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The Seattle post-intelligencer. [volume] (Seattle, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1914, October 25, 1896, Image 11

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' A\UIL^
> . '-j
fht burl'es." of the "Pol;-+ Patrol" at
£efMrd Avenue rbei e r during the pan
]ms been up to th- mar* iw* a', the
UdßCjr of *.!je aca* .n, a r.<i it'gh . y - , * ■_■-•.
appLiU-led p 1 '"' ula.-'.y -;■■-, ■ r
Ktet ibowK* Lv'ior «' a
-jjjc#- Sta.' iti o.rs* » iu: k. ■ :*• ,i of tti*i
Ifdft :o rh» vw-toJ «a?jn. Tlx >,-* .::;tl
as cr> '.ei a pleasing t>
#.%:'i6r>. ar. i were «*• '• v- . by the crow-Is
iiOTty ai-i/iaua-. T: *nco >rv eraem
yg t£t* *—* - >' jtn j.
drier's •cer.l- proiu :l'„r.*, "Tae T</r
A : • Thomas' delight-
of 6*>jth«rn lif«", opened
.jjaod bua:r.' ?w r .h«- SeattJ- theater for
fgg sight;" f • Tueaday. The <:orr.j*i:y
*r>- «o' h of i hi/h orl-r ar.t the
artnrc of the imea 'he*' c be* >r - :n«>
(SBiinictton of ti. r.« a South is refr-*rt
gjiv nature and free frvrn rant. T..ere
a etnsle m<do-*iram«.ric seen*. nor
toat » n ■ : •'"• ingenuity of the
etgL c»fper,:«r T>he special ». re
s good ta.* «• aa aiai, and were oniy
u a-lju:.- u» to t.:- many pU
utats througu ?•-r. .< everyday ci»r*
itttr* wa»j» i-l and talked.
"AU4«3"*i" Ck. •»• v. .t to the Grau opera
which closed th.c week wUa
of the u>» piece* in ha repertoire
g gp-to-dsl* < otr. operas. "The B* ggar
jßdaia'' opened the engagement. folio aed
jjr "Tar and Tartar" an-. "Paul Jones."
Ue cob»p-*«* v . both au print.i«its ar.d
:«t «<&*«• creu.ei c. n««t favorable
A rCviirci ii ? t <o •
saafr u ou et U «r, w lo'>K»-i tortvard to
»k5 pi(»«jiar.iu!e anrt dpation. T..i» *
tfc" se*:;k uy »t<*r announces tne il
yrt-'a. Jin cot i r company. ai>J Aioini.
l« rturmw, ui -Kei uy
It. .-u-.- \s< > ..ilt company.
+ T +
Fife \\ ill t r«<liu' liienxl.
j r'.f-, v. ...i- ijcen Htj .t-d "the
?icdk- couat traaf ;iiiar., ifi4 *»io hii
■fivu* -t4 a njHiticf oi 'he a av -at .■ <.u-
M',« «4r»:ii.' L>y 4KUii-ar > »iiipaaie'«. :;aa
iaukfl to lid iiio.Ji r ,m: to his rep' r
:«r< of tsUi.z*u alt uaracters and iiaa at
jrwttt: in rehearsal in* tra«>-«!y "Hieraii."
»9icft will tw prodao-d pro<j»hly durimt
itiM».ida>s in Tacoma. Fife's past sue
ttwt Justify the prediction that the com
in production *.il be handled with the
m x* accuracy and attention to
araj that h.iVf m irk, it h.- "K. hard
jjl," "%lag
fIM, or the Fa" of T.iriij:n." Mr. Fife is
d actor of merit an<J li k# on.y the -x
--|ir{«i«e obtained by the buffet.riK for
r«tr<i by waves of fortune. He is
jrounr enough to commence a pr >fe*si >nal
arwr and capable enough to make his
aarfc when the opportunity presents i.«- ;f.
S!» ar« prolu : .on », be on • -if Ken- rn!
