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The Seattle post-intelligencer. (Seattle, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1914, August 14, 1896, Image 1

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Mils ASP mr I'i.V C Li* »1»*
Him for Governor.
Th*j AI«o Axk for Both Concre«»«»?n
»nd Marb B^idf.
A Prnltlaaa (oafrrenoe of the Three-
CooTeatlona Xatlooal ' ommlttee
m*n w hit*. WHHag t 0 Throw Lrwta
OTr.rb.jard If Ho Can Thereby (,<rt
Four Hryan and ftcwall Electom.
Ei »n«bur*. April 11-Spe-tal —The only
• f uaj!>iia* block in the war of fuaion la
the and'daty of James Hamilton Levis
for t»ir notnmat.on for governor, and tha
prospect tonurbt are tbat he will be
forced out of the fi*bt. Either that will
"* t! *« outcome or the Popullata will put
up a •traiant tkket and make the race
*i«ele-i»aaded. Tfcey are unawervin# ta
th*lr demand that they be *lvetj ihe gov
ernor. and from the ac!ioa taken ta the
conference and in the onvrntioc tt la
evident that they will not ylfid- If the
Democrat* eapect to a?compl!>h anvtbin*
they will he forced to accede to the de
mands m ide oe them.
A ctrange feature of the pwsent situa
tion is that the Populists are so unalter
ably oppoaed to Lewis F>>ur years ago,
when many of them were yet in the Demo
cratic ranks, be was their political idol,
and anything he wanted cv>ald have been
had for the asking. Now they say he la
objectionable because of being a lawyer,
and that he car not be their n<*min*e.
The governor must be a Populist. In ex
planation of this cond'.iion of affairs, it is
asserted that some mysterious sgency has
be»n at work aptoncthe farmera. and the
growth of toe anti-Lewis s-ntiment has
been ascribod to the adherents of Young,
who was the Populist nominee for govern
or four years ago. and to the friends of
Be-t. of Spokane. Thev have seen that
Lewi* was a formidable opponent, and
they evidently have brought their follow
ers to mark htm down as aot available.
But It Is not impossible that the Demo
crat* will s'ay by Lew!*. He ha* any
number of friend* among the delegate*,
and some of tb*m sav he can keep them in
line a* long a* he likes. The free coinage
Rr publicsns want to see Lewis out of the
Not the least of the day#' development
1* the announcement of strained relations
between Warhors# Hill White and James
Hamilton I>ewla. and tonight wor J goes
forth «hat Whit* would sacrifice the aspir
an; for governor. Whit* was Among the
spectators at the Populist convention in
the evening during the protracted and n
citing debate. and was Asked for his vkw
of the situation. "You may aay that the
convention* will get together on a Just,
equitable an<l honorable bast#, and *UI
nominate a fusion ticket. The only diffi
culty now tn the war is the personal as
pirations of numbers of the three parties,
bat without question these n;«-n will come
to view the matter In a broader light, and
a union of the free silver men will be the
Inevitable result." The fact that White
la ready to abandon Lewis is said to be due
to a desire to gat credit as national com
mitteeman for forcing adoption of ars
electoral ticket entirely r»f Democrats. A
member of the King county delegation said
tonight: "W« no longer rely on White's
support of Lewie. aotwithstanding pre
y out pruf'-- one of gratt: «de and loy
it is late tonig it that a motion
will be nu'« by Lewis" friends in the
F>emocratlc convention tomorrow for a
reconsideration of the Indorsement of
White fo- national committeeman.
I.e* - i* hop**s fusion w;il yet b* accom
plished on an equitable b,i*ls. but he says
a maforlty of the conference committee
will vote in favor of giving the governor
ship to the I\>pull3ts This is to be brought
about hy the aid of the Siiverltee, who
with their nineteen votes are able to de
termine the Question so far as conference
I* concerned. The Democratic convention.
Lewis says, will never consent to a settle
ment »o manifestly unfair. The free coin
age Republicans, with a representation
from only about h.ilf the counties in the
state. are permitted to ride over the I>m
ocrats srd curry favor the I'opu-
I;jits, the object being to advance the in
terests of Senator by burying the
other prominent free allver men from King
After a dreary .lay of aHemaf* waiting
and »ran*li!t*. the beln* do?»f by
th« rvmocrat* and SDvfrttH, md ih«
TrrnfiffUng by U»e Popullsta. the three con
tention* are. a* far sa work la ronc«rt)«d,
pre-*l*eiy wti<r» they atarted this nv>m ng.
The only difference 1* thnt the I>ni -<rrat-»
and Sllveri'r* are sore at what they c n
alder th# unre4»*onahl# demand* of th«
Popultat*. and th*t the proapeets of fu
sion sr<» further off at m' ln!ght th.»n at
any time the convention wa* called
to order The history cf the day, in brief,
fa »a followa: The Democrat!*- and Silver
convention* appotßf-d conference commit
trea aa aoori as they me', and transacted
no otlH*r b«Mn< s* The J'opuliat eom-en
t'>n fMit In the day In windy de!«*e over
th# platform until the evenin* wM'nfi.
The etsrhty-two confer*.* met at 11. tor*
a m-f-wi till 1 y, and adjoarnul to report
pr»xrre«« to their convention* at T Si |~ the
exenmir Durtn* part of the t!me the Fop
uiists held the hall alor.e in caue«« and for
a while the r>cm<*rsts and Silver men
rau.*vt*el together. while the Populist* re
mained out Flarh of the three set* of
ronfereea presented r"t»o«l?tor« T*io#o
of t v "»' * *r.d rti: v "••••« *» • m'
j, .{ to mod>t> ntkn Th > t of *ic
populiata «l< «fv«*n out distinctly as *r.
ultlmttim The mod»*«t demand* of th«
Populist* were for *overn'>r. the Ueuten
ant governor, attorney **m-ral. t*o ma-
and two pre* :«tntu» +t> ■
T!v« *ti peremptorily re'ec'. < by th*
and aS!*cr;te«. Fai ?n* to
aeree, the committee took a
Tf *e«* »t t *V the conferees prepared
;xr"i*l rep» r '* to ***** reaper• ve -on
centioCv*. Th# PHWittf c -nfereea
• r»r»ly reported p«v*rees« and *iM fur
ther time The allv*rites reported the
facts and received #o further <n«- *jr-
t; .as Tb-' P»P'-«la! rowf-re*a reported »i>
prop<witsons an 1 asked instructions,
«' report was ma '» at 7 3*-*'. k in the
*ve* a™* * Wi*f PsjpoJlat debate
f«'-!s«w< il. lasttn* for two bou-a. a th-> ; .i<h
th ;' * *»t» Bar* "ed to fre m j*»a
*nd ,h * d»h*ta waa on.y t#"i« n.ated
by the pnevlous qweanoo Mn« moved, a
r,'urs» sibi'h ha a Iw-n -ender-d n*- a-
Miry on evary prop wHtw '•">*> that t^n-
Thr<* <* fa 4 fferawt pr< vo*».
