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The Seattle post-intelligencer. [volume] (Seattle, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1914, August 21, 1897, Image 7

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EP "
feasaS . 6v m r ,uua
Cit i, k -FI-Y KR -
T® E ffiy trtga. s i'.^Tacoma
- B1 -'
a » a. m.; 1. 433. 8 p. ».
*i^ 4#
Seattle—* * K • 12 ? L: - 6 a f "
Ja <|W >a. m - . . Jf_v m.
Ncrth-rn Pa- -'- ,* ; ; ar f Ztl
dock, loo<. of Mi
£is*% FU r * r - d StAt * of
el<*<ran: ateamere t ■»«-
TV Parbla a d Walla
*J*% r";. tor San Francisco
a-<1 Vlrr >r!a B C.. at
Town , - J2 lT -2 27 t Stptenj
la a. '*>■ October 1. «. «. I*.
NfliV, a: Ran Fr.nciaoo. a. m
2L .fi at 25, »>. trmotf ♦ a,
f - A. » 4, >, 1« i; W. »• N®"
a, K,*• | runt* !■•'<> fwr ae-
B C. and Port Towna
attic ** * _ Jti.y JO A »guat 4. 9. 14. ft
I * 13. In C -• October 1
?T2. D- S'arle
1 * 2 : 11 l", a rr. 6^pu«ber
f *. O#tohef l,iU.4> 36, Zl.
* wj * b, kmt: r« (tnre». tit? of
2?7«riujka, at 9 a m . Anrirt 2, 7. U.
Srptensber 1. •. 1J If i^ c "
r *•, ~j 21 26 31. November J. Dua
E3f L All^—'' U. U. ,i 4. ». «<P
i»» r,"i r> wr? 5 October 3 * IS.
Sffanarr rewrvW -V righr to change.
f DGK In p P Bupf.. Ocean
n*lt Office, ft* First avenue.
Sftßu- PKRK 'SS A CO.. General
3\n Fraitctaco
115811 iHIP COMPANY.
. fttteer City of Klngvon hetwatn Ta
, Jem V?**r, *nd Ylctorta. B C.
)i *Tac >ma lift Ar 4«i na
FFJSA L* T2Pt. Tow;-end 2S,Ar,U:l«am
Victoria M Lv 8;»W®
•rfciiy except Sunday.
n.i.» *«uu«r furnishes f rat-claaa accorr,-
•odatloni carrying both freight anl
Si«ri*ers ar.d kavt« Yeekr wharf.
Ptt>. for Victoria, at >:3u p. m. and for
?»ar>ma at 2 p. as.
f*aa«ifer» for Victoria can occupy
until 7 am.
Far rates, tickets, etc., lnqutra of
Agent. Yealer waarf, Scattia.
Oereral Ags-nt N P. Rr . Seattle.
•p-fA Card.
r Champaign. Skagit River route,
tores Seattle Aug. 16 at 1* a m.: Au<.
« ti 16 a m.; Aug. 21 a- R a. m. laa*. s
Stmt Vernon—Aug. tf, at 1 p. m.: Aug
a Jf 1 a m.: Aug 22 at » a. m.. calling
t> E*ere;f Thunday, going nortfc. Ex-
Tuaadsy. Aug. 1«. to t tsalady and
Caoevtik. leaving Avon «3u a. m., Mount
Venae "M a. ra.; fare. M>c round trlr ;
at Tuiallp. Stanwood, Fir, Skagit
CRTKCi at Veniofi and Avon
Car Dock— fteam«r« for all points on
ft* ftcurrt. Opfß all night. H If Mc
-6n!lALt> MA« er. Telephone Main 87.
V yeo ara Koir.it via this route, you caa
(Mafford to take chances on getting your
teat lam'Jer at Lake Linderman
The Kerry Lumber Company is making
a taiock-<Jown boat that is especially
adapted for this trip. Don't fall to get
m* and save yourself from two to threo
eeekf' time on the trip.
Telephone Main 100
Mills and factory on tide fiats.
tm Etcaralon Rout*—Up trip via we*t
|un«* rtltim Tla east »id» Va-hun l«1-
irtd B wtncr OHilf will leave Clly dnck
toßr *ir»pt Monday at > a. m for Tuco
m Rrttirnirsr. *11! lrav Tacoma at " 3D
tm. frosn romrn«rrial dock Tueeday.
|tan4ay and Rii'urdav via *t pa«»R|r".
simJ Friday, stopping h- V*«li
ee »m! Chautauqua. Freight Xor lacoma.
h ptr ton.
J. F. VAN'DKRHOEF. Master.
iTR* gari.and and evangel,
■attic and Town tvl-Nra*! Rajr Route.
WW Garland l»av«i Yml»r dork Sun.
lay*, Tu**day« and Th ir»<i»ya at U:s)
m. fw Part Towns.nJ, Port William*.
Port A: > I<\*. Port Crm-'Bt
Catyrabunt P>fht. riallitm P*y and N- nn
»r. ntwnlnf, arrive* at B*aui<« s p. m.
da>». gf»am*r BranvM Iravi
I»»lar do-'k for fort Toarnacnd Port An
*'»« and Victoria Monday*, Wedn>a<iaj a
»»d Fndaira at «J0 p m ; arrives Settle
aiVrrta'f day a at I » p m
Carry tr* V 8 Mail
••Port Orchard «;id Port Washington
•Wit* learra City do * *on\ of )tvn
F**- '3B a. nv, eating ar South Beach
PWlw! Brick Yard Rr<-m«rt"n. C 8.
Jtiry lard. S*<!n»y, Charleston Traryton
y?Sw St!v»-rda !*. Port Orchard
Pary Station at J p n amvr* at
1>- "» K- N. R..»iin->o. master |, :tv.
1W» »t*amsr BAY CITY for Anacortr*
Fa&fcav*; or Whatcom. Latavv* Commrr
«*l ««k. Tarorna Ip, m. City rtorlt
P»t Main
~® or * and Km! R*turning 1»«vn Whit
V m _ J* m Ts.lrha\r'.< sl' p m. .*• !
|p<®rt«» h> p m fun . and
fr- rare#—B itt!.' fi, or J1 T<i round trip.
Tacotta I! 8. or round trip
jfgy, . W II t't.T.TP
Wrtytnc PtUtod mall. l«s»\ p* O't
•*"*. foot of M tin Mon lav
*«<w*4av and Frldax at 1 a. m. f>>r Port
L***nd San Juan Inland* and New
2_a;<vtn, Kt'urnlr.g New What
tajt Tuaad*y, Thursday ar.! Sa'-jrday. at
;' * •! R Thorn *cn m -as: r-ow #r,
<»y. Regard ua tt Co., a««*r.!v City din k.
Main r
, «TFA*' H VV'T\
wa*w OalValth i.i << f.*« of lVi«virg
** atr#*< Tu*->la>< '' ;rv ' v and *«--
jw*jt *' J_ •'cW'k a n fcr Klnavtcn.
NT'" *'' on. Holly,
tl!l UU L W iU P Kv " l< n *i-i
"VWs v, V Maata*.
. s«!T'r msrt r prr' «*r
for Bva , •: ■■ - « rt o".
8K »•£>*!-• • « :
Z £ *■• Nav v Ta: i »• »,• p -
v-Jk'K** r '* t • • cv."« Si
*** \»v r Vr. <M c „
r -t .r ,-h, -r . , • KeJ
TACiFI- N A V '* :\ • \, x>
«»* oird ia r:<r -.; j
KVt ur " * V, UATCOM
a> Rot "TV
fcV*'* JwMi < !• . p ~.i,
Sf? **>-»?>{ s., ->« , . , . "
I*TT! r ji t » 1- ■ r
w rocttr
fcfiaV ? a AVr » d V. **copt
- --■ fS!w * l 5 • m
M>;n r«, ■* •. r
|>«^ T V OR? v '< "ND
K"*® L' -"" lw ' N Rwtt «li
« v *- * vt
•a fvr M " • a'• i w^»
w F
JJN ( Br " c mm
c ainv: V£... , W
„ TAOOM-k.
•*ka J Ay p r
li^ER 4 *>4
* A-# V . I
11 : *
* - . ~ - -»tr.
*** - ItaicJ » ~k.
_ «DA!LY>
AT 1 P M A
Tel. Main 97. CITT R>OR*|F
B**KS. "
Capital stock paid la
. Suipiua g &Kj
Jacob Furth
E C. Neufetder Vlca P^^!
R. V. Ankeny Cuhltr
Correspondence ta at! the prlncti.Al c!ti*«
in the Unttad Statea and Eur^
Paid-up capital ,*IVJ <w>
Burplua 15) 0»
McMlcken President
J H Vic* p r adent
Lester Turner Caahler
General banking bualne«e transacted
Sight and teleitrapftlc exchange payablo
In all the principal din of the
**nlt<d Sutes and F: tropa.
Letters of credit on Alaska
payable at all trading poets of the N A T
A T. Co
Incorporated 1887.
