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Lard Today.
Tla*> »©-». Ttmm. SO.lh.Ttaa. IMh Tlsa.
He. ««• WA SS-iO.
We Mat* theee prieee la order to slvo every *ae aa oypoi Ia-
«f trrlax oar C. 4 L. broad of Mrletly pare Lard. If aot per
aatlsfaetory. mom+y will lie refaadedL
leather eeaelgraaaeat at rafT
Seee iatloa ilm boiea, per hex. dm ceata, aa lea* mm «fcer taat.
a* jm aid im rout Avanaaoim. ikattls, waml
A A Suggestion or Two
W When you are oat shopping we trouM
like to have you look over our
Don't for get that we have Lowney'a
Delicious Chocolate Bonbons and Gun
tiler's Fine Candies fresh from the Ea*t.
Remember, too, that when you are dowr.
town stopping you can get a cup of Beef
Tea, Chocolate or Coffee at our fountain
for i> cent*.
FREE-—We shall have some Holly to
give away. Call and get some.
Stewart & Holmes Drug Co.
A Commodious and Fast Sailing Steamer Will
And every ten »isvs thereafter, taking freight
sad passengers,
fir VM Oat There. St. Michaet* island. Alaska. mouth of the Tukon rlvsr. rnak
t| MBMCtloas with the river steamers Wears, Cudahy. Hamilton. Kealy, Power
tal Petti for Circle City. Mlaook Cre eh. Fort Cudahr and Klondike sold
Reservations for passage or freight on steamers
may now be secured by making a deposit.
ffcaar aa* quarts mines bought sad e eld. Investmecta tn mining property
Bala, aavtag expense of tending agents. Our agents aad experts are on the
paaad. and have been for years.
W# will Issue letters of credit on our ermpany at its posts—Circle City. Alaska,
Ml fart Cudahy. Dawson City and Kioa diks gold fields. Northwest Territory—at
titer** ef I per cent.
Urf* stocks of supplies of all kin da will be found at Fort Qet There and Ham*
Ika aa the Lower Tukon. For psrtlcul are apply to
lirtb American Transportation & Trading Co.
Re. ass Fftrat Ave sae. Seattle, Wsah.
We J. Baaly Michael Cudahy Chicago. 111.
Daw eon. Klondike Oold Fields. John Cudahy .................. Chicago, 111.
p* Weare Ft Cudahy. N. W. T. Ernest A. Hamtl Chicago. 111.
wdwA Weare Chicago IU. Pcrtlus B. Weare Chicago. 111.
Flr»:-cla.«s steamer Novo will leave Feattle December 2C. 1597, for above points.
Ascoramodations for a limited number of passengers.
Fr?'sht to St. Michael. Dawson and intermediate points can now be contracted
s ' orafffk
''or freight and pa* age apply to K. E CAINE. A*t.. Arlington Dock, telephone
"** C. E. Thurston. 139 Cherry street, telephone Main 231.
A Few T,
Days 'wfaj
Remain J§Pi V
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most complete stock. We handle only the
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atid at this sale more so than ever. We
positively guarantee everything we sell.
—* —* —*—« —
Haichmukers and Jewelers,
720 First Avenue, Seattle.
Believed the Jail Will Be
Attacked at Once.
The Sheriff Has Been Called Away by
• Telegram.
C>adwlck Marshall ui Jobs Mc-
Duaald, the Ilea Aceaard of K.lH
iac tfoaag Hardea, Are the Oaea
for Whra the Moh Will Likely
Seek, bat Jack Leoaard, lader
.Hentrace for Killing Jacob MaU
qalat, Will Probably Share Their
Fate, Shoald Predictions Be Real
ised aad Moh Saeceed la Attach-.
COLFAX, Wash., Dec. 19.—Rumors have
been afloat m ail parts or w tinman county
for a week that an effort would be made
to lynch the men recently captured and
accused of ihe murder of Orville Hayden,
of Farming!on.
Ton.ght it is learned that the sheriff has
been ca)l-d home to Oakesdaie by a tele
gram announcing the death of bia son.
and It is believed an attempt will be made
to brtak into the jail and get Chad wick
Marshall and John McDonald, the two
men accused and lynch them. It is known
that many victors frum different parts of
Whitman county, whose business Is not
announced, have been w«n on the streets
since Friday. Men have been approached
and a Red if they will partieupate In the
lynching. The jail is not heavily guarded,
and storming of the siroughOid would l>«
an easy task. In the same jail are con
ti'i.ed Alfred Symes. now on trial for the
murder of Marshal Conlee, of Sprague,
and Jack under sentence to be
. hanged for the murder of Jacob Malquiat
j at Klraria.