; wer« ».tv»n-el f«r d«a. -\* w s :f .
r,-nort of tbe c«f»mttte«. *n<l ths> one
wht--b «"»s' v <**rr.ed **» * motlo-s to
recommit the master without inatnartiott.
NOTr*» or Tiir toxvrMiov.
.„ Q R . \|»TK>«t lrm>re*l l*.»pnlt«t
r**d Piwa*f»« »a l *•#»!.a
C>*abur*. Aa* a" WMa
tha ootferrf e cams ;H*r »»* •i*«t fr m
lb# fV-t >i_«at «an»ittM tojav ho- y.
ai/'er a abort to !. w*« t»-
c . if t>l m- ■ drhare to on# «r<« eh of rv.
„ jenwtii to men - > ....
. ra4 :he be«** * t mtMt*- t al v
r.;a'f-rm real *.b» e***iaaa even n* The
v«srw*r«- hla nr'.arioa to aalanea ram* a
f, r tif . tAart of wotirv m->« of to# A»*wt
era :>*
e-i»teat *• a»rve ts# p«ot>.e for *-»#
ll.rrniO-'taw Twa of PWrrak H»w
,, ev K«n4 a UH hv *, *' -"■« fcaouaiiif n
far*v- o< ail aaJarjea. Wa ar»
j5 tfce trwap t-feo t^a*:* , rx. *.""*> .ff <•
®r». - t« 4«iar*4. •ad »• u *«a
pat mlarle* -ap goad and fcffrh- * r *
to featb here, and the *oW
btn Will Ss.*ve to par 'S» blUa anywajf
Teaia* ei&oae-r<w d:-1 aot ."bt "*ge '
mied of tha cocTecnoe. and the para
irrwph was allowed to r*»aia.
Tha fact that tha atata ooovw-icn de
clared in favor of cnt .nt aaJare* in two
rtu«»'i a Spokane sac ia ?h# l»ll to fr *
r»-B! aia~»nt. "'"*"bat r»mtrySe m» '* he sa**
-of the experience of tha Popalista down
tn Vbttmaa couotv. wko two years
a iop-ed a pji.tfom» favorfo® a 50 per c ■■
reduction of saJar:** The measure w*rt
through w:th a ruah. and ttan wa* great
e*' :*.*'ion over ira aiowton. But
ta# t <-ket had be*n tnaie on and a la*r a
proportion of the delejtatea had
home, the renre#!tlor.. under the ru! tar"«
of tha rom:cee# rtruck oat the piar.k,
which of course, had becoaaa objection
able to tha offica aeekera Afterward,
wh-s Auditor Tobin was Inducted into of
fice. he was confronted with his to
retrench, and ha 4* aaid to have replsed
.n the forcible lar*u**e of tha barhartan
who was asked to Maa tha toe of a me ;:-
eval monarch: 'Fv O-d. I won't wani
any redaction.' aaii Tobin. he did not.
But at the same time bis vehemence re-
suited in a nickname, and now he U
known everywhere as *Bv G-d" Tobin.
He la the Praise God Barebonea of the
Whitman county conventions."
This same m*« frcm Spokane had sev
eral other stones about the Whitman
Populists, and tho narratives were en-
Joyed hugely by the crowd. Th« truth of
what was said was afterwarda confirmed
by inquiry. '"This convention. I see. has
declared against tha use l of railroad
pass*-*. That rem nds m* that the Whit
man Populists jumped on A. M. Wclaa,
who is urging Mayor Bell for governor,
and tried to read fc.m out of the party
the other day. The charge was that
Welsh had us«d * a railroad pass.
But while he was unable to
set up a comp.eta defense, he pointed
out a ral:ig*ting circumstance that fine
ly resulted in his going free. It was that
G:d Kent, who was one of hia mofct bitter
opponents, had used Cleveland Smith's
pass during the last suasion of the legis
lature, of which Smith was a member.
This unexpe ted move on the part of
We.sh thoroughly disconcerted his perse
cutor* and the proceedings against him
were dropped.
"Thus remands me that Kent fired a
hard shot at the froe coinage Republicans
over in Whitman the other day. They
had been talking f js.on until K. Nt got
fir»*d. All at once he broke out witlA
'Fusion, fusion' I used to be trouble*
with fusion. Bjt ore morning I diacOT
♦ red that I had the old parties all churn
ing about in my stomach, and I went
into the back yard and threw them up. I
have be«-n better ever since. You had
better stop your talk of fusion, and get
rid of the old parties.'*
Isaac Moore, the Grand Army man who
has been on the lookout for Senator
S-julre, mls.«ed his opportunity this after
noon Moore has a McKiniey button dis
played on his Grand Army badge, and as
hr walk d down I'eari street he was greet
ed by a stranger, who also wore the Grand
Army button. The stranger noticed Mr.
Moore's McKiniey buttryi and said:
"Vou still cling to the old party, I see."
"Ye*, sir," answered Mr. Moors; "that's
the only course open 10 me."
"Well I must say I cannot any longer
follow the Republicans."
"Then I am sorry," said Mr. Moore,
"that an old soldier should have reached
that determination."
From this the discussion turned to pol
itics and the two men went at each other,
figuratively speaking, hot and heavy. The
Mc Kin ley man is well posted, and he
se»med to have the better of the argu
ment, Finally the men separated, and
then one of Mr. Moore's friends stepped
up to him.