Capital S3OO W*>
.A. A. D*nny
\'ice pr sident W. M Iji id
Cashier ...... - F R. Van ISIVL
S;aht exchange and telegraphic trans
fers on N- * Yr-rk C' l-ag S» Paul. Si a
Francisco Portland and various points In
Or gon an l Bri lsh Columbia.
Sigh- bill* of xenang* on London avail*
abi • elsewhere in Europe.
Coilec*loiiA made at al! points on favor
able terms.
Bonds. e:ock* and oth»r valuablee re
eetvei on deposit for safe keeping,
Occidental blcck Seattle. W ash.
Capital lIWOOO
Jacob Furth President
Arthur A Dcrny Vice Prudent
John Leary Second VI. e Pre- I lent
JIM # R Hayaen. Manager. <'ash'r. Secy
Frank I. Blot.lgett Assistant »'aahler
Sigmund S< hwahacher. J< hn CoHlna.
E. C, Neufelder. J. T. Grecnleaf.
Transacts a savings bank business ex
Deposits received from H to *IO.OOO
Interest allowed jcr annum; Si* per
ce.u. on term deposits; 4 per cent on or
dinary deposlta
Dividends declared la*t days of May and
Novmber made on real estate or
apnroved collateralr only.
capital >3OO 000
Transacts a general banking business.
M. D Ballard Pre*-dent
H. C. Henry Vice President
R ft. Spencer CasHt.r
Sj»'«tv P«pr«!' R *c« fof T>r ?
voncomfer. y wsiiiw ml t was 11
en Gotuaim
Tkr thortrC and Most Direct
Mil i ill*
Mill DK
Takln* tn aii the principal aiming eaxnpa
en rvute.
Thivu*n Parlor ('am dally between Se
attle ana Vancouver. K. C
Train Irtvr* t!aiiy. > W t tn.;
arrlvta. J' m.
Tr*:n tr f ; ulntif »ni North Hera
IravM sU-at:!<> daily e*o**i * Sunday, at
4 1? p m , arrl\t*. it) 10 a. m.
r A. KL.LT.X
Gen. Fri'ijeht & Pi** Art
R TV PRICK. A*r<mt. Union Station.
The o«l> rout* to Utt oopular and artiva
Uiwuuia of lloU CWfpMt
Cr«|(. Ma.-.in Cre*-k. SU\ rt n. l»*«r
Cr..k, 0 « l-»*e and Mont Or >m.
\he rout« for louriata. Rsh.r.f
and camping part'ea
CvSUIWK A:fU -4. tv.« Kv
ertit a Monte Or.-: R.iuway c mpanjr
WIU mail ii-' * dfct _. tr < u • ■"• I©*-
Trtiski wfU !< *v« Kverftt Mont#
Crwrto tv»r> niviri ng. »aturuA|
atid &un<J if. at 1;* *•***_.. « ~
Tram *:t! !-.vc Mi nte Crtrtn for Kv
trvtt at i O tn ' >tO nwrn'Bj
bumlav and Mom Say.
t>n T H-'i. r ! r > - * 1
run to Sil- r: n . riy. and «n W*dr ;*'*>•
and f'r-.d t* »b> l* r.» f«uverton and ».*-
crett ofsb .. „ n . T .
A.»ax T*»L» T r«
/_/J -* Lt . X , rr«~ . !»•> -"•J» ■• i V «»-
W * fl
V " »
A -%■ :■ •• •:
»M. i a-o >•-•« •« t!p *•*«:»• Aja* x* « * ■ J
h»<» •urwl tai>o«iHi. •»< « »•» . w * VT '
t!.U» w»;*«■■ „
nt nl«>j iiM t rrt«-a t : * "
nl»r.u« f-< »-••.->««< »* s * t .
ajaV REvuiiV\ CO.. - •
Fir hy #r#wart A Hf'<w Pruf
C« "*59 Flrii artnuc. aa4 K. B. Lai!l!M4
rir«' and Mario*.
■it {£> j , »Jaiw»'r - -an.«i <*r»; >; a.. ».
I v « <-♦ Iw? t» 1
l v rr ;
■ M.' V. .
■ VC7 i •
latroKC •»» »>"Tta t
■ pi »r%r rr \ .■?!? -. -. a !hw»=»- »>*'' f*r •*—. %rr trmiftlai w*--i
°. r, r - ••; . • .. ■
Fr«aV»i.j Cci-JB- * aUoela. S«*tU«, ffasl
\ t rs\ Cil
the following popular route*:
—Thr -fh Or-con and <~aß-
K UoMd fern la
(Iff, lAn —Through Sacramento, Sait
Sinuot —Through Lot Artrelea. CI
S& me ra*e* u via Northern Line*.
*»■ »•
Fro•»> Seattle. tours«t; fIS. fret-claae; both
including bert>. for it tin leaving every
d.j ■ at IJC a. ai
T: Jc«v* «> ail points to Japan. China ans
HawtiiiA laiaada.
THOS A, GRAHAM Dist. 1»a*«. and
f>> i n Agent. <l* First Avenue. Seat'.!*
V. aSh. *T; Pacific Ttroma Wa*h.
and law. Art., Portland. Ore.
PpMM|# For H«waii Ba
t Mil It *noa. New Zealand
■B and Australia S. S.
>—r~N Australia to Ho no
-Bsps»j U*l*. *?'*;■£
for Honolulu. Auckland and Sydney.
1 -,ur*dajr, September ISth, IK«7, at 2 p. rr.
T A. Graham agent, *IS Pirn avenue, Se
at J. D. Spreckela A Bros. Co», Saa
UtfU N
f>t. Paul, Min uenpulla, Hnlnth.
l'ar«o, (irnnd I'orki, (rouLilna,
W Innlprf. Ilrlrna. And Hutlc.
Iblraico, Pbliadelpbla, >\ ••hlnstua,
Arvr lork, Dnaton and Alt
Polbu F.a*t aud South.
j. . .
* Iht Jflnfr*s Popular Koate ■

«? —xu— J
s ♦
* - A A H ALL— H
■Kootenai Points. ;
TIMK *C H»:ut LiC.
Ic I 9< f| \pril ar». IVI7.
] For Spokane, Kos=.at:d, St. Paul
and E**t 4 >«) p rr.
For I'.rtlanJ ..... 9 5" a m.
•For Olympia i.ti a. m.
•F«>r <«ra-.'» Harbor and South
Bend 9.30 a. m.
l or Taccntia, 7.13 attd »:S0 a. tn..
4 . . t ."00 p. m.
From HiK>kan«, HusaiAnd. St.
i'aul and Eaat 11 "9 a m.
K-om Portland f <»fi p m.
•I- rorr Oljrmp - 6.(6 p. m,
•From Gray'.s Harbor and South
Bend 6 p. m.
Froni Tittima, > #> and 11 39 a
p , >i U6 and S 30 p. m.
•i>*Uj except Sun 'ay. AM other-- da ly.
" ala i aril sub)*" t to change without no
Thrn'.jth t k' • - • > J\ IRI ,i 1 ch! -a via
North«m Pacst SetimsMr' Cotn) .tnv
For rate.- i-ut*** and othvr :nfurniat>oa
call oa or addreaa
I. 4. X \DK %t .
General A* nt. S.attlc
City Tlck. t Office, cor. Ycaier aay ar.J
Ftrat avtnuc.
Ti* *~*ff e. romer av
enue and Columbia street
Ar»t ;-n»r«l P*»»»n*er Air'nt
N S M • ■ -ii »i: t. co:n»r Third.
For'lard Or.
I|P you love®
your wife©
her a Oas|]
fcO3OQG3C33G'C Q
f** f *aU.a B-*»C
' - v o«4«i«ai ami 4H>*y A
k "- '
T» rf •>!:.• t" l«4"» - »
V if li<!l •
~ V—r » *** «ai *X * a ««*,
*• Aai t n» *'• rillhiiMi i **«h.
V i -•" '.f •'•
v E. - J s • ;
is . -V .
Seattle. A :r. 3>
Exchs-ges at the - . -• * anJ
Portland .faring It oases t:-iay w-re:
Ceinr w. B - «^cea
Seattle 0 I> * ®
Tacoma ISC *C >» T. r<4 «>
Fttrtland Mitld » 4 J -» «»
The reports fram the East yesterday toM
a storv of how the price of wheat ■» a..-
vaaeing Where the whole thir.g will end
is a q • --tion which the greatest financier
en earth would not attempt to answer.
T- e Was r .:mrtoa farmer Is far away from
the E. - -m cities, where al< the exeste
c-Et ove-r wheat is raging, but wi.en it
comes to the i-aying part of t!:e pro
grtnane h4 will have something to say.
T-is state, with its H9W.980. busht - will
rr*i> a gr-at t*Cieflt. A day or two ago it
was announced that local pr: «♦ ha 1 drop
ped bck o *3c and v»-. but yesterday tr.a
pOtac prices were Be and sc. None was
b u>- t at that price yesterday, and the
mill man who wants a supply for his mid
will have to do better or temporarily clots*
his mill.
