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The Seattle post-intelligencer. (Seattle, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1914, December 16, 1897, Image 6

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• r
■fcrtfco, lwffagM, Ocstk*.
*5 **4er to wwjtt eotwt insertion "f
"s<** w *«Sr tlMw ksadlng*. the same
*» left at the budsni c*lce of tMs
No charge la aud« for soch notl-"*
riMirM MNllim, resolutions or other «»•
« 'Myufwa will Im chsrged st the
N W MRUpcr Ime each Insertion.
JOHNBTON—In Seattle. W«bMter
cetaber IS. im, of fail jr. . at • e
ScattJ* General Hospital. Mr* M i
Johnston, wife of Capt. Robert John*.on.
of cogSs* house No. 4. aged 30 years.
Ifcg funeral service* will be h*id t »
XMnwou at 2 o'clock at the fami y f - -
fcßci, fll Vine street.
HILL-In Seattle. Sunday, Decemhet* M,
Mtn, at the Peaw block. Waiter H; o?
coorailon*, aged montn» In.
sop Of Mr. and Mr*. Waiter H'.U. J
ADTEBTISERa - Changes forsdvr
ttSSßMßU la the Sunday J
*W*t h* furnished by 1 o'ciock Baturdsy.
ATmBRTIHI NO—Offl ce hour* of •:;•
nSMBWUIHMir business office; Dal.y
BS> up. a>.; Sonday hours. » a. m to
■JI a m. TtTff " u I p. SB- Claastn<-d
MVWnIMaMBtS will b* received op to that
VBg i||||lloiinina under ths heod of
WMI For fcle. For Rent snd
■lhMujM Wsatsd wUI bs inserted st trs
MM* m 1 osat a word esch tnsartlon. Pay
*«at always la advance. No advert.se
■« Itedvad for less than *> cent."
. S.ja<rils>nuts will be received at
tßl#L<Mcis ot ths Post-Intelligencer
BUREAU - No. I» Pacifio !
JgVWIETT-P. It. Lewis.
ffftfir TOWWIEWD-Wm. ML PfelfTer
-gELiyOHAM RAT-New Whatcom, j
street. Q C. Win- f
C.-Oeorge Marsdsn
letters awslt adserttsers
fi. R. IK. R. ! P F.
g V L. 8. P o
- 8 J |Lk R- P L
tu. It. IL. T. 1' M
O. L. IT p N
.T. M N. P. W.
N. jM 6. ;T D. „
M. 0. E. T W. H.
9. _ O. ▼. T. 1.,
H. W. ' P. V. T. I*.
M.F. IP 0 X ».
#. P. Flor eer
juno. IP K (
ARCANA Ledge. No. 17. F and A M .
- meets second and fourth Mondays each ?
WANTED- o- .p. •», •. •, -o^c-
or eom,>ar:l-.r to uvaiid
reference* desired. Mrs. C. Wilkins V: *- i
torls. Ii C.
WANTED Ir- «*n general oojj *i>rk by
Wanted Sltualb>n as traveling sali.<*-
itun tar IWK. well acquainted wMii Sound
trade Address D. N„ care Pos.t-Intei
WANTED—Situation by man and wife *o
■ cook In hotel or camp. Inquire room 1
National hotel today.
WANTEDWork by cak>- baker .ind t-< n
fvctloncr. Addr<»- it. w.. < t<re Post-'n
HF.IJ' U %\TF.I»—M %I.E.
WANTED- For the Corral TJollow cc «1
mines, at Tssla. fifty tgperiern <4
pftc*i vein coa! miners. *r»o>i pay |.errra
ftent positions for g<M>d men; go<nl atcenv
jnodntlons; collages for families. A«l
--dtesa San Frsncisto ar.d Pan Jnafiuo
Coal Co, Montgomery street San
ACTIVE MAN to travel In this and i«1-
Jolnlng counties; IT*, a month and all •
pen* a; no i-xp-rk'nce or capital required.
Addre«s tjlobe t*;>., 723 t*h> --'.nut «tr. •r,
Philadelphia. Pn.
WANTED Trus: worthy persons to Ira. 1; j
salary tT*' and expcns s. references. <n- j
close self-addressed stam;»d en\elo;>e, I
Th« Dominion Company, Chicago.
WANTED Two mattress maker , mi! t.vo
onholsterers. Nt unoe Puget So fid
Mattrfss ,-uni Furniture Manuf.u turj'ig
Company. 921 First avenue south.
\\ KKK sml < p-ald men ;o j
<w*il ci«r»r« on time: iierlen--- unti'r. 4- I
► .tiv 'I lie W L Kline C<> St 1,0.< 1
WANTED—(Ioud Kkllcllor. man of good j
address, nothing: to *• 11 un. ; » j
A. nt.. rtxi.n .1 Itrunswicfc hot■ i
WANTED Mechanic*! d;nft--man one t'-
to murine work The H C. Ii a 1
Works Co.. Vancouver H C
Hojlikft'l I'HICi M paid Lir men « ea. • ,
off clothing <'til or address Witten
- |
WANTi'h —Cawh Apply n
1 and Sa, nt todsv «}< Jder. Rtd" I? •zi t r.
W t VTFD- Fir 4-! i la.of tjni.ei -i / C.
Miles Co., \ e*lt<r w*y i<-■ t \\~< sti r>: ive.
WANTEI' -Mohlerx >■ <ir!ftln W'he. ■ ('o.. i
South Tacoma. W tsh.
WANTED First- . la.«s co it tn<.akers. \ |
Cohtv Si; Cherry.
WANTED KKTjet !er.e, I «■ 1 -\r 1 ;tt« nf r ?'-n t
Second vej;)|.
Kf:i.p U %m i;i»-< i:m %Mt.
WANTED AT ONCE v., .. t„ r j
toy's, doll*, notion- •.?!•! h-i rv \ v 1
to manager; not hffl, tit *,-m , , l
goods are marked in p'l!" ii«.iie< F w
NeWhall Co -itn. i S <v-id >.v-n . »
and Mgdtaon •
> and give him your • i ~u
ment; the Po*t-Ins ll'Kencer w !]l |»v
fer me«*enr< r If. I,- i „ i , r
$1 50 a line n month.
WANTED Talent for Oerman'a Otncrt
Hall. Victoria B r to D ef.-n.-d *horr
lv; state lowe«t term- for o»».. month's
enKagement. Write full p.irtleuUra to
Sl>ove address
wlih «
sltjon asfecrelu vte .1!: 1- • ■ .
paples in tV>e Wmi » »»t.i ilt | ..,
Call I<> V a rt. ard 5 ; ' i • i, • v
WANTED- I.adle« t a*t-. »>•! t e fr
1 ore today rt ". am . , • t.
ltllcr»-sl and fr t«ru t <. i x ,i
brlnr your fr|er-.t
ntCKSON of Sitt f- - ,t
Hotel r>rt>ny?n > Fit : •
c!a-'s tnill'nery ta».»: h - *n v< \ h .
«-'rame<t 3)>~
WANTED- rep rl- ■ : t - >.
5 lr« ami general h. <• v \ \'-* D -r
rifii-rHh and !' my \\
WANTED- Ol'ilt tent t- . k •
monent place sod R'i'tj
building. Upsbtlr*
WANTED - ii e«» i-v; x
<3lob« hotel. >v | v<: t:
oer Main
WANTED- A go v
work apply a Pern -.-.v t . y. rt
av<m .
W ANTED Fxo r'.e . «
»lr« Ncrthe. n r« «t . .i<
V WTED Wonv n for « t ; ?■ ' .
wotk: no washing, f't'l ;t T : -
WANTED—-At.» > i t.