"You (t.jve It to Squire pretty heavy,
uldn't you?" he observed
"Was lhat Squire?*' exclaimed
Mr Moore. "J wish I had known It at the
Had the v«fr»n be»n fully informed
as to the id-entity of hi* companion, there
is no quoation tbat gom«»thing would hare
been said about the Squire buttons the
O A R m-n of Ellensburg have reject
ed The "re eiti-ir" at wb; 'h these but
tons *>r» to have be*n returned has not
y#t b<en held, and very likely will not
take pi ace. 8-i ire and h's frier is are
watching the veteran*. and It is said will
head rft any attempt of the kind by
keepirtff out of renoh. Mr. Moore it the
man to whom Senator Squire wrote the
•-g : .*.-b :e. ' let;er ; ibliahed in yesterday'*
The position of th» middle-of-the-road
Populists wa« ablv srd pathetically set
before th*» lppointment of the con
ference commttee by Terper.ning, the
! nd delegate from Columbia county, but
h i words feil on uawliling ears, and
twived the wt*y to R'.-hard Winaor's im
passioned speech favoring fusion. "I am
heart ard soul for the People's party."
fa;. 3 Terpenning, "and I have been In this
cause to work for principle alone. There
is mu h need of union, but to my humble
mini it se«»ms that the party, which has
been strhgftling for twenty years to se
ure rr «sr.ition. r.invot afford to sarrO"
HM cither name or principle for ofßcey
To do anything • ise is to surrender: it IS
t > r m up th# white flair. Let us make a
platform, and then let us nominate every
man upon the t? k?t to stand upon that
j form Fus,-'j» rr*ans cor; fusion. I
cannot *ee your faces nor the sentiments
<!•••• -:el on thero. n r have I the trained
mind of »«me of the ora*ors of this con
v, nt in; yet I <-in f**l that the victory is
to be for the Popul'.ftts and f v them alone.
us (to firth as o-e p-opl», under one
banner, and for (Haven** sake let us who
have sowed the s---d reap ♦h<» harvest, and
move forward united unler that baaner."
John R R era. the Payallup m«n who
wan « to he g->ver-->r but w-l! not get -ha
rocr<.-tatSon. was mixed u» in the diacus
s>n ov-r the plank in th* Populist plat
f—m re la to the use of railroad
Jle was »bs< n.t from the convention hall
when the plank flr*t taken ur, ier con
s i'rattor. but h» entered the room in
r.me m learn 'hat Thurston count r had
offer 1 an amendment. The convent on
was then 'aktn* a vote, after the previous
que*-on had been carrs«d. and on a dlvis
ton *h» coyr was male b* Hart 0 f K rs*
an ! Miller of Thttraton. When rb» result
was announced Bawn insiste-i that 'he
vo'» l*e -aken over *»vn. *« he thought
Interested partita had no rUrS? to mak*
ii# < ount He hal hi* wav anl then in
*■ *-f on making a pe--».>n%! »>* planatl >n.
but wis choked off Th* Circumstances
if * : str —*!y that Rowers hai mil#
«im of a paas tn routing to Flie-ytt urg.
srni t»s*t fie was the obte t »iny-1 at by
♦Se resolution. He is a th:',-rfs**e4, sal
low eomp exhmed m«n, with a . »ht mua
ttf-he anl when he »rn» to sr>eak there
»*re iin«* of wrath written all over his
TN* s-,!}«ser\ *ncy of the ? Jveritea to the
d PopuKsta is shown by aajr
number of incident*. The fa -? jyjit
cme to ».*">t that ttve K;r<r county Pop
«• - • rved not e en Manager Hairaa
i*;* ot rr day that isy demonstration in
t vnor of Senator Sq itre «oai4 ha duup
iwt 1 rv*psta tha fact that all arranae-
Bsenta had h*=»n [wrtKtel for a great 4;s
--p iv at tne drpot when th» senator ahouid
arrive, not• .nir waa done e*t-ept to put
bins into a carriage and have hiai dr.vea
t« the H*ti T-.e orVr for tk« hard was
etmnb -m «n becaua# the Pepuliata aaid
thev rf*. 1 n.-t approve of it, 4r.j Senator
*■:.» re has h»«n la retiretner.t ever sln-i
his arrival at*.
Th» f,-t?»w'.o« IJenaormts ire in the field
a* cand.d»tea M. U- tiodnas, sf
hi a <o«nty. ft*c ttrutanant governor, Hy
l» . " ** ramm-f. -yp -rey cf K sap
«un' 1 att >rney |»eer»i C*i* g Voor
-9t Spokane. prewt-Je.-.-Jti elector.
T v e stiver de>*%tes from King oourty
w*" i ;r a ho-dy o« Senator Sqtstra a:
•' -hack ; *Ja-< and an Mfo;mai reeevtios
w«a fe-kL Taw ttie only recagki tioa
wi*arh ha* vet £•»-• a a «or4M to u*»r senator.
»orof*» B. C»i«. »-*J n&rtauM
t»u!;ty in th» a!lTer ccmt-«nrk»n. is 1 man
a.tb a lencihy political history. He
he fir**. Vn.*ed 9'*:** dSstr*c*t c'.<- rk ':n
»re«smi after th» s:a:a w%* aJmitted into
tbo nnion. at same Time Do'rh H»s
-84, of Tacorr*. a delegat* to the Potw .st
rotmntioa. w*«i fnited SKatea marshal.
.Mr Co> was appointed Ktrtnor of Wasb
-<'on Territory by Preside ntJohnson in
'** He was aft*rwarda. in fCi apposnt
c-i poetaaaster of Portland by Prrsident
riatform Adopted, and the Confrtvnce
< ommlttre Sent Back.
Tlllonsburtr. Aug. U—Special.—The Pop
tilist state convention spent the entire
KOrr.ing and afternoon sessions dlacusstng
thep;atform. whichwas read to the conven
tion last night. The planks which cauaeii
the moat animated discussion were thoae
relating to the reduction of salaries of
, officials and condemning the oSdals for
v *ing railroad passes. Guvnor Teats, of
was the. only delegate who was
ir. favor of keeping salaries at the pre«-
e it ataadard. Ha said that after elec
tion wheat would be worth a dollar a
bjshri. and that the present salaries
would be none too high then. Several del
egates commended Mayor Pennoyer. of
' Portland, for what they termed bis sacri-
Oca in cuuing bis own salary in half.
Whilo the delegates appeare«l to be al
ri:oat unanimously in favor of the plank,
it took a two hours' discussion to settle
the matter.
There a Sons discussion over the
plank condemning the use of railroad
passes by officials. and some bitter feel
:r.g was engendered. It appeared that sev
eral of the delegate* had been accused of
riding on railroad passes. These delegates
that pa«w*» had been presented
to them. but that they had not used them.