It is morally certain that If one man Is
lynched three others will meet the same
tile. When Hayden was murdered by
highwaymen, the assertion was made that
w 1 .en the assassins were lynching
; would follow, and it Is the carrying out
i of this threat that the Colfax citizens
Coffey vlllr Bank Robber Asks (he
Judge to Rrramntend It.
KANSAS CITY. Mo., Deo. 19— Emmet
I>al:on, wiso was captured dur!ng the at
tempt at wholesale bank robbery tn Cof
fej-viile. Kan., five years ago. ami sen
tenced to imprisonment for life. Is about
to apply for a pardon. Judge J. IX Mc
<'ue. of this city, who was for five years
judge of the district court of Montgomery
county. Kan., and who passed sentence
upon Em-ret Dalton, has received the
following letter:
"Judge J. D McCue. Kansas City. Mo.—
Pf-ar Sir: When the pmper time conies I
shall, as a matter of course, make appli
cation for executive clemency, and wou'd
villi* a letter of recommendation from you
very highly, as I think it would have great
weight in my case. 1 shall put forth my
best endeavors to merit any favor which
may be shown me in the way of procuring
for me another change to see something
of this life and give me for the fti
tur'e. You may be *cwr.»whflf surprised at
my making this request at this time. but.
kn wing the uncertainties of lif<\ I fe«d
♦♦••at throurh some mishap I might not he
f'e to resafh you at a later day. As you
are thoroughly funi .ar with »he fact® and
r. umatances corne«-'ed wit'' the \,.«e. 1
f>"! that it would be 4. u«*-! : --\- waste of
time as well as an imp-sition on your pa
tience. to relate them to you new i be
lieve you can and will he'p me without in
a"y way injuring or compromising your
"Will you kindly write and forward to
rr,e «>.<rh a letter r>f recommend >ti in, ad
dr. «-. d to the governor and board of par
dons. a? will do me f<w future Thank
it < you In advance for any kindness
shown in the matter ! nm sineer»lv vours,
When Judgr* McCue wsa
would grant the request of the outlaw, he
"I certainly muld n*>t rorsi:*-ently rec
ommend executive clemency now What
action 1 might take some 1 years later 1
'•annot now *ay
ir.v mind but that Dalton should l>e se
verely punished."
In the Dalton rstd four of the despera
does and four rttisens were killed and a
number injured. Emmet Dilton wis se
\ereiy wounded and capture! while at
tempting to a*s:st his brother Bob. who
w.ts fatally wounded, to e^-ape.
Ilia Altorae>t *aj He Con(Mi«d to
Hnrilrr 1 nilcr Dnrrt*.
AKRON, Ohio. I»>-' 19.—'The lawyers of
| liomle Cotei, the by who wa« sentenced
t,> the penitentiary for life & year ago for
kilting Alvan S-or.e. his wife and hired
man. say the by was w- r< ■ Kfully con
victed They assert a c was ox
tort* i from the boy by the d< rcctives who.
according to experts, were Irresponsible.
The lawyers say they know the real mur
derer and have aim w eoouirh evidence
to convict him. They promise to cause hi*
arrest soon.
The Alleged Wife Murderer Montly
Maintain. Hi« Inn^een^e.
i CHICAGO. Deo t? -Chris Merry,
charged with the mu: ier of h * wife, and
James Smith, alleged MCMtpHca of Mer
ry, arrived in Chicago *<xlay from Prince
ton. Ky . where they were arrested Thi.
aftt.nio.in b«»th men were confronted by
; J « ph Hickey upon wfeoee •-or.te<<:. r,
I they wen- arres'e.i h :t they stout;;. v
; any knowledge of Mr? Merry*# death a l
were fir ally p'raced :n Jai*. per. i;ng e\in
| irat:oo on Tuesday.
Cut Hl* THront In the llm.liiinte,
PAN FRANC!? "O, D«* \ t>.-W-ria?r.
j Itroad. © year# old and * r-'lv* j.j... .
land. < ut hla threat in the a'.m-h-us* !*♦.
! Saturday right arl died of :h» wound*
; today. He had rrev~ isly attempted
j c; ie by etabh.ag h?tn«-{f with * rock-r
--' kr.:'e thirty-five or forty times in the
re?'on of the hear* The-e w-our.ds are
•up?o«ed to> have heers ir " -ted wb *
i Rroad was an inmate of the city pftSM
w :ere he was deter*! ,n F*r day before
I -en: to the alms'- om He waa out
of w. rk ind had no frie - 1? a t s city.
