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VOI* XXX. NO. 116.
Limtar Cheese. : Potato Floor. %
•TP.'t'k. . y
Same grad* retaumg around town **4
_ *t V> to £ cen -.a.
Swiss Ciw. j fj ne imported OLves.
fltnalne article, per pound 30 eanta. fo
IS cents per pint. S.
25 cents per quart. *tV
taported Anchovies. j „.. %
v- ... and by buying them In bulk ( *
*» genuine whteh we * you atK>lJ , on-half the price t *•
offer. are very nit e for an Appetiser Tyv.tlM Olives usually cost. You iA
or dainty ta-'.w chit; per keg, C save the » *- of the bottle, free at
cents. and fareakag'.
— #
If you have no, already procured our September Price List. It may LA
Interest you t-> know that It contains some <,f the very best good* *t V
|ow«r pri 'es ' ian hava ever been reachad. If you want to save money 4IP
better call tor a copy. 9 "
Strength and Endurance
j J 4 or Brains, Muscles and Nerves.
pSf KOLA 'liosphato
B Best of
jjf oom«i latigue. Makea work «*a»v.
All Roads,
••"Pierce County Fair**"
Liberal premium* for live stock a ml all kinds of aurleultural products
and manufactures. Competition opei to the state.
•"Horse and Bicycle Races"*
Eye ry (lay. Fastest spellers in the Northwest.
Reduced rates by rail ami boat. Season tickets $1 <v>, ring!" -id mis
sion 25 cents.
A C. YOX'NCJ, President, T. J. HK1.1,. Secretary.
Policy No. 171.714. In lh« Mutual lieueiit Insurance Co., of Newark. New
Jsrsey, on the life of Mr. Isaac \V Ktitz. of Seattle. Washington, *u Issued In
IK?!. at age 3'V for *.!.<**». with an annual premium of IK.W. He pall premium*,
amount In* to Jtlfi 61. He did not pay .he premium die In February. IWM; but lu
of taking .i pa d-up policy for tstV>. he allowp<l his Insurance, Includ.njc I»1 v
tdend a Mi'lon«, to he «x tenilc«l for 9 vmm and dava for the sum of $S,J9rt.
making In nil 11 years and 9i lays' Ins ir anre at an average yearly cost of <3 25
Pfr tho i--.in !.
Mr. !•.t t* '1 1 In April. IW, 5 months after the lapse of the policy, which, ho*,
evtr, was promptly paid In full hy the Company AS'Ol'P W VOt T N»J,
State Agent. 117. 111>. Washington U'.ock, Seattle. \V t«h.
JOT'rnat. no\ rat sprocket
HANonna. iron rruKTH. 11 witr.n r-t.TiNa. j
King Up Main i
V, HO!." \f.K AOF.NT?
i-orni. Aral'shnk & <u. r»ir> ami jut kum ay»\
film Ik jf
US I BOS t% Ni 720 I S -
• > w Kr:>. :
• raiH'N ... * » K l: y IVsr 1 > - vra mvpe •
I Rolled Oats. ' - :
Lh, i _ «»:
IMI I.vpiv, y | M On Hams Ivu'oii <»r Lit* I
I\! M\ \ I mem* ii prothu'r
t ijl iJiLIL "• • ■•"' ,| ■' ! • '•••"■' I
Tot wiii hi uur in i r -tiiki i»\r miii mmo ihk
IfiM \ • ir ihi t si:
fall Block, 189« Now on Sale
Whitelaw Re id's Able Letter
on the Situation.
< harles Emory Smith's Address to
the Editors of Ohio.
*>pwh of Welcome to the
Editor*, lu Which He »bnw* the
Noble Impulse** an 1 Hlgb Influence
of the l'r»-«a In the I'ruMDl Baltle
' or N»tloo»l Honor.
'"anion. S*pt V—The Rep übl. an Tu
torial Association assem >led ner<? this
morning, the v>ncr»;,|. Join Hopley, of
H-i yrtts, in rhe chair, with I'oi. R.
Brown, of Zinenvil'.t*, v. e president. and
1 M of Coshocton, ««• retary.
An able pa tier on "Financial Instruction"
*** read by it. H. Boyd r,. of the < n
• mnati »fomtr.er.-iai Tribune, a: the morn
'"'c •"• --■ or., at whin also was r» ad the
■ 'i. 'W.;:g , •• r from W .uelaw R cid. edl
l?~ ot tb " S ' w York Tr.i. ine
' *'■* Air. Upper St. Regis. Sep*
0 .. R ' 11 Brown. Esq . Pres Jent Ohio
' Juli an Editorial Asuocia'.-on. Courier
<>llrce. Zar.es ville. t> L» ar g.r-The r»-
membrwnew of rr.y birthrtaht anions vou
touches m», an! I am grateful to the Ohio
KetiUbHaan editors for is: rr: .< h more
grat-ful. J.i fa-t. than for your friendly
in requiring a le* ;er when you
• ound T could not come to noak* a spee h.
h diaries Em«ft-y Smth. wl.l k>
'he latter so ucsptsblr you WtH need
r.*ej..r from nie.
We had :he four years In clover which
o*ir fr>i*r. yt. t fnetny in '*'*2.
•he j»eof»> are <jure ! ?:.,»• they
• »ave had enough of a. On old lines this
• im'.Hign is a.s-:» iy won. Voter* *re ab
soluiely resolved to go ba-k to the point
wher* they ttirn»i off four vear? ago,
t* ; pa*h ms-*• n whi h fr^rn
ha 1 led them to the
ar.i mo*: n.U\v ( jpr u ~,j p ,.. n „ ,- y ... ,
' ;' un:rv e- r enjoyed. As an asser
■ -o.i of r.'jo p-,»»r of t ',e common people,
'hey put forward their caniidate a
1 w 'hoiw- V. ry time mean! to every
one <>r them th* policy of :ho«e ? air pros
{•. rou< v««j sn J the work wis rra tic
a.ly done.
At iiK'ks th»* F.iahtli < nrnmundtDent.
"fhen bur l "* out? the A Every
unt.iink.nff or un- rupu'o-is man that w is
in distress, every one that was lr. d.
every one that was disfctm'ente.l.
Ed them»f>;veA together, r.or ur:*o I>avil.
a.a«. I'u. to Ai'ge! j. Th. y •tit>:uri 1
national convention of an hi-tor!- pa-'v
*nd dearaded It. and humiliated th« cour -
'ry ,, } askmi; the Atner • in p.---p> to vo «
tha- the- would rot nSev the f K h'h oni
mandment. Now. when tv- question Is
s I.'TV" !e»l to H {topUi ir vote, t «• n»in ..
must infer th.it there are two le« to It.
an! That they have a rlsh: to vo-e on
which ever aide their Judgmer t or Ir.rer
*. ificl.nes. I»11 * there are not two s;Jc«
to mora* U» k 1 man or patty ha- tho
riffh; to put th" ejehth commandment 'o
•« vote, to through an a
predion of poj.„i, r d-'sMPs. *• the pol s
whether this nation shall cheat its cred
. ors )>■' r-i.v.n i s datei a' the ra-e of
a rents m, the dollar, and whether every
rHv.,tA d.btor shall be t . r» r .. r . v tn ..
to the same extent the man w .»