"Time was.** said a gram man
y«et«rday, "when we did not Lke to tell a
man that we did not have any wheat on
hand. It la different now. It g:v-s dm
pleasure to step to the and in
form our c :t-iom<rrs that we have r.o
wheat. It is a little hard on us. but I
know that thousand* of farmers in the
state will be benented by the enormous
prl e which wheat is bc .nd to brir.j be
forr the present bidding is at an end '
The big wheat buyers of the state t'at
hav- -.ft-i e- :n '*:■< ■ ity do not make any
Statement as to what they will par- Aa
yet the*- have not s;art-*d to buy. and tor
that reason have not agreed on the prlca
that they will pay. .
Butter t'>ok a jump yesterday, and the
best cream* ry is now jobbing at 3ftc. The
advance may be a littie surprjje to some
people. When butter went up to I>o. a
few w-eks ago, f«-ar was expressed in soma
quarters that this price could not be main
tained. F r a time butter was a nttse
weak at 15c, but for a few days past it has
been firm, and yesterday came the ad
vance News from all over the big cities
of the country announces an advance.
Eggs were w-ak yesterday, and tt Is with
difficulty that a farmer can place good
eggs with the deal rs of this city. J
what the future of the egg m*rk*t will b«
no one knows. This year eggs have been
v<»ry steady, and it was expected tr.at
they would continue so. But the S r "? J t
import of outside etrgs ha# so disturbed the
market that dealers are very much Pijz
x.ed One deal-r said yesterday that he
would not buy for the present, because ha
f. .»! .1 a further drop. That there ar#
many outsl !e «-ggs in the market there is
no doubt. They ar»- very inferior to ti:o
fresh r«nch egga but are being sold to
the public in many instances as strictly
first-cla -s ranch They are not. and expe
rienced dealers know it. Some of the out
side ear*.-- are all right, but many of them
are very inferior.
JoltbiDK Quotation*.
The following were the i-»b' ".r quota
tions of wholesale dealers yesterday:
Klour and to#**-
yobbar.g) tloMer. "O" in W't P* r
lb t"*v; extra "C" in bbls. per lb. sc;
dry granulated in bbls. per lb. cube,
6-'% powdered, spot cash prices.
F'our. etc. (Jobbing) Patent Excellent.
15.25. Novelty A, fc, Callforria brands,
S St; Gold Lust flour, W-73; buck
wheat four. per bbl, f> ;i ® P er
cwt. J3 7"4 graham, per bbl. f* 40. cr
10-11) - s cks. $. e> per cwt; rye flour, P' ■
bbl. It s>i. or 10-lb sacks. f2.50 per cwt:
rye meal, in r bbl, »l 25; per cwt, i- •*>.
rolled oats, per t.bi. liu-i.io. hommy.
cw: fj.2" cr.- 1 w: -h.i. per • wt. B».
fisked wheat. II 1 30 per ra-»e. whole wneat,
flour, p»r (»•[, u 25- jviri bar.ey. iv-io
sacks. 4c; 2,dh i»xes, split peas. P«r
l')0-lh sacks, ic; 2Mb boxes. corn.
yeiJcT7, lUs, (I.U, s*». & w . K
10m, f! 60 fi 45; flaked hominy, bfcia.
13 75. kegs tt Z ~
Coffee oot»bi:.g>-Green—Mocha. P"
JSC- Jar*. pf»r fh. Costa R-ca,
per !b. i4c. Itaast' 1 -.!—Arhuck.f
r r cwr . 36 lb cases, per cwt ft-».
Java. 50-ff, tlna per lb. 2&c; sacks.
Aden M*ha. 37Hc; Cars cola. TW- Qv '?£
mala, 23c. (r-mr.a coffee. !*5-lc; Laon, Ums,
f1i.60, $12.75; 2*». r2.«5.
>lenm, I'rutiiiiißi snii Fi»b.
Fre*h Mt »:* (• >bbir>if>~Cow beef.
steer beef, o-ftj'ic per lb. mutton, $c per id.
P per !•>; veal, per lb.
Provision.'- (Jobbing) Hams, large UJ%C,
bnms. s*r,ail. ll'.c: breakfast bacon, uc,
dry salt sldea, 7\c.
* r»*sh Fish (fobbing)— Hal lb at. Sjj-4c>
salmon, 4«-V. safmon ti>'it sc;
3Mi4c s ies, 4c ro 'it cod. ici black
bass. sc; perch. 8' «tc; mountain trout.
shrimp#. !©c
Hatter, ( ht-rir, iKg» nnil I'onltry,
Butter Ranch. 1 «1-V; Washington,
creameries, 2-!b prints, l^3c,
Cht-eac o >ativ« Washington,
10611 c.
F-,-gs (jobbing)—l -'V".
Pouiuy oob'inK 1 »'nicker.s. K'wiic; live
Wright; dri-wnl ch.ckc.ia. lS^c.
% r««■'n I»ie* and i'rult.
Pi tatoea (Jobbii g)— New p latoea. sT*3il
per ton.
V gel.i':>ies t.ol >lng>—Nativa peas, £ :
i"w «"allfoml.i oni«>~ silver skins. SI-* : <i
1 '«• p*r P*» lbs; beets, 75c per sack: cab
. l v»i\c p<»r lb; carrots. 50c; lettuce,
l"c per <i i. cucumlx rs. hutl •isc, V*e P* r
«b»«, h 4house tomatoes. < 36c per box;
Wenatchee tomatoes. SC«3&c; green corn,
i »• j*eT d 2, sweet i tatoes. (LS p» r b 'X.
liretn . ru; *. »•«
California. $i i"; selects, $3 S): new
native Astrakti nt at ; e-. C"' i
irton apple*, Z"u~Alexanders, 75<-fjl':
tjravenstelrs, )1 '.atchee apples. $1 'Jf
1.2T-: liana nas. s2'rt2.so, oranges. $2 5C©3;
blackberries. 81 per crate. California
P A< he«. Craw fords W per box; Oregon
• 'niwfords. S' ! &'»v. Wervatchee peaches. .*4)
ir i pe-r bor; Bartb-tt p«ars, per
box p«*ach i>iuri«. 'JVi {."> ( <Hfornlii plums,
JSc per box: crab a;>pi-s. I>i¥>c.
fin;, brain unit »
Hav - ;nd. per tort.
8J 5 . :as -v .n Washington timothy,
alfalfa, ttf.
i ijo : rs)--SJL
Wheat —S3K.
}ia v Hulled or ground, pet
ton. 823.
«'orn -W le. tTfZ. -'racked. t3<{2: f-ed
n~- 'i. t.1^22.
Millstult.- (jobl ' -.g) —Bran, per ton. 114;
siiorts. p*>r tor. |i7.
F >d Chopr >*i :« •' per ton. tnid
«i. • 4s, per w»n, SSI, o.- cak.- meal, per ton.
The *>HK*k Ksrhnnjje.
NEW YORK. A:r 5> T e process <>f
r t»n t!> >*',>: c inaed «d
--\ marki; went on ard was re
f,. - ,ii m the >\y t : • « : tr market
sr. '>or. ' k» oj's;-ie buying.
Tbe selling wa< m :t of b> emmissi. a
house* and Is i res-.nr. , !y of holdirgs by
tfte ou:>h'- public, v. h f,«>\ <? sroven fearf :i
of .. dec' ; ir>e. A h: u. . ofT- rings on shl<
-i • ium w-r- large nC i.thougq the day's
s arp d*<clln« uooom«<l i*rg»- numbers of
»kt. . -ios- c dfis a ; • « b e«er n<«
wT" pr< 'ty well 1 <>r i- rs were
apparently waiting movtm nt. but the ex
etoange mark"' wwk Jed no immolate Hke
< o- i f tmi-nr > f sr •;•*,. Th» curious
< tadictson in * •-1m «•• i«*b has >-*•
ts-,-d for mitit' « p -■ : t e Lon
rt n and New Vor«s r ;s fo.md a new
V ase today 1'? ;• - fr Am rtenn #»- uri
• }i came h srher *r .n this morn
i jr. tadleaurig ad-: - , . of the reaction
in ;..r - In tne N ■> V : „ t . tk- . Pur
i *«,, - r. N w' y ■ \ f - •: a cor t
w-r-re iiso of n- s'ly sil • • protnio» nt in
t : v.lor.al s* v-ks • •- of : »e fallit.g
i -•*» of s- f f hi - .iOCOsi* 1 '
w-'. -r-.-ited a: 1. N The N«-w
\ it nrjrtft ■ , : the !**ntl
m t Lt>' icr. •,r -rid W'-nt on
nsr Hr'*- 8 -f \m t.-an -ecuriiSea
f Tt f 'sr. i id L.rge re
v n4> a> Uj g s >.a.*r rs fri.>m Eorope,
a d r --.t orde s : c .is- placed :n
t: LonC'.-n marlte? r >• N»-w Y rk hOt:s*s
I ~e\<'loprd f.i that tho market
} * '--s-n prettj well *t; ;>sl cf ARMtioaa
si ni ■ Ted jit, r .'n- J ok, d l;ke
a ~<*s:." • n the pa*: of f.*esg*.«rs to r—
pienish :helr «u, piy i American s:o Ki
i ' x:vin' 4 «i« cursldert
-1 r«r a p :n: a a cumber at
t: a S :gar rr.-n . -r a rar-ite *>f
« • ,t two p. rats s„ th» to buy oa
n : »'e -i wn so : ,-es w-t a re
> * before thtv ii r- -de«i far
r > i In tf - »* ' k nr.*.-set ltd r • re
' 1 :i •» ■*«.;•.* ibs at, »*
i» - •mt. v.raw the x A ?*r as th«a ri-*«
w.ij, ii»* o t -jinic : " asd to the
;,m "j the pri of v. • v : . England and
itisent. It was a favorable Inflaenrn
< •; ■ *•> «t > *« a.s ! : K TfAW d psiT
ffc.mr/ p« » r tr ti <? : i»,i« of the farrr
,-« • so far as w»» aj# o f*ars of
to tha c: 1 .* it i to lower estl-
J «: « -f the s;';it*.g a *: crop. U atTe<r;<sl
-no* ai,..g * pr-.*i.v. - de r «sed toanaga
vf Um freight to ' • i: Reports
of s;j.'h crap co? were v*-ry prsva-
I tin W.J. a - i* ,i *>» nearket
r.»f« led qui--* y. - tn* g- aagt-n.
