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mgu xxx. NO. <2.
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arelffha 13 poanda sa4i eaati fro* M reata to fU#. 1
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m A| feaft laap we haow haw ta hay. It la au4r ta aar artar.
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|w»m«e »OAP la pat ap •» haaea eoatalalag 2n fall l«-aa. ;
*.fcoP-ON> pawadsi. Oar prl re o» It la 91.15 per hoa-^t* 4 eeata
t»ar—nearly 3 e eata a puaat leaa thaa yaa aaaally f
ttr aaap aat aa paw*. Besides that we viva *
FREE —— — > |
yiH each koi. a large alae, hlph grade Tarklah Towel warth (jj
|p mmmtm— ip fart, we doobt If yoo eaa equal It at aar atare la C
fettle for 30rcnta. If yoa order a haa af INMKMK W W aad *
10*1 like If, yoo acedn'tkeep It—we'll reload roar aaoaey. V
What addreaat
id FLEUR. \', 11 Kv«"»n»C «'«• 30
r i ; Orand Prize (k>
fbe lime 1* rapidly approaching for tha , W , , . j ron Mask. .%»
10 valuahi- property Off the market. <)\ )< Jo-i* il
fau aw remember that this U one of Uly May 12'^
ftp moMi remarkable prosjn sof the ~ \ ' Monte Crlsto S)
firthweat mining cour.tr j .. broad, rich V Monarch
pin of p«> t k copper. 4') p' r < <-nt. cop- A O K .21
pr. With (rorr 140 to in gold, aurfac* W)) poorm.in ,t2
tm" 9 Palo Al'o '-Jt
(MJtifug an absolutely isafe inve tment. ' \) \ Pho*nlx 09
Jfe» dirlk»« made in Tr.ill district w •> fit. Klmo 15
tmf fay. i {■' Ft;verin« 12
▼ Virifinis .30
Catch'Em !
Kill 'Em ;
[iky Hy Paper, Poison Fly Paper, Insert Powder, !
Stewart & Holmes Pru<r Co.. 703 First Ave.
Ifiaefcl at prices that will prevail on high grade wheels In '97. Yost-Falcon Bi
9kt sold on Install men ts.
I .AW HENCE IiROH., Geneial Agents, Taroma, Wash.
...DEALKKS 1N...
Mining, Mill. Marine and Farm
-A-ncl General Mill Supplies.
H» First Avenue South. Ui; inuiee TiUpkw fait Si
Like England. Is rrprmrnlrd In rrery iroeery In the world.
«r sell at < bio irMiia a gr.nt many flue IRKXt M SARDINES,
Ml bate m variety to select from.
la Leader, (jj
tfe r a CMd Fillet! Watah Chain, ffuaran- / \
110 years, for si. 10 p» r cent, off by gigja, /NJ 1 '
*10;' this ad.
U BROS., .lowrlcrs, No. 720 First Aram Jr*
SSjf Health Bread
Be Jmlti t<i tk« liianl Irui
Off. « and MUli, 9M-3M Railroad Avenue. Poattie.
ii|i fn in *I " On Ham& Bacon or Lard
111 i i i | means a home
lifl J I itlJ til:lt cannot be beat. :
Clearance Waists and Belt Sets.
IflllLM mm MORTGAGE Bll'
k ' N ASI «r% r «»r or TVFIC BLOCK.
tarn to -uomws work i« « w^r.."
Iftr* { Merchants' IVlivcry Co, < lei.
I\ J |l. Illttrr, Vtc.tffW tf. 4Bil I aloa !»t. l*iL»> ITl'l
V JJ * } llhl 1J "
&. B. Wiuslow Declines Maine's
Nomination for Governor.
Became He Caaaot Reconcile State
ud Satioul Platforms.
Dwlirei far Imi Moaey
Cader JCa limmtaam
Coald Me Nut V>ob Aay Other
Platfom, kit the Dlrlilra la the
Party »o«U Lea« to Its Ocfnt
Poctl*»J. Me., July 38.—Hon. E. Tt
Wlwlow, tho Democratic candidate for
fovCTiwr. made public two letter# today.
One notified him of Ms nomination a&
governor by the Democratic state conven
tion. In this «euer the loyal support of
the J>(*m<y*rmcy of .Maine was pledged to
Mr. Wlnsiow. To this letter of notifica
tion Mr. Winoiow replied an follows:
' «ient!#m' n: Your letter of June 34,
informing me of the action of tho Demo
cratic mate convention held in Portlattd
on June 17, which mad • tne the unanimous
choice of the convention aa candidate for
governor to be voted for at the approach
ing election, va* duly received, and in re
ply *ouM ray I deepy feel tho honor con
ferred upon tim. and I am profoundly
grateful to the -Democrats of Maine for tlm
confidence they have placed in me, in
piaung me in nomination aa their stand
ard bearer. The platform adopted by the
state convention, which has declared for
a single sold standard. 1s plain, and 11 wai
upon the platform that I m nominate
and I could not, even had T so desired,
acoapt thl* nomination under any other
dr umstances than to *iar>d firmly upon
toe platform made by the Democratic
party of Maine.
