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n KTCRiok coiht.
Mat af Wit »*••»« tmr lfc» Pi •*'
ttmmr-Mr*. llrmdhary's *aw# •*
It—Th* Oaaatr Trarfcort' AiwHa-
Ha< a larcmfil Mrttlag.
AH as to the intention of »h*
pVoamr-ifrt attorney'* offca tr. reir&rd to
the caa» arere **♦ at rast ye***- lay
when a formal iuformitior was f. Ed in
the county clerk's «®e* te*;ttr.g that th"
sate had *' tared sntt eralrat W T For i
or the charge of *«d action.
The CMS»l*cta of the caa* a" too fresh
In the minds of reader* to ft*-*d even a
•capitulation h«ra Re*. Mr F jrd. pas
tor of on* af th* priors !r>*r»". M•• ho-i tat
EpifopuJ *H%rch*s of th« efry. a win of
fanttlr and of reou'** on :•
l*ta e'Uiltiwi call:nr acoiised of h*v;nsr
ac**a»f>l?»toe<S tha rtiin of a youn* girl
*tio h*d baer. <#mploy*d a.« a dotneuM,
about his house. In this matter the ■">-
Ijijwtical "-ourt fare«taßed 'he otv.! >r
t~ia*. and th* 6r*t pfoaec it ion of Mr. Ford
fyr.lt placa bafore th* recant a»sslon of
tt.9 aoiicd a A"ar a 'g-■
\y exoitiriir aiM aenaa'Jonal tria! he ar.iS
{tvand fnikr ard a*ntejvced to rxpuhiim
from »>,* ir«nl«*ry and from the h.
A? 1 fh*i was laHv to the F»st-
tsr*n®T at th* time.
The* cam* the quastion as to whether
•-rvnfr.a: proaeed'n<f« *ouW •>* ins ituted
In O,* <-oarts At «he pr- ltrr ?;ary h- arinir
In Justloe Aus'tn's --ourt Mr For<l w:i«
bo>»nd ov*r to th* * jperlv»r co<jr» Rumor
then whk*pe«T#d 'hat th* c*e> a-ouUI prob
ably b* dropped but a* already an
roOncd Proserutin* Attorriy M< F r. v
haa to go on with It. and it
w/Sl probably be brr>'i*-t- or. tor
at an early d-ty. Pro«r-rutinr Attorney
M'-Blroy «*ld yaatAnday tha' he wo tld en-
to lava It caii I up on»* w. ek from
Th* tnfornmtion reads as follows
"Tha State of Washington vs. W T
Ford—W T. Ford ts hereby a4'>*u»e<l by
J tme* y. McElroy. the pro*.cuttnf attor
ney In arid for Klnjr < ■ intv of
Washington, arid In the name of and by
I he authority of said state of Washington
and on oath by this information, of th»?
• rime of aeductlon, committed as follows,
to wit:
"He, th* wild XV. T Ford, in the county
of K!ji*. state of Washington, on or about
3«th day of January, A. P. IW7. and
within one year previous to the of
t lis information, did willfully, unlawfully
• •id feloniously se/Juoe. debauch and car
»Uf know one Jessie Morford, the «sld
.l«-.Hsie M «rford being then and there an
unmarried woman of previously chaste
< iiftraotor. Contrary to the form of the
e'atute in such case* made ar»d provided,
and against ttie pear* and dignity of the
state of Washington.
"Dated at Seattle, King county, state of
Washington, this 23.1 dsy of September.
"Prosecuting attorney In and for King
county, etat* of Washington
"Ry John B. Hart, Deputy Prosecuting
Following la the list of witnesses f <vr the
proeecittkm: Jesyto Morford. R*v. H. D.
Brown. Mrs H I> Brown. R.>v Wlhnot
Whttfleid. Mrs J E. Watmore, Q. A. C.
Rochester, Mr*. G. A. C. Rochester. Rev.
<\ E Fulmer, G. K. Benson. John Fs.n
--»»m W 8. Harrington. M A Cov
ington. E9lzah*'h dtorer, Anaon Harrle,
Mrs Anson Harris Mrs. B. \N"hlt*. Mrs
la-wls Baker, Miss Ix»ven* NlM«a, Mrs.
t,. F P jnham. Miss B"**le Merry. R«v.
r: Z Faha. George Amos, Fannie May
8- irr, I.a•. ra Morford, O. Morf>rd, W.
Morford, E L Blaine, A. S. Gregtr. R
Morford Mrs R. Morford. W W Wlllett,
Mrs J W. tViUett, David Kisey, Mrs. Da
vid Elsey, W. Ay era. Mrs. W Ay ana. A.
Warret.. Mra. K >g*ra Mr. Razors, Ml*
Ithoda ElMett.
Th* moat singular faat about the list la
the abtenca from H of tha narr.» of Mr*
Uradbury. Who baa hitherto played a
r.ithn prosnfeant p*fl to •aoaoctlon wtth
tha cut.
AttutfUM tn (lie Orgitnlaa
th»«'» 111 story— A i'rogrmiiiur of
KiMftloaal fntereat
The meeting of the Khig County Teach
er*' As.<o"iaUon yastarday mas marked by
the largest attendance In the history of
that organlxatioo and by a programme uf
axcnpticnal Interest.
In addition to the hundred or more of
teacher# from th« various graded achoola
in the oounty, the Univeratty of Washing
ton had a strong representation. Includ
ing Profa Bolton, Hill. Bockdolt and
Ben vn< and Proaidenu Edward# Among
t ther prominent people in attendance w«ra
Principal J M Taylor, of Al-Ki Scadeniy.
president of the association; IHnclpal J.