1M coi.t:nuet! f :su»n of aiexitng ex
«" • fates was a.,: » rc.- f*--
..r ia :he market. L -to e and tag conti*
roc-riey center- re : ns 'o v - 5 fencing *
to determine which shall meet the Sr*s de
mand for geld on <3 court -f the hrary
cr p. but l§ n*t .?ha~ g *a# email.
The bond market d:-?iayed a heary tone
on moderate <i*-a:ra*. The -:«-"iilat "n
**« iarstrly centered ta leading -a
and th*r-> v » d->-:'-4 abatement in 'he
foreign demand i r tnura. The aggre
ga*e aaies «• re II
OoTerrsm.>at bcnd» hardened slightly sa
ligni purchase.
Hoiiejr and Ksrhssxe.
Money on cal!. e&sy at mfl'n p»r sent *
i last S-ian. m. per cent.; doeed offered %t
I*, per cent. Prime mercantile paper, 5\
ft 4 n- r cent. Stirling »i -fc t r c, st-a-iv.
with actual buatneaa in bankers at
''-'Hit ♦ K\ for demand and at 14 *3
4 for sixty days: posted mt-s W -4 a
and |( enmmerctal btll-*.
K.tt. Stiver ate« V '".'T Bar -i.-
Ver, C\c. Mexican dollar*. ♦•Sc.
Government bonds strong, state bond*
dull, railroad bonds w- ak.
U. S. 2a. Reg .... rr-. D. A R. G. T* ...110
Faurs. Reg US Erie 2ds
Fours, cc H * S \ fc.-'
Near 4«. Sevens 11 ,l a
NVw 4s. coup .1351* H A T. Cen. Sa I^'a
Fr.es. re* ... Sixes ... 1^
Fives, coup ..liS'-fcjL A N. UnL •»«.. sS'a
Par. 6e of 'J6 ...1 . M K. T. Ist 45.. x, »
A.a.—Class A ~IC Second 49 <2
Class B 1 4 'Mut. Uru n <ss ...lir-,
Cm*- C : N". J. Cen. G. ss."ur-a
Currency .. .. 9* {NOP. Pac. lsts . .1' - *
I-a. Nf* t'on. 4- » S»-c..nds _i
Miw uri "is IK) | Fours 90"*
N. Car. t>s N W. Consols . .11",
!■ ura .133 1 if. F Je; <• ..1".. .
.S. C, Non-Fund '•■*; ">re. Nav. lsts ..It.' a
Tenn. Cc* s«t 2s*4 * Fours 58
Fives 105 R. O. vt*. lsts ...
S'xe-» ISt Pa il Co.*. 7s.!>~»
old fo m I c. a p. w .1 ■ ..
Va. C'enturiea .. s L. & I M G "« j
I>»ferred 4 jSt.L A S.FG.SaJ.
Atchison 4s -- 4 South Rj '» ... or k
Second A 56 j Tex. Pac. lfts ... »•>
Can. South. 2d a. 166 » SF< oonds » a i
C. P. lsts of *S6.l"l\ U P I>ts of 'M..1"l
D. & R. G. 4s .. SS |West Shore 4s ..l^ ; a
Atchison II"- Niw Alb. i Cb«. I." 1 *
Preferred .. .. S . Preftntd .. .. .{-'i
Bait. A ohio ... It N. J. Antral ••• - *
Canada Pac .... 7 N. Y. Central ...l*
Cuiada South . N. Y. C. A St. L. I4' a
Ctntral Pac .... 12 Is? preferred ..
Ches ik Ohio ... 12 7 : 2d pr. ferr»-d ... i
Chi. & Alton ...159 j Nor West H j
Chi., I'., it Q. ... 1 V North ACQ. C 0... *
Chi A E. 11l ... <'• . North. Pac IT",
C. C. A St. L. 31'r 1 referred V ,
Prv f *-rred .. .. T> Out. A t\'est .... It 4
Del. it Hud ....II- , 0:e. Rail. A N.. >
Del . 1.. A W. t <»-€. Short Lii.e. -iS
I'r?. AR.G... 1- i -ts* ;;g v
Fief«rred .. .. 4fvJ Reading _ «
Erie <n»-w) R« k Nlnad .... t
Ist preferred .. 4o : < St. L. AS. F. .. 6'»
Furt Wayne ...171 Preferred .. ... li-«
Gt. N'or. pro ...U3 S I'aul T*'. *
Hocking Val ... *S Preferred lt-%
Illinois l"»r: M St. Fa :: ,v Cm.. ■*
I. E. A- W-'St. .. Preff'-red .. .143
Prcurred .. .. >• • St. P.. M & M. .122
Uke Shore 174 . >■ ith. Pa - V i
T . ttils. A Nash.. ■*" S' nth. I.oilway . lv k
Manhattan L .
; M*t. Traction ..'J A Pac .... .?> 4
Mich. Cei-tral .I " Uni n Pac UN,
J« r.n. A St. L.. H'* V. P.. D. & G. .. 5-j
Ist preferred .. '7 'Wabash 7'-»
Mist<\id Pac ... j, Preferred 17 4
M bile A Ohio.. J" ; ; Wheel. A- L. E.. 2'i
M•.■> K A T .. Preferred .. ... 1' ,
Prtfemd .. .. 21^,
tippi fcii V otnprnlea.
Adams .... .....3.">0 | United States .. 43
American lie's Weils Fargo
MiM'vilanpu n*.
Am Cot. Oil ... Ore. Imp. Co ... .
Preferred .. .. 69 1 ~cific Mail .... ?- : 'i
ftirar Spirits .. IS 5 * Fullman Pal ...'.'j
Preferred .. .. Silver Cer .V)
Am. Tobacco ... SI4 Stand. Rope & T 74
Preferred .. ..112'* Sugar ltf®»
Chicago Gay ...lOi 1 * Preferred HI
Cors. Q;is l'sv. Tenn. Coal jfe 1.. 27>i
Ccm. Cable C 0..170 jU. 9 Leather ..
Kiel A I . 13H Preferred . ... CS
lltferred .. .. 80 ! I". S. Rubber ... W 1 *
f}en. Electric ... 3»i ' Preferred s
Illinois Steel ... 41 West. T'nion .... S*s »
La Clede Gas .. SS' 2 Northwestern
Lead T Preferred ,
Preferred . . ,1"S~* Chi. & Gt. West. 12' i
Nat. Lin. Oil ... ti4: ■
Total ■•files.
Total sates of stocks today were
shares, including:
Atchison preferred 15,5*2
Chesapeake at < «hlo 4.«S')
Burllrsston (ex dtv ) ......... a3.3T5
Louisville & Nashville 11.4+»
Missouri. Kansas & Texas preferred. s>^
Northern Pacific 4.<>il
Northern Pacific preferred 13.1 «i
Northwest 3.0"4
Reading * I**.' - *
Rock Island If,
St. Paul e.23
St. Paul Ar Omaha 9, f -
Southern Rallw y preferred ' -4
Union Pacific 11 *'•!
Amerl ic Tobacco 9* ,: )
Chicago Gas S.-"**)
Pacific Mail 3,923
Sugar I*' 43
United States Leather 3.57S
United State* Leather preferred .... 15 3"
Western Union 4,4'4
Chicago i Great Western 28,075
(•rut Ml QaolHtton*.
