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** tfprt i 19 THE HILL CASE.
rpo* Altevlt riled fcy the
SW* Alteati*
M M Ht<« the other la the E*.
pcplbi of UnMorsllty
pgMaoV««, rr<«B'« »4 AciaaJat
.t. u, t pi Into Ik* Troahlo—■
C«atlao*d for • Week.
»«* tl* i«e®lty w«w the p©«.
*l, taetr efelid ft** been settled be-
Hill, of Everett, and hit late
jfn. Con*-anc* Park«-r. the
**l — tsr» unvarnia.ied of
affidavits filed would make
* Btaterl *l for an intarsatiag and
tang.s of
. r . out; t:.tngs are being Mid
wrnt*r r.bscrlbed and sworn
' tm interested parties on both
ft* statement* are made In few
2* aiwd* frank, frequently vulgar,
unfit for publlratie...
Thursday "Lewey" H'.U, the do
!msn!»s* •*** ht * "P***" Everett re-
aJ' th-o worst otf It In the affidavit*,
w sacs thsr. Hill aud his friends have
Mgt 6o'.tu w>rce signing and swearing.
m hi* bar alf fiied ys*terd*y,
foiKnf short of the plaintiff's in
vigor. Hill's eftorts are direct
ly tsesrt proving the unfitness of his
*» etfs to aav* the custody of the minor
£O4 >'"*• by alfidait* snowing h«r
u t*v» been, previous to tft»»«r divorce,
turfta* a virtuous wife and motner.
» 3 t 4i offset Mrs. Emma Hill swears
o»: June lk*>. and previous to the
grirca she ww wltnu«s to many ln
ot the ex-Mr*. Hill's min-XKiduct.
IN fi*» »o«lUrs knowledge UiAt
gr» Csßttance Hill maintained tlilcit re-
with "H*rb" Parker, her prsaent
and tnat they lived togethor at
tto*i)ods:ns houae of bad repute, bar
*t tte chud Mai'Ci with them. Mre. Em
juHUl further swears that Parker would
«* work and that Mrs. Constance HUI
herself and rum with money re
,&«*£ {roar other imb. Mr* Constance
«'tr. tried to persuade Mrs. Emma "to
a bad life," but Mrs. Emma refused.
£«Mtiv« 6am Corinjtt avers that tiio
twus« m«ntlone<] ln the affidavits
>jn x bad rcputauor> until recently. He
iggmt Mm L A. Hill, "now married to
girt Parker." and loia seen her in the
toise *ad drtnkinc In the saloon ur.dcr.
Mr Christ So ransen and Mrs. Cecilia
fertosen Join in an affidavit- Thai are
„ |fnin* caring for U»e child. Mittel, at
t, 9 Obtber'a r«*,u«%t. The/ assert they
in giving the child "the beat moral and
eieflßdocal training, requiring bar to
k«ep tii# mp? associations possible and to
uumi Sunday school and other Uks
of mora! instruction." They a;>-
jrtdais tb« rsa;x>nalblllty of the charge,
ttl mun die court tit*t th«y will train
Uaiei "aa si.e should he."
Ostta other side of the caw Mrs. Con-
E. Parker, ex HUI. makes a long
tfidtrtl ihssay* that within nine month*
<M sUM has hud four different home* ae
iMUi by her father Of one of these care
ulwr*. t Mr* Scribner. m gr<sat many hard
txtfi are nid. Mrs Parker say* that her
jrwmt husband never by "word, acrt or
iwf eaueerl her to leave Hill. It was a
«r»n«r of self-protection. She took her
«SiSl aad went to Ban Francisco. "but,"
i*tf»(*ys. "only to save her life and rood
uat from the dread horror* of the placa
rfsfw.y and destruction kept by her then
MM of a huaband." Regarding her In
tfltfacrton to the local lodging house, aha
moti that Hill brought her there and
fUi ber board, and "H was his aoul and
«c?y fault that aht ever waa at said
tsiefi fee now allegea la a bad house."
fc far the plaintiff. Mra Parker, haa
9M tlßiavita by the following: R. Rica,
I Woodruff, J. J. Brown, Sidney E.
Rev F. E. J«rake. HI. J. Pitman,
*. 0 fwalwell. Alex Keay. L. L. Phelps,
W C. Co*. W. R. Revoke. D K Howard.
8 T Thorndyke, 8. t; Tarkea, 1» r
»Ur*a. Dr. P. R M. Miller. Charles G.
fctft. Constance E. Parker and 1L M.
T-«*» the defandant. Hill. undertakes to
*m attfc affldaTtts of L. A. Hill. Ed Hen
""••r Dan Currier. Alex Clark. P. K.
i**la C P. Clark. W. T. Schuyler. Sam
r tntr„ Mr*. Emma Hill. O. 1- Ray and
*• tad Mr* Sorensen.
Wl>en the caa« came on for hearing ba
ton Judge Jacob* yesterday he decided to
Kaiitoua It until Saturday. April Ift. In
aaatmin* tha child will rftoialn tn cua
of tha Sorrnaen*.
Wha arar may ba tha oi*ter*me of the
n* o-e fact has already des sloped. which
'"at the j>\s!t: »n of tha Kttle girl. Mabel,
■■aiisfor the fuileat sympathy, ainca. if but
*ia »m*!l»** part of the allegation* made
•a *Hh»r shl* be true. tha atmosphere of
Jr w~
L. . ..'if £-ii !•'
„ .1* '£rL _ ; r * * ~
Chamber Suite Sale.
