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The Seattle post-intelligencer. [volume] (Seattle, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1914, October 05, 1897, Image 1

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i | fry qnestioa yesterday "How can *mt sell such fl«e
....AT t O CENTS
- Av/ Per Pound?"
bit ffc»» hard.
Onr ««*"« ha*e lost k«U their alar. QaioT. talc* are the re
r» s f kalf'd prlc*.
Juwp la BOW crd pick ap a Ham hefore they are t«ar. Our
lata) !«*»« »» "«» enjoy »l«e. hr aatlias all the b»«*I thl»«* „**t
fUt' their war-
OBC Bam la each parebaser.
" ST nav
| Si'. lU4 AM# MM FIRST i(EM * MS TH. «K* II I 1
JV-P- Strength and Endurance
for Brains. Muscle*
K an< * "erves
f ' KOla PHospha^.
fv\ Real of the Kola prrparatloaa. Onr
-111 roaara !all ( nr. Nairn nark ca*y.
50c a Bottle.
iwi i mm »
A Commodious and Fast Sailing Steamer Will
And e*ery ten day* thereafter, taking freight
and passengers,
hr Fort Get There. Bt. MlCtutere Island, Alaska, mouth of the Yukon rleer, m«k
ag emneftk r.s with the rlv«r tiewn'r* Weare, Cudahy. Hamilton. Healy. Pow «r
; *B>! Klocilik*! for Circle City, Ml nook Creek. Fort Cudah> and Klondike gold
Reservations for passage or freight on steamers
may now he secured hy making a deposit.
rw an-! (j'u;U minrs height aud a old. Investm-;it* in mlnlr* property
*»-? twing «p«M« of
ffet-'d. *ftd >*cn for year*.
W» will tagu* letter* of credit t.» c r < mpany at it* n *'«~Cirri« city. Alaska.
«a< Toti Cu.Jahy. !»ir >'r. City ar<4 C a diJse rold fields. North* «t Te-ritory— at
• of I p*t cent.
Larr* stacks of t«ij>p!fe» at* a'l , tV* Ml! t * fo.fvj jc Fort Get There and Han*
®ea OR th* Lower Tukon. For particular* A' f'y to
North American Transportation rading Co.
So. tits Ft rat Aveaae, Seattle, W aah.
J. H«a!y | MU hael C';dahy T'l.
• Dawaon. K'. >nd.k- Gold Fteid*. Ctidahv . CM -so. II!
[ 9 Ft. Cuilahy. N. WT. Ernett A Hamtl CI ag
A W«-*re. ChJeago. 111. Portfo* P Wi--re ChU-airo. lU.
Capital ataeh. 9l<M\(NMl| »h«rr«, par value fully pnld ant! as*.
•*«»«»a»»lr. OOlerr»—Prraldent, I ranL J. liamird. anpt. (rhaala, srxltlrt
"t* ptnldral ind toanaacr, t'harlca Hraha. of Kry»- Itralia Parklac t o.j
"•aaorrr. % ||. Uihui-r, maanirt Heater H«rt»a A to, baakeri; are re.
n,r, • I'taak It. I'aali auperlntcailetit pro.pertura, KeUjj altar.
Wtu H. ttarrta.
[ w spporturity nf a eosnpany orfaniaei or *tr*t£ht t'nea ;«
*** •!?«*.! th ■>«« who de»*re to
K ffiTT 1 ' of pn'tpMfrt - 1 at w *■*«)» rat.-s ran
y* fcy nwn artil eewr tha territory e-or..>ti ally, al'y. and
wdt-faily. f 4 r Tfirmatl n add re-a. ilaller ttalMlna. «rattle. Wa«h.
■■ V 1 ■■ Ocnlcr* In
** *4ltKFs, JfcHLLRY. MLVIR*4RF. ETC
v y iiF.I'AiULNU ott » mplif.ited Watches.
T V +Wf \ t "T.
Kn * <L\>!isiiltation Mvt-rv IX-iy.
> \V r N' N A 7 x * -
Moran Bros. Company.
—— >H:PBI ILDLJ& —>
Yukon River Steamers.
M,„S„ ;
<5:7 < » a try
'W -. „ t « f,» •\ -
Sftrxjj'k* • \ - - * » .
,» +$ r *r *v#** s-
ki ntoshes....sS
W..ttcr Co."---714 Firsi Av..SeJtile.^JSh
Pa M/iDr w 4>u 11
• A» |Tli j •
* ** I* vi /"% i 1 »•* C<*iU«. \^*A
New SpanMi Cabinet A*-
snmes the Reins.
Horn** Rale jm romplele as That Ea
joywf by Canada.
Tli* Q»m» Pr«rtir«»r I>i»-
wiiMrf (fcf Old < ahlarl Rrragtr of
lh» t of Moat Jni>-It—Sa
■»»i» Will Haif <o Uarilf
in Ordrf to \«old it>prariaii to
>lfl< to Aarriraa Ppr»*nrr and
Th«» Harlta< Priilr—
Marahai Blaaro to >arrerd Wey
ler, Hba Uoomrti a * icturjr.
MADRID. C» 4. -The new ministry is
COB apo*e«i as foUott*:
BLN< >R BAGASTA, Pre«.i<?nt at th«
Couii fl .»f M:-u»ter».
SEN<"'R urUil)X, Minister for Foreign
i Affairs.
SEN 1 'Ft GROISARC. Ministar of Jus-
GEN CORREA. M.r.ater of War
ADMIRAL BERMEJO, M.n.ster of Ma- |
BENOR r.APEDEPON Mlruster of the '
«*OT"NT FIGI'ENA, Minister of Psihh'"
HENOR MORET, Minister for the Colo
The ministry af er an informal meeting
proceeded to the pai a -e ao«1 took the oath
Of oflcf.
