arydaa la her own ;>er.
•on with eyunl * rvaaa ta a remarkab'y
etwer w and yet there ara
m*ov wt>e «bv Tht« ta fha ktnd of firl
Matit}<«et at 'h# b^gtnnto*--the on#
Who a>t*P's iani»!l to bar surmundlncsk
and mor<* jvartioularij- to tbs stj is of atau
s*-e i« wl«h
To 4a
•a **H*i a* the ap»*r?>ng girl's {sa'aohee.
naJ *. f.:wi Iherw le hat stunning ».vk<»'
With »V*te *-ev. * t<» --a w. 11 to • eh «|
trH> »*'b the fwlloww t
a we** ar two at "fo* share.** Tr.e lo
fro its arw Uuad *t£h «h'ta a;.d tbars .a
m ! »**•♦ of whtta " a a dawn t?v fSraa' " ia
r'.c-'e *<w«o » 'a g i.w« e?ha-w*aa '*• *
ma'd w>m!d aM< a* H ts. sa« tooha
fel.'h.'.kg sua aoM*, atik >*t • Wi\i*.w iagv
kwa bat a. 1 argute para*i'i.
aver.irg »• -wns aba «»•*♦ h»va jb* rr
»**. for at*!n*f «ha ».m» <> ■»f '(
w ant to grow Bfon->»f*«<»ra a- t orm* to t*
know a aa "itvwt |4'i that w eara j? Ik te
ho,-a ** Pink Is a very gaod r riw ts
r ? v » has a pit- kb v. •»
with *aa »Wvew ow rfc» »a An s
J*ww»«t ear*nm to S-lOfert tt. flba sao
boa an*-Ibar k «ow.» waisk la ao v - .. i
wttk grwan wraa-Jy U a »*«r»san pat* - *
t K -*t H ta bardty rewognt*ak>e T>»a
it V«ces» t'»ad w» • hr*** • is - u
*iu«e Houacea *eo?»a» < . tha hot tat of i*e
•k'tt» a-i a!|«4 * hwwdad wit* *hi •
**'*' l*' k e V a *» « I, **--•» -
en We «tiai!<*r w-'»» a », j, M
or*«w.» ta' w :»•• 's'* aeo.'mg th# e*-*k
woo otar si#»vwa Tba mimt-m *r« w.xh
tng bot a e*^tiwi^ttost of a l '- a
tba acbar. and 1* ef arw » , .....
ans •>**# baa a »o-»t ■ T fr**m
*".** •* «»• «*? ♦' **>* ohaeMe-. mm-A the
o-hwr h*a w ttxm» t. ■«-«,. »| , 4 ,
* ; Wl:k wJv-.-e im*, t>m s
fttNhwi Wfcah . » a „ ;
iwSvT* ** " f ' * emtt - v * »•
twU-aac m%±rj sfcavwe b. •
k. ***** * *»*- -a
with blin and silver tinsel waist, and tur- '
quotas chiffon flounce# for aleeve*.
Her beach gown t* lavender and white
plaid flannel, and she doesn't forget the
inspiring mm ;4ra gown. Than
there la the area dimity with Dresden
ribbon trimmings for veran.l* wear In
th# morning: and a dear little chain#
with rose bads In H. Tt** lattw has a
green silk yokn and collar with la*-# cdg-sl
point* and a bow at tha back. Thla
ph(» wears upon her afternoon rimMfi
»lon* the bank of a laughing brook,
whwt Jt la Just possible somebody mar
find her probed on a log that bridge# t.ie
atr«am, Tier Inborn hat la covered with
ro«f-a and purple Ylnle-ts with a fan bow
of pink ribbon set high at th* ha^k.
