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The Seattle post-intelligencer. [volume] (Seattle, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1914, August 12, 1897, Image 1

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fm. ***"•• m '*•
■I tfebavci tint muny Klondike
I mtfits and put up the very best that money
|(Di buy*
If |f that's the kind you want, call and see us
I are sure to satisfy you in every detail.
Kl •
ij fttl*. UM AMD IWJ FIKAT AVtSLfc 9411 TM.
I The Commodious and "Dnrtlifi/I 9 '
I Fast Sailing Steamer lUI I IdIIU
[ Leaves Seattle Sept. 10
: ffrffcrtOt There St. Michaels Island. Alaska, mouth of the Yukon river, m*k
flCSMrtk-m with '*»•• river sie.imers W eare. Cudahy, Hamilton. Ilealy, Power
*lKlw»dlke Paw* tin-r»i Will l«- landed at Circle City, Fort Cudahy and Klon
e»toid mint's on or beforc Jun< 1.-. i .'i,
Fare, Including Board, /«| *wwv\
One Thousand Dollars \ vlfUvv/
t%e*f and yuortr mine* bought and *old. Investments in mining property
jals, siting »*p«B»e of sending agent*. our agents and exj>ert» are on the
fta& and svc bet 11 for VHTS.
W* Will Issue letters or credit on our n mpany at it« po»ts—Circle Cpy. Alaska,
aiftr. Cudahy. DUUKOII City and Klondike gold lields, Northwest Territory—at
tjfcttgii of i i*>r cent.
ft (teas taking iwwu" on steamer Portland employment will be (riven if they
• Mre cutting and hanking steamboat wood at the rate of $4 per cord.
Iflig*Mock* of supolle* ..r all kinds Will lie found at Fori Oct There and Hamll
tt * t)H <o«ur Yukon. For particulars apply
Rtrth American Transportation & Trading Co.
So. tflN First iirnar, Seattle, Umb.
1)1 KFt Toll*.
IMb J Hmlr Michael Cudaby Chicago 111
« Dcwaon, Klondike Got.' Fields. John Cudahy
M-Wsarr .Ft. Cudahy. W. T. i rncst A. Hamlll. Chicago, III!
(M« A. Wearo «"h.cafio. 111. Portua B. Weare Chicago, 111.
j A Slash In j
j Graniteware. j
• We have Just received a carload of Graniteware and offer the same ®
• fc tIH» at • - prices. N>t ot th« prices and judge for ®
I yourself 0
v Granite Milk Pan 7c H-'jt Granite Dish Pan f,Jc •
f| *V<»l Granite Milk I'an He Clranlte IMsh Pan 73c J
| Granite Milk Pan Mc 11-qt Granite Dish Fan H4c £
| Hi Granite Milk Pun 2lw. t . ■ Tea Kettle f,7 c 9
| I*l Granite Milk i'an 2fic • «|t Granit. Tea Kettle 7Hc #
•Ht Granite Coffee Put lie ; .it Granite Tea Kettle <M>C •
• Vtjt Granite Coffe. I'■ »t v 'l* Granite Tea Ketttle ... J»|.o6 ®
» ' ■<' Gtai |\»t S2c I s ■it Granite L4pped Bauo* ®
I NGf Pot .... 42c ®
I N Orai p ' 48iJ ' 8 ! ' i: • •
I Htt Q, R2c Il •• Up* >u- 18. 2«>c •
• «« Grant « n *"> |t Granite Par .Mc #
I 1 7J G™ " Upped Bau • P»J9o #
{ hio«m M C 4 4c •
r | ..... f,2s. J
Gut.. ■1; 1. t >y itiie. 8' haiia > r.ti>ck ill on sale. 0
• •
• Opposite Hainicr-Ciraud. •
Klondike Stoves.
BEST IN THE MARKET. Thoroughly mailt'
« t heuv\ shoot steel. Don't buy till you
koo them.
Pike >7. rj()2 First A v.. Seattle*
j r - • i • «- »to the Clondyke with a pair
■M6 r> * 5 I'- vectors usually sv Id a»
I" :r V. .it tcrs that are made. and any
h. It vl fcURSOLF. Tio F!r>t 4*.
Sleeping &ass, Kobes and Coats
FOR 1 \f»lORl \>D *-l RYh\ORS.
>>i\SKA. gTjgjrgjjgwg
Wvj- e . •r * - •"'•« u keep a full
w- ,
** ««k\ ia W - l iTS IVI2I » \V- 1 H£ '
Abu Hamed Captured From the
After a ton* Desert Mareh and a
I'lKbt la the
"treeto. Aaal»-FK)|)llaa Troop*
(naqnrr the Tuwi»-1 lie DenUk
Leader tap tared. with Many
Prisoner* aad Nach Plaader.
r Aino. An? ti.—off?«-i»i
from Assouan on the Nile, n-ar the first
ca'.-tra* t, gtve d*?;*!!* or the capture of
Abu Hamed on Auicust I. by the Ar.glo-
EgypfUn ?r»»ops und>r Col. Hunter aft-r
an hours march from M>n*l
After carrying the high around over
look or the town, the Angio-Egyptian
troop* advanee.l to the attack upor. the
village, a stubborn hous* -to-house fight
crKUed, and CoL Hunter *i« obliged to
bring up the artillery before it was pos
sible t>. curry the position. The total los*
wax twenty-one killed and sixty-one
wounded, of which the Tenth Su idanese
buttuhon loat killed among them
«*.> I rother ofTi - rs, and thirty-four
Ma.' H. A. Sidney fell mortally wounded,
whip itfii'itig hii- men to the attack, and
died li: live minutes. Lieut. Fitxclarence
w;»y shot vlmcKt at the Mime moment
through the heart. Three Egyptian oSi
cers Kycived severe gunshot wounds.
