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The Seattle post-intelligencer. [volume] (Seattle, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1914, September 21, 1896, Image 5

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I WCmi
% SoqW
ism tht OM r«llawa
ggya branch No. 4 has been havtnf
o*m U»ter»at!nir aasaiona <ur!nj the past
jatb. anu .'laws adirn;;e<3 one by card
Nw. 7 baa p<iened one cand&afe
aii decrees Golden Link No. M
fgitea tbem >n s body on Au#usi xa, and
. jarga nurnoer of visitors from every
gigt 1& the cry and vicinity were else
p«»ent. The first de«rs< wm conferred
g tMlr u*ua. ln:pr»jj;ve manner,
fraternity No. w> la nsving s vary goe4
ftitndaace. arid a.way* have s number of
rtltor* They vi#!ta<l Lsite *e«hln g to«
f, in a body on Au#uat 17.
Wa-riincton No. tfT Is teoklnc f®r-
to tbeir u»usi activity ths» fail.
of 1U members hava been in Aiaa
k* «Jjr!n* the •JCimer. but they are ex
iec:«U home shortly. They bave thrown
4cen th« fKjntiet that tn«fey are abta to
o«isMia their post 1 So* sa tna banner
y of the city.
q erroin-i No. 108 haa had Its uaual cxxS
attendance and the member* are atlii
a ifc!nf up trte German lod*e,
ebleo will be aceompiianed within a few
meK*. and it will t>e a n.g one wnen tney
As a tart.
Go.den Link No 11/) hu passed one ean
<ida:e through a!! a. jcrcea and has an
aibrr on th«- carpet for t;iia
BontS. The member# of this will
«iait La*e Washington No. *T on B*-p
--t«m!w 11
JUdgeiy Rebakah No. « has elected John
Km>? capta'.n of the degree staff %nd baa
Started in eumeat to prepare for work at
'J» oaxt aeasion of the grand lodge.
Mystic JsweS No. 40 initialed orie candl
iate last month. They have elected Grand
fecretary Jerry ForUiin captain of their
test— staff, and start in this *eek to
prepare for work before the grand lodge.
Tiey propose a so to ae< ure new costumes,
»n& soire ne« sonoeptlons may be ex
sseted of the work of tne Rebekih degree
Issttle Wii lirr.preni No. 11 a.ao expects
some work vary ahortly.
Comet No. IM parsed one candidate
ttrough all degrees .uj*i month, and naa
tome mors in view.
Diadem No. «2 received a visit
fr/m Ridneiy No. < and Mystic Jewel No.
oon Auguwt 2."., The <le*;ree st*ff of No.
letemphfled (be work. A very f-njoyabla
tine •*« They also expect severai
caodidat'-a in the near future.
The members of Germanla No. 102 held
a meeting on H*'ptember 13 to arrange for
at organization of a German Rebekah
Mge. Tne «jerifiania Kocia! Club wlli give
M entertsinrnent on Thursday,
filer, jl
We'd like to nhov progressive ho;j*»-
*<vea our rleh l!n» of <Sra{>*rle« ami lac*
eurUiß*. tu any time. W«<tk Sfj
itak: price*.
Now York llloi'lc.
*Wb»J We Nny He Do. \V« D« D«."
*2* £T«rr. i:r * j *** *-
Tzit Mr* *. WIU ■* MrUl
XfSF'ZJ?' *■■■*<« "•> —-
_ lodge No. 7 ha* received two
•ppucationa for reinstatement, and To
morrow »v»r.!nj wi.. confer t b<* third <!*-
rr'*« upon on<! . Visiting snd
1: **d •" of x 0 7
W »"•««. Gr.n<l
*; c - f W u.iaois ar.d GraM
to# d#r-ee work u corv r „.
frwhmwi:* will be served R« s O ,H
Fallows are eordiaiiy Invited Vo • L
rawdiy cem.ng 10 ib # frot.t aga:-. i :
Initiated and reinstated ,u* a „iLb£
IS* 0 - p*«t few months. and ha* Mv
srai mora in view for h * „ om| „ n .