1 hlni - To prop>«e such a vote
sr.. such n de<-j. , n is !■.. :r ~ ,- r | n ,. v,„,
having: proposed it. the P ; l!n p^,, pl( » rtf
rv will the ffrea t cotTi -
'■• i.i itnv-n* ;>v' s vote wh! ,i h will
th->.«e w.ao would br«-ak it.
"I ho t .. Ohio t ihor* w ,ii i, w th!<!
nu»-ter In n s'ralghtforward f,shion and
oa.i .a <|Mde ;« spade. Many of o:ir opp >-
n»nts <!•<• as s:n'"ere ** we, mi m-> »n to h<.
is honeat; but the thing they want is the
wl 'ke-lejct, nv <t Immoral, puhj|e » s i ri a
secession. To pay the national d--br n «.d
--ver. to pay private l«-hts in stl\e r ; ,> nu'-
l.fy and de.-lar- invall 1 a-v contra t h.u--
ever honestly entered }:«.» for p. n m*
ani to turn ••e'lts' worth of «i!v»r in* i
a dollar oar mln** as often and •!« lon*
anv si!\t mine ow or home, or *ay
•■■'vi.r-burde. Ed CMr.im.iti or Htr.doo fr n
A-la < hooeea to In tug i? to us: to effect
n!! this |s simple robbery. To ask Intelli
gent. honest men to \ot,< f.-ir- it j« t insult
t' em, as well as to declare f: »he p.-i>.
> " t! a rls it ro nvvrni e \| M nf
S'nsi <t the pMIs a 1 |.'Vf<e the nrv a!
*W if 'h \ W'.StTt tn J1 .honest V
p.«vs The. e'« 1 .1 sen Wa> «of prw.rg )>
'his cas • B»'t t :*• do mike the rcora!
n i'ure of t * propo«a'..« rr to the «\ r."
voter ,nd th«-e > all be nn mo-e
rt >ubt of the vet diet »hi« honest,
rsi'ion will gl\e than t: re Is of tomor
row's *unr.se.
I'roah Water Cttrrencr.
"T en. if VO ; ' Ve. <; T.IV Se v ell to jro
f rther a: 1 f«>r it •• ir. ». •' t • a
real r»tion. * sue: •- -lonj .an - ■
prsv'ti. e cannot get on with w hat ,■> )r
New Y -It .',v i 1 ire for ao\e r or oalle 1
c .*rca v 'hat >■»« 'ml —■ • w
"il «ow more than fl'-. en (tin. s as :nu-h
our proda-ts to j; d ••>: i r 11■ s «« v, <>
1 ■ to sliver c< r.trifs l»o we want '»
take pay for thi» w le*< f. j 'fk. o--
• f com. e .n. ' ■ a a K •! or s
equivalent, but in s.lver l .1 -n ••> n., c V e n
ftee c«n >ge at .. ir rr.-nts' Thl> ».e.- me.
. q :<-stion, not .o much of paying silver
but of taking «i!\. r
"s the tot A:r, in r< 1 -
to hold tow ards all Europe . e-,., n
rrla'.on a* In.lfA n >w t« > Kn«.
> :<l. or a wot—* or e"' s ;'<■ f r ~ ,
v :rr-n y ts on!> tit f r p. opte -ont'T
wi-h fre-.it w t,. r cummer *. Y>u in
:• ike fr« e «,'nr m "l see ft m the p><t
t'. i wfillemskingm >re rr or y d a:rl !•«
pri e« it w >rk«t»o'.h «hi< ! ri -e< pr
for w - t*. they :ia\e to bu\ ..■• » ;i f>r
u .at ft-. '. to se.! in ' is »p' rai«e
t « f >m: r ~.d h h. -• T*. > sr.- .-r
t r.- rof ,re '.» w 1,-. . iv > r i and
erltatde crash .-om» s .and both tumble to*
<• r. rst ' t* t T "• a;v 4 j
!t ". !,*• M * o Cb l i. In la.
*!!»•• «»!»! Kliit i rn/«v
* < ' •- tj i n v * v * -!* * > * * ♦
I" * "•* ** • • I'Vf • % > t
t..» - f ■ *1 itk't •*> *A : HJfi -f «'• 1 ~' H
.s 'WM \> • • VI An .
v ' r * - TT" V* r»? 1X J? * '■ - £
. • ■ . Ji, •.'••• 'ax
:• i
• «. 1 * » * ** ' * ,{*► -:
• \ Xi f % '"* 4.VA' k *n ■ r » n*
a ' '. * * • * • «;
X. .... 5-4 A- -i** "J
* s ' R...« r"! a-a" ' y T. '. e betvr
demar i- ' " that every .
. e. «-r;ojn. A , pr< - 'rc is c ' ixen s'aail - «
discriminated n>t and :a\e,i, ret
merely once, like other peop.e beu tw e:
firet on what he has, then on what
| earna Let us be as considerate as X?'j
plea.se of our e-nr.g countrymen who have
he*n ior.e«-;y rr.iSled, but let us in<!u g* tn
no disguise as t>> tha 'wnpa'r.o'."
AT.e-.rir-, rev- Ijtionary cltsra-.-ter of this
whole programme.
No I>ls«;niM Nec^aary.
'"There have t«een ill-considered appeals
to Rep-abU'-ar* to k»ep our distinctive
principle* o--K of *g t in view of the r.a
danger from these monstrous pro-
P'-- Bit a" not if »e w <1 v
errm.nt is witi'.out rever ie for its c -r
--ret - expers<-s. It m.= •: r,» >e more if it
■a-iji-i r. • go mto b->nkraptc*. Our way of
rati-. * .t .s bv :ar ff tr»re - no cr ?r
ft - -.v axh:ion or -»v more borr-"»w • «t-
Wo : 1 t h .» men * 0 eg us to le: ta: ff
alo: » fat '-r er.er? And yet the tariff
they ar- afraid we m y touch is the \cry
•ar.T <"f». land < lered -•> d.a : e J*
' 1' : e i:d not -,«r . It. We vattnot e
• - « ffrages >f • lie American people under
•: -g-. if-s. I'atri '.tc Democ rat* wi.a r;S"
a ove par'y in this national as they
i In lv.; eight not to ask us to lower
our flag on t. '• eve of battle, because they
are going 'o twinsr us some reinforcements.
They . o.i'.d not respe *t us if we dil. and
wnat ts n re th .♦ai. is of voters *t now
have would desert us.