*lll r.le reil Ml* Wife.
? AI.rE.VA, MICH Dec. r.-Mauvce K
Casey, ae*d W years, a teacher of box rg
I and a f.»rm*r sa;----rk-»per of 'his pla -
' w rt to the h*?r ? h'. * * s rr *'.»r n *
I afternoon, and. ralfinir his wife to the i or,
j shot her four tur. .< w .-h .1 re%--iier e
• ca&agt Uva Ca*«jr t-~aa «cc: towd i_#
river and it is thought drowned htiaoe'L
The couple were recently granted a legal
Few ad Gailty of Harder.
CLEVELAND. Deo. Louie Yura waa
today found guilty of murder in the
first degree after a trial lasting several
days, lura was accused ot killing isaae
Hill, a farmer, whow? house he visited for
tse purpose of roboery.
Several Persons Narrowly Escape
Death la the Flames.
ST. LOUIS. D*-c. l>—A fire started la
the basemen: of the building occupied by
the Mermod A J a card Jewelry Company,
at the corner of Locust and Broadway,
early this morning, and tn an almost in
credibly short time the five-story building
was completely gu::ed. The total loss will
reach Bs,{*i&, fully covered by Insurance.
The fire had been burning some time be
fore it was discovered at 4:40 o'clock and
at 5 p. m., the south wall and all the floors
began falling, making one of the fiercest
and qui"kest tires in the annals of the
city. Next to the boiler room in the base
ment was a room used for packing, it
is thought that the fire started in the
boiler room, communicating to the pack
ing room, and shooting up the elevator
shaft quickly spread over the building.
W. A. Ruttkdge, the engineer and his
family lived on the fourth floor. They
barely escaped with their lives. The fire
men dragged them unconscious from their
beds and carried them down the fire es
cape. Five minutes later the fioors felL
Several other tenants in the building had
narrow escapes, but there were no fatali
The Mermod A Jaccard Jewelry Com
pany was one of the largest In the world,
and, being Christmas season, carried an
immense stock. One-half of the stock had
been placed in the two large vaults and
saved, but the rest, as well as the build
ing and its fixtures, was totally destroyed.
S-j fierce was the fire that not a doliar'a
worth of salvage was taken out.
The Model Cloak Company in the north
east corner of the building was wiped out,
sustaining a loss of $50,000, on which there
is an insurance of three-ftourths.
At this hour (7 o'clock» the stockholders
of Mermod & Jaccard are holding a meet
ing and considering arrangements for
opening up in temporary quarters.
Damages Greater Thaa Estimated
and Will Exceed fT.AOO.tMM>.
SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 19.-Mall ad
vices brought bv the «tea«MV Mdaxi a state
that the entire district bounded by Eiisa- i
beth. Flinders and S wanton streets and
Finders lane, comprising the great ware
house emporium of Victoria was gutted
and reduced to a mass ol tottering ruins
by the fire of November 22. The total
amount of damage is estimated at $7,500.-
000. About 1.000 regular employes In the
warehouses will be throws out of work.
Collision* and NltptoeH Switches
( uunf a Kuuiber of Fatal Acci
dents in Different Places.
DENVER. Dec. 19.—A special to the
Roky Mountain NewY from Castle Rock.
Colo., says:
At 7:30 o'clock tonight a wreck occurred
at a point two miles north of Castle Rock,
on the Rio Grande, in which thirty-three
men were injured, one or two perhaps fa
tally. The wreck was the result of a col
lision between a south-bound passenger
train and a runaway chair car, which
started from Castle Rock, having brok.-n
the connections with the rest of the train.
The car was not part of a passenger
train, but contained about fifty of the
men who have b-*en employed In this vicin
ity lately, laying rails rm the Rio Grande.
In its two-mile dash it had acquired great
headway and when it colltded with the
engine of the south-bound freight train
the. engine forced itself halfway through
the car. smashing the frame of the car
and the seats. Only a few are seriously
injured. Physicians are attending the in
jured men. who hive h«en taken to SaMla.
Th» fireman and engineer of the colliding
engine escaped injury by Jumping. The
men on the runaway car did not try to set
the brakes on their car. because they did
not know it was running away. They
thought their train was being drawn by
their engine. Most of the injuries are
flf«h wounds and bruises.
Amon* the injured are:
C. Nelson. leg broken: William O'Nell,
shoulder hurt; J. Canfleid. head cut; C. £
Oar-on cut- Will Lett. bruised; D.
M Read. lesrs wrenched: Arthur Millklson.
fT*e cut: George M irry. nose cut anij
ankle bruised; J W. Tait. leg bruised; C.
