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The Seattle post-intelligencer. [volume] (Seattle, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1914, November 28, 1896, Image 2

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fMMMMIa Mi Sfrwiwy I Mof araaM
BwM (NB WiaUattM My*. Fraaidant
MWM< IMI toM I«*«UA« « |TMI 4MI
if Mi (MM W iM aaa Mil MM|T dunag
um toat t«o, u4 m* Imm a wau u>
kwA M taat U MS bt »>Hlw4 ta a ooa
fto af lafL Tto ■m>gi to wiwetto ta
M oao af tto abiaot pufcte Imiim Mr.
Ctardaai to* wrtuaa Curiae hi* iwa
tana* It will to tot MOM, toi tarow*&
ta taa AIWIMII piwpto M UMU TOT«F M
MMttto M itof« to llttto totot ttoi to
artil MtoN tto «inr>iiiiKy to mark
Ml tto MWTM to toitMM Mfkt to to
jtotowad tor (to MtMtot PWOMII for
#M itniiMMi of aaUoaai toaor tto
to itMiapMM if prtoirtty of tto
r«TM«a aftalra will Mt orally tlaim aon
m>riim attamlofc, aad tto preaideot wUi
ton aa opportunity to oaograiuiaia eoa
pm aai (to ooaatry aaon tto aoiutloa
toT tto Voaosuolaa touodary cMaovtrcy
ta Aaaartm la aa toaor a»* aad MUafac
totry auMr, attto to tto Uauoi fttaiM
aad to ORMT Britain aai to Voaoauaia.
Tto ooodlUoa »( tluri to Turkey will
to itocuMit ta total!, aai tto president
win to atoo to atow ttot tto ordinary
ilyiMfttle mmto tow auAcai for too
ftotacUoa of tairtwa Ufa aad property
ta tto Tarfclab mmplrm.
TM t*al PWMTUIM Of Ch« fflHMfi t*
to wrlttaa wtll b* tbo** 4w:t.-;i witn t»*
Ht**tl*a ta Cute. H* will ftvaii Mms«if
«# MM I«MM poaatbi* lafaruiion u to
tIM Miliary aittiaUM Is the iiitnd and
Dm |rM>nt» tar Um early ittecMi or f»U
■n of dM ißMrfmu may ba* much to do
Wtdi Ila>lt to peUrr Pr***at laAkt*
tfoaa are that 6t will make no radical
Wf*aMwanianona am taim aabjoct.
Otk*r foreiga question* u> waieh tlx*
United fttaida to tat*r**<a4 wia fcv touch
•ft oa briaky. Becr*iary Carpet* to pro
parttu data looking to a roeomowudauoa
lor iiKfoaalci UM ntiooat at the FW«
oraanont toy l»oo*lng raveau* 4utl** oa
toa and oofloo and by tacre**.n» ike in
formal rovoauo tax oa boar. Tna pres:-
teat Will diWibUoao espnsa* tea approval
mt tbooo recommendation*
Tba ftatiwlol reform recosnmendaUon of
tbo MM|a will bo along tba Sine of Jir.
Oevaiaad's termer recoinovsuda.ions. an 4
vttl ha*e aa their basis UM advocacy of
tta stasia gold aiaadard aa Ui« found*.
UM of UM aaonetary system. Tna retire
ment of tbo greenbacks and the ifcermsa
•Otoa wtll bo raootnmeoded. a® aa to lake
0* covarnmaitt aatlraly out of tba busl-
Mao Of taaulfta promksaory aote*. Bank
la# reform *UI b« recommended at tbo
MM f'm*. to aaanii tba banks of ttia
•ouatry to Issue etrcoiaiiog o*>.*s which
Vttl bo oaf a aad which can ba expended
or contracted la veiume to aoaot tba aeede
*f tbo iaelnsas of tba country.
Mr. Clavolaod la aliva to tba necessity
ti ooaUauU-g tba espanalon of tbo navy
«mft of aoMUuctlat coast dafaaaaa to put
fee country U» a condition to resist for
•ICO aggraesfem, aad Cas recommendations
M thee* UM* mad* by t*cr*ury :*inonl
and laaratary Herbert la thalr annual r*»
putt will b* eeooaded LA UM meassga
asvslaaS lay* Ik* IIMsII
Saalftaass fa* • **vr~nn
a*at SSasaa.
MmMm, W J., Nov. R.-Anon have
bM currant b«r« tor mbm days wnctm
lag fIMM'IW Ctsvaiand making nl» per-
Mill hom* at Princeton Nothing
Kim mid tee learned untu thla even
ing. wheo Pr«f. Andrew West r«um*d
from Wadtelngton. after having an inier-
Vtow with the president Prof. West this
gvanlng B»*» ml tha following statement
||r (»)bloaUoii i
TratMwM Clsvetand haa today pur
<llMil tha residsnoe of Mrs A J. *h.leli
gg Bayard avanue. In Princeton. and will
gutks Princeton his psr-msncm bom* soon
»ltar tha expiration of his term Neg i
tlatlons looking to thla and havs been
finding about three weeks, and will ha on
gummated today hy tha purchase ot u.«
ANV CssK Bs IstsrsTtg ly a tf*.
•Ist lervies Csrps.
WftShlngt >n. Nov 17 -Ths report of
Prig. Qen. Copplng«r. comm«nd*r of tb«»
Dspartmenl of ths Fiat to. with head
guartsra at mads public todav
fcrlefly reviews the Jackson Hole expedt-
Mon. and appends the Pall report of Mai.
Pchftffe. Who commanded ths sipeditlon.
