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Wito ootb theater* open d urine the
p**c wf«k matter* have been livelier up
and down Third avenue, and there hue
been a suggestion of w;.at the times will
be whan che election Is over and people
•re beginning to think of enjoying them
geivaa agßt:r». There la nothing more
eoothi irs alter the fever of business than
an ereni'.g at the piay or op-ra, and after
the frensy of politic* and the heartburn
ing* mat mil ooane to tit* "leaser half.'*
p*o;>i-j wli; look for divensjon of a
healthier kind than discussion* of ques
tion* of isooev in other respect* than the
amount necenaary to bty theater tickets.
In a few weeks It will aii be over; the
beta will be paid anil the "I-toid-you-so's"
will have had their say. The best com
panies mat ertli go on the road will bead
this way. and some of them are already
In tha MifteboriMod, attempting to dodge
torehiijFht processions.
The Third Avenue theater last week
opened Sunday night, wuh "The Fast
Mail" and turned people away. Through
out the Mre«-k the business wis big.
The Seattle theater opened on Monday
night with Steve Brodie In "On the Bow
ery" to a fairly good house, attracted
principally by a curiosity to »»*e the bridge-
Jumper Friday and Saturday nights
Soott Marble's beautiful and romantic
drama. "Tennesscea Pardner." which was
fully reviewed in the Post- Intelligencer
of yesterday, was the ■bill. An inadvert
ence which made Impossible a review cf
the Brodie performance does not preclude
an estimate of the star aa an actor. Mr.
Brodie ia the best "actor" m hia company.
Mlaa Cunnlnginii'i llehut.
The circ.umatance* that made necessary
«he rft»«nati<>n of Vilas HiHilur ,aa leading
lady of Ihe "Fast Mail" company created
an opportunity for Managor John B. Ho
gar» to eng*c« o young woman whose
bwairty and talent will more tlian replace
that of her predecessor, and whose con
aoientious work will go a long way to
ward raising the already high standard of
lAncola J. Carter's productions. It has
h®<-a a ploasant privilege of the Post-In
telligencer in the ;wst to comment on the
work, as an amateur, of Miss Jessie Cun
nlag-ton, both In the legitimate productions
at Col. Fife and a.-< a uit jt>t>er of the
coterie of olever young people of this
city who ai*pear«l <0 *u -h advantage laat
summer In the w> loty drama "Moths."
It now beoom -a an wjually pleasant duty
to pass upon the quality of Miss Cunnlng
«on's work as a professional actress, she
being the lucky young woman whose abil
ity led to her engagement to fill the va
cancy create by Miss Hilillter's return
The character <»f Mary Martin does nut
off«-r su<.t4j opportunities for the display of
sti»* Cunnlngton's talent as her many
wt-il wishi-rs could desir«. but as a vehicle
for Introducing her to the profession, and
*a a milium for a.-quaintln* h»-r with the
little afTairs that Intrude themsolves Into
the life of a traveling actree«, it c\»nnv»t
fail to serve It* purpose. The require
ments of the jiart are not very exaatln*.
and the efforts of the pt rformer are dove,
tallfld with tliose of tiis stage mechanic
a»d scene painter.
tn such a play as "The Mail" the
company tell the story and the scene car
penter Illustrates it. Mi*« Cunnlngton has
realised alt this, and her conception cf
the character of Mary Martin Sves not
ditTer much from \>t others *ho have
played the part in'the paaL Tnere is little
opportunity to work away from the
groove establudiw] by th# rtqulrement* of
the piece for tho display of Its scenk
aj-sd adjut so her Mi**»
Martin Is the st«r»>:v; .<1 M -a Martin <«f
the "Fast Mail." only fresher and more
attractive In it* presentation.
There was 00 d!#;» 4y of nervou*ne*s
fn the povlce when »ae api»eared at the
tnatlne* y*+\. rL.y. and th « c*> ir.aoterl**-
t.on lacked only the fa:iUiiartly w:;h the
aituation* t.iat will cojr.e w r.h exp«r!eru *
a'id a constant reading of th* lin -s H
work w 4 a at a.ll tim-* ar I
c.yrs!stent, *nd her dressing of the p.-t
an appreciation of It* require
At the ere-iin* perfcrm mee the boxes
a.-vd many of the "eats In the parquette
were fl!i«d *!to her friends from Taco
rn* anl »?tls ci'y. M » fhirmlagton v» *s
t e cf a r •' <r of han i—>me
fit»-al offering* that were pass.-1 over .he
footiiphts at both v*rfcTtnance« She b-.
glt*s her pr->fe*Ci»nat i*rf«r with brssht
pros *«ct» an.l the Kvt wis.h.~> of her
many admirer*, Jtoth NUfi.% Our r ng-on
and Mr. llogan to be cor jfratulatcd.
a e
4- Te*nes»ee'a Pardnft."