The village i» a network of crowded
houses and twisting narrow alleys, so
that moat of the fighting was done at the
I oint of the bayonet. The dervi*he* re
peatedly througu the narrow
streets. Finally, their cavalry, having io.-t
ov« r half their number, followed by
i!»'jt l »f ifiiantry, fled <r«d the dervish. *'
< oniniander Mohammed 7.-m. w.is < aiJtur
*d Another weli-kn>>wn ► ndr stubbornly
defended witji hi.s follows rs. in a
t-trongly fortitled house, and w.«s only
killed at last when tht house was de
stroyed i>> the artillery. A large number
cf prisoner*, arms. *t;.i ciards. camels and
horses, with xttier property, were laK'n.
The Nile at ki<-r« wi is in a most un
ph.i.-ant state from the corpses iluAihitf
Spala Hoaora the Uead Premier.
W hlle t.olll I'usea as a Martyr
and Anarchists Applnnd Him.
MADRID, Aug ll—The rtmains of ths
late, Canovas <i**l Castillo, arrived at 5.3S
a ni. They Were met at the railroad sta
tion by the ministers, membera of the dip
lomatic corps and the civic arid military
authorities of Madrid and vicinity. The
coffin was placed in the waiting room at
jlir station. Win re prayeri were aalil over
the remains, loiter it war convey*d to the
residence of the late premier, escorted by
a companj of infantry.
Insidt the mansion a chapel had been
arranged with two altars, and masses were
continually celebrated until n >on, when
the public was admitted to view the body.
Golli, the assassin, was taken today
from Santa. Agueda to Varsaaa, where ho
will b,* tried On arriving at his destina
ti,r.. <lolli said:
•My Calvary has commenced. A priest
w Ui try to eouwrt me, aiui the ut-ual com
tdy will be jtone through, 1 reinernb-r
what happened tu uiiicrs." mtu nonius tho
n.imi •< cf all th • anarehfcrta who have been
executed In Franc? am) Spain.
I 'A KIS, AUK. 11 A warrunt has been
Issued for the expulsion from Fiance of
T.uiitla .Vliirmul, the Spanish anarchist,
v> ho, In a speech which he made on Sun
day at a special performance at the Tjica
ler tie la Kepubllque for the benelit of
Spanish refugees in Paris, ui tp.-d that
Sen or t'UR.OVMM de Castillo should be as
sa«--lnated, The French authorities havu
resolved to exi * I a number of other an
archists from i i a rice.
THE HAG I K. AUK. 11.— A crowd of peo
ple assembled at miilniKht in front of the
Spanish minister's residence end shouted:
"l«oi)K live anarchy.' The polite arrested
!ift> .11 of tukn.K part in the demon
st ration.
1/ A'lk 11 -The executive ooun
<ll of the rv>. al PenuxraHe Federation
ha» pasmd a resolution that the death of
Henor t'«novaa del Castillo, the Spanish
jir.'itiler, ",ii th«, h iiids »tf a Wlf Ml llfl< lIH
fanatic. n *«j nlfttvllM for
el'tiel pelx-. Ution and to! ! ure nf
S. 111: in!* h.' - ; • . I.tv.u. ><! 1 ; • •.-
\\ A;u«. 11. -United States
Minister Taylor.'at San Sel>j>:san. ••atd. s
1 the -'ate dep«rtl!n<.-ijt under date »»f >i>-
I terdsv as follows-:
j "Sherman. Waghinnton: Spanish r->v
' eminent returns -dn-ere thanks to th--
j president for his mrcsAse of condolence"
j PARIS. Ans. V, - A dl-par h to the
j Fis »ro, fr<vn San 8> ha«tlan, .says that
Golll. the i«s issin. In tht eour-e o? » po
! || >e e\ iminatlon. de l »r- .1 t«vl.»y th it it
i would be President F*tire's turn n> xt.
( \I(K AHMIMi.
Irrepressible I*re«ei»der Krndr t«»
Hi-new N|i«nUh ( i\ll \\«»r.
PAUIS A c P. -Th Matttt p;.hl'«hes
A Stat! ment which | irp.>rts 'o eonie fr tn
i a I'arUst source to the fT-et that <<i»
i volunteers have I* >p. organixetl and ar
j beinr rapidly trroetl f v ft- pr v!:
| of Si-a'is r< >dy to ris- at the s . -al of
li,in t'arlo? The preteud»T. howv.r
according to the «torv "is r<»stntli; -d hy
psiriotism. and wdl iwait th- ;-#ue <>f
•he rut >n difllculty lv for- making a b.d
for the throne."
Mrhnln* K»e«rts III* to
Tbetr ln<'ht ni h rnn«imlt.
ST pKTKP.snrno \ ■>* 11 \t 11
o'ch> k this morning their al ma
•i ■» of and C-rmanv -• »t»« ! on
y ir.l the R-:-s:an v o'ht v • • " • '• "
Kmnstadt r i i«. where Kmp< ' r W:\): <n»
and Krttpr.su A : casta V tor'.a w- r«- to
i |i cliiil upon the O- rman tn
j v.i u II .fcenKdlem. The Al»-x tndr.a
»- , h'd Kr- :-• it si 1 o'. ' k■' !« f' r
r ■ i-.n. The ijuavs wer . cr -w ied
T» :r Gem- a; 1 Rm««. tn r:a • •••»• int
' mediately w»nt on lx>ar l th«» <»* r?n\n
i irorr t.-. l K • *sr Wtsh. !m where rh«y
I lnn> hed with Pr ; r>.'*e Ifenry ot .
TU- Gerr.at - ' " -n-m ' ' tt: •
r0.»,-N net!} «f,.r 4 o'cloek mh «. the - 4.
j rial was «!v< n to ®.-t ur.br waj. Th
' German ««nn. rn thundered a <»!•••*• t >
' w »h the Krv»r«*-id? r»-pl T: K- •
j Wi'' re hlth»rto s »tt now r, '
1 lute. For some t.me their i. -tt • rrit
j < #t "h! on the d«-<-k of the H. hen
xoMerr. and th- r li :ss t m * •- crs
th-» de. k of th. A'exand- •"•...'ire .<t;-l
»vt7t|r har.ds to one srt ;*
i J; w.- • r.' -iriv 6 '< wh- r. ?! V \-
andrla «team*d In the d'.rv tiort f rh"
r. w IN terhof t i. 1 ti •- H .
1,-rn ' part-! with hr ■ * ort.