\ * n ** degree t-Mfr wt.i soon be
,K Ua P'ofeaouUy of n«m-
P y.ng the aeoond d*g'»« at i&# n< .,»
sesßaio-t of the grand lodge jjc 7 w ,
no: enter Im o an, ,mpe ; -,,e contest «■ ■-
i***rl*e banner a, *j; :/M . dr.llr.g will
be!i»voiri entirety to the „ - on4 / "
t-n.ty an.-anpm.nt No. 2» U admit «ne
candidate to the I'atri arena. degree neat
Saturday *ven n g ant! r >. - .» p t
for mem">er*b;p ty Ini'tation
an .one for The d**rree
«*.. of this •r, »®pm»rit *.;; exemp ;y
*' !; '*r the I'atna .Mai or Go len Ho# de-
f T JT* *' 5 n * a "* t aessisn of the grand
lodsre and grand encampment.
Rfdgeiy Rehekah -or,*.. So $ h+./J !t»
" l-ir *Oci-t; rag-.:" ; lS s* Fr 4ay
ar.il thera bein* a number of viaitor*
it »a» re*ju«» e<| of Ui a
• tfT tnat to* floor work oe pat or; At
'h» of the worn refrea
w*r« Mrved
A new Re -kah iodg" wlli be instituted
a' Ri*ck Diamond next «attfrday by
Grand Master C. F. W.:.., m , ,» be known
a.-t Mount i:-tinier Rer-kah >ig.< v •«?
The two Rel>e*iih 1 • .g. a of this cityi
Ridgely No. < and M/stic Jewel No. e5.
ha .e t» (n invited to be present and con
fer the d'-grear in th* evening w;ih a
P ked !'»a, but it is r.ot p- '.able that
many * 11 go on a • >0 nt of ' tie expense
and having to be up all night.
Q ;»en City !•>!*« No. 10 he.l a very in
teresting in uiim last Mon-iay sv»
tn« prtr.vji; tl f'ature of the evening v . -
Ing l.';.e n» e; tioti of Gen. H A Blgel w.
w io had Just ret jrrie»J from tha ti
lo»lga ar tJSeveiand. 0., where he w.<s
•'.-ned flaj-rem- inner Guard. A gr<at
repiwe'ntative knights a re p- r *.
eut ai< 1 the h«s wero w«ll received.
T.i.jae who a». ,ke at any length were
Gen. H A. B.gi low 1 l>r K. \v. i
don Young. E Bow-iien and A C. Bow
n>.*n On the last Monday even.ng of the
month tii» a w.,1 give another eo-jia!
card party to the ioljje Ai; ladies of
<dJieen City l<*l«e *ijl he expected.
On Wednesday evenirw last Seattls
10-lge No. Si hai l «i« of the nx»»t enter
uaining oonvocatioris In Its progressiva
history. After the transaction <if ths
rf»itlne bnsinerts one vr■<- •
ed to the rank of Enquire in the :► s- form
•v»r sxhibited by thla lodge, th.re ■ g
a large attendance of v.- \>ri am •
whom was rf G. I. O Gen B'geiow of this
domain, and who in an aiJres* exi>res*-
«si h:a high ar .ire. iatioi. of the <j .ai ty of
the work. Brothers Alien, of Harmory,
Becflchsxn of t T nlty. M • Mitat-r of .t •. «
N > 51, and Liiiy of No 61 c ritrlhjt"!
gr-'-a* v to the auc-ess >f ths -r. On
Wsdnw»«li»y next ths rank of Kri <ht v 51
be upon t .vo <-a l. lati s and
members are s'Por.gly irg-i to attend.
One application far admission was le-
OeU rtd.
Cmirt hr*« *•!s <r No. IT helil l'a oautfci
*■' 'kly tn fMi* t! K«>r*n*r'» Sail, Olymi-!o
S^-"on«i ftvenuf Ti- *'.AV wnHig
•n.t tr.. guitf an a-:. • ;nt tg r -
neas Tb* *irlr f- mmlttw r*;->r?e.l or. t a
oofwl;'Son of the ♦ ver*i n k «a
*l*o A',.l the r>hy*!< t»n. r>r. \V. C.
aon, who r* etv*l q lite an ovation. Tha
c»!i)m!tt»«. on th*» ii#tl *».*:«] anna-JT '-4
that they ;n:*n-.!«»4 to ho! ! a at*( amok<r
«n<l a<>o4al Tu»* !*y. <> tot. r 13. wh^n
9 » ■ I
1 " ~~ '— " 11 1 ■'—l ——T R 1.1 ■ 111 . I . .... ■ ■ ' II."HI ,- ■
Borers' 1847 Brand Triple Plate Table Knives, per set. $1.50. j Sheffield Steel Silver Plated on Nickel Knives, per set, 75c.