W. ,«» vle -rm'ned to d:spoaa of a ear load of Rfcstern Hardwood Cltaw
fcsr Butte*. T'-ev re tn our way. and our CHAMBER SUITE prVas
B>cv« n«a».
tattati--s .«k Su'te*
> v c to »♦ ;
HaM* ■v. 13 * from 1. »
Ud • .»k ••rn s• e, n 1 uced ' «o" U» - f 2
las ~»!Kv xi , tnr Suitea Eas era mAde, to— I* A' *' ,v
•<>'« 0»* » ..rn tsattaa (Che\al mtrr.w* «*♦ > re-
S 00 from a m
« k r«•tern Suitea tCh#v*l mtrr.ira iiaan ra-
tl 96 from V *
taltd Oak i ,<>ra Suite* tCheval mtrrora lSx*» rw
K .. -n S :ttM iChev nJ natrroc* t*v» M ro
r -r «* :tta tn our Una, and you have W ac:«a! sample aaKaa
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Standard Furniture Co. m £ .
101210 First Ave.
Sler Atove Madison.
t> loaf House in t »e«ttlo— largest la the «t«te
\> htst He Sav We Do, k e Do Do.
Spray Pumps.
'I The wr W»»**? to Spray Pump*. WSJ
■ spray txmtl«aa!ty for IS miniatee witboTjt
• ptsmplrg a s*oo*l «me. Wl!| hold fts pr**-
B sar# for « hours. No loss ot fiuid. Eur
■ to work.
M Wr!H or caii for i:
Z. C. Miles Co.'s,
i*| B. \ 116 to 124 West Yesier Way.
** A. L MPflt iKthv,
hor rhMdnaod has thus far bee© darkened
by an eclipse at moraiity.
*or«atr»M's Attoroey* Gala He Wo*
footing for Warder la the
Seeoad Degree only.
A petition was Sled m the court
yet en lay entltWk "la the matter of the
of Charles W. Nordo-.rom. for
a wr* of corpus and railef thsre
®- "Fhe pet.tion was filed try J. Henry
iTJiinß as one of Nordatron'* rnvinsr .
and al.«gea that Nordstrom Is uniasrtuMy
detained by Sheriff Wt lam H Hoyer.
unrter threat* to take his life That the
•aid threat and attempt t* eat for Apr.:
23 arsd ia without a.Jthority of law. and m
without the Jurisdiction of any court. Lt
is *ot forth thart. such detention I* con
trary to the right* of the petitioner, ac
cording to tfie constitution of the United
T;ie pe»*tion goes on to review tho con
vi -uon of Nordotrom In a court preeided
over by Judge Thomas J. Humee, and
atates that the Jury In tn* ca.*e returned
a verdict of murder to the second
aod not of murder in rhe ftr*' tiegree.
wtiich * punlshsUe oy semenc* and ye ri
al *y of de*th. and that un ler the verdict
»he petitioner Is not guilty of a crime un
der wluch suen a pviMaiy could be in
The petition aiao reviews the appeai to
tl»e ouiMeme court of the state and the
•uo'auning of the lower court by that
aody. FeM-uary m the petitioner wa* sen
tenced by Judge oraims Jacotoe, a' which
ume th* sentence recited mattar* entirely
untrue. The oaie of e*scut»-j© ww* fixe«i,
as staged, fur Apru 24. against the eonot.-
Uition of the Lotted Staiea, which i*
quoted in r<ts|>ect uo conviction* and exe
cution* of sentence of «**th- Tn* peti-
U"..er doe* not ask (or a d.sohaxg*
Judge itai.furd entered an orier deny
ing the writ of naoaeui corpo* axid Noni
suom * attorneys h-ed ax. ap>pe<ia to U.s
supreme court of the Utti*d t>:».m
The Mlobrlsons <;i*laa Daaagra for
Cloaing of Their llurr.
Kate and Mart Mlchelaon. proprietors of
the Berlin Cloak and Suit House, have
brought two actions in the superior court
for actual and exemplary damages caused
by trie closing of their eetabiUhmeut und-T
at tachniwits.
The actions are agaliurt Fteischner,
Mayer A Co. and sureties on their attach
ment bond and against Belknap, Johnson
& Powell and their sureties. The com
plaints allege that the members of the two
defendant firms conspired with one H.
Roaenbaum to bring attachment suits
against plain tiffs, executing Uouds respect
ively In the sums of s.**W and (443 for pay
ment of damages should the attachment
prove to be wrongfully aued out.
January 25. 1&»7. the superior court dis
solved the attachment In each case, but
by reason of the plaintiffs' store being
closed from January 16 to the date of judg
ment. the goods therein contained depre
dated in value to the amount of IM>. the
lo»a of proljts amounted to SXO; the expen
ses during the time lost were $125; the ex
pend* of employing roundel waa Slftt. and
another MOO is ask**) for the prosecution of
each at the present aotlona. In ail the
plaintiffs were actually damaged to the
amount of Sl.lOft. and in exemplary dam
ages in the sum of Judgment is
a»ked f<>r the fult »tnsunt of iba bond filed
In each attachment.
The Dltorrr Mill l»t*rr« From That
of tha (»oda.