Piers? nos gashed and arm broken;
Pat Cooney. shaken; William Th:wnper>n.
head cut, bruised: J Nolan, side wrenched;
M. Gallop, legs wrenched: George Horn!
heaa *nd face gashed; H. L. B'nnett, legs
cut and brulvd: Eric Scholia, head gash
ed. Tom Kennedy, l*gs Injured; John
Kvan. cut: J-,?eph Foreman. head cut;
Ernie Prof .3 legs wrmched; J. Gallagher,
ank!« sprained: P. Whaleo. head gashed;
J Reynolds, foot lacerated; J. ilorey aide
Engine .liimpcc) thr Track.
ST LOUIS. Dec. 19-While piloting a
h*avy fr*ii?ht train up the Merchant's
bridge Incline today, ar, engine of the
Terminal Railroad Association Jumped the
tra k and plunged to the ground beiow.
Fireman A. Penainger was instantly killed.
Engineer J H. McColiugh was dashed
head first through the cab window and
badly Injured, and W. N Cobb, yard
agent, had several ribs broken in addition
to receiving ©thear injuries. Pensinger was
crushed into an unree, .'tillable mass un
der the engine. He leaves a widow.
'•ronnii I a<l cr « Inr
PHOENIX, Ari*.. Dc<~. 19. —Arthur Eck
hardt. a brakeman on the Mesa local
train of the Maricopa A Phoenix railway,
was k1!,.-d l»»t night by h-* ; ng ground un
der the wheels cf the r. t rs at T- mpe. He
was standing on a box car at the end of
a backing train and fell to th» track
Three cars pas«-d over him. the head and
s-m being «"v«»r»d from the body. Eck
hart was 24 years old. and <-?ime to Arl
sona four years ago fr->m Illinois.
Trains in 4 oltuinn.
TTVSOJf. Ariz.. I><\ !•—A Southern
engine runninr full speed down
the Draeroon mountain «-a«t cf Benson to
day cisme in e© ! *<•■>n w *h n double-hMider
fre'sftt. killing In«tan* v Engineer W J.
Patterson cf the freight train, a-d 'mnh
frg he loeomotivs and many of the freight
h'Mrri l»y a l.oe«i:noti»e 1* r»l««!on.
Tl?\ r *Ti vv. A'.a., rw i,♦ it r'rht. cn
the r*ir logeir.* r ad. a !o~omo
tive ex: ode !. kil!!nr the engineer. Join
O r Cotmor. the flrrman. J* -k CDp per. and
two trainman Jrt'r.rr J n«*»n a»d Henry
V.-k-ry. Tie was caused ay a
defective f. ;e.
Allan Train U reel,el.
PC NTT Ar\ in.,
v ;n1 A.tor. train was wre.-fc i r- %r here
At 2 .-to k this afternoon. O-.e trainman
:s r-p->rt*d killed and aev-ra. injured. The
reread of:. iii* report no paac-t-ngers hurt.
!>r.«i«jrtr»i* li;e Kiver lor r!«-r.
H\RR:?Bt"RG Pv, De.\ !*-Kxp*rU
•hced ar.-n drsggts! the Surquehanoa river
a. day for the body of Rev S. S. S -ar
ri"T it is thought, either c*rmltted
»"■ *e or *as murdered ar.i thrown ln - o
the r:v- r Thursday nigst The> fourd
W'lr.t whatever it th« murky sar.d of
the high water. The po :e are s'il! nunt
tmm t r MM to ewtabl'.Si tr># mar. s fate,
bat ha 1 , e not met with any saccesa.
itarcril Ib l>ratb.
NEW TORK Dec. »-While Mr? Mar
;ir-'t t was kir-.- with ar o-S! st^ve
: n:sht. her pet dog t.w* - « -ve. Kn
exr - f" -wed a-.d the wosiaa w« so
UAs>- that aam (LmL
Thirteen More Survivors
Picked Up.
The Begfued Men Landed in Safely
Notwithstanding the Storm-
The Gereraaieat Vessel Qaadra
Finds the Crew of the Mate's Beat
at Florea Islaad, aad the Third
Slate's Boat Crew at Hesqaot,
Folate Sear Clayoqnot Soaad,
Forty Miles Sorth of Where the
Wreck Occurred—One Man Died
Fraaa Exposare—No Xewe Yet Had
•i the Seeoad Mate's Boat.
Special Dispatch to the Post-Intelligent.
