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£>;;' ;: f
Tps paaHO of Herrman's bill for the
jgChliahnrrai «f a fros market vtaee in
gft* etty was accompUahad by the city
jlsgrTf taa: night uaM the greates; thun
ifsr af oratory probably aver heard in the
ofcaofeer. The bili wo* pasoed aa amended
OS thai thg faunaen cannot aetl hi* goods on
the nay to or from tho market. It waa
OB this point the member* disagreed. and
each said his aay two or three times, their
apcacSss following to rapid succession.
The trill waa the hat hi— taken op.
When the dtecraalaa waa orar one narm
her aakad meekly If there were anything
otss t» come up. dark Coryell fcold up
the peddlers' ordinance. "Let it go over;
lot it «o over." came from m«rai voU.es
gl oaoi,
A MB waa paaeed last night authorising
am issuance of thooontrnci tor the paint
to* and furnishing «f etreet signs. The
portion of First arsons aouth votaeen
Washington and Unto s tracts, which the
onprtisman and proper ty owners hare
kasn potttioalng to toure rspiaaked. wUi
Is started on at on—. The council appro
priated Wp to hay nails and furnish la
bor lor tps work. There was some oppo
otttsn to thia hp James. Crtchton and Xc
kkrdle, on too graond thai a had prtwe
4ant was eatattkshad to Improving streets
ip any other than the assessment plan.
■Ha w® h* called for ma city Ugh is ac
cording to a near gfaui of distribution,
■aw eouncll «a determined to keep a close
Ope an the railroads and ladi steps la
pit direction toot night.
Whan CoMMtoan Herman'* license
MA. tn —tohlloh and regulate a free pub
lic BUtoi tn thla dtjr. was remi, Jam**.
Wko heard It tor the first time, having
fcsen til When ton btH had been discussed
•t ptwrtowa meetings, discovered a fault
to too loot dame which ho thought audi
lad too toda oodtoanee. The dauae re
tfjrrod to rand: 'tHovidad. however, that
ggtt fwoatl or prodneer* may sett while
On Ik Or direct war io or from said mar
ket plnoe." Thn MM was referred to
CJkntfman CrMhton nod tbe cleuse waa
Striates n out and the Mil again submitted.
Then tToahla begun. **lr. President."
gold Chapman. **t like thia Mil less th»n
over." Me mnda a speech wtilcn repeat rd
too aentimania of former speeches on thia
nemo MB. Kurd followed, lie thought (he
ktU should go through and a free market
kn tried. If li were net a success the bill
could ha repealed. Another speech by
Jnmoa followed. Then Navin spoke, and
It airman and apUs Chapman. Cierk Cor
yail began to nod and nod. hut he could
not sleep, toaftnond neat toe* a h*nd in
«ho dloouaaian. and Thpior had an opinion
to snpross. Then came Otison with one of
Ms pieoannt auggee lions. Harrman spoke
ff«f dfnvtn remembered enother point
ha wanted to moke. Before tbe final vote
was token XcArdle made a few remarks.
A rsoiuai of the previous arguasent w*«
given liar Crichson. The resume brought
new ideas to Aay round It broke ioose
"g-'« Harrman, Chapman. J9a«ln, Cricb
ton and Oileon taking the door in suoc«*-
doe. Tko striking out of the clause waa
nccepted by n vote of • to *. The previous
question was ordered. The bill as amend
ed pessni ty a vote of t to t Those vot
ing in the negative w«ie Chapman. MrAr
dle, Navin and Taylor. At Ust It was
over and tbe coundlmea breathed sighs
of relief.
cur Unkta.
Tho committee on city lights reported
back the communication from the board
of public work* concerning the expira
tion of the lighting «-onun»ct tor the year
KM. and recommended tbe lighting of the
city according to a plan accompanying
the report. This pl*n Uid the city off m
nine districts. They also recommended
that the board of public works immedi
ately proceed to call for bids for th« year
IJOT, and if the bids for the year should
toll below it per cent, of the preeent con
tract, extra lights to the amount of the
difference should be added to the number
Of ildht* in said plan, to he distributed
|n the different wards of the city at the
*am« rate per light, according to the nm*
contract. The council took a recess of five
Minutes to inspect the |>lsr of city light
ing prepared by the commit tee a resolution
was passed authorising the board of pub
lic work* to call foe bids as recommended.
Contractor* can bid. according to the
plait, on the whole rlty or on any on* or
■Bore of the nine districts or wsrda Into
Which the city is divided.
A petition was r«*.»<l for the construe-
Man of g sewer on Terry evenuo end
Virginia street, from gtewart street to
JCtghth avenue. It called for a front***
Of IJSK feet, tbe Hlaners of the |» tltion
representing but <23 feet of ihi*. less th-»n
n majority. In the petition it *,.# *uted
that tho death of mephen far keek was
directly dm» to the hid sewerage. Henry
I*apworth. who w*« preset, said that
Stephen Carkeek's house had held eight
noma of typhlod fever brought on by the
unsanitary condition of the Sodality. The
last caao bad proved fatal He thought
only thraa blocks of sewer would be n#c
nmary. and aaid the property owners
Witting to stand the expense. The j>eil-
Uon aaking for thb« tmpcmemf nt ass not
dgnad by a majority <>f property owners,
nnd tlto council was loth to take action
In tho matter for that r» *« v > n . Mr !.ap
worth explain#*! thot the reascn * major*
lly of property holders had not signed » »s
owing to the absence of m iny «t them.
Jameo moved the petition he referred to
tho oommlttaa on Mreers; thl* a*a tione,
Ptrret Car Keanehlses.
Chapman topotted or. tfc# work of the
coanmlttso of the whole heKI tn disc tsa
ear fenders and Violet to a of fr*n, hi*es
Following un the r*?i>.vrt« Crtcfc<<m , a ;.i.
