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Itemmrrer of the Plaintiff to th« Fotr
Alm> live Aipnrrt of Dcfead
(■TF »ml*!B<d-l)fcUloB IITOITM
Mm»r latrrrtiing L«KBI I'ointa.
Judge Han ford filed a highly Important
opinion In the Federal court yesterday
In the case of Dexter Horton ft Co. egelnst
W. P. Sayward, M;*icotm MacDougall and
wife, sus'aini.'g the demurrer of the
plaintiffs to ail of the affirmative defenses
to the defendants' answer.
Tho action In the ca»e, Judge Hanforft
states, was founded upon a supersedeas
bond executed by the def««idanta and Hied
in the origin*] case of Dexter U orion &
Ce. vs. W. P. Sayward to stay execution
upon the judgment pending a hearing of
the cause In Uie circuit court of appeals.
"This court," rays Judge Hftnfi#rd. "ha*
heretofore ruled upon a motion in the
Original case that the obligors did not by
said bond become liable for the judgment,
but only for the co*ra and d*mai:ee. in
flating any loss to the plaintiff by deteri
oration in value of the prot»#rty under at
tachment in the original case, and accu
mulation of taxes on said pronerty during
the time execution waa stayed.
-Am the d images cotild not be properly
ascertained in a proceeding by motion in
the original case, the plaintiff commenced
this action, alleging in its complaint that
after the Judgment of this court had been
affirmed by the circuit court of appeals
and the issuance of its mandate by the ap
pellate court, the property theretofore
held under attachment was sold for $36,-
B?.U under a writ of execution, leaving a
deficiency upon the judgment exceeding
th# amount of the nonalty of the bond sued
«i herein; that during the pendency of
the case in the appellate Court the coet and
tsprnies of keeping the attached property
in the custody of the marshal amounted to
ftiii. and the market value of the prop
erty depreciated in the sum of llOo.uOO. and
tatre waa depreciation in the value for
*tnt of repairs to an amount exceeding
and taxes accrued to the amount of
JILOOO, and that the costs taxed in plain
tiff's favor In the circuit com i of appeals
have not been paid.
"By their answer* the defendants, Mal
colm MacDougall and Mary MacDeugaii,
who executed the soperacdeaa bond aa
sureties, have set up four affirmative d-;-
fe»<e«. To each of th««e defense* the
plaintiff demurred."
Ju/ge Hanford givea In detail the defl
dsftciea and says:
"The first three defense# appear to me ta
ho without merit. The first questions the
validity of the judgment, in the original
action, regarding It m«rely aa a personal
judgment against the defendant flayward.
But the judgment U in rem again3t the at
ucnt-o property <> well us in pei.-oneui.
Without having Jurisdiction to render a
personal Judgment, a court within this
eiste. ttai.ng superior aim *ei>»-rsi Juris
diction. may render a valid Judgment in
an attachment suit which will be binding
upon non-resident and absent defendant*
K> far as to subject property of such do
f ntlante situated within this state to the
process of the court and direct a sale there
of for the payment of debts. The liability
of she defendants is created by the bona
which they signed, and is not dependent
upon the validity of thf Judgment as creat
ing a personal liability of the defendant
Bayward. Even though lie might not b«,
by force of the judgment, liable for any de
flefcDcy remaining after a sale of th# at
tached property and application of the pro
ceeds to the payment of the Judgment, still
if the plaintiff sustained lens by the deter
ioration or destruction of the attached
property, or the accumulation of taxes
thereon, the obligors are by the terms of
their bond liable to the plaintiff for such
The second defense of the defendant*
*»i that the circuit court of appeals never
inquired Jurisdiction of said action for the
m*on that the writ of error therein was
not filed in the office of the clerk of Judge
Hanford's court. His honor dlfposes of
this defense by saying:
"If the defendant Say ward failed to
ttua* everything to be done necessary to
!aa*f the cass in the circuit court of ap
pwis. then hf> did not proaecute bis writ
of error to effect, and that fallurs consti
tute a breach of the obligation which the
attendants entered Into and renders them
As to thi fourth defense Judge 1 lac ford
The ruling upon the motion in the orlg
jn»l es»? for a uniciency judgment agalnnt
Me obligors on thla bond Is certainly no bar
I# «te prosecution of this action for the re
ttery of such damages, as by the opinion
rendered upon the hearing of that motion
t«« court held to be within the IndemnUy
« tht bond. The plaintiff may be claiming
tw much. But the c«nnplaint is not fur
»•; reason obnoxious to a general de
i be argument to sustain the fourth de
rate, continues the court, "is that the
fiptnor court did have undoubted Jurls
t'uk} n l h \? rlKltull CM#: that ,aid court
? t ¥ d |v of it* Jurisdiction by
S f lh# ,lU ° ,h * Federal
maU 1 fl 1 ' Iriinn *'' other than as pro
of « I that no inquiry Into
m * nt ,lot shown by the
I th * of removal of the cause
for the transfer of Jurls
m on * oo" 1 " 1 the other cannot
»tf». } h * JT corii ••i' l *" that the
C* r.S!! #H 1 ry t0 the transfer have
i D • c «r<Janoe with law, and
car,n °t have Jurisdiction of
of at th * time no act
* ,P* rt!M or proceedings In the Fed
«nt!l n,. .. C . a , n cr "* > Federal Jurisdiction
| S juSdiK.»° Urt h " be ' u dlv#ste<l wf
The Rales.
