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■pESk XXXIIU. NO. ».
A 65 Gents
W Each.
fhV* Iwk moralng* r«« »r« apt «• lugia* in earlier thaa It
* W<k7 aweraieepla*. Wmm u «m««, . r e«. M t» e .«-
4mm * 65-cent A lam CIMIM will av«M all tkU aad —rlrr
I p!||aMk*l that will drive yoa oat aff bed.
k Commodious and Fast Sailing Steamer Will
jtflt fEATILE ON OR ABOUT JUNE 10, 1898,
Aad every ten days thereafter, taking freight
•ad passengers,
ffrVfeft Tbm. J it. Mlchaei. island, Aiaska. mouth of the Yukon rtvsr, mak
MMBMCttons With ths river steamer* Hears, Cudahy Hamilton Healy Pow»r
a "" «"• •*. Fort CU£K, Ja
fteservatloas for passage or freight oa steamers
auiy aow be secured by makiag a deposit.
ftoMT Ml quarts mine, bought and a old. Investments ln mining property
ah opens* of sending agents. Our agenu and experts arc on the
pass*. sad bar* been for year*.
Ws an apu* htters of credit on our crmpany at its posts—Circle city Alaska
MfVtttCttdfthy. Dawson City and Klondike gold fields. Northwest Territory -at
a afcsin of l pa ant
Ulg» stocks of supplies of all kinds will be found at Fort Get There and Ham-
Mi mth Lower Yukon. For partlcul srs apply to
North American Transportation & Trading Co.
«l» Fleet A venae, Seattle, Wash.
Mi t Michael Cudahy Chicago, 111.
Klondike Gold Fields. John Cudahy Chicago 111.
y * ***£? W. T. Ernest A. Hamll Chicago' 111.
yP * Chicago. 111. Portlus B. Wears Chicago. 111.
VESSELS fw Cower River or Cook taht...
for sale or charter two schooners with gasoline power, which are just the
Whf fof parties of from forty to sixty going to either of the ah<tve points. The
''•'ft" * r * ? * w • n * »taunch, carrying sail < nough to make good time without their
(Bgraaa Win carry So tons each. For to
| j'.. ■ E. K. # CAINE. Arlington Dock.
imsEßP'f Are You Out of
KI ** Doors Very
B- S»: / ..........
VgajW*; Jf IF YOU ARK,
Jill Water-
SAN FRANCESCO *[email protected] CO,
Kills! WKMK, (OK «..lt t'OI.I Mlll.V "»I'll KKT.
706 First Av.
Watches, Diamonds* Jewelry.
•i : x * « M '• *"» %
jjch Cut Glass in the Celebrated Hawkes (ilaviwarr.
REMOVED t«II? BKim W. FiISI ®I SeCOTfl *16813
t>c Protectors for ihc Klondike, t«uorU \uur sight.
MT pvv JCL rn »•« wiw avenue souts,
Q I Ok vU» twrr-OMajr B«ll4tag.
t»r»rt«r« u4 mt T#l*phOM .M«!« 87
ifersjiid Totacco, Smokers' Articles. Etc.
M.PLRI VA CO., Japanese
"Vealer Way. fc£ S#vcs4 Av. CBriOSltKSl
is in hi
Indescribable Violence in
Vienna Parliament.
Knives and Chairs Used as Weapon*
in a Hand-to-Hand Fight.
Old C oatest Brltrrrn Czech aai Ger
maa Kleinents Break* lata Opea
Warfnre, aad far Plfteea Mlaatea
the Chaatber Keaeaibles Br4laa~
The Prealdeat Aaaalled With the
Vilest Bllliaca*ate—Dr. Wolff la
Knocked Dona Repeatedly—'The
Cabinet Coaaell Will Be Forced
to Dlaaolwe the Preaeat Seaalaa.
VIENNA. Nov. 24.—The members of the
lower house of the reicbsrath today ex
ce'ed themselves In producing the most
disgraceful scene ever witnessed in that
branch of parliament. The turbulence re
sulted from a motion that only one of a
number of similar petition? against the or
dinance making the Czech language co
ordinate with the German in Bohemia
should be read and printed. This order of
the government has been the basis of
Itiany uproarious scenes, which have been
described in these dispatches for a num
ber of weeks past, although the question
of renewing the compact between Austria
and Hungary, provisionally at leas>t. has
been mixed up In all the bitter feeling
manifested by the German and anti-Ger
man elements. The members of the l.eft
party protested uproariously today against
the motion referred to. stigmatising it as
"oppressive and Illegal." Finally the com
mittees of the lower house became so dis
orderly that the president of that body,
Dr Abrahamovlch. w:is once more coni
cf»mj>ellt<d to suspend the sitting, and he
soon afterward left the house.
The departure of the president was the
signal for a .«cfne of the wildest disorder.
Dr. Wolff, the German Nationalist leader,
clambered up into the president's tribune,
seised a heavy bell and swung It to and
fro. materially (rereading the disorder pre
vailing. The hell, however, was almost
Immediately wrenched from Dr. Wolff's
hand by Deputy Polock. While this Inci
dent was In progress challenges to fight
duels and showers of billingsgate and
other insults were exchanged on all sides,
until the Interior of the house iu every
way resembled an Inferno.