The spier- tid compar.y Interpreting S'-att
Marble'* tvau tifa I ; »y. ' T<nc. ssce's
Psrdr.er." clo«e«l Its engagement at the
b'*sttle theater last n'ght. ar 1 l--\-.es this
r »rn?-g at *e l oVio k for I'-rt'an \ T' e
re-ept'on of ccnvpany and play in thts c ty
have rot ber-n «uch as thetr quality !e
--•erred, but for those a ho witnessed the
pr.vluctton there i* a satisfaction in the
fwet that thetr discretion *r,d knowledge
of : e rea iy mer'.tor.cus. In matters • he
a ■ -a! n-.» '* a th ro-.-ghl* e- - ih;e
evening ' e. Flaring, ga-: ly wail pa
per is not ! at!v* of hlstr.cni? merit,
and "Tennessee's Pardner," w.th its un
c«- -'a' ts a--, *il "erg '^e
• fheatr-ai memory a* pieisant to COR.
t*.ire up as a srhol* as are some of those
tare pa««a*es of s*n:i -»at wth wh ! h it
t>--n *. as fre*h anl 7 re a,; the ra untatn
• •earn that Vwr, hill, in
\ v ads, where the ser.: v.er.t* find exprej..
e a
Tke> t.r»u Opera Company.
T v •» Orau fa:r y • ! vari' is
Nra'vej'es K a*-e been • t-r ;r. ~d w.' 1 * of -***
a'i fc ."ds except tal ,>v-r
a q Arter of * cen ury a th.« couetry,
a ti t h e ai'tf'i'atX'f 'n C a".e g-.;r.ng the
Us? t v r * n rht* cf th * seek of 1 Gr*ta
Of- r* wiil Rtsrk an event as
•he manage meat ha* <4*»err-. -.<•.« 100 a a
r ;'• a- *. » of prices T: e con-.-vany >»a
Ju»» Aa «t-.el a ewjcessfal t ,sr a rv>*« th*
«- • > » f if t'.e >.*.• * . ■< '
li 1 a ?*s s • -f 'he
a iraroe m «tr "Th* <>4 . -v^r-j,
< - ■ a a v -vl « e's.fxgenaem h .re »«{
*"?• t * -h t e s-rrt." apeea. Tar and Tar
tar * Tl>c fh'iisr was en>irfel to ;t»
mc«* Nkra it-- bv a ~ v c*t iwpreeen'a* i*e
a- •• r .■* w *> *a« f r ts »ra;ra ■ »
witfc 'he *tv ♦ The cast was c»m;v »*-1
af th* m-ost ta - a ronjaay ef art «**
< *5 ha* . reoente.l aa -r* in Meleaa
frr *•- t»< ' -re T - --a .•? :i scenery
and hw4wae costuaiaa su-if a moat fae
*. " "i » » r
Mas A«vta* .e, ra*ft a, was
doubtedly the vocal star of the evening. !
She was in voice and captivated the au
dience with the feeling manner In which
she rendered her various selections. Miss
Carle has a rich contralto voi*:e. over
which she has absolute control. Infarnia,
Miss Alice Johnson, was seen at her best.
As a professional beauty she was a most
decided success, and her mellow voice
only tended to make her the more attrac
tive. Sylvan Lang'.ois. as Cardman, a
Bedouin chief, carried -the audience by
storm. He sang in a thorough, enjoyable
manner. Hi* rich voice was never heard
to better advantage. His acting was nat
ural and sympathetic, and at all times
had the audience wtth him. Miss Ger
trude Lodge made a (treat hit as the wife
of Miiley Hassan. Eddie Smith, the ship
wrecked seaman, was a whole bushel of
fun in himself
'The chorus is one of the best ever
heard in this city."
