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The Seattle post-intelligencer. [volume] (Seattle, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1914, October 20, 1897, Image 6

Image and text provided by Washington State Library; Olympia, WA

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Ulrtki. «»rrl»sf».
I In order to ae-ira
1 under t?je»e •* (V %
I «h.tN»d ly; left «■ new ajr
I pai-er. No marge »« »•''
Fun*ra; no:?'—. re*c- n _* ;.V ; f % #
cUi am»o*»«"mentti will * cha- •
Qf w
d«>. o- i>. >■ -*5 r v -
Hw fiffkiattn* cJ-r^'m^ 1 * t .', B
Harrington Joseph K. »** l ' ,
city, and Oertrada Hani*'. of
UK.VI H* FI %ER*»>
late P. N. An-'rews wiu h' _
«mooT., at 1 afejock. f 1 .
■nder taking parkrs. ln,erroet.- «n m
I'jeaaajn cemetsry.
HOT 111 to THE PliUt.
The DUWU* la hereby w»m»d n*> f to pay
&*•s. KV
&ts«ffW V * , J - i twiiv»"l F
RodetTck Spraguj\ J », ;o
fA, Freebttrger. This not »pp>y 1
resident agents of this , ~l #
cated In rarloos cltles sn d to wns ir
Northweat. nor tojw'tm'" h „, r
to all <*»e* aatborlsed to * ... . y
tlons for the Dally. Sunday a w /. y
Pwt Intelligencer City
Catheart. R T Hawley. W. H Ha
«nd C. V White.
IrttirriMmirif mr\At*f of
Pound. For Sa.i For Kent
Wanted will be Inserted at
Mm > wonl each insertion. Pa>ment a
ways ln adwce No adeertls«ment ro-
MtVed far taas than » centa
WOTTCE-Tb# business of tha
; Foot-Intelligent Is °t'«n u r ! , ll 11 *»• ™ j
Sunday hours • a m. to 12Tf'p **-•.
«»• »> m Classifled advertisements will
{• recelv*d up to that time.
»rnr*U No »
BKl't'f NOHA M RAT~N«W Wbatcom.
(0. H <*ulvsr. Manager _
OLTMPIA—4!?'4 Main street. O. o.
Wln*tanley. Afent.
VICTORIA, fi C .-George Ma "den.
The following letters awslt srtrertlsers
at t->i« office -
Ala.' ka. II P «Office^
A. ft :if H O U H.
A W K IH. I* M
Advance. invesim- nt. {a >
Boston. I. I 1
Capli.il. Tx>ysl
Commission MUiiier. T •
D> !l'»! '-'I- - '
» MPLOfMi M n HTBI>-«*|' k
P»iSITION AS stenographer hookk<_< r>« r
or ooUector In law or mercantile .
flve years' nperlrn«c. reftreru-es fur
nirhe'l. Addrew. U* care I .ill
WANTED Hon**' Japan**'- rook w.:it» ,
■ situation In family or l> uir.Hm; bout.-. j
or <»« houm worhT, good r*f.-r-nr<-.
Apply or <alt at II» S- ' r- r' %
W A NTKL* - »* y«:u*
*»*(,.• r >!.-•■ d» r vMi y«ar-• v.ith or«» '»»- j
n-m\ itoorl rtffnni i • A4dr«-»* H j
tart St" direct. wash.
WAN'T>:i' H!tuati<>n a* bookkw-tw r by i
tboi 'iij; iiv .xr-rt.!-" rtm»r of » b. at of
rfffiwr-c. A'ldrt*** Knnk O R#lf«- 63 i
liluc?, I'lnrlnnatt O _
WANTEP fl iua mn t,v j,.|.«r«» -
ro k or ho'nwwom !'i family A<lur» •*
KMIM 111 UK.t I wn: KD >I« *• »
'WANTED rn i'lofl i< hosi»« V'> pr for
t £- ■! I' W-m or to tafc- < iro
of mr.aH . htW Addt • Mr* J. P.. c-.r«
A THOROI'GHtA rompf'rnt drr»*nnk«-r
wtah»* n few tnorr • n« ;uert« In f.. ro
th.- Artdr<-*>»» l>re-- ni ikiT.
1 nt«*lllis»*nc^r
WANTKr> A U<U wiahc* p< Itlon hook
lt. i"P< i or t<T,< jti iph'-r. •:< hler or li<> ism--
A«l<lr> 33 i ar< I' -)t-!ntHl!nen« ,
r >
iif'l.r w
WaNTKD For r S srniv. ,ibl» *'viict
unm trrlnl n »««*# of ?1 I
SO ritttnu f lh« Vnl'- f" it<* of *. 1
rh«:<»r!pr anil trmp*r.it* habit*, who
can mif-nk r*a<l .ip<l write English F.r
Information apply to rpr-rultlnjr offi «r.
ftodtcn hlfcck. Seattle. Wash
WANTED IH'HK-I- >u W . !K- !>r miiro ,
tlc<t with a ffw hundred do!l:ir« to i>ur
fhs»'« out tit f<>r m-l ac< kin pan) p trty :
K'Ttr* t«» Ahisk i to work .i du
i-ovt 'I \rry rich pi i <r lh) • ! t
tjOP.'in ■ . A.ltlr> Jtox <♦ cart* post-In
van'l »'!» .1 \ i>T»'
rrpri ■>: first - *1« Alt*rt« t».»m»>li t»
lire: !!!>♦•;«' . . quick r€iurn.<; j
' y i •••' '• i"h t.»r
ntj,;rr»' o? F..»*!» rr frifiuJ. coirtß In ■
5S Epltrr NifMlnit. rt<>.tttl< s .
OIMCN \v\ \ \ fo - n mil <
lh* *r«>- r-.mt'«»r of wor-l« out of th*
rhra»f "l'4»*«nt Attorney W*>d.lfrburn"
For full jinrM !Ur* wrltp th# N»tlor..il
H»<-oril#r W**htT!ittcr>. l> C.. for »a n
(!«» top* -r^'ainlnc
VAN' ' AM afrilf'<r<l !o <• ill in.' «♦>» !
whst th»» O**.ionor "Vi< orv ' 1 «!..<- u
fi>. Jh.- hojM»l(c-*:« st. k If Sf - I. • II
A:\p-.1 n tw fi. bl.irk Fir- jv- I
fnuc »pd )«p'inr
V VXTED A I 1 i to l« v oi«» wo
Itvc at home, to learn th- Rat ket s
b>i tners must roiw w«il recommend .»1.
\pjb, »t the F ,«'tl> R.-i" ket Store " 4
Second avenue.
4 . - ——
*\ ». SVf 1-" 'v »;> ■: W■■ $1- «rv » «. r.g
Per- l«edg rs Oro *+■"■*' Coupon* and oth
er . iTtl f < to m. r-'h ipta by sample;
»! Ie l:ne M •<!« 1 Mfg. Co . Soath
t '«ful Inl
tr-* m A Tvv.rK «• t e\ ; . . ii> . 4 .
men for cigar- experience unnecessary;
p. rmarertt pe ' ; oi The W I. Kline
C F* 1 at Mo
V A V T' D ' ' ' >'»•' ' < r • ♦*
jirr bouri f• >! ' iwr w < «■ii F H O- a,
Fc!t Orchard Naval Station, ! ti -ton
(» O
' RtOHRIT PRICES paid for m«n'* .
off < lot Oj. <~»ll or «il Ircv W ; n K «r«
•1: \ * Mil*
fANTM 1 I' > • ' " » - • ,
b \: on It' t ■■ • -• t 1v pc r 1
w i\rni-4 »aHi.r
JKiN'I THE "O. K PoX f>rti • * r
atul fve him your tas*itted advertise
ment: the Pott leteU.genrer will ;i lir
for n esaenger. Rntea, lc a wcrd. ur *
dollar * line a month.
i ITANTKtV A gen'leman (mining cxj*ert>
w.«nts a l»'v ro-npv ~n *l' small
• me in*, to 1 - • > Klondike.