The Democratic national convention
adopted it oiatform declaring for the
U*+ a»tl unlimited coinare of sliver. and
there is strong rresMire brougm. io b*ar
to have m* announce mvseif in favor of
th*» national convention. which I did not
consid»r was right to do in accepting the
nomination, as it was tendered to ms by
th»- *tate convention.
"Th»re have been manr expressions on
the of the Democrats of Maine in
regard to mv dtilv. hut it has been plain
to me at ail times that there was but one
thing for m«» to do. and that was for me
to s'and firmly by the Maine platform.
"Since the Democratio national conven
tion It has been thouaht advisable to hold
some meetlnss of conference with the
members of the state committee, and the
hading members of the Deocratic party
that full and free expressions might be ob
tair.rrj. and it was plainly shown that a
wide difference of opinion existed, and
many of the Democrats of Maine thought
It mv dutv to come forward and lndorso
the Democratic national o'atform.
"I have given no expressions up to the
present tune as to what I should <lo. hut
have given the matter a great deal of
thought and studv. and see but one th ng
lor me to do. and stand as I wish to with
the people of Maine. That is to decline
the nomination so kindly tendered mo.
and I assure you that i.o one regress this
more than 1 do. It la very evident from
the free expressions of opinion that if I
wish to secure the vote of the Democratic
rarty I shall bo obliged to harmonize with
both the sola and ailver platforms, and
that I cannot do under any circumstances.
Yours very truly.
The Insinuations Made by the Cen
tral I.sbor I nlos.
Cleveland. July SC.—Chairman Hanna. of
the Republican national committee, will
st <rt for New York tomorrow evening.
He goes to arrange for the opening of the
Republican headquarters In that city. Mr.
Hanna was asked today If anything defi
nite had bef-n arranged as to the plans of
the camplgn.
••Nothing deflenite," was his reply.
"That Is part of what we shall dinc jss at
fh« York meeting. Nothing will be
settled upon until the New York meeting
Is h^d."
A utory wan publish**) here yesterday to
tlis eiTeet that Mr. Hanna. h*<l arranged
to nu-et the president of the Central Iwihor
Vnlon for thei purpose of disruasin* the
former'* record as an employer of labor,
arvl that the labor union's president hid
to meet Mr. Hanna. Allied as to tna
truth of the story. Mr Tlanna Mid he h id
to meet Mr. Witt, of the Central
l*n!on. and he had replied that he was
willing to do *o. The question was asked
becatiaft tha Central T-abor Union h;*d
propounded to Mr. Hanna a series of
q teriea affecting his relations with labor.
Mr Hanna »*4d be heard nothing mora
about th« matter, and Mr. Witt had failed
to call. That was all there wa* to It.
•Th>>*e qu**flor«," *a:d Mr. Hanna, re
ferring to th« <juert<-a propounded by tha
labor uniin. "contained Insinuation*.
Th*ir purpose was, of <"ourse, amagonis'ic
to M tj. M«"Kiniey, and they *ousht to con
nect me with various strikea by implica
tion and Insinuation. under'onk to
connect m«* with the sailors* strike hrra
two or three ye«rs «*o. | had nothing
to do with It. My brother. H. M. 11 anna,
wa* at that tlnve president of the Ve*<W
Owners* Association. Ono que* t ion in
sinuated that T had *om«tilnir to do with
the miners* strike in Pennsylvania. Our
firm has an Interest in a mine there, but
was not In control, and we ha 1 nothing
to do with the management of It. In
point of fact, I have been employing so:na
3.000 or «.000 men for the laM eighteen to
•w. nty-flva rears, and hav# had a number
of *trike». It would have been atrange if.
under the rin umstarw-ew, I had not. P'»t
1 h*v« rot been et*le«vorl n* to maka
political capital out of tha fact for or
*nd It !■ «ntd '1 hat He H »«'l fte»if«
When Called I pna.
Tariw.a. JAy S6.—Speefa!.—Nation*l
rvmnrmtlt' <v»mmH?eeroan II !*h C. W*J-
Ue«» «!epr«*d off ♦ h * > ®Wwi train at «
e'CkKk thl* momlni. lie entered a ear
rUce and was driven to the hotel,
w re he hr-<*kfa»t*l. Mr. Wallace *at
art ;nd tha lohbv pf t':e ho">l ahaklßff
hand* wth frienl* all ro-->rnir*. «n<l th*«n
went to ttif how of b * hro'her, Tom
\Vi!!»o*. on f«oiith Tifinti avenue. whrr*
he !# a R?:e«t. Mr#. Wallace besn* In th®
Mr. W*':*'-# was »<ked for an Interview
bv the Po«? -1 n! ei! tren--e r rorreeporlent
t>-.« »(t. rawn. H« sail: *1 have nothing
to Mr."
»Wh»t do you think of the Ocket nom.n
ated at Ohtcaro?"
. "I have nothing to «r
--•*W U Prvan art Bewa!l be elected r*
"l have nothin* to say.