#on, Cepplftger aavs
'The troops of this department are well
located In t of any servic, that miv
is required of them, either within or
Without the department All escept rhe
garrison si Tart Washakie are at posts
Within re*dy access to one ar mbre line*
rnt railway It U taken for sranted that
the deetrabllity of t|;«
troops of aach of the two cavalry rr«t-
Wienta with tts in this de
partment whenever local conditions shall
admit of it. Is kept In View by th» author-
Gen. Ooppingar recommends itarrlson
oourts of larger power, as the garrison*
are aow of euch slie that men of rank
and eaporteoco could h* oht»-ied fcr a
gourt having p«»wer ,>f dishonorably du
gharglng aoldlers. etc. Another sugges
tion i» as fJtlows:
M A special service corps, at se r >ara'a
gad distinct from the •- >mbamnt
the hospital eorja. and rh«e"v made up
gf disciplined e* soidiera ror ti,«, tt .-t <n\
ance of what is known as >,trt d str*
would bo a gr*a< toon to it-* army
Kot only would It stop the dr n<. from
the ftghtlag units end abolish to » great
aaieni the dlffs'enc-o between tn #<r . !Sli^r
and actual strength in war— a frmtf-ii
source of eonfuelor and dtee« ~r . _u
would open up to the man » > :, 4 s *n
tero.l the army for af« s «.« t \ carmr
OultaMe to g aw«v* asatur* vet stjn vtjror
ous age. and what la even », re mv, o
tant. Ft would vastiv in-ttrot* , .? «-
same time aheapon the administration
B scorn meadat tons are made t*r
arovsmenta the garr!»»n» f i>Tl
keade. Fort Klokram. Fort It. - || and
r»rt Crook.
The report speaks of the de« -ability of
g poet council to look after the poat e«
ghanga, arhlch would serve to pt evert •
gacbanga from degrading U. :e a u. <:»
grtakiag placa
dMKX. BLltr RkronT.
■aw Msilsss RallreMid Will Wake Ft
Pass as lasgaesawt felsl.
Waahlngtosi. Nav JJ —-P^'g^dter^Aie-»-sj
B R. Rllss commaed!-g U e departm-a»
g f Texas, calls attention In h » a.-.r ....
report, made pubile today, to rhe dee a
%«ilty of havng aaorher troop of cav
airy sa tha Hesb'aa frv*tter near
l*as.». opposite Juaraa. Oa t*.e M»*\-an
gtde at juarea a new read tveen a.,i
aut and w<ork ?ia« been eerun* ej ,%n -t
This read. «hs W'-O O" aade. Ma l e
g Facina, when completed at; open •h«
gierra Madne country, srhveh la no »d for
•be sf Its sitver mines a~ I It
asn he trarsfrrred trooas Ir correction
wnh r*»e Meatoan Central rs- • It
anil make the city of Juarea a Po-at of
grra; etra;e«tv- imporvaaes to V»*sc<v
roads snd live afbers njw r.n
glng mto 61 Paso wta make the :at;-r
giace of increased importance to tie
Vaited gtatea as a mdltary atatioo
Fay si esse aw <k I. Beaia
K«r Tsrk. V» e? !*»
»•"**«• fcoruU of tl»« trar-w^-
fi L «C «*• «*e*iaau*uca
CatanH Maoot to rjmnJ by ioca: appl'.oa-
Uoaa. It to a conaUtJticma.: diaaaaa, ani
m>HiW a corwttaoofta: remody i.ke
Hood"a flaraaparftla. which. woiir'a*
throwck tto biood, ora«teatM tto txwp-jrs y
whtrh «*iuw« and aromot<w sha isa#a*a.
and aoon a cure. At tto
oaaso tiraa H«>d'a Bar*ap*rCla toilda op
tto wholo ayotam.
'* J«*»t aa aur*'y a iiooaaa of the Mood aa
to ocrefula. So My tto toot authorua*.
Haw f«Kr «*h It to. tk#n, to e*p«<;t a cura
from anuff*. iotoanta. ate Th# aert*
eocraa ta to fmrtfr yoar blo«d t»y tak<n«
tto toar t».ood partfter. Hood'a Saraapmr 1-
la. In a m-j'titside of oaa*a. by tak A*
Hood'a. catarrh haa boon parraoaoctly
! Cured
T waa la a tod condf«oo with eotarrh
and rho jght I WM into eoneumptMn.
My '.aat*- a»vl a,T»t were nearly jrcne and
my b«ar r.<f waa affected I dsd not *et any
help ami! 1 be**R tak trig Hood'a S*<•«;»*-
rtlia, ha* riven me ran#wed *ir*n*tb
and baaith." Mra £.la Ca'-wntar. Naw-
Said. Naw York.
Ia tto tootr-ia toot (to Oao Trua Blooi
p.ll. ar* th* only pJlia to tak* wttfc
' If] 0 liltS Hoods' ItmptrillA.
romirrt ttee, that upon depositing their
bonds with the Manhattan Trust Com
pany or the Old Oolmsr Trust Company,
of Hoeton. before December 17. they will
rerelve cash for the coupon* of the bonds
maturing December 1. as well as for any
coupons thereon which matured June I
last. Holders of certificate* for the bonda
Issued fcy either of the two trust compa
nies will receive th* amount of Interest
mature*! December I, on presentation of
the cert tflrause, that th* payment may b*
stamped thereon- These payments are in
U*u of interest for the same period on th*
new bonds to be Issued under th* plan of
■alls Xlasrs Is Gat Oaly #3 • Dsyw
A Strike Feared.
Danv»r. No*. Z7.~The Denver Times
says that the Anaconda Mining Company
•t Butte. Mont., has given notice to it*
men of a cut in wages commencing De
(*mht»r l. from S3.Su to S3 a day. and that
other big mining companies there Intend
to follow suit.
Jo*e>ph Taylor, attorney for the Amer
ican Federation of Miners. l« quoted aa
aayitig that a conference to consider th*
situation will be held next week at Vic
tor, and that President Boyc*. of th*
federation, and Marvin and Leonard,
members of the executive committee from
Butte, will there ••i**! repre*entatlvee of
the various Colorado unions
It 1* added that th* leader* of the fede
ration will endeavor to avoid a atrtk* at
Butt*. Nov. IT.—Th*re la no truth In th*
Denver Times' atory that the Anaconda
Mining C'-mjany ha* given nolle* of a
reduction of wages on December L
Batlra Street Car System May Ba
Tied tp Before Xlgkt.
P;t;aburg, Nov 2H.—The emplajres of tha
combined traction roads of this city have
a gr;ev«tice. and now. at 3 a. m.. are hold
ing s me- lrjf to map out rhe'.r course of
action In the matter. Ever ainre £>he ac
complishment of the oomblivat.vm of trac
tion wh.eh Include# nearly every
road In the city, trouble has been brew ng.
Th» men cla m they cannot make a day's
wages without working twelve houra
S.nns ate In favor of tying up the roads
this morning at 4 o'clock, but nothing defi
nite has been developed ss yet T'te nv-n
are organl*-*d In ths Kn gv.s of LnNor. and
betwe. n «M> ami 7W men. represent r.g
every rosd In the traction combina, are wn
the meeting.
