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The Seattle post-intelligencer. [volume] (Seattle, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1914, June 01, 1897, Image 3

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jreBTS A f T. M. C. A. PARR m »T
Dfftt, irf C«rhoi»«d«, Herman
la a *la*ie I>a>-Katrrp4
g»vl<-e. He I i»wi» tfc» falra
|allaa ff <br Hsntllrappf-r, Aa
|<a(r»- — tbi> Talm* bjr Mia fr»-
Knnninc, an! I*
g«4 la Pret'itei-Draifi Tkai
gf Baa CMapriri at Black l)ta«
far M***-?. Alikaach Wit
>t fajr Th*j law Him—Jtm
■/ Barracrr Brraka P. 9. A. Raa.
flay Biaal Jmmp Hfront afuf Dua
Iglatf E»tabliihril a S*w Kerora
la Ika Pale Vaal»-W>atkm»a*
>r a f«an«a Hwr a l<rrat Rar<—
£44 l* Dlekaon Ulna Ike B'JO sad
If Takes 111—The lilc>de Raeea.
Twtsrday womi ng 'ohn V. T>av|a, of
QfocntAr- **-' an ordlnar> young man
»sk a desire to win g!''ry on the race
jra'c*. Before bis ambition w*a sat-
BS«| and he sas tin* •■> nosure of 2.«fsi
, r<t tekMKihZ to pie g,. :hered at Y.
U.C A. psrk to a ;Ui«*»a« »Jie annual *V>ring
laYttaJi<jo haodtcap of toe Y. M.
I A.
Hr. Davis, with his l a*,
lot,. l*»dy .»nd n>ee. thin
a&aruter. gsiv»• the hAj'.difap
ur and uient an aa!ul shaking up. to
nv nothing of the runnerc who trir.i s/j
tiim company. Th< w >rst of it wa •,
|« did It sc eaaity and prettily. Tou
feel ao iaw! when a dark horae
Mi by a neck after a glorious struggle,
IK when he aJidea aJong as if he were
gt del/ pMAri*- on t.».i tr,<- k *«nd errti>aa
&ei this belief l<> running th« aerateh
atr. to a star.<istill. It Is ttsne to shed
nr. Osvls was entered under the T. A.
C tobrt as a novice in the half-mile ar:d
Bk runs. He a.<id on his blank tluit
|t was from Carbonado, and th«* handi
aM*r was a little afraid of him. hut tftk
|Jg bIR entry as an honest one and being
Hw*iua!nt<id with him. cut him down
ionewhat from the limit and awaited re
mkM One result Is that Davis won bo'h
«vwts handa down and proved himself
t» be one of the cnu;k long-dlstAnce run-
Mrs of the Pacific Northwest, bu< in to
jung be finds hlnvKt-lf railed upon to
)rar* that he wae not running tinier
bis* pretense* and that he la not a j ro
fasiMial He was protested after the
iI yard run on th" grr»und he com
yttMt for money at Hia<*k iHamond last
CS In the pre* nee of Ke>fer#e Hrnith,
ria denied this, but, on the other hand.
)t It Mid that J. C Anyder, of Renton.
'and Ed firttHih, of Everett, will sw«»ar
that they saw him < omi>ete. Orv« thlnr is
•Htalß—lf John Dhvla i< a novice he haw
tb* moat advanced Ideas irtout running
ikcjdutance races yet exhibited In thH
Itty by a gre«-n man. It is to lv hojted
■ jtat Davis can dear his *klrt> of the
hflarfe that is over his h»-ad. There 's
He doubt In tha writer * mind ttiat »he
•Boats of the T A «' .believed him to
W»n amateur ahen they accept ad him
$f a msoiber of the club and hut him
tMs|«raS. Secretary «»raftnn >.%ld b.'t
fwrkig that he Isqulred specifically of
ft* 8. before he wa#
It out and ou' amateur, and Davis as-
Brsd Mr Orafton that he eas.
U J»»tlce tot' K Hill, of th«? 1* of \V ,
(fcn Was on s<n»tch in lHtih events. It
aiwst be said that he ran as g,u«>-ly front
Art to finish ss if he had a *<>" d show
pteee, and ff the protest mand* he will
f«eotv« the handsome gold medals that
If* withheld fr»m Ihtvls <«n ar« ount of
t»f doubt as to his standing
There were all the clement* prevent ves
ktilay to make the meet one of the m<>*t
Wcrwful In the hist or) of athletic* In this
dty The crowd ftllod both Idea* and
|rtiwl stand It wa.i a spl»n«ild gathering.
Md as usual the fair nek shewed their In •
lirtit in athletics hy being pr» sent In laige
butt her* If they a.-re not In »he majority
fee) were pretty near it The programme
*M a leng one, but to ?he credit of the
•Iktiis it i»n be -,ild that it *-. a» run ctr
IttfUy. In fa-'t mur-h on th»* order of i
ttir^e-ringed circus Yoii could ' ike your
*'k. track or fi»'t«l »n> nt, and be »;;tisiied
Th* btcycle r*-es added spice th'" tn'«-»
|nd proved conclusively that they hn\..
Mne to stay as a part of athletic meets.
