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The Seattle post-intelligencer. [volume] (Seattle, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1914, October 31, 1897, Image 3

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of Over »».«K»O—F leree
* ARR»T «■ *POKA«E
[T - _|B Aetrraa' .Harrow
Casri Deei
. R>ICPA :<* tc the Po«t-Ir.''>ynir«wrer.
!:ToCTH B£- N *D W**h.. Oct. » _E*p-rt
J% DSN; FEW report laat nlgat on
R,U)P-.O: to :h« county treasurer's
HF FOUND ex-Treasurer
«F which KNOUT R,W wsa pre-
«R^J R , R R A HA*. :se carefully and
* _ T.PT and COMMEND* the work ot
GZZN: UMW 8- H. Ecnner.
T*D9C-UJ« hark di'. OENDF and PAYMENT®
accosir. * TURNED ov.r to L>ock-
V - Y FSN*I? tied UP IN .TIE AA";K, ia SI«,-
of this wiii be Jos* to the
AS the oooda-WW for Lockwr^vd
mc tk« * " fr!a provided tiiey
uiat >■ per ceo:, of toe
»*p. llf .-v funds li'ri up tiic
TOUOWING are Mr. Dam's conciu
' «**•
asaminarion *A;*nd«D over four sep-
J; of count> ireaaur«rs. *au i
P*V divided the resu. s of m> examioa
£Tss i«rr app«K< aed r« to corr«*por.d
J, SAME Psriad 1 covers tne brat
' ZZL A ! affic*- of B F. Dockwood and E*-
January ». !«*i to January 14.
iil l FIAJ tne net deficiency of ta*«* coi
?z,6 ity as.TL treasurer axi>i no; aocounted
Si nr. to thr coun:> to amount to
■R !> fertof. 2 cover* tne aecottd term
*r2g,tm at g. ¥■ Lcekwuod. and extends
{JTJMUAO' »• !*••'= MA > *• I!8RT 1
GJ »n ADD.'.ONIU DEFIRISNCY of tax»-s col
& >aia IRTAAUR»-R during thia term.
SIRCOU«T«<I FUR OF HIM to the county.
: 22Sni to KiM.% ntaking a lotai ot
Sy, a* accounted tor by 8. F. Doek-
SE«- summary of P'. R MCIA
l 3 I TE my appen<ieii report.
-Iwftag t«-rms ;ne general ac
of LSK 1 trei-uterii .fT. •
M sucn A lax and unrc-liao>e manner
at i fvur.4 it Jn.,>>asl. . to cneck tae ii
*'ZciM* with hooka. For luia
11..-, R I aras COMPLIED lo MAKP a N<W
rTeugpnteie -uranacrlp- of the Journai AO4
C»«a«r * cash, account, which ma:eriafty
g mt>ir < die labor of m> txamiuation. I
>: ,>■ io find on*' stub book of .AX
iZtoi* uard for tax collections of 1»1 and
»-«V <I'J» yean and W«* to r«iy
Jr Urf o*neella;ioa* in the original tag
» j intr:+uiii-ii to tnese receipts.
the third tsrai. F£»M IS5^
TO Jsauxry £. N T. A. HAX^.ANA
*N«; a» trtasurar. I found tht BOOKS and
T-S6B2U kept IN a careful AND syw TENIA tig
and TINJ aii MONEYM corractly ac-
T .AT**! for. . , ,
•I iivt examined the oooks and ac-
CASTF keo; by B H. Echner. the pres-
of the tr»-asiirtr« office.
&0B January 2i to October 1 of ihls year.
U csn highly commend the careful nuu.-
ia whi« h they have been kept. I find
£e correct in every particular and ftud
0 mow correctly accounted for."
I T!TT grand Jury has r«co»mend*d that
FEFC Sook* IO *LI THE olTioee be exoerted. but
! GA, EWJATY commlsetoners nave decided
| TO! I; woaid be a ne<-d!eas expense. The
FCW»T*AT.OL. of the treasurer s office coat
: m
gaaikler Bat! Fatally Shot la aa At
tcapt lo May Maraetl, Hhoar
Herole Wltr !H*»ed HLIS.