•*Tko Osdgr atreet line since the begin
ring of the rainy season has stopped
running car* down town They only
run to Cedar and fclrst avenue and trans
fer there. Those compiled travel
on the lino have :© *.*tt in the mod snd
rain tan mtontes at that corner I move
that the houss tostract the hoard or pub
lic works to ascertain it, acoordtng to
the franchise, the coneolkUted r -id c >uid
not l>e compelled «o give * better -ervic*
down town. If wo can't have h. iter srr
vice we ought to have soate shelter at
that corner."*
Qllson was la favor of h*t!?>« that e»>r
ner a* e waiting place as It wo«;ld brine
hUainesa to the Store* of the Bi*th ward
tocnied at th«t pdei. Junes mentioned
an loststH*e where the consolidated wsi.
nor living up to It* franchise «Hj motion
by Jsroee the matter w*s r*",rre.j ~y
oommldre on corporations. wtt»< , ir .
man of the wu#dl added Kud#
A Rush
At Our Btore Yes
terday for
No «r» W4*h;a*t<>-n croirn.
Hi* ttock, NOT WoJSJtfY. I V» »M)r
s«* In th*« warfcrt. Prio« ma** from %:.«
to tLS p#r Mx,
nm Ite ttrifs «r tiw BM naming to
W*»munl HImM after mtmo.
Wafnssn iagMsttoa.
Tfco foflnwtng coasmunicanoa VII md
from th« »*y«r; "A! th« test n««t)at of
tfo Joint retrenchment commute*. of
which you member*. provision
wade for a to confer with ot bej
el* !;*• to thl* »tatt to (ornuh'las m<l
< Jring the p4»«it» of desirable legislation
*i cfs * intermk of public economy ta4 rt>
form. I am takisf the liberty of
tbe bodie* composing thai corn
nit toe to appoint their representative for
thte committee on legislation. The Cham-
®t Commerce haa maaM its repre
•ontntiv*. If your hooorabit body »in
kindly do m and adrtae m« of your action
I will endeavor to arrange a time for a
of different repreaentatives.**
Raymond moved that Jam** represent
the body on leg*.aU -or. This received
several second*. James rhoogtu *.be pres
ident of the eoancl;. Crichton, would be
the proper representative. James was
unanimously chosen, Cricbton withdraw
tat tn hi* favor.
The hoard of public worka called atten
tion to the condition of Main street. Occi
dental avenue, Second avenue south and
Teoler way we*t of F*ir»t avenue, and rec
oatmendod their Improvement, and also
that the repinnklng of avenue
aouth from Yealer way to Jflnoc street,
and Yeaier way from Ftrst avenue to
Railroad wvenae, be Uknwtae considered.
Thl* was referred to the street committee.
The city engineer submitted the follow
ing e*nmate of the coat of improving
Washington street from the eaat marg n
of Railroad avenue <o the east margin of
Fourth avenue aouth by repassing:
<'learing and grgfcbtng. IW. embankment.
IWO. repiank: ag, fejto; Incidentals. *125;
inapartion. Tjm. total. M. 175. Of thla there
was chargeable to the abutting and proxi
mate property 12.150. and to the city on
account, of street intersections fI.OS. The
above estimates did not include taose por
tion* of Washington street and intersect
ing avenue* occupied by virtue of street
ra'lway franchises, ThJi waa referred to
th« street committee.
Councilman Rudy introduced a resolu
tion for the improvement of Fifth avenue
between James and Jefferson streets by
'he construction of a bulkhead on the
west line, of the avenue. Superintendent
l.'.itie told how the bulkhead now on the
street "had given way Sunday, and urged
the necessltiy of recon»tructing this bulk
head. a* property on the street waa tn
danger The resolution was adopted.
A cordial invitation was read from tho
Poet-Intelligencer asking the presence of
the council member* at the free sacred
concert to be given In the Seattle theater
neg? Sunday afternoon, and placing a bo*
at their disposal. The Invitation waa re
ferred to President Crtebtos.
Oeaeral Buslae**.
A petition signed by H C. Colver was
read. It asked for the exclusive right for
fifty years of the garhage of
the etty. It was referred to the commit
tee on health and sanitation.
The report of the committee or the pe
tition of Margaret Sullivan for repairs to
the aewer on Yealer way said it waa the
Intention of the city to construct * sewer
on Ninth avenue south from Yesier way
to Main street, and instructed the city en
gineer to prepare *n eatimate of the cont.
tlilson explained that the old box sewers
were in a had shape Superintendent of
Streets Little also made a statement con
cerning the condition of th» sewers in that
locality. The report of the committee on
sewer* and drainage atvl the accompany
ing resolution were sdop'ed.
Th« committee on health and sanitation
reported back the health officer's report
for October, and recommended that as
soon as possible the Mercer school be con
nected with the main sewer.
Mew Ordnances.
The following new ordinances were in
Authorising tbe city treasurer to accept
from Ne|« Bergman cents for taxes on
lot 1 Rjgeiow's Second addition; laid over.
Authorising the payment of to the
Highland* nursery laid over.
Authorising the city treasurer to cancel
certain taxes: laid over.
Providing for the construction of a sew
er on portion* of Ninth avenue. Rte*arl
atreet and Rlghth avenue; laid over.
Oranttnsr Hquor licenses to D 1. H«r
baugh. William Herdman and Ord Rogers;
laid over
A ithoriain* thp payment of audited
e:,*im<> tnd transferring money from cer
tain funds for that purpose passed.
Ordinance* were *<-te«t upon as folio-**:
Providing for building a «e*-er on East
Terry avenue, bct*ee n Itrovlway and
Tweifrh avenue; referred to corporation
Authorising cancellation of taxes on lot
« Mo k r. Mercer's Second addition, for
IVC p4SSe«i
Approving *s«e«vment rol! for the im
provement of Terry avenue, from Pine
to Virginia street; p««*ed
Authorising the l**uan«o of duplicate
rtreet «T*de warrant* nf \*os J 114 and
.115 to John A. Campbell, as executor of
" ' ham Renton. deceased; passed
\uH".r!s*>,g boa-1 of p ihl . work* to
enter into a contract for the pa in tine and
furn:»hlng of atreet signs, with J. V. Stom
he rg. passed.