Co'a extensively into the
n-.nv A . ed ,n th * fourth defense, quotes
S^^!! oß# of l ' nlted au
court, and In closing says:
of the 00n " r ''uoiia line of dec'slons
«*t»ndln* from the
Which »« I l r<P!<en t time, from
rtilea: ' fairly deduce the following
Courts of ,h " United State*
St* Wit? 11 ,*! '' e cide questions as to
sts'» t!<vn - * n case* removed
and f, '« fl-cislons of
«etk>n *l*l' hy * ccmrt Jurls
" crroneoua, ia nev
rtr ,u " w th " l«rtic S until
er bv mn sn appellate court
I>r ' > ! > * r proceed«njr In
* ud * Tn '* r,t of n <4r-
, *®or»d 'dted S'at» «i in a eas*
thTpan.lrl 0 " » <v>urt binding upon
Vthe«u2 J ** It would
b. br or{rin*i * n commenced there
in tail"? proems,. ar . , wff<T n circuit
. ha * entertained jurlf-
to a flnal i^Umfnu
oaxtrtTn * oarrl 1 to nr.
the T " ,on therein
controversy, and
tht ■n l f l n )rr ,f * *f Issued directing
CtHjl* .yt lri , hf 7, In th.*
tcsrt h >-*'s!on of the appella'e
™ elusive upon the
trj^K,^ 1 " th * rlrv ' it court. While
not t»v it? own
% Wh the lii v r '" ' U>n 1" 5 • favor
the twM'o. 1,1 c>-nft*rred, and
hirlSdiJitfr, o^' Tu>t hy th^r t
A * : >r ' • nev-
W.i» fchrJ. V a * " V*™** h*ve v '■-
*i>>o P, »; * cau-» for dete-mi- <-
x c- irt of «uperb>r,
i f!! " »unm-*:
»s» dervt.. - , • 1 » ' ' '•» t*:e p irti.'*
JjU ., a procee,ltrg
'« r. . x *ept w>
AM. a At

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it la impoHSible to give effect to the Judg
ment without violating the constitution.
"in the present cas*- this court cannot
deny Its Jurisdiction to render the judg
ment referred to in plaintiff s comp taint
without treating as a nullity the mandate
of the circuit couri of appeals for the
Ninth circuit. An interior court cannot
presume to declare the judgment of an
appellate court upon the merit* of the
to be void tor want of junsdutlon,
and on that ground disregard its mandate
without bringing the administration of
Justice Into utter disrepute.
"For tlwsie reasons I hold tho facta set
forth in the fourth defense to be insuffi
cient to constitute & bar to this action.
Tiie demurrer to ail of the affirmative de
fenses in the answer is sustained."
Tfce Koprcsie Court llrterte* a Decl
*ioa of Judge I.HUB ley.
A copy of th<* recent supreme court de
cision in the Horton-Barto casa was filed
yesterday. When the case was heard in
the superior court Judge held
that the fee of the administrator of an
estate is determined by the value of the
estate as shown by the lnventoiy and ap
praisement. The supreme court reverse*
this, holding that such a fee is determined
by the value of the estate at the time the
final account Is filed. As Hie property of
the estate In question had depreciated
greatly between the filing of the appraise
ment and tha rendering of final account,
the difference was considerable. The su
preme court further holds that the court
ha» no authority, to decree a distribution
of real estate subject to a lien lor fees of
tho administrator.
County Commissioners.
The board of county commissioners,
after transacting several Interesting items
of business. has adjourned for the Christ
ina* holidays until December Z*.
The board has fixed the salaries of
deputies and stenographers in the prose
cuting attorney's office as follows:
First deputy, |IGS per month; second
deputy. 1123 per month; stenographer, $W
per month.
The board voted an allowance of sup
ple* to the amount of ISO per month to
the Salvation Army food and shelter for
the months of January,/ February and
March, on condition that the city shall
vote a similar amount in either cash or
The contract for lighting the county
court house for a year beginning next
Saturday was let to the Seattle Uas and
.Electric Light Company.