Th«"*igh business may at times slacken
up alon# all other lines of Judicial admin
istration. tha mill operated by Judge Js
coba never lack* t&e grain of divorce pro
ceed la ga.
Although Its grinding* ara no lass sure,
thia mill differ* from that <itf the g»>ds in
that it grinds exceeding fast. B#* rw-!"
received attention yeeterdny, or a*ven. if
the trouble tx»tw»-an tha Hills. of Ever#?:,
be Included.
George W. Britain. a ho is being auej Kj
hia wife Miry B. Britain. was ye*ter.ln>
ordered to show oausi" 4rhy ho iJvcruKl noi
be cos to pay his wife US for ex
pense* of :he suit and t? a for
support during its pendancy. Br.tala is
ci'ed to appear Friday. April 5. to make
hic shoving
T-e default of r>«fer. iant WDliaai P
Bally was ordered .a the suit brought by
ti* wife, Etta.
Th«> petition of Mary E R:eveca the di
vorced wife of W. L. Bpickeimlre. to amend
the Judgment entry so as to Include the
provision f,>r alimony, was set down for
hea-iRg Monday. April 19.
Next Friday. April », trtal win r» h*d
in rhe folk'W'ng William Keens va
Alda I. Keens; Sarah Greenwood va
Georg* Greenwood, Ellen Jane Fauon vs.
Edward Fallon.
Tea TbonsnsA-Dellsr Jadgoest.
Judge Moore yeeterday gave Judgment ln
the sutt at the Janaee Street Construction
Company airalnst Watson C. Sqjire and
Ida R. Squire. The Judgment Is for the
plaintiff In the sum of f1.029». SSOO attor
neys* fee* and the co*ta. to satisfy which
' the foil wir.g dee>-rtbed premises are or
dered sold by <he sheriff. Ail of block t,
containing thirty-two Sots: lots 7. $. 9. I®,
11 and 13 of block 1J- lot* 1* and 35 of bkv k
18, all in 9qulre Park addition to the city
ot Seattle. Judgment Is also awarded for
I any deficiency remaining after applying
j the proceeds of sale to the Indebtedness.
Habeas Cerpoi Heeled.
The application of Edward Roberts for
I a wrtt of habeas corpus ens yesterday de
j nled by Judce Jacobs. Robert* 1# the man
j who was ordered by Justice Small, of Du
• wtmuh. to furnish bonds of |M to keep
I the peace. The application was heard by
i Judire Jacobs last Saturday acd taken un
der advisement. Now Mr. Roberts will
have to give the bond or continue in the
c iatody of the constable.
New Saits Filed.
A "lion* In the following oases were bo
gun in the superior court yesterday;
Kate M ch» w and Mart Michel*«>n va
Mayer Ac Co. and other*—
for wrongful attachment,
John S. Jurey sr., >*s. James M. Smith
et ux.—Promissory note, AI.3W, and fora
Kate Mlchelson and Mart Michelson vs.
Belknap, Juhne»n <v Powell and others—
r>ainage* for wrongful attachmeot. Hl3.
Coart Holes.
Ann* Snob lad has recovered a Ju'tir
rr.ent f*** 1166 and costs againot W. H.
Judgment for 1120 waa yesterday aanard
ed Grace Phillip# In h*r suit against J.
V. Beaver.
DffauH of defendants wua yeaterday
entered in the ease of William W. Kirk
wood va. Edwin A old et al.
Attachment was yeaterday dissolved in
the ca«e at the Bay View Brewing Com
pany va Oharlee Feckleoberg.
Judge Benson yesterday rendered Judg
ment for $1,838 In favor of the Union Elec
tric pany ajt&.st tha Seattle Theater
Attorney P. P. Carroll has fl'*d a li<*i
for flfiO upon the Judgment of «ecur*d
by Amos Swim sralnet the Equitable In
demnity Association.
The motion of Andrew 8. Kraus for a
contlnuar'"•*> of his trial or t"he charge of
murder will t»e arzued before Judge Ja
cobs Monday. April »,
Judge B*"n««on yesterday the mo
tions for new trials in the cafes of C. D.
Bunker * Co vs. Mason & Wtttenburg
and of Fransen vs. B*-ymore.
The stav bond c-f the defendant tn the
suit of Oecar Chfl> sansen v*. the North
western Sieanwhip Company has been ad-
Judged insufficient, ar.d defendant Vs or
dered to fiis a new bond.
Judra Moor# yu'Tkjr ordertsl the
Commercial hark to give «ec«rlty for tha
•oats in V» action ag&lru* Toklae. Sinv
rrman A Co . or ah.w caive wliy tha ac
tion should not be dismissed.
I>ernurrers of tbe City of fV«aftle. da
ferd* nt we*-* veaterd ay ovarrulad by
Jurtsr* Bt*mi tn tha actions brought
sgalnat tha municipality by E A Bridg
m«n and by D. C. and W. R. Brawley.
in fha case of M. J. Hatfield vs. B. M.
Jurey et al.. Judge Benaon rtnda that the
plaintiff !s entitled to Judgment against
E M. Jur<*y and Jo'hn S Jurey. Jr.. for
fhe sum of sr.X with interest, attornaya
fees and coat a.