Addrt~« *:h i; v K \ v.: sk c» «v
Par. Alaska
V \NTI I'' V f - I t f 'v f;>.
Ilnery dejvar*»en- w»sre« a «a|;
»• \u wher«* e'n ' y I •» Xddreta
Mtlttn#- a-e I' ■* !J ...
W WTl'O t\ • ... 1 a-1 . • " ' r
work t<> ■»' 1: • S' ,r In: *" - H>a
rcan. T -1 ,v» t»ue Se» :, v T !e
- C W
V AN . ! •
fioit* mi' th. Pr ♦ « -ca
V* r~'' r r A ' » V • a*- >t<\
eorr r 5, •
f WANTED Y«>unc Wv "tn
theatricat «« »-e.. , r ,
p ■ ».«. xi 're !>.a»er »■ r.-
lr»te! % tßer>p»-T.
I" \ [ -p. r .
teenth a* '
UK Madlao« - et *
' , " " • -en
%\ nm nr! f n
woi r.n-iHRTxrn
1 n 1 » T> \
OOfh JWB-! i-.t ■ u» ■ v "
l' r ' ' >
tere • ' v
S > iv \e v
*'ANT'.P -far r> T s »•
n«, «Ma«r> tt» • k \ ■ ~
i ur » ,I,V '■*' * l - ■ A. jr.* \\ o.
Lx city.
M o rf:n-Mi«rFi.i,4%F.oi«.
WA>"TEI>-U»ti; f' r -aw
r-7. Tb.s«.
Roftin»on, Everett. Wash.
WANTED—Tru^k. capacity 5 to % too*:
inns* be fn perfect ord«r -tate pl'> n *o<J
p-"-'Jr«|an» A«14f»« TrtKk. care Po»t-
I BfW<*W ff.
VIV ■ ;rr*'%T+ " ■ de«k« car
ne*. i«ove» wli: ;ay hignest prtoM. Tfco
EBtporfum HIS Fir" avonoc.
HIGHEST PRICE ;aSd for second-hard
ef>ve# 'rp»t«. The Beii,
Merond >»WM aooth.
BIT th« K ul>* PUno. Albert Hw<r»
AGENT#" WANTED to Introduce our lire
of ? r ■'*' pr;■■*■ i '■•smTH * ■ or"; ev
erybody buys t. as. profit- liberal, ex
chance to mak' won*y. For
t*r ir* and pf otccr-aphs addrwsa ',**
CritxK <*o . X X. I/# Cioiw " i*-
WANTED— Agent# to '»R«i«
lv: no experience wonderful
j,. r.! • i-> •v. wh-r- wrj-e
quick; samnle in velve'-lined • ase. iO
cer.-#. Ma f-.j-'jri.iic ' ll*
Cbtßtfrt «tre«s New ark.
RELIABLE MAN to haniie <g n » for
TetepbOK* t«r jf • j ' Rpe'-taltlea; pays
IT..aw a y«ar; »r.c!o»4? stamp. Victory
Mf* r , Cl'-v lar.fi O.
AGENTS 'or I" M-.rrty - cel?-brar-d rem
•diaa for health and f>eausy j«iciuatra ter
ritory Siii'.nckUy fctock.
RT L \ I R.U-»F< OMT-H %M» « M»THI*G.
111 ii 11 EST CASH PRICE pai i for Udies'
and ca«t-off clothing. Tna
Bell. '.}■'£ K< >nt) avenue wouth-
WANTED TO RENT fivf or six-room fur
| i H'a*c, i.tar pottoffice sr»«J car
line, family of two; ma*r t>e strictly ftritt
clasp. ri'i> .tn<t price. Ad
dress M M.. cart Poat-InteHig* ncer.
WANTEI>— r oom.- by
man with strictly private family. Ad
iif» ■■ ti i'.. ui I' -t.' ■♦ i
BOARD AN 1 > ROOM f>r two i:-• ' • n.. r.;
large room well locality bf»t
In the city; no h -. Hoii- to »>i the car
lines; Trierm- ■ *i:hang»-<l. lwU
ayenuo. comer P;k»"
ROOMS WITH or without bjard; private
family, modern conveniences. 614 Co
lumbia street.
F<>R UK NT—Ore larve room for two rm-n.
wl*h b<jard. 1105 street.
Fi >H HUNT R-.w H-.i hoarl »C Ftf'h.
row M»:> r— HOOMS.
FOR RENT— Eleirantly furnished rooms;
and upwards, laths; s'.eam heat.
Hotel Feriruson Froot arid Seneca. Mrs.
Ferguson, proprietress. Furnished roonu
for ifght hous^kt^-plng.
RINO THE "O. K •* BOX for messenger
and give him your classified advertfse
rr-nt the Poat-Inteillgencer will pay
for in- -->'nger. Rates, lc a word, or a
dollar a line a month.
FOR RENT—Two neatly-furnished house
keeping rooms on first floor, or three on
second floor. 1012 Main street.
FOR RENT Twhghtful newly furnished
rooms; elegant residence; no car fare.
1423 Fourth avenue
FoR RENT- Furnls ied room; private
family: excellent location; gentlemen.
W Fourth avenuc %
HOTEL M FIT HO POLE Nicely furnM*<l
room>: nt'wly papered and refitted; over
Guy's drug store
»"OP RENT 5n room" suitable for hotel
rurpot"-« Pioneer Rent and Collection
"THK FI>OREVCK" 415 Madlaon street;
furnished rooms by day or week at low
eft rat**.
FOR RENT Nloelv furnished rooms for
housekeeping ISH First avenue; close in.
FOR RENT Single and housekeeping
rooms, one block from Pike. 1530 Fifth.
FOR RUNT-Furnished rooms fine table
board 121. corner Second and Fine.
FOR RENT—Furnl*'ied housekeeping
room*:*ch*ap 2616 First avenue.
FOR RENT Furnished rooms; aingle and
housekeeping 4< Epler.
FOR RENT-P Jrnl*hed rooms 11! Senec*
IU).»MS -.i >-■■■' er . i Mil'.- Th»- \ 1.-tona,
rOK RK> r-1101 SK*.
FOR RENT -Very desirable hou«e« tn all
piirta of the city.* Wrn. N. Redfield. 90]
New Tork block,
FOR RENT—Houses and cottaaes. all lo
cations. Wna. P. Harper, Dexter Horton
bank building.
|?OT'f»KM STORKS and fiats Pioneer
Rent and Collection Company. 9 Roxvrell
FOR RENT T-rnom house, with bath.
Apply 91* Seventh avenue.
roll RKlfT— Furnished house No. 1016
Columbia street.
Kl ; IT-ROOM modern hou»e. »1 Rurke
HOTEL YORK—Flrst-clase rooms eleva
tor, telephone, bath; avenue and
l':ke. Kurope.ni or American p an -
!Ac :o P per day.
THE STAR HOTEL Fine rooms for
by day. week or month, moderate price.
!» South Seeor.d ave near V. <j. r av»
r«»H RK\T-*TOHK«.
! FOR RENT Store three atorles and base
ment; e.evator; adapted vkoleniile pu P
po«a. I ttlon one , f •>!* b.<-, Appiv
England N >rthw< «*ern Investment
Company. No». -H and 212 Pioneer b tIM-
«TI". %MI".R* I «»!< «|| K
Action of cheap •teamahlpa for aa'«,
to ran he - ween Seattle \ , tj"
- e»m c ' r " <r Samuel i .'-ne«
v ><d s'rer'. Wk •
KO* I t( II \ \i;K.
; »R fXCHASOE—I*t in Tjike l"n'oj»
« «dlt on for tean harr e»« nlow. harr. w
fc 2"
THE PAHTY a« h > fo nd J*•v-k.-Vok h--
••••en t":vo" at-1 Pike M >".i»v e» er.lrg.
containing reee'ver eertlflcete N •
Met - !* » Na' "<! har.k. In f> v *
M-t M.-T u m. pleaae mall «xme to
1 S ->nd aver .je.
I.« *ST \ l-owr i> f'-er pocket' vk,
:r;a»k 1 or fiao ' J Rendmom jr.
j Portland. Or " Finder wU please re- ani
to N" 4 > > • ». aver.uc or to P >:•
Tntell:i;»peer e.