r».s weather was all that could b-- de-
Iml Perh*pa the air was j trifle heav>,
Nit that did not cyt m<i-*h r>f a fittiue < s
&ie temperasure just right for kprint
k't Tbwsrd* tlie last of the event*, bo
keer, a wind Wen t r •< the I't.k ffurn the
fconr making Ii hnr-1 w>rk for the bi< > -it*
Met* on the hack str»r,-t! The tracks
*er» in even better condition thar. at the
►terroilrglate tr.eet,
Th*re were many feature* that de*eive
Ipedb! notier J K Harrager. f the T
J broke the P N \ reoord fc.r the
waning hroa«l jump .-learKu; f.et Oit
■ was in fln*- condtiton, and shot through
fc* Mrfr»m thetske ,%fr prettily a* D>n
Kir er put himself over the h*r in ?h» pole
*' W f«-*t K In.'tie*. When Ptimer
♦rformed this f*>. t t, hreaki- g the Pacific
Sarthweat re.xird and < tah!|shlng his
kire on a ao!id.. footirx to the llrat pla. ■;
Stir p«>le v.tutfers the crowd a til
lib vouised j!iM*jf t,» ,i high pit. h .>f en
htistaain and yelled ju*i people do at
18 *>eitlng gume of h.t vhall when t mem
of tha honi»* tum tr iVt ai- <nje run
! *1 wlr;* tha game,
I' wa« an evlting moment when An
IjllMKtr Ft-.nk Aikits- i f,»trr l the rcw.l
■at the har hail tv« n pit up to |o f. ii
l*?>e* to km. t f p,| m er ,-ould over. omc
W handicap *nd a, »ua: inn p ot d ukl
»er appeared p.-rf«-.-tiy -.wn.b r t and
«"■ meas-irtng th • 1 «• cht w ilk .1 h- -k i
J««dwah!e d;at ■ ||. WIS fc Oin-
WWI h\ f»r.>f \ H !'*r \ . r
*»« a nr.u itc *|N r when p.< r»i» r
the pit;a In b,>th ■••f .!* js«a. ,1 It
Wnra.lv to atar? 1a en th,- »m ill
JHt Si'.iiet i v Hod on i iwn The d- <
„ >t (e •"> ~.,J .
wap hetwee,! •« h .„, ,v,
Wad fivm the park w ■ - • »'
Hl»er trotted II tot ',ar as If he w-re
for practice » d ' ' . < , , ,v
mm h» tha all | - ,
*5 then shot f in* >r-» - ft, t -
* v l»rh. V-. the , to i .
Hi* h> !v ua • • • , .•
» '1 ,<♦ 1 I T *' : r
• tt »a h -rm i' ' *t>r r
t: 12 ■
t! N th* crowd
\f ing !t « u*; -i
Palmer a'» > did great w,.rk it*
!*r ' v.mer \ - r
at htm - 5 . , .
Hill on? In t u hen,* at-tch
1-v „ . .
■ y « 'lfffiC i . I »« A tr ...
TONIGHT At 8 o'clock
it fjiit Bf «■»
ni mil mini hi a
Ptano tw Bf tihea 4w.n THE LwfK* FW IB!» I.
I ir«.j Atfnuf and iitluigMi Street,
the 5-yard mark Eddie Dickson. the
cliampon. ran like a winner -.p to the
last thirty yard* but from that t?me cs
cour.-.» re .r j r <?»rr.nr, fin'sh As *
matter of f* t fc* -;>ffered from a s.Ugh?
pain in hi* n<i* j »' *« h» t«ed to put
"n a ' iosing burs? «f sr*-*--® I 5 *»s fata)
to his cbar. e«. >.»;? he ran tamely to
the e-jt. finishing necomd Ir. the 23)
ri«k*w won r-n nm» running ar-d after
l»e left the ' r*cfc taken quit? sIL
On* of tft* rfs* r*'« of th* day an<i
that in »fc* t i&rrr-T »-t. WVath*-ri**t
ar<4 P/>a «rin tw">th *cra»rh rr.»r. t*p to
th»- f!m* tft»y *trurk thr I'jrn jii«* hefore
cotnintf tnto th*- hotn« St looked
a# it they w *r«- under. A!i of a
they <-aroe up with a ramh. shoul
der to mowirvir ij'wr: Ow
one by one. foriring raptdly to the
front Half way up the they
*er« rkar from the other contestants
and fiichtin* for the
*ax rememt-ero-d how he ii ad heen t»eaten
out by Pearson nt the inter
meet by a P ant three ("*' and he «aa
d*r'enr.lne« to turn th«- table* po-arson
»*« eqtiaJiy determined it} add a sec
ond victory to ht* ii*r and thus they ran
*r »ach atratxiin* every nerve tn a <lee
perrte effort to breast the tap*- ahead of
the other When within six fe»t of tha
end it appear#-<1 a* )f Pearson's wind fali
a«l him ana Weatherwax by a f.ral effort
*ot oaf afp the lead whirh gave him
the rare ar»d the satisfaction he desirert.
Bob Abrwfna <li<l *rea? work for the F.
A. C. In both ahot-puttin* and throwing
fvents. H<» walkeO home with two *«i«i
medals in his pocket and congratulations
hover!ri* about his by the score.
ftererai n«» men gave evidence of abil
ity. among whoas may be mentioned K.
Kiasiier of Port Blj»ke|ey it A John
(teary. 8 A C . an<l Jty Hume* H A <*.
FriiSier l» q>iite a aprtnt?r arid the oth»r
two are «.»rning j« v.< ulters Carl Mr.
Naught did well in the '•*» . anl dash and
with more experience <1 i b<~ h good on»>.
Frank Overman. T A C., E.
Itlanrk, V M <A and C. Jnines KSder.
Y. M. C. A . are performers.
The relay race was w<>n easily by the
T f . of W. team Morford ran the first
lap for the C. of W., and although Eider,
Y. M C. A , made a gallant effort •<> hold
him di'*n. it was no use, and Button
started the s»: und lap with a good lead,
which he increased. Weatherwax ar;d
Palmer kept up the grntd work and tr<i.M
cd tha colors of the Y M. C. 'A. In thf»
dust The 8 A. C. withdrew before the
C. E. Dow was the favorite of the crowd
in the professional bicycle race, but fie
did not qiwtlify in the first heat being
beaten out by George Sharlek and J;nvri/
Jonas, of Tacoma Sharlek Is making a
great record this season and will be a
formidable <-ompetltor for D»w. even when
he gets into firsrt-eiajw trim. OUlster, of
Qtymptn, who raced under the T. A. C.
colors, did !*r»me nrst-class ridrng Fred
Hehone. Y M C. A., was also In evidence,
end as will be seen to' the sufmnarU-a,
made the most pher»omenal eputt of any
of the nicer*. Frank Coomhs, f A C.,
won a dsserved victory and will proba
bly be heard from frequently during ths
i eat son
In nyiklng up the soi>rs by points the
writer finds himself in a peculiar posi
tion. The U. of W ts»s entcr«d with th •
understanding that they should not l>e
cotii»ldered as rxmvt.» , tlng as an organir,!-
tion. In figuring up the results by ci'ihe.
however. It would not »*> riglit to leave
tham out. as they scored second to T. A
C.. even with many of their best rne,\
at home The score by clul>« gives T
A C. the lead with 63. U. of W. sef o n d
with 3S, S. A C. third with 24 and the
Y M. C. A. fourth'wlth 19 The Y. M.
f A suffered fr<*m the of Arthur
Whalley, Ruahell and one f»r two others.