3*i»«a of mortganed pr«ni«*s were yes
terday confirmed 1n the following cases:
< nn.-ha Butler Ames vs E>. Jones
■ al.; earn" va. William C. Panning et si.;
m>" va Miller a- aJL; Henry Vc«s
vs Gamrge Winwner et al.
l>>fanlt of defendants was yearenlay en
'r -e<i In 1" e cnsa of Herman Behm va
EJmtl {trh-il* et MX., ard Judgmen* 1#
awwrded for the mim of ST« and the re*tl
tj*ion of tha property In Pallard which
defendants he 1 under verbal laaae.
Motion to s--t Judgment tn the cssa
of D. B. Pentrm v« the M«--r- v a~*s' Na
tional Rank w»a (fenlM yespardav by
j , j|r» T »-*in. - th* r*a««n that an f.
te * xirment i< ntm pend
ing in the Unftetl £'atea v*ir»nrtt «mn.
Fedevai Court
J tga lianf rd v-*'»rday adloumal
roar* >ir:t; Apr Tearing ti-nlny for
kana. w. ere ; e w .1 Roid court o>irmeco-
Ir* tomorrow.
It M H n kins nl-'-k »f t>,a Ff'dera:
Mart $ «-« to Wa!U Walla ho«i«v, wbere
h» * new •'« jury for »>e Mar term
of ft«a Federal court at Walla Walla.
!!v ' >1 Issued an or<?er yaater
\y * v, e W H. to ftia a
•up- -it *-• u claim in the cas<* of
B H Co. y va. the K-hoooar W. J. Bry
.7 kre 1-' mf -n! yesterday *n or
>r denv-.ng an Injunction in tha caoa of
J- ->n W Ma:-!e vs •'♦•.■rte* R Bakar
fiver at th-" Maroha»t»' National bank,
of S«:t> The apo--a'i n to pra
vent the further r- • n of tha p«l
--tK>ner*e claim for t" :?2 3S
A p«Utoii w-a» f»'ad r»«*»r<Say by the
,Tf F"«'.» N"a-lorjU of
V. fttoA-r a -sir* tne cc srt to allow tha
wttfemi t< of certain clatro* by compro
mi«» Tha claim* raferrad to were two
notr-s. -re for I*" srlrar bv E F O. Car
l}*on *r j the o? *er fv w J Puts f v >r
K The petlt.'-T.ar sv»red t v at f r f.9
Carina r.ce ha had bear ofT»red ly.
1 itt r.-ta rV- It tf-.a reoe ver *
o .r • n the offer* should be acoaptad.
Ju<i*e HarJord #jgtte4 tne order for tt-.e
«flmf Valisbtc PMnffM to Thn«f
W ho Inlrnd rarrkatlitf.
* bMiiM*-.] p«n» In ho*r* Js a nrj«*h
e--*T«t<nl article, but if-# pr*t* uruaUjr
uk»>3 IW !! rla<-*a U beyond tIM rMucA of
the *v+r&f we«l-to-do fair.Jty.
Within the tut two y**r» *as N*»m
\ (mat i» tfea price# of pjarca
ir th* N?r* • area*. e* «M h» the a<- .*>n
,Af D S Jobnmem at Tar*.->tra. ir *a
oe»o«»ded l»* til a*.ia at ia>aa; tare#-four! r. a
of an IW p.ar<-« void la the ata'a.
Two *nn aw In with laad
!r.z nantifwturan of tfra Kaat, on a aaU
anr to **!! tfwMr plane* direct frora tha
far'a*- -« *o the fasisly. Th.e tremerdoua
nd'-wtk>r. Pr: -*a trad* a tremens ;>ua in
rr«9M in tfce aam.Vr «cUI. notwll&atar.d.
!r* the hard time* and hand red* of fan>-
a.re a»« happy In the of
■* piano wS» f cculd n. t h~,ra
?t»d tt. Mr J ■hr.«<« ahipa frnaa tfc« far.
tori#* *-> fur oar-toad lota, b» arfcSefe tie-a
«; a Ur*" aav nr {* •> a a p'axso or
urtaa arr:*a » n * TSrtoaaa.
A foaata** n - «*v« SSR or
r«0 Ha fea ->< k :n-
Wiatfi*y- J oar,- *« i o<£ar puuioa
-■ x Craarltra Sirnarr I Irk eta.
P*rS*r O.'aat «--*rr< * ; Crmpasy cSVa,
ftrt Fuat.
S:**a>«r ;« HanaWx 3a*-* E. iu Ca'Ta.
CLOIOX BT jrnGE H tvroko.
Sshare for the P**o« Soaad Tmsr
ko.t Cosapaar 915.500, With
Ssaailer 9aass »•» tfto Oflleer* of the
fag Wanderer tor Reiealac the
Bis Steamship '■ Mareh. ISM,
W htle Disabled 0« Destractloa
lalaad—The WasAerer* fersrloo
W aa Sot Oaly the Oriiaary Work
of a Tagbe*t
J.I re Katyfird yesterday M*et»d a do
cree ;n the cas* of t-.e Pufft Scur.d Tug
boat Company vs. the steamship City of
Pu*bia. which settles, as far a* the Fed
eral court of the Ninth district is con
cemed one of the most important sd
m;r* tv /*a.«es ever tried in the Northwest.