1 ST OR 8 -tATEIV-Rrlndle cow N->th
HrrK * B "« Libera • * ,-»
tf re*, -red t F «■ M rrtsoa and Tw- - h
aver.'w Pawl I'tsnch.
KXCNANGKXV-At Rika* hni: n .h„ K H
rxse- t' gan ov«-r - Ret :rn to «io;d
yetn Hat t*' "T. F"-t a\ >ra
rot %n.
I r.uw >! tr *;njmei t« etc.: highest pr.e«
;i; I f r c 1 f-.>ld a- 1 -Ui-r. L n « j -
»frtce, *1? Seconl
) UJNW A' in\N OJ-'FlCß—Mone* loaned
on * ».-a' • % e\ dUn;, is ar.d
>. wetr\ 1 '*• " • d avc-ae eoatk.
* | - eg
ni v\ \un
N KP. "-M * 1 Fo avejuie Coltie
■ pherd pup. about 4 taoaUM* old. fear
* fert w. t'e r .* »• »ar«d r.o :k white
' la. Nf « 1 w return of p.:p
hkhih a 1 a.
RKUOVKD-Kdgar Rrvan. notary 1
I ' '*•«„ t } y -• btfuna-
ni rn*trF.i
FOR mr Tntgiifr SMflMfc T. ».». •. ?•
a *i ro».-- • i
H*.{«•! f r?>.T;s an'! fear. and other*.
Restaurants—Al. goc l locatfcma.
Crgar s-torejs— S 3oß of '"flft.
g'iioottii ww u ss m
R*rbr ihapf-HH ap.
B ■ ' • !ng« for partnar
rMp; ill ot%en {->r inves* "gallon.
Hotel fltM for rent.
- - £ : ng an 4 pnbUsi:n|
Ho. - -'1 ''in for sal». any part city.
Firms for sale-
Firms r ; for cfr hem 4 .
«14 Firs; Arena*.
PA : TV" V.'TTH r .. -an "nd a rar^
opportunity so g®t ir>;o the lumber bust
- sn A _.«ka. rrnif-M- return* as
-<d with no "ranee of low. thorough
ltveji;|gai!on will be petmi.ted on aatls
facory ass-jr. r«• "»*: party has the
r —■ *' Address A lasfca. rare Post-Inte it
re rjre-
ALASKA* Party -.a* discovered new
placer diggings, rery rich, and will guar
rt •; . iatm to 'anv one with money
fnrjjjci >o heip p'jrchs?* sloop and t>uy
h,.< own rru f> For further
and introduction to principals call rocsa
*• First avenue.
1 'R S\LE silngle mill building
•it Ana cor* «ruate on tide watrr ard
line of railroad: fine location, and tlt.e
perfect. , -o farmlne land on On as isl
and cheap. Inquire of Caacade Bay
Lumber A Mfg Co. Newhall. Wash.
V. E ITA\ E Eastern capital to Invest In
t' f c!*' we buy real estate an<i loan
r' r.sonable terms For partlc
*■*■ Mayer Realty Co., Sft-*VS Haller
F' R SALE—We have all kinds of busl
r:f for >ile call on us before purchas
-n»s it will be to your own interest by
*• d-..rg M.tyer Realty Co.. *&>-#> Haller
FOR SALE A splendidly located restaur
ant. doing a *ood business, nicely fur
r;i*h-d, can l»e bought at a reasonable
pr; Se» Mayer Realty Co.. SM6 Haller
ALL KINDS of fine machinery and in-
made and repaired; also par
tern and experimental work, for inven
tor«. H Wagner. ro ;:n 2*. Sullivan build
F"R SALE—Grocery, fruit, bakerv. mill
inery. tea and cigar stores, saloons res
taurants. country stores and lodging
houses. Morgan. 502 New York block.
FOR SALE —Hotel*, lodging houses, dry
goods groceries, restaurant, bakery, bar
b-'r shop cigar and fruit stands. Dab
ney. 307 Occidental block.
F* »R SALE—Come and give us your place
for sal-- we will handle your bus!ne *
In a i isir.' ss-llkc manner. Mayer Realty
Co.. KMO Haller block.
FOR SAI.E Cigar and fruit store cen
trally I i u i nutting from $5 to $T clear
(idly }'■ : part ;<#:•<• •* .-ee Mayer R' alty
Co.. 6iMO llaller block.
DRT Ci KT< »RE—A small drug store and
fixtures; easy terms; opportunities for
lri'-atlon are passing. Stewart & Holmes
Drup Co.
FOR SAI.E A well-located lodging house:
always full; will be sold at reasonable
price Mayer Realty Co., &9-«> Haller
F<>R SAI.K—One of the best reetaurantg
In the city; good location For particu-
«ee Mayer R» rtlty Co., s:*-60 Haller
FOR SALE—Lodging house 30 rooms, fur
nished in best style and large rooms.
M iver Realty Co.. Haller block.
FOR EXCHANOK. s»', W Illinois farm to
exchange for good paying business. Ad
dress Illinois, care Post-Intelligencer
FOR SALE A forty-room lodging house;
cheap rent and a good payer. Mayer
Realty Co., 39-0} Haller block.
c> »I> GROCERY BUSINESS for sale;
stock leaving Mtv Address Mick,
care Post-Intelligencer.
F< »R SALE A well-paying manufactur
ing buslm ss In Seattle £W. Oroll & Da
tri!«, IW> Madison street.
FOR SAI K One of the best saloons In the
city; well located. See Mayer Realty Co.,
IMS H i Her block.
PATENTS. drawings, trade marks.
'Adams. Colman blovk
F<>R SALE Celebrated Mississippi plan
er and matcher, second-band re-saws;
large band saws; lot box machinery.
Hall A Brown \\ . W. Machine Co 40
Dexter H rton building P. O Box 3i*7
FOR SALE-IS) pi k burros, complete
rack saddles- coronas, h-sok-. ropes, etc ;
f>r 12.000; reference;. Murphy, Grant &
Co.. Stn Franci«co. E. F. Kellner A
Co . Globe. Aria
FOR SALE—Perklnr ten-block shingle
machine; Chgllener double block: rvrk-
Ins double blor k; Dixie hand; new. very
low prices. Squires. id Dexter Horton
FOR SALE "AW f»>et various slxed ?team
pipe an ! fittings, all tested; several ma
rine encin-5 and holler® Squire* 40
Dexter Horton building. P. o p.* 3^7
F n R SALE—Roller. y rum
plete every detail; g od conrl'tlor Apply
S- ittle Soap Factory, University and
Western avenue.
FOR SALE—Complete set e!.>eant bank
furniture Bid fixtures for snle cheap.
Inqu re Daniel Jones & Co., room "C*
Paiiey building
FRENCH RANGES an.l air-tight stove flt
tlnas rran r»crnr»d br Variety lr on
Works. Charles etreet and Railroad av
enue. Seattle.
FOR SAI.F Livery and «tab'»-
will take partner; mrrer going to \t ( <-
ka. Address Livery, care Post-Intel!!-
FOR SAT r- \ vd'ire doe- breed. St p. r
r i'd cro<- 'd with b ill suitable for Klon
dike Inquire room 3'V4 Hinckley b'.x-k
TYPEWRITERS -:oid rented exchanged
< • 1 r. ■ «.;red at Smith Premier Agencv
b?? S'oond aver. !-. Seattle.
FOR SAT.F Ore 1 ? r . and » horse-ponr #r
bo'lers sr 1 engines loggers' Supply
Store t?4 Yfsler way.
P A MR-vi Fl" :\ITf RE of all kind* 'or
Hie >-v1 made fo order; latest styles.
11 o« Sei-and ayenue.
Fi>R «M-E -Square Grand Stelnway
piano, as S new. Apply
avenue, near Pike.