Th* question of condemning the admin
istration of GOT. McGraw as a whole wai
brought Up, but Chairman CUne suggested
that It would be the wisest policy to con
demn specific acts of the governor, in or
cbr that the party might have material
to use In the campaign. The suggestion
of the chairman was finally adopted, and
a condemnatory resolution was incorpo
rated in the platform.
A resolution was offered favoring the
opening of tie Columbia river, but It was
withdrawn, at the suggestion of a King
county delegate. The platform was then
adopted, as follows:
lh» Populist Platform.
••We. th« representatives of the People's
k party of the state of Washington, in con
vention assembled, leafll rm our devotion
to the principled snundated at Omaha and
St. Louis, and most heartily commend
them to the favorable consideration o»
all lovers of freedom.
"Firwiy believing that the present sys
tem of representative government is in
adequate. and that it enables the few to
control the policy of the government to
The detriment of the interests of the peo
ple at large, and further believing that
no permanent relief will l>e possible until
the people can apeak more directly on laws
which they are required to obey, we de
mand that the people shall be given a
direct vote on all important legislation,
and that all officers shall be made the
servant* of the people, subject at any tlmo
to recall or dismissal, and not, as at pres
ent, the masters of those who crtaie
them. ,
• We demand the enactment into law of
the following propositions: The material
reduction of excosalve salaries of all ex
ecutive, legislative and Judicial officers,
lessened freight, passenger, telephone and
telegraphic rates within the state, the
adoption of the Torrens system of regis
tering land title*; a general system of non
interest-bearing warrants, receivable for
taxes throughout the state; that school
books be furnish.d to the people's pupils
in our public schools at the expense of th.»
state: that 1n case of sale of property un
der foreclosure decrees the debtor shall
re'ale possession of the property through
out the redemption period, and the prohi
bition of deficiency ju and that
the period of redemption shall be two
years instead of one; liberal *xempt!cn
from taxation of personal property and
improvement* in or upon ian i; that tne
next legislature shall take the necessary
legal steps to submit to the electors of trs.s
s at- to be voted upon at the next r*-g i
lar election an amendment to the state
constitution conferring the elect!\-e fran
chise upon women cltiaens of this state,
that the legislature pans a law In con
formity with our stats constitution mak
ing it a felony for any county, city or
state officer to accept or use a fahroad «■[
other transportation pass, and that i
law shall also be applicable to those who
offer such passes, and we con^™ n *'!
o'-y county and state officers who may
hav; acceded an! used such pa**a M
br travlng the trust reposed in them by
the party and aa violative of their duties
*"We * con dem n the chief executive of
this s*a'e for his 111 considered and un
!•;:? . * „ of the deficiency Judgment
b< Tand the fr-e •*t book bin. after hav
ing recommended it in hi. former mes
ylf.'T the a! f'-w o f ,h * ' l™ 1 ' ht l
Convent n took a re-ess untl. 4*> and
r. ' v hour arrived adjournment was
taken until 8 o'clock.
When the convention reconvened th«
report of the conference committee re
jecting the propositi ma by the Pemocrs
a \ « ver Republicans for fusion was
submitted. A« so-n » report was
a storm br ke out aid for two hours
the, convention listened to stirring debate
on a motion-to r< elve the report and d.s
cbarge the committee. ,
There waa no question that the Populist
conference committee had the *as ma
ioritv of the convention wr.h .hern. As
ioon as the report had »M* res,!, great
a: plaice was given for the firmness of
e congees. an 1 after a desultory dis
cussion between Raker. of Pierce, and
RHhardson. of Clallam. relative to sur
r. -Vr rg the nomination for supreme
i ..-ice Plummer. of Fpokane. de.ivered a
i.ry 'wo-minute speech "When the I>»m
--o rats ma<v us su-rh an ofer,".h- pro
.•VTM "thev forget the strength of the
People's party in this state. We are not
hi re for the purpose of trading The
fr--e «r vr Re pub! jeans are wi Sng to talk,
an.! they don't want the whole earth, I
want this committee to go back to con
ference and I want them to have power
to abandon the I>*nocras and confer
w'h the free silver Republicans "
William Headley. of Snohomlah. spoke
against anv surrender of the party nam*
Judg* Bailey, of Thurston, announced
amW gr- at cheering that he was a mid-
man. He alluded to the
«. rv of the pr*».:*a.l son, and s.ii the
ivmocrats should riot be permitted to
is Sgger back Into favor.
■*<-(•> fieid denounced any attempt to give
ep the office of supreme Justice as long
as sieek goldbugs sat on the r*nch.and
trad* unconstitutional decisions In ad
M • V iire, of S okar.e, gave a mathemat
ics demonstration of how the Popuils-s
eculd win without the help of Democratic
Forrest, of Thurston. the spokesman of
the committee, ascended the platform and
r- t 4e a d?r-ct slap at HI chard Wineor. of
K'-c b> eavtrg '-hat there were
tv,» romadttee who wer» willing to
trad" offl '** for patronage. This brought
Harker to hts feet, and he demand
; 4» ferrtst name the men. "| do oot
u'ed to name them." ex.--aimed Forrest,
• I am ar.swerabJe for what 1 aar only to
t v * riOQ'r's party and to my God,"
When Forrest ster*ped from the rostrsim
Winner, his voice trembling with indig
natioi*. rans and protested 'Judge Kor
rbe declared, "has cast Insinuations,
and "he* is not the man to mention names."
Thsre »«s a flutter of excitement, but the
chairman interfered and restored quiet lo
low degree..
The convention was high'r wrought tip
when J H. Hart, who hai bsea aroused
bT a atatejnex.: trr fleMkM that the I*«-
ocrwi# had U>suit*4 the Poo uttsts or
throW.nc down aa ultimatum, caoaed *hs
report of the casfrrsace >.oma..".iee to he
read *ga.a ai-i :ae» <ie..vcrt: .-.is
W#t UJS i»« un*a-;re4
the convention *> ihM* to the wi"v?« pal
try w, 0 * office and to put
principle above «ll e se. "Do aot alk»w
:he*e men to »r»c rs>-s at :hatr char*>t
"^•e*' l - or >ad-yva • *nahter." he an id.