"Forgive thv*e crude hints about our
editor.,tl work this campaign. You kn >w
I *'ioaid rot havo ventured upon them
ex -ept at yo tr renewed reqJes:. and tha:
I certainly should not address them to
you. who need them so little. The cam
paign you arc already making gtv--» af
firm >of the happy result. Yet, neither
the -litor* n >:• the Kre.it orators of the
;m ir- miking this campaign. The
pla;-.: people an- thnking it out for them-
Kven t'>e lw*st *;>«*■ hes are not
tin me ma le >n the stump. They are oom
• "if from the por h of the 1 ttl< two-ftor.v
w.i 1.-n o't iB- In <'anton: and they m.iK»
■ ■■* proud In "this crisis of o ir leaders
as w » are of our cause.
"U'uh fratenta] salutation? con
gratulations to Ohio editors, I am very
tr u!y yours. WHITKI.AW REMTV'
A »he afternoon -sslon. <*harles Emory
Smith, editor of the Philadelphia Press,
■i- iiv"- lan ,1 ii ~on "The Campaign
of Education:"
Mr. Smith s.tll In pir': "It 1* a high
prlv: all 1 <sl«»!ri tion to i Idresa this
notable j :i, * memorial year, on
•his ooca>,on. I am f illy sensible of i.' 1 *
honor yo-u do me, and beg to return my
-• '.''fa! a knowl-'dgments. When Jeffer
son sail that lv- »»u!! rather have ik-wj
pipers without a government than a gac
< rnment without new«papt-r« he indicated
tan vital part w-hi--'i newspapers play un
der free institutions. That was « hun
dred yoirs ik They w- * then print l !
with all th*- limitations of the hand pr#ss.
wi'h on!y the- infrequent mall a« their
f> ■ !cr, at: 1 only the stage coach as their
"Today I.herty Is their \ ital breath. but.
the tel. graph :? their nerve renter and th*
r i 1 their arterial circulation Gov
cinme';t '-.is expanled and population
multipl: 1 twentyfoli. but newspaper olr
• ri'>i its-1 r» -•••ur»-e« and Influence hive
multlpls-—1 t thousandfold. A hundred
r ears n*o : e newspapers were pent in as
the outposts. Today they hold the central
• i! las 1»-r«, hp exponents. They are
• ! <■■ v.-ry lifehlo.* : of d!«'iissi ins. Hora - e
<Jree>v was th» gre.itoat controversially
■Hid moral for -e the w-or'.i has ever seen
In • ie editorial profession. But Whitelaw
P. •!. w h •' tisummate skill, organ
;? « tn! vtv-'s a fir more complete anl
progteaaiva Journalism. Thuriow We>j
wis i>i -;nrivaled p >llti« al oracle and seer,
but <" «t < « \ IVma. m-s'er f every
w • -P-- . w »id* a raj - er or flr»a a Gatling
' -vi 1- !•» o'" wii.-h the le < Jer of the pre
■ ' -1 er ft »• rat lor never dreamed, Jam "a
« ; -v : • )'■ iet'. the --Her. rn--e1 the ponv
• flew . arrter pltte n btt» James On-.
a ft- - -, t! e younger, speaks 'o tw a
. >r.• --n's 't once The Journalism of >s
■„t-,> -< t i to-A- - « . rp;!S«e.« ♦:-.«♦ of the
s : r'MMti i*>; but «h« g* • <t
r-w-;> ;»n of New Tork Ph adelpfti-t,
Jt is* Tt♦'tin-ore. Cin--i- na" Chicsjro
i ! St. I. s •.,ve grow- 1" -aV- lahly in
« e res e«. t*j • ns.--s, profl's end
Politics and Journalletn.
"T '» V "t'.i.l'e o->n.:f "t'ort >- % 'W»en poll
• ♦ a .5 ■ v.trtia <aa « "• tho:ght
o* the hour. This is pre-eminently a
o itrpalgn of e : i at'on. It is thas peculiar*
0; .. >mpaljtn. The jo ;r-.-; «-s sre the
*» \\ e" i* r * \ tho.iS.i 1 men
e•• « art• : "1 "en re.,-1 It « true
there nr.* t-'-a* '■ \t-bookj from the maa
«•■-« -v« '» i new A m Smtrh's
"W. 'th of Nj don* * a r-w fiii*-yan'«
- - it' fh the S.O'JKil
l> - . * l'enio--i v at 1 u? the Mill
' f '*• « •»w 1 \-»r'n Salrt's'
»* , ■ v. - i rest >ra
' r T e . ----- • • S if "•<» If i«-»r
\\ !*m Nf-K - « -,--(ryjpUr*
i' 1 >ri»» %t t r
! ' • - i:«* t "- ;n > >t*e> y r ' for Free
lllw;' lien Harriacxfa *s\t rl a] Re
•:s *he sir.: - s f a
• 1
: «w of <3r»v!'.a- • ar.-i T omaa H.
lie- Ya "Plum* of P. .I" : sophr.'
}' :* •» Ol 1 *ex*-b slj« 8 -* > • v v
: '•* '#• 1 - MB attd so
t sr r -* >\' - ta-- *e 4 - -r i r-■* - s
•«' • e*es • ' <:--i b) t a « hooi
trsas-ers ■'* • ' :r'. i'd«tn.
•V\ e » a-e . « \T»
m 1 .• —•. • ■ mcetal aria.
. \v« r ft * i •. !e • i . n . Vr .
at <nd th »t w« - -•• • a > atand
■r- - - f v.! « ai-v- -• o-e ' wo st 4- l
a * -■'*•-»■• ; , , >rn
% >r> " 1 ' •y. .< * a
'.«■*. t;. ■; •. "n;> rtait
' ♦"- « ' • i 0 f M .
ire*' «». S ' * ia ?e« uir <»te *;ity
' * - r asoney
:-5 -K i m o.
T' • k f•" e, \ ■]m « effe t
'i h.» t- . 1 rr* - -•» - • asl • n
<- -r•. on ■■> • • •»)» a**iir:*r
»• ' • • ' ' ' * • .<<•;.*- .
tv, -is •.« \rr~sr'- • ' • >-d ::n:t
\ • ♦'. f *'*e a J .»r-Js < ko
* ' '« '• -
< - am -,i:
% i <■* „ qua; "Hv
1 * - 4 i rr< .A .-4 • .* insossnt
u " T.+amtr* in
%M%t ymrd* * .. r»r n m 4
*' '" * tT * • "*r. Mnii)a
- r*'l i f- % ' 1'» j > ; - . %
irt th \ %
* +* - ♦ '% ' 1 ' g »la^
1 + y C : '
*£•♦ w ♦! r * •- r 4 ' v -
• ~ **" *.? * t .■* *- r--i v |
V t .»[> t» n f».-- n„-t*;j's
• * ' !.'•« ei{ - * •,r*jj
: ' \trr J. \\ . iti A>< >, i*T
k _- .j, J-ixTi-ic-lj Or.
w-a:.* > a -rime of rer-u-±aC.sNjnor
and disas-er.
"fff tnu.v ed'i-ate the pec He * v a: *he
ftt: can not aiak» ir-onov. The govern
rriSEt e amps, w• . 1 s «r. 1 r-rt:iea, but
does not crea-e .s of two kinds,
real money av i representative mor.ey.