F >R S\TF 1 A 'nch hr i; *oo
pa'tem lathe. 24-lnch drill press' v*
Vine street.
FOR SAT.E-Burros for Alaska; for Tar
lots addrese M. L Cooley, Vni«
N M *
vTm FITZHFNRY- Auctioneer offlT,
at Kellev A Iver >'•< Ftnt avenue.
FO* SAI.F-Ore tt|U ergir.e Commer
ci *1 Street Roller Worka
Ir, ,f» SMK-Old newspapers. Ari.iw «t
thl- officeL ' * T m
Rt'Y the K-ahe Plsro. Albert Han-en.
y- -v. ~ r * ;■ ~,M .
ri »«».« v at
m-«-h * ' meet a d heslthv ia<:\ cnm
pa' *«r. f re-i « tab e family; oM—-?
Ad ress Alaska fs care
I -1 *• isencer. Sea*t!». Waah
RING THE "O. K " for menencw
.. 1 k »>- him * 0.1- c i«- f»d advertl«e
--r t h e P »t l-t» igencer will pay
f. - rre»*er.ger. Rates, lc a word or a
0 ir 1 line a month.
M '•. > W R. re. tod.ay
r- .* e > U v ef ■-# w-'M-c e;-a# .-.r.
« p.«-.»e. wri'e »nd aldre«ji as U.«t
\ r You cvr:a:r.iy can etvne if you
* T..- A.
KVT t'N »"o merchant ta'/ rs suits
p t - o' '.er fit g:«arsr-te*j ; fl n# Sm
j j v> " Tesier way.
A LADY * >ea to meet a g- nti-oun »
• . g 5g o A.aakj. a . ir. * a
S 4-1 ■-IrteiiiU'-ncer.
k n»Ja 4JS \ e»>r.
b'r AN : ♦ ViKRG Ctin/.t and ne.is cut*+ry.
i> . 1 i ii w-r h
FOR SALE—J* >r. nlO p* r cent. net ar.i
over rental property. centrally local d;
cbt:c« but:r.*ss property, fine, s.gV.'.y
h -tnes; cottages and building lots in all
parts of me city, improved acreage c!o?e
in at bedrock pr -es it *;.» be to your
interest to look this up. G* rg» Dorffel.
IIS Columbia street, Haller block.
A BARGAIN—J2.# v *: tl •"<) cash. balan-e
on ttme, two new s* .en-room dwe':! ; n?
houses with pantry ar.d bathroom, and
hot and cold water, on 50*1® too* lot,
half a block from street car Sine and le*s
man ten minutes" walk from P.cneer
e<juare; good renters. Apply room 53 Sul
livan block.
FOR SALE—U.2ST': comer or F *?eerth av
enue. north of Madison. 13Cte13L
f'< Tiro lot* &xl?- ea h. on Twenty-first
avenue, south of Madison.
1900—Two fronting Broadwav. lOOxIOO.
F W. WEST. 25 Union block
FOR SALE— Howes and lots :n all parts
of the city, on installment-. lots on *i-t
payments, will build to suit: Hotel M»-
drona for sale or rent; rare bar
gains. T. H. Dempsey. 113 Columbia.
I nof.rD OFF LANDS in Ms«on and
Thurston counties; excellent fruit lard;
*a«i!y cleared and nicely situated for
farm*. favo~able term? Tacoma Mill
Company. Tacoma Wash.
FOR SALE—Houses and lots, acre prop
erty timber claims: exchange house and
lot for srr% property acre proprrtv for
hoii;=e. Morgan, 502 New York block.
REAL ESTATE bought ard sold corre
spondence and listing of nroi><*rtie« noli'*-
Ited. Charles E. Burns!,le. 422-424 Burks
building Telephone. Red 1101.
FOR SALE—Yakima county, bottom lard
on Yakima river for sale: easy term-;
ursurpas*«l for hops erain. alfalfa. E.
Shorrotk. 12 Haller building.
FOR SALE—Th<» Weed block, northwest
corner Firs: avenue and Union street;
very cheap and term? easy. James
BothwelL 2S Boston biock.
FOR SALE—Eighty acres tidewater;
•hirtv Improved: in ten. twenty or forty
lnt«. or » Wp: barg.i'n for cash. George
Harmon. Colby. Wash.
FOR SALE!— I want cash offer for .W and
"10 South Tenth; also corner lot next to
oit*. known as the Beverly property. Dr.
J E. Crichton.
F'»R SALE-Two lots on corner each «>x
121' •ar line close in standing high;
$1,700. E. Shorrock 12 Haller building.
FOR SALE— brick on Wash
ington .street, near First avenue south;
jtt.OOO; half cash. G. W. Hapgood.
FOR SALE Triangular lot on Harrison
and Broad streets. George Perry No. 4
engine house. Fourth and Battery.
FOR PA! E High-cliss residence AND
business properties Preston, bOl Seattle
National Bank building.
Yesler way, -standing high. Call at 602
Washington building, /
FOR SALE-Conjer. Fifth and Marlon
streets. E. C. Damon, telephone Union
SEATTLE property and timber lands.
Kellogg A Dabney. 217 Columbia. Seattle.
REAL ESTATE and timber lands. Dorr
& CO room A HA I ley bulldi N *■
AUCTION—On October 30, at 11 a. m. I
will sell for cash, without reserve, to
the highest bidder on the steamer lying
at the county poo- farm, the steam tug
Hornet; length 43 feet, beam 12 feet,
hold 5 1 * feet; Scotch boiler; engine SxlO;
take 10 o'clock Grant street car to bi
cycle park. J. M. Quilter.
FOR RENT Twenty acres cultivated
land, with 900 fruit trees; house and barn
on same seven miles from postoftU-e
Inquire at 709 Seventh avenue.
A P. RANDALL & CO.. carpenters,
jobbers; glazing, screens, windows and
doors. Telephone, Green. 644. 220 Spring
WANTED—Bulkhead built on Cedar river,
near Renton: call and get particulars.
Lowman & Pelly, 219 Pioneer block.
OLD PAPERS for sale at the business of
fice of this paper. 15c per bundle.
PATENTS, caveats, drawings guaranteed.
Adams, Colman block.
W D. PRATT & CO.. Real Estate Agents
I CAN OFFER a limited number of shares
in the La Fleur-Comstock Consolidated
Mining Company, at 10 cents per share
and would earnestly recommend the in
vestment. C. E. Thurston. 109 Cherry
SHARES AS."ska and Klondike stock for
sale; also Forty-five Independent and
Rossland stocks, cheap. Call on or ad
dress Christian. Roxwell block.
MONEY TALKS-We have cash buver*
for mines and m.rung str k; see us right
away. Room 20 Post-Intelligmicer block.
HERBERT HAVEN* mln.s md mining
stock bought a d sold. 413 Seattle Nation
al Bank building
PATENTS - Caveats filed promptly,
xdams. Colman block.
LMAYVIK ' tn mist!
K T JOHNSON As saver W V^ s ?er w a y
M % PS.
ANDERSON'S up-«o-d »te map.; Altv-kn'
r-o cents: Upper Yukon 75 cents: We«t
ern and Central Washington, 75 cen*«-
postage free. O P And.. r ™ n , n
Rl'i- Pr;n'_Cj_Qj-.d -nil R!- r ){ jsFittU
AUCTION SALE of furniture on FrUav.
22d at 11 o'ol. , k « n ,rp. at private
r- - jence, No. lis East Alder street near
Broadway. }•• d **ts in oik and cherry
s;ring mattresses cha:rs. tables rock
♦rs extension table, center tables, couch
es Brussels carpets, lineoleum.' range
heaters, crockerv. glass, etc. Eg'
Blckerton, auctioneer. Take Jam's
s:reet or \ eslcr oar.