Author tains that the street interact on*
" Western av-n>i. be«w*en Ye»>r way
and t'n'.on s'reet be renlanked t: an ex
pense Of not exceed:,,* STV» and appropri
ating m-mev therefor oa»»ed
Providing fo- th» repVanhln* of Jaek*on
etreet from Second avenue soith to
Fourth n\en us south laid over for r>*e
w-er-k and referred to the ,-hvrmen of the
street vr.d fi van e committer s and the cor
pora: ion c-outxe'
1 •' folio a • £ other busi r .-as *t« acted
t.m o* A! *rt Smp for of
for tm- work:
♦"'aim of Alfred Ci titer, for rebate of
' 01 .a \*e iv »,^ r correction
e' :..x e•„j severable i ''iptcd.
r«tf< or of Rufu* ft. p irk for c»* rrectiviti
of tax ror; claims oommiitoe
Petition of y !. Octchell for free water.
Clst*n* committee
T*e':• r» of *he To iu \t»n*s Ch«*"*n
t"' > * , r r« b**e o» « -er tax; com
mltt-e o* fire ind water
' ' - ■••■T removal of fhe nub
th# ** * - ut nM f w f
*nn ilr Vnn|rr<« n»d I.nok.
***" M * »" Flr»\ he
' * *' * r ' T **V thfl H\% fv>U***
. 1, »- ' •♦■*•.. • <- While r!v•
*1 * '»; m A• ' ]«)V
feft It >» •'. *-> .I»rr ««». H«, h,,„ l(, np
• * rn> < h " * -h *jjy ♦!*,«* of
•tv-wr*** *• th«» tsrn*
r ,r» it,,, v , r .. • • <*' J## u<{
'•** *>« *' - >*** • »>{»► *•:»» .»,*
' ■" r * ■' c *• »n ' i* ••• farn.< •<*
f*r>t " -' v «, ,r-i >■ j{ f \f«-«
V-*n »«* V *" l fc * f rt'V ;v« *-!»<,
►.. tra k >*» ar> j ni.« lnve*<t*«:r<
*^ rn " " • :•" r*n en
* t " * *'-**•• 1 •' ** » u > '« rr~-
r>. r*<l *t \# •» 1
#* qi. K v a* • . f vpjij, ? »| #n f<v ,
i'« M--« *:•. ••• \ . - « s«»r **•»;-
«V;n M' k * • 'V; y, « up i# r>r ,
<*>,t of -••• *«• TV- ».• -vs n >!fr of her
waf«JroiHi< w** harr-sl
*•« m "On!" t« id, L«t
!>Ns'm«. th# h oN»«
!»M *»*ht H* took. thirty- out of th«
Sri*™? «»** -> x, v
** **"'*■ t>rV*f Tvr« » M rot
• <*M of -s th* },»• *
The W. t , I. I. Mnt,,
U- . n 1V«T»! t>i« v,,
»<•***! «'• h<>44qiMrt*n fr»m
•irrtt »r..! ftr»t »*cnu« to t»i« j», v , r
o? th« ''oJ-Uva IwjiJdinff. tli« «Rtr»m<* l*.
lr»i nvMT VJI
"TTh# wr>r»t r«>Kt | fTff Ksnl in nr lif# wx%
r*«irtl iluntVtfemi Onch
writ** \V II N <»f Sntvr « mi ( j„
«okl Writ t * with * trough »rv< I t><
«xpwtar»lint *<< th« now. Tho Kfr-.*«iT
«*urp»i b*. ami i »»nt »P of gj< ; n-rni* «hf!t
with » rivifh or coW to u*e H. for
W will do them food." SoM by Drugguu.
Axoroai stout or the 6«cat
t* »s »■ the ( ssk Islet Ceaslry aad
Ita Etset LeestlM I* mm Kemr
reettna Sar-Jeka Ssss, aa OM<
'» Tfcnt ParwAsmy Cam try Hsee
l«*o# Mmy. Make* tko rts4-A
w»e am root m vha-h win
forked «a Woo ma rase I Me-
The steamer City of Topefca. walch ar
rived la port yesterday morning, brought
down information of another new and
hitherto unexplored gold district that is
quoted aa being exceptionally rich in rae
yellow meiaL The di*mct is westward
of Prince WiU.am'* aound. a ahart dis
tance below the weetornmoet passage,
about S miles distant. It is back of a
amall estuary, a part of Resurrect:on bay
and is described as follows:
Immediately back of the bead of the bay
and appearing as a divide separating the
sea <oast from tne Turn-Aga.n arm gold
fie.ds. in the opposite side of which the
Kenai river finds its source, is a range cf
mountain* which until this aeaaon it is
thought never be.ore has been disturbed
by the prospector's pick. John Noon, an
oid-iime prospector, was one of the many
attracted toward Cooks inlet last spr.ng,
nut instead of following ths horde into
Tum-Agam arm and Its tributaries, be
Quietly put h;s outfit into a canoe and
made his way down the coast from Prince
W;diam's sound till he came to tbe snug
little harbor found tn Resurrection bay.
Here hut one family is located, that of a
hunter named who with his Indian
wife and brood of children,
have lived on the bay for years and year*.
In the vicinity of the thousand islands in
that locality la a favorite feeding ground
of the sea otter, and Love ha* followed
h:s avocation of hunter an-i trapper un
diaturbed by other* of his own race *nd
almost entirely cui off from c.viiixation.
To inquiries put to him by Mr. Noon he
aaid as far as he knew no one had ever
prospected the range of mountains back
of the coast. One thing particularly no
ticeable of that section was the fact that
the season was fully 3ft to P> days ahead of
that on Turn-Again arm. Noon started
out into the hills the 15th of May and
scarcely any work could be done on the
opposite side of the divide before the m.d
dle or last of June Upon leaving the head
of Resurrection bay thla intrepid pros
pector climbed the range until he was at
an attitude of about 2.000 feet, which in
that country t« the timber line. The moun
tains are quite rough, sometimes precipi
tous, hut prospering there is a paradise
compared with other sections of Alaska.
At or near the timber line there is no un
dergrowth or shrubbery to impede one's
progress and completely hiSe the face of
Ihe mountains, nor are there any swamps
or tundras St a lower altitude. Those
magnificent pests, nusqultoes and gnats,
the bane of the miners existence on Turn-
Again arm and in the Yukon, are con
spicuous by their absence and when out In
the hills one need not wear a sheet
mask as a protection to bis face. Along
trie foothills and at the base of the moun
tains the formation seems to have at some
t;ot» or other been in a violent state of
upheaval, there being mucn \olcanlc and
basalr rock encountered everywhere. As
one ascends the range, however, the char
acteristics change very materially and the
formation becomes more uniform and
compact, solid walls of slate, granite and
porphyry taking the place of the shat
tered strata# of basalt.