' myrev :.is ir.:- rsic va.-.ie e.;ual to
- 4 a e. R»;-:-«»s:»:.ve money is a prom
ise to reseen» in reai money. The gold
• ..ar i.a reai money, be>.>a'.ise It :s wi.>r"n
:«i oe.Tj. wte-her coired or melted. Ttie
■«per doiiar is repreaen:at;ve money, be
cause it is simply A promise to redeem
is. a r«al dollar. Its dollar .a not in the
ctarrp. but in the faot that tee »;amp
fledgea a real dollar teehind it. The prfs
e s-lver d-. .lar ;s rart.v r-.il 3 i partly
r : -res-ntat-. s. I: has iC ctn.s' w rt.a of
\a.-e ar.J cer.ts' worth of faith—faith
t'i-.t the government will fulfill its pie iff e
of keep.eg it at a par.ty with go. '.. The
proposed silver iol.ar u:.-it-r free
w >•.:, { be neither real r.or representative.
It oou;u r.v-i say. even wi:h t.-.e paper d>i
lar I k:a>w that my re>etner liveth.*
i r there would be no redemption, and
w ith.aut redemption Its value would s..Jt,
to its builton value of o2 cent a
( iiciip I'rMideUlk >Ol Wnlitc<i.
"We want neither cheap dollars nor
cheap men nor cheap presidents. We
must educate the people taat political
independence is on* thing and independ
eu-.e of the laws of trade and nature is
another. The most p.-urilv and grott'-squ*
idea, even of the boy orator, is his re
j. a ted and pet notion that because- this
in try declared political in i • prudence of
Europe In 1776. it ought to d> -la: • an in
pendent monetary standard in i.v«. He
;wms to think that we ojght to have a
ti stinct American measure of value be
i.uje we have a distinct American meas
ure of liberty. We -an have American
geogiaphy because our rivers an i moun
•a.:i< and glorious fields, with their rich
harvests, are our own; but we cannot have
an American arithmetic, because two and
two do not make five in the United Stats
any more than in Europe. We can have
a:i American politi al economy because
political economy is partly a matter of
conditions, and oar conditions ate differ
< nt from those of Europe; but we cannot
have an American algebra, because alge
bra is not an experimental, but an exact
science. In a'gebra x represents the un
known quantity, and thus it represents
Bryan after the election, and not ♦ ven the
X rays wi; be "abiC n dis-lose his at
tered ana s'ladowv remains.
"For a distinct American measure of
value why not have a. distinct American
yardstick different in length from the En
glish yardstick. This talk of an independ
ent measure shows a callow and .-hallow
nine. F»o we want commercial relations
with Europe -1 Do we not s-ek to extend
our trade? Then -why do we not want a
common medium of exchange?
Against ({evolution »in<i Anarchy.
"Aliow all and beyond all. wo must ed
ucnte the people thai national honesty
and individual honesty is the best pol
icy. Nations and individuals cannot close
out with the world on one transaction and
quit. They must keep up the account,
and for every act of fraud they will pay
double the nt xt time. Wc are against the
emigration of good gold and the immigra
tion of bad blood. We are against the
outflow of toed circulation and the inflow
of bad citizenship. We find communism,
revolution and anarchy no more attractive
<1 nd no less dangerous when urged by the
rhetoric of Bryan, than when enforced by
the bomb of Altgeld, or the pitchfork of
T. iman.
"We must teach the unceasing Wson
of patriotism and rectitude, and must • d
u. ne the people to maintain the national
lior.nr as sacredly .is th.-y maintained tho
national life, and to be no more ready in
l v •! to cut in two the standard of value—
which Is the basis and measure of all huM
n> ss security—than they were in 1961 to
cut in two the Union, which is the basis
and measura of our national greatness
and glory.
"We »re nr-l .at the home of the great
patri-t and statesman, the Boy Soldier
and the Man Orator and Leader, who by
an > nerritig choice is fitly made the stand
ard bearer of this second mighty battle
for national safety and welfare. Let us
g 1 -rom his presence and his glowing
v or I- with fresh inspiration and renewed
strength In the campaign of education."
His Able <>ti tho Present Prlv
llHg».«. of Newspapers.
'■".anton, Sept. S. -The Republl- an Edito
rial Association this afternoon listened to
tho masterly address of Hon. Charles
Emory Smith, of the Phlladelph a Press,
an 1 then marched in a body to the McKln
!• v mie. The e litora w ere joined by a
numoer of <"antonian-. and the party
which cheered MaJ. McKinley when he
ppeai-ed on the porch numitere l several
liundt-eal. Tlie venerable John Hopelev, of
t » Bu<"v rus Journal, was spokesman for
the editors. He toll of the progress of the
c.jntry tinier the McKinley tariff, pav
it g nti eloquent compliment to the Repub
li ar nominee. He also decried the free
s ver agi- ition. and asserted that i*s suc
, fs< would make the future more tincr
* 1 n than ever.
Ms' M Klnley, in replying elluded *n
t'- e tr i -i.TiS words of the venerable
s' »kesm in ar. 1 b ie all tne e iitors w• I
c --ne to his home and to <*anton. He
■ ->n sp >',e of tne freedom of the press in
Ohio ani throughout the country, and
.1 a cor-gra'-ulated h a an ilenee on ' e
d -appe trance of Factionalism. Tiie pr
:. an !'.nea ha ! been obliterated, he s f ij.-} (
p- i no part of this republic could now be
ca'ie.j lie eremv a • otintrv." Newspa
pers an 1 eve-y»wly else could go freely
~nd spe ,k freely ar, 1 write freely on every
spot of ground beneath the glorious fig.
He »hen pra;se.i th»* loyalty of ' • Re.
P ibl. ar. e! tors of Ohio. This year, e
*. they w. re more earn- m »re .*-g
--gressive and more effb-ietf "un ever •-
fo-e. Re ss' ! they apr>r-e 1 tha ov<-r
--mastering importance o* the t-s-tes tn
\ %f-. 1 ,11 t e pr OS nt ' 1 *e St ;t' 1 W. r ft
leading 1 glorious campaign of education.
Where the Party Mauds.
••j j-eg irded any period," siid
Ml' M Kir, -V, "sue and excepting the
mar. When the Republican press so sig
• , .y represent' I national honor and 11a
• d welfare as now It is I>* often
. ty. n va a p-v.itlc.il party, as it is this year
>.-,vn t-> ours, to . tar 1 between national
nor and dishonoT, r faith and re
p t iiat >n. and or*!»r ar ! : s»iaietu-Je i \p-
It .S the g-c»i • >ri Hie ..f he i>-
•li ■ .n party to *• »nd In this contest for
w at .a best i government, for what is
patrio '• in citixen»hip. for ah at ten Is
v- -rtm-nt. Its relit and its cur
"lt ' I vast res; • ■ ,'y »o pu tipen
an. p rt . tmt the Republican !•»•!» is
tv for* - . I: has tret great trust* t '..re.
in- | - m, w • vl- b-ro.
i A- on-s Wth an . n -" fi' 1 it, alter
t „ pe. c■■ and a lit e 1 pi* ' .ec ''-'e )
par;-, a not alor.e .n * pi-trt of
• . R ,ti en ' ..»e, t'onservative men
of p-irtie# stand weh !t. 1: numt^ers
r , .-t ; A--r-f I>. m ■ -ra": r - r * *• ■*."
