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The Seattle post-intelligencer. [volume] (Seattle, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1914, September 02, 1897, Image 7

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o paiLirranK
M[ . r j, Gwerrtilw * »rfmre ta
(** J>r »- to nankrspter aad
—The fieb«*l Driaaada-
I? JVj rrcvail* I" Korea aai
.fcggUß Bpi+» ot Wark—
Bemmdal In Hoackaag.
.-mt VEB, B. C. l-~The
TSTMR" of Ct.15,1 arrived from
bnag-the fouowu-e
- to the Philippine* to BO* by
and s--erai eonflicta
0! pj »ce which, daaptte tlowir^p
*"* not tUi a * ve ****■
foanita rkrtorie*.
<a^— l-' ' r «" b * l leader, has
* II * T jue todoWiUg proc amation
MjTfcLoa *ldeiy cirr ;iatad despite toe
tisa Spui-L-ia aathorlilto to «up
vaiiaft' Sons of the Philippinca
ic th<- provir.ee of (.'avi.a Save
ft'f,?; k t tbe owing to our
them. For convenient
M BSU.«: chunit- our tactics ar
**?*t Z tZcmnm am ».. We have found
kail Doiitv to be foriifled <n one
«J» aJr.Kttas fom the en--
■"fkMCMUrT for to tak« the of-
the Oi-por illy -J«er«, adopt
p"\n method of amouah and gu«r
W»*JSr.. pertti'l. exnausto* her
obligue her to fc urr-nd, r from
iS'Eaia, l: - a In '
th very Spanish Me
that r-ch «jidier require* 11
P^ lT jgf his so.*t* nance arid ci,e *<. a.
must bt aUdcd hi* m »,.-
(tbi and etc.,
i .r «v.£h' wnouna to an enormous sum.
wnS aae conaidera that Spa*itoh credit
SftwSa pewtra to nil. ?nat her young
fa t ton. ax* emigrating
r%Mt« and other countries In gr *t
* *r7. gaalr. will ha%6 no other courno
gTS tHMOUk In the f nd.
Adept (ab«H MrlblMll.
« M already know PeUvieja resigned
• •- —« ae was impoleni to
S5 iim th« e*fca »».<«' rn«r> he required.
eTcskan*. with th ir guerrilla system,
™.a72 fighia anfavorable for themsetvea,
in tiring out the Spaniards.
£s ar* iyiftg eu: from the effects of the
t-SL.- if- large numbers. Following this
Sa» Jt wcrjid U: very COnrtßießt to e*-
• vai tk»- action of the Katjpunana to the
•SdKM of Ilioco* Fang Cagayan
aid riser* because our brother* tn there
s bartaroosly tjrrannisea over by the
yar4«. are ready to defend our c«n-
of Tarlac,
totSM. «tc.. an already under gov-
Mutsi ot hatipuaan. <*nd In order that
Hec«*» may be complete. It w nws ary
to ta*-r'voiutfejnarv movement to become
itairi: *cd thus wtct what we all so ar
iddy dedrv:
priaaada of the Rebrla.
•fSrt'-EapMlfflfii of the friars and con
tuffun and return of their lands to the
keuMip* from which they have been
Dssrf dividing the J artoh« a rated hi th-m
ni 4m th- Kpiacapal *« «* equally be-
MBB the p-niti'iiUr and Insular regular
roust eonc.de to u> what
«r hM cenc#de.l to Cuba, representatives
piigM w r taterests In ih*- Spanish par
it* st. freedom of the pr iu, u l'Tiuon of
u*!os«* Mtta appttcarton of g«-n«ral
uw. *«d administrative and economic- au-
flfm BlqßsliT tn treatment and pay
tetwea penlnauldr and insular civil ser-
"fairth— Devolution of land u*urs*>i by
tkt tr.m 10 the township* or primitive
wjjfre poMlbl*. or in default thar -
st ta* lUte to «K-ii them by public auction
k mull lot#. To he Wit.'.ln ih«- reach of
t«ry atte, and payable within four years,
a. Mm- as ohtaina with grants of royal
Fiflfc-Supvression of the power to ban
-13 cfeiwm by government authorttle* aa
kit unjui. aeaaurt-a againat the Philip
ta». ard legal equally for all persons
;«6er peniftMiilar or Insular, t>oth under
rtvll acd p- nal code*
It k kbuhiu ly net a«r> to prolong the
fir an<t give th - gt » est ?lgn of virlllty
H«viW» i» order that Spain may be forced
B grist arSat we aak otberwUa she witi
as a decrepit rac>-. and in pta> e of
m&Strtef our rights, will still furth«r
.tsf *» :»».
F.|ildrmio In K«irea.
KMow from Seoul report a serious lo
ot prst In Korea, white people eveiy
kfefrt ar» dying from cholera. About a
ftsrt «f k »ile eaat of Seoul the people of
$* isarothip were nearly all carried off
fcr the ffiawise Chemulpo Is alao affected
fc 1 tighter degree.
Df*atery is prevalent in Yokohama.
Another gold mine has been diacovered in
A proi'.r.k«<l e-xrthquake TI a* felt at
on July Z~
Kf-wi »r«* V!ng mad.' to exploit th* oil
.inkis Japfi#. Am< riran boring ma
fe'wty is helnj Introduced.
Rax*iatt spiro »i Work.
ttpk&rse papers allege that Huaaian spies
tr»*eiißi throughout Jap tn learning
IMar? sjhl topographical *• r«t«.
!ias ( 't*P a,r hed thirty ofllcer* and
to Korea for the purpose at sta
wistef fat Sfoul and the oinn flirts
*«-c!aa.;? with the Hussia-JapaneM
J*orr- Aftdtfser, the -p#c!-»l Canadian
e»mmt»*;,ner. hn» arrived in Japan.
/»onjm«t ha» been erected at Clio
■*«?! !o «» Memory of the forty-eight
■i t* ** * ; ««ar who were drown
* -ju2 08 *" aV ' * ' 5 . by th#
* of a pinnae At th# praasnt
iJi * r * atll 1 * '«•» n hit-fs on an
»-.w . "^ Vi r : n^n Pl»c»d I her* by a
1 f. 3 Mach&i* on Decora
of tho 4 of labor.
X»mi. ' ' 1 ' r! * number of
r£? ? vap " •"> * »rk hi :h*
w.,_ '? ' !n Bongkons. nnd nearly th«
ef Cftln u , f , t|V( , h „ s
!%«**» *?,!'! C * n? ' ! -rt.lirtty In
i hn;K»r*ant r,urop#«o
f V-ik *** lT ' -«' tor Job Mitch
>a , n # r har*r ->f r.
* " r *pr*-"tors () f s r im hHng house,
ta •nnoim.-. d f Mr. A. P
..»»»!««: r-,r of , • itOQI at
am TVath . j,v h>dPi».
h » * . '* <3 * v ** s *d bavir r been Ntten
HmT 4?, ,r VVk - and
fc* is - ' *'*•>■ :k : * Sharchai
*,l 7T i a J ,r ' T ' r ' 1 «* •
* >'av< Of CV " 1 * frrrwm 1*
*££ L : h * , w •"
to ? t»=* flelglan
«M (K., * ■J* ll h/ivrt disappeared
%in ■■ fn- ah. Th*
te y' • > ty i* ••on
u o<J
"1 •" ■ • ••' - kUlo i.
i, J, »-r« hp-t'v < •
J* Kl ** ttl
«•>•«!«_ ™ ™ ■'' ' : H • «. hanff
**h vo■■> r r in -« >*«-, i du-
**"*Uaa •
mi'uin. d and
*«' Mrrt I s rt> —Me
*A\ nu^r**" ln w «'»—«««•■•
5i- «. £& ,» .rs
JS" l * *• HaJ^s
~,; , ' f*-
mm i»-
* -.V » * ' ■'*»=:-•! --1
*** a * rM; ' »*e.
** '> til. - w <* *V
.t" 5 - " Kv.l*
r? la - ■• :r
v con * f thf question
r Hi ' - '
2>s!lf^S,r th r *~' Po! *
r*< !» rxliis ,w '** K Ji'-tf abe
* ta* a* •*• ma-
S>t!«r - - -as n
"* ks aOJ Ut I'.utl
at thto early data to a. matter of MM,
SI"""* ™ rtoU " r » «*»« »«
«« uJTkSSSt'SEi jrii° isr
•olvrt to Mil cowtr« to«-tb*r tiro
■ IIIJII I ««rt», than iuool ;or tts,
"■ ■" "**" «"» =«
gszzst&r, £££-
r< ?Kl rt fi 10 pr * em °^ a ruptare
Hawaiian 8 tar <rr*au-i a asatotton
KM L> ™<* r trusT to
toiogc —aeatttop it u that svery
Hawaiian in the group ha* be-n called up
on to appear in Honolulu on September 14
to Participate »« * mammoth «oM>«rv
L nited Bute* Senator* Morgan aad
<W ar * *"*P*eted to arnve from tr «
S-°tta? 81 1 00 that <Uy * an<l «* object
of the anti-aimexatkmists to to ilr ,
them wafa the on the island*.