WANTED ru iv on
I 'e Insurance company of Ca.-m:.,
Ui.i * '* an: .4 tf» r,.«?e .i,.
tb>* dTfTertnt to*ns of s?at« w
they are fat .»stv «dy represent., d A
fir nsursnce real « - *t* .»*, -»
larnev posttua.- «r or n-.r. , » P t „ ;; >
t*ke > r ag»n«\ for ; a; - W; ,
can mal.e mon ! a » ..
reneral agent .v """ N » T irk 1-
\n? Seat;:.- Wis*-
CEN»:R At V.'-'N" 'VAN ■ x
and r.l,;.Ve • .n
W . »tern Wa».binf!*x >. ' t \\ - „- r J x |
I,'fe Itrs'rsr C «> \, » v »l
Th» -S«hf •TS-. t *(1! «.V» ;S . .
< H; ... «S A - » , •
er«S Mansger p«, «■ •»■ ,
H« ;"T s-»fe D. ».w a y .
C'*ee. Cal. _
\\ t> I F!>— IMHTXi n
w> NT Kl l Par . ! <git Rate i
bu* s res*. Cs: r »n» 'I «' :-v
. aa4 Cherr>.
m inriMii«rr.u a^rocs.
WE WANT to deliver your package as*
holiday present*. ring O K. Hex. o»
pr.one M s-1> *36- Seattle Messenger
«14 Second.
up WILL I'AT < ASH for 1 .«».♦**> gre.n
gf mr jtbimrfcw, delivered in Seattle. Ker
ry lAinsb*i* Company.
WANTED—Good h'>rw ar;d wagon; Na
ton's eomffi-Mon store, sws West street.
AUo office d«*k
wanted cori«ood ui sw to low
cord to.v Appiy to R. H. Drumrnocd,
Flyer wharf.
WANTEI»— Boa-d and room for lady and
i chi'd »u first-el*** L-i-uily . close In; «stai«
term#. Address C. M.. care Post-Intelli
i r-ncer.
j W ANTED-B"*rd for Si-tie cirl 7 y-ars oid
Irs pr-xate famiij . stat*- terms and lo a
- ■ '■ " ■ ' ■-• ' '-r.
Hl<-H*3>T CASH PRICE paid for ladies'
. -*.-otf -iotbti.*. iM
J«» ;l *ijf Second »V r '■
WANTED—On" or two furnished roerns
f> r- man. *Sfe and one child. Address
P. P., I'OE.-IM-'-iiigenc-r office.
! PRIVATE FAMILY Will famish gentle
m.n «nd wife or two gentlemen room and
board. *l2 Pike street.
' FOR KENT—Fin* rooms and boa rd for
respectable couple; private family. 2131
j Madison street.
DESIRABLE H'M.tilS, with fine table
board. 904 Third av<nw. Mr*. Baker.
FURNISHED ROOMS, with board. 1200
Marion _
ROOMS and board. 302 Fifth avenue.
FOR RENT—Elegantly furnished room#;
t? ard upward*, baths; steam heat. Ho
tel Ferguson. Front »nd Seneca, Mrs.
Fergij»oj proprietress. Furnished room*
; for llrht housekeeping.
j RfNO THE "O. K." BOX for m-seenger
rfnd glv h'.sr. vaur clussifi d advertise
ment: tie posrt-ln:«-ilUec.-«*r will pay
for 9ne**e»gt r. K,< tea 1c a ward, or
* U.SO a line a month.
•: ELEGANTLY furnk«fte<l rooms; steam
hea;; modem improvements, first class;
transient and permanent. Ye Kenll
worth Inn 1115 First avenue
"HOTEL BRUNSWICK." First avenue
»rd ColumMa strt-et: sieam heat; electric
light; pieva;t»r; finest furnished rooms in
t fie t'ity; by d*y or we«dt.
FOR RENT Stop at rhf Brown Palace
hotel. llKi Fir»: avnue; 60 rooms; m<>d
prn. just op» utd; eve rything new; rates
FOR RENT--Nicely furnished room In
privato family f >r one or two gents; no
car fare. l«2u avenue.
FOR KENT- Delightful newly furnished
room?; elegant residence; no ear fare.
1423 Fourth avenue.
For RENT t'nfurnlshcd rooms, single or
in stills fir fight housekeeping. 216 Vir
trirri;- street.
I'OK RENT Two largo or
partly furrdshed soom.-. No. 111 Taylor
FOR RKNT sl<>, two partially furnished
rooms, close in. Inquire 4<>l Bailey Lutld
s fog
FOR RENT Nlce!> furnished rooms Ad-
B !,.. care Post-Intelligencer.
Ff»R RKNT Furnished rooms, "ill Sev
enth avenue above James.
F«»R RKNT Oomplefely furnished flat.
Inquire a? 192<> Tenth etreel.
FOR RKNT-Furnished rooms. 811 Colum
bla. _
row REST—HOI *F.S.
FOR RENT Nice ? «tory housp. S splen
did rooms and basement: centrally locat
ed. two block* from car line. Fredrick
it Co.'* Jewelry stor«*. 71.1 B*x*ond avenue.
FOR PENT Commodious elßht-room,
thoroughly modern house; gas. large
Hnen snd china closet* and "-ard; near
two mr lines. #>l Burke block.
FOR RENT House, elsht rooms, modern;
also five-room fiats 21 <? Twenty-third av
enue south. n«ar Yesler way.
IOK RENT Houses and cottages; all lo
cations. Wm. P. Harper. Dexter Horton
bank building
, HOfSES. STORES and flati. Pioneer
Pfnt and Collection Company. » Roxwell
j block.
Firs* avenue, r»nts houses, stores and
; fists
Kt »R RENT FurnUhed housw; well lo
r»led. 301 Rtirke
l-'t >R RKNT Ilousos, Wm. N. R. dfield
Nw York block.
FOR MUST- I.oDfil\«l-1101 MKI.
FOR RENT—Lodging house.* in Ta^.ena;
v> ral large htillUlngs suitable for lodg
ing and boarding houses, for rent or
saU by Joshua Peirce, lit Ninth street.
roll H K Vt'—xTUHKH.
fi)R RKNT Fine -toreroom on rtet-oriil
street, ft a ken immediately. Kelloc»{ &
I> . v ,".T I't ' It:-'- ' street
i (lit BEAT-W tltllHOt AKS.
FOR REN l Warehouse Railr >ad ave.
nue. »art'i-'-tse on West street; ware
house on avenue. The v'llse In-
VrPlnuT!; ■' 'ti;■ •': > t iii.-k
nnuos %r.
s».-«k e.f reSU'.vi N.,,ks Bibles picture
' . 'K-i history. Mtnit? re, -stations.
al at its at Hi Christmas nov<*l
.-1 <*elec:«--d with special t-o.- f.>r
tra-le of Christian people and
Sssttday. s«-hc»ols. tlood pi »n.» Md org*«
for «.i! very cheap. W. O Hardin. .>»7
1' " ATRICK O'H A!* 1 : h 1 left M!"neap-
M'tttt! Septeml-er. lv»2. md who la
«.:iTfi*d to be in S- -it le at nres-nt will
x, t « >1!- brother. D.xr < ; IW-1 W:i'M«h
avenue. C • or hia «i,-!er. at . v j*
»:r-et. St. Paul he will learn
- ?|.- 'tt: R -?1- • riant -. r d re-Tev •• hi« ( <*u
itx frcrt '■ snxi. ly .-omtemit.g h;m.
