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I |o* of the Qnettioas for
Woald-be Teachers.
Bssrd-Ths ■—at or
AMgrterly examination of eandldatea
ooaflty tcsicners' certifies tes :t in pro
ju the C3»ntral school. If began yeo-
S. »om!ng «t » o'clock, and wtll end
Tflgtordsv af;ernoon The eaamina* on
Sagigg eonducted by Prof. C. A. Taylor,
2Lj£ £. R and County Suporin-
II J. V Laybue. Home aey«nty-ftvo
are taking tho examination for
EL gtcond and third grade certlflcotea.
m/gt of them are ladies, and th»y rang#
tag) t7 to 46 years of agt. Some seemed
M b» ab!<? to answer the aueatiooa with
to others It waa the hardest kind
#f hard labor. The examination for second
o«| third grade certificates wlil occupy tho
- Z|| t«o days while thos* who aspire to
gMt grade certificates will have to aoawor
-g§iu during three days,
fallowing are some of the questions snb
on theory and practice of teaching:
puimi offsets of (a) the condttkm of
fljfkedy on the mind, tb) the condition of
Z mlmi on the body
Define eoaselotisr.ess and attention.
Hit nav ptiplic be trained to observe
#si"Kir and acuratelr*
«#o should spelling bs taught?
Name thrse artlflCal school incoattvoa
■ksoid artiUclal incentivsa over be used?
jf jc wberi snd haw?
Vitat obieci* do you oeek to attain in
Mslshtng s pupil?
Sfbst is mean? br a oour## of study?
Whs* are the principal obstacle# in the
oar of enforcing a course of study in the
rsral schools?
KM* three prominent educators ongag
tf to eblid-study Investigations, and etste
obet particular line of work has been fol
isvstf by ssr!j.
ihgw some modern educational lnno-
HHtnr which you would class aa "fads."
sad state why you ao class each of them
Otfe a brief aynopsla of "The Evolu
tsast of Dodd."
Wkst did the Rontana do for tho cause
M ssoeral education?
(fit? a brief account of Froebel and his
stooationa: work.
B«s art some auostlons in grammar
which the aspirania wers called upon to
Write sentences rontalning the follow
aworU# correctly »iaed: Seal, cell; fare,
; m.intel. mantis; canvas, canvass,
■tan, iwtto.
Write ihe ?»r3gr#sslve singular of each of
tbt folk'#in*; Fly. knife, ox. wolf, child.
J.jrw. be, she. It.
What is « phrase? A clause? Show that
• 9brase or a clause may perform the
•set* offlos In a sentence that an adjec
tive does .
Write sentences In which (a) the sub-
Jtrt. ft) the object complement, <c> tho
iltrlbute complement, and (d) an oppoal
tlrs modifier shall etch be modified or an
gttectivs phra#f .
tbs classes of participle# Illustrate tho
me of sach clas# in a sentence.
Wrtk a sentence containing a direct
Quotation, and change It so that the quo
tation shall be omr Indirect. Let both
•tnteaces be declarative.
Dtetlhgiilsh bet#fen the verhe He snd
lay. (1) a* to meaning (?) as to claaa. Use
!■ a sentence one of these vsrbs in the
evt voire. Indicstive mode, preaent
, third pernor, singular number.
Aaalyae or dlsgram:
Between the dark and the daylight.
Wbsn the night Is beginning to lower.
Coots* s pause In the day's occupations
That Is known as the children's hour.
Change the above stanaa to proae in the
■atural order
fans the italicised words (dark. when,
ts lower, that, hour) In full.
Here are a fsw problems in arithmetic
which puaaled some of the aspirant# yes
Questions and definitions—What la true
Writs the rule for Uridine ths present
What to a draft?
What It a bond*
What is a mortgage?
What Is a complex ratio?
What Is a mean proportional between
two numbrrs
What Is the metric syatem of weights
and meaturea?
Writs ths table of length in the metric
Writs the rule for finding the area of a
Mental problems—The sum of two num
ber* Is & their iJ!ff«rence Is •; And tho
A boy bought some peaches for three
ttnts each: hart be paid S cents each they
•told have oost 40 cents more: how many
#l* he buy?
Mow far may one ride in a stsge making
I mile# an hour, that he may walk back
ft three miles an hour, snd be gone but
• hours?
V IS rards of cloth cost $* 1-6. what will
• M yards co#t?
When gold is af WIS. what is ths value
» fiO rreenback?
nrltten prohlem*-To the aum of the
»l«re# add the sum of the cubes of tho
numbers *. jj. 18. 14 is
Tbs long!rude of Constantinople I# > de
*tees 9 minutes east. It I# # hours * mln
stts U seconds s m at Jerusalem when it
si ll Constsntinopls; find ths longituds
•f Jerusalem
The Hoor of a room, tl feet 4 Inches tn
length, contain# H square yard# ? squsre
l*t Tl squars Inches: what is Its breadth?
If W herees sst 7 bushels 3 pecks of oata
g 7 <sys (si bow much will 14 horses eat
® ten days? OS) how many horses will
jit » bushels S pecks In » days? (c> how
■gf Wltl * bushels 1 pe~k last nine horaes?
nte tru# dit.«r"int on s sum of money
«{♦ vear# ha no# at & per cent, ts |"»? 7S;
•J*' l» the simple Interest on the ssme
*» .or ths same time and rate?
Mra. DeoUer Wants the» Family Homo
et'ad Pls«Mis<d or.
THa unusual are>-taole of a mother sralne
w «on wts yesterday wb«n
Sidney I>eoker sued Goorge S!d
--®f Y the superior oourt In the eom-
4fr« TV'ker that on April
b. Wl. she marrle.l George Sidney, who
on <Vtov, r if US. The fruit of the
Mtfan wa« cne aon. OeOrge STrtney, D»»n
the of George Sidney, sr , the
Falntlff and h»r .v.ssband arqufred lot 1
w*fk 4. of D S Mavnard** plat to the
nf Seattle At the time of hi* death
th» property was worth f** The onty
"♦•ta-st-law were the plaintiff and her
•4" T*>» place has heen ttaed aa a h«->m»-
b' 1 plain- ft and her son the
jy* p ' husbar l The p'alnt'ff and
wrre each the ownera of an un
oh"ded nne-half of the property at the
U®* 4f George ?;dnev ar a. doath
®BApr:i *. plaintiff married H B
gnd is now Ms wife. The plaintiff
laok p>«se»aton of the property, pn 1 the
JM«*. btt'lt ho ;eee and made lmprove
•*«'s te the va!'.ie of 33.4*4 The property
be dHI V 1 wltho-it Injury to tfc* !n-
J*»»:a of the p'alntlff and defendant. Mra.