(lurrlra X*lll *Kl>p'» the DfrnnnJ.
I.OKT> V Ave T -re in * k - >
course of lt« finsn-Ui artl ie today s-,-, -
"it t» estimate.! by p* n 1
i tion to form an on.r ->n thA* at .. tst .*
r-.ore w - it
. - •
' war. Ow'rjl to the short R -•..» .
Ktv h ar.d A''stroll's:;r ti r r- "
f-evd States will be the only »■ a try
abb; to meet this extra dem,.n.i
( *t«r I'oasts The t.erman \.
jST P*:T**KS v PnG A sr 11 —At >.
*».ite ban :uet v ••'■-r-' ;> Km ♦ W m
i pf o«ra;4ir.y. Wv-rv th-. >. .form .J a li-a-
fUc admiral the c**r was dre*s»d in
tr uniform ' in i »ra.'ra: in the German
navy. Sixty German naval cAcers and
* oflieem of t':.f Ba-sun nary w,re In
vited to the barque*.. The czar, speaking
la Germac. propj,sed the
"I ana highly pieijied to see as my
of the G - rmar. nary, to wh -h I
myself h*r»» the honor of beionfin*. and
I empty my (fi.tw to their health and to
the prosperity of the ?.r— and ploriv i*
fleet tn which I now Swve the honor to
be an admiral "
Where Kowlnska's Heart Wests.
PKBN'E. Str ts-'-tard, Au*. 11.—The
h- art of K'i«ko, the Polish patr t.
was Inrerrwi t "ssy In a epecial mauso
leum of the ' a «-i* of BappenswyS m
I-.vk« Zurich. The ceremony was preced
ed by a r«»i - sS» m tsass.
It Cracked the Earth. Wrecked
Towns aad Floods Followed It.
SAN KRAN' 'JP<X\ Aug. IL Additional
details of the (treat earthquake In June,
which mad<> nil India tremble, received
ia recent m«t! advice*, confirm the ord
inal reports of Its «• verity. In North* rn
Bengal. Assam and Cachar the shocks
continued for Nm<> time. The mortality
in the Cherra hills i* estimated at from
4'*o to «'»0. At Ooalpara a tidal wavy
destroyed the bstitar and sixty lives were
lost. The earth is fissured and *he coun
try Us covered with mud and sand. The
telegraph offii ♦ at Cutrhtrry and all Puc
ca building* w-re destroyed and the na
ti'.<-5 forced to flee for their lives.
The country t* flooded. as the earth sub
sided along the hanks of the Brahma
putra. MUfing great damage to the crops.
Similar rejvirts are received many
other places'.
Whalrhiirk Everett at (nlrutta
With intrrlenn Wheat.
>*K\V YORK. Aug. 11.-The following
cablegram has just been received: "Cal
cutta, AUK 10. —'The City of Everett ar
rived saf and sound, her cargo in good
condition. Met Bishop Thoburn. Ar
rangements for distribution perfect,
t'argo is more acceptable even than «•
pected. Hobb*,"
liev. Mr. Hubbs sailed from Swri Fran
cltico in June on the whale buck steam-r
«'ity of Everett with a cargo of corn
given to the Indian famine sufferers by
the people of the United States. He -vs ill
now turn the cargo over to the interde
nomination tl missionary committee, of
which Bishop Thoburn. of the Methodist
Episcopal church, is chairman, and it will
I*> systematically apportioned among the
stiff eters.
<rw Torpedo t Heats < uulract
!iprrd Hurc Than a Knot.
NEWPORT, R. 1.. AUK 11.—The torpedo
boat Dupont, built by the Herreshoff firm
at Bristol, to make a speed of knots.
receiv*-d her second official trial over a
fift-mile course in Naragansett bay today,
during which she made an average speed
of #».58. Although this exceeds her con
tract requirements. It Is not quite up to
the trial speed of the Porter, a sister ship,
nor is it as high a* that made by the Du
pont on a previous trail. This Is the third
attempt of the boat to make .her trial.
The Porter and Dupont have, under fa
vorable circumstances, excelled their con
tract speed by more than a knot.
Metro .Monster's Vletlm Exults as
Lynchers MWIHK Him 1 p.
ABHEVILI.E. N C . Aug. 11.-A mob at
an early hour this morning lynched the
r> pro Bob Rrachette near the scene of his
crime at Weaverville. near here. I«ast
night the sheriff took the prisoner from
the Axh'-vllle Jail and made for the near
est station. Intending to board tin tnhi
for Raleigh. By hard driving the mob
overtook htm, forcibly took possession of
the NI KTQ and swung bim up.
Miss Henderson, the negro's victim, was
present at the lynching, ar.d shouted for
Joy when the fiend was swung aloft. Pre
viously she made a desperate attempt to
shoot BrachetW when IK was brought be
fore her for Identification, but was pre
\ en ted.
<•!.(< OSK TRI ST » C I.IX HED.
Injunction DlmioUrd and Money
I'nld for IVorln Factory.
rKORIA. 111.. A up. 11.—The Injunction
vtaii-h stood In the way of the new gl;i
co-'i combination by restraining the pale
to it of th- Ameriein «»iu- Company, of
this «-i;i. w is dissolved this ifternoon and
the transfer took place immediately, a
certified ch> < k for ov r JS.'WO.wvi b»lng
1 I In order to forestall any 4mll.tr at
tempts at complication. All the options
or, the other glucos-e plants were s ill
pending, i.« it w is" part of the agreement
that it should be void unlets all the plants
went Into the combination, but the papers
I'.ir-s d i-s -oon as the news, of the decision
was reporttd.
••lirrrkrln "till riirnni-* Ihi in.
FAN FUANCISFO, Aug. 11.— Late this
nfternoon warrants w. re issued for the
;,tr.-t of Managing Editor A. \\". Law
i• ■ni •• and C. S. Aitk- n. exchange editor
of th>> Examiner. at th" instance of Plans
Si !«ekels. the sugar king, eharging them
with criminal libel. This is generally un
d r«toud to Ik* a retaliatory measure due
to the action of Sheriff Whelan in r« fus
!•:« to arrest Lawrence and Willi <ms up
on the ~>mmltments Iss ! by Notary
CtKlg f->r alleged contempt.
i.iwr» nie turret dered himself to Chief
cf 1' Iv» ey, and Was p h-ased on t!,-"*
i the <.o\eminent.