Rogers' 1817 Brand Triple Plate Table Forks, per set $1.50. j Sheffield Steel Silver Plated on Nickel Forks, per set, 75c.
Borers' 1847 Brand Triple Plate Table Spoons, per set. $2.10. Sheffield Steel Silver Plated on Nickel Table Spoons, per set. 75c.
Rogers' 1847 Brand Triple Plate Dessert Spoons. Per Set. $1.85. i Sheffield Steel Silver Plated on Nickel Teaspoons, per set. 40c.
Rogers' 1847 Brand Triple Plate Teaspoons, per set. $1.05. | j Eight Pay Walnut or Oak Clocks, one-half hour strikes, fully warranted.
Rogers' 1847 Brand Tableware, the Standard of the World. j j $2.85. All other Clocks reduced 30 per cent
Reed & Barton, Meridan Brittania and Middletown Plate Co.'s Quadruple Platcdware reduced 30 per cent
Gorham and Reed & Barton Sterling Silverware reduced 25 per cent.
Watches, Jewelry and all other goods reduced from 25 to 40 per cent
All Goods Warranted as Represented or We Consider It a Pleasure to Show You Our
Money Refunded. Goods Whether You Purchase or iSot.
M. IX BARNES, Receiver.
KslcUti of PrthUs.
Fnrntrr* of Ararrln*.
F"«raa:er* aM wri {rt *h* »*a:e w^l
V» —paelai-y w»: It im !a*.(a4«d »
♦"-Sip-* t* viMat y#t ati«a;'>tad, an 3 a
rarai fo->i • m* te aiw ;r«4. O. R H. J.
*'"Bor>y. of Cw.t Eawt>i<n. w*s pr-»-
ant ati-it in*y*<» a v— e* "*""e~' ■vt,
with his w«;j -,m -.! a-J-1 r»sa Th» -
F !• I- ?--» w«, aierrr _fy trsa
anTi« next rroo-.njf.
Tha Ftorasters Amus^acnr
Its b:tr»jf this •*rm »ha
'Khar av»r.'-g- w*,<»rv tha pr*-n Jant, Mr.
T. H, A !v*r» w*. sf-,af fh# t-im ra
p-o-rt had he-r rea~, • •••»• •*-* HkS *<?-">pted,
c *n«.-At ..a - 'J vte r mm. ;e* poa tfca
sooee«a : sj -r -»w- . •* • K -:r ef?-rrra
Sn prjmo :rsf and hv- 1. r .« the iata #«~ta ly
a.-vl anan- ,jn.y 1 ;l ax jr-jti-oo sn-i
ha»*et jr -rsie 'o Pi-4*iint Baaeh. Ha
tharaad tham for the taefllkM the* had
they would i>a f ■ -r.j r« &»*y ani w.; r .g ta
restj>ond to a-.y cat; that may v> -
p-00 fIMM. Oa !>■-,*." of k Mrit V:
S»nt p. K ?■». «fii, Secretary P.
Rottenstertn. ar*d Tra*t.« jrer H J. M
♦ *•>". he ' 'i-tnaed * v -e r-nmn ;r*e f--* the
confidence they had f-»r the third ttne
refpr,«»d in therr %jsd »- ,e*»*d th»y ha 3 r.ot
been fotn.l w*.'- .ln#r n carrytn* to * mc
cessfo. t»f .» r m last r"*r 1 F r-*?J r -
;h* '..gn "hsraotf and r'; t
* -<n wh w*« mor- tr>an ev- re* ..-a
<l"rr!ons , .r:4*' i Il» ther ha'to '*■»
Emerprtae. and BaJ
i: -d <->-:» We f.->f •; ■* ea.- 1 b»'tir tr* a -
t i! '.j. the t'va'. ret profi-j
.V. 'rt F'>ertrr'«e Vo 3 m*t io r<>g\ ar
w«-%kly .••-.ttnitm on last Thursday even r.g. j
i w«i apff ca{'or.s were revived and re
ferred 8".! in*? -an.: !.tv ».ji :t ;■ d"*d
Tiro?h»r W. L n, »as !
for severe: n,or. t in Alaska, vu
* th js f'lr th«» flrs- t.me ax i t*a Court
w*a m f-r\ jsiestMNS to '-*• him sgiin.
