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XXXII- N-O. 12'.
lea Say Women
DireN Away Money,
Four Cents Each.
31 *ll ■
A Commodious and Fast Sailing Steamer Will
Aid every ten day» thereafter, taking freight
•ad passengers,
Lffrffet There. St. MlchaeU Island. Alaska, mouth or the Yukon river mak.
Lffneetfcn* with the river learners W«r». Cudahy. Hamilton. Healy. Power
for Circle City, Minook Creek, Fort Cudahy and Klondike gold
Reservations for passage or freight on nteamcrn
nay now he secured by making a deposit.
fker and quartz mtneti bought and sold. Investments in mining property
•* taring i*nw» of sending agents. Our agents and expert* are on the
got tad hav been for year*,
fitrfl! lasue letter# of credit on our company at Its pests—Ctrrle City. Alaska.
gftn Cudahy. Dawson City and Klondike gold fields. Northwest Territory— at
, mt t of 1 par cent. \
legeetocka of supplies of all kinds will be found at Fort Get There and Hamll
gttthe Lower Yukon. For particulars apply
M American Transportation & Trading Co.
Mo. WIN First Arcsae, Seattle, Waik.
HaLtmtr Michael Cudahy Chleago. 111.
„.....D>waan. Klondike Gold Fields. John Cudahy Chicago ill
BrEWta* ft. Cudahy N W. T. Ernes' A. Hamlll Ohlcato, 111.
SwHn < W»a-e Chicago. 111. I'ortus B Weare Chlcaro. 11l
I TW» new and elegant steamship, 1.6u0 tons capacity, will sail from SEATTLE
NIT MICHAELS on or about
MARCH 16th, I*9B.
-WTtaf freight and passenger*. Connecting with new steel rtbbed steamers at
T MICHAEIiS FOR DAWSON ftTY and Yukon river point*, and making regular
rp taring the For freight rate* and further information apply to
J. 11. C. I/OCKWOOO. General Agent. £• at tie.
or OEOROETJ. WILLEY. Central I>o< k. battle
We have a complete plant for melting, assaying
refining. By celling your dust to us you know ex-
what you are getting, and get cash immediately,
ot awaiting returns from some other city.
*'ttftrto*n» of the fallowing who Save aold us gold dugt:
Htlsuv ASH. H. UOKK.
J*MKS Row tn. tlt-lMtl PROTKAr.
'• *'V tMI',II. JO*. noMoMlllK.
a. r. ctnn, m. *\min«oi.
W. * H. 11. Bt IKK.
o. rurinr.
fcs. Mayer 6 Bros.,
Sicee»*«ir« t»» tlMl'l ItK JHM 111-11 l CO..
Manuliieivuunur »lewt
"•tHRIHV STHKr r. Retail l»ci«r.. T0.% »ID o>o A \ fci.
N>\i t O'l ;'<• , >-< lv *n has h-r office In our ttore.
a. Xli nr K urih Ave, South. 1*- O. J24.
WU empaeit, t , v v iv. large I lr-- ail kind- of rice elwsya on hand.
p°P Pickers' Blankets...
... . \ Kl\ V CHKAP
Manufacturing Co., 1119 First Ave., Seattle.
RUBBER Co. ■ 7 14 First Av.. Seattle. Wash
•drat: .„ t „ n< j t-tX* fu'.i ra« rrervt en mlr»t fwstpta
l)t.\lU HORTO> .V CO., Kenkerw. Seattle
' U .\« V Vutk S<altl(. Will
II ill
in MI.
Its Spread at Jackson
Causes a Wild Panic.
Shotgun ynarantiue Established in
Many Southern Cities.
Admission by Ph» air lan* Tlml *np
po»ed I a»n of Dragar J'rvrr
Wrrr Rrall) Irllon Irirr (inn
l>rarral \larm-ttuaranilar Half*
of Board of Hrallb
<"ltf Aathuritlr* of Jarkaaa Isaac
® ' arfrw Proclamation More
<a»ra at Mobile, Ala., But I.title
Fear \o« EtUti at \f«* Orlraa*.
JAPKSON, Miss., Sept. 15. AU the fears
of the cu.ztna in r*gard to the sickness
prevalent at Edwards have been realised.