WASHINGTON Aut 11 V'il!iain
Cramp A- Sons Ship rd Kn..;re Bulldin<
t'omp.my. of Philadelphia, today brought
suit npainst th» United States govern
ment !n the court of . ni- to recover
- c. s ii!leg< Ito h n incurr* dby
the company in building the battleships
MamdtOietta, lowa and Indiana and
I the cruiser* New York, Brooklyn and Co.
I'-mbi i. The rompaln: nts rite details
i .«• fauM- in furnishing the armor plate
end -. i *ns under the contracts as th<»
basis if the proc« edir.gs. The amounts
claim d In the s- veral suits aggregate
V-.r.wu x
lln nii T«»irln« '! <*n In n ti .
S M.T LAKE Aug. 11 -A special to the
T'from Sjtenc-r, Id.tho, says that
H W J Br>an return*'■? p Jay from his
s. v. r.f. eii days' trip through Tctlow«ton«
i' -k He was met he?-.- ».% Smith
■i> C* t>Te«sman Hartma: who will es
cort Mm to Butte and other point* in
M -.mar.au
UK %T H*»,
l , rr«t<t>nt >lnrc». of the Kltrhhnrt.
rn.Mi'NT M <- \ 11 H.nry F
M.r-v president of the Fifehburg raib
r<> 1 was found d*»d ' tie h-»h pvim
of his home here yestenl v TVath wa«»
due to ip.-.,d«*y. Fr -« r.t Marcv hid
ten vreatlv worried of !at« over matter*
in nectiort wPh th* d.
( »1. t\ . Mbert.
riN -INNATI. O A c !* r~\ j
W A;*• r. I" S A '-.I di*H at J.t,
tv - « " a . * i . K v l.<st ?;*srht in
■h irar IVte.Ti . v - a prominent
of* - o»»r • f enrm» *rs * rebellion,
v r* '* w**h thf* Arrr ■ f *f^otomac.
Tom Green'* tu;n -ntlation.
!n s\. t : f Mr, Toa» Gwn,
f Batter Creek. Cal;f n-s. had a sullen
•"1 v rt attack of --a. He far*
it i 4 »• s of i'l .irr.Wv-c-. < t . ': I boleri
a- ! I»iarrh va Kerned* . •>*. him. He hat
- r-- n;. ended it t n-nn.T otlters and
4 i.C' . itt-' lii.. i dr.^is»
Popnli>ts keject It Amid Seenes
of Riot and Rage.
Pastaatats (lalni Their Opponent*
** ,,f Bought Hy Senator Hanna
and t anne a R«m t\ blrh I'ollce
S*pprr«*-4>g, ( torj >anicd for
<»o» ernoe— \o Farther Alllaaee
Deaocrat* Wanted.
{"OH MF!T ?
pudiated today »y the Populists of Ohio in
a manner .«» emphatic h* to leave no
chance for controversy regarding the fu
ture policy of the party The Populist
state convention, bv an overwhelming
majority, severed the alliance made a year
ago with the Democracy on the tree silver
issue, and nominated a full stat>* ticket,
headed by Jacob S. Coxey, of common* ;il
fame, the nominee for governor. Tur
bulent scene* marked the opening of the
convention this morning. The antl fusion
lsts had swept everything before them,
capturing the temporary and permanent
organization* and all the committees, and
they were on th-.ir mettle.
The threat of the fusion is ts to explode
a bomb in the convention KM like ftaut-.t.
ing a r'-vi rag, and *hni the convention
a?*embitvi, th»> delegates were re ady for
any surprise that mt«ht be sprung. The
report of the committee on ru!< > and or
der of business brought out the prnmi.<v 1
.sensation. The report provided that no
tpeech should exceed five minutes, n-K mi
les* at the subject discussed. Several
delegates joined in a protest against ihjs
provision. claiming that it was contrary
to the fundamental principles of the Peo
ple's party, and an amendment was* re
ported to strike out the obnoxious section.
Peter Witt's *<-u»utioit.
Finally Peter Witt, of Cleveland, secur
ed recognition from Chairman Seitx. and,
mounting a chair, proce»-ded to denounce
the committee making th«* report, and '»s
serted that the committee had been
bought out by Mark Hanna. He claimed
he had proof that delegates had been
bribed by the Republicans, -and he bud
the proof, providing he was given an »n
--portunity to produce it. The matter could
not be, presented in five minutes, nor dis
cussed in that time, and he charged that
the committee's report was aimed to in -
vent it.
As Witt waved aloft in his hand a piece
of paper, which he claimed was a check
that had been given one of the delegates
by mi agent of Mark Hanna. he launched
Into a bitter Invective against the antl«
fusionists. charging that ail of them had
been corrupted oy Hanna money.
Holler Prevent M Itiol.
A score of delegates were on their feet
In an instant, crowding around ihe chair
on which Witt stood. When one of the
delegates attempted to pull Witt off the
chair, the latter struck at the delegate and
a general melee ensu» d. In which several
blears were exchanged and chairs raised
alert lu a threatening manner. A police
man who was present rushed in and int. r
rupted hostilities, and a few minuus later
a platoon of police reached the conven
tion hall, and Witt proceeded, after uuif-t
had l»eeu restored, with a bluecoat in
each aisle. The police remained until the
convention took a final adjournment.
The anti-fuslcnists were not in the least
dismayed by* t.ie charges that had been
made, and the report of the committee on
rules and order of business was adopted
in its original form by a vote of 53S> to la),
whieh was the lirst accurate showing of
the relative strength of the factions.
The convention thtn effected a perma
nent organization. Temporary Chairman
John Seitx, of Tiffin, and Temporary Sec
retary A. S. Lixhtwalter, of New Phila
delphia, being made permanent officers.
From that time on the fusionists. thougii
in the minority, were very much in evi
dence, but their efforts resulted in noth
ing except to delay proceedings.