The oaotoet L? regarded a* falr:y s;rong
although tan« diaappotnrsieat Is felt
that fc..nor Guuio, B*-nor Maura, sena
tor Arm It ago and others who had
looked upon aa probable m«mt>era. are not
It ia under*to>d that Senor M»ura. who
*ai the author of th* ftrat CuUxn home
rule bill, felt that he could not act =a :a
fai-tori y atth S> <>r More a. whU? S-nor
Oaißjjeo. who is a relative of S-nnr
Maura, feared that hi* pre*e:i»'e mijcht
Imply a leaning toward tb« Maura scheme
of reform* fonaequently lienor ftaaasta.
was compelled to take lesa prominent
At a cabinet rour, il this eveninjr. !t
w<us dtcidfd to appoint s*-«,ir Amos Sal-
Ya.Joe. mintsttr of Pn-anre in the
rabinet of IKK director of the Bank of
f*paln. Count Ruainon*- has been ap
pointed BJTor of Madrid. and Senor
Aguitera prefect of poiire of that city.
Only alight ( oloriilam.
LONDON Oct. 4. - A leadin# London
diplomat. dtsca*a!n£ the or«:s in i*pan:*h
affair* said to a representative of the As
sociated Press today:
"I beHaVf th» change | n the Spanh > ab
iret will re>ult it the recall of Cap?. On.
Wwrlw from Cuba, and ihe *uh*tittrt!->»
of Martha! B' m-o for b:m. be.-a.i*e Ba
>i«« personally dtsi'.k<s Weyler Sagasr*
w II probaiiy discuss Cuba with Oen.
WaoofTj in a ir.or* conciliatory manner
than his predecessor. but he is rot likeiy
*« do more than hat. Rapasta ha* been
informed on authority that th<* Cubara
win accept autonomy anl the withdrawal
of the Spanish troop*, although the> hat«
protested that tl'y win not do so bu* T
• if t?p«tn w li co- -r.t to these tr a -
\\ 111 l.ilirratr frUnmr*.
WASHINGTON* (>'. 4—On# r - alt t*
iV formation of a S*£a*u <r.« vine: la
S-ain. It Ir beiiered. win be the granting
f amr.e«ry 'u I' - "! if not si?, ?h* Am«ri
ni prisoners held in Cuba and the pardoo
of m.injr Cuban? c 'ndetrned f <-» life itrnri*-
O-men* !n tb- ia-nd of Ceuta. Pending
the f wmat n of ;h* " r : th< " *
baa b* n no official intimation that such
act; or, wou'.d ha taken. b*Jt it !j * Id to ba
a natural and na«w»*ary p.art of the new
Spanish policy HlMlll th* w.tM.-awti -f
Gen. Tl'eyler and lb* a<l>p raorti cm
ei.!i*:ory plxrv Th* 1 "onipetstofs p-ia s
ers. It U fapetted will b« early,
an 1 M.* CVnero* a!*>. Con -m ••* j. . 4 -
ing ojaim*. h *s that In th? -w« of I>r.
n-..x. it it said that a <*vun?n. ■-*;«> pro .%,-
b: - wili be appo.ntr* i to dMi * '.'i al" ca«<»s
dar'ng *. e r»?bes>.oo ar.d thaiv are
iiri >-mi that « os ward the or»-:o»
of «i--M a orrn. -v.-a are r. « ■•j-r n-ay.
Real llniai- Half for < aim.
Altbouitb th*r» !* at the sMt«
dep.-rtwnt eon- *minj Sp» a-0.-C'U.m »f
--f r* it t» underatood ""at th* iMvemm- nt
his b-»»r. inform—l that S >ain will offer
autonomy to Cahi *o tha" enjoy *d
by Canada, <nd In a»%r;tlr.ration cirH- <
th« pT'-vJert as-- -w <w«n».-' oN* "it. 'f
a f»:: of "-aS m ** •••« -M.
tt be ■% » i *:,-.'ed by tt' * tr• 1' *
InaOßttrf the Saa««*a StfMWI Is •Hi*
ewMii by the iMaktntiM. *Udi »rr»
eraJ w<*ek» »eo *** a?;-r' M a r t *-
■sf.b'e early ;.« nrHar -e "f oar frt*ndly re
;a' —* »:m S- tin.
ji*. i: at'fibi.' i to t: e n->w
- »»_ that b<* w.l '»v>>r the !;»"**
e«; rn»"-a*ure of au ? n n:v, -as Sir -cted at
•eniloo to pa»t e!t -rt» ' «*rd a»teno«y.
the C^tsi^r"* cabinet
a 1 kr ns ! - * \ S'atcj
•-t .*!» th» 9t-an -*nr- »t •• da
Loec*. contempia T <»d a >f . im rJa
•ra:.on. elected in part ' > »** C\jb*n*.
w » h »« to '»r an #* ■■ -• r. r r * f!
- - a,- -g the a IT# "• -f * " ' 7 *« f in
h** -ait!»f! t!" «f a
w•" -h ba» been already it 4
- r "*rr b".- r * "• ' "•
m Mt to tha dtat 'rbe<| - - ♦
offeraA <o t? * ; n »w "Sat.
• ij! V: WM aaaw -1
c .e real fe ata file »* tlie >~ur \n t t
«raa r. •• »•> a W-.ati ► b tj- a
final r-'wera of mail'-* la*a h*» ••:»**.y
an asv : a«>' .-ouneil. In cootra»* % Jit-.
;t i "t, >.B ? A*
4»>**'f'd v ' t.'m ~' - «*■ »
<roat«aspia*f» a oJontsi par! \ n;. s* •r >«•-
*ia'-ire of "r tl fvw'r* 3? a tr«.\ »■
sav*> the u»u»l fr-w«r of \ - -- ■,
- a . f r-r.a • <
- * 'd be " • '
r ;ia opera r.« - » %- I C ~ i,««.
t - A tbe Utter *" - «■ er» \,-
ar»v 'e# of a.: n »;■ "y ~ -- • *. . *.
ma r. Ca«t *r arben •.• • ~ * « •- v
• ftreated for # <=* - ' a - as -e
of attt >!"w*ot.y it **a i. a ' 1 a- t
£»;jeb aHpp>~>rt :r ">a *r-*.?:* ; ■» « ib«ian»
tial elesne- ■ % ' ' ■« a..