UK^T - - h " on account of
, R "i N * OTr>K «*Pt. 1.-Th*re to „o
d.sposrtlon among sflctei, her* to
tion the corrfrinw of th« statement In
the dispatc nes from H.ijra>! to the «Aert
U-t H«-» hor>M to H„tS
With th- 1 purpose of w-wrte* action
on aaa«ntion by the Haw JiM rov^
ThZL*Z ° f ,h " rt> " tia * of our «M
--* **• • Th^r " *» no rule in diplomats r-a -
1L» 2* Wouid ,ort>w Haw *U iirst artix «■
upoii the treaty, and the treaty itself d<*'*
not ind.cate which government L« to tak«
the Initiative in the ratification, White It
* rs^of'p^'T"** in th * «■"»««■ <*
the poiuy of Prudent McKlnley towards
the Hawaiian Wanda, aa ahowr, In hia
message transmitting the treaty to con
."J 1 " <hat ,h * document shall
rf *« «uon of t h*
fesies senate at it* n e*t «.*»ion it
* not believe that the prastdent h ai - any
•nt*ntion of callio* a special aeaaton for
purpoao of ratlflcatfon. Ind-ed ron-
i r f,r ( t K that - tf « h * Haw 4 iun ler-
Ulature acta with the *rmte« pro»ptneL
treat |- «« scarcely romn!ete
this and return the ratlffed do^u
b*for * at tha
emrlieat. It would appear to Tv» unn«x~ «Miry
I°. a h^ nce th " "T^'" n of con<rr by •')< h
a ahort of time a* w>uld Intervene
between this date ard the date upon whk - h
ton«reaa ro<*t« In regular aeasloru
City Treamer of R,e J( ,B_
RnildinK Hooua la t ail *vt| nv
LILOV T^ to c ' f ' # POS «-»»^TNGRNCER.
° S " p; 1A « Clem
ibi. who was one of Mavor Houston's
ronge*t supporters for ejection, was rv
«d a liquor license for the M- reliant*'
'tel. much to his *urprt*#».. tut Mayor
fooaton is a member of the commission,
te promptly resigned as city treasurer.
The Jail has b»*n turned over as ftn:sh*d.
with a bill of f£C for removing extra
The discharge of sewage into Ward
cr*<*k Is to he the cans- of
typhoid fever and the stream to to be
leaned ami disinfected
A building boom to now on and build-
K* arr springing up In every direction,
umbers of cHy resldenc-s, m.ny of them
.stly and Imposing aAong them o«<e for
dge Form, on- for Alderman Frank
■'•'ichar and one for Edward Apptewhaite,
e of stone and two stories «nd a ttalf
<h. OB Itaker. the main street three
andsome brick and stone blocks are
early done, and three frsme ones with
tone foundation*. On Vernon street, the
ext In Importance, a number of stores
re going up. several Just completed, in
luding several bricks. Three fine hotels
•re helng built, and one. the Grand Cen
'rat, ha* Ju*t been completed. Nelson to
rowing all the time, it to difficult, with
!1 the building, to xet a hou*e. Rooms
re still htoh. and rooms for light hou^«-
eeplng and furnished houses are un
There to much speculation over the out
come of a police caae here. Mayor John
Houston to president and of the
Electric I4ght Company here. com
pany controls the water of Cottonwood
creek, which flow* by the Halls mlii*-*
smelter and emptle* Into Kootenay river.
The company give the rmeltcr peojde per-
Tttto-iion to use the surphis water, thst is,
alt not needed to run the electric plant.
By direction of Mayor Houston a survey
was made and a regu la tine valve placed
on the unelter flume, permitting to pa«»
through only th'- surplus w.iter. A
n'jrhi* aim one of the attaches of the
•meUer. presumably by order of his *n
peHor. broke the chain Which heH the
\atve. thus permitting a fu'l hesd of war.-r
to run Into the Same. This
afternoon he was arrested. Mayor Hous
ton being the complaining witneas.
A large number of forest Area are raging
In the vicinity of Nelson, making the at
mosphere decidedly hagy. can b<
seen on Toad mountain plainly, very clo e
to several mines.
Among the p*optt from Washington In
Nelson thl» wr 'k I* «4»< nator Van H 11-
tf>n, who srrivd from Seattle \ -• ntoy.
H# iMvii for firm Denver. n ; »r ,be h-t«
Imoorum mining Irterr st*. with A. J
M irk*, of th-- -v.
A law Mbrary haa bwn oycwl at th»
Votes l"r«« rtowodarj « ffrU
Pp-«-lal -b to tb » Po^t-Intelllct-nc^r.
H«>rNI»ARV CRFKK, B V s pt. I -
f>tb«T Rlv*rs» a Knman Cathie
from Rowland B. C., ha* hern »t*nd-
Inr a fear day* In the district hoKUr* *r.
vt-'ea and oiinlater'.n* to the
Spiritual nt<!«**itle:- of the rr«l'i*:it m«n
b»»ra of bta chun^
H lt'iiKiaa f Vancouver B. C„ la
arowtnti Boiindarjr crrek
S 3 FVswler A B F M ' f B.
0 who contributed th- eo«»ctae and valu
ab!o deiwrlpflo'! of Bc'mdarr <*w* dis
trict which waa #mb*lt«l In the a ritual
r» i>ort of the pi >vtni 'al m ttMer of
for the *ear IK< wa» in Boundary t'reok
j-eaterday en route to rawn MeKtnney
and the Okan Mtan mlntna dlftrt- t*
T H H#l'"tt. of Or»i*wi»l,
formerly p<»5»o«« BKldfaU for \ anoourer.
V >* i*-«f« mnjrl«kl ately at Vemor to
M** N tlia Haii. of Vancouver They
made thetr home ta C.r«#nw.>od
"!>«• has !<?t c*r trusts for
twiitd'nir a court ro>-tn a'-d iock- »p at
ajnd r vorr-n-ert o«l.-e» *t
Grand Forks- ..
\V Bll***r»s haa come fro»li ht» farm at
1 anjrtey on the Fra**r and !* mak
mg a walk'.rc tour of th# Boundary enMi
dutr>»*t He wilk-d fr>ro Ool»1en, B t...
r.H throu.h the «.«r ty and
W : .I r. turn hom# m Can-..> M Kinney.
F.urvicw and Hope,
..M1.t.l • n fhe Barl«#
Wl rk IK a complete »vv ! . w of th#
mineral r.-ouroea and
k ;«thern rvinmbta. compri* n<
%*) wr tweniv-elxht map* of the
mt*'.** dletrict* It tn
d lion ta a rt'. eral and the
rout# trite each d.atrtct. a
p:ion of #acb property wbil- th. map.
~w radr\t«d<. at ea in boat
road*, trails and mfnlne ioeat'en* _lt is
• *nd la the work of th#
kind in e* d-altr* -rttb m n
Waathlr.fto*. It a»« e.iit-1 by K
i.odr* th,x pp#l
,nd by <h*t On aate
.n hook»#Uei* and ne«a afeota ard at
!b# r>»at-lnt #l«*#n-#e
T . r .«, W rrnta. by «a:! * «?«» ? «
_ r nt - ,« th# totted State# or
d r.ption# to manat-r M'nln*
,' n .V. PecUSc X«rtll*«t." Bo* T beattte.
trr tea «••»« faai»l*ft
»f vet! are aou ahfwM bav# th# Poat«
ea*,• to you. It wiU «-t
aothui extra. O.U at our offio. and ba«
a i4rta® ct*a
\ .mTamp^
rrrpared waU " , *-
Seattle, SejC 1. \*K
K*ch*n#ea at the flk-attle, Tarottu and
Portland clearing: hcu<~ a today were;
_ . C*ear*nf-*-*. Baiaroea.
£»•*«• ra :* r
T% oraa » 47%rn i: *« m
Portland **,» » i
r 'P wer ** t>M to the local
jw*rj*jr Thar* waa BO tpvat activity in
and prices continued at SSc and lie.
T a V, were tt.e Jo:*' ;a*
t-una of whoicaale deckers yesterday;
* lunr aa4 * ofer*
; Bj *?r *<— m bt's p#*
Z: I** ; «atra ~C" in bblo. per lb. ic;
2TI c la bbU. per ib. s»rrc cubo.
* *"•* ; *red. apot cwah pr-.-e*.
r .' If eec Oobs».'«i - Patent Ea - liert.
» * a nr., CaiifomU brxnda.