Dr. Gulter&s, the expert, has confirmed
seven cases of yellow fever and aays there
ar»- many suspects.
First the cases were reported as malarial
fever, then after a tim* they became
dengue fever. Another wait and they w»'re
prounced suspicious, ami finally declared
to be the genuine yellow jack.
During ail thts time the disease has been
spreading rapidly, at the rate of five or
six n w canes daily, until th»-re are now
forty cases in existence s; Edwards. The
e\ ilution of the disease from malarial to
yellow fever was such that the people now
regard dengue as simply a more conven
ient t» rm than yellow fever.
Dr. Guiteras arrived at Edwards on a
specta! train at 4 o'clock thts morning and
proceeded to work. After he made his
diagnosis of the suspected cases, confirm
ing Dr. Purnell. the board instructed Dr.
Puraell to place a cordon of guards around
Edwards at once. Report says that the
dls- a*e has also appeared at Clinton ar.d
Smith's, towns near Edwards. The state
board has ordered the discontinuance of
trams on the Woodville, Miss., branch of
the Yazoo and the Mississippi Valley
Klicoroua (| tin ran tine Kales.
The foil >wing order w»f promulgated to
day by the state board of health:
"Vl( 'KSBI'RO. P«pt. IS.— To AH
Citizens of the State of Mississippi. Rail
road and Other Trans*p rtation,
I-ines anii AH Newspapers: On account of
yHlow fever at several places along the
coast In the state and several cases of yel
low fever at Sdwatdf, Miss., ami reported
suspicious cam at various points through
out the state, until further order* by thts
board no persons will be all wed to get
off trains or boat* at any station or point
In the state of Mississippi, and no freight.
oaf£aff«. mall or express is to be handled
by the railroads or other transportation
companies from Infected places No trains
will be allowed to stop at infected places
Any person from non-lnfe<fd communi
ties whose deatfn itifln is beyond the state
of Mississippi, will be allowed to board
trains «t all p«>lnts not infected with yel
low fr vr r Train crew - running to or from
ptace« that are not infected by yellow
fev«*r will be allowed to get off at the ter
-J F Ht'NTKR. M D.,
"W. J KIOHR, M n..
'Ute-lsalppl State Hoard of Health."
It stated that an expert ha* l»een or
dered to pr>»ceed to .Ya *a >~um« Miiu- . to
Investigate the o«M» orf M Ucolm Cameron,
who came from E Iwarda. and to com
pletely isolate the case.
Shotirnn Uunrnntlne Created.
Yauo City. MIM., ha# Issued onie-a for
a H'urif :n quarantine to b-' Inf .reed. No
train* are a flowed to stop, excep' to ex
rh»tr.«e malls at the quarantine station*.
No pa««engers are to 1* *ve the
train at all and all mall and express must
be fumigated.
Guards armed to the teeth sre placed all
ai«>»g the county boundaries but !n aplte
of th.-ee rigid rules several have manssed
to ge4 In. some even coming from Inf * ted
district*. Two drumrr rs *hn c,im« .Mnn
day. were talu'a y«*t< day ar.d put lr. quar
I'niilr D<-|t(»ttii!atea .l»efc.»oi»,
A pari - has prevailed in Jackson all day.
Kvetybotly has left sown who could -o so.
The bualnej* house* have closed and the
n<"w» supers have suspended publication
and closed th'lr ofUcea. Jackson has a
f> 5 of l' 1 ■■■, and *«••>-: .-..«ds of
theee have deserted the cKy.
At 1 p. m. Mayor Wharton received the 1
.following from Dr. Hunter, at Vi-kabunr
"I have a bad ni.s-.tse f>>r you Prv
Oufteras ar.d Pisrnell a*r >s that th«re are
seven ea»s ■ f *-nu!na veil >* at Kd
wards. and rtmny v.i». CHse*. Capt
M>n * >mrry'i condt:l »n i* about the
eame. . .. ,
The board of h*iHb re<"-mreersd* tl at !
you get al! the poo -V who want to g-> out 1
of town on the train* 'oday. i
"The Alabgtr* * > ' , " H ;re roa " m " 1
atop trains at ar.y Infected po>lnt and *!I!
not allow any rs o get off thMr
trains in the state of M: - « tpr'
hav* extra orders on train Ny 2 thi- i \en
injr "
I'pon Its reo Ipt the may p-sred a bul
let n that al! perwv * l«»av«
the city at once who destred :o go at all.