"I have cotr» down •» ;hi« conver >n
with but oc.e <rt~.-*c; »r! *j«t i* to aecma
««w party ma-l for tMa 1 —TI tfci
\- ' f - \\ •• j ;.; r r*n r
vou e*nt to ;be nomitsee a te!«-
grxsr. p.edf.-f ?h« & f the state i*f
w *-*hJn*ton. r>o mij want the near* put
on the w:res tor *ht r»a' the teiecran*
was false y -he rr. ■ -if Sve minutea
Hart was t<» - » r -he 'ap of
apeaker'a *avei. but P. P. Carrol!, of
K n*. w« the #oryrno»- of half a doa«ta
who spran* ro the<r U*\ and h# yielded
hss time to Hart. The ar'-r con;jnue«l hia
a ldress. spraiiirsir with ;e utmost force.
He from all parta of tha
ho»i» as he Pteade-t that tha conference
committee be granted pienary -s>wers,
Bt, Lawrence, the biirsl rstember from
■W h:tman countv. wis *d to the rostrum,
and be answered Hart hv teiH?* of the re
cent election la Oregon, a here ha h-vi
taken part n a fusion s ampawtn **On
election day." he <ai 1. "we found tha
Democrats kriftng the Popullsta™ Ho
a~«ked them to keeo straigh- tn tho mKklia
of the road and to stan-i for the People's
party, the ;«atrlo:io people nt tha nation.
H. C. Utile, of Cfcehall*. sjvoke
to the effect that the middle-of-the-road
men were probably asking too much.
G. B. Sutton, of Spokane, t-ked the con
vention "to snck to it and send the com
mittee back to the conference."
Rader. of Kitsap, an noun.-ed himself as
one of those 'peculiar creations known as
a middle-of-the-road Populist." "But
never before," he continued, "have 1 heard
that name sneered at by men wio call
♦ hemsetvea Populists. It Is our duty to
Piace a ticket in the field that will be
elected. We do not desire to d;otate. but
we do advocate a course th«t will not en
danger the party name or the principles
of Populism."
Richard Wlnsor. after Ineffectual trials,
succeeded in gaining the fioor. He had
been working earnestly for the triumph
of t.i* principles of the populist party, he
•aid. "I have bea-n pained by this continu
ous cry of 'Stop, thief.' " he said. "Neither
party has yet approached this questldh in
the right spirit. I want to say that if
those who insinuate that there are mem
bers of this convention who are trading
for state patronage, I brand them as slan
derers. If any such ins.st by an uncom
promising attitude on tpaking a sacrifice
of party success 1 am ready to sit dow*i,
but I Ins.st that the responsibility must be
theirs." He shook his hand In the direc
tion of Thurston county. "Sit down."
calied out a voice. Winsor quickly re
torted: "I will reminl you that all your
hurrah and casting of aspersions on Popu
lists who are your equals and your peers
will not carry tha state of Washington
for Wiliiaao J. Bryan." (Great cheers.t
Guvnor Teats said he had always been
In the middle of the road, but now he saw
two children by his Side, and he felt like
helping thera along. It was not a question
of what the Populists demanded, but
what they could give. He believed In
sending tfaa conference committee back
again, with Instructions to do the best
possible for the Populist party, and if
then they were not received on equttabls
terms to spurn the Democrats forever.
Cash Monohon spoke on behalf of 1,500
voters In King county favoring union*'
Will D. Jenkins, of Whafcom. urged a
fair and reasonable conference. He caus
ed laughter by declaring himself a "mi l
dle-of-the-road fusionist." If the siato
were lost, and the old ring of Republican
ism left in the saddle, the blame would be
upon the unccmpromising members of the
The overflow of oratory had by this time
bee >me a deluge, and the convention was
be?>miug tired. Other speakers followed,
despite tho fact* that the members of the
csnferenco committee reminded the
delegates that 9 o'clock. which
was fast approaching, was the
hour to which the conferees had ad
journed. But 9 o'clock slipped by, and
Nor dyke, secretary of the committee, took
the floor to say that of all animals man
was the most peculiar, and that there had
been a most painful exhibition of that fact
tonight. "We tnust have another confer
ence." he said, "and that committee must
report again, and then we will have all
this work to do over."
Before leaving the rostrum Nordyke
moved the previous question, which was
carried, the right lo a speech going to
Robert Bridge*, of King. Bridget said ha
reposed the utmost confidence in th# con
ference committee, and he raised his
voice In favor of ttnlon. "Let us go home
to meet a common foe," he said in clos
ing. "and to down the goldbug plutocracy
in Washington." Bridges' speech was
one of the most effective of the ev«*n!ng,
and there was an enthusiastic and con
tinuous yeil as he returned to his seat.
On behalf of the committee Leigh R.
Freeman, the chairman, closed the de
bate, trespassing on the flve-minute limit
and being forced to withdraw amid vocif
erous cries of "question."
The vote was 'aken at 9:25, and resulted
in the committee being sent hack with
out Instructions. A tremendous shout
accompanied the announcement, and half
the convention was on Its feet Instantly,
feeling that the work of the day wa»
done. The convention adjourned till 9
o'clock tomorrow, with fusion apparently
further away than at any tim* during the
Conference f ommlttse nt Rack Lit-
tie El»*» A«-oom nil shed.
Ellensbvirg, Aug. 13.— Special.— The sil
ver convention did very little business to
day. It met at 8:S» this morning, but Im
mediately adjourned till th<* call of the
chairman, pending th" r» port of the con
f« i eme committee. The call w.* made
for S o'clock, but not over forty delegates
wr» In their seats. Turner, spokesman
for the committee, reported orany the in
sult, or rather the lack of rewult, of the
conference. He said the sliver Republic
an* suggested two plans: First— Division
G e the offices, Second—That the conven
tions m<*et together and vote according
to the stre' *th of the countie- He far
ther suggested tha* the *!!verltn» be giv
er. one attorney general,
lieutenant governor ami superintendent of
Instruction He out a number of prop*
©sttlons that had been s«ibm!>te*t during
the day. and laughed outright aa h"
a' the ludlcrousnes* of of the de
mands. He presented this resolution,
which was adopted:
• Tci» conference committee of Free fi't-
T , r Republicans, responding to the propo
e'• ion Of the Populist commute*.which waa
given to us. do as an ultimatum, reapect
f i'.iy ins.st that sai d proposition is unten
able and such aa thla committer can not
accept, without insisting that they accord
( h« specific offices mentioned in Its origin
al s ;gge«' on. bat insisting that If any rep
resentation la to be given to the Fr*e 8 1-
t# r of this •♦«•* It shall be
• -h «« is consistent wi'h t.-» - «'ren#-h
a-,d the dignity of their high post .oa. Th#
Free Silver Republican committee re*pe<-t
--'ully suggests that eaeti comm.ttee return
to Its convention, report progress and re
ceive further instructions
Gillespie moved that the rent Son send
a commit tea to Senator Wrjuire to Invite
b m to address the convention at a time
convenient to htm A long wrangle ea-
F *• to how It sbou.d be done Gilies
pie Moore and George W. Thompson were
Snilly named to invite him to visit and ad
dress the convention.