The resolutions adopted reaffirmed the
Populist platforms adopted by the Omaha
and St. L.ouis conventions, and took loaue
on several matters of loeal interest.
To In* estimate the « hnrae*.
Hefora the morning session closed a res
olution was introduced providing for t#v>
appointment of H committer t«> in\estimate
the charges made or the floor of the con
vtat'on that delegates had l*>en cor
rupted. The fusionists who made the
chart;' 1 ? opposed an lnv.-.- igation by a
committee, claiming that it should be
made in open convention, Peter Witt was
one of live men appointed on the commit
At the afternoon session the following
state ticket was nominated:
Governor—Jacob S. Coxey, of Stark
Lieutenant governor Morris Whltcomb,
of Tuscarawas county.
Supreme Judge— D. C. Pomeroy, of
Franklin county.
Attorney general—C. A. Rider, of Wayne
State treasurer—F. M. Morris, of
Auidaisr county.
The convention remained in s« un
til after 6 o'clock awaiting the r. j»ort ef
the Investigating committer-, but it was
not forthcoming and th~ convention nd
joumetl sine die with th" Understanding
the committee would report to the state
central committee.
Ka idrnre of <«»rru|itl«»n.
R. v. J. H. Tavlor and Hutro Preyor. cf
C!'-'.'-land both fu.-ionlsts. wt re 'he prio
ri!' 1 witness"'« before the inv'-stlaatinif
crnmittr• Taylor -rated he had heard
thr R.'P'jM! -ans were spendln* > imo
money to assist th • fusion Populists. H--
d* ' rmlned to find out the truth. IP*
si ! hA w.-nt to a Maj. Charles Dirk and
tol l him the were d!ssa?is!*—d
w :t>; th« Democratic campaign, and • >ie
g -ud that th- 1 fusion might be broken
up He r*ferr>d to Hugo Preyor as a
pr*-. n nent Populist whow «t-r\: . s would
l»- worth >. fUtinsr. and arrnngt-d f--r i
cA;:f-r n bf-twr-en Maj Dick ard Preyor
and himself. At the eonferene< he claim*
Ml MaJ. l»lck avri • 3 to pay tb>- exj»-r>.-s
of headquarter* literature, «ti , for th i
antl-fus:.»n Populist.- at the -!,!<> •onv. R
tion. Maj. D'-k a«k-d them tf they
needed any money for > s. and
Pr --or said h« did nH. T.ir" r \.-c, pte.j
fS> Tal a r sir ul : k-: Pr. v r -• «t- 1
to th* committe' 1 th.-* he had Taylor
wr.! to Dick for money to ;y !■-< *-
per- - and h d r» -elved a hef k for %T>
.» by Charles DP k and dr.wn on
the O; . > National hank of W
D C . which was submir d in evidence.
n fandlrintr for Governor
and Declare for Old Platform.
n<\\ V » A sr 11 T- Derro
cratie *?afe convention as-*mbl< d thi"*
morning and . f.tt 1 permanent nr* >v.:xi
»• T . ihi- afternoon ty electing E. W.
Sa- rs >-h. m an.
Immediately upon the openir* of th ■
r.'.aht J Hosce Tyler, of Puia-ki.
n f srov
»rnor. J Taylor El *->n aho had !»«- n
•f v' r'< cornt> "it- r f r
w rh»Jrew hi> nam* 4 , and wa* Imnv•; at* ! /
«*f l rw ir«, - i •f» y itm •■ l 11 *
state committee, also by ax -da mat ion.
Th r'atfijrm, « reported. "r.j«k*s the
i : w>rg deciaration.*:
"We r* fPrm th • platf rm < ' "he r.a
--* - 1 Democr.-'ic - an •!' pt* d in
< % r . :r- J :•'* ar i .. -• * - h
.<m J. «a* nominated f r p
p- > t.r > of the Pnited State- W »
e ;.->*ciaiSj- indorse th- d.-ctrine* of the na
tional I »-"novT it! party upon th- fo-jr
great are b-Jor- the petp.?
of t>:-« country, vU.: Tho tariff, the in
com- •.i i) ■ rcruiat;ns cf trusts and
dictated *y tr:*-s and aK>r.sx>-
favors a eonstituttoeal arrendx
Vl a! * n ta* may tv :--vted. a-.d
oe-.<>;;:t. .«; •*»♦*.. Rrl'l*h system of !r ?>
■ ' '—• T:-e platform al«o iV .ircs
for f-rirrs.\ry 11 *;ofl&s to isvdtcate th*'- ppjv
*•"*'" '*• * T I*' S'.!"e<4 JT,;t iT
ies - candidate* ;t> accept
t--i: res-uit of primaries.
After ;« J Uc- Edward F.ch !- of
g:au w.,h •• mina'.*<d for . •
T-te i -itform ;s Riven wis si
from the -.rrmitTec on r< at
formal -ion on it def 'rre,} to
morrow th<n th ptw;- ; n f,, r
e.- ' r l'r-»d S ate* -• naicr-s wiU
be \ iitorousi> on<a«d.
At Z a. :n. the convention adjourned un
til li a. m.
SHKH >1 \ N**i HEU.TH F tILIM,.
Keeent Interviews lti-|in<llatril nnd
K"*l HtH-ttttimcnil^d.
NEW Yt RK, Aup V A >»p< <al to the
Times from VV'.ishinsjton says An effort
i* in pn>gr. I>> Influential friends of
Secretary Sherman to induce him to
icuve Washington and »fo to some quiet
retreat, wVre ha can rest until fall, and
it is the Uellef inside of a»}mint!»tratjon
circles that he will «o out of the ablnet
scon after th» Novttnber elections.
Secretary n s S sd of
health and mind t» no lonat«>r concealed
eien by his friends.
YeaterO :y Mr. Sh« mian made tn a!>so.
lute denial of .\||
tire C.uio*M ass-f«winatt«»n that appeared
in the newspapers Monday mori;ii>K" He
s»-fins to rem»>mUr none of the occur
rerio».> of Sunday when he broujiht
his chair out on the front stoop and ne\, s
pajvef men sathci>-»5 aroui.u him and he
K»vo out a variety of interviews. The
| secretary's condition is painful to hia
( friends. A physical collapse at any time
| Mould create no surprise.