• •
The most delightful story of American
life upon the stage will be told asraln at
the Seattle theater Tuesday and Wednes
day evenings. October ISO and 31, the story
of Augustus Thomas' now famous play,
"Alabama." The mellow moonlight of the
South will again gll -the battered walls
around Colonel Preston's little yard.
Again the sweet music of darkey voices
will Hse and fail through the shades of
palmetto groves. Again in the plimour
of the moonlisrht that pours down so
warm and tender through the trees, Cap
tain Davenport will meet the love
of his early years, will find his father
and his daughter, and the old wounds and
scars will be covered with poetry and
peace. No play was ever so fascinating
as "Alabama." One can see M over and
over again and discover new beauties in
It each time. It Is refreshing In these i
days of horseplay and sensation to wit
ness* a play like "Alabama." and it 1*
pleasant to record that it is one of the .
most successful plays of the day. The
cast is a remarkably strong one. and in
cludes C*»ment Bainbridge. Frtvl Mower,
Harry M A'l>n, I> P. Hicks. W. M.
Wadsworth, Robert Confess, F. W. Ken
si'. Francis Nelson and the Misses Ethel
Irving, Helen Weathersby, Florence
Crosby and Kate Doolir.g.
' *
"The Police I'atrol."
The pa-.r of white horses an;l patrol
wa-on that figure so conspicuously in th*
t-'rd a-' of "The Pol .-e Patrol." which
op«-ns at the Third Avenue theater to
night for one wee*, attracted a «re<at deal
of attention on the streets Friday after
Thus sterling melodrama Is the mean* or
!n-*r vV.joln* ft irreat many spectacular fea
< r , the lightning hitch !n the patro.
v ir n being one of the number. But the
intof the play renters around Hay-
Tvarket *riir.' that historical «poe where
seer** of gallant po'lcc officers lo«t their
J'\e« a: the hands of some cowardly as
p. *-v>se identity was never dis
sph.--.urh a e-.mber of men were
ha meed *nd m tnv mor* sentenced to !m
--pri*<im'n> for lif<« 'or the part they
w r« to have taken in the trag
ic it f ,v «• awful r.'.trh*.
"Til"- P ~ 0 Pv- '* r powerful play,
*•* l h lis *he a-? 1 en -e In rapt *♦ tent ion
from the moment 'ho c :rta n rises on
|r' " ">r ef the F„-*<d mansion in the
fire* *-t ntfl tt falls er. the happy final
at *he end cf the last act.
On Frldsr night a benefit wi'l be ten
red Harmony IMge, A O V. W. On
»hat occasion the patriotic p iv. "The
White fVjiadron." will be pre«ent«d.
• •
This Wrek'i Bill*.
The premise* he'd out for the coming
w-ek are attractive eno*,sO to }a««ifv a
1 pa'r->rsre c* both ho vs. At the
theater "Alabama," Aucistun
T:. picture of the B*»uth.
riTf* two n't' '*. c--v-"r>ene'.n* Tues
day ' vl Mmi" ranks h gh as one of th*
» st p*» . • of ;ts tvpe ever wrtt'»n T K, :rs-
I' lr. T"r -ht and Saf'.irdav nighta the well
k->tysm Orri Opf > Oompany with c v »:s
•«d or-* v .e*tra eomes *o the Seattle the-*,
t-r. T vieces «.»teote! are: "Th<> Iter
f-r S: i» nt." "Tar and Tartar" and
"Pant J A fntare of the engsse.
men! will be pcpulsr pr"c«s At the Th r1
• "~e#;«r. oornm»nc!ng tonicht t l -#
' -ir* rn-T-nany re* "n for a week in
« *"p -r Pjit?: " The oompanv mad*
many fret is *s»n here a coupe of week*
• •
Ibe I .mil- n Ibeater*.
I*-n ' - p.- IT -George A'raander w 1
open hi# w nter si ■ son rext Tuesday, re
» mng the ran of T v e Prisoner of
7-»* :'i." New p .0« bv Mr P-nero or.J
Mr. Cartoa will fa lew In NoT'oVr Mr.
ser w :• N*.n a «'-:es of afternoon
performance* of ass.-alp' .rs. He
ra' e-e.l ai-"'Ut Is.-n a comr»*nv that
•trensth anl ta>n* * not usual fn I-on
' >n in • e Java of ». R.i .--, , e theate-*
1 r- -r thos.' a,"e/i ir are W
*t. \>r—n. Her.rv Lor line. H H VU»c*nt.