;• .- w .; -ri are th.-.ng V
(Ar>r a- ■- » They are w»- ome. thr w. -
. P ,-r. J • e . .n rv OWES •-> a
ts ..ga a- pa \ .ot * > «•---
Welcome to the « *r»»p
• T • « a year, ge-'ler-n. ■ ' p-| -
,rt vttlMVt interne ss Inte n
- .-• .ff.-t- • a -k ' g the
ta •* * " m
' .. ~ r«ia act ■ Ufca H•« tat
v \ e "differed fr -m us in the
pa-\ wno s-e r.a>w « u« in pairs
* . . , t>rsserve "he ( .->d fa ;a of
and en' .re p jr», ? ar.d | '.-
. . aesty.• (A ;r- v:s- t We »u»t not
,i. , j , r. t> i' »- .me
. v .1 - •,r- .* - r \ e r i -* n *■ *ry -*f he -
aa Sees-—.
A Patriotic Letter to the Mon
tana Republicans.
And Calls Tpoii the Delegates to
Support Mckinley.
1 here Waa \o Room to flealtate, lie
Sara, About Acceptance of the
Chicago Platform. With It* States'
Rights. Free Riot* and Other Ob
jectionable Feature*.
Helena, Mont., Sept. s. —United Sta'es
Sanator Carter, who is tn the East and
vannot attend, has written a letter to tire
Republican state convention, which me. ts
tomorrow, explaining the action of him
•* elf and the four other members of the
Montana delegation to the St. Louis con
vention in reserving the rights of the Re
publicans of the state to .i.cept or reject
tne >if. iaration in favor of the restorat. >n
of sliver by int. rnational agreement. The
senator *ays, in the letter:
"As a Republican, I be'..eve In the free
coinage of silver and protection to Amer
ican .abor and American industry. 1 do
no believe .a any coinage oup, 1 with
f. Ec trade, and 1 do not believe that free
coinage with free trade •an >e success
fully established and mamtau • d by our
government. The free trade policy wiil
render the establishment of bi-metaUism
a.i utter impossibility, lo attempt to se
cure free coinage in conjunction with free
tiade is an Utopian dream. After looking
the whole situation over, it will be found
that tne Republican party has not declared
: 1 favor of the gold standard, but in favor
f tne restoration of - Iver 1 And In th a
particular that it differs from the oppo
s.tinn pla'foim in the ma'ter of me* hod.
"I believe that the party In
this behalf Is too conservative. »ut as be
tween the a ept an e of the R» p.ihl-- an
platform with its -onsfrvative expression
on this subj«- M .. and the .1 ,-eptance of the
Chicago platform with its free trtie.
stares* rights, free riot and other o'.ie -
tionable features, I rind no room to heal,
t.ite. I believe u Is the char and unquer
ti-wiab'e aiutv of the deb sates who i»-
cenulfl under and in conformity with the
forms and usages of the Republicans of
this state and as delegates representative
of other peopl who reside here, to p've
in the field electors favorable to McKin
ley and Hobart.
"The p.\rtv In Montana should. In my
Opinion,indorse the entire national pl-a* form
ex. ept as 'o the feature declaring Interna
tional conditions pre<-edent to the remone
tlzatlon of silver. For that declaration this
convention should substttuie a declaration
for the free coinage of c dd and sllv> r in
the same manner as our Ma.tf conventions
have heretofore declared.
"Within the past forty-one months the
country has fallen from the height of
prosperity to the depths 0/ despair.
Thoughtless men freely talk of revolu
tion. In the midst, of the reigning cha >s
in political thought our party stands as
the only conservative force adequate to
restore order and confidence. Without
these elements prosperity Is impossible.
"In the future as in the past 1 shall
stan 1 for protection and free coinage.
Flrm v believing that the best Interests
of our state and the nation at large wdi
be subserved by the election of McKinb-v
and liobart T .shall give th'-ni my support,
notwithstanding that the national plat
form does not meet my approval in one
particular. The few who seek to find Jus
tification in the platform for th" advoca v
of the single gold standard, are at war
with tiie party and its platform. Their
discordant utterances are to lie regarded
as unavoidable noise, incident to a great
political campaign. To those of our party
who feel constrained on account of a
matter of method of one Issue to depart
from us on ail other national questions
at th« coming election. w-» should mani
fest a spirit of toleration, w-il knowing
that in title season they will return."
They Indicate, the Largest I>«.m«icrntlo
Vote Ever P«»ll«l There.
Idt'le Rock, Ark., Sept. « —The Denio
cracy of Arkansas yesterday achieved the
areatest \ii-"oric lti the history of the state.
Never before was such an overwhelming
majority made in any gubc na:or'al elec
tion as that whh-h was yesterday given
to Jone?, and never was such a largs vote
po!>d in the sta'e. Conservative e«'!-
ma'-'s based on partial returns received,
new pi ve the to'» 1 vote at Ih.'-.fl'O ar;d
give* Jor»s a clear majority over all op
p .altion combined of from to c.,'»«v.
The followirg telegram was received by
I)emo-ra*io S'a'e Chairman Carroll to
day: "Chicago—Accept my congratula
tions on the magnificent result under
your splendid management. I' a gratify.
ir.e not only to the citizens of Arkansas
but to the "Democracy of the country: tha'
s'a e has by its vole yesterday shown its
devotion to the great principle- a' stake
in this convs*. and fairly indicates what
is to be ezpe-f d m the s ,'h and Wc o
in 'die November el- t J t 'Tr ■ K .1 nes."
Montnna R«>pnblle»n«
Sal' Sept S,—A special fnm Hel
ena, M i" Trfb-.-ne, mv-- It ;• hard
to g : ve a more < n,ao-.c aondif.on • f aft'., s
po'-:--s"v ■ inn ex!«'s here tonicht among
the Men who-have a':enibd
p i'-'i -aI cor.ven* on* f-r a quarter it* a
century claim tha' thev never siw
a coe. iition of affairs. I is m ttfer : -
p S. -y JO je.arn anything lefc '<■ y. »-•-
cause no one knows exactly where his
neighbor funds A h .tidre-l •' T- -■ n* ■
ries ar" afloat a- to w nat a tton the r»-. 1
3nd « ver fa . ■ s w -1 *aks t-»norruw
when the conv-r-tion mee's.
Texas Rnpubllean < onventlnn.