The city oflficlals then l*sa 1 the f I'.OW
CwliimiilioH by the C'lly.
•To the PuV!: T'-<■ foar >*a<- « f fever
prevailing at Edward-* hive tw'vn offeiaSly i
dtagnc-sed yellow fev« r i»n«i have twen ;
»>» regarded t>y our hoard of h since
th< d< ath of Col. Edw«:ds We h.»v- main .
talned a strict again -t ihis i
I n: as weit as *&>■ -« ' ini ed ait.t j
s uapi.'kxui p< tnta We oonfld-n' 'f |
« r «' :i.v t k • 1 V' «e. f«*er ' '»f
Jt kson and will tontgh! put an *">soiute
o>ar*fiin« against all p»r<on* miinj Into
oar city fr-'gj any point. In rd« r :o .1»
t' * no health oerti' ~»*e* will be t r.ored
fr»v;n any one To ts s«» who contemplate
lesx.-j* the c*> *e tb *ifc to sny. if you
ar» »-apec;Hui to go go at .»«>•* To
those who are g ng to « »jr. that we are
poinr to leave not Mr# ir.«ii»ne to k»n p the
f-\er o<-t. *r.-i »h > r n>- <*■ .
oar word end hnt! «r '■> »;v.' 4 tt»e
\«ry Rr«t auspScion corning to our knowl
edge. To the c-xir r> p»->; I*. we wt*i to
My that in ref>»«n# to ad'f you into our
ci'v we *sant .t i".r»der»rt»cd It •< datse f r
our iQU'.aal g-v»d fi* if we have the frver
yo» wtil be
yo>i rl! protected, >ur sor* will be
t rTiif d to visit you In *b-kTv -a. and *r
rgementa will he »rfc e.l »o you cgn
s t.i our 'jaara t f tad *nd
I f * gr**- rtes, as *t and the ae*e
of life
T<» our remain--.g in thts citv ;
*e (w. frankly, a . .. threat-tied you
are r i;>ected tc d. your duty and eo-oper- f
1,. m #h the KMird of f.«.<ai't may or ei I
aldermen The resuUtior.- In regard to
- i"*!' - # off the Ftt
r n w:\ he enforce! The ;>re
a ;f: t»si w:ii taj> three times at S o"< l-irk, i
I rv"" » 1 f*rson« f.x.n-i on the street wtii be >
held to a Strict acccunt If there are any ;
[ rsona here «ho are depending em heir.* '
t- i <-n fr-e fettonr we want to say to j
t err. ;>Cf..klv f>-at t l r» *IS be MQ» t— i
. • The farmer* ar<- ciaiwortt « for ia
> •. s, an I »e ar<» drt-rr ncd »r loefers
, r i,«m shall rem.'.m in t- * c.t y To this j
... *■ e«;'gci>lly MO, bad IWUtf §<sl |
>ati al coca
'*W» agate afsare cmr people in our city
that. «heusd '♦ vr break otsv
that s-<-*dr trar.sportatloc. to take th«m
mr Wtu b« rr-ivlded. the lgtaoto cen
tra' -oad having promise 1. tS necessary, to
furnish a fecial train on a few hours
~W. a TODD
„ "Her, • 1 Officer.
"Chief of Police.**
liuprarrd at >evr Orleans.
NEW ORLEANS. 15—At the c!c*e
of the dar> investigation the fev*r situ
atr.• so far at **- *s N r w Organs is
ew-erned wa<= considered to hare mate
rially i..i proved. *r» there was less anxi
ety than at any t■ me s!n ; ?e Monday. I *ar
ing todav there w-r» twenty eases report
ed to t heard of health for tavestiga
,ji%, f, r .. 5 *»» -<a * v phvsletar.s
have been af e -tra«?e to r»ce*n S* r
At Touro there *re 3r»> is'ck poor's
a~.«1 the ttr ft . autfcwt 5s he'rwr d!»: "-•• • e J .
Iri order to prevent any potable spread of
81l- %■. has n"** esses of Of
ti:»-«e )4 Hf e yellow fever. « are rusp?clous.