Receiver f«r tli* 11. t., K. A #. W.
Toreka, Kan., Nov 37 -Upon applica
tion of sh« Farmers' Loan and Trust Com
pany, of New Tork. t'nlted States District
Judge Foster sppolnted nwlpht
Rr*m»n. of Sew York city, receiver for
the St. Ijoula. Kansas & Southwestern
Hallway Company The company owned
a ilns Sixty m ;♦» In length, running frc.rn
Arkansas City to Am' ony, K. n The
road h\s been operated by the St. Lotus
£ San Pranctsi-o -ompsny up to si* weeks
ago. when It was abandoned, as the man
agers of (ha Frisco were \p*Ta*.ng tt at
m Ic-rs The Farnnra' Loan and Trust
Company hoi«ls of Che company's
Ursman. the receiver, filed the t *nsjktl>n
ftl suit recently begun at St. l>iuts to <et
a*i.le proceedings for the reorganisation
of the Frisco property, and Is admrte.l
to ba opposed to the present man,»ic;ne:.t
of tha Frisco.
Barllnatnn Conirlbwiea |.in,mW.
Omaha. Nov ST —General VI vnsiset Hol
dre«t)je of the DurfingtMi. this rooming
announced !h.-»t the road would contrib
ute tW«OA oward the at!< -ess of the trsns-
ion Stroultaneoos witfn
this sticounsement was given out the
news that th« Burlington would at once
proceed with the erection if a depot for
its own u<<«* a*-.d th» u»•» of any other rail
roads t?-at dfs'.re to ) -r In the enterprise
at Tenth =*r,d M.-i.'On stre.*- - The amount
•übeeribod by the I'urip e; « ts the full
an-.-- .Tit vsse.l fro ; < :t;pan>* by ;; ■»
exposition directors. T* e Burnngtota was
tikid :-r a beovter c.»itr,x>.:; n t -an auy
oth«r raiiroad enter ig tn« city.
litlestjuu in v i»l« take.
I.a A . - ■ N * ■ s*. I H ne*.
r_ew g;ne:sl ttt.« *er o !;-«» i'crinsnai
l'Uuro«id t'oenpam a or»- e»- ij- re: urne.l
frvro the F*»'t. s ..d tinlay "It ts the tn
•fi e :Vr-;i,f .4 p.. p<« to ea en I
tb« -r road to rial; t,*ke City. When at<-
i\« • , «.» : * ft, I w i he t;.Wen ts a
<;ue* ion I cannot an- The Intentions
ef t>«.r contpft y t*t tnl?- natter are «>f the
\■ r> •«. < < -• ts :.en the op
portune time fot n *Tri%ee."
I'atker M»U !<• *»ay *1 t>ri»*ce.
Ch' skO. N >■ . r ii V. •.:.me. of
f>en\er. *'-3 « !-« c m received this
afte-". -i ! \i ;l 4> f ivfnrfr a
d -T'.v a i:' =* i re;- rt
MM the b»s ; >r tmn<:er
to t">» s»e S Hr The report
ws* that Father I*. Riardan. of Ckl
r«> i A K;, • •■a'-, of
*•;* -'••* • • w:. t- >■- appotatod
lits&op Mau s> v r at Wns^r,
TO e 3 ttl t •"i i» i\ ONE n%T
Tak. Utf »» 1 w :-. . T»?;e-S.
'**• * r*Ucd ns, >if 4 ; £*.:» . c car*.
rsstalii appointed.
Ws-*'* «n N » ' ' r*« lent bss
• pja-atttcd »'!"%' * ,» H,,}, « IfcAceOet*.
COi*«u > ■.:■ *s •- U S.. . Of>xl He ..-T
C. Sm th. removed.
pr-r- .lent has a-'so ap>>'t»:- J Rev.
J L, CVtrn: v- ->t S m lark, oos-ai to
W" have le » sV turkevs St the F
t>« Market J.i ~-t nil shea today
5.%0 to r»e per po&nd.
V rebe wo is in MsSsgascsr
iiv■ "* ' i- '* * j, - :t •* «»•->--
rtvoci AVRRicix Asnravom
F«r«wi*fl Aa*oo* ttoo ietoattoto off
tto Worta—Tko Pivot to I'M Clw
trMtr ta laklac Otoortatfoaa
For Fowrtooa Yoaro Dt roe tor of
tto ItHoaal Otoorratory of Ik*
Arfoaiia* Roaakllo—4>o« ml tho
Moot Ulwotrlooo Moa ia»rto (too
Cambrtdga. Mooa.. Nov. f?.~Ben jamta
Apiaorv * c * f«m«ua acholar and
*» i«Ot«rtit>| tto auura o» hla
rcs*iecc« .aa; &jgfc and r*.r jck os
h.a He »«» rendered uccou&ejo,
aoti d.ed a f«w &u.:i iatar.
Ban Jam in Apttorp Oou.d «u oora ta
Bo* on K. Utot. tho ton of Ben
jamin Apiborp Gou d and Locraua lur.a
Ooddard He waa remarkably prec OC.OJ*
aa a He eou.d r**d at the t|« of f.
aad wtofi but 5 year* o!a mi-ie a fa;r or
tgu.a.* version of Horace • odea. At tha
ace of 10 fee *av« a puo uc low are on elec
tricity. not a eiu.d'a talk. out a well
rour..2«"d. w«ii-conajd«rad d.aeouraa. iLu»-
trated by • neatiy-coos true tad atacirvo
m h!ch wa* entirely hit own
workm*n*htp He eat prepared for eoJega
at to* Bo turn Latin actio®..where ha rar.k
ad t.:gr> io hu ciaaa. taking at on* uma
five pr toa. a trior4 ine.n tha Frankhn go.d
At fhe age of IS to waa graduated from
Harvard, having been pravioualy appo.nt-
ad master of oh* Roxbury Latin achooL
At the termination of hi* first year ha
res gried his position In arder to continue
bla atudiee in ttae, observatories of Eu
rope. He remained abroad about four
years, and during: this time made life-tony
friendships and acquaintancea with tha
moat prtMninent ecientiats of Europe,
among them Argeiender, Von Humboldt
and other equa.ly diatlngulstied person
ages. He devoted hie attention strictly to
astronomy, studying in Paria under th*
learned Arago. and at Oottlngen under
Guaas. where, In 1641, ha received tba de
gree of Ph. D.