•PE< IIL ><»! it i s.
ers of "e King county Invest ment Com
pany w.d b» held at .!.> N->w York b ck
on October 25. for the eftacdon of trus
tee* and Mich other business m "
tiroperly come before the meeting "
1 y S L CRAWFORD. President
S. E. SMITH. Secretary. ra «aent.
COMPOSITION \\* are now p r „p ar<k(l T
do composition for t ie trade (anv m>»a*-
ur > in Nonpareil. Minion. Brevier »n,«
lor.p P*" l ]™* s " Satisfaction guaranteed.
Cn:l or addre.-s Pv>st-inteiii g encer, Seat
rr m ifartnrers.
public by the Pres. Clippie
r»»u (Alien s), I nlon block, Portland.
wUI be a meet:n* of the of
the Wayne Ooid and Copper Minin*
"■I tof S'-attle. at the oSum tSS
tympany. Mor.,la> Oo?a£,<» r 25, ]y.~ V or
the purpose of iscreasin* the raDital
etc * ct #a;» e mpany and traas., ~ ,
f nt*»r business *4 may ecrr.e tn-i'Srl
the meeting
W W ROCKHTLU President
j p GILBERT Secretary U
Seattle V»"»*h S»p>uiti»r V I^*7
d«v ar Maimo* *ee>.l store: also large
*-««•■• rrrr'-r; of b*«? fir «i!e. S5
• • -' M . . -
MIM RC Ol TriTTlNi..
F iufTTE * CO.. W9 "averV
or>*;v«:te Kla'to. Ccnrs;"e:e mining vi'-
r * furr.isvd. low--r pri-vs b;*h-irr4i'u»
». <« es-;jra-"« K.v-n; spe .aj
par" .es '>• n : r -ver
Dcrn Tii K«.
s VHFRN* DrrrrrnT *oenct vr
T S i s- manager; 1 : Pioneer build
- .- ■ - - ■• -■ ;r.e».
I MBRI 11 * KI I'iiaUttr
LMF.IELLAS Mm ;f»rtured. recovered
a: d repaired general
sweet- l»roa.
Watcnes. diamonds ar i warrants at low
rates. L'ncle Joe Loan Office, 55T Second.
•• .ASSETS M • - Benefit I-ife
leans mor;ey (full value) on its policies.
Angus W. Young, UJ Washington b.ocx.
TO L' AN—Two thousand dollars
money on city secur ;v. Wil am r.
Harper. Dex**r Horton Bank building^
r&r.t- ard bond- h .tht <"d sold. Dorr
* Co.. room A. Bailey building- _
WE Ft Y and s»!l iv'.r.g cc mty state and
!«<-? —warra* s. E L. p*hren A <-0- - 3
Bailey building .
Loar* negotiated 123 Horton Bans
Ltd —Robert J. Fisher Agent. 408 Baliey
Smith block, mortgage loans and Are ln
•urar.ee. _
HERBERT S UPPER make- lean" on
farms and timber land li Scheuerman
W ATRAN'TS bought and 'old. m. I*.
Perkins A Co t>l V-w York block. »«-
atiJe. _
JAMES BOTH WELL, loans and Insur
ance. 2S Boston block; telephone. Main
MONEY TO LOAN on diamonds or gold
gocda. Call 51 and 52 Hinckley block
COLLATERAL BANK Money loaned on
good collateral. 105 Cherry.
MONEY TO LOAN—F. J. Foster. Colo
nial block.
LOANS—Mr a Patrick. 704 New York
VALENTINE SCR IT for sale. 32 Boston
DR GEORGE M HORTON. physician and
surgeon, removed to rooms 302 and 301
talley building, corner Second avenue
and Cherry.
DR. FLEISCHER-Specialty, surgery.
Kenito-unnarv and female diseases. Of
fice. Washington block. 705 First avenue,
DR. ARTHUR DEVOE. 2017 Second ave
nue—Specialty, r< < tal and genito-urinary
disuses: rupture cured.
DR. MILES removed to 323 Bailey build
ing. Black *®l. Residence. 612 Pike
street; Buff 651.
DR CALHOUN Sturr-Boyd block. Tele
phone. Main 381.
DK. SARAH KENDALL, Holyoke block.
Telephone. Green 351.
DR. VESER Washington block. Tele
phone. Red 251.
DR. ANNIE RUSSELL 2S Roxwell buill
DR H. F~SMITH. il. 12. 13 Hinckley.
Telephone. Main 355; residence. Main 2a7.
R B. GENTLE. D. D S. 420 and 421 New
York block. Telephone. Red 1.225.
Burke block
ALBIN & SMITH—TeI.. Black 1,125. Sulli
van block. •
D. I. BURKHART. D. D. S. Third and
C. A HOLMES DPS Colman building.
I i; KiBBE. ocuust. aurisi and
jhysiclan f<_r diseases of the throat: re
moved to rooms 326-327 Bailey building,
corner Second and Cherry streets.
DR STTLLSON. eye ear. nose and throat;
removed to No. 6 Hinckley.
DRWHITE. eve anil *»ir Pinneer bid*.
BANNA, expert chiropodist. Parlor* re
moved to Burke building; reception room
33*:. All competitors challenged.
cured; new method; and manicure. 813
F!csl avenue.
teaching and developing for medlum<*h)p.
Dr. Che*bro. manager. Mrs. Chfsbro,
seer. Spiritual and business readings
daily, Puolle circles. Mon.. Thur., 8 p.
m Room 2* Safe Deposit building.
ARRIVED— Raymond Boy Medium; cir
cles Sunday, Monday. Wednesday and
Friday evenings: musical manife«t,-i
--tion«, trumpet «pe;.king, independent
slate writing; sittings 50c. 1422 Second.
MISS PERRY room 19 Epler block, sec
ond floor. Sl3 Sf i"ond avenue, th wonder
ful card and planet reader; palmistry.
If you are In trouble do not fail to visit
her. Your future for 50 cents.
RETURNED Leander. th* ind pendent
slate-writing medium; gives advice on
all matters; circle? Tuesday and Friday
ni*h!9. Parlors 1 and 2, Shorey block.
Third and Columbia.
MRS E. EMMETT the South African me
dium In her wonderful clairvoyant sight,
reveals past, present and future; con
sult her readings. 50c. Rooms 22 and 23.
fll Second avenue.
FIE** s *' CALL r,nc! wmderful
ciairvo>ant. Mme. Francisco, Hl6 Sec
ond avenue. near Pike.
jIME VA I.LI A NT. clairvoyant, card
re i>ler. 2S Epier ; !o» k, Sl3 Second ave
nue. Ladles. 35 centa
ls MUM ESPERANZA. clairvoyant life
read r. bui- a- -s advice. Kennebec block
603 Yealer way. room L
VF<*. SWAN ».* S. -ond: bnths; rheuma
tism and nervousness cured.
fLoRANCE MARVIN predicted Seattle «
* fir, £l4 First.
- ■ - "D
l.ondon— Organized ISO. Aveu. 00.000,-
Mi«. Fir* ioesee promp 1> adjusted. Kd
mund Bowden. «gcnt. Hor ton aank build
CHARLES WATSON, insurance 3«. srj3
and 3M N't* York buildii* Telephone.
Main 4te.
KIRNS * ATKINSON, general insur
ance. 1* Boston block.
ance. Haller block.
A Colman building.
HANFORP A STEWART, insurance. 207
Pioneer building.
CALHOI'N A CO.. general Insurance.
Olympic block.
Y~ rte ' ' ■""*
engineers *^ d contractors; bridge bulld
lr.a dr«<i*'"«- harbor * n d
~'r.r*i cor.tractir 5. CUir;es street and
First avenue aouth.
clton for rsilroadj and M, .w* y , ;
oi'e driv.n*. tree tie and wharf h.nldtag.
_ ■
Con---y. f;>ot Fr.lon Str*ef manufac
pmotogb »rHic *1 rri.iKv
r W PARKER ~L CO fresh paper and
plates, everything used in rfccttigrapny;
n ata icgue
pvi n«. IXD « Luma
'•ir*. ?-••■<? . *3
it* * * r M liMOU,
P. Q. CuFF, boat buiidar. l ii.ii «wi
State of t>n for si £ S5"
W W. Dearborn et aL, j.Un;:ffs. \ 1 •,
Was ::r.gtcn S.»\ Ings Bank, defendanu
No. lT.3s>>.