WOKA.VF. Oct. 30. As the result of a
•BMII&AA! shooting affray In froni of the
Cwar 4'Aiete theater at I o'clock this
geroinjr Johnnlf Bull, an old time gam-
Ktr. WAS shot three times, probably fatal-
JF. "Giskey" <H. B.) P.arnett, mmager of
theater, had A finger shot off and his
iter filled wish burnt powder, while his
*ife, better known by the stage name of
ft* Clayton, received a bullet through the
tffoaider. The latier's wound is not con-
MER*D serious.
THE shooting Is said to have been the
MUL: »f a deliberate attempt on the part
II BUN to assassinate Barnett, because
TIE latter In a row two hours previous.
hit Bull a blow on the head with a
**3«. That he would have BEEN success-
FCL ALL eye witnesses concur, had It not
I iQ The Only jjj
i Jf4\ Establish- jt
jt / f\j\ ment i* l £
* This State 1
i v ,3 ?i yt\ Z
* ! x F° r Men's **'
• n FI
# u H And Boys' $
I Attire. *
I J *
i V-^r <£f!* *
i rmr vi *
/ I a
; : #£> / \ Jf
I iir'tfVN
V'. /*
S- / / *
#»r »10. SI2.M ••« fig < l' ! '3
Overcoat* are PecrleHA. 1 K* " v* —*
f A r x tfc
/Ii H : ■ 5 it
li\ \k/ Great values in jjj
V\l 1 t\\ Boys' All Wool Ev- {J
Hi Suits. \i/
TOi east&l
lil *
1 V*
I Boys* Stockings, | '
' IvU' Fast Black,
J' J
""rS::; Fl fits. 25C. S
|i Cor. First Are. and Columt>ia St. ll*
F beer for t>-e o- Mr.
»>•« to »hi»ld be- 'r -T v
threw herv-'.f it fro«t 0 f htm la Xv?L
which an« rfc* fl.. Suite- j. «J?
ahouid-r F4*' >r» BjH W :!4 ftwTtte
ond that, Baraen had pushed his v. t »
one side ttd „„ reaehl™*
5S "Z:zx£r ott --*** S
* . wen rapid aucctesior. did the -«_
Sunt SSLT* Lhat " W " «■••-»»• to
f • m 2 k!n * r * Barret re-
I S nSrTS 2£ *b—
i;ood lr the f >aai w,,,,a til* latter
j «££r «2Z VZfrZ: ~V*'£r **
J tod* rm. .. took n!m Into eus
rr- ?"••'•■
mow *<4 « e,._ '° th * r h!n and
•'Z nIJ£ OW ,hr ™« h ,J " an*
*««•« n«7-* y rlf r : ** . th# **»«*»•
trVrek a * *' "** ,r ;h « ba-k of
fo~ ~ * *«»« st-urk the rtjrtlt
bullet n * #r th * *" a * A «&«**
OUT COMING RRO!N M <*• *«** M-
laapwrtaat tVft.iM »» a <l«~atloa of
oxxllmlnaa! C na«|rtpi| Ml
ju-S-» !. ~2r *-*>»• 7ri
'f'Tfwl ln th * ,u;wri< * «wn
aL<i».?S2? Yry the Nortnwe«< m
b * n * •«*'*« the
* , °' Waafelngton for the c ity*» <*
!•"?? . < i# n lr. the
r .nf - *g*tns; eartala lands lr King
) decreed to b* subject to a pr<^
fc, ptolmlir upor M |w)|
A demurrer upon the ground that the «i
--no JurtaU.ctJofj waa
ui«« ,<m * r coun Md
The question to be determined npor, ap
» th# ac: «r>P"rved Mar h
? ."* 'J** 10 " P*«" MR. r>nfer Ju
rtadiCwOn upon the superior eourt of Th J-«-
ton county to hear and determine commv
rsles at the character here Involved? Tr*e
attorney gecerai contended that the word
rjaim." u oa-d m tbe act. a claim
ror Oor,») while the appeligjn con-end-d
tor g lioef a! cor.struct ion of the lang-.iajte
The euprftnc oourt held that, ln the light
ot the constitutional provlaton upon which
tnu act was founded, the word "clakn"
was lutended to mtan and ahould be given
the same meaning aa the term "cau*e of
ac.ion. Thia makes the act ao compre
nenalve aa to lnciude ail ciaiau agaiiust
toe state of wr.atever nature.