Aftaf a eh...a*-**. ■ the d'»ora »'»re
' '•' 'am <>;- ■ • •.e . « an 1 v;«t ig
F<-»reater*. T.e all *js ' xe.: to is fill
ca»-"r and I »r. ir.g and oars pis?
w*a indulged In till af'er mi.!ni|tht. Re- !
fS' fhT ■■■ ■ s -/f .? 7". a ■>'»*. a., n-** -1 v.--a
arid f. ji < *ere wrv».f at..) e:;J .i.ed **y (
ttioss present. The prt- :;%ai featurs of
t'">» 'Vfn tir was t: • <9k' ".g
b»- «> »r, <* *f Ttar..'» r H J M rler
a:. i fu' a! ®- •*■ 1: y of 1 '.rt
Fx e *!. jr. tr. w\ h :M<3fior!ev ?arr -■!
•ara.y the honor* of the contest. Th<»
r!m* ma-''» was one m :rjte sx.d twr y
six pe- onds.
Court Fr.'f-rr>r?»e N ) ? rr.»* in r«ir »r
sea-:;- n on !,>«: T jr<dsv e%-e: ■ r
with a v*rr isirge attendance Two «pp :-
cations rer.»UeJ and re'err«-d an 1
two candMs'ee w- re < >r» « gg-s
--ti«>n of »'*hie? R.mger H J the
court a;; nt» 1 a < ■-•mm •;<•« of thr»e to
viait Court klaor at the meeting on
n»*x' Tu»».a>* ev-ri.'.z. stid to chjiirnge
that court to furnUh Court Enterprise
with as many v .•>.• ;ng t ro" ier* their
r«-ep»-'*tive m-for the il of t. r
month* »-n.t ng De< ember 31 a* <' .rt F.n
terpriae will furnish to Court Kt t
meetings, the losing court to glv« a in
<juer in honor of the winning rourt at •
the first me 'ir.ji ir. Jin .ry ' *-T I • r
esiing r»mark< »• r<> tr. hv G' r>d r*h>f t
Ranjrer J A \V<;l>vrg. W. I• Norrington.
!». C Neville lv A. O. Carstejss, J. A
Maiaa aod others.
Woudanea of the World.
S'andlr* ro<»m aas a? a premum 1
people w- re turtle s way at V. > n
ha.ll in the Steve-:a h .'ei on Friday sven- j
ing la*t, the or being the »rr.- ker •
an-.i wi. at party »tiv*n by ihe
of the Wivj.lnion t>f the W r! 1
I-Urly in the even • g t:,* "Choir:"ts" be
gan to arr.ve and >y * o'clock the cl .llrs «
wvra nearly U1 0* upleL The Woodmen
had a j »»m6>! t have a y>"r < J time
aro-md the campfir* and Unit tl»ry e:>o- j
* e»>«led to the a t«». <* a » v o *->.-» j
there w'l r» -fy to T > cap the ciirrax \ •
candidate a< geared *r ! asked to he ir.-
Hls **•! In the Pr • •: I. g'. e of \V
•Taft. Ity unan.rrxr .* rt the recj- *t
« ia granted ar 1 t' » oar: 4 late Intro- 1
d ■*! to Mr G >-. I" ;s r ■ rted that !•»
*x;>re<eie>l hlr-.«'lf In t yerj- c ; - ..t
--ary way a-« toh a j
t<*'..! on* <if his f" '■■ is co" '..ient'aLy
he believed he had r« Ived his m >ney'e i
* .rth m f-n at. i '• . * it r th
asms ttrne w-as **Tf much pi-*#*'! wtth
tho lasers** ve -rtKuj-
The p-ogranmse -xf th* #e«ir.r.g. ce e •-'«*-
irg of § nsr* *.-4 r»3»aor* *« "*•7
ct j -i!ta SJj r» n dered e- *a. asd vis'" "■ •
r»'i k .V:ik mtsrest ©ontsred 'a
w-htst «ont*r. Mr Dew ey of Bat. ard a 1
Mr. He- d»-~ >' New Yortt. oarr,»e oft
tr.<» hoaors by ihetr oeierrtlfie pi ay. An
r«7 *r tenaotlng part of the evening
w*s the report o? Heed gentry C A-
X nep&i. enured 'TrJ'*:« end T*~hula
« >' fJe.fi*." WhCe tha report w»«
ekETfuC'y prt-rarM la ail ns detail# ;t
• , *ed jrrea; a*er-ti»«it among the raerr
*—■a or.n to A# wit and humor dis
played in '♦.« .restriction. Al?c**-her,
•J>« f-st srr -s»r of the season was * great
****** an a tue neighbor* hop* that **-
a'.r.tr may follow soon.