Notice is here v y given that under an o*-
der of court made in said cauw.on i < \
1 ISSC. the undersigned w.
auction to the est and 'V K -,-
-day. October »■]•. • a :
1" s. m . ail th. se rtain pieces 01
property of Washington Saving» oa
ir.d sn a cerra.n
f -.e -nderslgr.- i nl in said court on
•'->> of August. 1597-
Said prop rty nsi.- .-- among other th t ..gs
cf the fcu'owing: . . .
Pfom.?s «r> notes, secured b> mor gag
and other collateral, and unsecured.
Yakima county warrants.
Wha:com county warrants.
Seattle st;e- wirra.nA
Town of Columbia warrants.
Town c' Harr :ltor. warrants.
Town of Centra i warrant*.
Cialiam county warrants.
Anacor -5 <k ;\.i iiitnr. warrant*.
Tax cert "at - and ~s '.eeds • > T f?'
er vin Kit g . W ;".s:on. for the
» ars IS»>. issl. 1«2 and 18« w -
Said sale will take .a tn the L.b.ary
Roi® of the King County > ourt tto.u~ •
Seattle. King County. W.tfi ■ujjtton. a "f*
will he continued from day to day until an
the property is aoid.
Term- of sale: T n ner cent, on ...e
day of sale and the baianc in cash on con
firmadon of sale hy the court.
A detailed of said pro; erty may oe
had on application to the ur. :-r-.en
At the same time and place the rece.ver
w'U, undt-r an order f court in »id
s»- 1 ter. six ner cent bends of "he T ira
Srr t e- A S.ib::rb tn Railway Company to
the highes* md bidder for cash, upon
th- following terms: „
No bid to ':»« received for lese than Js
for the ten bonds, term®, ten per
casli on the day of -ale and balance In cash
on confirmation of .-ale by ths court
Receiver or the Washington Savings Bank.
Room 53. Boston Block. Seattle. Wash
ington. _
Cl ! se A King. Attorneys for Receiver.
Pat* of fits- publication Oc'oh r 5. >**••
FRED H. PETERSON, attorney and
counselor. Rooms 1-3 Olympic block.
PRATT A RIDDLE, attorneys at law.
rooms 3iw-310-311 Bailey building.
Micken. Bailey building.
ANDREW F. BURLEIGH, attorney at
iaw. 22s Burke building.
Occidental block.
\V D LAMBUTH, Seattle National Bank
FKANK B. WIESTLING, Occidental blk.
W. F. HAYS—Offices. 424-V6 New York blk.
T. H. CANN—4I7 Pioneer. Tel.. Black 1170.
MILO A. ROOT. 10-14 Roxwell building.
M M MADIGAN 507 New York bl«>ck.
J. M. WI EST LI NG— Bailey building.
ADAMS. Colman blcck, Seattle, solicitor
of L'nlt'd States and Canadian patents.
Expert—Patent office, mechanical draw
ing and blue printing, iradr marks.
New Collins building: big. thorough,
practical, select; Individual des-ks. Call
and be convinced of our superiority.
Telephone Main 41fi.
Constant and A. Bracons. 512 Washing
ton building. First avenue.
academy of the holt NAMES v
young ladiea.
Boston block.
JESSIE M. ELLIOTT, artist. 37 Boston
and guitar, formerly Instructor Illinois
Female college. Holyoke block.
ELOCUTION Lizzie Jay Richardson. Wl?
Fourth avenue.
BOOK 111 M) I NO.
WE LEAD the printing procession• n"ni
ing |,ro.-i>eciu-.s and stock certificates
a specialty. M- tropolitan Printing and
Binding Company. Dexter Horton Bank
buiidir.g. Seattle,
F. ANTHONY-General bookbinder, pa
per ruler and blank book manufacturer
(C<; First a%enue foot of Cherry Kline
A- bulll'-g Tnke rh.yr.tr..- '
TV PEWRITEKS—Try the n . w b a !l-b.. a 'r
lng Den-more, n-w model Caligraph or
new No. 4 \ Ist before purchasing a tviK--
writer. Sea'tle Typewriter Exchange
61'.* Kir--: .iv-nu", I'h jrr- MUn :'*.. '
Ml Ml N<. 1 it MeSh k £
RING THE "O. K. BOX for messengers.
Western I nion and Great Northern tell!
grams, hacks, gumeys and
w igens; quick service. Telephone. Sl.Tin
r/> fil4 Second. Branch Pacific Laun
—Tickets to and frrm all nartn of tV«
world at reduced r.ites; spe,.'-u rates tZ
all Eastern and European point* c IP
Thurston I'"' <'h"rry street. '
c*ini*Ti%\ sriK\rf:.
MR?. WILLIAMS. Christian
er; no price placed on the healin* ah
sent treatment. Room 6. Squire b'lrvV
corner Frofct and Pattery. •
kird- iiy. Third *tr»et. AU
A. O. BENJAMIN-Sand pumpe for enM
rrln * ■ ' "■ * V : !t .jlrrtad \
mn< <i isi 1 ikloii
ch< *Y CHUNO COj, 1411 gecond.
Pike an-1 I nion Pr:c»s reduced
rLATIXG. WIRK *M> IHo\ We**s
Worka. 1» I'nlon.
VI - MILLKR. Tm; .
ADAMS. Colman block; tracji.jf h!.."«
prin'ing. drying. u,Je
MK< H UK 41 4.HTI\o.
PATENT OFFICE and marhine w rkir*
d.-«» -.g- P'-rr> ifarn-. MQ Seornrl *
' Mi< lIJ J I « f%. ~
T JOSKN'tANb, jrchltect. 513-514 Pioneer.
N* >Ti'< rfr rcox
a venae improvement."
Notice Is hereby given tha: sealed rro-
P **■•* WiU ae received by the underrrnH
a»*cre:ary of the »ard of public- works of
. 9 c. y of m<: '* aj to 2 o'glock p. m .
C iS f , for improve
nrnt of NOD Hill Avenue fr-.m John to
A.ona Btreats, by conrroefln* a pipe
sewer along said avenue t»e'w/-«> n
poir.-.a. rog*:r>r win al. necesaary
Ings, wyes manholes, lampholes. ven*i
lators. flushing tanks and ea:»n ba«in« m
provijej ay ordinance No. 40ZI, erf-atinic
loraJ lfnprovssr.ent district No. ISO, a-1 in
accordance with the p.ans and
tior s now on file in the office of »ne board
of publl' works.
Each bid musi be aeompanle<j by a cer
ti:i»d rhe- k. nayabie to tae order of the
«:ty comptrolltr. for a »asn not ,esa 'han
five Cj rr cent of the bid. and n. bid
* .1 a* ~ >ns derea ar.ejw bv
•ail cbefk.