Aa Aetreaa* Dreao Takes Fire From a
l.nmo In Her DresKlng Room.
Spec)':! Di*psb-h to the Po»t-Inte:!lren?»-r
EVERETT, Oct. ».-The large audience
w-C.ich grr.etsd de-Tracked" a? Central
opera houae on Friday evening came wry
near witnessing an exciting scene not on
th« bills.
Miss Ruth Nelson had placed a large
lamp on the flc«or In her dre«ing room,
that the heat from ft would tne better
warm Uie room. In stooping to button a
«r.r e ner skir:«. n ich were moetiy of lace,
caught fire from the heat at the top of the
lamp. In a mument sbe was anvaioped in
flames. She made the start to rush on the
stage, but waa caught by one of the com
pany. who by burning his own hands se
verely auf-ceeded in partially smothering
the fiamc* while aa tore what was left of
the dr< from her person. M.as Nelaon
j sustained no injury, but loat a valuable
I drcaa.
Anpresie Conrt Drelaios*.
Special Dispatch to the Poat-Intalllgencer.
OLTMPIA. Oct. 30—The supreme court
today and remanded for further
proceodir.ga the case entitled The City of
Spokane, respondent, vs. The Amater
damsch Trustees Kantoor. appellant, ap
pealed from Spokane county.
Carstans Bros., appellants, vs. Samuel D.
Guatin et al.. reap ndenia, from King
county, waa dismissal.
'«rr( l'«»t»iloes.
St. L'mla Republlc-
That Gov. Plngrae'a lmpiac&ble hatred
of corporationa Is intended for home con
sumption only is proved by the fact that
he has run off down to Venezuela to grab
a valuable railroad franchiae before any
body else could lay violent hands on it.
Rainier Beer is a mild tonic and bever
age especially beneficial to invalids.
Tr% «T%Tr« niu noi.n Etcrnoxi
Maltipllrltr «f CiaM4alp« «•
rr«» fa *«»7 »»a«ea. BriMr*
firrarrr *ff» lark tlty Elrrttaa—
r«rtlrt Arr «pl»» la Several «tatra.
' Oct. •> —A» d# from the b>
nicipaJ ei*<rtion !r. Gr«t«r N'w Tcrk Tu+-#-
day cn» or ®cr» offi iaia ar* to he voted
*'^ T Rereraßy !n ten rtate*—M*»aarhu»e**a,
New York P»nn*yhr*nta. Maryland. Vlr
lt•' a. Ok o.
and Coiora.'.o In fcrnr o? th«>»e »ta*_e«
MaaMCjiaaetta V:rjcmta. Ohio ar.d lowa—
a full e»t of offJcers la to be •elected
are four ticket* in Maeeach uwtts, three in
N»w \r rk pil* in Pvemylvae.a. four in
M&ryiaad. Ave in Vlry rua. *i*hi ia Ohio,
four In Kentucky, five la lova. ftre in
Kebraafca and two in Colorado. Dlntrlrt
ecart judsrw are to be chosen throughout
Boiith Dakota.
The foilow r.gf are the nominee# of the re
apeclive partiea in the different states:
Demoent}? —Onverror Horn'-e Chap
mar, lieutenant aovemor. M D gnaw;
eupr»m« jud*e. J p. Spriiora; attorney
*>r.erai. w. H I>t» treasurer. Jam-s F.
M'lisou; member board of pubhr work*.
Peter H Decnan. school commiwlonar.
Byron H Hura
National D»nTorrati«v~f>orernor Jul! us
lieutenant jroveraor. O. E Mer
tli!; supreme Judjr* John H. Clark attor
ney g+' eral Eiavld Wilaon. trea«urer, Sam
ue! Btevens; member board of public
work* H '3. CofT nberrj". school commiii-
Stoner W H. Johnson.
R•'pu^!k■an—G "versor, Asa S Bushnell;
lieutenant goirrnor. A*a W. Jone*; su
preme judge. Ja ob F Burkett: attorney
F S M rsett; treasurer. 6. B.
Campbell ns-mbar board of public works,
C A Ooddard: school commissioner. L. D,
Populist—Governor. Jacob S. Coxey;
lieutenant governor, Horane Whltcomb;
supreme judge, C. C. Pomeroy; attorney
genera! C. A Reeder T«>a«urer. F M.