She baa many other hat a. among
whkrh l« a green at raw, with a aort of
hark'-t crown aad wide brim that turns
up high In the back *nd la banked with
White roM and green Icavea Th<*n» ara
roaaa, on top, too. an 1 nodding whlta
all, thla la only tha beginning of
»i#r wardroN*. a worl mM afviit
h»r bronaa ahora, hrr llnon paraaola,
fan-y !lngrrl«». glovaa, «rto--kir*a. and all
tho rr«t. It la merely a angulation to
t"»a y.vmf w*»o to t»a th<»
i%a«* with mi:»Kidy as to what «b«* wiJl
have to do in preparation.
AN NIK tat'ME WOt»r»S
C'blt-t bat of Fa<ib!tu..
li ts w >rt v » kno» n* thst chiffon dvra
ad»niratrty almost sny color that miy
Feather st|>ohlftg la sgnln !n evidence
u;»on anme of the stnsrtea: gowns of this
No matter bow mnch violet hn»e
se*»m to cikHide thery sre aoen ?n ronibins
i tion in many of the tmpsrtal creatl'sns.
The '>mer ha'hlng a att '< m*wb w »r»
snd t?»o style aeoma wois a t»t>iM for tie
! purpose. The lateat aaalais have
! facing half way to the knee.
Very ahr-er white aemstta trlmmod fn
| bis *k la« e and m« it over checked sUk
| a* rw» an odd co«tt>inauon, but tt t«
I tha' :• a»»r and make# a smart frock for
I a younat Isdy
The aksrt boMs It iwn prettv well
and t* jse-l for walking drraaea, but the
i new foulard* and tfitn materta'.* are ws
! nal.t made w h flouwvs >r w.:h very
j rufflea.
I T-e eo-cai>«l *\ieeve
, like a bird oanre or a haaebatl maak
'hr - I**l verr t v . ! n d».'tea l» ia a
i g.?-e! .4ca to cover thea wtik •oaß*-th.r;g
' thtn bo-fere ttaAng j em
When r 1 sre *-a v»rj y&ar *4t rt
i a* te It ia a gvv»d idea to *ae tfcrsd att" ng
■ ob your w.sewi to #.*• tha* :tie #k-. t hwa
j a gea«ceftti hang. " >r •? is ,n th.'a t» «Iti->n
ttiat you arw tr mx aeen w.'h t: on a>l
j It i* the oaXjr sat* way to i.ava tt hang;
! well
Tha vtt*-*o-data does not mark v er
I trouasaaa with ink. twit tns'ead eaek »«*»•
! ara'o art « 4 e ts NsntiNUy e-nbeoi tered
: alt her w <a h#r r v«?e in f«!' or >.a s m.-rxa»
! crwm VaahtOß dettrees -■ ow ihla maarhsn#
I twist be don# ami it ia the ©re»ent fad to
mark wish *au.; U»»r» run
] « -v» *hi «ii Many tw-tes wrhe tt-etr
! ■ im * a:d hav# Htm marked .a
{ thj» way.
T* era la r*othie.g re* Is -mterts! fog
j t'-,!i,-v»r g *w*. *»r tbers can he r «M"|
! Net; r %a>t t*r-\\m. w•»% «■ -Wt' e# «l|
1 the Qua «.«<•« ikw*. sasrv ta a wn *estf ♦
g,«e»' It n dstigbtbidiy otwt ar*i w*»j
i»ot annfe'e oe abr.r.k »wit of » ..ape aad a
-t i*t pttmL Tt'Si# Of a bright SbAde 3# lt. ( #
. e«t.-* igwt ae««Hi st 't b. brow® a: 4
• gree.n srw •#0 deairsl .e. A tnsft cOtJT
j cai:e4 a Twaii ttat m wot a
fn abfrt watat® tk*t have *w« se*e <*f
j b*if *n aetea tt ta a pre'ty fa«h r. to '«»•
• tva ike i*t»»r set w*:"» saarrww .es|
j ta a bow A-me af th# start-arais* stadg
*. a- w," at r«»'H»b}e hn ---a-ferac wn#n wora.
t v -.«v ar« afar*«' *4. a pen »>»#.» «J
tn fewer* on me'aJisoaa. and naanted m
r-'-'d or «"*er inb-rw »r» eeaewiad ta
,»! tora. and sonae a«e#.' ere »- ; w a
| iarg# aaotveaioasa, but ef whatevwr knsd
' thev m■" *»# a-ca, aN- it 11# a.se at a
• jweoe.