Agwin. It 1* not exactly fair to com
pare the I', of W , 8 A. at>d Y M. • .
A. as single clugs &xaint»? th" T A C„
be< iu*e the T A C had all me
rnrn from Tacoma and surrounding towns,
while the men rrom Seattle and aurroun l
ing towns were divided among three or
ganisation* For this reason the a. ore
c* the Seattle clutis collectively 1* figured
again.*! Tar*>rt»a. with the result that Se
attle beats Tacoma. by a sc*»re of Si to 62.
Following is a summary of events:
100-tsrd ilaab.
FirMt heat Won bv F. Frailer. j= A C..
C >ard*. Hirriget an.l Morford a short
dmtan. e behind Time, so
Socont heat Won to- Kldie Dick«on. T
A. C« Kfatdi; B Willlains. 8 A C 6
yank*. «<--ond Time io 2 Ihckson s
great finish was what put him to the
Thtrd heat Won b> »' M Y\ eatherw ax.
l\ of \v . >-»tdit Frank nveniuin, T A
6 yards, second Time. 10 2-5 Grant
i lihoun acrat.-ti man In !hi* h»-a* !•>-: all
chance of place hv mtkuig a jsior M >rt It
hpprated i« if he Jlipiwd ti the fii>' --t«-p
He r«n a K<m> race, but could not over
corn'' the harak ip Weather*-<x anl
Overman ran > great ra'c. and it wj. nip
end tte k to th« t*ni«h
I'-nirih ht it \\ m i>v I, <V \ eaer I of
W •<'* yard- Erivtnei Rokb. Y M >' A
h v irds- s»**ond Time. 2-5.
Final heat Contestants,
sorAtch Weatherwax 5 yards Ft«?.'**t •;
\ ards Veer 3«, \ai l*. Won by C M
YVe . t r'-.erw 1 \ I*. of \\ t feet over Hdd e
Dlcksotv. T. A C . --rateh, who was •
St-1 Fr ./-et S A "' tblrd. Timf 10 2 ■
,\t tbo «?•* ) ird m«tk l»--k«w t\ is ■ >:n
--1n« In ft-at form and appear* 1 to hav«
the race within reach. He paw* ! Fr 'tier
nnd at at ted In to mow down Weatherw it.
who * a.4 running remarkably well H a
final spurt la ked h ir ! to de
fine and he could not quite overhaul
W eatherw a*.
Hiiimlnt lllah Jump
Won by H H < ■<>ul V*l A
R fr#>f ?>'■ J P M.ild««m. I*. .'f \\
1 inch, jwo-orti! t. fct TS tnchee Ft W
iVr««M!' Y M '' V 7 Inches third .
f. i «» 4 VUhn-ith (Knild n»-1 M.l
,1 «»n w»re a tie the ntvt pia< e went to
I fVmSd he was scratch mm
Hnlf Mile IMrjcle H*rr. %mnle»r.
First he*t Won V 'V Fre.l Schan* T V
c \ ton'Nlo Dow T A t* . *■'■ i.«l
Time, 1 23 1 *
I S'- '.in.i ;< *< Won >«» IV Met ov. 1 A
•t' Frirnli CoAmb'' S V 0.. second T-ne.
! 1 ?I5
F.t *1 V-1- W>n l v Frank < omn* s» n
»• Fr<-d S--> >n<- V M O N sec". •? *y
(~/ *«i, . . J B Me." •> I*. A « third
; Time, ! 13
W-mi bv J >!•« V n•' Paris- «V» 1
i. •• «», •• •* • »!• 1 \ :*•© (Mr -r Y M
I', y .a \ ! ..>1 4 ♦! '
t-*r\.:n the time the m< ■••. *<ru k *h» 'wk
stretch it wa.* apparent tha' Joan Pv. *
■w h<me entrv b.atiW him !*--
trig ■* f•v* •■ c * ••> in re»Sty i ri U . k
He «-*n " ' '-' ' < •■ »'f.'> ■» '
Iv ■ ?• . •r * • > "I-- •-■
| A p wsrk«l up tn TVn '.<* wh ■> *-i.kien vUK
OIM and won hand* down. The talent -m
me Wate.v «.»;.! 'W* o * this rw; •«■ from
r,r»niA)* He >1 ••*•- h..- hms, *
Ike ,\n iui'.*ti»or .«ny ni <* fan Connor
ll.x" "
SuH if u truo I im nn tnJHtt- r," rc-
I M Davll.
»<"tl Hun.
• |mi VM fef BMte PWf"f T
C , « •»■«-» v i'«ri >! >: ' ■■• ' ; A
J )-4: K -*w»n ? -i-'-l K ! . \ V. O.
" . y,ir> ; Atr l Hit- X' J S l! *n >
i • ?*'<"."> rs * •* w' k«-*"
»>f H-k UM* «♦* '"■ *- }>*-•
>rfo*-t I >' ti W a ■ i " \i
: n t-' i'-gv.i «I«n* «."•,lim !
» J nir.l
s. . -•• * ;••«»*» \\ ~ \ >.r > ~'. » • • P
I bbb
liiirtiiiimai ' I
fc#77"* ... v."" ii i,,.rut * J oipmATl iorr
f J^gctaW e Preparation far As- I SIGNATURE
; SlmiLatin# fir Food and {■ OBr
■ iii|flilm H>— In millrhwnrl\ rf « "*" u
; PrwnofesDi^wHon,Cheerful
i r**s and Heft Cootai &s neither jfl
Opnun.Morphine norMioeAL ■ XS OK THE
MotNabcotic. ■
/WA« SmJ- . ■
Apotfrff Remedy for ConsGpa- H
tion. Sour Stoiaach,Diarrhoea. HIIIBmI II I 111 ■■
Worms .Convulsions HI II I ■ ■■Kill
lIIHO I Ulllffl
fAC Sunk Signature of
O&4&ZSZZ ■ ————
XEW "YORK. H Ckftoria U put Bp la cae-cIM bottki oaly. It
yoa aaytiing el» on the plea or fra&UM tkai it
u "J«* u " aniwer «t«j par
pWl&Sßß*lJ|po,e.>« *r Sea that joa g* 0-A-8-T-04UI-1.