Mrilro Pi»>» IJfiirly for liold-
Artlun of T liinu NII«I Pern.
LIMA. AUK. 11.—It Is reported that the
Peruvian government will in a f. w days
d< < ree the payment of customs duties in
EL PASO, Tex.. Aus?- Il~KeteUan &
I>egetau, the large"' buy. rs of American
and European products in Northern Mex
ico. with large establlshnv sits at Juare,
Chihuahua and Cousihourachle, M. xico,
s and other places, today cancelled ord« rn
in the United States and in Europe on
; account of the raised price of gold. They
have also sent tel. graphic Inquiries
throughout the Mexican republic to as
certain what Is produced In the country,
with a view to handling the products of
Mexico almost exclusively.
CITY OF MEXICO. A<;g. 10—The gold
premium r» ached
lieve it will K'» higher before the reaction
begins. Humors that the government Is
about to take measures to pur the coun
try <>n a Koid basis are contradicted.
Among Importers there is apprehension,
but It Is generally agreed that, if dollars
fall to t" t <-tits and could k«>r>t 'h>r.'
for ten y. ars. t!s* - country would sr>».-<iily
adapt itself to this condition or affairs.
Th« stocks of for- ~ti K"" '- -re not
heavy, and have to be slowly and cau
■ tlousiy replenished. All orders are r<-
ducetl to a minimum.
NEW YORK Aug. 11 Silver bullion
continued on !ts down* trd car. e: y. ster
day ami made t new l>»w mark. London
price for bars dropped £"% d per <>unc«
and in thi- cltv the commer.: >1 .notations
fell off to s.Vvis,*' ! i«' Mexican dollar
! nhnred >n tb*- depression. bavin* sold
d .wn to The M- r< s.ntii, Safe I - p»si:
Company holds "M.fCJ ounces of s'lver
bullion, against which 351 eertifkn'es are
r. sr
The St. Louis. sailing for Europe today,
w. 1 take <5s"S • ,1 ounces of siiv r.
Cable fcdv*c es from London said that
tb*r» w,s n<> actual arrangemer t f gold
• MirniH;!" to th" United States. I "t In
quiries in th t direction have l«een made.
HON<»K*»N«J A:r 11 Owing to t*h
f ill in sliver, there is great depression in
the Import trade.
He H«*« *<«n«i by tinrrlran*.
V. ASHI*'iTON. A Mr. 11. The p ».,«a
partment has Instruct- 4 the' United State*
c sular »e<-n». Gullarr-*. at St. Vlnce; t.
C Verde W>.-. nd.«. to st of tb<
r r' povf rrnc nt th«- r- •>> «- of
S-.trr.c-f K. Applei .n an American citix-'n
"wo Is he g h- d !I ere without trial
a? 1 without prospect of ore be<,;use h*
tr~. d to - .} a fri> r ' w ':'. m he ?»>;teved t<»
be' tmjwtff confined. The consular yW
at S> Vine. ■ * is t iwnv. a-d ha* been
chirjT'd wi'h unfrt'-ndlln* -s toward
Americans ther-.
To \rm«r Plate on the < oaat.
WASIIfNOT' 'N, A'jsr 1! Th•• l'r.'
Iron Work-, of Si : Era not.-co I -
graphed the navy de; —ment askinic r
n ; > - ipply th- jrmor pla*- for th«
f :»>■- l ;ip W:s one" Wbi-'h fbey .ire
hu'iding. just as the Cramp# have done In
t!. fjs<- of the A . Bia In reply, tb<»
f,rm h «" - ■ n notlfl—l '.'.at the departrr.- n'
wi'i ' r In'o -t •' 'T '!■: n-itnec on th
v .. . t, T T a '• accepted If it is
mad' on f "-- ■ terms a t.tarops* off* r.
Car K.. irr.er » «s se> icnl u;» a? Osk -ir.d,
: Cal.. TO" lav •?• «ra«d »>h m .r-i«-r>:ig
i htr .•« -e«. »-:»rt •' arie- 1. .due, though ano
• c k 0 w HT ia D CM<J.
Fonr Thonsand Klondikers Biv
, onac at Foot ot' the Trail.
t hltkont !•*«* cannot He < ro*sed
l*ncW II >< r*e*—l n <ll an* Hnl.p the
Hate on I'ackiua to 2!i l e»n* t*er
Pound—t onrl •»! Itniniri lave«tl-
Kate* the l.o*« of tlir >t en in* hi ■>
J Me-*ie«^—MlP \\ as Taken Phroutih
the Oatslde l'«**nae in He*pon«e
to W l«he« of K%earsloalsta—\l'n*
the lt<M>k Shown on the I hart *—
Ineidents on the \t>>aae r»f the
Hosalle I>eserlhed h> I'ont-latcl
lisencer Special t'orrespondeni*.
; Dvc;i !< < city of 4 tents.
I.ettf r< r» ei\c<i by the Post-1 ntell
! eencer yesterday nnd ; rterv,. w-s »••:■ »h,
Topeka'x p rs. tell the storj ' the
blockade' at the foot cf rh*» mount iin w.>>!.
beyond Which lie «h. <old dt-ptisM* of t'>.
fabulously ri.-n Klwl.k
Great confus: >n '.s said to exist- the rn n
his wlj»hJ nit nww >»r !li. m.irK
which the miner could identify ind claim
his frv-'ght. The place has all the ,r
--acterlstlca or a frontier camp to the day*
i of "W.
Men haw prophesied that the .a <t
rush to th< north and the I <•; eshlb!t«<l
by t r Klondike!-* would t Milt n a
horrible disaster at sta. Their for. ix»d-
Ir.gs have not b»-»*u ju; tilled. 'i ii-n -<lay
of last v\* i k the Mexico w< nt down. after
Mriking ;i hidden roe It. iih. was r.-'aai
lug from I »>• ■» and had ai>nHtd a Uu
numl* r of returning excursionist? Th
d' sire of tlle.v people t'> 11.. ' .. OH llilii"
way |..l to the disaster. No on wa-»
lost nor suffered even a wetting.