. ) a ,» s -r - to V- fcs reserved. There
have be<?n no d-' hs at BUoxl.
*l«,rr fa»es «t Mobile.
MOBILE A' i li-There w»re
Cv< n* w ra<*»-s of .••clbw f<\er and one
d ath In Scranton t do'. Th» M 1 °
board of •" c<?tred reports today
nhf'-wiiz 11 ii no n- s
of ye:i<w fever art no suspldco* ci a
The exof «-l t 'I to' *h" surrounding
rural districts s'lil cootlnues.
AUGUSTA. Ga S IS.—Aagusta has
quarantined ig*lr.*? *ll yellow f.iver pxnts
and ai.-o M i ■*' A'lanta.
PaarhK Ism Atlanta.
ATLANTA. Ga f Pt. Ix-Yrtlow fv r
r»fugeejj pour«<i into 'he city today. Dur
ing the day thr«c •'p ctal cars of refuge«
! A m« in from NVw Orleans and other :n
--fH-te*i j" int.". One car was fill d w'.'h :h
ticoj'- from Jackson narracks la New Or
leans. This stopped ner t-ut a few nnn
u:es and paawsd era to Chi kamauga Na
uonal park, where th y Will camp.
From the Special Cor-
SKAGI AY TRAIL, en Route to the
Aug. ST.—We are still
ahead to the best of our ability, and seem
to be getting along h»-tter than the ma
jority. It is a bard
proposition at the
best, for It has now
been raining nearly
two wcdis. and the
trail is something aw
ful. Horses are be
ing killed by the
dozen every day by
falling over cliffs and
dr >wnlng In mud
holes, to say nothing Of those that d;e
from exposure.
The worst feature of all. however, is the
almo-t continuous blockade miles of
hors.-w and men, and only room for one to
pass at a time. Sometimes it takes hours
to get up that fall in the passes
and standing for hours in the cold rain
and snow is far from pleasant but so far
our party of four have all been weH and
quite free from colds.
Very few people will pvt over before Ice.
and many of those will winter at the
lakes, as It 1« impo-sihle to get boats even
at $.V*) each. At this time of year a boat
cannot be taken over the trail except at
enormous expense and prices for pack
ing ver both the t-kigugy and Dyea trails
are rising day by day. It now costs 42
cents per pound at the very lowest, and
one man offer-d to have 1 000 pounds
packed over In two weeks, apd no one
would take the contract. People are
spend!: g enorm us siun < of money in their
wild attempt to get in before the "freexe
up." but money will not do it. and they
are now turning back by the dozens, and
will soon be doing so by the hundreds.
Tons of provisions have been utterly
ruined by being left out along the trail
In the rain. In that respect are all
rlKht. as we have Irej>t all our jjoodji to
gether as much as possible and iroder
cover at all times.
Our plans »t pr- > nt are as follows:
shall go as far a* possible w th our com
plete outfit. and If we And we are going
to be raught by Ire we will go ahead
with about 500 pounds to I„ake Bennett,
rarhe tt there, and return to this sMe of
the summit and use the goods at this end
of the line until we can tret over on the
ice. By this plan we calculate that wo
will MVH all the extra packing and ex
pense. for there Is no use getting caught
at the lake and eating "dollar srruh,"
when by saving that rr. nev we will hive
enough to go tn on early In the sprlrnr.
I do not knew what tome of the poor fel
lows will do who spend every cent they
have In getting over the mountains nnd
are short of provisions M*n are dying
f r im ex p * ire and hardships and by tie
looks of many faces there are more to
foM >w.
AVe will get over all right, barrinar acci
dents, an-1 tie In condition to do pood work
next season, of being broken In
health and spirits, as over half of the
poor fellow* will be. By the way. I have
already washed a little gold, but only in
•mail quantities.
Col. G-.istav PaVst. «or of the Milwaukee
msllio! dre brewer, was marrl.■<] at Vent-
Ttor !• • of W'eht. Tuesdav *•> M -« Hu'da
I,cmp. a daughter of the n onalre brew
er. W. J. of St. Louis.