I!'\ ; IIK "<.■» K" ' V 'or ir- s-x-n^er
and ». v- h m voir clas*!*. d a 'v,-rtl«e
metis. the Post-lßtelltgenoer will pay
f. r m,.H,rgrr. Rxtev 1<- a word, or
1 k line a month
V .(S v: J RAVLw-tl! c'.xe >n iHustrated
pare • at ? # Ir V
. w Kverx »om in should h- ..r tb- «en
t '.ns sr 1 Corn**,
I• A' BDRESSIN'I Ms> ;ifj :u- r.jr T7
an.! • ni ,1 vr-u»- ftantK S. 1
1 VOO S K) ; '
AVernevke. Columbia dock.
PIANOS factorj * hsni
from tS upw sri. Wm. Marttus. mw Seo
c-A \venue
SWAVIN i MA> HlSt A:i k ~
rr»--VK av*> RWCS RKFAIRR -«
kind*. «.? Ye»ler
FOR RENT-PUaos. Wevtern Moate Co..
iTTvi 1 T » PERFUMES :• . > 7"
Pf A vc.KN «KKC» srit.d* and »eii» cutierv
•|x <l«n-.,r.t
FOl M>.
XM AS CANDIES- Fre«h c;n i .» >, .„
• rn Qw- uM ••••'» f.n It. at Qu ,
■Ay K:.!- •• ! IX,: ... s :
> AA ~b . u» r , ! Werner U P
» i stamps or money,
7- tr.trawr.Ts etc ; hUt, ,» ;.„ c#
f'V CoCi * Ju *
1,. NS N K'AN OFF! "K M
** wate.'se- tUm -r-ds, a-i
t owvou ax «_ue SXIUUL
BCinttl CKA9CCSL 1
fT»R SALE—AH ktnds of busineee chances,
large and smalt. Come and see us be
fore Our services may be
of some- \a!u»- to you. Mayer Realty Co..
£t. 31. 35 Tnton bloe-k.
F«"»R SALE—A splendidly located restaur
ant will so id »t a reasonable price.
For particulars -eo Mayer Realty Co..
S3, 34. 35 I'nion bk>"k.
FOR SALE—Bakery and restaurant: well
located and doing a good business. This
will bear the closest investigation.
Mayer Realty Co., 33. 34. E Union block.
FOR SALE—A 33-rocm lodging house,
w-H furnished and r»yyl location Only
parties wishing to twiy need inquire.
Mayer Realty Co.. 31, 34 ; IS Union bloek.
FOR SALE—A 23-room lodging house;
well located and Mayer Realty
Co.. 33. 34. 35 Union block.
FOR SALE—A splendidly located hotel,
with «3 rooms office on first floor. For
particulars see Mayer Realty Co., 33, 34,
3S Union block.
FOR SALE—A 15-room lodging house; cen
trally located. Mayer Realty Co., 33. 34,
35 Union block.
FOR SALE—A small c'.rar store; good lo
cation. Mayer Realty Co., S3. 34. A 5
Union block.
FOR SALE—cutar and fruit store doing
a irood b!isSnp-« Mayer Realty Co., 33.
34. 35 Union block.
FOR SALE—Saloon; ore of the hya
tions In the city. Call on Mayer Realty
Co.. 33 34. 35 I nlon bloc k.
BY DIRECTION of the superior court of
King county. I am prepared to receive
bids for the purchase of the plant and
stock-in-trade of :he Queen City Print
ing Company, now being operated by me
as a job and book priming business in
rooms i 4. 15. lfl and 17 Colman bullying.
First avenue. Seattle. Wash., where ths
property may b« seen. This ie an excel
lent opportunity to acquire a going busi
D. K. DURIB Receiver.
F'»R SALE—My business and stand st
Silverdale. just acrom the Sound from
Seattle; a good opening for one with a
small capital. Address W. T.. care Post-
business, with |25.f)0 or more net profits
weekly. For particulars (no agents)
address H. R care Post-Intelligencer.
FOR SALE—S2SO for a half interest in a
restaurant, with 15 large tables; every
thing complete and new ; restaurant man
preferred. 61 Hinckley block.
FOR SALE-Saloon, doing a big business;
very flno location; low retw. Owner must
evil on account of his health. F. M. Jor
dan. 5 and 6 Colonial block.
S3srt RCYS furniture of a R-room cottage,
just furnished; ev*ry article and
good; walking distance; also on car line.
Hinckley block.
F'OR SALE- 36 lodging houses: some spe
cial bargains; also a good 10-room resi
dence. 11,300. T. L Dahney. 406 New
York block.
F«»R SALE—S4SO; lodging house. 24 rooms;
16 furnished for housekeeping; good lo
cation; rent S2O. Prouty, sft7 New York
FOR SALK~-Saloons. restaurants, lodging
bouses ;<nd all kind* of b»i«inese chances.
Morgan's Exchange. Wl-2-S-4 New York.
FOR SALE—The neatest, cleanest, cheap
est lodging houses In Seattle, with long
lease. Dabney. 4»i€ New York block.
FOR SALE—3O-room lodging house: close
In: tine furniture. Morgan's Exehang-,
501-2-3 4 New York hloc-k.
Ifi.OOft buys business clearing $3,000 annually.
FOR SALE—Furniture and lease of 8-
room house; close in; fine location;
cheap; cftoice of several mining claims
and mine property— smelting, free mill
ing or placer prooosltions -in Oregon.
Washington and Alaska. Madlgan, 507
New York block.
SHINGIjE MILL OI'TFIT complete; to be
•«.ild at auction at Sherlcx-k (formerly
Maxfield) on Saturday afternoon. lSth
inst.. at 1:30 p. m. Particulars can be
obtained from E. Shorrock. 12 Haller
BILTJARD TABLE; also pool table; with
cues, rack and balls, complete: to be sold
at auction at Young's hotel. Olympla.
Saturday. !*>th Inst., at 11 a. m.; in ex
cellent condition.
ALT, KINDS of fine machinery &nd in
struments made and repaired: also pat
tern and experimental work, for inven
tors. H. Wagner, room 2S Sullivan build
FOR SALE—Cheap: moving picture ma
chine; nineteen films; Arnold's calcium
outfit: in eood condition. Address H. S.
care Post-Intelligencer.
OMNIBUS—One fine Broadway omnibus to
be sold at auction at Young's hotel.
Olvmpia. Saturday, l"th inst., at 11 a. m.;
in'tir-»t-class condition.
FRENCH RANOES and s'r-tlirbt stove flt
tincs manufactured by Varietv Iron
Works. Charles street and Railroad av
FOR s \T,E Eletr int furniture of 10-room
h >u? : private residence: dose In; rent
Pemberton, 315 Nations! Bank build
FOR SALE I.arere combination register,
suitable for three different lines of bu«l
--ne-s: sl2s.'M>. Empcrlum. 1204 First ave.
FOR SAI.E-One Steele harking «afe
double chronometer Write fo r nnrt<eii
lar* to W F. Qslt Walla W i|| n . Wash.
FOR SAT.E-A comnlete set of W*»t A
Co's Reporters' series, cheap. Allen A
Allen. Dexter Horton block.
TYPEWRITERS *okl. r> n?sd
and repaired at Smith-Premier Agency
V"! 22 Second avenue. Seattle.
FOR SALE —Cheap, «loop jo f (>nr -
f. ,>t » snt. 3 ton-< ap.icity Llfwellvn A
Ward. 120 Marlon street.
PAMBOO FT'RNITURK of all kinds"for
sale and mad# tr> order; latest styles.
1104 Second avenue.
FOR SALE—Roller ton rfevjt , n , ? , r>m r «
,-h it> Ci'l at 0.-cldental hotel barber
«tior Third avenue >ntr
F« »R S \LE- A complete -e; of h* r tlxf-jp.*
Incltt in* hose- and J-tneries atn
o-td avenue.