••W ill rou not be Interviewed for publi
cation rr*ard3n* the c*mj>ai*n !n this
•tat* tad the praH*ect* for the successs of
th»> Democratic ticket r*
•«j have notfc n* to ur for publication
*• t ;•■• time."
T*i *• t»» all Mr. wa'.la •
ir hi Wf.
\n nt!:nate frlerd of the national com
«nttee *a»d toda* that he would no; yield
t--. t " demaad of the lilwr IVmo. rata
fpr *.» real««ut:ton. TM« demand, t Is
eonft-ientlc predicted by ttosc who know.
«U1 be made ahaa the DMwenCfc Mat*
ccnrcnttoa ia bcii. It wiU noi *» *"-♦ ia
nncertalr langnare. but wfll be plain, ex-
and to *he point.
Aa far as can be learned. Mr. TVailaro
haa confided h:» plans to no one. A friend
of his toniah*. ventured the raeas that ho
will support the ticket. He win—lf he
This friend, who is himself a factor in
Deanocratio politics, said that Mr. Wal
lace tthouli not be blamed any more than
Oirton and Bhsrpateia for trainin* with
tJie gold men In the convention. S4e aaid:
"They were all known to be gold men
wh»n they were elected. Wallace could
have had the state con vent k>n declare for
sound money If be had thought it wise;
hut. in view of the feeling for silver, he
did not consider it good politics. This is
why he allowed the convention to de-.-iars
for free coinage."
Leag Before Xaveathert
Ixindon. July 27.—The Time# has an edi
torial this morning commenting upon the
nomination by tho PopuHsts of 'William J.
Bryan, which rays: "We do not venture
to prophecy, but it ts clear that Mr. Bry
an's chain es are very far from desperate
even if, as his enemlaa say, he is all
mouth and will eventually be found our.
It «ioea not follow that he will be found
out before November."
The Popa la Teaaewee.
Nashville, T nn., July 3*. The «uherna
torial convention of the Populist party will
meet in this city n«»*t Tjesday. SUnce tho
action tAkcu by the Populist «m*emi«a
at f»t. Douis. public interim has incr«
touching the probable action of the state
The Sew (oapaay to Carry Oat
Naif Seeded loaproreoarata.
Theoma. July 3S.—Special.—lt is no long
er the Northern Pacifio Railroad Com
pany. The name of the corporation which
fe. aow in control of the property of the
great transcontinental highway, which
had Its beginning in the genius of Jsy
Cooke and which was built by the versa
tile and executive Villard, is now owned
by tho Northern Pacific Railway Com
pany, wnich made th* purchase under the
sale conducted by Master in Chancery
Cary st West Superior. Wist., yesterday.
President Edwin Winter, of the North
ern Pacific Railwav <"*ompany, will ar
rive here by the middle of the week, it
is expected. aceonu<aoied by General
M»r«ager Kendrick. General Traffic Man
ager .1. M. Hanrnford, l*. W. Butu*. Gen
eral t'ounsel for Keo<*ivws Jilgeiow and
Mr Henry, and o.her officials. Pre>d»-nt
W.nter will make a complete tOWW in
spection of the property. As fast as pof»-
aible. he will familiarise himself with the
line of the road and its branches, and be
come acquainted with the men who have
operated it heretofore. He will take
measures to ascertain what the road needs
in the way of fre*h talent. Indeed, if all
accounts are true. Mr. Winter already has
a fair idea of the qualifications of the
offic als in the operating department,
gained through trusted and confidential
Apropos of the Inauguration In control
of the new company, It nay be stated, on
the boht authority, that the -road will
eventually be one of the most splendidly
equipped on the continent. It will be
operated in the most business-like man
ner. T*e officers of the company will be
expected to make every part of the road
yield every dollar which it is capable of
The property will be steadily bettered
each year by permanent improvements.
Gradually the present rails will be taken
up and replaced with heavy steel rails of
the most modern pattern. Work on twen
ty miles of traik on the division between
South Pratrie und Kaglo (Jorge will be
began on Tuesday. Kitten bridge* and
trestles will have been fifled in with solid
rock and earth when the present season
ends. Seven of these are between this
city and Portland. On one. between Rai
nier and Yelm Prairie, a large force of
men with stearti shovels and graders has
been at work for some weeks past. It id
<">o feet long und has an average height
of twenty-five feet Another high trestle
two miles west of Stampede tunnel Is be
ing rapidly filled In. It is 436 feet long and
100 feet high at Us highest point.
Among the permanent improvements to
be made, the two new steel bridges now
being erected between this city and Seat
tle should be mentioned. One cros.«M-»;r.e
Stuck and the other the White river. Of
such valuable and substantial nature will
be the Improvements that will be made on
the line during the next few years, or un
til the Is made one of the finest In
the country.
Notices of the incorporation of the
Northern Pacific Railway Company have
been filed in this state and Oregon within
the past few days.
fader the Impression That He Was
HhontlnK a Bnrgisr.