11 1,111 1
Her* a»4 t hr*e.
ta apt*.# ef att the r ner» * -n aga.«.«
« w'v «. ' •. a « * - 1 a* - w #
■ i&*a er#r ti*i o« # hf fase # U -.W
i b#««fa are < > rr»w/ bM t»y Uh a.. .••
• wvnas Thw forwt ens- w • «
fe-tkj # •1* *•-» ii»n-ta v* Sgv, *m iw
! beautiful a g*m be laid for an Ig
norant auperatjtlon, and the women of to
day are too broad minslfd to rega* J such
»> hen rjdln«r a rulllvate the haMt
of br'athing through the noee,and rttntm
bf»r that m thing once l»»arn<sd Is hard to
unlearn; therefore cultivate a good atylo
of rldin* at tha rery beginning.
Tho lateat cure for htada».ho la a hair
cut. It la swild that a Ixmflon phval<*ian
h*» m»-t with aucc#*9 in thla treat
ment tor nervoua To a great
rn my people "be "curs" would be wirae
Utan tha dlaeaae.
A vwy good floor atalnin* ts maiie by
pourinr a quart of boiling water on hilt
an ounce of permanganate of potash cr>a
ta;« It aftould be appiif-d to tha boMr.lo
i*nila hot At flrat It will look red, but
ooor> becomes a good ahade of brown.
Jr> the tarse nnlveraltlea the women ara
•aid to be tha beat a-tudrnta and from a
pbyalctl point of v ew are better gblo to
through ordeal of *iarn;nat!ona.
t g i* <tup(>oaed to ba jw»cuUaily fem-
Inlne. but during tha last examination* at
«>xf»rd It wa» tha men who did the falnt
Th« art of b#4rr a rood liatener l» an
a fooipitfchw-lit to he dw«ir<sl aa mut-h as
to N» a p*i ronveraatioi 'lisat. Nothing
t« ?t rr fiattMing than to have a v>er*on
lt*t»B aMentir»ijr to what vou are saving.
It i* an ac< om|«. that can ha ♦a>4-
ly atjuired, arw! yet how very rara it la
to aefe on# who poaeeasn* It.
The rational roxtum* of the wo-nen of
Ssam Kbotttd the approval of tha
moat e.ntjfuaiaff.<• adherent* of re
forni. Li ta tH><h,ug mora nor le«i»
a bloomer costume, rnd ha* baer wl f-tah
t>u n tt»at i-oun rv tor tnn r\ y 'ona.
It mu«! I* a comfort ah> to know
that the faahioo e«ch kamq will W the
aame a* that of the one Juat &«>i«t. anfl the
*om»r, of are cer'alnly to l»« envied
In ihtti itapeL
The lemon is a wonderful «*o*metl<\ as
*• !l aa a h» produc-r, and WfflHß of
UMB irapsca aportrciate the fact and m« it
in various way*. In the auaratw lataon
J ce a<ji.»-a. tsto the bath watar glvaa
a m«wt r«freab:ng ba;h an 1 »mpart# *
ameothnaw to the akin, julr# in
hot water * a gr< at a;; In nsanleurmr the
aai.a. as It cu the cui.i .«• ir*»m t.ia nsiil
a- j • -n n * a«. f sin's an 1 ft o g:\ea a
potiah to tbem.