Morrie; rr»mber board of public work* J.
H. Senders; school commissioner. Siias
rf'ciai:fit-Labor—Governor, William Wat -
kins: lieutenant governor. Daniel W Wal
lace; treasurer Edw. Sar*~n, member
board of public work* John T Jones,
comm'sslorer Charles Bonsai!.
Negro Proter'icw—G >vernor. Bam> el
I' llauierant g vernor. Ja.«o" N. Tilly:
aupreme ludge G-aham D'uwell. attor
ney g«-erat Cbnrles F Armvetd; treas
ur»r Moat* Mr.- re member b<*rd of pub-
He work* C D Horror, school commis
sioner Charles MeClarke
ProMbl;ioa tic kct—G Tgrnor. John C.
Hotlldav lieutenant govern r John Din
ner; treasurer. Samue! Wells attorney
genera' O J R ss Ju-'g- of suoreme
court. F. J Pinrev; member board of pub
lic works Madison L Cfcrstlsn commis
sioner of school* Thomas H Palen.
Liberty (Proh bit ion)— Governor John
Richardaon: lieutenant govern r Thomas
M Hill man; treasurer, Thornton A.
Rodefer attorney r'-neral John W Ro*e
bornrh Judge of supreme court. Jark«on
S Wertman; member hoard of publtc
work- Joseph B. Po'ander; commlaaloner
of schools. Arch. Walker.
f nn*.
Democratlc-Pot>ull*t-Silver Republican
CFunion) —Governor. F K White: lieuten
ant governor B A P'umrrer: supreme
hi lee L G Kinne raUroad commissioner.
S B Train: superintendent Instruction. G.
F RHinehart.
National Democratic—Governor, John
Cliggett: lieutenant governor 9. H. Mil
lory; supreme Judge. W J Bahb: railroad
corrnv««'r>r*r P*t*r A Day: superintend
ent Instruction J B Kroep*er
Republican—Governor I M Shaw: Lleu
terant governor J C. MiHlman: supreme
Judge, C M Waterman: railroad commis
sioner C. 1.. Davidson: superintendent In
struction. R C Barrett.
M'ddle-of Road PoouHats Governor.
Charle* A Llovd: lieutenant governor D
I Perklr*: supreme hidee, J A Lome
burg. raUroad commissioner L. H Grif
fith school comml«'«!rjner William Blain
Prohibition—Governor S. P Iceland;
lieutenant governor M W At wood: su
preme fudge. N* T IT<*llyer: railroad com-
A V Coate* school commis
sioner. Mrs. M H Dunham.
K fstnrki.
Democratic—Clerk court of appeals,
J Q1 aok««'f rd
National D^- 'it'o—Clerk court of ap
peal* .Tani»»« R TTlndmsn.
Republican Clerk court of appeals.
Jarre* Q Bailey.
Pop.ilist—Clerk court of appeals. Joa A
Democratic Popull'** Supreme Judtfe.
John J Sul'lvar regent*. E
Von Torell. Ceorse F Kenower
National D"mocni tic- Punre m» Midge
TTarren Swlt»l»r university regents. J.
S r'!-r Morton c Crawford
Prn 'hi'can—Punretre Jrdge A M Post:
university regent*. C. W Kaley, J N
Prohibition— Supreme Judge D M
F'rotg- university reg. nls. D. L. Whitney.
Mr» T«abe' Sn^r'ock
Liberty Party (Prob'Mtlon) —Supreme
Judr»v Mr« 7.3-a A Wilson; untver*it>
regents Rufus C Bentlev.
\»n Vnrk.
ReptjhMcan—Chief t- «« ; .-e court of ap
p*» « ,? W '1 *e.
D»fr-p'*»~CMrf Just «-e court of appeals
A B Parker
N*-.tt~"a! Dem n cr*ti<* -Chief Justice court
of anneal* A B P"rV»r
1 sb-r rhjxf Justice court of
apnea'* Then F Cune
p-rh'Mtior Clef *tlce court of ap
peals, Francis E Bt'dwtn
RenuMtcan - State comptroller Phillip*
<?o'**tNormight cle»k court of appeals. Alan
D"t> —at'c- comptroller. Thorns*
A c m th: clerk court of appeals J. Frank
PnoMb'tlon—Comptrel'er Jame* J Frt«
*<« v clerk court of a; -als, Rlchsrd T
P cianst—Comptroller. William H. Whlf
>1 ••••••«•»( iitr) t»,
Ren'-ht'^an —Ooyemor B ir»r W '-ott
lieutenant governor TV M'trrsv Crane:
s -retarv of state W 'l'.an- >; • nttor
n#v re-ere.t H tre*"-
vje»r P Shaw auditor, John W
if !rrt»aT?