Upon his return to Anterlca, In IS#, he
started and maintained, principally at his
ott experwse. the Astronomical Journal,
d*voted to original inveetlgationa. Thia
he continued until I*l He waj also at
tfris time employed by the government to
determine astronomically rtie longltudea
and latltudea of r.utnernua stations of th*
United Stste# coast aurvey.
Dr Gould {yosn~«ni(>d in ern'nerit de
gree tha bold fnitlatlvs spirit of the Amsrl
can and at once utilised m thla pertieu
lar sphere any prorress that iris made. in
whatever department of science It might
be Tte was one of the first to make use of
electricity In determining the differences
In lonß tude and the recording by tele
grspb of 7*he »xchan*e of slcin'« in stel
lar observation*. He made fifteen deler
m by 'ha method before .t was In
troduced In Europe, and as soon as the
trar sstlantlc cable was laid, he went to
Valencia In Ireland, where he established
a station from which the difference in
longitude between Europe and America
was dctermlr.ed, and he auceeoded In con
necting the two continents by the most
accurate observations lie continued his
observation* wh""h were the first ma.lt
by telerraph until thev were a co-riplete
network expending frnm Greenwich to
New r>rVs-« covering nearly a quar
ter of the glob*.
In addl'lon to rh's viet »e ■»,-»*•<»• work.
P- Oon'd made man* contrfb j»'ors to the
deve'epment of p-sre as'ror science,
and t>irou«#i his w-IMnrs enthusiasm ar<i
er.rdtt'on. has Ir«r>'re<j a love of ss'ronimy
in t v » hearts of h*s -*<vintrvm»n sss'sted
b» the fart that s'n'-e h» b»r*r bt* rar*er.
'wen*v rrw nb«rrv-s?crles Tisv» been huflt
In AWs wh'ch «n the CO mr Ist era** r?
t-he'r deta" taVe fu! l rark w'*h
Enron# We wm not only ore <>f tv,»
founders but one of *v» rros< dlsr'ntf'r«h
ed -ss'e-s of AmeH-an m'wmr He
1 a number of imn^v.'rrcrts In
, r- evenir'vel y
griersllv n«*d 'n ob«ervst"r'e« t n-otichont
•b» WA'.I T»e» '*e frjr, 'i?
t«"v V» orera*'T»d ,s # J>nd>v Ohservst~"v
\ *i' «-b«»re *h« ii'niv "Ir-k
* >\*-#>me«r'c <»n»rr>»»isi , --.-n
">-«• n«<«d fT# n«»n
-rrper »« ■>' b?« *>»w
"<rc> T" I**4 »b»v wer» r"r>r.
r»Ur •••«* tn a'l A>>«e-V3f snd }» *-,»
v J ''e'b *bs• «•■•♦ *he M -ne
V»w TnrV Pi) •-> *\ recent di'i> >»|« -I'l.
|.-ro' f-ir ta«nen< 4 | ),«(, S.
<■*" d ""'v f->- tb» rt» the
—*- ,«».« 'f •*>» h-,»
als> as s Ss«'« for w»n-t -e th# Observ-al
t!o"« "ile ?n tbts rois-'rr.
T " ' r '*"* » l-ee of rhe Ar
r<- -e f" >"•«»♦ *« r*or
f' ' T eej- Inrcd National 0»-.-r-
Tkr Craltfr i'htUdrlphlii t<* Try for
m Krrord nm tlrr Trl» (•
SUn Frar,.- • • r Th*
St* <•« eru *i-r phta » antu tt» own
• v rd, *o navy ha# it, an-.l »h#
fi -.lh .«»;-«•» : »cun> >: n »j* r forthcon*
te:* ;np ui C*..w. It .# #m.J U»at her cflS-
r- r* that fh« v<»«-
•*; ri rx.j: fjj rwconta for af
ro.-r*J ?r«.s-r*. NM* 'Astaao r.£ Us* offi
cer* r*?ja» to corroJv>r*.f ;*»# report, it
*" >? a * *oad fcswrwa. *-i armaid *: ni
I» Vi-s# oq> >r t*» an'jrc of her pr*t>*.
r&t.os# for Jti_* « No »;«;> * Us*
staca «a ihm way 4owa, U.» i*l
rarorv of the Argentls* republic. of srbio*
fe® wa» made diractor. and. tuirtss pra
rtoasiy caused the rwjala«ta tawramnM
to be ;*on«racted he began with four aa
jlrsr'i h!» work of studying the almost
anexplered aouthern heavers; ar,d In this
connection ba undertook the pahftcatlon of
a eerie* of works of Srae-timable ralue.
The "I'nnfW'TT of tfca Sootkern Heav
ens" was t*e ttrm of tf>* series wh*cb ap
peared. and Is a«*ceo*»<| as *TT*J a»*h*>nty
of rhe stellar tnamitudas of tbs
aa of Anr*»!and«r la for
(V, northern. He moreover. organised
a office. and e-*tab
a chat? of -r-*»orol >*li*! statin*
esrended fr<wn one etda of the troo
lr* ?o T»~-* del PVego ir<4 or the other
from rhe An<J»* to the AtltMle where <»k
--• are now regu l »>i» made
dally fie WW* er>r*«rej at Cprrt'vha
for row-toe* and a half raara tnd wfoa ''la
refwrn to Boefor In !«S he was given a
tr»!rfwe at a com m»frary itirn*r t»t>-
»vwe<l hv « hody -yf
for the p«rt>oae of 'r""tfytn« In • wM|«
apnrrclatlon of hta h's*- «er»
rice to wlewa end *0 mark the n>*ip!t
nor *><• »*« r-e»f work Ir, 9r-th America
p#«;hie great astronomical ae*M»ra
menta <*«u!d served aa apiary to rhs
Unt'*d States aant'ar* mmmMm col
lecting mo« of lt» r?a«>rios. Hla elabor
ate ays'-m of antkropoloafoal mee«>ira
m#nt» he orrsrl**d In ttrta «m
- afterward tabu
lated and published under th* tltS* of
S*»M«tN of Am»lcin gnl
dl<"r« " Hl« other mihli«hed writing a '•e:
■"funs- Atlantic Lorrttudss a* De«er
trlr.ed by the Coa«t Surver " "Tnveerirn
r!fm» of the Orhfru of tbe Co* Bet." "Tlo
port on ♦lie of the Planot V<»o
mne." of Oheervurione M-> 1«
by 'he United S'atea A«rtmntnlr»J R*.
pedltlon to Chile, to Determine Solar Par
a!*a*." ate., tor*-*->er with about twenty
rolnmea of aatrnnomloal and meteoro-
resuha ohtalned at Oordoba Ha
a-sa a foreijm mem her of tba RoyaJ So
derv of of the Frenc#» Academy
of S< lence of fhe an»'l>»mlea of Bt. Petera
bi r* and Vienna forelsm &-*eoriate of tha
Fi>v«l Aatmnomlcal of London,
and waa one of th» orlsrlnal member* of
tha American Aradem* of Scjewea Re
wa* president of tha Colonial Society of
Ma«*aohna«f?9 afnoe he formation In IWS.