Chicago, July 2«.-Pnnlel Shroyer. a well
known resident of Parkrldge, was shot
and killed early this morning by his son
in-law, George E. I'ottinger, a prominent
Chicago real estate man, who mistook
him for a burglar. The shooting took
place In Pottingcr's home on Ingleslds
M: - Shroyer had been a guest at the Pot
tinner home for several week? Mr. Pot
tinner was aroused at 3 o'clock this morn
ing and thinking burglars were abroad.
t<»ok his revolver and started to Investi
gate. He was about to enter the kitchen
when he haw the form of a man approach
ing and raising his revolver fired. The
man gave vent to a startled exclamation,
at<d Mr. i'ottinger recognl«»*d his father-
In law's voice. The bullet struck Mr.
Shroyer In the groin and h* died In an
hour. Mr. Pottinger is almost distracted
and his wife is prostrated.
Canton People Want te Ljnrh film
for t«Mnlting m
M Ther-on. Kan.. July »~The sheriff
of this county has son* to fsnton, four
milM north, on a aummona to
prevent the lynohln* of a tramp whom 1<»
frantic cltiacn* threatened to han« up
for tts.«;*ult!n»f Mm. Frank Oldfleld, a farm
er's wife. While Mr*. Oldfleld was work
in* in her jratMen the man demanded that
sh« (f«t him some breakfast. £hc did not
comply Immediately and the tramp thn-w
h<r violently to the ground, tor* her cloth
ing j»nd choked her. The man w*a cap
tured and identified. At last reports much
still prevailed and there waa
talk of lynching him.
A Court mart I*l for Holme*.
T" oma, July » Spuria!.- Althouirb th#
courts have allowed Commissioner He»lm*s
tr. retain Ms sc »t, after he had been forced
to r«-d*T» it by a committee of the O. A.
H for fitort'.on. the chairman of the
board has trouble in -tore. At a meeting
0 f r*n*rer post, «}, A. R, last nfeht. a
committee appointed to arrange f. r a
courtmarttal of «'*pt. Hoimea. Th. m-n
who were victim* of i»»e commiastoo*-r.
Janitor Strayer and Youn* h:s aaaiMant.
*re members of Cuater post, of wntcn
lloltne* i* P«st commander.
*an*»r«»Wc In Mrmphll.
Memph<*. Trnn., July » - The *-ar »he
j.v* two days has been Intense, the mer
cury ran*m* near she l<«) mark. Op*
fa *aHty **a* reported to the pohee today.
John A. Cooper was overcome by the ex
cessive heat and dJe-t.
Fire nt \ mnot>n%rr.
Vanoo«yer. B. C. Jafcr * —This morning
the HanttaK* *hln*le ir.Ul. owned by R.
H Heaps, and leased by J. and A. Me-
Xa r was totally le«troye<! by ftre. only
the dry kiln and the board n* hotwe be
ins saved. The le*« la es:.-na:ed at »V
t«*». an'l the Insurance U
J--ir»t Reffiment bawl and Wcycle carnK
I vai T. M C. A. park tomorrow eveaiaf.
wiUi tar laic, i tccj.
Senator Bntler Says Popul'sts
Will Not Withdraw Him.
Tbe Democratic ant Populist Cam*
pai?ns to Be Kept Separate.
Seaatar Battler. With Fiae Iraay.
Sayo That Sewall Has .\«w the
fkaaee of Hla Life To Prove Hla
Patrlatlsaa hy Withdrawing la
Favor at Watsoa.
S*. Lou!*. July y —Almost all the dele
gates to the national Populist and Silver
conventions which met in this city last
week have left for their homes and no
body remains except a few of the leaders
of both tarties. A majority of the dele-
Kates went ou: on lAst night's trains and
others at various tim-s today. Among
tfjose who are still here are ex-Chairman
Tiuhcneck, and ex-Secretary Turner, of
the Popuii*t national executive commtt
(ee, aho a ill remain Jons enough to close
up tha headquarters and transact what
ever business they may have in
to convention matters with tho bu
men's league. Chairman Butler ani Sec
retary Edgerton, the new officers uL the
I'opuust tiSjtiorwi committee, appointed
last w«-ek, ar.d a majority of the members
of the committee are still at the I-taiell
hotH. held a meeting today but
little else tlan t4lk over thhsitua,ucm was
Of the Silver national committee. Chair
man I«ino and Vice Chairman Stevens
are still in the city, as is aieo <}. W.
Thompson, a member of the notification
It ba-» not yet been derived *hm or
where Bryan and Sewall will be notified
of their nomination a. 1 * standard bearer#
by the n'w Silver parly. Messrs. I>ane,
Stevens and Thompson will meet tomor
row, to confer In regard to this matter,
*«> d some action will probably t»e taken
as to the time and plat# l . An executive
<-ommittee of the Silver party has not yet
been appoints and until the headquarters
have been established this will not bo
done. Organiser Kenney. of California,
has been recommended for a position on
the Democratic executive committee and
will probably be appointed.
A rumor got out today to the effect that
the Populists would withdraw Watson,
their candidate for vice president. If Sew
all did not himself withdraw. A represen
tative of the Associated Press called upon
Secretary Marion Butler and asked him
wh" if his party desired a union of the
silver forces, they nominate another can
didate for vice president. "Because." he
said, "we found that by so doing our
party organization could be better pre
fer ved in support of Mr. Bryan than by
the nomination of Mr. Sewall."