<V Uwrtnce, of Columbia city, formerly
m member at the state b<Hvd o t edu. it! <n.
Principal J M Co*, of Benton; Princi
pal J C Ltngenfelter. of South Park;
Principal C. W. Latham, of West S.atU*
Suporintendent E. 11. Stafford, of Bal
lard; Principal C. A Alien, of Kent; four
or five t>f the principals from. the city
school a, and Superintendent W. J. M«re
The session was held >*atarday mornii g
Ir the Itbrary room at tha county court
house, beginning at 10 o'clock and closing
at 1. Tha star feature of th* programn e
a as an able addr. sa from Prof. Bolton,
of the university, on experimental pay
the following offl.*r» were elected for
the ensuing term: Fr« <udent, M E
Plka. of Columbia City, rice pre* dent I
I' Rich, of Sa!m>:*i B«y; secret try. Mi a
A»l*lt% Parker, of the j»eauUe H tgh sohvjl
The n *t »*•<*' m of the asvUtion mil; t»e
held in the same room October 23.
Superintendent Meredith w.*a eiat« d je«.
terday at the outlook f.»r the t«*a, her*'
• «adlr.g circle. A d.<« nor more names
e era addo.l to the roll of m^mbsTship.
'fhool lands tn K<> l.ranrit.
About <S.6M acres af la '
In King oounty will be leased to the hlsh
est bidder on October 2S, 5* and S>. In fro; •
of t»>a county court fcatise, the au< ti. i
tak.ii e pia.N» at I o'clock p m on each of
tha thrae daya A notice Klvt- g the nnm-
Wra of tha iaMi n» k* laftiad whs :
tn tha county audit ir's
The lands enumarated n». !>. \,. r ,
of tha oonnty. I <a*' < w; > r
Hva yeara or leeav ar.d til* pmoepecttve
Wtll be exacted t;> gl\e a
aqual to iba amount bid f r t's
fltmt year a iaaM MB
prt-w rtg'it to eurv'tase sol; 10!
wp»n offered tor •• a and If b * t bj
otb»r» all sraj-.o# wij u* rafc as tt>« lr«s«e»
ftw ail tmpiwiemanta rrada <j Hr*
Tha Pttlar I'Mlltp. «
Two affidavit* w«ra Hied tvs - t*y <>
«;e srrtt fjr dam*c«a t by p ,
> !tUltpa a*-ain«t Chief BeW » », •- 4
Tt. B urtsko. Who a*y» tftat he *
f mi«r iUt*:v t aN-ut I'aWi-* s T .. > v .
tnanta at tha Northaca bo-el h»<- - !
iir adviaedlr. The oth*r 'a f? •
i Jxxril Oct. 15th
'-v«r|f &*>* y«ik>w
«xr brown
fJC'k 't you to
ruroaa'o 4t the
iVctabcr »<tH to December
Jts cftt guti* to a ticket
aVi j M f;aas , *«»
Ma »<aa e>»a» jkv
Vr*"df. and Ss to th* «as«t that *h» n*\—r *
erupted x room at *h» h<H»i wills * man;
that she did not rr*«*t*r M F X Mw
g%r,s wif» nor d:i »be authorise any ore
e ; ««» to male® th< record F. X. Morgan ani
wife Ittse further My* that she
414 not mak~ the s»«ant that sh» a as
frcm S"»ok*n»; that h-er Intention on com -
:rg to fkattl* was to a perman-at
r<<d«n' that Bbe =*•■ ir»d employment
lr tb* photograph and picture business
wttk Mr and O. P Maan at *»
f- r »■ street, ani ha* N»»n ever since a
bona fide of the city.
Tkr Wcf ann Trial.
T v ,e McCann brothers James and John.
w:ll once more be tried on October 1* for
th« murder of Joseph Cicero. They *»r»
take* up from th* .'ail to th» conrt room
y*«vn*y and Jodg* Jacob* set the trial
for ?hat da** On the former trial they
a-r* convicted ar. i sentenced to he ha r.g
ed. Th" *upr me court at flr*t affirmed,
hi- afterward r»ver«'d the ease. and or
dered a new trial.
»hII« Fll^d.
The followir* ne»- suits were AIM yes
terday In the -upertor court:
Park of Br sh <V mbia v« A. A. Se*-
grave--Apt« .ran- - of »h»* A P. Hotaling
Co compiaint not filed
S .mue! A E* r.' >n vs William D
e ah— PromissoT) note of October 2S I«9Q
A. W. D«-xtor \s Copper Creek Gold an i
<"opp«rr Miriiiiic 4 "o. — Transcript frv,m Jus
t! » »*oot>er's court. HI
Philadelphia Trust g.-f* Deposit and
Iri*«i r ano»- Co.. trustee, vs. Kme'ine Mo r
e* ai.—Protniss««y note of July 13. IS»'<
C.W). and foreclosure of mortsrage
<;><>rK»- H Emmott vs Lulle A Johnson
e* ai— Promissory note at June 2. 1%«2.
Hlf and foreclosure
Joi : 11 H ]«hnt-.i v- J .hn S tpmeister—
Tea a- ri;»t of judgment from Justice Car
son's ceur: 1"<.
J tmes F IvClare vs C. D. Prop®—
T?ar rip: of judgment fr>i<fi Jj«-ice ' ar
son's court, H» 40.
H.intf vs « H. I >ord-Transcript of
'ijrment from Justice Carson's court.
Same vs S 4- Robertson—Transcript
o" : nl* in' ut fr«im Justice Carson's court
L Turner vn C M Ba:dwin-Transcr;pt
of idgment from Justice Carson's court.