A number of young Czechs and Poles
m ale a rush for ;he i-ir» » <ientV tribune anl
attempted to tear Dr. Wolff down from
the pcsitJon which hi* occupied and they
lrt turn were attacked by a number of
leftists and a disgraceful scrimmage was
the remit. This was only the becinnlng of
th fg "tine. During the pr ilminary .-r-jf
fllnp mmc of th- young Caechs struck Dr.
Wolff and thin causal such an uproar that
a regu'ar pitched lart'e with fi-tieuft's fol
lowed, lasting for about a quarter of an
M. rr Schooner, the leader of a section
of the German opposf.ion, caught h>»!d of
; an.'! brandished over hi." bend '>»<" of the
! ministers" armchairs and was evidently
about to hurl it at the hearts of hi? imme
j tUat* opponents, when he was seized and
\ disarmed *>y Herr H <jfrnhof r.
j By this lime the disorder was of such a
nature that cvm the public In the ga'-
!eries crle 1 shame upon the fighting,
swearing md xohaneing deputies.
A Po.ish member. Herr Polacaz. rushed
upon another member. Herr Pferohe. and
was nearly strangling hltn when Herr
Pfer■-!-.«•. on the impulse of the mom-nl,
* drew a pen knife fs.>m hit. pocket and
iv tn, ! it. but he was disarmed by a col
league b-fore any further h-irm was done.
Herr pfer h« was by that time aisl
ed h> the chokln* he had m-eiv»d. ;uid >o
ovetcome with »*■ ; t■ rreni. {' at he fainn-d,
still further adding to the -ensatloo
(in; deputy was stab! - -«'d tn nr.d. an
other had his collar ben- l .ok.n and re
ceived severe scalp wounds.
C •.:*!{ 'he premier, with a ,«r«-er
on hi.s face, watched ;h* com Vat throush
| Herr Wolff dfclarcd that ho -.v.. :M bring
| h;s iyvrlv>'r '■> the nest sittlnc
At this moment Tre/ldent Ahrahamovleh
| returned to the house. After repeated »nd
vain efforts to tjuel! the disorder prevail
ing he closed the ait ting of the house, lu
so doimr the president said:
"In view of the acts i»f violence which
i ha\e o.- urred In the house twiav. I con
sider ft my duty to close thi< s'tting Will
th **v member* »Ho are w Hirg to give
the r.«me» of t: e vt went m-mlvrs please
: come to my oiVcr ?"
Urf.-5.i- *»t A 'srahatnovlch was jm «' t d
vk - h cries of "Pol -h s.;oundr»-! ** *Sw -.nd
• r** "Hlnduruard**- and "Badini eunuch."
Several members of the hevented
i »i .. invitation of the president, and a» a
n.-lilt it is t" i"W«i tnat Herr> n S ~.oer r.
Wo.lt and Pfcrche will be arrested upon
| the charge of f.ghtmg In public.
The hous«» will meet again tomorrow.
Late tonlgiit the cabinet council Is dis
cussing the alt nation and St is be I: ved
•h it a dissolution i» the only t ractieaS out
Wollt Knocked l)«wn Man, t'lmr-a.
LONDON. Nov. 3—The C' rres pendent
of a I*j»don r«Per. dea.Tibtrg the ? ne,
H« rr Wolff received th worst trratment.
j He wis struck on th b i i s.> n tm- *.
i Blow s raired on hss face, i e b-M aas
| thrown at h'm: hs« clothe* w* re torn As
| oft* n as he got up, he was knocked off fcia
J ft
j 8 iddenlj*. d«rirg tee tee. a ferce
I ahruk »u heard and a knife *«s n<a
Hying toward the Leftist*. It W! upon Dr.
GfswinE, whose hf.od was wounded. It
was wrested from Herr Pferche by Herr
Lemische, who threw it across the heads
of the deputies.
Another scream ran* through the house.
Herr Pferehe had been aeixed by th«
throat. Count Von der Lllie emptied
glass s of water over the with
a view of separating them.
The police commissioner with fifteen
m»n. summoned by the president, ap
peared just as the president was closing
the sit tins.
Rivera aad Baccallaa fadfgmaatly
Spara Liberty Conditioned aa
HAVANA, via Key West, Nov. 24.—After
the order had been issued for the release
of Gen. Ruia Rivera and Col. Baecall&o,
who were captured by fJen. Hernandez d>;
VaSesco last March, hut before they were
actually freed, both were conducted to the
palace, entering by a side door from Oriliy
street and going up a private stairway.
Marshal Bianco received them and pro
posed they should help to restore peace by
assisting in the establishment of au
They declined to accept the proposition.
He then requested them to make a formal
compromise and agree not to take up arms
against Spain again. This theV also re
fused. declaring on the contrary that when
actually free they would return to the In
surgent camp.
After this spirited reoly. they were
promptly returned to Cabanas fortress,
where .hey now remain prisoners of war.
Last Friday seventy of the Reconcentra
do.s. armed with machettes and revolvers,
left Guira M lana, for the country dis
tricts. They have not yet returned and it
is believed that they have joined the in
surgents' ranks.
Gen. Pando has sent into eastern Cuba
and to Callaguey commissioners to offer
money and office to such Insurgent leader#
as will accept autonomy.
Yesterday Gen. Parrado went to Mari
ana to meet a resident of Punta Brava
with a vi -w of commissioning him to per
suade such insurgents as are left in that
district to surrender. The governor of
Pu- rto Principe has also sent a commis
sioner to Insurgent Leader Reccio to bring
about his surrender.