FOR SALE One pooj !w ,., ~,1
!-r\.r,*wtck-Balke table* street.
FOR SAI.E Thr*e r dler top ~~
d. r A Compton, 1212 Second ave r t. JP
F« »lt SALE-N tMor.-u «• <(<;, rTv
0 irk
\\ 11 SON'S MODERN BUSINESS c 01;..,,-
New Collins building. fc| e thorough"
practical select; individual desk* "^.l
«jhl te of cur kuperjority
Tel« jsbone. Main 4T«, '•
FRENCH AND IFAWish langttame. m
constant and A Bracons. Waahin*-
ton building. First avenue "
\\ -s 'N Modera Mu-t-ie-s c<t|ie7 !
£ ' . ■
JENNIE STEPHENS, ce', > r»i <
rontmlta PupU of Ism. n„
Chicago teacher* *t«dlo 3
1 i.v k ; ar.v x x-». in.«i rUtt ; an '
v ss R.'SE C. MITCHELL. mar.d
and guvar formerly ln*:ruct~r 1
Female college. H.-!y ke Mock '
~ - -
KLOCtmON—LA—« Jay Richly
Fourth avenue
ART. '
M ELLIOTT, art at. » Botto^
MHWf a i s.
i-l Ji STODDARD r-*i j, r ,< r . n ; A ,
Ph f >ne r Black SU.
art--, r- •AUU
F. «*. Cui i . boot bttirtsr. XsM(
S\\ APS CL< »SE IX rxw residence and
two fine lots. J3.s'*>.
15-acr.- garden, modern bouse. fine or
chard. one m'Se end of car hne. green
etc.. J2.SW.
5-acre warden, T-z sere? small fruit, im
proved house, etc., one mile end of car
Tin*, rum.
Lot Tm'.y} two 6-room houses, modem, on
Terrv avenue, s2.<*»'.
5f A DIG AN yc New Y'-k Blo^k.
F<~'R RALE—for M® lots. «xl» e-a>~n.
en best parr of Seattle tld« land, rail
road and shipping fedßtiea; adapted for
every kind of minufacturine; th-'Pe will
be more advance in "his property than
anything offered in the market. George
I>orflfel. IIS Columbia street, Haller block.
CITT PROPERTY. timber lands, fru.t
and farm lands, equities, mortgages,
mines and gt>cd business chances bought
and sold; money loaned on first-class
property; Investments made for non
residents. Kellogg ft Dabney. 217 Colum
bia street.
REAL ESTATE bought, sold or exchang
ed; residence and business. Hty property,
ranches timber lar.d« acreage property,
business chance*. equities. The real es
tate man. Madlgan. 507 New York block.
FOR SALE— Houses and lots In all parti
of ihe city, on installments. lets on easy
payments; wtll build to suit; Hotel Mi
drona for sale or rent; rare bargains. T.
H. Pempaey. WT-g Seattle Nat. bank bid*.
FOR SALE—I3O feet square, nicely located
on the northeast corner of Pine and Sev
; enth avenue; price fS.OOO. Inquire Mrs.
M. J. Wright, 1415 Fou-th avenue, be
tween Pike and Union streets.
Thurston counties; excellent fruit land;
easily cleared and Bicely situated for
farms; favorable terms. Tacoma Mill
Company, Tacoma. Wash.
deal in your real estate, list your prop
erty with us. as we have ca-h b .vers for
houses and vacant lots. F. A. Virtue ft
Co.. 310 Burke block.
WANTBD— Purchaser for two choice lots
in Renton addition; finest on Ronton hill;
beautiful view of lake and Sound. M. L.
Baer. 401 and 402 New York block.
! ■
1 REAL ESTATE bought and sold; good
bargains In all classes of property.
Charles E. Bumslde, 422-424 Burke build
ing. Telephone Green 621.
i ——— —————
LARRI3 CAIN. 31 Hinckley block, general
real estate business, cares 'or property
for non-residents, taxes paid. Now Is the
time to list your property.
DANA S. REX, the kid real estate man—
Real estate, loans and all kinds of busi
ness chances; correspondence solicited.
61 and 52 Hinckley block.
FOR BARGAINS In first-class business
or residence property in Seattle, apply
to the owners. H. H. Dearborn ft Co.,
room 12 Occidental block.
FOR SALE—Houses and lots; acre proper
ty and timber claims. Morgan's Ex
change, 501-2-3-4 New York block.
FOR SALE— I Choice hop land on Skagit
river: large or small tracts. C. W. Cook.
72# Pacific avenue. Tacoma.
FOR SALE—Business block on First ave
nue; a bargain. McDermott ft Jacobaen.
110 Washington building.
FOR SALE—High-class residence and
business properties. Preston. 601 Seattle
National building.
LLEWELLYN ft WARD. 1» Marlon; gen
eral real estate and rental agents; list
property with us.
FOR SALE—tt,son.o0 —Seven-room house;
finest view in the city. No. • Beacon
SEATTLE property and ttmber lands.
Kellogg ft Dabney. 217 Columbia. Seattle.
No. 301. New York block. Seattle.
REAL ESTATE and timber lands. Dorr
ft Co.. room A. Bailey building.
sfio AORES coal land. F. M. Guye 1215
NOTICE Is hereby given that the annual
meeting of the stockholders of the Kaslo
Montezuma Mining and Milling Company
will be held at the office of Struve, Allen,
Hughes ft McMlcken. room 320. Bailey
building. Seattle. Washington, on Tues
d ly. the 2Sth day of December, 1897, at 2
o'clock p. m.
Secretary. Kaslo Montezuma Mining and
Milling Company.
NOTICE Is hereby given that the regular
annual meeting of the stockholders of
the Seattle National Bank will he held
in the banking room of said hank on
Tuesday. January 11. IS3S, at 3.30 p. m.,
for the election of directors and such
other business as may properly be
brought before It. S. FOSTER KEL
LEY. Cashier.
NOTICE is hereby given that the annual
meetincr of the stockholders of the Seattle
Traction Company will be held at the
company's office. Fifth avenue and Pine
ftreet. Seattle. Wash., on Tuesday. Janu
ary 4, IW, at 3 o'clock p. m.
Sec. Seattle Traction Co.
annual meeting of the stockholders of
the First National Bank of Seattle will
be held at the offices of the bank, on
Tuesday. January 11 at R p. m., for
the election of <Mreetor« and such other
business as may properly come before it.
OOMPOSITION—We ars now prepared to
do composition for the trade (any meas
ure) in Nonpareil. Minion. Brevier and
Long Primer. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Call or addreas Post-Intelligencer. Seat
manufacturers, business houses and
public men by the Press Clipping Bu
, reau Allen's* room 42 McKay buildlnr
Portland. _Or
SPECIAL SALE on rose bushes for ten
davs: all leading varieties Malmo Seed
Store. Second avenue, near Madison.
vk>M:>«.KK M in KET
RING THE "O K ' BOX for mes-enrera.
Western Cnlon and Great Northern tele
grama hacks, gurneys and express
wagons, quick service Telephone Main
ISO «14 Second Branch Pic!n 0 Lain"
MIM KI I \M:o| v
A. P RANDALL A CO.. carpenters,
jobbers; glazing; screen,.. windows and
doom Telephone. Green <U4 £$
»treet v *
i \ « i.w HI i ntv
TYPEWRITERS Try the n-w ball-bear
ing Densmore. new mode! Osiigraoh or
new No. 4 Yost before , urc * typ£
writer t-eattl« rvpewriUr L». ha'n*e.
r.» First avenue l M.
lt\ i IX. IMI I LE \M\,.