B-.«i r*r:y
•Ha aea'y • **«• pre-* -ler.* of tb* - .»•.
fvr.'.m t# a atan of -»-«*-•.» „
and durv * « • « t ta W*#«"trr" •«
CROtitha w w *» d t-. ba** eap-e««»<j v#*«
favor*' * ta i M >f II • e# »~r. «\?r>
f»jr ba*. > * of r'"ai»a.
H»'»« ft'K at » Irlirta
| , la V • « M >
atww*4eat I s tr * * d ».* ■ - ;
f X" I *. * ' -■ --M f||l ' i "4
I ?V# of -• - *-• S r-r
.K> t" s - ft§ Si.rm r;»> *' k r? A-.
tot r«a»a a'.; >-r:e frar* ; »i- •~-
b«r 4ta*pprova? »t t - ».;m-ti'»: -*• n
• :.d aptva. y o-£ i •.» »; .«
' P-..W -a *' Mont J *arp
over fcer waVsty Mid she bad waited
patiently fw s*o straths after th* dea'h
o! Ciaom for :h*T. to corre--' the e*"3»
•Ed tie taoki t upon herself to consult
Gen. Camp-: a and Seaor S.iveia and ■:*' era
i> to the best Bteui of pacify:ri Cuba
by *n endeavor to satisfy the muto- rc <*»
and thus virtually steal a mar*h on. them.
Ail the f?a V«h»«h wlaas *."■-> counted
appear *;• hi'. ■ *4% .set *L; . soir'-t.
There-j poo ser majesty titan k-~i G-r, A»-
rarraga for hi-- kind adv » as ntsiit«r
of »»• and .r." mated h-r intent.on to ap
point fVnor &igesta is pre*!'tent of the
counct The latter, or. her titer!ng h-tn
the port? expressed a:? tntescios to
rrre the largest possible oeusrt of Os
bar. hoar* r...* to rivtrie Use condition*
la that provtr.ce.
•■'ruin >< npaib* for *pa ir.
BERLIN", Oct. I—The Berliner Post, in
as ar: le 02 te Spanish crista, r-. o .*ea
the Oeroun d»-tr, *ratic paper# which ad
vocated the tak-n* of Cab* frm Spain.
The writer of th» article foresees that the
at tirade of th- ' sited spates is k*- > 10
prov* a a tumbling black to any Spar.:?a
ministry, no milter ho-v llberailjr Cuba
may be treated. He ad>la:
"A"• .i ! G- rnu.iy ?.** r.» dir-ct lo
t-rests it 1* *t -or and very unwise for
'r»nE«n pap*"- to adopt a .iufh'v tone
towards Spair. as she deserve* all th*
sympathy of Germany."'
Kfffrt of inlf ricßiion.
PARIS <>* 4—A special correspondent
of the Figaro baa written an article wfti -
ts pubftfht «i in that paer today on the
mission of Get Woodford, the United
S-atw nstr- • to Spa.n. T*e writer t
the attitude of Gen. Woodfcrd has th i«
far been irreproachable, and after re
iterating the supposed plans of the Unlt-d
State* h— cor,. ude« "Sen r Sag.i-ta*s re
sponsibility is • airy and by r. > nva is
envlabUk. It is more to acout
in the negotiations with the Cubans the
interferon *s of th- United Stat*a, as the
jitter would th;reby acquire a kind of
right to control the affairs of the island.
It Is. mo.TOfr. impossible to mistake the
aim of Amerk iic diplomacy. which desir- 4
to gradually detach Cuba from Spain. Th*
latter is entitled to the solicitude of Eu
rrpe, who Is h ra»-if threatened in regard
to her colonial security."
What '•■iiitts Will Concede.
LONDON Oct. 4—A special di~pa- h
from Madrid published here this after
noon. gives the substance of an interview
between a newspaper correspondent and
an unr- med c rnt*:r of the n*-w Spanish
cabinet Th. latter is quoted as saying
that Sonr Sajcvsta wM carry it thf <u
ban reforms pr .pos-d by Martinea cam
l "S t*m years ago. but would not ooaeeot
to a (mstonis unt>n between the I'mted
States and <"uba. and. if the former was
f.t «at: '*--i S; ii~ »m pr*; sr- 'to tis..*
as the Spanish navy is- regarded «ls equal J
in strength to that of tiie United States.
Mrl* *>pas!ar«l« Oolnc Hiimc.
HAVANA. Oc?. 4 Th* steamship Reina
«.'ri*Ta. whir-h arriv.nl (May. br >ugh: to
CapL Gen. Weyhtr I- ir Is asserted,
to b applied ta military expense*. Tomor
row l.i*) Spanish i*>ldi'-r?. sick or
wi.-e Incapacitated, will return to Spain.
\ •jiauitb
HAVANA. Oct 4 -It i.« announceti from
Spanish headq t,a Ger.. Molina
with a detachment of government tr«x>j.e,
at! '. k-d an ..ifurg- tit force under Arango.
Sanguay. Argaru-n and Eiiao a* Arcos d-!»
D!- go ar.d Satnarone, on the heights abGiit
Madnjga in this province, on Septctnrer 39.
The foti-"'Wlng afternoon the Spaniards cap
tured all th** insßirgents" positions, accord
ing to the Spanish reports, driving th* en
emy to f k refuge in caves or jump o\er
high cliff* The insurgent infantry left
over I'M men killed at the foot of the prec
ipices. Th*- Spaaisa. the official report con
cludes, kw»? fifteen men killed and had two
officers and thirty-five men wounded.