In IR*7 ha waa honored with tha derrea
of T.l. D from Columbia havlna. In IWS.
received the aame degree from Harvard.
His writing* artil rank with the o*aa«l<-a,
ar.d In the hlatory of the Untied Statee ha
he reckoned ore of the most lllua
trlous and learned men who hare aided
lr the development and advancement of
*Pr Gould wss married to Mary Apthorp
Qulncy October a*. I*l.
Smith McAUster, I. T.. Nov 17.— 41. A.
PHI pronrietor of the South McAHster
hank assigned today to F. B. Struther.
The asaets are 115 000. liabilities $37,000.
No cau«e la given.
Nhunin«rr. L«ry Jt Oe.
Chlcsgo. Nov. S7 —Shonlnger, "Lvry ft
Co.. wholesale dealers in laces, opnfeesed
Judgment todsy for over $50.M0. The exact
s«sets are not known: liabilities. S9VOM or
STK.Mt. Difficulty In making collections Is
given as a reason for the failure.
Everett. Nov. s7.—dpeclaL—>Mr. Black
man who operates a shing'e mill near ths
mouth of the Snohom'sh river, had a nar
row escape from losing his arm this week.
It was drawn between a belt and pu'ley
and the flerh was burned as If by Ire. It
Is a bad injury.
Capt. York, the county treasurer-elect,
was In town th's week. He lost about S4OO
by rtis flood and estimates ths da mags on
ths ma rah at $20,000.
rariulil, »i M.k.
dominations for tlas City
Everett, Nov 27 Special.—The delegate
convention of the fusion Ist s In the late
campaljm was held to*ri?ht. with Dwleht
Darilnsr chairman and J. J. Henrie«=7
secretary The following Citizens' ticket
ws« nominated:
Mayor— TV C. Cox.
Oerk—B. Rsmslsnd
Treasurer—Charles Reed.
Health Olfl^er—Dr
A'-romev—W TV. Black.
Councilman—At laree, a. W Crls«rw*ll:
Third ward T O Dennis; Fourth ward,
Bert Jone« Fifth wnrd 1,. A R*l*rian
A h-islnes* men's convention was held
on the flrst floor of th» city hall at ths
tfme. with XV C Schnvler chairman
and Thomas J<«fcnson secretary The fol-
ticket w*s nominated by a.orta*T»a
tlon and named ths "Independent Citi
zens' ticket
Mayor—T. R Stunner.
Tr<»a<niror— R M Mitchell.
Clerk—C. J Smyths.
Attorney—H D Oooley.
Health officer William Mohlsr.
Counrtlmen—A! larre C A Donahue;
Third wnr-1 T F Oliver; Fourth ward.
W. J. Gillespie: Fifth ward. A. A. BaUey.
Oma v * Nov T \ spec!*! to the Pee
from Taho-. la.. savst While out bant
ing near Sidney today seven! boys dis
covered rhe badly body of a
man which on Investigation, proved to
he that of Moses Towel!, who disappeared
from !?'dn< y ahcut two months ago. Tow
el! vas postmaster at Sidney. and the
po«:c.ffice authorities. sv.spectine that all
waa not correct ir that off! V. s» n t an
inspector to investigate the matter, who
discovered a shortage of about s*».- Tow
e!l stated that he had the morey .it his
hou«e and wa< allowed to go after It. but
failed to return.
Wnnndrd at a Wedding reatt.
R -iv!.!e. Wash.. Nov. r.-The wedding
of George tv*ig.r and Matilda Kals-n
n-ar this place yesterday ended :n a pe
cu at :rag» 1y 7h*» w■ id'ng feast was be
lts- celebrated at the hor-e of the br.de's
parents whe- a number cf young men. in
pir< iin-e of what is .!d obe a custom
a-r nr certain clmkj of Ornt»*n«. began
».ehra: re the >r.ifr «v v»;« n g a .
d--n. In *h.s noisy and dangerous f>is!!nde
M «* Mary Bauer, a - r.-g g.r! of 15. was
8 ' ~y shot r. th nead The wound
w if from a shotgun, ar.d it is beheved w.U
prove fa* a!.
for warship* bound t*.loott Amerie* to
' Panama fp *t" -Jpattor of the
ior.g \,rn ton* of coa: hare been
T'-i? > arci •: « rss I —r, and e\*ry nch of
• va.Jahi# *p*<-# t* be r,g eeonomtaed The
p-v a ~t floor 'n the wardroom has been
taken up. »ml a f >«! chu*«> through
the a;\*r • rrrnt. Th>- Philadelphia has all
t: - «nj *h# -an -arrv Tomorrow has
see- *et «« the sa.iinjr date
V/ * '*»• Nov 27 Admiral P.*m#aT
e- • ' of t:-e t .ivau of navigation of the
ravy department, eays the report that
* " r y - w'.il malw t speed
■ In or-!- r to wrahitah a new record
• r -n Sin F.'ar. ~-o to the ft>mh Pac!f.c
- "onrwc* Tr» will make
1 *• **ailab;s po-tnta ca
"-• way. Her ugu.-ua! stssek of eoaS tak*a
- k - F-i-J Franciaeo ;s <S -« to Lb* com para*
Ufa cheapmaM o< u>aj thera.
Boa til NrAlUttr laik.
Everett Wews.
Ilia Account* Were Short.
Paine's Celery Compound Was the
ODIJ One That Succeeded.
sasential difference between Pa'.ne's
ce.ery compound aid the bewilder.ng
number of sarsapsri ilns and nervines that
lta success has brought into existence is
tliAt Palns's celery compound furnishes
Just the appropriate mnrtmsnt to the ex
hausted r.vrves, and securely bullda up the
system aga.inst d:se«s«, while the unsci
em fle remedies confuse and add to the ds
rangemenl of the organs.