I AT! AS PYE \VV.(;KS. r-,r .'« qSBB=
bia street. Phar.e, Black i
ond Telephor:» Ked 1
«roi \T % \T*.
L v HOLMEA oun- w.--Ha g
ana ..o*eU, L-.-uk* aud.ted coilevtuoa
Mctnp iy attended to. Ro«r» juj Bauer
building *
K *>«oa keeper. m
u<h»k anoino.
W< k. Lt.AU -:.o I.:yt PeOGMakMl; Sn
tcg pruap«;tu«s *e4 cett... l4t ,, .
acuity. \letr>pt>iaan Pri-iu* !J
bind.ng Company. Abater H.rtvo Ban*
fOTOM\rMi< n*i IES.
C. W PAiIKFR A f:#h ; arer arJ
piata*. eveo'thin# uaed 1,- 4 p t. )to L_
corner avenue > 'h-irv
UJlf» UD IH> i > U(»RK<I!
PA' It Iv. ItAiLiNd AND i'LATI Vrt
Wotka minion
111 ' » I'HIMIM,. ~ |
▲DAMS, C o.tnan block. U ACtU. .t*
|rt»ufit trawls*.
E BUT and sell all kinds of stocks and
bonds, a so make aberal advances on in
terest paying bonds and stocks: we also
are open for propositions in good mir.tn*
Mayer Realty and Financial
Co., ~3-34-33 Ctiion blockl
L iS ERAL advances on valuables—
Warenes. diamonds and warran's at low
r3 Ur.c.-> J>e Loan Of'tcr. 517 Second.
fW.ton.W ASSETS—MutuaI Be-efl: I.ifs
leans Hon ,- ,?„ n its policies.
Angus VT Yoar.g, 119 Washlr.gron Mock.
nißts and b nds hought and sold. Dorr
* A.0.. room A. Bailey building.
TO U)AX-n.m jmn on approved
«ty proper'v. Wm. P. Harper. Dexter
Horton Bank bonding.
buUdlr^ iocr * J " F^"€r - Agent. Bailey
the Thomas investment co..
Smith btock: mortgage .oans and fire in
wurtir. ce.
HERBERT 3,. rppFR make.* loan 9 on
b*ocJc and Umb « r !and - U Scbeuenman
" V l bought and sold.
a fie Co " 501 New Tork block *
, »^*'n T!fWE LL. loans and insur
'■S Bos-on block; Main
l OAN—si ,m n t 9 per cent. GroH A
Damus. !■>> Madison street.
TO LOAN— fi. 100 at 9 per cent. Groll A
L amus. Kb Madison eKreet. _______
EDMUND HOWDEN. financial agent.
Horron Bank building.
C ?ir L -^ T KRAL BANK—Money loaned.
106 Cherry.
MONEY TO LOAN—F. J. Fot*er. Colo
nial block.
LOANS—Mrs. Patrick, 704 New York
VALENTINE SCRIP for sale. S2 Boston
— 1
DR. GEORGE M. HORTON. physician and
■nrgcon. removed to rooms 302 and 103
Bailey building, corner Second avenue
and Cherry.
DR. FLEISCHER Specialty, surgery,
genlto-urtnary and female diseases. Of
fice. Washington block. 706 First avenue,
DR. MILES removed to 323 Bailey build
ing. Black *9l. Residence, 612 Pika
street; burr 651. _
DR. CALHOUN. Starr-Boyd block. Tele
phone. Main 891.
DR. SARAH KENDALL. Holyoke block.
Telephone, Green SSL
DR. VEBER. Washington block. Tele
phone. Red 251.
DR. ANNIE RUSSELL. 56 Roxwell bulld
DR. lOT SMITH, 11. 12. 13 and 14 Hinck
ley. Telephone, Maui Sm, residence.
Main 97.
DR. C. L. NELSON—Residence. 1111 Third
avenue; office Collins block. Tel Red 1.341.
JOHN D. WHITE. D. D. S.. removed to
rooms 630-632 Burke building.
building. Front street.
George e. Thompson! d! d! iC
Burks block.
ALBIN & SMITH—TeI.. Black 1,128, Sul-
Uvan block.
D I. BURKHART, D. D. a Third and
C. A. HOLMES DPS. Colman building.
DR. A. B. KIBBE, oculist, aurlst and
physician for diseases of the throat: re
moved to rooms 3M-327 Bailey building,
corner Second and Cherry streets.
DR. BTILLSON, eye. e*r. rose and throat;
removed to No. 8 Hinckley.
DR. WHTTS. eya and ear. Pioneer bldg.
LADlES'—Chichester's English Penny-
Toyal Pills (Diamond Brand), are the
best. Safe. Reliable. Take no other.
Send 4c. stamps, for particulars. "Relief
for Ladles." in letter by return mail. At
druggists. Chichester Chemical Co.
HANNA. expert chiropodist? Parlors r?
moved to Burke building; reception room
336 All competitors challenged.
cured; new method; and manicure.
Flr*t avenue.
SKRITUAL i N's'rrn tk I Healing
teaching and developing for mediumship.
Dr. Chesoro. manager; Mrs. Ch<shro
seer. Spiritual and business readings
dally. Public circle? Mon.. Thur., S p.
m. Room Seattle Nat. Bank building.
MRS. E. EMMETT. the South African
dlum. In her wonderful clairvoyant fight,
reveals past. present and future; con
sult her; reading". 50c. Rooms 22 and Zi,
til Second evenue.
MISS PERKY. 19 Enter block. 813 Second
second floor; greatest known card and
planet reader; palmistry; if in trouble do
not fail to see her; your fortune for H.
MRS. CLARK Medium: card reader
magnetic treatment. Room 11, second
floor. Brunson hotel, 905 First avenue.
MADAM ESPERANZA, clairvoyant life
reader, busin -ss advice. Kennebec block
6><i Yesler way. room 1.
PLEASE CALL and see the wonderful
clairvoyant, Mme. Francisco. 1416 Sec
ond avenue, near Pike.
MRS. SWAN, m Second: baths; rheuma
tism and nervousness cured.
MISS A. WITH INS 421 Pik< Room 1
FRED 11. PKIEKSON. attorney and
counselor. Rooms 1-3 Olympic block.
PRATT * RIDDLE, at law.
rooms SPP-310-tll Bailey building.
Mlcfcen Bailey building.
ANDREW F BURLEIGH, attorney at
law 22* Burke building.
Occidental Vlart
W D LAMBUTH, Seattle National Bank
T H CANN —41? Pioneer. Tel.. Pu.-k uto.
W HAYS* ""Me s <2? ' -• N wt rk blk.
HltX>tA. ROOT. 10-14 Roxwell building.
M V V • • V ry r w
ADAMS to itnau block. Seattle. solicitor
of United States and Canadian patents
Expert P • r.t rff ee. IT- ran! t! dr tw
and rrtn'lnv* *"•■■»-».» rr^rk*
t» «IM«i STOCK.
I HAVE purchasers b; the Ki-t for g od
properties. tail or
write H B. it ~n . New \o"k Mfc
MINING SHARES •I"op.s ? ra, cheap
ynai>. Christian. blc^k.
A. L N ' v * r 114 V. riar w ,v
it i *m» t «>i i> * run *i,f„
Coeapar.y foot of Union
otur<-» cry?:a: ic» frotr d *t{,ied wtttr.
SKTr.I.INGS & .**NER • ;• •'"architect
WorM s ?a ! r.> Purk» by idtng.
T J' 'SENHANS arcHt-c-. 4:S-4;» PWnef.