S ne vs W. T Ford Seduction.
State vs. Harry Munro., Fred Buchan
and J. C. Webster—Burglary.
I'onrt > iiica.
A ortifted copy of letters tost^mentary
In the e„. te of Charles H. Rautman was
nl»-«i yesterday.
Th. Northern Pacific Railway Co. yes
*T r '; 4 V secured Judgment against B H.
Colby for SM 75.
XVilliam Sutherland has judgment
"lgaiiisr David S Galloway for $1>»). inter
est. ccwits and a S2B attorney's fee
J < .farvts wa.« yesterday discharged
as a<lminlaf rat or of the estate of Andre*
M'-< ann, and his sureties were released
In the estate of <'harles Striker. Will
irn I j Perkins was y. wt.-r.Ja> appointed
<l u allfl«d is administrator under a
|3jo Mnd.
appraisement in rhe estate of Rose
.Vash, tiled yesterday, shows the estate to
consist altogether of personal property,
valued at 1362.56.
A list of eighteen petit Jurors will be
drawn tomorrow to serve In the criminal
o- I'artment of the superior court, for the
term beginning October 4.
w $ "uil of James Grahams vs. Thom
as M < ombs and Max Bauer the father*
of the two minor defendants were yester
day appointed guardians ad litem.
Judge Moore yesterday signed an order
relieving T. M. Alvorti fri>m furth. r li t bit-
Jty on account of any Indebted t'xlst
lijg against him prior to his assignment.
Joseph P. McConnell yesterday filed a
petition for letters of administration on
the es»ate of Catherine The
petition was s.»t for hearing before Judge
Moore October 8.
Hugh D. Brown, guardian of Horace S.
• •rant, of Stark county, 0., was vester
day app<:.inted his guardian in Set-
L I* 1 ! condition that he file an approved
ootid for SSOO with local sureties.
In the ostate of Martin Olsen. Judge
Moore yesterday signed an order waiving
appraisement and all further proceedings
up to a final accounting He .Us ( !1 wed
the olalm of P. t\ Nordby for J75.97 againet
the estate.
Articles of incorporation were tileil yes
terday for the Alaska Copper River Kx
ploration. Mining and Development Com
pany; capital stock, (KM, in $j shae
tr;j#tec«, Paul Austin Fish. H. Stuart
Brlnley and C. S. Preston.
Default was entered yesterday in the
following cms«-9 William Sutherland vs
® Galloway, Thomas Cjffr. v vs.
W. L. Oaziam; Emeltne R. Hyde vs. Will
lam Phillip* et al.; German "Ptvimr* and
Loan Society vs. Louisa Penny et al • Se -
attle National bank vs. John I.e,ry.
Remittitur was received yesterday from
the supreme court at Olympla in the
, r>l * on . respondent, vs. Fred
erick Bauaman. recelv.r of the Rainier
Power and Electric Railway Co.. appel
lant, affirming the judgment of the lower
court against the receiver, and refusing
the petition for a rehearing.
Information was filed yesterday agairmt
Harry Munroe. Fred Buchan ind J <'
charging them with burglarv
Tn« witness named for the stat" are
u'.oi M r r . >wrrs ' Ue< d Molina
Williams and Millar*}, of the police -tr i
«letective force. iVputy Sheriff I,nr.. m l
H- l-inck The burglar* win b.> ,;r
--rat«ned for pleading in the criminal court
tomorrow morning.
room wBAtnoL
Ponland. Or.. Sept. s,
I ri>:>ah|y rain, ftatlonary twnj>eraturc.
Wash.. SepL 25, 1837.
rsifijf? i
| 1 H; S X' % f
a - j r O ® "•
s tj * ~ a
: !: 3 § f | :
S. *"> y 74 74 \w L; SJcSSuT"
Pi Angdea 9 fr* «»' *»s w Ll WClear
Ta o >s,i , »• M r.4 > W Lt 00 Cloudv
Portland . '£> * <• S2 NW Ja 4r
r Cit bj :■ m . i X ;s ■«>
t\ ill* \v -« *«• -> :"*> X Lt .00«S\ir
S 'k.! ■> . .v «•: V' .»■> ("J , r
Ro—burg • •' R n\v « n«< , i f . ir
Red Bluff :•» v. «4 10 oo P»cid*
•an Vran MSi YV i; .«n, • ,
h'irt'ka Lt .«• C|„ u< j r
M%Hl\i: o|ts|.H\ (TltlX.
TATDOSH. Sep: JS 4pm Baromeer.
••ens- f--g. a> ul west, tm o mi -«
«' -e rd. two t««rks n tow S- i Lion, i:-4i
tt t buoy.
Ni.AH BAY Sep . ; c ,r calm
•' v >•? s • - < "le r. t ami.
I* l 'RT AKtiELES. S- -t .' • H i anetrr
2** «'5 »r; wind w. *t th: e m.ies. Tk,g
Boyd en in bay.
9a \Hl\fi m mv
H«X>UIAM Sept 7i S. 1 Sir Kn
t and atr Pel X rte, fr.»m
»U f r Vw • « v •
VA.VpH'VKR B C •! % Str TV
►> a r- v i a t S a% • «o» io,l > mS• •'
hama She wil bwid m kmi for S«iu:h
America and Knglat ' ar. 1 ws;i iitt > j, 4 i«
aevfrai »ht;>merts of P»rtti?=h Co!.mit>i«) or.-
to C»r»:iff. Wait* <i ftT i ! «rk Se> atem
a: -el t.-'a*- from H. a\a-trv p.-ru * •,
a «tgo of nw » jgar for Pe local re
SAN FRANCIS'« _ Arrived
S:up Berlin. SeattU 8 *.,! ? r M r.,
cva.. C«>rao* »h Hi:<n > 1 I'ortlat d s-tr
S a's of n a. A-- - <« . g
? attle Olympic, Nanamsa. » r Ma. k
tnaw. laoonsa.