M I/uet nwr, M ~s': bu^k
«n#-at Sour. { -r - ftp-f
1-. i- ir"».*»am per bbl, $4.»5. jt
.-'J S» ewt, rya iio-.r pr
« « id-lb aarke. 1255 p»r cwt rye
bN - HS(n r-r cwt »«,
mwt mm*" *** M»Ca». boauny. p*
' wtMßt. por rwt W*
par CAIM wboia wheat.
Mr k» i*' c - v - bari<ry lto-»
w. • * r - >Hb boa-a Vv pea» per
•?«. «r »-lb boa a*. 4-<-c. eon*.
iJai £**!"■ Ma. SL Cu. Ma, fl t. white.
« n«0; jj jtni.-.y. bbla.
> *■***■ tZ M
rS**** (Job**r.ry-<lr~>n-- Mocha, per Tb.
Omt K 2>4r»e: Co«a
£ru£?i*. *** 'b 2*c Ranged—ArVietete a.
. *-[b p^ r rw . «2 r-lb casaa.
Jan W ti> »i" "* *-lb ena««. p"f rwt B2 ®;
jV"£ J®-**; tin* p«- IT, Sc. awika J4c.
**ha true Caracola PV
li» «* t r^n<J coffee mile. Lion. Lua.
*l-M fi-j n rt
u '•• frarlaiuua and flak.
[ (>ob in*)— Cow l#SUe:
f *?* • lh mutton. «c per lb;
I.? ?" P er ilj - veai- «« per lb.
Prnrisrions <Johhtr**-Ham« Urre. UHc;
twma tmmll. 12< breakfast b*<x>n, llSc;
u - y «ait efchg^c.
.£* n OobblnO—Halibut, S®4c;
atlmon t*'#ut. I c;
25*. «c; rock cod. sc; biack
Ma "'r. CketM, >.(■• aa4 Poaltrr-
Butter—Ranch. MjHJc: fancy dairy, in
?"* ."" re * M»l7r, \Va*h!ng:on craAmerua.
2-Ih priata. ju^22c.
o»w.*4^»—N*t;va Wastua«ton.
t«c» Oobbln*)—l*®iSc.
<jobL4n*> -c'mckens. live
Wat«[2M; <-h , fc« j*. ljl^c.
(tgrlablrx unit Frailt.
Potatoes (Jobbing*—New potatoes, id
pei ton.
Vegetable* (jobbing!— Native peas Sc:
ft* ' allforma onions silver skin*, fl 4«
I L J?' ib *- beets. 75c per isack cab
oage. H c per lb. carrot* sdc lettuce.
i » per d a. ca ;mt*ri. hothouse, Idc i«*r
Cut; tomatoes, 15&2J*: pec box; green corn,
jv.'*- per do«; aw- -ft po*.aio- , s, fl.2i per box.
t»r*en Frulu tjoote g,. t . n . » Aii . .
California. |4©; : aeiects. f3 %04. n- w
native Astrakhan apples. ISt-fw*: common
appli*. !■/)> : Alexanders. m&TZc; Grav
ensteins. o4!. VYenatcbee apples, til#
bananas, ti4>2.>). oranges fci.Vxy
b!a kberrtoa. Ticral }>er crat» California
P-achf*. Crawfords. 50®i7> box; Oregon
Crawford*. 7:>*fsor. Weoatchee p. aches 30
tr'SC per boa; Rartlnt poara, kVftf. per
box; crah appi"*. JT4»*>c plums ISOi*- p.*r
Ik>x. prunes*. per box; Delaware and
Concord grapes, from Yakima, fi per box;
California grapes. 75c per box.
May, (.rum and Ktad.
Hay (Jobbing)— Puget sound, per ton.
ft* Rnst« n Washington timothy. fiat<l3
alfalfa. fI.X 7 *
Oat* (jobbingV—s42.
Wh at r>^3o
Bari« y (j tob.ng)—Roiled or ground, per
ton, fZJ.
Com—Whole cracked
fee i me.il. UJV23 '
M lis'iiffn i) ■ •. _■)— Bran, per ton. ti4
anorta per ton, fi7.
Fe«d—Chopr>ed feed. tl3 per ton; mid-
per ton. f22. oil cake meal, per ton.
TACOMA. S*p: I.—WjiMt ftrmer in
sympathy with Eastern markets. Closes
No. 1 club, No 1 hiu.-sr-ro, «4&»c.
\4 41.1. i WALLA WHEAT NAKkET.
Bp.~ I*l Dispatch to the Poa»-I?it«»H!iran>"«eT.
WAX.LA WALLA. Sept. L-The wheat
m»rket ta« dull today. No Mile* w»-re
reported. I '-alcrs quota Tic lor club. Tie
Xcmt blueste®.
PORTLAND, B.pt, 1.-The r-.vlp-s of
wheat If Portland for the first thr.** dav»
thsa week w<*rc over MO car*, an amount
that la without prsredaat *o early In the
season. These h*avy receipt* ar» causing
anxiety tn »m» quarters, and it I# fearevi
that ht-avy drafts will nave to be maile
on San Pr«ntl« o for sail tonn*K«\ or el
some of the surplus win necessarily
it f»th by »t<*am.'r, Quotation* for Walla
Walla wheat today wera swytic. aud Ut
vail*/ and blmvm.
Rrrml«talT«. (•rain, Etc.
KAN FRANCISCO Sept. 1-Wheat Is
higher and the maraet is more active,
IxKh on speculative and spot account;
trading* on call was very lively: two c**t
pt*s are loaded for Cape Town. B trley
i' stronger In sympathy with wheat;
Injth f*xl and hr«win* are higher, options
have artvanctd. thou* t rot active. All
rradea of ©i"* have advar . ed; the mar-
K- t Is qut'e firm an-1 lp!: v «■ r ve; all re
ce.pt* today a ■ re Iron Ort-gon.
( Intlng <t not a «Italia.
W- a? Firm, I .-cerr.l r. |: May,
Ear ey—lnactlva December. *A\a.
i\)rt!--lai|f yellow.
iiran-4'4-- i '" ix
Flour extras, bakers'
\\ a - t >!nf wheat $1 for Ho.
1 ar 1 J- ".*>,SI 5 f«.r choice; ir:Uing.
Si r
Barley—Feed S**Ms7i»c; choice. 11: brew-
Int, $1 **|l.Jjfis for No, 1, ard ii ■,» 1.
for coast.
«.»af9 Po r to fair, tl <*"% i.i tIT : ; go«»i
to choice. firry fe-d, tlxAl A
p»-r cental, new red. II UStxH.ITW new
ft*!!na* «1 iv.il 45: #ray fl.tfHlJUTi,
railUns. S -S*tl SR. Surprise, $1 aa? '■£
hi*, a f r I red. H i ;l.li. biack for s«.ed.
L -
Flour. quarter *»<-ks. ??-t. wheat, cen
tals, ri* VI; do Oreienn tz «r«>. barley. cen
tals. 13. **6. do Omfoc bear* sack*,
j «kV. corr: rental*. A«* : r>>
cental!, *•>: potatoes sacks I*H; onions
sacks <"* hraa. aarks, II*; do Oreron
1.4*, mtddHn**, sacks. SB; shorts. *a. k*.
>*>. haj tons, #H, straw tons. V bop»
balas ; woi.tl, bales. ' I; hidea. number,
win-, salloos. •& ! •
I'rodsrr, I rolt, Etc.
V'"Mn«f- tV-ffTt.
Hiy Wheat whsat and «at
EI U; oat. 1 H»: J. b»*st barley.
f r m; " <-fJ wheat. S Z . jli. sti*W,
jH-r tm!a. Vmj* r,
Fotaios'a-' Early Roae. ; <*a!irxs
Rurbanks. C>*j *'<• rtver Hurbank*. 36»ia*-.
rtver reds VMidr, new sweet pots toe*
per is.
\ c#etahie* allvefakin.
per cental, bay <-t*eunjb*r». 3i»yi .
J:,yjr per pound, itr-n v**as. la;'»c r-cr
p,*.strsn* bea->s I"ay
per l»ox r!»»r tomatoes
hay i«mit -es. >•»>> v; »t.*n com. J*vall
wf sack lima iXNara. JtuJc j>»r pouod
ar-jlaa. 4ii*ec ptr bca, crab apptsss. L,
Erui'.s S»trm«l- rr-- s fas'ft 'A pr -h, .♦
►,k«s «' v r
fvrrxsa. fer pourd: ,-atitak>-jpea. >
*i<l 36 s-ar crate nu'irt-ji ♦*. «*: prr box
tsn». *m* it box. i l«r*« bo*.