For three w <-» ks men have fha k« !
to Seattle from every stair in the I'iiion.
actuated by l>ut one ue*ir« the lu ■ fir
gold. Drawn to the north by th< glitt*. r-
Ing Ki>ld-Un«'d plat er beds of the Klondlk<.
«i surely as the needle of thi iuliip.'-
swlngs to the north, thej have (lock* •! to
the r.u Ilk- coast In droves and hu»c
crowded every »ti am and viwi-l
offered for the purpose of currying thern
noi tin
At D> • a and Bkaguay bay, where the
route v\i-r the mountains to the Yukon
basin is taken, there are today not 1< •
than 3.i»'iu miners iivnmped lii white t> nt*
or blvoua< king as I• -t they may md» r
the star?. Pa. «eriiiers i*i n ■ A; ek.i
steamship Topeka, which arrival yester
day, tell tin >t>>ry of the block" !, at the
foot of White pa.,-. They p.<y that v. ii« n
the Top- lit left Kk.irt:uy bay. A':.<j
no man had >r> d the tr.-jil over tVhlt«
I vsa.
A J, M Nabb, of Salmon, Idaho, whoi-e
mrth for gold ..tai Ihe nwuntuln* of the
Rockies has extended over a period of
ttdrty-fhe years, Was a p.:*scii;.<;r o:t tie.
Mejico for th» north. leuvit x her- J::l>
u". All-Nabb w.< b«nt t>fi g'-mg ...to 'I
Klondike <rdin >ry hor.ls hip was no »:• •
thing to him This Is what he says of tt. •
P>«-ihilltU-s of gettlbg into the land of
"On August 3. th«-r<> were nearly 1 o>w
men at I>v • ,i and Bkaguay hay w-itini t >
cross tie- divide. No one had yet to--*\
!>e White pa"s aii f->r is one « ould I ir. ,
Hiul the on v Way to hr> '•< Tw. n> v .
of the old Chllkoot pa- It Is lmp<e sib »
to xet hor«<-s n«*r<»sp the immr. of < v 'd>-
koot. There w<rt ><o for.s of freight at
1 .-y.*a and a similar iimitint «». *sk .
To th" 1 <*»> men nlr< uly th« re w*-?. dd
iil the day *<> )> fr WO by *te muMp
Islander, and every day ne;i r ly, th< • h'is
be.-n some kind of a eraft with morn.
"The fju'Uftt- * for getttnit over the
mountain*) were utterly inadequate «•,
much to that there wfll he a complex
lihx K ie. At Oiflk p »s th- r- v. *•
oniy forty Indians and eighteen |»r« • ' »
hand'** 2S«> ton* of freight op (be
mountain slopes At Sk,it*'ii> thef.- w
3<»! tr?: s» and perhajw thirty i
ihf trail was not ope-n ItfMMl th"
rr it. In th" face of the-: corn lit >n - 1
cum'- bn« k."
W. Toun*. of i ;ne*u, who,, e-xperi
s In Alaska cover nearly ta.nty
>■ ar«. and who was a d< • t-ate to j» >■
K' !i'ii v i;'.in convention, at S'. Ixe.i !a-r
mrs •r. » am* do*' from !'•••» on '
Topt-ka. Hear hlro: "Tf -r> wll; be roany
disappointed one* and rami suff rinjf -sf
th" mountali pasvs Many v-h • are
n>w then* '.nd ran* *ho r- !■* f<*> '>w
will never u -t 1 th-- V ' v r.
I had not heaid of -ny ■' k *ui.> » thmaifn
the White l as- and i' tm;« '-<: !• to
pack provisions over th- Oiilkoo* etc -pt
- India* - T e ♦!« r '} : .
je-r pound for packlni; so 1. Li"'d' r
man For an average outfit of I 2<r>
pounds, the ocs»t In ir,o»t « »»>■« i- pro
hibitory Th- r— .It wo) u th - m *
»;M be forced to winter on th» <••<?«' . I
when they Into th* eountry 1 yond
th'v will fthort on provtelons.
"TL-jVi wbo do g"t over the p • >i< wUI
avo to s rt on tfro '-v.it• ? s v .*.•*« tjif
\,r v SiW'tcr ' ,»r K -v ,
=-• * through so jv«w.« fit,, wvn th«
Y'ikon Jr. ff< 11-.J !r,vu! Wl!h
• •'«•• .:?>• of ;«*'>.» jhu »,f tti*
QtWtkH) "
Mr. V. '.-nit w.i* in tho prSrato. of.
3" fM :: if. r II- K<. .'f thf > \>- i>.«» fi.
<r Hurdwtn Co during u tnt«rvl«w.
Mr Hi T i ;s t.i •>,.
«!;tk>n of the tmtJ o\ • r th. two at*4
the har.t*his*« !u tx» < ncou: t.-rvd ; a Ko«r>*
t"< •«* :. ••* Hnwi of j r.ip. In r . _»,
fount; *»M:
"TV." i ->t s n-on in wt;i -h to , :«<
mountain* of tho ChUkoot jx*- - n
M»rvh md April. At ihu t;nv of ti,„
y*vtr N* »m;>loy.si t<> |>aok
minor s <oo«h« ttvcr sh*> JM** Har»? cna
o* • > ' t , • S'.r, ;» camp, t ai '• t-» th« fv
to tho summit xh< v an* »!. tt u ,„ji
of the .faction to try k:.«1 «:t>t ii>,to
country winter ym t\. \% , „*> *
th«< snow fmiU a t»w trail hn?« to tv*
hrokm. Travoltas H v<<r> .liirt.ufi \mi.
of coursv. th. riv or froo*?* utxi *!<«Min4t
<K>w n -•!(. Yukon is no*
<">n- • "tf :i■..• v»».-k t Hi.' Mr \,v,
Mr MoNalib, one of hrr ; a ••" v-ttrr* **l4:
\\ wi>)f » k. n.tt if | > {„, rnorn .
"« A'U.W»t Hy jr !# > .. . *
• k >t rho cnirir o !>:• I'iitou>oun4»
Th« v-'ioek throw mc clinr out of :»c4.