Flour—Receipts. 23.-W barrels: exports.
rA3u<>. Strong and h-*-ld l&Q25c higher, with
f.-w buy«rs. Minnesota patents. t2.f*»a2.*s;
bakers' $4 1< J4 30: winter patents. SS&S «>;
winter straights, St.7DtM.SO; winter extras,
|3 *. .3 si; winter low grades.
Wheat-Receipts, C 5.190 bushels. Spot,
strong. No. 2 red. store and elevator,
t\ < ..i l ,'<s\ No 2, Northern New York,
j; ■„ Options opened excited and higher
r., re F.ndish cable" and heavy for
eign buving, ruled generally strong all day
nr. a wide ranee ©? prices, touching s dol
hr fir {September in th» afternoon, aide i
bv enormous export purchase-, closed SV-#
r,i„■ hlather No. 2 red. August, clom-4
li ;V- September, S7. if 81. clo<*d <*4**, I
ii • ix-r, closed 9®»c; December,
<><; closed SP4c.
11 jps--Quiet.
Wool—Steady. . ,
p. *r iciim Dull: Pennsylvania crude,
nominal .it Rc.
«■ ff , »i.-'J ns opened steady at un
ci , 3g , i prict * clwd steady with prices
unchanged. Sales, 12.750 bags. Including
S< -, n mb.r « V<c: December, «.75c. Spot
r-ofTtf Rio. weak; No. 7 invoice, t?ic; Job-
M 1. -sy: Cordova
Siie< l.orift bags. Rio No. 7. afloat, S : # c.
Sugar—Raw. tirm; refined, firm.
P.C iron Ste.Hy; Poothern. P 7S®llj
Northern. MMftt .
Copper—Stron*. brokers, S—ex
(' fiA n10« sll-V *l/11
I/cad Strong. brokers', r«; exchange,
TltwEsisler; Straits, fl.t So, plates,
quiet. , _
Hpeiter— Steady; >1 - m 35
<*\\ I'R \M IWO M \HKKTi.
nrraiUtnff* r.rslnt.
SAN FRAN'CISCO, A'* -He ir his
bt-en* further advanc- d per barrel Ths
rr rke» is quite Arm ar.d aetive. heat is
rher and very firm and the market U
n re active on speculative snip
ers are not Iwijjjf W freely at the ad
; . pr *«. The C/s!ca*o markea is e*.
r ■< and h rar.idly »pproa -h!ng th* d<> i r
mark Barley ha* a'»s.> advanced for feed;
f, i •,? very scarce. (jptjors are
«>,»•« ere : .v v»-v 1 ne m-r
--k ;is firm, but no hig —r. uj*w.d;»uins
the iC vance in wheat.
< limlnK »i«f.ti»tlon«.
\v? • i.i— Bxdt*d: D cemb r, fl v.*4. May,
t ' Karley -Firm; >: _ <*£■
Coru-l-aic- >enow. fL-T.
lira a—call tore la,
y. ir N- t' »h • «ff t .'£* 7 ex.rai.
V : baker* • auras. »•
\\ l »: -S .spping. 1.-- 5 1 -
a"d >1 5T 1 * ft r . _>« . mi,::na h'>£
T: r-\ *-V r-'l * '«■ '«*• *
j 'brewir g,' for No. 1 *n<l
1 '-"*o fair. *l A.ilU4. * - 3 to
choice. II *3l - , uncy le- d; «-g»' "■
r . w red. II "•* • ik-w aa«lr>aa. H-U -iV
gray. IS.
F'Quarter sa'lts wVat, een
tils. Iw. barley, cen' via. M.iW. oaw. qen
tala SO; do OP< n. 2TD; bear.s. sacks. »;
crn c s r ai- " **•; rye, cen als &■ : rx» v
tCs ' vacks : *i: oakma, sacks, 1 tee. bra a.
mlddltr-gs. sack. bay.
tor.s straw, tons. I«. «>•*». •
jc.• number f
i'rodßc* - . frmit. Kir.
MSILc tt*K3 V*T ton:
bran. . . . , w L,.
K*f-«VfcMt. tl.nl .» k •! •-<! «t *•*
f.4 mi *!•*& :: r:v*r fe-.r»ry. : Jf.-
t*r »r, Mll. *Sf*lf *. **«?:£ *
•»>>, aoit J I/', evrmweseed • * *U »»- *
*|.< mr*w ha>.
-E»riy Ro* p»'. v -
ii .Tbar-iut, . or .Of!*. .«»
1.. .*.y eu«WD&ef*, p" r bo* ***•
."v* j.«r t-;»4 grvn - ■<-* W * **»*»
br&a*. 3k>-"V;; t»*r
KX. rtv'T mna • >e*. A =*• b *?' / m *„ ' *
|CT. -~, c»ws jfc <***.»'- *I!T.
poppers, &Sjr&c* t-dS*' £'*3 P** 00-x,
rr--*n okra. 2Ssttc; Lima beans. ~ : -.~§4c p-:r '
Fruit—Ar pi**, 4 *"c per Urge box:
crab app. «. liyf2sc per bog; apricot*. 2» T
♦<; per jox: SK«tMrrk>» per
chest; btafcNerrtes. SZi-tafr: raspberries.
IS.,v*i|B; h«. aieS-erries. *e per pound «Bt. -
loupes, &M?|L2> per <r*:e; nuungv * •>:
per tx.s: figs. sasail box. 3Uf4®e: do, urge
"xwc, 5 J "3c; <rap~s.
per box: liumu. a. yrSSc. u.ck grape*,
j .tv; Tokay. +j&&c: white. 5
n.«c fv r bos; neacbao. £fVXe: pears. »•«
«•»-. p <«?. .*">sl «•: tr*sei»"l#w, i'JW pr
h~.:.ir i;
box, M xi«n hHtes, Citiforr.'a
lemons, fasey, fa per b>«x; •!<> common 11
"■> per t* \. bananas, I'.ui per bunch:
prf tata; Smyrna
r:CS. IS§-i4c; date*. Sc
Butter- Fancy reamery, He: do second?,
|..ocy 'dairy, 2lc; do ?eco<d-% 1»
Cheese—Firry mIH new. So: fair to go'A.
7-.r--.-c. c. f cream ■he-' lar, i "lie;
Yowl America. &uSc; Eastern,
Western. li<:i2c.
Eggs—3.tu;> < isc; ranch. tSQUe; East
err* lilTiTc; <i'.ick •~£g s *S»ftSc.
PoulirT and 6tne-UTt> turkey gobbler*.
P r!7c !o i.-n*. :: • < • r«>>- - ers. f" -9
J4. v«;nj roos'err -**• i*"t' tIV broil
er*. rf broiler*, t - .""*? ft?-
ers. -. i".# ks Al-i. tl '
3 <5 ; ivs. t.~ -e, TTx
fc -..:-.gs. f- s;i.:
W no! katl Hup*.
Wool—Spring. choice foothill. Sfjilc. San
Joaquin, mx j.. aha, sui dan >;..
y.&r's - a. ,e. '- mount tn, nfel.'c: N
v.i.ia, "oiac: Oregon. •• »?v , Northern. H
J.4c. fa; rk>a ~ n , us: amix--'. ••-.T ;
s Joaquin %7c; Northern iasnbs'.
Hops—Good to choice, »J*7c; fancy. S0
3:er!ln* on London, SO days. $4 *4"«; do,
s'chr. S4«t-j.
Silver b«*rs K«i , Dr- < ft»~S!gfet I
Mex. dais ..44 : «» j-i-« Tekgmpa •. T'-j
A'ta R Ju'ia. .... 4
AJpha Con 11- J re
At;«Jes .. r» k«-.- u-k Con
lit Icher ii 1. dy Wash. Con.. .
Belle Isi* .. Mexican 21
B< ~t & Belcher .. fr M no
Bodie Con .. Mount Diablo
Bullion 0 Nju;o
ruhrer Con ...... Occidental Con .. 23
Caledox.ia ?. •;»: .r 'I
Chaiienjgo Con ... J'- * \--rtnaa " >
Chc;iar 'v i">i .. .......... '
Coafiden e £.< • .« .... ....... -<i
Con. Cal. 4 Va ..li." 8( r;>lon
Ccn. Imperial .... 1 P•• rra Nevada ...
Con. New \"rk .. . S ,ver Hill ..
frown Point If! Silver Kit.g ..
Kx hequer 1 .-u«r,.iard Jvj
.v t'urrie .. 4- i*:.;on Con •»!.
Oraiid Prize I7tah Con la
Bale & Norcross. SO, Yellow Jackwt .... o3
1.l»e *toele.
CHICAGO. A tt. 3 .-Cattle—Native V f
steers. f4.7osrt>.£: ci'rcaa raj;ge, fS.v t
5 s»j : choice feeders, f i x 1; chol- * calve-,
Hogs—Sales w«re largely at
coarse heavy packing, prtme as
sorted light. f4.IW»: pigs. f3.3^u4.1->.
Sheep sold slowly at J2 ' for infe
rior up to f3.">j!-l for cl.olct- to prime na
tives; stockers and feeder* ft !u i C.j i
2.75; Western rar<© ahe< p. $3 3.7 i; feed
ers t3.t3>?J3.Tj»); lambs, x: * -j5.7".