THi:\ I'll OH lil Mi l I
letter From Two Hnnk «»f Koalasd
l)ir«'tnr»-< ofnane of
T ONI>ON. Oct 4 —The Times published
f his morning a letter siitr.ed by OJd
enham (Henry Hucks Gibbs) and
Rivcrsdale Grenfell in which the writ era
express the opinion that the time has
pass d for an -v ad'm. al discuss ion of the
(••.irrency question, which has become one
of the practical ones. Retailing the resolu
♦ion adopted in par'lant nt after Mr. Bal
four's aptc.jii on M ret. 17, ip-i and the
j - if Sr Mi -• t:! 'ks-B- uch ftt e
sitme date that th>- government would do
its utmost to secure by international
agreement a stable par exchange between
gold and silver, white r rvicg the gold
fitandard. the writers -;ay:
"The leaders of the bi-metaUic move
ment in I>ndon have i cr . ted the Hi''k*-
Beaoh compromise. if the rog','tati--rs
ar - < > « >sfal there will be ng I ir;her bi
m* ta.ii <Jistu«t.ioc. for although we b* % -
Itfve the -ound« st an<i ss> t jurt * wou:d
be for Great llrita.n t > oot-rate with
other rati tts we fhould l:e g'.cd to s«ee
the comprcmis'- <f •M. !t would »rive
Important and desirable result* t.-.wrd «re
ati' % a p>ar of exchange between K-->id and
LONDON. Oct. i —Tie T;m a. ia a spe-
C.-U art. Ie th.a morr. c. says:
Tne Wolcott comrr. -- intends to re
qu.-«t the govrnment to give a ftna! and
immediate reply to its mor.'tary proposals.
Af'-r givi ig a review >f the history ot t?~.e
question writer of the article con
cludes: "The cor» of th«* whole surbject
is the qij".-ti n wnet r b:-mc*taiUsaa is
* se. The United Stat<s and France say
) On Vhalf <if <>- >t Britain it is de
.: i«*d to say no B' yes is to b* an
swered on behalf cf India, we shall b* In
de*d. for the k*ys i "he Ir !■ in rr nts are
n Downir a street, no t ...n t.~. = k ys of
the> London mint."
<\S FRANCISCO. Oct 4 —As a result
' th* rWlnri in :nde the United States
ra rs' In this city w t \ a? on?"e r>.ume the
"in I*e of fi-ver doi.ar* tn accordance
■v -n i •' - r • ■ i from Washing
ton. The order ' ' d th<» appoint
sient of rt*t« n ■ mpi-- all yf w- vn
%' e»e a; inted from *' e#. c'■ e list ur.d- r
-'rsl t-rv: e rule? > - ->f th*m were
- -• • n- d the -.wf of 1 ilver in
V! W YORK. Or- 4 —«k 'if of Ser.a
-- r W l eft's T; \ry tnn : S— r"i •
• - ?s- ;p of Ita'v-- 1 ts-lay t" it,
*• •••- • tt ts ■"* * * Ci r-a;n of Woi
e- * - ■»»<» i :>eful, *rd r* <-ent
- - Wol
> •*" fctmse J * i* v en'(Xirased. As
- a -he p.v* ;hty Mr. Vt ••Icott'a sup
;>trt:ng t r >po«?$«>« wn *t the adminis
"i»Mn w »'.:! d hive to r c '»'". he s*sd that
t ~-o w\ s * th- *e r ur -' hng N*-
tweea. the president and *n* commission.
row IRD 1,%\«. Ihv i\h>k„
The H«*hi»o«4 »( th»* III* V\ aa l^rta;
%row*id Pfia»at«>«l,
former I ' 1 a»"t
- . t % » r • er.t'.r •- it ■*. a from
»• nel tt* Fi*»e
\ TVN.V Ot.4— Am > . - wh- wis
»■ TTvpr* ■ if M*a to 4C- it • ruter >f the
V f &t B -.sum a- 1 - a a <•? Em-
Miv.m ,ar.< - 4 a hospital
; v W a 4 p' r. ijf " o
■ - ff dM "-nd :
» * *4 •ar ' **# f - i a bed
v* r'd * '1 t* *>'■ S v e •~a j,-,; |.« #
* a - «" ' •'* rvtaroed ta
If - ~ " -
a ir<i\ #■- aw ... r-ifiajned eves.
r r -: N>ly - *
< t. r- froin the
* * * • e- v* r k sa
i fk«i. -v .. eta-Lay.
Henry Oorire Will
National Issues.
The Citixen*' Tuion Completes the
Low Ticket.
I aired Democracy for the
Ma* I* Taxer. Popoll.ta. labor
I ai!»B« aad 111 the Illmcontented
Indorse Him—He Protaiaea to Tell
the Troth and Declare* for Kree
Trade, tlafle lat and tree Oliver
He Will %ecept Toniatit at
I ooper ( aioa Kn*ii«h Paper*
Srorr the I'hilo»opUrr » (all.inlog.
NEW YORK Oct 4.—To-.t.,y arran**-
mfrus wert* completed f r the Ht-nry
G-ot** rnajs meeting at Cooper Union to-
eight. ilr. George will m«*r hig
sj* <ch of acceptance and present a plar
form on which he will make the nm for
n.uycr. Th* chairman will first tender
to Mr. George a numiw'.i a tn t«ehalf of
the peopit'. This will be aone so that it
can be -aid that Mr. George first
placed in Dtmuuiion by the people. regurd
leas of poutks. When tht» has b» - n
done. Abraham Cruikshank will convey
tbe nomination to Mr. Geotge in behalf of
the United Democracy. Then Charles
Frederick Adams will tender the same
nominaii'-ri to Mr. tie rge -ls the t »tmn -e
of the Democratic All wince .
Herry George was «'ffl -isi i y Indorsed for
mayor ton ght at a meeting of local .>?-
sembly No. L 5«, Knights of Labor. The
resolution further asks district a*ftcmMy
Xo. -fcs the < -ntral body of the Kn:ghts ot
lAbor to indorse Mr George at its next
meeting, and requests General Master
Workman Sorer*-<■ and Se-cr tary H -
to come to New Tork riifl take the >tump
for Mr. George- Every mention of
George's name was greeted with the wild
est en thus ".asm. Members jumped on
their chairs, threw their ha ' up and
rushed about the room in a frenzy of de
The executive comm.-tee of the Peop.* s
Leigue. the local or*amxation of the Pop
ulist party, tonight nominated Henry
Georgt for mayor. A appeal will be male
to single tax clubs throughout the coun
try for tinarcial ail. ar.d single tax speak
er* everywhere will be a.rk<.d to assist the
work in this city.