The inlsrtat that attache* to the case raen
tlorei was approached in a amail measure
by that cf the l.he.s filed agxirjß the
Stratanerl*. but the Strathnevi*' oasa in
volved interes's ,w >*t w?re ao foreign :o the
city, except in the matter of th* array oi
attorneys empfoyed. trat its s*t*»eacrnt one
way or another attracted iittl* attention
cctside of court circle*.
The Utlgstloa however, tn the case open
which Judge Han? v rd yesterday
brought Into court two great corporatioria.
the tugbost company and tbs Pacific Coast
3rti . ;p Company. * ?*** & Oregon
Improveraer.t Company's business. ao mat
the re* .it of the trs*i ai;d Judge Han ford •
or3#r are of general Interest to tl»a public.
The oM«r is a comprehensive document
and fully ccvers t."« points contested,
awarding salvage to »U of the crew of the
tug Wanderer, from Capt. Baiiey 'i*n to
the oaUn boy. as well as awarding to the
lib#;i it corporation a snug »un for Its
trmit.i». T?-e full text of Judge Har.ford'i
opinsoa Is as follows:
"In the of Marrti, ISM. the steam
ship City of Puefcla, while on a voyajrs
with pa'sser.gTs and cargo of general
merchandise, from the ports of Puget
■ourd And Victor is to San Francisco at
a place on the Pa iflc 00-an about fifty
tr. s south* «i of Destruction Inland.
r.iffcrod a n i*hap bv the breaking of a
crank pin, depriving her of the usa of her
prapr-iiing machinery. The weather v ,ta
stormy and threatening. and the vessel,
thus disabled, woe unable to proceed on
her voyage, or to keep steerage way on
any course, but drifted with the wit d
and current r rthward tow«_rd* FT»tte r y
rock* With the utmost skill of her able
commander ar.d officers, with suoh sails
as they were able to use. nothing could
he done for the safety of the vessel, ex
cept bv putting out a drag to le»»en the
rapidity wl'h which eh* ortierw-se would
have drifted Into extreme danger. When
in this situation the f.rst officer, wl* a
boat's crew, volunteered to go in a smell
boat to th» telegraph station on Tatoosh
island, with a message for assistance.
On account of the heavy sea and the
surf heating upon the i-Tand. the boat was
unable to effect a tending. The men had
become nearly exhausted from hard work
and exposure. when, on the next day,
the t*x»t was nicked up by the steam tug
Wanderer, while towing a vessel outward.
AfT<*r running Into Nean bay for the pur
pose of telegraphing for assistance, the
Wanderer proceed* 1 to the relief ©f the
disabled eftip, and on the way was
met by the steamship Costa Rica. Which
pave the approximate posftion of the
Puebla at *he tin a. At this time the
w<*afher w*e equally and thick, snow wm
falling, ind the sea was running high.
To rench the ship by the most direct
course, the Wanderer had to run head to
the sea. and plow the waves, which con
tinually broke over her, flooding her
decks, fhereby exposing her crew to
(hardships and peril. It was about 4
o'clock In the eft-rnoon when she readied
the Clt> of Puebla, and then a new 11-
Inch n anllla hawser, with a ity-lnch steel
■wire pennan* was quickly sent on board
and made fast. W>en fb* tug commfTved
to draw cn her h-iw«»r. the nigh, rolling
billow* intervening be-ween her and the
City of Puebla caused sucb
upon the hawser that it partM
near the rail of the tug boat. and. owing
to a mlsundersrtadlng on the part of the
officers of the Puebla. It was cast loose
from the steamehlp and lost. In a short
time the tur rwHM 1n sendin* anoth
er b»wwr aboard the sliip. and ahso in
taklr? a hawser from the Ship. Shackled
one of her anchor chain*, and by
rwan* of the double line* thus made fast
from one vessel to the other, the tug vai
able to pull the ship around and tow her
Into the Straits. The tug Tacoma, which
had been dispatched by the libelant. In
response to the telegram from Neeh Bay,
met the vessels 1n the traits, e-nt *
Tiawsr on board the Psie-bla and a.wis'ad
'he Wanderer In towing her to Port
"It Is mainsfained on -ha part of the
that the CTrv of Pueihia was not
In a Bitostlon of Imminent peril, and rbat
the tu* boats In rowlnj her to Port
Tow-«end. performed only the usual serv
ices In -which they are ordinarily employ
ed. and for which they are constantly
t>P»r to contract. Put I must recnrd the
k '! >n r«f a larjre passenger stumer, so
d?»*b>d as to have no u«e of her pronel-
H' p machinery, srd without motive pow
er sufficient *o maintain steerage way,
so near to a rocky coast, with wind and
current se»tinr on. and in the most stormy
of the y»ar, as heinsr in a situation
of eirtrorne peril and in vlow of all the
iindl'firM fa/*-* tt Is my ooinion that !f
the Wanderer had rot r»a<*hed fhs 01-y
of Puebla In time to rer>d*r as»u*anew
before dark that day. It is probable. If
not Inevitable, that In spite of all efforts
to save her on tt» part of b»r own offi
cers and "Tew a-d the of other
ve«*ela eha wouM have drifted upon the
rvvk« and become a • -»*aJ wrack before
lay rht The next
♦»-e Wanderer and the Taooma are ballt
and equipped fo*- towing >*-re in
and out of the Steal's of Juan da Puca,
and Their business is to perform sur»h
=en os ;rt<* contract rev*rrh»'ess. the
re«- - <• of the dry of PuabJa w«s a m!>
v*i» service. rendered W!*h
ari • 'l. a"d fn the case of the Wandor
»r r- -« than wUr.u'T dangers were
braved bv her officers end crew, Which.