»t«r«t to hi." many friends .n the North
Th«" Empire Kntrrtitinrr*.
tfcr Lon-I >n Entire Em ;r .. p» r.- v. M
ll at th* 8 .ittSe theater Thursday n.tr'it
ts ane of theii remark nble t>h :>!: n- of
■jW.L'ism an 1 van liville. The leading
friture of thin hi* i ii refined vaudeville
MBMnjr ia Attwr.t. the European miffi m.
aunir and humorist. from the prim ;
tS«U«r» In France, Germany ami K- *-
itad *nd th» leading theaters in Ameri i.
It !• mh! tbat Atbini h;t< no equal ts a
»*!can, am! p- : forms marvelous trick*
Cat Herrmann and Keller have n< v r
tam able to i eofttphsh. He U kri «u
Be Sure That You Get the
E2 :
I . • <•: r
ij The wonderful ppuiarify of the NKW HH'OH AIR-TIGHT HEATER lias brought several
' TIUIIISV and cheap imitations on the market. We \\i»h 10 caution lutyers to look carefully at the
name plate on the stove. It should read "New \ i«*tor." All others are made of light, cheap
material and do not einimdv the principles of draft and heating tiiat makes the New Victor Such a 7
success. All New \ ictor Heater* are lined with extra heavv >heet steel, and tliev will not onlv
, * * J ;
j*ive a larger amount of heat, tut will outlast any wood air-tiirht heater made. The New Victor T:^
is manufactured ndcly !>y u> and made < n honor.
x 7. C MILES C°
fepfl t_Jk • 1 I J V J—-~ r-TH
' " l|
lllso tester \\ay, l>et. First and Western Aves. ' I I M
r r. F. DAVIDSON, Receiver.
throughout E ;rope ». »hv> G-e>* '
ar.d ;* ia a are. -known fact that h.» in
\ err tons have b«*en cop.<d f- fa >t ■»-
tonr. *
*n»i* ffreat star wll! be a«rtct*d at each
P-tv.jrmaa.-e by t:.- e.: : j....•„• - n
stir, M..*- \*.'; ; i- Maffu«re. from ',.■ A -
Paiaee. law dor.. Taw. «ar i- .•-
anowledfffd *o >■»»• t.i<- <jr»a? crsara -.e*
Ci».'i-»vffa artist be tor- -ne ( tr.fi -e
<|OiCk movementa ani ittsjif-ioca f r- *t
is iaH are m rapid tna 'on- can hardly
that r. i- •»> i>an>e r..-r* ■)
jcr*at impersona-XB of the Ir.th t .My. the
farmer's Wife, the waif, rn- ■#--ntiof.g*r.
tn« coster firi. tae o I lady, th- Bo*-ry
*;rt. the «w-ii Muhrette t he h,..u
ffiri rire really «;e>er p**rformaii e«
Sydney DeCirey. the c- -r,r t .j barirooa
•toffer. from Hoyt'a "Trip to <*hinatowr. *
at.d Parlor M.it r: ' c.m;;in,< «. w. .
»d,'fs' N ** w York - .*« "*y
Tramp." IgThose W-dd:nir* I'-:.- li"'
Mile Moa-ar i wni tntrodi* - t -r great T*; ! -
fay dar. »* spoken of a» i> .&«
more t.i.iu wdinartiy uni.iue.
-4- -f- ■+■
The Tornado.
T-i.« evening 'lh«- Tornado." another of
L.ocoln J. Carter's m- :en;c prodc . as,
wih open for a week's engaffement a' t.ie
Ti.ird A\ .aur theater. The ( n.cago
I- iitaro, m apeikitig of M: Carter .ir. 1
eome of hia pr-yductlons, ira-«* the f".;oa*ng
io aay: "It is interesting to a;iaiyx- and
try to piuck out the n, art of t... r.. v
which «<tiahi> ■ - »m»> :n th -nv ;• j>r* ri
osj> show hu*.n*ts<* to su . dso bnllianrly
while so many maJk- d iv faii..r> - \!-
th.mjrh Mr. Carter .• >m ■> from a family
of actor*, he began hi* < ar.-.-r at th.- foot
Of the r. A.« proper* > b.. ;n .t t< < cr
luirt- company af i>*»ru storrm he Purned
nut only how to handle pi p. r:i -» and
ncenery, hut how to mak>< !> h The
attention to deta.U, whfch h!-> p<>*it! <n re-
a* w•*11 as the n>'' ■ f>rv* t h
injt a* '.i t per form.in • the entire w rk-
Ings of a piay as It waa ena ltd n «ht i
i #av< h.:m a pr.v - ai kn<*'.-
* la- of caus— a n i -T- r add: - '5 'o
j d<-;op;tg in v ;;m th- ta>n*s wh.eh h* had
J vi : • • - s af a- .-ud. and
e*rei.en.r • • are <mi>ned a rest
i *»■»« er.~r*y. .a .da? ' pr-.de tnd a . *- ra]
! *pMKt. *t:. i rrak h m a r-% p. •* Ara*-r -
i ran. ar.4 an orr.am*-r- to to;s pr.»f'-««.on.