Receipt »—Cattie, 6, -X), hogs, 22,' M;
sheep, I^,ooo.
IjOKDOX, Aug. 3(>.—Consols. WHkX sil
ver. 24 : % d: Fr»-nc3i rent< = I«S.I2H
NEW YORK. Aug. 20. -The Evening
Pos-fs London financial cablegram says:
The stork markets here wers irregular
today, alth an Improving tt nd* ncy on the
better news from India. Americans, how
ever. closed flat in the street, in the ab
sence of New York support. by re
cent purchasers are not being pressed, but
there will be no initiative for a r.-e until
New York gives a fresh lead. The recov
ery In silver and silver stocks is regarded
as somewhat artificial. Foreigners were
better, a feature being the recovery in
Brazils on Improved -xchanges. Kaffirs
were hard at the close, on reports from
>od quarters that. Kruger is regarding the
concessions more favorably.
LIVERPOOL* Aug. 3>.-Wheat—Strong;
cargoes cft coast, nothing doing; cargoes
on pas-age. firm: English c untry mar
kets, nrn&»r; French country markets,
tirm: Liverpool wheat. No. 1 California. 7s
I'd-?}7s lid; wheat in Paris, steady; flour in
Paris, firm.
Close: No. - r.- i Western, winter whrat,
firm. 7s <>d. do No. 1 red Northern, spring,
Corn—American mixed, spot, new. firm,
3s i'-ji; do old, firm. Ss do August,
steady, 2s September, steady, 3s l%d;
Octollcr, steady, 3s 2SJ.
Flour—St. Louis fancy winter, firm. 9s 6d.
Rradvtreet's Review.
NEW YORK, Aug. 30.—Bradstreet's to
rnorow will swy:
Special telegrams from tra<ie < enter*
throughout tne couniry emphasiso th»
Slowing prosperity of U:o farmer, due to
higher prices for almost ail agricultural
products still ;ii his hand?, and points to a
continuation of the dement which ha#
been conspicuous within the past few-*
we. Ra Tne volume of tra le c ntlnuea to
increase and prices art* hardening. No
such volume of busintes largely In ant!' i
padon of requirements has oe«n reported
since ISWt i-*rg>*r ; ran sac.lons ate :-hown
in dry' goods, clothing and shots. and :n
the South aud West ta wagons and farm
Implements. .
Another very favorable baJik charing
report Is found in the to:al of sl.lk>,o#<Mto>
this wek. which, while it Is only 1 p*-r
cent. I*m than last we*k Is 40 per ceo:,
lire- r than In the third w-t-k of v«5
per oenu li' avi t than In 1 **'<; *> per cenu
larger than in I*4. and fully m per cent,
larger than in the like week of !»■<. when
totals *» re reduced to v- ry low
figures. Compared with th- like period in
is.:', a year of large volum- of bu»ines*,
the wwk f total shows a *~un of 18 per
cent., among eigaty-si* cities reporting
Larger bank < iearings. Only stv Tte»n
show d en j* this w-fk. compared with
the corresponding period last year. Rank
clearings at other citlts than New ork
are 1? per a nt. iarg-r this week than in
the like week a year agj, bat at New York
the increase is 5* per cent.
ITices of staples continue the favorable
movement of the past few week*. Th*r«
has been a large number of resumptions
among Iron and steel concerns this * eek.
Bessemer pi«c is S cents hlgQer and the
otrlook SS for improvement.
Kx ports of wheat tJlour tr.-!udod as
wheat) from both coasts of the l'nl—d
fi-a.tes ard Montr this w *k are he
kw*> -t in any week sine* S-ptemher, IMB.
amount irs to s ,r.Vu»*) bushels, as compared
with * **j" bushel* l ist we k. J S4JW
bushels in '.ho woek a year ago. t .*•><"
bushels two years ago, 3.1*2 ws* bushels
yetrs agj. and as c»>n;ra*led w.t*
4 »• »*> basbeis in the corresponding week
of IM.
Th. re wer* rn bu«i ** failure r*p rted
throughou; tr.o United Spates this week,
against VA last *e»k. 2&4 a year ago. l»i
two rears Ego. 3T.1 three year* ago, ar.d as
oon - ra*t"l with In the third neck of
August, ISO.
K. *i. Dan A Co.'s Review.
..R <l. Pun * Co.. in th-ir weekly review
of trade, will say:
Not for ftv# y«ar» have th« graphic
reports of ail varieties bt all part* of thm
country frr rx a# eacourajr 4 a* or shown a*
»mtf<-rm tmprcrverr.emta a* thi> wt-k. T> •»
irarkft* *r* cal>«i OUT by MM. hut fa'r-
V r . ;.r it ' s': V-:*
ts strong tad tncr'arm* N"'Slr« appear*
to r> ■■ i It. Humors id injury to crop# ar~
not ciently aupportad 10 have mtx-h
}r f Tn« or* temporary hitniranee
j« th> »trtk* of the httumSnotis coal roln«ra,
which intarf'-rp- but HttS# with in4ttrt»i««
n ! - - Ukeiv to twninata «:-hm a
w#~k The demand for moaey taprovea,
taaiag fri'tn N » York to ite interior
a*ou* hi if a n-uaoa more than waa recetv-
«sd dorm* tft® we* k.
Tr.e fes* for airrUralt
ur* ar.d corn ha« tdra»e«ll a lntl* in
•»ru * but moving v*ry U ngf'iy. Cm' a
an rtftbth. !*■• ©f *n •*'*-
r. .-r promt*!-:* tb* tar*-«t <rr>p «"t
ur vra, V-t tft« dry #ood» market J* <U>.
" - liy tejfov'!, and aome of tb« !*-'*•
ißtikL. after a WW «Mb of
hav* ns- iwd work. Otber farm fwiy t»
*»:' am. ' it has art
vV-n-! abcat IV; for tr»e w#*fc «-i *rtiu»l
trsnasctb na with beary purrnaaea tor ex
port Tiw «®H«I «*ti»a ta of th« )>M ta
ttr»!y Si«nr*bW. M«f-: ** an aJni! v
* c tbat tbe crop *Ol b# tar#er than tbat
oflaat year a 5 It ta a«nim»d
t»-at tba yl-i-1 wls! h« &**»,«*' *»~-»ts#ia, «r
tbcufeh weeat report* of Injury. tn
4:v.»tin« ts- gxxwibtUtT «f a aer-.ewrat
.»r ouitxiJi;«% <<iiv4 beip€»l t«a
»r ♦! * *
nr. fjifylP,
' T-« iron art Bt*ol !»<frwt*y U pu»h'r c
* -** rd It. *;>!f of tfce *til! axiMtlVd
irtrtko at t bo bttVtnSnr*** «aU •nir.w*.
th« «on*R» par* !**»*• of oro at CW*-
lTr4 «Jsa «!*> of bUk** *t Psn*fe!ir* sfeow
TB# -traoot can&d«mcm in 0M futuro.
T: * »***«» for 3bfc>» » **Aia »«f«
price* itMftiig <u*>oiU-04, wttA
ven* narrow transactions. &r*s hayers arc
holdinjf eft in the belief that prt--*s havs
reached the t >p.
In the w»len hmetne** a constant In
c*eas«- in :h- aumWr of
ments at work, and the drmand for K«v>ds
has ntoeh increased.
Failure f. r the w-«ek have on 23 ia
the fr.Ued Sta*-*. .c l -.-t >t-ar,
and 3a in Canada, a«;;ilnst -• - -si > > ar.
KrMl*trrTl'i »l«rW H< .» «-
BradsJr*et'» revl* w uf the stock rsnrket
tomorrow wiii «y: IV ro.\s d sct'A «
and a jiwr rac*e of prtc< ■«
have boen the roain feature of the p-iit
week in Wall street. T*"- dco'inea ha* e
not been imporc,»nt. The tn> rkft eosi
ttnues bullish, and at lU'wliini bavin®
has appeired. T::e ,aaee of the wail >h«.
and to sane fx m r .u-tjon y -iemon
>trstion. may 1 * ' ; e : f'r a. -
tion of the leading o, ,-ro :-<r.< w* •' h'tve
reaiiaed proat# beliovmg t'.at the mar
has been ? sing up ra idly.
Attention is also d;r» ted io ihe symp
toms of a rvvi\ai of s 'iv y a general
trade, and atore paxtfo.: srty .n the iron
and coal industry. W tfce grangers
snd other «<vks receded a : :tte. Higtbcr
prices were made In a r : .' ml--r of fecial
stocks, and the o»ntinu< I .;>\vard move
ment in wheat '<;« ha»i * j »wi-rful inriu
enoe jn sustaining the bullish feeling that
und»?rfi<-s sin uicjon. t I'ri .y bar
operators raided the tnarat the close be
ing weak acd un-eukd.
Hani. t le;»ei l»a*.