Will Katie National
NEW YORK, Oct. 4 -The Journal
prints an interview with H»nry Or*, in
which he aays: "I have been informed
that there Is a panic in the 1 ammany
camp The leaders are alirmed at the
sudden uprising of men who are tired
of the despotism of the machine. Ac
cording to ali reports, there Is gc-od cause
for it. but it is not confined to th" mana
gers of anv one party. Of course lam
cot speaking of my own knowing. I only
give what comes to me from trustworthy
fources. According to confidential inf. rra
ition. a hurried call was sent out loday
by the Tammany managers, summoning
the district leaders to an immediate coun
cil. It was reported that offer* of sub
stantia? aid for our movement had he»n
ma ! by responsible m*n. who said they
stood r?ady to help the cause in all d.-
• I am willing to express myself rteany
on all the questions at Issue. My plan
of campaign I* to tell the truth. I
nothing to concaL T at I atn a candi
date wi:l not cause tne to char.se any
of my views. My op "ion- are founded
on principles that arc not to be changed
by a campaign. lam a free trader It
may prevent some persons from suppor
irg me If so I can't help it. In ad
justing my views to the exigencies of %
plain canvass. I recogalxe no difTerT.ce
between a ttatic tl s**.! mum pal cam
; in «o tkr ! : !•. ' *t ; r:n p' - ire con
corned. In both ca-*- we want honest
men and hones* admir.Utration.
"The Centra! Labor T'r.'on has assumed
an impregnable position. It demands
that the law* shall be enforced wlthc jt
respect to the wealth or posi-'-m of the
individuals against wh~>m the charges
have ty-n made And right here the men
of the single tax come into pl.ty. The
insurance cases are p-e'ty pertinent Jus?
".~,w The Centra! T'nion claim#
'hat the Equitable Life Company assessed
ir« property at fi2.«w- .w in its return
made to th* state board at Albany, but
when the loal New York assessor cam?
sroend. it put in its rahmble property at
j; rt v -h i)-* » *a* frrre,
these robberies and corrur •' ' * ;ri
wo :'d be avoided.
"In regard to the slver q ies?»on
have no*hinff con<~e.it I sav r~w vh ?'
I said during the Brvan campaign: that.
J wj< «rpporr:-g t v a f gentleman
and would vote Ms t! k-*t. I wa« no? a
b (»ver in b!< ry that s'lver wis the
remedy for the evils tha - bese* u«,
I shall discuss the silver Qaes*loo tu«* as
I d i during tb" ramraiirn. We have -,o
no secret pel' ties; no f rar«»
for our isotfeing but the
raked tru'h I am well stsfled w!-h
the beginning we have made. In my
spe-' *h C •::te '3ts T *ir*day
ever ; ng I shall speak freely, avc hsr no
■ .»« wh:-h pc ' -:;»nn are tsnd'.Sng
so I am a free trader and on
that line I shall «rV it ©»»t. I believe
that tfte slre'e tax wil' bring pro»per-
Ity and e«jua!i*e the border.* that now
oppress homa.T'v. bearing heavily on the
jv-.-r .tj-.fj hearing Ughtly on the favored
% lesiioa Pit per'* View.
IX>NTX>N. rs '"*. 4—The r« v *'»
y#*7»*rally pav attention to *ne N-w
V-'-k p-->!:t. -a' (wr-raijm puh'.lah:-* fc ig
<« «pa?-hes and edStorials on tne subject.
Th - Globe says"
"Ju«V*g f*"t» th - Tint- * d'spatcJt. Hen
rr «»e. wll v e rh* fit maycr As«f
<jo not exceed *rt*-n jarter of the
and Europe*,- t- • ---hlsts
ar j <-»_itPole* Hungarians
«rd P. iwaas—a'l the v-ry lowest of thetr
r» -» will support the man *•. ?■! ah
+ s and wi l d theories are det-«t«|
in fvery -apiral in Europe Tl' »• b* .ng
the pe ■-le who sw» ' t>u . * '• ror !' - s
the h ght at ebsuri ty to rave about
{; .v-;-g th *e~ Uaa.n *»'f
The Ps.l M*; Gasette * a— s *'•-
• ■ v - an Amer~»n aad co«vciu<iem by stat
in* that the Aaser r*ns will wtn
HELENA M r Ov* 4 —Y- IKf >T
•tmit* •><* »«j a rrve*ea<re frok J. ha C
«sn—-han. T - t.t. - - " arent *he
r -. « - ~ ■ V t T rk *r I
ri-Kxur nf Van Wyrk To th s the pov
err r r-j ' i •
•j • ♦*,- v*n Wy-k ha-- ng been r.oo?'-
-a*—l hT * ■co-.sent: - that was afraid *o
tod -rae the sax nai pUXtarm of the Deea
r--rs * e p*rty. a« pr--tr. ;#a*ed ta <f|Jirag»»
if my
'tei, lixicry Gwrfs at: —c lis f-•«•
' •**' true rat >r lever of LVr-
J t yr
t OT» e"« ricWet t oaipletcd.
NFW YORK. CVt. t —The .-"osnsr'.tt## en
or*-sr:.*»•■~n Of CttiXNH' Coifß met TO
; ntgit and recetwd a report frora tkc *x
{ e«. -T;ve ccmicjttee tbe fol
| i-Twxaa caadidatia for city, court*y a-.d ja
:t» V 4?t handed bj- iWh
-"*■ •* the coanctL Jer.n H |
ft. -aut'" nspf - *r J Seiretar>*
of the Treasury C.aartet & Fa r-hi:.-? d..«- s
iitorr.-jr. Au*t " G. F>x cot.aty I
clerk. Bt.-aa E Kali. *het-.*f Edward
F. M.gw r-st*-er Richard H Ad- !
of the supreme es-urr. Char Sea ]
. -*• Van fcruat and George P Andrews, i
i of the eft j court. Joseph Fettretch !
a~-2 » stf Menken, pre- -l-nt cf t e
borough. R jc>rrt M. coroner*. Al- j
fred E. Thayer Dr. Cyrua J. Strong. Dr. ;
L- V -.'S F A arr* - «.nd Wiiiyua H Terry.
The report a seated.
Nebraska Iryaaltra Pr«»te»t %«aia«t
Draiorratle Ticket.