The Porte Finall) Arranges for Km
LONDON. Nov. 24.—The Constantinople
correspondent of the Standard learns that
the imperial irade on the subject of the
much-discussed naval plans of Turkey
c mmand-i the minister of marine. Hassan
Pasha, to contract with Herr Krupp to
build four new ironclads, but gives no in
structions as to !h repairs of the oid ves
sels. The correspondent says: "If tl|l3
be true, it is probable that Germany has
induced Russia to consent."
Thrtinn Oat of n Trup While Return
inir From M Shooting; Party.
LONDON. Nov. 24.-The Countess of
I-a;hom, while returning /rom a shooting
party today, was thrown out of a trap and
killed near Wigan. Lancaster.
The countess was formerly Lady Alice
Viliiers. second daughter of the former
Earl of Clarendon. She was married to the
Earl of in IS6O. They bad four
children, two sons and two daughters. The
eldest son Is Lord Skeknersdale. The Earl
of Ijithom is the lord chamberlain of the
household of Queen Victoria.
Mall to Nt*vr Zealand.
WELLINGTON, N. Z. Nov. 24 Pre
mier Reddon proposes to subsidize an
alternate fortnlrhtly itjall service between
Wellington and Sin Francisco and Van
ruiiver. The passage from Wellington to
San Francisco is not to ex fed nineteen
days, and the pas«-tre between Wellington
and Vancouver is not to exceed twenty-one
Argentine Wheat for Etport.
LONDON. Nov. 24.—According to a dis
patch to the Times from Buenos Ayres. the
damage to the crops from frost having
been estimated, if !s now expected that a
million t ins of wheat will be available for
*lr \\ lllinm I.nek hurt'*. Ocape.
I<ONDON, Nov. 25.—A dls (Mitch to the
Tin es from Bash, province of Cutch,
Gundava. Brloochistan. says that during
the operit<<ns ii.ir Dataol. Sir William
l«o<~ki.ai"t had a narrow escape from being
Illrertors Elected—Connection to Be
Miulr With lloitol ii in i:t
Kluhti'fD Month*.
NKNV YORK. Nov. 21 At a me ting of
the Pa-'ific Cable f'ampar.v of New Y< rk
t. i. i\ ♦he t'<-lit wing directors were elected:
J I'i rpont M'Te in. Edmund L. Baylies.
J Kennedy T''.d. R»ai Admiral John Irwin,
I". S N . and James A Scrvuis'T, Jam- s
A. S. r\ ms. r w.;s elect.d pr> *!dem and Ed
mund L. Baylies vice president and acting
The company announces that Its pro-
d cable will connect San Francisco
wkh th" Hawaiian Islands near Honolulu.
Extensions from the H iwaitan Islands will
b.* made to Jap <n and Australia. It is
further announcd by the company that
surveys f>>r the cable between the coast of
C: : farnli ard 'h< Hawaiian Islands ar-»
highly satisfni ?.->ry and '.hat arransements
:»; > i>< i;.t; rnad»- f r the establishment of
that section wtthir -ighte. n months Deep
s-a surveys it; tie southwestern Pacific
show a remarkably even bottom, much
m<:.. fav."-able rhyn the old hart indi
cated. mat svippe.sm shoals having been
€'xpii!,g« <i *r«.m the tdmiraltv charts.
The Pacific Cahi* Comj anv wi.i N* inde-
P» ivi»-n* :-.f the Mexican Telegraph Com
panv at 1 the Central and s >uth American
T. U'jtraph company, and the Western
C'don Telegraph Company in its organisa
tion. but it is stated that the>«e oraaniza
tti n» will have close busitv «s relations
with it.
It will r< quire over 9.OQQ miles of cable to
connect the United Sate« with the Ha
v. <; an IsUnds, Japan. China and Austral
To the Klondike fr<»» sr.a e*.sh be<-!de«.
Th a" 's the way the p-*tt-!ntc"!trerrer
prvin>« s to send it* frur.is to the land
cf gold.
' rnl»er > export Hrmlv to Carry Me
nmsnan • nmuilssion tn firetionn.
NEW YORK Nov 21.-With everything
• Mum the I'nited State* cruiser
N wport. Cap? B F Till-y. is lying oft
drv dc. k N- 2 at the Brooklyn navy yard,
awa.t "j; crders to sail w;th the members
<1 the N arag'.an >*' . mmission re
cently appointed by congr-ss.
T'*e c.-.mmis-:n ts com; dof R»ir
A im;ra! J. r.n 11. \\ .liner. I s g? pf,;...
ien'. Col P. t-r C. Haines ,vtr: « of engl-
T - rs. I*. s A., and Prof I> w;s M Hanpt.
civil engineer. With them will go about
t:rty « .rvey rs engineers and other en
p;--><s as members of the expedition.
The -ommissi.-.n will report or. the fea«l
--' of the proposed canal, its probable
- i cost of maintenance -.nd the m st
title route. The vessel will
direct • Oreytewn, from *iierse* Rear Ad
rr "a W »:ker will go at or.ee u- Minxgua
a! i pay h:s respects to President Z- lava,
ih» expedition will remain until Mar-h
I' pend«Rt cf the canal commission
w rk a tree era! surrey wUi be made of the
*" " '■ Oreyu an aad anc.ther o* the
6<ui Juan r;ver.
irk nam
Tells Why He Prodded
Private Hammoii I.
