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tvOL XXX. NO. 87.
Ij Special Today. H35.
I | *?* of the "monfh *gM
I •sr; r ; 3 rasdv for SO cent. people. fa
* fTimg" t Ctrl's per »ottle. f ,y . >*/•*«. j >av ® c*»*-d 'or our 3f
| J*#** 11 ' 8 Auk i«t Price Stmply shows
™ ' jLA 'hat sonon* ,-»l ho ar* aF
wa.lch.ng prti.es closer than ev t r **4
jiaeles* kZ?5»\ £!» 7 °"l ' fij
Sardines. \^jai
Jockey Cub, ths vsry ; fiy
J»t*'. imported.
gM wan* the v -y beat Sar- >
■Mf ssd are not particular about Y»i<* SnaTi ill PilicJ W
EVSt* you will find these d*- J>, ~ ** ' 1,1 r, I M S - yA
I An i)i«ort*i lot. containing alt
kind* and ranging in price from » iA
B(|f. """ " I «® * cents eseiru Take your cholc*
Fresh Ranch ¥£
£rr,r S ! Paragon Drips. g
j 4V*allon kegs. «ch « »
f*o for 16 cent* j per kg.
•*>lo* eißiT AVt SOUTH. ONC DOOR SOUTH Or Avs.
... - _ , ' '''imm»nd«r .... S
t *'> f> r:h °o : ;»
f < f "T " <H
Methow... * S
f H»-, «• n "4
Will •*» be an w tlv rival of Trail cre«k. a Ir v.-
Thiscamp W» the m ■*? noted of any of tha v -J mho I.M
frse trilling camp* »f 11 *' Nort hwesf. N.-w A Jos * S»2
SS~» .«•»•: .Irt ••"*- of hl«„ j J ii&ftfuU S*
cni*m*rr constantly being made. Wa Monarch f*
«a r«»»»*» d tha pur haw of the Dla- a O. K. ...!."11..j0
B -~j Queen stock. This property is a Poor man J4
of tha Burleigh syndicate A n,* .>>
r F mo ir,
property }< ;v«-rin«» i_
M Skeeter-Seatter.
«w«r MOMfcl ITOK9, 111 (is
■ »»«• KLIKX. H la non-pultuaou nml
WMMM »»« Injure (be stoat drllrnte
I 11 w* 100 will wmt it whfo jot fo campisg.
I 1 I \\ PNK'B a.l CBIT*.
\ljL Stewarts Holmes DrofCfl.
SK T<,;| r,Hs| ***« i
~ ' i '
—Can always be hail at
UHTH. AUGUSTINE A <<>.. 815-817 Firat Awe.
£ a Leader, ]og«is<i| j
•tfwatrold Filled Watch Chain, grnaran- cfc£)j
*lO year*. for $.!. lu per cent, off I>V • x
this «d. ,i<TKV UZ^m
M Biftlv Jewelers, No. 7iD First Afeaas.
44 mn Mi k " 0,1 i i * conor 1/11,1
11 " i J fl means a home product
ill kIII J ® a ® Im> :
fcjif Health Uread
I, Sir. !*« $»l tk* &.»* »i irui
offlc# tnd XH SM Railroad Avftia*. S-ittJ®.
clearance Sale Waists am! lielt Sets.
I a >\V EST I'KICK?-* VK V.
JillttcoN . w no. «« onrnnr rr. j
|g i
Cahn & Colin. Healers in Hardware,
root or i i mik i *t *«'*• rrst » & ©<»« *•
Cr€ Ha... . . ■ i ■• h. Uif < , : I ri. »J. r«^
- H * *■ * " 1 'V ..- -l
L: ■ ftftd :h" . vn.O- r - «»* 1
MI n r «• n 111 FIEST ATW laOßtl
.Lh \ ) |V 1 11. S«rTp-0~n r »« ««*•#.
, , in rnioM it \i\ it
r« 41 <1 .lobbert of
tl; , ... . » I I ■-rV '«
\\ aist >cts, o(k\ t «h\ M.
Hanson s, \
M falcon r»ic\clcs,
S*i£'J*,r *- 1 - CJ «-
to orvlrr.
Prominent Demc*erats Call
\ I>on Major McKinler.
Th* Republican Ctndidtte Shakw
Hanfls with All ho Come.
lVmoor*ta rontlnm* to MrKln
l«>y of Tti«>lr onppopt Horae< rrrm
ant InrifT forward The
W * w (irwtiDjC to the htand*

Csa'on, O. Aug. W —Aiotmg the* dla
H: "' hard r * aa '' Mr*. BSand Tiey
came h»r» With the commit tea from Pitts-
J* I*' 1 *' * !C * fnaie »he tr.p from the Iran
f n»»*t tha Bryan party h*re. Mr.
a it-. Mrs, Bland had cone u> Alliance, a
*' : 111 **a»L of aere. ahead of th«
fcryan party, its U *<i a part of the pro
*r*mm«- to hava a of some length
a tha* pia a by Mr Bryan. While h«-r#
Jar. was toll that an address would
m " * e her* and h* was prevailed upon
r»y th.- Pttirtuti commiciea to return to
Cant on. The time at the McKlnlay
T " r,y and Mrs, Bland was appar
ently very agreaahie to both the honored
eai,»*r* an ' to Major and Mrs. McK.niey.
Tha Bryan reception comiittw from
P.' '■♦'•urg, composed of about s.'xty
nrrjin nant iMuocraia of that city,
ht-alied t»* Cnairman Haw ley. arrived
a <an ton at noon today, and flndlttg they
had n»«ar!y two hours to wait before tha
Bryan train arrived, deddsd to call upon
■V! tj. M Klnley. Morris Forster acted as
»m in. Hs said he believed any can
«J. lata for the presidency was worthy of
tn- gr»'atr*> respect *t every one. regwnl-
Irss of po.itleal affiliations. In
M -Kinlej said: "I am detply grateful to
r» »-iv- 'his friendly vUit from the Bryan
r , tlon committ'c. Althiiugh we are of
different poiiii alt» .!-'fa, a» are. as Amer*
1 *n citia«-ns. proud of our country, and
believe In common tr;a* we have now, and
will continue to have In future, the beat
g' vernment in tha world. I sincerely
tiiank you, gentlemen, for this visit, and
assure you tha* it givea me great pleas
ure." A: the conclusion of the brief ad
dreas McKlnley greeted each member of
W>« datamation in person.