r 4** a tie fa«h n f r a ho* #•** in
e«* rtaming *t dinner or b ocb, to m
#\thing rtr<t served to h«r Th a;•
d«n# in ordar that she may indicate to her
v r<:i the propw fork or »poon to us*
w :b ea- h cauns, and tharaby a»t the»m at
eaxe for there is tvtr.mg nsn etahar
raaa.og than to fir. 1 that you have u*cd
th* fork or i|H«ti :ntend«-d for another
<•- iirm-. an>l In th'« da' wh+n new
a e invar.-' t com ma*; y. it la raw iy
: 5 ,f *o k>'» sht* ao«r.a of tha i »cu
iwr'v ab»r«~l ara fot», Tb<» n«'■—<
I, - , ;,aa spo»v * havr a perfactiy rcund
t«>wl with a lUt baa Ua P.ab forka ara
vatf broad, with a Sort prong*. Tha r*w
f»t ' - < r»»tr «gx>o» is reaiiy a ap-rion.
tit a croaa t- w"en * »pooa and a fork.
nia Uoid«-n « hoqgbta
V-% n»w»-tVt t«8 IB* tint y*v-4 i
fraaet •# **T **wh»«w earner.*.
H»* Or | +mr u ii, ir I
*■-•" 1 r**» »tr«. motut far eiwr-s work !
l*» •Ca*c ii 4 ut« aw
THE SEATTLE ItrS&A 1 ?. JtTLY *?. tw«.
Fruit Oyster Toast.
Scrambled Etrgs.
Corn Griddle Cak*■*. Byrup.
Fljfli Timbales. Egg Sauce.
French Fried Potatoes
Cinnamon Roil*. St-wed Fruit
Fresh Berries. Ice 1 Tea.
Cream of R!c» Soup.
Mutton He. Tomato Sauce.
New I'otatoes, String
Stewei Onions Beets.
Btack.berrr Pudding.
+ + j.
Scrambled Easts.
Rre tk six e**s into a bowl, or Just as
many as is required for the family, and
sprinkle with salt and pe-pper <»nou«h to
wa».\n well. Then pour them Into a hot
fryinir into which has b»»en meKed a
piece of butter the c, *e of an eirr. Stir
while cookin*. but only ennush to
break the yoiks. Remov«* Into a hot <1 s>h
and serve before the egj r« are quite stiff.
J. x
Oyster Trnwt.
Prepare tcast. Pour over it a thick oys
! r ~au e. There must he only enough of
the sauce to mix the oysters. On no ac
cr.un; let it be running cff the sides
S; r.rsk> brown crumbs over the top and
Ute very hot in the ox-en. Serve at once
with -'v ;• "d pars>y on wish slice The
-*nrif<i o>'?=rers will answer for the sauce
if fr- *h oysters cannot be had.
4- + ♦
Cinnamon Roll*.
T «ke a piece f~>m your brea 1 deugh,
a«d roll tt out half an inoh (hick, brush
f " tOO with m- ?*,l butter, srd cover fhl«-k
~..., -srvram >n and flne white augur. Com
rr»r eat o T.r aid's and roll tip a* you do
v>:'v nslte, then <~w » an thick, and
lay in a pan as blscuM, elose together, and
let t!»m ri«e an 1 bake twenty minutes—
nice for lunchee for outdoor part!»».
«$» «fa
Fl*h Tin h*ie«.
Tlmhs'es are made with any cold fl«h,
or eh! ken. minced ar, 1 seasoned, manned
«*r» fine, mixed with a little cream and
'*•« whHte* of an »** Put the m'xture in
' " <"* pans (or «m* d»» p cups will an
swer* at-id set in a pan of hot water,
r it n the oten and hake for ten minutes
in a ha* oven Serve
+• ♦ 4h
Mnttnn Pie With Tnmateoa.
to a deep p.. 4 . Jin* !'.«h. then pat in a layer
of siloed! enkl ma*t"»B and dredge tn flour,
sal* awl pepp*c Mar* the la»t leyer of
»am»sf*.a sprinkled wi«h rol>4 eradtere.
Bake one hour, serve with fcof!ed po*«.
toe#, boiled rWe. green corn er ahelied
bean a.
<f + +
Hisckb'rrT Pudding.