.- «f rfir7 *
A C. scr*tch: Will K Hawk.ns. Y. M C.
A second. Time, :24 4-&. Calhoun had a
walkover. .
Third h<sat—l>. O. Voaer. I*. of \\ 3
yards, w is rtie only one to run over th-'
course His time was 32 2-5. He did not
exert nimseif.
Final hent-T'oropetitow. Eldie Dick*or.
Y«-aer, Calhoun. Won by Dsek.-wn. T. A.
C . soratch: Vjeer. IT.l T . of W. 3 yards, sec
ond bv 2 feet, Orant Calhoun. tS. A « ,
*■ ratch, third. Time. :24. Di< - topn look- 1
as if he wari lost until the la.st fifty yards,
when he mustered ail his energy and
showed what he could do After the race
ha was aick fhr twenty minut«s.
Hnnalng Broad Jomp.
Won by R H. Hill. T. A. C.. 24 Inches.
21 feet s*s inches; J E. Barrager. T. A. C .
2 Inches, second. 31 feet 2 inches; Frank
Overman. T. A. C., 24 inches, third. 1*»
fee? TVi inches.
Tha feature of the running broad jump
was the work of Jimmy Barrager. who
broke the Pacific Northwest reeord 20
foe? lo'j inches, made t»y R H 'lould at
the last intercollegiate meet. He wis in
splendid condiiion, and did the fine.-t
jumping ever seen In this city.
Won by Don Palmer. 1". of W . 4 yard*;
R H Hill T A C scratch, second; K.
!,ar*-n Blam k, Y. M. C., « yards, third.
Time. 27 1-5.
The ro-e f»>wn the home stretch he
tween Hill and Palmer wis one of the
fe iMres '>f thf* d-iy. and brought the crowd
io Its feet. Palmer simply outdid himself,
both in speed arid style Prof Vand> r
V>er. of the V. of W. said that Palmer
had been over tli» hurdles only twi'O.
Puttlnii tl»«- l»J-Pt»un«l ajiot.
Won hy 800 Ahram®. S. A C.. SiTatch,
37 feet 7'j inches II R. Gould. T. A.
scratch, second 3t> feet io ir.. hes; K.
Thayer. I*. of YV . ,H* Inches, third. ;>6 feet
Pt in. hes.
A!>rams thp» intercollegiate rfoor«i.
?' (+ft. hr!,l hv Goulrt anii any oth<r rec
ord of P. N. A. f!wt i« listf.l. It \v <.
■ lum-Hi at th -park that th.>
!' N. A. ret oni. If that is >o. his record
i- rif>t down. T>;p P N A ord in <»p'ii
competition is W fct 1" inch' - madf hy
C. L. T A. C . in IS<6.
4ttl-laril It mi.
Won b\ C M W-'ith'-rw ix. I", of w .
•cmtoh: H*hrv P#«r<»on. T. A C *• ■
« cond hy Z (if \\ Praxier, F. A. il
y ird*«, third. Time. Vt 4-f
Nhf men started, and ip ti> th» ttrn«
the turn on th«> home *tret< h wis reach'- i
it looked bad for the .vratcii »n<*n. Sud
denly they in the bunch, neck
and mowing down ih«' tiel 1 one by
on< Bxm they were past the van and
■flthtintf with each other for the It
w,5 i struggle for your lif> and ir wis
not until within six feet of the tape Tint
\V- itherwax forged slighliy to the f-ont
and w>n !»y 3 feet. M»* h<i turned tho
(:iM.w on his conqueror at th« interc ii- -
K lt« .Wt
One Mile Opt-n, Hlejrlr.
Fimt heat-- NVor by 4S<*org* Pharlck.
Tumitw J«me« J Jon*- Ta.-oma. ae*-ond;
»' > I low S-a !>■ third Time. . |0 3-*>
Se* i»nd he*! Won, Hr Wayne Hirtholo
m» n Tacoma Hen Reamer. Ta-.-oma -•••-
e- » *l;i» Her, S-m Krai !*ro. third Time,
J 34 %&.
i- \ Won by f»«-o"ge Si.atick J. .t.
J '•on ' W \no Bartholomew thlr 1.
Time 2 *'
1 the ft rat hoc Sha rick aril Jone? ro.>
a r>M* race from th<» nr si * print, and
1 ,% wlui >: i I «ro; pe i i»a ~k after netting
:•■* •'!• •• cou'i! no 1 g«t Setter th.-uq third.
TV- even hy pact c th-» I ;»p hi
the final setting *u.-h a hot clip that Vie
, .'atar. a did rot follow him. Barthol
omew get tt!»- wflr«t of he fina! !« he d; t
praort«>l)y aM the leading ltd VM be.tten
c.jt at th< last
throat Inn It! I'onmi Hammer.
\V >rj ' v Bo?> A* ran * S A C. f.> >t.
i, d-.atafx'e of 9A fi-e T-? in
. i lii'k ha;; i■ ap C W Thorr.toi. > M
i* A 5> feet -w-.-o'-. i, with a <li.«'tn<-« of
!»' fe«-t S in in. .ading handi-ap; W H.
{? H. T A O rat h th ' t *!*h an ac
t.-al t' row of sS tee? 9 Inches.
W TV Hill w-au ! have von if he had
»• i to < r»> •••'.! f •-$
f 11 ir.c ■-s «.t tr.'ercoll- cat®
a-Mlle illejrlf, \mntcnr. Ilandieap.
Cort test a; '••■ T--rer.jo T V C .
P M •" •• tj> * S. A •' . • > ir-i*.
b: I wen! . «•! At* " J P. Ml Oil) T A
(' * yard# Prank J . !'.-r. T A r . Vt
ya••-♦•' Pre-' V MCA - rat h.
\\ oi h\ Oot'i* S *ie a «••»-■» * - <-t:d,
l.iv-i'i'M i >w- third T>me. b I 1-.'