F* r* V\"oyth T'T , &*' r>- - w •—Th€
Reprib::- tn co. ve.n'i •*. met this afterno n
w •- a larger attendance t un wry eonven
ti »n of th« party ever held in T> xas. The
temporary organization <* . .s js.«.puned un
. • »•-. Trow ryt ,e i h.: rinn i ■>{ t -*» s* t'e
. . , . e.-e- T • c r-l . ' i '-. *
th* executive committee was not residy to
report on -on.*' ■■ ng delegations for teni*
porary organization.
The Reporters of All Von-Union Nesrs
ptpers Were livciiitled.
K'l.nh-;rg;' Sep'. I—The cor.g-ees r.f
British trad-s unions to-lav d:s«nj-sed tne
report of the par .aajeniwy > mmitt- e.
v h n opposed further par pa turn in
•he (nternatton • 1 con*"-F "-nelly "t s
.» »*«•»» adopt' l i i T e- a m »nt at.
' f rure interna* -n • r >ngre..«e* *«• •
•, * .f- * * r#»» • ';. - •: »f : \ ■ ■' M
labor organlaat'cms. and the ' e
•let»rmine<l on the line of thr»se attend!) g
the British trades ar. vn cong».-»s Af
4 ~*#:?!£ * :;»* in-* * .on. •r •* r
workers moved tliAt no representative of
•he press he l a!.owed to report the pr,> ee -
• •< ~f ■ e congress, tl" »ss { e '. Pr e
•; ,- -M.>« ..n. »'• ist» r a v -, ■ . p-.per
ma ie In t ■- United K ;gd «m. The dec -
Ki.«<* voted to sxci id - • r * • •-« af ad
-n- -ri c-i t.vt" !r> . idii.rf a i the w-*>
l;.: pers of 1->1 S ntoargh.
-ar »2isr " r*-* ' ■ "''* 1 I* * * o.
• e ~a« tt rk»t a -on. : d a r» ■ » .-
» n ar.n* ' " f - i:mi-ai;on of t ,e
v >rk ay eight ' sS" a., tra .<■» and
o ... ati-ans Tb - *«* .d<.p ,-d.
C Ma.rfj'-! .t» m* - -■ Ar ..
, •* . e-r. mo-- 5 a r- - . ,»a
hab: ty - partict; »ri> • rec.tr-,! .0 : •»
respot\s:bihty of sub-contractors, for
e*ie;-,sioa peri -.1 n nt. »>» i ta» r »m- v
ai of :•-» m«\ tiur *n : of compensat
T < al>o adop..'l
T ie s > .1 motion f -
voring . > :,a v.- n i 1 w if >.-• -p r
acy and th-» t. r. .;a: .car .rc.i iio of
the peace, 1* .a. •» . l.tournt-! iv>r the da. .
On B<vanl the Imperial Yacht. Round
tor < oiiettbageu.
Kiel. Sept. —TV« nd czarina ar
rive,! -re th.s mor. . ..; were me
by Prtoca Henry of Ptwdk, brother of
Emperor \Vil. am, ,:t ite m-.form of the
Pr :.i-ian dra#s.w». a omo.i- 1 >y Prin
c o»s Henry of Russia, a i the naval and
military authorities. After the caar had
Inspected tho guard of honor, the im
perial party drove to the paiiu-e. Tlte
streets were crowde«l and prof ;«elv deco
rated. All the warsh•.;>!• in th*
harbor were hr.eht w:th hue. ing. •r ">
R JSK an rlag 11) i g I rom heir main-tops
The <*ar and caarina left this city this
ever, iff on -lr ».<>• 'a Oo>»nh.«gen on
board, the imper-.al a i -ht Polar Star.
aasemh.cd lee; .4 lie.} the imperial pair
as they .-teamed away, and the Polar Star
replied, the crews joining in with ring:: g
Russia l>tHt|lne« to Iteeeive Vny >Ior«»
lU<ftigiH>« l"iMtt> rurkey.
New York, Sept. S.—A dispa - h *0 «h->
Herald from a'onstant ino pie s»\s: Order*
have been re-i .veil from Russian post
to - v* further cor.signnier.ts of Armenian
ref.igcfs. aj> Russia is overstocked and
dt dines to receive any further supplie
In cot >equence of th< se order s a number
c»f Armenians, who ha 1 already embarked,
were landed hero again last night-
Will Uo to New York.
f.ondon, Sfpt. B.—A lispatfh to the
Chronicle from Marseilles says: M. Ro.
na.id, oh.ef of -sillce. Informs me that
Vrmenlan# under detention here will b«
liberated and will go to New York. M.
Honata ,x, minister of foreign affairs,
has ai<»o ordered that another batch of
\rmenians, expo »ted to arrive today,
should *e given h» r full liberty. Th- v
arrived on board the Sider. They refused
•o «,> ak at.o : * tt-.e massacre ,n «.'on-ta
imo.de for f. ar of exciting the anger of
the Turks against their companions, but
th'-y bltierl.v denounced England's eon
du t In promising protection and then
abandoning the Armenians to Turkish
Shot a* <a«r(leld Was.
New Tork, Sept. '.-A dispatch to the
Hera.! ! from Buenos Ay res says: The
3lera!d's correspondent in Rio Janeiro
telegraphs that I>r. Narvalho, late m n
ister of foreign affairs, was seriously
w -undel by a deputy In the presence of
President Mouses, in the Central railway
station. Thre« shots were fired, all tak
ing effect In the victim's breast.
Cable, messages received from Rome pnv
that England. <Jermany and will
support Italy against Brazil.
Yesterday ing th< anniver.-»try of their
independence, the l >liana asked th- ir
consul In Hio ,lau-iro as to whether nr
not they should observe the celebration,
Stsrnor Bruno told them to fly the Italian
tl g, .1 compunird l>r ihat of Brazil.
The I iirllsis *itltl I.oynl
l/ondon, S-jC. s The M.idrid corres
pondent of t!; e Standard -ays: The Car
lists have Sun d .1 m.-«i>,fr*!o explaining
their a-tioji In withdrawing from the
chamber of deputies md declaring that
th'-ir leader w •! delude nt the proper mo
ment lo respond to the call of the nation
md will yimmon them to su-e tf. Tha
tranifesto supper's the politic*] suprema
cy of the and the es'ablishment of
a parliament rrpr» sufing all classes.
Peru and ItoMvln Politic.
Lima, Peru. Sept K. via Oalveaton. Tex
The pr--i-i. nt-« Vet of «'hUe, Krederlco
Errazurlr. has entrusted to \n|bal '/,■*-
nartu the t.isk e.f forming ihe new cab
inet. Word ha been received h»re that
the Bolivian ministry has iwen modlfb -i
by th'- appointment of Senor I'n.l.ts as
minister of war. Senor I'ftillla Fomento
an.l Jose \'i. ente Ochna ministers of
tfie interior and tustice. and Henor CJomez
as minister of foreign affairs.
Burned Up ni •««-n
Tendon. Sept. v The Netherlands.
American line steamship Sp<»mdam.