"Does not tins selection lead to much
emba rra#sment?"
"Oh, yes; it was our only alternative."
"Will the Democratic and Populist com
mittees make tome arrangements to unite
their votes?"
"The two party organisations will bo
kept entirely separate and distinct and
the two campaigns will be conducted sep
arately on parallel lines, but we hope to
vote and be united."
"It is hoped that Mr. WaUon will bo
"This will not be done. The selection
of Mr. Watson was a deliberate action by
an overwhelming vote which voiced the
sentiment of delegates fresh from the peo
ple, who themselves had deliberated upon
the situation since the Chicago conven
tion. The People's patty, in Its desire to
unify the reform forces so as to make
victors' possible, met the Democratic party
more than half way by taking their can
didate for president We could not unite
upon Mr. Sewall and if we had attempted
to do so It would have disorganized our
forces and endangered the election of Mr.
"It is in nowise a reflection upon Mr.
S- wall and we do not believe that he or
his friends will so consider It. On the
contrary we hope that he is patriotic
eno igh to put the success of the cause
arid the welfare of the country above per
sonal interests or aspirations*. In short,
Mr. Sewall is the one man In the United
States who has It In his power to com
pletely unify tho hilver forces and make
victory over the gold combine absolutely
certain. This Is the unanimous opinion
of our executive committee "
In an interview tonight Senator Butler
firrther said: "Gen. James p. Weaver,
James B Sovereign, master workman of
the Knights of Ijabor; Cy lone Davis, of
Texas; Hon. Thomas Watson, vice presi
dential candidate on the Populist ticket,
and other speakers have gono to Alaljgma
to st-tmp the state for free silver. They
will reach there Tuesday and wiil speak
1r» the different cities each day until the
election, which comes off on August 3.
when members of the state legislature will
be eleted. S- nator Ihigh's term expires
soon »nd the next legislature will elect
his successor. It Is to elect a majority of
free silver legislator* and Insure the se
letlon of a I'alted States senator favora
ble to the white metal that these speak
ers will work.-
"Gov. Ottn 1« the Demo-ratlc randl
date for the I-nlted Ssate* *ena.te. A
lir*- 4 Dumber of the • candMa.tes for the
1 *ls!ature ari< pol-d men and will vote for
hia elation, but we tu>pe to defeat them,
well a« elect free silver consrr*-«*men
from .Vialwmi In November. No one pa--
iy ha* a majority In North Carolina, and
we feel assured that fSrvan will roil up a
majority there In the fall.
""Thi of a national headquar
ter* ha* been left to me hy the nationtl
committee which ro«t today, but I will
rot b<* aMe to m.ik« known my dr ?Hon
for several w< -4rs. I eh*ll fj ive to care
fully oanva.** the amotion and look Into
the claims of Che various cities mention**!
for the place. Tho«e wifu'lornl Jn the
wrf St. I<oul)», Chksairo, fan*.-
ha. New York and Washington City. The
opinion se»ms to prevail amo'i* the men
♦•.era that tha aelectioa of »»» Wentern
city would ho the beat poiky. I will prob
ably not make public my un'll
another meotinic of the executive com
mittee. whi *h may be tn a few wfka at
nom*«-itr to all th» member*.**
O*orz«* V. Waahhurn, of Massachusetts,
member of the FofraiM national e**>~»-
tlve committee. stated tordipfrt when
if \t.i**a"*hn*e*.!a wr.'iW be carried by the
fre# 4nlverit-s: "Th* fre* *l!vrr move
ment In my s:at# haai alwiya l»f*n urtder
e-* *•-.» •t. *t I think a ta< »rity of :ta
c!'fx*»n* are for th* white metal. I canr-»».
h »w*ver, estimate wha' the votr for Bryan
at t9t« t-o-nlmr elsrilon w!H a*:KT>*fwi+.
When <3. F. Williams re"im«i from the
r'h!ca*o.-onver»tion, wfeer* he was the only
IfasaarhiaettM delegate to a<ly«>:-at* fre*
silver. there wa« a demonstration In his
honor that the Ro« -m Ukrtie de fared to
have been rhe *re»?*«t ever seen j n the
s-a*e. This I* in indt -ation <4 the feeHn<
mere that Williams vl'l b* th* "andsdate
for i?<7vertvflr on th# fre* allver ti'k"*. and
whtte Maaaaotiusefts has n-w*r he»-n «ar
nod t if <h« Democrat* Hi a presidential
year, we think he vtanda a *rood sbow of
el« "ton. Candidate* for cff&irreaa will also
h*» put up .1 e» h «Ks*r»<-t. but the areata
Ofbt w ill He made for Bryan.**
Roth Vaatar Maall* and reagrs**-
nan ll«rtma* Sar *a.
p ■ re, Mir'., Julv X.—oe«ator Man'te
Co-s*e- man Har-rnan arn«l h»ra
£o:a aay Wty aupperc Bryaa. £>•-
ca.we he ts a b!-me;aHist. and not be
cause he * a Dagaocrat. When that <i'jee
t!on i.« setfiHl the? still be Republicans in
all thing's onre more.