G P Ha H V. Estrord Henrv B
T-1 irg and Fred Terra-. Thy ladirs la ;.id«
3 i N<- son Fay Davis Ellis Jeffrey*.
M ; Ht V - v an i I ► - . Batrd.
1 '«»■! Te-ry re-*p»-« hi* »wt» theater
on Wedr.-*day w :*n .n Idlene**."
new "omedy by I_ N. Parker and E.
V'« 0»m .-■,!« T Eari f:>rmer':y Mtnr "
C, way "-e actress, at one time th« w.fe
o* ' .ev v. the «- v *r-nedead. SH» was
b. rted at Wk:t<Hey on Tuesday last.
• •
l>ri«ni j» «lo lair*.
B Man'crd <m be the Mare
Ar -n«r ,« *■►(» great t rOKiuctatt of "Julias
' a aica W. wi*l
Stre this w.-JMn. The latter wEI be
as Brutus.
Milliard L» playing to r*>**3 business in
Po«'on. and his new play is an undoubted
Matthews and Buifer. ths star come
dians of "At Gay Coney Island/' com
pos# ali their songs.
Ijfiri* Mor::-'3r u*ei a jfo" >s» rhi*Ti«
of bells in his production of "Faust."
w.-ucn was esp*cia;:y imported by h:m
from Ssriixeriand. They were made un
der the direction of one of the most
i noted chime builders tn the world—Dutz.
Th« experts have pronounced the tone to
be perfect.
Otis Skinner is credited with quite a hit
in the romantic drama written by him
self. entitled "A Soldier of Fortune."
Thomas W. Keene believes that the mid
dle classes support the best drama and
th« best house*. "Without their aid."
adds the tragedian, "high art would die
in two weeks of sheer exhaustion."
Charles Frohinar. will probably send to
Australia a company of comedians, in
cluding W. J. Ferguson, Sadie Martinot
and James O. Barrows, to present "The
Gay Parisians" and "Too Much John
Manager A. W. Brady's "Trilby" com
pany. which returned recently from Aus
tralia. had such an extremely successful
season in a financial as well aa en ar
tistic way, that he intends to send sev
• ■ c-i hU >tber a tractions • over
there next summer. Among those al
ready decided upon are Maurice Barry
more in his new play "Roaring Dick &
C 0.." and the big production of Clay M.
Green and David Belasco's melodrama,
"Under the Polar Star."
D. W.
white naveim*' through New York s ate
«?'Y wee ' f was 'Je.aved In a railroad col
lision. The progress of removing the
debris was going on very slowly, when
one of the railroad employes, hearing
that the theatrical company had an ele
phant with them, requested Manager
Sheehan to permit them to use the ele
phant in helping to clear the track, as
they understood ne was a verv gentle and
splendidly trained animal. Mr. Sheehan
replied he couid not use the animal for
such a purpose without permission from
the Now York office. The railroad folks
thought that the company were very
mean until they afterward got a peep at
the various sections of the elephant in
the baggage car.
Receiver's Sale of I
J jl
Sacrifice of Goods for a Few Days Longer
It has been decided necessary to continue this sale for a few days longer, positively closing with this
week. The sale will not continue longer than Saturday next, and possi
bly may be discontinued at an earlier day. * 19
. #
We will close out this week all broken lines of Our entire stock of fine Solitaire Kings Dropa,
Tableware, Tea Sets, Etc.. regardless of cost j Pendants, Etc., at 30 per cent, discount ' jl
Until close of sale. UK. Solid Gold Elgin j : 'j We have nude many other reductions fceaid«|
Watches, beatifully engraved and chased, $16.50. j j these heretofore advertised, and ask vou to Hriflj
14 K. Gold Filled Elgin Watches, $11.50. \!j call and inspect goods and get prices. We are at3|
All Diamond Kings. Pins, Etc., formerly S2O, j • times pleased to show our goods and quote prices. 3
$22.*0 and $25. retftictMl to *U.SU. j; It is our intention this week to close out a larg*
t hoice of hfty Diamond Kings, formerly sold part of this stock, and we have made nrices a#
from sls to S2O each, at $10.50. cordingly.
i ij ) :«
' • • In
M. D. barnes, x*o«w«r.
INTo. TO£> Second. A.venue. i
Window Di«plaT« That OaUrh tit* Eye*
of i'fdrctriM*.