>an I rnncltoi *»iHi>s«.
S-.a:-t«.Mp Wa"a »' sail this
a- »r.pfor San Ka- »» ». The Cir. at il
ia to to arrive.
«ATt n i iio>r
~ga '-r. r art * T'. ** *vk ■>
*> a; t-.e Oregon Latproa«3y«t c-»a.
1 k«rs T * WudiNf ■■ * »<i dm ar.;p
v ♦ Tort to Port Tawr--« r»d a.d C.e
? r* —. Se> • tj*.
A»'-Wn Manager Jamea Or.fan, of the
* * r» * i- . g rk- ■!«
► * ' * « M »Ti * -B~> -»
a* -xi tr ta ija ~a ma 3 far
PRoro*>ll.« I'U.I.ED FOR OS .1*
Mall rnatraru for and This
«tatr »« Br In |*l»\-V»<-r«l
« himr* Mad«-— Kn Electric »fn.
Irf I* RrrenmrndH for "cattle
Proposal* on ma.! r ute« : n ■ is *tate lrd
Alaska have been advert s- 1 for by Po*'-
ma»*er General Gary and a ,i. be received
up to * p m. December 1. Cor.tra '.- t-r
the ensuing four years a ill be made on
territory not heretofore In- .uded in t
rra.i service »r.d n* ver.»i changes w >1 N*
made rn established routes.
The extension of territory to t>* renchfd
in the regular distribution of I'nited S■^t• > -
maii ia ow'ng in great mea.-ure to the
sudden developments in Alaska whose
population has increased in number ar.d
Importance until the mail .-ervice has as
sumed giant pr >pjrtiors The diffi jlties
experienced in transporting mail with any
assurance of regularity have l*d tht de
partment to a comprehensive of the
best routes as a r> .<ult of which two r w
are i-.lfied to thost* hcretofer. es
tablished. A fa t not eas-.lv -\nLi nfd *
that the n*wly e<itai>iisheil pos'offi.-e at
St. M.chael Is not included in the de~igna
tions of th»- government advertisement, no
provision apparently b< ng made to "..nd
mail to that point. It will be a post office
wi'hout letters to handle.
The Htr i- * r w-:o ha> haiulled AHAa
mails during the last quadrennial is W
M F Salter, of Washington. D. C. The
practical work of mail delivery was un
•Urtsk' n for h:m hy P. C. R'chardson, of
this city.
Tile Ht»n»e«.
The routes a* arranged for the next four
years are as follows:
From Juneau. I.v Berner's Say (n. o.) and
Chllkat. to Dyea 1W miles ind back, twice
a month, by a schedule of about tw ive
hours' running time ej-h way. but satls
| factory to th- department. Bond required
with bid. pres-nt contra t pay.
i |1 T62.
Krom Or<>a to Xauchek <n. o. >, forty
; miles tnd back twice t month, from Apul
! 1 to October 31 in each year, in safe and
i suitable steamboats, in connection with
•teamen at Katchek. to and from Si:ka.
j Bond r»quired with bid fl..Vn-. pres. 1 !!! con
tract pa\ $;») ~er round trip.
I'rrm Siika by Yakutat in o.». Xutchtk
<ti a.t. Homer. Kadiak. Karluk. Sand
point, t'nga and Balkofsk> (n. O.i to i'u
ala -ka l.M»i miles and :>a< k. once a montii,
April to October inclusive, in ea* h year.
lln safe and suitable steamboats. Leave
Sitka on the Ist of e.i h month, or on arri
val of the mail from Seattle: arrive at l"n
--alaska in fourteen days; leave I'nalaska
after the arrival of the steamer from Sit
-1 ka: arrive at Sitka in fourteen days. Bot.d
regulre«l with bid, tiio.presen: > ontract
paj-. M.ieK.lO
From Fort Wrangel. by Shakan and Kla
wock to Jackson. 190 miles and back,
twenty times per annum. Leave Fort
Wrange! tu <v i mon'li. April 1 tp N'overa
l r :;■> and once a month Decefl|ber 1 to
March 31. in ea<'h year, on arrival of a m*.l
j steamer from Seattle, arrive at Jacks m
, in twelve days; leave Jackson twice a
| month. April 1 to November S». and once a
! month. December 1 to M irch 31 In «a- h
year. In time to connect at Kort Wrantel
with next mail steamer for Seattle; arrive
at Fort Wrangel in twelve days Bo ad re
quired with bid. (5,000; present contract
pay, $2,500.
From Juneau. Ala-ka by Dvea, Alaska
<lon miles). Dawson City. Canada <"">
mlb-s) Forty-Mile, f'anadn (52 milesi. and
Fort Cudahy. Canada (1 mile». to t'lrde.
Alaska. <240 miles); total. Ml mlle« »"d
back once a month. T,<*ave Juneau on i«o
Ist of each month: arrive at »'lrcle In thir
ty days: leave Circle on the Ist of each
month; arrive at Juneau In thirty days
Bond required with bid, (*»). present con
tract pay. I 6 995* per annum for one round
trip a month, not including Canadian of
From Metlakahtla to Ketchikan, 13 mll.s
and back four times a month, by a sched
ule satisfactory to the department. cn
nectir.K with steamers to and from Seattle
at Kfti hikan. Bond required with l>!d,
|1 '»T>; present contract pay, t2*>o.