VICTORIA. B. C.. Dec. ld.-Thirteen of
the missing men from the steamer Cleve
land were found by the Quadra, having
been blown north, after parting company
with the captain's boat. The first mate's
boat was found near Flores island and the
third mate's at HesquoL One man in the
first mate's boat died from cold and ex-
Buys His Stock ol Goods in Seattle. - \
That there are men fair-minded enough in San Francl»co to concede that \
Seattle is rightly and naturally the starting and outfitting point for Alaska and the Q
Northwest territory has been proved more than once since the rush to the Klon- d
dike gold fields began. San Francisco business men, who hope to profit by the \
big volume of business that will be transacted in Alaska during the next year, \
are finding it profitable and necessary to come here to make their plana and to V
lay the foundations for future enterprises in the geld fields.
George R. Adams, for many years a business man in San Francisco and for A
eight years agent of the Alaska Commercial Company on the seal islands, is one \
of these. He is wide-awake and energetic, and it did not take him long to aseer- v
tain that Seattle is the commercial metropolis for that whole northern countfy.
to which men's minds are directed from all over the world. He is !n Seattle ,'>
now, purchasing a stock of merchandise, and will engage in active business at
Pyea during the ensuing season. He will join the procession to the Klondike later.
He believes that fully 90 per cent, of the people who will go to the Klondike in Q
1898 will pass through Seattle, purchasing their supplies of food and clothing of '
the merchants of this city. \
haustion. The men saved are: First Mate
Durfee, Third Mate Melvin, Engineer
O'Neill. Second Engineer Thomas. Carpen-
ter Isbister, Firemen Marini. Colby and
Harmond, Seamen McColl and Faulkner,
Pantryman Packer and Passengers Gertl?r
and Detrlck. George Corrllo. waiter. dl»d
of exposure. A bale of waste and a box
of biscuits were picked up near Uclulet,
supposed to be from the second mate's
Just the mer« facts of the finding of the
men and the boats have been received
here from Capt. Walbran. commander of
the Quadra. The finding of the men at
Hesquot and Flores Islands, the latter thir
ty and th« former forty miles north of
■where they parted company, corresponds
with the theory of Cap*. Irving that they
would he blown north and would probaby
be found !n Clayoquot sound. Flores
Island is Just at the entrance to Clayoquut
sound and Hesquot 5a a little further
Nothing is said of how the boats man
aged to weather the atorm, or of how they
have fared since making a landing, for
they must have reached shore shortly after
they lost sight of the captain's boat, for
they wers not provisioned for any length
of time.
The first officer's boat Is the metallic
one. in which Capt. Hall said he had no
confidence. It must have been better thin
he thought, to weather the storm that was
raging the night they left the steamer and
for two days afterwards.
The finding of the>« two boats raises
hopes that the second officer's boat wlB
also be found, as It seems probable that
with the biscuits and waste found near
Cciulet, pieces of the boat would also
have been found had she gone to pieces.
Then, again, Second Officer Henderson
may have tried to run into Uclulet, which
Is Just north of Alpha passage, and had
his boat dash'd to pieces on one of the
numerous small Islands, in which case the
wreckage might have been carried right
up the coast and out to wt
The findlr,#: of theee two boats leave nine
m*o still unaccounted for. E. H. Pa-ker,
pantryman, mentioned in the dispatch from
Alberni today aa one of the survivors, hai
aot been previously mentioned- Here are
the nine names given by P ;r«er Wh!tbe--k
which do not appear among the list cf the
survivors: Second Officer Henderson,
Steward Munro, A -.•'ant Cock Roy ken.
Fireman Gallagher. Cook Davis. Seamen
Danlelson, Koohr.g. Foster and Larson.
These were all aupp'-'ted to be In the mi*s
lr.g boat by the a* ond mate.
THE H ttlHHt.
Mr*. Tbuiuaa lli-am the Newt of Ifrr
ItnaitaHi!'* Mfwaf.
A reporter w is ser.t out to break to Mrs,
Th-roas the n* ws of her husband's s >r
xw.ii. but the lad> happened to be oat.
Her *r:ends out on »- ond avenu* said
they wen? -ifraiJ to break the ww* to her
! j nl> lest
a» «.v is r«*thrr a nervous woman. Later
sr. P- me or>* »ed ip Poat-mt*-
geneer offi e by telephone, and when he
n is Informed <>* the fk< t *i.at Ihons
as' friends w-te so exer> ;sed over the pos
» :y of her breaking he said:
-On. pshaw! She ha.* .2r-ady heard it.