Pa.ne's celery compound not only re
frevea, but effectively and permanently
The most permanent and direct curs for
deUi. ty, nervous witness, languor, and
a "run-down" condition, is the atrong, re
liable Palns's celery compound. The rasp-
Inß. rr'tatlrg effect of a badly nourished
nervous system upon all the organs of the
body ceases when this roed.cine is used.
Palne'a celery compound is the moat ad
vanced nerve and brain atrengthensr and
restorer known to medioal scienoe.
The tired. worn-out sufferer who ts cot
advancing towards health. Is falling back.
There i* no standst.U in bad health. Ons
can endure a headache or a backache
once: one oan endure it twice, but the re
peated sick headache and ths constant
in the back and tn the region of ths
heart must be got rid of. For the perma
nent and positive curs of these unhealthy
states of the body, as evinced by repeated
attacks of rheumatism, neuralgia, sleep-
Coaelastee Evidence Tkat Boggi De
liberately Cast a Cload on City
off Colaui
bla .National Bank Tries to Pre
sent tke City Proa* Sharing In a
Dividend—Paget Sound Logs for
am English Country Hosio.
Tacoma, NOT. IT.—Special. —By next
Monday or Tuesday the Murry injunction
case will come to an end in Judge Stall
cup's court. The case has been on trial
tor three weeks past, and on account of
the close relation the Issue* Involved bear
to the city's finances it ha» been watched
with considerable intereet by thoee who
hold obligations against Che municip«ii;y
and by its employes. Who have been forced
for a long time pest to discount their time
checks :o money brokers at a severely
high rate, owing to the muddled condition
of the cdty's fiscal affairs.
D. F. M -irry. the complainant 1n the
suit, has undertaken to prove that over
fIOOO.OOO of city warrants wrhlch were
dra>wn on the genera! fund from Novem
ber IX3O. to April. and which ara
now outstanding, are void, for the
that they were redeemed or purchased by
Treasure Boggs with dty funds. It haa
been al'eged that in thus redeeming the
warrants out of che order of their tssua,
or purchasing them and eeTtng them to
bankers and brokers, the treasurer had
in effect paid the warrants, and that
ceased from that time to be obligations
against the municipality. In support of
their allegations the plaintiffs have put
in evidence the deposit slips of the city
treasurer during the period mentioned, to
gether wtth a copying book frotn the
treasurer's office, showing the numbers cf
a large amount of the warrants at ejted to
have been purchased with city funds.
The c+ty Is resisting the suit on the
ground that "tie warrants, except perhaps
J3WVOOO which were deposited in bsnks now
be>ken, were sold and value received by
the city, ar.d that their purchase by Bogus
and reissuance does not tend >0 cancel
thetn wherever It can be shown that
money w*s r-ceived In escl.afJ** for t*beui.
The suit eas hro'iaeit by Marry wh*n
the City was rrepsrirg to issue bonds to
re* rd th* warrants.
To lay Ooar ptroiler Bo* v i® "" ° r - the
stand for a iarge part of the morn ng aes
et'-in This afternoon the city of<-red to
rrove that tn the Trader*' bank and in the
Co*timb!a Pfat'onaJ. of whfch h*v»
suspended Bojrsta and rih«#Q«ent treas
urers drew out more mossy than waa rep
r>«»-«ted In the d»poa!ts of general fur.d
*rarran*« now * Ve#-d *- w* ~
conrt ru!#d aeons' th# sdn: «»ion of th a
•rs-lepc* th# purpose of w'hich as* to es
taMish tfc*. fact that th# city had r#~iv»d
va' :» for a !s**» amount of th# warrants.
Trans the ev-d-n<-# which ha# ao far
b»#n rtVrK? it la evident that t"-
fl«nied "rot paid for want of funds," not
mora than 5 p#r rent, of the warrant* Is
sued from J4r. :a»' , T 1. T s ®? ft'.i th# #nd of
hla term. April IT. W*4 a!*ho-irh d'Jr'.-g
•hat time w»r# ar#aiy thouasnda
nf d«'!ara o# w-*-ranta o'Jf«*^nd , -* to
wh'eh th# eurr#n» p»v# -, -; is '« «ho?ild have
apr'ted of r-jpj'arty !rdoe»-
!r.f warranta I*.<vts
them, preaumab'y w!*h the o:ty fundt,
»t>i« afterward *.-' d t v em to hrok»n» and
banker*. A n'3ir.t»er of rnotn!"ersr fin.ano'al
m#n and hark*ra !n Tasoma had or*" - *
far city warranta placed r«r' tarly with
Th# Ticieaa nattjra of the tr* -fiction is
#vtd#rt w K #n t* I* eon« -tiat Boarara
d#posfted isr?" V-v-k* of warrants in banks
that aer« »tUs Jeas than crtmlna'ly tr.ta
age J, which warrants wars srtlrsiy lost to
lessrees.-or kidney trouble. tilers Is noth
ing to be compared for a moment with the
grvai discovery of Prof. E*Hrard E.
Ph*lps, M. D.. D.. of Dartmouth msd
!ca. school—'Pa. ne's celery compound.
If you are out of health or despondent
because of repeated tr.als of other reme
dies, take a frea>h start. The bracing
weather is In your favor.
Here is the exper.ence—like that of hun
dreds of others—of Mr*. Lydia M. Ha yd en.
of Marion, Ind.:
"Before commencing ths use of Palns's
celery compound I was treated by many
doctors, and tr ed many remedies, but did
not get any better. I seemed to be all
broken down. . 1 was tired ail fche time, and
my constitution seemed to be giving out.
I weighed only 115 pounds last fsll when 1
commenced using Palns's celery com
pound. in less than two months 1 weighed
124 pounds, an unusual weight for me. I
have had better health sver since, and
have felt better this summer than I have
for years.
"My little daughter was away from
home on a visit, and cams home looking
as *f she had had s hard sickness. I went
light away and got her a bottle of Palne'a
celery compound, and shs has had bstter
health aince than she ever had In her life,
eats hearty and is growing fast."
There Is no woman who, In JusmCS to
herself, can fall to take Palne'a celery
compound under similar circumstance*.
the city, snd that by his transactions
Boggs violated the laws and csst s cloud
over a Urge amount of city securities.