Capt. Bon'.ir, has passed t « fazard atid
signaled that they have p k. 1 up all
hands of the. British bark Perfection.
<*ip\ l/tomer, w deb saile«) from Qiiehe
August 17 for Rio J.tnelro. and which has
been destroyed by fire at s*»a.
Schotivaloff 111 lfeoover.
Sept. * -A d'spateh from B r
lin to the s?t indard •-ays t atpp r Beta
>. inn. the eminent surgeon, hi* been to
Warvaw- and after an <-\ «mlnat|on » ape.
it t 'mint vein H.'houvalolf, go-ernor <f
Russian Pole nd. who WMS re< in.t.y utrlrk
en with paralysis, will re. 'iver.
An Atlantic t ablt* Tele-phone
T.ondon. Sept. «i An Odessa dispatch to
the pally News says that a Mo* ow *d< -
tri' in, named Kllde- -howfky, |s coming
to lion-' m to test a new telephone discov
ery he has made, with the Atlantic cable.
The t'nipne** « f arlsrnhe.
<»orii'y.. t-' nt. 1 -The empress of rpr
manv wen* to Carlsruhe today In order
to e.-in. ratulate »!.e«'lrand I hike of Baden
| r-fni hi a "" ti birthday, which occurs to
While Bitter Anlmo"lfy Against! the
l/vn-lon Sept. f The Times this
lr if pul'Mshes a leng'hy let»er from .• *
Havana, eorrespondett' deehtig witK t -••
state of affairs in Cur«, in the courv- of
which he nays:
"f'areful st'i -v af 'he p.i«' to -r n I
convinces mr that despite serious Joss- -,
the reU-la are ho, ling their own agair f
the troops. The we i (S , agri''uPiira.i d «-
trie's are now «nn)i»iet«-;.v un>i*r re'.ej
c.n*r-l. and tne wh-<le vmpathy of th*
{»-!,, ... . is with the r«t.eis Kwn Hs
aarta. which is n re Spanish than any
O'her • >«n -or d -'t- i- perm«o*l wi'h
.. -t - v *lf I St-a i r-. e and Is
V •«'»■ iWe - guers on beriaif of
T* ■'
• I: s <ju e f i o • at! I' a coi-r s4mg
g> In th-- fighting ranks of 'he iaeur
jr»-rv's the f-r.ip--r '< n ' 70 je-r c-n'. whites
pi » p« r cent. negro«#."
Ouw of the Rebels -shot.
-%•. .' ■ • H«-p* s v ' - -oa*' n fr'<m Ma
-a . v a that among -Uo e eourtmartiabai
,i r 1 * ' for p.rf ■i pa ting itt ' * upr s
tr.g e;• pr • .- < r.- a was «*' J.
known • inker named l'.oja*
i - •in i h i t«t» Admiral
I > rang cr. rrr.n. *■ r of marine, announced
• . a*, tw . ir p; utu.-.e to borrow money
and that the treawirv would advanca tha
.. ... ■ ' • V. - - r eq-i -ed lor
expends ,n * <ma during September.
id'V. Mil is IUMt v<» II FRF-
To Pass Upon the sites P-r foast
I «,rt tflf-st loos.
Wa-lc .g' n Cf> Sep* * 'ien. M"es
I- -.«% H'arO- t "» *>'
'■ e army pos-e n the Northwest, if.
s ~ - first a' • -
to Fort i«'»r. an ia* far *— <-?■. as i* >■
m ■ -touTid. waere ba M 0 pass upon t
■I (gi for eoaai •*** M ! •'
■~e ful Hfhallniis Is*ri. of which he ia
pr»" 1 **t t
f on sol 'itrman 1 >*a 1.
n- , „■ . i'.-jr, S»»:-- * N"»»* v » been
. e.J ■ w'. -f a* tV« state d*n*ai met.?
t poa: ita ASeti o »f ' n: -<l
& 4fee v. J IX, ovr-naii. o- u---:g.a.
This Time It Is by the Na
tional Silver Party.
The Notifying of liroot
About Two Hour? Long.
Bryan Aiso «pokf at limt Length. \o
cfptirtg tit* Nomination, end De
claring That He Would Have Molted
the Chicago i onwution on Anjr but
a silver rutionu.
T- NW. Sr;>t. <—Th* continuous
*''ioome v\.'i r> Unroin i<*opi#- And •
«'»■'! fifi-. - -* :t\»m other of Xebnuk*
\Y J. Bryan on his homecoming to
*> i :..>!* 1 thw f\eninit in a detnon
s'!-' on 'u>i:.>r of h:< tw»iiti At ion of Jiis
»<om:n.i::un for >o prf sj»>!ic> b\ the s*li
vfr i*»r:y. Prom tiio Ume Mr. Ilryaa
T ,n\ it u oV!ork thi» mom
'•> * •<• if' 1 . tVAila roitrt-v! from the
>tr.' t < h: «t hour tonight,
jMSii < through thv >:r<»«'ts of the
' o \ by u>vml n',i\i \ .stUnc cam*
chitM. ,iil «i( h bra* > hx.ultt
in ft. nt. There \v,i« tn e«.cor: proeeeaioit
from the Ituriiwum iieu\>; to Mr. Bry
an a is ;-..!•>!. another procession that
«*vonu»iUw«*u the candidate u» .1 maaa
iu<H-nng it* the house ground*
ht* afternoon. and the third
tin! greatest preceding the noUfkaUen
• fron>iin:r.«. Mr. and Mrs. Hi\an, Oeorgn
A. tlroot. chairman of the notification
committee, .ml Norria Hximphr* y, of Lin
-01.1. rodf together In the tmdet of the
t;i*ht p.ll ade. All the members of th«
no:;fi.' 1; j,m committee who came lo Lin
coln t » attend the -evemantps were watt I
on Ih< j>ir, • form on t ":e iwrth fro .;
1 cap<'ol building «.1 n Mr. Bryan
nrhM. Norria Humphrey preMded at tie
me ;r ic m l Introduced <l*ot*e A. Oriwt,
» OiTio, chairman of the noulKatloa coni
rnil tee.
Mi <~lroot rtud» n long speech In notlfy
nK Mr. Bryan of his nomination by th*
• .«! Stiver party; lie atakl the b ,,;, 1
K«rons of thin country m n<l Km ore had
»ilborately set about to enslave the Amer
-11 an people. They had heretofore con
trolled both the Bcpublictin and the Dem
ocratic parties, ami now controlled th«
Kepubllcan party. The national Silver
party proponed to ass.«t in destroying th«
(fold triii-t. <5 root concluded as follows
"Hon. William .Ternlng* Bryan: Th«
National Silver convention, with uoantml
ty unexampled 1«« five hbdory of the na
tional convention* of this country, nom
inated vou as the candidate of the Na
tional Silver party r r the ll<tin«iil»heif
offli c of president of the t'nitel States
Vou aw now tne candidate for the great
olYico of president of three great po.ltical
partial*, of whk>& tlx# Stiver i»ait> Ist not
ilie The convention selected a com
mit tco to formally notify \mi of lis ac
tion. and that committee conferred ni>oi>
ni« (he dtetliuruiahed honor of advising
you of your nmnina ion a* the cat lldat*
of ■ v . Nutiori.il Sllv'Vi vany for the of
ike of president of thw l'nUe«l Stale*.
ai« net, therefore. <ll this time ami
pla e. for the purpose of performing U*«
pleasant duty Imposed upon us by the con
vention. I therefore, In oliedlence to th*
wishes of the committer ami the conren
lion, hereby formally notify you that you
have I wen nominated by the national Sil
ver party for president, and request that
you accept that nomination in the *«m«
spirit in whh'h It has been tend#red you.