! LINCOLN. N »b-. Oct. Chairman
i of
| tral eomran.ae. late thu afternoon fikd
with the seor-'a"-* of Mate a protect
ag-a.rsat pia. -ibk- the National Democrat:"'
Rcm.r.e-5 or. f e >Jf •" ai Nai'ot at the oir.-
log ejection- The protest states that there j
ts no sach narty tn Nebraska a? the Na- (
tional De®ocrat»; that the law regarding !
the formAii<. s r< of a rt w party has »m be*.n '
with and hence, the objector as- |
serta the rsotuirs ■« are not entitled to a >
place on the haiiot.
T ra. -r >w *?•>♦ state ronsr tree of the
Sfat;.,.r.al Dem rats win meet tr> ?** ! 'he
Ta- »acy caaatNi by the rrfnsa.l of Julie
J M W > forth to «j-rthe r.om t.a. a
for ?urr«-m« judge.
Vati-Kaaloa H*» a Kicale.
N.b Oct. 4.-The tnfi
fua;or. Po; aFst state eonven*: -a this t/t- •
emoon was almost a fa: : ure. s
hail was advertiaed as the place of aeet
ing. but the convention wa® held In a pri
vate efl!«e. the purpoe-e i^-^ag, so it was
announ-ed by the delegates, to out wtt
those favorable to fusion who tr. ght at
tempt to gam control, as was done last
year. Aftor ascertaining the almost total
aMt«r.. e of delegates frem ou:.-. Ie of thu
,*** - e-v »« --5 A ,»>»,
H^/'-TT^r'T? l -•:< 140-r- • "*
W «*» CwJ :-*£ NMi ' **H» M ■*** £
Why Washington Is Prosperous.
*?, *1 >
: ' > Hy at ■ - -X
Trie salmon nar'< <>f the state of Washington for
be ioo percent larger than that for iS«)6. .
Last year, the pack on Puget sound was aSout 200,000
? f'his vear it will be fully 500,000 cases.
4<H|» ruget sound canned salmon is highly esteemed as an arti
>:v. cle o. food a.I over the civilized world The rovai So< *evea .d
.Ca. -
Chinook are shipped to everv dim- The greater part of the
Pjget sound pack will be exported }-
The ru! ng price is $4 per At this figure the salmon
->-jr* , jT*, t,
T park 01 Washington will bring nearly $2,500,000 into the stau*.
?9f - "?•
*<l* A» .«A* jfc. jAk, .T". «f* ,jAk jAk .•*». «A» aW da «<w
v'v' *-* {» *f» W "*v* «¥* v 4» sir
munty it was voted to postpone the stats
convention, which meana its abandon
ment. Local delegate tlion crganixo«l as
a county convention and selected a t. ket.
>#-•»» J*r*e}"« \ nle on i'oßdUallaa.
CAMDEN. N. J., Oct. 4.-The returning
beard of judg<*s made their returns of tt;«
constitutional amendment elections today.
The fficial fljrurcs show a majority of V«
fcr the anti-gambling amendment and S*»
for the regulation of appointments, and 9uS
atfain>t woman suffrage.
K %nT»»t»«-r of lattaential I*oli«lel«ns
Oetire Ippointmeci i».
WASHINGTON. Oct. 4.—The president
today renewed the receptions given on
Mir.da - « *o the g-ervra! pt:M!.-, and sb k
hands with about SW viaitors In the East
ro-vm. He also raw for the first time ail
persons who sought an audience. He wis
not able to'give much time to each, but
iiw every one for a few moments.
S-T.ator Corbett. o<f Oregon, whose claim
to a <*at in the senate will be taken up
immediately after con*--»«a» eseembie*. saw
the preset dent for a snort time and diu
cu Oregon appoiattnenUk several of
which are pending.
Bishop Att t. of 1 e African M. E.
church, of Ohio, paid kts respects *o Pres
ide"- McKinl«- during the afternoon.
Richard C. national committee,
man for Misaour, with a cumber of Mis
souri Republican*, called In the afternoon.
Princeton Facnlt; ar>«l ilamni Wov
lag for His ippoiatinent.
NEW YORK. O * l—A spe. al to the
Herald from Trent r N J says- The
rumcr that Grover Cleveland Is preparing
1.-, enter cw Jersey politics has its foun
dation in a movement by «ome of the
Democratic alumni of Pr'r-*e» n to secure
for b;m a posit!*n on the be--h of *ne
-curt of errors and appeals The ms"»r
has been thoroughly canvass* 1 by mem
bers nf th-» faculty s-d of the A umnl
a' ->rs« nf N--w T-">-k ir. j l New Jer
sey. Tb- re is avaan y on th* bench
caused by the death of Will.am Lewis
They Confe«» «o the C rime an«t to \s
rlotis Other Oitlniei.
B=iMB.VY Oct. 4 D t,-Jer
Derca; a Bra ;m.n adv •>-»'». and twe-'y
eigbt at.-ers have been arreated for th*
murder of Plague Commissi>ser Rand and
L;>u*. Ayerst while engaged last June in
the p.- --ah distrtct n enfo«iring 'he sani
tary reg-- a: Th y were snot wr la
1 av'nt 'he guar err •IT'S r-.-ept n at G t." -
*- a;nd. the m;m , lerers heirrg c-rtncealed be
hind trees. Lieut. Aver** d- d abn<-.st in
stantly, and Mr. Rand shortly afterward*.
The arr««e?ed men have -or.?e«sed tne
murder. Deo~aal being apparency the ><d
in the "rtme. He has a.eo < to
having tared ""** <5 en's statue in t -t
cry and other off•»*-*».
narrio* and the Hehet* t oafroat One
IsMker la (.»*t'in*l«.
NEW YORK Oct 4.—A dispat - to tha
Herald fr «i Guatemala says The g-»v
--emm-r.t is s'ili a Wlurtng its force# at
To»--.n;cat an ar.d is p<-*t-arir.g *'■ make an
attack ©a the reheie, who have taken a
posi-.oc on the heights of Co* m. near
Totonieapaa. There will l«e a '*• * fca*' e
there, which w ! ir.srk tfce « imlng peiat
of the war. The re-haSs. sa'siy p:a4>ed in
the kilis. opened fire on tne city at aa
*a?ty h --ar on the rr ,m -* of September
Sf The tire pr -re*i in- "!>. • ;t« and "ha
srovemme-.t forces did not return it. Dic
tator B*r- ?s has a d—-ree g" ---
tag amnesty to re *** * w-.o * -ay iiiws
their arms lr.*ide at fen days.