"Whilf I dep ore he fact that the Ponu
lists put up another ticket.'* sa'.i Mr.
Hartman. "yet 1 think tnat in thirtv days
there wjn he but one bbmetallic ticket la
the field. I think Watson will allow Ms
nam» to he withdrawn. The ticket from a
potnt of good polith-s be Hryan md
ti?ewa;: <»n the -e%»ni :HoagSt. *t>on
and the me i who nomsnatr-i h.m m ,sl
eon~ede this."
Mr. Mantle spoke on the sam* line. and
sa.d: "I regard the tctiM of placing an
independent ticket ;n the Beld by trie Pop
ulists verjr badf politics. as the Popuc.st
par:y ha* bwn crying for free coinage
many years, louaer than all others. It
is one of their cardinal principle* of <aith.
1 beiieve the vast majority of the Poyalist
party is honest and sincere in the advo
cacy of bi-meianiara. consequently 1 be
lieve influence will be brought to bear to
get Watson to withdraw."
Hl* Suppressed Dispatch to the Pop.
nllst I'oavraltoa.
Chicago. July S - Amon? those who re
turned from Bt_ i-oui> today *\u a gentle
mun who saw and rend the suppressed
dispatch from Mr. Kryhu to Senator
Jones, chairman of the national D»mo
cratio committee. He possesses a tair
memory and gtves the following as the
substance of the document about which
there? w;»-i so hi tic i t ilk . nil excitement
during the last day of the Populist con
vention. What is subjoined may be relied
upon as being substantially correct:
TaiwidrrtiiK all the dn umnan.cs and
conditions," wired Mr. Bryan. "I conclud
ed that the Populist convention should not.
consider my name for presidential candi
date, but If It determines to nominate me.
notwithstanding Otis declaration, that
there may be no misunderstanding. I de
sire in advance to say that I shall not
during the campaign discuss any other Is
sues than those outlined in the Chicago
platform. I desire above everything e;se
to be Instrumental in having enacted into
the laws of the Cnlted States the free and
unlimited coinage of gold and stiver at
the present ratio of IS to 1. without await
ing ihe consent of any other nation.
"The Rrpublican platform adopted at St.
Louis asserts that the bi-metalllc system
should be restored, but that the American
people are helpless to hring about bi
metallism for themselves until foreign
nations are willing to assist. The Atn-b
b >n p«* r, ple cannot afford to surrender the
right to legislate for fhemselves on all
questions, find -o long as the right is
disputed it suri»asses all others In import
ance. The Populist platform preeeuts sev
eral new issues to dlacuss which, during
this campaign, will, in my Judgment. en
danger the sucre«s of our cause. I am not
willing to be a party to anything which
will divert attention from the money
"Nor am'l willing to be placed in the
attitude of securing help from other polit
ical organizations by sacrificing my asso
ciate upon the ticket. He Is as squarely
upon the Chicago platform as I am myself
and he has defended the cause of bl-met
ulllsm against much greater opposition
than have the men of the West and South.
I desire to be left free to support 8< wall
during the campaign. It Is due myself
and the People's convention that there
should be moat outspoken frankness be
tween us."
"To this dispatch." said the gentleman,
"there was attached a postscript request-
In* that the statement be read to the con
vention before the balloting was com
Why the dispatch was not read, tho rea
sons for the objections of Senator Allen,
chairman of the convention to Its reading,
have been siven In the Associated Press
dispatches from St. Louis.
A>d Says Thlnxi Abont Hrj«n aid
the Democratic I'arlj.
Xew York. July 27.—The WorM this
morning publishes the following dispatch
from Thompson. C,a„ alined by Thomas
K. Watson, the Populist candidate fur
vice president:
To the questions asked me I reply as
First-1 will run the race to the end.
Second—l will mak»> the fight even If
SewaH does not withdraw.
Third—My opinion of the Fifty-second
congress, which was arraixned In my
book, has undergone no change.
Fourth I am not a political trader, and
wll! not resign In Sewali's favor even if
offered a cabinet position.
Having answcrtsl your questions, pleis*
allow me to state briefly my reasons for
the rer»*Uea to the questions numbers one
and two: 1 aHow'-i the use of my name
to save my party from extinction. In my
opinion the continued existence of the
People's rarty 1' indlspenstMe to the suc
cess of free stiver.
For me to withdraw would be for me
to sign the death warrant of my party.
Ours Is the party of fr*t» silver, and we
maintain* 1 that principle w'dle the Demo
cratic party In IV.C and IWI was making
war upon It. We do not Think our p« r 'y
shoul l now close up and quit busings
simply b ause ®he Democrat* have ptr
tially duplicated our signboard.
If ih» Democrats are so unreasonable as
to refuse us Populists of the South any
recognition at all. that fi-t would show
that the real purpose of the apparent
adoption of our principles is to kill our
party and not to enact those principles
into law. If the Democrats are sincere
they will not try to put upon us such
terms that every man in our party at tho
South will feel Insulted and humiliated.