- Fontainb'esu M
catSk 3&4a4ici b4a*"k. Tx-kay,
av aectartnea. white, .do red, se
*, i,-; fwvariMMk per fcox; peara x
piuins wml+rm oris I; *;
It s> i"<r W«- orsnae* \ aJtet-.. as L j*> t
j wr b«\*. Meiioao amc«. *. Caii
f r-.i * kB b." fancy S3 •!■» > . n>n. • . s'.
banaaaa. $ » j^ _ r buncb. p.*,e
moph** CiM par doae':; Smyrna t?r* -i
1W 1» r |w»yr t dat« a a prr j- d
Patt*f- Eaß'-y .-reaia- rj _ *«••-
ond-s. SluSc: taacy dairy. Sse, tio j» o~ul»
l '?fte.-»e-Fasff mild, n» w. Sr. fair t •
c«a4. ;»TV- Cahfons * cr-aa» he.:'*r
W*ll'*- Toesf ABi"»ri<ra. HPc, Eastery
12»t4r. Western, HaU- 1
**Eaire -•lafs Sos**!**"" e*«- .
Eaat«m da»k <»«
Poaltry—Llv- turkey i
feerss pW pewter*. (LwvA
ve«n« do. ». /ma'! M- . » >
*»■; 'it» da. J2 fry era t •*-. *iena
Eu. dwks aM. BJHM ' x -
fj..Vsi'*. #■' **• «** • t'-M
--kmooa fc**i
Vteul aad ii«p«
Wo«m-#prtc^,~Cbo*<« 1- ; H.-|3c.
San Jonqnin. l«I9c: mountain. Il#l3c:
Kermda. *»?Lse: Oregon.
IPjHr rafl BentkOT coast lambs*.
7hr. San Joaquin lambo'. Northern
iambs', stti**!.
H ops— to choice. &#"c; fancy,
Sterling on London, eixty days. HM;
do *;ght KBA
SilW bar* .. . Sl> iTafts—?"ght 5
Mul dcU ..CH&il >. Telegrapu
kialat Maek*.
Atta J®Julia ... ..
Ai ; ha Con Uiu»iK* 1»
At >i« £ ]'?Keatack COB . •
ST Lm&\ Wash. Con . .-
He isle Mexican
Best 4c Bekher .. M», 3uc.no ••
Bulie Coa JivUJt Diablo
T< hor: 3' Navajo ..
Buiwer COB < COB
CaleCrt.ij .. 22 Ophsr T4
CFai:«rsg« Con ... ♦- Overman 33
Cellar .... 72 Fotoat 39
CoM:<riz*m ....
t < a \a ..It. Scorpion
« n lt».p»r;al XB«err« a .... ©
Con. >ew York .. . 3; \er I I 3
Crown I cist ..... £i K'v.-t KU.g ....... -
Kad-£<iuer &Cu»>i 1 in *2
Goul<* Cuarrte .. fel'tsh Con - 21
Cran-1 p. \& . i v H»r . <c*ct 33
Haii a N..r-r«JB* MSt 11 dard .. 1»
Tb* lloek Eirkaac*.
NEW YORK. Sept. L-Th* tadtgattona
from tod«\ s m.irk« w-re that prices gen
erally w«uld have had a material reaction
had It not txvn for the sensational advance
shown by indivldaal stock# Buyers were
evidently pota«**d by a furor of «p eola
tion and ihe difficulty of moru.g the
prices of most of the lending railroad
shares !ed to thoae beliig com
parativ-Sy r,eg . c:ad. S'ca-ka cone rung
w.-:'. n some favorable project waa re—
ported but without definite details and not
backed by authority, were chosen as the
lavoru-s in the speculation.
The s»i>» . uon of the waa the Jump
tn the prU of Omaha, the sto>k toaehing
III the f...al transactions. Th-> fXtr rae
rUe was and thv net gain a point k-sa.
The stock waa not ®x-mpt from the de
prraaaion which weighed on the Urangera.
and in fact on m a; of the list during the
early pftrt of the day, and it aold down V»
from laat night's *-ioee By t o'clock It
had recover d the ka» and gained over 2
point* additional. But in little more than
an hour of the latter part of the day the
price mounted several poL :* and wa« a
th* full tide of advance when dealings
ceased. The trading waa attended by
great excitement and the pause and a<l
- were or sy motuei tiry and at wide
ranges. The rise waa due to a belief that
the stock will shortly be placed on a regu
Lir div.«i?nd basia the aU* ot the proposed
dividend forming the aubject of the ex
cited apex-ulatlon. Northwestern whl h to
tn the rt-Litlon of a parent property to
Omaha, improved in sympathy, bat react
ed partially, while UiCdha was atiil strong
ly advanced.
Sugar aieo continued to be an exdtlng
cer ter of *p«?\ ulation in the morning and
advar.c d 3 pdnia on rum>rs of a distribu
tion of surplus and of advantages to ac
crue from exclusion of Dutch reilned su
gar Tobaceo also oported nearly two
points higher, but this waa also the hlgh-
Mt of the day. The two stocks fluctuated
in i very errs .c mann.r ail day but
dc-»-d with a net gain of "% for Sugar and
S for Tobacco. The day's changes are
small, but the majority uf the active toaues
sr .w lo .- s exten>Ung to •% In Nortit- rn Pa
cific preferred on Its poor showing at
earning.". Railroad stocks that showed
sharp were Chicigo A Eastern Hli
ncis pref rred. Great Northern preferr d.
I. tke Erie A pr ferred ,<nd St.
I'cui A Ixilutb. The inouatnaia ae a rule
a owed gains.
The i«->nd market showed some falling off
in activity, the par value of bonds sold
ißtlsg to 13100.900. ' Price-a w . ■ mmtr>
crtliy higher. Unl d States Is. regi*t**re4L
sold at H.t r *a HI. Total stales w ere $110,00%
M»ur> and Eichaaie.
Money on call, easy, at Vgl'-s per cer.t.:
last loan. IC4 p, r cen'.; doa d, l- 4 ; tltj per
cent., prime mercantile paper. J4*i Pi per
C' n;.; sterling exchange firm w! h actual
business in banker- 1 ' hiils at 14.*>\ for de
mand. and ll v! 1 - i4.*C\ for SO days; post, d
rate*. f4.H l a®4.<> J 4 end H.i6Vs©-4.f7; com
mercial bills. siiv- r certlfl
ca'"* Sic; Wr tliver, Sl'ac; M- xic.xn «i >i»
Lira, 41c.
V S. new 4s,reg UMkiN. T. C. lata ....117%
New Is coup l2T.v N J. C. 3* 112%
Four*, reg —lU\ N. Car. 6e iy>
Fours, coup ..112*i Four' I«H%
Twos, reg .... HT-, Nor. Pac. lata ..12"
Fives, reg Threes B>i*
Uvea, coup ..lli\l Fours t*ji„
I'totrlct 3Ss ... .1 V s * NY.C. A St.Uts ;
All.—Claaa A ..i ,v T N. W. C'onaoia ..144*
Clas« B sa< Deb. Se 117 V
Class C <* Or Nav. lata .. 111 1 ,
Currency .. .. Foura v»i,
Atchison 4s Or S 1.. »>. t. r 117'-.
Adj. 4.- >'*j Five>. t. r. ..
Can. South. 2>to.lfl& Or Imp. lsts.t.r.l"! : 4
Can. Pac. lata .... | Fiv- s. t r w
C. & S I'.t r .">« .. V'- . Par. >"< c f 1 r»
C. & Ohio is .... 82*4 Reading 4s
( . H. I>. IM iMi, R G. W l<ta ... ? 4
I> A R. O. l>ts.ll> St 1,. A I M C.V-. 87 2
Fours ss St D. & S F.0.f0.115
F..\*' Ter.n. St Paul «*on .... 151
Frle <3en. 4; 72 St P. 4'. & Platal2l'i
FW A 1». Ist - t.r. 70 Five* 11".
<"» en F.iee. ~m iS. C. Non-Fond. ' a
G H. A- S. A. <«.mth. it v. "1- 3l\
Sftv>nds .. . P«i Stand. R A T <r,
11. AT C. 5s . ..'•'t' . T«»nn. new set 3s >g
1 'on. r ' s .... I*-' T p. i. 1;-ts. !»t'\
lowa C. lsts .... X - Re. 2.is SPt
K 1' C tr. ... V U P lsts .. .lIIV4
K P.l*t D.D t.r.USU i p D & G.lsts 43
I,a New Con. 4s W Wab, Ist 5s lf»f;
I. AN. Uni. 45.. Kt Seconds w'
Missouri Ss !K» i West Shore 4s . .lQfi'i
M K A T M« 'r.'V.i Centuries ... «T',
Fours Inferred 4
St ock»—i' :s 11 r OBiii.
At- '-'-on * N« w \?> A Oil 12*4
Pr»<wivil .. .. pr.f ( rr-<i . ... X7K
r H A Oh'o ... l N. J. Central ... :c !
rni;n<i* Par T N. Y 'Vntral lfr-H
» '1 S th . N T. C * St. E. i*V
tral F*o l-V-. i«t preferred .. 7«
1 h «. A > >hii» ... 2" 'n 2d .. S*
«'hi A Alton X r. \Vc<t II
CM.. B A 0... V > Arw'r. Co .. .>H
Chi .v K. Til •• N r?h fv ITS
C C. C. & St. E. *!%, Pref» rr d S,
I'rvf. rr»-<! .. .. *9 • < nt. A West ..