«turned from Klondike*; can furnish re
liable data of mines, trail snd outfitting
for #l. Call upon or address Frank L
s'irr.s. Attorn#v at Law. Seattle Ni
"•'Tal Bark building. Seattle. Wash.
ANDERS<.">N'S new ma? of A'asks and
N-»rthw*»-<: territory, just ls?u-d: "ales;,
b#* and .nost complete mat'; rinely litho
srapned an.' color»j; post pi Hi. ccn.s.
0 P. Anderson Map and Bhie Print Co..
Occidental block. Seattle. I". S. A.
the Yukon river—A mining and mechan
-1 ->1 ■ nginter has i sur< method urd ma
<-h rifs for penetrating and working
froz.-n ground; can sink prospect hoies
to b.d
ot»;ain pure water from below the ice
cap. He desires to meet a few reliable
with s!.'») or Pi.i'OO to fem a com
pany and purchase the ma- hines and
materials; he desires to leave Boston
early in February and Seattle by the
first reliable steamer in April or May.
For further Information address En
gineer. No. 10 Batavia street. Boston,
claim m Hunter creek, in Hunter
creek mining district of Alaska, and one
on Hoosier creek, in satr.e district, can
be bought singly or together; price.
511 <*X» each; titles here, with a No. 1
bond for delivery for double the purchase
price. 418 Washington building.
FX»R SALE—J2.MO; two undivided half in
terests in mining claims on Hoosier and
Dawson creeks, near Rampart City. Yu
kon river. Alaska. Titles here- N. A.
' ellne, 1102 Second avenue.
Eldorado creek. Klondike. M. L. Baer,
and 402 New York block.
WANTED—PIacer >•; Urn- to work on
shares or by contract in Alaska or Ca
nadian territory; we already have con
tracts and want others; our men so
North in February; our company is or
ganized under tho laws of Michigan, and
references of the very highest can be
furnished as to the honesty and ability
of every man in the company: if you
want to avoid the terrible climate of
Alaska and have your claims worked on
shares by men who will be hon-:st with
you In every particular, address, with
full particulars, to W J. Hopkins. Sec
retary. P. o. Box S2. St. Clair, Mich.
do nothing better for their sons and
daughters than to leave them at Vashon
College while their home is broken up.
Special care given to boys under 16 years.
Number limited to 14. Catalogue and
other information by addressing Presi
dent A. C. Jones, Ph. D.. Burton. Wash.
KLONDlKE—Steamboat engineer from
the East will join parties building steam
boat and furnish machinery. Squires, 42
Dexter Horton building.
F. BHI*TE & CO.. 1010 Second avenue,
opposite Rlalto. Complete mining out
fits furnished: lowest prices; high-crade
goods; estimates given; special rates to
parties of ten or over.
GAS ENGINES for Klondike or any other
place; stationary or marine. Geo. Sintz,
_J3O7 Western avenue.
VESSELS for Alaska trade. Sale or char
ter. Tracy H. Robertson, 64 Sullivan
DYEA headquarters for furniture. We
manufacture on the spot eighteen kinds
of mattresses. We charter steamers and
do <ell fur less than freight costs others.
F. W. Hart.
DOGS suitable for Alaska for sale.
Trained and untrained. Apply to or ad
dress Se. ttle-Yukot* Dog Co., 9u3 West
ern avenue.
DYEA. ALASKA, is booming: stores cen
trally located, for sale or rent. F. W.
Hart. Hotel Butler. 7 p. m.
WANTED—To charter steamer for Dyea;
capacity, 100 to 300 tons. Brownelle, Ho
tel Butler, 4 p. m.
WANTED—lnterest in portable sawmill;
capa ity. 5.000 to 10.000. F. W. Hart, Hotel
Butler, 7 p. m.
W. H. MILLS--1 have good news for you.
Call at Y. M. C. A. L G. D»y.
lection of cheap steamships for -ale. suit
»Me to run between Seattle and Ala«ka
Steam vessel circular. Samuel liotmes
fe Broad street. N«;w York.
FOR SALE—Small steamer; lenjjfh 43 feet
heam feet, speed *>;. milen .drift 4
fe<*t. 2 years old; suitable for Alask 1
prospecting". Address Harris & Hose-
Port Blakeley. Wash.
FOR SALE The staunch stern-wheel
stc-amer Clan McDonald; especially
adapted for river work. For particulars
inTilre of Lilly. Bogardus A fp.
London—Organized ISW. Assets $lO 000 -
0(6. Fire losses promptly adjusted Ed
mund Bowden. Horton bank bulld
CHARLES WATSON. Insurance. Stt 903
SI" 1 *>L New York bull(sJn »- Telephone,
Main 408.
BURNS A ATKINSON. general Insur
ance. 14 Boston block.
ance. Haller block. ,Mur
WATERHOrSE A BEACH." insurance.
A Colman iulldlng.
HANFORD A STEWART, Insurance. *r?
Pioneer building.
CALHOUN A CO., general insurance
Olj mplc block.
Vark block. _ .
engineers and contractors; bridge build
ing. dredging. harbor improvements and
feneral contracting. Cnarles street and
"irst avenue south.
of bridges for railroads end highways
file driving ir srie and wharf bulldin*'
TO BOAT BUILDERS—Wanted to ""con
tract with responsible builders tor the
construf tion of MM or m re it'am btfM
ab >ut 60 feot in length and IS th* 1 fc# ,~
either wood or steel construction suit
s', ie for the \ uk >r. riv>»r. boats to
hv r .1 «-..mp>te it the month of" ti#»
Yukon. Ala k.in Bonanza .M .nir.tr Trirt
t '°- " ' Aa *«»
First Jg* **9* m mZ
CHOY CHUNO CO 1413 S-cmd. between
Ph- art Uni»n Pr c■ « r duced
kind.- i:» Third «treet_
I t HK l»ll lU l llv "
TURKISH and Ru.-sUn bitbt; two n-jt
rooms; open ail m<ht; good »le-
r'» ni> lli Columbia.
UMBRELLAS Manufactured. recovered
and repaired; general repairing. 2ij
1 iimtiU street Robeaon Bros
Ul\ t H US WRI ( Kl.lt.
A. O BENJAMIN Sitr.d pumps for rsji
■lslas ka— im. stark, Hi MmU*mA **"S_
HAli WAY A.V 1 ST£.Aji-Hil' iiCKiirS
Tickets to and from ati parts of m*
world at reduced rates; rates to
all Eastern and European points. C. E.
Thurston. I'** Cherry_strget 1 _ j _ —
111* MllUi.*.
avmue improvement."
Not;-e 15 hereby given that sealed pro
posals w il be received by the undersigned
secretary of she hoard of mib. e works of
fup ciiv o* up to - o clov'k p. TH..
Monday. l*o. ?7ih. l«7. for the ln*rrow
n-, t of Nob Hill Avenue, from John to
\loha Streets, by , constructing a pipe
S. wer along said avenue between saui
points together with all necessary open
ing* wves. manholes, lamphoies. venti
lator- flush ins tanks and catch basins, as
provide*! by ordinance No. creatln*
toeftl inprovtw th rid N*. W
accordance with the plans and specula
tions now on rile in the office of the board
of public works.
Bach bid must be accompanied by a cer
tified check, payable to the order of the
cttv comptroller, for a sum not less than
live (5) per cent, of the bid. and no b.d
will he considered unless accompanied by
5 The successful bidder will be required to
enter into a contract and furnish satis
factory bond for the ami.am required by
the cttv charter and the laws of the state
of Washington, within ten days after be
ing notified of the award of the contract
to him: failing to do so. the said check
and the amount fixed iherein will be for
feited to the city. No person s eligible
as a bidder who has within two years prior
to the letting of said contract made
default in payment of any just claim
for anv work or labor performed or any
-kill or material furnished pursuant to
anv such contract as herein advertised, or
who within said two years failed to com
plete any such contracts.