Douglas Young was employed to expert
the books of the sheriff's office during
A. T. Van do Venter's t«rm of office, the
expert's pay being fixed at $lO per day,
out of which he la to employ hi* own
The talary of "extra help" In the treas
urers office waa fixed at *7O per month.
In response to a communication from
rx-Audltor Reman. the board requested
Expert Young to review that part of hi*
report charging Mr. Reman with 50 cents
for cancellation of fe*s, and to make a
written report to the board.
Marriage I.lees»r«.
License to wed has been issued for Frank
Rokman (21). of Wilkeson. and Mary Oman
(31), of Seattle; James Tham (*>) and An
nie Match (35). both of Seattle; Frank M.
Ivy (23) and Kdith Houghton t2>). both of
Seattle; Charles G. Westcott. Jr.. (SS> and
May Vlllard (3H>. both of Seattle; Albert
JefTereon Pfundt (2l> und Nellie Wyatt (IS),
both of Holly.
Ketv JSiLlta Filed.
The following new suits were filed y*m
terday in the superior court:
Sarah S. Reed ard Samuel Reed vs.
Third Bwt *nd Sue irban Railway C«n-
I anv— Persona! damages from strt-et tar
accident Of October 10. fS.Ogi.SO.
O J Shaser va J T. Ronald—Ralanc#
on promissory note of April 15. IW, 1105.6*.
Interest and *3() attorney'• fee.
p,-cet Sound Machlr.t-ry Depot vs Kent
Lumber Companv Kalance on goods sold
and delivered. J51.60.
Charles O. Reed, r vs. John Huntington et
al —l'romlesory note of S» pt» m r .-V Wl.
fT Y). interest and fees ar.J foreclosure oi
mortgage. , . . . _
German Savings and hxnety vs. J,
I^'lth—ltent and rcatftuUon; writ granted
«nd bond filed. , .
K 1.. Van Kpps vs C A. Snlawn et a'
Work done In locating snd de\-el>ptn4r
mine. Interest and coats.
Kobert Orant vs. KquitaMe I.lfe
#n .-e s v!> tv—P.'tltlian and bond far r» mov
e' t> United Stat i s court; can plaint
< ourt %olre
The Putret Sound A Alaska Steamship
Compnnv has Judgm-nt against W. K. M;r
wln et al. for H ??»'*•
The Charle# Sherman es*ate v as iw
fts cr>Hlit, as shown by Inventory ar.d a;»-
pr»!<ernent fi!sd yesterday.
Inventory and anpralaement xv ere filed
vesMrday in the estate of M**,
showing total value f-V
J.dge H K Had'ov of \YI at com county,
!• presiding thle week in the eqvlty depart
niert during Judge Moore's at-eer. e.
T> !er C M "C'ees. of Rallard. was aester
d*v d*"' ired !r:«ar.e r »nd committed to tas
care of George R. Roberts a* gaardlan.
Jndc* J.a>oh* ye«*er-day granted El'ati
berii Livingston a decree of divore# from
J H Living '"on on the ground of aban
AM ret f">r Vsr'-.* on r--xt S<'-
asrda v in tb« *'jui;v de;wirtment h iv» be*i
continued to January 3 on aov >unt of
p y RMkntß, "« f® of t|> §Mt«
t!« CVa! aed Iron Company v •»**•• r 4a* fl>d
Inventory of th» entire property o * tha
c»*«p«ny, r**l nr. 1 f»rr»on#l.
for letter* of ,%dmtni#' ration on
the «state of Menry r * > fIV-i ye~-
te r.lsy hv Mir.! * ir,il the c*iss • •
Mt for heating: on December Ji.
to. I»jvnd er j»V:arte\l r,at suittv in t v e
Federal court >■•■- rO. i.v to the it: i. rr:.' t
charalnar him with T' e
court di<l not At the day when hu ttral
wll begin.
Tn the s-.s't of w.'.iua MW". -h v*.
John Camphe'l. which a >• on tr»ai vee'er
,tiV •rj the civil d'T.irr nent. a''or t s «;•.• .:
jud<re Kenwn took the ca*e fr on Ui*
bur.3m of the jury and dismissed it.
The >f V. 11; im Fox mt.v.r.-x tJ * •--
• N »ti>w»*l b-nk. on ar. aa«-cr.*d a. -
, t»unt of Arthur * Wheeler for U'*al
icea wa* on tnai > eaterdar bo for* Juojra
Jacob*, and wiii he rwnvimod Una rr rr. ".*
T*l* jojfmar.ta V«*:*M»V
W*R« iha FO«O* C » URD M* .M
--try lv pot w K- Lumrar v ornery,
t v-N ."old and d* ivrrrd '> \V. W
w -,"*. H •' i
t"on'.t*i<rv no'e of Oo* t. J s, » for t »-
i .»:vt mt-r. >t. .md dect «• ■-( for- .o#.:rr.
i j-:r. k I'i'.n. Ir. aitao.art. the K< th
wa * «f AUrca «
116-124 West Yesler Way. Seattle.