He t>ay» they w«-r* afraid you w< .Id r-e
prostrated by the newa." continued the
speak-r. evsdentiy taming to Mrs Th:m
--w. Tt.-n that la-iy's • >«* ,v ' * :< l
Sean! over the Mrs. Thomas
then stepped to the 'phr-ne. and. In re
sj-onse to a question by the r»-r*ort»r a* ~9
w.T-ther she hai anything ' Mjr for pub
is at. r.. repl»*d: "You may «a> I am t v :e
har-pseat w -.mar tn the w r id. sS ■ mv
fr: nds w*»r» afra.-i *o w »* *"*' r.**w" T<s
sua, w«.« Ui*jr I W«u, 1 aa» t» aa
a little nervous, and I sv.ppoee they wanted
ts !* captious. I do not expect to sleep a
wink tonight, hat I do not care."
Sloop Coca ea the Kicks aad Crew
!"l»ea«l a Week on a Island.
SAX DIEGO. Dec. » —The four-masted
Bri;:*h sh:p P.ibr. Capt. Jone< arrived :a
port today, I+4 days from London. Cap*.
Jones reports that last Thur>day morning
when eff St. Nicholas Island he was hailed
by a crew in distress.
He hove to and sent off a lifeboat to the
distressed men. who were found to be five
sailor* and their captain of the sloop Rai
ger. The farter states that he w.%s en
g?.g*-d In tskir.g supplies from San Pejtro
to St. Nicholas, and th.it on the night of
December 9 his vessel dragged her anchor
in a fearful storm and went on the rocks
a total wreck. the crew escaping wirh
their lives only. All the men had been
without shelter for sewn days and were
sug>rir,sr greatly for food and nourish
ment. They were taken on board by Capt.
Jones and shown every attention.
Schooner Mayflower Had a Reach
Paaaace From Coqaille River.
SAN* FRANCISCO. Dec. 19,-The schoon
er Mayflower. Capt. arrived today,
fifteen days from Coquiile river. The ves
sel h«ii 112.399 feet of lumber as a cargo
when she started, but when she reached
here she was 10 090 feet short of that
amount. From December 2 to 14 inclusive
heavy sales were encountered, the seas
washing completely over the schooner, it
was during an unusually heavy gale that
the lumber was washed away.
A seaman was at one time carried over
the side of the schooner, but was caught by
a wave and carried back on board again.
Steaaaers la Colllsloa.
MILWAUKEE. Dec. U.—The big passen
ger steamer*, the lowa, of the Goodrich
Transportation Line, nnd the Petoskey, of
the Huron Line, collided off Kenosha this
morning. The Petoskev was bound for th s
city and the Towa for Chicago. The extent
of the (la.Tsse is not known, but was not
serious enough to prevent the steamers
from completinr their trip.
Rrttlsh Steamer on Fire.
LONDON. Dec. IS—A fire hss broken out
in the afterhold of rhe British steamer S'l
verdale. from Galveston, rta Newport
News, for Bremen, before reported, which
put into St. Michaels with a rudder broken
and other damage. Efforts are made
to extinguish the flam«s.
Explosion on Board a Steamer.
LONDON, Dec. 19.—1n an explosion
aboard the steamer Southern Cross, from
Buenos Ayres for Liverpool, which arrived
today, several persons were killed or
Caudlsa Secretary Claims That
Foster Made a Proffer.
OTTAWA, Ont., Dec. 19.—The secretary
of state today called attention to the
omisglon from the B ring sea correspond
ence between Canada and the United
S'ates, which was telegraphed from Wash
ington Friday last, of a memorandum cc>n
cerning a proposition made by Mr. Foster
to the Canadian del sates, and requeued
its transmission. The proposition, which
is taken from the Gar.adiati copy of the
proceedings, is as follows:
"First, that th» governments of Great
Britain and the United States agree at on e
to a modus vlvendi providing for a com
plete suspension of the killing of s«»dls in
a'l the waters of the Paine ocean and
Bering sea for one year from December,
lfc>7, and for suspension of all killing of
seals en the Pribilof islands for the same
"Second, that the British ambassador
ar.d one or more representatives of the
Canadian government on the part of any
such representative or representative as
may be designated by the president i t the
United States wli, with a* little delay a*
pcssible. take up for consideration, with H
view of settlement by means of treaty s:ip
uiatlon. the fur seal question, the protec
ti'-n of fish in the water* of rivtrs an-i
lakes contiguous to tbs- I nitcd States and
Canada, which e:'h»r of the governments
may se« proper to bring forward."
G. A. R. !:*( A.UPMEXT.
Pittsburg Uorhlna Hard ta Serare
Its Reins Held There.