****ker therefore aaks that an aooountt ng
"•Sad between the plaintiff and defendant
the amjuit of the Improve-
p;a,«w< by her on the prop
and the be decreed a
SPECIAL. rt r ßN*mnuE
N>w York
'■*« M H, *• A*», »• !*• *♦"
hi J£T* ?? Proptrrj that the pro*~r- y
wt * "»* ■«** £2*s
******* * *** «*• *•*«• <* the :a r t .
"*»**• •** «*•* the halaae* Of -fee «w*ier
divided fcetw*«s ta« 9tetetL«r
and her son. the W—iaii
Ob' 7 a ffM »t/»r|[,
rr'ti *»« <n the rftrJi
***»*rday ef?er»oo« w«r« th# V>«r* a*
hlB •»««•£!! *1
m_ la hi# nor® *» not worm
ninlr. r r ; , w> * wn t0 "* r <**' yo« are nm
*• Willi |7I tr<)frJh *# sr(V b% ,
"a 2?tsrs r ( 2rvr w '^
'rf *■•' •"« ~ H»?M?
SS ■" ""* M ■>
n^isrsiss ->-
•om# of fh* f&wlm in th# s+at*
ru"r,s usssr
! * «*■«* *o
Vsn Mwoni hirfloMd.
WUHani Van Wafer# «u p.nJw-4 Ny
Oo* McOraw W#dr.wUy. aiwl he now
tn» Mir m frw . Lmm
t«mb#r \&a Wt!«n w&a of
stoahac a trunk frnrn toe Northern P»-
depot by means af a rwlteiMO check
H* sppoat«d tbo coso and whlie stiU a
Priaonor at tho county Jail aao allowed
MM* prhrlteg» of g&tng o«t and trying to
ftna *350 bonds. White tn puronlt of tbi«
Bi aoton he took French leave one day,
and f auoorf sharp criticlofm to fall on tho
county offlctkis. Pln.ttty a ben;?h warrant
wa» tooued for bio arrest and be was at
last apprehended Falling to raise hi#
bond# ho wont to lati to #ors«- out his umo
of eighty-four days He had *«rve*l etg.uy
'hree days when ptrdoosd yesterday,
thereby sacaptog ooiy one day of his sen
Wf-aver Muct Itai*#- the Mnoey.
In the divorce case of Edith Weaver v«.
Flmmeoo R. Weaver, the latter waa di
rected by Judgs lium.ee yeeterday to pay
1150 to his wife, to enabie her to prepare
ner suit for trial. If the money is not
oaid within three days execution will is
sue and his property be sold to obtain the
eum. Weaver la living in Asotin county.
Waah.. and failed to appear and show
cause why he should not give his w:fs
money with which to carry on ber oust
when ordered to do 00 by the court.
t ourt hate*.
A licenae to wed waa yss'erday issued
to Oermar. kf. Rouse, of Seattle, and So
phia Norton, of Lacom. lit.
Judge Langley yesterday appointed
George K CoryeU administrator of the es
tate of Henry Robtnas. deceased. Rob
tuna died la Stellacoom on July M lasu
and left sn estate va oed at K&>.
Judgs Langley yesterday made an order
confirming the sale of the plant of th* Al
len Priming Company, which ws# #-4 d to
satlafy the creditors. The only bid. I 314.
waa made by the N H. Richmond I »per
Company, and the aaie waa confirmed.
The plant coat the Alien J'r.nt.u* Com
pany K. 00&.
John Maloney filed s petition wtth Judge
Langley yeaterday asking for tetters of an
ministration of the estate of Thomas Pen
dergast. deceased Petitioner is one of tbs
principal creditors of the estate, and
claims that ths heirs, who reside in Win
n;peg, Manitoba, have failed to apply for
letters of administration.
J. D. Riley, a general merchant of Shel
ton. is at tne Butler.
J. F. Hart, a mill man of Everett, is a
guest at the Northern.
E. B. McCord and wife, of Falrhaven. are
quartered at the Sutler.
K. O. Wilder*, a merchant of Hamilton.
Is registered at the Northern.
Miss Mollie Barrett, of Port Baleksley,
la in the city, and is at ths Diiler.
Bent Wiggins, of the Port Gamble Mill
Company, is a guest at the Butler.
Capt. H. Mdntyre. a prominent cannery
man of Alaska, ts registered at the North
R. T. Ward, manager of the Horsefly
hydraulic mine. Brltlso Columbia, la at
the Butler
Walter Crockett, of Coupevllle. Is at the
Diiler, He is on his way home from Har
rison Hot Springs.
J. H Richardson, railway super
intendent. with hea-inuarters at Portland,
was in the cay yesterday.
T. R. Fleming, formerly a mill man of
this ctty, but now lo'-ated at Falrhaven,
Is a guest at ths Northern.
fkorge O. McNamara. postmaster of
Port Town#end. and L. R Heatings, of
Port Townsend. are at the Butler.
M. Earles. of the Seattle Ix»*glr,g Com
pany. is spending a few aerks at Tort
Cresv-ent for the benefit of his health.
Fremont Morse. Homer P. Ritter. Fred
A. Voun* and Owen B French, of the
United States coast survey, are guests at
the Ralnier-Orand. V
Henry Cowle#. a large dealer In Isme r»nd
cement of San KrancT»co, ws# In the city
yesterdaji afternoon, and left in the even
ing for Roche Harbor.
W E. Parkinson, sheriff of Skagit coun
ty. is at the t»U!er on his wsv home fern
Chehalls. where he went to consign an in
corrigible boy to the reform school.