With tha thermometer toward the 100
n.ark. so regular an attendant as MaJ. Mc-
K nley was de;err< ! from church >ester
day. It was after 5 o'clock when he and
Mrs M 'Klniey ventured out for a drive.
MaJ. VI Kin ley'# mall has assume.! mas
sive proportions. Hundrtd* of Democrats
continue to wrlt» him wiih assurance*
of support. F'rom Maine to California yes
terday cam a letters urging the tariff to
tha front as well as the Issue of money.
There cama also invitations from many
points to address meetings, none of which
•ari »>• accepted. Among tha telegrams
were these:
•*M -ow, Mnho M iscOW M-Kinley
clubs. Scandinavian and American, 3®>
strong, send loyal grretirgs to our next
president from the so-called sliver state
of the Northwest. Our slogan is protec
tion, patriotism and prosperity.
"tlebume, Texas Th» M Kinlay ano 11-"*-
b.iriClub. sixty-Ilv# member*, sends greet
ings. Thta Is the first Republ! an club
ever or*anlse>i In this <Johnaon> county.
Our mot'.o Is an honest dollar, with a
chance to earn It by honest toil
"Olympla, W«b.JM Kluley Club orgai
lzc! this evening with over 300 signers
pledged to sound money, sound itov ra
mi nt *nd victory. JOHN F GOWEY."
•'Highland, 111. M Kinlty Club orxanired
amid great enthusiasm. Greetings and
pledges to labor for protection, prolperity
and sound money.
"Tt)M F. KINNEY. President."
"IxtamS*. 11l -The Loamlc. Sinsramon
county, IH . McKlnley Club, organlxed to
night wish a membership of iv> voters,
sends greetinits to fhe next president, and
assures him tl.at the county, representing
the ,»pltal of Illinois. Is perfectly organ
l*ed for protection and victory at the polls
In November. G. W. BAKER.
llnrrlmin ant* to Be. Senator.
Chi '>go. Aug. 10. -Kx-Pre «i lent Benja
min Harrison Is said to be a eardldati for
t'nlte-i States senator and to t>e ready to
mak * a faht for the place this fall. The
statement that the ex-presid.nt would like
to return to the senate, a'dch he left to
h. om' president of the Cnlted S*at«»a, wis
nn .|» tivlay hv a Bepiiblican who Is very
diva to tha national party leaders. Me
sail: 'Mr. Harrison wants the pla-e. '!«•
I* desirous of returning to public Ufa for
several raaaons, which I am not at pres
ent tide to g»v« and his old pla e as Cnli
e » ;» ites -• r. -.or fr >m In liana would be
conj!« n:al to him Th»re w*»u!d he no loss
of prestige In his going to the aenate after
htvlrg o upted the off e of president.
Tn. rc are pb nty of precedents for it.
John Qu'ncy Adams, after he retired as
president, went to the hot;se and con
tinue I a memb-r of It until he d.*d. An
drew Jackson went to t!v Vn»> after
had ret red from the • b-iv-y Junes
M inroe was postmaster of N-w Yv>:k a*trr
he was pre-; Irtil.' 1 If it is int# 1 that ex-
Presldent Harrison wants to gj to the sen
ate. he will probably have a tit:*r oppo
nent Ir. hl« oan party in the per*.«n of
Cnarl*s M Fairbanks, who was temporary
chairman of tha Republican national con
vention at S- I^auta
Tb«» Kivivk Repob'.loana
Top. ka. K»n.. 4ng -Nearly all tha
delega'ea to the Republican state conven
tion tomorrow bate a:r!ved in she
U la aeneraUv conceded that Gov.
Morrill w-.H Ne renominated bv the r «-
v- it »nt >morrow "i'\" I* and *n« •%j
the *>3 khone of tie opposition to the
Vrtr* ; on •>* f.rs*. bal >t. Th- Morr.
n>-n h.» i !e del ui w? C M of
OMge co imr. for eha.tman or he eoa-
J W Greer ■'. of »
Mark listtna In < hie wo.
Ch!*«g;V V * • C a: -ran Ma-k Han
na of the RepoblK-aa national c«>mmittee.
hed Chi ,»go over the teik* Shore road
tolay Na'-tenalComw
T-s.' ir. « I'S' a«\ of Wk on." n Omm -jrs.
of l>wa, and of 1 3r<» ». wer»
» -t for a conferee.* »ith the r
the Oregpan (Jold DwnoeCata
port'and *-,»g. JH—Tha g-4d standard
» v ,„., rat* t« la» t*«ae-1 a *all for a con
v,»- to he beM tn tb » <ty m v *\m
MeKlaler I tub at T^'rett.
Evre". » C a! A M-.K • r
i-® «t.j be circuiated ftw siaraat fTas in
ra Va'' * ,u « W '' S} *
v f .lowing tha atata ooa**nn:>n a:
I r t mialf
L | \ %' T v f V K ,v ,-
>v a" :i H •• *7itt r !
>W-" r.v .'' - Ui- 1 ■****& 'Jftsl
as ;a< w baa 131 msza oa tae ?*•
«rr. of a series of tr."ting» to be b»id
tisvier ta* sasr *es of this c.ub took p. ace
on Seturiay Bight, and was addrewei >T
T. C. ia»*. of Tacoma. and James A.
Haight. The attendance was larva and
the speeches effective. It Is the purpose
of this cHsb. which ha* members regard-
Ins of former party affiiiatlocs, to prose
(:'*■ m too*t vigorous carr payr~. with v>at
f axa'to-t cetil election. The county cruj
vet: ion wl.l take pt&ce on Saturiav r>* *t.
Count-- Chairman John A Rea Is alreaiy
array.r.g has forces to <wn-ner.ee a gorous
warfare through the campaign, and every
dstriet •eboolhouM will be occupied from
time to time with shakers to promulgate
sound mcaer idea*.
la*Cowner Republicans Active.