A es - va«»-<-ov<>rM hr. :*t he »
WBsfon*bl« or# to !lw :r dtir;ra th#
rummer time at hat in the
« nter it woakl be art to pr-»-< pretty
eh 'iy. The ptrton »N>> e the Dawnoe
City rev.d-• * of -3.tr." » --r. * «10
f, -n>#rlv it\ I - Seat:"!* T m Xa*h and
j Billy R • > are r.tdn* tn ft. Nt of the -abtn
m : r* Mr Harrison, and th-- pictor# **»
taker .!• it the middle ' •
I In h<* Mit aoeompanyto* the pt<«twre.
Mr H*rr * n *HUs of the f'arfal Itandahfps
<>->' -.ected w.th hi# eip» riev-e th«». H«
• i» wortLin# on a ben* f» a E3dora4*
i er#eiu Us he baa a quarter Interest,
i Zzey ax* dowa tisetaea tcet ud toe c_rt
l MB m
The Ex'pl Arrives
From St. Michael.
Miner* Practice Reserve. Lest More
Men Kn-h to Starvation.
The Klondike Richer Even Than Re
ported. but rrotUlimi Are "enroe
nml \fnconiir, Will He Warned
to Itetnrn \\ hence They 4 time.
That Haniter May >ot (.nm Their
Vital*— But St 111 They Crowd la.
Inni.rlnc %l| \\ amine*—The Lit
tle Mnnook lllcher and M«»re Kx
tenalve Than the Klondike.
SAN FRANnarO «*ept. 15.—The Ala.«*i
Commercial Company's s earner Excel-ior,
which from St. MichaeL. Alaska, on
August 14 last, but wis compelled to put
into L"n.t'a-ka for rep tr« on account of
an ac. id nt to her propsller while at »ea.
arrived In port todty with sixty-three pas
senger* nd abou* rth of treas
ure. It was at first reported that she
brought down fcoOO.IQO wor:h of gold du.-t.
but this pr jv d upon in v. <tig i ion to have
been gr« atly exaggerated. The Alaska
Commercial Company alone had on board
about tSO/WO worth of gild and nug-
While the pass -ngera, as a rule.
pays 50 tn 13 •-» rt« a pan. If th*
ti elc#e the claim will not be §o&t tor I
thin* but he «ay» it they have to go four
or ftve f-*t that the dirt win *ur*-Sy pay
w-st. a# )* to *ett n# better the lo*«r they
ge. Mr Harmon aaya:
**l ner-'r expected to have t « do turh
bird m*rk tn try life. a« I am <1 tnf now.
I ret down in a hnte rtgfttsen f«""t deep
frosen and roli ar.th a pick and shore!
»?*d w »k eht hour* then get out and
e~*ofc my "*n meai« and "deep on a : * >r «
ef 1 And bow It d-«es fsin htf- '
And an '. I:gfcin:ng' T> j w.;!
t- t *ii|c y :j tura the fc..j -»pa.do
j ▼ try as to wfilth, th#
j -rrlowi-g a >f tjs-we who brought
, down t! ■ •>'*> or more:
I Ben W->?.j
A. Man> r »,m
M;ke Kr»a -en . >
A. Andrew* V »w
11. 3 :*iJtners T- * >
Hark Ppterse n 3&0S0
! Win Hav,« 3& <W
: F. Dense or jry .»*
) J. MoQuest n 59.050
j Charles Raymond ».*•
J hn Thom ... 35
O. Rapo SB.OW
; W A. gth-r-nan
, E. P. Leg*. :: >0
I H. S. ha»' r »..«•
At leas; twenty-ftve brought from
. $2 •*«< to JSO W «ach.
The rr.i'irrs a>' j;r.ed as their reason for
their reticence that. In neir opinion, too
j much had aireadv been ah.-ut the
| country, .and too many were go«ng
| in'o It unprepared on that account. Frank
j Densmore and A. Andrew* are r-pcrted
i ta have made a ; 1,-a« each durinc
! their residence in the Klondike region, hat
! both decline .to deny or affirm this re
j port. Per.-more wha has spfnt sixteen
y>ars in the country, says this is
his firs: return to tvtilxa lon in < lev. n
: years. He and his companions ar< unanl
f of the opinion that the rush U un
j precedent, d. and. as none of the trading
com pan!' > are pre parcel to meet It. they
predict great hardships for ill who #>tay
; there during the coming winter. They
contlrm the stories already published of
I the scarcity of provision* and add their
| notes of warning to in -nding pro«n>ectors
to stay sniv unt.l spring.