Order af tke Eaatera Stat.
On eti-r 'viay everring "Chap
ter No. « ht'id a spe.-ta; meat ag for in
-I'lsUon. irti»c the L-agrees w-»re soc.i*rre-l
on rhrae can-&da.tea Tha deoora-. or.s of
the room added to »ts attracti*a
T atteadar.es was la'g<\
and a.' er r«gu.ar w-rli dancing ar.d a
* i -;al was Am- -g
■.g a ra nou.ed Mrs J> -
O. A. M. Ooldeti P-ad CfcApter. S: o
r. mlsfe. Mrs P M M..wau;<ee
No Z. M:'.wa.;aee. Mr lA'. ,oa. P. P. Pet
a ma. C M Armrxrjst. P. P
Port A-j." »-s No. 19. and several irera
b»rs of Myrtle Chapter No. 4S. S^ v
l.'.ru_g the winder months the
w »3»n at T3O p. m.
!/>™i.ne Auxiliary will meet with M'».
Lyman W. Bounty. »wAw»«: com*r
T- -"een*h a.i Vr veraitr streets, on
Wateaptay. T l -* Btwuy part of ths af
tera-wa r r rramme wll '--a devoted to a
of .• a r Wer.oell Hoimes anl
Jan;«e Rusaeii Lowtll. Qaotati ms fr.m
either wr t— may ":-e selected for roll <-ail.
All ladl»« of the order whether n »-r evra
of Lorratga chapt» r or other Oiejt-rs
a-e core ally tn-v.tv-d to attend thee- raee:-
• r<g%
Tke B. P. O. Elks.
T?*.s cersa r.'es of fflsfllfltlif ths new
E as jje room In u i cllv nave been
i* - p .• J for a week fr m the t.:ne an
r. -i in the Post-Inte. ..ten er of fi-p
--ten ; »-r 7 the date failing upen October
9 Notices ; <i te c n »e-.t to a 1 of the
P> •■' «t od-es art many r-'p>» have
ir».»n r>.- ;»cd. t.idie of a .i h tiave sta e,l
...it ti.f a .jrt tan* allowud fo»
tt n » tiid pievvnt rniny menbers of the
fr.iteroity who desired to rttend to taka
a>i. ullage of the opportunity. With the
!• e of ee uring as large a represer. a
« »• ' e nunittee hav 4 '
Jt .". .n atter.lant upon the drdi.alion
in n.« ,d ave r>: *..-d the Invitat.ons and
Issued outers, naming the last date ee
kc ted.
I* ;» believed that all of the Pacifla coast
lodges and others 44 far east as Montana
» t>t- repre- ;>-d and the event wi.l
be a gala o-uv. n in the t ; story of the
fraternity in tho Northweat.
The Good Teraplsra
f<»a**le .dire N I O. O. T. is rrsaWn*
eTteev-;ivs arrur.*i"t:.t-ats to celatraie i'J
thirtieth a r ;veraary on Sunday, October
4. wh-'-h day a so marks t! •» beginning
of < >«»1 Templary In this state.