]By always keep.na h. - w.»rd w:h -.:s em
» f'- Th and in-.ar » ./ f«iir .. rig •; * -r -
j ws w:r*t th- p-jbly, he tias raxn-i the.r
•• -ronrHen.-e. -!;-known contents
| fa >lr Carter's make-uj.-- ar.-oant •» part.
J « for his #u-:.'e«.« T%e i »t hfu and
i the pen,, fxtii need no* «u ■ • iia
j a put) career.
| "Kvery *of The Tomaio* rorra n«
j »tn- str.'fc.nr a' i .«. en-.-'s.
j *!):<•.-. in ©rtf,r*i.ty as•! perf« don of 1.-
I **a have • aerrr been surpassed. About
J til this »'written the most apiifM d:a
'*'**■*- rrimr ri ar- -■ i' - *. -
: w:th one acof.er for fIBpPMMM y Tharal
i «?aa and horrible, often f ird n such
play*, are ~.j >. hum » *n i
; t.",rti* jn. lent*. K'> , th- diss--- t.r.<
; room srene happily disappoints, for in
stead of jjra- ty.i fg mor' 4 .r. ■- • v
p~-vv* •>n •• i*>t- rr»"- r '--au'.f'ii aa i
j intense scenes ever w;ta#ssed."
Ha#in«»!-Mullin tasfert Company.
it: ta Cf j* - ,,■ - *ni".« i
I 'T* 4 ' lrl :fc *' *r>P-*ara;v-v of :n- Mictiiri
u.-i.-r a«ar Tuat ■ ». t , evectng. «'• -oUr
A krej d-al or ha.- ■ »
mujtf«t,d in ; :ts ani »
larye. number of sears, sufffcdenj *o
ante»- their < .-.nr.,;;ave air* iy }•• r. en-
I A oan h ar.-i.- > A I -
P'tae this eonr»!«any u, am > .r.ic." -if
i' 4 jort:;. Mi . Ka : - MulUn. clarionrt
ar.i ivoi Mit - May M.alir .-i.
corre-t atKl vi->itii, p. a j*jlx >-
pnor.e an»i aoitAm, ti- ...r L.. «erami's i
Mi.*-! *iertru !» L#.»'bm n, * .. r m l i
».Tsi a:or. fount Ki/sti.in *y. naveKy vio
hn:s«. ar. i M
Tbe •elections piayed at ea a concert arn
| vark-.. and cover t.ie entire range of con
! cert pin-e.--- Lvery wh« r» .. • n.;.-
si<ai enter'a In me tits irs whi.-.i ;he mem
bers of this • omoany tiave have
£<*-en ma ie »■> ley e\»'fits, u: i r.e ni'>s»t
ttattertnc &).«•<* have follow t-i tjetr
-r- -T- -f-
Theatriral >••»« iiy
i The folic a trur not-* r* iative to ai«i:t-.rs
Frcv\f TTi'E **
| t .atrkal ram*- r o »he -In'i.icerir- r
by th»- Prf- * during the pa-t
. w frk
Ne* York. Oct. »A new th ,»!<r wis
J ton..: to 'he many air i ly pos
*• -«H-d by N. » Y 1: was the Murray
Hill. The .led.cation was not ceremonial.