Special attention is called to article xxiii.
of the city charter as now in force, relat
ing to "hours of labor," and to article
vIL. section 31. subs. 1 and 2. relating to
bonds and sureties.
The board of public works reserves the
right to reject anv and all bids.
Proposals must be indorsed on envelope:
"Bid for Nob Hill Improvement."
Bv order of the board of public works.
Acting Secretary.
Date of first publication. Dec. ltith, 1597.
urer's Notice.
Notice is hereby given that the second
annual Installment of local improvement
district No. 111. lor the Improvement of
East Street and Twenty-second Avenue. In
the City of Seattle, from Yesler Avenue to
Remington Avenue <or Ha relay Street),
under the provisions of ordinance No. 3949.
which provides for the improvement of
said street by grading, sidewalking and
parking said street and avenue between
said limits, and providing for the payment
therefor In Installments and establishing a
fund for such payment by the levying and
collection of special assessments upon the
property benefited by the improvement,
and providing for the issuance of bonds as
authorized by an act of die leghdaturo of
the Sta;e of Washington, approved March
Dth, 1593. and under the provisions of or
dinance No. 3349. approved Ma> 7th. lv.'4,
as amended by ordinance No. 3440. approv
ed July 11th. has 1-een duly certified
to me for collection, and i.ie respective
sums therein charged and levied against
each parcel and lot of land, and part
thereof, in said district, in payment of
such installment, remains unpaid, and the
same, including the interest on the whole
amount charged, must be paid on or be
fore the 14th day of January, IS9S. Unless
payment be made on such in
stallment on or before the 14th
day of January, Pf>S, the same shall
become delinquent, and shall bear interest
at the rate of 9 per cent, per annum until
paid, and if not paid before said time.
penalty of five ("•> per cent, shall be added,
and tlie sums delinquent shall be entered
on the annual tax roll for the current year
against each lot and parcel of land, and
part thereof, so delinquent, and with the
Interest and penalty snail be collected as
other taxes, together with such additional
charges or penalties as are authorized to
bo charged and collected on other delin
quent taxes, and each lot or parcel of land
so delinquent shall be sold for the amount
of such assessment, with interest, penalty
and costs, in the manner provided by law.
City Treasurer of the City of Seattle.
Date of Ist publication, December 14th,
tice of Assessment Roll of Local Im
provement District No. 14-1. for the im
provement of Yesler Way. in tiie City of
Seattle, from First Avenue to Western
Avenue, under Ordinance No. 4t>23. and
hearing thereon.
Notice is hereby given that the assess
ment roll of Local Improvement District
No. 144. for the improvement of Yesler
Way in the City of Seattle, from First Av
enue to Western Avenue, under Ordlnanro
No. 4t>.3, h is been reported by the Board
of Ihiblie Works to the City Council of the
City of Seattle and is now on tile in the
office of the City Clerk and the same is
now open for public inspection at said of
nce and will remain open for inspection un
til Monday, the third day of January. IMW,
at live o'clock p. m., and all persons inter
ested a»'e hereby required to appear before
the City Council at a sc««ion thereof to bo
held In the Council Chamber in the City
Hall, on the third day of January. 189$. at
7:30 o'clock p. m., and make objections
thereto. At said time eo fixed the City
Council will consider any and all objections
made and will make such corrections in
said roll as it deems iust, and will then by
Ordinance approve such roll and levy and
ass* ss me amounts thereof against each
parcel and lot of land shown in said roil
and declare the same a first Hen thereon.
Said matter may be adjourned to a later
date if so ordered by the City Council.
City Comptroller and ex-officio City Clerk
of the City of Seattle.
Date of first publication, December 8
tice of Assessment Roll of Local Im
provement District No 133 fur tua im
provident of Jefferson Street, in t:-e City
of Seattle, under Ordinance No. 406,1 and
hearing thereon.
Notice is hereby given that the assess
ment roll of Local Improvement Dis'rlet
No. 133. for the improvement of Jefferson
Street, in the City of Seattle, under Ordi
nance No. 47.63. has been reported by the
Hoard of Public Works to the City Council
of the City of Seattle and Is now on file
In the office of the City Clerk and the same
is now open for public inspection at said
office and will r* main open for inspection
until Monday, the 3d day of January Ivis
at five o'clock p. nr. and all persons inter
estedare hereby required to appear before
the City Council at a session thrreof to be
held in the Council Chambers in th* Citv
Hall, on the .'id day of January. 18M at 7 30
0 clock p. m„ and make objection* thereto
At said time so tix*d the Council will con
sider any and all objections made and will
make inch corrections iri said roil as It
deems Just and will then by Ordinance a i>-
roll and levy and asses, the
amounts thereof against each parcel and
lot of and «h-.wn in -aid r..1l and deciare
n ?, ' l, n hereon. Said matter
may be tdjourned to a later date if »o or
d« red by th- City f'tmnoH.
CU oMh^ ! rHv of SeS^" 1^
T>atf of tirst publication. December 8. 1x97.
amendment No. 1 resolution and
proposition to imend Subdivision 32 of
Section Ih of Article IV of tne city char
ts and ior he submission of such pro
posed amendment to the qualified voters
of the city a: thf> nf-xt general election.
I', i r. hy the I'lty t ..uncil if.,.
« ■ t>- of Jvattlf-:
That Subdivision r. of Section 12. of Ar
'-■ii t\ of the «'ity ('barter, be amended
so -is to read as follows
w".T = n rt th*r'w , » l T e° tax. confine
1v rA ~?■ 1 nil p| a , », to be
rV r J , rOUn< ? ll TTcycrlbed. and to oth
er* i-»- r< v-uKi v th<- -e11!,,,, ~r i.-'virir
of »nto,leai ltijj. - n!W.vinou, y
lectin!, ft rrJ ir T IhjUOT-. ; U )d the col
",' n . ' Pf. hc'-r money therefrom r« r
1! !tb2' 1V : ' rovi "'- 5 that no M
r L grant.d to anv per-on or
I ■ r.~on. s\h,» Hi.ail not ?:r«r complv with
K rr r Vr„ w "" ™"> r '' '
17 si-;:
' r " I,n "» h: ■■ he-1 by the f'niKvl Stn'.«
• '' e U U irfh } ° r "I Ht l n "' shall in
I. ... ••. *****
!;»-r »I !/ws Of th TL?"u Wio 5 by
or huMnets of like r h ,r , ho 'J : '*s
mb-sion of « lirh lioen* "h« Mb. "m T *~
two ! rpiJi.i! - " 1 ' lh4n
And b- it further reived that , h „ f
aim<n.im*nt u ,n.t «*me l» he£l
u ;.*'J .' V for , th ' ir ratifi.Mt-on or re
hHd M.reh »>«■'""< "> t
lK^,^('.r ,h L,- ,ty V°' ( lr "" i! "'h day of
' ■" T „ 1K \ ar "! k '>' in otv n
•■ or <n autiM-ntb-.-if r, , » ' n
thi- Uth day of December. \«r.' l
, , ' K CRfrHTON
I'.r,-. „mp,, MBV.
p *m IML 0 l-itik.