From Ketchtkan to Lortng, S miles and
back, twice a month, on schedule satis
factory to the department. Hond required
with bid. $2,000; new service. This Is a
w.:ter route.
Of these the routes from Metlakahtla to
Ketchikan and from Ketchikan to Loring
are new.
The mall service bet wen Seattle and Ju
neau and Seattle and S:tka has been in a
peculiar condition for the last four years.
"The contract for these rout -•s." said As
sistant Postmaster W. J. C >lkett yester
day. "was originally let to the Pacific
Coast Steamship Company for Jis.non a
y. ar. When the Willapa went on the route
In opposition to the other line. Manager
Charles K. Tea body to carry the
malls to Juneau and Sitka twice a month
for SI,OOO a year. With the advent on the
route of the steamer Farallon another le
gitimate carrier was added. The Farallon
Is carrying the mails for nothing, thus do
-1n.2 the same wdrk for which the Wash
ington-Alaska Steamship Company, the or-
UltlOß which survived the wreck of
the Willapa. receives $1 <OO a year, and the
pa fl Co,i«t Steamship Company.
All three will have an opportunity to bid
and there will undoubtedly be sharp com
"An Important proviso has been attai-fced
to the contract on the Port Townsend-New
ronte. which has b <-n fnrrVd hv
the steamer Lydla Thompson. Fnder the
proviso, if the contractor shall run throtuh
to Seattle he will be required to carry frnrn
Port Town-end to Seattle w!tho?it addi
tional compensation. This is being done
voluntarily by the present contractor, but
hereafter It will be eompulsorv. The p. (mo
proviso Is tnade In regard t" the Port
Townsend ;»nd N'eah hay contract.
\«» Klrrtrlr lervlet.
"I hope «t this time to secure an electric
ser\ c» for *h' suburbs of S* attle I ha\ •
re- ommended to th» departm»' .t that con
tr;«ots he made with electric street rail
w lys to deliver mail twice a day. Such
service would cost altog.»;h-»r about J"oft.
P.nllard and Interbay mall Is carrieii out
twice a day on the cars th" cost to the
government be!n* ibout a %>-ir. There
Is no reason why the «ame service should
not be given to Columbia City. Duniap.
South Park Paw ; m *h So th Seattle,
Ore-n Itk- Fremont. Litona. Ravenna
park and al! >:her outlying districts. Car
lines ar- willinst to i irr% mall twice a dav
for a small »-:n-i «1 >n firs' be
cause It is r.o trouble. »vd s- ond. be. aa.se
of the a.lvantafte dur n« a str ke. In the
latter ev»nt car- with United mail
could net be stopped bv itr k<trs unle»s
they set all law in defiance. Cars going
through witti mail would k- ep open tie
tracka a decided nd\ snt-jce to a . ompany
Lnii> r auch < irrumstancea."
I'll* iori i< i. HI ri»| || <.
The tniounl of I.title
Tit 111 u« >fiit Out.
\ Wa«h'tgt-n speela! * » 'he N>-w T. rk
Event' «• Pst says Some Idea of the di
tvensions of the postoffice business may
b* g.i.ned ft m a visit to th division of
- - . > for the departmet * This is wh ra
th« blanks, inks mucilage, stationery,
twine. p.-r.c4is. etc.. are s-nt out to tha
var:»us p.'stt-fflces in the land. T .:« d<^ea
• ot :r. iUde stamps, postal cards, and tha
i *• a f go from the department proper.
The d*:l> shipment of s jppii«*i« exceeds on
an averts- - \ tot - an 1 the annual co>t
> t e;ir'r. £-*'*■* Th" bus r.»s» !» done by
t-A -v -rKs ar. : lab- r.r« in a apar: s
old buildin* on E s'reer. which was first
« ur. . lat«r a skating r.r.k. and at ona
• ,ue o-sed for a horae .-hi w It is a fr.uno
str;?n:r« within, and so peculiarly Stable
to «--»tru *:on by tha' *he d-partment
ts row trying '» find other quarters The
Aectruttiau o? trts supr»ly
would aert ,;»iy embarrass the
bt;«'n>sa throughout the ce ntry. sinca tha
t rery and b arks enough to laat th. m
for any g-'at length of time. The d-part
n "t:t will malt* a * to congress
wh a tt mee-» In T>e- embar a great
saving b* trade if tha rtpplv d.--n
*'f* ew»e*w«d to »end e>ut packages,
wbar of sey e«r«ldarabla *'ie by fre rht
or a»pr««« ::«-ead of hy mail Pi
lariy wo;: id ttv.s be the eaae with trig*
b -:tid>a of ma nf. a twf aarl —a
iiita Another aourc* of su.e ui tae th. p-
ping of everything from the place of man
ufacture to Washington, and then in many
tnstar. v ack te ;«• >.] offlt • - iti t u e im
mediate nity of the original supply. If
the paper for ir.s'ar. • . would be
dlret-t from the New England manufac
turer" to the B< -iter, ind N-w of
fi •' would J>e a «reat ei romy over
shippiryp such suppli- - as those offices
need by way of Washir.gton.