Mart' i sp..V,• a ft-w won!* of
«• 1« ora«- ami M>> r Srrort-r \ a 1 f>r
I the theater as the city'* ••x>--ative.
N«-w Y<">rk. «><-t. ii Kate ClMtn'l nmy
da Ha;, •■: ■•<! in Par - \1
Oflttbtr 13. short y af">-r the Isrr.h of a
aix -r Sr.- wtf ir,* •' J - in ?*•
M . ;t: a- "•>' r»- n Pa - -m'*
fe-r t»r u'-. Mff Charl< s A S - v * * *"•
(tu , f dm* -,r.. *jl« *W> '•■•--
wisen s v d-.- 1. 5 *?! r rir. i. *"• r tr.3.r>
ns. n- rle* grard-iaugt: -»r h;nse
f>r*caal»«- N«.*e*.
fr»-1 C. W ■ -ney « -*B*vb opera
- i;. "2 * > b z "-jjiiness
V- T- V- O.rcut:
A vs.* to ~j*i Empire. K - k• r •• k r.
t\ ■-, G »rr .v K: ' A'< - *
Hoy: - T- a r<m I A a l-.ir * M• '
of i- m* i« v. v.' 4 t •a'-ke i :««■■» ;
«3T>:v » i': *v«-r> ■ r sold bu*. p» pi - J*' " s
a and .Eg :hr>— firor dwp.
It is ati y j-ir> strr* "h<» vva': n'
. a - ■ f | < j- ■ g ;> e- Op-Tl '".I.
N't* Y-rk <.v:•* ':>•••■',a r » *sc- r.g a v ry
arxe : .»u.«.r- ani reports f f a oai of
v>wa »::n t: - ar-* v*ry en- rsraifiiw:.
• ~ »es m* am - ro< nt. md - no: ' " .r -
M fc> th-' «'::em«Ks >* the preeid'iv.u.
f> W Tn« 4 «"•- '•» prort i-~tlon N *
"vVjrs ' or - v. •* ■» •*» »*> 'T.'nvrjs
r.ess :n r *-e *t,< tar ■ ighoj- N-w Y "V:
«*ar». A it ' wn-> pa,.- " •* Sam» —'
.-nt'i.-tr-- - ■ m; i • i :o i*- W o>f Hop;»-r
... ' • • r -*.' *
on wis \n -n*'v.ssta# - i*r ;•»
of the r.r •>}•!•'tw>r. 'Wans* * isily
»• in 1- a* ••" •• a : ars-l (r nt of ad -m:
. ■t* !»i ■* y Th«* tHvjr.v «
• ->i;v on- *- "h nat has '-yt
. :■ j • . i • -• r N • comic n>"i
p--t>i • •>!; :•■>.!> cft" ha# ev-r ne«D ~>
p—cf -tiy >rc»H{e4 Tfi> <noi*nri»r an-!
BM an tb( no --h L f |WlJ<illllf
thv. w • *ni >ea i:iful."
\V in f I. ;.s a V 4" r
rn -■ -v.- ! ■*• H- a »•»
tin « .r* h..* on*- r.i*ht a* ry.« L:n
<i«>a hotel. » :iv? '*<>■ -r—i waiter. *' »
:a-J br--' r>* iuni for - imc tn-gan
::I -i {>Air , w ,r uZ :m.mn» r: "! > ">*
hav- a e >i ;-.a;r i - wi*t" "Y«ir* »a: I
kirfc-'y, "an" I'm • ■* ■'•oivra « a ve-ry
»r ">i -»i»on :hsr him >n
... iif of h-4 oomra iff. »h. ■.s
fj. rv i fr.en ! »:th v siona of a as«« !»■•
f.r i.* «»vr«."l >to ali It- sii;»w s iat > om-*
o ■i.-i .:y. I've se+a all df Wff »'-»rs.