- rnv Jodrmenl, entire them to share lr»
tfc» •> iperaation to be a-wardM.
"T 1 • ♦hne the oomrnencettMßt of
•he ri-a ••.ntil f*»« disabled ship was
mo-re-! at Port Toarneend w»s about
re; tt •» - * ♦>•«» Wanders*
at eh-' tirr.e was $»-3.f16G and She lost a
r»ew -srser er>rth »K\ the value of the
City ' Puefcla was at -hat fme rrs.'W,
and r * value of her -arro and freight
aas *V>ut Tair.rp Into accou-t
all the dr-urrrstanoee s 1 Tins mertt cn
the part of the mlvors, and benefit to the
I coneldar the f 'losilrc sume
to J>e j;,«t and reasonable
"To e libeiant. for a*l ren-
t v- tt« tug boats, and lo«e*-» aue
taired r.3 sm.
To *»■ arl-e T. Bailey, master of the
*T> Ch\rteo T Marter mate, and R.
W. TM-'khoff err*near, sach fev
"To H H. Ellis, ass*«-am e-igin«er. }«».
"To the cabin boy. V 4.
"Ar. 1 to each of tother em
p'o: es on board the Wanderer $; wi.
"Let be a decree, directing rey
—•* t l\* ebov® p;n*. -•«!■»*{
tfc«o n *t the r*'.m nf 7 pmr c+ nt r>er ar>-
r.utr. ;- >m the dete of SUr.* the Hbei, en-i
A Oood «mii Lr.
RTeryt«>dy'e feeortr® it the F<»o*!tf*T«
1 rirfcel Clftf, the b«wt that
f»-• --Viet afforda. FU/eantwrr. ?i>
Ye*"- « av.
Extra Dcuble Presents.
Th»> to inilif ru oiey 1> the
Tbe pleee to t*r«
!• «• *»«y yeer
i«. mites ti sjte
From (rat handi tad iirf all nil
dl»oira'« profit*, tad tfce «aljr pUrc
*«*n ran d« that l« at ttir
Miil UtiniU iVOtiiio ift GO'I STOSL
*c£ ?««1 are. J F* Fik« rrtec
Oae iv-o' fr>aa Oe->Bet»*ee T v .rd er.d
-urcM*. I Fourtfe.
Extra Dauble Presents.
The MacEtougall
How we meet demands of season and conditions of the times. Our col*
lection fashionable, reliable and serviceable spring merchandise is
marked by good taste and judgment, elegance and exciuslveness. Never
were two so essential features of successful retailing so closely iioKod to
gether as now in our business—-
Spring Dress Goods.
Our new dr.es stuffs for spring are
making friend* faster town ever dnr-
this bright west her. There ■ a rea
son for it to *>e sure—the goods ere
attractive anu the prices most enticing.
Pine French Serge in all the popa.*r
shades. S3 inches wide, 35c s yard.
Fine French Serg® in the newest
shades, inches wade «&c a yard.
Storm Cheviot Barge, heavy M
inches w.ds, aOc quality, for
a yard.
New Mne Storm Serge in navy bius
oay, bi tr.cl.ss wide, seme a*
you pay 75c for elsewhere, 60e a yard.
New Bacj-Cie Suiting* tn gray a.xt
bro*-n mixtures, i* inches wide, made
to seii at »c. for foe a yard.
VtQ* latest styles In Cheviot Checks
sn»i Fancy Weaves. 45c a yard.
L*uioa' CUoih, 3t» inches Wide, 25c a
M ohair Pia-ds. 36 Inches side, lie a
Black Dress Goods.
The Goddess of Fashion seems to
have s<rt her seai of permanent, fsvor
upon black aa the color of her choice.
11 tore you'k And the newest and mosi
dw?4.rao.e see.ves and fabrics, many of
which are exclusively our own—even
as our prices are exclusively our own
as no one e«se meets tiem
Mohair Brocaae*, sutt. $3.60,
Brocaded Grenadine, suit 1 j-ards,
Figured Mohairs—special—<oc a yanl.
French S*rgs, jo tncaes •wide—epeoisl
—Sue a yard.
Enp!.>h Storm S«rg«t SO inches wids
—epcciai—«oc a >ard.
New Silks.
Beautiful u a dream of the Orient la
their weaith of rich coloring are d4e
played on our counters. Nothing can
surpaae the beauty and elegance of our
new Spriug SUka Hers ax® few spe
cial offanngs for this week At prloss
absolutely unapproachable.
Striked Taffeta*. H Incfces aids, 16c a
Rich Novelty Brocades, r.ewa*t
weaves and colorings, t»sc a yard.
Taffeta? In dajrk and evening shads®,
60c a yanl.
Taffeta SLIk Sarge, 3S inches wlJe, 60c
a vard
foulard Silk. In endless variety, 40a,
•Oc. »c. J1.25 a yard.
Fine Millinery.
Tou rr-.s» vteft oar Mflhnery Deparu
irervt to ir« any Idea ef the many
teautlful things we are showinf. Art
—mlillner's art Is dlepUyed in t*a
beat A wetty hat or bon
cet sriil attract attention anyarhera.
and here are the esaeoa s prettiest of
ferinfa > a end!ens rartety—reproiwv
Horm of the daintiest Prench craatl ..jna
—dresres of beauty. Do not
be afraid to look frerfy and ask the
pri-a. though yoo are not ready
to purchase— we w.y mors than
Wash Fabrics.