Demorratio —(%/11ef ior Ce'rre
f<»rra- ?ienfen*"t pove»-r!or P>>r'«t T r"<s ! a
Mi Hdstiin- of '-ate r> Nash
at'oriev rerera! JoVin \ O'Ke- f» tr* , «-
xj-rr James A Watsoa: auli'cr. J I.
V« t M !|' rv n l*^r
Wi'Ham F»ere*t: nontenant rnvenor
Jnrr** F hotter «ec-e»ar> of st«»» B-m
--srd M »r*««njr»r f? 'a~e p "Toh»v
sn<*'tor Ttar-r D~.»rlas attorney general
M \f -Cle-eh.
Prohibition—Covemer Prof J pt.—•;
I'eijtensnt wnc W'l!»rd * W rile
«#.-retsrv cf «»'e V *«r « «"> ■»•<'> tres
vrer R C Haht-ertv *v/*"or T1 M
Small; attorney g'-rrai. W Him':"
Democrat- A;: : <ter *'-eral M F
pr-iW «»*te ♦rea«--r- JW *er F B^tr'
Vemjbltcsn Aw* *"r Gen*n»| (5 MC-
Cs-i ev state treasnrer J S P-,^on
ftfw.it * •"•(♦or r'->" W T Tji
thron *tiTte trea* trer W»v « r
Renubllcan —• Treasisrer
T vrtv «P—»'- , h"«cn»- V 1l'»r genera!
Steel Sm th. treasurer. C
IT -gar' r^n ,. rsl ,
pa me* 1 treasurer W H Thomas
YVm -rraGovernor J- Ho*e Tv>r
— F>*ward F-•->«. at
tor-es- r« e-*| * J Montsg«e
r— '■** -Ue-steuant rovemcr F R
Pro v w tlof-"Csoa-er—-.af Rev L F Cut
' tjr-wensn' grver- r C M Smtthdeal
,:>?.frtr rener*! p Kennedv
Ar'i — e nihl-*s» (V>vtTr
Piff -ji u M-Cs'- ' liewtenanf rm-emor
o P Roller: *•: general J imes F
j t n-, r *i lieu
tenant ggwrr-'t R T Mi-rp-.-tr^r
nin *%*i««»rT *kll oirt
Heport" Tt>«t He *trefit to I n*r tkr
f~l etit—*tr<tn* PralaU
« FR »v>-*«-"•'"> rv-t V V -V •- -
eno# vf prevail * rtg
laar « flg>*t Tt I* free'y "* % r
arrangemerta had been maie w -h Wal
by which he w»i to " >*r to LsvUme
aWso-jgh even the p 'h! «-ers r>« t*- « «to-x
that r"*» wa* n »• a rn—v »?* the
*"eg#d plot. From the «.»—» oouree —-re
gta*e«eeta that tnanry 'mm
c -ar*era wa* n'a- v ed or Lavigr.c 1b t*rg»
amouEta fcy en tha :a#. ia. I; u
e - -eed •, w it took all the pt;r!*h
asect r? '*-d by
Ir.g tor an "PC *"-nlty to go oat. arsd that
he 3saf • so effort to put Lavigr.e c.:t.
Msry who ha.l wa;»red lary aJnount* on
the white boy are said to have heid ticket*
to win inside of thirteen round*.
On tr>e ".and. many »por"*r.g men
! ntaJntatr. AM *?"•' *a» a acjuare con
tea: and that both pugilist* did tsetr iwsc
to wtn. Eddy Gra-sey. re?ere<e of the ftgit.
1* emphatic in hi* declaration that the
conteat was honest and above bsard. At
one pooi-r*K>*n a Son- sharped sands
on the rttn':'. *n'-t of .• ~avir:g b«en placed
) on Lavigne a: 1® to f**-
|TiirT«Til. S<: r nrnrll, 8.