The »'jc«--e*»fuJ b: ider sr'll V required »<»
er.t-r ta:o a contract tnd fumisa Sa»ia
k :o r* bori the amount re. }U .r-d by
abe o»Mr aaarter kud u«a aukta
cf Washington, within :en days after be
ing notified of tfte award of the contra :
u him. failirs to do so. the slid .-h*rk
and the amount fixed therein will 3e frfr
f-i;ed to the city. No person Is eligible
a* •» bidder who has within :we y, ir?
prior to the letting of Mid contract n\. e
default in payment of my Just : m
for arv work or ;a>or performed or any
skill or material furnished pursuant o
any such contract as herein advertised,
or who within Mid two years fulled to
complete any such contract
Spec!.'' attention •• called to article xx;:i.
of the city charter as now in force relat
ing to "h<>urs of lasor." and o article
vlil., section »1, subs. 1 and J. which rrad
as tollows:
Se ■ Subdivision 1. Before any eon
tract for the doing of any work or labor
or furnishing any skill, labor or mater; -1
to or for the ci"v of Seattle shall e
valid or binding {gainst the citv. ho con
tractor shall enter into a Joint and Sev
eral bond with the city of Seattle, for "he
use of the city. and .i! 5 i for the use of
all persons who itcy -perform or cau«e to
be performed in\ work or labor, or fur
nish or cause te -e furnished any skill,
labor cr material it; c» ,\c-u: on of «:.h
cor.:ract. condi'ior f,l to perform th< eon
tract according •.» Its terms. conditions
and stipulations. >:• i to :a> as thev N>-
come due all jus; claims for all work
s ,ni labor so pert' ■-rted and all skill or
labor and material so fu r nishe.l in the
execution of said ect. tract. and to com
ply with all the requirements of the char
ter and ordinances f he city, axid the
amendments thereto, w -h h"»nd s tall be
in an amount rixed by th< hoard of public
works, but nut less than >0 per eent. more
than the contract price agreed to
paid for the nerformance of such con
tract. and shall be duly signed by sucn
contractor. ar>d two or more good and
sufficient sureties, ami after being ap
prove:! as herein provided, shall he filed
in the office of the city comptroller, pro
viding that He fort ipprovlmr any such
bond the mayor and comptroller shall
cause to be filed w th an 1 -reserved by
them. by the oroposed sureties, a list of
the properties own»d by each of such
proposed sureties. - _ uch list d-.«eriblng with
reasonable certainty the various proper
ties and showing whether the same i« com
munity property or separate property and
the encumbrances thereon. The bond "shall
also contain any other conditions or pr ■>vi
sions required bv anv state law. an.l such
bonds shall be deemed to run also to the
Hate of tVashincton.
Subdivision 2. The on such bond
shall each justify as ball upon arrest.
More than two sureties may be accepted
on such bond and *hev maj justify In -ep
arate and different sum« less than the sum
specified in such bond provided, that the
nggr sate of :heir justification shall be
equal to two sureties justifying in tlouble
the amount of the bond in the manner
herein provided.
The hoard of public works reserves the
right to reject any and all bids.
Proposal? mii'i be in.i irs. d on envelope:
"Bid f .r Nob Hill Av"iv;r In rovenv nt."
Bv order of the board of public w ,rks.
FR \XK OLESON. Secretary.
Pate of first publication. October 13th.
NOTICE TO ••Occiden
tal Avenue Improvement."
Notice is hereby given shut sealed pro
posals will be received bv the undersigned
.secretary of the board of public works of
the city of Seattle up to 2 o'clock o. m.
Monday. October 25th. 1597. for tl e 1 rti
provemcnt of Occi(V.ntal Avenue frcm the
center line of Yesler Way to sou heily
line of Jackson Street, by replanking said
avenue between said points, as provl<V<d by
ordinance No 4fil9. creating: local improve
ment district No. 142. and in accordance
with the plans and specifications now on
file in the office of the board of public
F.ach bid must be accompanied by a cer
tified check, payable to the order of the
city comptroller, for a sum not less than
five (.i) per cent, of the bid. and no l id
will be considered unless accompanied by
said check.
The successful bidder will be required to
enter Into a contract and furnish satis
factory bond for the amount required by
the city charter and the laws of the state
of Washington, within ten day.s after be
ing notified of the award of the contract
to him; falling to do so. the said cheek
and :he amount fixed therein will be for
feited to the city. No p rson is eligible
as a bidder who has within two years
prior to the letting of said contract made
default in payment of anv just claim
for any work or labor performed or any
*k!ll and material furnished pursuant to
any such contract as herein advertised,
or who within said two years falfed to
complete any such contracts.
Special attention i« called to article xxllt.
of the city charter as now in force relat
ing to "hours of labor." and to article
viil.. .section 31. subs, i and 2. which read
as follows:
Sec. 31. Subdivision 1. Before any con
tract for the doing of any work or labor
or furnishing any skill, labor or material
to or for the city of Seattle shall be
valid or binding against the city, the con
tractor snail enter Into a joint and sev
eral bond with the city of Seattle, for the
u 4 e of the city, and also for the use of
all persons who may perform or cause to
be performed any work or labor, or fur
nish or cause to be furnished any skill,
labor or material in the txeeutlon of such
contract, conditioned to perform the con
tract aceordlng to its terms, conditions
and stipulations, and to pay as they be
come due all just claims for all work
and labor so i>< rformed. and all -kill or
labor and material so furnished in the
execution of said contract, and to com
ply With all the requirements of the char
ter and ordinance." of the city and the
amendments thereto, which bond shall be
in an amount fixed by the board of pub
lic works, but not le««s than 50 per cent,
more than the contract price agreed to be
paid for the performance of such con
tract. and shall be duly signed by such
contractor, and two or more good and
sufficient sureties, and after b ing ap
proved as herein provided, shall be filed
in the office of the city comptroller, pro
viding that before approving any such
bond the m.ivor and comptroller shall
cause to be flied with and preserved by
them, by !h» proposed sureties, a list of
the properties owned by each of such
proposed sureties .<mch list describing with
reasonaole certainty the various proper
ties and showing whether the is
community property or separate property
and th - encumbrances thereon. The bond
shall al»i contain any other conditions
or provisions required by any state law.
and such bond .shall be deemed to run
also to the state of Washington.
Subdivision 2 The sur»!l«w on such bond
shall each justify as ball upon arr st.
More than two sureties may be accepted
on such bond, and thev tn.iv justify In
separate and different sums less than the
sum specified in such bond provided
that the of their iusflfi. a Mori
shall be equal to two sureties justifying
in double the amount of th<* bond in the
manner herein provided.
The board of public works reserves the
right to reject any and all bids.
Proposals m.:-- be lndor*»d on envelop#
b 1 for Occidental Av nue Improvement.
By order <>f ttie >rd of ruoll- work*
FRAN i v<ON S ■ e f a
Hate of first publ: itlon. October ICth,
H rot-t Improveme-nt."
Notlr® Is hereby riven that sealed pro
posals will be rectfved by the undersigned
secretary of the board of public works of
the city of Seattle up to ? o'clock p rn
Tnur»«iay. f>etober £Sth. 1*97. for the im
provement of Pike street from Seven* n Av
enu» to Elph'h avenue, tv repiank'na Mi( t
street between said points, as provided by
ordinanc- No. 4CIB. er'.aMrs <ocal improve
ment district No 141. and in accorlan<V
with the plan# and «r» clfVa-ion* now on
n.- in the office of the board of r-j'olic
Kach bid must be aceompaoled by a cer
tified check payable to the order of rh»
city comptroller for a sum not lets th in
Jive <6> per rent of the bid. and no bid
will r>* cons dared unless accompanied by
B&i<i cn#>ck
Th* successful bidder will be required to
' nter into a contract and furnish -atis
ractory bond for the amount required by
t,y J hart ' r an,J th * law « 'he state
of Washington, within ten days after be
ln( notifiedl of the award of th- r-ontract
J.I 1 ' to SO. the said check
and the anToun* fixed 'herein will be for
feited to the city x 0 pvon is ellßibia
fft a . l' r wl "'® has w > ? bln two years
XLrV, u of fau! contract L<: 9
default m uaymf-r ' of ary just c alm
for any wora or labor performed' o r »n™
skill or material furnished pursuan' to
2? y -Vr C! « *" herein advert ise<L
or wno «a.d two yt.irs failed ia
eomp > t# anv BUcb contra-f. * d 10
per.al a ■ is railed ar r lc'*e ttii*
of the city charter as now : n force "at
ing »o "hours of labor." and to art Ha
Is fol^w. 0 " U ' SUb *' 1 * nd 2> whlch read
js E .Man
s t sr u is u %?vi,*> u i 'ji-'
sgrW- a?s&.
•» r; »'„*„• fo
be parform«-l any ftr >"*'_ *•, °
later 7r raUS " ,r ' b * '»*-nl«he<i any f akin"
oome' U d P u e Ut . 1 n n, 1U s a t nd r .-i? . PA> , " the * b ""
' amerdments th»r-«^.