On otjr counter® yoj'H find
the dai ns#!« Wwh FaV
r;c# to the tr*4* >l».ay of
»m*3 ar® »tcluil«ly o^r«-
Ju«t received—«6fi her rwnr Mne of
Fren ifc ""• r rJ »*®c« * t«®
or v .-faction, suite Mo.
VV> tv* * *'••* * pretty ejec
tion of Irtrti "-«e ta very d*imy
p*t: rne. far efc..«lre& •
at SC. .
»:f>ok Of J shr. A-rtf-r-son • SV-oteSi
G•- > -iar~ ■ *l. o«t fouad eompie'i* in
c a*at v±lu*u*. co.a: • eira- .Jte.y
tmot 23C» .
-to+cU* irswt oB «a oe- *»i 'a o
of ?s.r««s Dlauttae *->1 Or-
•■'<■ isec ei*i is« >*-">*■
Toilet Articles.
TT« win mv« you frrni S to SO per
c-attz. oa e-» ToKet AJTVH&»a. T~e »x
--tnort'se-T fx-teea of 'An d«peJ"!?rj*at
dear.oTv*tr jt.-* ts*t o -r pa B * e» Pre t* •
fwrebeata* tetfet erticiee ei dry rood»
W-adtourr'e F«.*al <~Y«*in. f* e«?»-
r.g end br*a*ifJto# tfia •J I*'* 1 *'*- •
0*>»; i-.-rtpaU *j*ca for ha»u*,
♦•jvo" ap» af *"j- of i-*e «*4»;
•ae . K £->r 2«c be;--e,
Woodbury e Fe- •*. K
foe iSc eelca. , ~
Try oae of «dt ead yoa wjii tae oo
Excellence an Values.
Economical in Prices.
Hosiery Bargains.
Ws have had Hosiery sa'<e tn the
past. Mag-v.fluent sue sssss. too; t*st
if real, downright bargain giving is ap
preciated. this week's .Hosiery sals w»U
surpass ail pretous records.
Children's Past Biaote H.*s. &o «<*lr.
s Past Black Seamless Hose,
Ac pair.
Children's Past BlacX Fsam'.ese Hcse,
extra heavy, UV and lac pair.
Fas; BUok Seamisas Hoeet
fine rib, SOc pair.
Chudren s Past Black Snam'ess Hws,
dojMe knea, best and toe. 25c, S3 1-to
to TV: pair.
Children's Fist Color Tan Seamless
H.jee, iriqpe, lie pair.
Chiidren * Fast Color Tan Seamless
H .*e, double knee, hsei arei t.<e, 21-c,
& l-«c to UK: p<ur.
Infaatac Fast Bia-k Cashmere Hoes,
7c, I'JC, "sc. 25c. 36c, 40c,, 60c a pair.
Boys' Fast B.ack Never-wear-out Bi
cycle Hcee. Sic pair.
Leaes' Past B.a«-K Full Jtegulsr
M i le Hose, '"seconds." some of tlien*
slight!? imperfect, only » l-3c a pair,
wor.b 15c.
Lsdtee' Fast Black Seamless Hose,
10c a pair, worth ISc,
Indies' Fa>t Black S*sm>ss Hose,
liV a pair, worth iktx
Ladies' Fast Black S«*am.-*s Hose,
double soif-%, 16 2-3 c, worth 25c pair.
Ladies' Fast Black Seamless Hose,
doubie soles, 35c, wjrth 36c a pair.
Ladies' Fast Black Ho«e,
doOWe soiess 33 1-Jc, worth 60c a pair.
Lit !.es" Fast Black 9*im.ess Hose*,
double soles, 50c. worth a pair.
Ladies' Fast Bi» k Seam,«ss Suk
Piaited Hose. «©c. Toe, 11.00 pair.
Underwear Bargains:
You ea.inot JiKlire the qualities by the
prices—no You'll have to see
the garmrna to really appreciate the
extraorUnftry low pries a« bar*
p.ACrtJ. oa the following Horn* for this
Ladies' Jersey R»b Vest*, s c, t>*c, 10c
L>4«UCMI' J«r*y Rib Vwt«, extra,
Lwtlie*' Jr-nM*y Rib Combination
Suite. 60c, Tic. *sc. sl. ■». 1L25 » tit,
i*a lies' Fast filaek £quee rian or Bi
eyr<e lights, I.'.'*) to t l #
Ladies* Belts.
We are sho»in* the very rw»a <=wt an<l
mret ideaa in lie It*. Our as
sortment is co;uj>.«te «n«l our price*
the VrweSt.
Spancle B.V wh.
F*.ncy Bolero Beits, 11-25, JI.7X, 1-23
Tailor flade Suit*.