The plan of the calibration ia That rtn
5 " lay. <*»ter 4, t. re will V>e m o;v»n
ij. .»* in ..<• of t;.p c Jr-hes, wi.ere
tiie hia'ory of the order a t»i be set forth.
On Monday ev«n.: «. Ck tober b, ther« will
t-e eiven to the members of the order a
s>:ial reject on at their hail on the cor
ner of Fifth a- d Battery streets.
Mr !» B Ward who has been a member
of Seattle lo.lKe few twenty-Sv* yeara 00-
cuplsa As chair of Chaplin thi* Quartar.
Ledge Sotsa
<Ve<dsn?sl lodge No. 72. F. and X M.,
y eld a conv > at.oo Friday nlrht.
a:.! raised a <ar. Mda - a to tha Third De
s:r««i. AfteT the work an oyster supjr-er
and so ,al time w«s snjoyed in ths re
f '<>ry adjoining the hall.
Tne of O chiental Chapter,
N > r of th« Eas-em Star, presented
M '■*. >!arr F DUes, Past >rthy Matron
nr 1 an earn* st a »rker In the order, * Ith
v \ »r> ■1: d - rie <»w*el r»t. ' 1 eve f r-.er
New Victor^ - '
Improved, and Perfected.
departure for jLU.'O. ah*
g»-a to reside.
Aweleat Order at Forevteva
Court. Fr--ar T> k No. 7. SO is hsrlng
T>r.te a :>o«n. At the last meeting, Thurs
day. Sep-«?o;>er 17, tha «od«cs in.Uated
two new memfwrs and reee*v*d tbrea
m-x9 for naembersblp. A
morion was a»iopt«kd tnat the frteads who
*-> » assist-id in their entertainment
of septainrw ». oe extended a hearty rots
of tfcaa&a for tn<ur serviosa.
T. *. C. A. WORK.
h'*e*t Excited by Caatest Brtweea
**Loaga" and -Shorts."
Ths "Longs" will givs a reception to
nig' t to the "Lomr«." Aa a key to th'.t
startling announcement the pub.io will
have to Inderal land that the "Lorgs" are
o; eot the two r.vai bards of ths Y M. C.
A no a a riving to bring the membersh.p
of tha* up to the 1 .jt» marii.
The o- -.er band .» known antithetically as
the "Shoi'.a" Bulletins of the progress of
rich have adorned the city show windows
for a week or m ~.re, and the stranger In
town has reen cotnpel.ed to ask the mess
ing of the quaint p.acards that bore such
puzs.ii g ieyends as "Lores 14." eh'-.;-:#
U." L'p to yesteniay the ofßcial count
Stood: "Longs'" V, "Shorta" 2. Now,
ths "Longs" h«v« »n entertainment to
night and nobody but "Longs w. Ibe ad
mitted. It wi.l be held in the Y. M. C. A.
bull img, beg.aning at $ o'clock.
V M C. A staie convention will be
held in Ta' ma n«x: Fr lay, Saturday
and Sunday. Seatt a representatives huvs
a pronunect place on the programme. Sec
r- ary S :ft a!:l read a paper on "Mem
bersh'p." and Physical Director E. Green
one oa "Gymnasium Work." ii. C. Lw.r.g
w.d a.ao contribute a pa;>er.
The nv e ;r g at the aiSt>:la*lon room#
yesterday w*« addressed by M ?s E-nma
Pi,-, f «'»iymp.a. .ur topic being "Laws
0$ he Harvest."
Secretary Sw.ft reports good progress :n
tl;« g-?r.«.». work of tiie as«iV,ation. A
quantity of ntw apparatus ha.s been or
•icred for the gymnasium and wi.l «oon be
m pla-e Th<» business and r.al
•n's gjtr.na- um class will meet Mon
days, Wedassdaya ar.i Ft.days at a o'olook
p. uu
Will Arrive This F.renlßg to Tak*
Chares of Westmlnater Cboreh.
' Rev. TTugh GBobrlst, ths new pastor of
tha Westminster Presbyterian chisr-h. <sld
not arrive Saturday, as he was expe.-te*l
to do. S- rrtc.«a were conducted for that
e<->ngTegation yestarday moming by Rf-v.