This division, like all others in the post
offlce department. exj«ends a good sfare c 9
its energy in teaching fourth-class post
tr. iSters h wto do Ou- r.eje* It :s reaily a
great correspondence school foe the
s*-i-its. who take a fir years' course
ar.d then rraduate. usually to give
to a new class. It is related that the de
j>artment recently tr!*-d to find out what
were the gross r* :p?s of a • -rtain small
p stoffi« >. and. after repeated :n<iuirtes. re
etved this information from the postma*-
f' r Sir On l k: g ov- r the gr->«« "e
--ccipts of thi> offl—. a- near as 1 can •esti
mate. rhey are about one gross per quar
Fcurth-class isters are no? entltbd
under the law to stationery. All they are
allowed is canceling ink a post-marking
stamp, and such blanks and books as are
necessary for the tran-acti of their busi
ness. But they are constantly asking for
the things which they hear the
m»-nt gives to the I reer offices, and one
f< tirth-class pos:master *o persisted :n his
r«jii'«!s for twin" thtt the department
asked him what us-- he des'red to m tke of
it He replied that he needed It to tie up
h > grape \in. < and if it were no? sent
pretty sion hi« vines woul l suffer very
much. Some fourth- <-> post mast er« di
re>-t all their corr-spond. nee on tirst a«-
sumini; charge <f the orfloe to the presi
dent of th* United States, ind the clerks
at the White House forward not a little
mail matter to The supply division of the
postoffice dfpartment.
% (.real I' I«-1 *1 itif i rllon Metal
F.\|»e«*le«l Kriuu *>H»erla.
The Washington correspondent of the
Philadelphia Ledger writes; Attentk»n is
btiiit; directed to ti.e fact that Russia oc
cupies a singularly interesting position to
i. v as a i,oid | rct»ucer. She is gradually
ft hti way fi. m a silver standard to
a ijold. and the ts herself the fourth iarg
•st produeir of th»: more i»recious metal.
It is estimated Eastern Siberia, including
tiie region of the Yen.ssei, will alone give
an annual production of gold of the value
of af>c.ut |IS,(KX<.OOO. With the cajaipletion
oi the Trans-Siberian line, then- ».ll be
Sotir great and steady producers of gold—
the I n:ted States. South Africa. Australia
and Siberia. « th her neighboring Chinese
territories. Beside.-* thif**. there must con
tinue to exist a number of other pro
:s. iike Mexico. Brazil. the Guianas,
firitish Columbia, Mexico. Germany. Aus
ti t-Hungury and Bolivia. But these, it
is believed, can never seriously compete
w :h the four producers just named.
Some details furnished by the Geographi
cal Society. of I'aris. confirm the stare-
Hi n:.- made from time to time- as to the
v -of llm |SM deposits in Siberia. The
particulars were given by M. E. D.
C. L . who went over the ground in the
company of a Kur-sian engineer, X. Th.
Sibachnikoff. They state that an lin
mensp development of the gold placers has
b i*ri carri'-d on between the Ural and
Vladivostok. N where in the world, states
M. Le vat. are there such vast stores of
gold and spread over so large a surface.
Eu.-urn Siberia at present produces be
tween L&.MRTW.HW and ISO.OUO.UK> francs of
g-ilrl without taking into account what is
clandestinely exported. In the Amoot
p: ivinc at bast a quarter of the produc
tion Is «o dtalt with. The majority of the
rrfries ore situated far from th" Amoot.
from whence stores and provisions have
to bo drawn, and considerable transport
difl : ''ultles are experienced. Work can on
ly be carried nn for about 1"0 to 13u days
in the year—say from May to September—
for the indispensable water is frozen hard
for the rest of the time. During the cold
season, however, prospecting is carried on.
Longfellow's !•'.» inisellnc Surpassed.
St. Txsuis Republic.
'i ..e sncl story of Longieilow's Gabriel
and EvangeMne has been outdone in Chi
Mary Lena Olson and Christopher Berg
strom were betrothed lovers in their youth
in Sweden. ..rcumstances* parted them
and they both made their way to Chicago.
They never met although they spent the
last tift«-en years of their lives beneath
the siaie roo.—the insane asylum «if t'ook
county. Both died the same week.
<'ounty £ent Olson, who know both of
them in Sweden, recogr.iz«d Lena as he
was passing througa the Institution at
I>unning. "She was engaged to amm of
my town." he sal.l, "but they drifted
apart. The man came to America and
she followed him a time, but never
got trac- of him."
Mary Lena Olson was .ound unconscious
on the street on" cold night In March.
ISS2, and was taken to the county hospi
tal. When consciousness was restored
she was found to be Insane. Efforts to
k'.trn her history **re frultles*
Berystrem was a patient In the asylum
for ten years before Miss Olson was s.snt
rhere. He tise*l to sp-ak continually In
his ravings of "Lena," and "Lena" wws
the last word he spoke He was the oldest
Inmate of the Institution when he died,
last Wednesday.
It was on account of "Old Chris's" death
and his muttering* of the name "Lena"
that County Agent <~>>«»on'« mind recalled
the recollection of having s«>n l>ena Ol
son In the asylum. He remembered then
tl «t Christopher Olson was the name of
h»»r lost lover.
Mary Lena Olson iV*d August 15th and
w.u» buried In Mount Olivet OMnetery.
Christopher J. Rergstrojn was laid to
rest in th« pot-er's fVeid Phe day of his
Slwie of ?!ie private "camps" In th» Adl
rondacks are as costly as a cottage at
N-wpor* H M. K TwomMy owns a camp
In the St R- g - re*; >n which is said to
have cost not less than fW.Ofl). Chills T'.
Huntington fltt<d irp a caimp In the same
region a f< w y*ar* ago whi h cos: ahout
JtS.flflO, and Whltelaw Re id lias a camp
constr.ii ted or. the umo scale.