Ij» Conner. Aug. ! —Spe-ia!.—The Re
publtran* of this pia?e held a rousing
meeting in Turner's hail Saturday svets-
Inr ar.d orgs..-.'.led a M Kin.ey Club, w" a
forty-eight members as a starter. This
pre'in t expects to be the banner pre met
of Skagit oounty. as it will poll at least
150 s M-Kiniey votes for s.>an 1
money and protection. Senator Squire's
bolt from the Republi an to tha Demo-Pop
ranks caused considerable comment and
consternation within the Republican ranks
of this rounty. and the way Squire buttons
disappeared from the lapels of coats *as
a eaut -an. anl they can now be bought in
towc for 15 cents a buabeL
For a Bltrer Attwk on the Board of
Puhlfc NVork*.
Tacoms. Avar. V —Special.— Attor
ney John P. J idson is a free talker. Not
being fully satisfied with the two decision*
of Judge Pritchard last weak, by which
.Mayor Orr's election to the office of mayor
was determined and Mayor Fawcett's com
missioner of publi:' work* was fired out of
oflV e when the invalidity of the charter
amendments was settled by the court, he
gave vent to his feelings in an interview
in the Ledger, in which he cast serious
reflections on the board of public works.
The attention of Arvld Rydstrom wnd R.
B. Mullen, of th* board, was called to the
interview, and the following open letter
was sent tonight to the Leiger:
"John F\ Judson—Dear Str: In the Ta
coma Da 'y ledger of August S appears
what purports to be an Interview with
you. in which, among other thl'igs, you
are quoted as making the fallowing state
ment: 'The old board of public works is
the most expensive and useless institution
that we ever had, and to my certain knowl
edge, there was not a purchase made by
them but what they had a rake-off.'
"The undersigned have been for many
months and are now members of the board
of puMle works of the city of Tacoma.
and we desire to inquire whether you made
the statement quoted, and if so, whether
you had reference to the undersigned, or
either of U9? If you made the statement
and had reference to either of us, we now
publicly brand you as a willful and ma
licious liar and as a scoundrel, and chal
lenge you to place all the information you
have concerning th* matter referred to
in the hands of the prosecuting attorney
of Pierce oounty, or take such other action
as may speedily cause a Judicial deter
mination of your charges.
"No honorable man can make tha
charges that you have made without being
wS'lirg to ha k up his assertions with
proof, and if you refer to us we demand
and challenge you to the proof and the
facts. If your charges are true, the crim
inal laws of the state ought to and will
afford r ill ani complete pun.tfcment for
the guilty parties. In common fairness
ans ii-n">n~y you should substantiate the
truth of your charges by a criminal prose
cation or other Judicial de-armlnation. and
we hereby and now request, demand and
challenge you to the proof.
Mr. Judson't utterances are plainly
libelous in character, if they are untrue,
and It is understood the board, which Is
waiting to be asraln pla ed In office by the
courts, has retained counsel and will bring
a suit for slander against the city attor
ney, if not also a rimlnal prosecution.
ttoggs* to the Amount of $1«2,-
<mH( to »«• Omitted.
Tacoma. Aug. 10.—Special.—At a special
meeting of the city council tonight a res
olution was passed directing the city at
torney to prepare an ordinance funding
th* outstanding warrant Indebtedness,
amounting to Th" ordnance
leaver out about n«2,'"*>o of general fund
warrants which the committee appointed
to pre par* the ordinance has reportod
w ~r « once paid by Treasurer Porks. They
».«re redeem*! out of the order of their
issue, and afterward deposltel in banks
to the city's credit. The banks failed, and
the city will endeavor to avoid payment of
them again.
It was expected that the council com
mittee, composed of Norton and Whltty,
would b« i'.ile to find evidence establish
ing the illegality of over J3*VWO of war
rants which h id b- rn treated in the same
way by Treasurer Bopps as the others.
Thf c- mm * is not as «>:<- -essful as
•as expected In digging up the evidence.
Many of the councilman are strongly op
posed to exchanging the cash received
from the s .le of the bonds for the war
rants. and there will likely be a fight over
the ordinance.
H h»tp l owixl In by a Tusr.
Tort Towns«*nd. Aug. it).—Special.—The
tnsr Hoyden. <H Seattle, had a novel tow
In the sea Saturday afternoon. She
h id Just taken the Norwegian bark Kira
outside of the Cspe, where It was quite
foccy. when she came across the eareass
of i whale in cha r ire of a lot Of Mikih
Indians They wanted the animal towed
to Noah ha v. :ind in a short time a bar
ram was ser.v.l upon. The Hoyden took
tb* ieviathan in tow and a f»*w hours later
i \e*h hay. A of the tr.i»e
1. d cor (Treated a* the water's eUtre. and
to say that they overjoyed at their
luck would be a miid expression of hap-
Everythir* was quickly gotten
In r. .■ . nes* >nd a biff feasl on blubber fob
lowed t at night, in true fashion of their
savage ancestors.
Vaieotiver. B C. Aug. W -M. Cam!!!®
J Man. the rrw >. appointed French con
s : i r Br «h C>' .mbia. his arrived and
fiiiw ft hs c :--.e*. He wis fsr some
» *rs Fren.-h <•-n»u| at Huston.
The «*'. m m run haa at l**t commenced.
->• i »v. ->:■+ at St-■ • •- !ast n.ght
*i« W to the b. though many got aa
many u SW. Costello St M Morran re
e- vsd f.«!» at one of their canneries.
The p- f f«h. f rmerly S cea'a. La now
d an to b> c«>nta apsere.
\r» rteeptt Man Killed Ntar Taroma.
TVon Aig Sp*<' iL—Hob Woods,
aged Jrt. of Eve-*tt. * is ki.le * i<y freight
train No. «5 v> r 1 *kevte*- at » fobt.
t*sy« #ven.->c Wao<l« cam* from Everett,
where he ha* a brother. an-! trier! to t>oard
» tram as •" * »■» pot "K out >f the sta
t•' H.« o«irn' ■m Mi l '. beating
M* way south Tie body a-\« f>ind ia
the darknes* a q .arte- of a mlie from the
station. Bc»tii Ut« were . -j* oflf at the
kt>' *. C-r: ier P> k« was r>.:--tf • 1
K i««*»p < o intv Texa. bora.
s;«r,ey Ag V -ial.-The Kitsap
cwjnty to laat three
lav». ---mmer -i- < r«v2ay. is j n aeavlon.