J. W. Krwin and J C F Oordon. poatal
laspectsrs. are at the Butler They have
been at Port Townsend and Anacortes on
off Vial business, and art now on their way
C W. Sumoaera. a prominent banker and
merchant of Fairfield. 111., is in the city,
and ia registered at the Occkbntal He
will start for Aliaka on the Wllla pa on
Carl H J. flto'.'enberi; will entertain In
this el'y for two months his mofii-r.
Mrs. U Stoltenber*. and aister. M;*» Ella
Stoitenber* if Lot Atusclea, who arrived
here yeaterday.
Ree. H<-nry L. Badler. wh-> » In charge
of the Kplaeopal mlaalorxry Jurudl -tloa of
Aoacori«a. at rived in the cltr resterda?
to attend the hmeral of Whltrfleld Brooke
He la re*satere»! at tl»« Dtlier.
Commander J C. Mororg, who waa s .o
eeed<»d as comnvar, Vant of trte P>rt or
chard naval by PommenVr Whlt
tr.g. was m the o4tr yes erdar. a.-*or- «-
Bted br kls wife Mr and Mrs Moron*
leave on the '.Vaiia Waila tomorrow for
B*-> Francisco.
C \V Smiih. llb-arlan of th» publlo
l'krarr l#f* Wsdnewki* night fnr the F-eat
to attend tb" rational of the
American library xssnctation at C>v>
Urd Mr. Smith will r-ake a careful in
spection of the JPastorn : 'marlew.
w»th the object In view of Increasing the
effir.en.ry of the local Inst -ut on.
K B Shuefr. of Wa»h ng??n C"v a
m• mbrr ef the I'nlin! »a 'a f»"-»try
r*« sterol the ither mem*»era
commi.swn .1 the Ua
last evening The m-mhers of the eora
m «sion left him at ' h * S£*Jl ,2f _
Ouds on Mo dar eo that he might wi.h
•wo friends make the a*"*"*®*
Kslater aavort was aucceaafally ac
««pllshed without a llsftap.
j t rm-hine of I'a'isns.
Rome. A*.'« The
recalling the lyachla* of lasers at New
Or'e«ns io **#l and reterr.ng to the lynch
ing tn 1-owletan* of ItaHans em S*undiy
la't • rr*« the Italian p»?tmm«t to cell
»t»e "a'"entton of the F.uropeen powers to
erra«4f pvsHl« n of tn
Amcr'ca and to prcnaote the collective
s. tlon of the ppw*ra
The Don Chie htotte way* that a repe 1-
t'on ef the horribie esrea* the
Ma:un goverrrment to demand aattafac
ton In or*er to prevent the nf
Other rountrt** from tolerattng attacks
upon Itwllans
taiclile of a Tenor airws^r
New York Av.g VJ Frs-k Fa'nrworth
Barnsrd. a<red C. a tenor weM
known in tkvatrtcal eowmltted eu-
V e«tee<t!*y by ahoottngr htieeetj In t?*e
right temp'* *««>* * revolver la Denr-i»
Thorns'. Homaet^f^cowW
ette He wae the of
rotarr Barnard, of the tadteMpoOa Board
Hs r-,r -'tee- , s o
„ k divorce, and aooo * f?#r *** ?* r "
1* ihe late Senator M -Pory-
Ild. known as "fid Aedd e
it t*e r«Q3Mt of «*2T «" : V
' *t c »»"«•'«;» f J
».n *** V-W/
S-iXTS- **■ *** f " r trmi,oa <*-
tc<* 0« tr.«*r»rt.
For th* Coß«tri(tioi of the
Bietele Cinder Path.
Thore win Bo • ijMm T-M of Am»t«v
MMI Fi iHaartuual Emits, tad It
Will ILe t Biff lhJn«.
At a «•-•♦••!}» of the Queen City Cj*r!e
4*.i W»(!r<M.-taT evening. tb« mb
tra-; far the b -y*-ie p«'h. the # heme of
which wae guutabed :» fuj two week# ego
SIS -*e fSat-l*tsiu*°-ncer. was let to C. J.
Ertckaoo for *?*» The other bidders w*re
Surmi A <eoe:a. tSKX «ftj A. J Beum
girtrer. tm.
Th« correct we# for the r"*?tog only.
er.-t the additional money to cfcra;le-.e t£e
path. which co« 4 »w>:>;atew rtsVr n* aftd
ro..jjf. » i; o« re »*<i. it ts expec'e-1. by *
b*g sum: to be held IB thJg city
oe la'oot day. S* .ensber 7. th*: will bo
th* bee rfcing of the k;ad err a'tetrptel
north of Ben Frenefe. o It w'Jl cent prise
a long u»: af amateur asd prof*#a.onal
ever.ta. with er!iM »h*j will eccoura** a
:}•*?«: «strr of ;h* boot riiora on th* Pa
c.flc coa*t. A comrc iiM crtntitf.ics of
*'•*» J- A- Fareha&d. W B Tafi.
Chanoo T«»« wti P W Raribut. *a* ap
fointoil to reak# th« a.*a£ccm«cts for tbo
ro«ot. aal the ootMn»« have airealr b*«n
Th» boord of work* *»•
a«; 0:5 l*y t,f tho letting- of tho
and Mr. IJTTI«, •otrjiifni'iMJt of
will jto OT«r tho proposed rou.o
flaturtlay anl t<v«-e tb» path a~cor4 r.g
to the »(-h»n c bT the dub at tho
time ft* wnion ram# befnr* tfe« rouncti.
Aaoinor cr.at;*r that i* of <rc«in< in
toraat to cy«*.«r* Is th« rotnlos ncarssoa
to f*..o ar<i tbo Ar*un roal
*•*"0 that occur# on Au*us: fT. The an
»»o»anr*m*n: of tho time of l*av;r>g hao
a:roa.l7 p«K,#h*<J. and It Is tfco In
ter ion of the proloctors to arrtvo »o as
to allow tb« e« uratoalots an hour or mori
at tho fal.s far after which tho
araacernents for tho ro*d raco wUJ bo put
into effect.