A. L. PIPER, Receiver.
18T4. amounting to 16,752, with $250 attor
ney's fee and decree of foreclosure; Mar
garet T. Westcott YSL Carrie V. S Rice,
on promissory note, 52.&&.U, with H'J® at
torney's fee and decree of foreclosure.
in the criminal department af the supe
rior court Amos Reld entered a formal
piea to the charge of larceny, and John
Brown, who ha'd already pleaded gsilty
to a similar charge, was sentenced to one
year in the penitentiary.
In the Federal court yeetarday Judge
Hanford denied the petition of E. McNeill,
of the Oregon Railroad 6 Navigation Com
pany, for a modification of the order made
some tune ago in the case of the Union
Depot Company, of Spokane.
Italia* Grand Opera.
The Del Conte Italian grand opera »ea
son at the Seattle theater is arousing a
great deal of interest among musical peo
ple. The strongest points of the present
company are the fine orchestra and capa
ble choru*. which, under the fiery direc
tion of Sig. Pletro Valllnl, has worked
audiences up to great enthusiasm by the
strong climaxes made. The company con
tains several voices far above the average
ability of singers in treupes of like cali
ber. and nearly all the principals improve
upon acquaintance.
Much interest Is felt in the production of
Puccini's "La Boheme," It being the pre
mier of this work In America. The reper
toire to be given is as follows: Saturday,
"Ijft Boheme;" Sunday, "Cavalllera Rusti
ean,t" and "Pagllacci;" Monday, "Trova
tore;" Tuesday. "Manon Lescaut;" Wed
nesday, "The Masked Ball."
"The Pulse of New York."
"The Pulse of New York" again demon
strated last night that It belonged to the
class of plays that is so popular at the
Third Avenue theater. It was greeted by
a large audience and the various special
ties received several recalls. The play will
be continued for the remainder of the
week. In addition to the iecu!ar matinee
Saturday afternoon, there will be a special
matinee Wednesday afternoon at 2:15
Thalia Society Mnsqaerade,
The Thalia masked ball at the Armory
Christmas night promises to be an event
of unusual importance. The committees
in charge of the affair are sparing neither
time nor expense in their efforts to make
the ball a grand success. Wagner's or
chestra will furnish the music. A num
ber of valuable prltes will be awarded
the participants. The tickets are on sale
at pharmacy and York A. Harring
ton'* pharmacy.
rike Ptreet Theater,
This cosy north tide family theater has
passed Into the hands of Messrs. Levino
and Townsend. and will open on Wednes
day night with the beautiful drama, "Lit
tle Lord Fauntleroy." A strong east (se
lected from the Pike Stock Company)
will support the little star. Master Wood.e
Van Dyke, and thla wonderful little artist
win doubtless draw well during the holt
days. New scenic effects are promised.
PvaJchl TonlKht.
The Scalchl operatic entertatnment to
nlfht will bring nut one of the most cul
tured and fashionable audiences of the
season. There has beeh a big demand f-r
tickets end It is more than likely that ev
ery scat will be occupied.
Actor'* Wife Still Ml«sln<r.
William March, the actor, who lost his
wife last Friday, left the city Sunday
evening for Spokane. Nothing has been
heard of th« missing l woman, but !t Is the
theory of the police that she simply shock
her husband. This theory is upheld by
the fact that she left his cloth** in a pile
in the middle of the room. She also re
fused to take dinner with him. which in
dicated that there hud been a family Jar.
It Is supposed that Mrs Marsh Is the
woman who Is known in theatrleaJ circle*
n* "Lira " She !« said to be the
that o.a r.e hero with Frank Readick's
tnntlier Mlmlsk Roy.
Newton Andrews, aged 36 years, left
Rochester. N. Y., last July. He was heard
of in Hope. Idaho. October 22. He told hi*
mother to direct letters to Seattle. She
followed Instructions. None of her let
ters has returned, but she has net
had a replv to anv of them. She !s very
anxious to fr m her r-<n.
Pig Cut
To introduce to residents of Seattle and
v'Hr'ty we are selling the Crown piano, a
strictly hifh-gr'de instrument, st near'v
half price. R. R imaker, comer Pike and
THE nicest Christmas presents are to
found at Windmlller's. the f».rrier, K0
Second avenue. Prices reasonable.
.1 k McCune. the gambler who killed
Wi am M Al» it St. Joseph. Mo . last
v :g-»«t. eomn-.'t.-d s-»|c»do In tho county
Jail by taking morphine.