Fifteen miles bark from the beach and
Just ht the timber line Mr. Noon found a
gigantic iedge of quarts running from ¥**
to "rfW feet in width. Free gold was visible
with the naked eye and frpm the neces
sarily crude manner In which an assay
was made enough of a result was obtain
ed to warrant the location of a number of
ciasms. The l»dge is cut here and Ihere
with small seams of slate, but there }* ev
ery Indication that wl?h depth they will
pinch out and give a solid vein of masa.ve
proportions In addition to gold rhe ledge
carries pyrites of copper and »im» silver.
Oeorge Rice !• Interested in the claims
and Mr. Noon will return to his new dis
coveries next spr.ng and do cons.derable
development work on them
In August Mr, Noon crossed the divide
and did considerable prospertirtr near the
heal of the Kenal river, finding several
promUlne looking ledges, th* value of
which, however. Is yet to be determined,
lie also vt<«t;ed the Six-Mile creek di*-
gin«;». like* tf the hydraulic proposition
of rhe Ronton syndicate located at Anchor
point and other place* Lynx creek, a
tribiitari -,t f? \ Mile crek. was d i- overed
a few da; * Sef«-»re rhe cold weather be
gan. The locator, a man named Powers,
and hit partner « ashed out n ; ne ounces in
five days with but two men shoveling A
frecie-up then occurred ar i work had to
be abandoned for the w'nfer
The BoitM syndicate ha« «>p#n; a itreat
deal of money thta wmion n rg the r
placer* in *hape to work on » Urge * tie,
and Mr Nv»on Is of the op ihey have
* proposition whirh wiH pay them ?nor
mouti return* on the capita! invf*t#d. <>n.
4 <!a m adjoin'ng one *h!i>H they w.H
work neat *tm# m four men '«•<» ihi# fall
t» >k out JiS\ ;n nine lay* If ground will
Pay that weU w-irkrsl with ground sluices
tt j« hard to conce ve w .*• the !jy>
clean-up would amount to when hydraul
•ke I »>n Being* river the «amf company
ba< 12.** of ground and have appro
l>r , ) A-»« in.«he# >f water fr >m the
r!v*r Early If? the «prlnjt they wl'.j U<;n
»crk 01 >t IJ-milr ditch and a# soon »s
tvm;> #,} wLU put giant# to work wash n*
our the vast m assea of gOM-bearin*
*»h«rrlticr« to Paget »oan«l Glnaa
(a. Looklns Wlte. bat Sajluk
>»thli)(-Rrrr|trr'* Rrpnrt.
Tne affa.r* of the rug*: Bound Gltut
Company, the concern which was an
nounced over a year ago with such a
Mare of trumpet*, are in a bad fix. a--
cord k to the report of Re -elver Phelps,
fl'.e 1 n the superior court yesterday. Ac
cord :rg '(i 'he report no money from
property ha* cijme into h's hands, while
1 t! . Nook a -show an Indebte In*** of II", -
j 5».l«. Pr* th.a, niTKt?., which was
Pal i in by haa be#n
ut- -how n« a c>4r loss of I?,-
'** To off*, t th.a there u nothing to
J !>e l-vi#d on ex <-pt the plant. which \*
* nh a? -e low tut
I *->wnd or, wh -1 the fa • r> j, buiU «„
I n->r owned by the company. i>ut ta laaaed
' -'ate ground Th# entire p.ant coat tn.-
' *&K. wh- h s nearly evj!»»i to the indebt
and arnmjnl , uh .
a. r -~i kh>;lera T'ti*
*:->wa that 'he : n-*orpora - or* did not p«*t
' V *P •» *nt. but »#ed the m >ney subscribed
> and worked the rear on credit
Th* article* ->f ti»cor:v> ration were ft ei
Vltr-h J ;«w T tp<*a| a*x-k **»
fixed a' E* .Itv. 'ed -nto l.ft« «-i'ea
, at ?h- :\AT \ % -4.< of »> ea.'h The original
I * to -he atock appear* to hae«
j b»er made :n -he na'ure of a .-ost.litlor.al
| •wNfc.-nptioa, a» tfee following .-iau»#» ;n
j the artl-lea «h«>w 'I herebv >tab«-r r>«
, and i«'*e to Take an! pay * number
of scares at *%> a »h»re with the under
i »tand;ng that payment * -j nflf {v»
: quires! or made. or .Seitvered until
th# plant i« ready for operation, at which
i time ten day* nonce n wrlttnit to be
given hv th# truateea :h»f jva vm * n , t(
: du# The v.ar;y cap*, ty :s td Xl
! boxea of gla*a,"
It 1* n. M k-H!W-> whether the notice w«*
or nf>t. bat .~>oe thing t» , W ain. and
j that » thai a a. ißb#- of pajj , P
i their ml*" fiion Among th» atattacrih*
era at« 4 the;- «h*re* «( a;ocii are r.ots, ed
;h* Oen.n* * a> i'e»?»ny. ahare* J
; I> Uamia. i < iUwle> * is I \*
Hsgfiow » w R- <■>** 4 SMm»on
Mill Oompaw* i«» <?ort4«rd A «'o.
Jr.- * J .* e F T l a>Tv» ; > , n ,i.
j >rd Furnltur# ' J N". Har.ow. T.
j W i l\ Wadey B f l>ay.
j Co A t»ena>. T Ailadlo. L
| TaJXe, K. W. aad il M. Cox, i
*!iar» eacs. Jacob FartX » stun* M
ft Pr*«. J* * K. Go;istei». !* DmW
Joae*. Fraa* TwlcheU. 1. uai , urge
numN"" «aeb-
Aasong tlMwe t»*» I**Jd up were D. H
ttachey. Webb * Co.. tse. p. Al
ladio. Jl*- Stetson Bros.. s!•*. R. garter.,
F A. Char-Thill. s&>. August Me'.hom.