An Action to Resist Payment off Divi
dend to the City.
Tacoma. Nor. 27.—Special.—'The affairs
of rh« Columbia National bank were again
brought into promiMenre Wednesday In
Judge Hanford'a court, when the suit of
L. P. Matthew*, a stockholder, against
the bank and the city was before the
court. Th* plaintiff had filed his third
amended romp!.:in* In the suit. In which
an Injunction ran sought restraining the
receiver of the bank from paying to the
city Its dividend on the last assessment,
on the ground that Its credit on the bank's
books was obtained by the deposit of
worthier warrants. The court was pre
pared to sustain the demurrer Interposed
by Receiver Tllllnghast, provided the city
would answer stating that the warrants
were good. This the city has not done,
although such an answer will probably
be filed as soon as City Attornajr Shackle
ford finishes the Murry case.
When the Matthews ault waa first
brought, J. P. Pudson waa city at
torney. appointed by Fawcett, and he
fook the ground that the warrants com
plained of by Matthews, which are In
volved in the Mtirry case, are worthies
as obligations ajrtinst the city. Attorney
in his defense In the Murry
case, has taken a position diametrically
opT*>*ed to that assumed by Judson An
effort was made to make It appear that
Mr. Shack Word was attempting to play
a ""game" wifh the court and trying to
take advantage of the dividend while at
the earn* time df-nylng the validity of the
warrants deposited in the bank, which
m"k* up a large part of the credit on the
books to the city. The el'y attorney is
that the warrants are valid
unless plainly proven to the contrary.
Shipment From the i|tei Mine—Rood
Showing hy the Forty-fir*.
Bverett. Nor !?.—Ppec!al.—O. R Proc
tor Is home from the Ape* mine, where he
has be« n workirc a:! simmer with eight
men The mine is on Monev cr^ej l _ about
nine mi es by trail from Rkykomlsh. Th«y
have dog feet of tunnel, which ts now
340 feet. There are two o'her tunnels. 11l
feef each They have shipped ISS tons of
ore to the Everett smelter which assavM
close to 150 a ton. showing gold ar.d silver
w :h from 5 to S per cent. lead.
Mot far from them !a "he King Solomon
mire. op#rat#d by th# C»opatra M;n<n*
C«mr>arv. of F ittle, T*»y hav* be*n
writ'ni e'ght m*n ind are putMng tn an
electri* eqtilpment to run tbetr compreaaed
sir dn'.ls.
The Conev mine. 1n arh!rh #ots# of rhe
*s-r« tn»n ar» int#-»s'»d «■« 1 be srortc#d
an w 4 titer with -en or twelve men, If they
ran r*' in provisions.
Th# second tar of ere from »«»# Forty
fli-# 'n P'lltsn H.i«in has be»n treat
ed at the Everett sm#?fer. and show# up
y» «• -»»r a wh h*nd«om# showing
M.inar»r W T. Brown who was in th*
rity thta w<*«k i* sreatly p'e*«Afj w«th th*
r«ai>!t. The camp la tn good shape to
work all wln»er.
AM of •%# rr-«n»ra at w>rtr th» P»nn
V-1-r a' r»ak». e«m# ont
'hi* w##k R S who ana in tha
P'rty says th» oomoanr wt;] proaecuta
work a*taE»:v»!y ne*» t#a«on.
Fact lie County Ha# Tlir»t Aaplraata
tor th# Pa*lH#a.
i->'tth P»nd So ▼ r - Sr.~-al -As tha
#»K'r, r |a of rr»wtAr importaof#
•n Pac!«c oountv than in *ny other tn the
ata»e. there ta natura'.ly a aT#wt d«al of
lit*###* (ri tha 'if a state fi«h
oommi»«ior#e by <"*or#mor-*i»r' Roar-ra.
Oi aoeo tnt of the number of a»t»!rann» tn
: f # county it ta feared that aome other
1 sect too w'U r#t the p! Kt.
| W. H. H. Brumbaugh, of Uils ottj, hM I
Ladies' Fur Garments at
Vastly Reduced Prices.
$ 269 Each <*»
5.85 E ftl'll .*».r*kn*n. worth
5.95 Each SST^ST 9 *»—***
Bii' ITarth- L * rtl<fs ' E»<*Mle Sea! Sfcooldar
DO E.d( II with very fuil *V*Tror iST^
111 I \ L 0|*)l —L*dl«? V\ CK»I Seal Sftouliff O|MA wMfc
' •"■ell II fan_*y silk trlmmlngt, v#ry haadaaiaa
111 XX -LADLW *-lnc«i Elaotrtc Sea) CIM
1' *'" til full 100-lnoh worth SSL
|C|ll\ I- Of«h -l*dies 3*-lncb Astrakhan Oapaa.
*•' O** » *W- *1 lnct» »*«p. rf«u!Hr price W 4
»W ksK»ll~ L * dlw 34 Inch Wool Sm| (w k_
£d.UtJ rat II trimming ail uround. very rfc* 2?
m«nts. worth (30
99 J.."; Fflrh - LAd,e *' Eleotrtc Seal Cap*, wttk W
l~i«H.Il trimming. 34 tncnea long, heavy w
trous garment, worth 130. I
Cashmere Gloves and Mitts.
OMldren'e Black Cashmere Mtttena at 15c. 20c. 25c. Wo. Kc, tip g «ji
Children's Black Caehmere Gloves at 26c.
Ladies' Black Cashmere Gloves at 90c, 40c. Me a oatr.
Ladies" Black Cashmere Mil lena at 25c. 35c. 400 a p.*«,
100 pat re las Wool Wklts California Bleak eta, atae T4MI
larkve. mlgkl In para wool 7 Ml pooada.
valae fO \
At $6.50 % Pulf,
Mara opea a a til ItM tkla sveslig.
A«ea«a tar ItaaiaH Fatterae u< l*ekllaotl«ai|
turner Seeoud and JUdlton St. set.
2: On Christmas Day:
We Will Fratast Oar Patraaa With •
Shetland Pony and Caj
U yoa ten time, aaaaa iawa tows taday aM aaa tkt %
Mother*. «aal (aigat ta gat raw boy aaa at aw
Wa hare them I* all el aaa, froaa S ta 14, and oar priee ta aaty JM
They are galag eery faat, aad the aapply wiU mat last g
%aal>l far Ta4ayi |
| »orr WAISTS, is oairrs. r
Gus. Br'own Q|
511-515 Second Avenue.
the Indorsement of the fusion central
committee of the county, which. It la
understood, is a sine Qua non with Gov.