It w J fee nt\» if !h* beat ftf ; n i*j«
eta:*. evemnga will be given over
to f-es Sta'e .« :r»*r O. \V
,-1 ; - > rtntr.a -f the North
west Jasirnsi of Fd„--at^>n.
i r «• Ftr-.-* on Karrard Julot.
c:*r » P C.. Aug 1* —V rrard Islet
!s *jrr- & t wmi- .r.'-ed with a aali of for
e-t and ft-ttr.. reus v nieg ard stsm
her !"g y jsupa see reported to have h.-i-n
» ' • f.rs s - w aithin m
yard* «f t-.e r »ge fMse c % and as#«
••v. M >«ys I.e. w/u its
One Hnndred and Thirty-one
deaths in New York
Fi«*tori« Closed »nd Out-of-Door
Work Largrely Suspended.
TerrlbJo Sofflerlng in the Tenements-
F°rty-flve Sunstroke iH-aths in One
fay In Chloac«>—The Weather Bu
rtsan Sara There Will Be at Leo.sc
Two Hava More of the Hot Spell.
New Tork. Aug. 10.—The number of
deaths osused by the heat m Greater New
York today is 131. and additional victim*
are be.ng reported hourly. The p: ytra
trona are almost innumerable, and no ac
curate statement of tht-m can be male.
Ambulances and patrol wagons have be«n
running about ail day, the soun-.i of thesr
gongs becoming tam.iiar. Street car
horses have dropped in their tricks by
score*. Out-of- ioor work has been large
ly suapeaded. and factories are tempo
rarily closed. Last night was the hottest
of the summer, the ciimaJt of the present
torr.d spell and one of the hottest known
ia tiia city for years. Morning brought
no relief, anl a: S a. m. the thermometer
stood at KJ. 5 degrees higher than at tha
same hour on Sunday, but aa the humid'
ity was iesa intense than on the preced
ing day, there was less discomfort. Kar.y
in the mormng there was but 30 per cent,
of humidity, which is rather below tha
normal. The maximum temperature, SO
degrees, was reached at 4 p. m. These
r.ai.njfs are taken on top of one of the
highest buildings In the city. The street
temperature, taken in the shade at a
point near the center of the citv, waa S6
«i » a. m.. y; at 11, 99 at 1 p. m.. 108 at 4.
». at 7 and 89 at 9 p. m.
The suffering has been most Intense in
the tenement »• Mion. where poor people
are unable to get breathing sj>ace. In
these sections the charitable organiza
tions have had the r han.fc full, many in
fants atid children succumbing to sun
stroke. Tiie hospitals were obliged to call
on the pobce department to aid them in
resi>onding to calls, as their ambulances
could not cope with the number of cases
reported. So the olice patrol wagons
were pressed into service to carry heat
victims to the hospitals. Many other
wagons were used to carry away dead and
d sabled animals.
At midnight there was no relief from th®
strain of the past week, and on thousands
of roofs in the city dwellers are trying to
get sleep.
The revised list o? the deaths today
the heat in this city, Brooklyn,
Jersey City. Hoboke.n. Brunswick. New
ark and Staten Island give tho names of
seventy persona
At Bi>ston and other cities in New Kn
gland there are the same conditions as ex
ist here. Providence. R. 1., reports three
deaths and two iro»tration3.
Chicago. Aug. 10.—The continued heat
has greatly affected police patrolmen and
lettet carriers. About fifty of the latter
hav#been compelled to (jult work, and two
or tMTee may die. Some of th« big depart
ment stores have, during the last few
days, practically been turned into hos
pitals. girl clerk 3 have fainted by
doxen* at their counters and hundreds of
th«m have quit work on account of the
heat. Forty-five persons have died today
from heat. Lust Week "77 deaths were re
ported to the department of health, which
is the largest for any week in many years.
It is estimated that over 1,000 animals,
killed by the heat, are lying in different
parts of the city, and the authorities ad
mit that they are unable to remove the
animals promptly.
It b- gan to grow uncomfortably
warm here at early dawn. A steady
hot wind blew over the city from
the marshes beyond the southern limit.
The heat la terrible, even on the lake
front and the quarters where wealth and
plenty abound, but In the poverty-stricken
tenement districts the agony is awful to
contemplate. Ambulances and patrol
wagons were on the run all night, bearing
victims of the heat to hospitals. The first
death from the heat reported today was
that of Fred Rafter, a laborer. Herman
Ashe and Thomas Wonabonb were report
ed as having died of heat during the night.
The coroner's off! ~e was never so busy.
The total list of victims of heat prostra
tions on Sunday numbered sixty-flve. Of
these twenty-two are dead, ten are ex
pected to die and three w re driven insane
by the heat. Of the. three driven Insane
by the heat, one ended his life
by poison »ni another attempted
to slash his thror.t with a raz>r.
Ths dead of Sunday are: Charles
Buckstedf, Dennis Catmody, John Calosh
leth, George Carr, Charles Champion, Rob
ert Duid, 23 years, .John Emil, 50 years old;
Junes Gorman, 22; Ilol>ert Guguld, Rf»;
Michael Hagos, John Hart man, 1 month;
Patrick Hogan, 33; Mary Joyce, 7*; Wlll
tm 1 -a> •, Th; John Marion, Mi -hail M.irz,
17. Justin Poinask*, 97: Stephen Schrerer,
Vincent S-'hledskv, Mrs. Ella Walton. 2<5;
unknown man. Th.*>se driven insane from
the h< < are: Micha- ! Enright. attempted
to take his life by cutting his throat with
grasor. now at his home in a - rltlcal con
dition; Frederick Khrone, took poison,
d d at bis home; J. W. Johnson, rendered
Ircane. taken to police station.
Indianapolis. AUK. 10 -There were two
deaths in this city today as a result of
th« intense heat.