The following t.*b*e. c • ' ' by Prad
street. shows the banks »o .ring* at the
cities t 1 • »• -k o =.
3?. with the percentage of ii>- !«*• and «<e
erease, as compared aiih Uit c
Uig week last year:
I no. IK c.
New York fl.-M r «>: t
Boston t - 'MS ili
< ' a«o v.. .•» ri i
w4,Vii'.-.. » ....
St. Louis liiiftH'ti ».» 1 ....
i'iL;»ijurg lXi>lv.t*ri X.J
Riltinu r~ ' • .. 41 j ....
San Franciacj .... 17.355.5T4 22.0 ....
<'i' inn. Hi It ;*< >'<> 12 S ....
Kan&i* City 1 ■ I • «v 11 T
N- w Or!> ana ...... ' ; i I^6
3Ctt:nc-ai>wiia gu*» li.i .. .
Detroit £ - -; .... t.*
Cleveland S.Wiaft ....
Louisvtiie 54.1 ....
ProvJ.ca • 15 S ....
Mi!wo. 4 4 ' _ t ....
St. Paul i ':. v. "V.i v
Buffalo ..... s.o*>i.oO (i.4 ....
Omaha itkK4 3u 4 ....
Indianapolis 4.:*>».•» *• T ....
Columbus, O " i 1 ....
Savannah 1 143 * 7 ....
I>t-nver .... 2 ! 'U4 3S ....
Hartford ..... .... 1.913.00® 3.* ....
Richmond tMt.m It-*
Memphis ..... .... 1 .'>■LJiS 13 4 .. .
roorta I.IK.'M .... 9 <
New Haven 1.00.1T1 A.^
Woroster I <■ • 14.« ....
Ailanta 1 J» a ....
Salt Lake City ... I.JM.iCi 27.7
Siiring!'. Id, Mass . I,—• t> 12 * ....
Fort wTorth UKw 17.» ....
Portland. Ma 1.W.W7 u.j
Portlan<l Or 1 >! iW ....
St. Joseph ........ V"»•.! "a;t .< v ....
la>s Angeles 3"» ,\77 7.' I
Seattle MM 37S ....
Ta -ma -cr, ">44 *.l ....
Spokane «04 314 44 1
•o \ • • n .... 4. :. > .... 1 ' '
Houston .... E.SW.JKI .... 4 0
Totals. I*. S. m.S ....
Totals N.Y. 4-;... •/.* S>.l
Montreal $ ll.«1.1 ' - 22.s
Toronto 7,213.514 13.» ....
W innlpeg ~H ..... 1.75i.4"4 102 0 ....
Totals t 2J.345.1W Z1.9 ....
Portland, Aug. 20. I>o7.
Fair weather; stationary U;np<^raturs.
Sf attle, Aug. 20. 1597.
i aidtk t*a ; <i
I » - r win.i r*
J3. |, 5 i 3
'! Is» 3 ? ! s ?
PLACE. H | 1 I : § ;
; j:l?sj| mj? j :
I 8«nttl« .. ..129.92- 7* S2 BK Et' .WPtCldy
Pt Anftles '».«• •« •> Nn L ~r
| Tatooah .. ."*».«••• 062 HW t , r < r
! Walla W ..IS M :*< « SW i. I-Cldy
J Bt>okan«- .. 29.5S •«;>#• N J/ "'Cloudy
i Ft Canby «2 N J" .•«M "l»ar
.. >.v» :•* N .«•'• i»»u<iv
i Eurnka . . 29.5 i( 6H '.*■ S\V s .WJ Pu'ldy
Han Fran «4 W : . «»•"!« »r
i Portland ...,2»>• « N\v *, ,<*»« ' oudy
It i 15! iff .. !v- i-4 s- . . •
Wlnnem'a . a>.*4 ?Cf "M S*W !. «»i"!oudy
B.tk- r City ..v •«' »i f. NW L* ."OPt«*ldy
O N. tfAI.ISUL'HY, Observer.
High Tlda ' ~ r \ Low T\dr "
am ' ft. p.m ft. a m ft p r n ?•
•3 r II ? 7.FT 119 « *1 S 2l| » »
I " m.m TjC l-» 7.«. 5 !'• "i : « tof : 5
Spacial Di»patrh to Po»t-In>ills r < r.
TATOOSH. AUK. 31-*.—4 p. m- llirom- "tr,
clear; wind muihvitt, »'* rr:i>
Outward, a four-ma»ied whoomr and i
Imrk in tow of Ty- c. at 12 n <n «hH» '»
tow of Lorn*, at i p. m. In» *rd, tu» 1U -
at 13 noon.
NEAM BAY. Au®. 30—4 p. m.—<;u-ar;
BAY. Aug. 3t>. ~i p. m -
Clear; calm. „
I*ORT Aug 39.-4 p. m -lU
rotneler, calm.
MtHIM! MV\».
p\N FRANCISCO. Aug ». ArrfvM
—Str I'matlHa. from Victoria ar I
I'jg'-t <v>und. Sailed-rtcfir J*r.ni»- Th«
for Oray a haraor, atr Washtenaw, it
Ta" tna.
P»iRT OAM RLE. Aug. 1? Balled-# tr
Nt*omi«. C'ipt. P.'>o* f< r HHo. II I A *
rived—Schr Maffgla C. Rj*«. Capt. Jacob
eor, twentr day* > >ri I'ragr
d«tt«. from Port liiak»"ls?y; i Aua t
2)f>. rhr Georga W. Wataon, fr -u I' f»
! Blak»i^y.
>»>3 PAT, Aa* * SaJl«d <»*r Ah-
Blanchard. fc»r Portland; *n Ctsrina, r r
San Fr ir*c!*co.
hk Darra, for 8y mchr Ma«gta c.
It i-a. tor V-t <lambie.
Fa on Ur 8 Fra &*■'».
Pt)BT OAMBLE Auy H.— AJTfr«d -®r>»r
Ms;t» C. from I* rt !'i»k ley.
TACOMA. A.f ».-8» d-Bor.r P*» r
lf«M f >r San l'Mfo.
VICTORIA A :s i:..— Arrlv, d-f?a Oiym
lii-k froro Vladlvo* >k
L> >Sl* l N A -- .< 4 - : Pr fh Sit
l#j from New What'' m.
YOKOHAMA. Aw* W-S'-H-d—B ir
Prosper, for Pug»t aoend.
p'«tmer C' 'T f S- : f-■ *■' , •<1 «' 1
S flfcW*k jrawterday m -m'iie I wdu « ra* »
for Victoria, to be ' r,*fftr > lo t<*
steamship r*anul<«. afiii.r.g for A 'fkt.
g'HO)4r WUiarr'Tte I* du ' m A!*.*", i
Aug'uat aor :4 » • wU; ... I « r«-urri
carg-). Including a brx» a an*•• ir>' o' 1,
#v« stock, and lumb-r arid >• .al P i*
Bib!'! that -he Witt mak-: at, i *b«r tr!?
to the north.
ft *:oon«rr Q-jr*n !' " • •*1 ' • • i'' *
mor u.g from the K«-rr> nrsi! for h*. V? -
ehaefa. Alaska- Kne u charter 1 bjr »t>*
■ J»<rth Aneriraß Tn9*pon*lloß and Trad
la* O'-nsf anr. ard la ! *d i »'< t» lu»'
and fmria cf '*» rH-*r *ii. i
hare M*n bv t.*»« Maf*na
Kortb A ri.-an «- n * Her » .m
--brr car*o anwurita to T r *' '* - *
T g o«cs.r s ' from v 'r --
♦ '(V ' v " "f ' 1 " '*
i«nd for For*. B*«**e. B. C. to
?r,e law# rrta 'ng to tha cf ijr -
mda tha cargo la not aho<**d in bar
cm*u!a7 »arw?iUace :h# At»thorUk<
Harb&rm*at»>r iir wn waf ba4 'ha uwto*d
i.» of t*'>- aat-ic*!**. and It w»* at bt.r*
ri *r jin a Oreat. Narthtrn tax. St w*»
win; out la at night.
Room for SA paaiaenaera and M® hor
on Aawr aalUr.g *a. rn. A r *'
j s f«r ®ka®uay, Dy«a a«4 taitißaw*
. posnta.
airrr.R *inr« fro* jikw vork,
I.tKf to lisa t«» ntih Othcc
l*ae;fle I'ortu,
san* rn v\-< :.vv vkjc. st-Tht Atlan
tic A la, -.«■ v. :? at a Company,
w— Th-:-- ; ■ .■ 1 t -.r-* of ft."ir*r ships
Mist and N<«w Yot%
,i. m • . • o it•» oper
a - o » v ■«<•''■>. It is auth-.ip-
Itn" -,■ d that \e.*.v la wH a«q
•i" ■ T
I/« An, •% p :fa ; t md tV.itUt. Fouf
v« :m y h«va *.)■■ k rt<T«t 'Mi4
sis tn->r* wiii .«hx>r be !a oomnUsaioa.
Thr I matilla tn Cwrr (.rata.