France Pfek« a t»oaee«-l with Hraail.
NEW YORK o~t 4 -A dispatch •»
•he lie-aid from P-.o De Janeiro aays:
The French m b»r« has demanded
imm-ftata *etOem~nt >f ia« Amapa i>».
t>-n and an end of delay tn the matter.
j t a*#erts that the Frseich mints-er has
re<?eived x* t; ' ma* m from kit g<ov t rn
-aent us BeaaU. but has not *hu* far
pre«»<¥t«4 it. France has r«*otv«d to oc
i.'irtffT .t. -. y.
i .
Liirlif Draft Steamers
i a
I p the Yukon.
Their Captains L>D»w-
M»U Before im«r.
l.ate«t f rom the tla.ka fonttwerela 1"«
Vg'-nt at *l. Michael «* that r»tir
Snail "»tea»ier» With H»rtr« *re
Maklas t.00.l »pe«-J t p the Kltrr
With >npplie« Marnr Unod »
(liter steamer I aenchcd and on
Her \ opatr I p »trr»m-1 he Boat*
Have such l.leht Draft thai
The) t an '•nlm o*er the *hallo»»*.
Special Dispatch to th# Poet-Int»ll:gencer.
SAN" FRA.»OIS«'O. iv t Tim
ers leaded with supplies and towmir barg-s
similarly laden are cow on the way up
the Tukon r;v«'r fr-Kn St. M>< The
raptaina believe that tna I gtr draft
vessel? can raach Dawson City bafor* th»
river frn>p» and danger of will
thua he averted. T iea* »tMmer« and
barges have on hoard *fo tana of food.
Thi» new* !» ron'aln<*d Jr. advice* r*>ctvM
bv the AU*lu <'omnifr ial f imp an> : t,»jr
frera !;i Agt nt at St. Ml hae!.
A letter dand Sep -»mb<»r !« th »?
the new etramer vU hi» <*> ta*>" Wood »
par> up the river, «u Uur. s«sl earl> .n
tha morning on September I*. and ».»«i «
p«»cted to l*a'. e for the river about ftej>-
timber 30.
The Ala.«ka <~oaarr.>r<nal C mpany'a
svjumer A;: . ■* r » --•'■■ - *
Eiceiiior, wa* met on P-; < en
her way up th* r: ver fifty it.?' t i»*
No*iUk*t or about 1<» mi:-s 4b v- N
lato, go'.njr at «r»d speed. Ctopt. K-nnedy
reported all aeil aboard and -be t> mak
ing good time.
SttUUT IMU »u pavwed *ome dutar,.
abtrt# th* Russian million on her w i > <ij
Fb* had a bar*# n to*, and an r r • .|
g-tt.ng up the river In e*<el>nt time.
The Aia*.k* O Minn r ia> »'nftf>am 's n*»
steamer Victoria, wa* piww-ed ne-ar the
satß" plate, g'Arf up. * »c» root •
r r.i s «te *TI« •* \ N left St >]
September IS, towing two
All these vessel* are laden with JWOTI*-
ior* ard their captains ftpftt t-» t-.* .>
I>aw*or In rood sea*or Ts>~«e *
are «m.\l;rr *n<i of Ugftier draft than the
Hamilton whi< h stranded -*t »be m»d
flat* <,r Fort Yull t and tb« < •
ir*".d--« uff' t '-.-iff. -he »1 * w .?•••
with little difficulty.
CJreaf HTO« of *hrep and L i»»lle r> N
the Duliuii trail.
VICTORIA, R »*.. Or? 4 -3. C WAr
thuX, Df.mia: n got*ram*«' survey r, »>.•>
has juat ra turned from the North. say*
there wiu be no at Dawsnfi th *
winter. When he- l*ft there were !.•>«) n- ■ 1
of ifcHp and H h< A of r»Hl» m tb* t»il
- trail, wbtrh *ou!d rea»h I»a**on I*-
!»pe:i Se>pt fn -r .> m.! jj.
TUOLLhV 1.1.Nh in \ I'KO.N.
f«pt. Job* lei in* Mill %f>pl» l»*er
hvad TrsHi«m to ! nn>-
|tortatii>« of ««»»»»11r«.
NEW YORK «Kt « « .•• * • ~ r.
of :■■ torta and Ste*irsa>-tp • .r.
pany rr mmand-* of *h~ i« it
th« Fifth av«fiu# b-»! -L ffatd «'*p« Irv ng
In an interview:
wi.'kbe a railroad •v*r the
and down Y'.a s!" ■ »f *d * W
H tT»«- raptds >r* t«i 1 rr*r • T*
•♦-.f-rj-n.*- i* re* •••'»? m> »
it to Tor* If wiii be i . •- r: 1
troHey «rf?.-<ljr t-r fr»"-b'. a> d a •: im
j- :'fy th» trip to Pa w*n*i O'y to - /h >n
ester: tba* we ehtJ! e*rr> trod« down
the TUtem tn*t»ad of ep fh* r»»»r 'r -m *♦.
MVehae-t On iry fir*? tr; to '•>4? p ft
»*riy in J sn*. I himVr f»r
bargea which wt':' ><*■ takers f> tj»<e up'-r
T ik-n Af*"r »h« r« r*d • bwfß
w:IJ ra.r»ly ."Jea / " r '■-& t* ■'w f -It
TIM» bar.- • *«« he
Ktream from the erd «'■- th* * Tartar
lejr and t W ! hark W# *biil he ah!» »o
make •eTere! of these *bort trtpe r
m nth Fhera w{" b» no f»*r of prwt«■■<«*
ra»rtn* »ho*t rh*fs
? v -- h. d;n* of fh» *re tr-'-?1»T
b» an erpenanFa undertaking*"' h- w*a
'On the eor.trary. !t will b- »'TT 'n**-
liactarra." rapiitd < ' ltT :r -R»-ne»-
her. ,t w'l! not carry Tb« *y *-
tern etcpiored M fo- -n
|K»rt nf or* and <• al • ** Tr-*
pedtagi* w:tl not ti an) 1* or i»
an»l w» . - * arr; » on .r, « r».
prop-'!led by a »e-nea of H>AM cabXt
<ks» and *:**& <r*d** »r« «• • :
tors ub uj af tnuM9wn*l.-3C. That
»r ♦-« atone ■ »e root? w I s< rvo to
poet lis*
"A knp .«;wfhwiM e*n J* erected *t
tfr<e» tera* .us *r.d the |p.x*d» ih'^wit
♦ -r stt ordfrsry we*th«r. This wm
do wtr *■ 'i th# p* •' ' tr 3.