W H. Harris, from the committee of
lawyers, reported that he and Fs-.ha k
were the ortiy members of the committee
who bad got together, but they were of
•he opinion that a foaSett t. get couid be
le*a'iy arranged. They a.-aM furthar
TIR convention adjourned till iM tomor
row morts.ng-
The lietaoaratlc Convention.
v'e ß «burr. Aug. » - ** -Dur'r.g
• sssatfin of th* coofseers >mm. •»,
front waich ward came severe; usses dor
[..f aLf:e.-T.o©B tfcai aa agre-tnen: w«a
reached, the Damarmts pMfean ■
taa opera MOUSO and isuaosd to aa satc&d*
Ed adderaa hr j. t Korvaid. who svoka <y(
"14 to 1 and the >- r ye f "Tl" W 1 Mr.
Rooali c!cf i ~ ■ ,sf the
was rffe-iua r < .. j of by
Henre Wlisetoa,
The conferees wore s»nt ba. k.
Popallat* W»nt N«»»riv I've: > ihiivc. and
rbere 1* ltegrtc nt.
Ellenabur*. Au*, 13 —Stv . - The Dem
ocrats and Si'ver te- «• -;-e • their nr.ik
this morr,:rjt *nd *ppv •■ • ( cMifncnre
cornealtteaa *imilar to the vmrnsttee ap
pointed in the Po|>'.i.,<t c«.»nventio*» l*«i
right that ts, ctnnmiitee* composed of a
member of each <>ounty . i the state. Af
ter preHminary caucuv the cc'nm 'tees
met for conf-renca at the courihouae at
11 o'clock.
The three commit ees on conference
were as follows:
Adams coontv—WiiMam King. Pop.: H.
Hardin, IVm . )fHverit>s not rrpre>»ente«l.
Asotin—No delegates In any of tlia pai
Chehalis—E. C. little. Pop ; John J.
Carney. Dm.: sWlveritee not represented.
Clallam—A. A. Richardson. Pop ; Thom
as Maioney. Dem.. A. A. s*mtth. Silverlte.
Clarke—A. H. Ixach, Pop.. A. J. Chap
men. tv>m.: J»t!verites not represented
Columbia--A. M l*enr.-.s. Pop J. E. B«l
--miffton, Dem.; G A. Parker. Silvtri'e.
Cowlita—C. B. Knowlton, Pop.; W. A.
\Vt:!iama. l«em.; tieotgo W. Rowan. 8i»-
Douglas—J. B, Smith. Pop.; R. W. Star.
Dera.; SSilverites not represented.
Franklin—'VV B Graves* IVap.. Robert
Geary. Dem.; Silverite-s not represented.
Garfield—D. G. Noy»r. Pop.;
and Silveritea rot i.
Island—l. P. Rich. Dem.; Popuiista and
Bliverit*a not u presented.
Jefferson—R. L». Graves, Pop.: G. S.
Fowier. Dem.. Silverites not represented.
King -Richard W.nsor, Pop.; U C. Gil
man, Dem., C. G. Austin. Silverite.
Kitsap-J. E. Crawford. Pop.; James H.
Chamberlain, D»m.. Charles F, Flshback.
Kittitas—B. C. Davidson, Pop.; E. E.
Wager. Dem.; L>. H. Carey. Silvertte.
Klickitat—C. E. Rusk. Pop.; James E.
Blackburn. Dem.; Silverites not repre
Lewis— A, P. Tugwell. Pop.; J. M.
Prlnker. Dem.; Silverite* not represented
Lincoln—W. R, «V»nway, Pop.; T. M.
Cooper, t>em. W. B Turner. Silverite.
Mason—James Lane. Pop.; John Me*
Reavv, Dem.; C, G. Austin, Silverite.
Okanogan—J. W. Pop.; Frank
Reed. Dem.. Silverites not represented.
Pacific—W. H. Brumbaugh, Pop.; C. A.
Heath. Dem.; SMveritea not represented.
Pierce—F. R. Baker, Pop John Paul
Judson, Den.: A, £. Sm.th. Silverite.
San Juan—T. D. Paxson. Pop J C.
Clinton. Dem Wash C. Rutter. Suverlta
Skagit—H, Hammer. Pop.; Thomas
Smith. Dem.: Uwss Foa*. Silverite.
Skamanla—J. H. Ginder, Pop.; Demo
crats and Sllverltes not repreaented.
Snohomish—J- A. Dtvli, Fop.; W. J. Gil
lespie. D«>m ; J. <l. Frtu, SHvertt*.
Spokane— Gillette. Pop.; Thomai
Campbell. Dem.; George Turner, Sliverite.
Stevens-E. C. Nordyke. Pop.; W. li.
Ayers, lH*m ; George K. Cole, Silverlte,
Thurston H. L. Forrest, Pop.; Or.
Mitchell, Dem.; P. I>. M.»ore. Silvertte.
Wahkiakum—<3. M. Courwall.
Populists an.r Silveritea not represented.
Wtlit Walla—O. Unltoni. Pop.. W. J.
Crowley. Dem.; Ml>* C. Moore. v**rite.
Whatcom-T. J. Foley. Pop.; F. G Al
exander, Dem.; H. G. Cur>;>- Sllverfte
Whitman - ■Cleveland Smith. Pop.; Will
iam Goodyear. Dim ; D. F. Anderaon,
Sil verlte.
Yakima—-Leigh R Freeman. Pop.; 11. J.
Bnively, l>m.; T. H. Gunn, SU verlte.
Miles «\ Moore, Silver Republican from
Walla Walla, was chown chairman, and
W. C. Rutter. Stiver Republic* n from Se
attle, sclented ss wsreury. The follow-
In* propositions w<>re submit ted for ap
portioning thf offices:
Tha Populist proposition 1* as follows;
For the Populists, governor. lieutenant
governor, attorney general, two coJU?r«f«*-
men, secretary of state, two presidential
electors. and (bat the fu-lon ticket bo
celled the People's Party Democratic Sil
ver ticket. The People's* party concedes
to the Democrats and Silver men the fol
lowing: Judge of the supreme court, su
perintendent of public Instruction. treas
urer, land conunlwlowr, public printer
and two presidential electors.