A win iow diipJijr of goods which seems
to attract ti»e a: :ertion of the m»>oriiy
of passersfey is that of S;mison Bros., at
T-C Second aversje, shoe dt*iers. The rv>*
: style* :n footwear, for both ladies rut S
gtntlemen. shown in tto« windows wou.l
: attract attention .a t:*e largos: cities of
America. Tbe*e shoes are --< very lat
est correct stys for the fall and w.r>ter,
and are the nobbiest specimens of foot
wear that have ye: been displayed here,
la the window devoted to ladies" shoes
may be seen the new lasts in walking
snoes. In box calf. something especially
adapted to winter wear. A very dressy
style is a pavnt leather button ®t»oe. with
cioth top and narrow pointed last. In
slippers are several new things that will
captivate the eye of every lady. Three
particular styles are sandal*, tn blat-k and
bronze, pointed toe. with Louis XV heel.
One has beaded work front and strap,
the ota«?r a plain leather buekie. A
bronxe Oxford, with Lojis XV heel, is
very neat. In the window are shown sev- 1
era! of Laird, Sohober &. Oo.'s latest j
lasts. This dismay of lad.es' shoes, while
very complete, snows, however, only a
small port.on of the very large stock car- j
ried this season by Simison Bros. In the j
window devoted to men's goods are all
the new styles in men's shoes, in tans,
ox-biood and black leattiers. The new
bulldog toe, wnich is so popular this sea
son. is largely in evidence In this win- j
cow. There are a number of very stylish
lasts In dress shoes, showing that when
it comes to footwear the men are equally
as particular aj the ladies. Simison Br>.
are making a special effort this season In
their outness and are selling goods at
very Sow prices. Shoe buyers will find j
an inspection of their stock interesting.
Making Over Kara.
Ladies who have fine furs which they
desire to have made over should not en
trust them to incompetent hands. It re
quires an intimate knowledge of the fur
business as well as great skill to prop
erly make over furs. When such orders
ar* entrusted to R. Petkoviu. the fur
rier. Marion street, between First and
Second avenues, complete satisfaction is
assured, as Mr. Petkovitz employs only
the most skillful assistants that can IHJ
secured and p?rsonaily superintends all
work given him. He also fnakes new fur
garments of every description, supplying
the very best quality of fur and guaran
tee.ng to furnish atylish and perfect fit
ting garment a.
E. S. Willard has been visiting Hall
Caine. who is writing a play which the
former hope* to produce during his forth
coming, American tour.
W. H Galway. Radford,
Va., asks under date of
September 1:
"Have vou anv particu
lar Medicine that is as ef
fective in Ouring Indiges
tion as * 77' is in Ourin<r
Dr. Humphreys* Specific
No. 10, for Dyspepsia, In
digestion nnd Weak Stom
ach is ecuuai in merit to
Small -bottle of pleasant pellets, fit the
vest pocket. Sold by druggists, or sent
on receipt of 25c or five for sl. Humph
reys' Mf-d. Co.. Cor. William and John
streets. New York.
Never in the history of our business have we had sueli an
stock. It is now all in except a lot of Cloaks. In order to turn it int<;
cash qnicklv, we have marked it at prices lower than ever before* %
introduce our New Fall Stock we will have a number ot leaders all Q||
time. „
I.M yards good Unbleached Muslin.
yard* very heavy 3S-,nch Mua-
Un. always sold at S l-3c, Monday sc.
A Sot of Lonsdale Second*
Bleached U«l:n. s**c yard.
A lot of w;ie. good quality Cotton
Flannels. 2*»c yard.
75 do* 5-3utton Kid Gloves, in tans
and browns, actually worth SI.OO. Mon
day 45+.- pair.
A lot of Men'* Overalls and Blouse*.
2Sc each.
A small lot of Batting. 4e roll.
A good Taffeta J>ress Lining. 5c yard,
all colors.
50 dozen large spools of Krrtttlrvg silk
in all colors, 4c spool.
40*» yards all-wool Serge Remnants,
Monday 15c yard. 35 inches wide, good
value 25c yard.
Puff Boxes, 5c each.
Stamped Pillow Shams, 15c p*lr.
White Flannel, 3** c yard.
A lot of white and colored Blankets,
nice and soft, only 54k- pair, worth SI.OO.
Boys' Suspenders. 6c pair.