Washington Ctty. Aug. 10—M.aJ. Dun
woody. the w cather forecaster, scanned
tha map tonight in vain for a prospect of
relief from rhe terrible heat under which
the country has ben sweltering for the
past week. It was slightly cooler in tha
< »hio valley, and the lower lake region was
given a slight breathing tpcll by thunder
s 1 arms. The temperature has also fallen
slightly in the Mississippi valley, the mer
cury today registering but 95, as agiinst
<« at St. Louis and Chicago yesterday,
p. it on the prairies of Nebraska an 5 Kan
sa» and to the southward along the Gulf,
humanity struggled to exist at lO) de-
grees. The Atlantic coast, as far *s Bos
ton. showed very high temperature*. At
tha latter place it was «. whi' h was also
the maximum at Atlantic City. The same
temperature existed at Albany. There is
no prospect for relief in this locality to
Aw.tr up !n the extr*m+ North w»*t !n
the Rr.-k!ri, however. Maj. Pun»(»dr
aaw a ray of hop**. The h t <l
rt*en there toKy and had falien in the
I ->irer etrfil valleir* and the lake region.
If these hljrh and I"* area# develop, the
h«t !>;»i will be broken. "But even that
•« two days away." *-Ud the wither sharp
a* he •hook his head.
The temperatura h*ra today w%« not as '
h<h *e yesterday. 'he tr.asiniMni bo -at
SC. an 9*. There wn or# death |
and six proat rations.
ii; Lc i - A tg. W.—There were not so j
tratsy prostrations today as on prtvtoM
days <-f the hot wV.. a - v.; w.n.l temper- j
ir.tf the heat, and "here are proapeets that :
->>r weather »!i; prevail for a time. {
At * »- sr.. the thermometer ra»i*tared 32. j
and * were add*»J to th.s daring !
the day. This i* » d< arees lower than the
r * est po rst r« -e«l I- ra y*-erday.
p,-v--n death* were .recorded. moat of
,Nem V n* vi-titnn who were prostra'ed
yesterday. Four deaths frost saastroke
lrfeS 1 *er» not ma.le p«j-> un;U to-lay
nrrurred laat The deaths la this
r ty due direrSy to hea: s'.twte A ;r-«t I =
■timber ei*hty-ftve. It ia noted that fu.Jy ;
i sr-flf'hs of thf*e deatfca have been ©f ;
a-iuits. wry few *«•** women.
«f v; • hav been a men# the abor- j
*■*»'», ax.4 at ieasi tai#-tJuivla jf U-a '
fatalities have been among those addicted
to drink.
Cleveland. Aug. ;«-The excessive beat
of yesterday waa re ev»d th s morn ng
by a heavy of rain, accom
panied by a high wind. The force of the
wtrvd was so pr .it that it assumed the
appearan a of » hurri-ane. without the
iffe<tts. There was s->m« damage caused
u*. neighborinc towns.
Kansas City, Aug v> —'Tha eighth day
of K in»a» hot opened with rto
proapect# of rehet. S■ ; thermoatetera
at s »verage«l As the day proaressed
a good breexa camo tip ar i made the heat
m •■•e l-ra.-abJe. The mai'.tn .m report
Fort Scott. Kan.. Aug 10 -The ex
treme."y hot weather here has caused
much Jamace. At noon the thermome
ter registered IOS in the shade. Trees are
dropping their leaves, and vegetables and
fruit is withering.
Sterling. Kan.. Aug. 10.—On Saturday
the mercury was HV in the shade, and
yesterday lfl& Farmers say the corn will
noc make over half a crop, the hot winds
having worked damage ad over the co*un
try. Whole fitlds look as if fire had
through them.
Cin - .nati. Aug. 10—Tha heat continues
unahi!' i. Ch irles Smith, a eaioortkeeper,
died from the effects of the heat.
Peoria. 111., Aug. 10. The sweltering
hot weather continued this morning una
bated. At 9a. m. the mercury marked !
In the shade. There have Wen three deaths
from heat in thirty-six hours
A Tornado Sweeps Or»-r Milwaukee.
Milwaukee. Aug. I«>.—At midn last
night a tornado passed over the city, com
ing from the west. There was little warn
ing of its approach. The storm s» lit
down on the city with an awful ro*\r,
blinding flashes of lightning and tern.lc
rolls of thunder. The wind carried in its
wake signs and awnings, and there was
a rattling of falling glass and cries from
the people rushing along to escape its
fury. Those in hgh buildings saw .he
force of the storm in all its Intensity. '»n
the bay the excurs on steamer Bloomer
Girl, which piles between here and WhHe
fish bay. was believed to have foundered,
as it was known she had started on her
return trip Just before the storm broke.
There were 300 men. women and children
on board, and they were pan c-strickt?n.
many of the women fainting. The fact
that the steamer wns packed undoubtedly
prevented a disaster, for the passengers
were obliged to remain as they were. If
the crowd had been smaller there woull
have been a rush to either side, and the
steamer would have capsiite i. The wav.»s
dashed high over the vessel, but she
plowed her way piu-kily into port, arriv
ing at midnight. The wnd swung one of
the budges in the river open, and a street
car pretty well fille 1 narrowly escaped g >-
ing over into the draw Alarm is felt for
a number of small boats that were on tha
bay, and as soon as the storm had spent
its force several tugs started out. but were
unable to see any vessel or boat in dis
tress. The glass in many buildings was
blown out, and several structures were un
roofed in the outskirts of town. Numer
ous cellars were flooded, and much prop
erty was damaged.
Severe storms in Mlchlean.
Detroit, Aug. 10.—Very heavy electric
storms prevailed ov«x Michigan early thia
morning. Many buildings were struck by
lightning. At I.anslng and Central Mich
igan points the storm was terrific, but the
damage was not gaeat.
Saginaw. Mich., Aug. 10.—A lightning
and wind storm caused $100,060 damage in
this city and vicinity early this morning.
The Jefferson Avenue M. E. church was
struck by lightning and damaged £>0.0"0.
Fifty other buildings and factories were
unroofed or badly wrecked, hundreds of
trees blow n down and horses probtrated.
To Be Completed and Operated by an
Ktigili-di syndicate.
San Francisco. Aug. 10.—Information has
Just been received which is of the greatest
interest on the Pacific coast from Its re
lation to the problems of freight and
transportation. An English syndicate, at
the head of which Is Sir Wheetman Par
son, M. P. for Colchester, his just con
cluded a lease with the Mexican ««»V' rn
ment of the Tehuantepec Isthmus railway.