)w Lf ; ry. Borardus A Ca. f;«. j. H.
Calvert «<*': O. o. Gay. J. D. low*
nun. fs«* 3um*on Mill Comply UW. Dr
Sarah Kind**'- DASG. •«** sev*ral other*.
Tickets for the sacred * concert to be
given at the Seattle theater next Sunday
afternoon hy the Post-loteUigeQcer will
o* given away after thia poon and during
the week from the Poat-latelllgencer
counting room. Upon the premutation
of the** tickets at the bo* ofiloe of the
theater any time after Friday momin*
the holders will receive coupons for re
terved seats in sny part of the house,
exciastve of the boxes, which will he
occupied by clergymen and mem hers of
the various branches of ths city govern
Tha programme is a long and varied
one of more than ordinary attractiveness
and will cover a wide range of sacred
music. The scheme of providing tfce peo
ple of this city with of a high
character, consistent with the day, is re-
reiving the endorsement of all clashes
who are complimenting the Post-Intclli
fencer on ita enterprise.
How art is dependent upon acience for
its highest and best interpretation of
nature will be *hown !n the lecture this
evening before the Seattle Art League and
School of Design la the Hinckley bu:iding.
Criticism will be made on the fallacies of
John C. Van Dyke in his lectures before
Princeton. Coiumb.a and Rutgtr col
leges on "Art for Art's Sake." where.n
he contends with the Rev. Mr. Jasper "hat
the earth la flat; at least its being round
Is not the cause of ships disappearing at
sea, the phenomenon being due. in his es
timation, to increas.ng atmoapheric
density, which is in proportion to the dis
tance. or volume, between the spectator
and the ship.
Another large audience expressed them
selves by their applause as more than
satisfied with the entertainment furnished
by Mahara's minstrels at the Third Ave
nue theater last night. The street parade
yesterday noon was above the average.
On Thursday evening there will be a com
plete change of bill. including new songs,
new jokes and new specialties. There will
be a matinee Saturday at 2:15 o'clock.
The funeral services of F. H Day were
held yesterday afternoon at Butterworth's
undertaking rooms. Interment in Lake
View cemetery.
The funeral of Nellie M Towne, wife of
W. R. Towne was held yesterday after
noon at 616 Terry avenue. There was a
large attendance and many beautiful
The Harpers W. C. T. U. will hold its
quarterly meeting at-the Jones street M.
E. church tonight at 8 o'clock. Rev. H
D. Brown, of the Battery street church,
will make an address on temperance, and
Mrs Brown will lecture on the work of
flndlng homes for homeless children.
There will also be an Interesting musical
Mr and Mrs J. Richardson and family,
of Fir. registered at the Diller yesterday,
en route for Portland
H. B B.oka W. of the firm of Brokaw
Bros, commission merchants of Stan wood,
is registered at the Diller.
William McPhee. of Arlington: James
Mcrrts. of Tacoma and R. S Whitney, of
Hadlock. lumber dealers, are among the
DlUer arri.als
Workmri 4a the Helena Mine Badly
lajurrd Sear Silver ton.
Snohomish. Nov 16.—Special—Peter E4-
lund. a workman in th« Helena mine, three
miles from Rilverton. white passing
through the timber Saturday morning
during the st->rm. was struck by a falling
tree and badly injurei. He was taken to
the hospital in Everett by his associates,
who had to carry him on a litter over the
mountains and along trails for miles, tak
ing two days to make the trip.
Ed Iu mi had gained consciousness by
noon today, but probably will not recover.
District 23. fawllli < onnty. Failed
to f'feooee a I.eKlnlatnr.
Olympia. Nov i»; Special.—T~ie govern
or has ordered a s-peclal election to fill a
v»' in. y in the hou<» from the Twenty
third district, occasioned h\ the failure to
elect This district is in Cowlit* county,
where i tie occurred at the regular elec
tion. The pro- iamarion orders a new ejec
tion for December 1.
Olympia. Nov. 16 Special—Articles of
Incorporation have been filed for record
with the secretary of state as follows:
Seattle Social Club, of Seattle—Capital.
$1 <**>: incorporators. W. A. Ma Hoy D B
Maker. P. F Clark
P< nd d'Oreille Gold Mining and Milling
Company, of Spokane—Capital. $1,000,009;
Incorporators. John Koch and others.
I-ost Creek Mininsr Company of Ever
ett Capital. $1 ooirflflO; Incorporators,
Nicholas Rudebeck and others
Bi-Metalllr Mining Company of Spo
kane-Capital. $1 fO'000; incort>orators W
W. H Mead and others
K(>otena"y County Mining and Milling
Company, of Pullman—Capital, SI 090
incorporators, P T Abbott and others
Independent Mining and Milling Com
pany, of Snohomlsh-Capital. $1 iwaw j n .
corporators. A W Prater and other*'
Spokane and Rossland Telephone Com
pany. of Spokane—*'apitnl ssm.v%o; incor
porators W H Arls and others
Crackerjack Minina Company, of Spo
kane Capital. sl,ooo'*»i. incorporators, P.
A O'Farrell and others.
Tacoma Music Hail Association, of Ta
ooma Capital $2300. incorporators.
Ch-srles Mi'Cutcheon and other-
Washlngton State Companv of
Tacoma Capital $25.«K>: incorporators L.
B Lock wood at.d others.
M narch Mining Company, of Seattle-
Capita!. $4 508; incorporators A J Brown
and others
Herman Gold and Copper Mining f"om-
Panj of Spokane—Capital s!.?¥*. Sr*t. "jn
corjxirators, John Kitto ari »*hers
1 "ayton <iroup Mining Compar.v of Spo
kane capital, $1 .««• ire orpt>r ttors. J.
M I'.vis and >->thers
1. er.itive Minins Svndi ate of Se
attie 1 apitai, s.>-«*» .<*l. in. orporatora. A.
J \\ ells and others
i » -'.old Mininsr and Milling Com
pany of Spokane c .r-ttal $2 •irt.fto. tn
corj*"»ra'>>"s. I S K and others.