To -rak- a bla kterry pud.i:air. soak two
cape of s-aia b-ead cremhe in two af
ra.k, a I ■ * salt and w*u
en ftr. Meaawe one and a half copa of
sifted fioo r. and **:r Ime v half 1 tee
spttoaful of baking powder and a-M to the
•thar kß«T»dla«ts one and r-v» half pi ma rrt
blackharrt * Put tnto a bjtt»red padding
di»»i and nam twa hcjrs, serve with a
rk-h sauce.
e e e
Fmten Ptne A apt a.
Ore !*t«
c-«* •; a r **-t "itw. ore [■." «ea*er P«r*
the p.!neap~4a, cut out the and crate
the fleate, I|J*<ifll>| the --ore, aild. the.
and «•'* stir untJtha »;i*ar !*i.aaolved.
Freeae :b' a*me as any froaen irtiii*. You
ca»#<*..:>>4e tae receipt if ye . to
a 4 lantity.
A lite>e iVMiaee*.
A ha'? -p e? *. e 1 m f-,* p-4
n,,*ra, Sut ii*il c-j) t>t 4Aepped
date*, put It in moulds and serve with suet
sauce flavored with orango Juice or any
other fruit Juice desired.
■}* + +
Sfaofdoln* Salad.
Make a mayonnaise dressing with oil,
the yoke of egg and juice of lemon. little
vinegrar as in former receipt® given. Have
ready one tablespoonful of peas, half dos
en string bean*, one small onion chopped
line, one beet chopped, the tope from cel
ery stalks, half doxen, cherries, half dozen
strawberries. cut the vegetables In email
pieces, use th<; fruit whole, cover with the
mayonnaise dressing and »e rve in lettuce
leaves. Do not mix until ready to servo,
this U a delicious salad if well made.
+ + +
Menn for the Chafing Dish.
Boned Chicken in Tomato Sauce.
Pea* B\rttered Biscuit. Coffee*.
Water-Cress. Fren-h Dressing.
Ica Cream, served in in livl.lual mold*.
Afacoroona. E"g Pufla.
Salted Almonda.
Household Hints.
Never set coal oil near butter or lard.
Watermelon rind makee delightful pre
serves and sweet pickie.
In lime water localities k»ep an oyster
shell !n vnur tea. ketria to receive the
lime <i6T*oslta.
To prevent onions bringing tear* to vour
eve* when peelin* them, hold them under
w.uer while handling or slicing them.
Darin* dam" weather In simmer coffee
often !os**s Its flavor and strength An old
h<vi" keeper say* to put it in «he m »n,
covered closely, letting it get heated, and
Cholltr Goodquirer—Ah, mr boy, just gaze at me picking that
tarpK In the renter.
Mi** Maode —At lagf! at la*f! I cupid*»
am*n in mr heart. Oh, how delightful I
the flavor of the coffee will bo much inv
Never use the first water that comes
from a pump or hydrant to cook with. It
has bean In a lead or iron pipa all night
and is not healthy.
otner lesson—not at the very moment you
wish to use It but soma time when you
are sitting down to rest.
If your refrigerator Is too small to hold
a watermelon yhloh you wish to keep cold
roll the melon In wet cloths and lay it In
the sun. The process of evaporation will
cnol the melon. Keep the cloths wet well
the time.
In washing ohtna with roid on it, use
warm water only. Then dry with a soft,
clean cloth, as The gold comes off if soap
la used in the water. China without rold
mav be washed In soda water. Thia gives
it a polish and removes all gre«s«. Wash
the handles of the cups carefully, drawing
the dish cloth through them to remove
stains of tea or coffee. Dry with a clean
cloth. Always wash dish oloths and tow
els and hang them out in the air to make
them dry and sweet.
At the "sanhort.
Prlscllla—Tour husband did not
pany you?
Pane?ope~No. lie ways that hlg pleas
ure oonsists Vn knowing I am here.
Her *f!Wtion.
Brooklyn Life.
"Was she fond of her husband?"
"She worshipped the ground ue trod
"Oh, I had heard It was the duat."-
Female Nevelists Much in Evi-
dence These Days.