>fi an amount fixed &** «u w
' work*. but not\~,,\* ***
;r -■» than * v » -w,»*** Ms» J*
i 1 for ;he L*rf o ~ pnc * , >at
f„■ r f ?or - ar.d two or *rl* m *1
s flHfnt surety «„j m;tf « toea **
r-.- •■ ~■ i?.«ir SJa
it : t- ofhce of the StjrjLSJS Si A
N -S that before a?
<f '.
r T ° x l* ' , ueh S/42L2 "2
, J ® the v2w^ tWu *
•'■•-•• srjft
:>J •' '."»»«• 'SXoNCk?
'• i onts!| any ot>»»»
sh« - •:.eh justify ~*'.! Li n SUftl boat
hT 7° sureties £s"*!!*
"•■ r N> nd and they mi, ,*s**
*> '«■••■* >r.l diff.-rent '« *
si.tn recified ;n sueh :Sua 'J*
t; i: of tW
f' ».' «<iual to two svireLi « lT'**
in ~.v:>■.(? the amount of tht
ma; r. in provided ia
is t;.»i> of rim puMlf„ lmi ; oSE*^
biiis will e received um?; N'oVeiJ^
Kb. at the office of the ty
.»»« tor th, folio.,„«
and plank'bSlkhead^Gr^t
Hummers place. mw
The work consists of driTine •«
place those washed out er h>os'?J
plae.ng of caps on piles: resDikVut •
on tn - tie and :v«|»ikiiig pia n^
outer Wrf ; ! ln g B » * MWJSJ
Pi!es—The piles shall be rf . „
yel ow tlr. straight, sound Wd
bad knots; not less than eijtht ,x> . nrhM *
dianieter at the <mail er.d and not
eighteen tIM inch«« at the lirxe eadsailrf
an uniform taper. The butt eaTStaaS
s.t« td oft square so that the Utnmer »kii
have a level surface to strike or tlj
rings >liall be used if necessary to cr*VM»
splitting of the pile. pm ' at
Pi 9 to the number of forty-four ( Hi »
more shall be driven to replace tfeos* thS
have been washed out or loosened in
bents, being two new files at each imi
the third or inner pile of thf fcMhSS
in place. The pile? shall be of such Ars
that wher. driven to a depth of not !«.
than eighteen <IM feet Ijelow the beiefS
river, the tops can be sawed off Mu»r»r
the same height as the top of th* innur
l>ile now in place. The outer pile-that a
the farthest out in the river-shall be »
driven that the plank sheeting now thert
can be fastened to it without tskb* <h«
sheeting down. ' ' M
The sheeting shall be firmly faMened tl
the new piles with six (6) inch spikes. t*»
(2) spikes in each plank at every pile Th#
old caps shall be placed on the new
and fastened with \xlMnch rtnft boitt
one at each bearing. The strinser* as|
piank of the old trestle shall be put !j
place as In old strin ture. The «tttn»n
shall be fastened with si* (8) inch Jpuwt,
toe-nailed, two t2) at each be;ihn« Tin
plank shall be fastened with Ave Tin In*
spikes, two (2) in each plank at every W
Above the trestle there shall be drtroj
ten (10) or more piles to support the sheet
ing in the manner described heretofore,
and so that the sheeting need not be takea
down. The sheeting to be fastened tosia«
as heretofore described. The benti and iS»
piles in the bents shall be the fsm« die
tance apart as in the old bents. Any pi*
split in the driving or driven in the wrrj
place shall be removed and another p.it
properly driven In Its place at the ceit of
the contractor.
Supervision- The work shall be at *3
times subject to the Inspection and saw
vision of the board of county conualatoß
ers or county surveyor or assistant, u tin
case may be, and to their approval, sad
shall be done In a thorough ana workman
like manner and in accordance with the
Forfeit- Each bid shall be accompanied
with a certified check or cash In
twenty dollars (s2».oi)). to be forfeited to
th<» county of King by the successful Md
d< r in case he falls to enter Into coatnd
with good and sufilrient bonds within !b*
(5) days from the date of th>* award,
Pnviment Ten days after the bill ft* the
work has been approved by the board ct
county commissioners. It will be paid wns
warrant on the road and bridge fund, or Is
cash, as the board may elect.
The board reserves the right to reject
any and all bids.
St . ri( ii (if .-»• 'Hot 1L KLECnOS-ifoUa
is hereby given that the annual e»c;t*
of the City of Seattle School
1. In King county, state of WaMW®
will he held on Saturday, the rh diy»j
November. A. D. M'T. at the foUortl
polling places, to-wlt:
Fitst ward—South school building.
Second v\ trcl Kalnier school
Third ward T. T. Minor^ school WW
Fourth ward—Central school bu'.ldinf
Fifth ward—McCoomb's building. ~ rw
h Sixth ward—Denny school buWtwT
Seventh ward—Cascade school ouilntM.
Kighth ward-Mercer schocrfiWW
Ninth ward R F Day school buildisi
For th<= pu'pose of: . , tp^
First- Electing one school district «»«•
tor for a t- rm of three years.
Second-Voting upon tne prop* l " -™ *
provide free text bo..ks and supi'W ! f_,
use Of all pupils attending th« «"■
scliools of the ilistrlct, and for '«yf' 8 L
tax suffiele.it to meet the expense
The polls will be open from li o clod
to 7 p. m.
By order of the board of d.rectt>»
N B Only those persons, male «M
male, who have complied witJt the l
governing registration in ddes -f •
class, as [«rovided in chapter < .
l.iws of 1597. shall be permitted to «'•
end n . person shall be
a: said election excepting In the »«*
which he or she shall register.
Dated this 14th day of
Sc "'<r:ct
In one hour and ' w *2 '."ST
Re*..la - daily trlpa. iaattia-w-"
route a* foil ws. P , nl » MAf*
TIME CARD- . - ,j|
Leave Seat tie-7 46. U:l» *•
p. 81. , 11l
i Leave Tacoma -•■3o *• «•: *• l: *
SUNDAYS. . - »
Leave Seattle-7:*) a. mj
■ Leave Tacoma—# ■#> • twL ■ bitl
Landinx a- Northern 1 «^ c fw)t of H»
coma and C< Tim<rclal doc*,
rion » re-t. Seutle. - out » «
Sunday n, *it*m9Tß ¥\y& aB
\*'n«*h*n>rton. -7
ship com aw «•
Ifeam-r Pity "J .'f- -
coma Wash., * n l_ ' IWArt 4 ? 7 ?
• :Uoprr Lv M c C
10:09pm Lv & H* yiArl'■
J 00arr, i.v :2 Pt. M L»l »* -
34- i rci Ar 51'' Victoria l»
•Dilly e*'-ept ]a( , gfjo*
Thls s^ rf .T'r furm,».»» ■ frfU »,t
mo<iations, carryln* • y#*'*' *wjf
pa«.enK.r ? . snd l^ w , r f p V, "
Hea-tie. for Victoria, »t w P
, Taco- a <t 2:15 p. c aa
Pa S »en|.:er« for Victor!*
■uterowii.until < (oau .ra •* #
Ar»nt Yefier
1 H.
P,I in< ">«» T if.
T <"o'< i«n>
! T.M.A • ITY
U \ .LA leave SEA. «#■%..
Cisco via p °n Tow: a * i
;• &t At
line's - n Francisco. £ * R&|*o
f r ; •:« via V l< *' ori Q C . S. » k $V t it
Toa ■ :i. at* *•. j7, D«c ilt
> na. .. p. • > oe iV
:: 27. Due it ta S s®. & *
16 "i Nov. ». w ' . rt?l
i.'i; : is. 30.
T.'n- ilrKl
Tf.E for Alaska »f - & * £ :: . i
r 27. November V*; t»arf[ *L * *
i n r. •e. U.i« riA,„n »,
<■ »<". ■ i 19 -m s Y; it's. %$*
I '-r ■ r- 23
5;.%, o
b. i. J

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