CAMBRIDGE. Mass., Oct. Harvard
defeated Cornell on S*Oidier's neil
today, ba: »*» scored on for the first
time tins eeasoa. Harvard made foar
touchdowr*. and forced Cornel! to make
a safety while In the first half, after
ga:-.ir.g' t:h-- bi lon a muffed k. W. Toung
kicked a pretty goal from the B*4d for
Cornell. This made the final score, with
three goals fr -m touchdowns, 24 to a in
favor of the Harvard men.
At the close of tiie first half. Harvard"*
outlook was <1 '.seooraging. The crimson
ahould have made a much better stand
to protect tne f ■*!. and had cot Corneli a
badks hammered Smailey at the right of
Harvard s itne, it is doubtfUi whether Cor
nell wou.d have got near enough to risk
the kick.
Harvard's defensive work was decidedly
erratic ln the first half, but showed a
marked improvement in the second. On
the offensive Harvard put up, on the
whole, a strong game. Score:
Harvard. U. Cornell. 5.
I'rl rtcrtraw. .'U»t Oartnoatk, A,
PRINCETON N. J.. Oct 3" —Princeton
defeated the strong Dartmouth team to
day by a score of » to 9. The game was
marked by :ts fierceness and the fact that
the Tigers' goal was dangerously threat
ened in the first half, a touchdown being
a v nided only through an unfortunate de
cision of the referee, who gave the hall
to Princeton, when on the fifteen-yard
line, for holding the line. Princeton's In
terference and team work !n the first half
was extremely ragged.
K»EM». SO; lovra. O.
KANSAS CITY. Mo., Oct. 30-1 ow a
state university, 0; Kaa»a_s state un.ver
slty, 66.
( hi rait". I*s Illinois, IH.
CHAMPAIGN I!!.. Oft 30University
of Chicago. IS; University of Illinois, 11"
«: W r»| I'dldi. li.
WEST POINT. N. Y Ot. The ca
dets had 1; up t.'t.'r sleeve for Yale today,
and had It not been f r r a run by one of
Yale * sr*edy ba. k*. the scare w uld have
been 6 to ij la favor of West Point Instead
of a tie West Point payed a superb
frame and. according: to Walter Camp.
"Vale's defense is a thing of the past."
Yale. «; West Point, 6.
Mnnfurri 12. H< llh nrr «t.
SAN JOSE. Ca!., Oct. Today, for
the third time this season the Stanford
'varsity team made the Reliance eleven
fet-i the pangs of deft-at. the score stand
ing 12 to 6 in favor of the collegians.
Stanford !»». California S.
SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 30.-The fresh
man football match today between the
University of California and Stanford
university was the hardest freshman
frame ever played between the two col
leges. Score: Stanford 16, California S.
He Proves Himself Klbk of Three
year-old Pacers.
is king of pacing 3-year-olds. His time
made on the track today In an exhibition
mile and on eighth, eclipse* all previous
records and puts him at the head of
pscers for his age. With a running mate
he was driven by Tom Keating, and
establiahed a* his 2:©f>V His time
at the quarter was 33. at the half
and at the three-quarters 1:344. Search
light is by Darknight ;tnd U> owned by
Lou Krelir-g of Pleasanton.
%n»«»rloi»n Wrestler Oefeated.
LONDON. Oct 18. —At Hey wood, near
Manchester today, Mellor the champion
middle-weight wrestler of England de
feated Jack Omy the 140-pound champion
of America, for £l»V> a Side. Mellor won
two out of three falls.
T*-e LorriHard-Berfsf rd stable*' Stindla.
ridden by Tod Sloan. won the Old Cam
br!-:a-'«hjre handicap and their M*t» IT.
w :rh the same Jo> ke; won the Nowmnrket
fr.--* handicap at Newmarket, England, on
Eddie MrPuffle. at Philadelphia, on
Thursday rod" a mile on a bicycle, paced.
Ir. 1 35 2-5. thus low ■ rivar by th-ee-qi » »rs
rf a second the world's record made by
Rntwfil. Wash.. Oct. 21 l c t»7.
To the Editor W.ll you plesse an«w?r
through the W. ekiy Post-1 nteliigencer the
following: questions:
(1) In Washington does the first year's
assessment work on mining date
frm date of io at.on notic ? If »o. when
wis act passed?