Th» wh*e!n,en w?!l b* stared * tt
from Hedirond. about wventMa m.ie*.
The roads from 'hat poir.t t« the town of
JlMmond *r* tattd to b* in tine condition
•lid to poMrM the rtqusrtmtnu n*c«asary
to make th» rac* a good one Ther* ;s
J«*t d.versr.y enough Vn the charscterta
t.-» of the road to bring out th« quaU:y
of riders. and as th»* entr.«• stipulate that
the race )• f :.r novice* and that bo person
wiU be qualified to w»n prut* who haa
ever won a road rac* before. ?ha like.l
bood is that there wiil ba a large r.umtwr
mho wtli try for the pr.*»-s oSeied. Tba
flr*t pnxc offered us for a iU> stilt or over
coat, offerad by Julia* JUie.»he;mer; the
aacoikl la by tba Ding iey-Hardwick Coci-
J»*ny of a line «>.lt bamboo pole n&.J
tba third pnae is offered by ihs Oiot a
Wall Taper Company. and ia either a pic
ture of McK;nley ,n a gold frame or
Bryan in a mlver frame, and the (our;a
prige ia a year's sabs- rijulon to the Argua.
Th« train tim«* has beta mo *rai;ged th.it
it wiU be at Kaimoni at the ftcUh of the
race and wtli give tSe s«ow*st rider t.n.a
to make the run. The bikers will ba
picked up then and returned to the city.
U»t of lbs Winner* ia thw JMay on the
First Two liars.
Tarvima. Aur. 13 —The Ta uma Tennis
i ijb began i s sixth annual tournament
yaaterday for the championship of the
Pacific Northwest, under the most favor
able cirmmstanoea. Ail the leading play
ers of Britiah Columbia and th* North
west are entered, and some splendid ten
nis is promised before the final* are
reached on Saturday. Summary of
matches played yesterday:
Men's s;;,gifs. preliminary round—P. J.
Franaioli Hyde. K «-J. «-l; Ang<-1
beat Harvey. *-2» *-*. Mil beat
by default.
First round—Hurd beat Punsmulr. «-n,
6-1. T. Fransloll heat Remington, $-4, &-J.
lA>ng» won fr mh Kin* by default;
Sternberg beat Oamble. «-3. «M: Bull beat
Martin, i-4, «-l, «-9. An?«»l beat P. J.
Fransloll. 1-«. ii-4. Hilton beat Care
tens. H 8-4; Cv!e b«;at Jack Browne. 8-4,
!-A H, PeJiey beat Purdon, 6-1. 4-4. 4-1;
niillaon beat Breese. -7; Combe beat
I>eekens, 4-0, 4-1; And> reon beat G. A.
Broarne. *-i. €-2,
Second round -Hard beat T FrauKril,
4-1, f-2; Combe beat Andtrson, 4-4.
M«i'i dou 1> lea. pqpl'.m.'nary round—lx>rig#»
and Comb« beat H.xrvey and Gamble, 4-1,
8-2. Angel and Ttdroarah t*at P. J. and
T Fransloll. 3-4. €-2, 4-2; Dunsmulr and
Pooley be it Cole and partner by default;
Carstena an.] GlHleon i«?feated O. A. and
J. Browrif, t-J, <4
Indies' single*. preliminary round—Mies
Riley boa: Msss K*»>wn, 3-4. 4-1. 4-0. Mi*s
Rlggs beat Mr*. Ho well, f-9, (-4.
First round—Ml** Kershaw defeated
Mrs. Burton, 4-4, 4-3% R'.ggs beat If lag
<'"heal, 4-1. 4-2: !!:>< Goward Neat Mrs.
Uni'qr. 4-8. «-l
J.adiea' doubles. preliminary round—Mint
Rlggs and Mill Kershaw beat Mra I.*ng
ley and Misa Seymour. 4-3. 4-1; Mrs Bur
ton and Miss Goward beat Mis* Keoen
and MIM Remington, 4-4. 4-«. 4-1
Toadies' and double*, prelim
inary round- Mrs How,»U and Mr. H;jrd
beat Mist Cheal and Mr. Htltoo, 4-0. 4-2
Firat round—Miss Gosrard arid Mr.
Cnmhe brat Mies Remington anJ Mr. Gll-
IJeon. 4-1. 4-1.
Folio w-.g i» a sum-nary of matches
played today:
Men's singles—Hilton defeated Cole, 4-4.
4-2 Card defeated WTiIJH, «-!, 4-4; Ar.gel
defeated Hull. 4-4. *-*, 4-4: Foulk»s <l«f» <t
ed Reed. 4-0. 4-0. Card defeated TldmaJ-h.
2-4. 4-1, 4-1; -darah defeated PrW»r. 4-3,
4-4; Peily defeated GUHaon. 4-4. 4-:*;
Foulk** defeated Alnsworth. 4-4, 4-1;
Foalkea defea-ed HOL €-4. 4-1; Lcrga de
feated Sternberg, 4-3. 4-4; Hard defeated
Card. 4-3. 4-3. Pelly defea'ed Combe, 4-1.
4-3 Lorge A*ge!. 4-1, 4-4. 4-4.
Fteuikeo defeated Hlttto, 4-t, 2-4, 4-t
M*n'a do.sbl** —White and Bull defeat
ed Oole and Prior. 44. «-». Hard and PeHy
defeated Sternberg and Anderson, 4-4. 4-1;
Gilllton anl Careter* defeated Dunsm ;lr
and Pooley. 4-4, 4-1. Longre an l Combe de
feased Hilton and Remington. 4-1, 4-3.
Foulk'* and Oard d^f^st<s* Wh!'» and
Bijfi, 4-1, f-0. and Hurt d'faa'.ad Aa
gel and Tld®*J*h, 4-1. 4-2.
Mixed double*—M'.s» K*o»n and Mr.
Hill d'fea'ed Mra. Uangiey ar.l M- Card.