1.0 to the
Northern Pi< tic Railway Company's de
ject or city ticket office for thkets to all
points In the East. South or Southwest.
R on eai-h Tuesday and Thursday unt'l
October SO. to Chicago MT. St. Louis
all nie ate point' not to
above. For full information call on or write
I. A. Nadeau, general agent. Se ittle. %Vash.
t (inipoiil t lon.
Vt"e are now prepared to do cot posttto/.
for the trade .any meas ;re> Ir Nonpareil.
Minion Brevier and I on* Primer. Sa-ls
lartion guarar.terd Call or aJdreas Post-
Irtsiilgencer. Seattle
Rainier Beer i.< alwavs the best.
v •••••«••••••
i Oyster and #
i (irill Room. #
? I»nlf one la (k« fttr ®
A «ib*r» prnnut •«-r*lc« i|
i raliinr mrr rum-
kliird n!'h rhar(ra. f
l»(j»'«tl<iiuh:» :hi" brat.
J. J. LOLF. Manager, *
$ So 519 S-'i'ord Av. ®
It Is by the Natural Law of Things That the Cope,
land Practice Survives All Other
That Which Is Best, That Which Is of Greatest Service to lb.
kind Abides Always.
The wonder thnt three ye«r« »*«•
fullonril the presentation of such
curt** at these in manifold forms of
*erlous diir«*r Hurt »icWne»* in the
t opeland practice has passed away.
The wonder that three years ago
followed the presentation of snch
en re* as these in deafness under the
I opelund disco»ery has passed nnay
in a treat measure.
In the plare of this wonder tilers
is now that which abides and will
nlways abide—-the everlasting faith
of the people.
The people know In what they he
lleve. They know the skill and
truth of this practice. They know
that the physicians It Includes—l)oc
lor < opeland's associates, honored
by their association, and reflecting
honor upon It—are eonselentlons
men. too great to do wrong and too
learned to resort to mediocre mea
sures. They know that Doctor Cope
land himself is managing every de
tail of his practice. They know that
the enres which have filled these
columns are real cures of real peo
ple In this commnnity and region;
grateful and truthful people who
may he seen and Inquired of.
In snch unreserved measure has
this faith of the people been given
to this practice that It Is the wonder
of the medical world. Without any
sensational features It has steadily
grown and is to-day numerically
greater than three years ago, the
time of Its earliest work In this com
munity: greater than three years
ll go when the most Intense public in
terest was aroused by the announce
ment of the Discovery of the Cure
for Catarrh. It has that quality
stronger than sudden popularity; fhe
quality of abiding faltli. It has sur
vived all competition In similar
methods. If has triumphed over
rvery kind of method to reach the
sick. Whyf Because the truth al
ways it Is the natural law
of things. The best always snr\lves|
that which is of service to mankind
alvtays survives.
Men come suddenly Into n commu
nity and by false claims and glitter
ing promises or seusalional methods
may awaken Interest, lint their days
nre short. They may c*lst for a time
on the credulity off the people, but
fhey rannnt endure the test off ac
quaintance with them. It Is only
the real truth flint can survive.
That which Is off good pnrposc. off
honest Intentlou. of Intelligent di
rection, of real merit to the worlds
that endures always. And so it is true
not only that the ( opeland practice
Is greater to-day than at any time In
Its history, but that It will be great
er a year from now than It Is now
and that It will continue to Increase
m the years pass and the people
know more nnd more of the work
and skill which It compasses.
Cured of Serious Catarrh.
Hearing Restored.
Mi« .foslc Mathlson. Kfns«ton,
Wash.: The resul'.s of the Copeland tr at
men: in my ca><- were wonderful. From
being a »"wk. m » -abl- s'jfft rer ' has
transformed me Into a strong, healthy girl,
and it Is only natural that I should
Hi>i Jntir Milhlton. Ktngalon,
W n<hfngti>o.
to If* or» know w k .»r« r*;t-f
b« had from *k#ir and that
:s wry I rt,\k* *hu ratfmect My itr.tir®
■S »n» *4-i poiioofd »jr caiarra, froan
wh!< h I -uff'-e»J for o ■ r *!* yr.\r*. Tb«»r«
j w*a « prof :a* diarnA r r»' rrom my
| ai-i I Wij -rmiui.-,* a&d jb-
Catarrh Twenty-Eight Years,
Deaf for Fifteen Years,
Mr. A. A. Seagrave Is Curd
Mr. K. %. *e«irr»Te. the Hernial proprietor of <he Occidental Hatel,
for years a prominent railroad man, and widely know n throughout tha W«tisi
states: "Yes. it is true that I took the Copeland treatment for catarrh and d«{.
ness. and 1 know that the Copeland physicians do cure> these troubles. Idoobuftiwn
ever was a worse case than mine, and they have cured me completely, even lit*
other remedies and treatment had utterly failed to give me any relief. My trw&Ji
originated about rwentv-eight years ago, when 1 wa* running on tram* and expand
to all kinds of weather and continual drafts. First it was one cold After aaftfcer.
then my head stopped up. and I had the 'sniffles' ail the time. Railroad men ut
proverbially careless, and I ted myself for years; by thut Mm# T wa» In »
pretty bad fix. My no<» -o stopped up that I could not breathe through it «
all I breathed entirely through my mouth. I slept with my mouth open u4
snored all niuht. and mv thnmt and tongue would get roufth and dry. I lout »j
sense of smell and taste entirely, r could not smell the odor of flowers, ncr
tingulsh the taste of different articles of food. I had pains across my forehead tsj
A. %. I'rnprietor O rridrnlal llotfl, Wol#
over my eyes. These pains would become so severa that I would frequently
to leave my business and retire to a darkened room. The disease extendi ■« ■'
earn, and I became deaf. I had not heard my watch tick for fifteen yesr«
was cur-d by the Copeland physicians. My eyesight grew dim, and my eyw
1 did not realize that these Inflrnjities were due to catarrh, and thor.snt w
was creeping on me; I know Iwtter now. . ,
"This wan my condition when I com meneed treatment with the ropeiac p»
siclans. I hoped for a lit lie relief, but did not expect a cure, and Ji .