All unite in confirming the stories al
ready told of the impending danger of fam
ine at Dawson City during the owning win
ter. They say tfaat there are at leaat T.flOO
people now at Dawson City and that mors
are swarming in every day. but that pro
j visions are already running short and
prospects of getting more are very remote.
The Lion in the Path.
| The Ex-elsior's piwng'rs *r« urrft»-d in
faying that the Klondike region la richer
than at first supposed.
>■»» n« Had n« l*nlnt«-d.
Louis Sloss. jr.. of the Alaska Commer
cial Company, was one of the passengers
on the Excelsior. H<» says the
Continued on pag» 3.
On * cUisn a Uttl* way# \t>ov» rh'jrs th*
■writer say* tbey ar* rockm# «>t.t **»> a.
■■ f '- : "r '' " * - w '
have «t«d of typhoid Uvmr and other*
who had N*n ktll«dL fme w dr«wr.*d
by th« evert urntnc of b'-» heat its th#
river toother. a l>v-ye*r-oid of a Mr.
r»a«. a Wa*bln*t n far con
ductor. was killed by * roJUn* «• >n* car*-
!e#«ty kK»««d by * companion *ho»* him
oa tta» aide of a hill. JMflfca* man «u
U<n«d in hi# t«*ttt hy * faliir* tr«-»
TTw> v Ti&tuHKj f&r witli fif
ty thaajsand dollar* b*t*«t t~»«n. died
they *trt waiting t*> catch a i»oai
for the Season
Travel by the Passes Is
Almost Over.
As Hi?h as S3O a I>ay Karned on ihe
Dye* lratl.
Mnr truckers 4rrl»f From Uiika «n
Ihr »ii'amrr I Inptx, Ml With
laricr «»f Moncj—rrri»«rii
liwn* for the W inlrr Kor
nnril at Umbtr p« r
Thousand Krrl-Kmylo) mrnl Kw-
II)' Übtalnrd i«» H I»*>— \rrj
Km of the «.old *i'rUrr« Will U
(<-III|<I lu «•<> Karniird This Winter,
The paoklnr season on the T>yea ar.i
Skagnav trails is drawing to a close aial
the packers are beginning to leave for
their homes, s.itisfiea that for this ye.tr
thvir work is done.
On the g learner Utopia, which arrived
fctre yesterday from Alaska, w<rre nine
packers. Twenty-eight Indian packer#
were brought down to Mary isiand. Tne
natives have been making nil ney hand
over ftst an.i the fait that they are will
ing to quit the rtel lls significant. The
nine white men who came here w<»re the
only wealthy people on the Utopia. The
remainder of her thirty paa»wger»
walked wearily up town with small pa
on their buck* and nt <mi a quiet hunt
for cheap lodging houses.
"There is a Seattle boom at Skaguay,"
said one. " The treasured hope of hun
dreds of tired prospectors is that they
may reach Seattle and hide away from
tit - publi'- eye. Teil you my name? Not
for a 1600 bill."
Profit* of Packer*.
The men who have made a businew
of packing goods over the difficult trails
all came down with Kold in their pocket a.
An idea of the extent and profit of their
labors is shown in the following state
ments taken from th« nine who came in
Frank I>owd. of Enumelaw, has been
packing for three weeks between Pheep
ramp and Crater lake, at 14 cents per
pound. He has $3».
F. P. Warren, of Salem. Oregon, mak
ing the pack from Dyea to Crater lake,
at 27 cents a pound, has sC."*> to show for
three w-»ks' work. He was able to carry
100 pounds a day.
A. J. Walker, of Seattle, working be
tween Dyea, Sheep camp and T*ak »
Linderman for prlees from 25 cents to «n
cents a pound, has S4OO weikV
Charles of Knumclaw, from Sheep
Mmp to Crater lake, at 11 rents to 11
c*nt* & pound. made S4OO In thirty day
J. H. Holland, of Seattle, fr<>m She<n>
ramp to I,ake Underman. carrying 109
pound* a day for Ave we. ks at 25 rents
a pound, realized S4CO. Each trip took
him two days.