4-3, 4-1. Mise Kershaw and Mr B1 !e
--fented MU»s Dunsm *tr and Mr. Longe <-A
4 5 Ms Rir'os and Mr Fmikes
ed Vt'«« R»v and Mr P»'v 1A 4-2. <~4;
M'sa Kerens* and Mr Bull d»?»:i*»d Mr.
fVjnsmulr and partner bv default.
tjiii'V «*n«le#—M'-» R *»* Vf»ate3
\f o<?ward. «-l 4-3; M** Ri>v
M'«* Remington. 4-1. 4-4; Mia* Xletrdikgtoti
ted MfM Donamatr hy default.
double#~M -** P'eg* and M «a
Kerala* defeated Miae ft»;ey ac 1 Mrs
T|«well. 4-1 4-4; Mra Burton and M *s
i «»*.-ate4 "M'.at Chrai an 1 Miss Pad
do-k. *-0 *-4.
T+it ** • »•- *a ft "• 1* *•*-*». a- * ,v .» tr.t-r
--# s. keep* «P * A -»»dy
it is' asaared that the toamameat will be
m ||M Kerekaw. * -••» hoida th«
<"ip. w- I n ~et M*e fl. »y
« ijj i ' ssna»ea. Tba ftt>ala w;w ba
played of? fcrtoT-T
THK CI eVEI <>" D REfii fTA.
(ana«ll*n Yaohta \+ry F<».«t of
•ttMun Tartt*.
Oe re lard, Aug 11—A splendid aa;!!nc
brveae made tke resratta »v»r;» today
eery tr.u-.-H of a ruiveee. deeptte the fact
tna; »ea wsa a rnfte too
f»st um" Tke four r*c*» (fcshedaiad f.-r
today -*sr* »9. it a {4u;oa to a ra»-e he.
tmm*- 'ha 4t? W>.en. of r anl
t!>» Beiutrer of Paf* o. two #» ** b*n:-
and Rr fr> • ■ *r»«m
»-*oh*a thaa - oa
•He ■••sfcard It* achoener •• ■ r
k >k. f air utr»•'* » j r» »it «-
«!l*. Ot h : Jt <W» th# AtlUtit
A *u>dp i» <h» ?';r*.
Hit | ;V* <> •«* 1»f «»f 7 S • r
«m ia rmffiac Hut u:«r*<l oat
tcrnp mascot to the PrtscHla.
era had made preparmttana tor tha eon >*t-
Tbe Pr*se.i.a wan ia 3 •JS. the oo.n*f sw
ing tw«nqr-ane fßiies. The Vtswiw, *
r*hvr*jro, the ehaUengsr that will **** *_-•
which Eife bain to ireet her *® r
the s»teroa'.'3mai champtanAlp of the
great lakes, shewed her fine w -
the Bh.utJ.B4m* at fcec crew tn the 5-foot
eiasa. The Caaadmns decaooatra'.sd 1 ■'*
(K! that tfcey ar« fine Bailor* » c « r *
«r »edy yachts, and they caprareJ e*<Tr
The moid e? tha fowr rares oa the
gramme art a* foltovi:
Schooners ever 55 feet. E-sstSa rearse-
PriartH*. of Oavaiaat won. nct-tal tin*
I «.3: Otjsadsr. of Chicago. second; atf*
tual rfma, 4:3*298.
foot r'asa| S-ml!e ro"ara»~-Co£-
r+ -o-1 ttrae: r"hicage. *;* w;
Vereda. Toronto, I.!' 22. Van N>r,a. Chf
cm*- S 3*: Neva. Cleveland, 331:*
Thirty-five foot c!ass. 21-mile
Eva Hamilton, J*• 43 Shamrock Oer#.
'and. 4** l a>: Mtnv Cleveland. A:-
borak, Windsor. 4:14 JT.
Th***iy-foot class. !5-mi!e rou'.* —Hla-
wait*a. Hamilton. 141.4!. Mrma. Hamil
ton. I«J 5? N*x, Rochester, 2.54 X. V>kiag.
Toledo. 3 38:**,
To avo ! accident* tha st»sra yarh's
on a straight cowee from Falrport
to the Oretand Tarht Club house, thirty
mJes The Say When and BBqiiirer
star*»«d ev<*n. but ♦» , »!stter aught her best
oxce 'he aoonest and forced ahead a short
dtetAJice. The poaitiots thus Taken were
maintained to the finish, the
passing the home atakeboat & seconds
a4s»sd of the Say When. The actual time
waa: B!<ju!rer. 1J4:1S; ilay When. l:s4^i.
Vntlonal l«*me».
Ohf'-affo. Aug 13—The I#st home cam*
o? the season, yesterday'a I was played
off today, and went to th» Is, who p'a>'-
ed perfectly, and got sweet revenge with
the one ran added as interest for their
flrst ahut-out of the year oa Tuesday.
Ehret was in the boa for the visitors, and
pit -hed a great came, allowing but thr«e
hits, only one Colt reaching third. At
tendance 1.700.
- 'f#— R. B. H. E
ago 0 3 «
ClnfLsratl T * 0
Batteries: Br ggs and Kittredge; Ehret
and Ptira-
Pittabarg, Aug. 13.—£t. Loula-Plttsburg
game p>stponed: wet grounds
Brooklyn, Aug. 13 —The Hrooklyns and
BilumoM split evtn today. The visitors
loat the firat game because of their Inahtll
ty to hit Daub. In the second game Ab
bey was substituted for Harper in the first
half of the firat inning, but the change did
not help matters. Attendance 4, St*'.
F.rst game:
ft «•- R. B H. E
Faltfmara J 10 2
Brooklyn 5 11 1
Batteriea: Henim.ng and Clark: E>aub
and Grim.
Scam 1 game:
S ore— Ti. B H. E
Bait.mora ....19 21 2
Brooklyn 3 9 3
Batteries: Pond and Robinson; Harper,
Abbey and Burrell.
Philadelphia. Aug 13.—The I'tiillles made
a grand rally w.th the atick in tha ninth
Inning, and acored three runa. They won
out in the twelfth inning by scoring two
runs on a base on bails, a fumble and two
single*. M Janws pitched well for Wash
ington City for eight inning*, holding the
Phillka down to thr«e hita. Attendance
S ore— " R. B. H. E.