Northern Light Vfuilrg and Milling
Comjvar.v, of BiH>kane--Capnal. si noniV
tneorporatora. T J. C.raham and others. '
| W nrk a < OM> |> one |)%V
Tikf L*\*t a* Bromo Qu:nhe Tab'**#,
j DrucsJata refund aoaey if u U;U to cure!
Search for Him \hnndonr<] on Belief
That He Haa Prrl<hr4.
Bu?te, M r.- . Nov l«—T~«> »e»rchinc
pir-;»* *ho have b**n humng »r>r Rev.
A'.TXIS !'*• rk". the your.cC.~- I*o preacher
i who became :p»t in a »r,i*v.>ra in the
mountain* r.*ar Troy la*t Friday, have
a -it* «*arch
K i» doubtfo: it ti*> your.* x« aurvived
»***'. - ' «i*re tr:« nope of
T*> i-ver.- % :ha body hefor# »prir,*.
Several p.v -•> found - * ?r»<-k* C-.RCL'.NG
»''' .rid a I on *he and
i p,j in the r .:o« .n>l. ■ »;e *»h«-ra
| bf nad knelt to pray
S nc* then ano* .1* fa <>n >0 heav.iy
s tha; further «*arc ::<n ha? bi»*n
. h * Th* y>> t* sad fane out, lichtiy
| etad. to hunt in the foothJlia and evidently
1 loai aw nay.
A*": >f dyr aft!?* *vs At
Falh* r tay in
Smtth 4k ' o « onu <*. ' -fv in
Of Ihf work of th » N*S Fall#
r *er Hjlfcken 4 i;4
4 afgro % Unia,
The Sscrei CBarest.
Art Leagae l.petar* Ttalght
Mlaatrela at tfca TkM Aveaae.
Article* of Incorporation
C S t«B*tT* Patraaagt at the Disposal
•( the G»Tfr«or-VfcH»les FltN
fcjr the Last Letjtwlatwre— An
Army si RsyltTfi tsr
Their Sltvatloa* «■ the Will of
the Chief Eseratiae.
Olympi*. Nov. 13.-Spe<Ma! —ln view of *
change in the administration
of public affairs in this state, there have
been numerous inquiries regarding the
patronage at the disposal of the governor,
thf several state officers and the boards
and i>mmlssion> managing the state ins-i
unions. The following list comprise*
first, the position." At the 4i> a I of the
siate officers, second. the boards appoint
ed fcy the governor, which governing
beards have the disposal of the situations
in their respective Institutions. The sal
aries as given are ihose fixed by the last
legiflature or the trustees governing the
state institutions:
Salaries at the Capital-
Governor's office-
Go vernor | 4.oft)
Private secretary l,su>
Stenographer V3o
Secretary of state's office-
Secretary of state ... $2,500
Chief clerk 1>«I
Insurance clerk l.V«»
Dep. comr. statistics I.2ui
Two recording clerks each>.... 2.000
Messenger 500
Treasurer's office-
State treasurer $ 2.000
I*PUty 1.5,50
Superintendent of public Instruction-
Superintendent t ».v*)
c, * r * ••••■• m
Commissioner of public land*—
Commissioner.,.. 1 2 <
Chief clerk "" ' 1 500
Bookkeeper i' vo
Engineer ij3
Land cruiser 1200
Board land commissioners-
Two commissioners »ss:.moo each) $ 4.»i00
Clerk ?s(>
Adjutant general's office—
Adjutant 1 1 2M
Two clerks (S9OO
Attorney general's office-
Attorney general S *»o»
Assistint ~ 1 ftu
State library—
Librarian $ 1.500
Assistant goo
Bupreme court —
£j v * Judges <M.OGO each) 120 000
Clerk o tm
Bailiff ;;;;
Stenographer ..... ' 1 Vi)
Stenographer in
Rej>orter ."!.!!3 000
1" ish Commissioner's office-
Fish commissioner $ * 0»
Three deputies ($250 each).""!.*.**! ~~io
At Other Instltatloaa.
Eastern Washington Hospital for the In
assistant $135 steward >IOO. warden 154 16.
matron $»416. engineer *B3 33. cook S7O.
baker sao. assistant engineers SSO each
laundryman SSO, carpenter SSO, assistant
cook s4o, farmer $45. gardener S4O. two
,JL e i? en each-attendant s4i>. hostler
*.v. 33. seamstress S2O. two waitresses S2O
«*arh. two laundresses $25 each, twenty
five attendants $37.50 each.
ttS? #t £ E e 2 , i? pt i ar3r —Warden $l5O. deputy
SIOO. clerk SIOO. physician $75. steward SB3 33,
*2s r «c warden's clerk S6O. one turn
,urnk«'Vß $55 each, one
'. W v wat °hmen $55 each.
£^l£a!?• nl * ht gatekeeper $55. store
overseer s*-». superintendent brick vard
superintendent jute mill warehouse S6O.
nimht watchman $55. two overseers $75
each superintendent Jute mill SIOO.
KeCorm School— Director IIS. matron
'iSJ Br,rl *' d *l*«»»nt S3O. three
teachers $3) each, laundress $25. seam
stress S2O ,-ook S4O. assistant girls' ,E
--££ t^ U } 1 ofr, °* r **->■ shoemaker
7*l w T,« ,to forceman $45. assistant
wait r «t«* L wo nl « ht *atchmen $lO each.
t • * w * an * lO - baker $5. Some
h*re given are inmates.
tor Defective Youth-Director
JJjMO. matron S9OO. matron S4BO. engineer
IIS Bardentr ***>• watchman $490, cleaner
$420. watchman s4*o. laundress S3BQ. cook
$420. ten teachers average S6O per month.
Western Washington Hospital for the
Insane—Superintendent $183.31. first as
distant physician $125. m*eond Assistant
phystfian SIOO. accountant SIOO. matron
154.11. head warden $54.17. engineer $66.67.
assistant $,-> O. pumpman $42. fireman S4O.
cook assistant $35. second assistant
v I or, e helper S2T. t!iree helpers sls each,
baker sf>o, assistant $25. five waitresses
$!.. each, carpenter SSO. laundryman SSO.
assistant sls. laundress $25. two assist
ants sl.*. each, farmer $35. assistant $25.
ranchman S4O. ranch cook S3O. aswstant
ranchman $35. one teamster $33.33. team-
J'er $2."., thirty-three attendants $35 to
$43. three wat hmen $35 each. one watch
man $25. tinsmith $35. fiorlst SSO. tailor
$25 seamstress s3o. janitor S3O. shoemaker
s2*. stenographer $25. fireman SSO.