J; -ib Thompson, of Ta 'Otna. who
;re i -had from the text. "For he that
'ometh to God must believe that He ia
a rewarder of them that diligently see's
j Him."—Heb. xi:S.
Mr. Gilchrist is now expected to arrive
at o.:' o'clock this evening. He will be
the gueat of rhe congregation for one
week at the Occidental hotei. During
' t v s we-k he will have to i< >k about him
far a e iitable rtsidence. The •ongresa
tlcm, wh eh cave him a unanimous call to
the pe.storate, is also unanimous In the
conviction thut It haa secured In htrn a
j treasure, The members will extend him
a hearty welcome on his srrlval, and at
com* time d aring the week a reception
i-s his honor will be given at the residents
of Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Boyd.
Her. George H. I.so.
, Rev O' rge H lee I* again at fcia post
es pa# r or of the Taylor Congregational
tsr.rrh. aftar a Tacatlaa. during
whioh he suppUed th» pulpit of the See-
Oti Presbyterian rhvrrh '.n Ctr.elßrail.
la a letter to Churcr.SeS Crimes the
tar of that ehuroh aay* of Mi. Lee a ■
■plis peaacihing Her* bw been of a eery
Mih order. has attracted :arga een
*r*g2iiions all luamer long. People have
:ii as Seattle a to rtunate in hating
as a cirsxen ■>!-.* who so conspicuously hcn
cn h.s citizenship. More ;#a;> e knar f
wattle now than two month* ago. acl
ar® ready ; a be Seve that if Mr. !.ee ia
a fair r» preventative of pubiia ability,
Seattle ha* pu.pit abUlty of a *ery
aigh order."
The Second Church Lea/! at, ia the same
connection, sarst
' Tha P.ee deorve H. Lee. of Bea't!«,
~ash, a brother of c.:r paa'.cr, who
** * 3 T'-ng Oi.r pu'p;t Ju.-tRf the pt.»l
two months, returned to Seat'.',? lis: week.
9 treatiy er:-i«atred hitnaelf :a
ua a. by h.j
f*rDf»t ard K .:.« ImtpC pmyer
-a'k« T'rja 'f he or^rr.;:;em men;-
«t one of our official boards haa said:
hav« not had sa:.*.'a. '.. rv preaoh
'.n(f dttrlrg the summer nctv.;s in ea
year#. This opinion la shared by ail who
heard rh'.a eioQuent and tlevu; prsa-'her it
the Word."
Y. W. c. a. Hlsiet Work.
Mlsa Eila L>»\ oe. genera! aecretary of
tha T. W. C A. in this city, »»ya «'ib
reffrenre to tha w'.ntors wark af the a*-
"Oar edaeational work, for which we
heve preparing durirg th# a;jai! , t«r.
will open about October 5. wi:h a orps
of axcaiiont teachers. \Y« a:» ready to
receive puplla it. the ootnmon Eng.isa
branches, la English literature. <>-rn..i:i.
ahfjrthand. p cuitara
and vocal tiiusic. Taachers «ill be **-
cured for othtr sttidiea if there Is a suf
ficient r : :tnti-r * it> de«.re work In oth»-r
lines. The committe« on Bib> a" ,iy will
provide !rj*.rucuon in the E.ble. It u the
intention :o supp!»»rrent this work * *h
s - u 1 «-s which a .11 serve as sMe iight# OA
the Bible. Included in -h.s line. w« h. pa
to have a a..mber of addre«ses on Bib.s
■»n :a and their cuat inia. ancient a:;d
•'Another interesting featura of our win
ter's work will b# a sarias of Monday -v
--anlag addresses. Miss Prances Knr.pp
Wi.l sp»-ak on Alaska. M as He:en DcVoe
on Ajftralla. Mr Shippen will give TWO
t.ldrwiv-!. in one of »nirh ha will talk
to u« of 'Our Nation's Capital,' and later
he wIM giv« an evening on Travels in
iv..r.Mr. A • xander M>era aUI ap« .vk
on Scotland. Tot* definite subjects for
thia aeries and tha date* of eaofe address
will be announced later."
Chorch Wark aal Workers.