Rogers. Mr. Brumbaugh nai the Popu
list nominee for sheriff at the last elec
tion. and ran so far ahead of his ticket
that he came near being elected.
Prof. John Hudson Is also after the po
sition. He was taxidermist of the Wash
ington world's fair commission. In <vhlch
capacity he made an excellent reputation.
He Is a practical and experienced fisher
man. having made fishing his business for
years. He waa the Populist nominee for
representative four years ago and made
a good race.
Steve Butts, of llwaoo. ft being men
tioned for the place. He 1* a fisherman
a!*o. and is said to have good political
back I rig-.
A. J, Fernandlnl. deputy collector of cus
toms. was a candidate for the place, but
withdrew In the Interests of harmony.
Stroa* Circumstantial Evidence
Agslsat James Stevens.
Wa.la Walla, Nov. 27.—Spec.al.-James
Stevens, the man arrested several week*
\go, charged with setting Are to Abbott's
bam and Hamilton Rourke's warehouse,
was given a preliminary hearing today be
fore Justice of the Peace N xoh. Stevens,
who had no attorney and made no defense,
was bound over to. the super.or court In
J-.000. The evidence ir.ven was wholly c.r
-umßtam a!, and oniy enough to make
sure of holding the defendant to the higher
Rd Johnson, driver of the ctty scavenger
cart, testified that on July 9 he saw Ste
ven* take waste from a ear on the W. *
C. railway track near Rourke's warehouse.
Stevons then went toward the warehouse!
<nd half an hour later the warehouse was
discovered to he on lire. •
An e*pert tost.fled that the writing of
the defendant on a card was Identically
:iie wme as that !n numerous circulsrs
warning bus men that unless they
stopped emrloylng Chinese the town would
be burned down The prosecution claims
to have a strong
To Be Dalit of Timber Cat on Pn K et
Nov. 27 flj*rt«l.-r> n the Dan
ish jfhtp Jupiter, whi<«h sailed today for
London with a c&rgo of lumber, en«i a
'•onsijcr.nunt of i,m p<!es from Pii*et
Hound. They were ord**rwi of the T.T»mii
Mill Company by a wealthy r«*ldem ef
l»ndon and w':l be u*ed by hSm In the
construction of a log house for his country
Tftilmnnr Closed la ( ohlrntf Case.
WV.bi Walla. Nov 27.-«r>* Af-er ' wo
W#M>K« the C*J» of the director* of the «tat*
penitent.ary aicanst the bondsmen of th«i
'.ate J. H Cr»h!em* to re-'-over the atleorM
amount of the latter*s defalcation was fin
ished tor.'sht. as far a* he testimony in
concerned Durin* tns ler* hy trial no new
evidence was adduced beyond was
published at the time of the Investigation
made shortly after the warden's ma.c.de.
The case will be argued tomorrow by tne
Walla Walla Hew*.
Wslla Walla, Nov 27 —CJeorjfe
Nelson, a fireman on the O. It. & S.. was
Selling Schilling's Best
tea pays: you like the tea;
you like th j grocer that sells
the tea; you buy more —
tea and every thing else.
A SeJ , :-*!«»r tk Company
baa f nausea gt
badly hurt at Starbuck todtf tejgffigß
between the tender of the
ooai bunker. His right
crushed, and amputation wIU btMHkS
Jennie Ball, a
around Walla Walla, waa fouaf
thg lying on the ro: # near ttAy
tlary. drunk. Both feet v«rilflH|C:
and will have to be amputate ■
J. H. Brown waa arretted toMMHPK
iff Kingt worth. Brown it ooraMWR
clpal witneeaea In the WatMMPMjB
tortlon case at Pendleton. HHMiv
, ton Thursday and came hera^p
rested on a telegram fmi sdMpttWv
Bert as Sea Claims Otaal||l^l
I Victoria, ft C., Nov. 17,
j claims commission met at
i Ing, when Mr. Peters made wMPIPB
| for an order to examine de NX
drew B. Lane, of Victor]*, * VMjfiM
the W. P. Say ward case.
American counsel were pWWt>W J
order wae made, subject tolgmPß
proval. Ruel Small was apptWlfiEfl
clal examiner to take
j clsiuis numbered li to 21, whlShW^M
The Gold RfMfT*
Washington, Nov. S7.
j of the condition of
! Available ca«h balance,
; reserve, 1129,836,1*6.
Jesse Marks, a well-knoWi
' tlclan. of Sun FranHscO.
! clde Friday, }umpiag »»
Friends rescued nlm.
The jroverrment of
dated Its debt to the Banco
der arranKements by whiCß It
j custom house receipt*.
tifonce E. Rosa, the
of the Pacific and United S
Companies, has been located
and Is under survet llanos or
A cyclone which vlsitsdj—
ty miles west of Waco. T«->
devastated a strip a mile
miles long. Buildings w*»
and several lives lost. gLM;
Burglars tried lo enter CXHj
n Belcher, of Williamson. 'UXfI;
day nlrht, but when she
ter rifle at them they hum* »
Fire broke out in the eotmtf WMMBBj
sas City Thariksgtvlwr
time threatened the entire »"gT|a»
Inr a panic among the (*ISSJW*
wts soon under control. »■*
Thursday evening four mer
Jewelry store of Jacob
waukee. and on the non-coiW
proprietor to the demands
to op n the safe
In* A crowd gsthersd. Md
fort the four escaped. oa»»*
tured. k nngfijw
At Ottawa, Ont.. »
In th€ military
ha* bew <siscov«reo fh SB
have b€#n luppW W
male half of wool Md «gw M
w v en the contract caJi^^^'
all woot It to **f*.^SL2iLliMW.'
Hon tetween lb* mmw ; sB
Anton Brucknsr. «»•
d.ed recently at
the s«e of n n's
Kighti" —g
a whole svenin# l» "
| which was first f * ..
b»en competed. *•'* ■ e ■"1
it was d fflcuit * «"*£\
! peted for the
enna. each m** ** fieS*
minutes, snd P*af*>
fors the judgse eosld flB
the Crystal p*** 6o df
hausted ohe erg*® »
Two parishes !• **2*i2*sP *sfiS M?
habitants ss^® 1 '«' •

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