PITTSBURG. Dec. IS—"Hie Initial step
toward securing the G. A. R. encampment
for Pittsburg in 1909 was t iken last night
bv the Ali-gheny courty <; a R. Asso
ciation a?;d the plan will b* agitated at
the coming Cln -inn »ti encampment.
In connection with the encampment. if
It should he held her*. It is proposed to un
veil a grand •"Idler's monument to cost in
the neighborhood c>f sv»> The Penn
sylvania legislature of iv« 4 parsed an a t
empowering each county to erect a suit
able sold ITS monument at the expense
of the citizens the necessary amount to
b- raised by taxation. It is >elieved by
the veterans here a!«o th.it l>») will be
the last y*ar for encampments. It is their
ambition, theref re. to nave the orgar.ti.i
--t n *lnd up its career In this city, and at
the same tim» take part In the dedication
of *".s -IT -posed arand memorial to tne na
tion's dead. /
lafairtte Will (onflnsr Work
EA3TON*, Pa., Dec. 13.—Pr--i1 nt War
fleid, of Lafayette coiie»e, ha* lss\i#d a
cm* for a of the i•. i members of
the -< ard of tre*tee« to be held to marrow.
* .'. n arrangement* are to he made for
r-'.rttr-lirsfr tfc* courses cf study
disturbed by the bts-r.sr.e of Pardee hail
y sterday. Am-. -* the x r.»per?y savo.l t y
the • t-'ider's hsvv i*x-»r, f -und l»r T. C.
Porter's Pennsylvania Flora and the r.*w
Instrument* lately added t» the depart*
meet of geo'A^y-
»slc of t tif a P
VIVITA T T D»C I 4 .—The «-■ !e r,e •
e<rrrs! branch of the Atianflr A Pacifle,
a * -an- h rf the Frie o took rla* e h«re
yesterday. E f Herders* •» tj.; f2.s»<\-
It was s id to h!rr» and by him trans,
at on-e to the e smpany.
w-'.rh Asrns th» *v>nd- Mr Herd-rson ts
the c*n»rai rrstirael of the Frisco ecitn
p *~v. The ws« tmd'"-r de of f-ire
c''«'ire -f the Federsl r art. The !Jr.e ex
tends from ft» neca to Sapuif*a.
Albert If">ff * «»,o- -j ,->f • »-< rr "!#r '.f
V~s A retire !rs San Ffaartneo w.i* Vm
5r Vil»m«en, (i* rmmny. antf came r <» tbis
eoinrry when IS y<*ars a* are H» claim*
tr -ave ' !v< d -n TV>; jrr .r» < * • • • f• ? • .»•
tr i.e NVw (<r ?! ■>)»v.r Iw-r.ver,
f>. . ■ S.-. •ajßer.t"'.. I.* ' •
1-d ft v«r -a periods racing from or.«
to Uaxa# > e*-ra
n; in
Occupation of Port Arthur
Thought Permanent.
European Diplomats Discredit Eao
tia'i Blani Explanation.
E>(Uah Paptn Claim Hal Onai
CUaa ta Eiiea4 a PratMlaaala
Over ta* Taagtaa Valley* aad tha
British Sqaa <ra« at Tueatyfiskt
Vassals Is laaflelawlr AclUa-
Meaawklla ta* Chlaca* Eaparat
la Coatrmplatiac ta* Rraaval at
Bis Caart ta taa iaaUara Cajltal.
LONDON, TVc. The correspondent mt
the Time? at Peking mjs: China approves
of the Russian rteet wintering at Port
Arthur, being persuaded that this action
is taken in the interest of China ami neces
s.iattd by the German occupation of K.*oa
A dispatch to the Tlfii»s from Shanghai
says the occupation of Port Arthur by Rus
sia cannot fall to provoke popular indigna
tion in Japan, where public opinion is al
ready excited over the Kiaochau affair.
According to a dispatch to the Daily Mail
from Shanghai, the high officials of the
Chinese court have advised the emperor,
in view of further complications, to r*mo\ «
the court to Nanking, the southern capital.
The dispatch says it is reported there that
overtures have been made to England to
exercise protection over the Yar.gtse valley
and the West river, and that numerous
nimors are current regarding the activity
of the British squadron in Chinese waters.
The Times, commenting editorially this
morning on the situation in China, says:
•'lnstead of the ka.ser's mailed fist, we
have Russia's velvet glove; but the trrasp
is not less vigorous and unyielding. Great
Britain ought now courteously to invite
China to extend the same privileges to the
British fleet at Chausan."