Philadelphia 7 » I
Washington City » 11 2
Batteriea: Orth and Grady. Clements:
M -James and M<<Gu!re.
Beaton. Aug. 13. -New Tork's aggrega
tion of baseball hustlers knocked Kid
Nichols out of the box in the fourth in
ning In today's game, much to the sur
prise of the Bostonians. Lewis was sub
atltuted for the veteran, and. while evi
dently nervous and wild, was nevertheless
successful in keeping down the hita. Both
ti ,«in* p.ayed a sharp fielding game. The
Score— R. B H. E.
New York 1» 34 1
Boston 7 12 5
Hatterie-v— Mwk.n and Wilson; Nichols,
ls-v> is and Gaf*«L
The following table shows the standing
of the several league clubs:
Won. Lost. FrC'.
Ctneinrnai *3 30
P ilUtr .re 6-1
Cleveland 5* S3 t37
Chicago .57 41 SSI
Pit sbvrg S3 *1 i">9
Boston 50 « 5."'7
Brooklyn « 4t> *r~
f*hn«ie!ph!a 42 S3 41*
Wa«hlrg?on City *» n* 4^l
New York 41 54 <3l
St I.onis 2> fif> jra
Louisville 23 67 3Cw
Saratoga. Any. IS.—ln th» national ama
teur oarsm-n's regatta today the for
senior singles »m won by Whitehead.
Thompson second. Juvenal third. Thomp
son prot««*ed against Whitehead. who
rowed In M* cnur». The regatta commit
tee sustain- 1 the protest, ar.d the race will
be row el over ar the close of the four
oared international.
The second heat of the intermediate
sincles waj» won by Tenßyck, Schult*
The §» nior eight-oared race was won by
the Baltimore Athletic mw, New York
Athletic crew* second. Time. 7
Senior doubles—New York Athletics won,
Toronto Rowing Club second, Pennsyha
nla Rowing Club third.
Ne*t Saturday at J p. rn. there will be a
game of baseball between the Ballard
Athl« tic Club and !he Y M. C. A. team, of
this city, at the Y. M. C. A. park. These
teams have met twice before at Ballarl
In two flve-inn'ng game*. In which the Y.
M C. A team wn- debated by a close
s.-'-tre. and 'hey hav been waiting for a
chance to play a full nfne-lnnlng game.
T e Rtllard boys will come In fore# to
cheer their team on to victory. The make
up of the Y. M € A. team will probably
he B rweil, catcher . Nickeraon and Car
roll, p '"hers, Lewis, first: A'klna. second;
KskrMge. t-ird: Brown, shirt: Smith, left:
ESder. tenter: Webb, right, and Chang*,
catcher; Hobson and Tiederoan. subati
Tho Jlotsl Windsor Races,
Lor.-Vn Aujr 13—Mr. Belmont's cheat
nut *e fTn*. Twn, one of nix barters
if-.f rs v. for the in. *ten t y«MMn of
14A t»v*r«Mrn*. !r th* flr«t dstv'a rartn* of
the ft-vat Wlndftor A :r.i*t m<*!!ne, fln
!«> !th r-1. lor 1 TTol vert on'» TStare w.»n
1-ortf r>wirr'a hey «*!y by Avon'of, out of
Specula. was »e*-ond.
l"he Valkyrta T?«-«oh»*» the Cly<j*>
G~a**?w. Auf TIL-The BrttSah
I VaJkyr.e lit., from Xew York July IS,
arrived in the Clyde th;» -aornr.n. Val
kyrie had a atormy r'**«a*». but ahe ar
rv# ! h« exee'lec.t c,*»nd:!k>n The ;«d ( m!
day -» ran »i« m m' ea. The yacht wffi
be tied up until 1191.
The Meteor Wiat Affatn.
London. Aug: It—The Meteor won the
-a<-e at Hyde, the Britarnia. Oareea and
laoida followtr* in the order r-vroed.
1 1 It unit ( bang on HUver.
I*-v Vn, A.* 1? —The Time*' report ">t
a * TO f.e Hire >t ■ g a-*i \ «terd«y
* " "-ar* *av» r'-.at I! observed
whr.e """re -bat th. -jj- •» -* of btmet*}.
• **»™ o*-t be se'ttei by the a!K-r
•* ■« * Rd p«»facsn* ntrtee. and that
thare'ora C"b!ra, Jar 1 Amrrt<*e ro'iat
dertte th» qua* ■« ~lf ** are to wcrk
In unity with
ma*e a propceal for a Sxrd ratio Bat w#
a t*.'. raieae K.:r»>?t approve*. En*,
tend -oaSd aettie the tf •n#
hat abe haa feer own tn'ereata :o
Thet Kep«fci i (•*;>■ « * Fifth pre
*t of ""e FTftb will b* h<-M at TIO
Ps*» atrv-t. t*i tbi- ha;!,ijn<r. i»-
atead of the WalUncferd block
H. C. KDON. '
W. li O- R:iAM sle retary
The Tana ill n sun nomt
rra:e4 <} N lb.:T)en for if-*iTeisor.
'lbf Snr toga Kcpilts
Balli.rd vs. Y, M. ('. A.
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria
Just the Thing iou v —' m
Seed's Water Filters and Strainers.
FIT ts'Y fiCdi rmcßs. S» AND «T
10. MILES CO. ** *~
0. L Company Waits for the
Besnlt of the Election.
Practically AH of It* Workmen Ibr the
Croid Maidnrd. nd ( oen ion la
Xot Uwd Either.
The Oregon Innprovement T'orropany, la
ootWK'n wtth aaar y other iarce commer
.A, concerns throughout the country, will
v:speed all laspr;»vetneTiTs antli afier tha
e ecdoa. The comt>any let a contract
for a new bridge at Hen-on. but tn view
of the excitement cause*! by the "silver
erase." the contract haa been recalled.
The company had a*so laid rlaj s for buil !-
.n« 100 new oars, but the«N\ also, are laid
on tlie -utb.e for the preseut. Such prac
tical facta as these should show worktne
men on which side th«r bread is buttered
without resort.ng to Cne-epan aryumenta
or hare-brained theories of finance.