State Pniversityv-Presldent $5,000 ner
year, eleven professors $1,200 to $2 500
four instructors S6OO to $1 200 laboratory
S3OO assistant $390 curator sl.ooo. two as
sistant librarians JISO each, armorer sl*o,
janitor s72»i. three assistants SISO ooch. en
gineer SSWO. assistant SIBO. fireman $540.
watchman $Ma. registrar $1 <*»**
EHenshurg Normal School Principal
sl*> per month nine teachers SSO to st2»>
per month, janitor $75.
Pullman Agricultural College—All but
salaries of accountant and ope teacher
are paid out of the United States fund.
There are about twenty-seven teachers
and employes
Cheney Normal School—Principal 11*0
per month, assistant $l3O. seven teachers
ranging from SSO to SIOO per (ninth, jani
tor $7?.
Soldiers' Home—Commandant SI,OOO per
year, matron s!**>. surgeon and adjutant
$62 three teamsters average $25 per
month, cook s»*>. baker S3O. laundress S2T».
engineer S4O. assistant $2«. watchman $!».
hospital cook f> assistant $5. hospital
warden $lO assistant S7SO. two assistants
$5. steward and bugler $12.50, three labor
ers sl6 «6 each.
Per Diem and F.iprnar*,
The following boards and commissions
receive per diem and expenses, except
where otherwise siated. and are appoint
ed by the governor:
Trustees Soldiers* Home, five members.
State fair commission, five members.
Trustees reform school, three members.
Board of medical examiners, five mem
bers: fe»s.
State board of pharmacy, five members:
Trustees Ellensburg state normal
school, three members.
Pilot commissioners for Columbia river,
three members.
S'ate board of horticulture, seven mem
bers: secretary SB4O.
Board of dental examiners, five mem
bers: fees.
Board of health. collection district Pu
get sound, three members, nothing
Trustees school for defective youth, five
Bureau of visal statistics, five members;
secretary board $1 3M per annum,
Trustees normal s.. hool at (Twney, three
Directors of penitentiary, three mem
Board of elijc atjon. four members
Regents agricultural college six mem
Western Wash! ret on hospital for in
sane three meml - r.«
Eastern \\ chu.srton hospital for in
sane thref members.
Capitoi ommi ■*.* on, three member*,
with governor and state auditor ex-offi
cio additional ,
S373Ba m UTi2a |j
jgi pi lit a?.* ma; Jj I
|§§ & m H gas a&sii, *
3j Jg| ksi m? t |g| ntsiisa, £
g|| §|J £§| , jnOTIACH*
llj C2iJ33. St -I:
sssnst Ij »t. He. g.
I end's 11 xtrac I
_— C AIKTTM HTT* T MJN _j ffl l«n to•» aha*. B&TF* "T- I
"*-<C7 AM »• ggg B <W« in>%>ucr»'*^; Sg M
—AbisMUj Pure—
The greatest Ameri
can baking powder.
Sold die world over
and approved by the
highest authorities for
its heaJthfulness.
Regents state university, eight mem
bers. nothing.
Pilot commissioners. Straits of Fuca
and Puget sound, three members; noth
coal mine inspectors, two members:
II,Vw» each.
Trustees Whatcom state normal school,
three members.
State road commission, three members.
Seven lumber inspectors, receiving fees.
The game warden receives nothing:
port warden, fees; state land cruiser.
$1,309 per annum- dairy commissioner.
$1,390; state geologist. nothing; state
grain commission, ssa each for en oh meet
ing. not to exceed four meetings p«*r
year; chief grain inspector. s!.**> p*r An
num. three deputies, $1,200; clerk, $1,000;
commissioner of arid lands, $3,000 per an
Lewla Coaaty—Complete.
Chehalis. Nov.. 14.—Special —Tho results
of the recent election as determined by
the canvassing board are:
McKinley 1.594. Palmer TO. Bryan 1.580.
Congressmen—Hyde 1,566. Doolittle 1.550.
Lewis 1.561. Jones L 589, Salyer 34. Ol
sen 32. Mix 16.
Governor—Sullivan 1.490. Rogers 1.564,
Dunlap 190.
Lieutenant Governor—Arrasmlth 1.573.
Daniels 1.562, Shorthill 70, Dickinson 15.
Judge Supreme Court—Hoyt 1,572, Rea
vis 1,551. Liver more 56.
Secretary of State—Price 1.561. Jenkins
1.906. Haggard 60.
Treasurer—Kellogg 1.592, Young 1.572,
Robin 56.
Auditor—Frost 1,610. Cheetham 1.562,
Grldley 55.
Attorney General—Ross 1,592, Winston
1,555. Smith 68.
Superintendent of Public Instruction—
Brunton 1.482. Browne 1.674. Newberry 60.
Commissioner of Public Lands—Forrest
1.530. Bridges 1.590, Flagg 55.
State Printer—White 1,567, Hicks 1.591,
Bull 5«.
Judge of Superior Court—Hewen 1,446,
Elliott 1,772.
Sheriff—Carpenter 1.715. Baker 1.515.
Clerk-Rhoades 1,551. Langhorne 1.652.
Auditor—McCash 1.326, Schooleg 1,903.
Treasurer—Maynard 1.686, Spooner 1,524.
County Attorney—Dysart 1,<05. Tugweil
Assessor—Summersett 1,596, Boyles 1.627.
Superintendent Public Instruction—Miss
Montgomery 1.520. Tucker 1.703.
Surveyor—Beach 1.8ft2. Henry 1.601.
Coroner—Mead 1.625. Sticklin 1.565.
Commissioner. Third District—Ferrier
1,512. Evens 1.570.
Commissioner, First District—F. A.
Degeler 1.703. Hoss 1.459.
State Senator—Hall 1.198. Hill I.BBS.