Awtti About Mrs. CnUgl*, Molly K
liatt 3»wtH and Sua J<en>
Mtt« DsacMk
Appleton's July Bulletin}
Mrs <sraiile,<John Otivrr ffobbes,)auth«r
of '"The «*o<ls. Some Mortals, and L*t>rd
Wldtenham." "Some Emotions and a
Moral." stc., is English by birth, bat her
fsther. Mr. John Morgan Richards. W>i*h
hy descent. is aa American. Mr*. CraJgie
is one of the deepest read, mart serious,
and most widely cultured woman of her
time. She took a two years' course tn
classics and philosophy at University Col
l««re. Xjondon. and has pursued other stud
ies under private tuition. In "The Gods.
Some Morsels, and I*»rd Wickenham" she
has made her most ambitious venture.
Miss Montrwor. who was born in IS"2.
ia the youngest child of the l«te Admiral
F. B. Montresor. royal navy. "Into the
Jlighways and Hedges." is her first novel,
and shows the oare and thought of nearly
eight years' work. Her first novel has
been fallowed by two books. "The One
Who l/ooked On." and "False Coin or
Miss Dougmlls' hem* was formerly !n
Canada. but of lgte years she has spent
much time In Emrland. Canada usua'ly
furnishes the background of her tales,
•"The Mermaid." 'The Zelt-<Gelst." "Tha
Madonna of * Day." etc.
Mn Everard Cotes, (Sara Jeannette
Duncan,) author of "His Honor and a
Lady." "A Social Departure," "An Ameri
can Girl in Ixmdon." "The Simple Ad
ventures of a Memsahlb," "Vernon's
Aunt," etc., is the daughter of Charles
Duncan, a merchant of Bamford, On
tario, vrhere she was educated. After
teaching for a time she entered upon
journalistic work, and her first literary
success. "A Social Departure." was due to
a Journey around the world, undertaken
as the correspondent of various English
and Canadian newspapers. She is-the wife
of Prof. Everard Cotes, formerly at the
Tndian museum, now a journalist In Cal
"Maxwell Gray," who has won a prom
inent place among; the contemporary nov
elists. is known in real life as Miss M. O.
Tuttlett, and lives In the T&le of Wight.
Sbme eight or nine years ago she became
famous as the author of 'The Silence of
Dean Maltland," and her later novels,
"The Reproach of Annesley," "In the
Heart of the Storm," "A Costly Freak,"
and "An Innocent Imposter," have bsesn
distinguished by power and orglnality.
Her life is a quiet one, occupied for the
most part with literary pursuits and do
mestic interests. She has not put out any
new book for some time i»st. Ht«r "Sil
ence of Dean Maltland" has been called
"a book destined to permanent fame in
Miss Molly Fallot Seawell ts a niece of
ex-President Tyler, and her father was a
lawyer of distinction in Virginia. She is
a near and direct descendant of an old
German family, the Armlsteads, who cams
from HessoDarmstaJt and in Vir
ginia. Among th«lr descendants may be
mentioned Gen. Robert E. Lee and John
Tyler. Miss S**aweU's home Is In Wash
ington. Her first work 1n literature was
a number of Russian stories contributed to
LJpplnx»tt'«» magazine. They were fol
lowed by 'lMald Marian" and "The Berke
leys and Their Neighbors," which estab
lished the reputation and literary ability
of the young author. Her stories of the
sea contained in ths Young Heroes of the
Navy Series began with "Little Jarvls."
the Youth's Companion prise story, which
has been followed by "Midshipman Pauld
ing," "Decatur and Somers," and "Paul
Bleanor Stuart, author of "Stonepnst
ures," is the daughter of * member of the
New York bar. She was born in New Jer
sey, Jo no 24, 1«73, and was educated by
govern t*sses at home, and also at a pri
vate school in Philadelphia, where /he
showed a predlleotlon for literature and
for music, sha published a few
Fifth Ave. and Pike St.
Some ' ■*
Business Makers
For Next Week.