A l.ltllo lUiigh, lint A (.no IJ Tr*t of
iiucrlrtn l!nd«r«*rt,
F oti-aii has *r>wr. !a favor !n America
nt:l today !? occupy s a most promlr.ant
r!**e !r> *:h>;>
Twenty-five thcurand peopia recently
*:;nww.! the Irani* a; Naw liavec between
Y ar 1 Princeton.
*P>» work Is tremfrdou.* ard re<v:ire»
your.K ra*n ct powerful physique mJ rood,
s'.ronx htsrts ar.d iur*i.
The trainers (j tit* ur.iveraa;?y forbid ths
u»e of coff*a because of its effect on the
A m^verity cf f v « b-»«t »r 1 ns**; cart'ul
•iT,fn are j rone.;a-. • d In their re-om-
it • ndatsons cf ros:u.*n Food Ccfle« he
c*u»* It aive» the nthiete# a warm, dt
iKiou* ard, wetter thaa that, it
•uppliaa ia m« .i ftra th« r^>*i
c.ensentf whlah rAtura uaaa to buUd
n«rva and muaa.a
Tha **r»ful of f vid for powarf .1
ath:«taa furrlsha* a ;**sjn tj tha >. 4
}v *» rful'y bunt brain worker, who rea!'*
A l * in t;,« a*!e'. on cf foo.l
t.'.an does the gtr-r* man, who -an make
a pr« t>» >. . • v.—*». t. d^isi< *
aajr acxt of fOw«L
A !e*<?!nf attorney of the city had an
•m'iix? frperi%iee wit»* a book agent
ysrerday In which ths latter seems to
haT* rotten ft little the tomt of an en
counter at wit. Some time ago the book
sgent per**ia<Sed the attorney's wife that
she needed a copy of the book be was of
fering for seie. The price was U. 50, and
thinking she m'ght not find It convenient
to pay the amount when the book was
delivered to her-at least, preferring to
let her husband fno; the bill—she ordered
that the hook be d.tivered at the latter's
office. Aft*r thinking the matter ©v»r
and dieeussin* It with her husband, the
lady that she had no earthly
use for the txv>k, and that It would be
just 12.50 thrown away, so she told her
husband that if he cmild get out of the
contract when the lv>«it was tendered she
would feel ereatly relieved. Te«t<?rday the
ae»nt called at the attorney's office to
deliver the hook.
"Are y»u Mr. So and 9o?" Inquired th»
srent w*»h a flx®d smile as he entered
the office.
"? *m cspof dod the attorney.
"We!!, f have brought a copy of a book
your wlff subscribed for and ordered de
livered to you," and with that he laid
flown on the attorney's desk a volume as
larre as the report of a congressional in
vestlgailTig committee.
"Oh. yes: Mrs. told me about this.
"Rut sav. we hare no more use for that
book than a lady with a r»w bicycle has
for a walking hat. It is Just like throw
ing *2 50 away."
"Weil, but Mrs. subscribed for It,
ar.d I ordered the book and have It on
my hands."
"Oh. but the publisher will take !t back
if you cannot dispose of it."
"Well. I handle the books on commis
sion and could set nothing for my trou
ble "
"But you make lots of money, Tou
must make a very large commission. It
Is a very large book."
"No. sir, my commission Is very small;
only Efl Cents on each book."
•'Well, here; I'll pay you your commis
sion and we'll let It go at that," and the
attorney handed over half a dollar.
"Now, I've given you your commission,
and the publisher will take the book
back If you don't sell It, so you have no
reason to complain." Interrupted the at
torney as the agent hesitated about ac
cepting the coin.
The agent pocketed the piece of silver
and walked slowly through the door, evi
dently figuring out the difference between
the commission he wai entitled to and the
amount received.
Henry Nelson Coleman, who recently ar
rived in Seattle from London, is on his
way to the Klondike, but his mission
differs from t?i.it of most Klondikers who
pass through this city. He is going not
for th# purpose of locating claims, but to
purchase them or to to obtain control of
them as to place them on the London
market. He is the representative of a
group of British capitalists who have
operated extensively in South African and
»* est Australian Mining stocks and
claims. It is • significant item that they
are now withdrawing to some extent
from both those fields, believing that
they will find better opportunities in the
Klondike. This decision on their part is
the cause of Mr. Coleman'e present jour
ney. while he Is naturally reticent con
cerning the details of the syndicate's
plans, he spoke freely and positively
about the general situation in London as
relating to the Klondike.
"You can hardly conceive of the extent
to which the Klondike discoveries are af
fecting the thought of the English peo
ple," said he to a reporter. "From the
time the first announcement was made
that gold had been found the news struck
public attention. As the particulars of
the rich finds on Bonanza and Eldorado
creeks became more fully known the ex
citement increased, and has continued to
Increase. It forms a common topic of
conversation among all classes. Hardly
an ipsue of any of the great newspapers
appears without having a Klondike col
umn or a Klondike corner. Maps of the
new region are carefully studied, and the
latest and most authentic data are
eagerly sought for. Many of the large
capitalists w-ho have been operating
heavily in South Africa, and West Au
stralia are drawing In their Investments
In those regions with a view to putting
them in Klondike."