The term* of the lease include an agree
ment on the part of the syndicate to finish
the works already well advanced for th©
improvement of the harbor of Coatzacoal
cos. at the Atlantic terminus of the road,
and to construct the harbor works at Sal
inas Crui. the Pacific terminus, which will
be built on the original plans, but which
the Mexican government has been so far
unable to execute.
The road Itself will be greatly improved
and put In the condition of a first-class
line. A line of ships plying between Sa
linas Crui and San Francisco will be put
on and deliver freight to tha many lines
plying in the Gulf of Mexico. A deter
mined effort wdll be made to secure the
freight and low-priced passenger traffic of
San Francisco. On the o'her side of the
1.-thmus it is expected to get the bulk of
the European fine freight, such us dry
goods, which now come hy steamship to
New Orleans and by rail to San Fran
That the syndicate means business is
shown by the fact that it intends to speni
Jarga amounts in harbor improvements.
<>n the gulf side the Mexican government
has constructed Jettbs simitar to those
at the mouth of the Mississippi, by
the entrance to the Coatxaeoalcos river is
Kraduaily deepened so as to admit the
largest ocean vessel#. Comparatively lit
tle' will be required to complete
works. The syndicate contract caiis for
the expenditure of $l5O,Wk». On the Pacific
s da the port of Salina Crui Is nothlnsr
but an open roadstead. There was an Iron
pier extending to twenty-seven feet of
water, but the storm in which the Colima
went down destroyed it. and all freight
has to be lichtered. often under unfavor
able conditions. The character of the
coast and bay is such that a commodious
harbor can be created artificially, but the
expense will be great. The syn lic.ara h*s
undertaken this expense, and aspects to
spend IJO.rtAO.fIW bo d breakwaters,
wharves, do'ks and warehouses. This
even more than the original design, ma la
when the railroad was completed, called
for. But the understanding is that th*
works to be created shalt make this tit*
harbor on the P-ac.flc coast outs! 1*
of San Francisco.
Just what concessions the syndicate fets
In return for these expenditures ts not
known, but it is not believed that they ars
unfavorable to the Mexican government,
which built and owns the road ar i h»»
been operating it since it* completion, be
cause President Dlax has steadfastly re
fused offers to lease it from various corpo
rations He *'as not given sufficient assur
ances that it would remain an independent
competitive line.
Tbe Gold Reserve.
Washington Ci'y. Aug. 10.—Withdraw*'!
of gold from the treasury today agme
gatM *4' 4 J*. made jpof fSM.lt# foe hoard
ing in c*>in and in bars for use In
• arts. Tha gold balance at the clots
of business stood at
Washington City. Aug I©.—Today's
• •atementof the condition of tha tres*»jry
shows- Available cash balance. fBS.kC,-
j,» gold reserve
•»w York. Aug Withdrawal of
|2S> -KW of gold has been made from the
sub-treasury for Canadian account.
Montana Cities < an -top (iambling.
Bu'te. Moot . Aug. 10 — Le«,-el'*ed gam
ng was knocked out In Buue tcsiay.
The city council recently p«a#ed an or>li
,iT ■ . g garr.Th» g»~.
arrests-1 to the law, claiming
that the city aal no right to suppr*** any
thing allowed by the s'at* laws J i.ig*
M"H*rton to-iay denied a writ of habe«*
corpus for tha m»n under arrest, holding
t~ it the cry bad express ;«ower to legis
late on caste's for tbe pu.*> - good.
First Regiment ban i concert and bicycis
.araivai Y. Jl C A. *ark UHSigbt.
Ellensbnrjr Will Have Two Bi<r
Shows rhis Week.
Three Ringr*. ant! Squire, Turner
•nd ihe Star Ferforiuers.
Old Soldiers Have a Testimonial For
the Senator - Acrobat -- Fllenaburg
Can Fee*! the Polltlclaaa and
seers, but BcdatYll! B«.starve— Hem
ocrsts All For Fualon. Popollata Leea
I* muilmous.
EUensburg. Aug. 10.—Speria!.—All tha
resources of the wideawake people of 11)-
tenshurg will be taxed to the utmost limit
to tak* cure of the crowds that will come
on account of the three state conventions
which meet he-e on Wednesday. It Is ex
pected that not iess than l.><o people will
be here on that account alone, and. b..-. lo
this, the circus shows here on Saturday,
and as th.s Is the on.y ,*<int - oj - at
he.w«en Walla Wal.a at.d the S>un i, ex
cursion rates will prevail f.">r that event,
as well as for the conventions, so that an
immense crowd is absolutely assured. The
people have no fears in regwrd to feeding
those who come, for Kittitas valley i* a
land literally flowing with milk and honey,
and her cupboard will hold om for an in
definite period. The problem of "sleeping''
the people is tha only one that causes any
uneasiness. The citixens. however, re
gard tens of party, have joined hands, ar.d
people are agreeing to give up the r bed
rooms and take to cots in order to . av e
every stranger accommodated.
The Populists a«d Democrats both called
their county conventions to meet today,
ami as a result tthe streets are already
beginning to look lively. Knots of men
are seen In all dire-Hons, an i the bur
den of all the talk is fusion. The Demo
crats are all. or nearly all, favorable to
the scheme, but among the Populists a
xreat many of the middle-of-the-road men
are found, and the proposition will lw vig
orously com tat ted in the state convention
if the gag rule is not applied to the Kitti
tas mei>. for the foremost members of the
party hero ar» openly opposed to fusion
and Intend to fight it to the end. They
claim that a number of west side counties
will be with them in tha fight, and they
are hopeful of having a middle-of-the-road
ticket put up.
The Silver convention is looked upon as
the tall end of the list of attractions, and
very little interest had attached to it until
It was learned that the late Watson C.
Squire will be here. This naturally arous
ed some curiosity. The only special feat
ure of that convention so tar announced
Is a presentation to Mr. Squire which s.il
take ulaee soon after ils arrival, by the old
old soldiers. They have gathered up from
tha streets, where tjiey had been thrown
bv the dosrn. all the Squire buttons tli«*y
could find, and thev will wait on the gen
tleman in a body and present the but
tons to him and Inform him that th< y hava
no further use for them, nor for him. All
arrangements have, been completed, and
the speaker for the occasion has been se
The committee on decorations is at work,
and the city will present a handsome ap
pearance when their work is completed.