If Mr. Bryan did not want our support
Senator Jones h.td no business at St. fio'iis
.a all. If Mr. Bryan does want our *up
port he ought to be willing to udopt the
policy which will most certainly assure
him that support, and that policy Is to ac
cept as a running mate a Southern Popu
list named by the unanimous voice of the
Populist convention.
Our party bas gone to the extreme limit
of generosity In the effort to procure a
urrton of the sliver forces. We dtd rot
t laim first place on the national ticket.
W'e are content with the second.
Democratic f»l«ena«ln*
pin n« for the.« nmpalsn.
TJn'oJn, Na* l .. Ji-ty 3®-* JVn.*' or J. Iw-
Jon-n, chairman of the DeßaocratJe nation
al aoasnlti'" ll . arrival S*. 80-iia at
5 p m ov»-r the Ro k Island. From f>
oHoeit until f o'clock rh* chairman and
Mr. Bryan w#ra < loaetfld in tha larter'a
j arior. When Th -y «>rr-«-«<•■!. Mr. Bryan
the pre«a r«prwtrt*llv»» In w*it-
IfW that thfr® w*« no*.h!njr to *lv»> esrt.
"We hava been dlacuaain* friana, but we
have decided «»TM>n nothitui Chat w# He
given out «o the pabß." aai>2 Mr. Bryan,
a* he en • red th« ctrriane to <> « i*ns**ny
t^nJw# to th# Tb# li*t(?i*
departed at f:IS for Jrff"r»'m City to •-on
salt with »;ov. Stone, of Mor*
depicting for hie h<»me (*ov. }|ojiv»»r,:»
roturnad from the fct. Ixwj * convention
today wa* « party »oth' conference
frtf an horir or m»f». Hertator
#-xp«wned h«T* tod#y, but h* did not put to
an ag-«pear.»n<*e.
ohrmiii »l«b<lr«w In thr In
lrrr*l of H«rmn«r.
H» Z'-'f 2* —A to t' * Be
fttitdto from Thorn *«• on. Ge_. aaye: Thorn
a* R VaiMi, tha Popuhat notnuiM for
iho vice pr« «ld ncy m >«: "1 wilt •/* pt
the nomination. I wired my- frii*r>d* in
»P Ixtu'in to tlvat effe.t. I dH it in tha
tnter*«t of liarraor.jr an i to pr- vent the
dtsruptlo® of the Fopaliet party, which
«.- *med Imminent, t.7nd»T tha « "■"«■
jr*nc«-« I did what I believed ta tha
b#*at for all Interested."
jj. Watff<» preik J that !*»a fa# on
* firm's atll ba a !f carried out.
He ttiiika that Mr. ben*:, aaodi Wi'.a
Mass Meeting of Missonri Gold
Democrats Proposed.
A Call to Resist the Party's Errors
by Manly Action.
Hataa Ralag ta Xew York ta Opea
Bepablleaa Hea4qaarter» H» K*-
plalaa Some of tke Ceotral laker
talon laainaatioaa of HiP.loa
dart as Kaaployer.
Kansas dir. Mo,, July 36-—Ti C. Krau*-
hofT, who went to Chlcagto t> atfeu* the
conference of geld standard Demoertu %,
reiumed to this city today. It la Mid in
connection with his return, as aooa
as possible, probably Monda?, a (infer
ence ef gold standard Democrat* w.U be
held to ail a mass meeting' tor some
night this week. Attorney J. MoD. Trim
ble. a more or less prominent local Oemo
erat. yesterday matter! copies ef the Pol
lowing letter to prominent gol€ -<tanl»
ani Democrats of thia city:
"I do not believe in the*unllm!ted coin
age of gold and silver at' the ratio of it
to 1 when their market value la abo.it S3
to 1.
"I do not believe that the uelimited
coinage of both m*ttia wHI <touhl» the
market value of silver so a* te make six
twn ounces ot silver worth onn ounce of
,"I do not betteve the government cni*
mak« .sixteen ounce* of Oliver -worth a*
miK-h as thirty-two ounces of stiver by
aimply spying ?>o, any more t than it rut
makfl six inches *.<• Jon; as * foot by
saying so.
"I do not beliove that the Interest* of
noverrunent.can ho promoted by de
noun. Ing the course of President Cleve
land and ,w>provinr th«* course of AJtgekft
and l*ebs In relation to »he «""hi ~*go riots.
I telltn# that the prinr'ple- trf
platform, if made the law of the land,
would Rtve us vin unsound currency with
all ita attending? evils. «nd would ha sub
versive of many of <tb* essential principle*
of a aood and **f<e-.f over omen t.