Capt. R. C. Stevens, the venerable but
altogether hale and hearty father of Gen
eral Western Passenger Agent R. C. Stev
ens, of the Grwit Northern railway, is an
old Mississippi river steamboat man, and
since his arrival in Seattle, where he ex
pects to spend the winter, a guest of his
son, he has watched with much interest
the building of light-draft ve*B3ls for the
Yukoi rfrcf trade. Yesterday afternoon
Capt. Stevens was reading an account of
th? building by the Stetson & Post Mill
Company of two boats for H. J. Speer.
"T'.a: Is* the sort of a boat for river
business." said he. "A flat-bottomed,
beamy affair, that does not draw more
than sixteen inches of water, loaded, and
a wheel that only dips sixteen inches. I
<lon't know about the shallow places in
the Yukon, but there was and still is a
great deaJ of uncertainty about the chan
nel of the Mississippi river, and most of
the boats there are provided with spars
and derricks for getting over the phallow
Pisces where a st<*amer goes aground.
The donkey engines on the deck are put
to work and the steamer Just walks over
the bad spots and keeps on going-. If I
were cp-rating boats ou ths Yukon I
would build them as light draft as pos
sible, and then I would take along a
lighter. If 1 got stuck T would lighter
part of my freight and then try to get
over lh» bars. Most of the Mississippi
river boa'.-? are very fi*t and rounded off
m the angks a little. I see that the Post-
Ir.telllcencer says the*? boats are to be
built that way. You notice the amount
of bfj ti fo** them, in comparison with
their '.engih. The proportion exceeds that
of m >«t Mississippi river boats, but 1
think it i» ail tight."
1,. It. Ony, general agent of the freight
department of th-' 1 Groat Northern, yes
terday received a copy of the last issue of
the new class and commodity tariff. Issued
1* the tt anaContlfien'ril freight bureau,
that becama effective Ivc ember 15. There
are two Items that show the genera! trend
of transportation busings In relation to
Alaskan and Korthw. ?t trrrit -ry business,
and those are upon reindeer and dogs In
carload lots. The rates quoted fir each.
In carioala not to exceed thirty feet. In
side measurement, are from Chicago and
common points. lE**: Mississippi river com*
m«n points. J2SO; Missouri river common
points. t2T»i).
Dogs ar« accepted upon a released valu
ation of $1 each and reindeer at the «im«
released valuation as h>>rsem. The Idea of
reindeer coming to Seattle from Chicago
In carload lota for shipment north strikes
or, unthinking parson as rather e'range,
hut it is said that the ra'a has been estab
lished not for the pur, of depopulate c
mueeuma ar.d park" bit to provide for
possible transcontinental shipment from
Atlantis seaboard potnta, the deer being
delivered at the eastern aide of the contin
ent from the north, ca that side of the
Jl»rry Croft, of Victoria, la at tha Butler.
Carl r f?~r'e, ef Cfupeviile. la a guest
at the St»vera.
F. TT. H. Cs". well, a Taeorria business
ran. ia at ,v - Butler.
R S. Orr. eT-mayor of Tacoma, regis
tered at the Sterena Last night.
W. A. Van Duaen, a p:->neer ranebar of
Cherry Valiey la at the Diiier,
William s rar her fr-rn En_m
elaw .a » f-iest at the Northern.
J. Ho&aad. the wei:-kocwt> cann»ryman.
r#guterad y«terday •: 'ha Butter £TM
B O. Bar!, a r.awepaper man of Coupe
vtlle *aa amor.tf yi*crday'a arrival* at
tra Stever.s.
J. Workman «t>d O. F. Roarer*. two
* >ime men from R*.-:ae. \V!j., are In tft*
« jr on a trip in wfc- a :)«*!!#■<!» and pl-i*-
ur« »:• r.inb:afrl Mr. Rojrft» •<i captain
U &&• &MUU Uaa ifcH NWk
No !!nes too small for us to bother with
or too large for us to handle.
and MM Mew York Block.
They will enjoy a f?w wwks' hunting la
the Northwest and may locate here.
JanuHi Bethw>»U h«* re;ura«d from a
four business trip to New York and
other Eastern cities.
Wiltar Oakes. superintendent of the Pn
ir»t Sound A Alaska Company,
was In thft city yesterday.
T. D. Jackson, of 3n<xv.salnnie. Is at the
Diller. the of h!s eon, Uutid Jacks*>n.
lie is en nout« to Aiaska.
W. 8. Moore, of the Black Diamond
mines, accompanied bv hSs daughter, Mrs.