You tr« commander of th« grand
army composed of three prand division*,
which Is now mob Halng for t>le ptirpos*
of fighting In liehalf of humanity on No
vember is:*. th« mo«t important t»olitl
cal battle of this or any other *«e, a
■battle which la to determine whether thl®
nation shall be a province of Oreai Brit
ain, and bo governed and controlled, a#
that nation Is. by the money baron* of Eu
rope, or whether it shall he nn our father*
Intended it to txv- a free, independent and
aovereign nation. The [>e<»i»ie who conati
tute that Kfatid army, tnMpired aa they ar«
hv the « t yentimeft's of triotls*Tl,
under your leadership will, there ci»n be n®
dotibt, oti that dav lift high their t»annf r»
In triUimf>h over -th» defeated alliea of tbt
hosts of plutocracy."
It wis in 40 o'clock befoie Mr t'irooi'g
lornr addre -i was cortclu led. Mr. Bryan
» 1 ■ imm« hately pr«c»ented and mad» 4
chi/rt epee. ;i, it 1 - follow*.
"Mr <;r n>i. '"halrman. and Other Mem
>X i < of the Notification <'ommittet of the
Silver I'a.rty lIvK to reply at this tltiin
A-II hor.it the foniallty of a letter. Tln»
plitfo'm adopted t>y th. StUer i»irly cOti
lalris but tine plank, and thit tdatik, tin*
i i . k u(M>n tlr> allvi-r (jiiffiluti, 1» identical
•b- i.ince with the silver plank of ttio
*"h IK > platform. As 1 have already dl"•
| that (dank .it length. It will not t»«
ne: to enter into. any e*ten l«d dia
cnsslon nl this time
'■! !■< jf "i .tn -* it to th«- rnmmlt'M thai
I a the notntr. i!;on te:id<«r*d by th<-n»
on !.«•!,.I>r of thf Hilv.T party In the fcplrit
In whS-h ih<* nominatlon »a* presented.
I < .n ap:>i • sa<e the t->- In* wl»l<*h anl
iiiitoi ho®'" a**-* third lit that convention,
I ( .»n at»prn ;(tt" :h«* h»*9t:atlon with w hh-ti
a--mt'ii'l tii'-i.' turned th'-'r back#
upon •••• c-ar'v wrh v. il'h tiny had bc*i»
i .(«!.)■ i.iwd • 1 k»i->w "h-.riif of tho
"tf-fii'.n of ;•.»r f> !l*». »■ I L*cau»a I »»»
. t ~ ~ *»:.*■ II -k- : forward to a
<|j'v of lik* i :;>n <»i my own part,
i an »ps»r- «'« s r»« dfrpth of the ronvir
„ . ft,, ir, * . p . » the Interest*
f f; 'i' iy ai >v'» ' 1 i'* wt'ifara oC
their i«r:v.
•M-.ro * i*i «nv In* we were engage.}
in ;n « r i« ■ vor to hi r,g •'!* I»em©cratl«
,» a' j'.Wr-Hif'i «f f>>»- «tlt.«»,
„ i •. « 4 i. . . m »i« pi' •» me wh»'h*r,
, , ..r ' i ur-. I kui 1 *upport th*
1 ... , i t ►••e f •» *"r« a. H"..l
i t» t I run t.ng tii»of> a 40.1t
■ .« 1 I hit
„ * i,« sf » 'll 1* I ttflflTi'*
J. if'v t!i« .. '* • mm,** who que*.
i;<-j -n>- m*.f" *uh prooabl!-
„• 1 Mr* in w '•th<»'- r* that
~v » I »<eii<l -« ;pf">r ♦ !»« nomine* I
) a fit em r**r. tat unVr
~0 r.r iti.- t.'. ■* wou Imy vo *!Ve*i
~ ... ytho -> i. ha- »*em.»Mv# of
» 4>r fl• i -fj< *- > fiv.-n (ha soil
»Mf, . I 'jlm! 'he Ameffc an people.
•j • ,1 wh'-rn t?;•* nfml>»r* «if >?ta' »IU
v - d :i ."'i e' iik" th»-f»i^,
-a-, . i ! vtiier ha*' th« approval of my con
* ,/ 4 • . n * " >; , r-A i' t>r •11 tt»*
* r i My «onvft.on» upon »i>la «n»«}e«-t
„ra ' tft'i'i#* ronvU ilon». I m*> - h« ,i»
, r > o' ;, ,ne of >j* «-an claim Infallibility
but f Vl!»v* that fh« gold #'Af»lar<J I* a
•rui-y ait tin-; th- human r**-e. 1
would no » ifinfr )oiri Win r;if.k« of th'>*a
|»u rposte It 1* to faa'en ftw "P"«
« « Am'-rtean p'oyJe 'h.tn 10 • "'l* : " ,n
,rmy th ' w-« mar itln* to air.i K my
n,~ a: 1 d»"troy mv family
• - «, v . t *rrfor*. that 1 »-an •»''»
s . . ta •■; ar.trna'* thoi* wort hav®
ma ir>'» s»'or"! r.om'n*'loti.
j r ' 'K- *':•*!> f'a? tf e'«'?*l they tha «•*
ro arc-1.- me fit <*•- * • »
-rm Mr ir* '«!*. » h '« 1 'Vi
•' J w-iM en>!"'rt» *»'* l <*and*r>t
• . ta-e I a-»- -r.»B Ut-« * • /7""|
I W - i»rr.y. I wa- defend-
A . ;i- **'- •' *eraa»»
'a. ■ % V'-W ' * E W
, , , # . ry a- ; 1 rjf Ar. J w --*rt tn«
.. » .o -'-•*"•'•• "1 f' ' M.vee
. . . ?/>;< - f* '•"•I 'O «
, ... li£ . w ■ -r par y h*4 eat
(1 fe- j •«< (tie 4a»ry of '.!»•
! ..o r. . in ,
1 , no: ,sr»: he /*#>or?n*je.|, " hat
. , r , i 1 ■>.»ked for 4»)-in«''illi«m If*
«{e,.. par'y »h«sild hav« rlv»n
, !• i • n< -1 el.wwhere fo' rel ••f.
* ..• .»i4i»a viiiaai 0« l#t

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