T e feature <f thi# TIC.' W la S
w■ • f r «. »•;, >i . ; -. a jr-,
a »• -«r gap at.d wae within rt\ •• yard* • f
C.itvr at the cnl Ore pedai of Pr».r.k
bti*yc*e fe', ! off f r ,e ham c t >f
the raee, he w ai,<t h»\e N-eri
-« • it. \1 m He we vi i ii a*. ; fr--m
->»j iv Refrree Ita »: a 1 becau>e
w - s .ffertng f' tti a stra.
l*«»le \ aull.
W c-t !v IV — t* of W s. rat-h
w ns ' U»! \ nuit of ; » f--*t « -
H B. lioiiid. T A . ? •*■ »*. ' ;
wath M fert f tnchea tedWUßf fcar.dtcup
.i -. .S A c 18 inches, tr rd jj
f«--e? 4 mcne*"
) ■ ?a ; 1 Mr: - T • t ■» pos;t on:
»»ou'd bad vau'*ed ? feet a - and h:s
■; r»!se<! this to ;■ feet $ Inches,
If I'll'met w.;!!*"d fee* *ir *ie». being
-it "ti man. he wo i'd *•- He to-k the
t~ r va-nt up ?h* hei. <ht \r.vt K fo-e the
j.**,»«- w a pit '»« brea*h he was
•»: k a* a * his* e Th»n
n w*s a er.th'tatastic demon
• ■ • • - * '.'• c . \ ft t»:e t, v The
1 N r: w at r* -rd *»,» -j.V-i
# :" h- s
san t nr.t Hun.
\\ vr. by John V rvati« T * r, y
v *- 1» ( K H: - v -f \\ s» -»t.-h se^ 1 .
■ .4. «" >'ar-c<* Kider 1 M C A Th.ird
T nr. ' *
| . -
£K'ii.ng »*.* i>a a! inUwt yta-
portance. and on the back stretch of the
second lap worked along to the lead,
where Hill, scratch, came up and shook
him It was almost leg and leg to the
home stretch, where Mr. Davis woke up
and let out another link, funning as he
ehos£ Then he was protested on the
ground that he ran for money at Black
Diamond last year. He denied it.
120-Yard Hurdles.
H R. Gould. T. A. C.. scratch, and E.
I. Blanck. 4 yards, ran a dead heat,
and the fim place- was awarded to Gould,
because he wis a scratch man. Snni
Humes. 3 A. C.. was third Time. :l» 2-5.
Some thought Blanck shoved his neck
out and touched the tape an Inch or so In
advance at Gould. To the writer it looked
like, a dead heat, but at the same time
Gould went to sleep at the finish, when
he had the race sure.
Flte-Mllr Hsndirap, Bike, Imatenr.
Contestants-Lorenzo Dow. T. A. C.,
w ratch, Fred Schone. Y. M. C. A .
scratch; Frank J. Cotter, T. A C.. 2"0
yards; J. YV. Augustine, S. A. C.. 350
Won by Cotter. T. A C.; Augustine. S.
A C.. second. Fred Schor.e, Y. M. C. A.,
thy-d. Time. 13 40 1 -S.
Relay Race.
YVon by I*, of YY'. te,»rn, consisting of
Cir! Morford. C. YV Sutton. C m YW-ath
f-rw.ax and Don Palmer Time, 3.45 2-6.
Y M. C. A team—C. James Elder. Will E.
Hawkins. Charles Hood. Emmet T. Robb.
Score, city against city;
Seattle. Tacoma.
101-yard dash « 3
Running hig-h lump 4 5
Half-mile bicycle, amateur...* 1
Mile run 4 5
22<>-yanl run 4 r
Running broad jump 9
22»*-yaru hurdle? a 3
Putting 16-pound shot « 3
440-yard run 4 3
Throwing ls-pound hammer... 8 1
Two-mile handicap bicycle ... 3 6
Pole vault « 3
Win-yard run 4 5
120-yard hup ties 4 5
Relay race S 0
Five-mile bicyole. handicap,
amateur 4 5
Totals 81 62
1 *< *
>? g V
S- ore by clubat •
• * < n P
1 : >■ '•
Running high jtunp 5 3. l{..
H ilf-mil* bicycle, amateur ' l I j
Mile run i •> 2 i
22"-> ird run 5 3.. 1
Running broad yunip i 9 : ,«|
22i» yird hurdles 3 ?> 1
Putting IK-pound shot s i j
44tVyard.run ' ;l .! l
T'irowing l<-;«oun«l hammer j 1 . 3, 5
Two-mile handicap bicycle !f, ' 3'..
!'->'« vault 3 5:..' t
ftirt-yard run f.- 3 1 .. 1
120 \ ,tr.l hurile.s S 3 j
Relay race i ,V s .
Vive-mile bicycle hand: -ap. ami- i !
teur 5|..J lj 3
Total* _ «3 « 1» j4
The C.rren-ERan Contrtt.
Pro* Jack Green, of the S A C.. who is
to ho* six rounds with Dan Egan the
"Montana kid.'" at the Seattle theater on
Monday evening. June 7, was out at the
a-hletjc games yesterday afternoon, acting
•<> mar-hal f|e i« In fine condition, hut
th* crowd w.* sa order I v and the bovs
we-» <.O excaptionally thar he did
not have to use any of his spare strength
in it-wrvir.sr f>- i- e and gx>d -rder Both
F« m and Grivn ire training s ird for the
go and intend to work fa*t. even tf knock
-o\:'s aro not r» ctre.
*nd Commons |)mt«
for »hc Dprnlng fismpt.
WASHINOT'-'N May Sl.-The Interna
ls r.a! -h-m itrr Jw>t«ccn the house of
r. presi ntatlve> -rA the house of «-om
rr.- VA wu ?h*> ■ n'y matt- rof r- 11 inter
r«r t -.lay t rh<> !■ Promptly today
«•«' J 4 rJ i ;.n Pa m.-.-f •- th- firinah
a- K *- .d -r. « h i represents the house of
c.-mmons* i.am, Bar<->n H-wniir, the
Austrian minister, who :« the rvffrw. and
i 5 -fc- * H' • d K< ;r» «ent.ativ< H?*t ,ar>d a
r mVr of other mtn. bers of the house
*• in the cune. Previ< .us to
t ' >■•■ :r t: " member* of the Amerjt an
t. ,tn ha J b»n n practicing with PiUshurv
a 1 th»r i hess ox peris. «nd disc'isamr
v.! ::s openings and defend s. At j >■»
■' •< t • -!r.iwinjt for the pj&j- took
p'a--e and resulted:
i'v. rdj I' snk. tt. Brtt-«h. n'mie, Pear
s' .'i. An.- - in. hiiifk.