Representatives—Pierce 1.564. Thome
1,442. Richmond 1.661. Smith 1.594.
Amendment to Constitution—For 1,146,
against 54!'.
Paelte Coaaty.
South Bend. Nov. 14.— Special.—In pro
portion to population. Pacific county re
mains. as heretofore, the banner Repub
lican county of the state. The official
count resulted as follows:
McKinley 925, Bryan 510. Palmer 50. Lev
ering I".
Congressmen—Hyde 890. Doolittle 918,
Lewis 544. Jones Soft.
Judge of Supreme Court—Hoyt 906, Rea*
vis 549.
Governor—Sullivan 848. Rogers 585.
Lieutenant Governor—Arrastnlth 573,
Daniels 568.
Secretary of State—Price 925, Jenkins
Treasurer—Kellogg 916. Yming 537.
Auditor—Frost 901. Cheetham 549.
Attorney General— Ro>s 921. Winston 51R.
Commissioner of Public Lands—Forrest
921. Bridges ..37.
Superintendent of Public Instruction—
Brunton ><92. Browne S6o.
State Printer—White 916. Hicks 542.
Judge of Superior Court—Hewen, Rep.,
R45: Elliott. Pop.. 634.
Representative Dalton. Rep.. 614;
Bush, In-1. Rep., 766; Brown. Pop.. 121.
Sheriff—Brown, Eep., 762; Brumbaugh,
Pop . 722.
Clerk Dalton, Rep. 90S; Hudson. Pop..
Auditor—Leonard. Rep.. 825; Montgom
ery. Pop.. 668.
Treasurer— Weiler, Rep.. 723; Eichner,
Pop 7«4.
Attorney—Stratton. Rep,. 672; Rice,
Pop.. *lB.
Afs»*ssor—Huson, Rep.. 99K. De Long,
r<»P. m.
County School Superintendent— Harris,
Rep.. 7*Ci Murdoch. Fop., 703.
Surveyor--Jamea, Rep., 790; Vickrey,
Pop.. 702.
f'orohT— Peoples, Rep., 90S, Ross, Pop.,
Wreckmaster Brannon, Rep.. S£3;
Hushes, Pop . 652.
• 'ounty C(imml*»ion»r. First District
Brown. Rep,. 792: On mage. Pop.. 6V».
Third District—CHeny. Kep.. 7*2. Bullard.
Pop.. <£*.
Jenkins Forgets His Promise.
New Whatcom. Nov. 16, -Special — l The
Champion, chief organ of the Populists In
this county, established and pub'.'shed by
Will D Jenkins, secretary of state-elect,
has suspended publication. Jenk'ns hav
ing repudiated his promise to the Ellens
h ir* convention th*t if elected he would
put half his ssitry into his paper. The
subscription I his been transferred to
the Weekly Blade.
Jtopreine Court Rereas.
Washington, Nov. R-The supreme
c<-> «rt took a rer*** until Monday, Novem
ber 30.
4 Great (lin'f to t.et lluricnin*.
Th« fntire saivajre Rto-k of th»> steamer
I'marlHa. consisting of dry good*, carpet*.
J>r>of« and ahoe*. clotMnx. and. In fa.T, a
complete stock of all kin 1* of merchandise.
wiH He placed on nale thin mornlne at #
o «io k in th* S ati!<- National bank build
in?. corner Teller way nn 1 Occidental av*-
mie. B** on hand *.«rty to avoid the
crowd and freit barnlim.
A double <rtm«» w,<* committed at t,v.
mm, X. H FrlcJ;.y, in whii-li Herbert H.
Ash. a well-to-do fa-m»T. on» >f the beet -
known rr.*»n in that f.nmiunitjr, ?h<d bia
wifi» and th*n hinged hlm*«'!f fr;>m a r».im
in a barn. No reason tan be a«»cne] for
the deed.
' - < > -V^BHB
An Ounce of Performance H
Worth a TON of Promiacl!
Mixed and
At $12.50.
Men's Extra
Fine Kerseys,
Cheviots and
Irish Frieze
SIS to S2O.
J Every J
1 C00k..... i
| Endorses J
V Majestic Steel Ranges ▼
€f are All steel and malic- ▼
9 able iron. All other so- J
9 called steel ran; g are J
9 cwt iron with steel t : dea. J
f Majesties last a lifetime. J
t Frederick, •
X 9
♦ & Munro, J*
X Karsltnrr, Carpets, A 1
X Moif*. Crotkery, T
VP doairkold Oooia, fl
2 1213. 1215. t217. 121®. 1221 X
▼ 1223 A*. T
V*L. HAKBAI6M. Prop.
Tb Osij Sirktij First-Ois Ikrf « Seattle
L*e*t« M f»r«l it*., Brtmw
*•*!•«• ma* Mmiwm
Reefers. ||
S3 to
Boys* Cape .1
Overcoats,, ;|
§3 to S6.s#|
Cannot 4
Youths' J
Overcoats ||
And Ulsten^i
S5 to
There Is J
No Oeeasioi
for us to toll you thitmwijji
and ouffht to hava, »
absence of on« cauaea fHfIH
slderable annoyance, o|a|
times, perhaps, actual Nflll
There la no need for
without a any toafljiKlK|
the exceedingly low prtgiMP
which we offer pianos, iNfIE
very eawy terma we
our customera, wtll r nablalWiKl
buy a good piano now.
A glance at the names onMp]
of the planoa we ssH. HHjKM
Fischer. Ellington. j
etc.. will convince yoo
desirability of purohaaiafj|jHy
Winter <&Haryn
Burke Bulldisg. la
We aell sheat annate *.§ M
- uWn
MB £
tending ailments, both of
Aged and Old Men; I»*?ffSSg
Youih. Excesses of Natttf*aß|«H
tng drain* whlrh sap Vn* <RBH
Losses. Falling ® < I rr
Diseased Klrtnm lP n *. m ?L
cocflt, Hydfoewf.
Gloom and OrtpMO****?*
and a w '« n<l ' -r<R »£m Wflfttffesl
DeatV a Dread of Bel"* J
many Aliments __
-Guide to Health.
rana and their diseases . , /r
Call on or addf— •■wA §t'Afeil
K. M <kHTH^

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