J. A. Rankin, is at the'DUter.
J. E. Atherton, of the Great Northern
Express Company, registered it th« S:e-
Vtns yesterday from St. Paul.
Leavenworth Kershaw, of Tacoma. ar
rived from a protracted visit in the Ea~t
yesterday. He is at the Rainier-Grand and
will g£ to Tacoma today.
Mrs. I. a. Nadeau left yesterday after
noon on the Northern Pacific overland
train to meet her lister, who is on hor way
from Ann Arb.»r. Mich., to visit in isvattle.
Those contemplating the purchase of A
piano we invite to rail and see our choice
lir.e of the following Instruments: The
celebrated Steinway, A. B. Chr.se, fstey.
Emerson and Smith & Barnes pianos.
These are the highest grade instruments
on the market, which we sell for
prices on easy payments. Sherman, Clay
& Co., 715 Second avenue.
Bring your children, or etnd them to the
general agency of the Mutual L.it'e Insur
ance Company of New York, Mutual Life
building, a.id get "Me.ry Christmas"
for Christmas tr>e decorations. Free.
Sherwood Gillespy,
KODAKS and other cameras for holiday
presents can be obta'.ned at 211 Columbia
street, opposite postofflce. Washington
Dental and Photographic Supply Co.
DR. J. B. LOrOHAHY. Bailey building.
Special attention given diseases of brain
and nervous system.
HUNDREDS of rings at Wm. H
Finck's. SIS "Second ave.
Weavers at German looms In the Will
lam Strange Company's mills, in Paterson.
N, J., a.ro on strike against a reduction of
Whether itching, burning, bleeding, scaly,
crusted, pimply, or blotchy, whether simple,
scrofulous, or hereditary, from infancy to age,
speedily cured by warn baths with Ccricr ßA
SOAP, gentle anointings wUhCtrricrß A (oint
ment), the great skin cure, and mild doses
of Ctmoraa RBSOLTBST, greatest of blood
purifiers and humor cures.
IswtM thrnoghnotth* wnrtt. POTTM DIM CSSS.
Co«r.. Sole Prop*., Bo»ton.
SBT "Uow to Cur* Kvtry Blood Uiatr.'ftt*.
Cup of Our Pure Java and Moeha.
Pure Teas, Pure Coffees, Pure Spices,
Pure Baking Powder.
Goods delivered free to any part of the
Great American Importing Tea Co.,
80S Second A*.—■» Pike 8L Tel.. Red SL
The M MM.
x 710 Second AT. and 117» 110
V and 131 Colombia St.
0 v
) Alaska Goods a specialty. '*
A Everything from jour
SOX to yonr boat. \
) Ist; ■ - ■,
:) V
A The Most Complete Store of /
the kind on the Pa
rilic ('»««(.
1 lb.Fe 3 25c
Crescent Mfg. Co.
Aere ford of wielding a canirra will
b» delighted *Uh the c*w folding po • ke;
K'vlak. , . 4 •
It loads in daylight and can be carried
tn your pocket.
Stock c-f these can he at 111 Colum
bia street, opposite postoff.ee.
Washington Dental «nJ
Photographic Supply Co.
W| have on hand a very atock of
artieiea su&fa aa usuaiiy k»pi tn firtt- ■
c.*#t jew»ir|r »ror<»e, «pecu::jr a«;ecied .or
ChrtS'rcaa Uifa. *al ofT-r the® at j
iy reduced prices. UiCt3-pjuQt*t<i cMi*a a |
3lft »««•»* A*f, ttiaclUa/j UUjU j
The MacDoiagaM
& Soutfowick Co.
AT 79
At 1 o'clock sharp we will offer a large stock of high
quality, latest style Silks at the following tremendous re
ductions :
A —Silks that we have been selling
,4J Qt 75c » 95 c, SI.OO and $1.15
At tfl\ Q —Silks that we have been selling
at $2.00, $2.25, $2.75, $4.00,
as ZS $4.50, $5.00 and 56.00 yard.
This is an unusual chance to secure a handsome dress,
underskirt, skirt or waist pattern.
Silks go on sale at 1 o'clock sharp.
Ladles' and Men's
Slippers. .
From tomorrow until January 1, IS9S.
we will Kive free on® pair of best rub
bers with every pair of shoes *old at
12.50 or over.
See our immense display of Gentle
men'* and Ladies' Holiday Slippers.
In Gentlemen's we have thrni in Ox-
Mo Kid, Russia Calf. Dongola. Alli
gator. Imitation Pie's Skin. also
Plushes in trreat variety; in price they
range from 75c to $3.00.
In Ladies' Slippers we show them In
Velvet, Plush. Satin. Sateen, Felt. Pat
ent Leather, also all styles In line Kid
Slipper", euitHblf) for Christmas Pres
ents, ranjlng in prljo from 50c to $3.00.