Foot and Sword Needed to Make the
Stubborn Soldier Move.
The Captain b lnea«y on (hp Wlt-
Stand Tmtiiuu.iv Already
Given la Sahmamially Correct—
Ta H«*e Hauled the Prisoner la
• Cart Won Id Have Set a Bad Ex.
■■t'* -■ Col. Hall Apyrovea All
That Waa Done—The Cue Searly
Co*laded—Llaht Penalty, it Mat a
Verdict of Acquittal, la expected.
CHICAGO, Nov, 24.—A decision in the
court martial of Capt. Leonard A. Lover-
ing, of the Fourth Infantry, will be
reached tomorrow. The court-martial to
night Closed the hearing of testimony cov
ering the Incidents of Private Hammond s
involuntary appearance before the sum
mary court at Fort Sheridan on October t.
There will be a protracted meeting tomor
row. as all the evidence taken during the
last two days' sessions must be read tor
the second time to the court in order to
followout the court-martial proceedings.
The entire morning session will neces
sarily be taken up by these last duties of
Judge Advocate Hunter and then the
twelve officers of the court will settle
down to a private discussion of their opin
ions of Capt. Lovt ring and his way of en
forcing military discipline. The general
opinion is that the verdict, if it is not for
acquittal, will be fo-~ a light penalty.
The chief witness of the day was Capt.
Lovcring. who admitted that the testimony
of previous witnesses, was substantially
correct. He claimed, however, that he did
not use excessive force with Hammond;
"only stirred him up with my foot and
sword," was the way he put it.
Col. Hall, of the Fortieth Infantry, de
clared that he approves of everything
Capt. Lovering had done. The arguments
for and against Lovcring were very brief,
and at their conclusion the court adjourned
for the day.
Post Surgeon Llppencott was the last
witness for the prosecution. IJe testified
to having been called upon to attend
llarpmo»d's wounds, which he said were
Attorney Blair, for Loverlng, presented
letters from various officers under whom
i/overing had served. They referred to the
defendant as an efficient officer and a good
Col. Hall was then called.
"Whit report did Lovcring make to you
regarding this affair?" asked Attorney
Blair, of the commanding officer.
"He told me of Hammond's refusal to ap
rear before the court and of his direct dis
obedience of my orders and said he had
dragged him from the guardhouse with a
"What comment did you make?"
"I commended him highly for his ac
Blair closed the questioning by asking
him if a report had been made to him that
I covering hud kicked and stabbed the pris
"Well, now that you recall It," said the
witness. "Capt. Levering did tell me he
had stirr-d il.mmond up a little, and I
.t so aji.ti( \. d that-"
Then Lov» ring took the stand in his own
behalf. He was very nervous and blun
dered several times while goinur through
the formaiiti sot the examination.
"Is the testimony thus before the court
correct?" asked his attorney.
"It is substantial!) correct," said Lever
ing: "only the amount of force I used has
been exaggerated. I stirred Hammond
with my sward and f <'t. I kicked him to
make htm op« n his eyes."
levering was ask- d why he had not re
ported the prison- r's refusal to go to the
court, instead of postponing acilon till he
received orders from Col. Hall.
"I »h>uld have been ashamed," said
lowering. "to have r ported to any person
that I had a'lowid a prisoner to get the
fc tter of me."
"Could you not have secured a wagon?"
"I w aid n>t have Jone so under any clr
cumstanccs It would have been a bad
example for the men."
Aft*-r Loverlng had told of his twenty
five years' service in the army without
ever having been court-martialed before,
he was excused and the taking of testi
mony wits over.
Scheme f»r f nrresey Reform Will Be
1 nr»rpi»ralrd In the
WASHINGTON, Nov. 24.-The Evening
Star to«iay says;
"It can be stat«.i on the highest author
ity that the pr«'*id»*nt *il! rcommend a
pi *n <<f cumn. y reform in his mew*:',
and further than that, part ir.es
w:t* written nith the co-op-ration of
S —♦•'ary Gagre It is authoritatively
stated :hat Be<v rotary <lag* in perfectly *.
tsfud with the president'.* me«ja** in re
card to Rnanciai legislation and ,that it
unlets his entire views and support
"Further than this, it can I** stated on
the same high authority that the aecmary
i-t the treasury will submit to changn in
his annual report of the plan f r currency
r* ?->rm which he submitted to the cabinet
at its meeting on Friday. Octal- r 2». The
secretary lnt«: -S* to submit tints report *o
c*>nsress a'most identically as »t wu sub
mite. .1 to :h'- cabinet with the exception
that be will make some furth-r recom
mendations, hut th» «e w;'i cit materially
chat".** the plan already announced "
Teller l.'tprrt« a DlMffM-wnt.
When 3<k«d to e re his erlnlOTt a> to the
probabi' tv o' Si miit ou affecting the cur
rency during Ute of
corvgrwa, Senator Teller, who las Just
reached this city, said:
, ' b Aa , Relieve w i be any leets-
J oo **®* the - citation of hank
note# for greenback? u»d jw-umrv no::-*.