PAN K!!AKCIS<U Ave. : Tie grata
ewp gathered this year la the v»tley* «\<j.
j * ttt •*> San .u.r- »»(• -:x> :* so !arga that
several .- ,m< m will tvi t;n ded to t&tixm
it to a shipping point. The l'ma
tUia. which arrl* »4 »ish pa." sender a from
the north today. wili go to Port Har
ford and lvM*<t grain. re?wning to take
her place on the Puget so-.oul route nv*t
Aew l ine \r»»un«i the Horn,
SAX mNO!S.\V Aug. :V.- The *hip
Iraquo.s has bt<n chartered in New York
for the -Mr: han:»' Sh pping Company of
Nrw York ami PhsJ.nleU- t* as the ilrat of
th<> Argonaut line of sailing 1 *ess> is to run
from New York to San Francisco around
Cap* Horn, carrying freight. Th-v Iroquo.a
is of £ -»»t.»ns .-ap«.c.;y ai.d is now i v.djng
at New Tort
Hi: U. 1- l \ I K I»4A\>FF.KS.
Transaction* Siltpf .lanaarr 1 aad
for A es»ter«iajr.
He 1 f state trur tactions -nice January »
1 >•; - }l Th re w.ta fljed
f .>r r. - '»rd • « dev.'* rtc*r*g»tlng
I' 'b X iwtr ..; U .v list furnished
b> ili battle V!-crt. t Company, room
«H N « I rk bloek
S .rT •-» K v,.- ' - ! ;t- *>!k •?». H»*.
r » i«-.K. »Va?. v'.on add, M.»rea OU
r \.*v
• . D iny to Jo 'ph vnd M«ivint
Jta ■ w i.« ;• c .5, 4> acres. Juns
1, ?%•*>
A. <\ Mollride -1 ux t > A. D M Hbln
ri i lot- 'I .-.nd li, t>!k U. l.iw * 3d add.
A .IK-. sl.
\ i > i U r r ifHe et jix. to Roliert Rsl«
four. ft rman and I
fht-of-war aerw* tvirt of
J iiii M. •. .«n .!» «!• nation claim, m sv-o
»> *, AUK u. Sa».
J. V. d et ut to William O.
Crosl'i.'. 1" " flk «'«. W;i4Ut!(ford's Park
. Or -m I. k« <ll .July ». W
i \ VI She itt' l rccotvor of Washington
3« t v;■ _ - .-.k. :•> I- VI I'o.-e. lot« 1, iit
and 15 l»Ik . Craveti's Dtv, Uftvn Laks
add, Aug. IT.
"-i \ N-iI.ANI)
Tlinff, Qulnn. Astoria. , j
<\ Brown, uiyrawa,
H C W -. tiN.Xi.!. N. wb«rg. Or. j
\' ii <• \V . ivv it i. Ntwbsrg, Or,
Henr> - Hill. l*a»l?, Ky.
l»iiiiitl C'rney, Edmonds.
John \U Innis I»uokoWush.
T. A. JohuMn. raui tx>.
J , . ni l.- C irbonads.
Frank Jaunty. City.
J- 11. Snsiih. City.
;< Fouta Spokane.
.J hti W r San Fr;t(.c!«OQk
F. K. Thotnais.
i ,»v- W . . I.erjp. «>.». mpta.
M M. Bchu»er t v'lty. |
K. lltman. Olty, . *
Tho«. Uruslj, Tacoira, >
S. J, Deacon. M »lta, Mont.
.M - A nie l'. AJbtny. Or,
I Andy Siaele, T«oneito, l'«.
j Mrs. G. VV. Dw. Sly uiiti ton. Port
' il r'irtJ*. H Ichatn. Baltimore, AM*
i J. ~i lln.Urnott Lo.« As s I ts.
Mi s K. J'C.t-.f- RocH
Mi> 1- 13. Snell, Caatl* ttcx k.
j« M •:.«! *;;• i- • '» m. B. <\
K. ': Engliah, Mt, Vernon.
W. A. \ !t I>---n. C rrj Vjiiey.
SI. rm.in K!w!l, Snohomish*
i> : 'us :an. Pern Gum Mo.
A. T. Keener, Evervtt.
ivttr Far-ratty, Chicago.
i'hark-~ MonUun. New York.
A T Wi«Kltw, New fork.
Albert Hawk. -S.'w York.
II H i'.iirur, New York.
11. M. Trott. Chit. go.
i, H t'urii , i»u:t UoaV
i» E. Ktnicittun.
J.irjic* Morti*. Ta> oow.
Mr- C C :rU t\ ;,lr*iUu
Mum CurU-y, Centralla.
«* H. Sava*. Salt I-akf
I>. K. John* m. Portland.
L. I,*rr«m. Portland.
X. .V-J an, Portland.
li.-r: Farr.ir. I ortlund.
H A Hrj't, New Y«>rle.
\Ym S'tr-ik. New T ik
\V. R. Moran. New York.
M<*a Wolf. Near York. A.
F lvMkwood, Dayton.
K F. i*. 1' *•'. h"»n* >kee, UU
>• s an on, Viocenne*. ind.
u i\ . K ohun. Mu'blgan.
W. E. Van Alien. Port \ugelM *
J»me* Garvte. Tscotna. . .
T H. B»mn«*. Everett.
H M. MoiafTfy. D nver.
W. P. Hofnu. or
\V. H. t* irr> -t, •! •<». En®. M
V., (> hr \\ lli <i y.
It f V wit.. l-o.- An®tl«fc *
F. H. Wrrawiclc. MonUm
W H. v fetortn,
< hi.« Qu*nan. Victoria.
\\ \V Card wet; Pi ranclao^
John P. Fay city.
K is SJm«. T*foma.
Geo K. Hiß. St. I>
L Dreyfot,a. Everett.
r a rriff'rt, Vanvciw. Wi4
J F |trowj», Gu*ton. Col
I' ,\ »■:- :*« i. !*«> i 1 ranciitco,
A!r. II H Ha a Pran. icao. "
»• vv I 'yok. Tacpx*.
j , s -r .■ ! ■ ir.rt* tm
c W 1-t « Denver.
A ,1. H.nry jst. J N»w -rml*'
J: *W «r»<l *lf- N"* WwWnlMU* |
M J. Hunt, Chi* a*o
v? t I rk«- P< ' Towfi«*nd.
?; a Wsrd. Victoria. , J
< <ol \\ ;•<** Ur, Vlrlorla.
i't Kooinf'*?. M
j jj \v: •Id and *"*• Tor*
ll Vil K iuriir>. " m
V \v Huci<» find »tf*. New fork. ,
j?Un« > ;trd.
ti .> u»< i * I* 1 i:4!r *
N »•' -it'• •" c
j >i M |rf. r* n. V an- .»uv«r, B. U
.r ii N- l*' n, Portland.
K o» -!.«. Han Knincl*r©.
Sar.f r.l
<* A lit* 1 ?, "rw Tor*.
\V. f. vVvsnjiii. CWca».
T it K'ti -.aw. N>w Wha.coi*. Ij
John W. C<m». City. I
H it. Hrok«w, WanwooA
j * %v". Ii- ikaw. HiMtoofl.
if l. !>' vin«-. *»"lro. «
j,. <;urr; ;t». Kvrr*tt.
V:'v r , .
i.; i\ v.. l'. «. p«rt »•
Ci jrrf
y? Earl«. Palrhavm.
J, f.. H* n H.ta rr*nrlar^,
K W Kh«fT !'l. Br»<»kan».
Arthur B.rn. • Bjfl fi ratwlM*
i A J P ?T. r. Portland,
j. «rr;ith, f-w rrao<-l»cft.
rr. „ - -
■ v. . Pin Fra imjlH*
K i' Portland.
,-o: n. * *• T**onu
i W ' «fay
jr r, -■ *- /k ■ . J < v Pmnr^en.
*, y Nova ftroll*.
John E. H:H 8t M
j j M* "r
r''"rt I, ' ' ' r - H ■r-'fraatltc*
■ %"r, ' : 'l
. * •-r-' r •>«"! ii
' . . ? o®t. - all mod rn l?n;.fova
f. * ,
|. stenta. N« f ,
lurmai Hotel. TerenW.
. f . -■'.!»*»: all rr vra improve
fbrAtiarh Ht»t«a.
t>« Korth-Wartem t.m» •»»•*
. o? ®«rfa«rtly «<JuisP«d railway
' - , IW «-onaSn. Mlet sraa.
v -V*. a. Nor**! Dakota. D»k«ta.
v r.tka mod wy mine It t M
; ' a tha wort*. Tt« w»ry\e» la
;T,! Vl", <«• snd •:« t • pr!r.- P al
* ,! tha E.X* and S -taaaa* «a«a«t
'. a—'- I' «!•' on «
t'» **Tha 2f«rtl>-W«»t»r* " *• W.
A«ax.t. Wi »V»« av«»«.
r.-. «» Baljjl
j # ? = '"-tf IHe J
j iajtoa ik<- a. J

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