A new l;»#-foot span In th>* truss brt lxe
over C#.iar rivw at Maaia Valley be
come necessary, and work on it was be
gun yesterday, but ail work on the Ore
gon Improvement linea not absolutely nec
esssary will be held up t:ll the political at
mosphere clears. With such a Tactical
demonstration before the.r eyea. it is not
surprising that the Oregon Improvement
Company's employes, almost to a man.
.re .n favor of hottest m -ney. No co*.--
c on has been attempted and no Intimida
tion used by the company. The employes
simply »ee the poss ble effects of a Jepre
ciatel currency and will vote aaainst it.
A prom:nent railroad man stated yester
day that no general officer of any rail
road line or industrial enterprise in Se
attle was using coercion to determine the
votes of his employes. "Such a policy."
he said, "would be very short-sighted,
and, in fact, would be too great a blun
der for any sane man to perpetrate, even
if he were disposed to try to influence his
men. When Hanna said that employes
could be reached through their employers
he did not mean to intimate that the voter
could be forced against his convictions to
support the arbitrary choice of his em
ployer. He meant simply to repeat in an
other form a hat ha* uften been said al
ready; that tfria is to be a campaign of
educat.on. and that the facts of the world
of commerce could be presented bv em
ployers to their employes without threat
or penalty. This is all that any success
fal manager of men would consent to do;
It is all that anv tnaji of common seOM
would undertake."
The Wtlls-Fargo Express Co.
Sam Francis.-o. Aag. 18 -At the annual
meeting of the stockholders of th»> W ells-
Far sro Express Company today th<> fol
lowing directors were elected: John J.
Valentine. Oliver Eidriuge. George E.
Gray. Charles F. Crocker, llomer S. King.
Dudley Evans, John J. M Cook. Henry
E. Huntington, B. P. Cheney. Th<- fol
lowing officers were re-eiected to till the
position* which they at present occupy:
John J. Valentine, president; George E.
Gray, San Francisco, vice president;
Dudley Evans, New York, se-ond vice
president, H. F. Kane, San Francisco,
treasurer and manager of the banking
department; Aaron Stein, San Francisco,
secretary and assistant to president. 1*
i\ Row ell wa« appointed man
ager of the Pacific coast department, to
All the vacancy caused by the death of
E M. Cooper, and J. H. Lengtry was ap
pointed to L. F. RoweU'a position of su
perintendent of the Southwestern di\ Is
ion. Dudley Evans, of N»w York, con
tinues a* manager of the Eastern rtepart
n-,nt. There ara three departments of
! » «>mp4"v Eastern, Central and la
tifle—and each department has three of
four divisions. President Valentine, In his
annual report to the stockholder*, stated
that ihc business of the company was
twtter In than it was In V&i. and
that in 1£96 it has bt"n better than It was
in l£ys. A regu'.ar dividend at the rate of
S per cent, per annum was paid last
Scuttle** .Imuin '•tdsniew.
Chicago, Aug. 14.—45®cJal notice has
b<, n a yen by the Great Northern rail
road of its agreement with the Nippon
Yusen Kwalsha, which is the most import
ant carrying organization in ths Orient.
The Or* at Northern says that through
it* connection with that organ.zatlon it
will handle freight for aii Orien'al ports.
The first steamship to arrive under the
new agreement will arrive at Seat'la cb
the last of the present month, and sail
irxs will be monthly thereafter, thers
being one boat each way every month.
Railroad and Indue*rial Notea.
General Manager G W. D'ckineon and
Superintendent J. of the North
em Pacific, were in the citv yesterday.
Hemfier the Northern Pacific rates oa
cabined salmon from North Pacific coaet
terminals to Kistern points will appiy
from Chinook and Kwaco. Wash.
Commarier Patterson, of the Depart
ment of Washngton and Alaska. G A R .
k j ... 1.1 a cirva'ar designating the
Northern Pacltlc as the offic.al route for
d«-i«<a.e# to the rat.onal oooampmant at
St. Paul Sept. 1-4.
X l !* street raiway companies continue
to make fair progress in complying with
the citv ordinance requiring under* on
♦he ca-« A car load of fenders arrived
Wednesday for equipping 'fee Third street.
Con sol i< i ated. West s*reet, Orant street
and raion Trunk cars.
Conductor Folev. who * 'h hi* ervt'ro
er*w waa recewtlv laid of? 'he ran be
' ween e*attl« and Sookane. is in St Paul,
having started thltner a* as he
learne i of his goaDMMton. It is preoun -d
ths- v v went there to apr»eat for re;n
etatement. He wae not Informed aa to the
grounds on which he was "fired. He is
the olde-t coc.ductor on the line and has
many friends.
j vr. sar.horr a rromir.eiH Kwu Ci*r
lumber cosnMoa frtltr. *ai lo th< cttjr
!.tv He ha# -he refutation fa t*ea«
njr'» of '•■e-rsr the bret p<wt»d man in the
I'nited S*ve# <">n current lumber conil
t one He <*» 5 yesterday that the market
In th« Mi 1 lie «'*** 1» eitreroety <ju<»t.
itioly to remain »•:> til! after the ei<»c
--;• n H* I* a He pub ar and i* confi
dent that M-Klniev will be elected.
T v e Par fic ei *ur#ion from P*-
s >o WHtTv rt nex* Su-.iar wttf rake
MLMefHtera to South At*-rteec. wbere they
to camert for a pieeeant
ri Ye arrul the pretty wn«T of **!££
harbor The e«ct«f*:o»}ata win ree<-»
WwroP b**ach about low Mde. *s i blcy«
c:.» « wlli have a char ce for *-> ed ridine.
w- '• a few houra laser w;.l «e<ure iw*
bathm* as caja he bed on*y c-a th« ocean
Water Main Bre^lJ 1 * A*e!n
T' v » water tra-.n whirh ta •*' '* w
tr, \ tro-iMa end to the mUI and
!( :r:3ry men et tne aoathem eod of t">a
brake araln yea^erday af'arnoon ?>>r
• lira* !n the paat tno wetka.