* aeh appears to tie the • <vored method
or currency refcrw, so -,i. advocated
SL si; t porters, of the gotd sUnJan!. I
tn.jrsk :t very fu' s ether ;he
rates of the change can awree upon the «ie
tails cf such !e;.-..ijiti« r. and hankers wi
naturally hesitate to Increase the is> ae of.
i«ar.k :: :e< In ?;iffirlfflt Quantity to take
place of the entire voSunsf >.f wreer -
racks and treasury notes, and specially m
v.-w cf the fu- • that the red.-ir.ptl.ni of
hank, r.ot.s must, to sfj the .W.ands
Oj. tr.e currency reformers. he n sold."
Teller sa d it was quite certain
that t:.e pr*--idert uM m.;ke *ome rec
ommendation on the currency problem :o
evngress. but he was of the opinion that
the suggestion wo«|<i be -i general teens,
as in his inaugural rre*>v<ge. and that the
;r'. ,vient would leave the details to con-
The senator expressed doubt as to wheth
er the administration would take any «.tep
looking to the e ncotira*ement of the Cu
bans :n their war for independence.
"I think.'' he said, "that can
n >> .jestton by
the belligerent right? of the Cubans, and
that it should have done so loin; sin e.
I believe the house w-u pass the resolution
sent :n during the v-j*., stss; n if. that
measure brought before It. but it
<l—« doubtful wi. "her it wl! he allowed
to consider it at all."
Popnllata at St. Lonii Isaac aa Ad-
dreaa to %11 the Forces of
ST. LOUIS. Nov. 24.—After an all-night
ww!on. the national organisation repre
senting the middle-of-the-road faction of
the Populist party reconvened today t*e
hlnd closed doors. This afternoon Abe
Steinberger. of Kansas. pave out the fol
lowing address, which ho said was unani
mously adopted by the committee:
"Recognising the importance of active
and aggressive work to the end of lining
up .til the reform forces fer fut'ire cam
pa ißns. we. the national organisation com
mittee of the People's party, hereby call
a meeting of s:id organization at the La
Clede house. St. Louis. for January 12,
I>©S. to the end of restoring perfect har
mony in the rar.ks of the party anel effect
ing a more compact organization. We re
spectfully invite the national organization
of the People's part> to m> et with us in
conf«rence on the above date, appealing
to their patriotism and sense of duty to
aid us in restoring to its once splendid
state our partv organization.
"Feeling it due to the members of the
People's party to combine the objects of
this call. we submit the following:
"We recommend the holding of a nation
al nominating convention on the tirst Wed
nesday in April. IW.
"We recommend the holding of conven
tions at which delegations to the national
convention shall br chosen on the third
Wednesday in March, I>Ss.
"We recommend that the nominations of
contres-men be delayed until after the
holding of the national convention.
"We recommend that the platform on
which the contests of lIW and 19Q0 be
waged shall embody the following propo
"First—Absolute paper money, based on
every commodity and resource of the na
tion. a full legal tender, and receivable for
all duties to the United States.
"Second—Free coinage of Rold md silver
at the present ratio, the coin debts of the
United States payable in either at the
option of the government.
"Third—All money to be issued by the
government and paid out directlv to the
people set vices rendered, or to be loan
ed to them at a low rate of interest on
safe security, and without the intervention
of private banks; provid d that the volume
of currency shall not exceed per capita.
"Fourth—Government ownership and
operation of railways, telegraph and tele
phone lines.
"Fifth—Opposition to alien ownershlo
and holding of land for speculative pur
"Sixth—Opposition to court-made laws.
"Seventh—Opposition to trusts.
"Eighth -We recommend the initiative
and referendum and the imperative man
§• Sara the Lewlitoa Evening: Jour
nal, Coavrriemaa IMaxlr)'*
LEWISTON, Me.. Nov. 24.-The Lewjs
ton Evening Journal. the organ of Con
gressman Dlngley, pays editorially:
"Much as every true friend of Ameri
can Interests may deprecate It, It may
now be regarded as settled that the con
gressional campaign of next year must be
fought out on the lines of lsM. When a
state »ltke Kentucky turns its back on
Carlisle to follow Bryan, and a state like
Nebraska, which sees before its eyes In
every market, the refutation of the Bryan
theory that silver and wheat are linked
together by the Almighty, still persist in
bowing down to the silver Idol, it is us—
less for sound money men to lose sight
of the certainty that the 16 to 1 silver fal
lacy Is only scorched, not burned. Busi
ness men may as well prepare to make
this issue next year, when we hope It will
be settled forever."*
Richard froker Recognise* the Lead
ership of Senator Mnrphy.
NEW YORK, Nov. 24.—The fight for the
control of the next Democratic state con
vention has already begun, with indica
tions that the Democracy does not expert
to let the, repudlators have a monopoly
ins'de the party, according to the Herald
of today.
Richard Croker la«t night a? the Murray
Hill hotel recognized Senator Murphy. Jr.,
of Troy, as the state leader of the organiza
tion. This excludes former Senator D. B.
Hill, who sought not to attract attention
to himself since the campaign of
an open secret, however, that Mr. Hill
selected A. B. Parker for Judge of the court
of appeals, and that the state oomrnlttee in
the last campaign made no move without
his approval.
Mr. Crcker was asked if he recognized
the leadership of Mr. Hill.
"t re.-ognlxe Senator Murphy as the
leader In this s ate," he replied "He com
mands the respect of ill Democrats and
of his colleagues in the senate, and h» is
worthy of it. His judgment is excellent."