If' A Hud ... I!-* 1 !f'r» H <it. A N* . 31
T*e!., Ii A W. ..W't <*>r«». Short Lin'* 22
IV r. A R. O. ... 12 s *
rr fetr-d .. 4* Rpsdirs - ....
Kii#> <> pw jv-, K<>ck Inland .... >l%
I*t preferred .. *l\ Si I A s F. ... <?,
r< rt \Vayn» .. 1T« ! Pr*f. r--rd .. .. jj
«;< N' .r. ire .. .134 5?? Pmjl H®t
7f. fc:nsr Vil ... SV Prvfrrred .
Illinois C»n ....VC*- ~* P»«fl .4 Om.. *S
L F W«*rt ... Freferr d HI
} ■f ■ ' . =e. > \r A || ij;
T V. ft> IT* frtjth. Par JIH
I - * N't<h.. *l*%■ •? <ith Raita-ay.PS
V • hatt m !. ..! '** •»' Pr«>'#rr-- 1 .. .. 3*
* " T- ■ ' •« . "* * A I* if" ..." J|%
Ce~ .... V" ' '■! i F'<* J7*4
M'nn A S> T. .. J5 1 I" F' £>. A 0... <
1«t pr*-f» rrvd .. *« VV S»4
"li-- 'lt' I*»«- .. T**i, Prvfrr-*-.? »«-V;
M «!» * Ohio.. \V
M > K * T. ... V Preferred 1!S
Preferred .. .. V\
l.i|»rr«« I ! •■•itnnlf*.
Atlanta 1" * 4t 4 tM ... 4/4
Air.<ri m 115** W « Farsfo ...10»
111 vlln nriia ».
Am Cot. r»« .... S>,Or. Imp Co
Ptvferrwi .. .. 79 Paciflr Mail ...,". JRU
At r Spirits .. U\ " p a j
l*r*f-rr*d .. .. IB'u Ptiwr c*»r ... 51
Air> Tfbarco ... H\ A T Tit
Prcf-TT**l .. ..11l jy,
Chtrn*o <}*# ...J® ]}gu
C .. !«•„ r A 1! ie<
• R ; • -* R •••
C >- >1 A I ... 2 « r*T> *rrr« rt .. 71
.. .. p) f s Rubber .. I**4
(i*r. K * etrlo J*'. pTfi*
• ii". !« Stf-H .„«H T A'-w r-!r*n" !" N»4
IJS rird# <}*■» .. •> •I.A at n>«t
i>- • * < v W«M.lf|t4
. ..!•* Pr-.r-rwd ..
Nat. Un. <"HI ... 2
1 OtAi
Tata! **!*» of stocks today w*.r® SSA.7C
sharrji ln«-ia»l!a*:
At .!■- n pr*f*rrH 1! "1
- - • ke A Ohio 521 m
Hurlir c: I* M
! -kit . A Nm&TIII#
Missouri Paclftc ... ! 2. *"4
M saourt Kansas A T-»,u jf;
N«w AibMT A Chirairo 4.90
> r* -n Pacific 4.S»
N •rthw«st#n« "4 44>->
Rradiiwr ..." #
Reck Island 3P.2U
St. l'a«J r («i
S" Paul A Ootiu ...,J7l*>
> sthfTß Railway 5
S a'-heru R«i * »r pr ' -r» S 5 yi*>
"T *as A Pa<Hftc f..w
Wabash pr*f*fre»l 11JH
Costoa Oil *.TW
r-.s'an Spirit*
vm«r *n Totaero iM
I t s »t Gaa sjisi
('bktfo Gas u.jti
irfjwnl KJ»ctrK !i<w
l-uuxd* Gas ti»
Mo.; j»» jij rjg
S .par 3M~»
- £-ar - ' 123S
T r,tw«Mt Coal ...1< "*«
t ••; **d S*»t»« L»ath#T . * <*>
t'Bho w •<»
O- jußj Ortsl Wwvra util
Tlir *appl r •( t.rsks.
Sr-' -! aW» ar.4 iispafch's
t. } r*-i*tr*+i * tb« pr*.n.-ip*l
j-otau vX kvw.-:i« uii.cai# U»« fci-
lowing changes in available supplies laat
Saturday, aa ccmpared with the previous
States and Carada east of the
dc-cren.ae-. I.o* .»v. boaheto; afl.<at for and
•a Europe, incroaae, bushels,
worida supply, net Increase. i,29T-*to
Cortt—United Stages and Can.-t-ia, east
of the Rocki**. iccreaae, s.l«t.busheia.
' >slla Ustti d Stat--a and Canada, eaat
of tie Rockies. Increaae. «« b-sbels.
Otaeral qcoiatluat.
Floor - DuiL RecHp's. S4.V*>; exports.
*7'»o barrel* Strong and held higfter on
the rise in wheat.
w beat—Receipt*, igapp, exporta Suf-•**>
bushela Spot *tro«\g. No. 2 red.
*ions ope:--d firm and advanced a. tivw
ly all day on strong and active cabiew,
foretgn buying, heavy coverirur. renewed
export demand and bad ensp n--ws from
t"* Northw-st and Eurc.pe; close.! strong
at ISf4c net advanc* No. 2 r«l Septem
ber. M S-Hr-|*tt.ak%. closed at Sl.felS; De
cember cioee>s at 3Sc.
' "'ff^e—Options closed barely steady at
l-*j ': points net «lecline; September. AIS
w*.3Sc; i>ecember «. :*-*« fe.-. Spot. Kt ->
quiet. No. 7 invoice, jobbing, »S- .
mud Cordova. H^flt^e.
S igar—Raw firm, retried S^'m.
Petroleum-Steady. Unit-d iosed at 7?c
bid. Pennsylvania crude, no market, nom
inal! y at St
Meta la
Tin Easr at rs.ft'il3«.
Spelter Steady at >4 2F 74.35
Strong; exchange. 14 2T,f14.a,
Copt .«r—vju.et. brokers ill.k<t|U.2S.
Tbe Board of Trade.
CHICAGO. Sept. I.—Ail grain and pro-
VISIOB markets were strong today after
an oi»enii;g which rather indicated an op
posite condition. For a moment at the
opening wheat was below the price It
cio*4*l at yesterday. It soon recovered,
however, and for an hour afterwards
ruled firm, with a gradual Improvement
in prices until it had turned the decline
at the start into an advance of IV- The
first trades In December were at <*'*-jc to
and at l.*> o'clock it had ris~"n to
» -» •. and leas than a half hour later the
price was &l*»c- An unaccountable weak
ness overtook the crowd on the curb
after the dose of the market yesterday,
and little of that found expression at the
»t-*rt today. There was nothing of a
Weakening or discouraging character In
the early news. Liverpool was quoted
lower, but New York reported
buying orders and acceptances of off. rs
made last night by cable, both to the
united Kingdom and continent. Deliv
erlea at Chicago on Sept mber contra* ts
did not exceed li.(*A» bushels, although
Liverpool was a shade lower. Paris was
the equivalent of ; *c per buahel higher,
and second cables showed a marked
change for the better at the m.ir
ket. It was to the renewal of foreign
buying, however, that the market owed
its strength, as it showed the
of fiurope upon this country to r supplies
untii next spring at least.
Receipts horc- were 435 cars. 21 of which
Were contract. Minneapolis and Duiuth
received XH cars, against 34'. the corre
sponding day of the year before. The
Atlantic port clearances were again close
to the 1.006,900 bushel mark, the actual
quantity in wheat and flour being m/W
bushels, which will make tfce average
port L7W.000 bushels a day for three con
sevutive days, for the equivalent of which
r.-fercnce has to go back to the year of
the Russian famine. That gave a fr«-sh
impetus to the upward trend of prices.
Dec mber bringing about 12 15
o clock. Closing cables were of a mixed
character. Paris was 3D centimes 1c per
bushel—higher. Antwerp. 1 franc, or 5%e
per bushel lower; Liverpool closed at an
advan< e of from ! »1 for December to Id
for September. Heavy shorts tn this
market saw good reasons for getting oft
that side and contributed to the advance,
which kept gaining till within a minute
or two of the close.
There waa an enormous trade in corn,
with the West doing the most buying
and with crop damage claims the factor.
There waa some disposition to sell at the
opening on predicted rain in the com
belt, but that change! quickly when
wheat shirts started for cover. Decem
ber started at from 31%0 to 32 : <c, most
of the trading at the higher figure which
was about where it closed yesterday. The
price gained steadily until a f-w mlnat'-s
from the clove It reached 23'*c, and it
wound up at 33?*C?33^ 4 c.
The session in oats was unattended with
any noticeable activity, business being
principally local. The market waa firm
throughout, principally through sjm
jwithy with wheat and corn.