The silver Republicans' proposition !a as
follows: For the PopuUsia. two electors,
governor or member of congress aecre
tary of state, treasurer, eteta auditor an i
land eoinmiss.oner. For the Demoerata,
two electors, governor or memt»cr of con
gress, supreme Judge and s'ate printer.
For the Silver Republican*, congressman,
superintendent of public Instruction, at
torney general, lieutenant governor. Th«»
Rime of the fu*on party to be the Peo
ple's Union Silver party.
The proposition ma 'e by tie Di mt
era'.s to as follows: For the I>> m<,<rats,
governor. Judge of the supri me court, at
torney general ami two preferential •lei
tors; for the Sliver Republicans, secretary
of state, treasurer, superintendent of pub
lic Instruction; for the Populists, lieuten
ant governor, auditor, printer, land corn
mianicner. two congressmen and two presi
dential electors.
The propositions wers all rejected, and
the committees prepared reports to their
respectiva convention* on their inability
to agree, and asked for further instruc
tions. Adjournment was then taken until
9 p. m.
Sllverltew* M»«ke aDeal *vitli the I'opa.
llatw for 111 vlalori of "tmrta.
KDensbtirit. A ug. 14 At t'JSI
thi* morning the vol«of the members
of the confer, nre commlttea could b»«
heard raise.! in an«ry defmie. E»1ml»ton.
of t'oiumbia. deilv--r*d a *';rrln* h
in a voire which could be heard a!t over
the court house grounds. Fr »m hi*
sj>eech It was apparent that the SUrerUes
and the Popuilsta had gottoa togethar
and divided the- spoils and left to th<>
I>emocrats tha barren crumbs. Ail that
aa* off"red to the I*-mocrats waa t»>
ejector#, the supreme judge and the atata
printer Bdmtaton wis by turns plead in*
"and denunciatory. He waa begging for
just oca eoncreesitmal nomination and
denouncing the Uiiveiites for araspinsc
that. He pointed out tha' the Bi,write*
had two candidates for th« senate, and
that the pemo.-cats wre perf» tif Wl.
ting to cow **4* that «B : * to th'-m. and
they ought not to demand tha congress
men ai#o
Slrlvely fo';owed In the **me *;ra'.n and
his sper-rn *ik
w 1«| •» e a• • w •a»sem
b>d cm i nee».-.rth « ' eard ♦r,e<#
n murium anaer w« ungovernabie.
Dick Warner praocad up and down, awear
;rr vigorously and givina out in tlw mf*st
ur.mlstakaN# term* that if the conferees
ever resumed to the I>e«nocr&tlc conven
tiT« with any su<-h proposition that bo»lv
would nominate a full state ticket if It
did not ret seventeen vo'ea in the ••ate.
\s-: Hart w «* equally rigorous In hto ei
presssona sa><ng: "The A. P. A a in the
Populist and Free Silver parties had aot
ten and are throwin* us down."
■aas one e*r»r*s*lon. Among stner ratoarka
*e? out with ptcturesque profanity he da
o4are.l that &t»ively promise tha frea
coin*** men th»- i nl'.d State* sanater
*hlp but i&ey could never deUver th<»
goo-is with tb. he pof Klrtr ow.nty "Nor
with that of F-wromish." .d Dick t\*r
n^r "Mor with ps*-rre," a Ta'oma
delegate The ["mocrata on tha ground
are all perfectly wv,4 with ra«« ovar the
manner in whim th* P» puhsts and Frea
gi'ver men are titr.iw •»* »aew» down.
The Democratic convantKm reconvened
at midnicDt and adjouroad till * * totnor.
rtiw nM#minc.
At 2"** tb'* oommiltaa has
uot aijoome-l. Taa d str.:.at. n of ol ra
m> far acreel on prov»<;<» for tha Delto
rrmt# .., rrcejve one e*»ngreaa®ar». su
preme jud«* and »ta:e primar. The Si -
verlt-a gat tha afomey genera: and *«-
iiiSlTiandm' of pubCic instrurtlcna. Tha
are naw fight.r«r wltn lbe F'ui O
lista to get tha othar congr»aaer.a«. The
Papaiiata gat ail the »r*t. MotiPia to al
- »av« t*en votad down, twica la lha
lasi ha.* haar*
Hundreds of Veterans Call on
Their Old Comrade.
Dwelling on the lUptf Pasting Awajt
of the Heroes of i861«6o.
D!wppMrM(<«rof S«ctlon>l!tn and Alt*
t»rur?w In H<>o»nt fm»>rv»«
tlon of the Nulloiml Il0u«r!»lll (MU
for the Kflbrti of TboM Who G*\«
Their Hlood a ueneratlen A<*>
Canton. 0.. Aug. I*.—Tin* eurvivere
the one Hundred and regimeJn,
oaio volunteer infantry, who haw iw-O
holding their .mmi*; reunion at
arrived in Can ten iHis * demean te |tt«(
t'amrsJf JloKmlrf, IjrmgHVg Otelr Wvf «•
end OiuMrf# with ;heh», Mr*. Majorfile-
K;aJr> Tent Nix. I, IHulMk* ot Vc(»r*M,
of \ia**ilten. le4 them The cfc-
Uor* altogether neatly «6*. They
awaited tha appearance i>{ Qov. Mc Kin ley
on the front perch of hi* reai *n|
* hen he stepped out Uir« cheeV* J** 6 *
g.ven with * hearty will. Oet. WfntaJu
Monohan. of Tour.getewn. mn? I«y*r4
on 4 m.>Je * striking addreea. tVheri (Jor.
McKinley started te respond <o* cli«n»|
was renewed. Hit addrtae *%• aa fdl»
"Comrade Monehan and <M* mbere gftkA„
Ore Hundred end Fourth Oiil* H4|Mkui
I itwjre you that It afford* me rauofc
pleasure to meet and gree J w> old
a ten of the <M*ls war her* h* »#r ho«i f. n
1* indeed a KMt gracious ictloft on Jpfluf
j»art to make this call. foiloWln* Ww re*
union in the neighboring <?rty el MOeMMjfc.
and I am (UJ to knoar that *ou continue
annually to hold your reunion*. Thet* la,
however, always a sad eld® te theae meat
intra of old soldier*. for at every recurring
mating every roll call that 1* had dle
doaes that one and another of your nwm
ber* who met with you the preceding .year
la not present to an< when hie name te
called, and every year remind* u» that
death la marching through our rank*.