(2) In speaking of a mountain road, what
does 10 per e*nt grade
on 100 feet or en 1C fe*t? J. R. L.
(T> The first year's a; -sment work must
he done within one yeir from th» Ist of
January f Mowing the c.f location.
f!i A 10 p"r cent grade f s a rse of ten
feet vertically in ea-h 130 f> et horizontally.
I.e. feet in et-h K'j • horizontally,
wh chev-r way you choose to calculate.
Seattle. Wash.. Oot. ?*. IW.
To the Editor: Is there any law in the
state of Washington compiling laborers
to board in the company's boarding house?
Greece's Hark Future.
Philadelphia North-American.
X v » Irten«* o >*l'i *i am -se all e'as*es
In Greece to the terms of the reccr.tly-eon
r -i f a < treaty wrh i u.-kvy s natural,
and was to have been expected; '.nd-'ed the
imbassadora of the powers no doubt opn
s '.ere-! :. K .s phase of the question while
negotiations were in progre#*. However,
as the ambassadors Joubt !ess arreed.
. ;« powerless u* l»r "he j:r~um
a*anees and must eventually submit to the
which have been a*~->e<l upon be
tween the powers on the or.» hard and the
« ; tan n the other But before Greece
4,w>s how under the jrok* It is ntghiy poe
*tb - tha' some excit.ng s -res will be Wit
r. ««.ed :r Greece Mee rts b ng ar
ranged throughout the k.ju-:->m to protest
• ? wtf the treaty, es*-r •-lie that feature
<\* 7« v ' " t ' f~»rei?r >!
of Or 'k fir a - "<*'• an 1 »•- * riots may
; .» iam!-r f d«>ut;*s i|r ti
to accept th* c .oven-ion as :• « a ads. It is
nt M *ved however t K .it the deputies
« : a ' p* th'.s - ' 'V a-d a ting
on the ad'-' ? M « the nttion
assemMy will probably b» *onvok»d to deal
w --e*' - -*» - the »rd 'he
w.31 be and « hurn ltatloa
w J be com; I * * '» r-ow-r .sa u> act
other*:m. And with r * a- -entar.ee of tho
treaty her troubl'.s * only begin anew
The future of the k agdom ■ djrk. indeed.
«i thl>i > i.U V
SAN r »-Arrved
-ship Spxrtan. ®e*ti «■ r.er W'aita
W ilia. \lctt>ri<i *ri 5o - i Bris
t<>l. Com x. bark- ntme ' » L> Columbia
r.ver ba* 1 ; H ghi*' t Light, Sound;
»,-vo«rer bailor By Et
S Btßtr*ir>. N »>a actMOSCP
Gte«. Cooa Bay:
y -rt Angslea s ed c» 5,
S rw-gixn steamer P»' r
Astorta—Arrtved. Oetc-er t- British ship
Norma frv*t T P**»rt A -
L, verpod— Am* • l • r ??, British
sh p p-ißbeyne from \*r oat er.
Tt-k' v ha »-• - £l, p.r;ush
fc«rk Seikirksnirc for Oreg%-„
IlalS'.er B*&r iJSs *• ;o tre app«Cit*.
Hare You Seen
Our M»n'» Waterproof She** at
Have You Seen
Our Women"■ Waterproof Shoe* at
You Need Them
722 First Avenue and Columbia Street.
Our footwear will outwear footwear
boufUt e*£«wh«r*.
Carpet Sweeper
Sflle. Monday.
For Monday only we will sell
Carpet Sweepers at the following
HI aacll'a Ma«lr Carpet Swrrpfr lI.ZS
<>mnd Hnpidi. WlrtilKim. "Crown Jrnel," fI.KO
firnnd Knjiliii, Mlrhliiiii, "Sncfpf reltf" *1.75
Child's Carpet Sweeper* lf,V
Motjnette Carpet Sweeper |>.lil
Bissell's Grand Rapids Sweeper, any finish . . $2.10
Thrir are positively tlie lonfit prices we bate ever made o*
these good!.
Cutlery for Monday.