Mr Jamsnn was *urpris»ed on
arrtvln# at the bank at the change !n th«-
wind, and marff xtatcrm-nta which
suited in the railing of Chief HF <<F JO ?he
ofti< e. ATX' r the chief ha<l talked mti H
Mr. Jarr.-*on f.r w.nw time h- n an ad
ihispion from him that fwmiethinit waa
*ran« Mr. Jameson was t>f«n tak* n so
poll™ headquarter* and que.-.?; -n-d ;.t
length Finally he bMk« down a-nd con
fessed that he hud entered into a conspir
acy to df fraud « »«*hallK county <»f a !a»<r«
•am of money through a wholesale
uf county warrants.
Minister Hatch »t U (cMntiton. j Hew lh>- Uorl. Wnn II „nr.
i'lntnh Leair May H«- Declared Void.
WASHINGTON, Nov. 24-Secretary
Bliss today called on the American As
phalt Company to show cause before Janu
ary 1 IS#, why an important lease entered
into February 17. l«f«. between the Indians
of the Clntah reservation of I'tah. I»«aees.
and James T McConnell, lessee, and as
signed over to the Asphalt company should
not be declared to be a? an end and ail
rijrhts thervunder forfei:e«l. The lease in
volves valuable mineral interests tn S,iWO
acres in the Uintah reservation.
WABHIKOTON N-v. 24—Hon. Francis
M Hatch, the Hawaiian m:r i»ttr returned
to this city tonicht after an a>.s*n e of s«v
erai m.itiths. Ttie greater p>rti- «, of th «
time was »p«nt in Honolulu. Mr fiaf<-h
describe* 3ffa:r- as »>• ing very rjaiet and
satisfactory a? Honolulu.
Penslnn Kxam.tnina larzenai.
Special D'.spatch to tV» Pr»st-Intelligencer
p»nsi<n e*am«nlr,c «urgeon* have i>een ap
pointed as fofl ftl s *. 1»r 1 L. Ward Dr.
L M Simms and Dr P. M Bell at Kalama.
Dr. G. W Llbfey at Spokane
Appointed *rrrrlary of Dgtilnn.
WASHINGTON Nov 24 J.rr's B Cas
♦>, formerly -,' M tor of cusioma of lla
w■> .-a» • * s.•>:»":n' d *e..re'ar? o? the
leg;*i--t» at V. pu t., v. - Frank Has
klr.a, def«twd.
Money for a l.an %rhnnl
PIfIi*ADELPHL\. Nov 21 -Thome. Mr-
Kean. of this city today donated s!♦.*» >'«»>
to the Cnivermity of Pennsylvania toward
the cost ot the new l.tw school. The t 1-
lag will be erected on a plot of ground
roar the campus, recently pur by
the trustee* of the university.
■ 111
Warrant Formers Get
Away With Thousands.
Arrested in Seattle. C. R. Jameson
Confesses a §IO.OOO Fraud.
With a Confederate, Whose \nnae He
Refuse* to IMtalae. JtMraol flew
crly Duplicated Usrrssu \ow
Oatataadlnir—Kraak D. Black, of
Thla City.* Baya *4.M00 of the
Worthless l*nper— X. H. latlmrr'a
fautioa Brings to l.labt the >nia
dle—Coafeued Former Oae of
Moateaaao'a Mast I'rowlaeat Men.
C. E. Jameson, alias George Smith,
formerly mayor of Montesano. is locked
up in the city jail on the charge of forging
Chehalis county warrants to the amount of
110,006. Junuson has confessed-his crime,
revealing a cleverly laid conspiracy to rob
the county, hut he absolutely refuses to
tell the n.;me of his confederate. Out of the
SIO,OOO worth of forged warrants Jameson
sold M.SOO to ex-Mayor Frank D. Rlnek
and Frank W. Raker, of the Seattle Hard-
ware Company.
Wednesday morning. November 17, the
Post-lntellißen. t r published a story from
Montesano to the effect that a forged
county warrant, drawn or. the geueral
fund, had been received for Investigation.
The warrant was made payable to D. C.
Lyon or order, issued April 1, lv<6. for the
sum of 17*40, and numbered .t.sss. Accord
ing to general appearances, the warrant
had Ix't ii signed by C. H. Sackett, who was
auditor at the time the warrant was al
leged to have been Issued.
An Investigation proved conclusively that
Mr. Saekett's name had been forg. <1 and
that the body of tho warrant had la-en
filled in by the same hand that did the
forgery. The treasurer's indorsement "Not
paid for lack of funds" was found to l»e
quite different from that of genuine war
rants. With the. warrant submitted was a
list of other warrants which the auditor
was requested to look up. Among the lot
was one warrant for over S4OO and the Post-
Intelligencer Montesano correspondent
learned that It had been in the possession,
since legally issued, of another person than
indicated in the list.
The discovery that forfid warrants were
In existence caused considerable excite
ment among the Chehalis county officials,
but until last evening there *v»re no spe
cial developments to throw any litjht on the
Late last night the Pout-Intelligencer re
ceived a dispatch from its correspondent at
Montesano to the effect that Detective
Cudihee, of Seattle, had been in town in
vestigating the forgeries and that it was
positively known that C. K. Jameson,
formerly mayor of Monttaano, was locked
up In tho city Jail at Seattle as the king
pin forger, and that he had confessed. It
was also stated that the warrants had been
sold, originally, to Frank I>. Black and
Frank VV. Baker, both prominent men of
Seattle, and that eventually they were
turned over to Dexter llorton «• Co. Th. se
clues wi re followed out here with the fol
lowing result:
A week ago last Tuesday C. E. Jameson
enme to Seattle with worth of what
he alleged to be Chehalis county warrants,
which he had negotiated to Kll to ex-
Mayor Frank D. Black at So cents on the
dollar. The warrants were placed in Mr.