Provisions were moderately active. The
market opened easy under the Influence
of fairly liberal deliveries, but the mar
ket turned strong when wheat and corn
commence to c'.lmb. Armour and Oida
it>' wer<tJ>otij said to be heavy buyers.
I losMijc (tuotwtloua.
Wheat 19 9CV Ftil■« r s 0
Corn 31' i Parley XfrK
Oats 19\'Flax 1 >i
Pork ...... .. « '*2 Timothy ... ... :y)
I ard .. .. 4 r. jtn i
l.i<r Stock.
Cattle- Native b«ef steers sold at S3S."
Qi for the poorest to *..25®" for prime
to . *?ra sh i ping beeve". sales largely at
tt "• 2S. Stockers and feeders. si.
4 t few being wanted at Hffcii.Si. Fat
but' herine natives sold all riKlit, but
csnnlnjr stuff sold badly. Calves w- re no
higher and choice lots brought
Texas cattle sold chiefly at for
bulls and cow«. and t for steers,
a few chol e being wanted around
Hfii.Jft Western range cattle were in
onlv ffiir lem»->d a? t3 S-fi4 S«J for stockers
and J4-1&34.30 for ci>ws and heifers, with
Western feedera selling actively at Si *5
#4 45.
Hogs sold at for ti,e poorest
to the best, chiefly at t4.K-jr4.30. pigs
lei ching %■■■ -v *
Sheep—"Wtrstera range sheep, S3.
with feeders In demand at S3 t'Hjr3 «>.
Choice natives were scarce ar.d a few
sold around while poor to fair
lots brought S2.S#&3B- Eirahs advanced
to t :■*&?, .*i for poor to rrimt flocks, only
a few K' tting above J* «
Receii fs Cattle, hogs, X 2,'»».
sheep, ii.yfV.
I/SNDON, F «pL I.—Consols, 112%; silver.
NEW YORK. Sep*. 1 —The Ev- : Irtg
Post's flrancial says:
The very b*d w ather of today dampened
all the stof k n.ark«-ta which closed uuil on
t:.e wiihdraa-ai of a large amount of g<»id
for Austria or Russia. The Indian gov
ernment has < >pped the «a! • of council
drafts for teei *f*k< on accoint of tfte
a » '■ t-f its balances m Ind:a. This means
a high ear e*char.ge rat*-, with poashie *oid
exports, when » ioh,ang<- touches » pence.
Th».two pcijr.ts may cause a rtse In the
bank rate tomorrow, but I wl.l no* expr-ss
a strong opinion on tlha In til t:\e gold
withdrawals were kn-.-wn. th- market had
an :<h it»d no rle In th-- bank rate. Now
It is an even chance, but I should say that
a rise of per cent, would h%v« no bad
effect on the markets and a rise of 1 per
cent, very little eff-ct. Americans were
steady, and cteaed easier with nothing do
The Pa-'« hov.rs w,s d I much of the
day. but closed better.
Ths Berlin market was quiet.
LIVERPOOE S'-pt. I Wh' Quiet;
N<x l*tandardC*lifomia wheat. Sw .cal*o«s
off civist. quieter; cargoea on paasage, ess
„ , i -ountry markets, ►asw-r. Is
low r ' French - ountry. mark-is. llatT Uv
♦ rpool wneat. No 1 > aiitorni.as ** .ji-jsa
s,! wheat in Part#, qul-t; in i »ri*.
Will >'ot Move Or. Bcck'a Bonce.
BENICIA. Cal.. SepL I.—Ttse Kpt* opal
church vestrymen are much surpri*el re
g»r<!.rig the action of Bl«hop Nich«4»on, of
Minnesota. In relation to the removal of
the body of Dr. James EJoyd Beck When
Dr. Beck who was a ptooeer o! the Epi*-
coi U church on this coast, died, in April.
IK* big wish was tO&t he should be buried
In B*oi ia. sad t s wuh was complied
with. He t* buried und. r the chancel of
St. Paul s Episcopal chur h. a hAndsome
buiiding. costing o*«r l& ««>. and there is a
niti-rbie tatwet over his r«-mairu> with an ap
propriate euiosry whscft w*s choeen by :
wife. The vestrymen do not wish to have
the body removed, and R:shcp Grave* of
the Platte, who is coadjutor with Bis hop
Wir.gtseid. says that hta t**iy shall »>t '>•
removed, as tt was Seft as a legacy to this
tturch and should tie kept here.
< rltlrsdra ! the Fl»r.
SAN FRAVCIBCO, S«-pt_ I.—J ;d#e Cook
wraey J. L. Cnttecds*. wt* «w fised
§>> by iad*« Siark ttw eort-mpt o<
t . urt tn han»c «teiß:»ted ttf 4r*s a •;»-
toi in th- o>«rt room ar>«*t ,fc, » **?
whea Emma A»h ! «»y shot at E J. Ba.l
- r, oe July I, I**. by ord»rta* th*i the
petitioo«r be discharj-d apcc a writ of
fcaN-aa <-yrpus. Crittenden baa be#«
B*bttns Slack's d<cSsioc ta alm>*t
t\try d -part meet ef Jm
V 4.0& oi iiai«eaa evtr aU«wO
the Sr.# was irspo®ed. but aril! today t»o
**-»# of Jsdge Stock's oo!!**gue« could
be found who w< utd his rtgftt
to adjutgyr th 3 Attorney guilty ot ctr\-
f HiC
Wuald Ravf «<•<• <aaLri.
Ser*. L—A special to th«
Rf*ky M>*rit«ui N » s fr as s«*»tU« g.
CcL, stay*: A jrersuin# much!'-.*
*m at th;* piao« a few day* t(o
by G A. SfeaateS t. Mr. Nert*U n noticed
a iar<» Ma te «*>>e<rt tn ?be aoutheAstern
part of heavens. tnuottac rapidly
toward th#» northeast. Ho watched It
F*» door across* th<» h?a verts. movin?
quite rapidly in * line. Ho
watched it until tt parsed o«t ot
•od i# wwn-.rtd that it woo a bona ft.io
8> Sf-jr machine.
Worhlae Rood on thr *wate.
Spor'i" r>:*rw:to to the Poet-Into!H#r«teor.
fAIRVTEW. B. C. Sept. L-Mw*rs,
Ban-hard and A. H. Harrison, of Gresr.-
w-K>d. Boundary Cretk B C.. have wur.d
a working hond an a nine-ten;hs inter*
in the te» for W. j4ij*W« in «x
month*. development work ta be carrsad
on continuously. The Saik baa a »-foot
!edg<« currying iron pyrites. *v*n tons of
which t*fati d xi Tacomi rtturned s«.> To
ledge has been opened by two prospect
shafts and a crosscut.* The Soaie is the
cUim involv* dtn ihe auit of J-utnes Jrrcyn
against Broa. mentioned in the
Post-Intelligencer recently.
ShipplßK »re from thr Hiinnu.
8;-*"«-ial Dispatch to the Post-ImeiUgencrC.
HoSSBURG L—The Bo*iuu m;no
is now ship,*:;,: two car ioal# of ore p*?r
week. The property i» being operated
urder a by John Hanley. fer*s«u*iy
su pormtenueui of th« Old I>»m. !
Thanrfrr Storn la Coltllle tallrt .
Special Dispatch ?o the P©»t-!n:» !.«• m■ r
COLVIULE, Wash.. 89c L—A ta .a :*r
storm pat-sed down the Cotvtli* vaii<»jr 4*»t
night from the southwest, ac.-ompj.iurd by
a heavy fail of rain. Today every indica
tion points to a protracted aea.-on of rain,
and the farmers fear a repetition of th®
w« seoaon which deetroyed *.ha grain in
the Paloum country a few years a&«x
Mrs. M'.H-r. 3an Kranciscow
O. M Gordon. B?>okan«. »
<««o. E Hay, Ohclago.
W. 14. Thompson. «':i;>pla CrtA
W. H, Oourly, Dvea.
M. H, Bidoiph. City.
Floyd E. j*. Carbonado.
Mr-. M. M R ok n. Ohio.
Walter Mohns. Ata hm*la.
W alter H F«*rgus n, San Franclictk
C. Dtoman, Shelton.
Miss M, Kelty, Sht-hon.
Mrs, F A. Dipjnan. Sheltoa.
T. A. Hennetly. N w York.
A! Mullen. Spokane.
F. B. Cavarty, in K ran el«co.
John Cavarly, San Francisco.
Edwin E. hr.nn, Kar.w City.
Mr*. C. D. K:ng. OlyruplA.
C. A. Swo*tt. Sturges.
John W ComldUte. Stxikane.
J<mar* Gardner, Los Angela
P. Walto, Victoria.
Frank B. Brady, BalUmore.
8 F. Bor»v an<l wife, Hotel Delta, B. C.
Michael Flannery. Baltimore.