*' 1 !rr a b-r- * whi»» a!! wt>-k waa
to a at ind«*'sl. The break th:a
• - arr*<l * th n two p;pe lenrths erf
the former <wse but the ruitw were com
p -•••I ts a mu' h ah<wter tima. Tha cauae
of wc»k-e<» at the corner of Norman
f'reee an.l Railroad aveeue ta foond tB the
h-yb presto ;re of the water at that point
~*» .•.» «- s vr o"n1'"ton of the auppocta
c»v»r r" *h the nti. Tbe main *a
a h »p.ral are.d pipe <rf *ood quality,
bat oid. It end# In an e%tx>w at thia por
ter, ifl i a br*«cb pipe eUfbt lae-.ea la 'i-
r„>n* off d>wn N >rtnma atreet. The
p»r>«g ]re at tbe e%ow »e IJ* po«nda. u4
?he main run* beneath a bridce ovrr a bs-k
• taa *--e • anu* rinmni The
Joking *htfL result a. comfcured with the
precvur* of the water. forces the }©Jn;s
aonrt. Sapertmeedeat Young*. of tha
ws*er 4epa.r\-nenr. when eeen yseterdny in
rtgard to tha natter sajd he could do
nothing jnti' the atty PWBI-J aypropratrl
a sum efficient to cover the cost of un
proTrme rt?.
Uwnlel Puiien intone and Ml«Jne.
Port Town»«cid, Aug. 13.-«pe< #J.-Pri
>aie snformai.on friHm down tlw Strs»t»
o>i* momnir wto tn» +G«ct rtsat r»ani«»i
PviUen. ooa of ti » b«at known sa
thjt section, has .ma
and haa wajvler*d ott ia'-n th« wooda The
iiufar:u»a.u> au* 6» va bnxxli g over
busim-m trouh - a whS'ir threatenrd av
• rythirg h« had in the world. *»d had
tw<»n jwtln* <ju«*r!y for »om« time. No
attention waa paid, however. UECU iast
Sunday, when ha wandered off into she
woods and hu ainca hean misein*. de-pt.e
the determined efforta of the entire coiony
at Lm Paato and the *«rroundirig cousury
to rtnd him. Pullen waa one of the earhaat
and oewt known aettier* tn the seo<i%>& and
it was owln* to his perseverance and de
termination that tha country waa thrown
op «© to sestiement. Wl.en i'u.iaa :irst
W>nt to the La. Puah country >L WR« in
habited by tribea of wiid Indiana. He as
serted his rights from th«* heiruminf. auiJ
trarty of tha moie inteLiyem of the n*-
tiv«-a became his fast friends, lie la high
ly respected by all lite settlers And no ef
fort will be »i>ared to the unfor
tunate ra«ai to tua fajxuiy.
DECODE * S** relief
QCr UIIC from a most hor
rible blood dis
ease I had spent hundreds of dollars
trying various remedies and physi
cians, none of which did me any
good. My finger nails came off antl
my hair came out, leaving me
perfectly bald. I then went to
Hoping to be cured by tha celebrated
treatment, but very soon became diagustrd
and decided to try S.S.S. The eff-ct waa
truly wonderful. I commenced to recover
at once, and after 1 had taken twelve bot
tles I was entirely cured—cured by S S.S.
when the world
renowned Hot
Springs had failed,
WM. A LOOMIS k ■.L M.k
Our Book en aw Dwww an t In rrtttmtnt MIM ttt to uu
AddKtt. SWIFT SrSOKIC CO, Attea«.o*.
Three Eagle SIOO 'Grade
Two Eagle SBO Grade Bi
Special eat of 25 per cent,
on Bicycle Coats and Pant*.
Must make room for fall
Dingley-fiardwick go.
Pacific Ry.
Most Direct Rout* te the
Kootenay Mines
Trains leafs Seattle I * a. m. Tueadaya,
Thursdays and Sundays for Naktiap. Nel
son, Trail Creek and Roealand and all
other points in the Kootenay dtatrtH.
CHANQB OF TlME—Trains leave dally
at i-M a. m. for all Eastern polnta,
Through Tickets to Europe
For rates and other information srply te
Freight aad Pasa Agent, 90$ First Atra.
Or ta
XM*t Pass Airt.. Vancouver. TL C.
Otveetbe I«ie»! Palirr C»»-
tr»'t- Cduolt
F l . A. WING, M' c »r.
Bailer ttalldlac. eaattla.
IHL. HARr.AI UH. rr*p.
1\« Oily Sthdj t'lr&CUa B«,d j Seiu.e
Laaated an fl»« Ave-. Bat wean
aa4 Msriea.
J k fl/r. GUHVi
I urncvit)
itX. (He Plii far a f>*ae.
rf im >i«iij mm 4m <• Mr«an tm
tmmiuo- 7. &•>* *a» 4 r »•»» •»«•«» <a«aa ui
■tit « anw T'ef «m» a« tm«iM ua
t;w w) 'W tfc»t b««r l*U —illna
MKtaw r»» •* «r** j» y»
«U »JL ••If ft» > >•« ♦" "r* mm~y.
■tm DA. Bu&AS*.* K»o. <-*» u
BOTTJf BT a BTBWABT. Ca4aruk«ra
Parlen. •' 1 klri e»d Calaw
bit »'r»*u. -aaaite. B»*Wa<taai Set*
pho&t Sa li
The M a^Og"gan
717, 719. 721. First Ave.
Two of the Season's
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Flee Shoes
Reduced from $3.50. $4 and $5.
Shirt ® ■
® Waists
Reduced from $1.25, $1.35, $1.50, $1.60, $1.79.
ffl The W
m Question ffl
® In a Nutshell: M
X 50 Calico- m
}t W rappers, , m
♦ Well made, worth 11, for [jJ
:m j in Silver. IK
■Ly \ 380
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♦ stamps. m
| I
▲ ... 711 Second Avenue. . • . lil
% S. ROSENBERG, Receiver. fS
♦ -- m
X iliil orders promptly tilled. [Tj
i u*yg or *ho« «ieuae* td«»h«M« tm»)M Aii ksiwioof •Kxtrteml j
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