A v m*a « *»:* tb» Cfv kmm pa>*
' ■ .< - •* i, Tu-- •• »• t.n ->_* ;
ci.m&ntc from Dytw. taJres him • \ .-r that
4~,-\ v - ' •-■• !*ltw a*' > - 4
r«-t. \\> * fn.Mvor : 1 deliver a;s
;sies »:> a 4 of isi# arrival."
BH K KH«M •oK U.I U .
U hairm Cowwt? (.Up I p tbf
"wpf I» Krarh tfen- Moiijiki-
Oct » j 1* 1
j Coi^nvAr of •. -. ia
Ka»U*-r j nrt Herbert fVtaw. of Fkirfsaveo,
haxf returned front 4 fruttiewt rtfwi to
r-**» *1 I*aw*on dt i over the 3k<tfuir tr»!l.
Mr uifi hits party tr»
1 .« t - ■ •« * v ir;rt n :tv - ;p ♦;.*
trstjl. but tfco 'os# of $ h*)r hor»«ai
•"1 V. r: .* r raiMhip* hv\ .•i*' coovtoeed thvTO
that tt wHUbi lw> impossttdo for them to
itet through TO tho KMorado thi* winwf,
th*« - 1 r: * • r <lr< to partt« v <» who »U!I
* -id hOTSW*. <t*«d tt\<s proceed* .Uhi «*»p-
Henry Scta'.<->s» and (««orf* Ft*fcer,
•••*•' ver '•• k u ' n « th oth»"- part..-» *. 1
'•• • tr . * • r :
ffAt*h !h#
di rif> 1 *kk\ tr TifiWH.
' KBliillß Om. ißl* (ollrrt lar(«
»nm» KrtitH Vnrrtrin Mlnrr».
VI -«»K IA H «•»•• ♦ 9t
Milne rwyiwl i t»-itef from th* • "««*-
u»tom» st T»jrt*h late* *Ut«
; *r that he wa« about to forward
• n ,'ua: f .. »- r !<» <*d r r->m »h<*
pro*p*-ctt>m wh-v Amfrse*a coo<ls
\rr the SttLa4pu<»>- isd tr*it» <>*
th< .r sjy to t. «» Kiondtke.
Alf x.u. W Trsiaer. *ho h*« with
■'?* rv.tr -1 s-•. rrraent nurv»j* jvorty
oti - k«»» - .t--* !:at J. ♦*
T *: t, cjt l ' k. iKHicd f<#
t eKj Ike v i -C*fwidwo rouMw
r»sll«h Kvplorrra ( aplarc Nallto
(ralh.r* and M«kf li»|i«ri«ni
rflrt in Cam tfrira.
N (X!. 4 V !ftt#r »*« rf« .-trHi
h'rc today fri»m Kikljrn*, Hr.tisih R»,«t
Afn- j n-jt-h of th* jiwry iwxtf*-
R--ar.e frvm B» . r, »h*t th«
Ctvtnditih «porrirsjt ■whirl* Ml
Berber. 1 jtst A'r, » u*t arr > in* it
ttiigh. Uiati'l, about thp niil tif of
Novemtwr. pronfilinii th n«~* tow.»nt ).1 ko
Kucolph. ha<l Att»rk«*d hy >< Sand of
\t oh rt> ir.i«r«*l -»! i
of »n- -*}» d ' 1?. of too Ka-
and ninety As» »r»«-
Th-» U*ti>r i«y» t(. »t 1 " ivptutiifi.
who :s .1 r.<sj>i>. » »>f the duke of I > \ron
vVart. and U<-ui. Amlrew. cjns-.i«»BJoa.
■ r,\- K !«.%.« •n A c. V ,ft*r * tri»
Hrirti i.i Ho«toJ|kis, wbictj up to that
t ;n«* hod n<it hri'n exftiored. t'avctsdiah
m* Andtvw had a tr>:rjr Mm*. Thrsr
head a>. n iih'UM ih* At* tra* to mutiny
ond ' <"■ ;»•» Ki.fU.-i-. n «rer» for«"«-«l »•
. #ld :«.» ■ ir den;: i«. B«t n. .*r Ukixui
('n«-ri4Mi and Andrew si *ed the two rirs«*
i 1 i»r- wr.o have n«e t»-en stall to tao
.-.Hut f>»r trial.
Th< *xi- ■):■! > di* ov- red n*-w Itiiwi ar.d
too 4 •.vf v ilcanof* and from tho
Kulf ff Aden to tJw Zani.Jvir 1 saat hy
mw h The route «.« was pr«v!wwtf
:bg TtUt 1' 1 ii rtmith. of mta4lt>,
Hi ri m tn:u in t M»> iaror.
H. hnfl in 4 blraito Vnar< hUt* ( natn
M lilidranal Krwtn IVdrratlna.
« UlfAt#o. «'» r 4 The anirrhi t* woo
ore irran*t::x f>r o den- •n«trwtl.->n (a
itiftt ry of 'h#» mtt W" it»d for Ih* lf*f*
t-i ifk» »n i- - ri •>. i\e d ;-i»'d a T»>mts
e-. f.. «• -k. * 1 • i-f t:» «'h «ao
Federation of hy askioK for the of
• » 1 < imp rtf
up lon nt»-r Th- invitation stirred up »
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be eaei»-r, and add*: "Th* r»* uret :nd»-
'at# that w# ar* the ilts»
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