Frank Muldoon, of rhehalls from Dyei
to Ijfike Undesman, at <a rents a poun 1,
brought down after two week*" work.
T. F. By erf, of Portland, has ?2.V
The only packer* from the Skaguay
trail wer*» John ard Rotw rt <>f fJll
man. They had been working between
the beach and Summit lake for thre •
weeks—making some day* as high aa IT '•>
and an average of I They had e»i h
slrtf> In ca*h. In the result of their laU>rs
they fell far short of those who had been
on the Dyea trail.
The sum* Klven. It miH he remembered,
are over and above all expense wh!l
--w vrklng. and after passage home had
been paid.
The T« «» Trails.
Frank Muldoon. of Chehalls. who has
lw>*n pa. king 'he entire distance* from
Dvea to
vor of the Dvea trail. "It Is hard to get
over " he -.lid "but It Is not »• bud as l»
Is pictured. Any man ran carry over the
summit in two week* enough supplies to
last him six months. Pr-ogres* on Sksg
uav trail Is made almost !mpo).-l v >le by
♦he rrow<!* and the mud. You will m«. •
a dead horse every !'*' yards I have
ne%er seen moi ey so flu*b a* It wax on
the Dyea trail. S.-me of th» men wer<
making $» and HO a day. The king of
the packers was a blind Indian rolled
Charlie. He was years old, but man
aged to carry seventy-five pounds. His
ja-year-old son parked twenty-five
pound* Ms ktootchmai) slsty to seventy
f.ve pounds. <n 1 two d-'.c* fifteen to tsen
ty-ftve pounds each Altogether 1* wa* a
regular train, and th* entire family. 1-
, could t i"- almost m
pounds. At 40 cents a pound this would
mean «s* for a da '« trip fr-.m Dyea to
I.ake Underman. Blind Charlie is cettlnjr
rich and famous Another Indian --nrrie<t
a of 890 pounds to Kak'* TJnderm >n
ir one day. He was physically a giant,
and accomplished feats none of the others
could parallel. B> that on» day's work,
at 40 rent* a pound, he made SN).
i:«lrH«niinnt I'rlrr*.
"Shots rosMng In S- kttle wre sell
ing on the Kummit of fhllkoo- pass for
I'.', and a ehoemakTT named Moniri wsa
tr ■•t'ng 11" a pair for haJf-*ollrsg Hor«e
sho« nails on the summit sold for II earh
Flour was worth 13» on the summit and
XT, at I.ik- I.lnderman At the l*k«- t-w
ir.-n were selling out On B*-;*ember t a
boat there was worth Z~Z> and spare In
one for a man and outfit of I.M pounds
was hel l at *2" to r*> "
The Owl* left Bkaguay September M
at; ! *<>'■ t» last evetiing at « o'c lock Steam
er wiilamette left the day before and was
pa-*ed In Juneau, where she lay disrharg
irtr frerjrht. She has but f-w pa**«-n*;ers
f r SeaMle. She wais delayed flvs day* st
Hkaguay unloading. Th* Q».»e»n was pa»«-
ed in Wrangel Queen and Fara!! -n
«r» both due in thia port, and are *ai»< t
ad today. T*e Al-Ki and Ra;»ld Trarn't
«fr* pasw-d on the way up and are prob -
ably n< w at Bkaguay. Th* <wh -oner
Moonl ght. about »fc -hr« :<orts of tr
base been perlodioaliy iwsivsd, has ar
rived at Skagusy, <R*ehanp i her pa««»n
g#rs and Is on the return voyage to Seat
tle. Sh» wilt sail ha- k T»» 1 'pta on
t ■ r- -d tr - m*-l "en d: > a Sis
*.** h<-ld at two day*.
Tk* skaaaar Harhsr.
A n fnpart» -n s drawn by *he purser of
t) e I'topia th* harbor at Sea 11 Is
and that a' Skagoay. gives a very
rn of the latter* altus'ton.
■ mag.r' ' he sa«d. "tbat bluffs front
Ih# t Wfr# t* ?V" Jl t f f l ® AtVl
1 f .„w ■ Chvti" p r**k 'o
IHtsg: iv cty af.d with t..- tis 8«u fun
i.u* U r itto t£* hartxw > >u £um.s tbm

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