Best imported Saxony Tarn in all
colors, 7c ske;n.
An odd lot of blue Calico, Outing
Fiannel and Gingham to close out the
lot, 3^4c yard.
A good Wool Serge, single texture,
one-cape Mackintosh for ladies in blue,
black or tan. price s4.t<v. Monday T2.<5».
Misses' Mackintosh in blue, tan or
bla.'k, all-wool Serge, one cape, single
texture, regular price $3.50, Monday
Best white Knitting Cotton. 8c ball.
10 pair Chenille Portieres, good value
at $3.00, now JI.9S pair.
New Yarns at
Special Prices.
Our new Tarns are all in.
Best Knitting Yarn made, all colors.
25c skein.
Good Knitting: Yarn, all colors, 15c
Best imported Saxony, all colors. To
Best Imported Zephyrs, all colors, 5e
Best imported Spanish Yarn, 150
ak» in, 2 for 36c.
Best Imported Germantown Yarn, 150
skein. 3 for 36c.
Best Ice Wool. 150 ball. large balls.
These are all the beat Golden Fleece
Yarns they are positively the best
yarns made.
Stamped Linen
Just arrived, full and complete line
of all kinds of Stamped Linens; sea
Lkivhea in Cut linens. sc. 10c, 15c, 36c.
40c and 76c each.
Photograph Frame* in Out Linen.
10c each.
Stamped Ctotton Tidies, 6c each.
Stamped Cotton ami Linen Scarfs.
ISc, 3c, 26c. 35c, EV. 46c, SOc. 75c. 11.00
and $1.35 each.
Tea Cloths, stamped or plain, hem
stitched with drawn work, at $1.36 ant!
SI. 50.
Tray Cloths, cotton or linen, at Ift?
to 66c each.
Splashers in cotton or linen, from 10c
to 60c each.
Stamped Pillow Sham* from 15c pair
to jAt.
Fine Swiss Bureau Sets. 4 pieces,
from SI.OO to $2.06 set.
Wonderful Dress
Goods Sale.
Immense bargains in new Dress
Gooda Just arrived.
Special No. I—ls pieces 34-inch Fancy
Goods. 15c yard.
Special No. 2—35 pieces All-Wool
Dress Goods in plain or fancy weaves;
these we have marked special pries
25c yard, actually worth 35c yard.
A few pieces Figured Black Goods.
3S inches wide, our price 20c yard, actual
value 30c yard.
A lot of Camel's Hair Dress Goods,
¥> Inches wide, very nobby, worth 60c
yard, our price 37Hc yard.
Black Henriettas, worth marked
50c; 90c Quality marked 75c yard.
Jackets and Capes.
We have just received 600 Capes and
Jackets for ladies and misses ;they are
Main Office, Corner •/ Ihirtl und tteller Strttlt*
Hacks. C*bs and Bacm* Office. Telep hone Main 41. 114 Cherry St; VMIMg
and Dray.. Telephone Main 46. Warehouse; Coal Telephone 41 or WL f f
all new, as we didn't carry
season. We raa Uae the fact tku«
are iate in fretting them m,
rMMon we have marked
small profit, as :he y inuii n
to get ojr money out of ihe«.
Capes, good one* at M.m ™
to 512.90.
Ladies' Jackets, good oote u
up to $11.98. ™
Misses' Cioaks at all pries*
Infanta' ind Children's Cloekm «WJ
11.00 up. ™
if you need a Ctpe or
and see what we are offertagiiZuS
antee to save you from
every garment. *
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We have just received a m« W.
Walking Hats from 75c to tLtt«|S
Wo carry in stock a full nH m
plete line of and M
tned Hats in every conceivable ||i
If you need a hat it will My j«7
see our styles, as we have the *(
latest and use nothing but the 3
material. Every lady who lfinieau
Hats is highly pleased and wtMl
Our prices are lower than ttra leva
We extend an invitation to
who reads this to aall and Me j
Hats. (Millinery Department at i**
Special Sale of
600 pair Schllllng'a Corset* to MM
and drab, only oOc pair, good vetel
The celebrated American
eet in drab or black, only ILtt par M
Corset Waista for children |j
misses, 50c; ladies, SLOQ.
Infants' and Children's CfepeCMft]
to $1.50 each.
Bargains In all dsp*rtaieatt ft
and see them. Prlcee way |
goods must be sold.

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