!»•.• i«-s: a -tor I ever s-n *».« John M>'«' .-
ocr. an' > ' >u!! :•* j h.m or. tie siie
wa'.k " The dark-y go: the
Biar. h** Waish h.ii i N• w Yo.k
fr.im her titur to A j.<t'alij. Until r.er ar
r j* S »n Fran.-.-"* > «he r.a 5 h»-ard raoth
,n< of Nat t"Jood*n'i« mar:tat trocM^,
w h h ivc r- --n-'v n >o exte.t* ve-.y
v- :i ,;.r ii in j:> n- * <■ 'i ers, and l\
a' rn*- . ; i t a" sn** had !n »n r.am»-i is ■•o
--r .tpondf-at :•> t:,» I v r-'tr proc<redine> in
stituted by Mir. G<w>i*;n. When Maxime
Elliot arrives »he vtß ;>robabiy aUo.
Ir is o '.i k agra n<: p«-jp - » *i>>n thev
are ten !i..asand m'.N-s away. t>ou.btless
a v-»ry di?T-r» • • com will hr* gw -n
'o Mr <; )'!w.a'> wr.mw.i ,:fft rp " -
rr his company returns to Amerioa. T'ne
New York San rt-fers to a Imutifiii woman
a a s n.w an » -trets, aa the prominent
ftp;;re in the d vorc;' suit.
The.sr? «(« t. ISV d»>-» tor Mnuvr W. A.
Bra ly In a Iditi .II > * mpai in that
<r- already out. h. is no*' busy *.*h Lo>
Puller, wbo opened at tbe Academy of
Mi- X• a Or i• s. n O • r li. .»t: 1
«"o a 1 -a't> ■'-«! .-ntlv make a - .ur of T- ns
■ - Mfl < a -1 ':ie Pa.- t coast. Hi- A >-
*r«: a- T:\ •■ " m .; v cpen>> 1 in Sa.a
r ir.. -■ > <-n r5. and s no?" "rave'-
g - A r-a special 'Trilby"
c.imn any s . r.g orawiniz •i. an-l a !ll open
.i* Milwaukee m Ocstoter is. and
M<n ti; -r I U• -'.'irci.t of t'fii i'»ts *»r
:hr«- >v.--ks C.>r.»-'t • rr.m-r-. - s :vs ». 4 -
wn at Montr.' <! in "Th- Naval '"a?- »>n
• ' «-r 19 an-l Ma o- Tijrrym >r- i
• p-n in i - play. "R xirins I>. k A C 0.."
a" ; * Na . m.il ta* »:.-r. Was.Hr.atton Ci*y.
■ r v member 9c and will be Men la it nt
r - th» t;-r. N«-w Y ;k *»-• k foi-
I. '• R'l.ss.•'! had i tr- it rec n!1 y •**-.. e
> :)■<: g "An \nu'r ..an B< auty" in <*.ni'in
r i A r- ' il arg. 1.. ! -r--r, waa {»
a diamon.l mT-hant, camo t> the th-ater
a ' r.--'k;«•'»* aa'u—l a* ?."<•».vv. R nd «n' •
• u If Mjw R mhm a ttka ! ebe coal i w - »It
la the third ut for that oeeulon on!v. «if
• -o-jr--.» - ie ;k- 1. S:.-- w« re; T n. a
r*-jo: ;:n>r t- ' m-n w 1 nor tinders- in!.
i- ;t 11 ' > * -men »v.ti h. - * q•; ompre
h»'n«ihle. M.-s -
i.- \r her net'k t i s.-intn:at:T*st:>-
4 f-'Tth on the fag--. The r >m;-arv
a i« d iKiol. Th-- prima lor-n » on tier pirt
ha 1 to wv t.> the f.-n-ar. "And v«t \-r.ii
w ■ m trry me for g»M and pre
- »n- a." The tenor size ! proudly a' the
-kl : «t ! r-mirk* ! ;n > whisrwr -
i V •« R t*- 4 * ; '"ft' i ! marry •o t
' -".jt r - k i' v .". TT> r \ ni- r
*an- i a.-.ca,. •me. "He
k no -bar. - - sac* .Mr -
■a as t her* sr:*h an ax and some chi-ora
] form ia-i if'"ve-- .la 1 a Jlr» be a- >o i
•-. fa: - n a i\ H- -1 - :.»k aro :■»
m -rry .' "St « R ■« i« * r< aNyat
ar 'h S-' '* rtis ar :si r n. k
P" *- r F iv. y --- !J J M Sai'.y'j
far- ■■ 'A > :Tr re fo- -h--
in N-* York a- *ne >'a> no on Mr- :iy
r:(bi. The <*rt!!« without exreption say
p' iv. ir i • ■ <4.'- '"'r*--r's irk « - v »
! > - -• ;i' I' » >.:« r.u '. many
' S Srr 'R';« r- -n - • a
• formanr* of Tim Muiphy :n "Sir H-*nry
| Hy;m ".a -i, ' and was debated with the
j •" m- t,»r. s c>v-r imitation of himseif as
.r..-n'orin "A P rFt a':on."