8. J. Conger, California.
C. J. Leavenworth. Olympia.
J. J. Corey, San Francisco.
M. J. KgAn, San Frait-tsoj.
D >ra B- nrvtt, West Bennett.
D Mcßride. Citv
J. B. Crx-ker. Boston.
Wm. Tiiosus, California.
E. J. Palmer. Victoria.
E. J. Webster, Spokane.
Mrs. E. L. Wo d. San Francisco*
8. Biatft, Chicago.,
Mi** Blantcn. Ban Francijjco.
A. W. Recherson, S <r. Francisco.
C. C, McCoy. San Fraacieso.
E. S. Louchborough, San Francisco*
B. H>man, New York.
D. B er, New Tork,
P. Mclntyre, San Francisco.
L. O. BelUngsr, Davnport. Wash.
T. F. Be vans, Fairfiaven.
F. A. Clark. Chicago,
Henry Ffia, San Frartcicao.
H. Sunkey, N»w York.
R. G. Hudson, Tacoma.
D. MrKinnon and f.<mi!y. Alaska,
Mr* N. W. Rf ir, Port Towns* nd.
Mrs. C. A. Fair haven.
L, N. Gr'fTin, Falrhaven.
L S. Ainaiutm, San Francisco.
Max K.thn, Sin Jose.
H. Hume#, New Vork.
1". C. Hrtzlt r, Portland.
Thomas P. Boyd. Portland.
O. W. Grexel, Portland.
T. S M Daniel. Portland.
H. H. Harris. R oa>n.
Sol 1> vinson. Chicago.
Mi?.< Carrie Snsitn. \ancouver, B. C.
J. C. Coot in. Toronto.
Miss Harden berg Rlverstda, CaL
Ida Arnwtroncr, New York.
Mrs. 8* har, N w W s; minster.
>i -s F. M. Clark N w Westminster.
J 11. Gr*»n, Portland.
W. H. Brown. PortUnd.
A, Rogers, Whatcom,
O. If. Wilbur, 80-: n.
1». Greene S n Ft a--.Cisco*
G. Olsen, San Francisco.
John 3. Cairn s. City.
N. Carj vj : r. New York.
A. And -r.-on, Whatcom.
W. C S>lv*s* r, Iw^aquah.
M. Swan son. Iseaquah.
J. Ho#enhfrir. Issuquatv
J. Sioane. iswftuth.
Angus Cameroa, Ajburn.
Norman M*d>oiiai s St. Michael.
Chrts Vlke, Kir, Wisft.
Ch<A Hart, Olympla.
J W. R»-d, Olympßu
M. M City.
H. Holland, Tar ma.
H A. SivafTer. i 'tint ng, Wash.
Emit Johnson. San Francisco.
J as. S»'itr. Ho-< 1 and,
Wm. Brynn, Rosaiand.
C. McDonald. Rosa land.
A J. Dykser*. Paterson, N J.
F. M. 3w«»t, San Francisco.
W, I; . ftt. 11. San Franc so.
<* A. Dana. San Francis"®.
Wm. MoCridy and family, San Fran
Jofvn Jin»--n. San FraiK'Ucft
I'lrlka Jan**n. S*m IttMtM.
f Etikso'i and wife, San KranctscOk.
Harry San Francl- -o.
Jar: Hot kirk. Oakland, CaX
C. ML Prin*. Boston.
C, A. Park- r. I'.<*ton.
F. T Layman. New York
C. O. Troat, Salt Ct-.y.
G Dallimc* and wifr San FranrSaco.
John V. Dougher*y, C'- rry Valley.
Eaf H»»arh Pot Gamfrle.
Joe Adam#, lowa.
T. 11. Wiiit ma City.
A. C. Jone*. Vashon
F. W. Hidvelt, Ban Fraocisro.
James Gordon. &an Francisco.
Cciln McCeSi#>', Bai!ard
Will A. Lowman, An*ffi-'i
Jam«s 11. Bak r pr o. Biakeiey.
J H. Kay lor. Everett.
Mrs. J. H. NajrJor, Everett
Mrs W. E. Proarn. CenfraHa.
M:s? NeUie Steele, Kan»<n
TV U I>oaKla*s. Or
Mis* £K»i4Cia4U> H-ppner. Or.
Dennis D«c>s S'eliMjr,, B.
Mm. «»eortt« Ciay. Aiiee
Mr* Et?ie Murray. Port land.
H. M. Painter. Kirkland.
E M. Or«H»nleaf. Ai»«ka.
H. F. M>rrl». Tacoma
I» R Edwards. Fatrhaven.
W. J. 'Tcmter. Ism Ar.geiea.
R A. Hal! Ohio
«*o« • «!•' T> • maa. Black IMamonA.
Mrs S E Ottn North Fktnd.
M'.ss Myrtle Taylor. North Bend,
p A. W-K>d. Taeoma.
J T Arrcstronir and son, Ellrnsburg.
T P M rrts B rt (iamfci*-
jara<« Rowen. Dawaor. City,
Mr*. M H+rrir.fton, Marytrrliie.
%! r '. "VVUilama. Vancouver, B. C.
Mr-. C J. TK-'iir X\ hauMta.
1 N*. Sai CQUjMhrtll*.
v ..-n M Ar
A M. Spr»n#e.r. Sr. Paul.
W. B. Jrraaer. A .»rt«*.
Oocktenta! Hotel; best fanuly hotel tn
ra:« eacl'-at rooois, all modem tmp rcjTt .
if.Btt ?»» bur.
Team Hotel. Ts«sas.
Strictly flrs?-r!a.«: a!! ssodera
B(Q Ui fias roonsa.
1 •apodtlss.
We ara now p epara! to do rontpoaitlo*
for the trade «ar»y aseaaure? Us
Misloa Brevier and L*>a« Pruaer. AaO»-
fact.>e fuaractoei- Cail er address Poet
m. aeaiue.
Ar» Iss l>elb( < ampin !
If yoa are you should hara th* Poat-
XBte;:.*efv>~er sent to r<-» U *:j. - ®at
eitra. Call at our &Jt«.a .~a»e
). j au^raaa
Fort tend. Sept. h
Occasional rain; sutioa&ry s«a-ixfratur«.
Settle. Sept. 1
» * a Wiad. 2 5
Ms; * *
f I-4 5 <'l ?
f-:- x * ?
PLACE. - l i ' ;
i : -» 2 5 •? 3 :
i i jif i j !
I; i * i•s * ; * lii *
Seattle .. *» Vi <4 .*4 p Lt »■ PtCSde
Ft Anf«k» > ■«? SIC ■*'- K I. T »*Vu<iv
T><oo*ii ... ».*8 54 >• >.;* -<*. if ilwcy
Ft. Canby . 2» C » 8> i* k Us iv'ioudv
H9<tkacp 2.' •- <* «£ V. U «*» k'i-- •iy
Walla VV ..,£>.«4 a JCW i." Cloudy
Portland ... »%> M ' V* n^.iJy
RiMrturf ..*>»* #♦( « K I.t tti'toi ; i.v
Eureka ....*#> -* *XW * • I'U"-■«>'
Rod Bluff'.. vi -I Si: v •• <'Var
Fr.»r. .. * ~ > - w - < » *r
Wirmem'a .2* ■> ~ v < SW • enr
Baker illy. -S.N6 A» »*• N Lt : >udy
G. N. SALISBURY. v> s.tf.
Following art 1 the tile table* for Thurs
day. Friday and Saturday, SUvtember 2,
3 aad 4. 2357:
rt ;*& Tldi." U I«jw Ttd#.
a m ' ft. ' p.m ft. ' a.m. ft. ' P-*"- \
t:* ».* : a t2.< Ts# i.* t rr' *s
li ■; m 2 :>i 12 * i ,vj> i> r 2.01 s .
•i i» » ; i.r, u.i «.*», o: i-«i t« .
* t«i 8.7: t.3 1.1 St 0.7 d.Wi 5.*
10 H. «.S T. 24 !U 2IS 0.1 1- ' It
<1 T.oi * •»» « l is. o «.a
TAT*"H">BH. Sept. 1 -4 p. tn. - Barom
eter, 29.59. cloudy, wind ea.«t, flvr imles.
Outward. Sir Mackinaw. "". M p. m
NKAH BAY. !. «'k>udy. raira.
CLALLAM S-pt. 1. -Cloudy, tulm; two
•choonera < up.
PORT ANGELES. S»pt. ! Barom*t«*r.
25».53. cioud>~; calm. Tug Mafic *t do^a.
>i viwm: M:U S.
SAN' FRANCISCO, Sept. 1 Vrrlvd
St'hr Mary E. Ru*#. Port Gamble SM-hr
Guide, WiiU|>a harbor; s«thr Marie K
Smith. Port Blakeley; *fr Crtitennit!.
Prince William sound. SaU»-d: S r.r
Mat»H>. Comox.