results of my treatment are highly grat'fjing to me. My cure t» compi«e
breathe freely through my r<>». at all times, and my sens« of snttil
fully re-stored. My h'aring Is perfect. I can distinctly hear the UeWni 01 W ■
for the fist time in fifteen years. My eyesight in also greatly Improved.
ing to clear my throat. My nostrils were
clogged up with hard lumps, which were
very painful «nd prevented me from
breathing through my nwe. The disease
extended to my »-ars and I b- came ho deaf
that everything had to oe repeated to me
before I could understand what wa.i
said. I had in!' nse pains through my
ears and ringing noises In my head. My
stomach became a.T* cted and my food did
not digest. Everything I ate would turn
sour instead of telng digested. I vomited
a sour stuff that burned my throat Ilka
fire. I had sick h> adachee every day ajid
It seamed as though there was a heavy
weight over the eyes, whik- my sight grew
so dim that when I tried to read the let
ters would run together. My complexion
was dark and sallow and an unsightly er
ruptlon hrok» out all over my face. I was
thin and weak and felt very wretched and
miserable all the time.
A lady living near my home had been
a pa: lent of the Copeland physician" and
advised me « > btgin tr-atment with them
I did so and am glad to smy that \f a re
suit of their trearrr. Nt 1 am now fuily re.
stored to health My nose and 'hroat are
entirely well and I sen perfectlv. Viv
appetite and d:g<<r,ion arc excellent and I
have gained much in weight and strength.
MY complexion Is clear and the annoying
eruption ha* er.'ir»ly disappeared. hut tl>«»
mo«t gra'ifylng result of the treatment is
that my hearing Is fullr res ored. J hear
as perfectly »« I ever did In mv life.
Curing Deafness.
Mri. John IMelc»-rlnsr. Monnt Ver
non, Wash.: "For years I iuftired from
>atarrh which was followed by gathering
In my ears, accompanied by terrible. p a 'a
and suffering There were continual rlt g
lng and buzzing nmw- in rny and I
was aim >«• completely leaf. l>rs Cope
land and Frevost cur«d my catarrh and
rest<»re«i my hearing. It is now two years
st»l t<s>k tile Copeland treatment and
1 have not *»tid the . i,htesr symptom of a
return of the trouble."
Mr«. Martin «te«en*on, lntert>n>.
Wash : "Csitarrh almost ruined the hai*h
and hearing of our little hoy. Ha
gr» *• dull and stupid and so deaf that we
h;<d 'o shout to make him understand.
• here i diacharga from h.a
'•ars tljit was v>rv offensive to all around
ri;m \\v to k him to Drs t. op- land ai.U
Frevobt. and a#, is n ,w entirely well."
Fro*, sol taker, the ttrll knunn
composer and musician, living at the cor
ner of Ninth avenue and Pike street. Se
attle, Wa-h.: I had catarrh for eighteen
yejir- :t tin illy m y #Jtra
* n dls- harge from ts>th ears
%'r'L K *' r L n * u •"' J - L>ri> - C°t land and
rre\ ost
Mr. Frank Keller, Orlllla, Kin*
ounty, *: v ; "From the effects of
ca'anrh I was almost totally deaf for
o r7\. y '. a . r ,* 1 * :4 " f>ur "d by Drs Cope
r4UA«Z' r * ' w * il * f ev « r > th:iig el»fe r.*4
Curing Catarrh.
Mrs. K.I la Woods, I*lo Ws*"*
avenue, Seattle, Wash.: "I had
from childhood, and suffered to
that life was a burden. I I
edy I heard of. but got nor'M (»|
went to the Copeland phyfkaM*-
cured me coirpletely."
>1 r. William I- Leerbwan. Es
claw. Wash : "I was very
from the effects of catarrh, *
bl' d me more or less for ten' is
th< Copeland Home Treatment. •»
once more a well man.
Mr. I'hnrlew W liitmnn, West
dale.. Wash.: "Reputed «ld»
in the winter of WW resulted In «*»"»
U< head, throat anl CM*
c i ised m- Inteii' :iufTe r >
land treatment restorer ® ff(hff , a »
••trength, and I feel ,ike a
Mr. Morris Knot. I*l3 *****
nue, S« ittle. Wash., employ'*!
hac h er dock: "The C o P*>!an<l
cured m-* completely ra " I
nose, throat and "tCtnach. « rr °™ w as V»
, . .-l-.srW*
bled with pains in the Iw*°' of m »e#*
from the t OS. and dropp'"* tat
the throat. My stomach
Hl« uld bloat and beJ<h „ |
My bowel; were either confuV"""
would have diarrhoea-
Home Treatment.
So •'
»J,e < opelSHil Trrm,m l* im (it***
„*|, lK «t a distance fro- «
If JOB »•«"»«* come .
write for Home Trrmt ~ r 0
IHnnk and Book, aa
Dr. Copeland's Book
Free to AH.
iMgiirttlli® l
Comer ......£^l'
w. H.
' w if •
OBet Honr— f '-- *
Fr# "J
Kross IP" J »
,» "

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