Black's hands and he took them to Dex
ter Horton & Co.'s bank. It was agreed
that Jameson was to cail the next after
noon ut :i o'clock and receive his money.
It appears that N. 11. Latimer, manager
of th« bank, while looking over the war
rants. Ucam- suspicious that something
was wrong. He immediately s» nt one of
the suspicious warrants to the auditor of
Chehalis county with 'h»- request that b"
investigate as to it* genuineness. A full
list of the other warrants was also ln
closed. In a short time after the warrant
reached Montesano word was received by
the bank that tht- warrant was a forgery.
With this condition of affairs staring the
proposed purchaser In the face, a tele
phone was sent to Ch'-f of folic-
Reed requ<-stlntt hitn to have a <iet<- !lvf
a; the bank when Mr. Jameson called to
r*n < Ive his money. Detective «*udlh» e waa
detailed to attend to the matter.
.Isinroon I itilrr trrrnt
The Job was Planned I ■ «t June, hut ihe
name of the man who was with J tmeson
cann«.'t Parned, and it t.« ly
kr,-'.wn. d> pite Chief R< • d's refusal t »
taik, that Jam< son wll! riot divulge 1'
This mysterious man had access to the
warrant r*'4ar*;»-r and In this way th*- num
ber* and r:am.s of p' ople to whom w.ir
ra;;'s had tieen Issu-d w< r- obt ti? d Kr->rn
the ba k of a tsv.it of blank warn- d* a
large numiier of pages wer«-
1 hen the conspirator* sent to PorMs'td -»n I
had an ex.i-t counter;.art of th<* Che hails
county .i mad» This put th" ••-sptra
tors in a fair way t . do hesines* bat they
still needed a rubber stamp. Ilk. the one
used by the auditor • » n»ck war
rants, "Not {*aki for ?ne want of
funds." As a la d resort wrote out a
form t.'k, that used In the au<!>ror'a oflp
and then forgrd th»- .r'* name At
last they were ready for b*i»tn»-s* and
then they comm. . I turn ins out *i!t.
rant*. Th'- first lot was divided Into two
; arts. wfci» h *V'-r« - ;i t Mayor Ft .ok
D. BJa< kan Frank IV. Hak> r at iho. t
<» c ats on the dollar. Raker saht bis
warrarua to Black, who In turn *.-< id ti" n»
to John Ooodf«U»v. a w< -known
< ial esr.-nt who has an ofll<«- in tfe- \Vs» a
ir.gtau Li'..- k. Go»altcii-yW turn».-«i its* wsr-
rir : : * -r Hvto* ACfcT
M -. aQd 3014
srrs •«•
i Tte* tot*', amount th* •*,. #
'-v l* **■
! and tt S» espied ;> "*«•.
»Uh n r ,
(mounting *
•' ■ •,. , * . .
" •*<! f<>US4
?r. v . .-rT-*
.j£' Z
took the Krtt n «.**:* Jr:
,*-w v. •>**&& TO SVit* i»-
r '' : "' s »• '*■■ rr..,vl aK , : v f 31 n :
:! . • • ■
-IS «,. VK, Su:;' °t
WILL K\roßl K THK U<|| OR LAW.
Juds.- N'Hn#,r Intends to «)„. |k#
TralMo In Indian Territory
MrSKfHJKK. T f\. N\n.
»nd Ir.diia Ao>nt
f n * v * »>»<• mo* «wo»H»r '
orders. n,-p s ,v,p out retrain, the liquor
traffic in Indian \,c, n)t «
doat has diivotvd his Indian poJtee to ar
rest all r. rsons found with liquor in -heir
pcn»;HMi«i or who am in an into*k*t«B
condition. aiid turn tht-m over to th« l'nl»«
ed States mv«a!.. Juice Spring has
ruled that al! p«r*ons brought !tof w hits
who nr.- found in pos* salon of !n!o*ie*£ J
in* liquors, <»r are in an intoxicate roll . 1
dltion. will rvHjuind to prove tr«a
whorn tiu-y purchased the Uquor, un4»r ;
penalty of heinif declared In conutnDt of 1
court if they refuse to do so, |
Arknonlrdtwrnl for Rra*«ry «t t|«
(•arrlioni llliiultr.
NEW YORK. Nov. 24 A jroM meJ*|
was today presented to William I.angfonL
th» referee at the Yale-Princeton football
game. who 1m .» clerk !n the office of tfca
comptroller of the New York Centra A
Hudson Railroad Company. for saving the
lives of pa>sen*en* In a suhmerfed ctr it
the recent wr.sk at Garrisons. N. Y.
The prem utation wan made In the p
ence of Chauncey \l. Depew and the oth
er railroad officials and clerks at the
Grand «Vntra! Nation. swam oat
In the Hudson river to the submerged can
anil chopped i hole in the roof of the car
releasing three men. M
Mrs. Boss Will \ot « kit re la Kt«s*a
Urge Katstt,
NhW YORK, Nov. 24.—Judgment VII
entered today by Justice Reekman. la th# •
supremo court. perpetually enjoining Mr*. ?