ASTORIA. Sept. I.—Arrived Br tr
from Kuohlnoiau; bklu Che
halls. frum Hakodate.
SAN DIEOO. Aug JI Sailed: Swed ah
Ladv Lina. for Vanrourer-
GRAYS HARBOR, Au*. 31 Arrived:
Si hr Maid of ;n-<, h»*ri>v Ai:ffu#t t
COOS BAY. A iu. 31 Sailed: Sir C* r-
Ina as 1 achr Wing aiul \S m«, IVr San
IMFIT RI.AKEI.EY, A«»*. 31 Schr John
A. Campbell, for Newport.
PORT GAMBLE, S»_pt. I.—Sailed: Cr
bkm G&Mnnda, Capt. Toy* l , for Ruenoa
PORT TOWVSi VP. Sept. 1 Arrival
Bktn Robert Sod'.ien. fr -m Shanghai.
YOKOHAMA. AUK 23. Arrived. Hr bk
Selkirkshire. from Oregon.
HOQIIAM. Aug. 31 S .li.-l, S< hr An
nie Ot-e. from Hoquiam for San frjm i*-
co. Arrived: Bohr NT Hid of Orl«ana, fmm
San Francisco for Aberdeen.
HOQUIAM. fc*»'pt. 1. Sailed; Str Sunol,
frum Coemopolis for fiwn Francisco.
TraßMcilon* Since January t and
fur trorrda).
Real estate rran«artlone *inc# ,Tanu«~v
1. I«9T. are H There w.-rv
for record yesterday 5 devds. a*irr in' ln*
SI.(C 7. Following i* a Hat furniabed
by the Seattle Abitrvt Company, room
410, XfW York Wo k
Isaac Wood* to Joseph DobbaJ. lot fi, blk
SS, Collins" add, June 3* sl.
Marlon L H<>ke to II -tirv S. Hatch, part
lof 4, »<-<• IV 22. 3. April 33. P"
Thoma* M> Nair e; <ix to I.u<inda C
Hatch. *w n* iw .*<- I*. ft. S. evvp? 1 rod
wide on n sl<1" for road. Jim* IT. I*9V Ki'«.
Andre-w Johnson »t <m. to Henry 3.
Hatch. part ne !<ec 14. ZT », M«y l">, I ' .
J'annett# Ij. T-<ylor and huabtnd John
8. Taylor, sr. to H P ftimn»r, lot 4. bik
I. Baxter's add, June 4. q c. ft.
Ikruuik Sine liatet.
The North- Western Une comprises ortr
*OOO miles of perfectly equipped ralla% r
in Illlnoie. lowa. Wisconsin Mlc&lgan.
Mlnnaaota. North Dakota, South Dakota,
Nebraska and Wyoming It operates the
tinest trains n tha world The service to
Chicago. M'lwsukee and all th# prin-ipii
cities of tha Ea*t and Southeast cannot
be surpassed. !n*t»t on having vcur tlctee:
via "Tha North-Western." F \V Parker,
Commercial toe First avenae, Sa»*-
i;i LOVE
: i! WIFE
\i BUY
Mm,. , v, > •' 11 "
#JQw v
KSI' * _ -'
ViiA c •*» wi k * »'u<r>'i»-
mi M» • pt^-'
Hr «r» fa *J*U. tUIT * »«* < **» *??
■MEMEBI »«-. MT * *m»»» JM
|» k>••«•, I!U J**' '* "* <r "' rr * * "?* 1 4
K«i. itfiion. i» i' j j
Ju M *»y- !<»»•««
ff WW ** » J , jr l<ian .4 of 1i.4 t- •' ' *'- ' • «**» »• ** *• jmk *.* '' *?
H> ,\ 7 \f> i
I \
I r«~ t - ••*•
H arrowC »» >fTIW g• .- •»»• ji *ry«ew*.f.*«etile#eiSl»
■ crn»ri« .u■■«»" »f<w»w« <*»
•j «r:v ■* * - . •"• - *■ •
r» »■«■«»<*• ' ?• r-*d it - * *»»«• *-« t*ut«
&f£^£dl£2&SLl' — —
} Hit At i T p | t 1/Ittg S. •■ I* l «at A..J CCiUSbMA **
To the East.
To the Kootenai.
l»r. Seattia. Ar. 8«attl«
Orarland « o» p. tn. M a. m.
Coa«t Lin* S:ld a. ru. <..j j*. txx.
Japan - American Line.
S. S. <tan
For Japan. China and 411 Asiatio
I'uiais S«u» From Seattle
About Ntptembcr 22.
Call ob or add.>»<i
R C. BTKVENa. CL W. P. A.. (11
First tkroct.
Canadian Pacific
up i.
Soo-Pacific lly.
to St. Paul. W' dm?j.la>'» to an)
Sunday* to Toronto, without rhanra.
t A M.
magnificent STLAVEJU OK
gl PERlok. te*vUi4t Kort VN iiu*m for
oMrn Soui d on and ftundaya
#nd for Windsor Tu:>«day. M«ala
and berth ln»dud» l on uti.ui.eri wuhout
ei.iA chanc «.>n all ticketa
MONTH LY BTKAMBRS ta liunolula
«n<l Au- iAlia.* and every tbreo we*ka ta
cf • <•* and J a pan.
t\nr r*tra and other Information apply ta
E W. iroiNN S
Frtl*nt and Pa.«aen*er Ajmi. (60S Firat a»-
Or o E J COYLif
Dl-Trtct riwriK A««nt. Vanoouvw.
v«6[. lei nemier su i pwbii
Ml cow
The Sharif*; and Matt Dlrtsi
an « Mir
Taking In all iao principal winiug camp*
en route.
Through Parlor Cars daily between •»>
at'le a ill Vancouver. •B. C
Tr.tin leave* S<'jitle dally, I.Ofc n, a,|
arrive*, feJS p re.
Train i>-r StK«|ualml# and North Hani
leaves Seattle <laily. e«< <ipt Sunday. M
4 U p. m.; arrives, lo l" a. m.
F. A. A I.LBN.
Oen. Freight A i*aaa. Aft
n W. PR ice. Agent, Union StatSag,
Ihe only route to th popular and actlvt
DUti>i>n diutrirta of Gold Haalo, Gordon
t*r»f»k. Martin CrwMi, Hilvert->n. Deaf
Cr< ek. (iiiat I ..ik» end M out* < "rieto.
*i he »<■< nlc route for tourists, fishing
and ramttai partten.
t tug M r tay. April Si, the Kv
•C'rtt * Moti'it Criato Rallarny I'xwpaajr
wt* liieuaurate a d«ll> train service.
'iraina wiil k>«%e Eyirrtt fur Montn
C*r!?to -\rry n. r ifn. except Batonlay
aad K.,r»d.t>, at 7.45 a. m.
Train « n have Monta Criato for 16v
er«-tt at > H * tn every UlJ ruing ***#&
teuiwia/ aiwl Monday. ,
On Tw«'lay» en J Th-trs deys No. I will
run to f*dv- rtfo only » d on Wadneadayf
etui Fnnya between Sflverton and Kf*
.r. t ~r.tr. BAIRD, Of, AT. i,
SPf-M« HttlS ? MHtR« IRSM S WW
sktppwo. mmjukimn mm
The ttmly all rail rente wilksst
rbsni* of rare hrtwrea
Reatlssil on<i Srlaea. Alee kelwscg
Srlsos *sid Nsi'lsad.
!>eave Arrtr*
« JU a. m Spokane p. ce.
ji ■», ». m ItosoNnd S;4» p. m.
I.p a. tn. ....... Nelson ......... 1.46 a. m.
Ckrea connection* at ison ellk si**n*
ir for Kaslo and ail KoottMf I atkM
for Ke<M» River aisd flottoA"
ary C*eak coaisct at Marcos with atagg
AJAX TAW.rrs«-»mrci.Y «r*«
£y "\ JI f v,rr*«» fitNi* *NS»
N 3 fl «n l« !««»•.<• ■» fMa « ll*aiMa <■ « J
■ »1 *'» •*'»"seetajaaee I t»*»*iss sae Is<-'»
f Ju ttr-Tt.l w «*»'"*♦> a»MI »»"'(
\ -T Lm* iit . f »/» «l 4se esa
f » _*ii f<,» * ar »*">*•*
y,r <tt tßMkiif Ml rwwwi'.s a
1,.M >n : »• : I.f r .«• sfco** I - **4 *'• l»i'* *
Ziat *l4 s cons «!IM» n..
»- »i«-« JM«t*e tt» Ai*a TWr
t.».« . .. -~l ft»--j»aA*s »«Ml will jr<*s- f*" •
Mil m mil** »•,*/»«.
t at#' *"' rwi t »f rrrtni ff#*
ajax remeoy a>.,
For eaie by Stewart S Dny
Ta *S F're« artsue, and H- ». UIIMM
First and Merion.

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