A dainty Christmas gift.
Our Gloves will be ex
changed and fitted after
Sterling Silver
list finishes. 11.V*. 12 18.
Clothes Brushes, 11.25, 11.60. *3.59, $3.75,
N'.iil Brushes, 75c, $1.75, $2.35.
Tooth Brushes, 75c, SI.OO, SI.2S.
Baby Brushes, 75c, sl.3>.
Hair Brushes. 13-25, $3.75, $4.75. $9.00.
Smelling Salts Bottle, cut gla-s, ster
llng sliver top, $2.2Ti, $2 75, $3.25.
Mucilage Bottle, cut gUss, sterling
silver top, $1 25.
Perfume Bottle, cut glass, sterling
silver top. $3.75.
Flies. 75c, SIOO. $1.50.
B itton Hooke, 75c, $1 ■'•o, SI.BO.
Pjper Knives, 85c, $1 00. $1.25.
Kmbr'y Scissors, $125. $1.75 to $3.50.
Baby Cemba, 95c, sl3.
Puffs, 75c, Ssc, SI.OO, $1.95.
Battles. $1.73, $2.00.
Cigar Cutter, 75c, SI.OO.
Shoe Horn. 85c. tl.Vf. $1 25.
Buffers. $1.0), $1.25, $2 2f>.
Ink Stands, cut #tia*a, sterling sliver,
top. $2.75, $3 50. $-.50.
IVket Knives, 75c. $1.28, $2 |ft.
Mit*h Boxes, $1.21. $1.50, $1.75, $2 25,
$2.75, s4^s,
Bag Tj«b. 9oe.
Vaseline Jars. 95c.
Tooth Brush o!auss, $!.38, $! K).
Military Brushes. $3 75 each.
IMchie Forks. $1 45.
Fardlns Forks, $1.70.
Powder Boxes, cut j!*h, with iter
lint silver top. $5.75, s*2s.
Silver Thimbles, 25c, fiOe.
Mirrors. s:i*J and SIO.OO.
Celluloid Powder Boxes, s>Vs, SSc.
Fancy Powder Boxes, 35c, €Sc. 75c,
Atomiior*. JGo, 60c, Tic, I* 00, |LC.
f: y\ 12.50.
Real Hair Ornaments, fits. iSc,
!. j: 25. in*. t:l3 so to •*.» •».-<!».
lmi'ation P"-s*li M*lr Ornament*,
11 ST". fße. I6e, TSc eaeh.
Farvrjr Camb9, tl 25. 13.50 wh.
H. r *o}id bark, **nu!n«»
! brtitle*, 25<\ »?. Tsc, 87c, 11.00. |i.W to
Fancy Viper Knives. 35c, fTo.
Ky Gluts Chfk'.sa, 7Sr.
Fy« QiM#» Hook*. 25c.
Wtitek Broom*, Wc, t£\ T>c. I&J to TSa.
Full Jin* N»«t P«rfum-« «ni Tof:«t
Artie!** of *!l *!nd».
—Silks that we have been selling
at $1.25, $1.50, $1.68 and
$1.75 a yard.
Hen's Goods.
Useful, sensible and ap
propriate gifts for men and
boys will be found in our
Clothing and Furnishings j
11 ATS.
It means money-saving
to buy your Books here.
At 19c.
Large 12-mo, well bound In cloth,
publisher a price 25c. our price 19c.
At 25c.
Little Classics. Altemus' Series, little
cl.issics beautifully bound In cloth and
many of ttu-m illustrated, our price ii&c.
At 25c.
The Oxford Serfs, cloth. gilt top,
publisher - # price &oc, our price Ksc.
At 35c.
Small 12-mo. bound in cloth, publish
er's price 50c, our price 35c.
At 45c.
Century Per!»«. cloth bound, pub
lisher's pries 75c, our prl -e 45c.
At 75c.
Elsie Dlnsmore B'rles, cloth, pub
lisher's price $1.25, our price 75c.
At $1.35.
I»uisa M. Alcott's, cltth, our price
Children's Linen Books.
Tb<* Frog Who Would A-Wooln*
Go, sc.
Every description of toy
and game is here. Dolls
by the hundreds. Do not
put off your buying too
long. Christmas eve we
will present to the patrons
of this floor the large im
ported doll which Is dis
played in main show win
A, B. C Book. sc.
The Bobber Kitten, so.
Jack and the Been Stalk, t"c.
A, B. c Book, pet
Mother Goose Jthym»s, 25c.
The House That Jaefc Built, 25e.
The Old Woman and Her Pig, s&c.
Little Pigs.
R*d Riding Hood.
'Goody Two Shoes, 88e.
I'uss In Boots, fee.
Tom Thumb, 35c.
Toys, Games, Dolls.

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