Kugt nla Al.-thla Webster It'sa from claim*
lng to be the heir of William Henry King,
who <lie.l in an asylum for the Insane at
Providence. R. 1., on March « last, leaving
JWI estate of over SXi.fltW.Qm. of wtfeh It,.
000.000 consists of r.vil estate In this Stale 'lf
Found HiNrUnit at «ea.
RAI.TIMt »RE. Nov. 11. -The British
steamship Rossmor*. which arrived here y
today, reports having sighted Ihs schooner
Kllte In mid-ocean November *. with Mg
nals that the crew was starving. Owing -p
to the heavy s< as. provisions were with f
difficulty thrown on the sehooner and the *
Ro.*-; more proce« Kd on her way. The IClita
was Jw.und from Cadi*. Spain. to 8U Johsa, •
I'uahloa Toward Halwy
CHICAGO. Nov. 24.—The action St the
directors of the Imhith * Iron Range rail*
road, who met here today. In voting to
Increase the capital stock from t3.OM,N|
to |lo,ot*).i)«ifl Is believed by some to indicate
a purpose on the part of Jt4w D. Hock*-
felli r to embark In the enterprise of
Veloplng the Raitiy l«iko gckl region, Ml
the American and Canadian bottler.
\rw York tjibnrrr* na Mrlkit.
NKW YORK, Nov, 2i- Two thoUMO4
men employed In laying the tracks of th«
underground trolley on Second avenue
struck today. Reserves from tw© poUM
stations wore called out to suppress
threatened to be a riot. The tMUqlt Of tip
strike Is mid to be the failure of the con
traetor* to pay the m*n their money At Ukl
conclusion of each week.
Expelled From the Mlalotry.
DANVILLK. Va, Nor. S4-At today**
session of the state Methodist conference
th» committee charged with the trial of
Rev. M. A. Watts on the charge of tap»
morality found the minister gtfllty, ts*
pelling him from membership and UM
Slew Clubhouse for Civil BlSllMMi
NEW YORK, Nov. 24 -The new dafc»
house of th' American Society of Ctrll Ba
gtne -r» on West Sevtrty-flfth street wti
formal'v cpentd t<day. The new elub
house Is a handsome building, erected at
a tost of fO.
Morr Ntrsmeri for (he Vskes.
Capt. Niehnuer. General Manager Wllsoa
and Superintendent Schlosa, of the illifcl
Commercial Company, are here nrrotlat*
inir with <'apt K. J. Howard for four Sled
steamers for the Yukon river.
" f
J. W. Kmmrrelt. . ;i<||
Sp*~ial Dispatch to the Fofft-IntclUgMiefe.
HITZVILLK. Wash.. Nov. St-Suptrlfc
tendent of t'ommon Schools J. W. 15W*
mer*»tt, of this eounty. d'"-d at th« home
of J. N. Kaufman here Tuesday night at
7ovio k. "";
Mr. Kmmerett wa« taken with a sevsft
fold three weeks asr> and attempted
to ome to Ritwillo to secure medical M*
sistan <\ and whs thrown from the horse
he w is rutin* white attempting to open a
sav. H « rttfht shoirider was tfhrtocataiW
the fail and a physician wss
summoned, who soon placed him on the
gaining li*'. Hiorily after he a!tended th#
regular <t" srterly teachers' examlnattoa.
A few days liter he was taken very 111 ana
*o>n developed into t}phold-imeuoianl%
from which he died.
Mr Kmmertt; was aliout to years of aga>
and hers «ov«ral years
lowa. * re h - graduated from the BeaeW
hlKh s hooi in the days of his boyhood H*
was pr «min<*r;t hi re In so'-lety and political
clr<-bi hav>n»t served one term snd oaa
year of ids second «s suix-rln'endent of
common • I of this coun'y. »♦ **•
united in marrla*" nr;- aeeks a#» to JnIM
Anna Wlnslow. of Paha, who attended nils
tfn thV 1
The d. • < • d !* ives a widow and
brothers io m>'ir n hi* sudden dej art tare.
(.ro.-ae 11. lUaaehara.
NKV YORK Nov. 21 (leorjrs M.
l;i .? ! :« yi .rs Of aire. Who is sup*
,« < rI ■ time a rim
1,;, Id. r u found dead thia sfteraooe »
I u room in R ..!.»•«. hotel, tft W*«
For v-four! t street. d« ath doubtless UtHf
dIK- to old ;v ''
(~n. *t r \ r 11«iie .lames llrrhe-el.
I«»\I •• v n'V E ''Jen. Sir Arthaf
J.m- lb r?» r' K C. R.. I* dearf. »Jt««
l».'n ifs )* ' tv> : «be se-rond Wrt> ,vr *\ m
Anh .r l ••>.«, - f Llsnarth c»enty,
mouths hire, and L.dy It. Jonm.
John K. I.laaetl. . _
I/»t"fS Nov. 2t.-John B
them: a. i tt , a ■ riirt of this city, 4MC
last a#r"d years.
t'nsrriil —t ties, OriWST.
• , «i f\( 'Tivv !t The funeral cv
f.. n Ai'»rt ftr t* who died in New
fr.-M ST u FT- * eharei
w , r , ! wsth friends ef fhe
d. »a tu-ro .• '.*! r wseowUve army »n<l
Kndtb. ti*t>-d ty R* r - E ' ne9i
dock, coadoetcd the acrvitaa.

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