Thoro *.w a •'hi* • r. .»tut th«* *hip .l io
pjft, Thrn stMßi w«h j>ut on. net sh#
w.-nt ;» if.nl at full sp«v>). St>->» ut"t#>r w«
*i i* to th* .!( rk«. m«t ioM to Ret
r- i.'y :o ! ike to thi* Ufebout*.
Th<«ro was no tn, r foirfiixion tHan
when 15*1 >;»!>> ! ,tvi- ,% hur'ftt Tts#
tvKtnrn n»»r»* i,ikr>n . «ro of !»r*t. I'ar'ttin
Th.»tn.:« itlhYtrd »u < rythtnit wtth crtsat
, ~. »f-tH?«»vMlO>. W t > yrntchi.^l
tho i>v-r .uui th-n
for I'l-iry's iarsltnij Wo -i\
Thi-- ]»!:: *- i! J> o'clock. a»ui vvfjit .tdhot*
cotikod • nift!. We w-. rr- v«ry htm
r> vou m.t\ Jm- «>tr<- »*•■>* h*vtmt hrtvi but
.« }>it" of hi t.'i during the rtay. Af» f
The HerompsnrlHt titnatratinn af
the ltl-fat«-d steamer Mexlrn ns ih«
settled to her nrsie in eighty fa tit*
iima of «inter ln»t Thursday issra*
Ins Is taken from u drnnlnK mada
Uy Mr. (isitlerriss at the time of the
tllsanter. lie sua a pMsseager an
the stcntnei* nn«l the eketrli waa
dinner we continued on our way, rowing
all tin tln>«. till we r« tt-hed Metlakahtla |
at midnight. Wi> were well rot!eiv»*d by
the Inhabitants, and taken care of j|
until the arrival of the Top-ka Sunday |
It is said here that the ro kon whlell J
the Mexico struck Is West Devil's rook,
and that tt shows on the charts. Captain j
Thomas said last night: "There was a |
Utile fos and -mok«, but wi> could se» |
three or four miles. The nhlp struck a 3,
rock in<l sunk In © fathoms. W hat was *'|j
the rock? 1 don't know. You will havw
to wait the result of the Inquiry befora
placing the re«i>onslbimy,"
Ulspttle as to W betlicr the ftork oi
Hilicii she struck Is »a
'ln < hurts,
it will r<<|uir< an Inquiry by the tfov
• rnm< nt inspectf r of htilh. Captain W*. J.
Hryatst, to determine the facts and elrcunt- 4
tan *s of th" wr king of th*- I'.'tcltta 1
* . • «t< .Mi hip t'irniMti j'' -ti um r .VieJ- |
li*o. at the entronee to i>t*on's sound, on
th«- m i-t'l*'.: '>t dugout ">• Virions t \IM
have !«•» n iold of th. i.cc'al.-nt. and #**vt
er-l theories hi • been advanced. It *•« 'M
i wit'i eniinj; >'i»hi r:ty yesterdjy -
that thi ro k whh-h was the cause of tha . '
Ah hO S undo!-!* wa : We t 1»< vfj re *ic :'■;£
and that It • la.v. <>n th« chart". The tlrst
ant- of the di- -'der «ent out from Vk'»
lor i w« r to t? T-- -f that the r"ck tril
hidden b«-ne i:h the wa -es and w.ts not ' ■
i! ,wr: on th srt Dixon's sound I# Mi
tin out ide ro -'e to \ iska, and has Is R
ci-nd i-red an 0,i.-n ntghtvay.
1? w .'•■•• •' vi ' ' ! iy. on the authority
of I it. 8.,»* II l,». Anderson a paw. n**f
on th.- Y. * > that the «tetmer's <-*ourf#
»•- eh tru ed »■ as t"f* her o-itside, ,% t :„|
t'ra h of « .vmg p; hours on the -rip. j.
The c-arge v m '• |,y the eaptiln s*
,1 r < 'iit of - petition eii.uh-.te-d by tha
t'hrls'lan Knd. ivnr eseurs'onlsts «>ti till
j* who were mxlotis to re >-h Re at a#
the time Unit on their r-turn tick
rr K»«t hid expired. >.^
\, mir ; ".ot of 'ti< r *.p show* tliat 1
j a j>,, 'on irv ' 1 rt*> << 'tie Ain't I fl
■ . hi' -I '■ <.««!, th." A!' *lcO *<W»ld ™
, , ■ the ...a '»• SS evf.
. f . . .< .-v : '• mm returning
f, , rfi Sitka < - by th. !t;e d. '< ' •.'«"» >
, ►, s , ~rdi (• v f•• r-eoeb'-r than tha
is, ~1 }•■ ; > it , fly I'lf • .mshlo Qm«W
UMN ) to » jIK , ou ■ ii" for « |H
. . f t ».., wiy, turnlnc In agalft V S|
p.,, . r . t .1 y< :.r eh« ha» *
1.. it. ke- .Ing the tredde route,
.... j. ,» , f . . *p. ri* ■* •'d naetsa- . *
, - .'1 employ ed In tIWM'W*» »
• ' tiirr.! -r of veins. JI- was en -a
~i !■ ~,( *v . 4 w In -il#
, Th'-'efot the responrtblll'y j
tl rdi -» U
, V - * T-. . lit ~t ttd-ralesi.
. v'i d-1-rmin 4
• '-a • ir .r -a by IHa
~' yl' Induced to
.. , the matter ye»t. rday »l" 1
. ( f «*. n.- •- ■ • «ruek a re k
, , r • li eiit ' >
■ r> ' " of water.
~j ,t»nd th roefcT* he »«
"I rr <*!•' " he «sUI.
Th t ■> ' ' tt Iwjttlry J tfck'ng ♦'*-
11 m■ ♦••« lay. I' »' <'«"<*** *«*
I The be-ring w«
* d n »he off ( -e of IP *i* '
!»f. -nt ' 1 closed dOOti
*:' of er« »nfi ittw of fhe wrecked
steamer Will testify trxlny "1
I: . iv H-e.'th. of -he < »regoa Improve
nant Compjtsy. own.rj of the steam-hi^a

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