At :hr I nnilnn Theater*.
T. ■ • •:. H-Me.' a t. Nivir»
(Mary Anderson has giver up he- r-?.-
. !r-r-c- at T-anbridste W -lis ar.d is shortly
ta l-,iv- W".~i' :. where her !a*t h:; 1
was >rr. f :-r n.r t• w . >.xe .a: Broadway,
; Weremmfttß. She has taJten a tine old
. h- on a >-a?-- of ?w> nty-one y--ars an-i
c is a.r.-a iy ov- r i thousand pour, .s
ir. improvements an i tecn-ration*.
T .-» . :s ne-\ of : . pr;ac:pal West Knd
the* -rs eont.r.a-« gycS. Miss Fer:e<-tue.
at the Standard theater, :n the East End.
- - • c :r.< f.urly w .1 ir. a roand
I elaaatoal an i fai—aTlt dramas. Which in
li "F -s-t M - Nut
vv Cal.t-r: has rrrrert a n-w mus:.-al
sk -t.-h antnt the p.rennial "Robin Hood."
The s-ore rs by Denharn Harris, who is
w ' known to Lc.r :>n thea:^."-^-->ers by
re a- in of his work m connn« • t ion wi*h the
t'hr:*tauj pa atom mes. T!i<- ~.e v wsl. ;ae
' feral pradatld at the Oxford on November
Tit \ I \t* AX KJPHniMEXT.
Medical L«ike Ledger.
■ "'^ r- m ir.u pe,»- i - .nee a week"—
K -- a our rftri or. '.<nt-nan J
"Apples sr«-en and ..pies dried"—
K ss her on the other side.
O. that evinces wretched tasted
■f ;s- cl.tsp your g:r . about the wa.st,
Lif• her to her p.nk toe-tips
And land it squareiy on her lips.
W-» find our way by far the best
To set the senses in a whirl:
Just <ive your own dear on* a rest.
And k -s -ome o her fellow's g;rl.
Col M :rj y, who was once a prime fav
orite wi ». Oe'-a. «i;-ant. and who was ap
aototed eoUactor of the port of New York
*> 'i-n. ijran:. Or. <!r ir.:. <r«-r.. Sher' lan
and Col. M .rphy were once at dinner to
g' -r, w.ien M rp - . a-'ltd tins <j'j.-sriont
"Who wa< ' ..- gr • t n. nil the So-uth
pr>lu -ei iurmg fie civil war—Robert E.
I.*-e or Sion- .v all Ju k.on" ' "Neither."
~a.l Orant. laconically. "'J. E. Johnst m
wap." "And » w <lo you say. Sheridan?"
.-k 1 Murphv. "That ta my opinion, too,"
r* pli. i Slaeridan.
lo yet U# beneficial effect*,
buy the. genuine. Mn nu fae
tuird by
\V. M. lii'sSELL, Maiiager.
A. Y. Pearson's B g Eastern Combina
tion in
A Most Ka- mating Play!
An Eclipse of Realism!
No Stage Mimicry. All a Reality.
Pres- ated w th tnarv-ioasly magnificent
mechanical and scenic ( fleets it
Regular Third A venae pri t-s. Telephone
| Pike 5.
The Sontli Asks?
'Have yea .*r.v part'uiar Met. :ne that
5 ** •"• •: •» Our-"s In.: *■- n. as
14 • 3 : • '*">■. T" \V, ;(.
Gaiway. Radford. Va.