The display will consist of evergreen and
bunting only.
Ample committee rooms have been se
cured. and the hails are in order for tha
frays The Democrats will meet In ths
opera house, which will -'at l.'«® p»ople;
the Populists will hold forth in the ar
mory, down stairs, where tiU or peopla
can be accommodated, and tha Silverites
will convene in the court house, which
will hold almost &* l .
Des-k room outside the halls has been
provided for the press bv the Capital of
fice. which has accommodations for eight
een correspondents, and Manager McDon
nell. of the Western Vnlon. has prepared
plenty of room in the telegraph ofTice.
The Capital office Is n«a: door to the
\V« sfern Cnlon. so that the newspaper
men will not be over ten feet from the in
struments that send out their reports.
Additional wires have been put !n. and an
efficient corps of operators will handle
press matter without d< 'ay. Manager
Reld. of the Tacoma office, will arrive
tomorrow and superintend the busln'ss
throughout the rush.
Aside from delegates to the county con
ventions. there were few arrivals today,
but tomorrow will show up ;» g "d < row.l
James Hamilton Lewis is scheduled to
make a speeitb tomorrow night. George
Turner Is al*o on the list for x ta k dur
ing the week. y
Populist*. tVmo«-r*t«» nnd -liver Re
publicans Name a Ticket.
North Yakima. Aug. l«. -S|» -'al The
Democrats, Populists and free *l!v<r re
publicans today, after Hght hours of
caucusing ar.d numerous fa " >n flghts,
succeeded in ptaeing a fusion ticket in tha
field. The pangs of conscience of th •
middle-of-the-road PopUlies were eased
by the prom'. e tha- the.r platform shou'd
stand. The Populists gave the Democrats
the offices of county clerk, coroner and
treasurer, and tha free sliver Republican*
the prosecuting attorney and county con
A committee of fiv# was chosen by each
convention to dec! le th» basts of divi"! -n
of the spoils, and th<»e committees wars
In constant session tv« afternoon. T 1 *•
Populists fought valiantly to overthrow
the fuxlon machine. However, when th< v
were given to understand that they woul i
not forfeit the platform, fusion was car
ried by 94 to 14 All the conventions name 1
delegates to the state convention at Kl*
Jenshurg, prominent Democrat* who w re
named being Snively. Fech'er. RsavK
Catron and Vance, wth eixht others.
Tha Jjemocratlc convention was a very
slim arffer, about forty delegate* being
present, while the siiver Republican* ha!
about h «lf that nwmt-ar.
H J. Jorry, nominated by Ihe Populisms
ftyr repres* ".'a'tve, i* no? th< jght to be a
- rong m • • ' • even on «
fusion ticket, and none of the county of
ficers ttamed will hava a walkover. The
Republican* are not at a'l discouraged,
and all are h p- 'ul of * in Novem
Tba Populist fusion plank in the plat
form ts as fellows: "We favor a union
of al! the reform forces, which can be -f
--fe«~ted without sacrifice of party name or
party principle." The convent.;*# also
commanded the action of Pennoyer, of Ore
con, in cutting his own salary in halve*.
At tt> o'clock this evening tha delegates
to all the conventions are hoi !i*=g a Joint
session. Snively is generally credited with
manipulating the fusion scheme bera.
BULGER \ rr-ioM-r NOW.
lie Says Ho Bovr* to the ■«;. Lmls < on
rentlon's Dedaior.
RliertS 'Urg. Aat ie ~4*. f la!.- Ths flrst
row of the conven' r. we, h f»k pla • in
the popu iat county eonvention thlt morn
!rg, wbich may have as important bear
ing on the negro vote in •he rem.:,* cam
pa gn. A ' f>.orad quartstt* from yn
was invited to sing soma song* at th
rr;.irr.ee gea*io», and after tbey wer«
throHSh an inebriated s;«a tator moved »
v*o;» of thank* for the aingers. Ths chair
man entertain*! tha motion, which
br <u* t I>e.**a '* R H Norton, ©f H< •
lyn. to hi* feet sritb an objecti-a. H«
said; "Too know that these fellows ani
tm-ir kind were Imported from tb* East
ta work ia our places, a..- *.u«y *.'« uk.
in* the br a.? oat of our mouthi to which
•«' arc ,-<■ : • i. and *a ahould extend t»
t v -1 « -h mark of at A vosa
■f tha- k* fcr any thine.** Thf motiai w.ia
j> and. ai: hottfth thera was a itfMf
chort* of EOC*. tha chairman dae'.ared it
The afternoon of tha POJHI: st
county convention aaa radhot. Ten d.>>.
ratea t> th<* state convention wera eh«ct
« after a committee bad bean to
confer with a wmmitttw from th« Demo
cratic wnmtlon w.th a view to fusion.
Tht >Mmral:tM reported JR favor of coft-
to tho Democrats the treasurer,
oga -epresentative, ona commissioner and
t v -* «up*nstand««it of whool#. To tha
>, vorttii wen? conceded the suj*rii>r
Judge and state senator. Tha flrst motion
on tho r% port was that it ha placed on rt>.
This was amend-d to be "aid <-n tha tahSe.
FYantso efforts were made to discuss n«
matter, hut the chairman shut off lehaie.
The gwtKm to 'ay on the table waft oar
rsad by a rousin* major ty. A motion for
f *eaa minuu* racass was declared car
T n pandamoatom reigned. All kinds
of talk ami throa<a of bolting were hoard,
an 1 things looked snaky for
fu» on. After reconvening a motion «u
mads *o aand ?he committer out a train.
a»d Oh.iirtnan Itulger, of the atnta com
mittee. a apaotator. waa mailed upon fop
• i speech. in the ho pa that he could heal
the rupture. Ho took tha platform an*l
quickly pla* ed himself on record. Ha di*.
mounted front his m kid la-of-th CROND
hobby and came out tiaaquirooally la
favor of fusion. He urged the convention
t» send back tha committer for further
conference, hut not to he so di®»vu»rti»iia
-i» to lay the report on Uia table. Ha
J isttrtert his change of faith by saying;
* Ihcopia'a party principles were laid .MI tha
tabla at the St. la>ui.i convention, to ha
taken up some other and march oa
to * iory." At the cloae of his «r*ch a
motion to recommit tha report to the mm*
mi!tea for a further conference waa car
ried, and tha ooovention adjourned till
Meantime tha Democrat* had got through
their buiiiMM, and. having tlrad of wait*
in*. adjourned aina die. Tha l>amocraUl
uso had a hot fight over a preposition ta
have the chairman name tha commit tea
to aelect delegates to the state <x>nv*»nttotu
Notwithstanding vigorous opposition. t!»g
« <- ine waa carried, and several delegate*
walked out.