Rev W -i am A Patten, of New Ha-r>p
•l.ire. aivci Mr* M. P Newto*. of Bs. Pa.d
ar*» the guests of Caar.es E. New ton, of
th:* city.
l>r. Edwarl J. Hamilton, of tie Univ«r- i
r'v o. Wash rift on. preached at the p»c
orr ? teran char, h y<-teriay n n- .
in» The ev«-ndn«: service was in chirrs
of the Yoiing Peopl»*'a Society.
A? a meeting of the trustees of the Sec
ond Presbyterian oh -> h. h®:d -x 1 Wf 'r
•Sny evening, a deputation w»a present
fr 'tj the U ties V ' S.*'ietv Mi«.» Bb
erOon was the prir -ipal speaker in \
lr* thftr aen*im«-r.:•«, a- 1 ',e:r
s'-m to be jo ««■*•:re the v >-arl <yf
:?»*-lr hearty o?-operarlt-*j in everv way
•ho work a eu xsa to
every dai^LrunenU
Miss W!lr?rskl.
Orad ia*e Optician. Consultation free.
&)i First ttveoue. S. W. Cor. Coiumfcia. |
w*yy H.vte f*ik« street.
The FlacDongall
& Soiathwkk Co,
717, 719, 72!. 723 First Ava.
New Fall Styles
Cloak Department.
New FaH Jackets Lad!es" Ostrich Boas.
and ami «trHsh ttttac at
Titay ara avra :© ba jvjpu
Wa ara new *p a>ow % *•«'. T*# ar« un >«:;y Vow.
of N«w i. ktu, o»(h and T
P!uaJl t\p«; »Uo a » n* of Ch f
* ' * " lack*!* at •.■v>a» f V . .. . _ ~
Kra.ik .n. 3U» al>.s V.*:»t >•»* ,
Fr . r~ * ... - J , k * i** OatrtA 3*. IMmI :aagDt
cr<*a: on. W* w ;l bi prt*a>'4 14 "
J • *• -..rt* oS• c..* i.iU <v« you '«•' Os*.r*cCi no*. 3»-lxuch Hafdw
pc ... a*. - J3 '4.
■*!!«•* OatrVA Baa. Jtliu'h
New Underskirts, °* rtTlo * ,M " ofc ta * Ils
I*arJaoma Una of V*w Vti lacaWrta, ««>* Oatrl?% Hoa, »M»p& HarX
la morgan, at It tt>* ars4 »3 .4. ~ "
liar.*- ;.a v 4- • ; X t«">- IjUSw- Oa-rtali n««. lat«fK
tcn< .1 af, o-a, fe.M. I> f . - -
«a:;dioir.» ».«< lr*.:ic C.e: \ K*. J **<««• OvtrVti
New Wrappers. r'i 1 " *"•
TTi a-# *h;>*r'*-r a i>- • aaaor'mant c* --> • **' Oatrteh Boa, !arg?X
IStdand >wa aart F:*rme.a" !'•*'
"Kr»iv*>r% *: s>c, £..25. >: ll~h, . I *d:e«* O»trtoto •<*,
tH. jU.ji. li-V
I-s Clear Orv-tal and Oheapx
That New line of Glaaswmw
boffiefh.n; Ait Cm C-«e. Sep W uJow.
>tulß J* Washes, Jv> irjr, Siiwffiw, Fib 1 C«t Giiss, Etc.
I-ar**!»t and «iork !a Mia N it mL All klrnle of watafcaa «nd Jawairy
repaired and made to order. 706 PIRST AVENUE.
!) »" _
Let Us Fix You With Fixtures——«■>-
All ktn£« cf electric :,s : and «a» ftxiuiea* New i:;.u t» Ml
1 ahadea. Special pneea n.nr.
NORTH Wk-T FfXTURK CO.. *l«rtr» ?!»!)« ml Ant it.
»H: a ii'Li K, W ASK.
fltec! !*o!Mer», Fouraera. Ma-Mr-iaia and Roilar MttMb (MwMl At
tb« efj'. 'ruction of torr*»lo Noat No. U. 9 N.. and llMim •<"*
Gate" tole *rA ma"jfaeturert for Wa»btttctMW fcrtttflfc 0lH»ll> Hi
for th* "M—n»"»n» **-»r rah* twv*'#nra

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