K «-d r Sh ifr>>th. Aroerk-ATi, white.
Parr,*";'.. British blark
V- v»r-1 * British, white. P.*-c!:ne.
American h'a.-k
80..rd 4 Plowman. white.
A* v » '.-.J ones Frit sh hi*., k
>• ' >- w:« •«. Pr riih. whit* Hardy.
An>rl sr. h'a-k
W - h.'.-s * v - ffrst move. "They b*at
<n 'he 1- w," wi ! P.^pr-«»r.»aitve
S v ■ ?h •* r+n Ihe ann-uncement was
IE ade
The frst -r. -t» v as made hv the Araer!-
i" » f \er* <•-' the sfvor 1 and fourth
v - "i 1 Mr S v »rr.- -n. the < ipta nof
AtrTt tn team warned hss pta>ers to
Ir of OsansNerlain's Pain Balm
!*augherts Bros., of Itviiaaa, Pa.,
var- '■We know of mar▼ of oor costomfrs
wh hsre '.ami it for i+ieumatiyin, a»i they
ail pnu>e it hi*hl*. We *ii mere of it tsvan
of an* lißittrtH."* For <«aic
at ib and ix) cwr.ts per u*ii* oj drugguu.
tak» p!«nty AT time as th#v Had fifteen
ir.ov*s TO the hour. Th** foUowiiijr gentle
men representing; ?h*> player* on the Brit
ish ttam sat at th» mak
ing the mow telegraphed fmm London:
Bc>ard I—Lord Westmeath attache Brtt
embassy. Board M Kn&genheirn.
attache N'rthfrUa :s ;effattor> B-*ard 3
Mr, Dutvse, attach? Spati«h legation.
Board ♦—Mr Vijr®?, attache Swiss !-*gx
tlor >-Mr. Rouikowiki, attach*
Russian lefriition-
The ftponing of the various eam*? were
as f-v'-'m« Board l, bishop's gamNt;
hoard 2, French defense hoard 3. Ruy
Lepez, board 4. Ray Lopez. board 5.
Guico plano.
At ;35 o'clock four mw»« only had
b*en made on thr«e boards. three on an
other and two on another.
At the sixteenth move Mr Pearson, who
!s regarded as the best player of the con
gresslonal t»,m. resigned His opponent.
Mr. Plunkett. is counted the best player
on the English te.*m Mr. Pearson was
unfortunate in the early part of the game
and the vigorous piay of Mr. Plunkett
soon caused his downfall.
Mr. Shafroth pl3\-*d a careful tc ame.
studied hard and seemed to be,thorough
ly wrapped up in his moves. Both Mr.
Bodlne and Mr Plowman played easily,
without extra excitement. Mr. Handy
played the fastest game of all. Each
player was allowed an hour f">r fifteen
Biovef. Mr. Harry made his first fifteen
moves in aa many minutes and played the
remainder f the game rapidly. The West
ern Union Company transmitted the
rr.">ves as fast as made from a table in the
The Project Nearly Wrecked.
LONLOX, May J!.—Much surprise is ex
pressed at the arrangement* made by Hen-
Tilker Heaton. M. P.. for the cable chess
match between members of the British
house of commons and the United Stales
house of representatives which began to
day. The cable companies were asked to
transmit the moves free of charge ar.d the
Associated Press was also approached on
the subje t. Upr>n the Associated Press
declining, the exclusive right, after repeat
ed delays, was so4d to the I»ndon Times,
and an attempt wiil be made to exclude all
other newspapers. The various delays
have nearly wrecked the whole project.
Flannagan Breaks the World'* Rec
ord for Hammer Throwing.
NEW YORK. May SI —Notwithstanding
the heavy rain, the track and infield at
the grounds of the N J Athletic Club
were in good condition today for the dub's
carnival. The principal feature of the
rimes" was the first appearance tn this
country of John Flannagan, the hammer
throwing champion of Ireland and En
Jem Mitchell, the world's champion, wm
among those who contested, but showed
poorly against Flannagan. who made a
world's record with a throw of JM
feet S Inches The previous score \vas 145
feet \ inch, male by Mitchell In 1592. To
day Mitchell could not do better than 12*
feet 4 inches, and when the result was
announced Flannagan was cheered to the
echo. In the contest for the nine-foot
circle Flannagan threw the hammer 14$
feet inches, which distance is IT l^
inches less than his own world's record.
In this event Chadwick. of Yale, and Mc
cracken. of Pennsylvania, both beat
In the second trial of the 100-yard dash,
T. R Fish®r, of Yale, broke a tendon in
his right leg as he crossed the tape and
fell heavily on the ground He will noi h«
able to run again for a couple of months.
PHILADELPHIA. May 31.-The Phillies
returned from their disastrous trip today
and played two frames with Louisville.
The visitors took the nrst by lucky hit
ting. Score:
R. H. E.
Philadelphia 2 S 0
Louisville 4 * 2
Batteries— Flfield and Boyle; Eraser and
Wilson Umpire—McDonald.
Second game:
Philadelphia shut out Louisville in the
second game. The features were the per
fect fielding of both teams. Attendance.
10.416. Score:
R. H. E.
Philadelphia 14 12 0
Louisville ft 10 0
Batteries Taylor ard Boyle; Hill, Ma
gee and Wilson. I'tnpire—McDonald.
CINCINNATI. May 31 The Senators
were defeated by th»> R*ds in an exciting
game this afternoon. Score:
Clncinn iti 4
Washington 3
Second game:
The Reds made It three straight by de
feating th< Senators this afternoon. The
playing of Beckler was the feature. Score:
R H E.
Cincinnati 4 s 4
Washington 3 K ft
Prittf rics—Rhines and Schriver. Mercer
and Farrell. Umpires-Emplie and Lynch.