"For the first time in myMfe I And I
cannot vote for the doctrine* announced
In a {so-colled) n^mocr*^'"-platform with
out doinjt violence to my patriotism. I son
led to lwltevp that many other life-long
Democrats hold views similar to my own
as above expressed, am! it ori ur# to ma
that all such persons should get together
anii confer upon the situation and talc*
some steps to promote their own view®
and resist the errors of the Chicago plat
form by some open, positive and manly
"I write this to asrtc you to Inform me
In confidence whether you are in favor of
a conference of the sound money Demo
crats of \li.<u»3url to consult and agreo
upon the l>est cougse for us to pursue.
Please answer ooon and oblige,
"J. M6D. TRIMHI/K.**
At the mass meeting to be held next
week -there wUI be speeches by prominent
Demo rats. Hred the St. Jjouls
attorney, wtll probably be ono of the
speakers. Mr. Tjehman stumped the ata'e
for the Democratic party li* the campaign
four years ago. Mr. was' one
of the delegates from (Missouri to the crm
feren-e of sold Democrats la Chicago
Ths LeßKtk of the Gentleman's
Heard !• ITot Slated.
Wkhlta, Kan., July as.—Thirty yearn ag<>
Arfhur Smith, now one of the best and
mosft highly respected farmers In Cowley
county, registered a vow never to east a
vote for a presidential candidate until a
man west cf the Mi«wi«rtp|d river was
nominated. Tie alleged discrimination
against the West. Mr. Smith Is now an
old man of «2. He has kept his strango
vow religiously, but now says he can
honorably cast hi* ballot for W. J. Bryan,
and that ho Intends doing ao.
Tea Thoasaad Workmen Star* To
do r I mler the Ureeneat.
Pittsburg. July 36. -Tomorrow will begin
the resumption of the Iron mill*, which
will put to work at leant 10,000 file men.
It I# estimated that at lf*a*t that number
were interested In the settlement of the
wage scale with the Ohio manufacturers
of Youngstown on Sat trdav night.
The success of the Amalgamated Asso
ciation In making the wage settlement It
has effect# d means, too. that the m»n
employed In non-union milts will ge» an
advance In their wages, and that their
employers *lll agreement* to pay
them the union prices. Tht* comes as near
a recognition of the union as the men sre
contending for at the present time. The
conference was with the Ohio associa
tion. but plants in several o'her statea
will t>e siarted under the agreement.
The firm* who signed the scale are a*
follow- Andrews Bros. a Hagelton,
<>.: Brown. Bunnell A Co.. four plants at
T .ijng-")wn. O.: Fblon Iron and St« e|
Company, two plants at Youngstown, ona
st Warren and one at Girard; Mahoning
Valley Iron Company, two plants at
Falcon iron a*>d Natl Com
pany. Nile*. O.: t'oleman. Shields A Co..
Xlies' o.: Kasie Iron and Steel Company,
1 ronton, O.: I'nion Rolling Mill Company.
Cleveland: Cherry Valler Iron Company,
l.eetonta. O.; Ktna Standard Iron and
Ktri'l Company, Bridgeport. <> : Central
Iron and Hteel Cnßinanr. Hra«U. Ind.;
Wcatheral Roiling Mill Company. Birm
ingham Itolllng Mi'l Company. Birming
ham. Ala.: Sharon Iron Company. Sharon.
Pa.: Strut hers Iron Comoanv. Htrnthersj
i'omeroy Iron Company. Pomeroy. O.;
Calrnes A Son. Massiilon. O.
Tnmlr Thnnund of Thrm Still
Ho lit In c iittt, Hoping for Victory.
»w York. July An all-day meeting
*a« held hy th« atrlklnr tailor* of thia
citv in Walhulln hail today. Addrenae*
*,<-re mail by a number of lendera and
th* *i:nation wa* renecally dtomaead. Tha
iuh*tanc.e of r'markn made br varioua
urieakera that no "omprom1«« will*
the contractor* abould bo made: that tho
n'rtkT* rmiwt utiind Urm and ar/ept noth-
Inr but vbnory.
Tt-' f*> ' thu* «om« of tha mtmciori
In Iho paat who combatf#*! tha tnilora
ha*»« now Joined handa with th»m. hi
rari'-1 by tha l**d*ni a» *l*o»fWo nt a»>d
t» «* an omen of MOraan for tha
tailora In th" total abolition of th" *w»*'-
box mrir-m. an i» rea*« of tha *u» i*-ai*
and for a ft* r d weekly loil utanlard of
flf'y nlna bourn.
It ta animated hanl» «ra
r >w tdla on accoo®t of tha atrika tn th'.a
eiry and vicinity. Com mi»ioner * <"harle»
I Bhelpa. rhairmsn of «tate board
of arbitration, haa th* lend'r* m
b«!h b >» of the controvray and an
Mfort i» n*da to Induce all to ar
The Strike Hearljr Over.
rweUnd, July It u beiiaaM by tha
Va.iera of tha atrika at th- Brown lloisr
],{ Wofka that tertno of m?lenient ty> "
twacr. t ht men and tha company wiH ba
upon within a day or two. and
t-at work will be r» ? ime-l before tha ao l
of ;ha -»'"k h-*ve been ma,la
» • !-h Hkeiy -o ba *• but tha
low-l o »t men t® giva Lha lutau
•2 at'.Utmeoi, . j

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