The West Answers!!
I inl SfV" i-- N'n 10 * :h.» sre.i'. *t
value. J «uff. red for years from !>> .«-
;>ep*iA of -ft* worst kir.i. I had taken
s - ' A"V m ;av< 'lf-. - << i
n« x man. ,»r, i *r t.ned ;n t "Vw ji't
.»s n ,v.' £ • i < - ': n ■» -r'- • vmi r
veii -;s F. H Pfntvi Letter i.^arritr,
A, s.l 'St
i* res Influenza,
Cam rrh. O. :«hSore Thr-
Ind-s-stion an«J
Weak S: >mA rv
Dr H im-. -.r- . v H -m- - Manual of
r-is. frve a: your Drugg:*!* or Ma:., i
on R^ufJt.
Smill b..",;;ie* of pleasant pei'ets. it the
V'St wk- S- :» ;iy dr'i|tKs<s. orient >n
receipt of 25 cents or tiv. for 11. Hum
phreys' m * c\x. cor. Wiilum & John
Sts., New York.
The Rosy Freshness
And a vrivety softness of the skin inva
riably obtained by those who use Pozz osi'a
Complexion Powder.
Four round trips dally, except Sua Jay. Time Card—Leave Seattle 7:4 a, U U
* m.. 2<i (15 p. m. L<e*va Ttcoma 9. 30 a. in.. 1:90. 4 30, S.« p. an. Sine;* far*.
W cents; round trip. 7i cents. Taaie service unsurpassed. Sunday a— *'lyer or
State of Washington: leave Seattla 7: »a. m.. li 00 m.. 600 p. m.. leave Taco*
ma »30 a ai . 2 !C. 7JO p ax. U. Soate y, Jr., Agent. Saattls telephone Mala
IT*. Tacoma telephone 3J.
f Sf a tior of ®ltaioas French pi. > J»-Un.Wlllqolckiycurß v. jof all neik
1 v '\l lrr - > «-ous cr disiMw*"* of tht» K<*n?ra;ive ornnt, iiht s-e Lost Mimhuji
Insoinuia, Hamsln tlit» Biwt.St'mlMil Ecaiae: n«. N> rv t:» I>»-fiUltv,
\ f'nirif*. t ,a:ne« to Mj.rrj, K*li»u.<:ins I>r*ins, Vsrtror»>lt> n- •{
\~ W V -7 Constipation. It »*p* all losses by day or night. rjuwk
\«/ -/ mmef <flaehars«, which It :u>t cheek edteadjto Hpertfiatot .-,.• i
Brr nor ... < r~r r n alUhe h«.v.,r«<-f I:n;>« tency. «t" Pll»»".*r. cttauaoa ih«Uv«r. tu«
" r •* ,a «r ifcp» and t. s «* urinary« ol aU unhurt ilea
CVPIDVXE *t!*r.(rth<*nsarvl re-'or"* I'luiil we*t
Tu* iri,on »oflVrt»rH nrr not eurp»l f>' r«.» tors i» Nk-hu;*' n!n#-ty cert arv- trrmNed »Hh
Prostatitis. cri'IDENKIs th»-oriy kin"»n i»rordr toenre wuiicut anopt-r»u« a. vuu.*tiin< t.t
aK V written jr.i.-.ranteejlYen ar-1 m >n«y If s* b. T«-» not «|Ua a {xuuuiucuiaur*
£IX3 a box, six for 9&oo> by mail H.-nd for fit*ecircular a..il toiimouiala.
Address DA VOL MEDICINE CO.. P. Ol Boa 2071 San Francisco. CaL
For aala at Laci's drus a. or*. Fraat and Columbia streets. Saatu*. Waafe.
Kev. D. Claiborne Garrett
Will spnik Sunday afternoon, 1 o'clo k. MKN S MRETINO. Euterpean
Quartette sines.
01 R NEW
Hunt-ins; Coats.
A!*> our
N'o. fito FVrwt Arviua,
Great Northern
Local Freight Office
Una l>er« inoi ril tram «h®
Foot of Marlon to their
Sew Quarters,
South Third
And Kinsj Street

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