BOSTON, May 31.—Rain prevented the
Boston-Pt Louts game m the morning,
and in the afternoon the slippery ground
made good lieldinc impossible. Th* Bop.
tons I at ted heavily and won by a score Of
2?> to 5. Score:
R. H. E.
Boston 25 29 2
St. Louis 5 12 2
I'a.tterles Stlvets and Mahoney; Kis.-in
ger Evans and MacFarland. Umpire- -
CHICAGO. May 31 - The champions won
the morning game, which was long drawn
out and loosely played, round's w.ldness
gave the locals their four run". Attend
ance, Score:
R. H. E.
Chicago 4 4 0
Baltimore 6 13 4
Second game:
Th - afternoon same wis full of life and
excitement and l>elong»-d to either side un
til the last out. The game was called at
xhf end of the nintn to allow the t«-»trns
to cstch their trains. Attendance. L*.
r. H. E
Chicago 6 13 4
Baltimore 5 10 1
Batt-Tles Callahan and Klttredg*. Cor
betr in-1 Bowermsn Umpire--Hurst.
NEW YORK. May 21.—Twenty thousand
pi ople saw the N> w Yorks administer a
►-0..d hcarirg to th* Pirates this afternoon
at the polo grounds. Th" morning game
was pr oponed on account of r ,:n. Score:
R. If. E
N w YorK ...10 33 3
Pittsburg 2 .3 3
Batteries—Rusie ard Warner Tannehili,
Hastings and Fugden. Umpire—McDer
Stnn.lintt of the f'lnh».
Fallowing is the standing of the club#
to date: ... _ _
W on. I»~t. P. C
Halt In; re » « .742
Cir.' - «ti » 11 .«
Pittsburg 19 W C.3
Boston 17 12 .94
N-w \ rk 1« «
P l iladfiph a 17 '*» •*" •
Brooklyn !*» 1"
Loutsviiia 16 L» -**
Chicago ....11 1« .«»;
\V.i-r.tngton '*
St. LOU.S .. • " -• • li"
The lattraliaa !.*•»• Jnmt Two MlB-
•tr* and <•»*» I nder
P\N FH A N*'"; May ** Frank
S • vtn lasted M«t two minute* in hi* fiiht
Mk Joe Bu;ier. of Philadelphia. ir» th«
C. 1 rria Club t-.- ! s ' Wh-n time was
ea. -d Wavjn rmhed a: :ne "/>: rrd run
art pu-wftml him wr n his rurht over the
h'»rt B .-.er squared himself ft* the
r.ext r ,-h and x»: is*av:n with h:s .eft irj
the faoe Ptavtr. for>~«d the roared rr an
aho-it t.-e r" i •* inr.n* h's r:#ht and K*f*
r rr. n fash' n '•{ tne f a *.* d'
Bs; I B .'ler n .fnt *he Au«tra.ian r -n r»s
?tv wit.n a raht .«w n* ar>i t * latt. r f»il
ferarard. «-5 <»{«*! h';4u.-*> o».p»v.ent
ar* it *he wa'.s* \">i bo*h feiJ • r ■■ tfts !">oor
and rolled m-er. with Butler on top
Kefrree B.Uy M».M'B rviled the men
• part, and Siavm arose is a d iju*! can
Bu-*>r sauni left on the faw a--d the
A "S' *■*." > n fe. f«H Jertrt-h oil h;« ha * - s
fte«d atria.s* tn® floor titA a rtmnmim*
.%**■•* fur Rattrrtrk'i Pattfrai.
Z •'* * ,0 * k m< «•■»* »hret* om Our Comaters. Call u< (M ▼
W oae. ▲
A The OrlißMtsr for Jiae \#w Readr.
Why here, where style. qulltr Md low gm teal
# la kaai (striker. A
y Ladies' Collars. | Veilings. ♦
J AH-SH* Net Otcred Ch*nfi!e ▼
▼ dot. Hi-Inch, t&o a yard.
Washable Cream. bordered
pattern retls, Ssc each.
4 Ribbons. 4
Pun» Taffeta. »c. +
No +"> Dresden Ribbon. 33c.
NO. W Taffeta with ".ace *dg«.
X is? tßh * undin * I,nen I*" Corsets. +
Turndown linen cellar*. 15c. „ #
Undreamed leather, tans and
grf**ns, Wc - TV*. B rorseta. lon# walsted.
Fancy leather belts, 2 buck- heavy Jean, well honed, Ssc a
kss. 2&e> pair.
Genuine seal and alligator, W. B. <*©r*eta. high busts, long
$1 25. wrUsta, extra well boned. 30c a
pair. ▲
jjivtws. \v b. Cornet, fine quality
Special lot of Chamois Gtovns. sateen, h:«h bu«t, extra lonjf
X 11.1)0 a pair. waist, fl & a pair. X
4-But ton White Glaee Glove*.
any color of stitching. slls a Ties. 4
X P* Jr - )!; i
▼ u^ Button ;'Con«o- Glove*, all . All-«tlk string tie* ISc. ♦
shades. 91.1 a a pair. Reversible silk string ties. !sc.
X Shirtwaists. j u "*° ,,rmc X
Fancy Lawn. "Stanley" brand, Collarettes. 4
X II«». T
Scotch Midras "Perby" waist, Lace and ribhon collarettes,
▲ I2.<x>. He. ▲
X lappet A Organdy "Derby" > > Handsome cream lace collar-
waist, 12 50. |ji ettee. Si.so and HOOu
1 W. P. BOYD & CO. |
J 621, 623 First Avenue.
thump. He pulled himself up by the ropes
after the roferee had counted seven, but
was clearly unable to continue the tight.
Carroll jumped Into the ring and threw up
the sponge, for his man.
The fight was a poor exhibition from a
scientific standpoint, neither man showing
the least cleverness, both depending on a
wild swing to end the fight, which Butler
was fortunat* in landing first Slavin may
now be permanently classed as a "ha*
been" of the prize ring He appeared to
be In sood condition, and was I to 2 in the
t anaer Wins on n I'nnl.
LONDON. May 31 .Vt th» N.itionsil
Sporting Club thLs evening the tw-*n!y
round match fi>r £W between Dick Burge
and Tarn Causer, wis brougnt oft be
fere ,i large crowi. Barge was a w irm
favorite. He made som- clever points "lu
ring the first round* but in the sixth h«
■was cautioned for -t ri k 1 nj? too low. and in
the seventh wis dfct<iuulitled for a foul.