Telegrams from all the continental capi
tals show that Russia's step at Port Arthur
is regarded as tantamount to a permanent
occupation and a reply to Germany's ac
tion. A well-inform>-d St. Petersburg corre
spondent says there mas no agreement be
tween Russia and Get many, and the latter
simply warned Russia when th« occupa
tion of Kiaochau was already decided upon.
The Novoe Yreinya pretends that Japan
has no cause for complaint, "since China
is only giving the same shelter to Russ.an
ships as Japan bad hitherto so kindly af
This view Is not held !n Berlin, where the
papers are already talking of the possi
bility tr Prince Henry bavin* to shake ttts
mailed list at Japan, that is suppose*! to be
secretly backed up by England. Some of
the Berlin papers express anxiety, but
most of them welcome the news from Part
Arthur as Justifying the German position
at Kiaochau, if not as actual evlderve th*t
Russia and Germany are acting together.
Curiously enough. Emperor William vtg'.t
ed the Russian ambassador on Friday
night on his return from Kiel, ostensibly
to congratulate him on the name-day of
Emperor Nicholas The visit las'ed one
hour. There Is no doubt now that the em
peror and ambassador discussed Chinese
The Paris papers, without pretending to
be deceived by Kuss Vs innocent explana
tions. are pleased with the action of the
ally of France.
Th* burden of Vienese comment !s:
"What wis FOR! md DO"" The Bri'ish r-t
now in Chinese waters cot; -i- 's of one Iron
clad. nine cruis rs ar.d eighteen smaller
Stop OS Spllhead, Knglaad, on Their
W»y to China.
LONDON. Dec. 19.--The German cruisers
Deutschland and Gefion arrived off Spit
h»ad tonight durlne a hesvy feg. Salutes
w i be exchanged tomorrow.
The Deutscfclar.d and Gefion left Kiel on
Thursday mornlr.g list and are bound for
Kiaochau bay, <"'hina as part of the Ger
man '-ru!s»r division In thos" waters.
Prince Henry of Prussia, the brother of
Emperor Will am who is in command of
the Division is on board of the Deutsij
!a~d. his flagship.
Prince Henry of Prussia landed at Cow*s
a - d proceeded to Osborne house, where ha
dined with th» qtteen.
Sweden May Intervene hy Arias aal
t.erroany May Assist Surssay.
LONDON. D<c. y) A dispatch from
Christlar.ia to the Dally Chronicle* sava the
p. lltieal situation since the failure of the
united committer on foreign affairs, has
become critical and it Is feare j that Swe
den will s.#.-ek an occasion for arm«-1 in
tervention in Norway. The dispatch ad is
* it «(•«» Swedish pres.; hot --a for assist
ance from Krrperor William.
The admiral of the German so'isdron
wV.Jch has just left Ciirlatianla, at a dlnn'-r
o? Norwegian offb-er* made a speech
which, If not openly menacing. conveys
an Implied threat. The Norwegian effiiais
Were much disgusted.
All (inlet In Haytl
PORT At' PRINCE Haytl, Dec. IJ>-So
far a* the public I* eonc»ninl.
everything Is calm. Thf b!!I the senate
has pasa*d for the 5 r«*r c*nt, loan
*a» adopted arlh mwne modifications that
had been reje -ted by the previous mir. j try.
The compo*!!!ftn «f the eojomisaion of rev
er.ue eoatrol is still wrier consideration 'a
the chamber of d»ptiti»s
An Internatlnnal Krisssinn-ni
IJONDON. Dec. Jft. Tlse Time* announc a
the *r.?a?emen? of D. M. Mumd. son of a
fnrr."*r member of the house ©f emmon"
to Miss Mary C rouse, third daughter of
former Cotirre*smaß George Crouse.
Rrnail and Italy at Harmony
RIO DE JANEIRO r*~. 19 -The Praafl-
lin -in-1 Italian R'-v-mm- nts have s'med
sr. aarernent setrltwr the Incident of the
kil*:n? of the It.alUn* at Spirittja Santo
Iftst month. Itaiy admit* that there ara*
no ca !* s for dip omatic icterventlon.
I n Mlarrve Saaprnd*.
WVTP.FU- n —Tji V'nerve *h«
o«!y Fren-h nvr-lre »'*«; in- r ir> M->n>
j tye»l haa poMl'-at ->n after an
! existence of n*»l? tit'y wrt.
To I'«taM'«% 81-M»»allt«m la Franee.
PARTS D'-c. !• T l, - ♦w'f'h
/>,* th» -haTt-rr of d<-n i* * t>. tar
: tc. tnvlte tr?* to » iSrrs'.f a Mt|
j •he -hambar estabtt»s;»* bi-mtt; il aa»
ts Fraas*.
a. i

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