The survlTor* of the war numlur leea than
a million, and yet there were enrolled
2.Wto,rtort men who w*»re willing to dedicate ;
their lives to the country. (Cheera.)
"We are now thirty-flee year* from the
beginning of the war. and thtrty-oaa or
more from lte oi©*e. Tha blttr-Mtea* of the
war has long since disappeared. Tha re
sentments have gone out of the hetorta of
the old soldiers and the people who aup
pprted them in that great conflict on bofta
side*. Incidents occurred laet year
throughout the country. Inddente of gTeat
significance, which brought to every patri
otic clti**n special gratification. I refer
to the meeting of the Grand Army of the
Republic in the city of LouUvlUe (ap
plause), where, with their boundleea and
prodigal hospitality the citliene of that
city in the South Invited the veteran* t»
thrir home. You could not have heen
more genaroualy treated In any city of
the North than you were In (he city of
I.ouiaville. on the other elde of tha rl»er.
Then at Ohlckamamra, where tha govern
ment of the Vnlted ®tafe» haa dedicated
that sacred ft eld as a national park, the
cx-I T nlon soldier* and e*-Oo»federate sol
diers who yeara tx*for* had fought In dead
ly conflict, the one agalnet the other, met
and with fraternal feeling* marked the
place* wh*r« their respective comrade*
fought and f*l\ and con*e« rated the hU
torlft battleflekl as a memorial to the
Union forever and forever more, (flreat
cheers.) And then a few days later, in
the city of Atlanta, the boya in blua and
the boya In «ray (applause) met and talked
over their battle* once mr>rs» after pledge
In* tli-'lr united loyalty In the future to
the rovernment of the United State* and
the preservation of ths honor of our flag.
(Great applause.) Sectionalism haa River
place to national spirit, and natnmtam
him smothered the asperities of war, whlla
the preservation of the national honor oon
atttutM the great aim and pttrpoae of all
patriotic American cltlxcna. (Loud ap
"It Is not, my fellow comrades, what wa
aay of you. as Mr. Lincoln put It at G«t
tysburg; It Is what you did which will live.
You hive givn to yourselves a great
name, and to your children a rich legacy,
because you served In the holieat causa
In which mankind «*vcr enasgwl—tho causa
of freedom and of dvtliaatltm. a c.itw«
which ha* done so mw*i for mankind ev
try where. fCTher-r* > What we want tt»
do now I* to take care of the future. Ton
cannot upbraid yourselves for any lark
of patriotism In the paat. The future la
nnw our trust and In our keeping. and
|»-t u* see to It that the government which
was preserved through your valor and
■Mrtiftce and the million* of your mm
rile* *hall be preserved forever (tr*iw»«-
dona applause); preserved not only to tha
present. but to thosa who ara to coma
T thank von. my comrades, for tha
w-.rm f< nd eloquent eipresslotia of K««vi
will «P"k<-n by your chairman. Hi* trib
ute move* me deeply. I know something
of the services of the old One Ituodred
and Fourth Ohio In war. and I know some
thin* of your service a* clti*eoa in paace
for I Mb've I hat this entlra re*hm«s»t
came from the e<*mlU* which for ye*rs
constituted the congressional district
which by your partiality I had thehonor
*o lon* to reprint. Stark <
Summit and Portag. countl** fnrnb*
th« hrave men wht se nam*, are *>'»« ™
the honor roll of your lknow
i»)*ny <* your
b*for* me many famlltar face* wbosa
8r „,.n,., hn> calls Up many pb-a**nt
memories of the past. I know
and <1 s-11 n*uished colonel
,b »r. brave Col. Wlsy. <■ I M>
gfjaj to welcome you here, and I shall ba
I !;i to m. er each one o' you personally,
llTd I am c-rtaln Mr- M-Ktnfy wttl ba
Bi««e4sd to m*et the lad!**
El!r*ed with the One Hundrsd and Fourth
Ohio." (Great applause)
>t the conclusion of tha governot'a
aceer-b Miss Bertha Martin. of Maasil
Vo 1 Dau*hter* of Veterana, spoke brtaf
ir Ms J. M' Kinley responded by welcom
,t young women, and Invited them,
S the other Indie* In the party
to visit Mrs. who wna aaatsd
W MaT MckSS addressed a reunion of
tie Third Ohio Independent h -'ry tfcta
afternoon. Tha msetlng* are held on tho
IJrn of Opt W. n. Williams' home.
n-vHand avenue, who is tha pre*.
th* retjrdon ore ,n'**Mon. every
oil! William* printed to Ma 4.
ilrK-nl-y a beautlf.il tribtrta «o his br»«
; r y Wlt>.
I, r Ma J M Kirsley re*pot»lM with a few
remark* referring to tha wnrk of the bat-
, (rt VI ksburg spsalrtng of
!hl nri.etesa friit'* of the war, aasd
he h*l rr ; ,re4y ealled Upon loVt»atla« *» *
frilow titigen and old romra 1».
Th« W wirtlo* K«*»»ublt«»0*.
rhevenne Wyo . A »*. XJ-~Tha .rata Ra.
V vb*c*n ,-o- v»ntton was callad to order at
WoVitk mors lag. but tha
ZJZ,Lr -e was not ready to r«**>rt. Tha
m Z*y ;U « airraid upon U-t alght *M
to t»e «»dI an-
w»* h«- d, K«-«enator
h*d m. *e*t .r. the convention, and was pre.
paid t-. make a flgM for the <t.
i' , n/ . ui r,t*n*. Th« coavent'on «4Ja »mt4
wniil 1] a'ciock, ard than until S efctotk.
wnen rha reooiation* c on»mJtt« was
Tl»e pta'form indorses protec
ik>n M.-Kiniay and HoOart,
the ststa atoiniatratloo The tnAnn*4
V, if.k raads u foliowa: M'e favor tha
jrsH* cat nag* of *aid and ailv«r ino aUod'
a rl ■*«>*/ aa expn»«#e.s in our former
yiAtfonM, vadts such i*i>a»a.ioo t# JEH|

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