"Rlsi-k 1 liuß«lert><>lt'* Win*
ELM IRA. N. Y.. May .11.-4". C. Smith,
the •'Bl.ioK Thunderbolt." knocked out Jnn
Delaney. of Portland. Or . in thirty
on 1c in the second r >und at the Maple Av
enue Club ton'sht.
Another far the "Kid."
Coy was giv»n the dec'.«ion over
mi-Idle weight champion of T'enn
«ylwnia. in a «*ix-round bout tonight.
Banner » .i« wholly outclassed.
Trro German* Traveling %ronnd the
Y* rtrld tVltiinnt Mnnei
SAN FRANCISCO. May 31 Baron A.'
:le Sa< k and Baron F de Levetsow, of the
imperial German ca\alry. are !n San
Francisco. They are making a Journey
around the world on foot and on horse
A little more than a year atco !x>rd Fitz
miUer ard Elroer of th«» British
mounted troops, were th*> guests r»f th»
German officer* at th* mess of the la»-
t»r The two German officer* accepted a
wag r r proffered by th« British. It was
stipulate that th* German trooper*
should do the Journey within two years;
that they should start without any money
and should neltftT harrow mon«y nor ask
credit for any sceornroodatictn on *b«
route The main condition of th*
was that the roiite should be by lan'l as
far as praeticabie. and on the land no
wheeled v»hiel<* should be u«e<l The of
ficer* were allowed to walk or to rid#
The travelers arrived in San Francisco
recently bearing letter* to Pharle* Webb
Howard president of the Spring Valley
Water Works They are not* working f<">r
the water company *o e*rr money effi
cient to pay th*ir fare to Japan.
From this point th»» offi<~*rs will (to to
Dr. Sanders Electric Belt.
f"*" 1 * From K rt-Hty—aolfoa 1 ns%*n»tssm.
T>r fUr! f * Fi-' rv~ B*U t'" vital p*rts ■with it* vttaSiatfrur
w'k-n *.%*♦« r.ow > an-1 b».t: , 'by M<wi to all part* of tha ba4f. K ifw»M
the »r.«-#y of yourh ar4 matte* •-?* a pi«-a*i;r#.
have r*rrl**«t «rr> mn<-h bf.fH from »h*> .*» «f fo.f Belt. *r
health k.« hrrn mark t»Mtfr «hl« winter. I am of »fc»« Hrn!
•»4 worn o«( al.o of tkf irali.rM of my fc«a4a an 4 »*Hrk
|BC 0 f ||| r ryrlli*. I tta. well with the Belt. •*>* wo.M s»l 4#»
arf llmmM »er tnr m good 4hil ■«* tha» It r«»t 1# I f«.H « rt "• ■
ahull ainait rrrorohrr thr Kl»*»rlr fompa nr with • grttrf.l
fc^arf."—O- r. ( OVtKR, NoMtMH*. H.«k., Warrh 22.
v „ W/W( » n «k*> ir« w#*k r»<*4 Dr. Baodan'a b-wte. Three Cumh ol ilea."
It is free. w*:«d frvn 0.-jacrratiun. by tf;»IL
Yokohama and from that point walk to a
seaport, where schooners sail for Vladl-
Vf tok. The long walk or horseback
ride is from Vladivostok to Berlin, a dis
tance of S,7<» miles, arro.«« the plains of
Siberia and the I'ral mountains.
I lilrago Road Hare.
CHICAGO, May 31. W. D. Smedley. of
the Calumet Cycling Club, won the Chi
cago road race. The race was over tho
course used list year, being a few yards
under twenty-five mile#. The weather WHS
.i!mo«t perfect. The wind was directly in
the birKs of the racer*. The time made
lust year by F. Ft. Murphy was 1 hour
minutes 22 second*. There were 4*5 entries
today. About 3t*i startod. Snwrtley, the
winner is M y <«ars old. He wa»s a IS-miuuta
m.m. He trained only one week. He v\ »s
given a handicap of fifteen minutes and
was never headed. He had a fall at Nile*,
shout half .way, but was quickly on his
way again. Smedley role last year, finish
ing In twenty-first place. The time prise
lies between Capt James Levy, of the i'ht
< ago Cycling Club, unofficial time j hour
4 minutes 1-a secondt. nnd Harry O'Brien,
of th * Lake View and «*larendon clubs.
Cincinnati Road Rare.
CINCINNATI. May SI —There were *3
entries from Ohio. Indiana and Kentucky
in the bi> ycle road racs. today from Lin
den w »ld. near Hamilton, to Chester Park*
thin < ity. a distance of eighteen
mile*. F B. Farnsworth, of Avondale,
won. Harry Storms, of Dayton second;
Jacob Hanson, of Dayton, third; B. H.
Wilberlng. of Cincinnati, fourth.
Denver Rnnd Rare.
DKNVKR. Col . May 31 Alexander
Ptruthers of Grand Junction. Col , won tho
annual twenty-five mile road race o-ver the
Brighton course. Harry Watts, of rhe
Denver Ramblers, finished second. J D.
Thompson, of the Arapahoe Wheel Cluu,
third Struther-* won the tinte prixe a!«o.
His time l hour and half a minute. is the
fastest e\»-r made on the course. Th«
weather and road were perfect.
Iriiactoa-Mrlhonrne Rare.
NKW Y'iRK May 31 -"Hie winner of the
Irvington Melbourne race was George A.
Boden, '>f Newark, tlm* 1 *3r» 1 S; F R. Wir
rett, Ketrnev. N J., se-ond; W. R frod
w'n, Ixtran Wheelmen. Brooklyn, third.
Indiwnni»nlla Road Hur.
INDIANAPOLIS. Ind.. May 31,-Eimer
Pierce of Brazil, won the time pri*e in the
biryi-le race. doing: the course of 11 Si milea
ir. >! minute* '<* seconds The ra<e w*s
w -n by Harry t'.ordon in 37 '.9 from a live
minute start. The road was had. and
Pier-e'a feat Is onslderfd remarkable.
Delirious Duwamish Dairy |c# cream.
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