60 ladles' Separate Dre««c Skirts,
•*>ur own make," all wool an<l f
part wool materials, 5 y jr*l* wide, <
rustle lined, velveteen bound. cor- \
r»«et;y mad» and draped, worth
douWe The price j
For 81.93 Each.
A few dozens left of those 'Ladles*
l.ght print Shirt WaUtu, uniaun- <,
dered, sizes 33 to IC, worth 26c,... }
For 10c Each. \
19 doxen Ladies' perea!» Wrappers, )
In b!a<*ic and navy, Persian ng
ures, and medium fancy styi*-*,
wide #jiirt* and full bishop sleev* s,
worth H.&
For 98c Each.
25 dosen Toadies' raney Bordered
Gingham Aprons, ready to w*ar; (
cheaper than if yot» bought the
goods at 5c a yard '>
15c Each.
|f i i . i ;
laV.** Pi!k Belts, ahimlnum f
buckles. latest styles......
19c, 25c. 35c Each. /
| J
Ladles* Heavy Ens'.lsh fliik M'tts... «
25c. 29c, 35c Fair. )
19 dosen Cream Cotton
8 **r*:+** VMts, ail aises, worth /
For 5c Each.
short stories. Among her rela?}r»*
well known writers who» s-.wgestiost
iriticisms she acknowledges with m
tnde. Her first book KM the s:r««*
original «tudy of life in a Penaej-JL
maa;ifa«-turing town, "Stonepeata
The author. whose nom do plumToS
given la this sketch,* is understood*
devoting herself to other literary WT>H
welt as to her musjo and social
ments. ™
• jM
11 H
In the office all alone
With the ceaseless monotoM
Of the passing crowds along: th» gtr*
O'er the ledger's figured rows
More intense my raadnsss trvw%
Till she rings me up and IWMOX M
• Hello."
At the tinkle of the b«U
Oone is all my moody spell.
And her salutation sets my heart Mta
Then we chatter ('Us a sin).
Till some other call breaks ia
And she parts with somethlaf IM
thitu "Hello."
'Tls a Joy to hear her laugb I
At our badinage and chaff, I
And the ledger never seems to
When once more 1 grasp tha pa r'
And resume my task again I
When she's answerud something
than "Hello." |L
—Roy Farratl QrwdCil
"If this Misrher Hanna gets to U (K.
great man he promises now, n said Mr. OK
lan, "there'll be twice the mupbar A
babies named afther him as is nanttftaK
ther most celebrities." |
"Oi see no raysoti fur It," repliti )w
Dolan. j,
"It's plain as day, though. Hs'« natnK.
ly qualified fur the distinction, Tb*y MS
name all the b'y-babies 'Mark* go' u»
glrl-bables 'Hanna,' an* ther# fmW:
Washington Star. I
First Regiment Band Leechl Par^tip.
afternoon. |
39 L* flies' Kara Cstton IRtflt
leas Vests, taped neck, wort Ik Shu
For 10c Eack.
15 dozen Toadies' Ecru Cotton Mat**
less Vests, «Uk trimmed ncekl.«>
For 15c Each.
► "Nibim
' l"»S
< <io«en Toadies' Flna Whlta Ml
i>ru Lisle Pants, knsa lenfti*
worth 50c, whlia they last
For 25c Pair.
JO pieces Court Hoya.l Piques, 1#
Iljrht and dark stripes and small
figures, usual price 15c -
For 10c Yard.
B pieces Best Dress Ducks. WB
width, In white, tan. black aa«
navy grounds, stripes, pollta dot®
and neat figures, usual pries
For 10c Yard.
2 *jwh ready-ma<!e Sheets and W*
low Cases, "our own well-know®
goods," at less pricea fha#
nitimt quality of material can >•
bought by the yard.
Cx.** < "> Pillow C.isee 3®e
llllow Cases .llosae*
"six&i PI!low 0a55a...... He ••••
72*90 efits «reae*
*T*'*) Sheet* Sflc «a®
90x90 Shw.i M>c«afl«

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