1,11 «
T : X'?*:*' BS*FNESREJ "
r N . »?• *;H'h M :
a; ffiSsß
est.?lMsb - , f-.a L:
„V , I " ;ls •'iuthoiilM 7%5"
of !.e .- g .>. uure of the J?
tir.. appni March s*h 1«
the pi v-mui > 0 f o rdinanciv **2®:
proved May 7th. a» X&jfS
ranee No. ) H -. approved jM*?
b*-.-n duly certified to
; and the respective TiiiTji fat<,Z J
sr. • Nn.st;-)mie»r i
same, including the "• m
tf. ...th :!> n! January ism
annum until paid, and It rL*l2**l'
I sa d ; me. a penalty of n V i»
sha j be added and %1
shall be , ntered on the
I lh f , ;» rr ";t >'? r 'Sainst
eel of lai .1, ind part thereof «ajs*l*B
and. W:th the ;ntere*» m V 1
j be collected as other" taxts
such additional charts
authorized to lie charpjrf ..rl^Slfcß
0.1„ r r, *S;g d a ss»«l
parcel of l n ,l so delinquent
for the amount of such , ««lB
interest penalty and cosu.
provided by law.
City Treasu! re- R o7fhf I
Of Ist publication,
TSLKFW'I: " " TTA . C "'««SSS|
( 111 That it is the Intention of tharw J
Seattle to improve Washtett-! I2<B
from Fifth Avenue South
South, by the construction Vln , *?»■
pipe sewer of proper
said portion of said street with
sary wyes, openings. manbokV iseTSe
ventilators and catch basins.' *"*■
t2) That the cost thereof be n>u w I
sessments to bo levied upon
abutting upon said jvonloa of
ington Street, under the plan nf -1. ■
ate payment." In the manner ptwStß
the charter and ordinances of th»rSllß
(3) That the City Engineer t* <br«eM «■
furnish to the City Oouncil an
the co-t of -aid improvement
(t) That the matter of nu|ri Mnyk l
provement will be consiUeredb?
Council at a session thereof to h* Er*B
the Srd day of January. !«s§, at T-#
P. M.. at which tiuie all T*rianj
to be heard la'fore the City Coub?!k2B
matter of making said ioiprare»«V 1 1
notified to be present.
Passed the City Council the 13th
December, IW. and signed by me IbhJl
session in authentication of itj
this 13th day of December, I*7,
President of I
Filed by me this 13th day or Dmm. I
1897. wnjJt paSTI
City Comptroller & Kx-officio ntyfiwi ■
of first publication, Deeea6e|l
the City Council of the City of Sntfrafl
(1) That it is the Intention of the i> t ■
Seattle to Improve Main Street froa Psß
Avenue South to Eighth Avenue
replanklag the Intersections thereof wl
the South one-half of the roadway tb«rJH
<2) That the cost thereof be puMMssl
assessment to be levied upon the pntmß
abutting upon said portloh of sxMmH
Street, under tlie plan of "imme4i«MM»l
ment." in the manner pro\lded
Charter and Ordinances of the Cltyof i^B
(3) That the City Engineer be <!tneM«l
furnish to the City Council an estlMfefH
the cost of said improvement. '■
(4) That the matter of makinf nM
provement will be considered by tht Cajß
•.'outicil at a session thereof to he
the 3rd day of January. at TJ(o'ckaH
P. M.. at which time all persons Mrlw»■
he beard before the City Council upon "«■
matter of making said improvemew aal
notified to be present. ■
Passed the City Council the
De<-. mber, IW. and signed hy me in
session in authentication of Its panaH
this 13th day of December, IW. H
President of the City Cswd ■
Piled by me this ISth day of DecesUtH
City Comjitroller & Ex-offlclo City CKrt ■
Hate or first publication, December !»■
lowing city warrants will be. paid tgaß
presentation it the city treasurersß
Interest on Riild warrants will cttMt:!
the expiration of fifteen flays from'heluß
of the first publication of this noties: ■
Washington street, ordinance So. U& B
Warrants Nns. 321 to .T«i. inclusive. ■
City Treasurer of the City of Seittk ■
Date of first publication, Pec. W, MM. I
lowing mare with colt,
In the city pound Monday, November!■
I»'C. will Of sola at public auction to
highest bidder for cash In haM. tasaß
cost of Impounding and advertising,
unlay, December 18. ISi»T. at 1# o'fSdß
a. m., at tbe front do<ir of iwlire kai-fl
quarters, corner Third avenue and !»■
ler way: ■
One buckskin mars with colt, biratH
wnit« mane arid tall, age, 7 years. ■
The owner of'the above described WH
and colt being unknown tome. • I
C. S. REED Chl-'f Of I
Data of first publication. Dec. 5. w»- B
lowinar descrUK'il horse, placed lntlwf*rß
pound Saturday, Deeei. t»er 11. b* **J
be sold at public auction to the Wp*B
bidder for cash in hand, to p*f
impounding and advertising.
I)f cember lv<7. Nt l rt o'clock a
the front d-«or of police headquarter* **"■
ner Third avenue and Tester way: I
On#> bay horse. »» yeans old. havun r«PB
mane and small saddle marks on bacs- I
The owner of the above desefwed ■** I
being unknown to me. „ I
C. S HEED. Chief of POMg- I
fbv. firs; pubiifarkm. D^__^^SSeß
I'ountv of Washington.—»B > ■
1 •• 1.1 t| matter pf the e«it"tejfaewg
Woessner, deceased. No. J.2W- ° r .. ,i I
mo iKage ot v*
Estate. , j
Otto I- I.anckab' I. the admlnlntrawv
the estate of John Woessner.
having filed his petition in this covrt,
verified, praying for an order of thwj '
for the sale or mortgaging of tte f*» ■
tate , f w hi h the n)'l <b eeas. d d!ed
for the purpose* therein set „j
And it appearing to the court from»«j
petition that the. personal estate «
said derea-. .1 in the hands of saWI
tnitor is not sufficient to pay the ' j
ngains. the - , t and the
ttie administration thereof, and t.n*
ne'-essary to >« .1 or mortgage »U *
tiori of the real r-tate of th<- sain
to pay the s.iid < iairns and
administration. And it appeanPf
court that said petition conforms to. *
in aceor-lane« with the requlreßWfl» t%
law in such . as" made »nd provide* ( (f .
ordered r>y. th" eottrt that all pefSOP*
ested in the est ite of the said
pear bef. r- said -uperlor court on f™JJ
the 31 - t day >f I ■-mt>rr. f#l. a '
of .» .m O'. io( k In the forenoon of .
at the court room of the probate
ment of -aid suj ti >r court. In tb>- ' •
Seattle, in said Kir:g county. tM« S
tiiere to show call-'-, if any they ha
an order of th •> court should not w
ed to said adrniM trator
empowering him to sell or 0
said real es'ate of said decea*fc
much ther- ot .1 may be necessary
the afore -aid .la m and expens«J s
m nlstration. P further orderefl
copy of th s ord-r to show cause
lished at bast four #
fore »h»* s.iid il ' <iav of Decern
the s« it tie !S*-ne«*. *
per printed and p-io!i.-hed in »*»
of King, and of * w ral • j rc "'? t !,° y of V*
I Kit f It' ojK'ii c& rt this Ist day
cvmUr, 1 W%J hickMAN
J.el-'e f - : i Superior
S-afe ~f vv n m. • ounty of I M-a■*
1, Oe.irge M Il'.iiowajr, county
ex-officio cl» rk of ti.e superior co J tM
Kitig countv. do hereby certify
fori going is a ' . : true -nd r*rre«£g
of an original ».rd-r to show
bv caid court on tiie Ist ds» or
PV7. in the matt-r of the estate « ««
Wo*«*n<-r. de.-P-isod. ,„.i /rf «•*
Witn. s, my btnrt and th«
court thin 'sr of Decnnoer,
(Sea! t (JKO M HOI.LO^
*- vu. u. HJUiriJk*. Utrnm

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