TOT mr.r»ot frmagrfr?* a mar* a*trart
tr* of beautiful
Tal>or-Tna<?* S- ft* than th« exhibit on
our *#"0?:d floor. TM# d*T*rfr.er.t hM
limiiin fho fathorln g plae* fw a!l
looert of th« btt'JttM and e»-<rr«c{ In
'.Ttm. Our eoiloctx*! wnbrarea th*
n.nmt advanced ffyln b«ts !n t&ak*
and tra**rtal*. for prices that would
ordlnarHy bo asked for th# ma:*f!ai»
Ladies' T*lkw-mad# 3 itt. In N»f
<S .aUty of atorrr. •err'; tn nary ar.d
bark. Eton jac**'. »iUt 'inert, 4-yard
«< rt, pereal.r* UimmL v*lv« bound.
if, U. worth US.fit.
UAm* Taifor-irsad* Soft, In Hr ; *-
*OOM nalxed *uhing* In tan and gray
effect** fly Jrooi Jtckot. iiaexi wttb
?fcan*e&M# Milt *-r*rd *k:".. p»r~a:i-.a
lined. v*itret tMsnd, at IT v*. w*>r;h til.
Lodsoo' Taiior-aaado frjlt, tn t ewt
<j misty of etarw. oersre i- navy aj-id
h,adL fly front Jaefcat. f-.l •;»* Knod.
♦-yard nirrt. p»»?**:;n# lined,. v»-y«
bound, a: •» *. w >r» h m».
i T*Uor-»a-io H JM. In tear d
«om ooron rlofr. In t -r.m e-d : » «na
fly frost )a-"i<ot. f-l «ik i.?»ed. *-y*rd
*kjrt, per--*,'ma i'.nad, vesvat aouul,
at |3C ¥' w* rth 15^.8®.
T»:ior-t»aei« 6 't. la beat
" mi.'y "ft »c"» «ar*n In c*rr and
black, fly frrrnt jackat >aea<«» aad aktr*
naad tftr* * >ut w 'h «.*. T«iwot
T-> T"i;i?>r<r--d* » .-It. Wa*er
!*.-rket m br'.wn arid tavy oerje. wttb
handeoeaa csarkod oiurt to iwitca,
f* wor'St. f'JLI®.
I"fc«a new «ffe» *« wiil bo tb«*u tn
0!-roomer window.
Silk Waists.
We are ■'hoWlng Vh.it we believe to
be the very bf*t mluea obtainable in
Bilk Waters. We have them In endiee«
variety, ail pr)c«4 for quick aelllrg.
We ere ei»i> wlnjr a very oowipie'te line
of Ladiea' Silk WtMt. In black ImlU
aiik. with white linen collar, at SI.M.
We are eole agent* for the cele
brated Rc*fem fhlk WaUta Ia black.
N"Ue grwn, heliotrope, ©id :xjee ana
pli>m. waist has a »tik tie to
match wnisM with latent effect in linen
collar. at t*M, IT {J and &.&$.
We are <ii»o ahijwinif a very flne It/te
of Novelties copied from the latest
French deelrn*. r*s»tn* from 115 » to
M 6.00.
Bargains In Shirt
We have placed on aale our entire
lire of laat aeeeona Shirt Walfta
They were excellent valuta at 11.TS.
11.25, We have a great variety at
•tylee and patema. You can have
your choice tor M*x
Children's Reefer*.
In our Children's CkHilt TVp* rtrrwert
we are stoowlny a ejpart, rolleetlon at
Children's Jackets. The nrl.-ss sra less
than ynu would expect for g*rinwa es
We ara now Showing a as
sortment «f OhlJdre**'# P
fr*»m t to S jrnr», in Rmpir*.
and Rolero electa
In Chocked Suitings, with »*oHar ar:d
cuffs of plain doth to matcto, at tl M
and 11.15.
FJmptrw !n sll-W'-xvl broad-
Ok>th, In cardinal. navy and #r»en. at
In Checked Cloakln*. with oollar,
•traps *r 1 c .ffs of plsin ck»th to
t3 «*.
In NweJty eloaktnjr. with bolero
eollar and lu.te at plain rlith to
ma'eh. »4 I
We also a beautiful Itr* of
Novelty Jackets at C..4A, r M and Kt
A Few Good Thing®
for Baby.
Arm mamtlotied hero. not boeo'm# tbay
aro moro 4»« 4 **hJe than many rr»h«r
arrlHeo wo bar# far nk but ettnpiy
tr> nrrcot to mother# tho advanta«a
and •atlrti/ilcn ther® U tn bur>n* l»
*>tir r%f!<ir»r*ii TVtparSeßent. ?'o»w«s mrm
•is# In tfco Waot wiU yo« *nd on ainol
lent * ne>n«©tf©a of «hp«, X ■•>■■■>.
erd Flame! Sfc'.rta, Barrow
Coo**. P-aedo a»d Borneoa.
The materia?* need In mmwli
<■ of tb« t«»«t croalfty. «rd pTl<«#o a»
k>w •• t> aakad for tn grade*.
B«fboytatf lnap*rt our Jtno and fM
our price*.
Boys* Clothing.
tTSsa q j«r;r» of
droaotnc tbo vmaU
boy hi moot por- .
r»<er*.rir No fa?»rto
ha« Veer* foui*4
ttet w ji wt*.fc**and
•*# rto
lernea of *>• *maU
boy. Wo cnu u
e* Up*-
wn»<o 'fl omktrvir
eMMnff that wl!i 1
wear They w«Et
•«ar, *?«n rfcey wont
rtpt Trier are
of tfr o ma'e
n*;» *n»l they aro '
put to*o»».er ao
mror.s'ip and htm
erly ao food «<*
tbr*ad oktn«4

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