4 Good \Vm4 Handled Knife and Fork t'o per Set
Dimlile Tipped Wood Handled Knife and fork ftl.2" per »rl
White Hone Handled Knife and Fork, metal tipped.... *1 .«*» per Set
White Bone Handled Knife and Fork, donhle tipped. .. St JUI per Set
W bite Boae. extra line, donhle tipped .. .f-i.lO per *ct
Plated Cutlery.
Malacca Knives and Forks gt.itO per Set
Merllntt Plate Co.'» Mlverplated Knife and Fork. lI.SO per Set
Triple Plated on Steel Blade Knife and Fork #1.75 per «et
Hovers' Silver Plated Kalfe and Fork .....|3JO per Doaen
Butcher Knives.
A Good Batcher Knife ........ ........ .....15c
Hie h-Grade Q in Bnteher Knife ,1«o
Hlsh-Grade Irt-in Bnteher Knife *t>e
lo.lneb Steak Knife, heat niakea Hsc
Carving Sets.
Hn>rnood Handle Two-lleee farri.g I .IXI
Stag Handle Two-Piece tar*in* »et
M.« Handle Three-Pleee fartl.* Set »!W»
White Handle Three-Pieee Carvla* «et MS
S«a« Handle Silver Ferale far* in* Set
We eaII special attention to o«r new line of theae k ooda. ta
eioltnn Cocks' Knlvea. Freneh *ll eera. Oj»ler Kalvea. flam Halves,
«ahxtnr». We .No have received . new line 1 vnry-Handled Stir
ling Feraled Tahle Knlie»l very Ine.
W hen at the Food Exposition call at the Model (Maine Room,
(hangra la exhibit will he made this week.
M. Seller & Co.
Dental and
Photographic *-<>•
Oppo* u Poatoftca. Si Coiumcsa Straat
«» keep ihe beat sly lea. tar oaa
eaia a.e them. «k.rgt far shaw
lag r*a haw. Mail ardera a specialty.
Seattle's Larr«st and Or.:* F:r*t-
CMm P'utr. Hot»L
C»fr •«»«! (>ritl Hooia la « nnsrrllti.
h.->.>rr.« WUk or W.iHiut lu\a*.
|| Boston & Alaska
. || Transportation Co/s
Btf<nmers will make regular
w sai.i:.gs from Seattle during the
season of 1&88, carrying freight
and p.ifcsengers far the
Connecting at St. Michael with
{ jur own lirte of stern wheel
river steamers for Munook
creek. Circle City, Dawson City,
and all pointa oa the Yukon
j river.
m do Via This Line Because
Ql— It costs only half as much.
) i 3—lt Is the best and Quickest
{ ' 3—Freight allowance unlimit
o*~Vfe are not a trading com
« s—Avoid the perils and ex
t \ pense of the overland trip.
First steamer leaves Seattle
on or about March I*s. For
fall tdiltM J
>j Lock wood. General Agent, or
George J. Willey, Central Dock,
J) Seattle.
Attained With the
S mm LAMP.
' A Llgbt that Sever
" Falls.
| No. 216 Cherry St.
Vjo can lnveet the above t.-no jnt er any
ather sum you choose through the
Buy or set! Grain, Provisions end Stocks
for ea*h or on 1 to 2 cents margins, large
or imatl quantities
Room B, Bailey Building.
Seattle. Wash.
Telephone Main C 4.
iu o• -j • ■ * ; e u» i r>- popular and aetfv*
yr.,ii.114 district* of Gold i'liin, OordoQ
Crvfc. Un Cre«-a, fciivert ~n. U?*r
Creek. Goat L*ke and Monte Cr.sto
ih« route for tounata,
j-d camp r.g parties
train* irate (.vtrrll for Moat*
(ri.<« T t!VO a. n, oa Mondays,
Urdar«d*;a aad frldays.
Train will It-ate Monte Crist* for
f;rerett at «:45 oa Taesdays, Tksr*<
days and I rldays.
m. M BAfP.D. O. FAT A.
IHMot.v tt *hiwm lrr»ca
55'• -■ *i '•* Lifr tiitm"
»*> Ml) *•»
_JP"W hno»i» »• ft-i i t-.r «wt<»
dp* tms T"'. V. t< *!••*>—!>'♦ bf
■■■ tM» » p<«« •-' a 1 i»er a»*
mc?fcn?icat*io *i2S£*it
For saie by Stewart 6 Holmes Drue Oa.

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