Clallam County Delegate*to Rll*n«k:!rg
Port Angeles, Aug. *. The IHmcvrat*
an 1 Populists held convention* in thia
cltv today to elect delegate* to the stata
convention* to »»e held on the 12;h tn-d.
at .KUeneburg. The attendance of d#le
g aft as from outside the city "was small
at both conventions, and Iniere*t centered
on the Populists. who were to determine
whether they should take the middle of
the road or fus«e with the IX'mccraU. Tha
Populist* assembled at the council cham
txf, and their votes, taken during th*
suasion. Indicated that they »wer* unani
mously opposed to fusion. Not satlafted
with adopting a platform opposing fuai v*
on the atat* and county ticket*. they In
structed their del«>gatei» to oppose It at
the state convention. Th* following dele
gates .were elected; :A. A. Rlohardson.
Uiura K, Patera, O. V. Smith. IX K. <lrls.
wold. J. A. Grant, W. E. Hamilton and
J. M. Oranf.
The Democrat* held thHr convention a#
tha court and elerted the following
delegated, three of whom ara expected to
attend the convention: J. W. Tr«y, W. I*.
Marr4uar.lt. Thomas MnJony. D. W. Itryan,
C. K. Mellette, William Carrico. Amor*
Myers, C. F. S« a! and R. T. Smith. Reso
lution* were adopted Indorsing the na
tional platform and denouncing tha He
publican administration 1n this *tate. An
attempt vu made to Inatroct the dele
gates to vote for liewl* for governor and
O"Toole for oongrea*, but tha motion w*a
laid on the tab. a
Htiohotnlah County Democrat*.
Fverett, Aug. 10.—Imperial.—Th» flnoho*
mish county Democratic cowwntlon to
elect twelve delegate* to the *tat* conven
tion to be hHd In KaSenaburg on August
12 km held in thla rtty thla afternoon.
Nearly the en tiro afternoon waa ©counted
over a contest from the F"lrwt preeinct of
thla city. The delegation headed by A. D.
Warner, having held their caucus at tha
time and pl*ce of posted notice*, claimed
to ha the regularly elected delcgatea. Tha
other delegation, which was alected at tha
Mmo time at another place, tit* member a
of which were support era of what 1*
known as the OlHeapla faction, was Anal
ly seated. Tha contest provoked much
bitterness, and many hard worda wnro
**ld. Tha delegate* aleetad to tha et*t*
convention were: H. It. Me\era. J. K. Km
zneraon, W. J. GUlaaple.J. E. lioran, C. 11.
BJoyr.ton. David Cro*by. It. WlUard. J. If.
Van Horn. H. Maunder*. William Doyle,
J. Moffat. K. H. Levy. They were In
structed to voto for Jarnea Hamilton
Lewis for governor.
Th« following delegates hav* beau select
ed to represent tho Sliver Repub
licans of Hnohomiah county a- tha
convention to be held In Kllen*»
burg August 12: From Kverett—W. W.
Bluck. J. O. Frit*, W. W. Oetehell, Thorn
aa Robinson. From Lowell -J. A. Hat
field. <le Nelson. From Maryavllla-M.
Bwlnnerton. J. J. Nagley. From Hnoho
mUh- Hon. John B. Ault. From Hartford
- 11. W. Hi man. From ailverton—L. My
No Fu«l<»n In Clallain < oonty.
Fort Angeles, Aug. ». Special.--Th«
I mocrats In this county hava bo*n un
able to efreet a fusion with the I'opullata
although they have been laboring toward#
that and for several weeka |«at and h»v»»
succeedad In converting several prominent
f'fit««llsts. The converts found that they
< fiuld not even bo elected as •te'eKa.tes t<»
th«» Poptil xt county convention held In
this city on Saturday, and since then tbelr
brcrther I'opulUt* hava be. n admontahtllV
th«*m to put on their gum boots and get In
the middle of the r*nud. John W. Troy, a
prominent l> mocrat of thla city, was an
nounced several w«>eks ago as a fusion
candidal* f"r the olTi'-a of stata auditor,
but he says tha announcwroent w;is mode
without his knowledge or authority, end
It now a:n> ara that he desires to be a can
dldat® for fie of see-ret*ry of stata
and not that of state auditor Tha Demo
crats are outnumbered two to one in thla
county by the Populist*, and as they hav«
dcetin<-d to ft *e it mty eff» -t Troy'»
than res In the state convention, although
be 1» very i>otsjlar among »ba l»emocrat*
and baa a strong following In this county.
A number of prominent fwrnoerat* in
the ec..,nty have bolted from their party
and Joined tha McKlnley Club, which ta»
ree »r.tiv organ I/a*! In this city. Tbay aro
now among th* most enthnalaatlc work
ers In the club, and their cost lap*-}* an
adorned with McKlnley buttons.
Hkaglt Connty r»ele«ate«i F >r Tna|/>n.
Vernon. Aug. 10.—Wpacta!. -TT*
l>erT w-ra'lo county oonr*n«lon mat In thk*
city today *f»d elected tfca following 'l*l
-to the KHensburg atata owvuat <»;
l ac* W. D. OTooie. TbfHnaa Smith, K t*.
Millloo and F. 8. Hogan. Mumt Vernon;
W O, B«*rd, Anacortaa: Fred g. firmh-tm.
Avon; W, 'J. Wooiiev; Nik**
Fulk La Conner; C. W. Rtjndle, Clear
TAke"; Heimirk. ®edr»; Fre-! F..
Vane' M Murray; John M. Morrison,
Hann ah. IHa conrssr.ion indorsed th* ''hl
cago p .at form and In* rue ted for fuaioo
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